Now that this book has begun a search for truth and justice and supposedly found them, we should feel we have gained knowledge and wisdom. I have received knowledge from many others who have had the same objective which is to unify us. For myself, I am attempting to include everyone in this search so that their lives may be full of love, joy and bliss. I have just now decided to write something rather than make comments. . Up until now, I have compiled the work of others and commented on them in an effort to have everyone reach a unified understanding of our existence; how to love it and share it.
My question of myself is should I call this chapter the conclusion? It should be an introduction to unity and a solution to a question that hit me today as the book is ready for print. Now that everyone’s contribution has been recognized, let me draw some conclusions. All is energy including us, humans. The problem is we have identified something we have no right to identify. Only he who creates shall have the right to identify it. And how can we name it if we don’t know what it is. Well we have found that we are not what we thought we were all along. We are energy, electromagnetic in nature and we exhibit a frequency. Even the solid rocks and the steel we produce are not really solid, but just exhibiting a very, low frequency. Our frequency and even the thoughts we have travel out into an ether that we cannot see because our eyes see only in a narrow band of frequency, so there are things that exist exhibiting frequencies we cannot see, smell, feel, etc. It should now be obvious that we did not create any of this, therefore we should not attempt to claim to be it’s creator or to name it and create our idea of its purpose to use it for our own good unless it be for the good of others. I may also include the identity of the thought of, or the word good. We seem to have the habit of naming something so that we can make use of it for our own good.
These thoughts arrive from our consciousness, another thing we are trying to figure out and how to use it for our own good. There is that word good again. We see something that brings us joy, such as a humming bird. We are conscious of it and we could watch it all day. But finally our intense consciousness of it prevents other activities we pursue. So we put this experience in a safe place where it cannot be destroyed. That place we find is the subconscious mind where our life forces are directed and where they may not interfere with our conscious life. But it seems we should have a method of recalling this experience for a later time to enjoy. So we have a key to all of our thoughts and we call it our EGO.
When we look at the bird, we want to identify it as something other than ourselves, which of course we haven’t even efficiently identified either. This goes for everything we perceive. Our question is, what is it, in relation to me. Since it too, is only energy projected into an ether like we are, how is it or how could it be described or identified as something other than we, ourselves. And when we try to reject it as part of our existence, we are rejecting part of ourselves.

Maybe now is a good time to try to explain our problem. We see ourselves as separate from everything and everyone else to the point of having our EGO identify it as our own separate object for our own use. Thus, we have, from James 3:16, disorder and all foul practice. We are assuming ownership of all we perceive. And that ownership, rather than a source of admiration of something as part of us to be shared with others, something we can have and hold and use for our own selfish ambition and bitter envy. So, our subconscious thoughts are categorizing everything we see for some use we think is for our good. Here again is that word, good. We don’t know what is or isn’t good for us.
So, now speaking on behalf of those we have gone to the trouble of blaming our miserable existence on, let us put ourselves in their place just for a short time for the purpose to know their intent.
Most of us are just now understanding that we are not separate identities and are influenced by all other things, but are part of those things. Somehow we can trace our misery back to when those others gained a foothold in our capabilities of knowledge and intelligence. Somehow they could see how the lack of this knowledge could be used to their purposes, to control us through a portion of our mind that cannot perceive truth from fiction. All that needs be done is remove all evidence of our unity with all and replace it with disunity to all. How better than the introduction of seeking the purpose for everything for our own pleasure. One of our first objectives is satisfying our hunger. We identify our fruits and vegetables as existing for our bodily nourishment. This is good in that we are a part of these foods and they in turn become a part of us. Their designed purpose follows that truth. We are part of all creation waiting for the experience of inhabiting the creator’s kingdom. When we arrive, even the lion will not eat the lamb. Should we also quit eating the lamb when the lion does or should we quit eating what is a part of ourselves without consideration for its intentions? The animal’s intentions are not to become a part of us, but the plants intentions are to rise in frequency through our ability to merge all of these frequencies.

We have been misled in teachings that everything is separate and for our use as we please. The competition for the things that have been deliberately made scarce is a driving force to add to the disorder and foul practice. All thoughts are intelligent aiming at manifesting a normal pleasurable existence. But using the competition idea, they invented the patent that they could buy up and profit from it. We have now been re-defined as drivers of the invention, say the car. The inventor is happy with his royalties. Look at that word. It comes from those defining themselves with this quality. Since we are the driver of their idea, we must give homage or a fee for the use of the road and the title of driver given to us as a ploy to be their employee, another use of words and definitions. Re-defining the uses of natural plants has, through a long drawn out process, made the use of artificially produced remedies profitable for them. Not only that, but the use of these remedies can further add to their need to produce even more to eliminate side effects. These parallels could continue indefinitely, but the target has been the use of defining all beings as utilitarian rather than as cohabiting with us. These truths have been used against us long enough to be engrained or programmed into our subconscious mind, true or fictitious. We have been taught to use this portion of our mind for daily activities rather than the normal conscious and inventive thoughts which would eventually uncover their ploy. By removing the empathetic emotional part of our being, our heart, from our daily actions we follow their rules. So, in the end, we identify everything, even each other, as separate bodies existing in competition rather than co-existing souls co-existing in unity, this unity eliminating definitions of all creation for our own purposes.
So, I ask, is this book the conclusion of the compilation of efforts to bring us to unity? Or is it a means to see things as they are with our third eye, the one that has been purposefully defeated as a defensive spiritual weapon and an offensive means to live out our peaceful, joyful lives experiencing the contributions of all and learning any lessons we need to learn. The understanding of our identity within a unified field over which we have control has been stolen and the deception of our intellect has led us through a dark time which is being enlightened through our manifesting efforts and those of our united so-called extraterrestrial kin.
It is now time to quit living the empty lives of desperation imposed upon us through deception, no matter what earthly material enticements we have to walk away from. From these Tarot readings you may see that the intent for our enjoyment and growth experiences on this earth, at this time, depend upon our relinquishing the time and thought to their creation and re-direct it to the promised joyful blissful inhabiting of the garden we wish for. And. by the way, that we have been manifesting for years. We are now awaiting the rest of us to wake up to the love our programmed EGOs are hiding from us. If you will notice, especially some of the underlined and bolded words are meant to wake up your curious conscious state of mind if for nothing more than the fun of it. Maybe even for the chance to prove others wrong. Somehow your angels and spiritual guides will eventually guide you to see what is in your best interest. Every part of this book is here because I have been directed to do so. It is not until now that I have actually seen in my minds eye the overall picture portrayed for your guided experience. And with this experience we as a unified force will be able to shift this to a higher frequency like we accidentally did on September 11, 2001.
So, I will add this thought. Your study in the spiritual rather than the deceptive religious field will not only raise the earth’s frequency and yours but make it easier for your family and friends calling you a quack to snap out of their ego cognitive dissonance and join us in the 5D. Understand that in our natural spiritual powers we won’t need the health destroying 5G technology and others for our pleasure.I have also found that in giving up my will I have been already working in the 5D realm in my sleep. My intentions continue through the night raising other’s frequencies. Another reader to consider is the one who produced this video,

teaching how we work with each other, but in some cases spirit guides some away from consolation so that the other may face his dark side that was using ego and habitual acts and cycles to hide the confrontation. Spirit can remove the numbing effect of endorphins when one is close to transformation on a deep level. This is why our guides and angels strive to communicate with us who are not meditating, and keeping our physical and mental health so there spiritual organs will be able to function.

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