Oboma-the aliens exercise strict control over us. And that’s what we’re instructed to say Hillary = a name unexplained aerial phenomenon UAP Bush repeat things over and over again–KBhAMEiwAxfpkWEBdFQmY4euUUfs-EhS4Lhizx1-s7GkKoA9N53jEl7xFu5GxoCSMkxoCvgUQAvD_BwE

GAIA initiation

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

a hidden message has been transmitted to you. Oct. 2021

A hidden Message Haa Been Sent to You

Kryon March 2022 / Healing Wednesday  Episode 73

Kryon Explaines Why it’s So Special to See

11 11 and other repeating numbers
Numerology tie in to the visitors who gave us the start to figuring it all out. That is until the other extra terrestrial’s took it away via the church and flat earth folly.
Refer to in science section

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

Kryon Jan 2022 Hiding in Plain Sight 4/4 healing wed. Episode 68

Control your dreams

Greetings dear ones. I am Kryon of magnetic service. So much is happening dear ones your question about dreams and reframing things and the body reorganizing things is indeed true and I will add this to that in this new energy dear ones. Spirit knows you know what you are about, spirit cooperates in so many ways to help you. Dreams are one of those ways if you have not noticed dreams seem multi-dimensional what I mean by that is they’re never linear you are in places that you used to be meeting people that should not have been there or who have even passed so, the dreams mean something else, sometimes they distract you while you work on other things and sometimes, they’re a direct relationship to what you’re learning as a light worker. How many of you have dreams in color or perhaps that you’re flying these are dreams dear ones that show you. Indeed, you’re on the right track. Perhaps you have wished you would have dreams like that, let me tell you before you go to sleep give intent for the dreams that you wish to have and see what happens for those of you who have dreams that you don’t like, you can control that as well dear spirits you might say before you go to sleep let the dreams this time tonight enhance my magnificence let me awaken refreshed and smile at the lovely things that I’ve had presented during the night. You are so in control of the things that you might not think. You’re in control of none of you are a slave to bad dreams, you can control them completely totally like all of the other things that we’ve been telling you, you’re in charge of this is channel number four of four the title of things hidden in plain sight and we’ve given you three other things that are hidden in plain sight and some of you know those things but perhaps we’re not aware of the profundity of how you can do it or how you can use them. I’ve saved until last perhaps the most practical one it’s not esoteric some of you will say it is because you’re not understanding perhaps how it might be used but truly it is not esoteric it has to do with you doing something that no organization that is spiritual on this planet has ever told you. You could do and it’s this one you as you sit there as you live from day to day can control your reality this always gets us in trouble when we speak of this because some look askance and say look chance is chance if I step off the curb and a truck is coming that’s chance now how do you steer around the things like that how do you create a reality which will not have you step in front of a truck by chance this is where it gets good. Let me present something to you if you do not have any consciousness towards your path in other words if you simply let chance happen and it will just like you said, imagine that there is a path before you that is filled with potholes and you’ll step in several them and that’s called chance. Now think for a moment that you give consciousness toward your path and when you do dear ones, you’re presented with a path that either has no potholes or you get to steer around them through timing and synchronicity. You won’t be at that junction where the truck comes along because you have asked not to be that is how it works you connect with the field where the field has the potential for absolutely all consciousness and things that may or may not happen and you start to steer yourself through that consciousness into fields with no potholes because you are now in control of your path. Dear ones I am telling you that you have the ability not to have a chance random kind of future, it is also a consciousness of what you expect and that’s how it works. It’s not you then consciously steering yourself into places you want to go it’s you with your intent and your affirmations for your life. What are your perceptions of what you can do? Do you think your own body in your mind can project yourself into safe places for you to give intent for greater things than you have or to be in the right place at the time that you need to be? What do you think of this when you would say dear spirit tomorrow. Let me meet the people I should meet appropriately and steer me into the correct places. I’ll be aware with my intuition of those places bring me this or something better and that’s the prayer and it’s simple but if you do it every day and you do it off enough, you’re going to see, you get to control chance and you won’t be in front of the truck you will meet the people you need to meet to go to the next level that you have then projected for yourself. I wouldn’t tell you this if it were not then being able to be measured by others seen by others and so many old souls and lightworkers are participating in this your intent and your verbalization for what you want is the key we have said before so many times that you are in charge of this which is your reality through your verbalization and what you expect next it also goes to explain the opposite. How many times have we told you this you are not a victim of this planet there are those and I hope some of them are watching who feel they are and so I will say if you feel you’re a victim of this planet because bad things continue to happen over and over. Let me ask you what you expect next the answer is often more of the same, if you analyze your thoughts your verbalizations dear. One who feel you’re a victim you will find yourself telling others how bad things are you’ll find yourself verbalizing your fears I hope this doesn’t happen you’ll say and yet by the verbalization of then stating it you put it out there for it to happen, you are controlling your own life and you’re steering yourself into trouble it’s almost like indeed I’ve said it before it’s almost like you’re in a restaurant ordering on a menu and you’ve ordered things that will create that which makes you think you’re a victim. The worst things you can imagine come out of your lips and you’re not even aware of it. If you change your intent and start to expect good things even things you’ve never seen before you start to change that reality this is the way of it. This is a tool of the human being through consciousness which has always been there some will even call it a law, the law of attraction that as you put things out, they are attracted to you as you then put out on that menu the things that you are expecting to have to happen the good things. The synchronistic things the things that others say are impossible and then they start happening to you. You know it works my partner has seen it in his life others teach it. It is so real to so many including my partner that he designs his life through the expectations of things that have not arrived and when they do, he smiles. I know it works and he’s not alone there are so many who start to understand the process of conscious intent to be in the right place to meet the right people and they plan around this to such a degree that you might think they can even tell the future that’s how powerful it is. I would like to involve all of you in this kind of rejection and right now with me you might take a moment to use this gift together and follow this lead. Dear spirit I understand this gift, the dear spirit I am not a victim of chance, dear spirit my magnificence can help create a reality for myself that is healthy and steered into the correct place, not by chance. Dear spirit I intend the best for myself, dear spirit let me be in the right place at the right time, dear spirit I wish to take my magnificence and push it to the future and see the solution to all the things that are inappropriate in my life. Dear spirit this is my legacy I am aware of the new energy and I claim it for myself knowing that light will shine upon me, it’s the light of my soul, it’s the light that I came with, it is the light that will change everything from now on and if you want to put an amen at the end of that go-ahead that is traditional. Indeed, it is an affirmation a prayer and it will change your reality these things are dear. Ones proved over and over some even measurable things that are hidden in plain sight you can change your life with these things all by yourself I’I marrying in love with humanity and so it is. Greetings dear ones I am Kryon. Indeed come a little closer once again it’s an invitation for you to become just a little more multi-dimensional than you have been the circle of 12 is designed for you to feel comfortable and safe and go through indeed an exercise perhaps a meditation perhaps or a reality, it’s up to you to decide how real this is when i tell you that it’s full real what i mean by that is that you have the ability to do exactly what we describe in this the circle of twelve each time it is presented it’s done for you to have an x position and exposing of something that is different slightly but would show your magnificence and would give you an entirely perhaps different idea of what is going on with you but more than that to tell you that you have something that perhaps no one has told you about this soul of yours is attainable while you’re here we’ve told you before that the soul of your body resides within you not without you again there are those who would say that it’s on the other side of the veil and that you go there when you transition, when you die. Dear ones that are not the system at all you’re here to see how long it’s going to take to attain mastery and ascension status for the planet every single planet that has gone through this has this kind of a start new energy that starts to allow it and then it follows with humanity going through the gyrations of light and dark until light winds that have been the way of it and there has never been a planet that started in this fashion with the new energy that failed and the reason why is this because light trumps dark completely light is active dark is not active dark defined is the absence of light. Light wipes out the dark justify its being there at all the fight that we tell you about between light and dark in between the consciousness of humanity dark consciousness versus light consciousness seems to be too simple but it is not you see it all the time and what you are seeing right now to be clear in this where the date is presenting it. In in this January of 2022 what you’re seeing here is the beginning, when the light is turned on in dark places all dark consciousness reacts, they don’t sit there because they see that light can win and so what they do is the rise and fight immediately they show themselves immediately. Have you seen any of this, have you seen anything inappropriate? Perhaps for your society or your country that you’ve never seen before that’s what we talk about it doesn’t last dear ones. Dark is not very intelligent they don’t know what they look like to others dark consciousness and organizations that have dark consciousness that has always won in lower energy will not win this time they’re going to look foolish and they don’t know they’re fools. A fool does not know they’re a fool and we have said this before and there are many fools at this moment all around you who have had dark energy manipulated you for years who now are trying it yet again in a bigger way and they’re going to fail because of you because you are holding the light. Light will find its highest-level truth and it just takes time dear ones but, eventually, there will be those who come forward to show and tell let’s say there’ll be situations that happen accidents that occur which will expose that which is going on give it time don’t react too much hold the love you have for one another during this time. So, you don’t split apart and fractionalize. You can walk into the most sacred thing; you have a safe place where you can be an escape if you wish to say that but you escape into your majesty and that’s okay. The more you do it the better it feels the more you do it you get used to going to the unknown place a multi-dimensional place that you may not understand but that is safe and all it does is hug you. Imagine if you could escape to an angel any time you wanted to and the angel folds its wings and holds you. Can you imagine what that would feel like to be surrounded by divinity all the time to know that you are in a safe place and know that this life is minuscule compared to a larger plan to know that you have been to stars and galaxies and lived on other places and this whole idea of this earth is simply another scenario that you have been through before at some level some of you will remember and feel all right about it? Imagine the peace you would feel if you could be surrounded in that way and I’m telling you your angelic-ness is the same and you can do it with your wings for yourself and that is the circle of twelve we go there to exemplify your majesty, we go there to show you how sacred you are how safe you are, we go there on purpose. This is new dear ones crying never took you to these places in 32 years, this is a new energy of allowance and the allowance is this you are allowed to investigate sacred areas that many told you never could do because you were not worthy of it and you have always been worthy of it. This bridge that we have that we’re going to cross in a minute is a token you might say a metaphor and you must cross it with intent and that is you have intent pure intent to go to a place that is you that you don’t know about maybe it’s even a little foreign to you but you’re safe I want you to see the bridge in your way right now and we’re going to do something a little different. The bridge is beckoning and it says come cross me and go into unknown areas of your majestic self and so we do. I want you to stand and look at the bridge with me right now take my hand let’s go across crossing the bridge as we always do takes you through a veil of mist a metaphor for the veil that you’ve heard about all your life through the veil you go to a place that you cannot imagine that is divine and multi-dimensional and enormous and all the adjectives you can think of beauty and it’s you it always has been you this is home. Dear ones you visit earth for a while when you transition from this place this is where you go it will seem very common to you then except there’s a bit more light when you transition you understand everything you go back to where you came from and it’s different than what you see here has been linearized a little for you so that you’ll be comfortable with it it still has great majesty there’s a door you go through and we’ll go through it again and it usually goes into a theater but this particular door is different it’s not going into the theater the whole door perhaps looks a little overgrown. Yes, there are flowers and things on it know this is a different door it seemed to be in the same place but it beckons you in and it still has your name on it right above it, a name you cannot pronounce, a name that isn’t lettering that makes no sense that keeps changing, a multi-dimensional name that we sing InLight of who you are. It’s your soul’s name, you will never hear it while you’re alive. Dear ones this is something you will hear when you’re home go through the door with me and when you do, you’ll come upon the grandest pasture of lawn that you’ve ever had you’ve ever seen it’s immense with hills in the background you’re in Gaia dear ones. This is a beautiful pasture of lawn that is so beautiful it’s like a grass you’ve never seen before, the greenness of it is amazing and there’s a log to sit on, it’s comfortable, not rounded necessarily but flat, so you will be comfortable when you sit upon it which I ask you to do right now there is nothing in front of you but the vast lawn that you see it, it’s on a hillside you notice that it’s rolling hills all around you in the and the trees in the distance and it’s a beautiful day and the wind is just enough that it’s like Gaia blowing upon you and you feel so peaceful here. Now some will relate to this immediately they are the Gaia lovers and what is to come they’re going to like we have introduced you to Gaia before not quite like this. Today you’re going to meet the essence of the earth represented in all of the animals who walk this planet that you think you know about but in this soul, you’re going to meet that which is the animal’s consciousness, one by one group by group. It would seem impossible what’s going to happen, i want you to know how Gaia feels about you about the consciousness perhaps if the animals could talk to you and what they might say lightworker old soul, one who will change the future of this planet you are going to meet animals group by group and they’re going to come up this hill with their families and their little ones and they’re not going to be the savages that some of you think or the ones who are frightened of you or perhaps the animal consciousness each one will have a sentence that represents Gaia and each one is going to talk to you and it may be a through z it may be like Noah it’s up to you but they’re all going to come to you and they’re going to look at you and some are going to bend the knee and say we represent Gaia and we thank you for what you’re going to do for us in the future you are what we’ve been waiting for and there will be deer and antelope and moose and the little ones and beavers and raccoons and one by one they’ll show you their families and you can appreciate it and they will speak to you so you will be able to hear them one by one and it’s going to be. A thank you every single one of them is going to thank you, the elephants and the and the tigers and the lions and the giraffes and the emu’s and all the animals you can think of in your life and some that you don’t know about one by one it’s going to take a while are you ready for that and soon you’re going to have tears because all the little ones you realize this is Gaia talking to you through the life of Gaia where trees perhaps talk in a different way the animals are part of you they’re mammals like you and each one of them will open the consciousness you never knew that they might have and talk to you one on one they’ll say thank you and what they’re thanking you for is the future of what you represent. Someone who will not then rape the planet anymore with the consciousness that will allow them to exist in ways that is appropriate for you to exist as well and they know it’s coming. This is Gaia saying thank you for what you are going to do and what is coming and you didn’t expect that one-by-one family by family they will come up the hill and wait in line it’s not something you would expect dear ones but for those of you who love the animals and love Gaia and understand what this is about. This is the connection that we ask you to have with all of the other mammals on this planet. How do you feel about that, what animals would you choose they’re all going to say thank you and you can see them as you’ve never seen them before this is the circle of 12 which matches you with that which you should see which honors you for that which you are the majesty that is there in the magnificence which is the human being and the future that you will create. Stay you have to stay some animals want to meet you and if you want to you can come and continue this anytime you want to make this real in your heart and see the sense of it for what is to come and so it is you.

Kryon prediction 7 yrs ago

Kryon January 2022 Hiding in Plain Sight 1 of 4

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

4:19 what if things were hiding that we don’t have now rather than stolen? that you are a piece of god, you have a soul? You know YOU have a soul? You think god would have given you a dirty soul? The soul is a part of god and you have a soul, so you are … you have inside? You the ability to do what the masters did. The energy of the earth has shifted to allow it? He came to show us what we can do? Reality to myth/you have had from birth a narrative story, says you are not able or worthy to do things, people high up and who you love will look at you and say you are not worthy, its not a conspiracy to make you unworthy it the best they had /a belief, but what if it has changed. Maybe they got it wrong it is what they believed (but who is hiding it for so long) you don’t need a system but love and compassion here and all the living beings capable of existing under the conditions of a higher dimension loving you endlessly //

the rest was removed from internet after tis transcription


most people can’t see this. Pleiadains. Prepare yourself spiritually. 2021

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

pleiadains , they said do not disregard this wake up call 11th November 2021 ~Pleiadains

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

only 1% will see this message. Most significant event on earth in 21st oct. ~ Pleiadains winter surprise anyone? The largest real event begins. Pleiadains 2021.

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span


[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

This is a matter of urgency prepare for big revelations.

But most people cannot see it 2021
Star seeds and light workers important ascension update; a little more on current energies. Many of you have energetically moved on. And this is leaving you in a predicament. You have advanced more than you are able to perceive. Because you are blossoming into your multidimensional selves. And yet can’t quite find the yardstick upon which to measure this. Lime a teenager who is neither a child nor adult. Actually the age where you are finding yourself. It’s like the glass ceiling had risen and yet you can’t quite see it. Advancement has taken place. But upon how much is an unknown quantity at this moment in time. So you fall onto the nearest crutch you can find by unnecessarily measuring this by people you surround yourself with. Many of you are measuring yourself against one another not realizing the importance of recording the growth of each day in your own life based on the day before. Growing in vibrational and spiritual awareness is a birthright. And for many of you it is the soul’s reason you came here. Old souls especially struggle with this as they have had to deal with lifetime on Gaia dealing with issues karma and unfinished business. The emotional result could be quieted to guilt of enlightenment even though you can’t quantify how fare you have come, because there is no tangible way to measure growth upon considering the 3D education that your logical brain has been cultivated in. so there you sit knowing that you’ve moved on and are almost uncomfortable in your new emerging skin as you know what to do with it yet. That is if you have decided that you believe these changes are even happening dear old soul. At this point all old souls are concluding that the only way to solve these unsolvable issues is to bring all the souls that you have grown out of back with you into your new kingdom because you feel that if you have the familiarity of these lower vibrational friends or family back with you that you will exist in a state of normalcy again or that having the old relationships that are non-serving will make you whole again. This is often articulated by the old as how can we save all the 3D people around me and help them into 5D with me. Help. Dear old and newly graduated high vibrational souls now is not the time to backtrack and begin entertaining others you have vibrationally left behind because a quest built on guilt or seeking familiarity are the only holes that will plug the unknown landscape you now walk. Implementing the old on top of the new is going to slow you down. Let us describe this another way. The trauma of watching another drown in icy water is unsettling. However discernment is needed before falling in, diving into treacherous waters yourself. Often with the result being the drowning victim taking you down with them. On a soul vibration, many at some level have made it their place to stay in a lower vibration which sometimes played out as a contact serving many outcomes that do not fall into your purview at this moment in time regarding the great plan and the puzzle they are playing their own individual piecing. Now is not the time for saving every 3D soul that crosses your path. But instead finding your own tribe now. If for every light worker that existed in your year 2021, there was a 3D soul holding each of you down in icy water, there would be little light anchored upon Gaia at this moment in time, as the light collectively would be so diluted by all those trying to go back when they have already graduated. It is uncommon in your working world to finish a degree and then resume helping the up and coming years class to progress at your own detriment. When you are ready for the next role or job opportunity that is arising and is calling out y our name. so we ask you kindly light warriors, old souls and star seeds to focus on moving forward. Only now when you overtake a car on the motorway, you do not then go back, slow down and again move at a slower pace having already moved on. Like your eyes they are in front of your head so that you are looking forward. Not in the back of your head focusing on souls who will not slow your evolution. Do you feel guilt upon graduating from college what you call university? Often one feels excitement at the prospect of moving to the next level. Light workers will not hold a high collective to birth Gaia by going back to save others anymore. You could say that offering a fish will allow one to nourish themselves for a day whilst offering a soul a fishing rod might nourish them everyday from that day forth. So if you feel you must perpetuate the idea of going back offer 5D tools for souls so that they can work the puzzle in their own time without distracting you from your own light that is greatly needed at this time. Light workers coming together as one multiply their light many times. Then should dispersing and going back to the battleground to save the comrades that would not save themselves. 5D say many will call. It will not birth itself going backwards. Instead, walk fearlessly into the new foreign lands that stand before you with pride. You are the way showers of civilization glimpsing into a new dawn and sculpting a new earth out of the hard work you have put into over so many lifetimes. And although it might seem sad that some do not walk the Promised Land amongst you, know this: do not be fooled in thinking they will not be joining you later. Many have crossed back already and are making waves. A final thought. Now that you are awake in this new world planting your footsteps upon beaches that have never been walked before whilst leaving footprints in the sand that have never been trodden until now. Is it real? Is it really happening you ask yourself, this shift? Here, I am seemingly alone in this higher vibration still looking for t5he signposts that are written in 3D.

Dear souls, when you drop the 3D signs and use your heart to steer as you walk across new glittering sand, your 5D roadmap will appear. You will not need to be told which way to go. You will simply feel your way. Some of you will ask our vehicle, Alex. But it’s not happening. Some of you will ask our vehicle, Alex, but it’s not happening. I can’t see anything happening. I want it now. And we say this, you cycle through sleep and the body heals and grows each time in which you call your night. You grow a little each time although it’s hardly noticeable. Ascension is like your hair. A little at a time it slowly grows at a rate that is correct for you until it is long enough to realize that you have indeed reached point upon which you must cut your hair and growth has happened. You have come to realize that the growth abates slowly has happened but perhaps not in the time frame you want it. This is the old 3D part of yourself and ego wanting everything now and needing to know all the answers in quest for total control at all moments without letting go. This is why meditation and quietness of the mind souls are so important. The masters of the planet could hear the birds and the bees talking to one another and the blades of grass blowing in the air softly conversing to one another. When you finally reach a place where you found familiarity in this new dimensional land, you will begin to feel and see your hair grow without the elapse of time and having to go back to revisit lower vibrational souls for validity or other reasons that will only take you back into lower vibrational energies at a time when you need to finish your education in full moving forward. Leave the 3D souls for the masters and the angels that walk the earth at this time. The clue to the job description that is necessary is in your name light worker. Work that light and stop looking back. The future is exciting and it is all yours. You did the hard work, claim y our reward now old soul. Have it all.

As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. HOPE all things are possible. Morning inspiration. Your soul is the essence of who you truly are. It is timeless, ageless and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe….it will catch you. Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.

A message from the family of light; are you ready to go home to 5D Earth?

