This is a reading that I transcribed and it was later removed from the internet. It is directly aimed at me. I wish to share it with you and the next videos of readers who have participated in this Divine Plan to contact us all in some way or another. Since our ability to manifest was taken in two ways and all of our gifts and powers were hidden from us and allowed by spirit because we consented. Let this over 2000 years of total loss of identity and therefore joy in life be a lesson learned. These last few are my words. But I believe them true. I have received many messages and then messed them up because I listened to my programmed ego.

Please excuse my inability to go through correcting spelling and grammar fir transcriptions done “professionally” by the only professionals I could find. Mostly they did not know to leave a space after a period and they don’t know our culture and which words are names etc. they have as much problems with our accents as we do with theirs. Even the closed captions on the videos themselves are lost when discernment is required. So, just to let you know again that the transcription helps if you want to study and memorize things and it prevents google from destroying this work by removing the links, thus the video. At least the words are there. That is if they are close to accurate.

Another reason for the number of readings I have made available is to indicate how important they and the readers, mystics and channelers are in this spiritual warfare with most of us having calcified pineal glands and still tied to the religion system through the EGO the churches so efficiently program from cradle to grave. I have said we are poisoned by DDT (doctrine, dogma and tradition) that is our programming.

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

Channeled, /god’s judgment/court system overall judgment but a spiritual court. This is the way I feel like entering the spiritual court of all time, spaces and dimension, like the highest order there is. Like there’s some sort of judgment that keeps whispering judgment, judgment, judgment day so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the justice or judgment card. You are getting judgment in you life, a very divine order and what I’m getting is that this message, this judgment, it can’t be touched. Like this is a very final message from source. Can’t be touched, tainted. Exactly what is right under the eyes of god is what is going to go down. There has been some sort of ego manipulation by other people of your self. It’s an energy of very heavy divine order divine justice. This is the way it is. Divine Intervention. Arch angel Michael energy as well. Your spirit guides highest spiritual court. Like higher initiates and that they have messages for you in regards to your judgment into judgment that’s being placed at this time. She heard “my child watch me”. I heard that specifically. Maybe your guides saying watch me do divine order. Watch IT HAPPEN.

Throat chakra-pyramid of light step into a deeper vibration of love. Has to do with your throat, your truth or the truth is coming out so the blue is the truth-the throat. You could be getting communication because blue is about communication. Using the throat that or it is just the truth.

Dharma and Shekinah self. These are very high messages. That’s your sacred highest self. So this is like your god and your goddess consciousness. The highest version of you. Spiritually. Unleash your gifts, express your gifts, and dance to the sacred rhythm of life. Stepping into the role of speaking your truth. It could be divine judgment in regards to speaking your truth. You have to testify in court and you have to speak your truth against the family member or someone. It was going on for years. I’m going to get a lot of different channel messages during this message. By the way this is judgment in general you have to finally admit to something or you have to stand up against yourself. You didn’t want to and you have to kind of step into your highest self and do that. For some of you this is a court situation as far as using your voice, for others of you it’s like your sacred purpose. Because look at your highest self. Some sort of truth. Stepping into your truth dharma unfolding. Dharma unfolding. Dharma, your life purposes your soul purpose. Remember that you’re on a path that will take one step at a time to happiness. So this judgment is in regards to your life purpose. Something’s going on in your life right now that’s divine order and judgment (444- these numbers are being read from the readers clock as she is reading the cards; my typing is sketchy since the video was removed before I could proof read it)you have no control over it. No one else around you has any control over it.

Nothing can touch this because this is about your life and your soul purpose. Sacred vision card. This is a very, very sacred message and divine order. I see the chariot card in my head as well. God is in complete control with this area of your life. God is making changes in regards to your life purpose. Choose to forgive in order to heal. See the light and all. Remember that love has no boundaries. You’re stepping into a deeper vibration of love. We got that on the bottom of deck as well. Stepping into a very deep vibration of love. You’re really stepping into a new power. This is all science. A judgment of the higher court. Now to tarot reading.

God is very much here. I just want to say thank you. First I just want to say thank you for having the presence of the holy spirit of mother earth of father light, of these higher initiated ascended masters thank you there is a message for all signs today in regards to judgment, in regards to god. Regards to how god is working in your life. For your life purpose. God is in control of your life. And it’s a heavy message of you have no control over this. You yourself but neither does anyone else you know but you have to with that duality aspect you have no control over what’s going on right now in your life. That’s a message from source. You have no control. God is in complete control. A very heavy surrender message. This is all happening to bring you into a life purpose 7-eleven as I open my eyes. 7-11 alignment. God is so in control right now in your life it’s not even funny because // high priestess, there you go. You could be a high priestess. You’re getting these downloads perhaps but god is preparing you is what I’m getting. God is preparing you for what god and it’s been talking about your gifts. You have gifts. You have a specific role and assignment or task, by god. And everything that happens in your life, not that you have no control over it, but you have only control over but so little when it comes to your life purpose. You’re always, no matter what free will decisions you choose, god is always going to direct you straight back to what it is that god brought you here to. God assigned you to what you chose to do. What your soul chose to do. 808. You’re being prepared with this high priestess role. The magician. You’re manifesting something. Alchemy-4 of pentacles. Holding on to something or having to give up to something. You’re manifesting some sort of release. Look at that justice on the bottom of the deck. Manifesting for celebration. It’s held from you at this time maybe. you’re manifesting celebration. For some of you regards to a court situation it is going to go in your favor. For others of you it’s …I still get the energy of god preparing you. Being prepared for your life purpose. Its huge abundance. When you follow your highest soul path, living in your dharma, under god’s will, when you are fulfilling your god given soul purpose. If you don’t believe in god your soul purpose. You’re here for a reason AND FOR WHATEVER IT IS THAT you choose in life you’re always going to be redirected to your purpose. This is why you are here. To be happy. To use your gifts at their highest abilities, to live your highest happiness. You’re here…..

This was all I had typed until later when I realized it had been removes from the internet. I must have gotten a little too real for the church.


July 4th reading


Notice how she was directed or channeled by spirit to direct a message to one particular person, which I interpret as me because of all the other readings that turned out to be directed other than to a general collective. I lost the transcription, but I wanted you to see how they are not making things up for a show.

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

This link has been removed from the internet in July . Must be a touchy subject
Warning, you’re about to be tested / here’s how to pass it. GONE
Taking sacred action/ standing in your sacred truth
The only thing real is love
Calming the waters testing your reactions, the energy. The work you’ve been doing. You know this.

The message of the humble servant. Carrying the cross. You carry your truth. Sacrificing your lower self- lower world for your higher truth. For your soul’s purpose and truth. And sticking to your truth. You could be sacrificing a person, family, marriage, money, 133, a sacrifice for the truth, for you to live in your truth like Jesus did. Sacrificing the lower ways of yourself, what you deem as comfortable, false happiness, for a long term promise for you. A particular way you are being led. It’s not what you are currently doing; the person you are currently with, it’s a sacrifice that has to be made choosing to do that because you are the humble servant. Next few days in the stars there might be some reaction or triggering or some kind of aggression or tension in your life personally. This is a perfect opportunity to stand in your truth. This is timeless next few weeks.

Opportunity to speak your truth and stand firmly in it. With full moon in Aries. Being asked to stand in truth humbly. Stand humbly in your truth. Take the beating. No comments. As Jesus did. Take it. YOU ARE HUMBLE, QUIET. Some tension or conflict coming into your life. GOD SENT. Situation, environment, situation. Show your angels how devoted you are TO YOUR PURPOSE. To self, soul happiness? To your truth. Listen to your internal guidance. HUMBLY IN YOUR TRUTH===NOT TO YELL IT OUT. Your truth is so powerful that it is silent. TO STAND HUMBLY AND SILENT IN YOUR TRUTH IS YOUR TEST.

MESSAGE already planned for you.

Higher learning to progress. From experience. From sacrificing your lower self, further or advancing what you are doing. They don’t like that. It is your truth. Some don’t like that. Ridiculing what you are doing. Study is required to further progress. Situation where someone is testing your knowledge. That could be triggering. Why are you doing that? [my work is not of this world] a situation to test what you have learned. Full moon in Aries about CALMING YOUR REACTIONS, ANGER, RAGE, WHATEVER. TO PASSION FOR TRUTH, PURPOSE, FOR SELF. You are going to be tested.

Internal or spiritual guidance. Insight from spirit and guides. Expect miracles. Only love is real test the inner work you’ve done. Your energy. Expect miracles. Stand firm in your truth that love for yourself. For your purpose, for spirit. The only thing that’s real. You know the connection between all things. Your truth is being revealed. Trigger your soul’s progression, the work you’ve done. Have you actually done it? 911 is it a firm foundation? Spirit is going to test you.

Ending and new beginning coming.

Pass the test the devil is sending because spirit has a blessing right behind it. GENERATIONAL CURSES & TRANSFORMATION, spirit team is testing your transformation. From inside out. What is foundation from the ground up? Have you done the work on foundation, are you strong in spirit. Are you devoted to your energy? Truth? Purpose? You are your investment [you are what you are seeking] MOVING TO CALMER WATERS. Coming in disguise of pain, betrayal ===Judas are you going to betray your truth or happiness or the work that’s being done? Yourself? It will mirror itself on the outside as betrayal. Like some kind of pain or hurt. What it really is though is the spirit is exposing the devils plan. What was sent to hurt you, to trigger you has a hidden blessing behind it. You need to know that. It may be coming in next few days, weeks know a test before a blessing. Only you can betray or victimize yourself. A trial with a plan behind it. Like the energy of THE BLESSING IS ACTUALLY WHERE YOU ARE LED.

[don’t answer questions==ask them you say I am] stand firm in truth very humbly.

You standing firm in your truth may be some sort of sacrifice. Your self may feel some pain. Something going on in the 3D that is being used for your 5D a blessing on its way to you.

Forward movement card. Emperor and king of wands. Kick start.

A KICKSTART FOR YOUR PURPOSE TO GO INTO EMPOROR EMPRESS MODE. YOU need to know the truth and the illusion behind it.

I need you to stand firm in what I need you to do. Your energy.

Ace of cups=being directed straight into your purpose. Need to pass the test first. Test disguised as devil energy (the devil is the tempter) blackmail? Your holy grail your truth. So many blessings coming in for you when you pass the test.

It may seem like a test from the devil but it is a test from spirit.


