The Secret Behind Numbers 369 Tesla Code Is Finally REVEALED!

The mind-blowing secret behind the number 369 is finally revealed. Nikola Tesla did countless mysterious experiments, but he was a whole other ministry on his own. Almost all genius minds have a certain obsession, Nikola Tesla had a pretty big one, Tesla had some interesting habits that he would do. For example, he would walk around the block repeatedly three times before entering a building he would clean his plates with 18 napkins. He lived in hotel rooms only with a number divisible by three, he would make calculations about things in his immediate environment to make sure the result is divisible by three, and he would do everything in sets of three. Some say he had OCD and others say he was very superstitious. However, the truth is a lot deeper if you knew the magnificence of 369 you have the keys to the universe. Nikola Tesla, his obsession was not simply with numbers, but especially the number 369, Tesla claimed that these numbers were extremely important and nobody listened, but why these numbers? What did Nikola tesla try to make the world understand. First, we must understand that we did not create math we discovered it. It’s the universal language and law no matter where you and the universe, 1+2 will always equal 3, everything is the universrusal basis of law. Their patterns naturally occur in the universe, patterns that we discovered in life, galaxies, star formations, and evolution, in almost all natural systems. Some of these patterns are the golden ratio and sacred geometry, one really important system that nature seems to obey is the power of the 2 binary systems in which the patterns start from 1 and continue doubling the numbers. Cells and embryos develop following the sacred pattern, 1248 16 32, etc. some call these patterns the blueprint of God math by this analogy would be God’s thumbprint leaving all religion aside. In vortex math the science of torus anatomy there is a pattern that repeats itself 12487and 5 and so on. As you can see 369 are not in this pattern. Scientist Michael Rodden believes these numbers represent a vector from the third and fourth dimensions. She calls it flux field. This field is supposed to be higher dimensional energy that influences the energy circuit of the other six points. Randy Powell, a student of Michael Rodden says that this is the secret key to free energy, something we all know Tesla mastered. Let me explain let’s start from 1, doubled it is 2, 2 doubled is 4, 4 doubled is 8, 8 doubled is 16, which means 1+6 that equals to 7, 16 doubled is 32 resulting in 3+2 equals 5, you can do 7 doubled if you want, to which you would get 14, resulting in 5 32 doubled is 64 resulting in a total of 1. so if we continue we will keep following the same pattern 124875,124875, etc. over and over. As he could see there is no mention of 369 it’s like they are beyond this pattern free from it. However, there is something strange. Once you start doubling them 3 doubled is 6, 6 doubled is 12 which would result in 3, add 1and 2 and you get 3, in this pattern there is no mention of 9, it’s like 9 is beyond completely free from both patterns. But if you start doubling 9 it will always result in 9. This is called the symbol of enlightenment. If we go to the great pyramid of Giza, not only are there three larger pyramids at Giza all side-by-side mirroring the positions of the stars in Orion’s belt but we also see a group of three smaller pyramids immediately away from the three larger pyramids. We find lots of evidence that nature uses threefold and sixfold symmetry. These shapes are nature and the ancients emulated these shapes in the building of the sacred architecture. Is it possible that Tesla uncovered this profound secret and uses knowledge to push the boundaries of science and technology? The magnificence of the number 9, Let’s say there are two opposites call them white and black if you want to, they are like the north and south poles of a magnet. One side is 1, 2, and 4. The other side is 8, 7, and 5 just like electricity everything in the universe is a stream between these two polar sides, like a swinging pendulum. And if you can imagine the movement it’s something like the symbol for infinity. However, these two sides are governed by 3 and 6, 3 governs 1, 2, and 4, while 6 governs 8, 7, and 5 and if you look at the pattern closely gets even more mind-boggling 1 and 2 equals 3, 2, and 4 equals 6, 4 and 8 equals 3, 8 and 7 equals 6, 7 and 5 equals 3, 5 and 1 equals 6 and 1and 2 equals 3. The same pattern on a higher scale is actually 363636 but even these two sides 3 and 6 are governed by nine, which shows something spectacular. Looking closely at the pattern of 3 and 6, you realize that 3 and 6 equal 9, 6 and 3 equals 9, all the numbers together equal 9 both ways excluding and including 3 and 6, so 9 means the unity of both sides. 9 is the universe itself, the vibration the energy, and the frequency 369. If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration, Nikola Tesla. There is a deeper philosophical truth in this just imagine what we could accomplish if we could apply the sacred knowledge in everyday science. The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in other previous centuries of its existence, Nikola Tesla.

Third Eye Pineal Gland: The Biggest Cover-Up in Human History – Redone Real Narration

Universe Inside You

The pineal gland is the most mysterious organ in the endocrine system. The pineal gland is also called the epicenter of enlightenment, the seat of the soul or the third eye, this tiny pea-sized gland is shaped like a little pinecone and is residing in the center of our brain. It is sensitive to light and produces the hormone melatonin which influences the sleep cycles. One of the most incredible functions of the pineal gland is that it releases N, N dimethyltryptamine better known as DMT. DMT is also called the Spirit molecule and is considered by many to be among the most powerful psychedelics that we can experience, people have used DMT report mystical visions that are often far stronger than with other psychedelics, they feel that they had been taken to alternate realities interacted with sentiment inter-dimensional beings and had their entire worldview changed by visceral experiences that seemed more real than their daily life, to simplify it, the pineal gland can produce the molecule which can transcend our consciousness into the higher dimensions and connect us to the divine oneness of the universe. When we sleep, the pineal gland produces small amounts of DMT, which is the driving force behind our dreams. What is even more astonishing is that during death, the pineal gland floods the brain with a huge dose of DMT which helps our consciousness leave the body and rejoin the spiritual world. According to many ancient and modern sources, the pineal gland or the third eye may hold the secrets to spiritual wisdom, inspiration, and psychic awareness. Utilizing its powers could be vital for the physical, mental, and spiritual health, well, also being a gateway to higher consciousness. The pineal gland has been the subject of much interest since ancient times. Galen described it in the third century, and the philosopher René Descartes identified the pineal gland as the seat of the soul, his explanation for this conclusion is quite interesting, “My view is that this gland is the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed, the reason I believe this is that, I cannot find any part of the brain, except this which is not double, since we see only one thing with two eyes and hear only one voice with two ears and in short have never more than one thought at a time, it must necessarily be the case that the impressions which enter by the two eyes or by the two ears and so on, unite with each other in some part of the body before being considered by the soul, now it is impossible to find any such place in the whole head, except this gland, moreover, it is situated in the most suitable possible place for this purpose, in the middle of all the concavities and it is supported and surrounded by the little branches of the carotid arteries, which bring the spirits into the brain”. Descartes was one of the few philosophers who was experienced in vivisection and anatomy and who rightly pointed out the unique nature of the pineal gland’s location in the brain. It is widely believed that the pineal gland is the key to our spiritual awakening and psychic abilities. Traditionally, the pineal gland is said to be the third eye chakra, otherwise known as the Ajna chakra, which is set back and between our two physical eyes, every ancient civilization knew about the pineal gland and we can clearly see that in their symbolism. The pinecone has served as a symbolic representation of human enlightenment, the third eye, and the pineal gland and it can be seen everywhere throughout the world, beginning with one of the oldest civilizations on our planet, the ancient Sumerians, we can see many references to the pineal gland, they depicted the Anunnaki God’s holding a pinecone and almost all of their depictions, in this particular depiction we can see an Anunnaki being, holding a pinecone and using it to influence and stylized tree which curiously resembles the DNA strand very clearly and we all know the DNA strand was discovered thousands of years later in the 19th century. In ancient Egypt, the most prominent symbol, the eye of Horus can be directly used as a map of our brain, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the center of our brain and of course the pineal gland. The Urea’s or serpent crown is shown on Egyptian and Nubian royalty and is also considered a third eye reference and it’s a symbol of wisdom, power, and protection. Richard Cassaro a Madrid based author lecturer and documentary filmmaker also discovered the prominent role the third eye had in the ancient Egyptian culture, he discovered many depictions of the third eye, especially in the ATEN symbol, he said, “the ATEN stands for the awakened third eye, that sees a soul within, or sun within, which soul or sun is really the higher self or divine spark within us, the ATEN is thus a symbol of both the third eye and the soul within, that the awakened third eye sees”. Richard Cassaro discovered the striking similarity between the ATEN symbol and the Bindi in Hinduism, which is the point or dot, depicted on the forehead. The Bindu is associated with Ajna chakra or the third eye chakra, this ancient third eye symbol can be found not only in Hinduism but also in Buddhism and Taoism, even more, astonishing is the fact that third eye symbols are also present in the new world religions of the ancient Maya, Aztec, Tol Tec, Olmec, Inca and pre-Inca cultures as discovered by Cassaro. According to him, there is a long history of the third eye in the so-called occult tradition or hermetic tradition, and this tradition teaches that during a long-ago Golden age, thousands of years before the first known civilizations, our ancestors had a physical third eye in the center of their foreheads, as humans evolved, this third eye atrophied becoming the modern pineal gland located precisely in the geometric center of the human brain. Curiously, scientific evidence supports the possibility that our third eye, or pineal, was once our first eye, under the microscope, the pineal is made up of cells that have the same features as the rod-shaped light-sensitive cells found in our retinas, the pineal receives signals that travel down the optic nerves, just as our physical eyes. It seems the primitive third eye, once functioned as a site organ, before our current set of eyes, just as the ancient civilizations described. Today the third eye organ no longer works in our daily lives and must be intentionally awakened or activated, every human being’s pineal gland or third eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies which can enable you to access the higher dimensions of consciousness and have the sense of all-knowing God-like euphoria and oneness all around you. If the pineal gland is tuned into proper frequencies with the help of deep meditation or various other spiritual and esoteric practices, a person will be able to have out of body experiences, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection, with more advanced practices and ancient methods is also possible to influence and feel the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world, cultivating the power of the third eye is the doorway to incredible powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, or a viewing and even minor benefits such as improved quality of sleep and enhanced imagination, the illusion of separation between self and spirit dissolves with the third eye connection is cultivated, when you open your third eye you’ll receive access to the higher dimensions, you’ll be able to awake within the dream to walk between realities and to surpass the limitations of humanity, if your third eye is blocked, however, it can lead to confusion, uncertainty, cynicism, jealousy, and any other low-frequency emotions, through an open and vibrant third eye, the highest source of ethereal energy may enter, well, the physical eyes perceive the physical world, the third eye sees the true world, a unified hole, with an unyielding connection to spirit. If you want to be healthy at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, you need to learn how to access high-frequency energy by activating your pineal gland. This type of healing energy is essential for health, for the reason that it raises the frequency of your body and soul. When you surround yourself with high-frequency energy, your health improves. On the other hand, when you surround yourself with low-frequency energy, your health deteriorates. According to some frequency researchers, a healthy human bodies frequency rates are between 62 and 78 MHz Any frequency below 62 MHz will make the human body vulnerable to illness and disease, the lower the frequency rate, the more susceptible the human body is to illness and disease, once the frequency rate of the human body reaches 25 MHz, the risk of death increases dramatically. After all this incredible information is shared, you may be wondering, if everyone has a pineal gland which gives these incredible powers and benefits, why are we all surrounded with miserable people suffering to survive, working as slaves without even questioning the system. This mind enslavement of our society is mainly caused by the fact that most people’s pineal glands are completely calcified and that pineal gland calcification is intentionally and systematically enforced by our governments, sodium fluoride has long been believed to help strengthen our teeth and stop the formation of cavities, however, more and more research is proving this information to be false. Fluoride has been added to our toothpaste, our food, and our water supplies for years. In the late 90s, a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke carries out the first study of the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland. She determined that the pineal gland was a target for fluoride because it absorbed more fluoride than any other physical matter in the body, even bones. The fluoride is attracted to the pineal gland like a magnet and consuming fluoride calcified the gland and makes it no longer effective in balancing the entire hormonal process throughout the body. Sodium fluoride is destroying our abilities to connect to the higher frequencies and unlock our full potential and for this reason, it’s prevalent in foods beverages in our baths and drinking water, and even in our toothpaste, sodium fluoride is put in 90% of the United States water supply. This huge conspiracy against humanity is simply to make us easy to control and easy for us to obey, in fact, the fluoride was first introduced into the water by the Nazis and the Soviets in their concentration camps to make the camp population, docile, and to not question authority. As we said, fluoride is used in toothpaste and if you look at the back of your toothpaste tube you will see a label saying that if you swallow more toothpaste than used for brushing, you should get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. One gram of fluoride can kill a baby, and there’s around that amount in a toothpaste tube. Fluoride is the primary ingredient of rat and cockroach poisons as well and a basic ingredient of both Prozac and Sarin nerve gas, as little as 1/10 of an ounce of sodium fluoride can kill a 100-pound adult. The pineal gland which has long been believed to be our state of consciousness becomes calcified by fluoride and many conspiracy theorists believe that the government is trying to stop spiritual advancement and the expansion of conscious intelligence. Despite the spiritual effects, calcification of the pineal gland also triggers early puberty and mental disorders. In fact, 24 studies have revealed that fluoridated water lowers the IQ of children, and consumption could cause fatal brain damage and impair visual-spatial awareness. Another study found that when fluoride was given to animals, it destroyed the male reproductive system by ingesting low doses of fluoride the male animals experience reduced infertility, damaged sperm, and low testosterone levels, the same results were seen in human studies where men from areas supplying fluoridated water were found to have less testosterone and were more likely to be infertile. The thyroid is also severely impacted by fluoride and can cause hypothyroidism, which is underactive thyroid that leads to depression, fatigue, weight gain, muscle, and joint pains, increase cholesterol levels, and heart disease. Before you even think about activating your pineal gland you need to make sure you exclude any source of fluoride from your daily life, once you have done that you can start to calcify your pineal gland using tamarind fruit. The fruit from the African tamarind tree is extremely effective at detoxifying fluoride from the body. One study found children given tamarind excreted significantly more fluoride in their urine compared to the control group and it may halt or even reverse the effects of skeletal fluorosis. Another natural detoxifying is raw apple cider vinegar. It helps to calcify the pineal gland due to its malic acid properties. Malic acid is an organic compound that gives fruits their sour taste when taken as a supplement, it supports the digestive system and helps the body detoxify, activated charcoal can also help you detoxify your body, it is known for its ability to bind to certain poisons, heavy metals, and other toxins and flush them from your body, making it a wonderful substance for acute and general detoxification. Once you do, calcified your pineal gland you can start practicing the various methods for activating your pineal gland or third eye. Of course, the most ancient and powerful method is through meditation, achieving deep states of meditation and then focusing all your energy into the area of your third eye chakra can be an incredibly powerful method, for activating your pineal gland. It may require a lot of practice and concentration but it’s one of the best ways to open your third eye, I can personally recommend you the detailed guided meditation of hollow vibes, which will not only activate your pineal gland and open your third eye, but it will also awaken your sixth sense. Click the top right corner to open the guided meditation or just click the link in the description below, using this meditation for 21 days (about 3 weeks) will open your third eye guaranteed. A good time to practice activating your third eye is right after you wake up since your brain will still be in the theta state, which is the most convenient time for spiritual practices. Instead of getting out of bed, you should lie still and focus your awareness toward your third eye with the intention of opening it, the more you practice using your pineal gland or third eye to see beyond the material world, the stronger it gets, as your pineal gland become stronger and more active your ability to access high-frequency energy will also increase. Well, many meditators are aware that certain meditation techniques can help activate the pineal gland, but many of them don’t realize that simply sun gazing, may also play a big role in activating this small gland. Sungazing is the process of staring at the sun during sunrise or sunset, during this time the light emitted from the sun isn’t as strong, making it safer to look at, many people who practice sun gazing believe that it is beneficial to the eyes and the pineal gland and can help activate the third eye. The idea that sun gazing can help activate the pineal gland may sound like pseudoscience but some scientists have confirmed that sunlight can stimulate the pineal gland to release certain hormones, like we said earlier, the pineal gland is sensitive to light, which is why sun gazing can be very beneficial, for this reason, it’s also very important to sleep in complete darkness during the night and receive sunlight during the day. Besides being sensitive to light the pineal gland activates, in part due to exposure to magnetic fields, studies with birds and other animals conclude that the pineal gland monitors magnetic fields and assists the body in orienting and space by acting as a navigational center. This magnetic or receptive capacity also explains why geomagnetic storms and environmental stress can affect the pineal gland leading to problems with circadian rhythms. The heart also generates a strong electromagnetic field that permeates the entire body, when the heart is activated with the high frequencies of love and compassion, its electromagnetic field is amplified and expanded, and the pineal gland’s sensitivity to electromagnetic energy causes it to begin vibrating and activating together with the heart, as these two organs act together, their high vibration opens the third eye to greater inspiration, intuition and inner vision because of the pineal glands connection with spatial orientation and circadian rhythms are the perception of space and time often shifts when the pineal is in a highly aroused state. Such experiences have been mentioned by meditators for ages and this is also the reason why time is so different during meditation. Another incredible way of stimulating the pineal gland is the uplifting and healing power of the third eye kiss, if you have ever kissed someone on the forehead, then you will know how interestingly intense it is, you would be amazed how something so simple can be so emotional, a kiss on the forehead represents a kiss on the third eye, it is much deeper than most people can realize, it is like kissing the person’s soul. Other people do not usually touch our four heads, we have our hands held and so forth but our four heads are just different. When the lips meet the forehead, we get a sense of awakening being brought from within, a kiss will stimulate the pineal gland as well as the pituitary gland, and the result is releasing melatonin. Melatonin is actually what helps us get a good night’s sleep so essentially a good night’s kiss on the forehead might be benefiting us in more ways than we can realize, the third eye kiss will bring about a sense of security as well as well-being. If you feel a bit skeptical, try it with your close friends and family or with your partner, allow the divine touch to soothe them and you too. The more that you do this, the more you will notice the results. The third eye kiss is a very uplifting experience for everyone that has the right people around them and of course the right circumstances. Another way to open your third eye is when they charged amethyst Crystal, this exercise is best done outside in nature, and when the sun is either rising, sating, or at its highest point in the sky, you can also experiment with doing this during a full moon, take your charged crystal and place it in the middle of your four head just above your eyes, take a few deep breaths, in and out, and as you do this, visualize the purple energy of the amethyst going into your third eye and filling it up with activated energy, hold the amethyst in place, close your eyes and look up directly into the sun, allow the sun to warm the crystal and activated, once the sun and your crystal meat take seven deep breaths, in and out. You may need to repeat this exercise a few times, but when used in conjunction with meditation and a healthy diet, you will be well on your way to supercharging your third eye. By activating your third eye you’ll be able to see understand and enjoy the sights and sounds of the previously hidden world allowing you to optimize and perfect your present life, using this vast reserve of new information become an experienced observer of the unseen make the impossible, possible and unlock your full potential. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like button, and if you

Dr. Shanna Swan on How Plastics in Food are Affecting Our Hormone Levels

Powerful JRE Taken from JRE #1638 w/Dr. Shanna Swan:

When did all this come to light, when people start understanding the negative consequences of plastics in your food? Well it came to understand it at first in animals because that’s the way science works, you know first, you do animal studies and then you try to replicate them in humans right? And so in around 2000 some experiments where they said, a rat food contaminated with phthalates, and then they look to see how the offspring developed, and what they saw was that the males were born different than the females and different from unexposed males. Do you want me to tell you how different? Yes, please! So this really interests you I think, what happened is, so let’s go before the phthalates, before you know, early in pregnancy, the genitals are just a single bridge same in males and females undifferentiated and then at a certain time and in mice and rats it’s 15 to 18 days of gestation, the testicles start making testosterone and then that gives the signal to produce the male-typical genitals. So, if they don’t have the testosterone, there will be ovaries and if there is testosterone, they’ll be testicles and so on and so forthright! And that migration requires testosterone at exactly the right time and the right amount is very delicately programmed okay. So, if that happens, if everything goes well then, the penis will develop, it will have a certain size and then there’s something which is very key, to my research which is something you might know by the name of the taint, that taint or we call it in a general distance. Yeah, it’s not really a technical term, is it? But am not any genital distances. Yes, but taint at Solaris listening to a Ph.D. Right well, I’m saying that because I’m talking to a lot of people who might not know. Okay yes um known on the street as the taint and um or the Gooch or the Grendel. Gooch, I’ve never known that I’ve never heard the Gooch, I thought Gooch was like a baseball player. And, ABC, have you heard of ABC? ABC no I have not heard that, how’s that one going? Ass a ball connector! Oh, the ass ball connector is okay, but for women? Yes, you can imagine yeah, but it’s not called ABC. Okay, so here you got this distance and it’s been measured in animals for like 100 years and what they use it for, was first to just sex the animals so the letter is born there’s a lot of little pups they want to separate the males and females because they can do different things with them and they just hold them up by the tail and they look and the reason you can do this is that in the male, It’s much longer, it’s 50 to 100% longer. Now stop and think about this, there’s nothing else in the body that’s that different between males and females in terms of size. Organs yes, but size no, you know our heights don’t differ by 50 to 100% and weigh nothing. This is it, this is the mark. Is that in all animals? It’s almost all mammals, the hyena is a little different. Yeah! though I know about those. So, you know the females are masculine, so they have a longer AGD right. But for most mammals, it’s this way, okay including humans. So here’s that little pup that’s born and if he’s unexposed he’ll have a good you know the standard, penal size and AGD and he won’t have any malformations of his penis and so on, you know he’ll be normal but if his mother was exposed to phthalates everything can go south and what happens is the penis is smaller and the AGD is smaller and the scrotum is smaller and the testes are maybe not descended, in other words, it didn’t finish the process, it was arrested If you will. So, we say that pup is incompletely masculinized. Now the number of phthalates that get into the pup system in utero is that possible to achieve those levels in the modern world with human beings? Absolutely and I’m going to tell you what I did to show that, I showed that. Wow! So, when I heard this story, I was flying on a plane to Japan to go to a conference, I was with a friend who was a chemist for the Centers for Disease Control and he said Shanna you should study phthalates, and I’m going why? I never heard of them, why phthalates and he said will we have been measuring them at the CDC and there in everybody there in pregnant women. And this group of scientists in the National toxicology program has shown that they alter the development of the male newborn, and they call that the phthalates syndrome that’s what it’s called, that collection of changes that come about after the mother has phthalates is called the phthalates syndrome, so I thought well does that happen in humans, the same question you ask right? So would you answer that question, then I’ll tell you what I did. Well, you would hope that you’re not running experiments like you are running on animals. Are you measuring the blood of the people that are having children, that have issues like with the development, development issues in the way children look when they’re born, is that what you’re doing? it’s really close, so phthalates have the property that they dissolve in water they’re water-soluble and so they go into the urine, so for this class of chemicals, If you want to know how much is in your body, my body we’ve got to measure the urine. Other chemicals like flame return we would look in the blood so it depends on what the chemicals, but your right idea look inside the body. Then, rather than looking at kids with problems what I did was I just took a whole population of pregnant, and I got their urine, measured their phthalates got their kids, measured their kids. So then I had the problem of what to measure in the kids because nobody had made this translation from animal genital developmental system to human and so that was kind of a challenge, you know, figuring out how to do that but we did that and we developed this system for this exam for measuring all these things that you measure in a rat, we measured it in our children and then we showed, this was big news when it came out, that the mother’s phthalates did alter the genitals of the boys. So that was the first evidence It was in 2005 and then we publish some more in 2008 and then, fortunately, I got money to do it all again, NIH doesn’t like to pay for replication. It’s very expensive, these things are $5 million a study way. But seems like it’s very important now. Yeah, so gave it to me, and they gave me money to do it again. So, the second time I did it better because I really knew what I was looking for and I got urine actually at three points in pregnancy and I measured the kids exactly when they were born. So everything was much more precise and I found it again, so now there’s no question, I don’t think anyone questions that at least this class of chemicals which we know lower testosterone alter the development of these boys, and then I asked what does that have to do with sperm count is actually for a long time we haven’t talked yet about sperm count, But I’ve been studying tracing, you know, what’s happening with sperm count, I’ll tell you the history that a minute but so then I thought well is this related to sperm count, well these are babies they don’t have a sperm count but in rats, it looked like the AGD was permanent. So, if you had a short, just like if you have a small hand, you know your statures certain set it at birthright, so the AGD if you’re born small and my friend Earl Grey who was a toxicologist said AGD is forever. We don’t know that for sure about humans by the way because we haven’t had the 20 years yet but if you believe that then a sensible thing to do was to take a group of adult men who could give you a sperm count and measure their AGD right and then you could see whether that was with the shorter AGD had a lower sperm count and then you would have one pretty solid piece of evidence that chemicals in the environment lower sperm count. Are you with me? Yes ma’am. Okay so I did that study too, so I got students in Rochester New York to volunteer for 75 bucks to participate, and they gave us the semen sample and he gave us the opportunity to measure them and the questionnaire. How does one measure kids’ taints do they just bend over and bust out the ruler? I happen to bring you something to show you. Yes, I noticed you have this measuring device. Jamie’s volunteered to let you merge measure his taint. So, this is not for a baby, this is for our Rochester young men study, and it looks kind of fierce, but we had the points taken down. Yeah, I use one of those to measure uh pool cue. There you go alright, so you know all about it, turn it on. Yeah, you want 13 millimeters that’s what I like but only for pool cue tips. So, look I also brought you a little diagram, so you see where we measure. Okay! But we can’t show this, I don’t know how it shows. So, the calipers are in millimeters or in inches or both? Both you can say and oh, boy you got a diagram in there. Is there a chart online I could look up like? How about I just hold this up? Okay, that works too yeah alright. Can we have a selfie with you and me in that picture? Yes ma’am. So, when I publish this, uh the headlines were size matters, but it’s not what you think, right? Yeah! and so I got all these people to ask me what should be, what’s good enough, was big enough, so I did this translation from the millimeters for you. So here it is, the 2 inches is the medium, okay, and in this population. And here’s the kicker. If it was less than two, men who had less than 2 inches were seven times more likely to have a sperm count in the subfertile range, I can tell you what that is as men who had an AGD longer than 2 inches. Wow! Seven times, It certainly is related to sperm count and then another study in California showed that infertile men in an infertility clinic versus men who had come had born a child had smaller taint length. When did this stuff start getting into our food supply, is that been estimated? So, the growth of these chemicals um, tracks with the growth of the petrochemical industry because they are made from petrochemical byproducts. Okay, so if you look at the curve of the growth, it starts around 1950. So back in 1950 you have people loving science jumping on a science bandwagon, there is this better living through chemistry that everyone’s talking about, and everybody is just wanting everything made of plastic, you know it’s the new craze, and it just took off, it went faster than a straight line, you know exponentially up and so somewhere in there It started having an effect but where we’re not sure but I did look at the decline in sperm count over time, so we could look at that as an indication. This is not the only thing that’s affecting sperm count, by the way, these phthalates. But that’s one where I feel I can say this with confidence because I measured those babies and I know I did it, I did the science and I did it again and other people have done it and so it’s, I believe it’s solid and that’s just one example of the many chemicals that can affect our hormone system. Catch new episodes of the Joe Rogan experience for free only on Spotify. Watch back catalog JRE videos on Spotify, including clips easily seamlessly switch between video and audio experience on Spotify you can listen to the JRE in the background while using other apps and can download episodes to save on data cost, all for free. Spotify is absolutely free. You don’t have to have a premium account to watch new JRE episodes, you just need to search for the JRE in your Spotify app. Go to Spotify now to get this full episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

The Mineral Power for Your Body’s Electrical Supply | Stephanie Seneff


follow her, there is a reason our deceivers want us out of sunlight and devoid of Cholesterol from the author

RELATE TO THE 12 cell salts of Santos’

lost gospel of Thomas Greg Braden This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.

