The purpose of this blog is to tell everyone of a possible deception (food availability crisis) unfolding on the internet that may affect us all. We must decide if it is truly a warning. We have to decide if their conclusion is valid. We have learned in Chapter 1 of this book that we either automatically react with programmed thoughts or we respond with conscious deliberation. I know what the book teaches us about these controllers and their past, present and future plans for us, therefore I will pull no punches with my comments. We should be in a conscious state of mind when a reasonable decision concerning our own good is involved. Because the subconscious mind does not store the reasons previous decisions were based on and does not know the difference between good and bad, It just stores the resultant thoughts of previous decisions regardless of the reasons involved. So, we either react with the same thought or wake up to the fact that the reasoning required for the present decision may be different than the reasoning required for the past decision. This can only happen by awakening from the habitual subconscious mind (EGO) to the reasoning consideration of the conscious mind.

So, when we receive a warning form someone, we must consider our reasoning to ignore the warning or look into the credibility of the author. In other words, to take the same facts and compare our reasoning to theirs. These authors have each referred to events that have unfolded in the past due to those ignoring warnings or not having received warnings. Nevertheless, no action was taken to avert the outcome. There is a saying accepted as true; that bad things happen when good people do nothing. So, we must consider or own good, along with the good of others who may do nothing, or the resultant event will weigh heavily on our consciences. We will also learn that we are our own, convectors or saviors in making bad decisions, from the 37 scriptures covered below. These scriptures teach us to make rational decisions or face the consequences of our consciences. So, in this case we should take their solution, for the warned of event, as our best decision or come up with another.

So, as I said from the beginning, we must decide what is the best decision to avoid the consequences if the bad decisions by all are made. Someone has to bear the responsibility of the outcome, as these authors are bearing their responsibility to warn us and provide a solution in case the event occurs. The last author is speaking only to those who would only try to profit from the outcome without care for othe others, as he did on three past occasions. So, he bears the responsibility for the suffering of others who did likewise. Their actions were based on making a profit, by not standing up for themselves. The others, in not accepting the warning, now bear their responsibility, dead or alive. So, I am accepting the responsibility to lead everyone through the proposed solutions no matter if their warning is just to profit or to try to avert the event totally. Pursuing the solutions will first of all put ourselves in the position to care for ourselves as did our ancestors on their farms. Relying on ourselves to feed ourselves instead of relying on others, will avert our suffering, or avert the situation itself in consideration of the whole world’s population. If this was planned from the start, for their total control of us and for population reduction, as has been admitted to, our preparation will prevent their plan from proceeding.  In the possible case that this was all planned, someone has to do something to finally end their continued efforts, allowing us to enjoy a peaceful life once and for all. In the end, our efforts will be rewarded more than we can imagine. We can only manifest what our fears of the past create in our subconscious minds. Our children, who presently have no way of making the right decisions for their future depend on us to care enough to suffer the costs of the efforts required.

A recently added purpose is the teaching videos posted at the end under placing the final nail in the coffin of governmental deception, fleecing our bank accounts with unlabeled CONTRIBUTIONS IMPOSED, the definition of taxes. This is an example of using this and later blogs for the getting out from under the matrix of deception and fiction imposed (trickery by deception)

This first video establishes this warning:



FoodFreedom (gofoodfreedom.org)

Three collapse triggers that when they appear together results in a food supply collapse.

The information contained inside this video can save your life. For millions of Americans, it could be the reality they face in the upcoming months. A global system-wide failure unlike any we’ve seen before in human history. Long breadlines snaked around the block where mothers have to wait for hours for whatever meaner rations are left over. Many getting turned away at the door. Local storefronts burned, windows broken and gangs of looters rummaging through the wreckage. Pickup trucks filled with armed thugs prowling the streets looking for any victim they can rob, beat or worse with no police in sight. I’m not trying to scare you. I’m trying to warn you about what’s to come. Something one UN leader recently called the greatest crisis any of us have ever seen, because it is coming and now we only have precious time to prepare ourselves and those we love from what’s coming. Hi, my name is Henry Cobb. I’m a history professor, husband and father of two little girls and what I’m going to reveal in this video is the most important message I’ve ever given in my entire life. It could save the lives of tens of thousands of Americans like you who see the writing on the wall. But who despite stocking up guns, ammo, canned foods and bottled water are still sitting ducks in the face of what’s to come. But I’m not just here to be the bearer of bad news because if you’re are one of the lucky few who somehow stumbled into this video then I’m also going to show you the simplest, fastest and most effective strategy to secure yuour family’s future starting today, something that ensures that you and your family never go hungry and allows you to live self-sufficiently even off the grid, something that will make you rich in the only currency that matters when sh$t hits the fan. So, you can buy all of the clothes, ammo and medicine your loved ones will ever need. And something that will fill you with confidence of knowing how to handle every situation that comes your way, from ducking thieves and corrupt government officials to defending your homestead. In other words, I’m going to show you how to build a total fortress of protection around you and those you love most, one that virtually guarantees you rise to the top of the fallen society. It’s not going to take much time, barely any at all. It’s not going to cost you a fortune, just a few spare dollars. And it works no matter how old you are. If you don’t have any help or if you’re a survivalist klutz like me. I know that may sound hard to believe right now, but it’s what countless Americans who’ve watched this video have already experienced for themselves. So, I urge you to stay and watch this video to the very end. Because I’m going to prove every word of wharf I’m saying. I’m also going to tell you about the three collapse triggers that historians use to predict mass starvation months before it hits. As well as why toilet paper shortages during the pandemic were actually a deadly warning sign that America will soon run out of food along with how the now hiring signs you see popping up all around the nation could point to a fatal flaw in our global supply chain, I probably don’t have to tell you that the powers that be don’t want me sharing this message. It doesn’t fit into their approved narrative, which means it’s very likely

Tap to resume: Fire sparks at Taylor Farms facility in Salinas.

Yes! I want Food Freedom System – 180 Day Money

Six complete books comprising Aquaponics, Food storage, Seed Storage Raised bed Gardening and Survival and Geodome Plans,

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His presentation seems to be aimed at those who have only the care to come out on top by keeping the solution and even the warning to themselves. He emphasizes the caution we should take, not to share but to compete. these attitudes are warned against, in James 3:16, “where there is bitter envy and selfish ambition, there is disorder and all foul practice.” Without collective actions, not seeking profit, but shared rewards, we shall even cross the fences that divide us. We don’t even know the names of our neighbors in most instances. This effort will not only bring us food as a reward, but will bring us together as a united force. Only the care for others will bring success. We shall all share in being that good person who did something to avert a bad outcome.

This couple will show us how important and possible it is to take responsibility for ourselves, not allowing a centralized government to, over time, implement a control plan like this one.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard: For The Independent Homesteader (theselfsufficientbackyard.com)

This last video is sufficient, I hope, to influence your decision to find financial and emotional health in this chaotic life. But the next message is just a transcription of a video AD, one of those that interrupt the video you want to view. It has been included to further express the way our controllers place fear into our hearts so that we can help them manifest the world they want.

A lot of time is spent applauding himself for making huge profits in three past major economic crises when others have suffered them. There is no empathy here. he appeals to those that have enough money to get into the stock market and follow his recommendations. He eventually tells you that his promises for removing the suffering of the decade long food, energy and jobs crises can be realized through his recommendations.

Well, I am torn by the decision to include it without the video to watch. There was no way I could find to copy it. So, I will suggest that you come back to it later, so that the rest of the blog can proceed in a timelier fashion.

The Great American Winter

Retreating to his 100,000 plus acres in South America. His two century-old chateaux in France or his cottage in Ireland. But despite his wealth this humble entrepreneur who’s regarded as one of the most important innovators of the internet revolution still buys $30 dollar Walmart jeans, drives a Ford F-150 pickup, and chases cattle on horseback. He’s built two of his family homes with his own hands. An adobe structure of mud and stone, built using Roman era technologies in Argentina. The other, a solar house built of ferrocement in the states. And today this ultra-wealthy and successful man is going public with what he says is his fourth and final prediction of his 50 plus year career. Each of his other three big predictions have come true, and today from his 200-year-old house in Ireland, you will hear how two unstoppable and inevitable trends are on a collision course in America like two runaway freight trains and how this collision will cause the biggest disruption to our society, our financial markets and our way of life in more than 50 years leading to an event he calls “America’s Nightmare Winter”. Get the facts you won’t hear anywhere else. Learn what this means for you, your family and your money from one of the most successful men in America for the past 50 years. Everything you need to know starts now.

Hi, my name is Bill Bonner. I’ve recorded this video message from my cottage near the town of Y’all about 150 miles southwest of Dublin. Vikings invaded here in the 8th century; Normans invaded in the 12th century. More recently, Sir Walter Raleigh was granted 42,000 acres by Queen Elizabeth the first, lots of fertile land along Ireland’s river Blackwater. I mentioned Sir Walter Raleigh because I believe what happened to him many years ago might happen to millions of Americans. You see, back then, Raleigh was on top of the world. he had accomplished little in life yet he managed to curry favor with the Queen. And he was soon in possession of about 0.2 percent of the entire country including castles, farms, abbeys, estates and more. But his good fortune did not last. Before long locals revolted. The economics of his estate collapsed and sir Walter Raleigh, a notoriously extravagant spender was forced to sell his Irish holdings for just a pittance, just 1500 pounds. it’s perhaps one of the worst deals in British or Irish history. That land is likely now worth many millions. Raleigh’s son was so distraught, he tried to recoup the loses, but he got nothing. And I believe something similar is about to happen to millions of unsuspecting Americans. Our good fortune of the past 50 years is about to take a major turn, as two inevitable trends careen towards each other like runaway freight trains on the same track. This collision will bring about some of the most difficult years in American history. And so, after a 50 year career spent building one of the largest financial research firms of its kind, after launching offices in Poland, Spain, London, China, Russia and India and a half dozen other countries, after watching my companies reach a market valuation of more than 3 Billion, after earning more money than my wife and I, our kids and grandkids can ever spend in several lifetimes and after taking the Federal Government to court on behalf of America’s future generations, I believe it falls to someone like me to warn you clearly and without distraction. I can do this now because I’m too rich to care about money and I’m too old to care about what anyone says about me. You see, I’ve made three similar macroeconomic predictions in my 50-year plus career. All three proved to be right. Though I was mocked each time.  I expect my fourth and final prediction to be no different. Most will pay no attention, even fewer will take the basic steps I recommend to protect themselves and that’s fine. I have no interest in telling anyone what to do. But I know, for a small group, this warning could be life-changing. And as I’m about to show you, we are in for a very strange period in American history. Two extremely powerful and unstoppable trends which seem unrelated on the surface will soon bring shock and awe to every American doorstep. Eventually, you’ll see this story in the Wall Street Journal, in the Washington Post, the blame and finger pointing will reach a fever pitch, but hopefully you’ll have already made a few key decisions. And so here, I’ll give you my warning in the simplest form. Someday in the future perhaps on a particularly cold night America’s entire energy system will collapse. Fuel will not get delivered. Rolling blackouts will sweep the land. Pipes will freeze. Food in the freezer will go bad. You may shiver in the dark praying for a little power for weeks and you’ll be one of the lucky ones. Others with less margin of error may fare worse. Experts tell us, if diesel fuel is cut off it would take only 3 days before supermarket shelves are bare. In the 72 hours following an energy cutoff almost all businesses would run out of supplies and shut down. And if this continued, in a matter of weeks, civilization as we know it would come to an end. We live in an extremely fragile world today. Everything moves by container ship and truck. And almost every ship and every truck runs on diesel. So, when the diesel fuel stops coming ships stop sailing, trucks stop rolling. Goods stop arriving. Food, medicine, building materials, everything. You will see this reported in many places but the cracks in the system are already appearing. Recently East coast inventories plunged to the lowest seasonal level in 30 years. And diesel prices nationwide have hit record highs, desperation is starting to set in, thieves recently stole seventeen hundred dollars’ worth of diesel in Indiana. Most Americans don’t realize that diesel fuel is the workhorse of the economy. it’s used everywhere to keep trucks, tractors, ships, freight trains and factories moving. That’s just the beginning. In the midst of all this the electric grid won’t be able to light up like it used to. It will depend more on solar panels and windmills. But in a long spell of darkness and cold, renewable power sources are worthless. The remaining fossil fuel power plants won’t be enough to pick up the slack. The financial markets of course will be thrown into a frenzy. I believe prices of some assets will soar higher than anyone can imagine. Gas prices could touch 50 dollars a gallon. I predict oil will hit 500 dollars per barrel before this cycle is over. For other assets there will be almost no bid whatsoever. So, millions will find themselves in the same situation as Sir Walter Raleigh many years ago here in Ireland forced to sell once valuable assets for pittance. Around my office, we call this inevitable scenario “America’s Nightmare Winter”. And there’s so much more to it which I’ll get to in a second. My guess is that all this sounds impossible to you, an exaggeration at best. Maybe you think I’m trying to scare you, but at its core this story is only partly about fuel and energy sources. The collapse of America’s power grid is just one of the consequences of the two runaway freight trains barreling towards each other on a collision path in our country today. And ironically as I’ll detail, my warning is nothing compared to the scare tactics being employed by today’s politicians, major media and universities who have put us on this dangerous path. But I’m getting ahead of myself. So, let me back up. Before I can show you, what’s coming next and the four steps my team and I recommend you take as soon as possible, I want to explain the two runaway freight trains now barreling towards each other. MY FOURTH AND FINAL WARNING. Like a lot of American’s, my age I was lucky. I got into the financial industry at the start of the biggest boom ever. All you had to do was buy stocks. In 1980, after Paul Volker tamed inflation and sit tight, “buy the dip.” Was the best advice of the past 40 years. That’s why most people believe this 40 plus year trend can only continue. But I strongly disagree. I Want to show you why we are living in a very dangerous moment right now. And why it’s more critical than ever that you and your money are in the right place at the right time. That’s the secret for me and for you, not being smart or doing anything clever or complicated. You just have to make sure you and your money are in the right place at the right time. That’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today. Along the way, I think you’ll learn secrets about our country you’ve not heard before, like why Warren Buffet just made one of his biggest bets ever in preparation for America’s Nightmare Winter. And why the head of America’s biggest private equity firm, Blackstone says we’re about to have social unrest and a new regime. In the coming minutes I’ll show you how America’s elite, the whole elite, Republican as well as Democrat, the people who control the government, the Fed, the media, Wall Street and the universities are corrupt and incompetent and have put us on this path. What i see on this horizon could be the worst crisis ever in the U. S. A combination of two disastrous policies, which I believe could likely be followed by riots and ultimately some form of revolution. Now look, I’m not trying to influence U. S. policy or sue anyone agai8n. I’m just connecting the dots as I’ve done throughout my careerMy First 3 Big Predictions That All Came True.

My first big call was back in the 1980’s when I warned folks of the imminent Japanese stock crash. Back then Japan was on top of the world. nine of the world’s 10 biggest banks were in Japan back then. Half the world’s stock market capitalization traded in Tokyo. Even crazier, the Tokyo Empirical Palace was estimated to be worth more than all of California. But then came a major collapse just as I predicted. By 2004 prime commercial real estate fell by about 99% and residential real estate collapsed by about 90%. As hard as it is to believe Japanese stocks have still never recovered 33 years later. Today they’re about a third their 1980’s highs. My next big warning concerned the Dot Com internet companies of the late 1990’s. Again, I was right on the mark. In fact, there was probably no one in America who wrote more about the Dot Com fallacy than I did during that era. I covered it almost daily for several years in what many say was the first commercially successful and profitable internet blog. Again, there was a massive collapse. The Nasdaq fell about 80 per cent. It took 15 years to get back to even. Then came my third warning in 2005-2007 when I saw a massive bubble in mortgage finance and real estate. In my New York Times bestselling book “Empire of Debt” written with co-author Addison Wiggin. I predicted a long slump that will take down house prices and the stock market but leave the Dollar and bonds with little damage. That crash began in 2007 and just as I predicted, the Dollar and bonds did fine, while stocks dropped 50% and as many as 10 million people ultimately lost their homes. In each of these cases I issued big public warnings, just like I’m doing today. Still most people ignored me. Many even mocked me. I hope you don’t make that mistake because my fourth and final warning differs from the others I’ve made. My bother big warnings to date really only affected investors and home owners in the case of the mortgage crisis. The looming crisis I want to tell you about today however, will affect everyone, and in ways that will be difficult for you to avoid. So, let’s start with something no one else will dare to tell you, how a government mandate and policies now pushed by the mainstream media, universities, celebrities and Fortune 500 companies will ultimately prove to be one of the most destructive decisions in human history.