MJI The High Priestess

The download here I got is you are working closely with Jesus. I heard, be ready to move mountains and you’re working closely with Jesus. I literally had this written down here already. So this is what spirit wants us to speak on today….I’m going to allow the Holy Spirit to guide me through this reading. This is your life purpose. I’m speaking to somebody who’s life purpose is to work very closely with this ascended master, Jesus in particular, okay, there are many ascended masters that you may feel drawn to. But this message today is about Jesus. You may be writing a book about this, I’m hearing. You could be a writer or maybe you’re being guided to write a book or share your story. I’m hearing, get ready to move mountains. Don’t forget to drink your water. Stay hydrated, you guys know the drill if you are a returning subscriber. All right, answer to spirit guides of the highest white light. What is this message here today about this person who’s working closely with Jesus? Ancestors, Holy Spirit, please come through with the highest white light. Archangel Michael I akk you please protect my energy above and below, Amen. First card out, we have workshops and seminars. Attending, it says attending and giving speeches is part of your spiritual path and purpose. Be open to teaching and learning. So, just like Jesus, you are meant to give workshops and seminars. If you notice this angel here. So, definitely I’m speaking to an earth angel. This being is sitting on a rock and I’m really channeling heavy like when Jesus was like praying on a rock or a mountain, Okay, it’s like you could move mountains and you could move rocks. I’m hearing telekinesis. You’re somebody who’s very spiritual and this is part of your life purpose. It says to be a teacher, to teach, to learn just like Jesus did. Perhaps this is why Jesus is working very closely with you, okay? Yeah, I’m speaking to a healer. Be open to teaching and learning. Yeah, you’re on a spiritual path here. You could already be, yeah wow look at the card that came out, beautiful. Jesus is here in this room guides. Thank you so much for being here. Ascended masters, just like I told you. Powerful, powereful loving and wise spiritual teachers are watching over you and guiding you, okay.? So Jesus is right here at the top. Then we have other cultures, spiritual teachers okay? We have Jesus, we have Buddha, we have Ganesh, so like Indian, all types, okay? This is all kinds of spiritual teachers, from native American to Indian cultures, to Chinese cultures okay? but you are working very close with an ascended master here. And this has to do with this life purpose that you may or may not be doing right now but this is something that you will be doing. You will be teaching the collective, you will be teaching the masses. Yeah, powerful loving and spiritual teachers are watching and guiding you, exactly. Jesus is with you, guiding you as well as other ascended masters. It’s not just one. Let me see, one two three fory five six seven eitht, it could be up to eight ascended masters working with you here. Wow, this is so powerful. I feel like actually this is you right here. And this is Jesus and all the other ones. This is you right here. It’s like you’re being elevated, okay? You are being elevated. You carry a beautiful light, a beautiful message here. Your faith, your name could be Faith or your name could start with a f or an a or an m. who are you? Comment down below if this is resonating with you my love. Answers, Spirit what messages do we have for the collective? Okay, so we have vegetarian, vegan. All right? It says such fresh organic fruits and vegetables give you a boost of high life force which elevates your spiritual frequency. So some of you guys here, like I said, your ascended masters are guiding you to elevate your spiritual frequsncy, here as you guys see this portal. It’s like there’s a portal here being open, so you can speak with these ascended masters whether it’s consciously or subconsciously. You’re being guided to improve your diet here and eat more organic foods, more vegetables, more fruit, okay? Working with the green here, working with your heart chakra. I’m hearing Archangel Raphael. You could be a vegan right now or this is something you’re starting to practice. But what Spirit is saying here is that this is going to help you on your spiritual path, it’s going to help you connect more with the ascended masters. The lighter you are, not in terms of weight, in terms of energy, okay? Sometimes certain foods can decrease our spiritual force. So, focus here on eating organic things that will keep you on this high vibration. Then we have powerful animals, power animals. Your animal spirit guide is a guardian to you and is helping you with a situation. So, yeah, you have a very.. whoever I’m talking to, you have a very powerful spiritual animal working with you, this could be a cat, this could be a horse, a stallion, this could be an owl, whatever animal you feel connected to. This could be a pet you already have or a tattoo that you’ve gotten. This animal is helping you with whatever situation you’re going through as well. Okay, we have throat chakra. The angels are helping you lovingly speak your truth. So there’s something you have to say that your meant to speak with the seminars with your voice. I’m hearing public speaker,okay? You could be a public speaker here. I’m just getting that there’s a lot of angels around you. There’s a lot of guidance around you, but you could be a singer, a performer. You could use communications. You could be a writer, but the way you communicate with your throat chakra. It’s like you’re meant to speak some truth here into this world and to the people, to the masses. If this is resonating, all right, comment down below. Share your story, is what I’m getting. Whether it’s on the comments or in whatever way you feel. The throat chakra is also the Archangel Gabriel, so you might feel drawn to that angel. Working with crystale would be very beneficial for you right now. I’m hearing, one more card. All right listen to your intuitive feelings. Your body is receiving accurate messages from the divine. Exactly, you are somebody that’s an open channel. It could be in your dreams, it could be through synchronicities or signs. I see a rainbow here in this image. So, there’s a promise that the universe has given you. There’s a promise okay? And you’re receiving accurate messages at this time. It’s even through this reading okay? If you intuitively felt drawn to clicking on this video is because the message is for you, okay? It isn’t just for one particular person. This is individuals. Certain individuals are working with Jesus here. Then we have, past life issue. The situation has a basis, is one of your previous lifetimes. Ask your angels to help you remember. Release, learn and heal from past experiences, yeah. So since it fell, under ascended masters here, I feel like in a past life you guys, you could have felt you were Jesus or you were one of his disciples. Okay? Medium, exactly. I’m speaking to somebody that has mediumship abilities, you can connect with departed loved ones. Okay especially animals as well. And there could be ringing in your ears as you’re watching this video or you receive messages while you sleep or through sounds, through music. Okay, this is the way that source and the ascended masters speak to you. Let me see what else I’m getting here, with this past life, I see this person here, this angel, if you notice their hands have like reiki power. So you have a power. So you have a past life anointing here. You have a past life healing energy of reiki. You know how to give these healings. It’s like your ascended masters are guiding you to remember the powers that you hold within the psychic abilities that you have within, and with your mediumship, if you start eating healthier either becoming a vegetarian or a vegan or implementing healthier or more organic foods it would help you hear more, the mediumships. Because I feel like with ears you could be hearing voices or sounds. You know maybe while you’re sleeping or while you’re awake. But I’m speaking to a powerful medium here. You may or not know this right now. But you have a powerful throat chakra as well, okay? So, I’m going to be using here my The Chosen Ones 144 Oracle deck. I made this one myself. If you guys notice. It’s this beautiful angel. It’s called The Chosen Ones 144. I’m speaking to the one thousand forty four okay? Angels are protecting you. Exactly. You are somebody that’s highly protected by angels here. Angels are constantly protecting you. So this is how my cards look. They’re very glossy jittery here. The link is going to be down below, if you feel inclined. If you feel intuitively that you need this deck, okay? I’m speaking to an earth angel here, so let me know. Comment down below. Clarify ascended masters here. Yeah, you have many angels protecting you, like I said, because there’s something very powerful that you’re meant to do here with your throat. You’re meant to be heard by a lot of people, yeah. You’re here to awake the masses. It says wake up. So you’re ascended masters are waking you up to these abilities. They’re waking you up from the past life that you had, that you maybe don’t remember, okay? Wake up. I feel like you are meant to wake up the masses here from this sleep, from this matrix, okay? You’re here to activate their consciousness and subconscious as well. And wake up, like I said. There’s something you must remember about a past life. Maybe you need to release it or to heal or just to remember, but wake up. It’s like come on don’t you remember? All right, there’s something that you remember tied to Jesus here. And you have angels that have always been protecting you. Okay, clarify vegetarian vegan here, even though that’s pretty self-explanatoty. Jesus’ descendant , oh my goodness, I told you , I feel the energy of Jesus in this room. This is beautiful. So you’re going through a major DNA upgrade here. That’s why you need to change your diet. Because your DNA is being activated, it’s being upgraded, especially as you’re releasing a past life issue here. You’re releasing the past lives, things that held you back, things that you had to release, that you had to learn. I feel like you’re also teaching people in this lifetime, things that you learned in another past life, my love. If this is resonating, don’t forget to like share and subscribe and comment down below. But you’re going through a DNA upgrade. That’s why you need to change your diet and you also need to wake up and remember that you are a Jesus descendant. So I have already made a video about this actually last year, like Deember of 2021. It’s called “You Are One Of Jesus’ Descendents,” So make so make sure you check that one out because I feel like this could be a part 2 or this is part one and the other is part 2. whatever. Just follow your intuition, because I’m speaking to somebody highly intuitive here. Follow your intuition. You need to remember that you are a Jesus descendant here. Okay? That’s why you’re working very close to Jesus. You could come from his bloodline. This could be the past life or like I said, you could have been a disciple. Wow, this is so beautiful. I litterly…yeah, you’re going through a DNA upgrade, so just allow things to happen. It’s like you need to remember. You need to activate and you need to release, to allow this mediumship ability and these intuitive feelings to come through. Some of you guys could be under psychic attack, okay? What else here spirit? Yeah, DNA upgrade came up again. Like I said. So, your DNA is going through an upgrade. You’re going through major changes right now. I’m speaking to a Shaman, a healer. As your DNA is upgrading, it’s going to require for you to eat foods that elevate your frequency. So you could actually be having allergic to the foods that you were usually eating. But now its like not working for you. Wow, this is beautiful. I feel Jesus in this room. This is so beautiful. Clarify throat chakra for the collective. Clarify throat chakra. Spellwork, okay? So your angels are helping yuu speak your truth, because I feel like there was some type of spell here. Whatever this spell was, it was to block your throat chakra. It was so that you don’t express yourself, so that you don’t express your voice. If you’ve been having throat chakra issues this could be due some type of spell work. Your angels are helping you. They are protecting you here. That’s why you’re going through a DNA upgrade. Because it’s like the spell work is about to be removed. Whatever throat blockages you had here, it’s going to be removed, because you’re being awakened here. You’re waking up to remembering that you are a Jesus descendant. Especially I feel like this video here as you’re watching it is going to activate you. Trust me when I say that. See, your third eye is awakening. I can’t make it up. Your third eye is awakening, so you’re becoming more self-aware, more aware of your surroundings. More aware of this matrix and yeah, I’m speaking to a lightworker. Just like Jesus, you are a light worker too. And you’re a god ambassador here. So, as your third eye is awakening, you might be seeing lights, orbs, more vivid dreams. You could be picking up more intuitive divine messages here. You could be awakening this mediumship ability you never knew you had, or it’s becoming even more clear than before. Either way your third eye is awakening my love. Listen to that intuitioin. When your third eye is awakening it’s like you’re removing that fluoride that was in there. You have the gift of courage. So, if you notice with Jesus’ story, it definitely takes courage to sacrifice oneself. There’s something about you, inside of you that it’s a beautiful gift and it’s courage. It’s like no matter what you keep persisting. This comes from your blood line, okay? You come from a powerful bloodline. So that’s why there might be this spell work and these different things happening around you. You have the gift of courage. So maybe this spiritual awakening that you’re going through right now, especially with your third eye opening and you’re experiencing even past life memories. For some of you I feel like it’s going to be scarry, but you have the courage to do this. Whatever this life purpose is, you have that gift of courage. You have the gift of faith that can move miuntains, and can really inspire and help individuals. I heard one more. We have black sheep. So you might have felt like you’re the black sheep. Let’s look at this. You have a big mission on earth. I’m telling you, this is why you were a black sheep this entire time. This is why you were underestimated. This is why you felt alone and misunderstood. This is why you felt odd and different around everybody, because you have a different DNA than your family and the people around you. I’m speaking to a descendant of Jesus. Wow, this message is crazy dope. We have remain calm at this time. No matter what’s going through with all this spell work or this psychic attacks. Remain calm at this time. Remain calm, because you are protected. You have angels protecting you. Remain calm during this DNA upgrade, because you’re gonna be shedding a lot of past life, a lot of negativity, a lot of spell work and chains that are in you. And with this DNA activation you’re definitely going to be remembering more memories from your past lives and the gifts that you have in this lifetime. Beautiful reading here guys. Beautiful, beautiful reading. Like the way I feel, it’s so calm and protected. I feel like this message resonates with me. Okay, wake up. Your third eye is awakening. There’s a lot of awakening here. There’s a lot of waking up from slumber. It’s like you were in a trance. You didn’t remember who you are, but now you have Jesus and other ascended masters awakening you, reminding you of how powerful and how big your life mission is on earth, okay? All right spirit, tell me about this person who’s working closely with Jesus. What else. Wow, beautiful. We have the magician as the first card. Look how beautiful this card is. The magician, powerful. You’re a powerful manifester. Okay, you’re infinite. Look at that infinity sign. You are infinite here. I see crystals.this little black dust here. I’m hearing the rose that grew from the concrete. You could be AfricanAmerican here. You don’t have to be. Yeah, with the magician card here, it’s like you are a powerful magician. You hold a lot of will power. The magician is the one who can move mountains. Because he or she realizes the power they hold within themselves. You’re the magician right here. And this power, it’s being activated in you. Tell me more. All right, we have the ace of swords. Again that throat chakra. You’re here to speak some truth this is the card of verification that it’s the truth. And my doorbell is ringing, so answer the calling I’m hearing or answer the door. Go through the door. If you have a dream about a door, go through it fearlessly, okay? Or they may be a visitor in your dreams or in your waking life, or I’m also hearing, like you could actually have like a I don’t know what those are called, like you know those people that come to your door to teach about the Bible? Comment down below if you know what that’s called again. But like, yeah, like a Jehova’s Witnesses, I’m hearing. You could have had like a Jehova’s Witness just like, ring your bell or something, okay? [this happened to me three days ago]This is a double confirmation for you. this pink here tells me Divine feminine energy. There’s like a lot of divine feminine energy that you had to heal. Ace of swords you’re here to speak some truth. You hold the sword of truth. And then we have the 7 of wands. So, yeah there is a lot that you’re fighting right now. There is a lot of energies that you are overcoming and conquering, but you need to be calm at this time, that this is happening to you. Stand your ground. What else here about this person working closely with Jesus? All right, 10 of wands on the bottom. This gives me like when Jesus was carrying the cross, okay? There’s a burden that you hold in your life that maybe you no longer have to carry or maybe you have the courage to. All right 4 of swords and justice, Libra energy. You are here to bring justice to the world. just like Jesus did. We have the sun energy here. God, this is source, source is giving you this sword here if you notice. God, the Universe, the source is giving you here. The sword of truth, so that you bring balance into this world. This is what you are going to do, okay? You’re going to awaken the masses. You’re gonna open your thire eye and as you open your third eye you’re going to, you know, you are a beacon of light for others, so you’re going to activate their third eye as well. 4 of swords and the justice. The justice fell on their spell work. Whatever your enemies were planning against you, you’re going to get justice for this, okay? You are the truth, you speak your truth. You’re here to bring balance here on earth. But not just earth, I’m hearing other planets as well, this is a cosmic life purpose here, which I do provide if you feel drawn to wanting to get a cosmic life purpose, just e-mail me okay, to book a reading. What the 4 of swords, I see all this darkness here guys, if you see all this black. I feel like there’s all this darkness there was a lot of pain, a lot of pain here. Yeah, with the 4 of swords and the DNA upgrade, some of you guys need to rest more. Ok, you’re finding it hard to sleep, because you feel like there’s some sort of darkness haunting you here. All right you need to get some rest as you’re going through this DNA upgrade. You could also be having like powerful dreams with lightening or the sun or the moon. Comment down below if that’s resonating with you. Or like a dark shadow. This is all part of this DNA upgrade. We have this ace of cups, beautiful. Yeah, you’re an empathy here. You have a lot of unconditional love to share with the world. I’m hearing you’re very mysterious, but it’s like you have the Holy Grail inside of you, okay? Inside of you lies a very beautiful gift that over pours, again like the magician, it’s infinite. It’s an infinite unconditional love. You hold the Holy Spirit, you have the Holy Grail inside of you. I’m also hearing this, like truning water into wine, just like Jesus did. Yeah, you’re the magician. You could, yeah, the magician and the Holy Grail, exactly. You could turn water into wine. This is alchemy. You are an alchemist here. Are you an alchemist? Comment down below. This is such a beautiful reading. I like don’t want to end it at all. I also feel like crying a little bit, but I’m just going to hold with all this blue it gives me again like throat chakra. There’s a lot that you have to express, there’s a lot that you have to give. You care about humanity. You have a lot of love inside of you and there’s a beautiful gift you hold with inside of you. again it’s like the Holy Grail. Ypu hold the Holy Grail inside of you It may be connected to your voice. It doesn’t have to be. Clairify the Holy Grail here. the ace of swords, the ace of cups. Clairify the ace of cups here. We have the three of pentacles. This speaks about collaboration, working together, partnership. So I get you are working closely together with these ascendant masters, but I feel like it’s you and your soul tribe. It’s you and two other people, or maybe you’re doing something here on U Tube. The three of Penticles could also mean like U Tube. You’re here to grow something or align peoples chakras. We have the seven of Penticles. You could be an earth sign, okay? I’m getting here Libra, Gemini, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus. It’s like yeah, you have some sort of power. Whatever you plant here, whatever seeds you plant, because this person here is like pouring seeds and then these Penticles are growing. So, you are the alchemist here. I’m aldo gettint 77. you might be born on that date. Or on the 7th or the 77 might mean something to you. We have the temperance and the king of cups.Pisces, Cancer Scorpio, asgittarius with the temperance and beautiful the strength on the bottom, Leo. See you’re lion. Wow, look at the sun on the bottom, heavy Leo, look at the sun. look at how beautiful that card is. Ra, that’s God. God’s son, the sun of God. The son of God is right here, I feel like you, wow, the sun. you are the source, look at the Devil on the bottom. This is the devil card. See? So again there’s like your shadow, or there’s a shadow that you have been facing. Your own shadows. Your own dark side. You could feel like there’s shadows or dark energies around you because there are. You know there’s going to be especially if you’re a Jesus descendant. I’m getting a lot of downloads right now. This is the strength card again with that infinite. You’re infinite. You have an infinite potential for something here. And you have the strength. It’s like you have two sides to you, right? You can be very calm and chill but you can also roar and sour very high here. I’m also getting like this is like something about your energy right now. It’s splitting you into two. Because if you notice, see these hands there’s like three hands here, like facing, I forget the word. We have the sun, the temperance, King of cups and the devil which is Capricorn. So you are fighting some type of spellwork as well, but there’s that strength. Okay? You have something about that courage, that strength, that Leo energy. You have something very amazing and extraordinary inside of you, okay? The temperance speaks about earth angel as well. Speaks about balance. You’re here to restore balance, remain balanced at this time, okay?. Especially as you get more rest. I’m also getting the temperance of somebody, to me at least, that has access to the spiritual and the physical world. okay? It’s like you’re stepping in two places at once. You’re somebody that can access dimension. You’re somebody that can astroproject. If you notice this body is like astral projecting or consciously project here to other dimensions, okay? With your own spiritual body here. So this DNA upgrade could also be happening in your hands, you could be feeling tingling in your hands. King of cups. The king of cups is holding the Holy Grail here with the moon. Again it’s like you’re very connected to the moon. There’s something mysterious about you. That you don’t have yet, haven’t discovered. Yeah, the moon is at the back of the deck, like what? Look at thar eye, that all seeing eye is watching you. There’s a lot of secret societies watching you for some of you. But with the moon, it’s like you’re very connected with the sun the moon. I’m waiting for the stars to come out here but secrets. There’s a lot that you don’t know about yourself. I feel like God is always watching you here. Something with the moon here too. Temptation, I’m hearing like the devil has tried to tempt you here. Temperance, the strength, the sun. you carry a very beautiful light here. You’re here to illuminate, okay? You have a connection with the sun here, so perhaps, get some sun when you wake up in the morning. Some of you guys could need to connect with your plants. Yeah, it’s like there’s some dark energies in your hands or toxicisity that is being removed and sent, it’s being sent back to the light, because your crown chakra is also being activated. Let’s clarify the devil, yeah? What’s this shadow there? It’s like there’s this dark shadow about you. Judgment. There’s that eye again. That’s the eye seeing of God right there. So you are being closely watched. This judgment gives me Gemini energy. Because it has two pwople there, so you could be a Gemini,but there’s something about two peole or having two personas. It’s like maybe you could be dealing with bi-bipolarism or you have two types of personalities or you’re letting one personality go as you’re embrasing the other one. Yeah, you’re unleashing another part of yourself, another half of yourself that you didn’t know. If you notice there’s the world in the middle andthere’s two paths that lead to the same God here , that lead to the same eye. So no matter what path you choose, it’ll always take you here. Clarify the devil one more time. Clarify the devil here spirit. The high priestess and the wheel of fortune. This is your destiny. We’re speaking about yout destiny here, again that three women. There’s like three, maybe you’re working with three women, three men. See the moon cycles? Pay attention to the moon cycles, okay? Brcause you’re very connected to the moon. Here. The high priestess, pomegranet here. I’m speaking to a high priesress. Again we did have mediumship here. So, you are a psychic, you are a high priestess or high priest. All right, the devil and the pomegranet gives like Persephones and Hades. So that story may be relevant to you, mean something to you. Again the high priestess is somebody very mysterious. This person has a lot of secrets. Okay, so you hold a lot of divine secrets here. You get a lot of prophetic dreams. You have access to the underworld and the upper world. Notice that white and black, ying and yang. See your crown is very activated here. It’s like the moon gives yuou balance and gives you messages too, but I feel like you have a very activated crown chakra. And with the devil and the high priestess, I feel like you need to listen to your intuition, especially when temptation or dark energies are around you. You can pick these up. You can feel them, very intuitively, but you know how to balance them. But this is a part of your destiny here. These people will be judged for harming you. Yeah, some of you guys might be dealing with a lot of anxiety. Maybe you’re having difficulty sleeping. This is due to that DNA upgrade my love. You’re releasing a lot here. The death card is Scorpio. Transformation. You are releasing all these dark energies. See how they’re coming off of her? And she’s looking up. It’s like your’re somebody that keeps faith that looks up to God in the Universe and you just know that things will come out for you, that things will work out for you. Your’re being guided to move physically, spiritually, metaphorically to somewhere more balanced, where you can connect with yourself, with a death card, you’re going to go through a major transformation here, like the phoenix that is rising. All right. Let’s see what else we have. See it’s like, you have to do your shadow work. There’s a dark side. There’s a ying and yang of you. Just like all of us, but something about that particularly in this readinig. You’re here to defeat this entity. Okay? I feel like there could be a charming man or woman around you. Clarify this high priestess here. Spiritual union, wow. The number 2 with the high priestess and two. So your intuition is either here like guiding you to a twin flame spiritual connection. Look at that strength card again, power, two faces. It’s like you have two sides of you, very courageous, something about your courage. You could be a path like the number eight. You speak the truth. When you speak it’s the truth. You’re also here to teach people about forgiveness. So, there’s a spiritual union here, okay? Your ascended masters. There’s that infinity sign again. There’s someone you are meant to do this with, Okay? That’s why I kept seeing this two. So you and your twin flame could both be going through this activation. It’s like something’s happening to your aura that’s causing you guys to transform. I’m hearing release control, yeah. The universe, number 21 adds up to three. Something about 2021 might have been significant for you. this could have been the year you met your twin flame. I don’t know. But there’s a spiritual union that, yeah, intuition again, the high Priestess. Yeah, you’re somebody very, very intuitive here. You have access to Akashic records. The high priestess. Yeah, you’re somebody very, very intuitive here. You have access to Akashic records, unknown doors. The high priestess also is the type to allow you to remember your past lives and unlock doors. Yeah, look, two, two, two. Something about this year is going to be significant. 222, I’m telling you 2021 to 2,2,2. and there’s another two down here. Sacral chakra. Your creativity, your sex life. Okay. Sacred womb. I keep hearing sacred womb. So, your intuition is guiding you as well as the universe. It’s guiding both of you guys to a spiritual union, but I feel like you have been a high priestess even in a past life. Look at that ankh, ancient Egyptian here. This is like your inner compass. Follow your intuition at this time. Follow the things that you love. Okay, this will connect you more to your life purpose, because I feel like there’s a door in the back here that is trying to open, a spiritual door. And the universe is here protecting you, guiding you. Some of you guys might be hearing, might be seeing things in your dreams here. We have distruction, disruption. So, this is basically like that devil card. It’s like stay calm at this time. Yeah, look I just said the devil card and there’s temptation. You can’t make this up guys. This is a very beautiful reading. There’s some type of temptation here. Maybe something has been guiding you to go somewhere, do something and you’re just like you need to listen to your intuition, because something is trying to take you out of your energy, out of your holiness, out of your virtue, out of your purity. Do not allow it, okay? Do not let this temptation to disrupt you and when it does, forgive your self and move on. What is this disruptation and temptation here? Yeah, I’m hearing choose wisely, okay? Make sure you choose wisely. Clarigy disruptation, temptation. Maybe you felt restrained, like I said somebody might have put some sort of binding spell on you or told you that maybe you had like mental problems or something like that, but it’s like somebody wanted to disrupt with spellwork your inner peace, your own intuition. Close your eyes and connect with the universe, connect with yourself.

You are not alone. Six of swords, positive movement forward. That’s that number 8 again. I heard 1982. your intuition is guiding you to calmer waters, from the sun to the light. You’re a light worker here. You’re working with the light. There’s a brand new beginning here that you’re going to bring to the world. see, it’s like you’re on top of the world. you’re meant to be on top of the world, leading, guiding, being a beacon of light for others. And there’s that door that only you can walk through my love, only you have this ability for the world, because Jesus did big things, so I feel that you’re here to move mountains. You’re here to do a lot. And look at this woman. She’s very humble, in some sandals. New beginnings, okay? And we have solar plexus. Three. Your solar plexus, you’re confidence. You’re healing your solar plexus and throat chakra and it’s like you’re working with the light. Some of you guys really are seeing orbs. You could see angels. I’m really curious, real quick, about this depiction of the world here. What is this new new beginning with the world there. Yeah, it’s like you have the world either either on the palm of your hands or you’re going to be on top of the world. The two of cups, that’s that spiritual union again. You’re not going to be doing this alone, you’re going to meet a beautiful divine counterpart if you haven’t already. And both of you guys are going to work on something together, as well as activate that Kundalini energy and this is number two again. Yeah, it’s like a powerful twin flame, male female energy. I also feel like you’re balancing your masculine and feminine energy here in this lifetime. Clairify this new beginning. Yeah, there’s new love coming towards you. We havc Leo, the light. Again, a lot of sun, a lot of Raw energy. All right a lot of sun, there’s a lot of light around you. I’m speaking to a light worker. 9 of cups. And it’s a 6 of swords. Again you’re being guided to move. Your spirit guides are guiding you to move. This also looks like Mary, Virgin Mary, when she was like with Jesus, needing to move. It’s like maybe the place you’re at is not safe for you right now or maybe your whole life you ‘ve had to move a lot like a nomad from place to place, because there’s always been a lot of conflict around you. Heavy Leo energy here. Look at this child. It’s like, since you were a child, you’ve had this light, since you were little, you’ve had this beautiful light around you and protection over you. The highj priestess again. Eight of cups. You’ve got to move away from something and go towards your wish fulfillment. The devil, again Capricorn. There’s that devil again. This is what you’ve been fighting. You’ve been fighting temptation all your life. You’ve been fighting people that have been controlling you, that have been using you for sex. This could have been family here or maybe you have been dealing like with money, addiction here, maybe the prople that have been around you have been money hungry and have made you money hungry. Something about your family tree. There has been like a curse in your family here and you’re meant to break with that ace of cups. You are the love, you are the gift, you are the Holy Grail, you are the gift that God is sending to earth here, to bring healing and break this genereational curse. Wow, this is a powerful message. What is the six of swords. Yeah, you’re being guided to move physically, metaphorically, whatever, or spiritually for this new opportunity to come. There’s a blessing, see ? there’s a blessing from the hand of God coming towards you, that has to do with some sort of wish fulfillment. Look at the star. We have the sun, the star, and the moon is over there. So, again this is something very cosmic that you’re doing. You could be an Aquarius with Leo in your chart or Pisces in your chart. The star, you’re meant to be seen. you have a beautiful light about you, okay? So you’re meant to be in the spotlight. You carry so much light around you that heals the people when they’re around you. it heals lovers, it heals your friendships. Yeah, if you guys notice and you’re a Jesus descendent, this is the card of like family here. so, it’s like you come from a powereful family, but there’s always been this temptation, this controlling, this illusion that you’re not this this gifted, but you are. You’ve been surrounded by temptations, but you’re getting a whole new blessing, a brand new beginning here. just kind of let go of this anxiety and worry. You’re going to be a star, okay? You’re a healer, a lightworker, a starseed. There’s that north star. Clarify the star here. temperance, exactly, Sagittarius and judgment. See it’s like answer the call, you have a call right now. Your angels are calling you to shine your light. It’s time to be out there to heal others, to heal yourself, to put your talent out there okay? It’s time for you to get this wish fulfilled. Like I said, there’s something that was promised to you either in a past life or in this life, but you’re an eath angel, and your light will light everybody else’s path. Judgment is here, so there’s something about resurrection okay? There’s something about resurrection, you’re here to resurrect, to awaken, to reawaken. Your angels are here to reawaken you too. Resurrecton and a rebirth. I’m also getting you’re somebody that’s super attractive, I’m going to get two more of these and then I’m out, because I feel like I made this reading super long. What is this judgment before we close out spirit with the star? Yeah, someone new is entering your life. Could be this lover, okay? The spiritual union. You’re somebody that turns pain into power, okay? So I’m gettimg here, like remember resurrection, remember who you are, also something about judgment day here. it’s like you’re gonna take part on this. Secrets exposed. Yeah, you’re going to be working with God here and the angels. Again, a lot of angels if you notice these are two angels, like there’s a lot of Godly energy around you, protecting you. there’s a bigger calling that you have here that you can’t even imagine. It may have to do with this judgment day. Clarify judgment day spirit. Give me more. Pedestal, Queen, yeah, or king you know, you’re somebody that’s meant to be put on a pedestal and you will be. It’s part of your calling. Yep, like I said there’s a divine counterpart that you’re going to be doing this with, a twin flame. Explore a new hobby. We have emotional pain all right? so something that was emotionally painful for you might resurface, but again your DNA is upgrading. Make sure you heal that and allow it to heal. We have accomplishments. You’re meant to accomplish a lot in this lifetime. And you will. Yeah. We also have this lifetime you will achieve external love, twin flame. That’s double the confirmation. So both of you are being reawakened. All righr, you’re both being called to this bigger purpose so that you, yeah, because we have love. Love conquers all. There’s something about a lover that you have, this twin flame. Just like Mary Magdalen was Jesus’ twin flame. You have some sort of twin flame here and it’s like you or your divine counterpart has been surrounded by temptation and karmics, but no more. Okay, 2022, This love of your’s that you both have is going to heal the world. it’s going to elevate the frequency. And it’s going to expose the secrets of society, I’m hearing. Yeah, because you are somebody that’s super sacred. I mean you’re a descendant of Jesus. You’re sacred and you’re person is also sacred as well. So, expect a new opportunity to come towards you. Spirits’s saying do what makes you happy, because that has to do with your life purpose. Okay? Do what makes you happy. Keep going, start your own business. Just keep going. All right, you’re about to have a lot of fans. A lot of subscribers, a lot of followers, just like Jesus had a lot of follower’s. you’re gonna have a lot of fans, okay? You’re a star. Make sure you’re healing that inner child, okay? Thank you so much guys. I hope this reading brought you love, brought you light, brought you activartion, allowed you to remember even if it’s subconsciously for now, who you really are and what your mission is in life. If this message in somewhat mattered, resonated with you, comment down below. Share with everybosy else what your story is or how this resonated. Okay, like this video, show support to this channel and if you feel guided to, again purchase if you feel guided to purchase my chosen one oracle deck here for the 144 thousand. The link is down below my love. Thank you so much. Peace, out.


live victory

focus on project = message from ancestors go for it do your part ground more connect w/guides.cleanse auro hug a tree in park. Spiritual bath palasanto sage herbs.. always win blessed. Decendent of jesus. Powerful bloodline…burn sage buy crystals celanite amathist black tormalene for protection.