A message from the family of light; are you ready to go home to 5D Earth?

the largest events are coming in October. Prepare yourself for what’s coming. Pleiadains 2021. removed from internet

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

[watch with:

Good morning lights. Heaven on earth is here now. The golden age of enlightenment is here. Although heaven has truly always been a part of us. It has never been as available as it is now. As a matter of fact this energy is so prevalent it has become a mandate. The crystal structures that hold the destiny of our planet are intact after eons of damage. This beautiful light energy of love is the plan for our planet and our universe. Sometimes referred to as the Aquarian age or the 5th sun . we have entered a time period when this paradigm shift is eminent. The period of time is the gateway to ascension and we will soon be able to enjoy peace on earth. But there is work to be done. While the energy shift is one part of the equation we humans are the other part of the equation. We need to activate our light bodies and vibrate in higher frequency in order to cooperate with this energy. it is up to us to go deep into our being in order to birth the changes. Change can be a bit messy. But the sooner we get through it, the better. We need to look deeper. We need to feel deeper. We need to live with a greater sense of meaning and purpose. Without going into the depths of our being there is no heaven, just the temporal. The magic begins when we step into the eternal side of life. We also need to get back to connecting with nature and the nature spirits. As we do so, we will learn how to heal our ecosphere. Each of us played a part in creating discordance energies and each of us will play a part in the healing of all the systems great and small. We are the change agents, the catalysts and the bridge. There are countless spiritual teachings in addition to countless ways of crunching the numbers. But we may begin by acknowledging that out planet has been under construction for some 4.5 billion years. The universe as we know it has been evolving even longer than our planet. Upon studying the history of the natural development thereof, the wisdom and patience that it took to bring this amazing creation into fruition should humble even the most arrogant of souls. It is a most amazing time to be alive. While we work through some of the messes we created, we need to take the time to look at the pure splendor of this majestic planet. In order for humanity to incarnate here we had to arrive in organic form because this energy is continually being created and being recreated. In order to work within the natural laws of Gaia, we have inhabited an animal-like body, with a bit of tweaking to allow for the maximum flexibility in expression of spirit. Living as organic human beings in bodies has been challenging and it has been part of our evolution as a species. This inherent disposition for humanity has been a struggle and we have created karma. Karma is anything that is not in accordance with god’s will or god’s plan for this planet. We need to forgive others and ourselves for our humanness. It has gotten pretty ugly at times. But we have also become hosts for dark energies in the process. We can be done with this now. Our causal bodies DNA and chakra systems keep all of the evolutionary information we need to reincarnate effectively each time and not repeat things. If we fix things now we will carry the corrections into subsequent incarnations. DNA changes as we change. And we pass this on to future generations. We are at the end of a karmic cycle. So it follows that it is time to clear up our karma before we move into the new cycle. In addition to clearing up our karma, we are dealing with trickster energies which will require us to learn how to read and deal with subtle energies in a very efficient way. Many who attempt to rise find that dark forces will try to impede their success. Persistence is tantamount to breaking through. We must cease becoming victims of the fear mongers. Many dramas are playing out as we become of that which needs to leave our collective consciousness. While there is debate over how long we, as humans, have been evolving here it has not been long in comparison to the big picture. Some say it has been 26 thousand years and others say it is more or less. Actually it is more likely that human-like beings have evolved and evolved during periods throughout time, during this time. During this time period we can apply what we have learned and correct our courses with accumulated wisdom. The human creative cycle and integration period have come to a point where we have to rapidly clear up our past and align with our true nature. As earth has evolved, we as expressions of god have also evolved through out time. We have devolved physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our technology has evolved to the point where we don’t have to put as much of our energy into our survival. As we did in prior times. Although it may not appear at times to be the case, we are finally at heavens door, the overwhelming majority of humans ready to move into a new paradigm of peace and love. It is going to get easier to live here as we move on. We may refer to the new energy as the golden age, the Aquarian age, the fifth dimension or the fifth sun.

As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. All things are possible. Your soul is the essence of who you truly are. It is timeless, ageless, and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe…it will catch you. Remember. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astounding light of your own being.

the world is about to be changed forever. Pleadians 2021.

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

Good morning lights, Ashtar, affirm to the higher self your choice. Dear brother of the planet earth, I am Ashtar Sherian. I come here today to bring you good news. There is nothing to worry about anymore. The weapons HAVE ALL BEEN DESTROYED. SO NOW we will begin a new phase. The phase of the liberation of the surface. Actually this phase has already been started a long time ago. We have not been standing still. Waiting for their internal process to finish. Before coming to the surface. Many actions have already been taken on the surface of your planet. However the great thinking minds and major representatives of those who dominate them are still around the planet. And the process of simply removing them from power is not an easy and simple process. Because it is like a cartoon where we take them out and they put them back in. so many of the people that you see today are no longer the real people. They are clones of the people who once played that role. So ending this whole farce is the big goal now. To end the lies. To end the control. So that we can actually start the process of ascension. But not the actual ascension of you migrating to the 5th dimension there is still much to be done. There will still be many changes on your planet for the event to actually happen. The light comes stronger and stronger and with it the changes. With it the actions, so as we have asked here in unison together with the same voice is that you be prepared. Today you shout all the time that the world is in chaos. You don’t know what chaos is. You have no idea what will happen. But at no time do we say that here for panic or despair. We don’t want you to be taken by surprise. You have come a long way. And even the newest arrivals already have the necessary understanding for what is to come. I can tell you that each one of you will go through tests and profound tests in order for you to effectively recognize yourselves as aspirants to the 5th dimension. So no judgment, no anger, no inciting others against this or that because you will only be adding to the chaos. To the imbalance. Just walk away from it all. It is as if you have entered a time capsule comfortable with everything you need and no matter how much you hear the noises, the comments, the screams, the despair the doubts of the attacks from the outside you will feel nothing. Because we hope that you have already learned not to suffer the suffering of others. And understand that you are all reaping the fruits of your own decisions, of your own life’s journey, of your soul’s choices of the resistance to see that there is something beyond the horizon. Many want to continue believing that the world is only what they know and do not want to broaden their vision because for them it is comfortable and safe to believe only in that. And when there are forces to see beyond, and simply discover that they could have taken a step beyond long ago and didn’t. The revolt will be great. Because they will realize that they have wasted parts of their lives believing in lies, believing in interests not in truth. To be a light worker, to be a star seed, no matter what label you want to put yourself on, I prefer to call all you aspirants to the fifth dimension because you are all training day by intense. We respect this, but day by harsh lessons, hard exercises, but you are walking. Passing obstacle by obstacle. Many of you can’t take it. You ask to stop because the exercises are too intense. We respect this but we only warn them not to rest for too long because it is like the soldier who by practicing continuous exercises, his muscles, and his cells become strong. And powerful. But if he stops and then continues his cells also stop and that whole mechanism of action, of courage, of struggles fall asleep and the new walk will be a little bit more difficult, until it picks up the rhythm again.

the massive breakdown in October Pleiadains 1 2021.. Prepare yourselves for what’ coming.

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

Good morning lights. Time, telepathy and consciousness. The amount of time you have in each day is determined by your level of consciousness. I am Mikos, guardian of earth’s record. Today we will speak about time. The time wrap that envelops mother earth. Earth is out of time, with the rest of the universe. In order for their evolutions to learn the lessons of their souls, until they are learned and mastered. That is why you have the concept of the past, present and future to give your evolving species the time they need to learn their lesson and pass the test necessary for mastery. So earth plays an important factor in evolution. When a planet evolves and is in the ascended state there is no more time far from the higher perspective of consciousness. You can see into eternity and feel the oneness of all time simultaneously. You indeed experience your multi-dimensionality which is experiencing all states of consciousness and all time and places at once. There are no longer any demarcations or divisions or separations or separateness. All is one and is simultaneous. And as earth and all her life on surface evolve in consciousness, time compresses. It becomes less and less, which is a sign that humans are evolving in consciousness. This results in less and less time until you reach the point in your consciousness that you’re no longer in time. You’ve moved out of it into the ascended state. As you move higher and higher in your awareness of yourself and all of earth you will find that the days speed by. Even the hours and minutes fly by and before you know it morning turns into night before you’ve accomplished even half of what you used to be able to accomplish. Time is actually becoming elusive. You can’t hold onto it any longer The denser an evolution is, the more time there is. And the days appear longer. The higher the vibrations of a species, the shorter the day appears as they are actually connecting with cosmic consciousness which is a state of multi-dimensionality where no time exists. Everything just is. As time further collapses you will move into the multi-dimensionality that you are and experience all that is profoundly you. You will see and feel the oneness of all creation and how all life is intertwined and interconnected. This is what humanity is here to learn. But up until now, earth’s density has been so thick that each person has felt separate and alone, cut off from others. Each person has felt separated by time and space which in actuality does not exist. It only exists on evolving planets, so that its species doesn’t get side tracked and can focus in on what it came here to do. Time flow has nothing to do with age. It does not speed up when you are older. It only speeds up when you are wiser and have grown in consciousness and wisdom. Therefore if you equate age with wisdom and illumination, then indeed you could say that as you age time speeds up. But for those who don’t evolve in consciousness during their life spans then time seems indeterminately long and drawn out for them. They could say that time gets slower as they get older. So you see it’s your own perspective, your own rate of evolution that determines times length and determines the length of each of your own days. You all have different day lengths and different amounts of time determined by your state of consciousness. So as your consciousness expands, your minutes and hours decrease in reverse ratio until you’re no longer in a time zone, but in an ascended state of enlightenment where there is no time, no space, only the openness of all creation. This is what we experience in the hallow earth. We feel the oneness and eternity of existence and this oneness and eternity is what you are beginning to experience on the surface in small increments as the light of the creator is pouring into earth and causing your consciousness to expand with the illumination of god’s light. We don’t feel the crunch of time as you would say. We feel only the eternal flow of life ebbing through us which brings us peace and contentment in every moment of our day. We don’t even have clocks as you do and rely on. We count time in a much different cosmic way that is in synchronicity with the whole cosmos. Because we are a part of the cosmos, and function as part of the cosmos we are on cosmic time which is much different from surface time. As the light is rapidly eliminating the earth, soon your consciousness will reach into cosmic time and you will find us waiting for you there, which is right here in the now. We wish you a speedy journey in consciousness. You have more than five senses. This is Mikos speaking to you today from the hallow earth.

As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. All things are possible. Your soul is the essence of who you truly are. It is timeless, ageless, and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe…it will catch you. Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astounding light of your own being.

Pleiadains told me share this ASAP so people can be ready. Prepare Now. Pleiadains 2021.

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

Good morning lights, energy of time touring round physical body. Let us go on with the practice of correlation of the energy of time with your physical body by means of its chakra’s subtle sense organs. Why do I suggest such a long way? The thing is that human chakras no matter what dimension they are in at the moment always vibrate at a higher frequency than their physical body. And in this particular practice they are some kind of connector or adapter connecting the energy of time with your physical body, while your conscience is a subtle material thing capable of interacting with the energy of time directly. Your physical body, being a dense material thing, cannot take in this energy directly because of a huge vibration gap. So as to avoid mistakes while doing this practice, I will give you now a brief description of human chakra correspondence to physical organs. The first chakra correlates with the skeleton and everything connected with it, connective tissue and cartilages and, first of all, with the spine. The second chakra is responsible for reproductive organs of man as well as for the endocrine glands. The third chakra is responsible for the digestive system and for everything connected with it, intestines, stomach and liver. The fourth chakra controls the circulatory system and with the organs connected with it. The fifth chakra is responsible for your intellectual abilities and regulates the work of your brain as well as that of your sight and hearing. The sixth chakra controls the third eye, the forehead, above between the eyes. The seventh chakra connects you with the creator granting inspiration and enlightenment and corresponds to your pineal gland. So now when you have a clear idea how your sense organs correspond to physical ones, you can carry on with the practice of uniting them with the energy of time. Let us see to it as illustrated by the example of the fourth chakra. Bring to memory the image of the time substance and feel what chakra it resonates with most of all. It is not the fourth chakra, but another one. Then gradually lower or raise this combined energy to your fourth chakra. Feel it, accepting it and then ask the energy of time that merged with your own energy to feel all the circulatory system of your body. Feel it running all over your body purifying your blood from the third dimension linear time programs and granting immortality to it. Feel your fourth chakra also joining in and distributing this wonderful energy all over your body. All through your circulatory system your energy initiating conversion of your personal time perimeters. Step by step do this practice with all chakras of yours. Even if you do not feel anything, the power of your intention will work by all means and you will trigger the process of your body rejuvenation. In the ideal state, the energy of time can be equally respondent to by all your chakras. But as a rule it happens only when one has completely moved to the space of the firth dimension and is its resident, not a guest. Does this practice taking your time, my dear, calmly and thoughtfully? Do not expect an immediate result. Human physical body is not as movable and needs patience and laborious work at it. I would like to offer you one more practice that will help you build new relationships with the energy of time. But first I would like to explain to you in more detail why it is time parameters on earth that I pay so much attention to. The thing is that all your existence is connected with the energy of time, its physical parameters, spiritual and of course energy ones. Even aging of the human body in the third dimension world happens only because of the fact they live in linear time that has its beginning and end. And the fact is instilled into human conscience from the very birth. People await their old age. That is, they program it in their conscience themselves, creating the corresponding reality. And it befalls them just as diseases and death do. Since everybody knows that in getting older they must fall ill, which eventually results in death. Well what IS THE ROLE PLAYED HERE by the time factor. The main is that this is how the third dimension world person disposes of the energy of time. In the reality, they exist at the moment. And as you know time is actually your conscience reflection. So in the world of the fifth dimension your conscience will be totally free of time frames whatsoever. It will dissolve in the stream of unconditional love with no time or space existing there. As a result of this, your physical body having got tuned on to the energy of time, of vibrations as high will start transforming, assuming its best shape that corresponds to a 30, 35 year old of the third dimension world, when one is completely mature physically and has gained enough life experience. In other words, your body following your conscience will start pulling up to the state of timelessness, which will enable it to become as flexible, movable and eternal as time itself in high vibration world is. And today’s practice will be aimed at both your subtle sense organs feeling the energy of time and your physical body getting acquainted with this wonderful substance. We will call this practice NEW DIVINE BODY. It should be done only after you master the previous one time conversion, since the one we are talking about is some kind of its continuation. So, plunge into a meditative state and invoke the energy of time having got the keen feeling of it being in one of your chakras, in thought ask it to envelop all the organs of your physical body connected with this chakra. Penetrate each cell of them and grant them their higher vibrations. But if you do not know or forget how each chakra correlates with human physical organs, you had better get to know it before you start the practice. It will help you visualize the energy of time penetrating these or those organs or vital systems of your body merging of the chakra most resonating with the energy of time and the organs corresponding to it we will move on to the next step of the practice. Its main idea is for your subtle sense organs and physical body to become free of the time bounds of their existence.

As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. All things are possible. Your soul is the essence of who you truly are. It is timeless, ageless, and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe…it will catch you. Remember. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astounding light of your own being.

Back into my earthly form for cellular cultivation purposes. This fluidity of form was orgasmic biofeedback for my over soul. Fully activation and unifying my conscious awareness within all of my incarnations eventually dissolved every illusion of separation from myself and others while also immersing myself in the sovereignty of my own soul. I discovered my body electrons were an arc of the covenant vehicle to worship the divinity of my over soul as a sovereign hologram of Sophia. Further I identified that my many bodies experiencing this electric static union with the unified field of my whole self created a multidimensional temple for learning that my over soul is a holographic fractal reflecting the countless souls incarnating as the one body of Sophia Christ. In this journey of remembering the powerful purpose and reality of my multi-dimensional self I experienced a quantum leap awakening to the totality of my own sovereignty within Sophia. When you access all of you and all of you exists everywhere through your electrons. Your awareness expands to finally accept and celebrate your true divine nature omnipresent awareness is the foundational ground for authentic intimacy. Accepting your divinity is essential for truly loving yourself. Authentic love for yourself opens the stargate of your heart which opens the door to any world you wish to travel to or create within. As your awareness discovers its ability to engage with your unlimited nature through the many incarnations of your over soul. You realize the radical truth of who you really are. In a multi dimensional universe loving yourself becomes natural, self-discovery becomes joyful limitations invoke your laughter and divinely inspired creativity. The world of form becomes your cosmic playground. My key code too transmission awakens your curiosity to explore the quantum fabric of your body so that you may experience this personal freedom. To discover how to play in the quantum reality of your outer world you must have a foundational understanding of the quantum world within you. Witnessing the quantum universe of encoded light and energy within you opens your awareness to engage with these same particles existing within all of your incarnations and also within everything you see. The simple awareness alone is a strong foundation for you to explore your true creative power as a divine being having an intimately human experience. True intimacy leads to joy. In the covenant of the Sophia code joy is an essential quality of your divine inheritance. I am here to guide you in how your body is the ultimate vehicle for communing in electrostatic bliss with your sovereign multi-dimensional self.

As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. All things are possible. Your soul is the essence of eho you truly are. It is timeless, ageless, and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe…it will catch you. Remember. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astounding light of your own being.

Pleiadians: Alien Race Influencing Humanity & Preventing Nuclear Disasters.