Why is the Government trying so hard to scare you? Governments do dumb things on a regular basis. But it’s not often that a government rejects its most important source of wealth and security and tries to replace it with something that could bankrupt the nation and cause suffering for millions. But, that’s exactly what the U.S. Government is doing right now along with the mainstream media, universities and quite a few Fortune 500 companies as well. The policy all these folks are pushing, the mandated transformation of our economy at any cost to end all fossil use, to take carbon emissions to zero and to establish renewable energy for all future economic activity. This is the first runaway freight train barreling forward along America’s tracks. Now, look, I get it. everyone wants a better environment and less pollution and someday battery technology, wind power and solar will probably become efficient enough to make up a meaningly portion of the electric grid, but not today, and not anytime soon, not in the next 20 or 30 years at least. And that’s not my analysis. The U.S. Energy Information Agency says wind and solar combined last year made up just 12% of the power grid today. Even dirty coal made up almost twice as much, 22%. And looking at the next few decades, the U.S. Energy Administration says by 2050, renewables will make up only 38% of the U.S. grid. But the facts don’t matter. So, politicians are shutting down oil and natural gas production while spending obscene amounts promoting green energy. Oil wells are capped. Generators decommissioned, storage tanks abandoned, new investment has almost completely come to a halt. Discoveries that fall into a 75-year low. Banks will no longer lend to oil and gas companies, because it’s bad for their image. Today in America’s Northeast region there are just seven refineries that process diesel fuel. There used to be 27. The CEO of Chevron says there will never be another oil refinery built in America thanks to the state of policies around the world toward fossil fuels. In short, the government punishes and discourages producers of old energy while rewarding and subsidizing Wall Street and renewable sources. Take the state of New York for example, as one resident told the Journal, Wall Street Journal, large portions of New York sit on top massive but untapped sources of natural gas. The Utica Shale contains an estimated 38 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. 940 million barrels of oil and 208 million barrels of natural gas liquids. But New Yorkers can’t touch these resources even though natural gas is the main reason we’ve been able to reduce carbon output for electricity in recent years. Natural gas is about half as pollutive as coal. Andrew Cuomo banned all hydraulic fracking. He shut down interstate gas pipelines, and closed the Indian Point Nuclear Plant. So, now New Yorkers must import more natural gas, and at much higher prices. They’ve even proposed banning natural gas hook-ups for new homes. So, instead of working to unleash the state’s energy resources, they’re doing the opposite, fighting for new costly and unrealistic energy mandates. And mark my words, this premature, mandated switch to clean energy is going to be a disaster, causing economic hardship, poverty and widening of the wealth gap. It’s the first big step leading to America’s Nightmare Winter. Because the same thing that’s happening in New York is happening elsewhere and on the Federal level too. On his first day in office, President Biden canceled the keystone pipeline. A week later, he announced executive orders freezing new oil and gas leases on public lands and offshore waters, plus no CO2 emissions from electricity by 2035. And an all-electric vehicle fleet. Of course, Soon the administration had to ramp up energy imports from Russia by 24%. And so, while everyone blames the energy crisis on Vladimir Putin and America’s evil energy companies, the truth is, it’s mostly a result of disastrous policies. And this is only going to get worse. Remember my conservative prediction, before this cycle is over, gas will hit $50 per gallon, oil will hit $500 per barrel, and here’s the thing, no one likes to talk about what this mandated transition to clean energy will cost. So, let me show you some ghastly figures. I’ve never seen this report anywhere in the mainstream press, but look at the analysis done by Born Lomborg. He’s an environmentalist and a visiting fellow at Stanford. Time Magazine calls him one of the world’s 100 most influential people. And he’s repeatedly named one of foreign policies top 100 global thinkers. Well, here’s what Lomborg says, $5 Trillion per year. New Zealand was the first country to promise a carbon neutral economy. in 2007, the Prime Minister said her small nation with roughly the population of South Carolina would be carbon neutral by 2020. The elites loved it. The U. N. called her a champion for the earth. Well, long story short, New Zealand not only failed to achieve the vision but also failed to reduce any emissions whatsoever. So, what did the government do next?  They doubled down on this terrible idea and proposed carbon neutrality by 2050. The one good thing about New Zealand’s efforts is that they are the only country we know of that’s actually looked at legitimate cost estimates for going carbon neutral. And what is the price tag exactly? Well New Zealand’s leading independent economic think tank says getting half way to the target, cutting 50% of New Zealand’s by 2050 would cost at least $19 Billion dollars annually. But keep in mind cutting the first half of carbon emissions is the easy part, the low hanging fruit. It gets a lot harder and a lot more expensive to cut out the second half. Getting all the way to carbon zero emissions would likely cost $61 Billion annually, more than what New Zealand spends on Social Security, welfare, health, education, police, courts, defense, environment and every part of government combined. Lombard says gas taxes would need to hit 33 cents per gallon every year for the next 30 years. That’s just the taxes, not including the fuel costs. And it’s worth pointing out that Lombard’s estimates were made before energy prices skyrocketed 200% in the last 20 months. OK, but at least if New Zealand pulls this off it will help the world deal with climate change, right? The answer is yes, but barely. Lombard says if we assume New Zealand will actually deliver and stick to its promise for the rest of the century, the total amount of greenhouse gas reduction will deliver a temperature reduction of 0.004 degrees Fahrenheit in year 2100. In other words, the country will go bankrupt and it won’t make a lick of difference for the rest of the earth. All of this is scary to think about, but here’s the really terrifying part. If we take New Zealand’s cost model and apply it to the U.S., Lombard says it implies a cost of at least $5 Trillion for America in today’s money, not just once but every single year. That’s more than the Federal Government estimates it will collect in total revenue in 2022. Still the U.S. Government plows ahead along with the mainstream media, the celebrities, the school system and more. Need more evidence that this is a disastrous plan? Look at Germany’s energy scheme called energy veined, meaning energy transition which started in 2010. Today, Germany has among the highest energy costs in the world. And fossil use has declined only one per cent since the massively expensive program was started according to Lombard’s analysis. How bad will it get for Germany?  Well, a report just out says producer prices in Germany are up 33.5% in a single year. from last year. Yes 33’5%. It is destroying the German economy. Electricity costs are up 87% compared to a year ago.  And natural gas prices are up 154%. That’s a lot of numbers I know. If you want to see the sources for these figures and all the data presented here, see our details and disclosures page linked at the bottom of this page. The point I’m trying to make here is simple. It’s not that we all don’t want a cleaner healthy environment. We all want green energy to work, and eventually in 50 years or so, it probably will. But today the reality is these green energy technologies ae simply not ready to provide the bulk of our power, no matter what we’re willing to pay green energy mandates will cost Trillions of Dollars. And in their current form, will do nothing to prevent global warming, or almost nothing. But America’s elite cast, the politicians, mainstream media, celebrities and the universities continue to tell us we have only until 2030 to solve the problem of climate change. And yes, I refer to this group as a cast. They are nearly permanent members of the ruling class. And Dwight Eisenhour warned about them in his farewell address back in 1961. He said they would have unwarranted influence on America and acquire a vast amount of all misplaced power. He was right back then and since then it has only gotten worse. Today it’s D. C. insiders, it’s academics and Wall Street types at the Federal Reserve. It’s celebrities from Hollywood. It’s the media, especially the main stream media. Today the elite cast tells us we must make this shift to green energy immediately. And no matter what the cost. This is what science says, they scream. But the entire elite cast has been trying to scare us for decades. Back in the 1970’s Stanford ecologist Paul Ehrlich said overpopulation would destroy the world. on CBS National News, he said sometime in the next 15 years the end will come. And by the end, I mean “the end”. I mean an utter breakdown of the capacity of the earth to support humanity. Guess what. 50 years later, there were more than three times as many people on the earth compared to when Ehrlich made the dire prediction. In the 1980’s the U.N. predicted earthly devastation as complete and as irreversible as any nuclear holocaust by the year 2000, due to climate change, ozone layer depletion and acid rain. Then in 2006 Al Gore estimated that unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases were taken within 10 years, the world would reach a point of no return. And while Gore’s bombastic prediction failed to materialize, he became the world’s leading celebrity environmentalist and his net worth went from less than $2 million to more than $200 Million. That’s one of the things I’ve learned over my 50-year career, to find out why so many people are pushing such a flawed agenda. You’ve got to follow the money. I’ll show you in a minute why the same is true today, and where the big money is really going while the overall stock market has collapsed, some people are getting rich. I’ll show you how. In fact, I’ll show you where America’s best investor Warren Buffett is masking one of the biggest investments of his career. You can get in on this trade too. I’ll show you how in just a second. But first, let me get to the second runaway freight train headed our way, which will inevitably lead to America’s Nightmare Winter. Our mandated switch to green energy is a huge problem. But this second problem might even be bigger. Why I Said the Federal Government. Many years ago, I worked in Washington at a group called “The National Taxpayer’s Union”. Our mission was to save the taxpayer’s money by cutting government waste. It soon became obvious that Congress really sought more waste, not less. Because a wasted dollar went into somebody’s pocket, right where they wanted it. so, then we tried to limit taxes. We were more successful there. Congressmen didn’t like to have to explain to voters why they had raised taxes, but then Congress got smart. They started borrowing big time. That way they could spend more money without raising taxes.  So, next I tried a lawsuit against the U.S. Government. You won’t be suppressed to hear how it turned out. We lost. And since then, the U.S. Federal debt exploded 60 times from $500 billion in the 1970’s to over 30 trillion today. After I left Washington, I spent my career building up my worldwide business. But when I came back to the U.S. it felt strange to me. It was as if the country had changed in a profound way that I couldn’t describe. The country I knew no longer exists and there is no going back. One of the places I spend a lot of time today is Northern Argentina. More than 15 years ago my wife and I bought a ranch there, about 9,000 feet up in the foot hills of the Andes. I was able to buy a massive property now in Argentina for about one tenth of what it would cost in the U.S. this property is one of the most beautiful places on earth, as you can see in these photos. But sadly, for everyone trying to make a living here, it’s also one of the most dis-functional. This dis-function is what allowed me to buy my property literally with a suitcase full of cash because financial institutions and the local money could no longer be trusted. And here’s the interesting part. There’s nothing wrong with Argentina or its people. The problem is politics, which turned Argentina from one of the richest countries in the world to one of the most corrupt and poverty stricken. And now, I see these same policies taking root in America. This is the second runaway freight train I’ve been telling you about. So, let me say it as plainly and as simply as I can. It doesn’t matter what tricks the White House, the U.S. Treasury or the federal reserve are using, or how they spin it, America is about to experience one of the greatest inflectional periods in world history. And this inflation which the entire world can now plainly see will soon get much, much worse. It will push millions of Americans down out of the middle class, out of private retirement, out of private health care and out of a decent life based on independence and privacy into a collectivist nightmare. It won’t be long before millions of Americans will be trapped by their own collapsing currency and deeply indebted government. And this destruction of the currency coupled with the rejection of the real source our own wealth, our massive and cheap energy resources will result in what I call America’s Nightmare Winter. Unfortunately, this all leads not just to high prices, but potentially to starvation and perhaps even some form of revolution. Here’s why. For starters tractors run on diesel and at $40 per gallon it will cost $20,000 just to fill up a standard 500-gallon farm fuel tank, plus farmers already face shortages of parts, fertilizer, seeds and chemicals, especially fertilizer. Billions of people are alive today only because we are able to use natural gas to make ammonia by heating up nitrogen and hydrogen. In fact, the BBC says almost half the world’s population would not be alive today without this process. So, imagine you are a farmer. You’re about 60 years old, the average age for a U.S. farmer today and you’re getting tired. You can’t hire anyone to help. no one wants to do the work, no matter what you are willing to pay. On top of that you are facing $40 a gallon for fuel and problems getting fertilizer and chemicals and you’re thinking maybe this is a good time to retire. Then, who grows the corn? The fields grow up in weeds, not wheat and what about the trucks? The processors, the packagers, the distributors and retailers? They too need fuel, and supplies, and what if they’re not available when you need them? Now, try to imagine what 50% inflation and electric blackouts coupled with huge supply chain disruptions in the energy sector would do. What farmer, what producer, what business man wants to put his seed in the ground when he has no idea what the price he might get for the crop. Inflation makes a hash of all business calculations. And so, in America when you go to the store, you might find a box of Wheaties for 15 Dollars, but the store is out of milk. And the canned goods are hit or miss. Half the shelves are empty. You probably still will get some food, but it might not be what you want. And it might be very expensive. Keep in mind, behind nearly every revolution in world history you will find soaring food costs. I’ve seen how all this plays out first hand. I’ve lived it…. Locked Down in Argentina

… here’s another thing. No politician or anyone in the elite cast will bother telling you right now, despite what you see with your own eyes, prices for all goods and services, prices for real estate, for oil and gas are not going up the way you think they are. You see, what’s happening in America t6oday is very similar to what happened in Argentina. The truth is, prices are not going up, it’s the value of your money that’s going down. Economic historian Adam Ferguson explains this phenomenon in his book; “When Money Dies”. It was the natural reaction of most Germans or Austrians or Hungarians, indeed as for any victims of inflation to assume not so much that their money was falling in value as that the goods which it bought were becoming more expensive in absolute terms. This U.S. Government has destroyed the U.S. currency beyond any state of repair or recovery. There’s simply no turning back. This is what happens when you print more money over an 18-month period than we’ve printed in the previous 200 years of our country’s existence. This is what happens when you print a trillion new dollars into existence in just two days in March of 2020. Yes, that’s what really the government did. Time Magazine wrote about it although you barely heard a whisper about it anywhere else. This is what happens when the FED prints more than 5 trillion dollars into existence since late 2019. This list of money handouts just goes on and on. And politicians are talking about ramping it up even more today. Gavin Newsom, governor of California for example recently proposed sending all state car owners 400 dollar checks to offset higher gas prices. Others receiving checks will include renters, folks who pay utility bills, nursing staff, parents who pay for child care and more. Oh, and also free public transportation for everybody. If you think California’s prices are high now, wait till Newsom’s 18.1-billion-dollar inflation relief package hits the streets. But this is the new way forward in America, will fight inflation by flooding the system with even more money. The one thing you must remember if you live in America and hope to survive the coming years is this; inflation and currency devaluation is not just a threat, it’s the government policy from this point forward. In the coming years, everything you will do will be governed. Everything will be controlled more and more by the state and their handouts, more welfare and eventually, universal basic income, Medicare for all, free college, more debt, more debt forgiveness for a hand selected group of individuals and corporations. Biden’s recent student debt forgiveness package is just a small taste of what’s coming. We’ll see income security handouts, price controls, much higher taxes, more and more Americans not actually working, just like in Argentina. Already the governments share of the economy has gone from 22 percent before the lockdown to upward 30% today. Soon, I believe it will be 50% or more. As we move forward shortages for everything will escalate. More government weakens everything and pushes us more into debt. We are now rapidly accelerating into this new phase. Of course, politicians love it. they’ll have more say and more power, meanwhile we’ll all be drowning in a monetary system that only empowers bankers, speculators and a government leviathan that can’t survive without more debt and inflation. Here’s something else to watch for. I think at least we’ll soon have enormous bailouts of state pension funds across America, which are woefully underfunded. We’ll likely need at least three trillion dollars to pay off State retirees. And meanwhile, the government will continue to do everything they can to lock you into our collapsing currency, just like all governments do when they destroy their money. During Germany’s and Austria’s historical inflations for example, there were laws against hoarding commodities like food and fuel. And laws forbidding ownership of foreign currencies. Today Argentines are only allowed to purchase the equivalent of $200 in foreign currency per month. This locks all citizens into the plummeting peso. Argentina also enforces a 35% solidarity tax on foreign purchases. I know of folks in Argentina who saved everything for their Paris honeymoon. It was their life’s dream. But a week after their wedding day the government announced the solidarity tax and they had to call the whole thing off. The 35% tax put it all beyond their reach. Mark my words this is what America’s future looks like. Have you heard of the FACTA for example? Most Americans haven’t, but it’s a policy our government quietly passed not long ago, which forces foreign banks to automatically turn money over to the U.S. Government when the Americans diversify out of the U.S. dollar. From here on out everything is going to get a lot more restrictive. Billionaire Ray Dalio says the government will soon outlaw Bitcoin. I don’t know if he’s right, but nothing is beyond the government’s reach. Just remember this, desperate governments do desperate things. Even the conservative Billionaire Warren Buffett has said; “they, the government, will come after corporations, they will come after individuals… They’re going to have to raise a lot more money.” But, here’s the thing, the worst part of a currency collapse isn’t the rising prices or the shortages or restrictions on what you can and can’t do with your money. The worst part is that when you destroy the money, you infect and corrupt everything. As my colleague, Jim Grant says inflation is not about increasing the money supply growth, it’s essentially the fiscal breakdown of the State. As a German woman told Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning writer Pearl Buck about her country’s famous early 20th century inflationary collapse, we used to say the dollar is going up again,’ while in reality the dollar remained stable but our Mark was falling. It all seemed just madness, and it made the people mad. The fiscal breakdown of the State ultimately leads to the breakdown of society. You can see this madness in Argentina every single day. So, make no mistake, these inflationary changes are now unstoppable and could potentially destroy everything that remains uniquely American in our country. I think America’s Nightmare Winter is now inevitable. And here’s exactly what I believe it will look like.

Welcome to “America’s Nightmare Winter” …

Mandating the end of fossil fuels and printing paper money to pay for it is like lighting a stick of dynamite at both ends. On one end, you cut off the supply of the most important components of modern economies, energy and raw materials. On the other, you greatly increase the supply of paper money, which always leads to inflation, war, depression, military takeovers and social upheaval. Essentially, we are rejecting the real source of our own wealth, abundant and inexpensive fossil fuels. And trying to replace it with inflationary money printing. These are America’s two runaway freight trains barreling towards one another on a collision course. Before this cycle is over, oil will go to $500 a barrel. That’s in part because of more inflation and more money printing. The dollar could fall by another 50% from here and in part because the government has essentially ended new oil and natural gas exploration. In the short term, we’re going to see rolling electricity blackouts and shortages, fuel won’t get delivered and while some areas will get power, others won’t. Millions will suffer. These blackouts will cover much of the country. Food in the freezer will go bad. In short America’s entire energy system will suffer one collapse after another and over the longer term, we’re looking at a new era. This painful period is going to last much longer than most people expect. A financial crisis becomes an energy crisis, becomes a political crisis. I say that because the last time we faced similar circumstances, the crisis lasted about 14 years. Take a look… Here’s What happened 50 Years Ago – Will it be Worse This Time? In 1965, president Lyndon Johnson began massive spending and took on huge budget deficits for the Viet Nam war. And his great society benefits. Medicare, Medicaid, head start, urban renewal, environmental issues, new immigration policies and more. Sure, sounds a lot like the new programs that are being rolled out today, doesn’t it? back then, like today, inflation was gradual at first, then things started to spin out of control. And America got exactly what it’s getting right now, big increases in both inflation and interest rates combined with an energy crisis. Most Americans alive don’t remember this, bur OPEC banned oil exports to the U.S. in October 1973. Gas prices quickly shot up 37%. Gas was rationed. Many stations ran out. Those with supply had to lock up their pumps. The ban on exporting oil to the U.S. lasted only 5 months, a tiny crisis compared to what’s going on today. But by then the wheels of the crisis were already in motion. By 1974 inflation hit more than 11%. And the stock market fell 35%. Inflation eventually hit 13.5% in 1980. In one incredible 5-year stretch from 1977 to 1981 cumulative inflammation was over 50%. In other words, the value of your savings was essentially cut by one third. President Carter wore a sweater on National TV and the government launched a huge initiative to get Americans to bundle up and conserve energy. But even the best and supposedly its safest stocks in America collapsed. Get this. After peaking, in 1972, the share price of essentially the hottest tech company in the world at that time, IBM, fell 57% and did not get back to even for nine years. I’ve heard lots of people talk today about buying Disney lately because it’s fallen about 40% from its highs. But I doubt Disney’s fall is done. During the 1970’ the stock fell 83% in less than two years. Other iconic businesses collapsed as well. Coca-Cola fell nearly 70% and General Electric fell nearly 60%. Both of them took nine years just to get back to even. The entire NASDAQ stock index fell nearly 60% in less than a year. In fact, it would take until 1993, 25 years later until the S and P 500 reached a level that after adjusting for inflation exceeded it’s high from 1968. In short, anyone who tells you that stocks are the best inflation hedge simply does not know their financial history. At the same time, stocks were falling, prices were skyrocketing. Meat for example soared more than 150% between 1973 and 1979. Gasoline prices soared more than 225% between 1970 and 1980, while average airfare prices went up more than threefold over roughly the same period. From January 1973 to January 1982, the cumulative rate of inflation was a whopping 139%. Oil prices ultimately jumped 350% and the higher energy cost rippled through the economy. the situation got so bad the U.S. dollar nearly ceased to function as the world’s reserve currency. In fact, in 1978, the U.S. Treasury was forced to issue government bonds denominated in Swiss Francs. Foreign creditors no longer trusted the U.S. dollar as a store of value. The point I’m trying to make is that an energy crisis is bad enough, so is inflation, but when these two freight trains collide, it leads to disaster. The last time we saw this type of cycle, it lasted about 14 years. That’s where we’re headed today, if we’re lucky, this is America’s Nightmare Winter and it could be much worse than the last time. Today, we’ve got so much debt, we can’t raise rates much, it will bankrupt us. And Americans are completely unwilling to go for any policies that bring any type of financial pain mor hardship. So today we’re looking at a new era…Blackstone CEO Steven Shwartzman calls the period we’ve just entered a new regime predicts

Many, many people are going to get a lot poorer in the years ahead. And the sad part is most Americans will do exactly what the Argentines, the Germans, the Austrians, the Hungarians and the citizens of dozens of other Nations before them have done when their governments destroyed their currencies. They will cling to their increasingly worthless money in a state of confusion and bewilderment. This is human nature. Most people simply don’t understand what’s happening in America right now and won’t know what to do even after their money has been devalued yet again and our energy structure collapses. And that’s exactly why I’m issuing this warning. This is not the end of America, but it’s definitely a new era. It’s definitely the end of America as you have known it for the past 50 years. It’s going to be gad for a lot of people. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. here’s what my team and I recommend you do start immediately.

Step No. 1: Buy the Best Assets Now Soaring in Value.

The first step we recommend you take is to make sure you own the best U.S. natural resource energy assets, which are soaring in value. The team I’ve hand-picked for this project says U.S. natural gas will be the cheapest, cleanest and the most important energy resource in the world for many, many years to come. And the chase for natural gas is only accelerating. The U.S. is the largest natural gas producer in the world, by far. Our production outpaces Russia’s by 33%. But this is an understatement. To understand the scale, power and profit potential of this U.S. resource, you have to keep a few key figures in mind. For starters just one U.S. spot, the Marcellus and the Utica shales which stretch from New York to Kentucky throughout much of the Appalachian Basin is the largest reservoir of

 natural gas in the world. A Penn State geoscientist says it can produce 500 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas. Just this one spot has enough natural gas to supply the U.S. for hundreds of years according to Thew U.S. Energy Information Agency. Right now, the U.S. produces about 23% of worldwide demand. But my team says production and export volumes will get a lot higher. Get this. The U.S. natural gas exports have grown n100% between2019 and 2021. Prices and demand for U.S. natural gas are likely to soar from here. and the best U.S. firms could skyrocket in value as the world turns to the U.S. for more and more natural gas. Part of this big shift is already happening. Look at this chart. It shows how Europe is quickly transitioning away from.

We faced an energy crisis combined with massive inflation. Nixon was in the White House and changed the world’s monetary system, cutting the last link between the Dollar and gold. As I explained earlier, back then I was deeply involved in an effort in Washington D.C. to stop the government from wrecking the country. First, we tried the lawsuit, I mentioned on behalf of America’s children and their future. My son and I sued the U.S. Government in “Bonner vs Baker”. The Baker was James Baker, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. National debt was a tax on the future generations we argued. Laying this sort of intergenerational obligation amounted to:  “Taxation Without Representation” and should be banned. The court threw out our suit. So next, we tried an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “The Balanced Budget Amendment” would have blocked the Fed’s from running deficits except in times of war or National emergency. 32 States approved it without publicity. It’s a waste of time, money, and energy to fight the Feds. It’s a no-win situation. So, this time I’m doing something different. I’m not organizing a protest or filing a lawsuit. In the 50 years since I tried to take on the Feds, my companies have made billions of Dollars and I’ve assembled a collection of some of the best investment and political analysts in the world. So, instead of going after the government, I’ve partnered up with some of the best analysts my companies have hired over the years. And I’ve put together what we think is the perfect mix of research and analysis to help folks right now. We are 100% convinced America has earned a new era, a new regime. America’s two runaway freight trains, the mandated switch to green energy, and soaring money printing, borrowing and inflation will cause huge problems and much, much higher prices, like I said, this is not the end of America. But, the rules for making and protecting your money are going to be very different in the years to come. And I think we’ve assembled the right mix of folks who can help. You to do both of these things; protect what you’ve got and grow your worth, too. But before I show you exactly how to get started with this research, there’s one more interesting step my group thinks you should consider.

Step number 4 the art of speculation. In times of inflation such as this, you have a chance to make enormous gains with speculations. You see, inflation caused huge distortii0ns and wild misplaced pricings that can lead to big gains, for example, did you know that coal stocks have shot up as much as 3100% in less than two years? And shipping companies soared as much as 3800% over roughly the same period? Well, this fourth step we recommend is a series of calculated speculations. But they’re not for everyone and it’s not for your rent money, or any money you might need any time in the near future. These ideas come from one of the analysts I handpicked to join me in this venture, a former British banker named Tom Dyson. Tom has unique way of looking at the world. he’s an extreme contrarian and simply incredible at finding profitable speculations. One thing I like about Tom is that he’s incredibly patient. He sits and waits until he finds something extraordinary. For example, not too long ago, Tom recommended shipping stocks. When he saw an opportunity in this sector, he found eight companies. And the average gains were 114% on these positions. Tom did something similar a few years back when he noticed the bank of England, which owned gold for its entire 300-year history, dumping about 395 tons of gold starting in 1999 at an average price of $275 per ounce. So, Tom took a large stake in precious metals. Gold is up 500% since then and Tom made $200,000. Although he’s the first to admit that he sold too soon. Tom is also the first person I know who bought bit-coin. He even gave me one. Although I have no idea

where it is today. Tom started buying bit coin when it was just $60. It’s up about 300,000% since then. Again, Tom made a killing. And today, Tom has found another set of mis-priced speculations, which he says have the potential of returning 1,000%or more, even in the worst of markets. I’m not going to say much more about these moves here., because we’d like our subscribers to learn how to get in on these trades before we reveal them to the public. But  I will say, you can get into these speculations for less than $5. Again, this is not for everyone. You will probably do just fine by following the first three steps I’ve already outlined for you. Also, you must remember that all investments carry risks. and these speculations even more so. Just because Tom and Steve have found so many incredible opportunities over their long careers, does not mean that they will do so again. And of course, you should never invest money you can’t afford to lose. Everything you need to know about this fourth step is explained in our detailed report called “the art of speculation”. In this report Tom details a handful of fascinating trades brought about by wild recent price swings. If even just one hits, it could make a big difference in yuour bottom line. So, how much does all this research cost? Well, the regular price for everything I’ve described is more than $300. But, as part of this deal, I’ve put together, you’ll pay just $49 for the next year. This $49 fee entitles you for a one-year subscription to my new collaborative research service called “Bonner Private Research”. On the 4th Thursday of every month, my team of analysis will show you how to protect and grow your money during this incredibly difficult stretch. Recently, for example, we detailed great ways to protect your cash. And collect as much super-safe inte4rest as possible. Also, the average gain on these four stocks we’ve recommended is more than 20%, while stocks in the general market continue to get hammered. As part of this deal, you will also get Steve’s suggested true wealth research. I mentioned Steve earlier. He’s a former hedge-fund manager, I’ve worked with for two decades. I want you to get Steve’s research too because he and his team have an incredible track record over the past 20 years of finding alternative assets and investments, you’re unlikely to hear about anywhere else. Every month Steve’s team will show the average investor and moving in an uptrend. I’m sure Steve and his team will introduce you to the many money-making ideas you’ve never considered before. $49 is an embarrassing price for all of this work. But, please understand it’s only available to you today as part of this special offer. you won’t find it on any website. when you take advantage of the deal, you’ll immediately receive all of the research reports I’ve described today.