Citrine confidence success for solar plexus rosemary or ruen rue to cleanse mind spiritual bath
your destiny here. Spiritual teacher. Feathers god giving new beginning. Lot of deception around you. A new eginning reach for the stars an astrologist of some sort. Business project venus path to health luxury CHECK VENUS PLACEMENT money tree / business deal with a risk. Partnership. Master teacher lead people. Victory in path guided by holy spirit. Healer victorious in a past life and now. Purpose as leader help people ascend ladder of life. Divine goddess.enemy risking copying my work. New opportunity ahead. Find soul tribe. Cosmic sapphire. Voice will bring victory. You are wanted by the universe (matrix) bigger than yourself. A galactyl purpose. Creatoe for univ will be ableto manifest anything . may need to cut away from somebody in family. I see a tree being cut down. Here to break generational curse. Or patternthat was in your family. Something you no longer need. It is blpcking your prosperity. From growing. Blocking spiritual awakening. Starseed/ about to deliver the greatest gift to the world. You are wanted/somebody is looking for you. Gov? book protected speaker music is the gift. Read on spirituality.

WAKE UP WRITE NOW why they are trying to copy you /somebody got sick covod. You care about animals and environment.

Who is copycat around you? Secret society wants you. Jesuits? Their creators? Group of them work against you. Evil eye. They want your partner woman. Whoever you are dating. Some magicians around you. Copy cat wants who you are dating. You are here for confirmatioin. You communicate w/spirits and angels you are an ambassador for the Galaxy.

Doing magic w/your woman and it backfires. Evil family. Member. Cousin? GET A PROTECTION CRYSTAL GROUNDING BLACK TORMALINE. OR ONYX OR OBSIDIAN ANY BLACK CRYSTAL could be own father.

Or neice//stealing your money. Be careful they don’t get backfire. Secret society.tryed to destroy marriage is why it didn’t work out. Pay someone to hurt you. Hear you are successful. You always win. Co-worker in secret society. Derrick???you do have jealous family members. Because your life is full of miracles. Always redefine self. Leadership. Entrapenur. You are healing your family highly favored the pain you had for this victory. To heal yourself for others takes courage, self-acceptance, self love, knowing you are worthy, / to see what my shadow is even though I am a light worker I want to know. As an empathy. Nevere give up. Enemies will watch you be successful. They will get backfire wrapped up for Christmas. Express by a god. Your widh came true for universe and yours will as well.all this pain was inspirarion goesro motivation. Amunra/she is saging for evil ey on her rerading.

Pisces “Best Reading In A Long Time Pisces!”

best reading/ good for project for world healing chaos. knowing plan learned from chaos in past. learned creativity.. you have the tools. no longer have to be scared with magician with doors opening with your skills. your job next year is to be an example for other people based on what you have gone through for such a long time. for years. to show people how they can be successful, how they can pull out of difficulties and challenges. could be for people in your life or on u-tube. your jourey and spiritual path is to show other people what is possible. they can pull themselves out of difficult situations.

from guides and future self/ there are certain places in your life where people are really difficult. seem to be pushing you away. that is because you no longer belong there. you are growing=expanding..on a path toward bigger and better things. if you have wanted to do things for a long time the obstacles will be moving away. take rest when you need it-2022. important to dream. guides want you to enter a dream world. clues coming in like guides gifts. new love for past weeks earth or acq, scorp, Taurus, leo coming in.

I get a little bit of a fixed energy here. if so I feel this person is flexible, maybe you need this if this person is coming in as love at this time will put you on a path. doesn’t matter if this is permanent. they are putting you on a path. this is not necessarily a love reading. period. it is all about you. you are on the right path. your higher self is guiding you at this time


learning & teaching humanity
303 High Priestess—-

Hey Pisces, this is 303 high priestess, this is your weekly reading for the end of February, going into March, let’s go ahead and jump in with each other, hope you guys are doing well out there while out there, taking care of yourself, just want to remind you guys that I do not offer personal readings, if someone is trying to contact you on any one of my social media platforms, no that is not me, I’m not offering any personal or any other services at this time. If I do or when I do, I will definitely let you guys know first, okay, face-to-face, so keep that in mind. How much do you have here Pisces, that feels good okay, we’ll get into that card in a minute, so I do want to let you guys know that this is a general reading. All the messages may not resonate with you, Pisces if this message does not resonate with you make sure you guys check your other sub readings, that I have sun sign readings, that I have listed at the end of this video. You can also check out your Moon rising and Venus sign here in the description box for February and March, okay, let’s see your overall energy is. So there’s a mission, you’re on a mission, you don’t know yet that’s what I’m seeing here from your card, you’re about to go on a mission here. The universe has a mission for you here Pisces, oh my goodness, look at that, nice will take it, you guys have a good reading here, very nice. Let’s go into your cards here Pisces, so you guys have target coming in here, look at that, it almost reminds me of seven of swords, uh seven of wands, I don’t know why but it just feels, it feels like that okay, but the card is saying target. You are being prepared for a big task, only those who survive such attacks reach the next level, don’t freak out, okay, I feel like you’re going, this is a big mission for you, like, you guys are going to be saying something very significant to get others minds thinking in a different direction. I feel like you are going to inspire others with your words and your skillset, your talents here, and I just feel like the divine has a message for you to deliver to humanity for some reason, that’s what it feels like on this level here Pisces okay. I also feel here that they’re saying this may be a message for your close friends and family too like you may be giving someone some important message here, over the next several weeks here, that’s what I’m seeing but it feels so much bigger than that for a lot of you guys like you’re supposed to put your energy out there as a spiritual being as an empath as a spiritual teacher or healer or practitioner, you’re supposed to put this energy or this message out there of hope in keeping faith and teaching others how to connect with their higher selves and listen to the two divine guidance here, okay, and learning to adapt to change because this world is going through a lot of change, that’s what I’m hearing here Pisces, so this is a very important journey here that you’re about to go on this mission, it feels like a mission. And you guys, I feel like you may feel this already like, you’re responsible for doing something on a grand scale, on a big scale here, to help humanity here, that’s the energy that I’m feeling as well, okay. You have the cast of nets, that’s coming in love and positive partnerships, cooperation, and harmony. You got the lovers card and is fitting because you also have the two cups coming in here Pisces. This is how you’re showing up here, so you are pulling people and is just not just a relationship or a romantic connection. This is a community of people, some of you guys may have your own tribe or be part of a tribe like this one. Okay, you may be on Facebook or Instagram and you follow a tribe or common tribes, follow someone that is also a spiritual teacher or empath or very psychic or whatever your skill set is you may follow those groups of people here, okay, but I definitely feel like this is your time to shine. Maybe you definitely, they show me the three cups, that’s what they’re showing me here okay and the three pinnacles as well. So it’s time for you to collaborate and work with others and be around others and share this knowledge or information that you give, don’t be afraid to go out there and connect with people here. Okay, I do feel like your job is to be very intuitive and to share the knowledge in the downloads, that the universe is giving you at this time here because all of you guys know we are going through some significant changes here on this planet, and is very important that we stick together as a spiritual community, okay, I feel that way because a lot of us know that we’re going to spiritual warfare, okay and it’s imperative that we stick together at this time. Okay, your card is saying humanity and the restoration of judgment here, so this is not just about the lover’s card and a Gemini liking you because the lover is Gemini, this is not about that. Some of you guys have Gemini in your chart or you may be collaborating with other Geminis here, but I’m taking it for what the energy is as they give it to me here, it is on a grander scale, they want you to use your spiritual side and also your intellect, your creativity to spread the word, to spread a message to humanity here. Okay, so the spirit is saying, pay attention to synchronicity here Pisces at this time. One person’s joy is another sorrow light and shadow will always show themselves alternatively and shape your character here. This person is reading the Holy Bible here, so some of you guys do have now, I know I do have knowledge of the Bible. Okay, you may have been in church when you’re younger or gone to church with your parents, of course you know, this is how a lot of us were brought up in religion here okay but if you guys do research and you have pain you come to this point where you have expanded yourself, you have evolved and you have done some research to further your knowledge and spirituality here. Possibly you should create something on your own to tie the two together, to help others or to enlighten others. Yeah, they’re giving me a picture of the hierophant card, so you hold some knowledge within you here in your higher self wants you to connect to deliver some message here, okay that’s what I’m feeling from this card. You have a Taurus that is coming out here okay, so change through breaking old patterns. That’s what you’re helping others do and it’s saying to think things through carefully and as being signified by the hangman’s wisdom and purpose. So you’re here at this time on this planet right now Pisces to help others gain a new perspective on spirituality, that’s what I’m feeling here. This is a big mission, I’m saying kind of funny, but it’s a big mission to consciously help people awaken to the truth, whatever that message is whatever that truth is that spirit brings you, deliver that message with confidence here, I’m not going to tell you guys what to say because we are all individuals on our own mission on our own journey here, okay but you feel in your heart you feel it very deeply and if you haven’t yet, you definitely need to meditate and do research like, start to connect with your higher self again and meditate and read up on different religions start to incorporate that into your life if you fell off it, you’re not doing that anymore okay get back into it, listen to others as well other leaders, teachers, spiritual advisors draw wisdom and strength from those people. Okay, that’s what I’m feeling. So this can happen quickly for a lot of you guys that you don’t see this coming here, but there’s going to be a lot of communication. If you do this if you allow yourself to move forward in this area here, there’s going to be a lot of communication of forwarding movement, a lot of positive friendships and bonds being formed here and they’re saying this can happen over the next six months here. Okay, maybe you are establishing something on your own, your own website on your own Facebook group, where you are teaching others and you’re sharing information with others, it’s wonderful, it makes you feel good. It gives you a purpose to wake up every morning like, man, you jump on there, you doing business and you are talking to some very wonderful people they have interesting stories. So if you guys are interested in doing something like that. I feel like this is the right time to do it and I don’t want to just make me feel like this is an exciting opportunity here to connect with others. Now on the love note here, some of you guys may find a lover in that group or in that community, you’re in that tribe whenever you guys are spending your spiritual time, I do see a true soul-mate connection happening very quickly for you, both you guys are very spiritually in tune and very curious about spirituality, okay and connecting religion, both of them together here okay, so, either you or both of you have a strong interest in teaching humanity as well here, there’s something else that I just heard learning and teaching humanity. So I feel like you’re on the right path you’re going in the right direction, if you are thinking about doing this if you had the thought or you have a download or spiritual awakening to go into this type of area in your life here. The spirit is shining a light on you. There is a lot of happiness that will come from you doing that type of work, whatever you guys feel like you’re being called to do. I’m not telling you what to do though, okay, because like I said, we all have our missions, Pisces, but the science coming in letting me know if you don’t know what it is yet okay take a moment of silence to figure it out. Here the moon comes in before the sun, and tarot, so I definitely feel like you may have messages coming in from synchronicity or from your dreams, okay and it will offer you clarity right in which way you should go, some you guys are, I don’t know why they said a revolution, so you guys are dealing, thinking about doing that like starting a revolution. Okay, let me know if you do some like that okay and hit me up on Facebook, but some cards letting me know that whatever path you’re being put on will be illuminated and you will be clear about what that assignment is going to be in, you’re going to be very successful here. I see it with the six wands that are coming in the near future position here. Okay so it’s a lot of people, I don’t know if you see them in the background here, but praising and giving good accolades and cheering this person on, you’re going to be victorious and you’re going to be a very well known, some you guys are going to be popular. And something is coming with this path that you’re moving on. Okay, so you guys will be well known here. You will create something of significance here that will lead a group of people here. Just make sure you are doing it with confidence and your focus on teaching others and also learning continuing to learn yourself, so it’s going to call for some increased studying here on your part here, if you’re going to be this leader as well, okay, leave positively as well with good energy. That’s what I’m feeling spirit wants you to do with some card here okay so you guys, you have the five of pentacles here in the past energy so you guys may have gone through difficulties here in the past you may have been feeling like you were left out here and people weren’t noticing your skillset and noticing you as a person or appreciating you. You may have delivered a message that you felt needed to be delivered in the past and people did not appreciate it and ignored you, but this is your time to shine, that’s what I feel, also feel if you are dealing with financial hardships here, there could be a career in the spiritual sector here that you can monetize on in a good way okay charge for your services. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you’re psychic or you’re tarot reader or you’re spiritual teacher or healer, you do you’re a shaman and you do acupuncture, whatever you got, you’re a massage therapist, you deal with balancing chakras, you are a therapist doing past life regression healings, okay, so people monetize often that, you do your worthy of that being pay for your skill, that’s what we do here on this planet, so don’t think that you’re being greedy because you are charging a fee for something, I feel definite, it was meant to be that way, okay, so you have the flat coming in clarifying the five of pentacles says do not be tempted to lower your standards anymore. Maybe you guys are just giving that information away for free and it’s okay to establish a community in a crowd around you and people that support you, you grow up, and you draw inspiration and information from each other but I feel like as you go on, yeah, don’t lower your standards, know your worth here and start charging a fee for your skills here. Okay, there’s nothing wrong with not charging at first as you’re developing yourself, but after you’ve mastered yourself in your skillset. Okay, that’s what I feel like spirit is wanting you to do and I’m saying that because you have a nine of pentacles here coming in, this beautiful energy, some you guys know this already, with this nine of pentacles crowning you, you want to be able to be successful in your life. You no longer want to live in poverty or struggle in a dead-end job. Okay, you want to be either successfully employed or successfully self-employed here in the possibility to do that is here. Spirit definitely wants you to know that your wisdom will pay off, the more you continue to work and invest in yourself and the eight of pentacles moving into the nine of pentacles as you invest in yourself here Pisces, okay, so keep that in mind here. You guys have the magician card coming in and look at you, they say you have all the skills you need to make this happen. This is what you need to focus on this magician energy that’s coming here, you really showcasing your skills, stepping into your power, not worried about what others are saying about you not worried, if you are a target for some people won’t like that you’re trying to elevate yourself. Of course, because you make a step on the scene and be a threat to some people that are low vibrational beings okay and they want to be the center of attention, not realizing that we work as a collective. Okay, so you have a target on you. That’s why you have this here as you continue to move forward, people see you as a threat, you’re a moving threat. Okay, so let’s go ahead with this magician card here Pisces, and see what is going on for you guys. Stop spirit struck that ego you have money that I’m just being funny about that, you have money path clarifying the magician card here your money magnet you understand, okay, money path come again this is a path with money is waiting for you to find it, I just told you where is that, you have the king of cups that is showing up for you as well that’s outside influences that may be affecting you here, kings of cups here. This may be someone that you’re working with someone that you may partner up with some of you guys could be someone that has emotional feelings for you, it could be that soul mate that I was telling you about as well go ahead and clarify the king of cups here, in the two of cups and see what was going on to cups. A journey either physical or mental so you’re on a new journey, this person whoever this is, Pisces cancer, another Pisces cancer, and Scorpio may be part of that journey. Let’s see if we can pull anything out anything else out there, what else is going on with this king of cups. I don’t know what to say. We have takers celebration fun enjoyment, this person may just come in as a good friend towards you, good connection, good friend, a good coworker. Okay, someone that you can bounce ideas off of someone that you enjoy time with.

They may turn to a love interest later on down the line here, but for a lot of you guys it may be, just someone that you meet on your journey that is supposed to help you and support you on your journey towards success. That’s what I’m saying, you have the hangman coming in here twice you have it on the Taurus card is being signified by the planet Neptune here, okay, the hangman, so this is about idealism and spirituality as well okay so I definitely feel with the hangman coming here that is part of your mission to invite others here okay but they want you Pisces to put some thought into your next steps before you move forward here. That’s what I’m feeling, yeah, put some thought into it here okay on how you’re going to proceed that’s a message for you do not to call your pig or anything, but they’re saying beware of greed. Okay because you guys may get this popularity here, you may have others that want to follow you and find that your advice and your spirituality are deep and you’re really connecting with them on a spiritual level, but they’re saying don’t let it go to your head. Stay centered. Okay, beware of greed here also, is this anyone else, no, this is just a message to you to beware of greed here and maybe greed from other people as well, they may try to come into your life here will see, you also have the wishbone coming in, a wish granted here, so that’s a wish of success, financial stability and security here being on your spiritual path you have persevered and you will overcome any problems here, I’m clarifying the King of swords. I wanted to get a card out to go with it and this is just definitely you standing in your power here making very logical decisions here not really emotionally base and not being really cold. Okay, you’re making thought base reactions, but you’re also tapping into your spiritual self here as well and this king of cups could be both your energy and someone else’s here because the king of cups is very, very emotionally aware as well okay and emotionally balanced and very intuitive and spiritual as well, so that definitely can be both of your energy you’re balancing both of these energies at the same time, okay, but the spirit is letting me know what the King of swords as your final card that’s coming out that you need to persevere and over challenges here that you will be able to overcome any problems or challenges. Again your card says, you are being prepared for a big task. Only those who survive such attacks reach the next level here. Okay, do you almost have to have this king energy. Okay, this kind of masculine energy to overcome these attacks by others, okay, could be their words that may be affecting you, but you also have a strong throat chakra with the King of swords that’s coming in. They may try to emotionally attack you, if they get close enough to you if you allow it, okay, the king of cups is emotionally balanced so you know who you are here. Okay, so maybe you are embodying both of these energies here. Okay, the King of swords is also very business-minded, excellent with business, and speaking okay so that may work in your favor as well. If you are to lead your own Facebook group or YouTube channel or Instagram page okay or website that you’re creating or creating a business where people come into a brick-and-mortar store that you are renting out to you perform services for others, or you provide things that they can purchase from you and whatever you guys are interested in doing okay, whether online or in-person here, you have to have good communication skills as well and be very business-minded okay, so embody both of those energies, I definitely feel with the king of swords are saying here Pisces that your big boss and you know you know it okay if you know it’s okay. Let’s go one more message for you guys for some reason I feel like you have this, so, Pisces is your beautiful stone coming in, Chrysocolla I believe and it says be your own mama, went to use it when you feel small and vulnerable and are looking for someone to parent you, oh crap, but then you remember that you are a grown-up, but it’s cool because you totally got this thing, letting you know that you totally got this, okay, where to put it, hold it to your high heart and breathe and who needs it, anyone entangled in the 24/7 fear cycle, propagated by the fear by the politicians and media complex, those who can never find the right words here. That said, having the right words are important. Okay so just talked about this, so what is this stone Chrysocolla forms near copper ore deposits and is heavy blue-green swirls left behind by the oxidized metal like other materials associated with copper think telephone wires, Chrysocolla opens up channels of clear communication and I told you that you need those channels here, okay, open to communicate with a spirit that is definitely important to. Take a screenshot of this my love and meditate with the stone or go, cop you this stone if I’m pronouncing the name right, that’s what the name is, that is you guys know I love you. Make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up. If this message resonated with you hit the notification bell so that you know when I upload for you again and subscribe to the channel. If you guys haven’t done so already, I will see you guys are next reading. Take care bye.

Pisces Someone Likes You!

your transformation is work of art/ commit fully what you are doing in all realms.

Guided angel—–

Cap. Death card in the position you would expect. Meet things head on. Becoming better in what you keep and give up. Don’t step back, move to your goal. The gift of grief being shattered as the result of a loss and the potential inherent failure. It’s not the pain or loss itself that must be the focus of your attention here. Not even the story of what happened, the details surrounding what has brought you to your knees is as important as what results from that experience. Can you see that this situation has broken you wide open enabling you to have even a greater capacity for love, compassion, empathy and for understanding. You cannot be the same person you were before because of this. The only way forward is to move through it, without resistance or manipulization, without attempting to bargain with unseen forces because none of your usual fall backs can put you together again the way you were. If you do prey to self-absorption or self pitty, you will just make it harder to get to the next gradual phase leading to relief. Yet even if you are prolonging the inevitable, you will get there eventually. The gift is in accepting what you become as a consequence of integrating this difficult experience and allowing yourself to be more than what you were. This wisdom comes at a high price, but the value of your experience of moving through and to the other side is unsurpassed. Love the you that is the result of being broken open by today’s lessons in challenges. [this was from a card readers book- get them]

Pisces, Your Person Got The Tower! You Will be Speechless! – November 2021 Tarot Reading

soft heart had to strengthen to match the everlasting love.