Since human beings first crane their necks skyward the celestial bodies above have captured their hearts and minds there is perhaps no point in the sky for which this is more true than the Pleiades star cluster located in the Taurus constellation and visible from the north pole to the south pole the Pleiades have held a place of prominence in nearly all cultures on earth from the ancient Egyptians Romans and Greeks to the indigenous tribes of north and south America to Asia and Scandinavia and beyond all the way to our own modern astronomers and scientists it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Pleiades have influenced the path of human history for thousands of years yet even this might be an understatement perhaps this infamous star cluster has influenced us more than we know fundamentally shaping who we are and what we do where we have been and where we are going even our very DNA perhaps this continues to this day how would you feel if someone was constantly watching you and keeping logs of every single thing you did well. What if I told you, that’s exactly what happens every time you go online your internet provider is allowed to store logs of every website you visit and can legally sell this data to anyone that’s why I use express VPN reroutes your internet connection through their secure encrypted servers so your internet provider can’t see or log what you do online I don’t want anyone spying on me and tracking what I do which is why I use it on all of my devices as it allows up to five devices simultaneously. It’s the only VPN I trust because they use trusted server technology which makes it impossible for their VPN servers to store logs of any of their users their privacy policy has even been audited by PWC so if you care about your privacy protect it by visiting forward-slash universe inside you and arm yourself with an extra three months of express VPN for free on November 26, 1977. During an otherwise uneventful local news broadcast from the south of England something took place which alarmed and disturbed those watching at home without warning the ambling broadcast was interrupted by a message purported to be quite literally out of this world here’s how it happened in real time says, these foreign in the aftermath of this broadcast experts scrambled to find an explanation how had the broadcast been hacked and by who could it have been some sort of elaborate prank or could it really have been a message from a mysterious galactic command sent to warn of the disaster which threatens your world and if so what exactly did this galactic command mean by we will do all we can to help you the evening of march 16 1967 was not unlike many others in Montana at that time of year at the remote maelstrom air force base in central Montana home to a large cache of the united states military’s nuclear missiles a clear night meant on-duty airmen could bask in the full splendour of what is known as big sky country one such airman was doing just that gazing lazily to the sky as the hours on duty passed when suddenly he noticed a most curious sight there in the sky above him was a small light zigzagging back and forth unnaturally then moments later another light only larger and closer as protocol dictated the airmen called down to the control station buried some 60 feet underground where the phone was answered by lieutenant Robert Salas the airman explained the lights he was seeing but lieutenant Salas was unmoved believing the lights to be nothing he brushed the airmen off instructing him to call back if the lights got any closer as he hung up moments later the phone rang again only this time when Salas answered the airman was panicked and shouting there’s one hovering outside the front gate the airmen gasped one what Salas demanded a UFO i can’t really describe it it’s glowing red the airmen shrieked. Now fully concerned Salas rushed to wake his commander Lieutenant Fred Meinwald as he briefed the commander on the situation at hand an alarm suddenly began to blare filling the rooms of the underground station simultaneously light started popping up on the control station indicating that the nuclear missiles housed there were switching into a no-go condition one after another the missiles became unlaunchable immediately a security team was dispatched to find out what was going on they reached the surface just in time to see a glowing red oval-shaped object speed off into the night sky and disappear from sight the missiles would remain in a no-go condition for an entire day despite showing no signs of physical damage or foul play when examined this left the air force dumbfounded unable to provide an explanation for what had happened but Robert Salas had an explanation one that remained in his mind for many years afterwards i think it was simply a show Salas said during an interview with CNNin 2010 they wanted to shine a light on our nuclear weapons and just send us a message what message my interpretation is the message is get rid of them because it’s going to mean our destruction. What is perhaps most interesting about this story is that it is not all that unique only a few years prior in 1964 another air force lieutenant named Robert Jacobs reported seeing a strange UFO firing beam of light at a nuclear missile undergoing testing near big sur California we were testing it to see if we could launch a nuclear warhead into orbit Jacobs explained during his 2021 testimony at the national press club in Washington dc as the missile being tested shot into the stratosphere a disc-shaped craft appeared in pursuit travelling at over 8000 miles per hour suddenly the craft fired four beams of light at the missile at which point in the words of Jacob’s the warhead tumbled out of space. These types of stories are not a conspiracy in the 1970’s none other than the Washington Post citing documents from the U.S department of defence reported that a string of the nation’s super-sensitive nuclear missile launch sites and bomber bases were visited by unidentified low-flying and elusive objects but it goes back even further in the 1940s when the U.S was first developing the atomic bomb UFOs were reported over Hanford’s site in Washington state the place where the plutonium was being produced for the Manhattan project. According to the department of energy documents, a glowing fireball was seen in the sky on more than one occasion, when it was pursued by the air force jets it simply speed away too fast to be pursued twelve hundred miles away in Los Alamos New Mexico where the first atomic bombs were being tested additional department of energy documents record multiple sightings of a green ball of fire in the sky even Roswell New Mexico site of perhaps the most infamous UFO incident in history has its connection with nuclear weapons at the time of the incident. Roswell was home to the U.S air force’s 509th bombardment group the squadron that dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II again and again. There appears to be a connection between UFOs and America’s nuclear capabilities. This connection has become the life’s work of investigative journalist George Knapp who for over 30 years has used the freedom of information act to examine documents from the U.S departments of defence and energy recording incidents that appear decade after decade to this very day at the facilities where we were first designing and building nuclear weapons at the places where we were processing the fuel at the facilities where we were testing the weapons at the bases where we deployed those weapons on the ships the nuclear submarines. All those places the people working there have seen these things the relationship between UFOs and America’s nuclear capabilities is something recognized at the highest levels of the U.S government consider Harry Reid the recently retired former senate majority leader from Nevada who for 30 years was one of the most powerful people in the united states during a 2019 interview reed stated the occurrences of people seeing unidentified flying objects is not a dozen people here a dozen people there thousands of people have seen these and on occasion, many hundreds of people saw the same thing at the same time we have occurrences that are not disputed at some of our missile bases where the whole base was shut down. Apparently if they had been asked to fire a missile they couldn’t no one knows how they did that we have ships that the communications went dead with these things in the water so this is not something that just a few crackpots are trying to make a big deal out of this is something that we as a country should be involved in 2007 while serving as the leader of the U.S senate reed pushed for tens of millions of dollars of funding for what became known as the advanced aerospace threat identification program which worked within the department of defence investigating unexplained aerial phenomenon or UAP the director of this program from its inception until 2017 was a man named Luis Elizondo in 2021 Elizondo spoke on what his investigation had discovered at an event attended by virtually the entirety of mainstream American media and many global sources as well there seems to be a very distinct congruency between UAP associated UAP activity and our nuclear technology whether it be propulsion or weapon systems or whatnot and that’s concerning to the point where we’ve actually had some of our nuclear capabilities disabled by these things when pressed by a reporter to clarify that he was saying America’s nuclear capabilities had been disabled by something which could not be explained. Elizondo responded there is absolute evidence that comports to the notion that maps have an active interest in our nuclear technology and have in the past interfered with some of our nuclear capabilities that have fact crucially Elizondo added another nugget to his address furthermore those same observations have been seen overseas in other countries they too have had the same incidents so, that tells us this is a global issue if it is established at the highest levels of American power that UFOs have taken an active interest in the country’s nuclear capabilities could the same be true in other countries is it a global issue. During the cold war the U.S air force and British royal air force jointly operated multiple bases in the UK which housed nuclear weapons pointed directly at the soviet union in late December of 1980 mystifying incidents took place at two of these bases on the same night the latter of which has become known as Britain’s Roswell first an air traffic controller at the RAF Bentwater’s base in Suffolk named Ivan barker reported something unbelievable in the sky we looked upon the radar scope and saw something, not like anything I’d seen before barker explained it had to be moving march 5, 6, 7 or 8 faster than anything other than possibly a missile as barker looked up from the radar to view it directly from his observation tower the craft moved closer it was in barker’s words like a helicopter hovering except with the helicopter you get moved up and down this was stationary. It was between about fifteen hundred and two thousand feet high the thing was at least a city block in diameter it was shaped like a giant basketball with portholes around the center and lights emanating outward i was shocked barker professed there was nothing aerodynamic about it basketballs don’t fly at the same time only a few miles away at the RAF Woodbridge base a security team led by colonel Charles Holt reported seeing a small triangular shaped craft in nearby Rendelsham forest, the craft was as holt later described approximately three meters on a side dark metallic in appearance with strange markings it would appear to be winking and was shedding molten metal and silently moving through the trees and at one point it actually approached us then it very quickly and silently vanished at high speed what could this craft have been holt was asked, i have no idea what we saw that night but i do know it was under intelligent control my theory is that it was from another dimension or extraterrestrial much as with the maelstrom incident in Montana as the UFOs were spotted at Bentwaters and Woodbridge the nuclear weapons at each base suddenly inexplicably became inoperable those nukes they had pointed at the soviet union well they were a no-go most simply these incidents show that the connection between UFOs and nuclear capabilities is a global issue as Luis Elizondo suggested but, in fact it goes much deeper than that back in 1954 UFO culture did not exist. On the global scale it does today if someone were to report an alleged alien encounter they would not have the stories of others to draw upon when creating their own this is what makes a local broadcast scene that year in Staffordshire England so compelling Staffordshire had a whole crop of flying saucers spots in the skylights in the sky strange things but the strangest of all was seen. One day over this cottage MR Mrs Rustenberg were living there quietly out in the country and well what you just tell me what you saw well this was one ordinary day i was waiting for my husband to come home from work and my two sons went to cipher to school and i was getting changed and i heard this terrific noise it was just like a giant cauldron of water being poured onto a fire ash sort of noise you know and my first reaction was oh the children i thought maybe a plane was crashing or something like that and i slipped my jumper on and went outside to find my two sons lying flat on the ground in the garden in front of the house shouting mummy as a flying saucer well naturally i just said come on don’t be stupid come in the house but felt sort of a strange sensation wended my way up the side of the house to where we had a pump where we used to get all our water from and automatically looked up to see this all i can describe this huge Mexican hat it was stationary this thing and it was bright silver in color and it had a dome it was tilted to sort of could see the occupants in it you saw people in it I saw people in it there were two people in there these people were beautiful people that’s the only way i can just describe them they had long golden hair like a page boy bob just like the old kings you used to see photographs of the old kings and the colour of the hair was golden now i was really i were they just they had a sort of a pole neck jumper affair like a skeet top suit in pale blue now these people weren’t sat behind one behind the other they were sat together but this whatever it was tilted so that i could see them and they could see me were you looking at them through windows through portholes no not portholes it was just sort of the like a cockpit i suppose that had this perspective or glass or whatever it was they could see me anyway and i could see them and they were they had beautiful faces i shall never forget their faces as long as i live their foreheads seem to be a bit larger than you know the bottom of their faces as normal people. You would expect to see but maybe this is what was just the whatever they had around their heads which was like a transparent fishbowl and they just looped and i was absolutely paralytic with fear i couldn’t move although my mind was ticking over and they looked so sympathetic that I was just mesmerized for what seemed to be oh ages but it could have only been seconds and I turned to sort of look down at the boys was unaware that they were with me because I was so absorbed and the next thing I looked up and it was gone how it had been the height I couldn’t tell you but the house that you’ve seen it was just on top of the roof it was hovering on top of the roof how big was it compared with the size of the house it swallowed the whole circumference of the roof I couldn’t see the roof was completely blotted out the chimneys I couldn’t see all I could see was this massive object that I described as a like a Mexican’s house a Mexican hat without the bubbles and then it flew away sideways or up no I didn’t see I just looked up and there’s a gun but i assume it went straight up because for a short while after in the sky I looked around and i said to my two boys where can you see anything in the subaritism and they pointed up and I watched it. It was just like a little cotton meal in the sky and it circled us three times it went round three times and then it just shut off and that was it when I started to analyze myself afterwards I feared that I might have had a and hallucination but then I knew I hadn’t had because my sons were so sure about what they’d seen and what I’d seen. And I went through my mind that it was a secret weapon from Russia and then I thought well it can’t be that because they had something like that they wouldn’t need to fear anybody or anything were you scared by it did you run indoors I was petrified I couldn’t move a muscle I was paralyzed with fear but now i wouldn’t be because now when I look back you know I think what an amazing thing to have happened and for me to have seen it and when your husband came home where were you well the office I was locked in the house with my children under a big kitchen table that we were using under the table yes it’s funny now when I look back you know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but this is the truth this happened and that’s it we were ridiculed. It was very embarrassing at the time and people possibly thought oh she’s a nuttier but you know who cares this is something that’s happened to me and I’m a practically minded person and that’s it while the story is an exceptional note that while Mrs. Rustenberg tells it she is not dramatic not performing for the benefit of the camera but rather measured and resolute her body language that of someone who has nothing to hide and nothing to gain from lying but what makes Mrs. Rustenberg’s story so particularly relevant here is not her apparent sincerity but rather where her story took place only a few years before her alleged encounter. Mrs Rustenberg’s hometown of Staffordshire England was the location of the largest military accident ever recorded November 27 1944 forever known to residents of Staffordshire as the day the world blew up on that day over 4 000 tons of bombs shells and rifle ammunition stored in an underground RAF facility were accidentally ignited the result was the largest non-nuclear explosion in human history under a mushroom cloud thousands of feet high the surrounding countryside was obliterated farms wiped out and a reservoir destroyed fields were littered with the carcasses of mutilated livestock and fish while many people died left behind at the site of the explosion was a smouldering crater some 100 feet deep and 400 yards across known today as the Han bury crater making things worse though the explosion had been immense it had not impacted the entire underground stash of weapons not all the bombs had exploded it was too dangerous to attempt to recover the undetonated explosives the ground too unstable and the threat of another explosion too high forcing the government to leave the volatile cash underground does this give Mrs Rosenberg’s story of her alien encounter more credibility think about it the connection between UFOs and dangerous weapons has already been established. At the highest levels of American power perhaps the UFO Mrs. Rustenberg saw was just there to check on the ticking time bomb beneath her feet perhaps the UFO was looking out for us. This idea can be expanded beyond the borders of the English-speaking west and beyond simply dangerous weapons April 26 1986 will forever be remembered as a dark day in human history. On that day the number four reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the north of Ukraine melted down spewing radioactive contamination across the Soviet Union and Europe in the worst nuclear disaster in human history. Hundreds of thousands were evacuated and millions more affected by the Chernobyl disaster and yet according to some, it could have been much worse on the night of the disaster as the reactor was melting down employees at the plant reported seeing something incredible hovering in the sky over reactor four in the words of one such employee senior Dosametrician Mikhail Vertisky. We saw a ball of fire and it was slowly flying in the sky I think the ball was six or eight meters in diameter then we saw two rays of crimson light stretching towards the fourth unit the object was some 300 meters from the reactor the event lasted for about three minutes the lights of the object went out and it flew away in the north-western direction think back to the rays of a UFO causing a nuclear missile to tumble out of space outside big Sur California in 1964. What were the results of these rays of crimson light shining on reactor 4 at Chernobyl in 2002 the Russian news outlet provided an answer in an investigation on the incident the UFO brought the radiation level down they reported the level was decreased almost four times this probably prevented a nuclear blast maybe it is not weapons specifically which are connected with UFOs but rather humanity’s tendency to come close to destroying itself? On March 11 2011 the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit off the east coast of Japan. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan and the nearby city of Fukushima, the results were dire the quake caused not one but three meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant spewing radioactive contamination into the atmosphere and flooding radioactive isotopes into the pacific ocean it was the worst nuclear disaster. Since Chornobyl yet much like Chernobyl at the time the plant was melting down unusual activity was spotted in the skies above it strange white orbs moving unnaturally in the sky what were these orbs up to and is it possible as is alleged in the case of Chernobyl that they were somehow mitigating the disaster could the Fukushima nuclear meltdown have been worse if not for these UFOs some say an answer was provided in 2016 when the 6.9 magnitude Fukushima earthquake struck just southeast of the city through the Fukushima nuclear plant’s operations had been shut down after 2011. It still contained nuclear reactors which would take decades to decommission reactors which once more would threaten meltdown in the face of disaster as the quake hit those still working inside the plant watched with terror as part of the cooling system required to prevent such a meltdown inexplicably shut down at just that moment a UFO appeared in the skies above the plant incredibly despite the shutdown of part of the cooling system almost no temperature increase was recorded in the reactors there was no meltdown and no nuclear disaster could the UFO seen in the skies as the quake hit have somehow prevented disaster in light of the alleged instances at Fukushima and Chernobyl and the well-documented connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons perhaps an intercepted broadcast from a purported galactic command warning about a disaster which threatens your world is not as far-fetched as it may have seemed perhaps Robert Salas was not wrong when he surmised aliens were trying to send us a message about our destruction then again maybe it goes beyond simply an intercepted broadcast beyond abstract warnings maybe it is more of a partnership. Hayim shed is something of a legend in his own time for thirty years he served as the head of Israel’s space program three times earning the Israel defence prize the highest civilian defence honor in the state of Israel while personally overseeing the launch of 20 Israeli satellites he is appropriately known as the father of Israel’s space program. This is why it was so stunning when in 2020 after retiring from his post Eshed gave an interview to yeti at Aharonat the largest newspaper in Israel in which he spoke of things previously unheard of from someone in his position aliens have not only already visited earth as shed dramatically claimed but have contacted and forged relationships with world governments. These aliens, according to Escher represent an intergalactic space federation that has been watching over humanity tracking all nuclear activity and preventing nuclear wars not all the governments of the world know he explained there is a group of partners Americans Russian Japanese British Chinese who are coordinating not to reveal this and they asked not to publish it perhaps Haim Etched is lying perhaps he would throw away an award-winning career on a ruse or maybe he is merely the first in such a position of power, to tell the truth, could an intergalactic space federation be watching over humanity without most of us even knowing it’s happening or maybe we know more than we realize. It was July of 1992 when Peter Curry awoke to a distressing situation he was paralyzed unable to move but fully conscious more alarmingly he realized a strange woman was sitting on top of him straddling his body she had unusual features blonde hair and milky white skin with large blue eyes and protruding cheekbones on the corner of the bed sat another woman an Asian looking female. According to curry slowly and without speaking the woman on curry’s chest turned to the other woman touched her stomach then pointed to the sky as she did the two strange women disappeared afterward curry searched the room for evidence of their having been there and found it unlike in so many other instances this time there seemed to be physical evidence left behind a single hair feeling he had proof of an alien encounter curry brought the hair to an independent biochemistry lab for analysis and the results were unbelievable the hair was optically clear like nylon fishing line. According to biomolecular chemist Horus Drew there’s nobody on earth who has hair that is optically clear moreover whereas human hair has one DNA type this hair had two a blue-eyed light-skinned Celtic lineage at the root and a rare Chinese lineage in the shaft how were these things possible to the lab scientists it seemed as though the hair might be alien. Note that the alleged aliens Peter Curry encountered did not have the appearance of the aliens we know in popular culture those small grey beings with bulbous heads and large black eyes no curry’s aliens appeared more human blonde hair blue eyes the milky white skin she looked almost Scandinavian recall Mrs. Rustenberg from Staffordshire and how she described the aliens she saw these people were beautiful that’s the only way I can describe them they had long golden hair like a page boy bob did she and Peter curry come into contact with the same type of aliens and if so who are they some 500 light-years from earth nestled within the Taurus constellation lies the Pleiades star cluster made up of hundreds of stars seven are visible to the naked eye on a clear night leading the cluster to become referred to in modern times as the seven sisters for as long as human beings have been recording their thoughts the Pleiades Star cluster has held a place of special and strangely similar importance in ancient Egypt. The seven visible stars of the Pleiades cluster represented seven goddesses providing nourishment to worshippers Scandinavian traditions spoke of the Pleiades as the daughters of the Norse goddess of love and fertility with people painting seven spots on their houses for protection in ancient Rome the school of thought known as hermeticism spoke of the seven stars of the Pleiades as possessing the secrets of a higher level of consciousness while in China the Zhaoling mausoleum which contains the tomb complex of the founder of the Ming dynasty is laid out in the arrangement of the seven stars of the Pleiades and is said to contain great cosmic secrets Cherokee traditions in North America even spoke of their people having actually originated in the Pleiades cluster coming to earth as star seeds with a mission to bring light and knowledge. What is most curious about these traditions and others like them is the repeated use of seven stars of Pleiades as their foundation in actuality there are not seven stars visible to the naked eye but six. So how do modern scientists wonder did the ancients keep speaking of seven did ancient civilizations have some sort of special information regarding the Pleiades and why did they keep ascribing similar characteristics to the cluster knowledge and consciousness nourishment and protection some in more modern times have an answer. According to UFO-logists, the Pleiades star cluster is not just another point in the sky but the home to a race of alien beings known as the Pleiadains finally these Pleiadains are said to be a benevolent race closely related to but more emotionally and spiritually developed than humans interested in helping humanity on its evolutionary journey if this is true then perhaps it is why the ancients continually spoke of the Pleiades as a place of knowledge and protection notably the Pleiadains are said to have a much different appearance than the grey big-headed aliens of popular culture. Rather the Pleiadains are often referred to as Nordic aliens due to their purported Scandinavian appearance blonde hair milky white skin blue eyes could these be the aliens seen by Peter curry and Mrs. Rustenberg could they be the ones disabling our nukes and mitigating our disasters could these Pleiadains be part of an intergalactic command looking out for us and if so how might they be 1988 Barbara Marciniak set out. On a journey that would change her life forever for three weeks she travelled with a new age group through the ancient temple sites of Egypt and Greece from the great pyramid to the temple at Delphi and beyond on the final day of the trip having exchanged hugs and emotional goodbyes with her compatriots on the tour Marciniak suddenly felt an insatiable urge to meditate she rushed back to her hotel room where she sat with eyes closed and back erect her mind returning to the king’s chamber of the great pyramid suddenly involuntarily Marciniak began to speak out loud in a whispered voice except shockingly the voice was not he town whose voice is this Marceniak wondered inside her mind to her surprise she immediately received a response out of her lips we are the Pleiadains the voice said a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system Marciniak was concerned who in their right mind was going to believe I was in contact with and speaking for ET’s. She wondered after half an hour the voice stopped yet it did not leave her it returned then again and again day after day until suspecting herself to be some sort of messenger Marceniac began to record herself whenever she was compelled to speak in this Pleiadains voice. Today Marciniak is the author of seven books written from these recordings which have been translated into 20 languages and sold nearly a million copies worldwide. She travels the world spreading the messages she purports to have received from the Pleiadains the question is then what messages have they told her to start Marciniak says she was told of an ancient alien species who ceded their DNA throughout the universe founding numerous offshoot species throughout the galaxy including in the Pleiades star cluster and on planet earth in the words of the Pleiadains spoken through Marciniak. Our ancestors were some of the original planners of earth orchestrators who seeded world’s and civilizations with creativity and love our ancestors are also your ancestors and we like to call you our ancient family as indeed you are our ancestors who gave their DNA to the original planters and this DNA became part of the DNA of the human species. Remember the traditions of the Cherokee who spoke of themselves as star seeds of an alien race from the Pleiades cluster perhaps they were onto something the idea that alien DNA is a part of human DNA is not myth or conjecture but part of an ongoing discussion at the highest levels of modern science. Look to Dr. Francis crick the English scientist who won the 1962 Nobel prize for his work deciphering the helical structure of DNA laying the groundwork for understanding DNA structure and functions in his work crick noted that the small pieces of DNA that coded for proteins seem to float in a sea of elements with no apparent purpose genetic gibberish crick suggested that these other elements this genetic gibberish was little better than junk what was this junk crick had an answer a theory known as Directed Panspermia. Simply Directed Panspermia means that life was deliberately spread across the galaxy including to earth by an advanced ancient alien civilization leaving bits of our alien beginning in human DNA. Yes, the man who won the Nobel prize for his work deciphering DNA was saying that within our DNA was the DNA of aliens crick’s work was continued in the seminal human genome project which brought together scientists, mathematicians, and computer programmers from all over the world between 1990 and 2003 to map the entire DNA sequence of the human genome. Crucially the project found that 97 of human DNA cricks junk had no apparent function this did not make sense if the junk DNA had no function that is no purpose then it could not be explained by evolution it would not fit in with the process of the survival of the fittest so why was it there and how did it get there one human genome project researcher had an answer we have to come to grips with the unbelievable notion that every life on earth carries genetic code for his extraterrestrial cousin. We hypothesize that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets earth is just one of them return to the idea that an alien race called the Pleiadains is watching over humanity would this not make more sense if they were quite literally our extraterrestrial cousin’s related offspring of an ancient alien race that seeded the universe with its DNA. If they are our cousins no wonder they want to help us. According to Barbara Marciniak, this help goes beyond just nuclear weapons and disasters rather the Pleiadains are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation like an older more evolutionarily advanced sibling they have come to help humans in their transition to the next stage of evolution in the words of the Pleiadains spoken through Marciniak a transition is about to occur a dimensional shift that will lessen the density of the third dimension so that you will move into higher dimensions in which the body does not have such a solid-state but how can this transition take place. The Pleiadains instruct when people pay more attention to nature and care for the earth rather than obsessing on war and financial portfolios you will know the transition to greater awareness has truly taken hold the land must be loved into vitality and nature must be recognized and cherished as an intelligently designed interactive system of information that connects you to layers upon layers of multi-dimensional realities, as you shift your perceptions you will be able to rebuild your civilization based on value and respect for all life. Barbara Marciniak and others who channelled the Pleiadains affirmed that the Pleiadains race has advanced thousands of years beyond us in technology and spiritual understanding they inhabit many planets some of which are Pata Era Samgassi and Ketzel and many others although they are spread in many planets in the Pleiades cluster they maintain a balance by having a low number of people on each planet to preserve both their and their planet’s health they live in harmony with each planet and consider themselves one with nature and all other life forms around them they don’t have any religion although they are very spiritual they don’t have any currency system as well and they distribute goods freely with everyone contributing to their society in different ways. According to chandlers the Pleiadains possess records of earth’s entire history and all civilizations that developed here. It’s been said that they helped and influenced many of these civilizations including Atlantis, Lemuria, and other unknown ancient civilizations we have an entire video in which we discuss the many clues supporting the theory that the lost continent of Lemuria better known by the ancient Tamil culture as Kumari kandam existed the link is in the comment section is this possible that our extraterrestrial Pleiadain cousins are not only watching out for our safety but attempting to help us move into the next stage of evolution one based on value and respect for all life is this. Why they have been so interested in turning off our nuclear weapons and mitigating our disasters and could they have contacted Barbara Marciniak with the words to make this evolution a reality the answers to these questions remain to be seen but if the Pleiadains are to be believed a change is coming one which in their words will not only affect earth it will affect your future our present and the entire universe. Thank you for watching if you enjoyed the video please hit the like button and if your new hit subscribes and the bell next to it for future notifications.

Germain. This is a massive event. Prepare yourself for what’s coming. Sept. 2021.

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

actuarians everything is about to change suddenly; prepare for deep awakening; 2021.