Two key, removed, bible verses show how to manifest and have prayer answered in the same language whether Christian, Hindu Buddhist. Traditions tell us of a field of energy that we have the language for. The Buddhist monasteries in Tibet are telling us FEELING IS THE PRAYER (1) and we must feel as if the prayers were already answered. Gospel of Thomas verse 106 “When you make the two, thought and emotion ONE you will say to the mountain move away and it will move away. When you can marry your thought and emotion into one single potent force, that is, when you have the power to speak to the world.” Verse 48 says almost the same thing “If the two make peace with each other in this one house” the house or temple was known as you. If the thought and emotion make peace with each other they become ONE.

How do we do this? In the early Christian bible you have today (ask and you shall receive) people ask and nothing happens, because the asking is not done with the voice. The asking is not done. Please, please bring this to my world . That’s not asking. To ask we must speak to the field (the divine matrix-in the language the field recognizes) in the language that the field recognizes. And a language that’s meaningful to the field (the field does not recognize our voice) it recognizes the power of our heart. We have a feeling in our heart that produces electro-magnetic waves. That’s the language that the field recognizes. So when you create the feeling in your heart (a feeling as if the prayer is already answered). Ask and ye shall receive—while we still have this passage in our text in the bible that you have today, the king James version JOHN 16:23-24 & 26. “AND IN THAT DAY YOU WILL ASK ME NOTHING. Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the father IN MY NAME. He will give you. Until now you have asked nothing IN MY NAME. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full”. (John 16:23 – 24. NKJV)

“in that day you will ask IN MY NAME, and I do not say to you that I shall pray to the father for you” (john 16:26.)

This is the condensed version. You have the edited version. The edited version looks like this::: “Whatsoever he asked the father in my name he will give it to you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name. Ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full.

This is the edited version. This is amazing to me because they took out the two sentences
That show us HOW TO ASK
IN the fourth century when the edits happened, they took those two original sentences out. Going back to the original Aramaic: for a new translation.

All things that you ask straightly, directly, from inside my name, you will be given. So far you have not done this… (because if we ask with our voice we have not done this,). Now, here’s the piece that was edited. Here is what was lost. Look at these two very powerful sentences.




If you want the perfect relationship in your life, if you want the healing in the body of your loved ones. Feel the feeling of what it is like AS IF IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. Be enveloped by what you desire. Because that is when your thought and your emotion BECOME ONE.

You think the thought of the feeling in your loved ones and you FEEL THE LOVE OF THAT THOUGHT. They become one and that is the language that this field recognizes.

This is precisely what the Buddhists are telling us. Ask without the judgment of the right or the wrong or the good or the bad. Ask without the ego. ASK FROM THE HEART.

An example is: if it says to be surrounded that means to feel as if. Now if that sounds too religious, because it is from the bible, we spoke earlier about the philosopher Neville. His book, “the power of awareness. Look at what he said. It’s the same thing. He says: “YOU MUST MAKE YOUR FUTURE DREAM A PRESENT FACT NOW BY ASSUMING THE FEELING OF YOUR WISH FULFILLED TO COME FROM THE PLACE THAT IT’S ALREADY HAPPENED
Physical reality must respond to the language that it understands.

So in the Buddhist traditions they are telling us THE QUALITY OF THE FEELING and in the Judeo-Christian traditions they are ((NOT ???)this to me misses the point of our being deceived in our traditions by the editing)) giving us the instructions to be surrounded, to be enveloped, how to create that feeling. And when you put those all together it’s something that happens in our HEARTS not in our minds.

Feeling as if the prayer is already answered with no judgment with no ego. And feeling forms the result. As if it’s already happened.

The way I see this, it’s sabotage. It took too much effort to blame some grammatical error for a basic deception. If your gladness be full, indicates an energy that can affect energy through resonance. That’s how the mortar holding the rocks together in the walls of Jericho were adversely energized.

From a 1978 movie with Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn called Foul Play a typical Hollywood movie like the Matrix showing their attack on the divine matrix described in the video removed (but previously transcribed) from the internet, video, title and all.

About the archbishop being killed by a twin brother to take his place to set up an execution of the pope.

They, in explaining what they are doing, have Goldie asking: “Why kill the Pope?” He means nothing to you.” She is told; “He is a symbol, a symbol of vast wealth and corporate power of the World Churches”. She is told by the Archbishop’s twin brother that the Archbishop “…is always the good one, hiding behind the skirts of the sham called organized religion, whose sole aim is to rob true spirituality of its life and perpetuate an implacable authority.”

This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.

The Lost Gospel of Thomas with scientific understanding of how we should manifest our wishes
There is a language that lives in every human of no words. Of human emotion. That feeling is something that does not happen in your mind. It happens in your heart. That feeling is a language (a frequency which IS what every thing is totally composed of – there are no things that are just solid including the earth itself as we are taught by our science, controlled by the churches and schools), a power that lives inside of your body today modern (deceptive) science is beginning to admit that feeling that happens inside of our bodies has a direct effect on the stuff (no stuff. Just frequency) our world is made of. On the atoms (just frequency) and molecules (just frequency) of our physical (not physical. Just energetic or frequency) world. So what we choose to experience in our lives we must first feel as an emotion in our hearts and be totally immersed in that emotion as if it has already happened. So the question how much power do we really have? to change our world and our lives? And bodies. Who are we? Are we simply passive observers watching the world go by? Or powerful creators? As our most cherished spiritual and religious traditions have always said we are actual powerful creators who have forgotten (stolen by the controllers) how to use our power. How many have heard of the lost gospel of Thomas? A very, very powerful text. The lost gospel of Thomas is powerful [and ridiculed by the religious of today because it is believed to be the actual words of Jesus [you mean as distinguished from John’s words] as he was teaching those around him how to use the power of human emotion in his life, to unleash the force of the divine matrix in our lives. First we have to understand how it works. And the science tells us how it works. [Bravo for science- just love that word] secondly we must speak the language that the divine matrix recognizes. And science cannot tell us that. That comes from our past, from our cult-ure and history [not recent] from those who have learned and used this language for thousands of years. What did Jesus and the [great masters] say about this language? It is the same with Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and pre- Christian traditions. They are all telling us that there is a field of energy and that we have the language (frequency) to use that field. This is an actual page out of the gospel of Thomas so we know that this ancient gospel actually existed. If you know Greek, you can see some of the Greek letters right here. In the gospel of Thomas, there are two very important keys. This was written around 300 years after the time of Jesus. We’ve been in the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet and they are telling us that feeling is the prayer. And we must feel as if our prayers have already been answered. Verse 106 of Thomas, when you make the two, thought and emotion one. You will emit frequency to the mountain to move away and the mountain will crumble like the walls of Jericho. When you marry the thought and emotion you have the power to communicate through frequency to the world.

Now verse 48 says “if the two make peace with each other in this one house” you are the house, the temple. How do you do this? 7:7 ask and ye shall receive. “All things that you ask straightly, directly, from inside, you will be given. So far you have not done this. If we ask with our voice we have not done this. Here is the piece that was edited [in the bible] here is what was stolen. Look at these two very powerful sentences. “Ask without hidden motive, and be surrounded by your answer, be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full” to feel as if. That is the language this field recognizes without judgment. This is precisely what the Buddhist are telling us. Ask without the judgment. Ask without the EGO. Ask from the heart. In the 20th century author beat us to the punch. Nevil says “you must make your future dream a present fact now by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled to come from the place that it’s already happened. Physical reality must respond to the language that it understands. So in the Buddhist traditions they are telling us the quality of the feeling and in the Judeo-Christian traditions they are not giving us the instruction. They white wash all the way through and you did not say the scripture in John as tampered with. AND THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN PROJECT THAT EMOTION IS WITH AN UNCALCIFIED PINEAL GLAND. THANKS TO THE controllers, to be identified very soon.

link and title removed

Catholic Church buried 528 Hz knowledge with Gregorian chants min. 5:45 Numbers 7:12-83 a repeating series of numbers that form an original musical scale (solfeggio), encoded in verse numbers of the Bible. The frequency 741 (F sharp) is the frequency of evil, which is in the universe, now resonating in the 440Hz tuning of western world music. In 1939 the Rockefeller Foundation, instituted through the British Standards Institute, the standard tuning to a 440Hz frequency. Derived from military acoustic warfare research it was determined the most dissonant and stressful, most psycho-socially, most nervonic and dis-easing frequency. The British Institute was persuaded by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goeble, 3 months before Hitler invaded Poland. Science is now becoming the new god. From throat down we are suppressed. From there up our left brain is stimulated and therefore controlled. The interval between 528 (love) and 721 (fear and dissonance) is called the devils tone or interval. These two tones played together, cause such tremendous stress that you don’t want to listen to it.All our music operates in dissonance to the frequency of love, 528 Hz. Why are they hiding this?

If you can suppress spirituality, human creativity, consciousness awakening and really LOVE and put people into fear and make them dependent, that is really what ties 911 together with the war mentality. You separate Jew from Gentile, Christian from Muslim, black from white, gay from straight, right wing from left wing, democrat from republican. You polarize rather than unionizing. All religion like the news plays on peoples fears.

528 Hz is key to the house of David. Greenish color in center of rainbow. Key to healing damaged DNA min. 43:3
Heart felt loving intention for healing min 27:45. the kingdom of heaven is here. Nothing is broken. It is perfect. Parallel dimensions with angels, Holy Spirit flows. Miraculous healings. Key is faith. Apply the healing technology, the lips. Our God given
instruments. We are co-creators. Min 31. Mark 3 spirit water. Doctor Emoto and his microscope. Water is conscious. It responds to prayer. We are 80% water. So now we know why they pollute our water.

tunes for instruments and instruments (min. 44:36) healing harps, flutes this is musical love revolution. Tuning forks.

Walls of Jericho. (Min 35). circle 6 days playing horns. No speaking on 7th day much sound. The red cloth of Rehab was a heat sink which saved her from the destruction.

AEIOU said together is Yahweh. Is. 22:22 and Rev. 3:6-8 says a sixth angel from Philadelphia has arrived. Said to Horowitz, here is the key to the house of David that opens the doors to love. The spiritual portals of spiritual blessings / emancipation of the people from this slavery. The disconnect from our source.

(Min. 10:10) healing of sound (min. 12) biosonics for plant growth

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Advanced Ancient Civilization with Michelle Gibson and Gary Peter Carlson

Alfred Lambremont Webre Michelle’s blog is :
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Do official government documents confirm Flat Earth and the Firmament?

Rob Skiba

This was a teaching at Fire & Grace Church in Opelika AL. In this presentation, Pastor Dean addresses the mountain of government documents and scientific technical manuals that admit the earth is flat and non-rotating or still like the Bible has always said. CIA, Army, Air force, Navy, NASA, and Russian documents admit the earth is flat….so why are people like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye calling flat earthers and Christians crazy? This is part one of what Pastor Dean discovered after many hours of research on various websites including the CIA website. It’s time for everyone to wake up to the truth of Biblical creation that these governments suppressed (but knew about) just like Romans 1 foretold.

Job 38:14 talks about the earth is turned (changed) as clay to the seal (signet ring); and they stand as a garment (its features)

Rev. 20:7-9 …”nd they went up on the breadth of the earth. Why did he say breadth? It is the word Platos defined as width and sounds like our word plateau (not just a spot but the whole thing; root word “plat-oos meaning spread out “flat” , i.e. broad; wide.

I listened to the interview with Robert Simmon (Mr. Blue Marble) (data visualizer and designer for NASA who said “it is photo shopped but it has to be.”

From source: Exalt Communications, Inc. Exalt Sets New World Record for Microwave Link Distance. ExploreAir LR Systems Span 235 Km. Over Mediteranean Sea With 1Gbps Service.

Microwave signals are not bounced off the Dome (Ionosphere), the signals are line of sight transmitter to receiver. This company sets transmitters 50’ high and can transmit anywhere as long as the distance is a clear path without solid obstacles between transmitter and receiver on the coast of Lebanon. beach in Cypress with the receiver 150 miles away over water.

Using the calculation of distance (150 miles) squared times 8 inches of drop due to curvature of globe earth would put the receiver 12,575 feet below the horizon. Or 2.38 miles below line of sight. This means the signal would have to be bounced off the dome as other types of signals do. Governments of the world are buying this service.


CIA classified for official use only. Confidential ; subject, scientific – Earth measurements from FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS. Printed bimonthly published June 1948 from Moscow (19 pages)

My question is why would this type of scientific information be classified?

Title of article : OUTER GRAVITATIONAL FIELD AND SHAPE OF THE PHYSICAL SURFACE OF THE EARTH. M.C. Moledenskiy, Cen. Sci. Res. , Inst. For Geodetics, Aerial Surveying and Cartography, Moscow

An equation: W(B*,l**)=W_Integral GDh as known (correct to an additive constant W) at all points of the physical surface of the earth, and only on this surface; whereas it is not determinable at all other points of space without knowledge of the shape of the earth……But since the shape of the earth is not known, the true cocoordinates of these points B*, L*, H* are unknown to us…..

He just wanted us to see that a Russian paper classified in 1948 states that the shape of the earth is not know. We have always heard that we have known the shape of the earth since 300 BC. Russian scientists are not stupid people. They were trying to figure out all truths so they could have an upper hand over USA.

Within this document: the observations were carried out in twelve locations at various altitude above the sea, various climatic, meterological and synoptic conditions. The observations were carried out mainly during high-transparency of the atmosphere in the visual range of the spectrum in the absence of a snow cover. In the investigations two instruments, designed by VG Fesenkov were used; one of these was a visual photometer of the daytime sky intended for measuring the brightness of the firmament

His comment: it is interesting that Daniel chapter 12, verse 3 talks about the righteous shinning as the brightness of the firmament. The bible also talks about 4 lights; the sun, moon, the stars and the light. I will talk about that another time.

The other photometer was to measure the near-sun halo and also the sun on a surface perpendicular to these rays. The dissertation contains a certain formula of the brightness of the first order and derived on the assumption of a “flat” earth and giving some conclusions derived on the basis of the formula.

His comment: how could anything 93 million miles away be considered near? Remember they are trying to study how light is operating within the atmosphere with a near-sun halo. And they tell you over flat earth.


SECRET – EYES ONLY 16 Jan 1958


SUBJECT: Resume of OCB Luncheon Meeting, 15 January 1958

PRESENT Mr. Allen, Mr. Cutler, Mr. Dearborn, Mr. FitsGerald, Mr. Gray, Mr. Helms, Mr. Herter, Mr. Sprague, Mr. Staars

1 Air Raid Shelter in the USSR

2 Bible Quotation for Vanguard Missle

His comment: another observation of the tomb stone of Wernher Von Braun 1029 – 1977 Psalms 19:1 talking about the firmament. They knew it existed. But this document makes this statement at the end:

Shape of the firmament; ring around the sun and the moon, pseudo suns, pillars, Aureoles

Twinkling of the stars


His comment: why does a classified document by US gov. talk about the shape of the firmament? How does an atmosphere have a shape? The bible says it is a dome beaten out with a hammer beating metal. The firmament creates the expanse in which we live. You have to have a support to separate the waters from above. Gen. 1:6, 7, 8; Psalm 19:2 , Gen 1:14, 15, 17, 20 etc the firmament of heaven, spread out like a hemisphere above the earth, like a splendid and pellucid sapphire…the Hebrews believed the dome was fixed and supported a heavenly ocean.

The entire agenda of the Russians going into space above the firmament was to say “I see no god up here” that was to discredit the beliefs of the Hebrews. That has always been the agenda and bilking billions of dollars out of us for space exploration.




Langley Field Center

Field, Va. April Langley 1961

Trajectory Simulation

……A trajectory simulation incorporating the above requirements is presented in reference 8. in addition to the above requirements, this simulation assumes a vehicle with six degrees of freedom and aerodynamic symmetry in roll and the missile position in space is computed relative to a flat nonrotating earth. This trajectory simulation was programmed on the IBM 704 electronic data processing machine and is the basis for all trajectory computations made in this paper.

His comment: what we think, what they have told us and what they know is two different things. When they say it they don’t mean what they have lied about. This is for unguided missles, not for missles in space.



By A. J. Lineberger and H. D. Edwards

Georgia Tech Project A-652-001

Contract No. AF19(628)-393

Prepared for

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Washington 25, D. C.


Department of Defense contractors must be established for DDC services or have their ‘need-to-know’ certified by the cognizant military agency of their project or contract.”

A model frequently used is that of a flat, nonrotating earth. The temperature is assumed either to be constant, to increase or decrease monotonically with altitude, or to be stratified. ….the most one can profitably simplify the problem is to consider an isothermal atmosphere, plane level surfaces, and a non-rotating earth.




By John S. Preisser

Langley Research center

Hampton, Va. 23365

His comment: what’s in Langley? CIA. Also the NASA in Washington D. C. wait a minute I thought they were in Florida. And Houston Texas.

Report No. NASA TM X-2514

Equations for angles of attack and sideslip relative to both a rolling and nonrolling body axis system are derived for a flight vehicle for which radar and gyroscopic-attitude data are available. The method is limited, however, to applications where a flat, nonrotating earth may be assumed. The gyro considered measures attitude relative to an inertial reference in a Euler angle sequence

His comment: to say that the method is limited to a flat nonrotating earth means it does not work for a spherical earth.


“APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 06/15/2000 CIA-RDP86-00513R001343720008-3

Relation between the light scattering coefficient for various angles and the optical thickness of the atmosphere. Isv. Astrefis. Inst. AN Kasakh,SSr 1 no.1/2:203-213 “55
(Atmospheric transparency) (Light Scattering)





White Sands Proving Ground Las Cruces, N.M.

Signatures of: Dr. Fred Hanson, Dr. JW Muehlner, Lt Col. USAF, Thomas W Morgan Maj. USASF



Las Cruces, New Mexico

This document contains information affecting the National Defence of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Laws, Title 18, USC, Sections 793 and 794. its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any maner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law.

…Basic equations for atmospheric refractive index, angular refraction….Present equations hold for any altitude….



His comments: if the earth was not flat why would you start off a classified under threat of law under the espionage law, why would you classify that?


this report makes available part of the basic work which is being done by the Flight Determinator Laboratory on atmospheric refraction errors in the instrumentation of guided missles. A comprehensive study of atmospheric refraction errors for optical instrumentation, based on a flat earth assumption, will be published subsequently.


The relative mass of the atmosphere at any elevation is given approximately by the cosecant of the elevation angle. This relationship is correct for a flat earth and a flat atmosphere.

official government documents
minute 55 information available only to those in need to know (kept secret) here the government says flat earth more than flat either’s do.

LINKS= This is not a direct mirror of Pastor Dean Odle’s original presentation(s). Rather it is a re-edit. I decided to re-edit the presentation he did on June 10, 2018, re-organizing the various documents he showed into chronological order. I also inserted a few clips from the follow-up presentation he did on June 17, 2018 into this one to drive a few points he was making a litter harder. Below are the links to his original, unedited presentations: June 10 – Government Documents Admit Flat Earth:

Advanced Ancient Civilization with Michelle Gibson and Gary Peter Carlson

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Soul consultation report available at: CHECKYOURSOUL.COM on any topics

Michelle: blog is : piercingthevailof veil

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A monthly private membership association with cources on sacred geometry, credit and legal protection information
Her purpose in this incarnation is, as she said, time consuming but it’s not hard. I believe her for my purpose is to bring the information she provides along with that of Santos Bonacci which is the most basic found in tjhis book. There is no more time before this book to be released for its purpose to dig into her videos as I have done with Santos.’ All that I can provide for this publication is complete. Any further would require the time for cross referencing the information here with hers. The next question being, how much time do we have. Our creator knows his Divine Timing. We don’t. I have been fooled by at least a year which proved what was required to be in this book was not there yet. So, now it is, limited as you and I think. What I have presented is supposedly sufficient to wake those up who are ready to join in. my biggest hope is now bring these sources like Michelle, Santos and others together. And yet that will then again prove not enough. So, again it is all in Divin Timing that we study, become associated and do the work we were put here to do.

As I see what I desire to do next is free those entrapped in their prison cells, their own personal mental prison cells and those life forms in nature that cannot do our work. We all communicate in our own way.

Blowing Gravitiy (LITERALLY) Out Of The Water

Flat Earth River Proof

Veteran 737 Pilot ground for Flat Earth comments Mark Sargent

interview w/ pilot grounded for comments vanishing point w/rr tracks and sun set snake nasa at min 10:23 london FE conference in april Amsterdam has had one min 55:12 Chicago in setting sun from across lake As was thus said by the speaker, we know that the Jesuits representing the 13 power families, those who have had us in their deception for all our lives have blocked this story. I am thankful that I typed at least this much to give you a place to start from to understand from this aspect our plight. However placing this in conjunction with all the other sources, by many people having made their contributions to our efforts to free ourselves, the story will unfold and we shall be victorious as we should be. Our enlightening is here. We just have to put it all together in our minds and hearts to find truth amongst their fiction.