The Taopt Empress

Learn how to put people in their place. Had to learn own inner power and strength. Ant abandonment or refusing to put in the work does not take away from you, who you are. Never take things personally in this life. You needed to be much smarter. Had over life meet those who will open up those innocent eyes. The elements of innocence, vulnerability and purity connected to your soul, but taking very naieve approach to people, experiences and circumstances in this world. Just wanted to see the good in everyone. Have not encountered the different personalities or shades of the human character that come along. Some you cannot take at face value. What is occurring around us is the end of frustration and waiting. Having a melt down in the heart red spear pulling blackened energy from heart pent over a life time growing and protected by cold hardness of a heart not releasing hurt. An elememt of ugliness in heart hiding in secret from the mind. Heart actually calling the mind into coldness and sabotage to all who would awaken this truth. Of narcissist nature resulting. Pent up bitterness and resentment for prior people. Carried, protected and nurtured this seed making it grow causing them to take out frustrations on you. Being very cold, detached, cruel and demeaning and not very kind in some instances. This was own security issues. Throwing it at you. Those unruly and wild in nature can only be tamed by one who’s more wild or on a different frequency. Your purity, kindness and everlasting love that oozes out as an individual was necessary to experience for the icy heart to turn into a warm one. The opinion forming of you is leading through a lot of reflection to be understanding you on a deeper level of understandingcomfortable with a decision . a truth never anticipated, to see yu as you truly are. A light and purity exists inside your heart. Powerful and magnetic that some people don’t have in this life. There has been something you have been trying to hol back, control, something about who yu are that is so powerful you have no idea at all. When that energy has an opportunity to explode everything in your life is going to take off. Everything is going to grow. There is going to be things that you never imagined possible, so much good things coming that you just have to not feel you have to control that light. To be small to make others feel big. You need to become comfortable with this. Your voice has more inner power than you have ever anticipated. It is a light that is glowing and growng ane will be enhanced with. Have to really tear out your heart to grow a new one to become a person that you never thought possible. That is the process of transformation occurring in this life. You were not born tobe small. You are going to be communicatingsomething connected with the judgment being formed about you. The light growing and glowing inside you becoming moere powweerful / never imagined you in this light. Has been trying to turn away from this light to pretend as if it is not there. That you are not something special, trying to prertend you are not who you are. Looking for imperfections, flaws. That needle in the haystack that says you are not as amazing as you are. Their realization will be so powerful as to strike this persondown to their knees. Possibly feeling like they have never come across some one no youe level. Or like you or never come across another. Never/ fantasy land. Spirit guide says many, many, many lifetimes. That is how unique, powerful and amazing you are. Spirit wants to lift you up, look in mirror and recognize who you truly are to stop being small and to start being as big and massive as you possibly can. Extended to see what she feels about you and what will happen in this situation. What you need to know. In preparation to react. There’s some communicartion coming from you. Should you do so or hold your horses. Whosewhomru password
extended reading: mind, heart and soul energy of her. Running out of time and options. They cannot pull what she has pulled before. Having a reality check. This coming heavily from spirit. Wants to regain composure on a mental level (I think her heart is still cold and calling the shots to the brain-I just learned that yesterday) she has lost track of self allowing to be overposereed. Have been all over the place in directions. Very scattered energy. In heart feel you are walking away. Recognizing cannot come in and manipulate you on an emotional level. Or get their way in whatever way shape or form. Needed. Something stagnant coming to an end on soul level. For a long time and has not moved forward the way it needed to. It took a toll. If there is any blockage or difficulties in this situation lifting up as a result of you disconnecting. Enough is enough. Don’t want to put up with this. Having a big wakeup call.
WHAT HAVE THEY REALIZED ABOUT YOU. They were refusing to see something for very long time. They had been trying to give this impression they were much stronger. Their heart was breaking in terms of this situation. Watching you very carefully from a place of defensiveness. (narcissist) they caused the animosity and conflict in this situation and they derived a sense of satisfaction from it. It was to their own demise that they participated in the behavior (heart led?) that they did. It was calling them more pain than bringing them happiness. I will look at that again not satisfied with that answer (neither was I). again what is she going to realize about you in this situation? Always felt they could come in take charge. Do what they pleased. Feels blocked from coming in cerenading love providing you love (love bomb?) there is a lot of pain inside her. Not able to get a handle. Thinking what is this pain coming from. Why experiencing this. What’s causing this. This sense of void inside soul? There is energy indicating that they did not anticipate how things happened. Trying to be in control as much as possible. Their intuition is definitely going off on them. This energy of seeing you coldly going off to a new beginning. Realization that you might go off and have happiness with another individual and that you might put this entire situatin behind you. In a way that they have to be defending themselves. They are in denial about that. Because they feel they had a sudden fantasy over this situation . an energy indicating she thought that it might change or their options or possibilities in this connection, more than this connection would open up to them. But feeling very empty now. As reality starts to set in.
HOW PROCESSING THIS SITUATION, watching you move on. Time is standing still seeing you going towards a new beginning and can’t help feeling this emptiness. Misery cannot have cake and eat it too. Thought they would come out of this struggle as a winner (narcissist) really getting impatient in this situation. You are the one calling the shots. The moon tarot card talks about her possibility experiencing mood swings. Not happy how things are taking form. They feel you have made a decision you want to start your life with another person. Or move in a different direction. Regrets how thing ended. By virtue that you realized she wasn’t going to cut it at the end of the day. They are not going to be someone that would represent an element of success (illusion is everything)for you. You see this person as an individual who failed to uplift this situation to bring this relationship to where it could have been. You might even think to yourself it might be better to start afresh with someone new or you might get involved with another. Why should you give up a possibility, for someone who was not taking the connection seriously.
MESSAGES FROM HER I’m lonely w/o you.. u drive me up wall, u have most beautiful heart, I miss your smell, this is so hard for me. I wish I could go back in time., I regret how I treated you. I want to tell you everything,
It feels she is sitting with regret, remorse, sadness, if they are a spiteful individual it’s going to hurt a lot more. I also think this one is importand; I will never stop loving you , I fell she still caries a lot of love for you in her heart.
NEXT MOVE? 1) will pursue and if it works will feel empty victory 2) will wait an see 3) will have regret if you move on to happiness w/another

ADVICE I searched for god and found only mtself. I searched for myself and found only god. This is the time to look inside your heart and soul and recognize that you are proected by a higher force. There is something in your world right now that is happening that is guiding you on to a path of living your best life. There is so much you deserve, that you are going to get from the universe. You are going to live an abundant and amazing life and there’s going to be love , happiness, joy and everything that you’ve ever imagined . I feel you need to connect with your own sense of spirituality now. You need to make peace with the way things are. You wanted to send some messages to her. What would be the best thing to say.
Unless this conflict comes into alignment and she stops being defensive, the pain is going to continue if she keeps perpetuating this kind of energy it’s going to be a never ending cycle and it’s a cycle you want to put an end to. That’s the reason you are stepping away. Because you don’t feel she can change.
Unless they can prove they can change its going to be up to them to break that cycle. It’s not on you.
If they have a history of ghosting you or turning away from this connection you need to tell them you can’t waste any more time on thie. Not worth it.
For some of you you want to find that right person for happiness. The 10 of cups is all for you. There. Unfair for you to wait. And stick around if something is bring you a sense to affirm your own power.

Pisces “You Made the Right Choice! It Leads to Extreme Abundance Feb. 23, 2022,
Hey, Pisces help are you channeling skating today. I’m going to be doing it for you guys. You know everything we have energy on this side of the screen. Husbands have been a little while some day-to-day. I’m assuming this on the 23rd of the only one that I love you so much for being a part of my life journey. Thank you for your comments, your legs, your subscribers, thank you for your patience with the delivery of the personalized buildings. You guys are everything I swear like I was feeling super tense and because I haven’t delivered a personalized meeting life has gotten really crazy. We got a scammer on Instagram like scanning my face with my beautiful sister. She’s pretending to me to be me and stuff and that really shook me and I extended an apology to one of you who may be listening to this an apology for the delay on the personalized reading you now expecting to just make it just a little bit less known from the person and they were super grateful he was a little treat back you normally were not only super understanding and patient very supportive – like oh you know Pisces is just something else I will be backs something so no I’m going to be doing this challenge in which I plan to use every single one of the material that during this season, so many of them using several expert ratings so we can actually do it. I don’t have to do it. So this is the spirit song Terrell by Helena Cassidy & this technology or this is Angel therapy or go and golden wheel Terrell. All of these are on Amazon spirit. Please bring in the most important messages for the beautiful 50s watching right after right so first pentacles so abundance is here. Abundance is coming, financial abundance, the stability that area of your life is going to be explored is one here is going to be manifesting so many rewards so fast for you immediately go. We have 10 swords so I do have a feeling that this massive massive massive financial success comes hand in hand with something, go comes hand-in-hand with the ending of the chapter is now you know sometimes things in your comfortable, sometimes letting go of things are you still people in our lives to be very difficult emotionally goes hand in hand. The abundance does not happen if we break down our breakup letting go thing is like and if you let go automatically. You get the abundance of collected faces of the same point here, and through this financial problem, I see here that there is not going to be a lot of stability in recovery. Some struggled with finances recently. Last year hasn’t been as real as you would like to be in your recovery. There is a transformation by letting go of something in your life by letting something probably. There is a transformation that gives you everything that you have been missing with the crystals. Here it is time Pisces for you to be very aware of your resources is a wonderful time for you to make sure that you are not getting the short end of the stick. Sometimes we can be overly loving and patient and overly kind and we can sometimes just make sure that you know what is your right to know what is your responsibility and follow through accordingly say if you can save be conservative with expenses you can a sense of security and it’s not going to be like a slow drip IVs and get on like the hospital that is like Count one of you. I don’t feel like that’s how this is going to be showing up this abundance of saying actually valid faucet open water flowing right where he goes hand in hand with this letting go, it’s time to shed old skin some of your life, has served its purpose so you know maybe let’s say that you have someone very special who you are in a very important dynamic with and have been for a while. This person works with you before you work for this person. This person is in a relationship with your friends and the person had a very specific purpose in your life. They have come in and they have been there and helped you with something very specific and now it seems like their mission is complete. They need to move on to something different, something better. Anyhow, mission someone else. This letting go is the key to holding on tight to hold onto the person for the sake of holding onto the person in the world over there playing only cuts off their wings and your wings away so out of love choosing to part ways is the ideal here. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be unpleasant to imparting myself to be very beautiful in a nostalgic way, but what is confirmed here is not going to reward you. And this person for being brave and choosing yourselves because that is how you kindly honor the mission half explaining myself properly, but definitely has the sense of you know Pisces you know what’s good for you even though you love this person you choose you. And they went to the same thing to them by both of you choosing yourselves self-love is almost as if you graduate from something in this person does to a parallel level and income. This abundance, and will be coming in for you very fast and very strong for this person is taking a couple of months and minutes of that much, but they are going to be redirected to Worthing to go because they’re done here with you and that is like a coworker situation can be less emotional, but this could also be showing up in a marriage showing up in a romantic relationship and long-lasting friendship. So when I say that the emotional aspect will be difficult but it is a purpose in your life. We are all teachers for each other. I come into your life. This video, you know, I give you these channel messages and maybe something sticks and helps you and then we part ways and never hear from each other again, but that interaction review something singles for maybe one of you comment comments you know you can do a comment you can do something that has an impact in me and change my life in some way and that made your purpose is not enough is enough so that you will hear you guys think hard, but it doesn’t have to be like you to choose grapes you get to choose the class you would choose serenity. This person loves you, they are really scared. This person will be very much but doesn’t want to screw over. They don’t want to be screwed over by you they’re afraid. And sometimes they’re afraid to get a little bit like the sporty pioneer. They will expand those sharp stingers cool and they can become very defensive be regarded don’t take it personally. Don’t take it personally. This person is just a fight or flight knee-jerk reaction to you instantly. Just let it happen, don’t need to address this person’s emotions. Just let them be defensive. Let them have their time together. Let them identify what exactly they are feeling and realize the reason why they are defensive is that it is something that is very sad for them. You may get defensive, to go when you are in solitude when you take a little bit of time for yourself and process the situation is ending this change, you realize that you to sign made you feel abandoned when you feel betrayed, rejected his son you know will situation but one of those that you just know that’s right. That’s how it’s supposed to be no right select from among all hard as I have video answers to those who have sent you applications for the one on one, please let me know if you got the as I did see that there were like five-piece of the video a couple of days ago and they couldn’t but they weren’t seen as if they weren’t like they may belong to like spammers and snow did receive goggles for watching the knees. Instant testing gives the Lord Gabby I don’t know exactly how to call you. What’s your preference? Also, Mariah just checked the spamming case and saw a response. Check your spam or leg which was very close to achieving pool, it’s time to release negativity. Confidence is key to your success. Work through your fears. Conclusions are within reach. It’s time to take action so that you know this is really letting go of you is exactly what needs to done is to offer experience here and there was a year-long shamanic immersion was of course become a shaman, therapist, and it was pretty much a year in which we all like okay signing up for this. This year we are opening the door to the universe to change everything in our lives with faith by the end of the cycle by the end of the process to be exact in life and boy is. Some people who get divorced will grow up with partners. Some people dropped out of school. Other people were promoted to move from the country just when you give the universe permission for the universe to step in without assistance. And like really, really like to push the changes in your life while you know it’s very intense and that’s exactly what is happening here so it is a matter of remembering it is a matter of saying all right. I asked for this. I asked for abundance or ask dreams to come true so I’m just going to let the universe take you don’t know how to write the note upstairs your spirit guides your the divine energies of spirit you to go with the uncertainty can be very happy the way the situation of souls can be very difficult, but ultimately what you’re saying. He always cards you this way you just don’t know yet. Maybe for some of you, you will ask for the real thing you asked for, will love the right kind of look the best, love, and when you asked for what you want. You transfer your current relationship that may have been your perception of it that the universe is not about this person. So hey let us take over and be there for you in that way. In the meantime, while you’re breaking up with the previous partner. It’s hard to believe it’s hard to disengage from the narrative that is just off of the park because just because looking back is Steve Jobs says thoughts since only you can connect the dots and maybe months from now you are the love of your life and you’re feeling a little never felt when you look back and say well okay you are doing in the midst of the letting go just to switch it right you feel like you’re in a confusing space. Just know this. Whatever’s happening. Whatever’s going to ask for something, and it is being delivered to you. Granted, maybe not the best way of thinking that I should be brought to you but you and the way the matter so you can really enjoy that life that aspect of my progress report night of cups present about for some of you at this time of the year simultaneously receiving incredible romantic love the perfect love shipped on the same time. If you accept the offer that feels right to let go were starting right now and allow an ending its if you listen to your heart and say yes to an offer of romance through the room and somehow you give more abundance on maybe your finances like specifically left the indicator of how much you are allowing the process in this particular child is receiving is you are holding onto something and not allowing something to be let go. You may be experiencing a lack financially right now. That would be a signal to disable all, okay maybe I am holding onto something somewhere in my life that is not supposed to be here anymore or if you feel like you don’t have financial abundance right now. Is there a look around you that is very romantic? Offer that maybe are not considering and maybe you should Kansas Pisces only what is wrong my words to us Pisces spicy this sort of fear. I think some of you have feelings for someone trying to repress the these could be same-sex connections: connections to women to men, or any combination that you maybe isn’t the most like standard or what you’ve experienced before. And like some you could be just an excuse for someone trying to burn them because they’re not used to you’ve never been into someone from the second gender whatever you know and some of your present not here know why though. Why will these feelings while in prison? If there is so much potential here and that’s when the healing process within you may rise and for you to ask yourself why would I give up. Real love just because I’ve always been into men’s words. I’ve always been like why don’t you order yourself and receive with grateful hearts the love that you want or are you keeping the way because societal expectations were concepts that you have in mind of what your messages from Angel visualize success. See yourself doing well in the situation with a positive outcome. Everything is going to be spectacular. Really this is just emotionally difficult sometimes to let go of someone you love or be let go by someone you love. Sometimes it is hard to experience change and then use the new realities unexpectedly. It’s difficult to see a loved one feeling defensive towards you and hurt. It hurts feeling defensive towards my love but besides the reaction, there is the alchemy that is happening inside of you by being confronted with the situation. Besides everything being perfect, it couldn’t be any better but doesn’t feel that way maybe because of the emotional initial release work with Archangel Michael to let go of what no longer serves you a purpose. Go is okay to do with this being fulfilled. Some assistance crystals support you and help with your present situation. Proud of you guys. I am happy for you guys. I can’t wait to see you guys in full force. I know it’s coming. I know that it’s the arrangements of the universe right now you guys are finally going to really claim your power and with that power really claim what is yours by divine right and the life of your dreams here for you all about it on 240 guys do this you know we’re done. Pisces did suffering the things small the world needs you as you are very wise and you are valuable and you have wisdom that is not there to gather dust a be used. I have shared this with you all in different readings that I feel very very cold to help hold the space for the Prince’s collective and empower you guys and help you release whatever needs are released so you guys can be of service to the world and not because you have to, not because it’s expected from you not because you are in any way not worthy. If you want to be of service. Nothing like it but I don’t know if I am very, very, very strong. I know that some of you feel that your mission to that burning desire to change the world to be connected to spirit as you can be to experience your psychic abilities is not deserve to know how it feels to drive me crazy putting years until I actually did something to so ask my current mission and I have been guided to pretty much work with precision. Even though I just opened a temporary single-sided signposting reading monthly for everybody on the tablet you know in my challenges, my meditation is all about Pisces and you’re supposed to be working with Pisces are supposed to be treated like workers doing this or any other like the lemming says you know I love my fish is the connection I have the guys that she’s different. It’s just different. So very happy to be able to connect with you guys this way to be able to share these messages in this way and happy to see how everything is coming together for you so please don’t let me be of service in any way I can. Right now I am offering different options, you know of three things to let one-on-one immersive experiences and approaches like handholding and energy healing and purification and really making sure that you are actually to start the same path of life. In this new phase, so these readings are free, you can subscribe to receive tons of readings for Pisces. Like every single day. Okay so just think about these. I think that this is actually a very very good support system. It almost feels like therapy. Quite frankly, because it is a channel for the Pisces collector that usually goes along the lines of what you are going through, you can really, really make the most of my situations. If you guys would like a personalized building in which I tap into your energy and go in-depth into three questions you may have about your situation. I would love to help you guys out without just knowing that there are scammers out there, especially on Instagram right. Only through our website awakened wild can you purchase the personalized meetings only through the emails that and in acts awakened wild you can know for sure that you are talking to us, someone created an almost identical Instagram profile and they would go around and say like hey you, am feeling very high energy which is not going to mess this well and I feel like I should do, waiting for you guys. I can barely do what I need to do. I am not going to go around offering personalized readings, because I already struggle a lot to complete the ones I have struggled with a lot. It doesn’t mean that I absolutely adore working with you over Frese is unknowledgeable around and sends that message to thousands of people just like see who says yes. I just want to contact you personally to offer you anything and if I ever will. It will probably be through our safe emails. You know just that’s how it would go, and it has happened. I was, I just fell into Rachel Spurgeon needing to write to this person. And I was like there’s anything I can do for you, feel your energy very strongly. So just let me know, and indeed it was divinely guided and I was kind of like invited to or led to support this person in their journey at the time it does happen but just know that I would contact you through those email spam websites. Don’t there’s an account on Instagram. My account is pleading with a local official in the Fink account for Pierce, it’s Katie McLachlan. official for the almost identical same picture they bought a bunch of my boxlike followers. Like for followers. So it looks like it’s been following or whatever does not count well and to some of you like those of you who were really smart asked for verification. They said like yourself, even if it was me taking the selfie and sending it as a confirmation that was noted and because I know that so many bridges hit differently when one of your fisheries goes for it. I get a lot of beer on you so this is not a fool. I know this happens in almost every rear state of our fault. I want you guys to receive something. I want to make the most out of the Trinity to serve you because so many so write to us. If you were scanned at any point write to us at send us the screenshot of your transaction to that person or your interaction with the person when going to give you access to your energy protection program for free or any other program, the and my intention with specific protection is because you know we can take actions not be energetically exposed to. I mean there are things we can do the other little lazy with the protection of my social media energetically things like, and so it was a wake-up call, which I probably needed, but it’s not you know what I can do for you guys just to make a better, personalized meeting, there’s the one on one healing program for six months working one-on-one with me video calls shamanic clearing structure work energy present extraction soul retrieval over dollar flow on a complete overhaul to get close to. She’s out of the state of feeling completely hopeless. That program is for you guys who feel like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get out of the tough situation that’s those of the fishes that I was compelled to help because I feel like many of those places are the ones that actually very powerful and very capable of changing the world through their connection to spirit so extend that if it was nice for anybody all in the description box below. I will organize and repost as much as I can. Also doing this funny little thing in the community. If you’re not subscribed to it every day. I’m posting a celebrity fishing of the day and today is the 23rd then under the picture of someone who was born on February 23. In this case. Today was a posting for healing all sorrows behind you
emerging into a new reality old ways of living, behaving is fading away. A whole new reality taking hold in material ralm./ understand purpose. Integrity in heart what is right for you. Releasing judgment of self and others. Getting ready to receive a dream come true. A need to review pasr/ make better decisions. Prepare for a new love connection that matches your worth..focus on love and strength.
Make a decision and move forward.
X is wounded warrior. 999 real chapter ending/ focus on strength.transformatioin/ heavy load is lifted. 3 of swords heartbreak sadness that will heal with time. Healing heart and preparing for a new connection matching your worth. Allow feelings to surface and be accepted. Helps release with a damn good cry. Embrace emotions. Focus on everything new. Complete a chapter with the world card. 4 9’s. gained wisdom needed to move on. With confidence. Work/ internet/ social media. Guiding light a blessing to the world as well. Bask in this time by honoring yourself. How you have achieved be comfortable with it rest and delegate simplify business. Don’t overburden with too many bills. Environmental activism. Conflict showing up together. Law of attraction in your favor now. Focus on your srtrengths and what makes you unique and strong. And bright. Will get an upleveling in what you are doing in your career. Ot social media status. Divinely hidden for now, for the right one later. Your live life is going as planned. Believe it. Big guardian angel making sure you are in right direction. In love. You will understand why you have to go through the past partner to come to this new partner. 9 of cups you are not chasing. Chivalry. Dating and courting and loyalty.
Limitless, do anything you choose. Take a chance on this love. Spirit helping you don’’t have to chase true love. Imperative you believe. You deserve this. Potential outcome= divine connections that you can trust and love.

planet alignments ask goddess Kali Mam for help in emotional and personal power issues weekend of fri,- sun june 22-24 2022

this is major / you will have your moment / they are listening
enough of growing, and listening; now you are going to speak with
power and authority / questioning those in authority / to the point
of acquiescence / to the point of equitable jurisprudence.