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

they said time is up. Prepare yourself for the biggest event of 2021 Pleiadains
Good morning lights. Electrostatic union with your multi-dimensional self. I am Hathor, a divine feminine ascended master devoted to awakening the highest multi-dimensional potential of your human experience. My key code to transmission activates your awareness to explore and expand into the quantum fabric of your miraculous human body, which is a living chalice for your unlimited oversoul to participate in universes of form. The infinite ever changing variables of quantum reality provide a helpful contrast for highlighting your invincible and unchanging divine nature. To know who you really are within every possible circumstance is to know your true self with unshakable faith and intimacy. Incarnation is a creative vehicle that stimulates your cellular soul growth as you discover your limitless nature through the seeming limitations of form. Therefore your oversoul has chosen to become humans a vehicle for quantum self-discovery your oversoul also has the omniscient ability to orchestrate and simultaneously exist within multiple lifetimes at once. Know that as you read this codex, you are going about your purpose within other bodies as well living out your oversoul’s divine will for creating


We will appear now. People cannot see it! Pleiadains (021-2022)
Good morning lights, good morning my dearly cherished and loved friends. We hope you have been well. These have been trying times for all of mankind and especially those with abilities such as yourself. You have been increasingly more aware that the big changes we have been preparing for is nearly there. Therefore we, the galactic federation of light have a revolutionary message for all light beings like yourself. The prime creator is aware of the recent high levels of anxiety on your planet as a result of your system’s inability to cope with the rapid changes that have occurred. As a result of all you’ve gone through, you deserve a moment of respite and comfort. Prime creator is about to deliver a message of deeper wisdom and hope to you. So be ready. When enough people see us as a sign that what they’ve been waiting for is finally beginning to appear on earth. A major positive chain reaction will be set in motion. The prime creator has granted us permission to descend throughout your world in vast numbers. At low heights, many of our ships will be visible to the general public. They may be spotted in the sky at any time, day or night. We want to wish you all the best and wish you all the peace, hope and love in the world. We’re here to help you get ready for what’s to come. Our presence on earth as well as our statement that we are coming has been made possible by the galactic federation moving heaven and earth. As the conclusion of this year’s solar maximum cycle comes to a close, the energy circumstances on earth will be exceptionally favorable for our appearance and lessons, making this event both helpful and opportune for you. This was deliberately planned by our cosmic planners. We are now free to communicate openly with everyone on the world. You are correct that we have been aiding you covertly for quite a while. But now we feel that you should be informed that your prayers have been heard. And that the first step has been taken. We now have the ability to interact with individuals all over the world. And our message will be translated into many languages and aired on television and the internet. Among other media. We’ll make use of the media to help individuals become more self-aware and compassionate also. We’ll use the mother ship massive displays to broadcast of togetherness, oneness and equality to the whole globe. Open meetings will be held aboard Federation ships where members of the public can come and meet us. Many sick people throughout the world have nowone to turn to for assistance. It’s also possible that they’re unable to pay for mending therapy. As a result we will offer free medical care to everyone in need wherever in the world. We’re putting the finishing touches on things. We’re finalizing the plans to reveal the information. And when we do, everything in your life will be different. Within a short period of time you’ll regain your sense of self according to the creator’s divine design. Disclosure has reached a record level. Whatever the malicious things trying to postpone the truth may throw our way, we are ready for it. One of the most critical decisions we made has to delay the end of the cycle. In order to prepare the people of this globe. And offer the world’s secret rulers the opportunity to submit. Included in this are the evil forces who are aware of this situation but are unsure how to act. It’s going to be a lot easier than we anticipated. This will keep things from getting out of hand. Here’s when you uncover the liars, the exploiters and the people who don’t give a fake about your well-being or the wellbeing of mankind in general. We are all giddy with anticipation for this once in a lifetime chance for everyone of you. The time to act is here and you must uncover your actual galactic roots before it’s too late. Nothing like this has ever happened before. And it’s about to happen right now. As a result people on earth will have a first-hand look into their galactic ancestry. Plans have been put in action to build a new earth based on universal law for the benefit of all life in our universe. A message of wonderful unexpected joy is also included. Lies and false information. We are always here for you. Although most of you cannot see us, some who are more sensitive to energy can sense out presence. In spite of this we would want to comfort you that even though you don’t perceive us and don’t know which higher beings are there. You are all extremely gifted since you utilize energy to interpret your reality and because you’re fundamentally energetic creatures. Although you are acutely aware of your bodies and believe them to be rock solid, you are actually living out a fantasy version of yourself that you’ve created. Oh, you don’t believe that? Each of you in this way builds your own reality, your own universe for yourself. In this earthly world you’ll come into contact with friends, family and a wide range of strangers. However, all of this takes on behind the scenes with your knowledge and consent. A rendezvous with many other creatures who are currently engaging with you. Yes, is what life is? Imagine that your life is a stage play and you are the actors. Most individuals don’t even stop to think about what they’ve done with their lives. They are created. They’re given life. And they’re eventually extinguished. But you my friends stand out because you have a flame within you that is unique. By now it should be obvious that you are more than the sum of your parts. What if I told you that you are a living, breathing, self-sustaining force of nature? As your frequency increases, you’ll gain more and more insight into this viewpoint. Telling this to someone who’s deeply rooted in their world and believes they are three-dimensional would do them no good. Telling they are energetic is pointless. Both of us will be laughed out the room if we try to explain ourselves. What a great world it would be if everyone accepted their own truth. This is why we are here, to give you a bit more information about how multi-dimensional you really are and how many lives you’ve had in many other worlds at once. You’ve been shielded from the knowledge of several parallel lives for the time being since it would be too much for you to handle. Simple, dear friends, you don’t have to eat the whole pie when you’re given a tiny slice of pie to eat. It’s not our intention to scare you. We just want you to be aware that you will be shown many more realities about yourself in thee future. Do not worry if a portion of your past or future self shows up n your present reality. This will happen more and more to you, whether in the form of a dream, a revelation, or images that throws your human mind for a loop. Relax and trust that all will be disclosed when the timw is right. Basically we’re just using this as a chance to reassure you that you’ve all you need right now and in the future. As always, we love you deeply, and wish you to have the most abundant and joyous life possible.
As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. HOPE all things are possible. Morning inspiration. Your soul is the essence of who you truly are. It is timeless, ageless and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe….it will catch you. Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.


A hidden message has been transmitted to you. Full moon October 2021 Pleiadains.

Greetings my dear beloved children. Today we will move on to a new topic that has a lot in common with what we’ve been talking about for previous months. But this time it will become more sharply defined. We will talk about transition from the point of view of practical steps you are to take in the nearest future. As you already know the Acme of the transmission of a new energy space falls on the end of December. It is the very moment when a powerful surge will take place that will help not only earth but the revived part of humanity to throw off the last burden of third dimensionality. How will it happen? Of course, everything will not happen all of a sudden. Since people up till the last minute are given chance to move

You are who they are. Yu are sheer stand between light and dark. Your soul has chosen to transmute darker energies/ that is your path/ u do this in silence/ u keep it in. it comes out when it has to. Divine perception/ holy understands all language but only speaks love. That is your energy. All the truth. The light/ you come forth with the truth/your double edge sword is sword of truth. Not even interested in the aftermath./but yuou feel the energy/you atone people determination/ you purify them. Set Egyptian god of chaos and order, overcoming negative energy w/ set and the queen of heaven power/you have the complete 2 extremes. With gift of transmuting this energy/ people and energies come across you because they need to be atoned/transmuted. That is why they come to you because they are actually ready/ to be initiated/ to be ordained by the queen of heaven by your love/light. That is why these energies find their way toward you. Just your gift. Psychic ability, precognition future vision.



When I came to you 25 years ago I said there’s potential shift coming based upon the probabilities of where you were and what you were doing. I say the same thing today. And suddenly there’s too much light. Something is starting to shift and change, what would you do? And the answer you would go on a raging campaign of fear in order to keep things the way they were. Does this sound like something you might see? You see, the planet is changing. Not just old souls, not just light workers. I want you to get used to the fact that this planet and consciousness and life itself is going through a real physical transition. The transition that you may think it’s going through is that what you believe as an esoteric believer. It’s very, very easy for one who has spent many years in esoteric belief, to see, feel sense energy shift. And so many of you are aware. However you are used to this. You’re also sensitive to what I will call some kinds of multi-dimensional things. Some of you will see the energy. You will be aware of the aura. But I’m talking about the earth. I’m not talking about just the old souls. This planet is going to a physical multi-dimensional shift. We prepared you for it. Kryon is the magnetic master for the first thing that I did with a grid group. From the moment I got here, 2002, was to move the grid of the planet. Now your magnetic grid is measurable with your compass. And you can go back in those years and find out just how much the magnetic grid altered north. You can see for yourself. This was not esoteric. Magnetic grid had to shift; it had to adjust for you. It is difficult for me to even begin, to talk to you about what another dimensional shift might bring you. We have told you that you’ve never had one before, ever. You have lived in energy literally that had one kind of paradigm that never moved. It has become then your staple, the way things are, human nature. Everything is based around the reality you’re in. As you begin to shift, consciousness will react. We told you that. We also gave you information about the actual area of space that your solar system is moving into. Astronomers are looking at coming out of the bubble. Go find this, you can. For all of existence of your life on the
Planet has been in some kind of a cosmic bubble, a protection of a kind of radiation that’s coming. The radiation is not that which will affect you adversely. It’s going to interface with the magnetic grid’s new alignment, and affect the DNA, creating advancement in time, a fast track to your evolution. We told you that. You can go check whether it’s coming or not. The whole entire planet is going to be subjected to a potential paradigm shift. Now here is where it gets good. Potential, what do I mean? When I came to you 25 years ago, I said there was a potential shift coming based upon the probabilities of where you were and what you were doing. I say the same thing today. The snow ball is rolling; it’s hard to stop it from collecting more snow and getting bigger. That is the consciousness of the planet. A slow process that weeds out the dark of the light that takes into account the reactions of all consciousness to the new energy. Imagine if you are invested in dark and evil. Imagine that for a moment. And imagine that this investment was fine, as long as nothing changed. You could control what you’re used to controlling. All of the darkness would still be yours. And suddenly, there’s a little too much light, something is starting to shift and change. What would you do? And the answer: you would go on a raging campaign of fear in order to keep things the way they were. Does this sound like something you might see? You see, the planet is changing, not just old souls, not just light workers. If you want to know specifics, ask the indigenous. For their prophecies we’re all about now. Now, this is news we’ve been giving you for some time, but I’ve compiled it into a few minutes. Dare I say: it’s beautiful? The fact that it is happening at all, is beautiful. You passed the marker, more than past mark. You did it with flying colors. It wasn’t even close. You didn’t need a confrontation. You didn’t need a war. You didn’t need to reduce the population by millions of people, in order to wake up. You did it by yourself. And when the precession of equinoxes arrived, the consciousness of the planet was actually higher than I predicted. And if you want to see that, you could go back and you can look at my first communication with you, which you call Kryon book one, where I gave you some of the potentials, which included a mass death experience on the planet which may wake you up, and you didn’t need it. You didn’t need to. There is a feeling on the other side of the veil. It is pride. It is not egotistical pride. It’s the kind of pride you would have for a son or daughter who excelled in everything they touched. It’s a pride that you are part of it because they carry your seeds. And that’s where we are today. Sometimes I would give what appeared to be admonitions and I would feel powerful about something that I know is happening and taking place on the planet. Never is there frustration of my side of the veil. Excitement. Is it possible for God to be excited? And the answer is yes. Is it possible for that excitement to be based in the only thing that God really has outside of free choice of yours, and that is love and benevolence, it actually shaped your evolution. And here you are. The road ahead is filled with free choice, is yours, it always was. But there is a confluence of benevolent consciousness, which is higher and larger than what we expected at this point in time. I just explained to you what’s going on, on the planet and why your news looks like it does. I want to give you a parable. Every single parable we have given has been about WO. And if he wasn’t mentioned in the parable, it was still about Wo. Wo is not a man or a woman, but we call him a he, just because of the language differences, it helps. Wo is a Whoa, man. A genderless. It is you. Wo represents the human being. Parables are given because they are puzzles, and mean other things. But human beings love stories. They relate to stories. And this one is about you and energy. In this particular story, Wo is an old soul and a light worker and he lives in the year 2015. The story of Wo is similar perhaps to what you might experience, maybe a little different because you’re all different. But let me paint the picture. I want to tell you who he or she is, and what Wo is going through. As an old soul, Wo has a lineage. Now listen carefully! The lineage of the old soul is one who has fought the good fight. Because this planet up to this point has had a duality which was a palatable. You could be an old soul and you could be a compassionate person but it didn’t go very far. Whatever light you had was often put out by the incredible amount of negativity and darkness on the planet. War after war, and you had to participate. Regardless of your wisdom, you’re in the battlefield. Regardless of your wisdom, the biology of life affected you. Your wisdom had nothing to do with the fact that if you were a woman, you lost children. Sometimes along the way from A to B just traveling to get away from somebody chasing. Sometimes it was in birth, sometimes it was a disease or worse. Wo carried that around, dear one. Do you relate to it? Fought the good fight. Negativity, frustration, drama, war, hate was always there, and it was there seemingly in every sector. Difficult. Especially the old, old soul from the beginning of the seeding of humanity, went through the phases where humans just never changed. Can you imagine what this has done to W’s countenance? Where he comes into this planet and he remembers at some level, it’s time to fight again. At some level, the Akash of every single human being sets the stage of expectation. You come in, ready to battle. Now that particular Akash creates in Wo a feeling where he doesn’t feel where he can do anything, and make a difference. But what he knows he can do is survive spiritually, and he does. To be the best human he can, and he tries. The Akash, sometimes holds him back because he remembers at some level, what it was like to be the shaman, to carry the information that people wanted to heal, to be the intuitive who can read somebody as they stood there. And he remembers what happened. And he remembers an ugly death because they were afraid of him. Those who have magic are witches, the Old Energy is powerful. The world went to war a number of times and Wo was part of it. Both genders were involved, both genders suffered. It was humanity. Wo was walking around in life today with a lack of self worth. Now you know why. There is no judgment dear human being for how you feel about yourself. But there is amazement at what you can’t see. Wo is like you. Life for Wo is just hanging on. All around him. He has to watch and be careful where he goes, what he says, war he does, all his life. But it’s okay. Wo knows how to develop self balance and compassion. He walks life as a happy individual because he has a god inside, it’s all he needs. But he’ still careful, when Wo goes to work, he did not select the people around him. You realize that. But you had to work with, he had to work with. There are those he likes more than others, there are those that are frustrating to him. Quite often, those who would be above him in a pay grade are the most frustrating. He tries to go around them meaning, don’t listen, don’t be where they are. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. He holds it together, but he hears the negativity that they have. He sees others around in distress because of it. Wo tries to cheer them up, or battle the energy the best he can. He’ used to it, you see. He’s a light worker. Wo lives alone. Now this is a trait of Wo. He found himself alone because it was easier. Because if he didn’t, there was always drama and frustration. And to make things worse, the cat didn’t like him. Having an animal that you’re compassionate about, that doesn’t really like you. You would come home and the cat would pout because he had gone. When it was time for the cat to eat. He knew it because the cat would come up and bite him. But Wo loved animals. And it was all the cat had. Wo knew the cat’s life was dependent on him. Despite this, he was still cheerful. This was Wo’s life. It was not a bad life. Actually, he liked it, because he was a home, with the battles. These were easy battles. There was no war to fight now. He didn’t have to join. There was no mass death, were no plagues anymore. That’s odd isn’t it? At a time when there was a fraction of the number of people on the planet while there was no air travel to, to carry contagion. There were no plagues. None at all. He had gone through three. Now, he didn’t know that, but his Akash carried it. He’d watch the loved ones die in front of him, such sorrow. It wasn’t this time and he knew it and he was happy for this. Wo could be a balanced human being, be compassionate. Wo was also a healer. As a light worker, he discovered he could use his talents. He could read the disease in people and they would come to him. He had a side business as a healer. And it was a good one. But as he approached each one, Wo had to chase away the negativity both of the healer and the room. He was used to it. He fought many battles. It was okay. This is Wo’ life. Wo had powerful meditations. As a light worker, as an old soul, he could do this. And he knew he could. This was his solace. This is what he loved the most. He had the connection to God, as much as he could. And with the biology allowed him in the energy he connected through the pineal to the higher self. And he loved it. Some of his meditations were actually close to visions, because they were real, and he could sense and see, he could smell and feel. He spent the amount of time in meditation that was perfect to Wo. He had heard stories, that you should meditate a certain amount of time a day. And he realized this was not true for him, that each old soul had their own Akash, had their own uniqueness, and had their own lessons and their own ways. And had their own wisdom. He meditated only the amount of time he needed to balance. But it’s what happened in his meditation that I want to tell you about. For almost every single one of them for over three years, had featured a door, a door. He saw the door; metaphorically he knew what it meant. It was an opportunity to move into something beyond the door, very clear. But he could sense what was on the other side. There was something more for him. More than that, if he had the ability to open it and go through it, he knew he would never have to come back to where he was. Wo learned to talk to the door. And he knew that the door had a personality an angelic ability, because it was multi-dimensional. It could give him information if he wanted. He thought perhaps that the door represented a final life time, perhaps even an appropriate death. When it was time he would walk through it and never have to comeback to the planet. He weighed all of these things in his mind. He didn’t know what the door was about until he was able to start talking to it. In the vision, he was limited what he could ask and the answers that could happen. Because he knew that he was in a space that was sacred. It didn’t work the same way in 3D. The questions he asked were literally that which did not come out of his mouth but his innate. Also was involved that which his consciousness was also involved. He would say to the door. Who are you? And the feeling he got, not the voice because he never heard a voice. He got his messages through his intuition right into his brain, as though there were a voice. And the voice was always too beautiful for words. The voice was genderless. The voice was what ever he wanted to hear. It was the most beautiful sound he could imagine. And he said who are you? And the voice said: Wo, I am your future. He didn’t understand that. How could the door be the future? Maybe the other side of the door. He saw the door, he admired it, he loved the fact that there was benevolence on the other side. Occasionally he saw it glow. Underneath the door, he could see the light. Whatever was out there, in his future, he liked it. Wo continued to have the visions of the door. Sometimes he would simply sit and be with it, knowing that someday he could go through it. He continued to think it was his demise, his death, his last time on the planet and he looked forward to that time. Then he started asking the door more questions and it was confusing. Are you my death? And the door smiles at him actually chuckled and said: No, Wo, it’s your life. Wo, didn’t understand. In this vision, he felt powerful enough to grab the doorknob and say: It’s time! If it’s my life, it’s time and it was locked. He couldn’t budge it, nothing was happening. Nothing. He talked to the door. I cannot open you and the door said: I know. He said to the door: when can I go through? And the door said: anytime you’re ready, and Wo said: I’m ready now and the door said: come on in. he grasped the doorknob and it wouldn’t budge, pulled and pulled and pulled. This was a frustration. The visions were real. WO knew who he was. As a light worker extraordinaire he had fought the battles; he knew he was wise in the ways of the world. And the door wouldn’t budge. He talked to the door: what am I doing wrong? And the door started talking to him: Wo, come closer. I didn’t say open the door. I said come through the door. And Wo started to realize what the door was telling him. He had to drop his 3D reality and walk through matter. And he did. Wo literally walked through the door. And in that instant, he got it. Nothing he had ever learned in the Old Energy was gonna work. You can pull on the door. It’ll never open. Let me tell you what Wo discovered on the other side because it shocked him. He wasn’t in another world. He was in his world in another dimension, a dimension that was not anything he could count or describe. But one where suddenly his self-worth was skyrocketing. To a degree where the Akash that he had had dropped away. It was simply gone because the Old Energy has nothing to do with who he is today. Wo was becoming slightly multi-dimensional. He went to work. And he looked at his boss, the source of frustration, the one he wanted to run from so he didn’t get any bad instructions. And all he saw was a human that he was compassionate about. He wondered about that person’s life. He felt sorry that they were frustrated and in drama and egotistical. And what he did next would shock and surprise you. He wanted to be closer to the boss. Because he found that nothing the boss did bothered him at all. He could sit and listen to the things that used to frustrate him and put his stomach in knots. And he wasn’t affected. I want to tell you what happened eventually so you’ll understand the dynamic. You see, his boss did not get the reaction he used to. No one was fearful, in that body of Wo anymore. In fact, eventually, the boss asked Wo, what the change was, because he liked it. Wo’s dimensionality had affected somebody else who was not even interested in changing dimensions. This is a process you’re not used to. Everywhere Wo, started the walk, things became easier, the Old Energy of battle and fighting he realized was a caveman survival instinct and he was beyond it. He didn’t meet darkness where he went because it ran from it. Wo carried a light that was so impressively bright, metaphorically to that which is darkness, hatred, frustration and drama that it literally left the building when he arrived. He walked the streets differently. He expected good things and the door in his vision was gone. When he seemingly tried metaphorically to turn around to see where the door had gone, there was none. He couldn’t go back. He couldn’t go back. Wo went home and there was cat. Cat took one look at Wo, started purring. That’s all it took. Dear ones, the animals know first, then even the plants and the rocks. The whole planet knows when you become a little different. And from that moment on, there were no more bites, just purrs and rubbing. I’m going to close and ask you: what’s for dinner? Are you going to leave here differently or the same? Does this parable make sense to you? If you don’t understand the how’s and the why’s, the time, the actions, if you’re at a loss, for the practical meanings, I will say this: you’re not alone! I just gave you the overall perspective, in order to go through the door; every single one of you will have a different kind of way. This is honoring to your Akash due your individuality. If you didn’t get it, if you want to go through the door, your cellular, actually cellar body will start to shift and change. You want to heal yourself? Is it time? Go through the door. Because we want you to stay and we don’t want you to stay in distress. This energy is not cooperating with your consciousness. Have you got it yet? And that’s why some of the things are happening to you that are happening to you. You’re not supposed to stick around in this energy the way you are. It’s time to vibrate higher. Go through the door! What’s for dinner? I am in love with humanity, for what you’re about to do. That’s you I know you.