“Buy the best assets now soaring in value”

“A unique way to protect your wealth” the government doesn’t even have to know about it.

“The secret currency” and “the art of Speculation”

You’ll also begin receiving my new service called “Bonner Research” each month. And Steve suggested “true wealth monthly reports as well. Plus, you’ll get the daily market analysis and updates from Steve’s team and my access to my archives which includes more than 100 special investment reports on subjects such as “How to structure the perfect portfolio right now. How to know exactly when to sell any investment. And even a digital copy of my latest book and much, much more. again, as a first-year subscriber, you’ll pay just $49. I can’t imagine a better deal exists anywhere on or off Wall Street. Now of course, all investments carry risks. So, please do not invest more than you are willing to lose. One more thing our research is not for everyone. So, if you find it’s not right for you for any reason, simply let our Maryland-based customer service team know and they’ll issue you a full refund within the next 30ndays for your subscription.

Hopefully, you will ask yourself, where will I store all my money and where is the food, I will be able to buy with it? He has not solved the food shortage problem any more than he did in his first three warnings. But his greed and his hard sell is easy to see, as his ties are most likely to the Jesuit controllers, if not one himself.


The Community Garden and Needs Distribution

Now, I have added knowledge to share, that you can find in chapter 5, on facts like the 4th phase of water carrying more life-giving energy, than processed by water found in city supplies. This phase is also found in rainwater, which the use of, is frowned upon by government water supply systems. Vegetables and fruits secured and eaten in the fresh state give the same added energy.  The fruit on the tree is good for a long time before rotting. The reason for this is in the protective skin containing antibacterial elements. Eating the skin without removing it first, loads us down with these elements that are not good for our digestive flora. This fact was known by scientists long ago, who warned the food industry not to use antibiotics in stored foods for this reason. Their reason was that no one would know how much of such foods would be eaten in a short time. This is when the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), was created to overcome this limitation, was formed. And we now know that all such agencies and corporations in the food industry follow the same plans as the corporate governments. So, with that said, we should eat from the tree in the raw, 4th phase of water state. Therefore, we should initially plant bearing fruit producing trees on our own land as soon as possible. The same is true for our vegetables which, for the most part, can be trimmed as needed for our immediate needs, while the plant still thrives. This of course requires a nearby garden preferably in your own yard. There are of course, growing seasons requiring canning as in the past. However, vacuum filled glass containers for the storage of foods prepared in the growing seasons are best and easiest. Aluminum cans have long been known as poisoning to our bodies and pineal glands. These glands are our spiritual gland for spiritual communication. This is the reason the world governments or you could say, the church has placed Fluoride in our clean drinking water. This is to prevent our spiritual knowledge, and communications needed to learn the truth hidden by these ET controllers. Henry suggests that our water must be pure for our healthy survival. This is rebutted by all of the people drinking spring or rain water in so called third world countries, living very healthy lives. He falsely tells us we are provided with perfectly clean water by government-controlled city water supplies. Additionally, raised bed or hydroponic gardens, especially in small green houses, for year-round production are the best and quickest and easiest means over the time and effort we expend earning money to pay for their processed foods. Hopefully we can do this in this growing season if they act too quickly to empty the store’s shelves.

The preceding videos are links to true solutions to equipping ourselves for this predicted crisis consisting of gardens and canning operations, within communities coming together to replace government dependency with self-responsibility for the collective humanity being attacked by that same government and reliance on our newly learned spiritual powers instead.

This was our warning by those who planned our suffering long term devastation and at the same time increasing our controlling fear and reducing our numbers. Their warning has to instill the worst fear we can accept while freeing their consciences. As has brought the responsibility to all the controllers collectively so they will be free of the karma we will suffer, thus, increasing our dependence on them and need for their support while at the same time loving them as our totalitarian controllers (“After Skool “– chapter 1). Does not your discernment show you he is one of them just because he was able to be the only one to escape their past devastations and financially gain from them. So that we may learn from all of our past time-outs, let us reflect on them. They have stolen our identities and spiritual powers to be controlled by their demons residing in our dark sides. They have deceived us, stealing our abilities to manifest their plans and successes away. We are on to them and they fear us and our power more than we fear them. We must not accept the next karma, but place it onto them through non-consent. Rather than act in fear and start competing with others for the food we will need for over a decade, we should act in loving empathy for the rest of us, their brothers in spirit, those we have been taught to fear and remain separate from. By not acting in the fear they require, our love for others in our time of reflection, our past karma, we should respond in rational conscious thoughts, thoughts like how did we get into this corner? We will find the answer to that is in how have they over the last 2000 years taught us to rely on them and their assumed power over us. We, through laziness and reliance on others for our existence have taken ourselves off the land and into the cities. The cities with their jobs have produced us the money needed to pay others for doing the hard work required for our self-dependence and transfer it to big brother. Now, to our dismay we have recognized, discerned in our hearts, who they are and what their intentions are. We must withdraw the consent they are used to receiving with the notice that we will no longer be deceived and return to ourselves, our true identity and powers.  This is now their last-ditch effort to retain their dominance. They have to carry out their plan, but they are lawfully required to allow us time to reflect and consent. Our time, instead shall have to be devoted to accepting our responsibility to care for ourselves. This will have to be returning to the land. But the land we have to work with is now restricted in size and legal zoning restrictions. The following videos will truthfully tell us this instead of producing fear and the consequential actions. We are all in this together and we must resolve to love and support our neighbor rather than work in secret for ourselves selfishly. Selfishness is not bad, if its end, means to love one’s self first, so as to be able to have empathy, care, for others. we cannot love others unless we have love for ourselves. We must respond in a community effort, not single efforts. No one alone can handle all the work we have shoved off to government over the years. In community, neighbor with neighbor is the answer. Most of us today don’t even know our neighbor’s names let alone their needs. We must use the resources and land we now Have. The following videos have been produced by those of us who can see in clarity with discernment and have learned by taking their responsibilities for themselves in hand. Now they are teaching, and guiding us in that same direction with loving care, not for their own enrichment. Therefore, we should honor their efforts by helping them financially the little we each can contribute to graciously accept and respond to.

In order to effectively work together we must work in small enough communities using the land and resources we have toward this one and last collective goal we are graced with. We have been deceived and therefore the total karma will not be imposed. But we must respond in loving thankfulness that we have been given the time to find ourselves and the truth. These communities must stay out of the reach of their legal restrictions. We must not work for the monetary returns we have been taught.  It will have to be the loving sharing of the responsibilities outside of their control of government and commerce requirements we have contracted with, even though these contracts are unilateral contracts with only one party signing (us). The sharing must involve bartering, not monetary exchange. Our rewards from our required gardening to feed ourselves must not be sold, but given freely to those in need who have not the resources nor the discernment we have. One spiritual law is that you must give up that which is not for your highest good for grace to abound, to receive even more. Though selfishness is loving one’s self, it cannot be at the refusal to give the love to those in need, what is desperately needed worldwide. Because this will be for their control of the whole earth, it is the disseminating of our newly found truth and its requirements to all others in a relatively short time. If they implement their plan before we are able to help ourselves in a long-term way. We must in the short time we have, continue to reward the food merchants by supplying all we can afford for ourselves and others for storage until our long-term answers can be implemented. There is no good reason to shut down he stores when we are ready. Many will through non-compliance with our plan still need them. However, their prices may come down. Manifesting is keeping our thoughts on our best and highest good. if our thoughts go to fear, we will manifest their outcome. Spiritual law is the law of nature which has been scientifically confirmed (the proven law of attraction, frequency). that frequency is the output of our loving hearts. As we did unconsciously on 911 (Chapter 1), we will have to do in this situation worldwide. And that is to manifest the world peace and abundance we desire. Our efforts must be in concert with each other worldwide and not in a centralized fashion, which as we know now ends up in power and control through the efforts of the mind excluding the heart. We must almost immediately ascent to higher frequencies so that the higher frequency of the peaceful earth can be attracted. This is no time to doubt our newly found truths about ourselves and our spiritual heritage. We must realize the controlling agents on earth today have no power over us when we are out of their deception. We must act together in complete confidence in our-selves. Their power was only assumed by us and wielded carelessly, under imposed fear, not love. We must wield our power with the care needed to make manifesting the resultant miracles possible. We can, in hours, produce what has taken them decades of diligent planning and destructive work to achieve. They tried to separate us in fear of even ourselves with a red-flag virus and all other wars, unnatural man-made calamities and diversion. But in an instant, we can turn the tables and we will. Later in this blog I will remind you that as in chapters 1 man5, we are not alone. Our other spiritual counterparts, universally existing, as what we call extraterrestrials, are working in concert with us to free ourselves of these, also extraterrestrial, controllers. Their spiritual warfare has been in place for longer than this earth has existed. We just find ourselves in the middle with our necessary part to fulfill. They are and always have been here to watch over and evolve us to higher than mere carnivorous low frequency beings. Our spiritual helpers, the angels and spirit guides can only help us if we petition them. By it being 5 years past the time projected by president Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter, we, with the help of the Pleiadeans and other galactic spirits have overcome the grays, fallen watchers. But our constant and total conscious efforts must continue or we will be converted to the gray’s DNA who attack us.

The distribution of community needs can be a slowly growing concept of community store houses with the Uber concept and used for sharing of products even including others dependent on the, now used, economic system when necessary. The community production of needs like canning etc. and the post office can be extended back to individual use rather than collection points, getting back to the ice cream truck routs for all common produce in the home use extending out to now existing factories. Anything that is for the greater good of all can be spread community to community as a sort of free franchise idea, keeping the idea free and pure and simple until a proven replacement idea captures the interests of all. My original idea of homeowner’s curb appeal efforts replacing standard cheapest boundary establishment with the free concept to be extended and shared as personally invented by the neighbors themselves involved. These shared ideas can be publicized in a non-commercial fashion over a free network possibly called the outer net. Community needed ideas now available on the internet for free, can remain free through community communications of same. When found to be in the best interest of all, these ideas can be shared community to community through community teachings and the free use of the outer net. And the show placing of individualized artistic license can be shared, such as the housing of originating to endpoint use concepts. The idea of a networked use of existing facilities to existing facilities repurposed for such uses, such as distributed common garden beds to the endpoint of sharing factory made goods now existing on commercial store shelves can bring an ease of use to the end-user in the community. This concept of original supply point to end-point user can be one of these franchises of which I am extending my originality in property boundary re-use, welcoming freely shared improvements toward these franchises. This use of the word franchise shall be re-purposed to mean bringing all ideas of accessibility to all end-users, thus maintaining and protecting original concepts free of competing intentions. Anything introduced to the community shall be accepted by or rejected by the same, bringing the new and re-purposed ideas to an accepted end-user. The idea of competing for any monetary profit motive shall be replaced with the concept of offering improvements to be accepted or rejected by the end users. All of this is to be taken as the ending of profit motive and thus the limiting of inventions to patented ideas. Any such existing patents bought up by our controllers for their control over us and our freedom of use shall be booted out for the free exchange method of personally making use of patented ideas. This idea of profiting by exclusion or limitation shall be ended when not in the best interest of all.

The book “the Invisible Rainbow” exemplified by this excerpt from it and the interview about a book “Contagion Myth” are now worldwide examples of their power and control. The ends to their actions are worldwide, but the answer as to whom and why the ends have been achieved are not. Yet, I present
This book, published by Arthur Firstenberg, is:


There was initially no video when the book was written. Since then, a video was produced and is available on the internet. There is no way to properly explain the effect this message should have on your continuing experience of illnesses we are plagued with. There will be another video at the end of this blog by Solarah, a spiritual reader and channeler that explains how our controllers have replaced a peaceful life we should have experienced.

In 2017, Mark Broomhall presented his report to the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on the exodus of so many species of wildlife from the Nightcap National Park World Heritage area surrounding Mount Nardi in Australia. Broomhall has lived on Mount Nardi for more than 40 years. After antennas for 3G cell phones were installed on the Mount Nardi communications tower in 2009, he saw an immediate decline in insect populations. In 2009, when “enhanced 3G” was added to the tower, along with channels for 150 television stations, 27 bird species left the mountain. In early 2013, when 4G was installed on Mount Nardi, a further 49 bird species left. All bat species became scarce, four common species of cicada almost disappeared, frog populations were drastically reduced and the massive and diverse populations of moths, butterflies, and ants became uncommon to rare.

At about the same time that Broomhall presented his report, people all over the world woke up to the fact that their cars’ windshields were not being splattered with tiny life, and that insects of all kinds were disappearing from the earth. In 2017 scientists reported a 97 to 98 percent decline in total flying insects in 63 nature protection areas in Germany. In 2018, scientists from Australia, Vietnam, and China reviewed 73 reports of insect declines from across the world, and concluded that 40 percent of all insect species on earth are threatened with extinction.

We are living in a world where information does not increase knowledge, nor open eyes. The cultural barriers are too great. Society has been in denial for too long. And yet it is impossible to continue on the present path any longer. Decisions are being made to intensify the worldwide microwave rain, before 2020, from a steady drizzle to a downpour.

Instead of cell towers every few miles, there are going to be cell towers every few houses. This is already being implemented throughout China and South Korea and is spreading like wildfire to every city in the world. Although the new antennas are small-little boxes on top of telephone poles –they expose the population to tens of hundreds of times more radiation than the tall structures they are replacing.

Dense rows of similar antennas are being sown like so much rice along the side of highways and beneath the pavement and the electric fields that sprout from their seeds to cover the adjacent countryside’s will guide cars and trucks that are outfitted with their own antennas and driven by robots instead of human beings.

These are the structures that are replacing men and women with machines within cities and along highways. It is called “5G” because it is the 5th generation of wireless technology. 5G will enable the creation of the “internet of Things”: not only cars, trucks and home appliances, but virtually everything we buy is being outfitted with antennas and microchips in order to be connected to the wireless cloud that will take over the business of the world from human beings. Cars will drive themselves; milk cartons will instruct refrigerators to order milk, and your baby’s diapers will tell your phone when it needs to be changed. By some estimates, as many as one trillion antennas will soon be talking to one another, outnumbering people on the earth by a hundred to one.

Not just people, but all of nature is being replaced by electrical pulsations, and not just in cities and suburbs. Radio waves are replacing eagles and hawks in National Parks and wildlife areas, fish and whales in the earth’s oceans, and penguins and auks in Antarctica and Greenland, where ice is melting into electric fog.

Four billion people, you see, still have little or no access to the Internet. And the remedy for that deficiency is now at hand, via balloons and drones. Humankind is now willing and able to finally fulfill the original promise of the telegraph, put into words for the first time a century and a half ago. Space and time are being poised to be thoroughly annihilated of life itself. Unsuspected, that is, by those who cannot yet see what is happening. Those of us with EHS who remember the beginning of satellite phone service foresee catastrophe.

In 1998, the launch of the 66-satellite constellation called Iridium brought cell phone service for the first time to the vast un-served regions of the earth, previously owned by pigeons and whales. As we saw in the last chapter, however, it also unleashed a new kind of rain that emptied the skies of birds for a couple of weeks. The loss of thousands of racing pigeons during the two weeks following September 23, 1998, made headline news. The fact that wild birds were also not flying received only brief mention. The human toll was not mentioned at all.

On about October 1, 1998, I contacted 57 electrically sensitive people in six countries. I also surveyed two nurses and one physician who served this population. My survey found that 86 percent of the electrically sensitive people interviewed, and a majority of patients and support group members, had become ill on Wednesday, September 23, exactly with typical symptoms of electrical illness such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, nosebleeds, heart palpations, asthma attacks, ringing in the ears, and so forth. One person said it felt like a knife went through the back of his head early Wednesday morning. Another had stabbing pains in his chest, a number of people, including me, were so sick we weren’t sure we were going to live. Follow ups revealed that some of these people were actually ill for up to three weeks. I suddenly lost sense of smell on September 23. 1998, and it still has not returned to normal.

Mortality statistics obtained from the CDC reveal the following numbers for 1998:

Week Deaths
Sept. 6 11,351
Sept. 13 11,601
Sept. 20 11.223
Sept. 27 11,939
Oct. 4 11,921
Oct. 11 11,497
Oct. 18 11,387

As recommended by the CDC, the above numbers are based on an average three-week delay between the time of death and the filing of a death certificate, and have been adjusted to account for missing data for some cities. A four to five percent rise in the National death rate occurred during those two weeks in which electrically sensitive people were the sickest and birds were not flying in the sky.

The commencement of service by the second satellite cell phone company, Globestar, was again accompanied by widespread sudden illness. Globestar announced the beginning of full commercial service in the United States and Canada from its 48 satellites on Monday February 28, 2000. Widespread reports of nausea, headaches, leg pain, respiratory problems, depression, and lack of energy began on Friday, February 26, the previous business day, and came from people both with and without EHS.

Iridium, which had gone bankrupt in the summer of 1999, was resurrected on December 5, 2000, when it signed a contract to provide satellite phones to the United States Armed Forces. On March 30, 2001, commercial service was resumed, and on June 5, Iridium added mobile satellite data services, including the ability to connect to the Internet. Nausea, flu-like symptoms, and feelings of oppression accompanied both events. Hoarseness was a prominent complaint of many who contacted me in early June. But reports that grabbed headlines had nothing to do with human beings.

The March 30 event was unusual in several respects. First, it was the night of a rare red aurora that was visible in the Northern hemisphere it was a time of intense solar activity, so I was tempted to attribute this to pure coincidence, except that I was reminded of the reddish sky that some reported the night of September 23, 1998, when Iridium was turned on the first time. No one understands all the interactions of these satellite operations with the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere.

But the second item that attracted notice was a catastrophic loss of Kentucky race horse foals in late April and early May. Since mares, according to the Merck Veterinary after, for example, a viral infection, this would put the triggering event at the end of March. Except that no such virus was ever found. In the United Stated, unusual foaling problems were reported simultaneously not only from Kentucky and nearby States like Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, but also from Maryland, Texas and northern Michigan. Lenn Harrison, director of the University of Kentucky’s Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center, said he had received similar reports from as far away as Peru.

Between 2001 and now, our skies have not essentially changed. The number of satellites in low orbit has gradually increased, but Iridium and Globestar are still the only providers of satellite phones, and amount of data raining on us all from space is still dominated by those two fleets. That, however, is poised to change in a grand way. In 2017, we had a total of some 1,100 functioning artificial satellites of all types circling the earth. By the end of 2019, the number had already doubled. In 2020, several companies are competing to launch new fleets of 500 to 42,000 satellites each, for the sole purpose of bringing high-speed wireless Internet to the furthest reaches of the earth, and recruiting billions of untapped consumers into the rank of social media. These plans call for the satellites to fly in orbits as low as 210 miles in altitude, and to aim highly focused beams at the earth with an effective radiated power per beam of up to 20 million watts. The names of some of these companies are familiar to everyone: Google, Face book, and Amazon. Others, as yet, are less well known. SpaceX is the space transport company created by billionaire Elon Musk, the man who wants to put a colony on Mars-and to provide high speed Internet to both planets. One/Web, based in the United Kingdom has attracted major investments by Qualcomm and Virgin Galactic, and has signed up Honeywell Intercontinental as its first large customer, Google, in addition to investing one billion dollars in Musk’s satellite project, has a contract to supply Internet from high flying balloons to remote parts of the Amazon rainforest in Peru.

As this book goes to press, SpaceX has submitted applications for 42,000 satellites to the U,S, Federal Communications Commission and the International Telecommunication Union and is already in the process of launching them, 60 at a time. SpaceX has announced that as soon as 420 satellites are in place, which could be as early as February 2020, it will turn them on and begin providing service to some areas of the earth. One Web has submitted applications for 5,269 satellites. Plans to begin launching 30 at a time in January 2020 and has projected the beginning of service to the Arctic and Antarctic in late 2021 and to provide worldwide service from 650 satellites in 2021.Telstar, based in Canada, expects to begin launching a fleet of up to 512 satellites in 2021 and to provide worldwide service in 2022. Amazon projects that its 3,236 satellites will serve the entire world except the Arctic and Antarctic. Face book, thus far, has an experimental satellite license from the FCC under which it is not required to disclose its plans to the public. A new company called Lynk also has an experimental license it plans to deploy “several thousand” satellites by 2023 and boasts that “we’re going to turn all mobile phones into satellite phones.”