Fate Steps in! Soul mates making it happen!

Pisces: Love Instant Soul Connection/ Can’t Get Better Than Thi BF PARADISE

2022 good year communication///water sign twin keeper year of big wins
Consciousness evolution journey–__–

from past life soul mate gift
madam butterfly==__
OLD AND REBUILD THE NR\EW sacred purpose my mind is in touch with divine ideas my visions create a better world and so it is

4th of July reading

TODAY’S MESSAGE FOR ALL! Not just Pisces JULY 4 2022

importance of JUNE follow directions to july before permanent commitment

This is the sour grapes
Blessings foundry—-

so good June

is it over/ what is new that is not new?
Universal intuition—

daydream 4-5 weeks
baba jolie—

crawling out of hell watering all around you

focusing with victory ahead
familiar witch—–

The Power Couple ~ Special Soulmate Love Reading
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

the divine action to both of us for our happiness and a new relationship that cannot be hurt…

twin flame you are meeting someone significant very soon / success if falling in your lap / major contract 1111

divine timing you are destroying the devil of your past taking a tower down
familiar witch—___

double victory
blessings foundry—___

eyes have not seen ancestors have to work for this manifestation

div timing arrangement BUT get busy DO YOUR WORK
pi seas—___

their problem//2 to 4 weeks divine timing/their tower moment-things not working for them univ gives a shove in timing. Soul mates powerful connections/soul mates are not necessarily for long time. We have a soul contract to be here at same time and you meet. Not by mistake exactly when you are supposed to. It is you being rescued and healed. You are in the presence of a soul mate come to guide you home to the real you.
k’s —___—
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
Right hand engineer of god
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
ancient secret knowledge
k’s –__–

You Play An Important Role In A Prophecy Of The Bible/ Inspirational Public Speaker Legend
Maji The High Priestess LLC could be Armagedian

let go of what happened and fulfill the divine purpose that god has for
the dream clairvoyant—–

All of a sudden 1111something changes blessings and new coming in love romance happiness
Familiar witch—–___

I have ever seen such a reading before! Someone needs to hear this very good. don’t be trapped in past thoughts take freeing up for new start
The sacred sun–__–
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
don’t stop go with all your power do not let anything limit you from doing what needs to be done. No limit can stop you

message from angels and ancestors.
Spiritual liaison —__

Major blessings very soon

going thru transformation/ see changes in the spring advised to strategically advance toward goal.
Don’t forget about your goals, needs and wants. //regret, remorse sadness is steaming from a place of oh I wanted it to be this way but it couldn’t / I tried so hard to fix it . I tried so hard to make things right. But why doesn’t it work out for me? The mess was there in your life to teach a lesson. Manifesting w/ intuition/ you are manifesting love when you least expect it. (cleaning apt) direct FOCUS TO YOUR GOAL healing, business, family whatever. Too many tabs open. Her failure was not taking action/waiting. Some things they have revealed and a lot they haven’t. haven’t revealed is that they still wonder and think about you. Stalking. May talk but not say what they want to.

there is a very fiery, loving and loyal energy in your near future
madam butterfly—___—

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
The Whole World will know Your Name! Destined For Greatness/ Legend/ they are praying On Your Downfall

spotlight/you are anointed/chosen/divine blood/ ur /blowing up/ dreams coming true/ success
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
arranged marriage by divine/ surrender to your higher self—11 11 portal. It is twin flame journey removed from internet, it must have been too telling

Spiritual liaison–__—

People judge &Criticize You Because They Don’t See God’s Plan For You / Legacy

Pisces “GET READY! THIS IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW learning & teaching humanity
303 High Priestess—-

Person Got the Tower ! You will Be Speechless
The Taopt Empress

Katie strongest reading ever

Pisces “Best Reading In A Long Time Pisces!”

don’t stop go with all your power do not let anything limit you from doing what needs to be done. No limit can stop you

Answers and truth from your Unspoken Higher Self. Part 1

instant soul connection PARADISE
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
Your spirit team is proud / completing a 12th cycle for them

Eye on the Prize. / New Commitment

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
Your ancestors were skipping atonement / curse breaker.

This video I added because of my experience with this narcissistic behavior which comes from an ego that was most likely screwed u from trauma or lack of proper love early in life. Professionals write them off as having no empathy. I also thing the controllers of our ego programming on TV, news and entertainment had made many become unbearable especially in marriage and family life. Personally through this breakup and now after it. I find that each person has to find their way out. It generally has to be a moment when they are forced to look at themselves objectively in light of circumstances they cannot wiggle out of by blaming others. They do need support when they wake up. Narcissistic or not our elevation to 5D is going to require recognizing the danger of the ego and the need to ignore, thus kill it. the next step I have found is giving up my free will. Since I have been following divine will, I realize mine needs support.

narcissist 6 fears = insecurities that are triggered when they see someone else receiving anything they are not by anyone else
Rebecca Zun–__

happiness readers
attention by friends
prosperity enemies
confidence in your self more than them
possessions they don’t have (car in name)
security (w/o house) they need to hold on/far loss
pride their lack of self image / other’sjudgment
loved and they are not as much
loving them vied as not caring or loving
adoration can’t adore because of lost self image (compete)
envy they want the envy you get

early childhood self image comparing themselves to all others // not receiving security from mother / family/ how others vied her brothers and how they smothered them

someone chasing you, fear of abandonment. The self absorbed Narcissist.
Guided angel

The Whole World Will Know Your Name
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
arranged marriage by divine/ surrender to your higher self—11 11 portal. It is twin flame journey


the TOP reading ever with such a communicative and enticing reader KEEPER FOR BOOK

read again
July court challenge-win then last challenge- defend yourself in justice

this is the reading to use to smoth my way into how this all came about. Thank you angels. This goes in story easily and then from there. Tomorrow
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
important message soulmate GONE


akashic records/ nov. 20 something happens/ you are empress energy who sets the tone for the children/ strength and truth/turning back on emotional fulfillment from others/ surrender to the cosmos, divine, higher self for balance and guidance / you are on an ascension journey./ a responsibility of being the chosen one around your family. (hair change confirmation) passed on loved ones, one is literally a star in the sky. /turning your back on old ways.write a letter to a passed love one and burn it so they can receive it. This is part of your healing to walk away-heart on sleve/ energy clear /do soul retrieval:
think of a traumatic event, relationship or soul memory that you are being called to call back your power from. Check into your body and see which chakra needs a bit of an energetic cleanup which is exactly what I was saying whils channeling your chakras and trauma childhood. So hold your hand to your heart. And say these words: I call back any lost fragments power or light now, any vows, soul contracts, hexes or programs from the past or present from this life or others that are not in the highest good of all. I relinquish any power of light that I have willingly or unwillingly given away or had taken from me. I call back now any cords or attachments from this life or others. I release now for the highest good of all and so it is, so it is, and so it is./ trust the Nigel. Don’t ignore niggling feelings by throwing your best droplets of stubbornness ego and post rationalization to numb them out. It is exhausting until you face the Nigel. Life just throws you more bait to awaken it to draw your attention to the light within you that is bursting to come out. The Nigel is an arrow pointing to what is standing in your way; the relationship, the conversation, the decision, the shift that needs to be made the rock in your shoe. Often we feel the Niggling feeling in our body first. Many people think that intuition is something from the higher realms but in fact it is in the body that is the intuitive one working through our senses to deliver vibrational information. It takes just a moment every day to scan your body to receive the intuitive intelligence and act on it quickly. being called to face the Nigel now. If you don’t face it the universe will throw something much bigger and obvious in your path. And then you will likely regret that you didn’t answer the Nigel in the first place. I know it is scary but you are safe. That root chakra I was talking about. I do reiki. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I would highly recommend root chakra meditations even if it’s just 5 minutes a day. Message from loved one: this is not a healthy union, but you already knew that. Stop ignoring your intuition ///call out to me to cut the cords and do protection work. This is not a healthy union but you already knew that. Cut the cord already . they were not in your womb PASSED LOVE ONE WANTS you to light a candle. There’s also some a picture like you have a picture of them in your house and something about a watch is also very significant. FROM THE BOOK memories arise at different times. Some totally expected others when you least expect them. The power of love works both ways. As your loved ones in spirit can be thinking of you at the exact same time you are thinking about the. Spirit presents this card to you so that you remember your loved ones when they are at their happiest and heqlthiest, do not remember them if they were sick or hurt before they went to the spirit word for they are whole again and beautiful. Take out the happiest picture of them and look into their eyes notice that spark, the joy that shines out from their soul. This is how they truly are now. When you remember the wonderful memories and thoughts no matter what the situation you are infused with thar oositive energy. This can help you stay connected to your loved ones and also attract the highest and best for here in physical.
More root chakra: you have to be willing to listen if you want to really understand someone now is not the time to be offering advice but to be a compassionate listener. To listen fully and intently means to pay attention, not to just what is being said but what lies beneath the words. Absolutely so some of you need to listen and take heed to what I’m saying today because this is not a joke. This is very serious. Domestic violence came through. A lot of distractions. People poking and proding.

out of nowhere have been waiting. Be ready to fight the good fight. Lead w/heart with balance, harmony, nurturing and caring seeing good in everybody. Positive major changes in your path and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have already done the work. Confidence and self-assurance and be compassionate with your self….embrace what is coming toward you. Double luck and excitement to goal or dream.
Despair confusion awakening in sept. blossom big time for you relationship, goal dream friendship/turn it around and see positive in it. (for this challenge heartbreak recovery) taking) she feels right shoulder recovering=rest. Making headway. Miscommunication causing confusion. Retrograde after 27th 12:21 reconnected in some way. Or finding a different way unbelievable breakthrough. Major recognition or award or successful news putting you in the limelight. Something you worked really hard for. Had a lot of losses now time for the gains. Everything starts to get easier. Giving up on vision then there it is. You are a bit of an influencer in your world. Fate and destiny convine. Seeing double numbers. Your destiny suddenly becomes obvious. Seeing what plan is right for you. Discard other. You do what is claer to you. Taking first steps to lifes purpose. Major breakthrough showing your strength in a certain area. That allows you to shine. Non-conformist with passion to drive you to overcome obstacles. Only to prove yourself to yourself. Diplomatically. Peacemaker. Is important in relationship. Be curious, bold go after it. Over these hold up circumstances. Discovering the purpose. Universe will meet you half-way. 12:44
Need to detach self from a certain element: not following heart in some area or right now you cannot accept love because you’re attached to another situation of circumstamce or there is an opportunity you cannot manifest or move forward on because you feel like you are not ready or the circumstance has not arised for you yet or you feel like you cannot go after it because something is holding you back fear, perfectionism or something is preventing you to move forward TO FOLLOW your heart. Perhaps unrealistic expectations of a situation but 3 of wands indicates there will be expansion, movement forward and celebration but you ‘ve got to identify what it is that is preventing that. what IS that devil card for you? Not meaning means there is something in the way. Sometimes we are not even aware of. The trick is to identify it, fear, or a person with toxic low vibration, or an unfair hierarchy when trying to move in to a leadership position. (santos?)
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
mother-father message for you./love and helping hand for others. Father 433
Let chance play its creative role in life….art
Thank for watching from your side helping to correct misdeeds to all humanity. 555 and mother…444 sees stress here and sees grand children. Help with load. 333 brother love we will include in our celebration. Dad=art =resonates land will /some manipulation with money from father. Rightfully yours. It is your birthright to be abundant. Has been ordained /mother and father see some manipulation that is going on. They want to clear it. If you are asking their protection =ace of cups. Something not right/ unfair. They are bringing in this new start. They will not let you go over the edge///must know FE. Guiding toward the 10 of pentacles /on journey discovering family secrets. Secret abundance. Behind the death maybe no one knew. When they were alive. Some kind of contract/paperwork. – a brother – with the star there is healing. Info from brother about this. Coming to light about money from father. There is a contract, paperwork has to get to you and it will. Almost stimming to past lives. Other people are reacting in ways maybe hiding the paperwork or not wanting to contact you 22333. There are chains being broken. Something is making its way to you. Maybe a contract signed when you were a child. The world is a new cycle. A cycle of conflict is completing. Surrounding this money. This that’s supposed to get to you that’s like some sort of entrapment again. There’s been a lot of entrapment. I feel like there’s been a lot of trauma going on since you were a child. This was already again I see a contract written for you as a child. Look at that. They are writing a contract. OMG in the wheel. Could have been a grandfather and they are trying to hide it from you. Your name is on that and that’s going to come out. And it’s going to be given to you. This is years of hidden drama and maybe you’re just finding it. from a letter or some sort of information. Your name is on there. It’s not going to say he didn’t belong. It’s not going to stay hidden for long. 5 of swords in reverse. Like someone manipulating in reverse like it didn’t work like you saw it. Look at that three of wands. Something is coming towards you. You are looking the other way. There may be travel or distance again. There’s like some sort of distance involved that I am picking up on. The sun’s coming towards you and all this illusion and drama for so many years. A lot like …and this I feel like this drama isn’t personal. Because I feel like this stems from your childhood. 5 of pentacles (out in the cold). The sun is coming in for you. The star energy. You might be receiving this information from a brother. This information is very, very delayed. But it’s coming in for you. Bring love into the situation. Good times. Love surrounds you. Loved ones as well. I feel like there’s a lot of information that may be taking (I get the word taking place) like maybe like someone’s gathering information at this time and making its way towards you deciding what they do with the information. We have love and destiny. sept. time to shine/ you can withstand. You can overcome yur challenges . will start a revolution, will fight through, oppression due to emotions, endurance, perseverance, strengthening your stability. Deep commitment to self or calling, or to a relationship trying to keep promises but emotions hold back. Through restriction, exhaustion, repression, depleted resources, feeling cut off, punished, confinement. This energy is coming up strong especially with full moom in pisces. Feeling emotions of people around you. Connected to Divine to be a beacon of light to other people. To start a revolution. Come from under oppression . could influence family, people outside by going through transformation. Radical change giving up old for new. Quantum leap. Taking action fighting for self, restoring order within relationships, giving confidence to restore things in other’s lives. Influencers and connected to community. Lead others toward the light to give them hope to transform, take back their power.
Something inside wanting to be seen and heard with spiritual transformation. Taking a stance for people around you. Or against something that is dark. How all are being treated unfairly and trying to make a change. Desire with sacral chakra to make a change. Individually or with a group of people with illumination and self-expression. Lead the crowd with throat chakra. Speaking truth, for self and others. Will definitely be heard. Will probably get in trouble. Just obstacles and challenges you expect for standing up for truth and justice. // choosing battles very wisely. Defending self and in return a lot of people will definitely HAVE YOUR BACK. World card support. Win praise and admiration for energy trouble may make you look for a new position,or job or whole new area. Because of unorthodox stage in the game. Socially. May be influencing spiritually leading a tribe or group//create something out of nothing. Don’t be afraid to close one door for another. May be very happy about this change. With nostalgic energy and clarity living in the moment feeling free from bondage or suppression. Strong sense of overecoming human limitations set upon you. Whether in form of you creating own stream of income or just going with another group engaged with their staff.
Couples/ improve relations if strained in past moving together fearlessly in relationship of soulmates. Has been going through a rough period. Will get through these rough seas. Better times ahead. Moving together fearlessly on new path for both. Time together traveling/train, bus, plane. Whatever conflicts or struggles may have had will be overecome building something beautiful.
Singles/ moment of instability indecisiveness carreer. Love still comes in. new soulmate lover. In tune and supporting helping sort out a lot of challenges or restrictions faced with whether put on self or not. They will be there in support. After a long time of disappointment in love thngs will improve and move along fairly quick. To reach goal of getting to know you.
Spirit does not want you to focus things that happened in past. Especially with lovers card in reverse-streak of bad luck-rather very difficult lessons. Was a learning experience. Don’t have to carry these difficult emotional relationship memories into something new. Be clear of indesiveness on new offer coming in. time to change mindset. Allow love at this moment. From spirit team. (safe to relax, from an ordeal- were amazing handled it all but with consequence you’ve learned to live on high alert—this needs to change –need peace and relax body. Don’t hold resentment of others. That blocks blessings. Only dislike their WORDS, ACTIONS, AND BEHAVIOR. Detach from the behavior and see in them a soul on their own unique pathway accepting and attempting to manage their own challenges. Alow self to receive to increase manifesting powers. Identify any beliefs, perceptions, attitudes that stop you from receiving and one by one remove these resistances. The moon does affect all of us. #10 coming in with moon cycle. Attune yourself with rhythm of the moon. notice how the moon affects your energy and learn to use these energetic shifts within to inhance ability to be consciously co-creative in all aspects of your life. victory over all expectations came from a tower moment of surrendering to universe in concerns. Not choosing conflict of temptation in devil card.

very good it is easy to self-sabotage so don’t go for yur promised gifts and for
build new in strength/ don’t fall back.. go your way w/o regret forgive and forget.

fated to be together//will come forward w/passion

ready for miracle, always ment to be, justice is yours. Your true power is to move on past this energy, past the situation/divine timing / power is universe, your connection karma, law of attraction, to your divinity and that’s helping you move forward because focus is wheel of fortune so whatever decision you make it will move forward. New moon cancer celebrating vibes right here. People or celebratory energies/ water signs. Celebrating after something coming unraveled. Hopes and fears: love with family and friends. Let go of past, bygones be bygones / hope is a connection. What if hurt again. [the temptation] 4 of pentacles=you secured the bag, the deal, person doesn’t matter what it is going to be. It is secure now. Your foundation is secure nokw. 3 pent is mind body spirit-connection with the divine, your trust and your faith but for a lot of you there is someone else in play with you right now. That yu are making a big decision about. Do wee go from 3 to 4 of pent with this person or in my sitituation, in situation , move I am making. Whatever this is about for yur. Whatever it is you make the right choice for youi.all yu can ask for. Strong hard core justice energy. It is not your responsibility to nurture and care for everyone else’s emotions any longer. Not about being unsensitive and caring. Not your duty or responsibility not why you are here to put others first to look after their needs before yours. Justice is puttings your needs first just as much as you put others needs first. Huge part of this going from 3 to 4 is stability being sure you are ok. Are we going to be a team or not . are we going to find stable ground or not. Justice is your overall theme. Card 11 is up. Yuou are the manifestor right now. Be intentional and careful what you are thinking about / you want to share to have everyone else around you to benefit from what you have access to. Yopu can’t wait to share / the guy here giving back and helping out. There is something you have cultivated 9 of pent. In your crowning energy. You have cultivated ti on your own, created it manifested it on your own. But now you ae seeing others in your shoes months ago years ago /something you can share give back. Donate/ I can/that type of energy you are in. not to be closed off selfish with it. You have roots now learned to be stable needed by mother earth. Strong because you have learned to not give up (six mile swim)/ I’m not going to let someone take my 4of pnt. Back doen to my 3 of pent. For this tower. No one or situation not to unravel me anymore. Have found true strength and stability within yhurselfg. 8 of pent mastery high priestise. Star card closure for cycle. I learned each day to choose the star card, 8 of pent. High priestice.
To come out of conflict can be as simple as an apology. Receiving or initiating =talk about it, let bygones be bygones, page of wands is very light hearted about a decision. Like comic relief. Something funny in this very serious decision. You can find the light in the darkest of times. Yu have won / figured it out. Choosing star card energy to change whole course of whole life. Tower is loss or ending like lost job, but didn’t want to be there anysay. So universe does a big favor for you. Family, love, relationships something you did’nt see coming. Removing self from low energies. Could be partner or family tie. You or someone in recent past has made a decision – hey I can’t /this is too much for me/ with devil tied to this is like a lower lying energy of a person that was really in your way. And yu kicked them to the curb or you just release the energy altogether. You were not expecting for that to happen. /why is 9 of pent crowning? 4 of wands w/king of cups/\. A new person now. 2 of wands is a new direction for you. In past you’ve closed a cycle karmic connection –keeping a clear mind, thoughts light. Energy light . turning into king of cups energy so everything, high and low times are temporary. Have cleared old ties karmic history for self energetically and generationally speaking. Found union within self.
Near future//energy coming in that you have been waiting on. Hearing a job well done. Can work on that thing I wanted to do. You are getting this but with continued self doubt and self sabotage. That you have learned to come out of. Put your skills iinto practice. New job, relationship, this new offering you are being presented with you have ben waiting on it, it’s here, but do yu believe it’s really for you / not for someone else. Wheel of fortune power = have taken time to be selective with who GETS to be around your wenergy and who doesn’t . who is supporting you and who is not. Do I think they are not for me? As long as you are clear. Look from different perspective. 7 of swords says be sure they are always for you. Someone weighing options in situation to be a business partner emperor energy team player your divine masculine . has been a heavy burden between you two. Graceful harmonious connection only if both can practice what you’ve learned through assension and inner child and shadow work. Yuou as divine feminine always knowing this was meant for you. Thjis person relationship, love meant for uyou. Have never given up on that. Chariot= we are moving on past the 5 of cups. Leaving too many stagnant emotions. Ace of cups energy re-newed love . they king of wands has taken really strong action to make this yurs. To really lay solid foundation /new love being birthed with somebody else. This is union of partnership you have deserved for a long time. You have had to do a lot of shape-shifting. You’ve had to come out of old systems, shedding old layers of yourself. To be true authentic version of self. You know who you are. You’ve done right for yourself, served yourself well . now you CaNshare these gifts, perspectives. STORIES in such a golden light now.