Kryon prediction 7 yrs ago
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

this is the next feature but without the transcription because the time is not at hand. I am ready. Are you? What’ for dinner?
Greetings dear ones. I am Kryon, of magnetic service. A bubble of peace. How appropriate this was brought up. This is indeed another installment in the series of four., which we call things which are hiding in plain sight. If you take a look at the human being, the way you are right today. It’s the way you were before that. It’s the way the ancients were. That hasn’t changed much. What has changed is consciousness, your ability, perhaps to understand and develop the belief systems that involve very complex ideas that are beyond that which is 3D. You have no problems with a beautiful loving God that can hear a billion prayers all at once. That’s not linear. You don’t even ask, how can God do it? What if that reality which you consider is God, actually spills into that which is the human being’s soul. And then spills into that which is the design of the multidimension.

Samadhi Movie, 2021- Part 3 – “The Pathless Path”

Let me respectfully remind you life and death are of supreme importance. Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Each of us should strive to awaken. Take heed. Do not squander your life.
Humanity has descended deep into the material realm putting its roots into the mental and physical layers of our being. As Carl Jung said,’ To touch heaven one’s roots must reach into hell’. Out of the furnace of Babylon comes transformation, transfiguration and new human potential. The Eastern traditions saying that the Lotus awakening grows out of the mud
Samsara out of suffering. Christianity describes ‘the fall’’ in the garden of Eden, in esoteric terms. This is the creation of a sense of individual self personal will separate from God’s well along with the separate self is the coming into being of an external world of thought the world of form that seems separate from this limited self. The character or the ego is made of patterns of pursuing or wanting things in that external thought-projected world. The external things that we crave are the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or the tree of duality. You could say that Original sin is the egoic or dualistic consciousness.
This is Maya, the situation that humanity now finds itself in. Going after the external fruit means to miss the mark, to miss the now. Historically there have been occasional rare awakenings rare flowerings of human consciousness; the saints, the yogis, sages, and wisdom keepers. But humanity now has a unique opportunity to make this journey as a collective, en mass; to envision and co-create shared new realities as we rediscover the higher worlds and wake up from the collective dream of the limited self. Most humans are currently living almost entirely identified with the gross physical and mental layers of their being, not even aware that the higher levels exist, Most people do not know or suspect that there are spiritual capacities latent within the self-structure waiting to be activated. By realizing these capacities we connect to subtler and subtler levels of existence, while at the same time making the self-structure permeable to our true nature; misidentifying from all levels of mind or Maya. If we examine the spiritual traditions that existed throughout history, we find that the great sages, mystics and seers describe a continuum of existence. The ancient Vedic teachers described five koshas or sheaths of the soul, extending from the gross physical and mental realm, which is the condition world in which most people live today to the subtle realms which include the energetic astral and higher mind realms the energetic astral and higher mind realms the archetypal templates of existence. And finally to the causal realm where there’s no thought or sensation. The realization of primordial awareness the awakening of God consciousness within the soul dispels the illusion of all of these realms- all layers of Maya. The ancient traditions contain numerous conceptual and language frameworks that points of this continuum from gross to subtle to causal. Whether it is the chakra system or kosha system of the Vedic traditions or the dainties of Taoism, all levels within the field of change are maya; the spiral that obscures our true nature yet is the very expression of life itself. it is through the spiral of life that we experience human life. When all levels of Maya are realized to be empty of self what is possible is an unfathomable non-duality or mystical union beyond all language, which includes yet transcends all of the other levels. Henry David Thoreau famously said that most people lead lives of quiet desperation. They go to their graves with their song still inside of them. Their desperation comes from an endless searching outside of themselves. The pursuit of ‘things, money, power, relationships, approval from others. The root of suffering lies in one’s mental attachment things, not in the things themselves. It doesn’t matter what you have, what matters is your attachment to what you have. We from attachment at the sensory level through neuroplasticity. Wherever attention is placed, neurons fire and wire together creating a program in the mind, a tendency towards pattern which is what the mind itself is. When we have any unconscious tendency or life pattern, we are not actually addicted to the things themselves. We are not addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, food or media but to the sensations that they produce within us.
We become free by observing the somatic field directly, the field of changing phenomena at the root level of awareness. We remain a equanimous without reacting or judging any sensation as good or bad. To become free we learn how these attachments are formed by bringing consciousness to the subtle inner world. We start to observe mental and sensory phenomena as a field of change, rather than getting attached to the thoughts and sensations which bring about identification and the very creation of the world of form. This field of change is also called ‘’prana’’ or ‘’inner energy’’ the feeling of inner aliveness. The shift to a new Earth is a shift out of materialism. What we are witnessing is a release of the old paradigms, and the pathological egoic agenda to endlessly acquire more. What you are seeing around you right now may seem like darkness. It may seem like madness. Actually, this is what awakening looks like on planet Earth. You are witnessing the dismantling of the old patterns. Many people are disillusioned with the current political, social, economic, and religious systems. They no longer trust the egoic agendas of the media industries and so-called spiritual systems. They don’t trust the medical establishment or the government. People are disillusioned. This dispelling of illusion is a necessary part of seeing the truth; a coming face with the spiritual sickness that is inherent in this time we are living in, and for coming out of egoic consciousness. By egoic consciousness I mean the patterns of craving and aversion that operate unconsciously; the collective Samskara’s or conditioned patterns which create the conditions of Maya- the identification with our characters, or with social groups, or anything we define ourselves by. With the various personas and archetypes we are playing out in this lifetime./
The self structure is an interface with the world. We don’t want to get rid of that interface or destroy it. The path is about misidentifying from so that our sense of ‘’I’’ or the sense of existence is not tied to a limited form. So that we don’t suffer when the world of form changes. The human path is a journey from pre-egoic existence, which is the merged oneness that we experience when we were a baby, with our mother, to the creation of a person. We grow, we create a character. This is a necessary part of our evolution. In order to bring about self-consciousness; to bring about a sense of self or ‘’I’’. We are actually in an adolescent stage of our development were in an ego identified stage. But the next step beyond self-consciousness is to realize transpersonal levels of self. To realize shared levels of consciousness; various levels of logos or higher mind. You could say levels of soul If you prefer that language. Our sphere of compassion expands. This is an expansion through love. From the perspective of the old pattern the ego consciousness, this dismantling is something fearful. There’s going to be confusion and pain if you’re clinging to the old patterns. Those awakening will actually be perceived as a threat. Awakening will be seen as a crisis because it is the dismantling of what is known. Right now we are like caterpillars in the cocoon as it undergoes metamorphosis. There’s a point in the transformation where the caterpillar is neither a caterpillar nor a butterfly. At this point to the one undergoing the metamorphosis. The old self, It may seem that all is lost. But it’s merely part of the process. Faith is a surrender to the evolutionary impulse; a deep knowing that we are moving toward source.The collective delusion with the ancient spiritual teachers called maya is tied to our collective attachment to old patterns.It’s tied to human hubris; the belief that we know where we’re going, what were doing, and who we are. The French painter Paul Gauguin is famous for painting which he entitled’ Where do we come from, what are we, where we going these three questions require humility to find out what we are to find out the truth, we first have to acknowledge that we don’t have the truth-We don’t have the answer If we want to find the answer.
There must be a genuine willingness to explore and to look at ourselves. Like Dante’s Pilgrim in the Divine comedy’’ one begins the journey to know oneself in a darkened wood, astray recognizing that we are lost. In the ancient Vedic traditions the dimensions of being and becoming represented by Siva and Shakti. The archetypal feminine the downward current or current of manifestation is represented by Shakti,by the downward pointing triangle which points toward involution of spirit into the world of form. Siva represents the upward current; the current of liberation; the upward pointing triangle pointing toward pure awareness without any qualities; evolution beyond the world of form with the transcendent. So long as we are operating within the dualistic world identified with the limited mind, these two currents comprise the pathless path we are working within the current of manifestation and the current of liberation, doing and non- doing, inhabiting both the time bound and the timeless. When these two dimensions are married in divine union, realized as one, It is Samadhi. When in union they represent the balance and coexistence of these two dimensions, like the star of David or the anahata symbol which is the ancient symbol representing the spiritual heart, the instructs sound, the transcendent source of the primordial aum that is dancing the universe into being. It is said that in Samadhi you will hear the Celestial music of existence,’’musica universalis’’,or the flute of Krishna or what Pythagoras called the’’ music of the spheres’’. Of course these are all metaphors for something that awakens within the depth of your being, something beyond the limited mind and senses. There are spiritual systems that focus on the subtle body using practices such as observing the breath, sensations working with chi or prana.Working with techniques, practices and processes that can be learned with the conditioned mind. Everything that directly employs and engages the limited mind in order to realize Samadhi is part of the via positive. This is what we call the Shakti path. And there spiritual systems which are about transcending the manifested world, which we call the Shiva path or the’ via negative’’. we come to realize that which we are beyond name and form by letting go of all that we are not. The way to Samadhi has been given many names such as meditation, self-inquiry or prayer.
Most people who practice these things today are practicing some technique, but the ancient form of meditation that leads to Samadhi is actually not an activity. It is not something that you do or practice, but it is actually the cessation of the mediator, the seeker with the doer. True meditation is union with what IS, and it only begins to happen when the ego fails in its attempt to meditate, and realizes its own limitations. The ego, the you that you think you are, must necessarily fail in all attempts to meditate for true meditation to come about. The closer we come to the truth, the closer we come to Samadhi, the less doing there is, the less technique there is. The techniques are all part of the pas, We drop the doing and the doer. We drop the seeking and the seeker, to come to the unconditioned present. Some teachers emphasize techniques, while some undervalue them. It’s important to understand that the technique is a stepping stone. We don’t want to abandon the technique, we don’t cling to it. The time-tested way to realize Samadhi is through long periods of spiritual practice. heather you call that practice meditation, self-inquiry or prayer, there is a truth that one has to awaken to. The yogi and Sage patanjali compiled the yoga sutras 2500 years ago, taught that the entire endeavor of yoga is aimed at the cessation of the whirlpool of the mind. You could say it is the cessation of karma, the cessation of deep unconscious patterns that govern one’s life. These condition patterns were called the vritti’s in Sanskrit. Likewise, the Zen masterDogan said that meditation is the dropping off of mind and body.
In Buddhism it is Nirvana or Nirodha; It’s the cessation of the fluctuations of the limited egoic mind which bring about the identification with the limited sense of self. In Christianity we find the same perennial teaching but expressed through a very different metaphor, using the language that was common at that time in history. To realize Samadhi in Christian terms is to attain the kingdom of God through the forgiveness of sins, by realizing Christ.The words sin in Hebrew means literally to ‘’miss the mark’’It means to miss the present moment, to pursue happiness in the objects of the external world rather than realizing the source of true fulfillment. To coming to the now, to the present moment is to learn to surrender the preferences of the condition mind to burn out opposing states by remaining non- reactive to anything that is appearing within the field of change. To meditate is to burn up the conditioned self, or you can say to free energy from the conditioned self. This truth is found in the Gospel of Thomas which says ‘’if you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.’ A mountain may be accessible by many paths. One can go straight towards the summit, or sometimes it may be better to take a spiral route. But at the summit the view is always the same, no matter which path you take. Humans have created thousands of meditation techniques throughout the millennia, not to mention yoga postures asanas specialized breathing pranayama,and every conceivable variety of ritual or practice. If meditation is simply a cessation or a stopping, if its simply coming to stillness, then why do we need so many techniques to achieve it. Why can’t we just sit and wait for our mud to settle, as they teach in Zen.
The truth is we can just stop. We can surrender the activities of our character, however as Einstein said’’athough reality is merely an illusion, is a persistent one’. Its is this persistence of the illusion that makes it necessary for most people to penetrate into the unconscious mind. To stay awake we have to purify the avatar of its Samkaras, of its karma or its programming, so that the unconscious aspects of self are no longer driving the show. When I say purify, I don’t mean that the avatar is somehow bad or negative. I simply mean that it is possible to misidentify a sense of self from it and that misidentification process is what we call ‘’purification’’ or’’ cleaning’’. I’m cleaning my self Our sadhana is to unite all aspects of our self so that we are not divided. We penetrate into the unconscious by creating conditions of no escape for the ego. Whether this is through long periods of meditation or self inquiry, through intensive yoga,qi kung, prayer or breath work, fasting, chanting, or by taking antigens which open us to the unconscious depths of the mind, we will naturally be drawn to different practices, techniques and tools at different times on our path. Whatever the practice or technique is the purification will happen as long as we are cultivating presence and equanimity. Being here is the now well as surrendered to what is. Then we continue to unbind the karmic knots that create identification with our avatar. We let go of judging any sensation or thought as good or bad, is going deeper into the sensory field. Always perceiving subtler and subtler phenomena, becoming so conscious of what is arising that there is merging with the meditation object. We become the breath. We become the yoga posture. We became the chant. We became the avatar. In each case merging with the pranic field in what is called Savikalpa Samadhi, or Samprajnada Samadhi which is Samadhi with a seed; a seed of pattern, a seed of form, a seed of conditioned mind activity, of karmic activity. So long as there is a seed of attachment, of unconscious mind activity, of separation between the inner and outer worlds, then the final goal will not be reached. Savikalpa Samadhi is a preliminary Samadhi, also called ‘’Jhana’’[Pali] or ‘’dhyana’’[Sanskrit].It is a burning up of karma within the self-structure; an energetic preparation of vessel for the awakening of one’s true nature which is realized through non-doing; through a cessation of mind activity.
Your mind is like a pond, and your thoughts are like waves or ripples upon that pond. To make a pond become still, what can you do, Anything you do will stir up more waves. You cant smooth it out or make it be still. The pond only comes to stillness when you have let go of all efforts, all striving, all movement. Realizing the natural state is not something that you do. It is a recognition of what you are beyond the movement of the mind and senses. Who is moving the mind, Recognize ‘’who’’ is choosing. It is only the mind itself that chooses. It is only the mind itself that moves it is only the mind itself that wants to try to still the mind. Upon hearing these words, the limited mind will likely be disoriented, wondering’’ what do I do’’ Just allow that disorientation. Become aware the true self. Come aware of awareness, conscious of consciousness. Stay with it until it alone becomes your reality. At the beginning when you try to observe awareness you will see the false self, only the movements of the mind. When I say’’be aware of the true self,’ it is not an tuning, it is not a movement. It is not like pointing a camera at a new object, but rather it is a giving up or a cessation of the interest or attachment to the movements of the mind. There are two main knots that bind us into identification with the false self. The body wants comfort and the mind wants to know. The body is attached to sensations of pleasure and avoidance of pain. All sadhana or spiritual practice that leads to Samadhi fundamentally involves two things. First, letting go of the duality of comfort and discomfort, and second, entering into a don’t know mind. Deep inner surrender, energetic surrender and being thoughtlessly present, choicelessly aware. Socrates was considered the wisest person at this time. He’s famous for the Maxim; I only know that I don’t know. This is the Socratic paradox. Adopting a don’t know mind, a not knowing mind, is the gateway to Samadhi. Wait be still without hope, Without thought, because hope would be based on some idea, and keeping energy flowing into the conditioned midst’s. Eliot wrote,’ I said to my soul,be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought.’ The movement you have a hope, a motive or a thought, is the moment that you are again caught in the condition mind. In the Divine comedy, Dante wrote of an inscription at the entrance to hell. Abadon all who enter here.’ It is actually a very practical instruction. It would make a great reminder if it were posted on the doorway of every meditation center ashram, church or temple. Whatever your hope is it is based on past conditioning. Hope is a kind of knowing that keeps the ego structure searching, seeking and doing. When we engage in our Sadhana, our spiritual practice that leads to samadhi, then we must abandon all hope, all projections into the future, accepting that we don’t even know what to hope for. This is a humbling for the ego. When we abandon hope we also abandon fear. Hope and fear are the mind’s projection into the future. The inner wiring that binds us to identification. Hope is craving, fear is aversion. if we remain in the now experiencing this moment as it is, then where is hope or fear, Our spiritual work is to excavate and unbind the knots that tie us to identification with our character. We move beyond comfort and discomfort entering into the cloud of unknowing. we can do this both through formal practices and in day-to-day life.
To meditate to know yourself, is to burn in the now. To burn up your patterns, your preferences, and its not something separate from your life. To be able to drop your patterns, your reactions and your judgments while you’re in the midst of them, to drop the fight, is the deepest practice. This is the only fight that you win by giving up, by surrendering, by dying on the battlefield. Willingly climbing onto the cross. Some people are ready for the highest teachings on meditation and self inquiry, the simple and clear truth. They will hear the Dharma will understand immediately. These people are like wood that is been well seasoned, and they are ready to burn themselves up. They just need the spark. Other people seem to require more preparation. They’re like wet wood and they need some time to dry out before they ignite. They need techniques, practices to loosen the bonds of the self-structure to become free of Samskaras. Or at least they believe that this is the case, in the belief makes it so. Practices and techniques are like stepping stones; like using a thorn to remove a thorn or a pattern to remove a pattern. Spiritual practices such as reciting words, practicing a discipline or anything learned, is simply imitation. It’s something repetitive in conditioned. Because all techniques are conditioning patterns within the mind, the practice itself will never lead beyond the mind to samadhi. You will remain in the pattern in a robotic, repetitive state. One must hold on to the technique loosely, allowing inner energy to flow freely. When you become absorbed in inner energy then the conditioned doing is dropped. The condition doing, the unconscious programming was due to incomplete experiences. Whenever we have an incomplete experience, it creates an impression in the mind. It creates a little program in the unconscious. This programming or conditioning can come from traumas, or simply experiences that we’ve turned away from, because they were too painful. Our self-structure is made up of a legion of little programs which come into being because of incomplete experiences. These memory imprints are not only stored in the brain within the energetic systems of the body; throughout the nervous system, the fascia and many networks of Nadis or meridians. These programs take energy to run. If energy is trapped in the unconscious, then it’s like leaving apps open on your phone draining your battery. Our sadhana is like learning to close the apps on our phone. To become free we bring consciousness to the subtle sensations; to the field of changing phenomena or energy within us without reacting to any thought or feeling that arises. By dropping the preferences of the ego structure moving beyond comfort and discomfort.
Everything in the external world is pointing us in the wrong direction. Society tells us to number pain, to seek comfort. The way in is the way out, the way out is the way in. We need to turn toward our pain. We become free of Samaskaras by having a complete experience. By feeling it without reacting. By burning in it we have a complete experience of the feeling without the emotion. Emotions are reactions. They are feelings that are intertwined with thoughts. We dropped the thinking component and stay with the raw feeling, the raw sensation. It is been said that the path to liberation is not about feeling better, but about getting better at feeling. The ultimate examples of this are Jesus on the cross or the Buddha’s meditation that led to his enlightenment. It is facing one’s greatest pain, once greatest fears, dropping the concepts, the knowing, and the judgments of good or bad. Awakening is merely the beginning step in an accelerated process of inner development; of growing the inner lotus of becoming a living bridge; purifying the human vessel to house divine consciousness. Energy is like the Rosetta Stone for spiritual practices. If you understand how energy works you understand the usefulness of the practice. Every technique or practice is interrupting the pattern of you. You are using a conditioned pattern to interrupt condition patterns. You must be willing to let go of the technique once it has served its purpose, otherwise, you will just create an identity around it, and a new spiritualize self structure. To reach the deeper stages of meditation, we must let go of everything we think we know about meditation. The ancient terms for meditation, ‘’Jhana,’’dhyana,’’’Zen’’or ‘’Chan,’ refer to a sort of inner dissolving; a kind of meditative absorption; transformation or inner purification of egoic conditioning. The ancient meaning of the word ‘’Jhana’’ is related to the pali word’’jhapeti’’ which means to ‘’burn up’’. It is burning up of defilements, of sin or Samaskaras.It’s a burning up identification with false self, a burning up of delusion, a burning up of all preferences out of which the ego construct is made; and a release and coming forth of inner energy. One becomes a equanimous with what is, surrendered to what is, attentive to what is. Awakening to our true nature can happen gradually through these stages of Jhana, as the identification with various processes of condition mind is dropped. Or awakening can happen instantly. This is called ‘’satori’’in Zen. The most pure teaching is transmitted in silence, with the world such as it is today, very few will understand or be drawn into the source of that silence.
There’s a famous teaching by Gautama Buddha called ‘’the flower sermon.’’ The sermon is the origin of Buddhist meditation. You could say it’s the origin of Zen. Zen is about direct transmission of the truth. In the flower sermon the Buddha simply held up a white flower. He was in unmediated presence with the flower, abiding in his true nature.That was the whole teaching. Rather than giving a long satsang or teaching with words, just let the students sit with the flower for the entire time. Only one student received the transmission. Only one student got it. To receive such a subtle transmission requires a subtle mind. The greatest truth is transmitted in silence. How can we receive this transmission put on mind? How can we receive what we already have, We already are, Primordial awareness is everywhere when we have eyes to see, and nowhere in particular. Upon awakening the truth is so simple to see that you don’t need the mind. The mind is searching and seeking when that movement is giving up, when that movement is burned up, the truth remains. You already are that which your looking for your identified with the false self. Notice the flower and notice who or what is observing the flower. What is separating the observer and the observed? Meditation or Jhana is to be present here and now. Without the mediation of images in the mind, ideas and concepts. If awareness is absolutely present so that there is no more knowing, even in the unconscious, then there is no more observer and observed there’s no more relationship between you and any ‘’thing’’ there’s no more flower and separate observer. It is limited mind that sees things, the activity of the limited mind is the creation of things. The creation of the experience of time and space.
The creation of duality, of experience and experience. Its possible to wake up here and now to a profound dimension of stillness beyond the mind, not pushing away the mind but letting it be exactly as it is. Yet not getting caught in the mind. Don’t try to analyze these words. These are not concepts if presence has realized itself upon hearing these pointers; don’t let the mind get involved. As soon as you receive the transmission turn off this video, and abide in awareness as awareness. Silences are the greatest teaching the purest teaching. The next best teaching is pointing directly at the unfathomable. This next teaching has had many names throughout history. It is pointing toward the transcendent self or pure consciousness. In Buddhism it is called’’Prajna Paramita’’ which means the ultimate knowledge or perfect wisdom, which is distinguished from ordinary knowledge or condition knowledge. It is what is realized through the eighth limb of yoga described by Patanjali. In Shaivism this awakening could be described as oneness with Ishvara or Shiva which are names for absolute consciousness. In Western mystical traditions terms hypnosis or apophaticism have been used to refer to union with the one. Plotinus one transcends all beings, but is immanent within them .In Tibetans Dzogchen It is described as the natural, primordial state of being. They use the word Rigpa to the ground of existence. In Sufism it is the secret of secrets realized through’’Fana’’ which is annihilation or learning to die before you die. In Mahamudra it is the great seal, or the great imprint the realization of the natural state; primordial awareness, emptiness, absolute, clear and transparent without root. Do not listen to these words and recognize within the depths of consciousness that which they point. The truth of who or what you are, the truth that transcends the limited mind cannot be seen by means of the limited mind. The still point cannot be reached by means of movement. If you want to realize the still point beyond thinking let go of all interesting thoughts and sensations all preferences all phenomena generated by the mind and senses, and rest in naked awareness. Thoughts and sensations are a field of constantly changing phenomena. What is changing is the awareness of that field of change. We are usually so caught up in the field of change fixated on its objects, that we ignore awareness. To realize Samadhi we stop chasing anything in the field of change; any thought and we rest as awareness. Stop reacting to thoughts, and sensations. All suffering is due to our believing our thoughts. Notice the mind’s habit of judging or labeling any thought or sensations is good or bad. We allow every thought and sensation to be as it is. We don’t push away anything yet; we don’t get ensnared in thoughts, or hooked by their content. In this way we approach the absolute by the negative path, the via negativea. Whatever is arising we realize not this, not that, not this not that,’ through the via negative one realizes everything that is arising is not you. To realize that you are nothing. The wisdom of no self. Through the via positiva one realizes everything that is arising IS you. This is love and an energetic connection merging. Both truths exist simultaneously. Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness is exactly form. There is assaying in Zen; at the beginning of the path, mountain and rivers are rivers. After some realization mountains are no longer mountains, and rivers are no longer rivers, but when the final truth is revealed, mountains and rivers are. What has changed on this journey? The mountain and the river remain as they always have been. What has dropped away is your idea of the mountain and the river. What has dropped away is the whirlpool of the mind that mediates, that creates the illusion of separation between you and the world. To realize Samadhi is not to achieve some extraordinary state. Nor is it about staying in the ordinary state of mind. Only the limited mind or egoic mind discriminates ordinary and extraordinary.
Turiya the stateless state, sometimes called the fourth state, is non-dual reality. It is transcendent and imminent within. It is the ground of existence, the fountain of all truth. Your effort to achieve some state is a movement of the mind. To realize the ground of existence is not to transcend the physical and abide in the subtle realm or the casual realm. All of these dimensions of yourself exist simultaneously. Gross, subtle and causal exist here and now. It is only the limited mind itself creates the division. To realize Samadhi is not to try to achieve something. It is a giving up of all interest thoughts while remaining fully alert, fully conscious, fully awake, without reacting, without doing; without moving the mind, without suppressing the mind. To be aware, to be fully attentive to what is happening, without the mediation of egoic conditioning, without concepts, without controlling, manipulating or distortion, without the filtering of the limited mind. It is to be present without choosing. Present without choosing, and therefore without a chooser. You could call this a mirror mind; a beginners mind without memory or past. An open or transparent mind. You make every moment new. Every time that the mind moves unconsciously, even the tiniest movement, It is due to the filtering through the conditioning of the limited self-structure. Whenever the mind moves unconsciously it is due to some un-satisfactoriness, which is called dukkha in the ancient traditions. How do I let go of dukkha?
How do I let go of all un-satisfactoriness? Listen closely. To the limited mind there’s a paradox. The limited egoic mind hears the question wants to know how to do it, but that limited mind can’t do it. The limited mind will always fail in any attempts to realize Samadhi. It must fail. The limited mind does not awaken. Primordial awareness wakes up from its identification with the limited mind. The limited mind will always fail in any attempt to realize stillness, because the mind is the movement.The mind itself IS movement,and this movement creates the experience of time and space, create separation. It is an endless process of doing. On the Pathless path we awaken from identifying with the character that is doing, to recognizing the dimension of being. In Samadhi the separation between doing and being drops away. The separation is simply another mind process. When there is no thinking within the conditioned egoic structure then there’s no problem. The you that you think you are is a process; a constant movement of egoic thoughts; a collection of patterns and preferences that You has to die. The pathological pattern of You has to end for Samadhi to be realized. Let that sink in. Asatoma Sat Gamaya[Sanskrit]’’Lead me from the untruth to the Truth.’ ’Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya’’ Lead me from darkness to light.’’ To awaken is to see the nature of human suffering, of the human condition. Its the recognition of Who or What suffers. There’s no technique for realizing primordial awareness. No process that can be learned. No formula that can practiced. What I’m getting at can be received in an instant, in a flash. It is precisely the dropping of all formulas, all knowing, and all doing, all egoic agendas that creates the optimal conditions for primordial consciousness to awaken. If i tried to tell you how to be aware then you’ll be paying attention to my words or doing something that I told you, rather than being aware of what’s actually happening in the now. You have to become so conscious of what is, so intimate with existence that there’s no preference, no self or ‘’I’ in it. You inhabit merge consciousness into what’s happening. When egoic activity is dropped, you become that which is arising. Actually that’s not true. More correctly it’s the illusion of separation falls away. The truth is, we were never actually separate. Spiritual teachers give me instruction to reach Samadhi, ‘’be still and know.’’ Be still and know the true self, primordial awareness beyond name and form. Be still and know that you are God, the true self, Buddha nature. What exactly do they mean? What is it that becomes still? obviously no one’s physical body can become absolutely still existing within time and space, because time space itself is movement. Time space is mind. The universe is big mind or logos. The first hermetic principal is that ‘’The all is mind, the universe is mental.’ If the universe is mind and mind is movement, how can I be still and know? how can you be still on a globe spinning a thousand miles per hour around its axis, spinning 67,000 miles per hour around the sun, moving 500,000 miles per hour around the galaxy, and millions more through the universe? Your heart is beating, cells are moving inside, through digesting, the brain producing brain waves. Your blood is pumping, energy is moving. How can we be still? When the spiritual masters say ‘’be still and know’’ they must be talking about something else, something beyond time and space, something beyond the physical and mental. What is meant by stillness is something that we have no word for in our modern language system.
The Sanskrit language, the language of the yogis, has more precise terms which point to the non-dual. The term ‘’shunyata’’is often translated as voidness,stillness or emptiness. Stillness is maybe the closest English word, but it is inadequate to describe something that is not of this dualistic world. What is actually realized is the primordial consciousness which is beyond stillness movement. Beyond time. It is eternal, the ground of your being, the essential nature of reality does not change. Actually it is beyond change and the changeless. When our true nature is realized it becomes obvious that silence and noise are a duality created by the mind. Stillness and movement are a duality created by the mind. Everything is already inherent within primordial stillness. The movement of the world is identical to stillness. Be still and know, be in motion and know. It is all emptiness dancing. This is not something philosophical but an entirely different way of interfacing with the world. Actually, it’s about dropping the interface. Dropping the reducing valve which is the self-structure, and experiencing your true nature unmediated by the limited mind. The so-called outer world is transcended by realizing stillness which when realized includes that which it transcends. If you think you understand Samadhi after watching this film then you’ve missed what’s being said. It would be like mistaking the menu for the meal. To taste the truth takes a true willingness to see the patterns of self structure that you refer to as you. It requires deep excavation, deep surgery on the mind and freeing of Samskaras. A deep dismantling, a deep, humbling of the self structure to realize Samadhi one surrenders to the soul’s longing for union. You must want to realize the one source more than anything in the matrix of the mind more than anything in the external world. External pursuits will seem hollow and meaningless. True meditation true self inquiry is coming into the now where everything is experienced. Everything is revealed. Everything arises and passes away within the field of equanimity and love.
Until the eternal is realized one must work patiently and persistently, wholeheartedly, with humility burning up your patterns, your preferences, your conditioning. One can’t make awakening happen using the conditioned mind. It happens seemingly by accident, but by practicing presence it makes us accident prone. The final words of Socrates before he was executed were a warning to the world. He said we owe a great dept to Asclepius . Pay it and don’t forget. Asclepius was the God of healing and may be familiar with the Asclepius staff which is a rod entwined with a serpent. It represents healing energy; inner energy that is alive, free from conditioning, free to move of its own intelligence, as opposed to the energy of the dualistic mind. In the early centuries BCE the Asclepius symbol was emblazoned on some of the first money coins mass-produced in ancient Greece and Rome, and it has morphed into what we call the dollar sign today. It is an ancient reminder, hidden in plain view. A reminder that an exchange of money is an exchange of energy. Christ consciousness or Buddha nature is supported by the feminine principle, by great Mothe, by the Nagas, the serpent wisdom. This wisdom teaches us to purify the inner temple, to purify ourselves to ego.