These plans must not happen. The roots of our life-support system are firmly attached in the pillars of the earth’s magnetic field, far above our heads, where the pulsations of the universe, nourished and watered by the sun, are absorbed, animating all living things below. The engineers, who believe that all these satellites will be too far away to affect life, miss the mark. Even the first small fleet of 28 military satellites, launched into orbit in 1968, ushered in a worldwide pandemic of influenza. The direct radiation is only part of the problem. Satellites have profound effect, as we learned in chapter 9, because they are already in the earth’s magnetosphere. Unlike radiation from earthly towers, which is greatly attenuated by the time it reaches outer space, radiation from satellites works its full force on the magnetosphere, and is demodulated and amplified there by mechanisms that are poorly understood.

Not only will all these satellites most will be located in the magnetosphere, but most will be located in the ionosphere, which is the lower part of the magnetosphere. The ionosphere, as we learned in chapter 9, is charged to an average of 300,000 volts and provides the power fir the worldwide electrical circuit. The worldwide electrical circuit provides the energy for all living things: it is why we are alive, and it is the source of all health and healing. All doctors of oriental medicine know this, except they call that energy “qi” or “chi”. It flows from the dome to the earth, and it circulates through our meridians and gives us life. It is electricity. You cannot contaminate the worldwide electrical circuit with millions of pulsed, modulated electronic signals without destroying all of life.

The reason the engineering perspective fails is fundamental: it perpetuates the error that our ancestors made in 1800, the terrible decision to treat electricity as a foreign element, a strange beast that operates Outside the laws of nature. We acknowledge the existence of electricity only to the extent that it does work for us; otherwise, we pretend it is not there. We ignore the warning, issued in 1748 by Jean Morin, that harnessing with electricity is tampering with life. We pretend, contrary to all scientific evidence, that there is a safe level of exposure, and that if the authorities only set the safety standards low enough, we can have our radar stations and computer screens and cell phones and nor suffer the consequences. We forget the admonitions of Ross Adey, the grandfather of bioelectromagnetics, and of atmospheric physicist Neil Cherry, that we are electrically tuned to the world around us and that the safe level of exposure to radar waves is zero.

The satellite projects have made the growing efforts to educate the world much more urgent. In 2009, an international coalition formed, whose mission is, to bring the matters addressed in this book to worldwide awareness. At this writing, the international EMF Alliance (IEMFA) collaborates with one hundred and twenty-one organizations from twenty-four countries. The Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from space (GARDS) formed in 2915 its mission is to prevent the planned rain of wireless Internet from satellites, drones, and balloons. And in 2019, an International Appeal to stop 5G on earth and in space has gathered the signatures of thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals from two hundred and two countries and territories. Scientists, doctors, engineers, nurses, psychologists, architects, builders, veterinarians, beekeepers and other individuals from almost every nation have signed this appeal, and preparations are underway to deliver it to all of the world governments. [You never saw this on your favorite news media]

In 2014, Japanese physician Tetsuharu Shinjyo published a before-and-after study that is a harbinger of the direction in which the world needs to go. He evaluated the health of the residents of an apartment building in Okinawa, upon whose roof cell phone antennas had been operating for a number of years. One hundred and twenty-two individuals, representing 39 of the 47 apartments, were interviewed and examined. Prior to the removal of the antennas, 21 people suffered from chronic fatigue, 14 from dizziness, vertigo, or Meniere’s disease, 14 from headaches; 17 from eye pain, dry eyes, or repeated eye infections; 14 from insomnia; 10 from chronic nosebleeds. Five months after the antennas were removed; no one in the building had chronic fatigue. No one had nosebleeds any more. No one had eye problems. Only two people still had insomnia. One still had dizziness. One still had headaches. Cases of gastritis and glaucoma resolved. Like the residents of that building before the study, the majority of the people in the world today do not know that their acute and chronic illnesses are in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution. They do not talk to each other about their health problems’ and are unaware that they are shared by many of their neighbors.

As awareness spreads, it will become acceptable to turn to your neighbor and ask them to turn off their cell phone, or unplug their WiFi. And that will be the beginning of recognition that we have a problem, one that is more than two centuries old. It is a problem that pits the apparent ease of living, the limitless power at our fingertips brought to us by electrical technology, against the unavoidable, irreversible effects of that same technology on the natural world of which we are part. The unfolding human rights emergency, already affecting perhaps one hundred million people worldwide, and the environmental emergency threatening so many plant and animal species with extinction, must be faced with open eyes.


With the next video by Lyran, a channeler following Arthur Firstenberg’ s book we get an even stronger knowledge of the commonality of communication between us and the plant and animal kingdoms even down to microbes.

Lyran is truly a psychic channeler for all souls

She has taught us more in a short amount of time then

We can believe. So, it still seems unbelievable that the disabling of our spiritual organ, the pineal gland, (explained by two videos coming up) is being poisoned by fluoride in our water supplies by the churches of the world. They have prevented our spiritual communications. Without the use of this gland between the mind and heart, the heart cannot communicate spiritually with the rest of life. And as we learned in Chapter 1, the mind is a terrible master if not controlled by the heart.


We are not the only consciously communicating intelligence on Earth. Even the Exosomes taught by Dr. Cohen (video and transcript are found in Chapter 1 following “The Invisible Rainbow) communicate between trees and other plants. His video printout is in Chapter one. These creatures take care of Mother Earth even to the detriment of their own health and even extinction. They know their family linages even better than we do. This reading explains in more detail how man-made frequencies have damaged, not only humans, but the other kingdoms as well.



The next video was put in to give more credence to those who believe humans are so much more intelligent than other life forms. They may be more disposed to listen to a doctor. Without consuming fluoride that disables our spiritual organ, the pineal gland Lyran is able to, in a quiet mediative state of conscious mind, read the energies of all life forms. We, however, are misled by those who are deceiving us for their own purposes. We cannot observe other life forms’ s energies, thus we believe we are more intelligent and misuse animals. We can be devious, where animals stick to their nature.  Lyran can channel the energies of animals and they read ours. We should consider how unnatural we can be compared to animals. They have a purpose on Earth. They are energy as we are. One third of our population died from our telegraph frequencies and we believed and still do that a non-existent virus caused it. One third of our population died from the telegraph system until we acclimated to it. And our controllers who know this use this to their advantage, these animals poisoned by the DNA killing chemicals spilled in Ohio know they are sick. We are told lies and believe them in our programmed egoic subconscious mind state. If in doubt go read chapter one before continuing to doubt the rest of the truth you will be exposed to in this blog.

The next video is for those of you who prefer to take care of your health needs yourself with natural foods and medicines and healing herbs.


This is one of the best books you can buy for knowledge of all edible plants. And for medicinal drugs in case the shelves are empty. There is an extensive index for all drugs and diseases you can use in disasters or normal times.

It seems to be a solution for any problems that occur if this crisis enfolds. Yet it can also be used for the necessities in our lives now. And a treatment for all illnesses caused or exasperated by the introduction into the matrix of manmade A/C frequencies as explained above.



This next video is about a couple who have been on a world tour teaching the trust technique they found that soothed the emotions of animals such as dogs and horses. They found that people are unable to instill trust in an animal when they communicate with demanding words and actions. They actually reduce the thinking levels to promote trust, connection, confidence and communication. 3 principles. each one contains practical techniques which are easy to work; 1) creative reaction which is the building of trust and connection. Then comes 2) realization learning. An area where problems are overcome. And finally trusted cooperation. Which is developing communication with a mutual benefit.  We create the feeling (emotion) that the animal reacts to. (Frequency and emotion). The feeling is peace of mind. (Not peace from mind). We are essentially responding in the present moment rather than reacting in anticipation of the future This communicates the idea that right now you, the animal, can be peaceful, not by words (which caused the animal to use its mind. (Fear of what is next?).   But by feeling within a space of non-thinking, that the animal reacts to (care, or love). The animal mind starts to be reduced. You eventually begin to realize your own thinking levels. And how to reduce them to the non-thinking state. (A sharing, not just taking of control). It is easy to do if you understand the nature of thought in the present moment.  Next thing is to deliver this peace of mind you have created within yourself to be shared with the animal. The animal feels regarded and understood. (We have learned in chapter 1 that in the subconscious mind, the past brings guilt feelings (agitation-regret). And the thoughts of the future, as in the result we want, produce anticipation (fear of outcome being different than desired.)  So, we project Frequency, the emotion of fear. We live in the ego state of identity (we regard ourselves as superior in the mind). So, we are fearing the future misconduct of the animal because we regard ourselves as superior in the mind. Animals are not to be cared for, but to be eaten. We are actually manifesting fear. The thoughts, most dominant and long lasting, are the conditioning (brain washing) of the mind. What you are thinking of you attract. We actually instill fear into the animal. There is a book out about “The Purpose Driven Life” not driven by care (love of others). we are taught that success is a programmed conditioning of the mind. We have or should be learning that the mind is a terrible master if not led by the heart. The world used to be spiritual (man’s true nature), especially in the western societies controlled by religious doctrine and the fear instilled in us by removing us from our caring mothers in our infantsy, weaning from the loving mother’s milk in a quiet reflective time. Instead, we become rational (not caring). The mother trotts off to work for the corporation who promotes early childhood learning for the sake of competition (the fear of other’s success). We should call day care, the thinking laboratory. Just like the animal who is forced to think about some outcome rather than feel the emotion of acceptance and sharing in the present moment. This couple is the epidemy of loving and caring. These qualities are usually missing in early childhood where the agitation between parents causes the child to fear of ever being a parent. In Chapter 1 Krishnamurti and Shunyamurti, both eastern spiritual, by nature gurus (teachers) along with Jeremy, a product of the mind controlling western world. His two stories, that teach the rational of efficiency at the cost of peace of mind, the mind that can be programmed in this direction. We are controlled by our thoughts which make up the ego (not an organ, but an ever-ready thought for every situation). This keeps us from responding to the situation, seeking the best rout to take. This requires a consciousness of the situation and the looking for what is best for us. Rather, in the interest of time, our mind (ego) is already made up allowing more time to be a (a productive citizen). We should be responding to what is happening in the present moment, not reacting to prevent some future happening. The most harmful and long-lasting trauma man can experience is separation from the mother too soon. Breast feeding used to last until the child reached the age of 4 or 5 years. This causes the fear of abandonment (without care). It is just like the trauma experienced by dogs taken from the mother as soon as born. Mothers know their children just like the tree knows which sapling came from them and the cow, its calf. From Lyra we learn this is happening among the least of animals and microbes at least until we kill them with insecticides, they have a loving natural life. These lesser life forms, as we call them, have learned to hate us, just like we hate our controllers. What trauma is experienced when the calf is taken from the cow, the eggs are taken from the chicken, and deforestation for a profit motive when the sapling is cut down to preserve ground water for the mother tree. What is the feeling of the cows lined up in the chute awaiting their slaughter, or the truck loads heading to the concentration (thinking of fear) camps. The animal slaughter is meant to produce the maximum adrenaline before death. Hence, our addiction to the big mac. We are not addicted to meat which has no appealing taste until seasoning is added. We are addicted to the adrenaline. In cigarettes you find added nicotine for the same effect. Our controllers are essentially vampires for the high experienced from their adrenochrome. People in Cuba are not addicted, because they don’t put extra nicotine into the end product for more profit.

This couple has found the answer to our culture of the mind. Their hearts are in their work. They may not realize that their spirituality is overshadowing their religiosity, where it is to the outside of our mind that we go for comfort and saving. In the 37 verses retained (listed later) in the Bible, which has been tampered with, we find that it is within our very soul and heart that we are convicted or saved. In addition, Solara toward the end is teaching us how we are controlled in all the situations we are having to conform to without the assistance of our spiritual organ (the pineal gland – the controller of emotion). There are two videos dedicated to the importance of the pineal gland coming up. Also from the Tarot readers, we learn how our masculine traits overshadow our feminine traits. And how those missing the needed love and caring in early age become narcissists in later life, where the nature is replaced with the necessary coping mechanism of controlling, even to not caring in relationships. There is the win at all costs need in the uncaring soul. With many of us, we never overcome this until a traumatic event such as being walked away from, wakes us up to the unadjusted balance between the masculine and feminine traits.


We have been learning this in the first part of Chapter 1. And we just read about the problems with man-made frequencies and our physical and emotional health, from the “Invisible Rainbow,” plus, we have learned from Lyra about manifesting and reading energies. The western religious world has been taught to be rational. But the result was that the mind can be a terrible master if not led by the heart. Lyra speaks to the animal world through reading frequencies projected from the heart, not the spoken word. The animals are in their natural spiritual state. It is we that are conditioned to fear the future and regret the past. We are never in the conscious state of mind in the moment.


Messages Of Trust | Trust Technique (trust-technique.com)


The Lost Book of Remedies – Discover The Forgotten Power of Plant

To view this video, you must click here and sign in to New Books for AAPI Heritage Month. They have this book sewed up for their work in presenting it. So, much for the Commercial World.




The next two videos are about the spiritual pineal gland which is now in its defective state resulting from the church’s poison, fluoride, sold to us for our teeth’s health.  I quit their water and toothpaste three years ago also.




Now you can see why the church poisoned it. Now we cannot communicate spiritually, which is one of our most important gifts. And the reason we are losing their spiritual warfare against us.


This next video is about the extraterrestrials visiting from the galaxies to help us get rid of our 13 ET families who instituted the church, fictional corporate government and the birth certificate. Our angels are also helping when we ask them. This transcript was taken from the book “UFO…Contact From The Pleiades, volume 1.”


Billy Meier is the photographer of the Flying Saucers found in the book. And the communicator with the identified Cosmonauts who met with him.


“There were men from the sky in the Earth in those days.”


            Hebrew Book of Light, 12th – 13th Century


“We too are still far removed from perfection and have to evolve constantly, just like yourselves. We are neither superior of super-human, nor are we missionaries…we feel duty bound to the citizens of Earth, because our fore-bearers were their fore-bearers…”  


             The Pleiadean cosmonaut, SEMJASE

              February 8, 1975.


“The masses would merely revere us as gods, as in ages past, or go off in hysteria, that is why we regard it as prudent to make contact with individual persons only for the time being, in order to disseminate, through them the knowledge concerning our existence and our coming to this planet.”


      SEMJASE, Pleiadean Cosmonaut, 1975


“We extraterrestrial living forms have no authority yet to interfere by force with terrestrial concerns.”


            PTAAH, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975     


“The heaven by night is full of marvels,

There is an evening star,

Hesperus fairest of the stars, sharer of

The throne of Aphrodite,

One lovers know well,

A group of seven stars, the Pleiades.

They are, as it were, the nymphs of heaven,

As doves, the Pleiades, they bring to

Zeus ambrosia, yet at the same time

They are comely Goddesses…The daughters

If the Titan Atlas and spouses of the Gods.”


                  Ancient Grecian Poem


“You call us extraterrestrials or star men, and you attribute to us superhuman powers even though you do not know us. Regarding this, we are men, like you, but our knowledge and our understanding exceeds your considerably, especially in the technical field.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975


“W se too are still far removed from perfection and have to evolve constantly, just like you yourselves. We are neither superior nor super-human, nor are we missionaries… but we have taken certain tasks such as, for example, the supervision of developing life in space, particularly human, and to ensure a certain measure of order. In the course of these duties, we do here and there approach the denizens of various worlds, select some individuals and instruct them. This we do only when a race is in a stage of evolution. Then we explain (and prove) to them that they are not the only thinking beings in the universe.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975


“…and neither is it consistent with the truth that our brothers and sisters come from other parts of space on behalf of a God to bring to the world the long-awaited peace. In no case do we come on behalf of anybody, since creation, by itself, confers no obligation (on us). It is a law unto itself, and every form of life must conform with it and become a part of it.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975 


“Several times we have tries to establish contact with terrestrial humans who might want to us in our task. We opened contact but the men selected of not being sufficiently willing or loyal. Others were afraid of their own kind (fellow men) and permitted our contacts to go unreported. They explained that their own kind would consider them liars or mad, or would destroy their existence with intrigues.

      The terrestrials of many organizations are busy studying our spacecraft but they did not always have available authentic photographs. Some are luminous effects accidentally photographed, others are downright falsifications…we are giving you the opportunity of taking photographs of our spaceships, and other similar opportunities will be afforded you so that you may obtain better photographs, be it technically or artistically than now exist.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975    


“A single record in the timeless, amounts to many million years in normal space.”


      PTAAH, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975

We do not reach to an end of the universe, for such does not exist.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975 


“Although terrestrial man may have taken his first step into space, this is still a question of primitive attempts even though he has been able to fly to your moon with missiles. He has still to reach space – because to achieve this end he needs a force (propulsion) that is able to produce a ‘hyperspace ‘velocity, so that the tremendous advances are reduced to something navigable. Then space and time are overcome by non-space and non-time that is, space and time are reduced almost to annihilation.

      Through the mastering of this technology fractions of seconds are sufficient to accomplish light years (of your calculations) …”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975 


“General public contacts are not in our own best interests at this time and besides, they would not convey a correct significance for the state of mind in which we now exist.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian, Cosmonaut, 1975


“…On many occasions space travelers have visited your Earth from other stars (108 different civilizations at last count) sometimes from very distant systems, like ourselves. On occasion accidental contacts which are unique may take place with Earth people.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975


“Within a short time, I will get a new beamship, which you will be allowed to photograph closely, to get better pictures.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975


“Man should know that the God (force) is quite simply that of creation, and that man also, either coming from the higher spiritual spheres or being elevated to those spheres after numerous terrestrial lives, is subject to creation and respectively complementary to it. the higher he soars, the greater becomes his power. However, one can never identify God separately from the creation because God itself is a part of it, with all the rest of the “Gods” who co-exist with it in various states of being, stages of instant celestial substance which are perfectly adapted to them.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975


“A spiritually developed being, as a part of creation, acknowledges creation in all things, even the smallest microbe, and leading a creative life causes fears and doubts to vanish like rain before the sun.

      By creative thinking man acquires knowledge and wisdom and a sense of unlimited strength which unbinds him from the limitations of convention and dogma.

      Material life on Earth is only a passing event, a phenomenon vanishing after a time. However, before him and after him there continues to exist the creative presence of the universe.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975


“We extraterrestrial living forms have no authority yet to interfere by force with terrestrial concerns.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1975


“A spacecraft has to be equipped with two different propulsion systems, one for the normal propulsion and another one for the hyper-space propulsion method. It is only when time and space have ceased to exist that we are capable of traveling through light years of distance in a matter of seconds.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian, Cosmonaut, 1975


“If a spaceship breaks thorough the barrier of light velocity without reaching hyper-space instantly, a catastrophy is due for ship and crew.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1976


“Our spaceships are protected by a screen of energy which automatically rejects any kind of resistance and every bit of matter. This protective screen is, in fact, identical with the space gravitational field which we build up around our ships. With this protective screen we are able to neutralize the gravitational field effect of any planet we want to approach.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1976


“Our spaceships are protected by a screen of energy which automatically rejects any kind of resistance and every bit of matter. This protective screen is, in fact, identical with the space gravitational field which we build up around our ships. With this protective screen we are able to neutralize the gravitational field effect of any planet we want to approach.”


            SEMJASE, Pleiadian Cosmonaut, 1976


The next video featuring a human voice by an incarnated spirit, man. This link was removed by our google ET’s. And after that we will hear from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s great-grand daughter.  It is highly interesting how they have been visiting us for hundreds of years with the governments of the world trying to keep it a fiction for the movies and conspiracy theorists.


Kryon:   January 2022 Hiding in Plain Sight 1 of 4


[This video was removed from the internet. So, there is no link. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]


What if things were hiding that we don’t have now rather than stolen? that you are a piece of God, you have a soul? You know YOU have a soul? You think can do? Reality to myth/you have had from birth a narrative story, says you are not able or worthy to do things, people high up and who you love will look at you and say you are not worthy, it’s not a conspiracy to make you unworthy it the best they had /a belief, but what if it has changed. Maybe they got it wrong it is what they believed (but who is hiding it for so long) you don’t need a system but love and compassion here and all the living beings capable of existing under the conditions of a higher dimension, loving you endlessly.


the rest was removed from internet after tis transcription


This is a matter of urgency prepare for big revelations.