How To Change The Field & Influence Matter (Explained)-

Speaker; Joe Dispenza #JoeDispenza #QuantumPhysics

Motivation Manifested

So our job then is to start as philosophers and initiates the masters, you know knowledge, experience, wisdom, mind-body-soul thinking and doing to be learning with your head applying with your hands knowing that my heart, there was a researcher from Yale University in the 1940s that was very, very passionate and interested in studying the electromagnetic fields around living organisms now.In the 1940s nobody was doing that right he was just a different guy.So we started off studying eggs and when he was studying eggs, chick eggs and you know different types of bird eggs, salamander eggs, lizard eggs, reptiles amphibians. At least a hundred times he always saw the positive change where the head was and the negative charge where the tail was.Now if you have a positive charge on one end and a negative charge on the other end, you have a magnet.So the magnetic field is actually in the shape of the egg exactly.Okay so he starts measuring, he starts quantitatively analyzing all these eggs, and then he goes rights to women with the propensity for uterine cancer and he starts measuring the electromagnetic field around the body as well as around the Organ and he starts noticing the same exact patterns for uterine cancer and every single woman that had a pattern in the field that he measured had a pattern in the physical body of cancer so but there was a certain percentage though that had some in the field but didn’t have cancer in the body yet but they ultimately developed cancer. So he was looking at the matter, thinking there’s a glow you know with his measurements that emits a field, but it’s not the case, it’s actually the field that’s creating matter. So change the field and you change matter.So there are only two components according to the research that shows how to change the field. Here’s an example: they did an experiment where they took a group of people that were great healers and they took these vials off and set them out in front of those people, and they said now listen.This is a mindful function with all of your intention. We want to see this DNA wind or unwind in your mind just keep seeing it wind around and the winery okay. So they did it over and over again over and over again. They checked the DNA to guess what happened. Nothing intention did anything to change the DNA so then they said okay. Open your heart, create an elevation and just feel gratitude and radiate that feeling of care and love into the field and let’s see if that changes that DNA they elevate the emotional state they do it for a period of time they check. The DNA guesses nothing but when they say to the people what we want you to do is see the DNA unwind in tension one frequency. The electrical charge in the quantum field and feel the emotions you would feel as if it already unwound elevator motion magnetic fields in the quantum over 20% of the DNA unwound at a remote location so thought being the electrical charge in the quantum field feels like a magnetic charge. How you think and how you feel, broadcasts a field so now, not just any type of field is going to do that. It’s got to be coherent, so we practice creating brain coherence. We actually measure it. We practice creating hard coherence because once energy moves right up in here and you can change resentment or frustration, and patience to joy to freedom to gratitude and we’re measuring to see if you’re doing it. So now the heart starts regulating, it starts beating like a drum and it starts producing measurable magnetic fields up to 3 m wide. Now that energy is a frequency and that frequency can carry information and that information is your thought and your intent, in other words, the elevated emotional gratitude can carry the thought of your house. The emotional suffering cannot carry the thought of your health care. It carries a different set of thoughts so you can think positively, all you want, and if you’re feeling miserable. Correct your mind and body are in opposition so we teach people how to put these two coherent signatures together. The thought sent the signal out the feeling drawing the event back. But the more coherent the more organize the signal the more connection you have to the field soaks so coherence is a synchronization as an example when people are under the gun of the fight-or-flight nervous system they’re living by the hormones of stress, the arousal of those chemicals drives the brain into a faster brain frequency called high beta brain waves.In high beta, the arousal you are in survival what you’re trying to do now is controlled and predict everything in your life right and so you start thinking about your boss or coworker your boyfriend you start thinking about groceries start thinking about where you have to go things you have to do finances and every one of those things elements people places has the neurological network in your brain so you shift your attention very quickly. You’re activating those circuits and like lightning storm clouds, your brain starts firing very incoherently. At the same time, you’re stepping on the gas your heart’s racing because of survival stepping on the brake like I can’t. I can’t throttle my coworker even though I want to. So you can’t fight and so now the heart starts beating incoherently. So how do you reverse that? So we teach people how to create more order in the brain. And there’s a formula that we practice and when they do it right, the brain starts getting very organized as different compartments that were subdivided start to synchronize so now all of a sudden those different communities of neurons that were out of sync start synchronizing and what sinks in the brain links in the brain. All of a sudden you start seeing more and more neurons start dancing to the same rhythm they start synchronizing like a symphony and when that starts to happen when they start getting a more organized thing about coherence like a group of people clapping in an audience, say there are a thousand people use a normal coherence for an average human being would be every fifth person in the audience clapping at the same time super coherence what we’re measuring. Imagine a hundred billion neurons all synchronized so now thousand people all clapping at the same time. Not only is it creating more energy but now waves start stacking up on top of each other and all of sudden you start getting more energy in the brain, more synchronization, and all the areas that were no longer in balance. Start to come together and the side effect of that is now a person starts feeling more whole. So I use the word energy centers because if you say chakras., some people will have the wrong understanding of them. These different energy centers of the body are centers of information that have their own frequency. They have their own energy, they have their own little individual brains. Believe it or not, they have their own hormones and their own chemicals so those different circuit boards are under the control of the autonomic nervous system now. Stress creates balance in the autonomic nervous system the sympathetic nervous system is switched for one reason: emergency for preservation. So then you are mobilizing enormous energy to preserve the body and it should be a short-term thing. The other nervous system, the parasympathetic, is for growth and repair right so some people spend the majority of their time living with a high frequency of stress. So then teaching people how to make a move from that sympathetic system into the parasympathetic system means they have to practice on a daily basis. Certain fundamental principles when you’re in stress, when you’re in survival you narrow your focus on a cause that’s called a convergent focus and when the autonomic nervous system moves out of balance the brain moves out of balance right now we focus on the cause and it causes each one of these different energy centers to move into incoherence as well and those little individual brains start moving into incoherence and send an incoherent message to the cells and tissues and organs. Hormones then become down regulated in the body and start moving out of balance. So when we bless the energy centers we reprogram these energy centers. Two things have to happen, they have to be able to slow their brain waves down, and they have to get out of that high beta state the way we do it is to go from a narrow focus to a broad focus. When you open your focus when you open your awareness. That’s what creates coherence in the brain because you’re going against that habit of putting your attention on the matter, so there’s a convert and focus which is focusing on matter and then there’s a divergent focus which is focusing on energy well the reality is both particle and wave matter and energy. So if a person can slow the brain waves down from beta brain waves to alpha brain waves. Now they’re starting to fall out of their thinking brain right into the home of the autonomic nervous system. The person can’t change the brain waves; it will never work because they’re in the Neocortex and their thinking mind is right. So that’s one thing that has to happen is that they have to practice both a convergent focus and a divergent focus, first focus on that energy center that’s a particle, and when focus on the space around it. That’s a wave and so when you open your awareness and you’re able to do that and you are in your autonomic nervous system you can put an intention there create more balance in estrogen more balance in your sexual organs, and move to your second center you put your attention there that’s where you place your attention is where you place your energy, So now you’re beginning to direct energy into that center, but now you become aware of the space around it. Why create coherence in that little brain send the coherent message the cells and tissues go to your third center right in the pit of your gut well. There’s a huge celiac plexus their solar plexus. There are a lot of connections in there and you tune into that energy and then you put your attention on your heart. It has its own individual brain and when you make energy here when energy finally arrives here guess where it goes automatically. Straight up we’ve measured so now once you start opening your heart you get more energy in your heart, you get more energy in your brain so it creates a field and it begins to drive energy of the Brian. So now that energy is going to cause the person to have a different consciousness and a different thought pattern. Right now they are going to be thinking about possibilities because in survival the first three ones are all about survival. Yeah, it’s really not a creative process of creating from the mind. It’s more about a more primitive humanistic part of a senile animal part of us. So then there’s the thyroid plexus. The pineal gland is the pituitary gland, so we’ve seen when people create coherence in each one of these energy centers and they do it properly they know how to change the brain waves they get into the operating system, they can master convergent and divergent focus there no longer living. Just this way, they practiced opening awareness and focusing on energy, becoming conscious of it. And as these brains become more coherent and they start producing different signals to hormones and chemicals into different glands in the body. That’s what’s being upregulated to make different expressions so you can control that with your conscious mind you got to get beyond your conscious mind and stay conscious in your subconscious mind and that is what we do when we slow brain waves down, but we don’t want just any kind of brain waves as you become aware of those energy centers. What you’re actually doing is training that center to a harmonic of that frequency. And these are called hormones for a reason because you can begin to harmonize them. There are two times the door to the subconscious mind opens up when you wake up in the morning you go to bed at night. Your brain waves fluctuate, you go from beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta when you go delta, delta, alpha, beta, so when you wake up a little early you are kind of in low-level alpha, that’s between worlds perfect time to meditate because you work as hard. Changing your brain was already kind of there, So if a person can actually know the formula of how to change the brain waves you can do a very healthy good meditation for 45 minutes to an hour. The problem with most people is they find so many instrumental benefits from doing it. That’s not waking up to meditate their wake up like I can’t wait to do it but I’m not a big fan of a five-minute meditation not a big fan of five-minute, I am not a fan of 10 min meditation unless it’s just for a moment to stop and get grounded. I think you can go deeper and deeper levels and when you start making a path you know carving a path down into that subconscious important point is like when you’re going down that path and all of a sudden there you go you make the right and you’re with your ex and you go the best thing is back up go down again. That’s the victory right there you become conscious, then all of a sudden you start thinking about what you have to do at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Alright, backup you start heading down again that’s a victory. Most people don’t have the patience to do that because it is tedious in the beginning. Now you keep doing it if you carve that path right down the subconscious. The nerve trunk is gonna get bigger and is going to produce a bigger road because there’s more traffic going on it. The person is able to get there a lot faster and they could have a great meditation and 1/2 an hour because they know how to change their brain waves right. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I have sat with myself for hours. Sometimes you just have to work really hard because you got people, you got meetings, you travel, you got.You got all these things you got family and you sat down and meditated your brain is just going to the future past and I don’t care if it takes me an hour to get there. I will not get up, I’m not just that type of person until I’m there. I just will not and every time I go to the past where I want to stop that point where I’ve and you just go a little longer you step right into the unknown and listen you have two choices when you get into that discomfort. If you move into the discomfort and you run back to the known but you are not conscious that you’re doing it. You just threw in a program just to know how to do it because it is uncomfortable now just returned back to familiar territory and that’s a program people do. It’s like they run some program and the other choice is that in that discomfort to apply the formula

The Great Pyramid of Enoch
Malachi 4 – God’s Prophet William ranham
An Altat to the Lord – Faith’s Foundations #18 smart meters min. 3:30 PUC taken no position as of 2017 as to safety leaving safety decisions up to utility which does not counter public outcry.(from take back your power –uncovering a trillion dollar crime –
min. 10:29 zero statistical benefit your customers. These meters are now computers needing maintenance with shorter life no benefit to utility except for ability to coerce customer to help utility average out output. 7 to 30 year life. Customers ref port much higher billings. Reading KVA rather than Watts. Calif=100’s complained. Energy usage has inexplicably risen. 200% markups and offer to pay off whistleblower. Doubling and tripling rates. Time of use in the future will benefit only the utility. The promise was to lower bills for everyone.
Min 14 the utilities have shown no evidence of billions of dollars of benefits to consumers from these new meters but they have shown they know how to benefit.
I think the only question is how dumb do they think we are . Lisa Madigan, . Atty Gen chic. Tribunme 21 June 2011.
Undermines 4th amm unreasonable gov. intrusion. To opt out just makes me pay more / month for an obsolete electronic meter recent upgraded to no advantage to anyone.
Use records in alif were given to 3rd party
Data will be worth more than electricity itself.
Not only monitor but control every appliance.
5000 patents refused for off grid power. Min 34 US Code title 35 patents appendix L [whenever publication or disclosure by the publication of an application or by the grant of a patent on an invention in which the gov. has a property interest might br detrimental to the national security
Miss-informed need for more efficient power not needed if new sourvces allower min 34
190, pulses per day
RF radiation ///DNA altering min 46
Autism from meters cancer clusters from meter min 1:04:00
Community gov.’s fining utilities for installations.
Opting out id dividing and conquering and on top of that you still have to pay more. It is volunteering to extortion (criminal offence) =if I don’t pay you, you have the right to harm me.
The power co is supposed to be an innocent provider of electric service. Now an assailant
3/step solution in place. Empower built around 3 action steps. 1 send instant effective e-mail to your utility and gov. 2 videos free 3 liability.
This next video is the most revealing and insightful of all herein. And when read in light of others including my presumptions yielded from the 13 families original habitation, practicing their lies and covering the technologies and science known to the world at the time, in an effort to have total control of the world.
Study this video and see where they got the measurements of the sun, moon and distances in space foere conforming and convincing figures

The universe inside you
World’s largest Pyramid Hidden in Plain Sight
Archaeologist Dr, Semir Osmanagic found tunnels sealed 5000 years ago

Once in a blue moon, something is discovered that completely rocks the world of archeology and invites us to reconsider what we understand of history. One such thing was discovered in 2005.Archaeologist – Semir Osmanagic was visiting a museum in Visoko, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when he realized stunned, that a very large hill in the valley had four clear triangular sides and even grade slope, obvious corners, and even an apex… The exact geometry of a pyramid. Given his research of other pyramids, Semir investigated other criteria to find that it was also structurally aligned with the cardinal points: North, South, East, and West, another fundamental feature of the ancient pyramids. At every turn, the geometric precision and structural evidence of his research showed that this so-called “hill” and five additional places in the valley were structures that had been created, engineered by the ancients, and hidden by vegetation over thousands of years. The discovery was nothing short of epic… Not only were these the first pyramids to be discovered in Europe, two of them the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun are both larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza, with the Pyramid of the Sun according to this archaeologist, now measuring as the largest pyramid in the world. Well, when fossils were taken from the structure revealed the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun dated back 35,000 years, which is well before our current understanding of civilization. The revelations did not land well with established academics. Within hours of the international announcement of this extraordinary discovery, the story suddenly disappeared. In the meantime, geologists and archeologists from many countries petitioned the Bosnian government to stop Semir’s excavations claiming his discoveries were merely natural formations. Nonetheless, 55 skeptical, but curious archaeologists joined him to learn more, concluding at the finish, that it did appear to be true…Nature could not have formed these mountains They are artificially created structures. But the others in the field, without even visiting it, threaten his excavation efforts with incredible resistance. These “trusted” archaeological “experts”, assumed and concluded Samir must be a fraud and they labeled his discovery a hoax. Rather than be swayed, however, their resistance made it clear to Semir that he was on to something big. For the next few years, he fought a legal battle to ensure his right to excavate, even suing the government for trying to block his scientific study. Finally, he succeeded and even received the government’s blessings in his research. Normally, archaeological excavation is a very conservative science and it only permits accredited academics who keep all the revelations secret, until such time it is revealed. Though Sameer is powerless against public defamation from established mainstream institutions, he found the perfect strategy to protect his research and decided that this project would belong to the people so he engaged all those who wished to contribute and learn, making sure that all discoveries would be fully transparent. His nonprofit organization – “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation” welcomed thousands of enthusiastic international volunteers in the excavation and discoveries of what appears to be the oldest pyramid in the world. Join the Universe Inside You, and create a new reality as we share what research on the Bosnian pyramids has revealed thus far…Decide for yourself whether you think the features are all just miraculous coincidences of nature or ancient monuments that could be part of a global grid with an electromagnetic function, we have yet to fully understand. You’re probably thinking, it’s far more likely that the four sides of that mountain are just a coincidence…After all, the only ancient pyramids we hear about are in Egypt and Mexico. Well, actually a growing number of archaeologists researching the so-called “mounds” around the world believe differently… Cutting-edge scientific research shows that round and multi-sided pyramid structures made of adobe, limestone, and granite are far more common than thought and that they exist, in fact, on every continent, brushed off as mountains, hills, empty tombs, or even, “piles of rocks”, because they’re so much older then we’ve realized. And also, of course, because we still can’t figure out why any civilization would go through all the trouble of building these enormous structures of unimaginable weight, for no practical reason…Unless the reason is yet to be revealed. In other words… We don’t know what we don’t know. So before we share the facts about the Bosnian pyramid (The BPS), consider this first: if we knew that pyramids held a practical function and if we were open to the possibility that civilization’s history on Earth goes back much further than we have acknowledged… Would we notice the similarities of these pyramid structures on every continent? Like the almost 2000 pyramids in China that are over 12,000 years old? The 224 in Sudan? The 43 in Sicily? The 3 in Palencia, Spain… where there are pictures of reptilian-like beings and where one, tragically, was recently destroyed? Would we see the 104 in the Canary Islands? Or those in East Africa? Or those in El Salvador and Honduras, including this one, where an interior temple reveals what appears to be Mayans in spaceships? Would we see Cambodia’s? Would we notice the 100-meter-high pyramids in Indonesia? And would we see that in the United States of America the 200 mounds in southern Illinois have all the criteria of ancient pyramids? Or how about this mysterious one in Antarctica? And we mustn’t forget those underwater off the coast of Japan and off the coast of Florida. So, as you can see, every continent has evidence of these structures and yet, we’re still telling ourselves that primitive people built these for their dead and built them in ways we can’t figure out. Could it be that there’s more to this story than this accepted narrative about primitive civilizations? According to Semir and other archaeologists, these assumptions are not the true purpose of these world structures. New archaeological revelations, particularly the research from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, suggesting that pyramids were not mounds, tombs for pharaohs, or their other leaders, but were built for other purposes, tens of thousands of years ago. And that they were in fact complex energy machines. Most importantly, he says these energy machines do four things: They create energy fields that support healing. They improve the molecular structure of water and food. That they advanced spiritual and mental abilities. And most surprisingly of all, they transmit and receive Interstellar communication through the apex via scalar wave technology. This is a lot to take in so, keeping worldwide pyramids in mind, let’s have a look at Bosnia now, to see if it meets the criteria of an artificially engineered structure, or, to see if it’s just a massive hill and a cruel hoax. Any ancient monument that’s not in the desert could be hard to discern if it’s covered with foliage and soil over millennia. If you look at the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun from the land, it’s easy to see why this structure just looks like a hill. From a drone or a plane, however, the clarity of the shape becomes more obvious. You can also see the terrain if Google Maps didn’t make it fuzzy and indistinguishable, which is interesting, since other areas are so clear and distinct at the same distance. Does Google want to keep something mysterious? So what exactly distinguishes a pyramid from a hill or a mountain? There are 10 scientific criteria that pyramids possess, we’ll name each and compare how the Bosnian pyramid weighs in on those requirements. First, the most obvious quality of a pyramid is its shape and geometry. For most structures, this means four-sided equilateral triangles, but pyramids do have other shapes… 3, 5, 6 sides…or even circular ones. As mentioned, BPS (Bosnian pyramid of the Sun) has four sides, angles of 60 degrees, and the south side has a causeway, which distracts from the perfection of those angles. Simply replace the green with a brown and the shape of this so-called “hill” looks just like this. In 2006, Samir uncovered the foliage on the northeast corner to find exactly what he expected two sides that met at an angle. Could nature do that? The second thing is side orientation to the cardinal points and alignment to True North. While the Pyramid of Giza holds an error to the true north of 0° and 2 minutes, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun holds an error of 0°, 0 minutes, and 12 seconds, making it even more precisely aligned with the true north than the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Still, we’re asked to believe this is just a coincidence. The third is artificially constructed building materials. As mentioned, ancient structures become indistinguishable with overgrowth that buries whatever building materials are there. Take, for example, the two well-known pyramids in the Mexican Yucatan – Coba and Calakmul, which appear to be hills in the midst of the jungle… except that the excavated site reveals the granite and sandstone. When excavations began for BPS, at roughly 3,5 feet of soil, large rectangular blocks were discovered, each weighing 7 tons and having six flat sides. These blocks were stacked neatly together with clay binding and showed evidence of perfect symmetrical formation and placement. Even having unusual and unique patterns. They also have quartz crystals in them a powerful energy conductor that we use today in almost everything. Samples of the material binding these enormous stones were sent to 7 separate international laboratories for examination and each one, was determined separately from the others, the rock, sand, water, and clay in the binding is a synthetic concrete called polymer concrete. This material is so strong and so durable that compared to today’s concrete, the ancient polymer rates far superior in strength to what we presently use. It also has a surprisingly low water absorption rate of 1%, versus our 3%, which would obviously contribute to withstanding weather over time. Skeptics claim the building blocks of the structure are just coincidental, natural formations. Some have even gone so far as to accuse Samir of shaping the hills, placing stones in ways, to make it seem like it was engineered. So have a look at these terraces. Do they look like a natural formation to you? Or something you could just throw together? The fourth element is artifacts. Excavations on, or near the area have uncovered some unusual artifacts, like this giant round stone. No explanation is known for how, or when it was carved, but visitors spend time near them and find that ailments and pain are lifted and that they feel very relaxed. This rock, found on the Pyramid of the Dragon, appears to be a map of the three main pyramids. This small ceramic pyramid was ironically found near the structures at a site overseen by an archeologist who petitioned to stop Semir’s research. She insisted the find was not related to the nearby structure, so it was never reported to the local Visoko museum. It supposedly went to Germany for research, but appears to have not been seen since then. This stone from the valley also seemed to show an astronomical map, but it’s been revealed since that it appears to be a map, not of stars, but of the structures themselves in their layout in the valley. Much of the rocks found do have carvings and here’s a compilation of those symbols that were carved into the rocks. This small head was found and it’s very unusual, as was this pigmented effigy, along with stones that appear to look like feet, all dating prehistorically…and those are just a few… Another quality is the inner chambers. Everyone knows Giza has mysterious chambers at odd angles inside the structure. Not long ago, at Chichen Itza, an ancient access tunnel was discovered, which only local tribes knew of. It had been sealed for hundreds of years. True to form, geothermal analysis of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, reveals no less than 7 layers of passageways within it, which appear to wind in a spiral throughout the structure. Measured, these would stretch for miles and miles as it continues to be excavated in time, these will surely be known. A lesser-known characteristic of pyramids is the presence of surrounding tunnels. Often time, these tunnel systems are undiscovered, or simply not made public by authorities. Other pyramids, in Egypt in China are known to have them, but the tunnels that were discovered and excavated near the BPS, have already exceeded the distance measured by all other pyramids, making it the most extensive underground network around any pyramid known to man. The tunnel walls themselves are made of conglomerate a natural combination of sand, rock, and pebbles, tightly compacted over thousands of years by water sources. But Samir’s team discovered that many of these tunnels had clearly been sealed, either to keep them a secret, or to block the flow of energy that’s created by water, the tunnels, and the pyramid itself. When organic material from this debris was carbon dated, it revealed that these tunnels were sealed only 5,000 years ago. It was also discovered that the stone blocks used to make the pyramid were the same substance as the material removed from the tunnels, revealing that the creators of the tunnels also created the pyramid. And that precedes the 5000-year mark. Further investigation in the tunnels found large blocks at precise distances of 10 feet apart. The largest one is 18,000 pounds or 8 tons. One of the most fascinating things found in the sealed tunnels was a huge 8-ton smooth stone block, which appears to be strategically placed with overflowing water. This Rock had symbols carved onto it. Multiple analyses by the Institute of Atomic Physics revealed that this large block is an artificially constructed material, again, a synthetic ceramic made over 35,000 years ago. Investigations discovered that it was in two pieces a lid sealed over a supportive base and geo-radar analysis revealed that the center was carved out and held some kind of mineral that was different from the ceramic, likely a quartz crystal, given the powerful electromagnetic conductivity of this object. Precise EMF readings taken near the object consistently reveal the frequency of 7.83 Hz. The sixth criterion is running water. All world pyramids were built near rivers and streams. Just like the Pyramid of Giza has the Nile nearby and water sources underneath it, BPS is near a river and has extensive layers of underground streams at different depths. But perhaps one of the most extraordinary features of the site is the mathematical relationships between structures and the sacred geometry created as a result. Sacred geometry is the geometrical patterns and the mathematical laws in nature from the most minuscule particles, to the greater Cosmos, upon which all creation is founded thus making Mathematics and Geometry a Universal language. These principles convey the interconnectedness of all nature, reminding us that we have a relationship to the whole of creation. These patterns including π (Pi) and the Golden Mean are often cryptically woven into the works of great artists and structural engineers. They are in fact an elevated expression of wisdom. When you connect the apex of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, with the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, and the Pyramid of the Dragon, it creates an equilateral triangle. Then, within it, if you connect two other structures with the tunnel entrance, it creates a second triangle. Equilateral triangles and triangles within others are sacred geometry. When you consider the points of the natural surrounding landmarks the tunnel entrances, and where the rivers meet, you get a third triangle – the largest one. Keep the same midpoints for all three and you have the base for the Flower of Life, as you would see it from above. Traditionally, esoteric studies reveal that the torus in the flower of life implies dimensionality. Like in Egypt, the length of the base divided by the height is π (Pi) irrational numbers. According to Semir, these mathematical principles were carefully engineered and are powerful forces contributing to the movement of energy, what he explains is “the true message of the pyramid”, that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the Moon, the Dragon, and of Love, are flowing with energy, as though they were alive. Since few of us, today are actually taught the profound implication of this extraordinary wisdom of sacred geometry, it’s easy to overlook how important these expressed patterns are in ancient structural engineering. It’s also worthy to note that Pi wasn’t officially discovered until a few hundred years ago. So did our primitive ancestors somehow figure it out? Or was it again just a coincidence? The eighth criterion is astronomical features. As we pointed out in our Mars video, there are consistent astronomical features present among all ancient pyramids on Earth. And one of the most extraordinary moments in Bosnia happens on June 22nd Summer Solstice, just before the Sunsets. This is when the shadow of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, perfectly eclipses the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon. Semir has shared that of all the pyramids he studied, this clear obvious relationship connecting the two is by far the rarest and unique. Of course, experts are again claiming this is pure coincidence. The ninth of the criteria is a location with energy potential, namely – volcanic lines. Semir discovered that if you draw invisible lines to connect all the world’s volcanoes, ancient monuments are built on these invisible lines, especially where they intersect with other lines. For example, Easter Island meets over 10 intersected lines, Machu Picchu on 16, but the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, matched only by Chichen Itza, meets on 26 volcanic intersected lines more than any other monument. As we noted in our video about Nikola Tesla, Tesla knew that if you could amplify electricity over time we could dramatically improve the state of our planet without harming it the way current technology does. So, the combination of these lines, the tunnels, flowing water, and an iron plate, deep in the earth, all contribute to amplifying the energy of the structure and the result: You have a powerful conductor of electromagnetic energy, one which leads to the final and the most exciting criteria of a pyramid, particularly of the BPS, and that is measurable energy flow. For millennia, Earth has held a natural frequency, a pulse, per se, of 7.83, which is known as the Schumann resonance. It’s vital to our emotional and physical well-being but is increased rapidly over the last few decades as a direct result of technology. EMF radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, TVs, power, atomic explosions, microwave energy, and much more, these bombardments have pushed the Earth’s frequency as high as 16 Hertz, and this slows down our mental processing, harms our cells, and negatively affects many things. If BPS were just a hill, energy frequencies would measure the same as everywhere else around the globe, But, with every EMF, sonic, and ultrasound reading, the frequencies measured at BPS consistently show the Schumann frequency – 7.83, especially in the tunnels, and the result is nothing short of miraculous. Water and food brought from beneath and around the structure have superior molecular structures.And volunteers involved in the excavation have experienced dramatic unexplainable healing, from respiratory illnesses to spinal injuries. They just disappear. Why? We know that charged ions from flowing water support health and kills microbes in the body. The iron beneath the earth increases electromagnetic flow quartz helps conduct energy and the Schumann resonance promotes serenity and health. So, is it any wonder people report elevated emotional and physiological states near the pyramids? This doesn’t happen just anywhere, especially on any hill…Could the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun be the energy machine that Samer hypothesizes? It’s at the summit of the pyramid, however, that something really spectacular happens with energy flow. The electromagnetic fields are amplified 60 times stronger than anywhere else on the planet, measuring consistently at 28 kilohertz for a radius of 13 feet at the very apex of the structure and would appear to look like this manipulated photo. This frequency, by the way, has been associated with levitation in experiments done with ping-pong balls by the American Ralph Ring. Is there a relationship between the frequency of levitation and the frequency being emitted from the summit of this pyramid? Needless to say, natural mounds and hills do not create energy bursts 60 times greater than the Earth. Not even other pyramids show that kind of reading. But, something powerful was caught on film at another location. When in 2009 a father photographed his children, just before a lightning storm at Chichen Itzá, Mexico. This photo offers a visual of the exact sort of energy beam that’s being measured above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Could this energy be an indication of a greater purpose than the pyramids served? Even more evidence of the pyramid’s energy has been caught on a video camera, a camera, which was specifically designed to capture bioenergy fields. This footage shows the horizontal energy lines, which blanket all the land and all other hills, but when you reach the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, those lines suddenly become vertical. In fact, in this video, it’s been noted that some kind of unidentified craft is entering and leaving the actual boundary of the pyramid. Perhaps inter-dimensionally, but that’s a whole other subject and a whole other video for discussion. If the Bosnian pyramids are just misconstrued hills, nature is certainly capable of creating some amazing tricks, including perfect block terraces, geometrical perfection, sacred geometry, and powerful electromagnetic surges in and around these so-called hills. If they are the engineered structures they appear to be, it’s time to rewrite our history books. After all, our history assumes that the human race is wiser and more advanced than ever before, but the BPS – the oldest and largest, and most enigmatic pyramid in the world seems to indicate that highly intelligent cultures may have existed in the very distant past and that they engineered these pyramids in ways that primitive humans never could have, in ways that we are still trying to figure out. Of course, it’s just easier to deny these facts than admit such an important historical discovery. That the largest and oldest ancient structure in the world was virtually unnoticed in plain sight for centuries. Let alone admit that we still know very little about its actual benefits and function. While Samir has been under constant attack by people from major institutions, we can’t help but wonder why so much effort to control and stop him? Since a massive hoax would simply reveal itself in time, especially when you compare it to the Egyptian directors and diggers who cannot disclose their revelations. And all of Samir’s research is transparent and made public. In fact, when he was accused of using this discovery for political gain, he said this: “This project should unite people, not divide them. Thus pyramids don’t belong to any particular nation. They’re not Bosnia, or Muslim, or Serb, or Create pyramids, because they were built at a time when those nations and religions were not even in existence. He said: “Although tens of thousands of pyramids have been discovered across the planet, none have the construction quality or can date back as far as the ones in Bosnia,” Bosnia is the original pyramid, the oldest and largest ever constructed. It’s an exact 0° north orientation and is potentially the key to releasing information about ancient technology that can free the world of its dependence on fossil fuel, along with offering the possibility of finding astounding medical breakthroughs in the scientific community. ”He concludes: “They’ve been there for tens of thousands of years and are going to remain for thousands more. Why not use this short time to discover, learn, grow, and find what they have to offer us? Thank you for watching! Please hit “like” if you enjoyed this video! We hope you’ll subscribe and if you’d like to be notified of future releases, just hit the “bell” button.
If we go to the great pyramid of Giza, not only are there three larger pyramids at Giza all side-by-side mirroring the positions of the stars in Orion’s belt but we also see a group of three smaller pyramids immediately away from the three larger pyramids. We find lots of evidence that nature uses threefold and sixfold symmetry. These shapes are nature and the ancients emulated these shapes in the building of the sacred architecture. Is it possible that Tesla uncovered this profound secret and uses knowledge to push the boundaries of science and technology?