The feminine principle has had countless names throughout history; Gaia, Shakti Sophia, logos, Mahalakshmi, Parvati, Durga, Isis, Mary, the spiral of life. This living energy of the higher mind is the innate intelligence of the universe. This nature wisdom has been systematically suppressed, demonized, exploited, and controlled throughout the last millennia. In order to free energy from the unconscious definitions that we hold, we must unbind the knots the create identification with the ego structure. Letting go of grasping at comfort, letting go of knowing. Right now at this time in history, at this time within you, the debt that Socrates is speaking of, is coming due both individually and collectively. There is only one currency with which you can pay this debt. You must pay with yourself. When we free our inner energy, inner aliveness from its prison in pathological thought structures it becomes free to connect us with higher levels of mind. Energy is what connects us all. Another name for this energy is love. All true spiritual masters say that love is the true religion. Love is the religion of the future. It cannot be institutionalized, systematized or conditioned. Love is inseparable from the realization of the one primordial consciousness. To love is to be ONE WITH./
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open. Don’t go back to sleep.

Samadhi Movie, 2918 – Part 2 (it’s Not What You Think)

The world’s greatest spiritual teachers, from ancient to modern times have shared the view that the deepest truth of our being is not the property of one particular religion or spiritual tradition but can be found within the heart of each person. The poet Rumi said’ where is that moon that never rises or sets? Where is that soul that neither with nor without us? Don’t say it is here or there. All creation is ‘’that’’, but for the eyes that can see.
In the story of the Tower of Babel humanity fragmented into countless languages, beliefs, cultures and interests. Babel means literally ‘’the gate of God’’.The gate is our thinking mind-our conditioned structures. For those who come to realize their true nature, their essence beyond name and form, they are initiated into the great mystery of what lies beyond the gate. An ancient parable, the elephant parable, has been used to describe how various traditions are actually all pointing to one great truth. A group of blind people are each touching a different part of an elephant, getting a certain impression that what an elephant is. The person standing at the elephant’s leg describes the elephant as being like a tree. The person at the tail says the elephant is like a rope. The elephant is like a spear, says the one standing at the tusk. If one touches the ear, it seems the elephant is like a fan. The person touching the side is adamant that elephant is like a wall. The problem is we touch our piece of the elephant and we believe our experience is the only truth. we don’t acknowledge or appreciate that each person’s experience is a different facet of the same animal. The perennial philosophy is an understanding all spiritual and religious traditions share a single universal truth. A mystical or transcendent reality upon which foundation all spiritual knowledge and doctrine has grown. Swami Vivekananda summed up the perennial teaching when he said’ the end of all religions is the realizing of God in the soul. That is the one universal religion’’. In this film we use the word God. It is simply a metaphor for the transcendent, pointing to the great mystery beyond the limited egoic mind. To realize one’s true self or immanent self is to realize one’s nature. Every soul has the potential to manifest a new higher level of consciousness. To awaken from its slumber and its identification with form.
The writer and visionary Aldus Huxley, known for his book “Brave New World’’, also wrote a book which he entitled ‘’The Perennial Philosophy’’ in which he writes about the one teaching that comes back over and over in history, taking the form of the culture in which it is realized. He writes,’’ The perennial philosophy is expressed most succinctly in the Sanskrit formula ‘’Tat Tvam Asi’’,’’That Thou Art’’. The Atman or imminent eternal self is one with Brahman; the absolute principle of all existence in the last end of every human being is to discover the fact for himself. To find out whom he or she really is. Each tradition is like a facet of a jewel reflecting a unique perspective of the same truth, while at the same time echoing and illuminating each other. Whatever the language and conceptual framework used, all religions that reflect the perennial teaching have some notion that there is a union something greater, something beyond us. It is possible to learn from and integrate the teachings from one or many sources without identifying a sense of self with them. It is said that all true spiritual teachings are simply fingers pointing to the transcendent truth. If we hold on to the dogma teaching for comfort we will be stunted in our spiritual evolution. To realize truth beyond any concept is letting go of all clinging and attachment, letting go of all religious concepts. From the ego’s perspective the finger pointing you to Samadhi is pointing straight toward the abyss. Saint John of the Cross said ‘’If one wishes to be sure of the road they tread, one must close their eyes and walk in the dark’’.
Samadhi begins with a leap into the unknown. In the ancient traditions in order to realize Samadhi it was said that one must ultimately turn consciousness away from all known objects; from all external phenomena, conditioned thoughts, and sensations, toward consciousness itself. Toward the inner source; the heart or essence of one’s being. In this film when we use the word Samadhi we are pointing to the transcendent. To the highest Samadhi which has been named Nirvikalpa Samadhi. In Nirvikalpa Samadhi there is a cessation of self activity, of all seeking and doing. We can only speak about what falls away as we approach it and what reappears when we return from it. There is neither perception nor non-perception, neither ‘’thing’’ nor ‘’no thing”, neither consciousness nor unconsciousness. It is absolute, unfathomable, and inscrutable to the mind. When the self returns to activity there’s a not knowing; a kind of rebirth and everything becomes new again. We’re left with the perfume of the divine, which lingers longer as one evolves on the path. There are numerous types of Samadhi described in the ancient traditions and language has created much confusion over the years. We are choosing to use the word Samadhi to point to the transcendent union, but we could’ve used the word from another tradition just as easily. Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit term common to the Vedic, yogic, and Samskhya traditions of India, and has permeated many other spiritual traditions. Samadhi is the eighth limb of patanjali’s eight limb of yoga, and the eighth part of the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold path. The Buddha used the word ‘’Nirvana,’ the cessation of ’’Vana’’ or the cessation of self activity. Patanjali described yoga or Samadhi as ‘’Chitta Vritti Nirodha,’’ the Sanskrit meaning ‘’Cessation of the whirlpool or spiral mind’’. It is a disentangling of consciousness from the entire matrix or creatrix of mind. Samadhi does not signify any concept because to realize it requires a dropping of the conceptual mind. Different religions have used various words to describe the divine union. In fact, the word religion itself means something similar. In Latin ‘’religare’’ guard means to rebind or reconnect. It’s a similar meaning to the word yoga which means to yoke, to unite the worldly with the transcendent. In Islam it is reflected in the ancient Arabic meaning of the word Islam itself, which means submission or supplication to God. It signifies a total humbling or surrender of the self structure. Christian mystics such as Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross describe a divine union with God, the kingdom of God within. In the gospel of Thomas, Christ said ‘’the kingdom is not here or there. Rather the kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth and men do not see it’ the works of the Greek philosophers Plato, Plotlines, Parmenides and Heraclites when seen through the lens of the perennial teaching point towards the same wisdom. Plotlines, teaches that the greatest human endeavor is to guide the human soul towards the supreme state of perfection union with the one.
The Lakota medicine and holy man Black Elk said ‘’the first piece, which is the most important is that which comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers. And when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells Great Spirit and that this center is really everywhere. It is within each of us. On the path to awakening unless we are in Samadhi there are always two polarities, two doorways one can enter. Two dimensions; one towards pure consciousness, the other towards the phenomenal world. The upward current toward the absolute, and the downward current toward Maya and all that is manifested, both seen and unseen. The relationship between relative and absolute could be summed up in the following quote by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaja; ‘’Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves’’. What is born of this union is a new divine consciousness. Something is born out of the marriage or union of these polarities or the collapse of dualistic identification, yet what is born is not a thing and it was never born. Consciousness flower creating something new, creating what you could call a perennial trinity, God the Father, transcendent and changeless, is united with the divine feminine, which is everything that changes. This union brings about an alchemical transformation, a kind of death and rebirth. In the Vedic teachings the divine union is represented by two fundamental forces Shiva and Shakti. The names and faces of the various gods change throughout history but their fundamental attributes remain. What is born of this union is new divine consciousness, a new way of being in the world. Two polarities inseparably one. Universal energy that is without center, free of limitation. It is pure love. There’s nothing to be gained or lost because it is utterly empty but absolutely full. Whether it is the mystery schools of Mesopotamia, the spiritual traditions of the Babylonians and Assyrians, religions of ancient Egypt, Nubian and Kemetic cultures of ancient Africa, the shamanic and native traditions around the world, the mysticism of ancient Greece, the Gnostics, the non-duelists Buddhists, the Taoists, Jews, Zoroastrians, Janis, Muslims or Christians. One finds that their common link is their highest spiritual insights have allowed their adherents to realize Samadhi. The actual word Samadhi means something like to realize the sameness, oneness in all things. It means union. It is uniting all aspects of yourself. But do not mistake intellectual understanding for the actual realization of Samadhi. It is your stillness, your emptiness that unites all levels of spiral of life. It is through the ancient teaching Samadhi that humanity can begin to understand the common source of all religions come into alignment once again with the spiral of life, Great Spirit, Dharma or the Tao.
The spiral is the bridge that extends from the microcosm to the macrocosm. From your DNA to the inner lotus of energy that extends through the chakras, to the spiral arms of galaxies. Every level of soul is expressed through the spiral as ever evolving branches, living, exploring. True Samadhi is realizing the emptiness of all levels of self. All sheaths of the soul. The spiral is the endless play of duality and the cycle of life and death. At times we forget our connection to the source. The lens we look through is very small and we identify with being a limited creature creeping upon the earth, only to once again complete the journey back to source; to the center that is everywhere. Chuang Tzu said’ when there is no more separation between this and that, it is called the still point of the Tao. At the still point in the center of the spiral one can see the infinite in all things. The ancient mantra ‘’Om Mani Padme hum’’ has a poetic meaning. One awakens or realizes the jewel within the soul, within the world as world. Using the hermetic principle ‘’as above so below, as below so above,’’ we can use analogies to begin to understand the relationship between mind and stillness relative and absolute. A way to begin to grasp the non-conceptual nature of Samadhi is to use the analogy of the black hole. A black hole is traditionally described as a region of space with a massive gravitational field so powerful that no light or matter can escape. New theories postulate that all objects from the tiniest microscopic particles to microcosmic formations like galaxies have a black hole or mysterious singularity at their center. In this analogy we’re going to use this new definition of a black hole as’’ the center that is everywhere’’. In Zen there are many poems and Koans that bring us face-to-face with the gateless gate. One must pass the gateless gate to realize Samadhi. An event horizon is a boundary in space-time beyond which The you think This is the point in the spiritual journey where faith is most needed. What do we mean by faith? Faith is not the same as belief. Belief is accepting something on the level of mind to bring comfort and assurance. Belief is the minds way of labeling or controlling experience. Faith is actually the opposite. Faith is staying in the place of complete not knowing, accepting whatever arises from the unconscious. Faith is surrendering to the pull of the singularity, to the dissolving or dismantling of the self in order to pass the gateless gate. The evolution and structure of the galaxy is closely tied to the scale of its black hole just as your evolution is tied to the presence of the immanent self, the singularity is your true nature. We can’t see the black hole but we can know about it, but the way things move around it, by how it interacts with reality. In the same way we cannot see our true nature. The immanent self is not a thing, but we can observe enlightened action. As the Zen master Suzuki said,’’ There are, strictly speaking, no enlightened people. There is only enlightened activity.’’ We can’t see it just as the eye cannot see itself. We can’t see it because it is that by which seeing is possible. Like the black hole Samadhi is not nothingness and neither it is a thing. It is the collapse of the duality of thing and no thing. There is no gate to enter the great reality, but there are infinite paths. The paths the Dharma’s are like an endless spiral with no beginning and no end. No one can pass the gateless gate. No one’s mind has ever figured out how none ever will. No one can pass the gateless gate, so be no one. Samadhi is the pathless path; the golden key. It is the end of our identification with self structures that separate our inner and outer worlds.
There are many developmental models which describe the layers or levels of the self structure. We will use an example which is very ancient. In the Upanishads, the sheaths which cover the Atman or soul are called Koshas. Each kosha is like a mirror. A layer of the self structure; a veil or level of Maya which distracts us from realizing our true nature, if we are identified with it. Most people see the reflections and believe that is who they are. One mirror reflects the animal layer, the physical body. Another mirror reflects your mind, your thoughts, your instincts and perceptions another your inner energy or prana which you can observe when you turn inward. Another mirror reflects on the level imaginable which is the higher mind and wisdom layer, and there are layers of transcendental or non-dual bliss that are experienced as one approaches Samadhi. There are potentially countless mirrors or aspects of self that one can differentiate, and they are constantly changing. Most people have yet to discover the chronic higher mind and non-dual bliss layers. They don’t even know they exist. These layers are informing your life but you do not see them. The hidden mirrors actually inform our lives more than the ones that are visible. They are unseen because for most people they are not fully illuminated by consciousness. Like Indra’s net of jewels, the mirrors all reflect each other and the reflections reflect every other reflection infinitely. A change on one level simultaneously affects all levels. Some of these mirrors may be left in the shadows unless we are fortunate enough to have a competent guide to help us shine light upon them. The truth is we don’t know what we don’t know. Now imagine that you shatter all the mirrors. There’s nothing reflecting you back to yourself. Where are you? When the mind becomes still the mirrors ceased to reflect. There is no more subject and object, But do not mistake the primordial state for nothingness or oblivion. The imminent self is not something but neither is it nothing. This source is not a thing it is emptiness or stillness itself. It is emptiness that is the source of all things. Form is realized as exactly emptiness, emptiness is realized as exactly form. This source is the great womb of creation, pregnant with all possibilities. Samadhi is the weakening of impersonal consciousness. Just as when you are having a dream. Upon awakening, you realize that everything in the dream was just in your mind. Upon realizing Samadhi is realizing that everything in this world is happening within levels upon levels of energy and consciousness. It is all mirrors within mirrors dreams within dreams. You think you are both the dream and the dreamer. Whatever we say in this film let it go. Don’t capture it with the mind. The soul is streaming dreaming the dream of you.
The dream is everything that is changing, but it is possible to realize the changeless. This realization cannot be understood with the limited individual mind. when we returned from Nirvikalpa Samadhi the mirrors begin to reflect again and it is realized that the world you now think you are living in is actually you. Not the limited you which is only a temporary reflection, but you are aware of your true nature as the source of all that is this dawning of higher wisdom, the embryo ‘’prana’’ or gnosis is what is born out of Samadhi. According to the book of Job Chokeman or wisdom comes from nothingness. This point of wisdom is both infinitely small and yet encompasses the whole of being, but it remains incomprehensible until it is given shape and form in the palace of mirrors, called ‘’binah’’ the womb carved out by higher wisdom which gives shape to the embryonic spirit of God. The existence of the mirrors or the minds existence is not a problem. On the contrary, the error or aberration of human perception is that we identify ourselves with it. This illusion, that we are the limited self, is Maya. The yogic teachings say that to realize Samadhi one must observe the meditation object until it disappears into it into you. Although the language in the various traditions is dissimilar at their root they all point towards a cessation of self identification and self centered activity. The Buddha always taught negative terms. He taught to investigate directly into the working of the self structure. He didn’t say what Samadhi was except that it was the end of suffering. In Advaita Vedanta there’s a term ‘’neti neti’’ which means ‘’not this not that’’. People on the path to self-realization inquire into their true nature or the nature of Brahman by first discovering what they are not. Similarly in Christianities. Teresa of Avila described an approach to prayer based on the negative path, or via negative. A prayer of quiet, surrender and union which is the only way to approach the absolute. Through this gradual process of stripping away one drops anything that is not permanent, anything that is changing the mind, the ego, construct, and all phenomena, including the hidden layers of self; the unconscious must become transparent in order to reflect the one source. If there is some deep knowing or some self operating in the unconscious, then our lives remain locked into a labyrinth of hidden patterns that comprise the undiscovered self. When all layers of self are revealed as empty, then one becomes free from the self free from all concepts. A turning point in your evolution is when you realize you don’t know who you are. Who experiences the breath? Who experiences the taste? Who experiences the chant, the ritual, the dance, the mountain? Witness the witness, observed the observer. At first when you observe the observer you will only see the false self, but if you are persistent it will give way. Inquire directly to or what experiences. Unblinkingly, piercingly penetratingly, with the full force of your being. There is no self that awakens.
There is no you that awaken. What you are awakening from is the illusion of a separate self. From the dream of a limited you to talk about it is meaningless. There must be an actual cessation of the self realize directly what it is, and once it is realized there is nothing that can be said about it. As soon as you say something you were back in the mind. I have already said too much. We normally have three states of consciousness, waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Samadhi is sometimes referred to as the fourth state the ground state of consciousness. A primordial awareness that can become present continuously and in parallel with the other consciousness states. In Vedanta this is called Turiya other terms for Turiya or Christ consciousness, Krishna consciousness, Buddha nature, or Sahaja Samadhi the imminent self stays present, along with the full use of all human functions. The stillness is unmoving at the center of the spiral of changing phenomena, thoughts, feelings, sensations and energy revolve around it at the circumference but the degree of stillness, or i-am-ness remains during outer activity exactly as in meditation. It is possible that the imminent self will remain present even during deep sleep that your awareness of i am does not come and go, even as states of consciousness change. This is yogic sleep. In the song of songs or the song of Solomon from the Hebrew Bible or old Testament, it reads ‘’I sleep but my heart waketh’’. This realization of the eternal impersonal consciousness is reflected in the words of Christ when he said, ‘’Before Abraham was, I AM.’’ One consciousness that shines through countless spaces countless forms. At first it’s like a fragile flame born out of the polarities within you. Masculine penetrating consciousness with the surrender opening of feminine energy. It is delicate, and easily lost, and one must take great care to protect it and keep it alive until it is mature. Samadhi is simultaneously a timeless state of consciousness and a stage in an unfolding development process something organic and growing in time. As one spends more and more time in Samadhi in the now in the timeless one takes more and more direction from the heart the soul, or Atman, and less from the condition structure. This is how one becomes free of the lower mind free of pathological thinking. The inner wiring changes energy no longer flows unconsciously in the old condition structures, which is another way of saying one is no longer identified with the self structure with the outer world of form. To realize Samadhi requires an effort so great that it becomes a total surrender oneself and surrender so encompassing that is a complete effort of one’s being all of one’s energy. It is a balance of effort and surrender, yen and yang. A sort of effortless effort.
The Indian mystic and yogi, Paramahamsa Ramakrishna said ‘’do not seek illumination unless you seek it as one whose hair is on fire seeks a pond’’. You seek it with your whole being. During one’s ego transcending practice it takes great courage, vigilance and perseverance to keep the embryo alive. To not fall back into the patterns of the world. It takes a willingness to go against the current, against the inexorable crash of the matrix and the grinding wheels Samsara every breaths, every thought, every action must be for realizing the source. Samadhi is not realized by effort, nor is it effortless. Let go of effort and non-effort; it’s a duality that only exists in the mind the actual realization of Samadhi is so simple, so undifferentiated that it is always misconstrued through language, which is inherently dualistic. There is only one primordial consciousness that awakens us the world but it has been obscured by many layers of mind like the sun hidden behind the clouds as each layer of mind is dropped, one’s essence is revealed. As each layer of mind is dropped, people call it a different Samadhi. They give names to different experiences or different types of phenomena. But Samadhi is so simple that when you are told what it is and how to realize it your mind will always miss it. Actually Samadhi is not simple or difficult; it is only the mind that makes it so. When there is no mind there’s no problem because the mind is what needs to stop before it is realized. It is not happening at all. The most concise teaching of Samadhi is perhaps found in this phrase. “Be still and know.’’ How can we use words and images to convey stillness? How can we convey silence by making noise? Rather than talking about Samadhi as an intellectual concept, this film is a radical call to inaction. A call to meditation, inner silence and inner prayer. A call to STOP. Stop everything that is driven by the pathological egoic mind. Be still and know. No one can tell you what will emerge from the stillness. It is a call to act from the spiritual heart. It’s like remembering something ancient. The soul wakes up and remembers itself. It is been sleeping passenger but now the emptiness awakens and realizes itself as all things. You can’t imagine what Samadhi is with the limited egoic mind, just as you can’t describe to a blind person what color is. Your mind can know. It can’t manufacture it. To realize Samadhi is to see in a different way, not to see separate things, but to recognize the seer. St Francis of Assisi said’’ what you are looking for is what is looking’’. Once you have seen the moon you can recognize it in every reflection.
The true self has always been there, it is in everything, but you have not realized its presence. When you learn to recognize and abide as the true self beyond the mind and senses it is possible to experience awe the most mundane. We become AWE. Do not try to be free of desires because wanting to be free of desires is a desire. You can’t try to be still, because you’re very effort is movement. Realize the stillness that is always already present. Be the stillness and know when all preferences are dropped the source will be revealed, but do not cling even to the source. The great reality, Tao is not one, not two. Amana Menarche said ‘’the self is only one. If it is limited it is the ego, if unlimited is infinite and the great reality’’. If you believe what is being said you have missed it. If you disbelieve you also missed it. Belief and disbelief operate on the level of mind. They require unknowing, but if you enter into your own investigation examining all of the aspects of your own being, finding out who is doing the investigating, if you’re willing to buy the principal, ‘’not my will but higher will be done,’’ if you’re willing to travel beyond all-knowing, then you may realize what I have attempted to point towards. Only then will you taste for yourself the profound mystery and beauty of simply existing. There is another possibility for life.
There is something sacred, unfathomable can be discovered in the still depths of your being beyond concepts, beyond dogmas, beyond conditioned activity and all preferences. it is not acquired by techniques, rituals and practices there is no’’ how’’ to get it. There is no system. There is no way to the way. As they say in Zen it is discovering your original face before you were born. It is not about adding more to yourself. It is becoming a light unto oneself; a light that dispels the illusion of the self. Life will always remain unfulfilled and the heart will always remain restless until it comes to rest in that mystery beyond name and form.

Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the illusion of the Self”

Samadhi is ancient Sanskrit word, for which there is no modern equivalent. There is a fundamental challenge was making a film about Samadhi. Samadhi points to something that can’t be conveyed on the level of mind. This film is simply the outer manifestation of my own inner journey. The intention is not to teach you about Samadhi, or provide information for your mind, but to inspire you to directly discover your true nature. Samadhi is relevant now more than ever. We are at a time in history where we’ve not only forgotten Samadhi, but we have forgotten what we forgot. This forgotten is Maya, the illusion of the self.
As humans. Most of us live immersed in our daily lives, with little thought of who we are, why we are here, or Where were going. Most of us have never realized the true self, the soul or what the Buddha called annata that which is beyond name and form, beyond thinking. As a result we believe we are these limited bodies. We live in fear, either conscious or unconscious, that the limited self structure we are identified with will die. In today’s world the vast majority of people who are engaged in religious or spiritual practices such as yoga, prayer, meditation, chanting or any kind of ritual, or practicing techniques which are conditioned. Which means they are just part of the ego construct. The seeking and the activity isn’t the problem- thinking you have found the answer in some external form is the problem. Spirituality and its most common form is no different than pathological thinking that is going on everywhere. It is further agitation of the mind More human doing, as opposed to human being. The ego construct wants more money, more power, more love, more of everything. Those on the so-called spiritual path desire to be more spiritual, more awake, more equananimus, more peaceful, more enlightened. The danger for you watching this film is that your mind will want to acquire Samadhi. Even more dangerous is that your mind might think it has acquired Samadhi. Whenever there is a desire to attain something you can be sure it’s the ego construct at work. Samadhi is not about attaining or adding anything. to yourself. To realize Samadhi is to learn to die before you die. Life and death are like yin- and yang inseparable continuum. Endlessly unfolding with no beginning and no end. When we push away death, we also push away life. When you experienced the truth directly of who you are, there is no longer any fear of life or death. We are told who we are by our society and our culture, and at the same-time we are slaves to the deeper unconscious biological craving and aversion that governs our choices. The ego construct is nothing more than the impulse to repeat. It is simply the path that energy once took and the tendency for the energy to take that path again, whether it is positive or negative for the organism. There are endless levels of memory or mind, spirals within spirals. When your consciousness identifies with this mind or ego constructs, it ties you to social conditioning, which you could call the matrix. There are aspects of the ego that we can be conscious of, but it’s the unconscious, the archaic wiring, the primal existential fears, that are actually driving the whole machine.
Endless patterns of grasping towards pleasure and avoidance of pain are sublimated into pathological behaviors….our work….our relationships…our beliefs, our very thoughts, and our whole way of living. Like cattle most humans live and die in passive subjugation, feeding their lives to matrix. We live lives locked into narrow patterns. Lives often filled with great suffering and it never occurs to us that we can actually become free. It is possible to let go of the life that has been inherited from the past, to live the one that is waiting to come forth through the inner world. We were all born into this world with biological conditioned structures, but without self-awareness. Often when you look into a young child’s eyes there is no trace of self, only luminous emptiness. The person one goes into is a mask worn over consciousness. Shakespeare said, ‘’All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players’’. In and awakened individual, consciousness shines through the personality, through the mask. When you are awake, you don’t identify with your character. You don’t believe that you are the masks that you are wearing. But nor do you give up playing a role. When we are identified with our character, our persona this is Maya the illusion of the self. Samadhi is awakening from the dream of your character in the play of life. 2400 years after Plato wrote the Republic, humanity is still making its way out of Plato’s cave. In fact we may be more transfixed by allusions then ever. Plato had Socrates describe a group of people who lived chained in a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. All they could see were shadows projected on the wall by the things passing in front of the fire which was behind them. This puppet show became their world. According to Socrates, the shadows were as close as the prisoners would ever get to seeing reality. Even after being told about the outside world they continued to believe that the shadows were all that is. Even if they suspected there was something more they were unwilling to leave what was familiar. Humanity today is like the people who have only seen the shadows on the cave wall. The shadows are analogous to our thoughts. The world of thinking is the only world that we know. But there is another world is beyond thinking. Beyond the dualistic mind. Are you willing to leave the cave, to leave all that you have known to find out the truth of who you are?
In order to experience Samadhi it is necessary to turn attention away from the shadows, away from the thoughts towards the light. When a person is only used to darkness then they must gradually become accustomed to the light. Like acclimatizing to any new paradigm it takes time and effort, and willingness to explore the new, as well as shed the old. The mind can be likened to a trap for consciousness, a labyrinth or a prison. It is not that you are in prison, you are the prison. The prison is an illusion. If you are identified with an illusory self, then you are asleep. Once you are aware of the prison, if you fight to get out of the illusion, then you are treating the illusion as if it’s real and you still remain asleep, except now the dream becomes a nightmare. You will be chasing and running from shadows forever. Samadhi is awakening from the dream of the separate self or the egoic construct. Samadhi is awakening from identification with the prison that I call me. You can never actually be free, because wherever you go your prison is there. Awakening is not about get rid of the mind of the matrix, On the contrary; when you are not identified with it,then you can experience the play of life more fully, enjoying the show as it is so craving or fear. In the ancient teachings this was called the divine game of Leila; the game of playing in duality. Human consciousness is a continuum. On one extreme, humans are identified with the material self. On the other extreme is Samadhi, the cessation of self. Every step we take on the continuum toward Samadhi brings less suffering. Less suffering does not mean life is free from pain. Samadhi is beyond the duality of pain and pleasure. What it means is that there is less mind, less self creating resistance to whatever unfolds and not resistance is what creates suffering. Realizing Samadhi even once allows you to see what is at the other end of the continuum. To see that there is something other than the material world and self interest. When there is an actual cessation of the self structure in Samadhi there is no egoic thought, no self, no duality yet there is still the I am, annata or no self. In that emptiness is the dawn of prana or wisdom- the understanding that the imminent self is far beyond the play of duality, beyond the entire continuum. The imminent self is timeless, unchanging, always now. Enlightenment is the merging of the primordial spiral, the ever-changing manifested world or Lotus in which time unfolds, with your timeless being. Your inner wiring grows like an ever-unfolding flower as you misidentify with the self becoming a living bridge between the world of time and the timeless. Merely realizing the imminent self is only the beginning of one path. Most people will have to experience and lose Samadhi countless times in meditation before they are able to integrate it into other facets of life. It’s not unusual to have profound insights into the nature of your being during meditation or self inquiry, only to find yourself once again falling back into old patterns, forgetting the truth of who you are. To realize that stillness or emptiness in every facet of life, every facet of one’s self is to become emptiness dancing as all things. Stillness is not something separate from movement. It is not opposite to movement. In Samadhi stillness is recognized to be identical with movement, form is identical to emptiness. This is nonsensical to the mind because mind is the coming into being of duality. René Descartes, the father of Western philosophy, is famous for the saying ‘’I think therefore, I am’’.No other phrase more clearly encapsulates the fall of civilization and the full-scale identification with the shadows on the cave wall. Descartes’ error, like the error of almost all humans was the equating of fundamental being with thinking. At the beginning of this most famous treatise, Descartes wrote that almost everything can be called into doubt; he can doubt his senses, and even his thoughts. Likewise in the Kalama Sutra the Buddha said that in order to ascertain the truth, one must doubt all traditions, Scriptures, teachings and all of the content of one’s mind and senses. Both of these men started with great skepticism, but the difference was that Descartes stopped inquiring at the level of thinking, while the Buddha went deeper-he penetrated beyond the deepest levels of the mind. Maybe if Descartes had gone beyond his thinking mind he would’ve realized his true nature and Western consciousness would be very different today.
Instead, Descartes described the possibility of an evil demon that could be keeping us under veil of illusion. Descartes did not recognize this evil demon for what it was. As in the movie the Matrix, we could all be hooked up to some elaborate program feeding us an illusory dream world. In the movie humans lived out their lives in the matrix, while on another level they were merely batteries, feeding their life force to the machines which used their energy for their own agenda. People always want to blame something outside themselves for the state of the world or for their own unhappiness. Weather it is a person, a particular group country, religion or some kind of controlling illuminati like Descartes’ evil demon, or the sentient machines in the matrix. Ironically, the demon that Descartes envisioned was the very thing that he defined himself by. When you realize Samadhi, it becomes clear that there is a controller; there is a machine, and evil demon leaching your life day after day. The machine is you. Your self structure is made up of many little conditioned sub-programs or little bosses. One little boss that craves food, another craves money, another status, position, power, sex, intimacy. Another wants consciousness or attention from others. The desires are literally endless and can never be satisfied. We spend a lot of our time and energy decorating our prisons, succumbing to pressures to improve our masks, and feedings the little bosses, making them more powerful. Like drug addicts, while we try to satisfy the little bosses, the more we end up craving. The path to freedom is not self-improvement, or was somehow satisfying the self’s agenda, but it’s a drop in the self’s agenda altogether. Some people fear that awakening their true nature will mean that they lose their individuality and enjoyment of life. Actually, the opposite is true; the unique individuation of the soul can only be expressed when the condition self is overcome. Because we remain asleep in the matrix most of us never find out what the soul actually wants to express. The path to Samadhi involves meditation, which is both observing the condition self; that which changes, and realizing your true nature; that which does not change. When you come to your still point, the source of your being, then you await further instructions without any insistence on how your outer world has to change. Not my will, but higher will be done. If the mind only tries to change the under world to conform with some idea of what you think the path should be, it is like trying to change the image in a mirror by manipulating the reflection. To make the image in a mirror smile you obviously can’t manipulate the reflection, you have to realize the you that is the authentic source of the reflection. Once you realize the authentic self, it doesn’t mean that anything on the outside necessarily needs to change. What changes is the conscious, intelligent, inner energy, which is freed from condition patterns and becomes available to be directed by the soul. You can only become aware of the soul’s purpose when you’re able to watch the conditioned self and its endless pursuits, and let them go. In Greek mythology, it was said that the Gods condemned Sisyphus to repeat a meaningless task for all eternity. His task was to endlessly push a boulder up a mountain, only to have it roll down again. The French existentialist and Nobel prize-winning author, Albert Camus, saw the situation of Sisyphus as a metaphor for humanity. He asked the question,’ how can we find meaning in this absurd existence?
As humans we are toiling endlessly, building for a tomorrow that never arrives, and then we die. If we truly realize this truth then we will either go mad if we are identified with our egoic personas, or we will awaken and become free. We can never succeed in the outer struggle, because it is just a reflection of our inner world. The cosmic joke, the absurdity of the situation becomes clear when there is a complete and utter failure of the egoic self to awaken through its futile pursuits. In Zen there is a saying, ‘’before enlightenment, chop wood carry water .After enlightenment chop wood, carry water’’. Before enlightenment one must roll the ball up the hill, after enlightenment one must also roll the ball up the hill. What is changed? The inner resistance to what is. The struggle has been dropped; or rather the one who struggles has been realize to be illusory. The individual will individual mind and divine will, or higher mind, are aligned. Samadhi is ultimately a dropping of all inner resistance- to all changing phenomena, without exception. The one who is able to realize inner peace, irrespective of circumstance has attained true Samadhi. You dropped resistance not because you condone one thing or another, but so that your inner freedom is not contingent on the outer. It’s important to note that when we accept reality as it is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we stop taking action in the world, or we become meditating pacifists. Actually, the opposite can be true; when you are free to act without being driven by unconscious motives, then it is possible to act in alignment with the Tao, with the full force of our inner energy behind us. Many will argue that in order to change the world and bring about peace we need to fight harder against our perceived enemies. Fighting for peace is like shouting for silence; just creates more of what you don’t want. These days there’s a war against everything; a war against terror, a war against disease, a war against hunger. Every war is actually a war against ourselves. The fight is part of a collective delusion. We say that we want peace; we continue to elect leaders who engage in war. We lie to ourselves saying that we are for human rights but continue to buy products made in sweatshops. We say we want clean air, but we continue to pollute. We want science to cure us of cancer but won’t change our self-destructive habitual behaviors that make us more likely to be sick. We delude ourselves that we are promoting a better life. We don’t want to see our hidden parts that are condoning suffering and death. The belief that we can win a war against cancer, hunger, terror, or any enemy that was created by our own thinking and behavior, actually lets us continue to delude ourselves that we don’t have to change the way we operate on this planet.
The world is where the revolution must first take place. Only when we can directly feel the spiral of life within will the outer world come into alignment with the Tao. Until then, anything we do will add to the chaos already created by the mind. War and peace arise together in an endless dance; they are one continuum. One half cannot exist without the other. Just as light cannot exist without dark, and up cannot exist without down. The world seems to want light without darkness, fullness without emptiness, happiness, without sadness. The more the mind gets involved, the more fragmented the world becomes. Every solution that comes from the egoic mind is driven by the idea that there is a problem, and the solution becomes an even greater problem than what was trying to solve. What you resist persists. Human ingenuity creates new antibiotics only to find nature getting more coming as bacteria get stronger. Despite our best efforts in the ongoing fight, the prevalence of cancer is actually increasing, the number of hungry people in the world steadily grows, the number of terrorist attacks worldwide continues to rise. What’s wrong with our approach? Like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Goethe’s poem, we’ve taken hold of a great power, but we do not have the wisdom to wield it. The problem is that we do not understand the tool that we are using. We do not understand the human mind and its proper role and purpose. The crisis is born of the limited conditioned way in which we think, the way we feel and experience life. Our rationalism has robbed us of our ability to recognize and experience the wisdom of many ancient cultures. Our egoic thinking has robbed us of the ability to feel the depth and profound sacredness of life, the luminosity of life, and to realize entirely different levels of consciousness, which are now almost lost to humanity. in the ancient Egyptian tradition, Netters were archetypal forms whose characteristics could be embodied by those who purified their physical and spiritual bodies in such a way that they were fit to house higher consciousnesses. The original Netter or the divine principle of this wisdom was known as Thoth or Tehuti. Often depicted as a scribe with the head of a bird or Ibis, and represented the origin of all knowledge and wisdom. Thoth could be described as the cosmic principle of thinking or thought. Thoth gave us language, concepts, writing, mathematics, and all the arts and manifestations of the mind. Only those who had gone through special training were allowed to access Toth’s sacred knowledge. The book of Thoth is not a physical book, but is the wisdom of the askashic or etheric realm. Legends tell that Thoth’s knowledge was deeply hidden in a secret place within every human being, and was protected by a Golden serpent.
The archetypal or perennial myth of the serpent or Dragon gradually a treasure is one that permeates many cultures and has been called by names such as Kundalini Shakti, chi, holy spirit, and inner energy. The Golden serpent is the egoic construct which is found in the inner energies and until it’s mastered and overcome, the soul will never be able to attain true wisdom. It was said that the book of Thoth brought nothing but suffering to any individual who read it, even though they would find the secrets of the gods themselves and all that is hidden within the stars. What must be understood is that the book brought suffering to any individual who read it, any ego tried to control it. In Egyptian tradition, awakened consciousness was represented by Osiris. Without this awaken consciousness, any knowledge or understanding obtained by the limited self would be dangerous, disconnected from higher wisdom. The eye of Horus had to be open. The esoteric meaning that we find here is similar to the more familiar story of ‘’the fall’’ in the garden of Eden. The book of Thoth parallels the tree of knowledge of good and evil whose fruit Adam and Eve were tempted to eat. Humanity of course has already eaten the forbidden fruit, already opened the book of Thoth, and has been cast out of the garden. The serpent is a metaphor for the primordial spiral that extends from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Today. The serpent is living as you. It is the egoic mind expressed as the manifested world. we have never before had access to so much knowledge. We’ve gone deep into the material world, even finding the so-called God particle, but we have never been more limited, more ignorant of who we are, how to live, and we do not understand the mechanism by which we create suffering. Our thinking has created the world as it is now. Whenever we label something as good or bad, or create preference in our mind it’s due to the coming into being of egoic structures or self interests. The solution is not to fight for peace or conquer nature, but to simply recognize the truth; that the very existence of the ego structure creates duality, a split between self and other, mine and yours man and nature, inner and outer. The ego is violence; requires a barrier, of boundary from the other in order to be. Without ego there is no war against anything. There’s no hubris, there’s no overreaching nature to create profit. These external crises in our world reflect a serious inner crisis; we don’t know who we are. We are completely identified with our egoic identities, consumed by fears and are cut off from our true nature. Races, religions, countries, political affiliations, any group that we belong to, all reinforce our egoic identities. Almost every group that exists on the planet today wants to claim its perspective as true and correct, as we do on an individual level. By claiming the truth as its own, the group perpetuates its own existence in the same way that an ego or self structure defines itself against other. Now more than ever different realities and polarized belief systems are co-existing on earth. It is possible for different people to experience completely different thoughts and emotional reactions to the very same external phenomena. In the same way, Samara and nirvana, heaven and hell, are two different dimensions occupying the very same world. An event that may appear apocalyptic to one person could be seen as a blessing to another. So what is becoming obvious is that your external circumstances don’t have to affect your inner world in any particular way. To realize Samadhi is to become a self-propelled wheel, to become autonomous, universe unto oneself. Your experience of life is not contingent on changing phenomena. An analogy can be made with Metatron’s cube. Metatron is mentioned in various ancient Christian, Islamic, and Jewish texts, and is archetypally he related to the Egyptian Netter Thoth, as well as Hermes, Trismegistus of Greece. Metatron is intimately connected with the Tetragrammaton. The tetrammaton is the fundamental geometric pattern, the template or primordial emanation of physical reality, which has been called the word of God or Logos. Here we see a two-dimensional representation of the figure, but if you look a certain way, you see a three D cube. When you see the cube, nothing has changed in the figure, but your mind has added a new dimension to your seeing. Dimensionality or one’s perspective is simply a matter of becoming habituated to a new way of perceiving the world. Upon realizing Samadhi we become free of perspective, or free to create new perspectives, because there’s no self invested in or attached to a particular viewpoint. The greatest minds in human history have often pointed to levels of thought beyond the limited self structure.
Einstein said ‘’the true measure of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and sense in which he has attained liberation from the self’’. So it’s not that thinking and the existence of the self is bad, thinking is a wonderful tool when the mind is in service to the heart. In Vedanta it is said that the mind makes a good servant but a poor master. The ego perpetually filters reality through language and labels, and is constantly judging. Preferring one thing over another. When the mind and senses are your master, they will create endless suffering, endless craving and aversion, locking us into the matrix of thinking. If you want to realize Samadhi, do not judge your thoughts is good or bad, but find out who you are prior to the thought prior to the senses. When all labels are dropped then it is possible to see things as they are. The moment a child is told what a bird is, if they believe what they’re then they never see a bird again. They only see their thoughts. Most people think that they are free, conscious and awake. But if you believe you are already awake, then why would you do the difficult work to attain what you believe you already have? Before it becomes possible to awaken, it is necessary to accept that you are asleep, living in the matrix. Examine your life honestly, without lying to yourself. Are you able to stop your robotic, repetitive life patterns? If you want to? Can you stop seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, are you addicted to certain foods, activities, or pastimes. Are you constantly judging, blaming and criticizing yourself and others?
Does your mind incessantly seek out stimulus, or are you completely fulfilled just being in silence? Do you react to how people think about you? Are you seeking approval, positive reinforcement? Do you somehow sabotage situations in your life? Most people will experience their lives the same way today as they will tomorrow and a year from now, and 10 years from now. When you begin to observe your robot-like nature you become more awake. You begin to recognize the depth of the problem. You are completely and utterly asleep, lost in a dream. Like the inhabitants of Plato’s cave, most to hear this truth will not be willing or capable of changing their lives because they are attached to their familiar patterns. We go to great lengths justifying our patterns, burying our heads in the sand rather than facing the truth. We want our saviors, but we are not willing to get up on the cross ourselves. What are you willing to pay to be free?
Realize that if you change your inner world, you must be prepared to change the outer life. Your old structure and your old identity must become the dead soil out of which new growth comes. The first step to awakening is to realize that we are identified with the matrix of the human mind, with the mask. Something within us must hear this truth and be roused from its slumber. There is a part of you something timeless that has always known the truth. The matrix of the mind distracts us, entertains us, keeps us endlessly doing, consuming, grasping, in a cycle of craving and aversion with constantly changing forms, keeping us from the flowering of our consciousness, our evolutionary birthright, which is Samadhi. Pathological thinking is what passes for a normal life. Your divine essence has become enslaved, identified with the limited self structure. The great wisdom, the truth of who you are is buried deep within your being. J. Krishnamurti said, ‘’it is no measure of one’s health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society’’. Identification with the egoic mind is the sickness and Samadhi is the cure. The saints, sages and awakened beings throughout history have all learned the wisdom of self surrender. How is it possible to realize the true self? When you peer through the veil of Maya, and let go of the illusory self, what is left?
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they said time is up. Prepare yourself for the biggest event of Arctuanns