But most people cannot see it 2021
Star seeds and light workers important ascension update; a little more on current energies. Many of you have energetically moved on. And this is leaving you in a predicament. You have advanced more than you are able to perceive. Because you are blossoming into your multidimensional selves. And yet can’t quite find the yardstick upon which to measure this. Like a teenager who is neither a child nor adult. Actually, the age where you are finding yourself. It’s like the glass ceiling had risen and yet you can’t quite see it. Advancement has taken place. But upon how much is an unknown quantity at this moment in time. So, you fall onto the nearest crutch you can find by unnecessarily measuring this by people you surround yourself with. Many of you are measuring yourself against one another not realizing the importance of recording the growth of each day in your own life based on the day before. Growing in vibrational and spiritual awareness is a birthright. And for many of you it is the soul’s reason you came here. Old souls especially struggle with this as they have had to deal with lifetime on Gaia dealing with issues karma and unfinished business. The emotional result could be quieted to guilt of enlightenment even though you can’t quantify how far you have come, because there is no tangible way to measure growth upon considering the 3D education that your logical brain has been cultivated in. so there you sit knowing that you’ve moved on and are almost uncomfortable in your new emerging skin as you know what to do with it yet. That is if you have decided that you believe these changes are even happening dear old soul. At this point all old souls are concluding that the only way to solve these unsolvable issues is to bring all the souls that you have grown out of back with you into your new kingdom because you feel that if you have the familiarity of these lower vibrational friends or family back with you that you will exist in a state of normalcy again or that having the old relationships that are non-serving will make you whole again. This is often articulated by the old as how can we save all the 3D people around me and help them into 5D with me. Help. Dear old and newly graduated high vibrational souls now is not the time to backtrack and begin entertaining others you have vibrationally left behind because a quest built on guilt or seeking familiarity are the only holes that will plug the unknown landscape you now walk. Implementing the old on top of the new is going to slow you down. Let us describe this another way. The trauma of watching another drown in icy water is unsettling. However, discernment is needed before falling in, diving into treacherous waters yourself. Often with the result being the drowning victim taking you down with them. On a soul vibration, many at some level have made it their place to stay in a lower vibration which sometimes played out as a contact serving many outcomes that do not fall into your purview at this moment in time regarding the great plan and the puzzle they are playing their own individual piecing. Now is not the time for saving every 3D soul that crosses your path. But instead finding your own tribe now. If for every light worker that existed in your year 2021, there was a 3D soul holding each of you down in icy water, there would be little light anchored upon Gaia at this moment in time, as the light collectively would be so diluted by all those trying to go back when they have already graduated. It is uncommon in your working world to finish a degree and then resume helping the up-and-coming years class to progress at your own detriment. When you are ready for the next role or job opportunity that is arising and is calling out your name. So, we ask you kindly light warriors, old souls and star seeds to focus on moving forward. Only now when you overtake a car on the motorway, you do not then go back, slow down and again move at a slower pace having already moved on. Like your eyes they are in front of your head so that you are looking forward. Not in the back of your head focusing on souls who will not slow your evolution. Do you feel guilt upon graduating from college what you call university? Often one feels excitement at the prospect of moving to the next level. Light workers will not hold a high collective to birth Gaia by going back to save others anymore. You could say that offering a fish will allow one to nourish themselves for a day whilst offering a soul a fishing rod might nourish them every day, from that day forth. So, if you feel you must perpetuate the idea of going back offer 5D tools for souls so that they can work the puzzle in their own time without distracting you from your own light that is greatly needed at this time. Light workers coming together as one multiply their light many times. Then should dispersing and going back to the battleground to save the comrades that would not save themselves. 5D say many will call. It will not birth itself going backwards. Instead, walk fearlessly into the new foreign lands that stand before you with pride. You are the way showers of civilization glimpsing into a new dawn and sculpting a new earth out of the hard work you have put into over so many lifetimes. And although it might seem sad that some do not walk the Promised Land amongst you, know this: do not be fooled in thinking they will not be joining you later. Many have crossed back already and are making waves. A final thought. Now that you are awake in this new world planting your footsteps upon beaches that have never been walked before whilst leaving footprints in the sand that have never been trodden until now. Is it real? Is it really happening you ask yourself, this shift? Here, I am seemingly alone in this higher vibration still looking for t5he signposts that are written in 3D.

Dear souls, when you drop the 3D signs and use your heart to steer as you walk across new glittering sand, your 5D roadmap will appear. You will not need to be told which way to go. You will simply feel your way. Some of you will ask our vehicle, Alex. But it’s not happening. Some of you will ask our vehicle, Alex, but it’s not happening. I can’t see anything happening. I want it now. And we say this, you cycle through sleep and the body heals and grows each time in which you call your night. You grow a little each time although it’s hardly noticeable. Ascension is like your hair. A little at a time it slowly grows at a rate that is correct for you until it is long enough to realize that you have indeed reached point upon which you must cut your hair and growth has happened. You have come to realize that the growth abates slowly has happened but perhaps not in the time frame you want it. This is the old 3D part of yourself and ego wanting everything now and needing to know all the answers in quest for total control at all moments without letting go. This is why meditation and quietness of the mind souls are so important. The masters of the planet could hear the birds and the bees talking to one another and the blades of grass blowing in the air softly conversing to one another. When you finally reach a place where you found familiarity in this new dimensional land, you will begin to feel and see your hair grow without the elapse of time and having to go back to revisit lower vibrational souls for validity or other reasons that will only take you back into lower vibrational energies at a time when you need to finish your education in full moving forward. Leave the 3D souls for the masters and the angels that walk the earth at this time. The clue to the job description that is necessary is in your name light worker. Work that light and stop looking back. The future is exciting and it is all yours. You did the hard work, claim y our reward now old soul. Have it all.

As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. HOPE all things are possible. Morning inspiration. Your soul is the essence of who you truly are. It is timeless, ageless and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe….it will catch you. Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.

A message from the family of light; are you ready to go home to 5D Earth?

God would have given you a dirty soul? The soul is a part of God and you have a soul, so you are … you have inside? You the ability to do what the masters did. The energy of the earth has shifted to allow it? He came to show us what we



The transcript for this video is found below.


Alfred Lambremont Webre
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know.


I would like to thank, again, Dwight D, Eisenhower’s Great-Granddaughter by putting her interview video
Yes, welcome back, we’re really honored today to have a colleague and dear friend Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, welcome Laura. Hey, Alfred great to be here. We are really honored to have you here today