From spirit: enjoy the journey not to be too ahead of yourself. The fun is in getting there. Acknowledge your profgress. Travel, mental vacation. Be spontaneous. Love where you are. Appreciate current circumstances ask sely why you want what you want. [fulfillment I achieving goal of truth, justice and now freedom for all bliss] mastering energy and vibration.
writing a blog post??? Enrolling in a class ???
walk away cut things out
don’t resist movements coming in or we will get moved anyway. Getting taught, being humbled, being surprised, being changed. Feels like going through the tower/something heavy being put down.time for healing.
Your dreams need a practical plan/a time for healing/ luck is on your side. COMMUNICATION IS KEY// have balance w/emotions master energy, enjoy friends//better able to plan when leaning on people who are true-dealing w emotions and getting practical with it. Strong tense feeling of parting the red sea of emotions. Attached to a lot of baggage./lot of. That could be releasing now just have fun take it easy and make plans playfully with it.
MAYHEM= your manifestation is happening. Current issues revealing past wound. Spirituall growth. Hang tight.
Upheaval tends to happen wen we get what we want. Some things could be coming in that is granting your manifestation, prayers, wishes.but maybe not peacefully. Not drifting in hunkey dorey. Barreling in like a bull in a china shop clumsy as hell. This present upheaval could be the final push. World energy showing you really badly, strongly what needs to be healed. LEAN INTO THAT HEALING. You are already that new person. Start walking it like you believe it. Yu’re deserving, you’ve arrived, make sure that you are communicating with your higher self and that you are communicating with others that you are not using words that make you small, weak, hanging around in other peoples energy even if you feel like you are trying to do them some good. Even if you are desperately trying to pull them up out of wherever they are. And you feel duty bound for whatever reason, right? Whatever yur relationship to the people around you. They don’t have to listen to you. Go in your journey. Already a person deserving love and respect. Luck is on your side create your reality. Live your best life by design. Savor the moment of dreaming your new reality. Have many experiences with a ton of potential. There’s something you can do, create, have experienced that will create a lot of luck for you, is kind of whati’m feeling here. Don’t ignore instincts
On this stuff.
Past programming= choose your beliefs, recognize false stories, external conditioning , make decisions that support your goal.
Energy oracle: 46 thinking man. Wisdom and understanding. Potential presence of a teacher in your life. Now/.or about to arrive soon. This person may be there to educate you in the finer details of your chosen direction or to assist you in some specific spiritual, emotional, pursuits pay attention. This could lead to great strides in personal and professional growth. A love interest coming your way. Or perhaps a new male friend. Be on the lookout for this guy. In the physical world. And be open to this information. Learn what you can/ a new discipline, technique, course of study or healing practice could change your life forever. Gender no matter.
I am willing to learn new things for the affirmation. It is safe and comfortable for me to open up and share. Peaceful presence, letting go og desperation. Peaceful redirection is the message. When the patience card is reversed. Open up the options available to you. Even if they aren’t totally clear. The universe supports you when you allow its influence to help direct your outcomes. And when you open your imagination to all of the potential solutions around you. The key is to keep moving forward withouyt a frantic need or urgency. Don’t give up on your goal. Initiation, and renewal and renewed action are needed right now. So keep an open eye to new and unexpected opportunities around yoo. You may be surprised where they lead. There could be a change of direction happening for some of you. So, I pursue my goals with open receptivity. I am patient and flexible willing to receife in many surprising and imaginative ways.

A person different background or country. Thinking about you a lot and future and way ahead.
Will be moving on energy/ leap of faith and wheel of fortune require you to make some sort of love or effort. Risky but go for it. The separation was necessary to put you on the right path. Soul path to be in union with right people. Or soul tribe or job.
News job, home or money coming in this situation feel / shedding negative self talk.
Endure harsh circumstances but find a way.
Coming news (expected butt better than expected) lays foundation of what lays ahead 9(investment). Not expectation to move to another field or country. Or something requiring voluntary changes to life. Trust intuition.
Fear and nervous about leap of faith but If you could see the other side, you would be all in. including relationship.
Advice: helping others brings gifts,
Where are you being dishonest w/self or others? If unhappy look for signs of denial. Say no to dishonesty in all forms. Ask for truth even if you don’t like / acknowledging. It will be the key to a beautiful new future. Shed old energy. Nothing less than truth from now on.
BEING GUIDED AND PROTECTED IN THIS SITUATION. Healing, learning, becoming endings to new beginnin power comes 16-28 the fight requires concentration sense of wellness sleep…let body repair to be at best..vitamins d naturopath, breathing..still pain, hurt, fatigue==time to claim life back acupuncture, alternative routs that can connect to body, earth,wellness brings to souls healing. Cut out bad foods alcohol, divinity shining down is root. Bitter. What could my life have been like w/o this pain. It is a part of my path as much /fair to say/ I personally would love it to never be in pain. To never hurt, that is one of the thngs that brings compassion because people who never really experience sick or hurt they don’t have it. Heart soul chakra coming in with the light shining down with the healing coming forward brings me to a place warmth. Wrapped in a warm blanket at fireplace w/tea. Feeling power resonating through you. Meditation connects mind with heart..(ONE). Hearts light. Connecting with heart’s truth. Minds understanding, silencing the world. ((thoughts)) the best way just sit with hands palm dowm on lap or table/breath through nose only(calmness-beauty-awareness of breath is centering, quiets the mind, thought slow down, worry starts going away—starting with temptations, doubts, fears, anger, [describing self to hurt , pain the disappointments , as the never ending pain. ) this lowers our energy vibration. Not self anymore. Mwe are all muck and mire we have gone through. . During day. Also meditate. The devil=you are going to be kept in chains to keep you from elevating. Flying, souring into something severly beautiful. Seeking more in life. I’m not my failures. Pain, disappointment, addiction, all that’s gone wrong. There is power and divinity here.
Ramis said I hide the god’s head within man because that is the one place you will not look for it. But why not start looking WITHIN. The devil in chrisrtianity right, is this conglomeration of past pagan chaos god’s. nature god’s. the devil was a part of life. Because beginnings and endings ,you see it with the flower, they’re a part of life. The flower blooms and shrivels away. And we can see that asw innately bad. It isn’t it is the cycle of being. We see it in animals, chaos, we see anger. Aggression, can say this is innately bad things. It is but is part of being. If we don’t look ourselves as a monster within me , in every single one of us, there is a monster. But I choose not to let the monster come out. That’s strength right there=power =force=brilliance, not being the bully, the person who roars getting what they want, because they say so and push for it. Don’t care and trample all in path. That’s the bully, but being the WARRIOR , fighter of your truthis the one sitting here says there’s a beast within, nbut I don’t want to let it out. BETTER TO BE A WARRIOR IN A GARDEN RTHEN A GARDENER IN A WAR. Better to know how to defend yourself, know the ferocity within and being a be in a place of peace. Than be in chaos and not be able to defend self. Stand in your power. The devil card represents Capricorn energy. I always thought unfair for the poor Capricorns. But there is a sense here of power with the connection with the earth, with your breath, body, health with the seeking and searching , with the empowerment. Breaking chains that’s absolutely important and see self with these pushes and pulls and doubts, fears, angers, it sets off. Like the beginning of yur story. There is so much more or there’s so much frustration that you have come up against and you’re pushing for more because you have the aquarius energy here. And the star energy is the sense of reaching for the highest form of your perfection. It can be where you’re seeing it, feeling it, getting there and then you feel like you stumble like alder falling, like the world shifts. Say don’t give up. What if you gave up right before you were to succeed. Divinity guides yu if you listen. We are guided . the problem with us is we don’t listen. Want everything in our time. We see it but it’s time to step back and time to look at wonderment. The stars are wonderment. Feling small in the world is not bad. A humbling profound experience3 to see the worle so big and be so small. Look at power in the stars, truth and misteries in between. Why would the world want you to raise yur energy vibratin, to be a sad consumer who’s just going to try to buy more and more. To make life better. Why would the world want you not to be the person who needs things to be happy. Time to stop and see the perfection around us. It may not be what the world says it should be. But is exquisite and your’s . also divinity hearing yur soul’s wish . not the crossed finger wish. It’ the wish of our soul. Divinity knows what true happiness loks like for your sou. Will be guidedthat way. Not thinking I can go no vacation or whatever. So power and truth come forward. Brings you to be a warrior. Of truth, mind, defending what you want. Cutting through doubts, fears, embrasing your passion, truth. Always see the knight of swords as kind of a prince charming. And sleeping beauty. He comes through out of forrest, darkness, slays the dragon, which hoards away all that wee hold dear . what does a flying snake need with gold and maidens. It just doesn’t make any sense. But it’s what we fear the most because there is the hypothesis that our eyesights developed so well because we need it to see the snakes in the grass quite literally. So wew fear trhat the snake and the birds up high because they could steal away and swoop in and unpredictable. So we slay what we fear mosrt, what our ancestors feared most. We get to take back the prosperity that is ours cut through the bramble. The thorns that bring the poison to the beautyof the world. You ascend the tower, your consciousness,embrace the sacred feminine , the softer, gentler, kind of peace but also the ferocity that we forget that is a part of our nature. We step into a place of being where the sacred feminine and masculine come together. Where we step into a balance of self. Because we have fought our good figjht./ we have looked at what we greatly desire. It brings us to be a defender of our prosperity slowly and sreadily building a solid foundation bei9jg guided forward toward something so much more than we expedcted. The frustratin hwere is that things move slow. And you want things to moved fast. Absolutely ok. So terribly human right? KNOW THAT YOU ARE BUILDING A FIRM BEAUTIFUL FOUNDATION. Looking at things more openly and honestly and distinctfully. It starts to open up trhe world this is your keyto understand chaos. To look at what it is that you desire to change. To call upon your strength within yourself, your subconscious. And conscious self, but also within yourf world. Say this is what I am building for me. This is what I want. These are my goals, what I’m constructing. Brings you then to the world opening up to you holding a key, the key to see the world not as the trerrible overwhelming thing but as beautiful, as diverse and intriguing and amazingand to say it isn’t scary to step into it . it isn’t scary to step into the chaos of the world. What is scary is if I never move forward. , I never take that step. Because you are not being drowned in the chaos of the world. Carving out your space, truth within your heart. It takes tremendous strength. Not brute strength card. That’s one of the things we have to learn when it comes to strength. Wew rthink the bigger the mess is you know the more I can see the stronger you are. But sometimes and much more often. The strength that lasts the longest is the strength that we completely poo poo. It isn’t the person who doesn’t look strong. It is maybe even the person who looks a bit whimpy. Embrasing the strength of character, determination, of faith and saying this is the road I walk. What I dxesire. It is also looking at the truth in ourselves. And finding that loving compassion. They breed loyalty. Fear and intimidation . rhey can get you instantaneous things done. But it will not be what it needs to be. And your world is opening up to what it needs to be. And the strength is pulling you forward. In your heart you are going to find that when yuou connect your mind with your heart when yu meditate, whern you have this power pulling you forward, the strength that comes forward, the way trhat you are guided is more than you imagine. And it brings yuou to standing before the altar of your existence. And calling upon your power. Andsayuing this is where I want to be and remember AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. As you tink it so it becomes. So here with the magic. We see the magic as very much like the alchemist. You’re transmuting lead into gold. Which seems cool and impossible. What if it is taking the lead, the normal human and changing him into gold. Into somethinfg priceless. You might say we are all priceless. True. But looking at our potentials and say I’ll stay on this path of a normal person, I can achieve this, but if I go to the path of awakening of empowering, of embolding, of grace, I can be so much more. And I can have so much more come into my life. Ansd so you stand before the altar of your existence and/ as above so vbelow. As you think it so it becomes and it becomes your beloved., your connectin, yuour truth. So be very very mindful what you are thinking. The way that you speak to yourself quietly. THE THOUGHTS THAT YOU HAVE because there is prosperity that comes. There is hard work but it always will be. Part of life. Prosperity comes and you get to take in the moments. Of beauty, alignment, understandingpassion, truth,bounty.
But in the outside world, as you are puttjg this all together, internally you do have your battlesof course. When the devil comes in and it can be the devil of the world. Its like oh my gosh you know pulled this way and that. This is what success looks like but this is what success looks like for you. So it can be quite different than the success for everybody else. The world telling you what to do is one of the biggest battles yu have. So the key during this time we see this in your crowning. The key to not being pulled down in the doubt and the fear and the muck and the mire. Is to send in yuour truth, is to know what yu desire, because you have the world coming at you and you have everybody telling you half a million different things. Ok whaT’S your truth. Where do you stand? Know that you are still fighting, that you have been fighting for quite some time and this is a n honor in the fight that you have had in the truth that you have sought out . in the passion that defines you. And this is sitting there and this is creating your stars. , your bounty, this is also connecting with the star dust inside of you. The fact THAT THE UNIVERSE FLOWS THROUGH YOUR VEINS.
It brings you into a new season. An awakening, emmpoerment and understanding and opening up of doors. It’s like , oh, it’s a new season. Sometimes the seasons we walk into to get where we want to be are not necessarily the seasons we really want. We want spring and summer all time. We don’t like winters and you know spring when it’s mud season , I can really do without that too. But here it’s know that each season , part of life has its meaning., has its wisdom its Beauty , value.
So with the wheel of fortune yu ‘re seeing things changing. And yu see yourself entering into the seasons that define me. you are , supposed to be standing in. there is a change going on around you. There’s an opening up mof the heart, there’s a connection with the soul and it brings you to looking at things quire differently. Than before. The initial reaction is going to be “Oh my gosh I’m wrong. Loike I’m wrong , I’m looking at this wrong. I’m not doing this right and why I say this is especially for you. My spirit says especially for you. Is because you are sensitive. You wqant things to be good, calm, people to connect. So you’d be more than willing to take on the negative onto your shoulders saying I’m wrong you’re right. Ok cool. But here its like you are seeing things differently and its not bad. And that’s going to be one of the battles that you have. In your existence is that just because you see it differently doesn’t mean you are wronmg. But the fears, angers, doubts, upsets the way the world does things and the way that you do things and you are going to tink I am wrong. BUT YOU Are nmot this is the time to look at WHERE YO FEEL TRAPPED. Where you feel overwhelmed. Caged in the outside can even bee within yourself, your heart , your thoughts in your mind and be like where am I getting stuck? ITS TIME TO BREAK THAT CAGE. To see yourself opening up the door so you can fly forward. Because there’s more outthere for you. Than you know. People live their whole lives in doubts, fears, chaos, hurts, pains and disappointments. They just do. And enough is enough. Its time to open up the door.m ,go forward, embrace your freedom.
FROM ANGELS AND SPIRIT GUIDES. Highly creative time. If you can sit with the spirit in meditation , open up the psychic part of your self the instinctual part. Let the creative energy come forward. That’s going to be exquisite for you. Especially if you re withn the arts. Or ideas coming forwars. In the public arena you have that block, restriction. Its I can’t move forward. The way I want to. It’s getting way TOO MUCH IN YOUR OWN HEAD. Something you battle during this time. You think I have road A or road B to move forward. Feel trapped and have your dreams. You feel trapped but have your dreams. Feel trapped by earthly constructions or restrictions. . Right? You have dreams and desire to move forward. This is starting to see it is not just A or B. there are going to be roads that open up to you. Because you are embracing yourself. Because you are looking ar yoyr truth because you are opening up your world to be so much more. And when you sit there and say its not just one road or rhe orther. Yoy start to see pathways come forward. Blessings come. They come . wishes are granted as you become a defender of your truth as you embrace your passion as you look at what you desire. It leads you to really looking to the past and say no youy don’t havwe this hold ovedr me. I ger to be prosperous and I get to embrace this prosperity .so this is even the negativity thar was spoken over you when you were small. These are the coping mechanisms that we develop when wwe are small that keep us limited and you are going to see yourself breaking out of those chains . the strength to embrace the world to walk forward in your truth. It is so much more than what you thought it was. It’s a strength of kindness. Compassion, and understanding. As the world really does start to open to you as you embrace your magic. As you look at your thoughts and you start top be VERY MINDFUL OF WHAT YOU ARE THINKING. You are thinking to yourself of the way you speak to yourself. Its kind of like when you become mindful of what yuou eat. If you keep a food jurnal, is it worth writing it down. Is it going to hold me back. That’s going to BE VERY IMPORTANT .
Change your mind and change your life. Going to be part of the way you embrace your prosperity
Standing in your power and saying this is my life and this is my world. As the tmes shift as you enter into a new sason , block out what everyone has to say. And say this is me.
Brings prosperity growing forward because you see things differently . become a defender of your passion , a defender of what you want . no longer caged.
That cage is going to be what you battle. . is going to be what you work against during this time. Your spirit animal message for this time
Badger spirit..fearless and bold, because you are going to watch and wait to see what develops but have to be fearless and bold to go after what it is that you want. As you start to see clearly your dreams , goals, desires,
Your subconscious spirit animanm message:: vulture spirit. Nothing is wasted. Nothing you have gone through , no hurt, no pain, no disappointment, no devastation, was an accident. It was part of shaping you. So often we trhink those were wasted years. I can’t believe I wasted that time. That’s wrong . those are the times we’re being forged , gaining information, we’re looking at things differently . that’s astoundingly powerful. It brings you to your subconscious person message saying …embrace your trip, wonderment, this is yo being a student, seeker, questionere, and brings you to a suvbconscious chakra message::: which is grounding. Being very aware of the earth that you are plantinf yuourself in this is trhe earth star chakrs. 6 inches below your feet. Grounding yourself.
To your truth, desires, instincts, what is right for you. Making sure that that soil is rich. What you are planting yourself in isn’t sand and garbage
Subconscious tara message::: you are looking at the pains and disappointment. You’re naming them and you are releasimng them. You’re looking at them and saying you don’t have the power here that you once did. And it brngs you to go deeper injto your subconscious. Brings you to DIVINITY handing you a gift. It doesn’t seem like a gift. But as you work with it. As it becomes a part of yu it becomes part of your secret truth.

15 mar to 15 apr shock
powerful healing gifts stay true to your path as a healer. Shock to her is confirmation from spirit. Called to heal people healing arts. Reiki or therapy. Financial hardship right now. Called to focus on this. Find a way for job helping others heal. To the world. You should be focusing on. For coming months what you need to know. Challenge this coming month 10 swords. In reverse. With knight of wands. Something you are letting go of. Releasing self completely from something that happened in the past. Multiple things that really affected your confidence and ability to move forward. Getting over finally but difficult. Not going to allow this situation to hold you back anymore. Releasing something big. Holding onto for some time. Has a lot to do with healing yourself.