Just consider how much effort it took to cover the tens of thousands of pyuramids and preventing them from their purpose so they could rule the world with only primitive technology slowly doling new tech out to keep people happy and asking for see how deaperate they will be to sidestep our trugh activities and how we will be further rewarded to block their every effort.

Hidden Science Encoded in the Bible: Santos Bonacci with Greg Carlwood 2013

I can think of no better person to help us explore the lies in a lot of these areas and teaches about the truth we have been denied than the men we have with us today. He’s been studying the material for over 30 years, and he lays a lot of it out in his great presentations and lectures hosted on his website all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Santos Bonacci, Santos welcome to THC. Thank you very much. Thank you kindly, absolutely man it’s a real pleasure, I’ve been digesting your lectures for a while now, they’re very engaging cover a lot of material, there’s a lot of things I hope we can touch on, thought a good place to start is with this short little paragraph I found in the description of your reclaiming Dominion lecture. I think it really summarizes the case, I’d like to make in the first half of the show, which is the inventions from the kingdom of ideas that is Rome are the Gregorian calendar, the Latin language, capitalism, fictional Christianity, democracy, canon law, maritime law, phony money and the Corporation, all of the above fictional creations of the elite families of the world through which Rome has subjugated and enslaved the whole inhabited earth. Wow, that is a powerful paragraph. Can you elaborate on some of that for us? Yeah well, Rome has been at for a long time, in particular, the elites, these families have amassed wealth and kept it in their family lines for a long long time. That’s the secret of their control over the rest of mankind, it’s the wealth you see they can buy all the support they need, and these families got the COO of the century. Last century in 1913 when they got their new charter, they had two previous charters in the United States, but this was the third charter of the private central bankers and the family’s world represented there you know the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the Morgan’s and we’re all the Warburg’s the Schiff’s they were also there and they chartered the Federal Reserve and so through that Rome has controlled the masses, because it is a Jesuit organization. It’s run by the Jesuits and by the Vatican, they run everything really that I sort of, they do everything behind the scenes, it’s a shadowy cabal. This Roman elite world that we leave under and one thing that must be understood is, it’s not just the money component that controls mankind and it’s not the political and the positive low that comes from Rome, but the third branch would be the religious side of the ecclesiastical system runs is behind all of it, but I run the courts they run even the politics because the politics, for instance, you have local councils and everything like that they all obey the parishes. It’s not the other way around. So the land we live on is parish and council or we could call that the political party of the aspect of the Corporation, I don’t know what you have there in your country here we have council, municipalities, you know in America there’s boroughs counties the Jesuits have provinces and they trump the political system, so it’s all ecclesiastical when you go to court you going to a bank and the judge is an ordinary which is an officer of the Inquisition. He has to his right to his left, he will have a clerk which is nothing other than a cleric and that’s the most powerful man in the court, by the way, the clerk and of course the whole lot it I’ve exposed this in my presentation at length and how the whole thing is about paying indulgences and the scribe and the notaries of the ones who write the indulgences because that’s what scribe and notary means, it means a writer of indulgences and so every summons and every piece of a court document is actually, they’re indulgences. So, the inquisition is still on and it’s all ecclesiastical, so elites have got it down pat they know how to control the masses, it’s political, financial, and religious and it’s all run by run by Rome. I mean it’s really fascinating one thing I’ve heard you talk about before, that I hope you can elaborate on is the truth behind the birth certificate, you know I always thought it was a little silly that we needed it, but apparently, there is an underlying meaning to why it exists. Yeah well it’s supposed to be a protection for the individual legally, but because the bank system has usurped the natural organic government, if there was such a thing, I mean people do still believe that the first Constitution of 1778 was really really an effective authentic organic documents, not to establish the rights because they are God-given, but to declare the rights of the individual and said I think it was a fair organic document whereas other researchers beg to differ, and they suggest that it was just something for the elites to protect their wealth and but they made it appear to be a constitution in the bill of rights and Declaration of Independence and all of those the articles of independence and whatnot, which spawned the Republic but see what happened was, there was the 1871 incident and that some after 10 years of amending the Constitution, and all sorts of things from 1861 to 1871 that decade that Abraham Lincoln lived, they defined the person they redefined person and they gave corporations personhood and then in 1871, of course the act they enacted the new government in DC yesterday and that’s the Vatican government. So, in that decade, the Vatican came back to take its rightful place because, from their perspective, they were the ones that funded the elite families and funded all the first ships that came over and established colonies and companies, and what have you. And so therefore they continue to see that as a property, that’s why the New World was the property of England or the property of France or of Holland of these unit conquering countries but behind them, all was the Vatican because they had the cycle treaties like the treaty of thought of Assyria at those, I hope I got that right. Yeah I usually say thought of the seniors people pull me up but anyway, yeah the treaty there where the pope of the time, I think it might have been Alexander, the one they’re making the current movie about the Borgia pope, he was Spanish and I think it was In that one and they signed this treaty in 1493 and gave the lands to between the Vatican families whoever they are and the so-called Columbus families, and that’s the contract, and that’s that they always deferred back to that. So this ownership thing where they tell you can go get a plot of land, which they’ll call allot and allotment go and grab that and we’ll give you a title and you can own it, well it’s an illusion because they really don’t give their property up that easy, so they know that from behind the scenes from on top of the system, that they control at all because they have the treaties, they have the contracts and the Vatican has the contract that trumps them all, all of them and that’s the Holy See, the crown and the Commonwealth. These were well-established in the days of Constantine, even further back in the days of the Flavians, and even back further in the days of the Julian’s. So, this is a 2000-year-old thing. Rome is the kingdom of ideas and it’s about to fall all of the ideas were still using they’re draconian they’re antiquated and they come from an old way of all thinking it’s the old order this is why they keep trying to sell us the New World order because what they try to do is give us another version of Rome another the fourth Reich, the First Reich was Rome the second Reich was the Holy Roman Empire, which lasted for thousand years from Charlemagne to Napoleon’s time and then the Third Reich, well so-called Third Reich of Hitler to establish you know a third because he went in league with the Vatican he signed a concordant and with the Vatican with Pope Bocelli and at the time, Cardinal Bocelli of course and that was the third Reich. In other words, Rome Mark 3, but Rome doesn’t go away that easily unless the Vatican is totally dismantled and thrown into the abyss, which it will be, we’ll never get rid of this control system and the way it works and everything, it’s all Roman it’s Aquila ideas, and it’s the last great materialistic beast to fall before peace can come on this planet. Well, I was hopeful that we were during that when the Pope retired, that was such an unprecedented move, but you know, typically am very cynical but will get over this kind of thing because I just don’t see the awakening happening on the level that I feel like it should. But you know you presented some information that you think that this is this age of awakening is something that it’s beyond us is something that we are going to go through regardless of if we want to or not there is a mechanism there in the universe that would put us through that time is that kind of correct that what you found. Yes, this is a process, this is the way the universe gets things done, I mean everything ascends like a distillery, you know like water. The sun in the solar system is able to draw the molecules of water and separate them and is able to cause the water which is quite heavy, but just the rays, the warm rays of the sun in the atmosphere, pull the water up and calls the clouds and the philosophers explained that this is how the Sun draws souls the sun, the solar is not only the chief vital force of the solar system but it’s the chief spiritual force, it’s the spiritual part of our nature and it draws the souls and all souls that is incarnated in this solar system will ascend except for of course so-called evil souls that willfully destructive and very very intent on doing harm to others. But, and this is called the cycle of necessity will roll on the cycle of necessity, we are all at the different stages of development and growth and evolution spiritually, no one person is the same sign or at the level and that’s because we are on the cycle of necessity and in the Scriptures, in particular in the book, I think it might be Matthew chapter 16 if I’m not wrong where it talks about there that the owner of a vineyard he contracted some workers for one Dinar each to work for the day, which was to the value of the day’s labor, but the beautiful parable, It’s a beautiful parable, and it explains how we reincarnate in the cycle of next necessity and how we graduate from the cycle as we do the good work. So, some are resending quicker than others, and the only reason we have’s we have the Holy Scriptures and a holy saint-like people in history is to push that process along, but it’s going to happen naturally. Anyway, all things will be drawn to the creator to the light, but the parable is beautiful because it speaks out the owner of the vineyard went into the town and contracted other laborers to go out and work in the vineyard, some started at midday, some started at the third hour of the afternoon, and some started at the last hour to work, and they were all contracted with the same amount of money. So, when it came time at the end of the day to pay the workers, the ones that came last that only did an hour of work were paid the same money as the out the ones that were employed from the morning. So, the ones that were employed in the morning complained to the master and said but master we’ve been working all day and these guys only rocked up an hour ago and they get the same amount of money and then the master says well, am I doing you any injustice didn’t we contract for one piece of money at the end of the day and that’s what I’m giving you. And this is a beautiful parable that explains that some reincarnate and you know perhaps only take a few thousand years to find themselves to do the good work and resent, whereas others linger in limbo or purgatory or call it hell the lower regions for a longer time. Celsius the second-century philosopher, in his book against the Christians the true Lagos, the true word, mentions there that empirically is spoke about 30,000 years as the average period of the cycle of necessity for each soul to be able to learn there, well not necessarily learn the lessons but remember who they are. Experience all the things that the creator wishes to experience through their soul and then return and ascend. So being the sovereign for want of a better word I’ll use sovereign because it still does contain its truly essential meaning the sovereignty movement and the lawful movement, see people have discovered now that they have been subjected to positive Law man-made law, and not natural law and so they’re opening their eyes and beginning to see this and demanding that we return to this beautiful natural way of law do no harm we don’t need thousands and thousands of laws or federal laws, but lets us even laws, but we have enactments and statutes and bylaws and codes and people are getting thrown into the jail through these codes you know. Right endless bureaucracy. No that is ridiculous. It is man let’s back it up a little bit because of all the lies and cover-ups that we’ve been victim to. You said the biggest lie is the Jesus Savior story and Kyle and I both got stuck in a Catholic school growing up. We realize that this story is bullshit, we realize it pretty early on but your work brings me back to the idea that rather than Christianity in the Jesus motif just being a mechanism for control. It might also disguise some underlying ancient truth that’s been purposely weeded off the planet. Can you walk us through a bit of that lie and how the truth is coded in the Bible and in Christianity? Yeah, for sure look the Gospels are nothing other than sacred writings based on the workings of light. This is why you know the Gospel of John in particular, the first chapter talks about Jesus coming to the world and the light which was from above and those from below did not recognize that light, etc., etc. and so it’s dealing with light and sometimes Jesus or the Christ takes on the character of the sun, Sometimes it takes on the archetype of the higher consciousness, But all of the characters every single individual character in the Bible except for post, what’s that called when they put things in, what’s the word in effect. Yeah, stuff they added way later. Yeah so like for instance the name of Queer Aeneas the governor of Syria the name Pontius Pilate these occur in history, this was done by the Jews, well I think the Flavians did that, you see these are documents that are based on light but they are slightly mutilated, What happens is Gospels are written by philosophers, astronomers, wise men and women who understand that the only gospel there is the one in the stars, you know the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 apostles or the 12 a-posts notice the word post in apostles and notice the word disc in disciples, It’s all dealing with the disc of the zodiac and so and as you as you begin to look upward and pay attention to the glorious works of the creator, then you begin to realize that the only gospel that there is the gospel of the zodiac, and the sun is the Christ who does his work with his 12 apostles and so bringing about the seasons and the harvest in the wind and the bread to symbols of Christianity and so these Gospels, what happens is when Egypt is ruling the world 4000 years ago, the hero of the gospel is a Cyrus and his helpers have their separate respective names and they go hoping that Lord and you know he is the one that brings vitality and spirituality and goodness to the people of Egypt. But what happens is then Greece comes along and they also historize their documents Plutarch in the first century, the priest of Delphi, said that there was a certain guy called Ephemeris and he said this idiot Ephemeris went around the globe collecting myths and legends and historicizing them and bringing them down to earth and making them literal human heroes and this is where we get the expression and Christianity are suffering from this, they have also been deceived, the Roman elites have deceived them they have created the greatest Ponzi text collecting screen in history because the IRS rest assured I can prove this, I won’t be able to do it in an hour but I can prove the IRS collecting money for Jesus. Rest assured, it’s all about Jesus, it’s all about the historical Jesus never kind and never will return, it’s the literal rendering. You see even the Bible itself tells you that the letter of the word is putting to death, but the spirits of the word are vivifying because people who only understand the Scriptures literally suffer from the blindness, spiritual blindness because there is much, much more to these documents that meet the eye and the story that is in there is clear and it’s only clear to people who have ascended their lives and done the good work and who can see with the mind’s eye, and these people become what is termed and categorized as witches, heretics, astrologers, seers and they are branded as lunatics and they’re ostracized because they are not belonging to the Orthodox, why? and a lot of them end up in psyche, you know psychic wards of mental institutions because the powers that be want that, you see they want these people out of the way out of sight and they’ve been persecuted since Hypatia. Even back, we had these luminaries that have come, Socrates, Seneca all these were to die. Boethius, Giordano Bruno, Pico Della Miranda, All of these guys were teaching exactly the same thing as I am, I am not original at all, I’m just standing on their shoulders and I feel like an idiot when I speak compared to them because I’m just a baby novice student of the great knowing ones of the past. There are two kinds of philosophers that are idolized in this world, there’s thinking ones, you know these intellectual types with their great theories, they’re thinking men, you know great men of critical thinking, rational men philosophers, they’re basically just idiots and men like Darwin, full of theories, no truth, you know no real knowledge because it’s based on his senses all the information he gathered was based on his five senses and Walter Russell says that this is Imperial reductionism is that right, I’m just having them. I don’t know man. Well, what I’m trying to say is that they’re gathering their information by what I observed with the senses, it’s not knowing. So this is one kind of philosopher that they get the Nobel prizes and awards and all sorts of things and they said these philosophers are glorified in the universities today where is the true knowing philosophers get Pythagoras, Orpheus, Plato these men you know treat them now in the universities, like oh yeah you know strange kind of people those people but they got some genius about them, but it’s the thinking ones these days that are praised you know this is why we have Hegelian dialectic, and we have Malthusian and schemes you know because the elites get their teachings from their favorite thinking philosophers Haley Darwin and Malthus and these guys you know see rather them getting them from the Hermes and the Jesus because when you read the Gospels and by the way, one thing must be said, we know that the words of Jesus are not the writings of Jesus, do we not? Because nowhere in the bible says this is what Jesus wrote, where is Matthew Mark Luke and John all say, and Luke in particular say? I gather this information from hearsay. Those Gospels are all hearsay. Luke heard from someone and wrote down the gospel and so this is another way that we can really really truthfully say with our mind’s eyes and with our hearts that know all truth, that the Bible is a literary work, because no one’s owning up to have written any stuff in there. Well, Moses is, but Moses it’s a different kettle of fish. Here we have the savior, and the one who truly came to save mankind, supposedly turned here up here for 33 years but didn’t write anything, a lot of stuff and now it’s all hearsay, so it’s very convenient to do it that way, this is the way you can control it because then you can twist the words it’s because it’s all hearsay. It does seem that it’s an instrumental aspect of the European expansion was always to stamp out the culture of the people they were dominating, and those cultures usually have a more natural view of the world, but I pretty much talk about Jesus as just symbolizing the sun does that correct? I mean our sun of course. Our sun yes, in particular, that’s the Savior, the Lord that rises, look every I shall see him, I shall return the way I departed because when the sun sets, you turn around 12 hours later and there it is rising, you know it’s the risen Savior, why do we have these expressions? why is the resurrection of Jesus celebrated in March, April, in the sign of the land Aries because it is it’s the lamb, Jesus is the Lamb, it’s the sun when the sun reaches Aries, it’s the Lamb of God when it reaches Leo, It’s the line of the tribe of Judah, the scepter shall not depart from that sign Leo rules the zodiac. It’s the hottest month of the year and when it reaches the sign of Aquarius is the Son of Man, when it reaches the sign of Pisces it’s the fishermen of men, when it reaches Taurus it’s the rock, Taurus has always been known as the rock, when it reaches Gemini it’s the twin, there are many paintings in Byzantine art that depicts Jesus as a twin because it’s Gemini, the sun in Gemini is a twin. When Jesus the son reaches cancer it’s the scarab and my lord the scarab how many church fathers say Jesus is a scarab, he’s a Beatle he’s my beetle is my holy beetle because beetle is the scarab is that is the crab of cancer. Then when it reaches Virgo it’s the one that serves Virgo is the sign of service and so the Pisces Virgo Axis of the equinoxes that we’ve been under for the last 2000 years, the sun has been Pisces for 2000 years, the vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox it’s opposite has been in Virgo this has been 2000 years of Christian, the fishermen, J Zeus, Jupiter Zeus and Virgo the age of service the age of belief and doubt because one fish believes one fish doubts and so when the sun arrives at the tropic at the sign of Libra, it’s the just one the one who’s come to judge because labor is the sign the middle, the middle of the year, the middle of the sine waves, the 23 September is the other equinox, so it’s virtually hundred 90° form Aries, the start, so it’s the middle of the circle and it judges then when the sun reaches Scorpio, it becomes the be cautious as doves and wise as serpents because the dove and the serpent of the two animals of Scorpio then when the sun comes into Sagittarius, it is the one who says I’ve come to divide the world because the arrow of Sagittarius on 21 December this solstice, the shortest day of the year, where Sagittarius is pointing with his arrow that’s the dividing mark, that’s the solstice. Sagittarius is there at the solstice pointing to it and waiting for 21 December the solstice for the sun and I have come to divide the world. Then when the sun is in Capricorn it’s the carpenter because the motto of Capricorn is I create, I use and it’s the Masonic symbol the goat, and so you say we have the complete the wheel the King Arthur and his 12 nights, of the roundtable Jesus and his 12 disc Bibles and so when you look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper you see Jesus is in the middle of 12 disciples 6 to his right 6 to his left, they are grouped further into groups of three. So on Jesus is left on your left as you look at the Last Supper, you see Aries to the left with his hands on the table at the head of the table. No other disciple is at the head of the table all the other 11 are behind the table because Aries is the head, it’s in the head of the human organism. Pisces is at the feet the 2 feet. so if you follow Leonardo from Aries from the left you will see that he has thrown in some ciphers very conveniently for the ones with eyes to see of course and you will notice that every single individual apostle from the left to the right, from Aries to Pisces, you will see secret hand positions that indicate that Leonardo Da Vinci knew who the disciples were, there is Taurus, Gemini, In fact, when you get to the third you can do this right now, you can Google the Last Supper and go to images and you look at the third disciple from the left and you’ll see that he is sitting there with his two hands in front of his face almost obscuring his face, yes well because the two twins Gemini, the third sign is Gemini rules the arms and the hands the shoulders and the two lungs. Yeah, I’m looking at it right now that’s interesting he’s got both his hands up, palms up. And to Jesus’ left you will see a green Venetian ruler of Libra with her arms outstretched, why is that very effeminate looking apostle stretching out his arms is he yawning, is he tired or it’s she because it’s Venus and to Jesus is right is Virgo and cancer is pointing to Adam’s apple showing that there is no Adam’s apple in this disciple, it must be a woman, well it is it’s the Virgin and so these knowing one’s Leonardo was not a thinking philosopher, no was a knowing one. He knew the signs and he was conveying that through his art to the world leaving the message, saying one day when the Enlightenment comes in 5 or 600 years when Saturn returns in the age of Aquarius and Uranus, you will understand this picture and you will know where I’m coming from, you will know that I knew, the science of all sciences called the perennial philosophy. That’s fascinating stuff man, that definitely painted a little bit of a picture for me, but one other thing I really want to get to is probably a slightly lengthy topic, so we should probably try to get it in the ascension story and that the whole ascension into heaven story is an analogy for human enlightenment. How does this relate to the pineal gland? Yeah well in the Bible, the pineal gland is called Penuel and that’s the place that Jacob, the place where he saw God face-to-face and he call that place Penuel which is you know just to play on the word Pineal it’s the pineal gland because Jacob when he ascended the ladder he had a dream, he places his head on a stone. That’s the stone of the scone or the sacrum, which is the second most bottom portion of the spinal column the vertebrae, the 33 vertebrae. There are five bones that are fused just above the coccyx which are composed of four fused bones and this is the sacrum this is called the sacred part of the spinal column and this is where Jacob lays his head and then he sees a letter which is the spinal column and he sees angels descending and ascending and he ascends the letter he struggles with an angel gets a nine changed to Israel and then he sees, he says I’ve seen God face-to-face and he declares the name because he has lived and not died. He declares the name Penuel and so what this is secretly talking about in the esoteric understanding of the Scriptures is that we’re ascending the beautiful oil which is called in if you look at Santa’s Anatomy or Rum Grey’s Anatomy. It will be called Chrism, the fluid in the cerebrospinal system, which is produced in the classroom in the cerebrum, this oil descends down to the sacrum and is then sent through the spinal system the cerebrospinal system returns to the optic thalamus at the top of the medulla oblongata and this is the chamber this is called the chamber, yeah this is, for instance, the initiation chamber. The third ventricle in Santa’s anatomy, The third ventricle is the cave of Brahma and this is where, once the oil ascends the pineal gland is they say at one end of the optic thalamus and at the other end is the pituitary gland, so when the oil ascends and reaches these glands, electric energy arcs in the pineal gland and this electric energy is sent through the foramen in the fornix there is a special little place in the in the midbrain and it’s called the fornix and once this electrical arcing reaches the fornix, this is illumination the pineal gland produces a new secretion, which is called the blood of the Christ which saves and this balances the blood the chemical composition of the blood and restores the health of the individual and activates the dormant brain cells in the cerebrum and this is what is called the resurrection of the dead, the dead shall rise because the dead refers to the spiritually dead and no one is saved quote on quote unless they have restored themselves to their higher processes to the higher state and remembered who they are. Is there a way we can work on that on an individual level? Meditation, and entheogen would be sort of more synthetic you know the way of doing that, but entheogens are certainly admissible. Actually, just had my first DMT experience not more than 10 days ago. Yeah well it’s an artificial way inducing the whole experience of ascending the consciousness, but certainly do not neglect your meditation and yes restore yourself to your high mind by going within, and once you know you the lights is restored and you become clairvoyant you don’t become so much a medium of this information you become clairvoyant and you know this information, you have direct access to this information and you have downloads you know you have downloads of understanding and so what you do is you shed your lower perspective of seeing the world, you know I mean you can’t for instance when you get in an airplane how many things have been discovered by traveling in airplanes, all those pyramids in Mesoamerica were discovered Nazca lines in Peru were discovered by raising the perspective there are things on the ground that you just don’t see, this is why the pineal gland must be reached because along the cerebrospinal system, there are seven at plexuses or nerve ganglions and these are called chakras in the Eastern system and these correspond to the seven levels of consciousness and if we are seeing things from the bottom chakra our perspective is different from the elevated higher consciousness of the pineal area and the crown chakra, so this is why we need to ascend the oil and we need to be ascended and raise our perspective then we see things more clearly. We say that the anthropomorphic Jesus in the Bible is not a literal character, it does not find its place anywhere in history, it’s a literary character and finds its place in our hearts. Therefore Jesus never did write anything and he is the inspiration of the Gospels. We are creators, we have the creating faculty and so has the solar system. Therefore this is what we call God, this is what we call Jesus the Savior, our solar system because it is the local part of God the creator, the cause which loves us and nurtures us and so we love it because we only love for God’s creation and the stars above are creators and we love them and does not judge the book of the Bible talk about the Morning Stars how they rejoice and they applaud of the creation of the physical creation of God because the Morning Stars of the sun talking about the sun they are the creators, the electrical vibration that emanates from their magnetic senses create forms that we see those forms and we congratulate those forms that are beautiful man loves to see the curves of the beautiful opposite sex female and the female love to see the virulence and the magnificence of the masculine virility you know the masculine fire body and they meet together and they have sex and then make love and they enter the higher consciousness. Depending on how they practice their sex, if they are what’s considered to be fornicators and adulterers you know they will just indulge in lower bestial type of sex, but if they have affection and love and a more principled in their love they will rather than practicing you know earthy type animalistic sex, they will practice divine sex and they will raise the vibration and the oil of the chrism of Christ up the kundalini from a few cosine Scorpio. One of the deacons of Scorpio in the generative system up to the optic thalamus, which is a Ryan, so few kiss when we practice sex, we are stimulating the serpents of the few kiss the Kundalini and the Condor buffer and we are raising the energy and the oil up the spine because the cerebrospinal fluid is really a gas. It’s the fish, it’s the oil, it’s the manner, it’s the soma, it’s the good oil, It’s the bread I am the bread of life and so as we ascended and we practice more divine sex in the head, we raise the vibration of our sexual practices, then we have orgasms in the head rather than in the testes, which is actually discharging the electric and magnetic forces of the organism, I’m not condemning this and no one condemns this but is different, it’s just a different orgasm and so the ones that practice more and more sort of the Tantric sex and raise the energy they have what’s called a pneumatic or a spiritual orgasm, which is an orgasm in the mind and these are far more sustained than the physical orgasm, the physical orgasm is fleeting but here one is able to experience their own blissful godlike nature. This is why animals and human beings that have physical orgasms rather than spiritual orgasms decide to have the orgasm because they want to know and experience their true nature and get in touch with it, but the philosopher he declines from he or she declines from having this type of orgasm and seeks the one beyond the physical, which is more emotional than spiritual, then mystical, there’s four levels the physical orgasm, there’s the emotional, there’s the spiritual and the mystical. And I have to do with Earth, water, air, and fire and so when you realize and understand the science you begin to free yourself, you will know the truth and truth set you free, churchgoers are bound. This is what church means religion and real Lagarde is one derivative of religion, the other one, well, it would be to reveal the doctrines of truth and so you know this there’s always a spiritual and the physical nature to religion and this is why people hate religion because they see it as a physical thing, amazing mechanism and they see religions which are just corporations, yes they can’t be anything but corporations, because Christ is and always will be the Christ within. Colossians 1:26 and 27 only the ignorant ones, according to the Apostle Paul do not know the sacred secret and hence are waiting for an external savior, the Christ is the process of the chrism and ascending the oil in the consciousness within, one saves oneself within and therefore Christ is not as the Savior. When you talk of these energies raising it reminds me a lot of the coiled serpent energy and this connection with the serpent and with sex and the feminine, I think with Christianity in particular their origin story in Genesis, you know the scene with Adam and Eve and the serpents and Yahweh and tree of life. I think it is meant in a certain way to diminish the feminine to diminish sex and they instill with their morals all the shame about sex, so it seems like there is an intentional effort to move us away from this. Only from the controlling elite, the intent is not in the Scriptures themselves. These literary beautiful truths and their beauty has been bastardized, exactly, beautiful word there you go, and that has been done intentionally by the pedophile elites who want nothing more than to control people through all these corporate religions, they’re all fictional, they all only exist in the imaginations of the duped that go to these churches and there’re I believe now 30,000 registered Christian so-called Christian denominations, all of them are false they’re all condemning each other and they’re all telling you, if you listen that they are all going to hell because the Mormons are saying that Seventh-day Adventist will do the Seventh-day Adventist telling you that the Pentecostals will, and so they all will and so what we have is a system of great deception and who does it serve, it serves the controlling elite and what for, is this the world they want were they have to invade other countries with their partners and they perform operations in Libya was two years ago when they decided to going to Libya to kill Colonel Gaddafi that was in operation and Hillary Clinton was selling that as our partners if these are corporate crimes, these days these corporations, these partners, they get together and they go around inviting other countries to steal their and to steal their freedoms and to install central Rothschild run Rockefeller run a Vatican Jesuit run central banks and whoever doesn’t comply falls and so there’s murder and bloodshed in country after another, look at Argentina during the 70s and Chile in the 70s look at Indonesia and look at Vietnam look at Korea. Yeah, it’s time and time again. Yeah, Iraq and Afghanistan and this is just corporate Bloodshed. Is this the world that they want, do they want to be the rulers of shit cause that’s it, yes they’re the rulers well, they must congratulate themselves and feel very proud of themselves when they go to the Bilderberg meetings and you know this Kissinger at one table I that and there’s the other imbecile, what’s his name, the other idiot who founded the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and they would be congratulating these types, The Kissinger types, they’d be congratulating themselves at the Bilderberg for being the controllers of all of these, you know and they think tanks in their in meetings when they get together to control, to be the controls of all the ship so you know congratulations they get you Barack Obama gets the Nobel Prize for being you know, one of the powerful boys of ruling all of this world of shit, you know the security cameras everywhere before you board applying these days, you gotta go through full body scanners they want to put the fingers up your bumps, If you got some sort of a cracker or some dynamite up there, there’s many of them deflecting and wishing for a better world that they distract you and hate banksters, hate controlling elite wouldn’t you want to be loved, why don’t they just let go of this controlling system and the Pedophilia and the people want to feel what’s in your pants, they want to control and everything well this system now there is, we’re tired of this and even the elites are tired of traffic in the gum. The guns traffic and everything because it’s a world that’s just full of turmoil and trauma and they get to be called the bosses of it. Well guess what they’re going to be pushed aside and new consciousness is going to take over and that will be one way of self-determination. Number one, of knowing ourselves number two tolerance, forbearance, love, generosity you not to have currency, not I fictional currency where a ruling elite derives financial benefit by just loading interest on her. You know, we can have a currency of Love I can say to your brother, you know what I’ll do for an hour on your show, how’s that? And I’ll do that on Thursday when Thursday turns up, and I’ll stick to my word and that’s pretty good currency, you know people benefit from that, I do I’ve benefited from it and so you know you rock up you’ve got a sack of potatoes and give it to your pumpkin farmer down the road and you know there’s only abundance there are no shortages. The Bilderbergers and the trilateralists and the Council on foreign relations the UN are all criminal corporations that are just giving you services other than the abundance that is already there to tell you that this shortage. Yes, they work. Yeah, they are working hard to tell that and now give you science false science to back it up and this shortage of it so you got to pay a carbon tax, the shortage of fossil fuel, so you got to pay three dollars a gallon at the tap everything short and yet I doesn’t see shortages I see abundance everywhere. I think a lot of people are starting to realize that the scarcity is a bit of an illusion and especially with things like 3D printers and 3D printers if they can print any normal objects that are right there. It’s a how do you charge for that when are able to create infinite amounts of spatulas and plates and whatever you need. Everything is there for our taking It’s there and this is why the original very this is why the original’s sanction and blessing to humanity is everything. There are many trees in the garden that I planted eat to satisfaction and that what that means is there is abundance everywhere multiply yourselves is the blessing from the universe, the universe of light and not to restrict, not to limit, not to have limitations and shortages, there are no restrictions and so governments are there to restrict and so we need to really deal with this fictional invention and these Ponzi schemes the whole lot, lock stock and barrel. You know, as I said before you can go back to Constantine’s family, when Constantine when late in the fourth century, they discovered what was called the donation of Constantine look it up, the donation of Constantine is Peter Spence. This is where they get their ecclesiastical authority to go around charging taxes through the IRS and the ATO and all of these criminal organizations, it’s Peter Spence it’s nothing other than Peter Spence rest assured and know this one universal truth, you owe no money to anybody, there is no organization that exists that because they don’t exist, the corporations, the corpses they have no existence outside of paper and they cannot receive anything through not having any existence, and therefore we are free, we are free to keep all of our resources and energy and currency to ourselves, so you do not communicate with these illegal blood-shedding entities called Governments, You know they are another Creature, they’re Separate to us and they’re rapidly descending into the abyss with all their fictions with them. To learn, know who you are, and know that all that is and all that was and all that ever will be and so It’s time just to kiss goodbye to the Roman fictions that have been invented and it’s still being perpetrated by the Roman elite because after all, that’s what they are, look at all the Presidents of the United States they’re all one big family of cousins, yeah they’re all related and Bush that they tell you that they come from Stewart’s from the Windsor’s from the Plantagenet from the Tudors and they tell you and these families are the controlling elite and they’re inbred pedophile, people trafficking, pirate families who are behind all of the crime all of the terrorism and vandalism of the earth and we need to deal with him. So there you go, brother! Well said man, yeah we’ve gone a little long I don’t want to take up any more of your time, I mean I do appreciate, you know I feel like I can see through the corruption, the manipulation we do that Ireland’s show a lot but I’m a bit spiritually or you’re constipated for a little better term but you know a lot of teachers and leaders and guests that I have had say that this is where the road leads, you know there’s no sense in uncovering the lies if you’re not willing to deal with the truth and you know you’ve had some eye-opening revelations during this conversation, I really appreciate it, man, if there’s anything else you want to point out to the people, let them know what your website is once again is there anything else you’re working on. For the UK listeners I’ll be doing nine engagements all through the UK starting in the north near Scotland and going all the way down to Glastonbury, so that’ll be all of August. So check out my website for the UK listeners, also I’ll be going to Italy, before that at the end of July two-four days in Florence four days of presenting sovereignty syncretism the science of light astrology astrotheology and then in September Holland and Italy, so if anyone wants to catch that, that’s what’s new in the syncretism world for me. All right, well there you have it, people, thanks again for being with us Santos enjoys the rest of your evening. Thank you, brother. Keep fighting the good fight, okay bye-bye.