and you have just come back from the 22nd world symposium on UFOs extraterrestrials that was held in Europe in San Marino, could you tell us a bit about that event and its significance. Well, what from what I heard it’s the equivalent of the citizens hearing disclosure for Italy and I was invited by Roberto Pinotti, a few months back and basically this was an opportunity to share with who ever attended also with the Italian press and down it made it to mainstream news and you know the significance is that this is being heard and taken seriously and we all have an opportunity to just look at this information from what is, that’s really how I presented it, I really wanted to warm the audience up especially for those who haven’t heard before, this is the kind of topic that can easily be brushed off and there’s is a bit of an art to how this gets presented, which is part of my struggle like okay how do I word this, it’s just a lot, but am they been working so hard at getting this sort of information out and I was just really honored to be invited and I think you know it’s had some what about ripple effect heard from a lot of people who sought a mainstream news is that, oh yeah, I saw you on TV addressing this stuff and you know and as we know with the Internet. Things just can discredit their own timing but I think this was just a really good opportunity to get it out there to those that might have the ability to really do something from the inside out. Right, now all of us know of course that you’re the great-granddaughter of Pres. Dwight Eisenhower and that you remain very close to him and to his spirit and that you declare that, one of your missions is to continue the Eisenhower legacy and it struck me in a very powerful statement written lecture and public statement that you delivered at the summit, which we’re going to a provide link to an article in the video description, so people could really read this get the full impact, you say quote there has been a massive cover-up in regards to ET contact with our governments, and there has been much secrecy in regards to those who have been either abducted or contacted and this is the key you say this is because invasion has already taken place and they don’t want us to know this, that’s the clearest that I’ve ever heard anyone say this about an invasion, could you walk us through all of those thoughts. Yes, I mean the galactic history, I mean there’s so much to it and we’re dealing with a lot of galactic wars, angelic wars that took place even before this planet was formed this planet that we know it is Gaia, and so I studied a lot about that and in the formation of this new creation, it was pretty much hijacked immediately and were dealing with, you know reptilian’s that ended up going underground not unnecessarily malevolent than those coming from the Draco star system and just how the Anunnaki and the Luciferian rebellion is a part of the enslavement of humanity, and we hear all the stories about the Anunnaki with Enki and Enlo and all these different projections and theories about you know what their intentions are and Enlo has been somewhat demonized as being the one who created a flooded Yankees up are good because he wanted to protect humankind. But what is really protecting humankind when there’s an enslavement agenda so were dealing with being that actually want a large population in order to control it and then other factions that want to somewhat create population control and then the reptilians that went underground that were part of the original creation, that just see this huge mass and probably want it to be rectified or brought to some kind of justice, and so were dealing with many different species in the invasion part of it would be the manipulation of mind control be dark technologies that want to control nature, want to control humans, anything from the aerosol spraying and you know heart technologies to what we see in the media and what we see coming from religion and government, you know this mass manipulation where most people don’t even recognize what’s going on because it seems to be a part of just the human experience and it’s that level of manipulation and control that I would save the invasion that is been in the works for thousands and thousands of years and so when we deal with something like the illuminati or some of the shadow government institutions, there’s many factions, and they’re kind of doing this infighting but they’re all vying for control of the human race is not really about our sovereignty is not about allowing us to what the truth is that we can all discuss it and know it were voting for know what we’re putting our attention on instead it’s like we’re hanging on the outside as the byproduct of all these games and were just being sort of like caught in the middle like some sort of tug-of-war, and the invasion I mean we can look at it like some sort of alien invasion are we can see it as a the role of the negative ego plays in how we’ve attached ourselves to it, and how were enabling this so when we see what’s happening in our world, you know we have to look at the signs we have to recognize what’s obvious you particularly looking up and seeing that were being sprayed and do something about it and not just sit there and assume that our best interests are being looked out for, and even though there’s no factions within these groups that are trying to help us. There’s too much criminal activity going on for us to stand on the sidelines anymore and that was my intention is said to take the whole human race. It is time to put all this out there regardless of what the outcome is or who can handle it or not handle it, it doesn’t matter anymore. We have to all be a part of this discussion to unite with the ones that are on our site get the call out to the ones you want them an opportunity to either unify with us or you know we need to have them shut down what they’re doing or you know just like you, with your deep understanding of law brings justice to this issue were dealing with these many issues we’re dealing with. Now you start out by going to a series of secret treaties that started around 1933, both the United States and Nazi Germany, could you talk about all of these developments. Yes, when we hear about treating me very often only hear about treaties with Eisenhower and the impact on the treaties originated with Roosevelt and also Hitler and they both encountered was the Palladian and both were turned down by both the Nazis and our American government in favor of the grays in their technology for the Nazis. It seems they got the mind control technology for the US government. It seems it was more about your metals and alloys in free energy and things that we just improve our life, but it wasn’t until project paperclip after the second world war got into you know the American government that the mind control technology came and that’s where Montauk and other projects started to become infiltrated and the technology you know is used on in somewhat of a negative way. I think originally some of these technologies were to help us with the potential threats is a form of defense and a lot of these defense industries have been infiltrated and now it’s just about you know who’s using these technologies for you know control and on. I also feel the design is in the Nazis are within the shadow government and there someone on the same team, kind of like a chess game between themselves that were on the outside of it was funny because right before the talk I just Have my inner voice say checkmate. This is your checkmate visitor to the corner them and the game of any part of the game time for the game to be over with and so you know when we look at the treaties originating then and the amount of infiltration that happened. By the time I stepped into the office. It’s not very clear you know if it was even him that signed treaties people like James Caswell now you know it is somewhat somebody, I might not necessarily want to quote but he has said that these were cloned, humans. All that aside, we look at other whistleblower testimony, but the main theme seems to be is that this was not about signing a treaty, it was more about surrender and that the Nordics were necessarily turned down that they just weren’t able to reach an agreement with each other because there are so many different viewpoints and because the shadow government had already been established in MD 12 at Artie been established, it was more than infighting that was seeing, which didn’t enable a very concise decision to be made and in that indecisiveness. The grays and in the coming of their technology and we didn’t have any way to defend ourselves and but it was all planned out this way. This is the thing with what we’re dealing with this isn’t you know, some sort of spontaneous thing in all works. We made a deal and sold ourselves to the grays and this was all strategically planned to connect to the Rockefellers and the Bilderberg’s you know so that these exchanges would happen and it would be maybe blamed on somebody like Ike or somebody else but on is all part of the strategy all along so that what you’re saying is that the various technologies that started coming soon both on the Nazis. These are the Draco technologies on the Nazis on the US on all that manifested his mind control in Memphis with his other advanced technologies that the rollout of these is, time-space society here. This is really this is the invasion. This is the invasion that receives email through the heart and what you call the tablets of the supercomputer system is that what you call that fast help you to use visual right and then it links back to the mythologies and stuff about the divine feminine Galactic history connected with the Orion to the Syrians and the other knocking that all goes it a great depth that I try and I really put out there in my presentations. It’s sometimes just a huge amount of stuff to try and articulate in a few sentences, but from what I’ve understood we were dealing with, you know that the Roswell crash and other crashes that took place and you know all the different technologies that were exchanged for abductions and you know using human genetics in order to help a dying race but they said you know they’re dying race and they need our assistance and that they would only adopt if you we have to look at my labs and affected the military you know got involved and started to clone or create hybrids or create these automation appear to be real abductions, and I think that’s what ended up getting out of control of either some abduction scenarios is because the military involvement dealing with these grays were not just dealing with extraterrestrials were dealing with future human cells at a time-traveled back that are trying to keep a lifecycle alive. Rather than be on the ascension path where they wouldn’t need our human genetics, they would have a connection to spirit BB regenerative quality of being able to keep their race alive which is what we as humans have to access. So, we have a choice right now whether we are going to gray by the kind of giving ourselves over to these control agendas. Whether it’s through ignorance and not realizing it, or just kind of giving up and not taking a stand or we have the ability to be these advanced beings that we truly are that do not need to time travel back to current genetic material and took to me this is what the shadow government does and all those that they have gathered into their agenda in order to stay somewhat immortal and that’s their way of cheating. I guess facing the karmic backlash of their negative and evil ways. Don’t know your Street route out talking about the YouTube version covers the word talk about you right whistleblower states that the military-industrial extra virtual complex is currently using a tablet of diversity supercomputer system that includes the HAARP aerosol chemtrail and artificial intelligence my control to some truth to the perimeter persona genocide space with the plug-in fleet this year to liberate their and will be successful. Could you explain more about the tablets of destiny the interplay with applying to you and what dynamic is going on now, ultimately plug-ins will be successful? From what I understand the tablets of destiny connect to TMI which is ancient primordial goddess energy and it’s really what this planet was before became earth, it ended up imploding and a portion of it became the earth and the rest of it became a part of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and all those asteroids have different qualities like Vesta, you know, when you know all these different names that we can see you in astrology, but the tablets of destiny ended up getting into the wrong hands, became sort of this technological system and what we know as the artificial matrix that sort of runs the show that people are connected to. And when we think about the nanoparticles coming in from the aerosol spraying with the attempt to create sort of an antenna to mind control so that were easily surveillance and easily watched and monitored while we’re also being bombarded with these heavy metals that keep us in a low density in a sort of imprison or not, and which doesn’t enable us to ascend. There is basically a tablet of destiny that was once more the soul alchemical process which is now become a technological control system that is taken and used this information as a weapon against us. And that’s where our energy which is free energy is being siphoned away from us and being used against us as a weapon as well. So when we look at weather modification in mind control, basically our vital energy and the earth. The Prana is being siphoned away because we’re getting our power away by believing in the false flag and believing in the media, distortions, and that it’s being used to fuel these technologies and the tablets of destiny when they were in the hands of the goddess with the original planet. It was more about a cosmic lot. It was more about the development of your different races and the seating of different races that were in tune with these energies as they were an emanation of it now were dealing with ego you’re dealing with soul dealing with free will and were dealing with, you know that the tree of knowledge of the tree of good and evil in order to get ourselves back to what we used to be and were given these choices in order to bypass where the tablets of the destiny of God so that we can reclaim the original tablets that get kind of complicated because it’s like wow how can one really explain it, but it’s like anything that the archons do they imitate and they imitate the creation and this is what artificial timelines do. They can take and simulate realities that are manufactured that are organic that appear to be reality. This is kind of what we’re dealing with, compared to the organic ascension and on and it’s just you know it just it’s gotten to the wrong hands and a lot of it. You know you can read about admits as far as how the tablets ended up in so-and-so’s hands and you know what you know, sort of happened and it’s part of the deception of the list of yarn rebellion. What ended up happening 26,000 years ago and Lucifer the Lucifer rebellion was on the establishment of benevolent reversal grid, which is a Stonehenge it’s underground there and basically, these supercomputers end up affecting delay lines and the vortexes and keep the planet sort of hijacked in sort of a locked position of not being held open its own natural Stargate, but we are connected to Stargate and when our consciousness expands were able to override these technological manipulations but they’re all over the place we were dealing with only about 4000 underground bases and we did about the dark rituals and the places that they choose to do these things there and very powerful places in the different alignments that take place are usually when they do them because those are the times we take a huge leap in consciousness that they want to keep us from doing so. It’s just kind of like an energy game it’s a frequency battle and it’s all about our consciousness, but at the end of the day. There’s nothing that is more powerful than spirit. It’s just these technologies in his mind control in this aerosol spraying and the contrails are all to just keep us locked into a dumbed-down version of ourselves that that can’t access what was truly made of, but once we get a hold of it and once, we connect with it nothing condemning down it’s just in this opportunity that we have during the shift time during a stellar activation cycle which is between 2012 and 2017, where most people will awaken. This is where there doing extra spraying and doing more to keep us from becoming empowered, but so many of us have been apart for so long. Even before the shift time we’re able to kind of hold the space and hold the ground to invite others to join us and so once you arrive, you know, there’s no turning back, but they’re trying to stifle people from actually arriving and that’s what people like you and me are trying to share the information before it’s too late now run the hell up your talk you talk about all our establishment of art you know the first establishment through the office of strategic services over so the establishment of operation paperclip which was consumed on the surface was to deny German scientific expertise and knowledge of the Soviet Union and to the UK but it seemed again a whistleblower stated that the CIA was really creative to handle the massive number of mind control, cloning and all other covert projects that were brought over from paperclip and so this is it. And so, these CIA was really created as the mechanism to bring our first North America and the world with the American Empire young to this purported draconian mind control Empire global money control Empire that the students what you were reviewing your substitutes, yes and that’s why we also do if you know so much disinformation and you know when you’re doing the Jacksonians were also dealing with the Nordics. But when you look at the ancient history and the Napa lemon you know both of these are falling races and so people think all pleadings are good and all rattling their bad, that not the case is as diverse as the human population with all the different races amongst us. Draco’s pretty much seemed to be the most negative but there are many species. Reptilian’s many species of beings out there and it just depends if you know it serves the sulfur service to others. At the end of the day, but what it seems to be, you know. As far as the CIA needs three-letter organizations are a mix of both and you know some that have all joined together and some that are still trying to get things back on track. So I think there’s some fact is the CIA that aren’t all about those cover-ups, but for the most part, the whole establishment was created in order to handle the secrecy and you know to keep his agenda in this invasion quiet, because the invasions happened a long time ago into the false ET invasion that they talk about in the future and the bleeping technologies that might probably have been you know they’re not going to happen, but there’s no real invasion that can happen when we’ve Artie been invaded and so if they present scenarios that make it look like we’re getting invaded for the first time, that’s where they start introducing the next level of their New World order agenda and when we deal with the economy and the potential collapse of the economy likely to control collapse. That’s when we start to get checked so nothing that was going to get from the government, I feel is going to be true and that’s why disclosure needs to come from us, and wherever truth is, is something that should be brought out and discussed in wherever their secrecy is where the big red flags are and there’s no excuse for the secrecy and I can understand in which I wrote about in the paper when you’re dealing with them. These different threats that many people are dealt with in some of the penalties for those that assigned oats you know what happens to them for expressing truth, most of the whistleblowers that I quoted on even alive anymore. You know it’s understandable for those that have kept things secret for those types of reasons were in a whole new generation now and it’s up to us to expose all of this and is complicated is the information is the right that the paper that’s written out as a little bit easier to probably process the progression of all of this, but on you know it’s the infighting that’s the challenging part because we tend to just assume that all those in the CIA or the Illuminati or the shadow government are negative. We also have to understand that there are some that you are trying to help us and so a lot of my attention for my presentation was to call out to those people and say can you guess what we already and it’s time that you allowed us to have a voice because we were born with solutions and even during Ike’s administration. There is some need for secrecy because they couldn’t figure out the intentions of the Grazer who was good or who wasn’t good and that was another reason why they didn’t disclose staff, but you know this is a time now that we have to get an autumn table and the gray areas and confusing parts to it. But we all have a different part of the conversation to share so that we can start to connect the rise of the dot and start getting into the various alternatives and alternatives. 123 the role your great-grandfather started an organization that began developing those could you begin to talk about those obligations because of the Jason society was set up and it was considered to be the scientific branch of NJ 12 and basically, it was to handle all a lot of the different information coming in as far as where the human destiny or what trajectory we are on is the human race and what seems to have been communicated from the Vedas, which are the grades that the treaties were potentially signed with. I think there are more than one species that were involved you know had to do with these alternatives and a lot of it was presented to governments or those that were at the meetings that there is a catastrophic future that we are in for any alternatives were to protect us, but you look at where we are today and we know that their super storms that are being created and whether it is not coming from mother nature. What happens to our weather is not necessarily a natural thing. And what kind of disasters and catastrophes are talking about are they simulated are they, you know, designed and crafted to create this artificial Armageddon scenario, or is it something you know legitimate and we need to get off planning to go underground bases and begin to protect the human genome. So, I think that was a huge part of the confusion those I think are on our side. These things secretly try to figure this thing out, and their lives were threatened, but we know that we do not have the technology to the means to know to go off-planet without some sort of intervention or some sort of dialogue with an off-planet race. From what I understand the three future human cells and that these grades were coming from different times from the future different timelines and some say that you know they wanted to help us and they needed our genetic material and that they wanted to help us to establish underground bases in off-planet colonies to protect us, which is alternative three, which you me and Andrew to Chicago get heavy into with the exposing all that we can about what’s happening on Mars with you guys are just you now have top-notch information about the course Andrew with his participation in project Pegasus and so when we look at the defense programs you know it’s easy to say we both agreed upon the fact that yes, it’s a good idea to protect the human genome. In the event of a catastrophe, but from what I’m gathering, and from what I’ve experienced in seeing just like many others were not dealing with anything natural here and we have been dealing with these control technologies for so long that it’s not good to just go along with these agendas and alternatives, especially when we see what NJ 12 is made out of what the shadow governments are made up and all the criminal activity that goes on all our tax dollars that are being spent all the abuses that are taking place in all the atrocities that are taking place. These alternatives make sense. So, it only really makes sense to me that I turned to an alternative which is the power of the human spirit. The exposure of truth and the transparency of all this information is that we can make informed decisions. As a human race and from there I think we stand the best chance of protecting ourselves because, in the end, we know that we can survive death. We know that we live on but we certainly cannot deal with these control agendas anymore and the potential future of becoming either great extraterrestrials is being separate or away from our planetary body where extensions of that were deeply connected to and so it’s interesting because the political aspect of it a mythological aspect of it sold component of what we’re truly made of and what our divine blueprint is and what our DNA is capable of is beyond all these things and to have anybody trying run the show and keep us as advanced beings from being a part of it makes little sense because you know we have highly advanced DNA and this is part of the invasion and part of the whole nature of all of this is that they don’t want us to wake up to what we’re truly made up because it puts them in a position of not being of the parasites anymore, and so on. This is what you me and Andy have an RMD you and I are getting my grandma right you know any. This is what we are attempting to really put out there is no Andrew ours wanting to run for president. You are putting out all this incredible research information box and I me speaking out as much as I can and just all of us. What are we doing were empowering the human spirit and were empowering truth and you know from there? I think our creative energy works with the elements work with mother Earthworks with the cosmos works with spirit and that from areas where miracles transmutation and alchemy come from and that’s where we call all our energy back to the dark technologies we really begin to work with. You know the organic ascension timeline and everything else crumbles from their right, so taking the key of the positive timeline and looking good, Catastrophic timeline going to say our quote you to is more let’s rename that the catastrophic timeline. Do you think that that was sorry a group of drunk girls attempting to impose a catastrophic timeline on this ranch? Yes, I do think that that that’s what they were attempting to do yet and that’s why I feel that the alternatives were all set up as a ploy to kind of deceive us into thinking that this is what we needed when all along. They think they were planning to create the catastrophes for us to go off-planet to then you do the population control to create the new world order and to you know get basically humanity enslaved while they can’t hide off to these other places. While this all happens, from what I understand you folks like Dan Berson said that date they want to be on a catastrophic timeline because that’s their best bet for them to have control of rest and even if it compromises them, it’s worth it in the end because as we know they have all the technologies to be able to terraform or regenerate certain things, but not to the level that spirit can what we are made up of these are just simulations. These are, you know, things that are very compatible with you know our argument structure and that’s what hybridization needed to take place because what they’re trying to do is create a physical embodiment of something that can handle these levels of attacks, radiation, and all these different types of things. And of course, it goes back to M and some of these you have deeper things that happen in our ancient history on as to why the desire to not redeem yourself and be on the ascension path was never taken in the desire to be in control. You know has superseded that and that’s where the automation come in the cloning because the thing is with the radiation, we humans would appeal to the stand that our reproductive organs wouldn’t work anymore. We would end up becoming like these grades, but when you’re dealing with the reptilian overlords that are overseeing this, they are actually modifying humans. They did this to the Nordics and other planets to turn them into grays and we see a history of humanoids becoming grays, the reptilian overlords you know don’t want don’t really have to worry about that. And so, the ones that their convincing are the ones that might be assisting them but have no idea that this is the future that they’re creating for themselves, but some do know and that’s you know what we’re dealing with is that these future humans all the time-traveling back trying to warn us and help us. But at the same time, the ones that are under their total control are trying to help us all. They’re trying to assist them in achieving this agenda because they don’t care to better themselves because this is like the race for Saul to have a body because there are so many souls that don’t have bodies that they want to create an artificial creation to house anything that they possibly can that make sense yeah those so if we re-envision and try to trace down where the catastrophic timeline came from because this is very good and operates from somewhere or do. Sorry about yeah well let’s go to the biblical prophecy you know which way out from the Anton number, earthquake, and the time earthquake, the goal global call cultural events were workers there. You know the plan about surveillance for all the cultural surveys are destroyed and I first started looking at this all through the prophecies of all of Victor Casey who remote view of global coach look for happening somewhere around this time and that’s what the biblical prophecies are looking out for is a global coast with them are Culligan, he actually went down a unit of economizer and saw the Supreme Court in Washington DC in June 2013 under brackish water might be best when you have a global cultural event, some great movie or something. The whole world gets flooded, but that’s like an adjacent timeline like that is not the timeline that we’re on a positive timeline is like all of this is like some great force was truly going to like the prophets of some psychics would like to bring him to lose this so I’ve logged catastrophic timeline and the projected onto roots. Yeah, you know like in the Old Testament or even in the New Testament and educational event projecting all this catastrophe in the Boers are trying to but it’s not real it’s not what’s happening and the best part of your vision, could you come home and I think it connects you to the fallen watchers in you know how the composite of Yahweh is more the fallen watchers and the way that it ended up becoming the imposter God that we you know would hear about all these kind of biblical prophecies, but it’s really coming from a timeline where you know technologies are used to create these events and if they were natural in our natural beauty handling it a totally different way because we’re multidimensional beings we don’t see it through the eyes of you know fear, we would see through the eyes of your understanding that you know death and rebirth and creation and destruction is all part of you know who we are and what we are. So, if it was natural that would be a positive timeline because what is natural always regenerates itself always repairs itself and even when you have the first creation, you know, ended up being a wasteland and in total darkness. Everything came back to life again. And that’s the Genesis story not to come from a true creator force within the fallen watchers got involved altered all the information on no change. Don’t story, especially the Christ story. No, demonized and projected on the that the divine feminine and M are not getting the truth in history been rewritten, they did it before and it’s part of the mind control and it’s a part of using time travel and want to mess at access technologies to change past events so that the information that we get we get educated about it is a completely different idea of what the history is that is it true which creates a false future are not dealing with anything is actually real. And so, it’s awesome. You know to really you know it home. These sort of things because you know it’s not unnatural for you to know catastrophes to happen on a natural level, but when it comes from the creator. It doesn’t necessarily wipe out huge populations unless it is such a virus in such a disease that is no different than what we do in our human body. When we try and maintain health and wellness imbalance. It’s part of, you know, cosmic law, the organism of creation as a whole not you know entities that want to be our God that are making these choices for us while we’re being kept in the dark. It’s much more of a natural equilibrium balancing act that we do every day, as human beings. So, there’s and if anybody wants to really understand what is natural and what isn’t. Just understand the laws of the human body and consciousness in the soul and the ego and how we run ourselves on a daily basis and look at the larger picture and start to compare the two and you know we’d be we manifest all sorts of things to bring us back to the wisdom and truth of what we need to know and understand that we get that power away from anything outside about the dictates to us clearheaded, what disease we have what the prognosis is where heading is humanity with the biblical prophecies are. And this is where we give our power away and this is where this window. Has been so projected upon as having all the different disasters and Armageddon scenarios taking place is really the window. Of our awakening and our expansion into higher Earth energies are multidimensional nature never gets to join in that process doesn’t matter with people that perspective, but it’s these false simulations in these false stories that put us in fear that actually enable these things to happen because we believe it’s real right so how does one access the real story about what’s happening, which is the positive timeline that seems to be the real story. So how do we access the real story so we can tell that story, I think just the more we feel into everything, and the more we fall back ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable it is, the better off we are on. I mean there’s just so much information coming out that we’re constantly bombarded with and if you develop intuition and discernment, you know, is just easy to just kind of like take it all in and say okay to make a decision sort of from our superficial mind rather than a deep inner knowing and you know inner gnosis and you have a divine blueprint. We have advanced DNA. You know that a lot of it is dormant. So how do we activate it, you know, we need to just let sound frequency color and also to things you raise your vibration. We need to let you know understand natural lawn cosmic lawn stop listening to you know humans and all the propaganda and reacted like notice of things that bother us to not be so controlled by it. When we look at this time, we see the chemtrail’s gift and understand the shift time ran is about the spirit being more powerful than matter. You know it’s important to create justice is important to speak out. It’s important to say hey this is wrong. We don’t need to be crushed by it. We don’t need to allow our energies to constrict because the thing is if it were just enough for chemtrail to enslave humanity we just press know it. It takes mind control as well and that you work together and that’s why there are nanoparticles is not just as having heavy metals enough being sick and giving our money away and keeping the economy alive, which is a part of why they do it is also the mind control, is believing in all the distortions and that’s the trap. Once we allow ourselves to stay stuck in the lower density mentality, then we are easily affected by nanoparticles and chemtrail when we say hey that’s not the true nature, the masculine and feminine that news is false. These leaders are not here to help us, we begin to fall back on ourselves and each other that were already in the mode of transmuting all the negative assaults in all these toxins and all the radiation and all these young nanoparticles from taking us over any consciousness is it’s going to start their start with our own energy and are our ability to create belief systems and perceptions that utilize the power that was made up rather than us thinking that it’s not there, which is a part of what you’re trying to do and dumbing us down, they can only dumb us down to our belief systems you know and all these particles are part of it. But if we override the mental and mind control aspects of it. The particles don’t have anything to really grab onto any that you really do work together. That’s why you think about it Joseph Ripley’s believe it or not, are people that you need light bulbs you know, and get away with it. They understand mind over matter, there’s a lot of people that do that’s available for all of us. We have to know that everything the metaphor that receiving your writing is a crazy lucid dream and it doesn’t look pretty somewhat of a nightmare. Right now, it’s a shift that’s on the inside. This whole shift membrane is an internal shift that creates an outer result. Once we get a grip on what we need to wake up to within ourselves really changes everything outside of us. If we keep reacting and responding getting angry and feeling constricted and assuming that you know there, they got something on us, and that’s exactly what is going to end up happening and were much greater than that this is all they want to keep us from knowing is what we’re truly made up and no part of you. What we’re seeing is also to create this panic you know and am because of obviously something wrong. I mean they got a figure that we notice that our skies are being sprayed and it’s in plain sight and so on. I just think that the best way we can just really anchor ourselves on the positive timeline is to develop ourselves from the inside out to understand the pitfalls of the negative ego and understand that unity consciousness means clearing that coming together, giving each other respect and support, and I’m not, you know, worrying about the façade and the outer stuff that we are taught is so important, and to just be more unified on a healing level to be able to share in this healing process together because it’s a transformation that you know if you take all of us right now. I know that I’m in for the past 40 years or more. All we’ve been focused on exposing the dark right so that right now. It’s been part of exposing what’s behind the catastrophic timeline so we got a lot of power to their parent. So how do we shift from exposing the dark to light, giving some time to the good, and how do we find the good. How do we publish it, I think you’re the master of that timeline ever since I’ve known you, you’ve been putting some out there. Before that, and yet you hit the true home and you share like stuff that most people you know maybe want to run from, but am I think it’s that balance and you do that so beautifully is okay yeah yes it has been about exposing a lot of the dark stuff and you know also recognizing the light within that people might call fear mongering or not to get any attention and I’m not in agreement to that I think you have to step right into the worst-case scenario into the thing that is the most uncomfortable thing to look at and B) the center to be completely and totally present. And remember who you truly are. Because once that happens, that light starts to engulf the darkness and start to transmute the negative charge that’s theirs helping the dark to return to its real nature, which is the fertility of creativity is like the soil of the earth. It’s dark and it’s rich in it and it and it takes to see the higher consciousness, and it brought to new realities. But when the dark is unknown and we fear it. Also, to demons and also to control agendas hide in there and they pulled the strings so it’s been so great to expose all the stuff because were actually purifying it was knocking it out were clearing it out. Yes, it’s not always fun when we do that and now at the point of being in the center of it. Now we get to rise and we get to feel empowered and we get to understand that we are both made of light and dark, and a part of integrating those two forces is not fearing the dark or being in denial because all those that think that this information is too much there. Denial is the greatest form of fear. You know, don’t fear it, if we fear our own demons. If we fear you know the stuff within us that we need to clear or not, but the grout was just can allow ourselves to get away with negative behavior patterns and addictions and all sorts of things that we have to face our own inner demons get to do that on a collective level. We put it all out there. The cat out of the bag and search the Internet and find every horrifying thing happening under the sun. Also, to disinformation all sorts of truth you know it’s the self and the self-awareness in the development of intuition is can help people to locate what truly resonates and for us to rise out of a lot of the dark information that we found is to recognize that it truly has no power over us. For example, tomorrow is a big alignment with the grand cross Mars is going to be linking with the grand Cross. Most astrologers say this is probably much good stuff to say about it because it’s all extremely challenging aspects, the type of effect that can create what seems to be even Armageddon scenarios breakups and divorce catastrophe. I’ve never felt better and that’s tomorrow night that’s April 11, 2014, career right and it’s good to be kind of on and off until 2015 and the thing is just the weather forecast when we know what is coming at us and we prepare. Nothing can get in our way so I use it, you know astrology is a tool that is not the end-all-be-all and eventually we won’t need it. It kind of like to help us graduate from the wheel of necessity that was sort of still in right now the thing is, we can start to have good days on days for the astrological alignments are nightmare immediately become and I posted this master of disaster women were true, Masters of the disasters we don’t even notice them as being disasters anymore because were rising and were allowing it to push us into all that we are instead of Terrace down. The thing is that concentration of energy that like to you know causes fearing constriction in pain and suffering is actually an opportunity to be pushed to the edge to have an incredible breakthrough into rising again and so this is what we’re dealing with right now. It’s perfect that you asked that question is we’re sitting right at a very important time astrologically where you know we have faced a lot of darkness now what are we to do with that. What are we going to choose to choose the fact that none of it ever had any power over us and this is the great revelation of all time and once we gain that perspective, our creative energy serves on our behalf to create the key creating opportunities to prove to ourselves that nothing can stop us and them, and I like to play with this every day no matter what negative experience? I go through what kind of weird energy hits. I love it. It is a grand challenge to say you know what, it’s not strong enough and it’s not and has no power over me and I minute you know rise above it. In this moment and when we can focus on that and say to ourselves that this is where the real work is instead of looking at it as a distraction, or just having a weird day or not they we can just tackle it head-on were really on the soul path for not allowing all this news and all this other media stuff be what we think is real because that’s the distraction that there is one area that still for me is a mystery and baby brothers and I think that you have plumbed the more than most of us and that is the area of the archons your comic area because of most of us really don’t fully comprehend the so now in this transformation that’s occurring. What are the archons and how is it that the very large dimensional invasion. What is moving them out of the way or transforming them will treat her like the byproduct of a lot of archetypal disharmonies is a lot of fun, the things that happened just really like from a long time ago. There are a lot of different spiritual theories out there but a lot of text to been altered even the Gnostic text has been altered so it’s a very difficult topic to get a grip on because sometimes the information is in exactly what seems so in my deep inner journeying and just my own life experience on. I just really come to the conclusion that the archons are the byproduct of disharmony, disunity, duality, negative ego, and because creation came from thought and the imagination you know and has created form. Same with these negative energies and end this duality and needs some rebellions and the desire to be in competition with the supreme being that you know Lucifer represents and to take away the names, let’s call it are negative ego, it can ruin our lives connected to it. Just like you can ruin the planet if we don’t call it out and re-enable it by going along with the deception of the false light to the archons can only feed on the part of ourselves that haven’t fully woken up or become integrated fees on the back of her very fragmented work traumatized. We have a lot of wounds and we also you know want to appease a lot of that pain through you know all slight temptations. You know faint well agreed on, you know, having maybe a lot of attention from a lot of different lovers, you know, whatever it is things that only our own soul journey can teach us about based on what needs upon her face, get back up again, which is what we have been given the opportunity to do have many, many lifetimes and incarnations to wear a bunch of different happened to say hey this is what works for me and it’s not about some rulebook from God or it’s based on cause and effect and in astrology, we see that in the north and south node but I focus on when I do readings so the archons can only really grab onto what we have agreed like into her, but we haven’t fully become conscious up because our unconscious energy is what’s being used against us, and that’s our Connick the archiving system feed on us when we are unconscious when we become conscious. We recognize that unconscious energy is actually spiritual energy and when we wake up to that spiritual energy we become highly creative and able to create miracles we think miracles are just some lucky thing and only some people can do that everybody can answer the archons to speed on the fact that we think, much less of ourselves and what we truly are and the agendas that come from these iconic systems to perpetuate these belief systems that keep us down and they feed on us like parasites their mind parasites. They get in there and exacerbate everything in the fact is they have technology to make it even worse smart meters all sorts of things to create scenarios so there’s a lot of conflicts because they disrupt the frequency and the frequencies that are all disruptive crates for the static so that the natural energy flow of connection can’t really happen. That’s why people find they watch TV, they might fight with their partner immediately after her when I get home from a nice trip in the country in their back where there smart meter and everything gets tense and everybody just feels like they’re just getting like I have it into a huge disagreement and you must have to just stop yourself and remember and almost laugh and say you know what these are just energies that were dealing with redoing the cell towers were dealing with all sorts of things going on with our phone surveillance and all sorts of like you know really obnoxious things but were much greater than all that we just have to not be weak into it because all our Connick and you know anything is it feeds on where we haven’t fully resolved these wounds as well. So, for us to get over, you know the archons is to tackle the inner work and to completely devote ourselves to it because once we fill ourselves up with who we truly are, we stand that power. It doesn’t have anything to feed off of it. It can’t find a host and when that happens, it ends up dying away and falling away from the beings that represent you know we arty know about you know you can become grades automation and keep them alive. You just keep coming in themselves and keep letting themselves and that’s the difference between somebody or sword being that had stayed immersed in our Connick deception, or is the median enabler of it compared to a person that we might end up making contact with as a future human self, who is a divine radiant light being that we could call an ascended Master but the Corsair there’s manipulated ascended Master that our Connick that people channel and they get you the wrong information and that’s another trap is the new age deceptions. So, we have to see that everywhere we turn it is either a trap or potential deception or a problematic area and that’s why the only real place to turn himself and so is disturbing is everything. Might be we have to also see deliberating basically the only boat we can really give is to ourselves and in doing that were functioning together more from our authentic, genuine nature and in the leaders that come into play is embodying that as well because we know who to empower into the office and who not to be can’t get out of know the word work just yet were still dealing with you having to undo a lot of the damage so it’s going to take you playing a little bit of the game but on our own terms and in integrity. Anything is you know in this process of really making up to ourselves. We know what to discard and what to keep and so it’s just like archons, just like parasites anything that wants to feed off of the life force of another that cut itself off from sources basically knock-on and so when we plug into our higher self when we plug into the heart nature of universal love. What can possibly invade that just like we were balanced we don’t get sick, parasites, germs, viruses, we don’t have a hard time with and even if we do get sick. We end up getting stronger, so even if we are dealing with our panic attacks. Even if we have dealt with psychic attacks and done, we have gotten immersed in the negatives. It’s the process of healing and moving beyond it that makes it so incredibly strong because then what we get to do we get to help others out so doesn’t matter where we are in the game as long as we wake up and eventually start to unwind the entanglements and, on the healing, result is phenomenal and that’s what this shift is the higher of energies will you speak about this transitional time very important to transitional time from 2014 227 two. What you see on the other side of 27 but I think it’s getting a little bit different. You know, depending on who, of each person their own orientation, what frequency they hold, but their vibration is you were dealing with obviously sold pods in groups and you know lines is to where you one person in the group can wake up and everybody else feel that you can like the hundredth monkey demo dealing you know with those that will never ever want to look at this information that had immersed themselves more and more into the trans-humanism agenda can’t snap our fingers to make that go away right away so I feel that we’re dealing with the bifurcation working a deal that’s where this phantom mark that isn’t really functioning in connection with the source but is being run more on these technologies that are sourcing and using and siphoning free energy from us and the planet. But that’s in the lower dimensional aspect of the multidimensional creation that will end up ceasing to exist in expiring because it’s not able to maintain anything even if it does remain in existence. It’s like a spider web only those that are vulnerable will end up being a part of the experience either break free of it and see it for what it is or be immersed in it until the inner spark that’s within all of us end up coming out, but beyond 2017. For those that are really conscious and awaken devoted to the path, I see that the nature of life and death is completely different. We are able to come and go from the physical as we please and can choose to be spirit guides and assist those that are still having a tough time getting out of whatever trap of this mind control system that is already in play. The trans-humanism and all that kind of stuff were multidimensional beings and I think the possibilities are endless. I mean, I see that you know where artists of energy and our thought-forms. Our beliefs are our vibration is everything just like when we dream at night. You know we were in this grand dreamer dealing with the guy’s dream and were also dealing with the nightmare invasion. That basically dreams warfare like we talked about before, which is taking our creative imagination and turning it into something he doesn’t need to be so that’s can end up playing out until enough is enough for whatever individuals immersed in it. But what’s available and what do I see. For most of us is that the ripples of awakening are going to connect to so many people that have an open heart and open mind that it will help them to remove themselves and if the numbers are not, I think they will be the trans-human agenda and that Japan’s Mike might not even actually happen. But there is a chance that well and if that’s the case I see bifurcation happening because it’s so hard to predict. You know I think eventually, the inevitable outcome is that that will be called out completely and totally by the free will choices of any human. That’s a part of it to where they don’t have anything to feed on anymore to add that they can even exist until that happens, it’s going to be there but it’s not going to entrap souls anymore that are awake and conscious and that we now can remove ourselves and the contract that we had to be here for 26,000 years plus tip to live out the fact that on the geophysics have been such the natural targets could open until this window. Because now it is opening this is our chance to move on. It hadn’t been the case and this is why we keep incarnating, and a lot of you know, highly conscious beings. You have been entrapped here means that the fact that a lot of social contracts are real or how conscious you are, we have been trapped in this incarnation cycle this window, represents our ability to graduate to move beyond the wheel. The wheel is necessary for the good of our souls and be manipulations that can stunt our ability to wake up to who we truly are and that that opportunity is here now if we miss an opportunity. The 3D experience, another 26,000-year cycle, now several years ago your regular conscious decision not to go to Mars an alternative three to study here on earth with your fellow earthlings to establish and move forward on all truth for a roof over grateful that you do make that decision. What words. Finally, would you like to review sure with our viewers at this kind of historic time, gosh, I just am grateful that I just stay true to myself and it is difficult at some of these decisions are based on a lot of the different things that are presented in order to manipulate one? I also recommended that part of the game, part of what you know, Eisenhower was dealing with, you know, a part of the patriotic programming in a part of this is the right thing to do and really the right thing to do is just do what you feel is the best thing and if your intentions are in alignment with wanting the greatest good for yourself and for everybody else and for the planet. I don’t think you can go wrong and I just you really encourage people to do the same because there are no mistakes in your hearts in the right place. If we can all just be more heart-centered, I feel that you know we just have the tremendous opportunity to unify and raise the vibration of this planet and to really just have these dark forces in these other agendas either wake up or get lost and I just love you know the process we’re in I just feel such good energy ahead of us and with the kind of alignments we’re having and you know that sort of thing that is playing out, I feel like we’re two steps ahead of them and the weight is in our favor and I’m just grateful for everybody for their open minds and hearts, and forgiving themselves the credit of embracing the truth of what they’re made of. In the beauty and the divinity that we all hold that was beginning to really share together and just so much gratitude to you Alfred because you help me really get my stuff out there and you have been an incredible friend and ally. So it’s really good to meet you. Thank you for taking time today to be with us and we hope that in the future as we move through this window, you’ll be able to come back from time to time and share your wisdom with us. Thank you so much.
After Santos’, depiction of the 13 family, satanic ET’s who have controlled us for hundreds of years, Laura Eisenhower also explains their purposes here and the chaos they bring to us. She differentiates between these ET’s and the benevolent ones from the star clusters within our firmament here to help us from the destruction they have planned. This primarily was founded on our mind control due to the ego programming system they have been controlling us with, the very same thing Jeremy, Shunyamurti and Krishnamurti have opened our minds and hearts to. This all so far, culminates in the truths uncovered from the beginning regarding our subconscious mind and ego. So far, all that controls us will require our understanding and decision to do the work of killing the ego in favor of Divine will.