Recent past. Something stopped working gave up on this situation in the past. Something about not caring any more. Its not working anymore not going to put my energy into it anymore. Somebody made a decision in the past. Very important decision that changed everything in the past. Now opening up self. Either you are making an offer to some one. cancer, scorpio pisces, cap, virgo Taurus. You have made an offer really difficult to get this person to be interested. big big offer coming in. I am always rewarded for what I do. You want to be acknowledged for whart you do in the present moment. For who you are. Have not been appreciated for what you have done in the present monment.
In near future. A relationship needs to be restructured, Falling out . things will work out because you are offering this person love. There is something about the love energy you give to this person that really heals them. You will discover your power. The emotions and healing power you have to bring back balance. Bring balance back into a connectin where maybe things haven’t been going great for you in this person. And there is going to be an opportunity to do that.
What not seeing in future all upright cards showing knight wands, 4 of swords, 2 of wands. A lot of you are going to be healing a connectin with someone who is at a distance or someone you are in separation with. You’re going to be healing this connection. This person is coming and rushing in. when you thought I will forget about this person 6 of cups in reverse, released from a past soulmate. You stopped thinking about this person. But a possibility of them coming back.
You must be careful because even though this person is coming back not a bad thing but to resolve something with you to heal something. 4 of swords. To clarify: 10 of swords in reverse: 4 of pentacles lovers and the hierophant. A situation for a lot of time had pain. Lot of betrayals in the past between you and this specific person but I think now this is about you still holding on to the idea of still being open to a commitment . it doesn’t have tobe with someone from the past. It doesn’t have to be a new person. Its just the idea of love. How do you look at and approach love. I still believe in love. Can be happy with someone. I still believe I can overcome some sort of situation where I felt I was a martyr, where I felt like I wasn’t treated with respect. I still believe in love though.
This is the challenge to still be able to heal self and still move forward and believe that there is a possibility for you to find love. And have a commitment that you truly deserve.
The past: 8 of pentacles reversed. Something stopped working in the past. Queen of cups the hanged man and 7 of wands. You stopped taking action towards this person when things stopped working between you and them. This person started to push you away in the past. Or you thought this person was pushing you away. Could be leo, sag, aries. As a result of that you still had a lot of emotions for this person still. For some reason you started to pull your energy back. A decision was made in the past. Chariot, 9 of pent., and the 6 of pent show a lot of you made a decision to move forward. And be single. And move forward and bring back balance into this connection because things were just not going the.way you wanted. All the facts and priorities you and this person were supposed to have just seemed to stop working in in the past. So as a result of that a decision was made.
In the present moment: a very big offer. Someone opening up to you. Clarify ace of pent: 9 of wands in reverese. 10 of swords and king of cups;
Here is where things get a little bit bumpy!!! I have a very important message for you there is a big opportunity coming in for you, big. The middle of april is going to be very significant for you. You want to offer your love to someone here. Someone you are interssted in but its all about your mentality because it is going to go back to your challenge. You left behind a situation that was not working. You felt rejected by someone in the past. They didn’t appereciate you. Didn’t love you the way you wanted to be loved. Some of you are experiencing this in the present moment where you don’t think you are being appreciated. I see somebody here opening up. I see you opening up to love. But at the same time you have to drop this insecurity that you have. The insecurity of love. Like oh I’m not going to try again. I’m at rock bottom. I have tried everything I could try in love. Its like …have you? Have you tried everything in love pisces? Because the offer is here for you. I see someone comng in with an offer.
About this person: could be a new person for some of you.
Clarified by y7 cups, 7 sword, ace of pent. : this is a person with a new offer but you don’t know everything about this person and you are not sure if you could trust this person because this person at times either acts very disteacted or they create a lot of confusion for you. This is why you’re not certain about this person but I do see you opening up to them. And seeing this person being open to you and accepting your offer.
So there are a lot of changes that are opening in the present. Moment. So in the near future you have the 2 of cups in reverse : why? Clarified by the fool, queen of pent in rev. and 4 swords. ; a lot of you need to heal. This is why you got the healer card. Why you got the 4 of swords . a lot of you need to heal your energy because of whatever is coming which is a beautiful new opportunity with the fool. And the queen of pent reversed. You may be asking yourself in the near future why does this person …its because this person comes toward you . they make an offer to you. But then they back off. Back and forth very inconsistent. The reason this is happening energetically is because there’s a lot of things within yourself that you still need to heal from, some sort of past connection. Some of you went through a very big betrayal in the past. This energy of being used, taken advantage of in the past. maybe you have trust issues when it comes to relationships. That’s showing up here in the near future. This is why this beautiful connection mind you, it’s a beautiful opportunity that’s coming in for you, is delayed. 2 of cups is a delay in partnerships and union. Not being completely ready to receive love form this person because you are not completely healed. You are not completely balanced. (clarify king of cups energy) you want to make this offer in the near future. (8 pent, star, 6 sword) you are finally going to be removing yourself from this place of always having to compete with other people. When it comes to love. You in the near future are recognizing what yuou haved within yourself. What you have to offer. You have a lot of love to offer, a lot of healing energy to offer in the near future to this person. But that is going to require you to work on yourself (8 of pent.) you are working on yourself in order to move towards your future successfully. Because this is what you want. Look, the 6 of swords moving toward the future but of course you have to put in the work in order to have this for yourself. So, I see you bringing things into balance healing your self, being able to trust in this person not necessarily thinking this person ‘s a bad person. I just think they energetically know that there’s things that you need to work on and you need to get to a certain level before you’re ready to actually come into union with this person. This is what you need to work on. This is what is coming up for you. So ADVICDE for you. I also want to mention what you don’t see coming is you rushing towards this. Some of you have fire in your chart maybe an aries or mars in aries or a rising aries. Or planets in sag.ittatius. ///this is you running towards your healing. So that you could take advantage of this beautiful union thar’s coming in for you (2 of wands). Some of you are not ready for it (6 of cups in rev.) its happening but you need to be ready for it.
Advice////////page of cups- 9 of cups= you have mars in aries or rising aries or planets in sag. ) this is you running toward your healing. so you can take advantage of this beautiful union that’s coming in for you. 2 of wands. Some with 6 of cups in rev. not ready for it. Its happening. But you need to be ready for it.
More advice::: page of cups , knight of cups, 10 of cups. Look at your process of evolution. These turn into the king of cups which you are going to be in the near future. However a lot of you are focused on getting to the 10 of cups. If you want to get to the 10 of cups and be truly happy, if you truly want a relationship, if you truly want a marriage, if you truly want to be in this place where you are just on high all the time when it comes to happiness and love then you need to transform yourself. Need to take yourself from being the page of cups to the knight of cups, then the king of cups. That means working on yourself. Every single day. No breaks. This is what you are going to be doing. This is what you have been doing and the more you continues to do that is when you are going to have an easier time to attract this. And create this happiness that you seek.

katy what was taken from you comes back ten fold.
Justice from past, interrupted, sabotaged, ruined, intervened. Something that was actually meant for you. Now justice is being made and the opportunity sorta like brings itself back, is brought back to sort of pick up where you left off. Sense of balancing. What’s your’s is your’s sooner or later no matter what happens. What is meant for you is going to reach you. Could have been someone who was sending dark energies your way willingly, consciously. Someone who would have maybe cursed you or something. Now I know those are big statements. I try to avoid saying things like that because it’s not like we see in the movies. Not all that dramatic. It doesn’t have to be any way. But definitely there’s people who involuntarily send negative energies, and other people who voluntarily through spell work or whatever try to stop your progress or make it slower, make you feel heavier for whatever reasons. We as pisces, the majority of us, it is hard for us to understand why someone would do that. I feel as a sign, but there’s other signs or other people who are in a state of mind in which that makes perfect sense. So, what I see here is that maybe someone in your past justified their behavior and was trying to like sort of stop you. Or sabotage your happiness or something along those lines.
Someone in your past, sort of, maybe they had like this psychic gift. They could know what was coming for you before you could. They saw it. They saw you and they were pissed. Because they could see all of this goodness that was overwhelming and insanely amazing because it is. You, pisces, not only have you had many blessings that other people have not been able to have, which is natural. it’s alright, but you’re also going to be getting this dream life if you are not having it already. Maybe you have it already. It’s like this deram life. Some of you guys are like celebrities, or fame, fortune, very recognized, very good at your work, and this person was triggered, to say the least. I’m feeling like it was a woman. And I feel like this person was so burdened by a mix of how miserable they were in their life at the time and how much promise and potential you had that they sort of …what I’m getting is that they try to like exchange the energies. Like they would have said, okay, so I’m gonna throw all my miseries to pisces. I’m gonna like shift the timeline so pisces goes and lives all my crap and then I get to live what pisces is headed into. I feel like maybe this could have potentially worked for a little while but not any more. And I feel like justice is coming in and reorganizing everything for you. I feel like you might, say a part of you may, say oh that’s so unfair. Like all that crap I’ve been going through is that because of them? NO. it’s not because of them. Because in the major scheme of things even that exchange of energies is part of a divine plan for you. And for them. There’s no accidents. Okay, so when we see, when we are seeing it in that situation, we obviously say that’s so fucked up, like how can someone do that? Like how is that allowed? Or whatever. And when you take a step back you realize that through all those things you learn. You grew and became who you are now. And now you get to get all of those beautiful things and enjoy them, way more, because you are who you are right now. There’s no accidents. It’s all part of the divine plan. Souls make agreements to go through things like this. From the human experience it sucks, right? But from a soul perspective it’s what’s going on, what happened. And what is moving forward.
So you had all this wish fulfillment, pisces. And I feel like you’ve been having all of this wish fulfillment. I feel like you can tell that that dark energy, that difficulty, that heaviness, is gone for the most part. Now if some of you guys are still feeling like you are in that heaviness, like you
still don’t understand how to get rid of the heaviness, how to make sure you’re not carrying around, these ill wishes, negative intrentions, curses, and stuff, you don’t know anything around the subject CHECK OUT THE ENERGY PROTECTION COURSE. The vast majority have already released the whole thing. But it may not have been easy. Those of you who are light workers, I feel like many of you, had to put in muscle to release these things. Like through the years doing energy clearings and going on healing therapies and doing this prayer and this energy extraction or entity extraction or whatever . but you did it and it’s worth it and everything is coming back together. Okay? There is stability here for you. A level of stability happiness and joy that you get. Part of the area that this person seemed to have blocked for you .
Maybe this still hurts, feeling taken advantage of, misleading, misguided. Maybe even intuitively with your guides. And their aim was to break you (example of 2 women). I don’t know why I’m connecting to this person. Like I don’t feel like they are present right now, but for some reason they are coming in because of this JUSTICE card. [so this is where my “that truth and justice shall prevail” came from”] their energy is nowhere to be seen, in the present moment, but, I feel like what has happened for you to get to this point and they (same example) were trying to break your faith in God or in the universe. Or in your intuition. So, if you were speaking to angels, that like, they would sort of destort the messages if possible. I think this person was very powerful. (for those who resonate with this). And their aim was to confuse you and overburden you to the point of you, sort of like, reacting to your powers you know, say this is crazy, bye. And then taking a step away from your path. Needless to say, did it work? But it seems like it drove you crazy for a whike. I feel like not only was their energy present, BUT YOUR FEAR FED IT. So it was like, an ongoing, like a host and a parasite situation. Because maybe at that time you were very fearful ,maybe you did not understand what was going on. Maybe you felt all these bad vibes and you didn’t know how to handle them. Maybe they affected your mental health, your physical body and you didn’t know how to react, how to protect and take care of yourself. Maybe paranoid. Maybe people around you were placing ideas in you head as well that weren’t all that positive. Some messages, oh well if you wouldn’t be into yoga or meditation or tarot etc. if you would be more ontop of god and religion maybe this would not have happened. That kind of stuff could have been feeding the fear and then the fear sort of opening the door to all those vibes.
This is a very specific reading. If you resoate, comment below. min your environment// for some of you this could be…well, first of all, that around you right now, in the present moment there is energy that is inviting you to celebrate . maybe some kind of accomplishment . this justice is being brought back to you and the balance is being restored by an event that is happening right now .
That is meant to be celebrated. Could be today, last week, whatever, the upcoming week. But it’s meant to be celebrated.
There sems to be someone who could have been involved or is involved in a third party situation of their own. That is observing you. this could be someone who is in a partnership and they are observing you with a romantic intention. Or, if you are in a connection and your partner has someone on the side, this could be someone watching you as well. But mostly the vibe of celebration.
I feel you value romantic love a lot. Whether you are in a connectin or single. You have simultaneous hopes to open your heart even more, to go deeper into love. And at the same time a little bit of fear of doing this. Now, that sounds pretty normal to me.
At the end of the day we have the fool. It seems like the cement suffocated the grass. Lik you, the cement suffocated the ground. But you found a way, as this beautiful flower, to grow through the cracks. It may have taken a long time but there you are. Stronger, beautiful and ready to receive all this justice, abundance, wish fulfillmenr, prosperity, stability, happiness, work. Ready to receive all of that from a mature space. Because you worked on those fears because you learned so much, how to protect your energy, how to identify these things within you. How to clear your spaces. Maybe a shit ton of stuff to get rid of these influences. Maybe you learned REIKI and you learned about CRYSTALS AND HERBS. And you may learn about water and the elements and nature and, like exercisms, whatever. All sort of shit to get rid of this parasite thing. And that’s where the growth happened too. So it’s all meant to be. Like its not a mistake, its not an accident and of course everybody gets their energy back in one way or another. And you have always been putting out this lovely energy even in the difficulty. Even when you were feeling so absolutely burdened, heartbroken, asphyxiated, you were still kind, soft, even in your anger. And you never stopped helping yourself. And others. So remember that when you start receiving the load of blessings that are going to be coming, every time that you receive something, major because you will. One thing after another. Every time you receive something amazing remember I fought for this. I fought for this and overcame the obsrtacles. At some point I could have chosen to quit, stop, walk away from my gifts, from my path, but I stuck it out and I fought. And that is why I deserve this. I’m getting chills. This is such a specific reading I don’t know if it’s like for one of you only. But is super specific. Please comment below. It’s like a personal reading for someone. What I mean by blessings coming in and like …first of all we have the lovers here. At the bottom of the deck. I don’t read reversals.
You have been through so many ups and downs, I feel like the normal average person could be worried about like two to three things in their lives at a time. I feel pisces that in the last couple of years, maybe like the last 3 years, you were like juggling, like nine traumatic experiences at a time like it was just wild. And you made it through the cement. I am so in awe of the pisces collective. Because we are such warriors. I feel like you are going to be struggling quite a bit with deservingness and worthiness because the blessings are coming to you are not going to be small things. Some of you are going to be like oh my god., I’ve always wanted a child and now I’m pregnant or I just met the love of my life and I couldn’t be more in love. Or I manifested the perfect home . I love it so much or I’m going to get to live in Hawaii or in the wonderful city I have always wanted to live in. or I got the perfect job and every five months I get a higher paycheck . you know it’s going to be like one blessing after another, after another, after another and it’s not going to stop for like a decade. That’s what I’m hearing. But at times I feel like there is going to be these moments in which you’re like what did I ever do to deserve this. I feel kinda like weird. Like why am I getting so many blessings and other people are struggling. It doesn’t make sense. Some of you are so generous you’re gonna want to give it all away. Because it seems unfair to you. But pisces this (crammed full of troubles life) was unfair to you. So, now you get to claim all this positive energy that’s somehow been liberated and available for you. So this is your time to think of you, this is your time to prioritize. Your well being is yours, happiness, manifestations and your stability. This is the time for you to see the magic of the universe unfold in front of you and give you back what was always yours. Absolutely beautiful. What an incredible reading.

Think about a question you want to ask universe. pick 1,2,or 3. how can I help bring out al the truth at one time like Hercul? (3).
(1) message is patience, its coming. Still in transition.
(2) wisdom. Lady climbing onto a bunch of books on a boat trying to reach the moon. Study to reach a higher level to float away from somethimg. Wisdom and knowledge.
(3) the void a lady who seems honestly passed out. Not like asleep. A new moon so we can’t really see the light at this time. It is a brand new beginning a rebirth. But it is. You are in the thick of it, it seems. Like you are in the transformational part of it.
When the caterpillar goes into the cacoon it is extremely painful, apparently. They get sort of like dissolved. All their body parts like dissolve into a cacoon like mush and then they gert reconstructed. It’s not like a pretty thing. A heavy intense transformation and right now you are dissolved in your cacoon and saying oh my god, going through the thick of it right?
So be patient and have wisdom. All the cards are the messages, are sort of intertwined. Others of you may have already gone through this part.

huge feb 23-M2 how are you using your gifts for the collective
impact on humanity.using your imagination, creating something new. You’re walking away from something big. Lets see what is going on for you. Eight in numsrology is a very powerful number. It is a number of change. Being able to attract abundance. It is also the ebb and flow of the universe. If you flip an eight sideways or like flat looks like the infinity symbol. I’m not surprised we have I think we saw the stellium …I’m not surprised 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 we’ve got the stellium going on I think in the 12th house. I haven’t checked all the astrological aspects, but this is growth. This is the growth. This is the growth that you’vew been waiting for. Because, you know perhaps the stelliun in the 12th house collectively happening in the skys right now has been impacting you a l ot. Especially if you have pisces placement in your 12th house and your 8th house. You are going through a lot of shift, a lot of transformation, a lot of growth, right? And what’s happening now is the sun now has come into pisces energy. But there’s still that shift that is happening. So while we’re in the first house of I am, right? I am pisces, I am creative, I am the dreamer, I am this visionary, I am this person who could dive into the deepest depths of the unkn own of the magic within the realms that exist beyond this 3D plane. The 12th house is asking you, how are you using your gifts for not only yourself and your own growth and your evolution, but for the collective? What is no longer serving you? Why are you resisting things? Why are you resisting change maybe around the way you communicate, around your money, around love. Where are you, you know, maybe more focused on the self rather than the collective energy. How are you at this current moment thinking about the impact that uou can have on humanity? Where is your rebellious nature? Where is your humanitarianism? Where is yur progressive way of thinking? And if you have been resisting any of those capabilities, any of those energies, any of those thought processes, then I would really encourage you to ask yourself why. Right pisces. And I say this often to pisces who I do like private live one-on-one readings with is pisces has a beautiful gift of being able to go into the deepest depths of the oether, right? We can go into the cosmos into the realms. We are two fish swimming in opposite direcrtion. We are like everywhere at once while we maintain here. But what happens is when pisces can’t get grounded, when pisces can’t bring that dreramer energy down into the physical 3D realm, pisces suffers. They may get lost in escapism, you know they may desire to get lost in their emotions in like obsessive thinking and over consumption of food, in yuou know technology or just habits that are not serving them for their highest good. And so I would really encourage you pisces as we go into this like energy of pisces season, as we float into it, as we, you know, every little effortless effort. Create new opportunity. Dreams, visions, art, music as we are able to bring up all these things effortlessly. Where are you also at the flip side of it, right, because for every light there is a shadow. Where are you not staying grounded with that energy, where are you not realizing that I have all these ideas, all these magical opportunit6ies, all these visions, these dreams that I can create so much positive change in this world for. About where are you not bringing them down to reality? And why are you not bringing them down to reality? Is there a resistance around staying grounded because it’s pisces energy and you tell me if I’m wrong in the comment section below but pisces energy is like oh I can escape into the deepest depts. Of the unknown and no one can bother me and I can be alone. Yes please that I can create all these fantasies and all these dreams. Yes please and as much as that’s magical it can also yuou know at some times affect and impact the way that you are moving forward in your life, yur progression, yur growth. And it’s seen here, the four of cups at the bottom, right?you’re not showing up in your energy here. Nope. I mean hello. You got the 10 of penacles down here so I do love that energy. Not gonna lie. But you can see in the beginning of the week you’re like all right, I need to move away. I need to move away from the things that are not emotionally serving me. I need to now leave things that maybe I was passionate about but didn’t have the longevity behind. I need to make a plan either with a backpack or a stick. And make a move forward right? For my growth, for my evolution, for my ability to create this impactful change not only for myself but for the collective. And so an idea is formed. A solid new beginning. A lightbulbe maybe moment because the goal is here . it’s like ah ha and so you start gewtting into the dream worls of it and designing it and creating it all up in your crown chakra in your third eye and it’s feeling like I can make it a reality. And so it’s almost like you’re bringing it down into this physical 3D reality but then you block yourself mentally because rather than allowing the fluifity of that magical energy, that dream, that capability to have endless abilities and visions to come down into earth. You’re like, oh wait a minute, I don’t think this can happen. I don’t think I can make this a reality. I’m not strong enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not capable. How am I going to do it. The how, how, how and I understand that because I sometimes have that too. I’m like how can I do this? So I’m going to challenge you pisces. I’m going a little bit longer in this weekly video because it’s your birthday and I like you. How can you at this time release the mental, I want to almost call it instability or the mentyal blockages, right? The limitatikons that you create in your mind because your vision can see it right? Your ability to dream can see it. The 3D worls is saying we can make it happen. But it’s like your mind fucks with you and then you get into this like it’s too hard to bring it into reality. I don’t know how to do it. And so, I would really enmcourafge you this month and this week really to get and then grounded . to practice grounding yourself. If you use crystals get yourself some black tourmalimne get yourself some shungite, get yourself some bloodstone. Wear it like I’m wearing these bracelets from my jewelry line. My opal it’s got black tourmaline in the evil eye and them fastet which is for money with the pyrite and then the black tourmaline. You don’t have to get these, but you could, or get your own crystals or wear yur own crystals and or wear them in yur pocket. And meditate. Because even my energy right now I just it’s like a tsunami is coming of emotions, of ideas, of things but you also have to learn how to tame that. And that’s maybe one of the lessons you’ve been learning the past year. How do I tame my emotions without allowing my emotions to control me. Because see as you progress through this week which I feel like it’s going to have a lot of like action. You’re like ah ha the idea is formed. Passionate new beginnings. Yu realize that in order to make this vision that you have in your third eye or in your crown chakra a reality not only does it have to havew stability, but it also needs to have passiojbecause it neweds to go the distance. So what is your why? If you are wanting to lose weight what is yur why behind that. If you are wanting a romantic partner what is your why behind that? If you want to start a new business what is your why behind that? And figuring out your why will make all the difference in being able to take you to the next step in your journey. And what is your next step leade you baby? To the king of pentacles financial abundance, stability, deep rootedness, groundedness, potentially even a partner. You know earth and water go very well together because earth knows how to relax water. It knows what water needs. It knows to be the ground water. Right? At thje very deepest depths of the ocean what exists? The core of the earth, rigjht? And so either you attract a partner or you yourself become this energy. But yu have to experience the journey you have to now start getting real with yourself about what it takes to make this happen. Because if you don’t get real with yourself then how are yu going to do it? It’s just always going to be a dream, a vision. You gotta bring it into reality now. Let’s get into yur love portion
so in your love life I do see that maybe some of this escapism energy. Maybe some of these blockages do come from maybe some type of relationship that didn’t work out like you wantered it to. In regards to relatinshoips in love this is feeling like you are out in the cold. Like yu don’t have it. Like why am I not getting it. Why is it not here? Not only is it important for you to not block yourself mentally from love especially for those of you that are single. But it’s also super important for you at this time to continue to manifest. Baby this is a magical time and let go. I showed up temperance. Look what she’s doing. Alchemy magic. These cards (3 swords, 5 of pentacles) are a part of a learning lesson. Part og your growth of yur evolution. Of you being able to expand into your highest self and understanding that through patience with that 7of pentacles through reaping what you sow, through magic through alchemy. You’re going to be able to bfring it to fruition. All these relationships that you have desired. This love. Whether they be friendships or actual romantic relationships. Two love cards; worth the waiting for. Yeah, you’ve been lied to. Ok listen. You gotta let go. I’m gonna tell you straight up for whoever this resonates with is ..whoever wronged you in rthe past please knoe that karma gets them maybe not in the way that you want them to bur karma gets them. Someone is wearing a false mask in this relationship. Forgiving and learning is at the bottom of the deck. As you release and heal the past yu experience more love in your present moments. I promise you while yu continue to work on your own self growth, your own self-evolution and you continue to manifest that partner that’s in alignment with your hihest vibration. It’s going to be worth it. When they come into your life because you’re going to understand very clearly why they couldn’t come into your life before.
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span meant to happen can happen any if you don’t let doubts and fears take over. With magician you manifest through focus. Best way to predict futurfe is to create it. Power now in yur hands. Even when you don’t know it patience required
when something represents a way out from an energy that does not make happy anymore be careful because those are situations in which we develop a tendency project or see something that maybe is not yet there. So in the moment we feel the need to make it happen. Now. Trying to control giving struggle. Things moving forward but not in way expecting. Making feel not going to happen but a matter of perception. Soon know why. Sometime we want t osee obstacles, delays, as end of road but it doesn’t have to be. Just a bump with same movement forward. Present position: something got delayed. Someone pulled back. Someone fearful=not y9u. manifest w/ magician/. Beautiful coming up.
Future energy: going to happen. Just completely let go of any expectations around this.
Second chance and fulfillments. Next few months. Look for free individuals. Radical change.. life changing opportunity
Go with flow stop looking for solution