TEDx Talks

How to Grow Water – It’s Not Only Blue, It’s Green

The job of anthropology is to collect how other people do things, the result is a vast archive of evolved and adaptable solutions, somebody, somewhere, some culture has had your problem, my problem that I was trying to seek to solve is one many of us have, my sweet 92-year-old mother was in a nursing home 700 miles away from me and she was suffering from chronic dehydration, I couldn’t get her a cup of water. Now the remarkable thing, the interesting thing is, I was studying at this very same time hydration strategies among desert dwellers in drought conditions and let that sink in for a minute, a daughter of a dehydrated woman in a modern desert-like home, nursing home, subject to hot lighting, heating vents, air conditioning, synthetic clothing, sitting in a wheelchair next to a thermal cup of ice water with a straw in it that she couldn’t even reach. Come to think of it, though her conditions are not that different from ours, our offices or schools, our cars, our planes, our daily pathways, we are a little dried out too, and is this where I tell you that even 2% of reduction in hydration leads to measurable cognitive loss, that is most of us somewhere in our day. So here I am 700 miles away in New York City pawing through pattered ethnographies in the basement of Columbia University’s library, looking at drought conditions and how people survived in real drought, what did they do? They certainly did not have eight glasses of water a day, how are they doing it? While I was knocked over when I found out they were not looking for water, they went looking for plants, they collected water from plants I want you to think cactus, so I looked at desert regions all over the globe. The Kalahari Bushmen, dig up specific routes along their trails, in the Peruvian desert, they use yucca which has roots that we know from long records store water that look like thermos bottles, in the Sierra Madres the Tarahumara, they use seeds from a plant named Chia it’s a desert sage, so wherever I looked even though each strategy used a different local plant all these plants had one thing in common, they were high gel releasing plants, desert plants you see evolve and adapt and we benefit from their capacities from their evolutionary intelligence, they often especially protect their roots in their seeds their most vital structures with this gel medium, they are so smart, they convert and I wish everyone that you could do this, low rainfall into a high gel. Now how do we know these desert plants do this, well it got tested, just look at the slide from the Pollack water lab at the University of Washington. This is a tiny seed look at the volume of water that surrounds it more than twice, here you’re looking at not h2o, this is actually H302, so I want you to keep in mind that this is a desert plant salvia Hispanic with water hidden in it, we get the same benefit when we eat these plants when we ingest this denser form of water, we too absorb this form of water, this means that we can hydrate more fully with less liquid because the water locked in these plants is distinctly different, it’s been transformed from a liquid into gel and that gel retains moisture longer and it absorbs into the tissues nice and slow, so it has time to enter fully and efficiently into ourselves, it’s really slow water. I want you to imagine with me solving our water scarcity problems, our water scarcity issues with desert plants, imagine getting our water out of the desert, imagine growing water, how cool is that, how ironic, how unexpected, so what other surprises are waiting for us in the ethnographic record, while I was further excited to discover something I already instinctually knew but had not paid attention to, something in our own lives that we are already practicing. You see, it isn’t just desert plants that turned water into a gel, water inside every plant cell is this gel form, all the typical plants we eat all the fruits and vegetables that we eat, come in at 80% water and for leafy greens, it’s up in the 90s that water locked in there is a gel, so this is green water not blue but it’s there and how do we know this Pollock water lab tested water squeezed from green leaves from green juices same high ranges as the Chia seeds, so it looks like drinking green juices or smoothies or even chewing through a salad is more hydrating than drinking from a bottle of water, why? because the structure of that water transformed by the plants is different water and because thin liquid H2O can flash flood your system in as little as 10 minutes pulling out nutrients and electrolytes. It’s not that we don’t need liquid, it’s just that we need a partnership with both types of water, hydrating with plants means we are getting water perfectly packaged and with nutrition plus a matrix of the fibers which help it absorb. So back to my mom, I want to share a recipe, in anthropology everything comes down to getting food and water it’s basically a vast recipe swap so I’m going to share my recipe for some Chia seeds because they’re so felt full of gel water, I ground them up in my coffee grinder in my kitchen, I mail that package to my mom and I instructed the staff in her nursing home to throw a little bit in her morning orange juice and give it a stir, did the trick, I knew it would up her hydration and prolonged her hydration long enough that she never had, even though she made it to 98, another dehydration incident, this is really important information. So, what do I want you to know, look plants are equal to water, I want you to think of plants not just as nutrition but as water, hydration that is perfectly matched to enter our system right down the cellular level? So, eat fresh juicy foods to up your hydration with less drinking and our water bottles should look like this, perfect biological packaging. I just love that we have some new but old ways to think about water, it’s not only blue it’s great. Yes!

shattering cancer with resonant frequencies Anthony Holland at TED x Skidmore College
Usually, I would be standing on this stage over here, conducting the college orchestra because I’m a music professor, but tonight I’m going to talk about my moonlight activities in the field of science and how they lead to a cancer research lab, and an important breakthrough. Over the past years I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some brilliant and dedicated scientists they were very open-minded and we had a common dream, that in the future children would not have to suffer from cancer or the terrible side effects of toxic drugs radiation because we believe there just had to be a better way, there had to be a better way and we think we may have found it. A scientist said, “you’re killing more cancer cells than as if you had used radiation” that same scientist went on, “if you have spent millions of dollars developing a new drug that killed this many cancer cells, it would be a home run.” This was an astonishing thing to hear, especially for a music professor who just completed his first experiments in a cancer lab, but we didn’t use any radiation, we didn’t use any drugs. So, what did we do? I have here two identical tuning forks both tuned to the note A, the note and orchestra tunes too. These forks are both made to vibrate 440 times per second. We say their frequency is 440 Hz, if I tap this fork, putting little pulses of energy into it, the second fork will also vibrate in sympathy, and if I silenced this fork, we just may hear the other singing its tone, we say that I’m inducing a sympathetic resonant vibration in the second fork, it only works because both forks are tuned to the exact same frequency. Though many of us have seen this very charming young man on the Internet, who shatters crystal glasses with a powerful voice but if you watch him carefully, you’ll see that first he taps the glass with his finger and listens, the glass sings its natural resonant pitch, then he takes a deep breath and sings a loud long note, he induces a resonant vibration in the crystal glass, the vibration grows larger and larger and larger until the glass is shattered. On the other end of the scale we have a giant bridge made out of concrete and steel, a suspension bridge, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge cars and trucks, and buses are going over every day and unfortunately, where they built this bridge there was a steady wind blowing across it, and one day this wind induces a small vibration and the bridge hardly noticeable, but the frequency of the vibration matches the resonant frequency of some part of the bridge and the vibration gets larger and larger and larger until the bridge collapses into the river below, the destructive resonant frequency. So on one end of the scale we have a giant concrete and steel bridge destroyed by resonance and on the other we have a small crystal glass shattered, so maybe we could shatter something even smaller, something really small, something you would need a microscope to see, maybe we could shatter living microorganisms but to do that you need some sort of theory to serve as the basis and we find that basis in a wonderful book called “the rainbow and the worm”, the physics of organisms, by a scientist, Mae Won Ho, and that book makes a very strong case that living organisms and cells are liquid crystals or in the least, they have many properties of liquid crystals. Now we are all familiar with liquid crystals because they are in our laptop, computer screens, and LCD, liquid crystal display, and we can change the qualities of the liquid crystals on our computer screen by sending special electronic signals to it, we can change the color and the shape on the screen with these signals, so maybe we could change a biological living liquid crystal with a special electronic signal, but in order to do that you would need some kind of device. So, we searched the US patent database, and we find this invention by a physician, Dr. James Bare of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s called the resonant frequency therapy device, and its purpose is to induce a resonant vibration in the living organism or a cell, and there are two really important things about this device, the first is that it uses a very special kind of antenna, they take hollow glass sphere to evacuate the air they put in some helium gas and when we send in our electronic signals the helium gas lights up like a fluorescent light, an electrified gas is called a plasma, so this is called a plasma antenna and it has many special properties uniquely suited for this kind of work. The second important aspect about Dr. Bare’s invention is that the output always pulses, it is on its off, it is on it is off. This is very important because when you’re doing research on the effects of electromagnetic waves on living organisms and cells if the signal is constantly on, you’re in danger of inducing heat in those cells, and heat causes indiscriminate destruction, we don’t want that we want targeted destruction, so we don’t have to worry about heat and now, we go to the biology laboratory and we take Dr. Bare’s device and the hunt begins to a microscope for a frequency which will shatter a living microorganism. Now we have a method of controlling Dr. Bare’s device by an input control frequency, so if I put in, say, 100 Hz out will come 100 pulses per second, if I put in 200 Hz will get 200 pulses. So now we are searching for the magic frequency and we start with 100 Hz and we look to the microscope to see if anything is happening, we watch for five minutes, nothing happens, so we try 101 Hz, we look to the scope for five minutes, and nothing happens, so we try 102, 103 and so on, over the course of 15 months we try hundreds and hundreds of frequencies, if not thousands, until we find the magic combination, the answer is you have to have two input frequencies one low, one high and the higher frequency must be 11 times the lower, it’s what we musicians would call the 11th harmonic when we have the 11th harmonic, we begin to shatter microorganisms like a crystal glass. These are the first videos taken we show these videos to our friends in the biology department, they said they hadn’t seen anything quite like it, seems to be a new phenomenon. These organisms are being shattered by our electronic signals. This is a harmless organism, almost friendly, a little Blepharisma and normally they’re very fast swimmers, but when you approach a frequency to which they are vulnerable to begin to slow down, then they stop, and then they began to disintegrate within about three minutes. So now we know we can destroy the micro-organisms and the question comes up, but can you target a specific organism with a specific frequency. So in this next video, you’ll see a large organism in the center, a Paramecium undergoing disintegration and swimming all around it, and a tiny different organism that is unharmed, if we’re lucky will also hear the audio as I narrate the experiment live in a noisy lab.” Perhaps you can see this sort of fireworks effect happening here in growing blister to the right of the organism and here comes a little neighbor, wondering what’s going on, he’s testing and you can see blisters forming now on the lower left quadrant and upper left quadrant, the shape is now changing the major explosion at the top”. So now we have some evidence that we can target specific microorganisms with specific frequencies and will make several more videos and we film the destruction of hundreds of microorganisms, and about this time, we need a cancer researcher and we show them these videos. This results in an invitation to spend four months in the cancer research lab trying to shatter cancer cells. This is our setup in the lab, you can see a microscope with cancer cells on it, here is the plasma tube, and here is my little frequency control box, so first to attack pancreatic cancer. Take a good look at the slide because the next one will look quite different. After we treat these cells, they change their shape and size and they begin to grow long rope-like structures out the sides, they look something like antennas, I call them bio-antennas for biological antennas, it says if the cancer cells are trying to tune in to our signal. It also turns out this is the beginning of a process of destruction for cancer cells, we now know that cancer is vulnerable between the frequencies of 100,000 Hz and 300,000 Hz, so now we attack leukemia cells. Leukemia cell no. 1 tries to grow a copy of itself, but the new cell is shattered into dozens of fragments scattered across the slide. Leukemia cell no. 2 then hyperinflates and also dies. Leukemia cell no.3 then tries to make another cancer cell, the new cell is shattered and the original cell dies. But killing a handful of leukemia cells is not enough for a patient, what kind of numbers can we do, the repeated controlled laboratory experiments, independently assayed by the two top experts we killed an average of 25% to 42% of the leukemia cells as high as 60%, they also determined that we slow the growth rate of the cancer by as much as 65%, so a double effect. Now we attack ovarian cancer cells. This is a more distant shot, here you see brackets coming up around the cells, showing groups of ovarian cancer cells which are being destroyed. You can see by the end of the video the great many ovarian cancer cells were destroyed. Now we attack pancreatic cancer once more. In the center of the screen is a clump of pancreatic cancer cells, like a micro tumor under the microscope, we turn on our electronic signals, and the tumor shrinks and is broken up, the cells are disconnecting disaggregating the opposite of forming a tumor and some of the cells are destroyed. In our most recent work, we attack the deadly organism MSRA. MRSA is particularly dangerous because it’s resistant to many common antibiotics, thousands of people die every year from MRSA, they have drugs for it, but they have very toxic side effects. We found that our electronic signals could actually eliminate antibiotic resistance in MRSA, then by adding a very small amount of a common antibiotic, we were able to kill MRSA and slow its growth rate. Since I was a 17-year-old high school student with twin interests in both music and science, I never imagined the two would come together in a cancer research lab. I now believe that the future cancer treatment rooms for children will be a very different place, it will be a pleasant place where children gather and make new friends, they probably won’t even know they are sick, they will draw pictures, coloring their books, play with their toys all the while unaware that above them a beautiful blue pinkish plasma lights, emanating healing pulsing electric fields shattering their cancer painlessly and non-toxically, one cell at a time. Thank you.