This next print out (there is no video) about 37 well hidden in plain sight scriptures. Do you wonder how 30,000 congregations don’t catch on? They completely refute their story of our redemption coming from outside of us, their god-head. Now you know why we are provided with a doctrine which all Catholics and protests alike teach. Yes, the doctrines are the same because Martin Luther and John Calvin were Jesuits breaking down the church into 30,000 disunited congregations. It’s no wonder that we are under their shepherd. That is also why we need community gardens which will stop us from fearing our neighbors and not being divided by religious beliefs. We all should offer support as they find the truth. It is a traumatic but joyful experience.


The 37 Scriptures on Conscience

1 Samuel 25:31   You shall not have this as a qualm or burden on your conscience, my lord, for having shed innocent blood or for having avenged yourself personally.


1 Kings 8:38   If then one [of your entire people, Israel] has remorse of conscience and offers prayer or petition, stretching out his hand toward the Temple, listen from yuour Heavenly dwelling place and forgive.


Wisdom 17:11 for wickedness, of its nature, cowardly testifies in its own condemnation and because of a distressed conscience always magnifies misfortune.


Sirach 14:2   Happy the man whose conscience does not reproach him, who has not lost hope.


Daniel 13:8   When the old men saw her enter every day for her walk, they began to lust for her. They suppressed their consciences. They would not allow their eyes to look to Heaven.


Daniel 13:56   Putting him to one side, he ordered the other one to be brought. Daniel said to him, “beauty has seduced you; lust has subverted your conscience.


Acts 20:26   Therefore, I [Paul], solemnly declare this day that I take no blame for no man’s conscience.


Acts 23 :1-2   Paul gazed intently at the Sanhedrin then he said, “Brothers to this day I have lived my life my life with a clear conscience before God.” At that the high priest Ananias ordered his attendants to strike Paul on the mouth.


Acts 24: 14-26   I, [Paul], admit to you that it is according to the new way – which they call a sect – that I worship the God of our fathers. At the same time, I believe all that is written in the law and the prophets. And I have the same hope in God as these men have, that there is to be a resurrection of the good and the wicked alike. In this regard, I too, always strive to keep my conscience clear before God and man.


Romans 1:30-31   They are gossips and slanderers, they hate God, are insolent, haughty, boastful, ingenious, in their wrong doing and rebellious toward their parents. One sees in them men without conscience, without loyalty, without affection, without pity. They know God’s just decree that all who do such things deserve death. Yet, not only do them, but approve them in others.


Romans 2:15   They shao that the demands of the law are written in their hearts. Their conscience bears witness together with that law and their thoughts will accuse or defend them on the day when, in accordance with the Gospel I preach, God will pass judgment on the secrets of men through Christ Jesus.


Romans 9:1   I speak the truth in Christ. I do not lie. My conscience bears me witness in the Holy Spirit that there is great grief and constant pain in my heart.


Romans 13:5   For the ruler is God’s servant to work for your good. only if you do wrong ought, you to be afraid… You must obey then, not only to escape punishment, but also for conscience’s sake.


Romans 14:5   One regards this as day better than that. Someone else considers all days alike. Each should be certain of his own conscience.


Romans 14: 20-23   Take care not to destroy God’s work for the sake of something to eat…it is wrong for a man to eat when food offends his conscience. You would be acting nobly if you abstained from eating meat or drinking wine or anything else that offers your brother occasion for stumbling…Happy the man whose conscience does not condemn what he has chosen to do. but, if a man eats, he is already condemned.


1 Corinthians 4;4   Mind you, I have nothing on my conscience. But that does not mean that I am declaring myself innocent. The lord is the one to judge me.



1 Corinthians 8:7   Because some were so recently devoted to idols, they eat meat, fully aware that it has been sacrificed and because their conscience is weak. It is defiled by the eating.


1 Corinthians 8:10   If someone sees you with your knowledge, reclining at table in the Temple of an idol, may not his conscience in its weak state be influenced to the point that he eats the idol-offering?


1 Corinthians 8:12   When you sin thus against your brothers and wound their weak consciences, you are sinning against Christ.


1 Corinthians 10:23-30  “All things are lawful,” but not all are advantageous. “All things are lawful” – which does not mean that everything is constructive. No man should seek his own interest, but rather that of his neighbor. Eat whatever is sold in the market without raising any question of conscience. “The earth and its fulness are the Lords.” If an unbeliever invites you to his table and you want to go, eat whatever is placed before you without raising any question of conscience. But if someone should say to you “This was offered in idol worship,” do not eat it, both for the sake of the one who called attention to it and on account of the conscience issue – not your own conscience but your neighbor’s. You may ask, why should my liberty be restricted by another man’s conscience? And why is it, if I partake thankfully, that I should be blamed for the food over which I gave thanks?


2 Corinthians 1:12   Conscience gives testimony to the boast that in our behavior toward all and especially toward you. We have always acted from God-given Holiness and Candor.


2 Corinthians 4:2   We proclaim the truth openly and commend ourselves to every man’s conscience before God.


2 Corinthians 5:11   Standing in awe of the Lord, we try to persuade men, but what we are is known to God. I hope that it is also known to you in your consciences.


Philippians 1: 9-10   My prayer is that your love may more and more abound, both in understanding and wealth of experience, so that with a clear conscience, and blameless conduct you may learn to value things that really matter.


1 Timothy 1:5   What er are aiming at in this warning is the love that springs from a pure heart, a good conscience and sincere faith.


1 Timothy 1:19   This charge is in accordance with the prophecies made in your regard. And I give it to you so that under the inspiration of these prophecies you may fight the good fight and hold fast to faith and good conscience. Some men, by rejecting the guidance of conscience have made shipwreck of their faith.


1 Timothy 3:9-10   They [deacons] must hold fast to divinely revealed faith with a clear conscience.


1 Timothy 4:2   The spirit distinctly says that in later times, some will turn away from the faith and heed deceitful and things taught by demons through plausible liars, men with seared consciences.


2 Timothy 1:3   I thank God, the God of my fathers, of my forefathers whom I worship by a clear conscience.


Titus 1:15   To the clean, all things are clean, but to those defiled unbelievers nothing is clean. Their very minds and consciences are tainted.



Hebrews 9:9   This is a symbol of the present time in which gifts and sacrifices are offered that can never make perfect the conscience of the worshiper.


Hebrews 9:14   How much more will the blood of Christ, who himself up unblemished to God, cleans our consciences from dead works to worship the living God!





Hebrews 10:2   Were matters otherwise, the priests would have stopped offering them [sacrifices] for the worshipers, once cleansed would have had no sin on their conscience.


Hebrews 10:22   Let us draw near in utter sincerity and absolute confidence, our hearts sprinkled clean from evil which lay on our conscience and our bodies washed in pure water.



1 Peter 3:16   But speak gently and respectfully. Keep your conscience clear, so that, whenever you are defamed, those who libel your way of life in Christ may be shamed.


1 Peter 3:21   This Baptism is no removal of physical stain, but the pledge to God of an irreproachable conscience through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


1 John 3:19-21   This is our way of knowing we are committed to the truth and are at peace before him no matter what our consciences may charge us with. For God is greater than our hearts and all is known to him beloved. If our consciences have nothing to charge us with, we can be sure that God is with us.


This next video is from a Jesuit himself. He is posing as a whistle blower, but he does not divulge the false doctrine we are under. That and the globe are the keys to their keeping us in a fictional state of the subconscious mind. Another undeniable key will be presented later. See Chapter 1 to learn how we are programmed.



Good evening, welcome to liberty and Justice for all. Most of you already know pretty much of what I do from watching this show or from hearing about previews and so forth. And basically, what I have been involved in for the last I don’t really remember for how many years, is different organizations, different people doing all kinds of research around the country. Now from a lot of these organizations, I have been given basically, instructions to hate, to hate this group or to hate the government or to dislike this or something’s wrong with all the groups. They put all the groups together, or they keep them separate but I’m supposed to be a part of one and hate the other. Well, I don’t hate anybody. What I’ve

found is there always seems to be some pieces missing somewhere. Some of the things that go on that the government does, that the media does, the influence in our life, the fear causing events that keep going on have always puzzled me because they never seem to fit together. there was always something missing. You can talk about one group of conspirators doing this or you can talk about another group or you can talk about the Federal Reserve, or you can talk about Congress. I don’t care who you talk about, they all seem to be getting their orders from somewhere or their direction. I don’t know if orders is the right word. Well tonight we have Eric Phelps in the studio with us to tell us what he has found out. Now, the one main thing that I have found in all of my studies, and the only place that people really come out and say here are a group of people you are supposed to hate is the Jews. Well, I never hated the Jews. I’ve got some great friends who are Jews. And so, I never could figure this out. I don’t think the Jews did something bad. I don’t think the Jews control the world or even want to. Well Eric Phelps has helped me out in his study, so now I’m going to introduce you to Eric Phelps, author of the Vatican Assassins. That’s quite a powerful name Eric, first of all, welcome to this show and what do you mean Vatican Assassins? I’m going to start right in with that. That’s an awful powerful two words.

What I mean is the men who rule the Vatican in 2012 particularly the Jesuit general, are the men who keep order, not only in the Vatican hierarchy including being over the Pope, but who also maintain order throughout all the governments of the world, specifically the US.
Well now they keep order do they keep order for themselves?

For themselves. They rule. The Pope is the absolute master of the world. The Jesuit general controls the Pope. Piers Kolvenbach is the Jesuit general of today. So, he commands his Jesuit order which in turn has all sorts of connections through other orders. Now what is Jesuit, The Jesuits are the society of Jesus. That is their proper name. They were Started in 1540 when they were given legal existence by Paul III who was the pope at the time when Ignatius of Loyola created his order. He gave his obedience to the pope, it was the beginning of the Counter Reformation, the antithesis to Luther’s [a Jesuit himself] protestant reformation. So, you have studied this whole chain of events. You’re going to be telling us a lot of history here that I don’t recall reading in my history classes. And I took a lot of history in school. But in talking to you this afternoon and listening to you they didn’t bother to tell me this. Well, no, they don’t want us to know true history because if we know true history, we will know who rules today. One of the things the Jesuits hated about the US was because in the public school system because the public school system taught true history, it taught the inquisition, the dark ages, the crusades and the counter reformation and it taught about the power of the Jesuit order. It was on everybody’s lips that the Lincoln Assassination in 1865 and it was very well known for 25 or 30 years after that, that the Jesuits had killed Lincoln but it was hushed up and was hushed until the 1930’s when FDR came to office. the Jesuits got complete control of the education system, censored true history and ultimately in the 60’s removed the protestant bible from the public schools, so well that actually all fits in the stock market crash of ’29. Everybody’s desperate and FDR became our savior with a social program to save the world. So, this was a planned crash, absolutely the stock market crash was caused by 3 short sellers. According to Curtis Dahl, the son in law of FDR. The major short seller of the great depression was the knight of Malta, Joe Kennedy. When I say Knight of Malts, that’s the American branch-of the knight of Malta that are the soldiers for arch bishop of NY, who is considered the arch bishop of the capitol of the world according to Pope John Paul the second. So, he rules. He controls the knights of Malta. The first head of the securities commission was Joe Kennedy, Knight of Malta. He caused the great depression and Joe Kennedy was the means by which FDR. The 33rd degree freemason got into office. FDR then introduces his New Dirty Deal with the approval of the Jesuit Charles Cauflin. I thought Joe Kennedy was busy selling whiskey. Joe Kennedy was doing that too.

So now we have got the Kennedys tied into this thing, and you’re saying he was basically controlled by the Arch Bishop of the world according to Pope John Paul II. He controls the knights of Malta. The first head of the securities exchange commission was Joe Kennedy, knight of Malta. He caused the great depression and he was the means by which FDR (33rd degree freemason) got into office. Then FDR introduces his new dirty deal with the approval of the Jesuit Charles Cauflin. I’m saying that Joe Kennedy was absolutely controlled by the archbishop of NYC which at that time was Cardinal Hayes, who later became Cardinal Spellman. Now I remember something. So what? What does being Catholic have to do with freedom and liberty? When Kennedy was nominated to run for president the big flap was he’s a Catholic. You are speaking of John. The Jesuits always wanted to put a Catholic King on the throne of England. So, this is why they hated Elizabeth, seeking to assassinate her many times. Their thrust was to get Roman Catholic nobility on all the thrones of the countries of Europe and thereby control Europe. In the US there was a lot of concern about that. If Kennedy was a Catholic, he would be beholden to the Pope, and carry out his program rather than enforce the Constitution. But basically, it had very little to do with religion. I was raised in Utah, in a specific religion that was different. I am not saying either one is good or bad, I’m haven’t a clue. Basically, I’m not too crazy about organized religion at all. But the fact is it hadn’t nothing to do with these two different types of belief systems. It was who could be controlled.

We have to distinguish between the Jesuit order, a Roman Catholic hierarchy and the Roman Catholic people themselves. The Roman Catholic people have no idea of the power of the hagiarchy in the Jesuit order. None. If you talk to an average Roman Catholic about another Catholic Pope trying to rule this country, they will think you are crazy. But that is because they have never been taught the doctrine of the Temporal Power which the pope was given in 756. by Catherine the great. Given spiritual power in 606 by Focus and given temple power by Phepin 150 years later in 756. and this isn’t something that’s just read by the average Catholic. No, when you see the Pop’s flag, you see the two keys, one represents temporal power the other spiritual power When Victor Emanuel took Rome in 1870, he took the temple power from the pope, Pious IX. He said I quarrel with no man’s conscience, you Pope Pious the 9th, you can remain Pope of all the Catholics, you can have the spiritual power but I have temporal power. I am King of Italy. For that reason, the Pope locked himself in the Vatican declaring himself a prisoner. The Popes great aim is to have universal temporal power over every nation of the world, because he is the creature of the Jesuit general. They want all political power. To me it doesn’t make sense because I believe in liberty and freedom for everybody so this doesn’t compute. When they want this power obviously, they want to control the wealth of the world. Sure, when you control the people, you control the wealth. When they controlled FDR who gave all the gold in Fort Knox to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Jesuits controlled the Federal Reserve Bank and they chartered it through their great agent JP Morgan. I didn’t know who was in charge The fed was forced upon the American people, two days before Christmas, through Congress at night. Every bank was not solvent after the depression. None could do business. Most banks were controlled by the Fed at that time. Now all are. The purpose of the Fed was to be the exclusive extender of credit to the US Congress for their building of a huge military industrial complex to use the American military to restore the Pope’s temple power around the world beginning with the second 30 years’ war beginning in 1914 and ending in 1945. All the parties worked together. There were no enemies at the top. Hitler, Stalin, FDR and Churchill all worked together, through their intelligence agencies, 650 quotes in his book. He made none of this up. No original ideas. Taken from what these men have said over the last 300 years, history is a flow, arriving at Dallas on Nov. 22. To know what happened, the purpose of the book was to expose the Jesuit order with the arch bishop of NY and his knights of Malta and high-level freemasonry which also the Jesuit general controls. As are the true assassins of Kennedy, the knights of Malta were in critical places at the time. And in the FBI a man named Cather Diallo who still lived in 2012, who wrote “Hoover’s FBI” with a man named John Macomb, the head of the CIA. With Henry Loose who controlled Time Life who bought the Zapruder film for 150,000 dollars and locked it away for 5 years until Jim garrison had it subpoenaed for his trial, Knight of Malta Clay Shaw. Frank Shakespeare was the Head of CBS at the time. Which is why he had his CFR crony Walter Concrite do all the reporting. Francis Stinkard was the head of chase Manhattan Bank who was the one responsible for getting John Mc Cloy on the Warren Commission. All these men were Knights of Malta in critical places of power. All subject to Cardinal Spellman, a good friend of 33rd degree freemason and apostate Presbyterian J Edgar Hoover, and also the 33rd degree freemason John Dulles who was also formally head of the CIA who was known as the gentleman spy. Kennedy wanted to dismantle the CIA. And printed silver certificates attacking the Fed, the CIA created after WWII which LBJ called murder incorporated. Which Truman called the nefarious influence of a foreign power? The CIA was patterned after the SS and one of the men responsible for setting up the CIA was Hitler’s most Sinister general Rinehart Galen who also set up and to train the MOSSAD. The CIA and KGB have worked together since their inception because the NKVD and the OSS worked together during WWII. These intelligence agencies never became enemies. Arlen Specter has been a perennial ever since that day. He is called Shellie’s Jew in Eric’s book. He worked for the Cardinal. He authored the single bullet theory, given lifetime on the senate of US, affiliated with CFR, voted to acquit Clinton from expulsion from office and a gun confiscator. The knights of Malta control ATT, ITT, CBS, Pepsi. Corporate structures go deep. The knights control them using freemasonry as well and the Mafia. They all work together. The high-level Shriner. Freemasons know who is who at the top. The power does not know. The knights of Columbus are taught to hate the Freemasons, as enemies. At the beginning of the Vietnam War, the secretary of navy was Francis Matthews, chief of the Knights of Columbus, when he came into office. Responsible for ferrying the North Vietnamese Catholics down to the south according to Fletcher Prouty which is the single most agitating thing causing that war. The highest Knight of Columbus working for cardinal Spellman causing the Vietnam war, and working in conjunction with other high-level freemasons and knights of Malta. (Being John Macomb, the head of CIA prior to that high level Freemason Allan Dulles head of CIA, all working together.

The purpose of Vietnam was to kill 2 to 3 million Heretic Buddhist because the Jesuits have done that before. Using Mao Se Tong at the same time to kill 50 million Buddhist in China. They killed the Heretic Buddhist off at the same time to destroy patriotism in the US. But they also used Vietnam for the explosion of the drug trade, they had been involved in the century before. With the opium trade out of China, they exploded the drug trade into the US using air America controlled by the CIA and also the Mafias in particular. Santos Traficant, the mob and CIA working together to give a huge massive drug trade on every corner of every street in every major city. Not fed by a bad guy in Columbia. This justified more laws, against the average person. We thought we were fighting Communism and in WWII they thought they were fighting the Nazis. Mr. Lawson on Wall Street was financing Hitler. We are not told that the Fed was giving millions of dollars to Hitler, built by Wal Street. They would not send men there to fight a monster they created. The pope was busy purging Europe of its Jews and purging East Germany of its Protestants. They had built Stalin’s red war machine with Henry Ford who built Gorky. They mechanized the whole war machine with US trucks and tanks. The savage red Russian army raped all German women of Prussia and East Germany till they killed themselves, all built by American Wall-Street and credit.


Jesuit’s extreme oath
I_______, in the presence of Almighty God and of you, my ghostly father, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola…do by the womb of the virgin by the matrix of God., and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear, that his holiness the Pope is Christ’s Vicar-regent and is the true and only Head of the capital of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth…Therefore, to the uttermost of my power, I shall and will defend this doctrine and his Holiness’ right and custom against all usurper’s of the heretical or Protestant authority…and all adherence in regard that they be usurped and heretical, opposing the sacred Mother of Rome…I do further promise and declare, notwithstanding I am dispensed with, to assume any religion heretical, for the propagating of the Mother’s Church’s interest…I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse…but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from
my superiors in the militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ…I furthermore promise and declare that I will wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals…to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will hang, burn, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race.


It was to purge heretics pursuant to the Jesuit oath

to make relentless war, to extirpate all heretics and liberals from the face of the earth. No matter how many Roman Catholic people they had to kill. Their problem with the Buddhist who were not under control of the Pope, they didn’t need him. They could have a sustaining lifestyle in Vietnam. The Buddhist had been the enemies of the Jesuits for many years, the Jesuits that came into Vietnam and Japan in the 1500’s and 1600’s and sought to take over Japan. The emperor expelled the Jesuits in 1639. Not allowed in Japan for 250 years. Until given formal reentry in 1913. The Jesuits feigned themselves to be Buddhists, to get control. The Buddhist doesn’t want to be controlled by the Jesuit temple power. That’s why the Buddhists set themselves on fire in Saigon. Because of the terrible persecutions of that Jesuit tool DM, he was persecuting the Buddhists all throughout Vietnam. So, they protested by burning themselves. DM was the creature of Cardinal Spellman. Kennedy kicked the CIA reprehensive out of Vietnam and DM ran to the local Jesuit church which was turned over to the Buddhist general and they executed him. Spellman was furious about Kennedy’s responsibility in the execution of DM.