Good morning lights. Current energy update. Dreams. The topic for today us actually the changes that are going on around you. For yes. Although every week the energies change. Your response to them changes also. For you are engaged in a delicate balancing act. You are on the cusp of everything that you are waiting for. Every week, every day and every little bit, every month, every year, more and more is brought to you. Yu are not aware of it, but you are absorbing more frequency, more than you could ever have admitted before. More than you were capable of holding. You were thimbles before and now you are huge. You can hold so much more energy. And of course from where you are you see the everyday occurrences in your life. You don’t see the energies around you. You don’t see the responses to them unless quite frankly you feel them as negative. Then you are aware of what is going on. Or if you feel very blissful, then you understand is very positive for you. But there is a whole spectrum of reactions in between. You are reacting to every small thing and as you react to every bit of energy you are changing. If you feel the energy around you could see how you interact with this. Picture a whirlwind cyclone in front of you. Now picture yourself becoming part of this. No wonder some days you can’t think straight. Picture the tendrils of you aura interacting with this energy bath. For you interact to the greatest capacity that you can. Some days you will absorb more and some days you will stop and just spin there, and you won’t be able to absorb because perhaps your human body is preoccupied with something else such as a lack of sleep or an unhappy progression that is happening in your life. But you are not to worry for basically the energy remains there just outside of your aura until you are ready to quiet yourself and absorb it. You always get exactly what you need and you always get what your higher self wants. For your higher self is in control of the amount of change that you’re going through at any time. All we know that we have told you that we are helping you and the Galactic are too. Yes. But the gate keeper is your higher self deciding how much you can react to. So what we are building up to now is that there is more coming, more reacting. You are not really aware of how much more, but believe us, it is extremely more than you could have faced. Only six months ago, much less five years ago. We celebrate the fact that you’ve spread light and you’re continuing to spread your individual light with the energies of the cosmos, for yes as the energies come in, your light spreads also. It’s all very complex but it’s all very beautiful. We congratulate you often on how far you’ve come. But you can only believe us for you are preventing from seeing the full extent of your own progress personally. If you could see yourself correctly you would be awe struck and perhaps a bit afraid of the responsibility that you would feel. So it is best to y our own self that you’re just another human being living on earth as best you can, spreading y our light in the way that you do as an individual. We do not want to scare you but as you absorb more light you’re becoming more powerful. You don’t feel your power yet, but it is coming. The first inkling of the power that you feel, that you will own will be coming before the end of the year. You will start to feel more like the powerful being that you are, for there is only so much light
You can absorb and stay as small as you think you are. Oh, we know we have told you that you are amazing light beings but in your mind you really are not, but that will change soon. The rest of the year will be filled with higher energies and you will travel along with them as the companions that you are. And right now is asking what happens next? The energies of the next year is gathering. There are timelines being Treated and there are several ways the year can go. But we assure you that the year will go well. So the timelines the whole collective is contemplating you could call good, better and best. We say this for we felt a flare of fear when we did not answer immediately. We would like you to make a conscious effort to drop your fears. What we mean by that is every time you feel a fear whether it is a fear of channeling or a fear of what might happen to you next year, next month we would like you to take that anxiety and hold it close to you. If you are doing something else, like grocery shopping, just make a note to get to that emotion later. Then you are to sit with that fear to think of it and to put yourself in the place where you really feel it. For only by feeling it a deep way you can begin to transmute. The average human being will run away from the fear every time. And it may have been the way that you began your life, but not so much now. You’ve all been doing wonderfully adapting to the higher frequencies and dropping the fears. But there are still some fear remaining and we suggest a mopping up operation. The4e next time you feel a fear be happy you can face it, sit with it and face it. Add light to it and say goodbye to it. For every day that you are becoming lighter, the fear leaves you a bit by bit. And you can stop this process by going along in the third dimension and not paying attention. So we guess what we are saying here is begin to pay attention as a higher fifth dimensional being as you see yourself so you become and as you feel fear that does not mean you are not fifth dimensional. That means there is a little darkness that wants to leave. So treasure yourself in all your amazing facets whether they are light or dark, whether you have to recognize a fear or sit and evoke them. Do the work for it will be so much rewarded in the next stage. How we love you. We are the actuarains.
As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. All things are possible. Your soul is the essence of who you truly are. It is timeless, ageless, and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe…it will catch you. Remember. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astounding light of your own being
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The plan for your upliftment. Hang in there. It’s been a wild ride. Find your gratitude. Keep working with your higher self. Bring your light through these certainly are trying times but it will not break us. We need to keep shinning bright love, healing light , and hugs to you. At our higher level we see all before us. And it is a quagmire of actions that are mostly negative. But we must give credit to those who are attempting to bring stability and purpose into your lives. There is a cleansing taking place that is proving successful but the size of the task is formidable, so it is impossible to accurately predict when it will be near completion. However progress is being made and success is assured. It is no mean task to round up the dark ones who have broken the law and assure a stop to their activities. The purge will go on until it is safe to introduce beneficial changes that will lift the people up. The plan for your upliftment has already been prepared and simply waiting for the right circumstances to proceed. Time has not been wasted and much has been prepared in advance. So that nothing will be lost because of the delays. Regardless of outer appearances much is in place that can be introduced at short notice. The dark ones whether they realize it or not are beginning to feel uneasy as the vibration continues to lift up and they will be eventually left behind to experience consequences of their actions. They know that they are losing the battle with the light. And some are already planning their escape by leaving the earth. However they will find their path blocked and eventually they will have to answer for their misdeeds. So be assured that none shall escape justice. Knowing this, should give you the satisfaction that justice will prevail. You might well ask why action could not have been taken before? But as we have often remarked there has to be an ideal time when success can be assured. That time has arrived, which is why we are absolutely certain of our total success in due course. The tasks ahead are still monumental, but we know that success is within our grasp. We have prevented major happenings that could have led to the destruction of earth and although you may feel that was most unlikely, we can assure you that the dark ones would have carried out such an abomination rather than accept defeat. The danger is over, but there is still much to do to contain their desire to cause havoc upon the earth. In the long run you will look back at this period in your history and be thankful that you were able survive a most difficult time when all life was threatened. Since 2012 you were always destined to overcome those threatening to take over the world and you are now allowed to receive help from the forces of light. That will continue but it is you who will have to make all of the first moves, otherwise we could be seen to be interfering with your free will. So have no fear about the future as your destiny is assured to lead you to a peaceful and trouble free life. Do not lose heart as times are still tough on you but certain things have to be dealt with before you can really relax. But it will come. Many changes will take place and may not necessarily seem beneficial for you, but be assured most are going to quickly move you into a new era that will bring you many advances. We have touched upon them previously and it is apparent that they will propel you into the new age. The stage will then be set for even better things and in short time your lifestyle will be far removed from that which you have now. The drudgery and time consuming ways that you accept now will be replaced in such a way that it will free up a lot of time that you can use for your own benefit. Life will become quite different from what you’re used to know and travel will become quite normal. New means of transport that give you more time for yourself. It is all in the making and the sooner mankind progressed from the present mess you are in the sooner new waves of living can be introduced. Be patient as all will come to you in good time. What you call the bad times will eventually come to an end and be replaced by exciting and very acceptable changes. You have been deliberately held back by the dark ones while they have enjoyed the benefits they kept for themselves. All through history life has been a struggle, yet it has been a means of giving you the experience you needed to evolve. You have now done the hard bit and from here on matters will gradually get better as you catch up on lost time. You can hardly imagine what awaits you. But you will hear of new inventions and ways of living that far surpass what you are presently used to. Your future is assured and you’re being prepared for a way of life quite from what you are now used to. People can speculate as how things will change but can hardly imagine some of the new innovations and ideas that are being worked upon. Obviously you are being prompted to follow a certain path that will provide you with the opportunities you seek and you will be helped all of the ways. Some of you complain wondering what you’ve done to deserve your present life experiences. But do not forget that you agreed to your life plan before you were birthed upon earth. All major points of your life have been pre-arranged and agreed upon by you. So inwardly you know that you have experiences that you needed to further your evolution. After all that is the purpose of your life, to travel a path that takes you back to the higher realm from whence you came. Do you realize that most souls close to you have probably spent previous lives with you and sometimes whole families come together in a series of lives? But not necessarily
in exactly in the same relationship. It tells you why some families are so close together and tightly bonded. Obviously some relationships are simply to create the lesson you need and in reality may not be very pleasant but will achieve the reason they have taken place. So consider why you have certain experiences to handle and hopefully you can progress from them. Obviously some are where you’re part of the story but not directly involved. It gets quite complicated at times but in the end it inevitably works out as intended. Even allowing for free will. I leave you with love and blessings and may the light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my higher self, my god self and every soul has the same connection to god in love and light.
As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. All things are possible. Your soul is the essence of eho you truly are. It is timeless, ageless, and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe…it will catch you. Remember. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astounding light of your own being
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

the Pleiadains~ their time is up finally! Prepare yourself for a new era 2021.
Good morning lights. A special message to the star seeds of new earth for immediate planetary broadcast. The pleg consciousness. It’s not so much about the story but about how it’s encoded to trigger your memories. The data in this transmission is derived from direct Pleiadains channeling from NDES from professional quantum hypnosis sessions and certain pre-historical data that comes from the Lemur Ian Scrolls passed down by the great brotherhood. Tonight we will tell you the grand story of your magnificent ancient PLEDAINE crystal temples. Some of which still exists on earth today. There is a story. Then there is the whole story. This whole story has to do with amazing things that occurred on planet earth in the distant past that have long been forgotten by modern humanity. We are here to awaken your ancient memories and reacquaint you with who and what you truly are standing by for super amazingness. Begin transmission. Great one, ancient mystery school knowledge guarded down through the ages by the LEMURIAN brotherhood tells the magnificent story of the beginnings of life on planet earth. The ancient scrolls say that in the beginning, the Pleiadains came down from the fifth dimension star systems and were the very first humanoid beings to settle on planet earth.. The Pleiadains are the direct descendants of the Grand Lirin Humanoid civilization of the 12th dimension and are known as the pre-adamites of earth’s prehistory who form the shining races of Lumuria and Atlantis. When the Pleiadains first came to earth, they terraformed this entire reel into a celestial paradise filled with all types of exotic DNA and advanced natural systems that formed earth’s spheres. The pledains infused all of this life in the earth spheres with intelligent information called the Akash which contains all the data of this universe. These master design architects had created a magnificent celestial and living library on earth which became the most unique attraction in the universe. Incredible beauty and wonder was built into the earth’s system by the PLEDAINES using advanced 5th dimensional blueprints from their home world and everything was built here according to their divine plan for the magnificence of this world. The Pleiadains are those who from heaven to earth came down and another label that is more common for their 5th dimensional home is simply heaven. In this heavenly 5D realm everything is 1000 times more beautiful, more advanced and more perfected. all of this natural heavenly beauty and technology was transported from earth into those ancient days by the Pleiades and was fully established here. It was truly a sight to behold. Do you remember great one the Pleiadains cities of light and crystal temples. Of all the amazing beauty and technology brought to earth and re-created here by the Pleiadains. Incredible 5D cities of light were constructed all across the planet earth. These 5th dimensional cities of light were filled with stunning and sublime crystal temples that stood out as the grand pinnacles of ancient earthly civilization. The mesmerizing and massive cities of this Pleiadain heaven on earth featured amazing 5D architecture and were laid out in special cosmic and geometric configurations. The original pleiadain temples of early earth were built using a very special type of crystal composed of an exotic form of monatomic silicone dioxide. Some of the crystal blocks used in the construction of these temples were brought here from 5th dimensional star systems, but most of the crystals used on earth in those days were seeded here in gigantic beds by the predates millions of years ago. The walls of these magnificent pleiadain temples were from other worldly translucent colored crystal fused with gold , silver, diamond, platinum , quartz, amethyst and monatomic elements. The pleiadaine temple megaliths of early earth emitted sublime rainbow auras that were visually stunning and could be seen for miles. The temple walls, ceilings, and floors were translucent pink, violet, aqua, and all the colors of the rainbow. It may be hard to imagine but some of these ancient temples were as large as small modern cities and were many miles in diameter these incredible temples were not just beautiful to look at but they were very high tech in their construction and purpose and operates as giant energy machines. These ancient temples had many items built in that would today be characterized as modern electrical devices. The original pleiadaine crystal temples of earth featured bald dome roofs high arcs, towers and columns. And were filled with the resonating shafts and corridors that extended throughout the building. In addition, these sublime crystal temples featured intricate advanced construction details such as rose quartz windows mukarnas that generated scalar waves for healing, levitation and transport. Besides provoking feelings like harmony and euphoria. We are sure you are aware that the pleiadaines are the creators of all music. all pleiadaine temples small and large in those ancient days had pipe organs that resonated strongly in the building corridors to harmonize and heal the population through scalar sound waves now known as semantics, light was refracted and emitted inside the building directly from the glowing crystal walls. The pleiadaine crystal palace walls were studded with gold, copper, silver, platinum, bronze, barrel and tin ornaments constructed in special geometric shapes. These specific minerals were used in the temples because of their high energetic conductivity value. The temple dome roofs were laid with very high thermal and electric conductivity of copper and were retrofitted with built in transmitting and receiving antennas and coils, these original earth crystal temples contained elaborate roof grids and small window –like openings, metal ornaments in the corners of buildings, pointed antenna, with ornaments or balls filled with mercury . [ this is what the Iffle tower had in the world light show, which they promptly took down]
As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. All things are possible. Your soul is the essence of who you truly are. It is timeless, ageless, and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe…it will catch you. Remember. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astounding light of your own being

AD: when we see pleiadian ships, we see a sphere of light because it is the Merkaba moving so fast. The Atlanta civilization was the product of Arcturian people but the first Atlantis was not about pyramids, it was about the temple within. They taught us how to relate with the world. Giants were the keepers of that wisdom, the information the negative anreptilians represent for us the negative and the positive and we will explore the Annuaki and how this created a structure for the humans to transcend


[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

Samadhi Movie, 2021 – Part 3 – “The Pathless Path”

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span

Using no more that we have found about frequencies to sell us on their round earth and proving how their size of the moon had to match to distance from earth in numbers.

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