I do believe we will never see their results until we all know about this and demand this treatment. Thus far you have never asked said Jesus. Ask and ye shall receive also comes to mind. We don’t ask, we just listen to their ever continuous studies promising some day. I say wake up. We need groups of people who know this bring in doctors who would love to treat cancer trhis way but are afraids to lose their license. Well I say GOOD riddance to licenses which only provide a way to keep people in control. We should make contracts between doctors and patients that call no foul if it does not work. We are going to soon see what all these licenses have caused; more licenses and restrictions to keep them.

Alana Luna

Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and
It is been said that if there is ever to be such a thing as a truly universal language, it will most likely be expressed in the realms of geometry, energy patterns, and frequency could be just that this language or at least the foundation of it already exists here on earth, is it possible that over the course of thousands of years we’ve been somehow guided in the process of creating this new form of communication and if so what type of information will be conveyed through it that could not be expressed in the other way. In the search for answers, we must be prepared to trek through both time and space, to open our eyes and minds wide enough to notice compelling coincidences, and to stand back far enough, to see if the building blocks of some kind of mathematical spatial frequency-based language emerge, but before we begin our journey, we will pause here in the present day to notice some of the ways that we measure and tabulate the world around us. This is an important step for how we count to measure things and can be revealing why we count them. First, we will take a look at the way we measure time, for all practical purposes, the smallest unit is one second and we all know it takes 60 seconds to make a minute and then 60 of these minutes to make an hour, this hour, of course, is the unit by which we divide our days and these days become months, years, decades, centuries, and so on. Speaking of 60, let’s take a moment to notice that all geometry whether it’s two or three dimensional is also derived from base 60 mathematics that provides the foundation for 360° circle, which in turn provides us with all the angles and formulas for creating virtually every shape known to humankind. Now let’s look at how many cultures from all over the world have chosen to count and group things right away, we see that we have been attracted to the number 12, 12 eggs in a dozen, 12 months in a year, 12 inches in front, 12 signs of the zodiac. Strangely, whether it’s tallying disciples or mythical gods, the number 12 appears often in the telling of our greatest stories about ourselves what about the distance your local town might be measured in meters or other units but when we talk about measuring our planet, the standards we all use to revert to base 60 units of miles, minutes, or geometrical degrees, are you noticing the pattern here? We seem to be encountering a lot of 12s and 60s, are they related, and if so, how? To answer that piece of the puzzle, we must travel roughly 5000 years back in time to visit the ancient Sumerian culture of Mesopotamia, for here is where our 1260 base map comes from, this counting system which was invented by the same people who produce the world’s first written language, involve counting the knuckles of the four long fingers on one hand, and then multiplying them by all five digits, on the other hand, if you do this you will get a maximum number of 12 knuckles, times five fingers, which, of course, total 60. How these cosmic jumps in language and mathematics occurred so suddenly is open to debate, but it is interesting to note that the ancient Sumerians themselves wrote about being given this information by sky God visitors they call the Anunnaki, who and what the Anunnaki were, is a hotly contested subject. But one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that over 5000 years ago a mathematical system was born that incredibly still serves us today, so now that we have our various units of measurement, all based on the Samarian 1260 counting system, let’s jump forward to a few pivotal moments in history and see what other numbers, patterns, and synchronicity appear. In the 6th century BC on the Greek island of Samoa, the famed mathematician Pythagoras led a school of thought that married philosophy, mathematics, music, and of course geometry and while Pythagoras did not discover advanced geometry, he did apply it in new ways, especially to music. For instance, he noticed that when a tout and string were plucked it would create a tone, and when that string was divided in half, it would make the same tone only twice as high in pitch. Pythagoras then came up with numerical ratios based on harmonic fifths and this led to the creation of the musical scale found that the root of most modern music. It is important to note that according to Pythagoras, all musical notes were found by using mathematics and as such were given number values according to their placement in a kind of master grid. For instance, by using fifths beginning from note number one, he was eventually guided to note 27 and to find the same note, twice as high in pitch, he simply kept doubling it to 54, 108, 216, 432, and so on up the scale. If you ever heard of Pythagorean tuning, you know that the number 432 is quite important, to Pythagoras himself, it probably wouldn’t have stood out more than any other his numerical grid, but in our quest to find a universal language based on mathematics and frequency, this particular note represents a significant piece of coincidental evidence, you see many ancient musical instruments from Tibetan bowls to Native American flutes, happen to produce the same tone, a tone that vibrates at 432 cycles per second, that’s compelling, but even more intriguing is the fact that Pythagoras was not calculating vibration cycles to find tone 432, it just happens to be the same number. What’s more, for decades, most modern musical instruments were also tuned in the same fourth octave A, with a value of 432 cycles. How could this be? Who chose this particular note as the keystone for instrument tuning and more importantly why? Here is where a deeper mystery begins to emerge and to explore it, we will need to go back to Pythagoras’ other passion, geometry is not an exaggeration to say, that the Pythagoras and his disciples, geometry, and map held the key to the nature of all life everywhere and maybe it does. Let’s look at the first four geometric shapes the circle, triangle, Square, and Pentagon, in each of them are the angle of degrees that when added together, always total specific numbers relative to that particular shape. For instance, if we take a triangle, the sum total of all three interior angles is always 180, for both the square and circle it is 360, for a Pentagon, it is 540. Now at this moment, let’s step back and look at these numbers in a different way, as there seems to be something about them that reaches beyond a simple sum of angles, did you notice that they happen to be in the same numerical neighborhood as tone 432. What’s more, they all add up to 9, just like 432, as an experiment, let’s take a look at the numbers found in basic geometric shapes and then apply those numbers as vibration cycles to hear the tones they produce. First, let’s listen to what the hundred and eighty total degrees contained in a triangle sound like here are squares and circle 360 in cycles per second, a perfect octave up from the triangle. What about the Pentagon at 540, that sounds like a harmonic fifth of the other two, that’s interesting. What are these tones, they are F sharp and it’s the perfect harmonic fifth of C sharp, let’s keep going, what does a hexagon 720 sound like, another F sharp, here’s a seven-sided Septagon, which totals 900, this is an A-sharp, which happens to be the note required to complete an F sharp major chord in perfect three-part harmony all finally the Octagon where we get 1080, another C sharp, suddenly geometry is expressed by tones and these towns just happened to create the most beautiful form of music, a perfect three-part major chord in the key of F sharp. Is this something we have been missing for years, is it important? To the famous philosopher and mathematician Plato, the answer would’ve been a resounding yes, for it is Plato who advanced the study of two-dimensional geometry into three-dimensional geometry and who began to recognize that nature, whether expressed as a tone, the pedal design of a flower, or the spiraling design of a seashell seem to follow a 3D mathematical pattern. In fact, it became an obsession of Plato to try and find the simplest three-dimensional geometric shapes and his quest ultimately revealed what we now call the Platonic solids. In essence, these forms represent the most elemental construction blocks found both in human-made and natural forms, so let’s see if and how they fit into our geometry tone grid. First, there is the tetrahedron or three-sided pyramid comprised of four interlocking triangles, as we did before, let’s add up all the angles found in those four triangles, the answer 720, which we have already seen is the tone F sharp, next we have the cube who is 6 360° squares totals 2160. What does it sound like? 2160 is a high C sharp and as you will see later a very interesting number for other reasons as well. Next up is the Octahedron, constructed of eight triangles this shape totals 1440, which is another perfect F sharp higher up the scale, the Icosahedrons is made up of 20 triangles so the total number of degrees is 3600, as a tone 3600 vibration cycles create the A sharp needed to complete yet another F sharp major chord that sounds like this. At this point, we have seen how two- and three-dimensional geometry can be expressed by the notes found in an F sharp major chord. Could this also be true with what is known as sacred geometry, to find out we will first need to build a design called the germ of life, which, when repeated goes on to reveal the seed of life, then the flower of life pattern found at sacred sites all over the world? First, we start with a circle of 360°, which is the familiar F sharp, we then add our second circle, bringing the total to 720, another F sharp, three circles total 1080 which provides the harmonic fifth of C sharp, four circles is 1440 another F sharp, five circles totals 1800 or the A sharp muted to once again provide the harmonic third of F sharp major chord and finally the sixth circle which brings the total to 2160 another C sharp, amazing, it’s as if we can now both see and hear the flower of life pattern that is intrigued humankind for thousands of years. So now we have two-dimensional geometry, three-dimensional geometry, and even sacred geometry being represented by different variations of an F sharp major chord. How is this not common knowledge, how have we missed his connection? There are actually three explanations, one for reasons ranging from the mundane to the conspiratorial, musical instruments are no longer tuned to a vibrating at 432 cps, but rather 440 to modern tuning calls for equal temperament, which no longer adheres to Pythagoras whole number simplicity and three the tuning method required to reveal geometric shapes is based on a mathematical grid rather than mathematical ratios. This grid if it had a name would probably be called something like factor 9 because the number 9 is found not only in the sum of every note on the grid but also as the number required to move up or down the scale. For instance, if we started note A at 216 cycles, all we would have to do is add or subtract the number 9 to reveal all the other tones in that octave and it is here on this incredible factor 9 grid, that we find not just some of our geometric numbers, but all of them. Conversely, modern A 440 tuning reveals not one correlation to geometric numbers. Now let’s go back for a moment and take a look at one of these numbers, 2160, the number expressed by both the cube and the germ of life pattern. You may have already noticed that without the zero is exactly half of our magic 432, that’s worth noting, but what is even more intriguing is the way this number keeps showing up in other large-scale measurements, to discover one of these measurements we will need to jump forward from Plato’s time, to when the Mayan civilization was flourishing. Roughly 1500 years ago Mayan stargazers were the most accomplished astronomers the world had ever known, their concept of cyclical time led to many incredible discoveries, the accurate length of the year, the exact dates of seasonal changes, even the moments when solar and lunar eclipses would occur but the most amazing discovery was of something is known as the precession of the equinox, which makes note of a very slow wobble of Earth’s axis, somehow aware of the fact that this wobble takes 25,920 years to complete, the Mayans called this cycle, one great year, with each of its 12 great months, requiring 2160 earth years to complete and what about this, did you know that the diameter of our moon, when measured in miles also happens to total, you guessed it, 2160. Lastly, watch what happens when we apply simple division to this highly synchronous number 2160÷2 is 1080 the angle sum of the octagon, by three 720 the total of the hexagon, by four 540 the Pentagon, by five, are you ready, it’s the key tone of 432 and by six, 360, the number of both the square and circle, all F sharps and C sharps with our 432 A thrown into the mix as if it were some kinds of clue to solving the cosmic riddle. Maybe we should look at this number even more closely, as we stated in our closest celestial neighbor the moon, is 2160 miles (about 3476.18 km (about 2160 mi (about 3476.18 km))) across and 216 is exactly half of 432. What about the other large object in our sky. Were you aware that our sun is 864,000 miles (about 1390473.22 km (about 864000 mi)) across, incredibly were the moon’s base number sequence is half of 432, the sun’s number sequence is exactly twice 432 and you know how many seconds there are in a day 86,400 or 43,200 for the 12 hours of the day and 43,200 for the 12 hours of the night, or try this, take the 360° found in the circular shape of our sun and moon and then multiply it by the 12 hours of either day or night, the answer 4320, or how about this, what is the only whole number that when squared comes to within .01% accuracy to measuring the speed of light, 432? What is going on here, we have all these different things, earth cycles, time and celestial measurements, geometry, sonic frequency, yet they are all represented by the same numbers over and over again to answer that, we must search for the factor that common to all of them and that common factor is the 5000-year-old Sumerian 1260 counting system, it is what gave us the inches to a foot, the seconds to a minute and the 360° of geometry. It’s almost as if the sky got visitors, who the Sumerians called the Anunnaki provided humanity with a counting system that would lead to the discovery of the synchronicities. Could it be that the number 432 really is some kind of cosmic key that unlocks a key to the language of higher understanding and if so, have these guy visitors ever been back to make sure we don’t miss the importance of the 432 matrix? One possible answer can be found in the story of a man named George Van Tassel, a respected aeronautical engineer who believed he was contacted by extraterrestrial beings in the early 1950s. During this encounter, Van tassel said he was provided with a mathematical formula that could be used for everything from time travel to sound frequency healing, which he used to build the world-famous Integration near Joshua tree, California. What is this formula, it is F equals 1 over T, or frequency equals one particular something divided by the number of times. Well, what if that one something was the biggest one on our planet, the one great year of 25,920 discovered by the Mayans and what if the number for a time was the most logical choice of 60, suddenly this mysterious equation is expressed as frequency equals 25920÷60, are you ready for the answer, it’s 432, not only the frequency that instruments all the world have been tuned for thousands of years, but also the number that reveals the synchronistic nature of life on this planet. Noticing all these coincidences revealed by the 432 matrices and the Samarian counting system, we must wonder if other ancient cultures were aware of them as well, just scratching the surface it would seem that they were. For example, let’s take the Samarian 12 and square it for a total of 144, right off we see that it is indeed a number and tone contained within our factor 9 grid, expanding outward, we find 1440 than 144,000, which is a number that appears all over the world in the most compelling of ways. Take for instance the great pyramid of Giza, it happens to have been covered with 144,000 smooth white casing stones, to ancient Mayans 144,000 days was the length of their 394 here back tune, a time cycle which is just begun again. In the Bible, we read that there will be 144,000 chosen ones redeemed from the earth prior to the apocalypse, obviously, number sequences like these have been significant to many different cultures and religious sects, and one enigmatic group, in particular. The Freemasons were the earliest Masons, the supposed keepers of sacred information also aware of the factor 9 grid, the 432 key and the number 144,000, their infatuation with the numbers 3 and 13 might be telling. For instance, if you divide 144,000 by 432 the answer is 333.3 into infinity, or take a look at the back of a dollar bill that famous unfinished pyramid could be revealing some interesting clues. For instance, there are 13 steps climbing the pyramid, and 13 times 33.3 is 432.9, even the shape of the flat-topped pyramid appears to be made as if someone had drawn four dots in a line then three above it, then two above that, and then connected those dots to reveal this iconic shape and of course, let’s not forget that the square root of our all-important factor 9 grid is three threes. Who else knew about 432, the answer is surprising, In India, large cycles of time are called Kali Yuga Z and each one is 432,000 long. In fact, the number 432 appears so often in sacred structures and myths from Stonehenge to the pyramids that author Joseph Campbell cannot help but see it as the most important mythological number in history. So, what do we have here? What is it that’s trying to be expressed by all these coincidences? One answer is that over the course of history, we have been somehow guided toward both the subconscious creation and eventual conscious recognition of a grand pattern based on frequency, mathematics, time, space, and geometry. Quite possibly, the synchronistic numbers, shapes, and tones represent the building blocks of a language that we do not yet fully understand but could turn out to be the most important language that we’ll ever learn. How will we use it? Who will, we be conversing with, time will tell. Thousands of years ago from locations all over the globe, various Prophets, Shaman’s and Seers described an era when humanity would make some kind to cosmically into the next level of consciousness. Here at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the start of a new Mayan back cycle, it’s happening.
Isn’t it interesting that the people in Mesopotamia were versed in these frequencies at about the time 5000 years before they migrated to Rome introducing false religions over the widespread spirituality of their time. They somehow knew how to disintegrate the love of music tuned to the spiritual manifested in the organs of that day tuned by their form to 528 Hz. The organs could not be rebuilt so today they are being replaced by string bands of popular music to bring in the youth. I have been involved in turning an old Cathedral in St. Joseph Missouri with its beautiful stained glass historical pictures of Mary. The new churches do not want anyone to attent there because it was their church with their music. So now the aim is to overcome the beauty with science and tradition. I told my friend who is in the medical field, after looking at the church that we shoulf find an “organ Donor.” They actually caught my pun.

The unsexy truth, the hook-up culture. Sex is not taught by parents in school and the internet and movies etc. Disney the culture progresses purposefully to more addictive and brain-changing Study. SHE MISSED A LOT OF CHANCES TO SAY SCHOOLS ARE NOT TEACHING ABSTINENCE / THE PROBLEM IS THEY ARE TEACHING ANYTHING As a parenting coach I get to talk to a lot of troubled teenagers, about six years ago I had a really interesting conversation with a 16-year-old girl, was on the phone, this is me with the phone by the way and it was a coaching session it was on a Monday so I said hi sweetie how you doing and she says hi I’m doing okay, I said that’s good, how was your weekend? She said OKAY I partied and the usual I drink a bit, and I met a new guy. Oh, what’s he like? He’s okay I didn’t really like him that much so I would not let him kiss me, good for you I’m really proud of you, so I just gave him a bl*w job instead, true story. I always say that I can never be shocked because I’ve heard everything, that was the time I ever heard anything quite like that and I was really glad it wasn’t Skype and she didn’t see my reaction because it’s good when you work from home you don’t care what you look like, so I don’t like it when a client says ‘can we do a video Skype’ oh Geez anyway okay. She, this young girl was right at the start of the hookup culture and it progressed, it got worse and worse and shortly after I talked to her now I thought maybe she was just a one-off but shortly after talking to her, I talked to a 14-year-old boy and he said he was at a party and they were drinking and there were all these kids there, and he had shared his drink with this girl and he said, ‘and afterward she wouldn’t give me a bl*w job’ so I had experience with this now so I said, ‘oh what a bi*Ch’ I admit, okay, that’s not what I said but, and then I thought how did we get here like what is going on, am I that old that everyone else knows what’s going on, and it’s just me but no of course not. So, I thought let’s go back in time to when I was a little girl, this is not me and I figure she wasn’t getting much action even back then. That was the style back in the 60s it was all about parenting and this is where the changes really start to happen, in the 60s moms generally didn’t work, that was the norm, all moms were home and every house had a mom in it, she had an apron she was baking she was gardening all that stereotype, she always had curlers in her hair too. Does anyone else remember that? they never seem to go anywhere, but had curlers in her hair all day long, they’d be gardening with their curlers. But the thing is we kids were watched every parent knew every kid in the neighborhood and they thought nothing about tattling on us. They would phone up, “Dorothy, do you know what your little girl is doing” and we get a whack on the butt with a rolling pin. We were looked after we were watched and the schools were disciplining us too, we get a ruler on the hand or a belt on the butt. I’m not saying it’s good, but it was something, so kids respected adults as a result of this. Let’s go to the 70s now, it’s interesting the reason I chose these pictures is we all thought we look like the one on the left, but in reality, we look like the one on the right, so we tried we really tried, this was my teenage decade, so in the 70s there was a big shift here now a lot of mom start going back to work now with that when she did get home after work she was more tired right, she’d been at work all day she didn’t have the energy for the kids, the term latchkey kid started coming in, so kids are coming home with the key they were letting themselves and eating Twinkies sitting on the couch watching I dream of Jeannie or whatever Brady Bunch, probably so, kids were on their own more as a result of this, they started losing respect for adults because they were alone more and they started looking to their peers a little bit more for guidance, which we all know how that goes. Also, schools were losing a lot of their power they could no longer discipline children, but it just got worse. Well, not necessarily that, but in the 80s pretty much the norm was all moms went back to work and because these kids were getting wilder and less respectful of adults, the school’s hands were tied at this point, there was all this new wave of parenting books coming out about being friends with your kids, and oh, don’t say no to your children that hurts their self-esteem. Could you imagine, like my parents saying that “oh, I don’t want to say no, do whatever you want” it just started to really shift, you’re a good girl even though you just kick the cat across the room, it’s ridiculous, but this became the norm, so be friends with your kids, now the schools, of course, are losing more and more power not only that, they are being asked to do more parenting, so they had to start teaching kids about nutrition, about manners, even hygiene, and sex? I thought that was appropriate, the hair gel she used but, I love that movie. So now the 90s are more like the 80s, but the big thing that really started to come in was computers and back then they were big clunky things, usually, they were in a communal area where everyone could use them and a lot of the gaming consoles came in. So, what was happening here, parenting is going really downhill, they’re not providing their children with leadership, then the computers are starting to take over if you don’t provide your children with leadership, of course, will turn somewhere else and they were going towards all these gaming things, the games that were on there were violent, so just started from there. Now here’s, you know you look at a 12-year-old girl these days and that’s pretty much what she looks like, it’s like you can’t even, I feel sorry for men who are looking at women, I saw a guy the other day checking out this girl and I said to him, you know she’s about 13 years old and he went no way she’s like 25, I said no she’s like 13 I just saw her in school the other day and so is like running after that, but the big difference with this now we got the Internet and I remember when my kids were younger I used to go to the school meetings at night where they say here’s how you block your kids from seeing all this horrible stuff on the Internet, I was up the back laughing, I thought are we ever going to be able to outsmart young people when it came to technology, like what are we thinking, I was the only one that wasn’t going, “oh, yes” I was at the back like, this is useless, useless. They’re always going to be smarter than us because to them it isn’t technology it’s just like buttering toast every day to them, but the big change was about six years ago when I talked to this girl, it coincided it came with the smart phones, all of a sudden, they had mobile technology, they were on the Internet for everything, that’s where they went because they weren’t going to their parents, so where are they going to go? Not to the schools, they didn’t trust adults, they didn’t respect us. Oh, sorry about that silly slide, I don’t know what I was thinking it was late when I did that, what am I like grade 4th, anyway so what do all these decades have in common, every single one of them and probably before that too, is none of the parents who were really talking to their kids about sex, none of them were, you’d get the odd family who would do that but overall, it just wasn’t discussed in families, I used to say to families you know when my kids were growing up, how you talk to kids about sex, “Oh don’t do that, it’s just awkward, they to go to school and learn that, it’s just so awkward” so they don’t seem to do that now because I am a parenting coach I talked to a lot of families, none of them were talking to their kids about sex. They say “Oh no they had us a guy talking about sex at the school the other day. Well, anyway, if they miss that day, they’re going to miss that talk and they’ve only got so much information they can pack into two hours. They do a very good job of not putting them down but they always have that, we all know what that is, they have and they put a condom on the banana, and then everyone laughs and it gets awkward, and there’s a lot of stuff that’s missed okay. So, where are they going for information on the sex they’re not talking to their parents, the sex speakers that come into schools are giving the minimal, of course, they’re going to pornography every single parent that I’ve talked to the teenager all say are they looking at porn and every single parent says I don’t think so, no I don’t think so and unfortunately when I’m talking to their kids it’s all confidential, so I can’t tell them, but and here again I’m glad it’s not a video because I’m going, they told me that’s all they do, they’re up all night watching porn, this is what they’re doing. The interesting thing that’s happening now is that younger and younger children are doing this because they have older siblings who are doing this, watching porn, it’s mobile, an older sibling will put down the phone and not have a lot and there will be some porn thing on there, an eight-year-old will come along and go, “whew! What is this” and then they don’t have anyone to talk to because they know that’s bad, they can’t talk to mom and dad because no one does that right, so they really are learning from pornography. How do I know they’re watching porn, they tell me all the time, I will even ask eight-year-olds, I say “what do you look at on the Internet” and sometimes they’ll tell me they’ve been watching, they call it sexy stuff. I don’t think it sexy okay, so they tell me they’re watching porn, now what’s interesting about this is, when younger children see it, they haven’t got a clue what they’re looking at and they think that’s what mommy and daddy do, they think that that’s exactly what mommy and daddy are doing so, there could be threesomes or orgies there, they got this in their head that that is what’s happening. Okay, now you know where I’m going with this right. I would say the age group that is bold is probably anywhere from right now and it changes all the time, I’m trying to keep up with all the stuff but they really give me a run for my money here, they are about 13 to 17, 18, 19, they’re pretty much all bold now, not necessarily sexually active. I’ll tell you a funny story, it’s not a funny story, it’s actually sad but there’s a little bit of humor in it. These parents hired me and they said our poor boy is like suicidal and you know, I specialize in crisis, so I said OKAY, I need to talk to him give me his Facebook page, I’ll organize a session with him, so I’m talking to him and I said what happened sweetie, what’s going on? He said I’m getting bullied at school and I said oh I said you know that’s terrible, Tell me what’s going on, take me through a day and he says well it all started when he started in this new private boys school, very nice area and they were in the locker room or the change room and they were getting changed and everyone was bald except him, all the boys were bald and they pointed at him and laughed and the poor kid was labeled as hairy something, I can’t remember what the second thing was, but this poor kid was ostracized and bullied because he wasn’t shaving, which did we know this, you know, I had no idea the stuff was going on. So that is a direct result of pornography. Where else do they get that idea from, not the sex talker at school, not mom and dad, that’s pornography okay this is where it gets a little bit awkward for me because I’m a little bit comfortable sharing stuff, this is not the least of the example of the least discussing party game that is very common and it’s called rainbow parties, I’m sure you may be heard of this, I looked it up on Wikipedia the other day and it said it’s an urban legend, It’s not! Kids are doing this, what the girls do they’ll go to a party, there’s of course, lots of drugs and alcohol involved. They’ll either do their lips that way or they will layer them in different colors, then they drag their mouth down the guy’s penis, leaving a rainbow behind, if they don’t do that, then they have to drink two or three shots. It’s like a drinking game, lots of fun, eh? Crazy, crazy, and that’s one of the not-so-bad ones I couldn’t even repeat some of the other ones too embarrassing. Okay, so how do we redefine the norm and change the way future generations view sex, now I want to make it clear not all kids are doing this okay but it is a norm and I think it’s only going to get worse, as a matter of fact I know it is because over the last six years it’s gotten worse and worse with my clients, so all we have to do is talk you start talking about sex with her kids, now a lot of you hear younger you are the parents of tomorrow you have to change what’s going on, you have to talk to your kids about sex. It’s always awkward; I’ll tell you a funny story. Well, one story then another one, one leads to the other. I have two kids, my oldest was three my son and he saw a girl naked for the very first time that day, and I could see it in his face, he was really checking her out, so later and I knew I had a journal I used to write funny things in and so I knew it was going to come out that night, so he says to me “mommy boys and girls are different right” and I’m trying not to go, yes! But I just said yeah and he said “because boys have a bum in the back and a penis in the front” and I said right and he said “and girls have a bum in the back and a tiny little bump in the front” it’s true really anyway, I thought I’d better have a talk with this boy, so I said well okay, you know these are your private parts, they’re yours you’re not allowed to let anyone else touch them and you know all the safety stuff, and then I said but you can touch your private parts, that’s perfectly normal, everybody does it, but it’s private, he said without skipping a beat, “do you do it too mommy,” I said, “want to bake some cookies”. My daughter is actually here today, five years later she came to me, three years old, the same conversation and I said… It’s private, everyone does it. She says “do you do it too mommy” now I have an eight-year-old, by this time, I had progressed, I had grown, so my response to her was, “want to bake some cookies” I couldn’t deal with it, but my point with that is, it’s always going to be awkward and embarrassing. I’m not one of those people even when I’m talking to teenagers, I don’t think it should be blasé, I still think sex is, there’s an element, if it’s awkward to talk about it, it just is. It’s just natural to feel that way. So, when you are talking to kids, though it’s a little bit, there’s a couple of rules that I tell my clients and I say when you’re talking to kids, it’s age-appropriate, so a three-year-old doesn’t need to know the same things as a 13-year-old and you just say to them will discuss when you’re older, that’s it and then go bake some cookies, whatever, but also you don’t discuss your sex life. Your three-year-old does not need to know what mommy and daddy are doing, rolling around the hay, It’s just not necessary they will ask questions though, it’s not appropriate. So, in order to change the norm, we have to learn how to talk about it and if you have to bake cookies, racks, and racks of cookies, then do so, but don’t let that stop you from discussing these things with your children. Thank you very much