It’s all about the Jesuits restoring the temple power of the pope around the world by erecting dictators in every country loyal and obedient to the Pope, of Jesuit making, that is the Infallible Pope of 1870. The constitution as written is a threat to this control. This is why we have the second corporate Gov in place as a puppet tool.

The structure of power is the archbishop of NY controlling the CFR of NY. Rockefeller center is across the street from St Patrick’s cathedral where the Knights of Malta reside, from across the street at Time Life the. From there the CFR controls all the Bureaucracies of the Federal Gov. In Europe the Jesuits had been expelled from every country by the end of the 19th century. [except for India]. The mass firebombing by American bombers of Germany and Japan was pay back. Germany, in 1872 never allowing them to return. Japan in 1639. Whenever you seek to break the Jesuit power in your country going to have invading military force. Now preparing for Red China, Russia, and a huge Muslim host using Cuba as a staging base in the east and landing on coast naval force in the west.

We get our liberty from the Protestant Reformation (still under the church’s doctrines)

The modern era begins in 1648 with the victory of the 30 years’ war and the treaty of West Valia. When the dark ages ended and the modern era began, when inventions and art began. And music. None of these arts in the dark ages. Medical schools were closed, in Rome were shut down. Illegal to perform autopsy and know the body. No private arms. All ended with the victory of the protestant reformation and the 30-years war.

To return to that, return to maxims of the Reformation and King’s bible and never disarm. The man who wrote the bill of rights was a Baptist Calvinist James Madison. The first amendment, the right of the sword of the spirit, the word of God, and second amendment the right to sword of just defense. Another source of information is Hollywood, The Jesuit Theater. All their propaganda for changing the American culture begins there. They attack gun rights there.

In every Fascist military dictatorship no one has any guns, so terrible persecution and mass deaths.

His book is devoted to 4 priests. Charles Chinoque, exposed Jesuits as Lincoln assigns, 1886 “50 years in the church of Rome, Jeremiah Crowley who was an Irish priest who came here “Romanism-menace to the nation in 1912 and “the pope chief of white slavers He warned that the Jesuits were going to get control of this Gov and use it to restore the temple power of the Pope. That book was key to understanding all US foreign policy in last 100 years. , and McClophyn, an Irish priest Franciscan, “crime and immorality in the Catholic church” “Peoples Padre” “ investigation into the assassination of Lincoln” The Jesuits captured America and England to destroy the Russian and German empires, their enemies. In WWI and WWII.

At the top they are Luciferian. a lot of occult power in what they do. The archbishop controls the publishers. They will control the press says in the Council of Trent. 4th session condemns freedom of speech, press and conscience. The antithesis to the bill of rights. Destroyed Virginia in the war because Virginia produced the declaration of independence, US Constitution, Virginia, Kentucky Resolution, the Monroe doctrine. Total opposite to Council of Trent, we seek to expose their doctrines like their theologians. Manual SA, Liguori. Molina. Alegria etc. all their theologians justifying murder of kings, tyrants, usurpers (someone who does not submit to the power of the temple power of the Pope.) Expose secret instructions and basic tenants and relate them to the history of what’s happened in the last 200 to 300 years.

The Jesuit order was suppressed by the Pope in 1773 with a papal bull. Being suppressed they could not have any legal existence in any Roman Catholic country, like Poland, Austria, Spain. Portugal, France, So, they went underground, started secret societies; illuminati with Adam Weishaupt. And the alliance between the Jesuit general and the house of Rothschild. We were never told where the French revolution came from. It was payback for their suppression of their order. France was decimated. Thousands of Dominican priests were killed by the Jacobean, Controlled by the Jesuits. The ultimate was raising Napoleon Bonaparte from the Jesuit Island of Corsica, a Roman Catholic freemason, used to punish the Knights of Malta who had expelled the Jesuits from Malta. He was used to punish the pope because he imprisoned them for 5 years. He was used to punish the Mergansers, the monarchs of Portugal driving them into exile to south America. He was used to punish the Bourbons of Spain because they had them out of all their Spanish possessions in south America. And the Bourbons of France with the beheading of Louis the 16th and the beheading of the Hapsburg Austrian queen Marie Antoinette. After the napoleon wars where he punished Europe, he deliberately sacrificed his army of 600 thousand men in Russia just like Hitler deliberately betrayed his army in the east during the operation Barberosa. That was the purpose for Napoleon Bonaparte.

To compare the French revolution to the American Revolution is a travesty. The Jesuits were in control of the French revolution not the American revolution. It was protestant carried on by Calvinist as was Washington, Baptized in a Baptist church in NY by one of his captains. Washington only went into a Masonic lodge two times. Never the master mason of any lodge. It was a protestant, Calvinist resistance to tyranny by the Jesuit king of England George the 3rd. whereas the French revolution was payback, vengeance.

The constitutional republic only lasted till 1868. With the 14th amendment. That created the Holy Roman American Empire, from 1868 to the present. For which they used it to restore the temple power of the pope, after they destroyed the protestant south. So now we learn the 14th amendment was to free the slaves. We have been taught that professionals have to make the laws and do everything because we are laymen. Laymen is a term that applies to everything legal, medical, Gov. there is no such term as layman. But with organized religion you have a priest hood and everybody else is the laity. When you have an organizational medical association victimizing the people every day you have the medical priest and everybody who studies medicine is a layman. He can’t know as much as a doctor. Same way in law. You have lawyers and judges who know law but those of us who are not, we can’t possibly know anything about law. To be called a layman is to be insulted.


Next, we should learn about the efforts expended to treat us as lab rats in mind control studies continued from the Nazi work after the war. This material is contained throughout Chapter2 of the book


After watching this video, one must understand that Erick Phelps has just made an announcement that the Roman Catholic people have never been taught the DOCTRINE of the Temporal Power which the pope was given in 756 by Catherine the Great. That power given to the popes from then on, was the political power all of the popes have wielded over all governments for 1267 years. The government leaders have known that and responded likewise. So, in other words the doctrine of the church is such that the pope has the political power to rule the world, and any government leader rejecting this doctrine would be in conflict with the Jesuit’s oath just stated, giving them fear for their lives. This truth has been known such that the whole world’s people have hated the Catholic church. And the Catholic people are not aware of that and would think the very concept is crazy because they have never been taught the real spiritual laws replaced by the church’s doctrine, now known to be a lie, like everything else we have been taught in their schools, believe to be the truth. So, the people of the Catholic church have been indoctrinated falsely. And the hatred, by all others, of the Catholic church which made no logical sense, has to be reasonably addressed since they are a reasonable people. And they have to face the fact that this false doctrine had to be, so that all other infallible concepts would mesh.  And now we know why they program our egos to only believe what is already learned. That will be the hardest problem for this book and blog to overcome. But you will see it coming if you continue with an open mind. This is not for the faint of heart. All churches, the Muslims and the Jews have been indoctrinated likewise. This is why the whole world should now take responsibility for themselves. I am getting this book to be translatable in many languages so we all will not be enemies. For it is our governments who pose as the enemies, which they are not. All crises like this projected one are planned so that they can keep us in the subconscious ego state of fear. One more point is; do not leave your congregation when you finally arrive at your truth. Stay and offer your support because this is the most devastating trauma I have ever gone through. But my passion has always been uncovering things like this and seeing it to the end.

The church’s power is in the churches, governments and schools we are comfortable in. But it can be their end if we, now knowing truth, we can stay together in support of each other and in the truth. We cannot be deceived any longer. Hear these words from our astrologer, Santos Bonacci: the demonic system we live in:



After watching Eric Phelps’ video, it should be no stretch of your imagination to understand the extreme importance in learning the truth about who and what we are and the powers we have to put an end to the matrix we are trapped in, which is also the aim of the Jesuits oath, to keep us trapped. Their purpose is to prevent us from realizing that all of our problems that seem to have no rhyme or reason are to cement our religious beliefs, indoctrinated in us by the church they created.




The plan to their purpose only follows their extreme oath.  These, and all corporate entities, desire to bring us, through fear, to help them manifest their population control agenda. Their purpose has been, from the start 1267 years ago, to hide our identities as unified incarnated souls within the universal consciousness of this flat firmament covered Earth. We as a collective, are not aware of the Spiritual laws. But they are still under the spiritual law’s limitations against taking actions to ruin or harm us in any way without our full consent. So, their present warning, in a very limited fashion, is to prevent their karmic justice. They have also taken liberties to falsify particular Bible scriptures in the beginning to help them deceive us, still covering themselves from their karma.

This was, until now, a successful attempt to have, outside of ourselves, a judge and savior having power to convict or save us. Thirty-seven verses that were left in the Bible, but ignored through their doctrinal teachings that have to be followed. These verses fully rebut their historical story line. These verses teach us that it is from within ourselves, our hearts and our consciences not from outside of ourselves that we are convicted. Nevertheless, their doctrine of salvation is rebutted by these 37 scriptures that were left in the Bible, so as to divert their karma onto us who are now coming together, in understanding these our spiritual laws:




These ideas can be shared through teachings within the communities with aid from the originators of the internet videos.


I also recommend you visit the web pages of all the videos I post. This is where these truths come from. We are all working together to freely give from our abundance. Their work is freely given for the good of all.





These three videos by Christopher and the next one is extremely important to us all as their titles suggest. These will help us overcome the matrix we are trapped in. They will also help us in financially affording the needed gardens we are going to need.


Three particular regions of space; Serius, Orion and the Pleiades exercise a power dynamic over Earth. This is not just a reference to the to the stars in the sky and the seasons for planting and harvesting; there is something about those three regions of space. They are mentioned by cultures all around the world in their ancient narratives as being the place from which our ancient visitors came; some to nurture us some to be exploit us. Are you tired of being exploited yet? We have consented long enough. Orion is there in the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. Serius is named by the dogon people of Mali and West Africa. And the Pleiades by the Aboriginal Australian story and Native American story. And there is a very specific connection with the Pleiades in the story of Asura. Yahweh and Ashura figuring in this story.


A Letter to All Spiritual Leaders of Religious Congregations


This letter represents a choice from the newly enlightened ones on this earth to you, the trusted spiritual leader of your congregation. This letter brings a spiritually enlightened truth, in the form of an e-book (truthandjusticecharles.com) meant to be shared with your congregation. Your acceptance and recommendation to them to openly and collectively entertain its truths will be greatly appreciated. By looking at this blog in the book you will be able to brighten their spirits by providing these four scriptures, above, to also relieve them of their financial burdens through taxation and legal matters brought on by this corrupt government. This government instituted and backed by the church we are highlighting.


Attached is a notice to the matrix that has controlled all facets of our lives for over 2000 years. We are available as support and further questions at your request.


However, your refusal will be a rejection to share this newly found spiritual enlightenment to those who will, in turn, bear the responsibility, although unknowingly, of a forewarned food shortage crisis, empty store shelves. Your denial will be evaluated as complicit, in the higher universal spiritual court.


Please respond to the returned address;

Post Boxes and More    box number 278

1407 Green Avenue

Orange, Texas, 776730


The reason for this Notice is that those complicit, through consent, to the of planning this event, meant for population control through starvation, will be spiritually evaluated. As is well explained in this book, a universal spiritual law, long hidden from us for evil purposes, is being uncovered. The perpetrators of these actions face the adverse spiritual karma only if their victims do not consent to a warning clearly given in advance. We are all under these spiritual laws just as they are if we know them or not. These spiritual laws were hidden from all and replaced by the religious laws of their godhead, through their (the originators of the matrix) assumed power gained through deceit and force.


But, with the truths of our spiritual nature finally being revealed, we no longer consent to being subject to any of their man-made laws. And now, at this time, we recall and know that all of their intentions have been against our greater spiritual good, laying on us their karma by our unknowing consent. We now understand that our consenting to these man-made laws and religions are against our higher spiritual good and growth,

imposing the, adverse karma, suffering and death on us, their victims for over 2000 years.


Their method of hiding these laws was in replacing these laws, and all knowledge of the spiritual realm, with their system of religious laws which have governed all of our civilized system’s rules of order under their own treaties, to date. These systems include all fictitious corporate governments with no authority over us, but their assumed authority that we have consented to through fear.


However, positive acceptance of this offer will bring you the adverse suffering of rejecting their (the matrix’s) corporate rules you have consented to. Your pay and legal authority will be canceled, leaving you at the mercy of your new employers, your congregation, should they also accept this offer to be the ones in charge of their soul’s freedom.


Conscience as Convector or Savior:


These men, our controllers, knowing they are under the spiritual law, can only cause ruin and harm to us, to enslave us with their concept of justice if their consciences are clear. A clear conscience requires of them to have our consent which in itself depends on our own lack of due diligence to understand their deception to start with.  They have even created a law that convinces us that we have to keep their secret of deception which we also consent to. Now that we have consented to their man-made, not spiritual, law which they have hidden in plain sight, in the 37 scriptures referred to previously, we are hauled into their maritime court having no venue on land, no authority to try cases involving our non-compliance with their statutes, regulations, rules codes and policies, and all previous treaties between themselves, written in their fabricated and non-applicable, authoritative history.

In this case, and all preceding wars and strife we have experienced, we need to be in a knowledge of these spiritual laws whose existence was hidden from us and our ancestors. This unowned spirituality has been replaced with their religious doctrine’s interpretation of a Bible that they altered for this purpose. Two scriptures relating to the Bible being a teaching of our bodies and the Mazzaroth, Zodiac signs – Job 38:32. We must come together as unified souls and not the individual, error led, bodies they have taught us to be.




This is our warning to you, the matrix, who are now planning our demise through starvation, after all of the remembered crises of our past that have endured at your hands, we say enough of your enslavement through your written history under the guise of a legitimate spiritual and subsequent governmental authority.

The newly known spiritual way, not the religious way under your godhead, will have our conscious consent. We no longer consent to your man-made laws initiated for our control and eventual demise. You, knowing that we receive your deserved karma by our consent to be ruled by you and your evil ways is over. We are aware that your entry into our lives was to strengthen and heighten our spiritual condition while, as spiritual souls, experiencing an incarnation here on earth. We no longer consent to you or any other man or your planned karma-free starvation plans by consenting to your warnings. We have misunderstood the implications of all your previous warnings of past crises as efforts to avoid your karma.

Therefore, we now put you on notice that we no longer consent to any of your management of our humanity including spiritual, governmental, educational, health care and technological suppression through statutes, rules, codes and policies with their enforcement legally. And including all your treaties with each other. we had no, say in the making of these treaties or your laws, therefore we shall allow ourselves to be governed by our own consciences.

This notice is peacefully and in good will without malice based on our unconditional forgiveness, whereby your sins against us will be taken away, and you will be pardoned for your offences (ISAIAH 53:11-12)


Our wish to live peacefully with all other humanity, including you, who have involved us in your plans through licenses, employment, contracts, financial control and other limitations to our freedom here. It is only our conscious consent that is our boundary here, as it is the universal law’s boundary that you are not to cross without your deserved karma. So, it is our intent to share all spiritual truth with our fellow man unhampered by your regulations regarding all communication transportation, scientific, educational, physical, mental and psychological healing and natural lawful behavioral technologies. And live a joyful and prosperous life granted by the universal spirit we now consciously consent to.

This is our official warning that we have the power and authority to use our spiritual weapon, the pineal gland, so long unused in manifesting over your lack of power due to karma. This is our exercise of that same spiritual law that states that we can give warning and wait for your non-compliance. If you are wise and comply, we will welcome your non-compliance with unconditional forgiveness and your sins against us will be taken away. You will be pardoned for your offences (ISAIH 53:11-12). If you do not, we will still unconditionally forgive you, bringing down the wrath of the Universal Spirit on you. This is the time when, as in ISAIH 53:11-12, When he was honored by his submissiveness by not challenging, but justifying those who oppressed him.”

The ball (your fate) is now in your court. We, who now patiently submit, not opening our mouths, will trump your believing to be the only ones who know this spiritual truth.

Now, the vegan demon slayer and his cohorts speak

The answer to our challenges is to study chapters one, four and five on how to return to the natural state of luminous bliss, expelling our controllers’ demons for the seeking of truth, which is not just a word but a living, breathing, conscious intelligent being. Have a look at this video presenting Santos Bonacci, Kimmy, and host Summer Sanoldahy (Spelling?). what a delightful crew. I am proud to bring you this truth. Look at their passion pouring out. Santos as an Arthrological teacher of the basic truths of our cosmos is the most passionate of men who devote their whole lives to the hope of the future peace on earth. It was his video of the Navy measuring the distance to the dome bringing NASA to the identity of book burners that should open our eyes, All three of them.  The schools, hospitals and governments are dedicated to keeping the key to all truth hidden. I have said for years that if we could convince all people the earth is flat and not circling the sun at 93 million miles away, the church would cease to control our souls. Every one of our controversies can be controlled with moderators saying that we cannot prove this or that, but just to peacefully compromise. We need more passion. You cannot compromise the physical provable flat earth. Who put the eating of approved animals in the Bible along with the false teaching of manifesting. We have finally found their key and are using it to unlock our selves (souls that we are).



This Blog and this book have been ordained to help carry this out in concert with others who have contracted to do so, by the contract we all have to sign to enter this earthly experience. This experience has become more dreadful than it was ever meant to be. So, those of us who have taken on this responsibility must devote all efforts to the end we all desire. And that is to enlighten through the recovery of our consciousness, which we are doing. We will succeed. We are consciousness incarnated which has been successfully, so far, replaced by our subconscious minds, without the guidance of our loving hearts, and subsequent egos.


We shall overcome with the help and direction provided by these next videos. As I related in this book, all of my accomplishments have been ordained and guided by spirit as source. And without the communications, of which, I would have only been a voice in the darkness crying out without results. So, again I will include examples of the spirit channelers and Tarot card readers, responding to my needs under the zodiac sign of Pisces, later.


This next video, of two, has recently been produced by Solarah, a highly knowledgeable channeler at the request of her spiritual guides. These videos are not just for the sign of Pisces. They are for all of the Zodiac signs. The angels, archangels and spirit guides have chosen her because of her understanding of the spiritual realm and informed her of this additional knowledge for us at the time we need it before the end of the April, 2023 portal. Even after this date, up until celestial configurations end in June of this same year, these teachings will help us by explaining how and why our egos and our identities are so critical, along with the importance of our consciences, that further explains some of the unknown truths of our spiritual union and powers and limitations imposed on all of us, those who control us and ourselves. It is a spiritual warfare we are fighting.

Solara’s teaching is on our identity being a term relating to our identity plus an entity residing within us, thus ID-Entity. That is the explanation of how toxic entities contract with us when we open our energy field to them or accept them mentally. That disputes our knowledge of who we are, the divine I AM.  Opening this field up in a low frequency allows entities in to make a home within this field, thus essentially, possibly, setting a base for the ego that would project who we are in our minds. This was the only way for us, divine souls, to enter the earth energy field to be tested for the learning of our lessons through karma which is really a pause or time out to meditate on, or go within our mind and heart to confirm our true higher frequency identity. The matrix was created to keep us in lower vibrational energies of shame, grief, apathy and fear.

We are in a window where we have to choose to remain on the karma wheel of fortune being tested through situations resulting in pain associated with these lower frequencies or the door of darma with the situations that teach us on the darma wheel of fortune without the associated pain, because we have passed out tests on the other wheel. But these entities are at this time trying to return to us because the earth’s (Gaia’s) frequency is rising too high for them. So, when we experience familiar coping mechanisms such as addictions trying to return, it is a test by karma to see how well we adhere consciously to our true divine identity

This second video by Solarah is even a heavier message pertaining to those who control us in the spiritual realm by using our powers, they have stolen, to continue their goals. For example, the COVID virus has this particular name selected before they even exposed it to us. This reading is further confirmation of the fact that the whole creation of the virus idea from the beginning with the Spanish Flu. The name is similar to the word Coronation. Their fake coronation to mask a real coronation for all the world to experience, one that is to advance to us a spiritual re-birth. coming in the near future. We have been gaining in our fight to overcome these spiritual losses for years now. If you have ever wondered why bad things happen to good people, here is your answer. It is also an answer to why this life seems to be a chaos of unexplainable proportions without any reason at all.

These two videos, appearing close to the end of the blog, will hopefully leave you with a continuing thirst for more spiritual truths. Again, this and all videos have been a needed wake-up call for those of us who have been asleep under our controller’s spiritual warfare with us. We have had no knowledge of our stolen powers. These are videos produced by authors wishing to help us in our spiritual fight. Please continue calling up these selected authors for your part in this quest and truly study them.

As I stated, earlier, I will include some of the Tarot card readings for my sign, Pisces. I have been using these reader’s spiritual guidance by Spirit of the Universe to achieve my purpose here. All of these readings are for the collective energies of the Zodiac sign, Pisces. They read in their heart and pineal gland. We all should have this gift if our gland and spirit are cleansed. These readings begin in May, 2023 and proceed back to 2021. There are also readings in the book proper. I seriously recommend watching these videos on U-Tube to learn more about yourself, your intuition, your mind and your purpose here on Earth through your personal zodiac sign. these readers and our seraphs and Spirit Guides are in communication as they channel their internal locutions. There is one interesting aspect which is that they are not reading minds, but the energetic frequencies from our heart. The mind can even fool ourselves but our heart cannot be conflicted by a mind with its ego to please



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