this comes out of the blue info fairness in a contract…tide is changing unseen coming your way may have to make some voluntary decisions to change, /dispute or lack of accountability in a certain area. All comes good. Positive solution///fear is illusion / subconscious. Where are you holding self back/ are there lessons to be learned in a situation as you move forward. Purge negativity to move forward. Two opportunities . one is safe not pushing you out of comfort zone the other pushes to edge of comfort zone quite exciting in terms of financial reward.
2 options in career will get clarity in april / a truth (or information out of the blue)is revealed allowing you to find a really great solution for your situation and sees you come out on top because messesnger of fire.
Multitasking and find lucrative idea on side to pay bills. Like a passion project. Balancing lot of plates. Weighing options remember to enjoy your work.
Seeds planted and expectations coming. Trust universe has your back. One way or another your dreams are starting to manifest in the physical world.
In april and may news coming in regarding a passion project or some sort of opportunity to do something that really gives you a creative spark once you jump out of bed in morning ready to do this. Something stongly emotional about something you reall want to achieve no matter what/ hell or high water. You will do this the messager of fire indicates that this is an active new project that sparks the synapses in your brain while setting that passion of yours a light. And I feel like you will achieve it. There’s a very interesting project or maybe a new job that’s caught your eye. A new position. You’ll hear news about in
April into may. It allows you to free up some time as well.
Someone lost contact with or disappeared from your life . may have not trusted this person . they want to make amends. So if you fell out with this person for what ever reason they want to come back in / their intention?? 10 of pentacles they feel like they have a lucrative job opportunity to offer you. Something like the big one OKAY. They’re offering you something that has financial gain attached to it. This person may have a business already and want to ask you to come on board to help with it. It’s almost they want to leave a legacy with you. They think that you’re realy good at what you do. Could be a family member as well. Maybe have not been speaking to for a long time. Someone you thought was either underhanded but caused you a lot of stress. They work a lot but with no reward and with that they give up easily. What is intention?? Could be a passionate exchange. Like a short term project. 5 of pentacles does not bode well. They could be losing money. Not sure why this showing up . may past dealings with them.
Not unless a court will bring what is owed by them.
Coming to make amends but also to offer something. Either offer large amount of money or opportunity for same. What seems good as a 10 it is actually a 5. not ½ as good as it looks. Not for everybody.
Justice card=read the small print. Have pro look at it.

7 of earth patience hard work and success. Just waithing around the corner. May have even felt like a long time waiting for this but a new opportunity (not connected to the person from past) this is like slow and steady wins the race. It is lucrative and exciting energy. But you have already planted the seeds for this. So either you have put put your resume’s and an offer comes from nowhere and it will be lucrative but you will work hard for it and then it will grow. It speaks to your passion. Look deeper I deck of cards //
The hint is name bernadet. Break down the name. burn a debt? Or could be burned by this person and go into debt. Person coming back to so good

But a new opportunity new project completely orchestrated by the universe coming on in for you/ ace are gifts from the universe. And divinely guided. About passion and drive and ambition. Your mojo is being sparked and there is a wonderful opportunity. So you will hear news of this job opportunity or this new project or even some sort of like promotion in your company you feel is right for you. Fate and destiny are intervening for you to be on the right path. If you are questioning it, spirits are indicating look forward not backward.
What regarding present moment / you built a financial foundation for yourself /looking for long term. Financially . even when not a lot of opportunity for abundance around, you carry what you got with you like a camel. You can withstand anything that comes toward you, that is negative with your solid foundation. I don’t feel like anything negative coming toward you.
Challenge of tower may shake up your system. Something you have resisrted for a long time. Could be the energy of walking away from a job you are currently in to find something better or it could be that you’ve been released from your work space and you didn’t see it coming . I mean intuitively you knew there were shifts happening within the work space but there may be some redundancy happening across the board and out of your comfort zone. May be going to court or finding some sort of legalities or dealing with new contracts ( a diff dept or position if you are not being let go)
Tower is a sudden upheaval to take something and replace it with something better. Take you from comfort zone to find the more thrilling. Right option for you. In long term.
Money coming your way you have been working for. Strength and courage is behind you. Respect for self to go for what is truly deserving. Patient and overcoming.

Long time to tame the lion. You have very strong allies who will fight for you. If going through a court battle. Exciting allies to raise you up. Above you / could be walking away from a position you have been in for a while and the muse of voices indicates you stepping into a leadership role that has a lot more responsibility and about
Finding the truth in a situation
About mental, IQ , authority when it comes to yur position. Intellectual dealings. Lot of strategy//the above position is about potential. Either thinking of becoming own boss or stepping into a leadership role that requires strategy and skill. You are thinking about it and rising up. Either higher up in org. or being an entrepaneur . gathering information. Truth is everything to you. Leaving with your head held high integrity . I feel like you may even be thinking expanding or traveling or moving to a different country. To do what ever it is to do what you Want to do. You are really shaking up the script. The potential here is to be like an international leader to go global . this is Gemini energy and I feel like you have the potential to have clear thought , clear plan and to action that plan. It’s very very exciting . also whatever you decide in this moment it really will affect your future in quite a very important way. What is in near future. Angels say anything is possible, ok. As long as you got a plan. 5 of cups in present. Walking away from a situation. You feel you’ve lost in a situation . grieving something. Already. Whether it is the good old days the situation is becoming really icy. You have disconnected emotionally from it. You may be making a bit of a ripple in the pond. Either you are being a whistle blower or you’re actually creating some sort of ripple effect for your future you’re deciding to walk away from something or you feel like you are forced to walk away from something because of some information that may have come towards you. This person on card feels like abandoned. So either you feel like you’ve been abandoned . hurt and pain here. The moon card indicates illusion. Almost like some things have shed away and some things come to the surface. Some sort of unseen problem. There is change here. It is a voluntary change . you must trust your intuition, but either you are let go from a position and feel have no other option but to move forward . don’t worry not out of work for long. There is something wonderful and exciting that’s coming for you that is way better than it was before. They are indicating things get a little worse before they get better.
No matter what Is happening you seem to find balance and harmony. Even in the eye of the storm you are remaining calm and in balance. Temperance indicates patience and purpose. It gives you time to weigh up what it is that you want. And really re-examine your priorities in life as if you still want to go in the same direction. Ultimately you are being guided by the sun especially with this happiness card. You are in pursuit of happiness no matter how long it takes. As long as it comes.
2 of emotions indicates finding your soul tribe. Partnering up with the right people or the right company. A proposal will be put on the table there. Hint lips are pale either an ointment or grey white kind of stuff on lips like a balm ==not for all. Need some one to pay close attention. Partnering up with soul tribe members. People who respect you or on the same page as you and invest the same amount of love and care as you. You will be experiencing abudance an array of opportunities headed your way . you will know the right opportunity for you because when you go for that interview or you meet these people to talk to them online if you are doing a zoom interview you will instantly feel that it’s right . you have a match. For your certain set of skills. Clarify care. Choice here too. May have been in a solitary energy for a while or feeling you’re alone for a long time and have a lot of knowledge and enlightenment and you may think that actually it’s time to partner up with the right people in terms of love or in terms of business being a maverick or entrepreneur. This person could be someone you are in a relation with or engaged to a high level commitment with them / soul tribe or family. I feel you could go solo on this thing whatever it is. But you would rather not. Just to be comfortable. It is a success just to let you know. It will be a success whatever this is . you may be getting advisory information. A wondrerful partnership. A lot of celebration.
Advice for this moment/ looking back on the good old days. How easy. An energy of wanting to be free. Wanting that child like free spirit again. Remember what you had once, being able to get up and go when ever you wanted. Card with a suitcase with a plane near it. Days of freedom you could just travel when ever you wanted. Rose collored glasses. Nostalgia. People from past. Maybe past lovers kind of thing.
Again it speaks of someone from the past returning. May be that person is already back. talking. Another card = 10 of pent. In reverse. May be somebody you had a romantic interest with. May a divorce legality thing. Signals money conflict here. I feel like there is conflict. There is a foreclosure here. I feel like it’s the end of something. But I still feel that person is either offering you something or it gives you more money (page of wands in revrese) this person may be younger than you. Very immature energy. This person is struggling. Intuitively you know this already. BUT all is not lost. There will be good old days. Because you are a very sensitive emotional creature . obviously this world events have hit everybody hard. But emotionally you are a bit of a sponge. You absorb peoples emotions and then you have your own to deal with as well. Remember to let the emotions flow and then go. Because they ARE natural don’t try to fight it. Just let it happen.
What is the external environment or opportunities headed your way. Queen of inspiration. Power, self-respect- feistyness getting your mojko back. You being very creative. Self-assured w/ confidence to do what you want. Leo energy about courage. To go after your dreams and you have to go the distance. Indepedant spirit. Also there is more. They are indicating the cheta, one of the fastes land creatures in the world. You have what it takes to go the distance.
What is hope and fear= team work expansion and travel . now what’s really interesting about this card is it’s a domino effect. You may have felt like you’re waiting for a long time to get things off the groud but once it gets going it is a domino effect. It will expand quite quickly so there is teamwork and if you are trying to expand a business there is success here. The problem is set backs and delays. You never know where you’re at one minute the world is saying you can move on things are getting back to normal. The next miute they’re back right where they were and with restrictions etc. etc. it is a push and pull energy. You can do this. Oh no you can’t. do that. you can travel this time, no you can’t do that actually. We’re taking it away. So I feel like you’re just feeling really in a staccato kind of energy where you’re like am I coming, going or staying, leaving. What’s happening . I just I feel like it’s really a hope and fear of your’s . that we just get back to normal and be able to expand .
Cards= a lot of voices, conversations here== a lot of inspiratin and using the mind perhaps over ananlzing a situation as well.
8 of voices= 8 of swords. From spirit. Making its way toward you they are celebrating new information. Can see things clearly. A wake up call. Rebirth and renewal of hope and it’s freedom. So even though you are gaining a lot more freedom it feels a little bit scarry because there’s change.

Now what is the outcome==they are indicating someone is very thirsty (just as I was about to stop for water) as they are listening to this reading and they are going to get some water. If this is you then there is something in this message for you. So pay close attention to the reading. Ok. Also we have : success (magician) . this is what success looks like. Ok. 3 of water is celebration. Everyone coming together to celebrate great news. There is definitely expansion here . there’s definitely something to celebrate. There is people coming together for a common goal and I feel like there is an abundance of opportunities coming toward you to raise yu up. I feel like your friends also got your back. Ok. Your closest, nearest and dearest they really want the best for you. With the magician card whatever you are manifesting, you are turning those visions into reality. Using inspired action. There’s a lot of success here. I feel like you are calling it in the way that you’d hoped. You have the skill. Confidence , focus and concentration to accomplish anything you set your mind to and I feel like spirit’s going to come on in and help you as well. But it was a case of finding that mojo, getting that passion back in order to drive yourself forward. I feel like if you’ve had any obstacles yu’re overcoming them to manifest your desires into the physical plane. I feel like this is the start of something big. You are makig an impact here and I feel like you are aligning yourself with success. You’re calling it in. very connected with the universe at this time. Especially the 12th of april. Is when the new moon is in aries. A time for cultivating your vision. And I feel like you’re going to be calling in a lot of success. You will feel the shift after the 12th of april for you. Ok. So exciting time there for you. Very successful. I’m just going to get / see if we have any other energy before we close the reading. 8 of petacles. Master your craft. Being good at what you do. You are the best at what you do pisces. Ok. So if you are out of a job you will not be out of a job for long. You’re going to get some communication. Plus if you are wating to rise up within the ranks and enjoy your employment as we as earn a lot of money I feel like there’s news coming towards you to help you rise up through the ranks there. Similarly, if you are wanting to be an entrepreneur I feel like you are mastering your craft, learing a new skill or gaining knowledge in order to help you on your way so you may have put yourself on an online course or a socially distanced course to help you learn as you earn sort of thing and employ those slills for a more financially lucrative future. But a lot of excitement here for you and I feel like if you’re thinking about buying a home, you’re closer to buying it than you think. Because they are highlighting someone wanting to buy a home. Don’t give up. You are closer than you think is what they are giving me. Now they are giving me a name. a very precise name. Morag, morag. Like I feel like that’s Celtics. Like morag. Maybe Scottish. Morag. I’m not sure. Please don’t shoot the messenger if I’ve given …see they haven’t given me a country. They’ve just give me the name in my mind or deep down somewhere I feel like it’s Scottish but I’m not sure. I feel like it may be a little bit traditional or old fashioned so maybe someone in spirit trying to connect to someone out there.
No matter what you have balance. Throughout all this. So spirit has got your back here. Also we got hope. Very important. So when life gives you lemons you certainly are makig lemoade. Ok. They want me to read the words that are on these lemons. Truth, temperance. Peace, charity, joy and purity . a dove for peace as well. You’re on your way to happiness and abundance, but if it’s a bit of a tough time. There’s been a bit of a struggle I feel like all that is shifting now. In your favor.
Further angel guidance? Building block
The prosperity message: with 4 of pentacles so the blocks indicate that sort of energy long term security building something very solid and I feel like endings bringing new beginnings there.
Prosperity message for that: #28 strong foundation a beautiful work in progress. And also a sideline energy: if you are moving into a new position and you are single you will find soulmate energy there will find love there if you are single. You have everything you need to turn iron into gold in the alchemical process of creating the prosperous life you desire. Now is the time to build on the solid foundation you already have laid for your prosperity. Keep in mind that these building blocks are imbued with the sparkling energy of your intentions. Own your dream and remember that you always have more than enough and you will always have more than enough. So abundance is ever present. Your creativity is divinely inspired and the design for your life is taking shape in SERVICE TO THE WORLD. You are meant for success. BOOM. That is a beautiful, beautiful message right there.
A trinket from guide before close: a lock. Has fleur-de-lis on it. Unlocking a talent=own boss and there is something going to be unlocked in maybe it’s information but something is going to be unlocked in april not may for you. The key to that is going to come your way. Also indicates stability and safety=everything is going to be well. They want it on the strength card. = self love, knowing your boundaries, knowing what you are truly worth and havng the courage and strength to go after your dream.
Next we have the sun.: very important enrgy. Message; made with a smile. So about remaining positive keeping in the frequency of abundance and accdeptance being receptive to the abundance coming your way. But if you’re in pursuit of happiness which is most people are I feel like it’s going to be a very successful joyous time for you. Now saying Sam.
Celebration in the not too distant future. admires confidence bold passionate magic and communication with spirit guides angels energy of release of past with brand new start / concern for self right now health gift from spirit for creating you are the only one who holds this creative spark let it manifest through you. all for your goals. watch for signs of completing a cycle. general reading
messages for all for today. all signs28 a –may
pick cup choose partners for project profound decision is being made. always choose with what you feel rather than what you think. use first your logic (now) common sense. with legal matters. all the past choices brought 10 of swords. now with logic determine associates and all will be in new cycle. if the common sense meeting conference the date does not make sense and direct success then attitude is I’m sorry this is not for me I don’t want to prolong this I just really need to move on and that’s it. don’t beat around bush now. ok I will attend the meeting to see how we stand in this choice. and then if it doesn’t work out we will use 10 of swords to end it and become independent back on tract more choices and dates, you are the one choosing . looking for understanding, confidence, fulfillment through choice. perfect soul friend to associate, collaborate with, to build business and career with. can be just a friendship. all happens by choosing something, someone, take time don’t rush energy. still within that right decision. conservative realistic approach. not giving up stay w/dedicated flow. could be traveling a team. attending slowly to places. contact job interview. meeting conference or date. slow no rush.
the goddess for today and her message. METIS= wisdom#36/ wise with choices we are making. heaven sent. experience moving together with knowledge creates wisdom. entwined like a finely made rope that is so strong it can’t be cut. wisdom once earned becomes an essential part of you. you know exactly what to do in your current circumstances. real question is do you have the courage and commitment to actually make a wise choice???we do from these energies. look within yourself and don’t doubt. take the wisdom you already have and apply to your question and I will say apply it to your special circumstances that you are going to be dealing with whether general or love life type of situation. draw forth the humility to find somebody wiser to weigh in. in this powerful time others may seek you out for your wisdom. a auspicious period for new relationships to be found. on deep truth shared with others. that two of cups invitation and choice. connection. entering a potent period of your life to share all that you are and all you have learned. extraordinary things are possible with goddess Metis. she reminds you today of your reason and NEED to express it. she learned this lesson and wants to guide us away from failure to seek wisdom in circumstances. if somebody truly loves you they will collaborate and walk with you. there beside you. like the soul equal energy of 2 of cups. //you must face this fear, anxiety with a resounding NO. even in face of previous conditioning, be brave and ask how you can be part of the solution. playing small is an excuse to not to be accountable for your personal power and to not be effective in the world. you have an abundance of life force energy in you. come out of the shadows and let yourself shine. take the risk and bring the wisdom to the world. the world needs you. born to be a unique part of this life. \
from spirit: merlin magician wizard as in basic reading for this situation. we are manifesting what we are choosing. we are the wizards and magicians today, okay? shine your light bright. open your arms and embrace all the goodness that comes your way. we are using that clarity, wisdom, knowledge all entangled with the magician and the goddess METIS. BE FOCUSED not scattered. everything you decide to do is a powerful magic in that moment. the intention is the magic interpretation. intention is needing to be clear, concise and focused. that then you will manifest. release control and value your priorities. power of magiciam is activated through mind and heart (lost gospel of Thomas). bridging humanity with the world of spirit the wizard borrows the power of the universe to direct and enhance any energy to an actual and specific task healing all and actual outcome. a wise wizard is loving, spontaneous, and transparent. with intelligence and open heart/able to help all people even himself included. by harnessing the power that is all around him. without expectations he allows the beauty of magic to come through him rather than trying to control and manipulate it. an open and trusting heart is a refined tool of perception. today you have the power to manifest your dreams into reality. we are the cocreators of this world. together with the prime creator of the universe. and cosmos. with pure thoughts and intentions create magic in the world around you allowing energy to flow through you with ease and purpose. share your natural gifts with others. don’t dim your light. shine it. examine your thought patterns and energy. And amplify your intentions.
Look to the stars for guidance.
I am a conscious creator of the energy around me. My heart and mind are unified in spirit.
How to manifest soul friendship, connection, union, collaboration, business assoc, mate, for life. So you can go this direction in many different categories.
Cosmic guidance is Retreat, if it doesn’t make common sense reject it.

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