Very true, she missed a lot of chances to talk about sex education out of the home and in the unnatural setting of the mandatory school. Well, it is our fault. We consented because we were sold through sly talking on the fact that the school is more equipped than the home and there was the scientific ways that the parents did not know of. Well, now we know. This goes for pornography and fore the tendency for children to addict themselves outside of the parents view. We will wake up and pull ther children who belong to the state because the hidden clause in a marriage license we never needed in the the first place. And as far as that goes we don’t need the church to recognize our marriage for the benefit of their invention we worship. We are our own and are not owned by any man and also we have free will to even be owned or not by our true maker, not theirs. After all the church as the Jesuits runs the world for the 13 alien families from Mesopotamia. They created the church to insinuate themselves between us, their slaves, and their god. We have consented to the lie. Now we need to study what materials we now have and even more to find our way to our guardian angels through meditation, a two way process, not a one way pleading for what we want with a false manifestation formula inhibited by Sodium Fluoride. We have never had a chance against them in spiritual warfare until now if we come together, like we accidentally did on 911.

This next video really helped me with the concept of more than 3Dimensions. This is what their church and religion is based on because they hid the higher frequencies. The concept of 12 as in the zodiac (Mazzerath-Job 38:32) was shunned by the church so we would not understand higher dimensions.

Laurel Airica who proposed to bring a new language to replace that which has destroyed our conscious efforts to communicate with each other in a more civilized way than with a demon infused language.

Engineering Made Easy
5th Dimension Explained – How to Visualize 5 Dimensions –

Hi, I’m Lalit Fascist. This video will explain the fifth dimension in detail. I have already disclosed all the 11 dimensions in my previous video. You can find the link to the video in its description, here in this video I will answer many questions related to the fifth dimension, so now let me tell you what will you learn about the fifth dimension in this video, you will understand what you mean by a five-dimensional space and how we can visualize the five-dimensional space and geometrically, the video also answers why the researchers think that there must be the first dimension and why they needed the fifth dimension. After watching the video you will know why the fifth dimension cannot be observed directly by humans, and most importantly, what is the scientific evidence for the existence of the fifth dimension. You will also get familiar with the supernatural powers that a person living in the fifth dimension would have and what are the limitations of the 5th-dimensional world that are not present in the dimensions higher than the fifth dimension. Friends, now I will answer each of these questions about the fifth dimension one by one, so keep watching the video till the end. Let’s just start with what you mean by a five-dimensional space? As clear by the name, a five-dimensional space is a space having five dimensions, but you may ask, what is a dimension, the dimension of the point is defined as the minimum number of coordinates that are needed to specify that point in it, so to represent a five-dimensional object, we need five coordinates. For example, to represent a straight line we need only one coordinate that is length, therefore it is one dimensional. To represent a surface, we need two coordinates length width, so it is two-dimensional or 2D. In the same way, three coordinates are needed to specify a solid object. These are length, width, and height. Therefore just called it a three-dimensional or 3D object. Similarly, five coordinates are required to represent a five-dimensional object. Now I’ll show you how we can represent a five-dimensional space geometrically. On the screen you are seeing a single dot, this is the geometrical representation of the 0th dimension. The 0th dimension does not have any length or height, now let me tell you one important concept, to get the next higher dimension only need to do is to double the number of points. Therefore, by doubling the number of points, we have now two points and this is the geometrical representation of the first dimension, by joining these two points we get a straight line, which is nothing but a one-dimensional object having only one dimension of length, now again double the number of points to get to the next higher dimension that is the second dimension. Therefore, in the second dimension, we have four points and by joining these four points we get a plane surface which is a two-dimensional object, for representing the two-dimensional object two coordinates of length and width are required, now doubling the number of points again, we enter into the next higher dimension that is the third dimension, here we have eight points, we can join the points as shown here to get a three-dimensional solid object. We need three coordinates here length, width, and height to represent the three-dimensional solid objects geometrically, to go to the fourth dimension double the number of points once again. This time we have 16 points, as you can see here, this 4-dimensional structure is created by joining the respective points of two 3D structures, now again double the number of points that are present in the four-dimensional structure we get a structure of next higher dimension that is the fifth dimension, you can count that this five-dimensional structure has 32 points on joining these points as indicated in the video we get a five-dimensional structure. So, friends, this is the way how we can represent a five-dimensional structure geometrically step-by-step. Now I will tell why the researchers believe in the presence of the fifth dimension and why they needed the fifth dimension. Actually, researchers wanted to develop a theory that unifies the four fundamental forces in nature which are electromagnetism, gravity, and strong and weak nuclear forces. For this, they needed a five-dimensional display. In 1921, German mathematician Theodore Kaluza and Swedish physicist Oscar Crane independently develop a theory known as the Kaluza-Klein theory. The Kaluza-Klein theory used the fifth dimension for unifying two fundamental forces in nature, gravity, and electromagnetic force, but later it was found that their approaches were partially inaccurate. Now we’ll see why the fifth dimension cannot be observed directly by humans. Klein suggested that the fifth dimension would be rolled up into a tiny and compact loop and this loop is on the order of 10(-33cm). Under this reasoning, Klein envisioned light as a disturbance caused by rippling in the higher dimension which is just beyond the perception of humans. To make it simpler, let’s take a simple analogy. Suppose there is a fish in a pond when it rains, ripples are created in the water of the pond because of the raindrops, but the fish present in the water can only see shadows of ripples across the surface water. Although the gravity and electromagnetic forces seem unrelated the introduction of the fifth dimension can help in finding a connection between these forces. Later the idea of superstring theory and super gravity provided strong support to the Kaluza-Klein theory. According to the superstring theory, everything in the universe is made up of tiny vibrating loops, known as strings and these strings vibrate in 11 dimensions. Therefore, it made the scientists believe that there are at least 11 dimensions in the universe and schedules Kaluza-Klein’s theory suggesting five dimensions of the space were supported by the superstring theory. Now I’ll discuss what is the scientific evidence for the existence of the fifth dimension. Although we cannot directly observe the fifth dimension, but it is possible to record indirect evidence of the existence of the fifth dimension, it has been made possible by the large Hadron collider (LHC). But how does it work? When the subatomic particles collide in the Large Hadron collider new particles are produced, including graviton. It was found that the graviton escapes from the fourth dimension and leaks off into a five-dimensional bulk. Next, we’ll see the supernatural powers that a person living in the fifth dimension would possess. A 5th-dimensional being would have all the powers that a lower-dimensional being has, along with many extra capabilities. A being of five dimensions would be able to control time as per his wish, he would be able to move in any direction in time, past, or future. It would be possible for him to be present at different locations simultaneously, the 5th-dimensional being would be able to choose different career paths or jobs at the same time. For example, he may choose the professions of a doctor, an engineer and an artist simultaneously, parallel universes exist in the five-dimensional space. Therefore, in a five-dimensional space, you may have different cell versions of yourself in parallel universes, your different cell versions would have separate timelines, so they live their lives independently. Lives of different versions of yourself in different universes having separate timelines will be based on cause and effect. It means their lives will be based on the decisions made by themselves versions of living in different universes. Now, we’ll discuss the limitations of the fifth-dimensional world. One major limitation of this dimension is there are no shortcuts between the timelines, you can jump directly from a point on one timeline to another point on another timeline. It means if you wanted to meet yourself version living in another parallel universe, then you cannot meet him directly, as I have already mentioned that the fifth dimension is based on cause and effect. Therefore, to meet your other self-version you will have of words to go to the point of cause in past on the timeline but the dimensions higher than the fifth dimension are free from this limitation. There are shortcuts between the timelines in higher dimensions. It means shortcuts are possible between the timelines in the dimensions, even higher than the fifth dimension, I will explain this with the help of a simple example of changing marriage to season, so I’m taking here an example for the fourth dimension, and I will do use the same example to explain you the fifth and sixth dimensions also and is a very interesting example. Suppose this is the timeline of your life and these are the two points in time. T1 is the present time of your life and T2 is the time point in the past when you made the decision to get married. As we are 3-dimensional beings. So we do not have control over the time dimension. We can only control three dimensions. Therefore, we cannot go back in time and change this decision of our marriage. But if we are fourth dimensional, beings as we are discussing the fourth dimension that it is possible for us to go back in time from point T1 to point T2 on our this timeline and change the decision to marry another girl, you may change your decision and you can marry another girl at this point and start your new life to start your new timeline, but one thing you should notice here is that since no parallel worlds exist in the fourth dimension, therefore, we can live with only one wife at a time. It means we cannot have two wives so we cannot have two were separate words where we are living with two wives, okay, if we change the decision of marrying a girl then this life will be over, okay, no parallel universes. Parallel universes exist in the fifth dimension but one limitation of this dimension as I have already discussed is there are no shortcuts between the timelines. Okay, I will explain to you here is the old example, the T1 time present time, T2 the where you change the decision, and in the fifth dimension, we can go back in time to time T2 to change the decision of marrying another girl and we will have our new wife, so this is another timeline but the main difference is here we can have both worlds, We can have parallel worlds, Where in the one word we are living with our new wife and in another parallel universe we are living with our old wife okay, this is that’s a timeline and this is new life timeline. Okay, so two parallel universes going differently and we can live with both the wife at the same time, but there is one limitation with this, what is this that if you are at this point with the new life you have to words is actually two separate versions of yourself in these two words and numbers and having the new wife you want to meet your another self of words and in other world was living with the wife, you cannot go directly to this point. Okay, you cannot meet him. So, what is the way they can use it, there is no shortcut. Suppose this man who married two wives wants to meet this what he can do. He will go past and time at time T2 to where the decision was made then on this timeline. It is possible for him to meet his self-version. He can see himself with his old wife and both versions can meet with each other. So now you understand what the basic limitation is, you cannot meet directly yourself present in this 5th dimensional universe. Okay, here comes the sixth dimension, in this dimension, also, parallel universes exist. And this is you know present time and demanded decision time but one basic difference between the fifth and sixth is that if your version wants to meet another self-version in the parallel universe, you can meet him directly using the shortcut. You need not go back in time. At this point where the decision was made so it gives us more flexibility and, in this way, you can easily jump from one timeline to another timeline without having any need to go back in time because shortcuts are possible, so this is more powerful than the fifth dimension. If you like the video, then please hit the like button and share the video with others and promote such videos. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel engineering made easy. Thank you for watching the video till the end. See you soon. In the next video to then bye-bye takes care.

the fourth phase of water dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU

Water is quite beautiful to look at and I guess you probably all know that you’re two-thirds water you do, don’t you? But you may not know that because the water molecule is so small, that two-thirds translates into 99% of your molecules, think of it 99% of your molecules are water. So your shoes are carrying around a blob of water essentially. Now the question is do those water molecules actually do something? Now are these molecules essentially jobless or do they do something that might be really interesting, and for that matter are we even really sure that water is H2O, we read about the textbook, but is it possible that some were actually not H2O. So these are the questions whose answers actually not as simple as you think they might be. In fact, we are really in dark about water, we know so little, and why do we know so little? well, you probably think that water is so pervasive, it’s such a simple molecule that everything ought to be known about water right? I mean you’d think it’s all there, well scientists think the same. Many scientists think, oh, water is so simple that everything must be known. And, in fact, that’s not at all the case. So let me show you start with a few examples of things about water that we ought to know, but really haven’t a clue about. So here’s something that you see every day, you see a cloud in the sky, and I probably haven’t asked the question, how does the water get there? why I mean there’s only one cloud sitting there and the water is evaporating everywhere. Why does it go to this cloud forming what you see there? So another question: could you imagine droplets floating on water. We expect droplets to coalesce instantly with water, the droplets persist for a long time here’s another example of walking on water, this is a lizard from Central America and because it walks on water it’s called Jesus Christ lizard. At first, you’ll say, “well I know the answer to this, the surface tension is high in water”. But the common idea of surface tension is that there is a single molecular layer of water at the top. This single molecular layer is sufficient to create enough tension to hold whatever you put there. I think this is an example that doesn’t fit, and here’s another example, two beakers of water, you put two electrodes in and you put high voltage between them and then what happens is it bridge forms and this bridge is made of water, a bridge of water. And this bridge can be sustained as you move one beaker away from the other beaker as much as 4 cm, sustained essentially indefinitely, and how come we don’t understand this? So, what I mean is that there are lots of things about water that we should understand, but we don’t understand. So we really don’t know. Okay, what do we know about water? Well, you’ve learned that water molecule contains oxygen and two hydrogens, which you learn in the textbooks, so we know that. And we also know there are many water molecules and these water molecules are actually moving around microscopically, so we know that. So what don’t we know about water? well, we don’t know anything about the social behavior of water. What do I mean by social? Well, say, sitting at the bar and chatting with your neighbor. We don’t know how water molecules actually share information or interact, and also we don’t know about the actual movements of water, how water molecules interact with one another, and also how water molecules interact with other molecules like the purple one sitting there. Unknown, also the phases of water. Now we’ve all learned that there is a solid phase, a liquid phase, and a vapor phase. However, a hundred years ago, there was some idea that there might be a fourth phase somewhere in between a solid and liquid. Sir William hardy famous physical chemist, hundred years ago exactly, professed that there was actually the fourth phase of water, in this water was kind of more ordered than other kinds of water and in fact, had a gel-like consistency. So the question arose to us you know, all of this was forgotten, because people began as methods improved, to begin to study molecules instead of ensembles of molecules and people forgot about the collectivity of water molecules and began looking the same as in biology began looking individual molecules lost sight of the collection. So we thought we were going to look at this because we had some idea that is possible that this missing link, this fourth phase might actually be the missing link so that we can understand the phenomena regarding water that we don’t understand. So we started by looking somewhere between a solid and a liquid. And the first experiments that we did get us going and we took a gel, that’s solid, and we put it next to the water and we added some particles to the water because we had the sense that something that the particles would show us something. And sure enough, you can see that what happened is that the particles began moving away from the interface between the gel and the water and it just kept moving and moving and moving and they wound up stopping at a distance that’s roughly the size of one of your hairs, well that may seem small, but by molecular dimensions that are practically infinite, it’s a huge dimension. So we began studying the Properties of this zone, and we call it, for obvious reasons, the exclusion zone because practically everything you put there would get excluded, would get expelled from the zone as it builds up, or instead of exclusion zone EZ for short, and so we found that the kinds of materials that would create or nucleate this kind of zone, not just gels, but we found that practically every water-loving or so-called hydrophilic surface to do exactly that, creating the EZ water, and as the EZ water builds it will expel all the solutes or particles, whatever, into the bulk water. We began learning about properties and we spent now quite a few years looking at the properties and so it looks something like this: you have a material next to the water and these sheets of EZ layers begin to build, and build and escape building up one by one, and so if you look at the structure of each one of these planes, you can see that it’s a honeycomb, hexagonal kind of structure, a bit like ice but notice. If you look at it carefully, you can see the molecular structures, so of course, it consists of hydrogen and oxygen, because it’s built from water. But actually, they are not water molecules. If you start counting the number of hydrogens and the number of oxygens, It turns out that it’s not H2O, it’s actually H302. So it’s possible that there’s water that’s not H2O, a phase of water. So we began looking, of course, more into these extremely interesting properties and what we found as we stuck electrodes into the EZ water because we thought there might be some electrical potential. It turned out that there were lots of negative charges in that zone and we use some dyes to seek out positive charges we found that in the bulk water zone there was an equal amount of positivity. So what’s going on, It looked like that next to these interfaces the water molecule was somehow splitting up into a negative part and positive charges went out beyond that. We found, actually, it’s the same, you didn’t need a straight interface, you could also have a sphere. So, you put a sphere in the water and any sphere that’s suspended in the water develops one of these exclusion zones, EZ’s around it with a negative charge, and beyond that is all positive charge. Charge separation. It didn’t have to be only a material sphere, In fact, you could put a droplet in there, a water droplet, or, in fact, even a bubble, you get the same results surrounding each one of these entities is a negative charge and the separated positive charge. So here’s a question for you if you take two of these negatively charged entities and you drop them in the beaker of water near each other what happens to the distance between them? I bet that 95% of you would say, well, that’s easy, I learned in physics, that negative and negative repel each other so therefore there will go apart from one another. Is that what you guess? Well, the actual, result if you think about it is that it’s not only the negative charge, but you also have the positive charge. And the positive charge is especially concentrated in between those two spheres because they come from contributions from both of those spheres. So, there are a lot of them there. When you have a positive in between two negatives, what happens is that you get an attractive force and so you expect these two spheres gradually come together despite the fact that, they have the same charge. That’s exactly what happens, it’s been known for many years they come together, and if you have many of them instead of just two of them. You get something that looks like a snake, they will come together and this is called a colloid crystal. It’s a stable structure, in fact, the yogurt that you might have had this morning probably consists of what you see right here, so they come together

Knowledge is Power
432 Hz unlocking the magnificence of 3,6, and 9 ..the key to the universe.
Divide a unit by 12. Divide 440 Hz by 12 . get 36.666667

Divide 432 hz known as verdi’s a . it is alternative tuning mathmatecally consistent w/universe. Get 36…..3+6 = 9
440 hz is pretending to be sacred geometry.
440 hz is closest to real thing while remaining an imposter.
Why 432 hz? In 1936 the anericqan standards Assoc. recommended that A above middle C be tuned to 44o hz. This standard was taken up as the international concert pitch. WHY?
If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if it’s morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer; Confucius. 432 is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature = healing
Joseph Goebels dictated the change from 432 to 440. to make people feel a certain consciousness. In 1940 the u.s. introduced 440 hz worldwide. In 1953 it became the ISO 16-standard. 440 Hz removes sacred symmetry from music declaring war on the subconscious mind of western man. In a paper titled “Musical Cult Control” Dr. Leonard Horowitz writes: “The music industry features this imposed frequency thatr is “herding” populations into greater aggressioin, psycho social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness.”
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, Think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. Tesla.
They are successfully reducing the vibrations not only of the young but of the old as well. These frequencies introduce thoughts toward distruction. Disharmony and disunity. Additionally it also stimulates the controlling organ of the body and the brain into disharmony and resonance to utterly create disease and war. This is the biggest mystery. For over 25,000 years, the universal truth is not available to the people(((of this planetary system))) It is now finally being received on (((this planet))).
Our method of time keeping is based entirely on 432 hz based math. How many seconds in 12 hours? 43,200. divide a unit by 12. ..60 sec times 12 equal 43,200. …36.666 times 12 =440 and 36 times 12 = 432
1×12=12 1+ =3
2X12=24 2+4=6
3×12=36 3+6=9
4×12=48 4+8=12 (1+2=3)
5×12=60 6+0=6
This 3 6 9 repeats on and on.
The underlying primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasped only at the farthest reach OF INTUITION, AND THEN but very dimly. That is why it needs symbols. Jung
All cells communicate with each other via light. So when they receive music at 432 hz they are in joy. 432 hz can be considered a harmonic of light.

The cerebrospinal Fluid and the appearance of “I am”
By Mauro Zappaterra

I Am is the inner sense of beingness, the inner perception of existence numerous artists has depicted our energetic body’s manifest as physical forms. Many times there appears to be a swirling of energies or vortex with a condensation or differentiation of energy from some source with a focal point in the brain. This presentation will be on the cerebrospinal fluid as what I believe to be a potential conveyor of the source energy to our physical bodies through which the I am is experienced. This talk was inspired by my love for the cerebrospinal fluid and a discussion I had one day with the organizers of this conference Mauricio and Ziya who mentioned this quote when I was telling them about the fluid. By nice our guru Maharaja and Indian guru of Advaita. He said fluids come together and the I AM appears. Instantly we have that sparkle in our eyes that we thought maybe Neicourgaddafi may actually be referring to the cerebrospinal fluid. So what is the cerebrospinal fluid? The cerebrospinal fluid is a clear fluid that bathes the brain and the spine. You see it here depicted in blue. It occupies the cavities within the ventricles within the brain called the ventricles which we we’ll get into more detail. It also covers the outside of the brain. It travels down the central canal of the spinal cord, travels down all the way down your spinal cord all the way to Lumbar vertebrae-2. it also bathes all the way down the outside of your spinal cord as well. What’s interesting g is that the spinal cord actually ends at L2 but the cerebral spinal fluid actually goes down the dural sac all the way to S2, all the way to sacralsegment-2w. That’s sort of what we would consider the root or the root chakra. So you’re sitting on where the cerebrospinal fluid would end. But if you put your hands on your hips, okay, and you feel your hip bones that’s L4. So, L2 is just above that. So yu can imagine the cerebrospinal fluid actually continues going down further than where the spinal cord ends. At any point every single one of us has 150 milliliters of cerebrospinal fluid in us at this time. We make 450 to 600 milliliters of it a day, because the cerebrospinal fluid it needs to turn over. Ok. So this is how much cerebrospinal fluid you’re making in a 24 hour period. Interestingly if you look at the model of ther ventricles, this is a model of the ventricles inside your brain. So in your brain you have these fluid filled spaces that are filled with the cerebrospinal fluid. This is what it looks like. Just take a picture of that in your minds eye. So essentially our entire central nervous system, the brain and the spine is floating in and being bathed by this fluid. What is the role of the SFS? Then, as you can imagine trying to answer this question became my PHD dissertation at Harvard Medical School. And has led me down a path of wonder, ah, and quite some amazement. It started looking with this it started with looking at this slide. This is a section through the head of a human embryo at eight weeks in development. What you see here is a developing brain. So this is the part that actually becomes your frontal cortex. This frontal part here. I didn’t know what this cauliflower-like structure was seemingly floating in space. So I asked my colleague, what is this and he said that’s the choroids plexus. This actually makes CSF. Instantly I knew that if the structure that made the CSF was that large that had to have some important role. In fact the entire developing nervous system is bathed in CSF. If one looks for instance at a section through a rodent brain all the early embryonic stem cells, thee cells that make up our entire central nervous systemare contacting the CSF. Here’s a picture of essentially from early development on through late development what you see these stem here you see a stem cell labeled be almost sending like a little foot it’s gas to send a little foot trying to contact the CSF. From our research and a lot of other peoples research over the last few years. We can say that CSF provides essential survival and growth factors to the embryonic and adult brain and that CSF provides a fluid niche for neural stem cells for survival, proliferation, and differentiation. So essentially from a biological molecular perspective, the information in the CSF whether that information is a protein, a hormone, a growth factor or any molecule is being conveyed to the fluid. We published an article in the journal neuron and we designed the cover image that was based on our vision of the CSF. What you see here is a continuum of blue from an embryo to adult. This change in color can represent the changing proteins and growth factors from development to adult that we found. But the blue essence. That light of the CSF, this represents a continuum of energy within the fluid that is ever-present regardless of age. If I had itmy way, there would be a beginning coming into the embryo form SOURCE and then coming out of the adult going back to source. But we didn’t design it that way at that time. So the majority of the roles of the CSF that we know about today are that it transports nutrients and hormones to the central nervous system, regulates circadian rhythms, regulates appetite, provides guiding cues for cell migrations, instructs some stem cells to differentiate or proliferate or differentiate, creates an ionic balance for the brain, eliminates waste, supports and protects the central nervous system and creates a buoyancy and shock absorber for the brain. Well what else could it do? Here are two quotes by doctor Randolph stone, the founder of polarity therapy, a holistic health care system. He stated that the SOUL swims in the CSF. He also stated that the CSF seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and light energies.
Dr. William Sutherland, the founder of cranial Osteopathy said this that his teacher said about how he envisioned the CSF. He envisioned the CSF as an intermediary in the movement of divine intelligence a channeling of creation into embryologically and irrigating them with life-giving form and function and order and intelligence to our existence. As a fluid therefore the CSF can be a sensitive receiver of energy, vibration and information. Just as flower remedies demonstrate that water is able to absorb, store, and transmit the energy of plants or as Dr. Maseru Emoto showed that water could store the energy of words. So also the CSF may absorb, store and transmit the essence of the source and allow us to experience our beingness, the I AM. As I mentioned the CSF covers the outside of the brain which you don’t see here. Let’s take a look at where the CSF is stored though inside the rain. It’s stored in the ventricles of the brain which you saw before. So these are the fluid filled spaces. This is what it would look like as if somebody is looking at you. This is what it looks like as if somebody’ looking this way, Why are the ventricles pf the brain formed the way they are? Why does the lateral ventricle need to make contact with the frontal lobe, the occipital and parietal lobe and also send a projection back here so that it gets the visual sense sensory system of the brain? Why is it that it has to go all the way down into the temporal lobe as well where the hippocampus is? Here I show you the 3rd ventricle. This is a very interesting structure. It has these two little peaks here. One of these little peaks makes contact with the pituitary gland. The other makes contact with the pineal gland. Why? Here I show you an adult. The adult brain structures that are associated with the ventricular space. The lateral ventricles, the cerebral cortex, the basal ganglia, the hippocampus, the olfactory bulb, the basal forebrain, the amygdale, the corpus collosum, the fornis, the thalamus the stria terminalis, the caudate and the optic radiations. These are just a few of the structures f the brain that are all contacting lateral ventricle the third ventricle, the thalamus, the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the infundibulum, the anterior commeasure and the pineal gland. The cerebral aqueduct makes contact with the mid-brain. The 4th ventricle makes contact eith the cerebellum, the pons, and their medulla and the central canal goes all the way down the center of our spine and remember that’s just on the inside of the brain. That’s not even talking of what it’s doing on the outside of the brain. So imagine that the CSF is a vehicle of transmission of information. Quickly something gets into the CSF and can tansmit tat signal to multiple parts of the brain simultaneously. It does not use any synapses like the rest of the brain and the spinal cord do and it can achieve total synchronization. One example of this is melatonin. It is synthesized from the triptophan and serotonin. It is mostly synthesized in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a small gland contacting the 3rd ventricle. You see it rit here. This is the 3rd ventricle. You can actually see the pituitary gland as well. One of its major functions is for the production of melatonin which is responsible for inducing, and maintaining states of sleep. And processes that show rhythmic variations such as body temperature and appetite as well as it’s a very powerful antioxidant and detoxification method. Some people have looked at the distribution of melatonin from the pineal gland to various brain regions. There’s very good evidence to actually suggest that melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, released into the CSF and distributed throughout the entire ventricular system, via the CSF. These are images from Dr. Russell Reutter at UT health science Center depicting this. In addition, because the CSF also covers the outside of the brain. There’s distribution nor only from the inside out but form the outside in. if you look at plasma. Plasma vs. CSF melatonin concentrations with time of day. This is the night when the CSF concentrations raise 17 times compared to only 6 times in the blood. The global effects therefore of melatonin on the brain to help regulate and induce sleep which is an altered state of consciousness and other functions of the brain may actually be through its effects via the CSF. Another fascinating compound that is being studied by a number of people now is DNT, similar to melatonin it is produced from the amino acid tryptophan but it goes via the tryptarmine pathway. What is DMT? DNT has been coined the SPIRIT MOLECULE by Dr. Rick Strassman. And in fact he had an entire book on this. It is widespread thought the plant kingdom. Trace amounts of it are found in mammals. DMT containing plants are commonly used in shamanic rituals and it can produce a powerful psychedelic near death and mystical experience. It is hypothesized to be released at birth, death, and during vivid dreams. Endogenous DMT has been found in the human body, found in the blood, at some pretty low concentrations. They’re decently high in the urine, in the feces, in the kidney and in the lungs. It’s also found in the CSF at some of he highest concentrations that have been found in a low number of people because it’s difficult to actually find this molecule. In 2013 Rich Strassman the same privileged person who published that book found DMT in the rat pineal gland. So, therefore the high concentrations of DMT in the CSF are likely released from the pineal gland into the CSF to produce similar effects like melatonin bathed in the entire brain. Therefore I’d like to bring your attention back to that 3rd ventricle. It’s a midline space . it’s boundary’s are the pituitary gland in front, the pineal gland in back, the hypothalamus and the thalamus. If you just go back and look at what all those things do, it’s incredible. The space in between these structures between the pineal gland and the pituitary gland has actually been called the crystal palace by Daoists and it’s been called the cave of Brahma by some Hindu yogic traditions. This space is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. it is my belief that this is the perfect place for the birth of the I Am. In physical form. Where through dispersion of the energy, within the fluid, our entire brain is simultaneously bathed with the differentiated energy from the source providing the synchronous unified experience of I AM. Imagine therefore this fluid bathing the inside and outside of our brain being a perfect vehicle to transmit information to the brain, whether that is melatonin to help us sleep or DMT to help us have vivid images. And experience holistic states of consciousness or as a fluid conductor of sound energy to our physical bodies and to transmit the experience od I AM our beingness. Now I’d like to do a little visualization with you. So I’d like yu to take a moment or two and get comfortable in your seats. I put up here the images of the ventricles so that if you just need a little help in imagining them from the inside. But remember the CSF bathes the entire outside of your rooms so close your eyes, feel your back and legs on the chair and your feet on the ground. Bring your attention to the middle of your brain. Imagine a straight line from between your ears and go to the center of that line into your 3rd ventricle. A fluid filled space in the middle of your brain. A radiant lake. A lake full of CSF. Sense the sensation of this radiant fluid. Now feel the source energy gathering. Sense te pulsation of the fluid throughout the entirety of the inside of your rain, around your brain , and all the way down the center of your spinal cord and around your entire spinal cord down to your tailbone. Sense the rhythmic pulsation of the fluid. Now return to the 3rd ventricle. The radiant lake of CSF at the center of your brain. At the very back of this lake is your pineal gland, a pinecone shaped structure. Just like you create gentle waves in a bath tub, create some waves that gently hit your pineal gland to activate it. Feel the pineal gland release small amounts of DMT inti your CSF. Envision your DMT bathing your entire brain inside out and outside in. feel the total synchronization of energy that is present within you. Who are you? Feel the rhythmic pulsating of your CSF. And now slowly come back taking a moment to feel your feet on the ground, your back making contact with the chair, and opening your eyes when you are ready. Orienting back to the room to the light in the room, to the sounds in the room and to your neighbors. I always feel a deep gratitude anytime I do any of my work so I have to thank my wife and my son who provide a lot of inspiration for me. Marguerite and all the sand organizers nice cerca de Mirage, Maris and Chris Walsh who I did my PhD with. Dr. Randolph stone, founder of polarity therapy, Jeannie Kerrigan and Jeffrey Wilson my polarity teachers, Russell Ryder who provided the Melatonin slides all of you for coming. The CSF and my acknowledgments to life.

I found this very enlightening for our objective of bring truth in when we find it. it seems these doctors found this truth but through one or another reason, they decided not to venture out of their medical training realm or you might call it compartmentalized education. The old saying is you should know only what you need to know. Obviously that doesn’t mean what you want to know or for sure what you may want to inform others of.

Green Pasture

[fat soluble vitamins beat cavities; especially vitamin D shows causes and solutions for saving childrens teeth.]. The facts indeed seem to warrant the conclusion that the incidence and rate of progress of [dental] caries in teeth…can be considerably retarded by the addition of fat-soluble vitamins to the normal diet. Dental caries in the light of our newer knowledge is even more important because of its significance as one of many symptoms of nutritional imbalance and organ and tissue degeneration than the injury of the teeth, important and serious as that injury is].
Being deciplined with your diet mixed with consistent meditation for about a year or so will certainly bring about pineal clensing and awakening. Cleaning up the pineal gland and activating your third eye is essential for those wishing to develop their psychic ability and multi-dimensional perception. By awakening your pineal gland, it brings the ability to consciously astro-travel, explore other dimensions, and forsee the future. When fully operational, this allows the individual to be in a constant visionary state most of the time, tapping into these extra special senses. Many believe the abilities that the pineal gland offers come from its ability to naturally produce its own DMT, (dimethol tryptamine). When fuylly operational, this allows the individual to be in a constant visionary state most of the time tapping into these extra special senses. DMT (the spirit molecule)is present in South American Shamanic brew called Ayahuasca. These shamans used this brew for many generations as a way to tap into the spirit world. It is a plant medicine that grows in the Amazon jungle which brings profound multi-dimensional and heart healing effects. With enough practice and development, your pineal gland will produce this special substance naturally. for those who take this medicine, they go into a period of profound experience where issues and troubles come into awareness allowing them to be healed with the insights that come from the DMT consciousness. DMT is a totally natural substance that the human body will manufacture and distribute when it is in the healed state such as sleeping. It is a belief amoung many that human beings were meant to be visionary beings able to tap into the information in other dimensions allowing it to guide them through this cosmic journey we call life. It allows us to transcend the ego and realize that we are one consciousness giving us the ability to rapidly heal our sufferings, conflicts and cleans our karma.
Why don’t the school systems and our own government, news and media teach us about the pineal gland? And awaken our third eye? Because the forces of evil which control our government and control our food and water supply, control our nerws and media, control our school system are blatently doing everything in their power to suppress the truth from you. I believe there is no greater gift you can give than to help others awaken. Which is why I am on a mission to share the truth regardless of the consequences because it is the right thing to do. I’m on a mission to speak life into humanity. I’m on a mission to help you decalsify your pineal gland. I’m on a mission to help you awaken your third eye tapping into extrasensory super powers you never knew existed. That’s why I’m sharing this with you right now. Because I realize that in the end we are all one consciousness and I believe my people deserve to know the truth. Budda said it best, three things cannot be long hidden. The sun, the moon and the truth. My question is what are you going to do about it. Knowledge is power. And applied knowledge is freedom. Help spread this conscious awareness with the world by sharing this video so that we can help unlock the truth behind the pineal gland in awakening your third eye our like brothere of this earth deserve to know. I appreciate you for letting your love and light shine through by sharing this video. For more information about awakening others and becoming the change you want to see in this world, click the link below. I appreciate you. Namas day.
Esotericcosmos-published 2013
Pineal Gland Activation Secrets / Third Eye Conspiracy
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Inspired by the last talker, I’m going to have a little song about the internet porn, no, just kidding. The widespread use of Internet porn is one of the fastest moving, most global experiments ever unconsciously conducted, nearly every young guy with Internet access becomes an eager test subject. Canadian researcher Simon Lajeunesse found that most boys seek pornography by age 10, driven by a brain that is suddenly fascinated by sex. Now users perceive Internet porn as far more compelling. The porn of the past. Why is that an ending novelty in this Australian experiment is not mere nudity but novelty that gets arousals skyrocketing, subjects watch 22 porn displays? See that spike? That’s what the researchers switch to porn the guys hadn’t seen before. What happened? Their erections and their brains fired up. Why all excitement? Mother nature likes to keep a male fertilizing willing females as long as any new ones are around. In that top line the ram, he needs more and more time to make with the same old you, but you keep switching females-the bottom line-Well, she’s not the same. He can get the job done in two minutes flat and keep going until you are utterly exhausted. This is known as the Coolidge effect without the Coolidge effect there would be no Internet porn. This old mammalian program, The Coolidge effect perceives each novel female on a guys screen as a genetic opportunity to keep a guy fertilizing the screen his brain releases the ”go get it” neurochemical dopamine for each novel mate or image, eventually the ram will tire but as long as the guy can keep clicking he can keep going and so will his dopamine. With Internet porn, a guy can see more hot babes in 10 minutes than his ancestors could see in several lifetimes. The problem is he has a hunter-gather brain. A heavy user’s brain rewires itself to this genetic bonanza so it carefully It becomes his brain becomes associated with this porn harem. Such behaviors that are associated with being alone, voyeurism, clicking, searching multiple tabs, fast-forwarding, constant novelty, shock, and surprise as one young guy once asked, are we the first generation to masturbate left-handed. Now real sex, in contrast, is courtship, touching, being touched, smells, pheromones, emotional connection, and interaction with the real person. Now, what happens when our guy finally gets with a real mate. Well, researchers don’t know much about the effects of Internet porn for several reasons. In 2009, when Lajaunesse tried to study porn’s impact he couldn’t find any college-age males who weren’t using it. So the first serious dilemma is that studies have no control groups. Now, this creates a huge blind spot, Imagine if all guys started smoking at age 10, and there were no groups that didn’t. We would think that lung cancer is normal for all guys, undaunted by his lack of nonusers Lajeunesse asked 20 male students: is Internet porn affecting you or your attitudes towards women? They answered, ”no I don’t think so” but they have been using it for about a decade and then pretty much nonstop. This is like asking a fish what it thinks about water which brings us to a second problem. Researchers haven’t asked porn users about the symptoms Zimbardo described in ”The Demise of Guys” Arousal addiction symptoms are easily mistaken for such things as ADHD, social anxiety, depression, concentration problems, performance anxiety, OCD, and a host of others. Now, healthcare providers often assume that these conditions are primary, perhaps the cause of addiction but never really the result of an addiction. As a consequence, they often medicate these guys without really inquiring about if they have an Internet addiction. So, guys never realize that they could overcome the symptoms simply by changing their behavior. Now, the problem is it’s hard to believe that sexual activity can cause addiction because sex is healthy but Internet porn is not sex. Internet porn is as different from real sex as today’s video games are from checkers, watching a screen full of naked body parts won’t automatically protect one from arousal addiction. In this Dutch study. Here’s the title. They found that in fact of all activities on the Internet, porn has the most potential to become addictive. Here’s why. This ancient program, the reward circuit, evolved to drive us towards natural rewards such as sex, bonding, and food. As a consequence, extreme versions of natural rewards have a unique ability to capture us. For example, high-calorie foods or hot novel babes give us extra dopamine. Too much dopamine though can override our natural satiation mechanisms. For example, give rats unlimited access to junk food and almost all of them will binge to obesity. This is also why 4/5 of Americans are overweight. About half of those are obese, that are addicted to food, now in contrast to natural rewards drugs such as cocaine or alcohol only hook about 10% of users, whether they are rats or humans. This binge mechanism for food or sex was once an evolutionary advantage. In essence, it is getting it while the getting is good. Now you can think of wolves packing away 20 pounds of meat per kill or it’s mating season and you’re the alpha male. What if mating season never ends, all those hits of dopamine can tell your brain to do two things. First, I say man you have hit the evolutionary jackpot. Second, they kick in a molecular switch called Delta FosB. I know it’s a fancy word but dopamine kicks in Delta FossB and that starts to accumulate in the brain’s reward circuit. Now, with excess chronic consumption of drugs or natural rewards. This buildup of the Delta Foss P source alters the brain and promotes a cycle of binging and craving. If the binging continues the Delta Foss P builds up and can lead to brain changes seen in all addicts so the dominoes are excess consumption excess dopamine Delta FossB, brain changes. When the first change is a numb pleasure response, it kicks in, and so everyday pleasures really don’t satisfy a porn addict at the same time, other physical changes in the brain make the brain hyper-reactive to porn everything else in the porn users life is sort of boring but porn is super exciting. Finally, his willpower erodes as his frontal cortex changes. I can’t emphasize this enough. All addictions share the same brain changes and the same molecular switch, the kick Smith Delta FossB. Now scientists have used brain scans to measure these changes in drug addicts. Here these can show a reduced pleasure response and drug addicts. These and several other changes have also been seen in gambling addicts food addicts very recently in video game addicts and now Internet addicts. I apologize for filling up the slide with brain studies. Just notice the dates but I want you to know that they exist. So far all brain research points in only one direction, a constant novelty at the click can cause addiction. Now we know this because when scientists examine former Internet addicts. They found that these brain changes were reversing themselves. Unfortunately, none of these studies isolate porn users, but they do include them. Here’s the game-changer. At last, we have a group of guys who are no longer using Internet porn that’s right. Heavy users are voluntarily giving up by the thousands. These guys are the missing control group in the great porn experiment they’re showing experts what changing one single variable can do. I call it “the resurrection of guys” as opposed to “the demise of guys”. Now, before I continue probably want to know why any porn-loving guy in his right mind would give it up. Two words: erectile dysfunction Internet porn is killing young men’s sexual performance. Now, Zimbardo said young guys are flaming out with women. This survey by Italian neurologists confirms what we have witnessed over the last few years. Sexual enhancement drugs often stop working for these guys if they ever did because the problem is below the belt where Viagra works. Nor is a problem really psychological it’s due to physical changes in the brain, those addiction-related changes. Their numb brains are sending weaker and weaker signals to their bananas. As Dr. Forrester says it starts with lower reactions to porn sites. Then there is a general drop in libido and in the end, it becomes impossible to get an erection. There are three take-ways from this. First, Foresta is describing a classic addiction process, gradual desensitization. Second Internet porn is qualitatively different from Playboy’s widespread useful ED has never been seen before. And finally, ED is often the only symptom that gets these guys’ attention. The question is, what less obvious symptoms are they missing? Most don’t figure that out until after they quit. Here’s a guy in his late 20s. I’ve been to psychologists and psychiatrists for the last eight years have been diagnosed with depression, severe social anxiety, severe memory impairment, and a few others have tried Fexer, Ritalin, Xanax, Paxil, dropped the two different colleges been fired twice. I used pot to calm my social anxiety. I’ve been approached by quite a few women. I guess to do my looks and status, but they quickly flew away due to my incredible weirdness. I’ve been a hard-core porn addict since the age of 14. For the last two years, I’ve been experimenting and finally realized that porn was an issue, I stopped it completely, two months ago. It has been very difficult but so far incredibly worth it. I’ve since quit my remaining medication. My anxiety is nonexistent. My memory and focus are sharper than they’ve ever been. I feel like a huge “chick magnet” and my ED is gone too. I seriously think I had a rebirth, a second chance at life. This is why pockets of guys are appearing all over the web bodybuilding sites, sports sites, pickup artists’ sites- wherever men congregate. In essence, they are seeking a neurochemical rebirth. Here is a group on who call themselves “astronauts” fapping is slang for solo sex, but what they really mean is giving up porn. They’ve added about 2000 members since I captured this picture a month ago. This movement to unhook porn is growing rapidly. In fact, groups are springing up all across the web and in Europe too. But there is a bizarre fly in the ointment. Guys in their early 20s aren’t regaining their erectile health as quickly as older guys. How can a 50-year-old get his mojo back quicker than a 20-something? The answer, even older guys have been using it for a whole lot longer. They didn’t start on today’s Internet porn. Now we know this is a key variable because the older guys didn’t start having sexual problems until after they got high-speed Internet. Today’s young teens start high-speed Internet when their brains are at their peak of dopamine production and neural plasticity. This is also when they are most vulnerable to addiction. But there is another risk. By adulthood, teens strengthen heavily-used circuits and prune back unused ones. So by age 22 or so a guy’s sexual tastes can be like deep ruts in his brain. This can cause panic if a guy has escalated to extreme porn or porn that no longer matches his sexual orientation. Fortunately, frames are plastic, so, his taste can revert once he quits porn. As a guy returns to normal sensitivity his brain looks around for the rewards it evolved to see such as friendly interaction and of course real mates. Here’s one more example of what we hear every day I feel like the next Sir Isaac Newton or Leonardo da Vinci. Since I quit a month ago. I’ve literally started the business, taken up piano been studying French every day, been programming, drawing, writing, started managing my finances and I have more awesome ideas and I know what to do with them. My confidence is sky high, I already feel like I can talk to any girl. I’m the same guy who took two and a half extra years to graduate from college because of procrastination and depression. I’ll conclude with a wish: I’d like to see some of Zimbardo’s guys who are wiping out and their caregivers and the experts listen to the thousands of men who are teaching us about arousal addiction by escaping it. Thanks for listening.

From my story you will maybe see clearly how this is true and that our only help here for our children is to get them out of the schools. By the time you are reading this you know what is best for you and your children’s lives, but only depending on how soon you let yourself wake up. The ego was, is and always will be the stumbling block. It is not even part of the mind but a group of programmed thoughts that influence the miond. So, still it is the mind they are bound to put the most importance on. However it will come down to the statement made earlier that the mind is a terrible master if not led by the heart. So I suggest another saying and that is to “take heart.” Yes, take heart and not mind.

The Universe Inside You THE LAW OF VIBRATION-Dr. Emoto

the law of vibration states that everything in the universe moves and vibrates. Nothing gr4ests. Every thing you see around you is vibrating. At one frequency or another. And so are you/ however, you’re frequency is different from other things in the universe. Hence it seems like you are separated from what you see around you. People, animals, plants, trees and so on. But in reality, you are not separated. You are in fact living in an ocean of energy. We all are. We are all connected at lowest level, an energetic level calledt he unified field. Everything has its own vibrational frequency. The table, the car, the picture frame. The rock. Even our thoughts and feelings. It is all governed by the law of vibration. If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration – Nikola Tesla. Though many eastern religions have known this to be true for thousands of years. Scientist have only recently began to prove that our thoughts can actually alter the physical properties of objects around us. This may sound like weird science fiction to you but it’s in fact validated by numerous studies and experiments. One such experiment was made by dr. masuru Emoto. A well known Japanese doctor of alternative medicine. Dr. emoto experimented with water. In order to prove that our thoughts and feelings have an effect the physical reality. He said that water was a blueprint for our reality. And that emotional energies and vibrations could change the molecular structure of water. Dr. emoto’s water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music. And then freezing and examining th3e esthetic properties of the resulting crystals. With microscopic photography. The results were astonishing. He discovered that water exposed positive thoughts and visualization, for example gratitude, love happiness and apprepation, formed beautiful , vibrant perfectly aligned geometrical patterns, while water exposed d to negative thoughts and emotions forms incomplete asymmetrical patterns with patterns with dull colore. Healso discovered a significant difference in the structure of water before and after meditation. He also compared the structure of water exposed to the symphony of Mozart. And the structure of water exposed to heavy metal music; you can clearly see the difference . you may be wondering. What does that have to do with increasing your vibration? Well it’ a known fact the average human body is made up of 70% water. We start life being 99% water as fetuses. And when wew are3 born as babies, we’re about 90% water. For most of our lives we exist mostly as water. Water serves as the transporter of energy. Throughout the body. Your brain alone consists of 85% water. If the vibrations of music, thoughts and emotions have the power to change the structure of water then our thought vibrations have the power to change the structure of our bodies and increase our energy levels and vibrational frequency. What we think is literally flowing through our bodies. As y ou can see your thoughts and intentions can have profound effects on the world around you. And the world inside you. Raising yur vibration is as simple as becoming mindful of your intentions and scoosing to live through compassion and love. The more you intend to live a life of kindness and compassion the more harmonious life will become. Every single thing in the universe has itsown frequency and we are constantly swimming in a sea of ever changing vibrations. Flowing in and around us, it is no wonder we can feel so up and down sometimes. But it does not have to stay this way. I’m sure you’re no stranger to anxiety depression and thought patterns. Of low self esteem. Despite having these negative experiences I can teach you how to raise your vibration enough to move out of these low vibrational holds. That we all often fall into. I want you to know thaq you can own your energy. You can change rhe way you feel. You might not be able to change the situation. You’re into but you can always raise your vibration and even keep iyt there. When you find a good place of balance in your energy, then you will notice your life becomes so much more peaceful. Graceful and authentic. The universe does not hear what you are saying. It feels the vibration you are offering. – Abraham Hicks. Our thoughts and intentions are powerful. Tools. Stay aware of what your thoughts are putting oput. Because without a doubt the universe will reflect that right back to you. Ion y our life,. Making a conscious effort to maintain a high vibration will help you to stay tuned into your true purpose. And enable you to listen clearly to your inner guidance. Leading you along the right path. Attracting the right things. And experiences for you along the way. With further ado, here are some of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration. And live a more positive and fulfilling life. The first and one of the most important things we need to practice daily is gratitude. Practicing gratitude can instantly boost your vibration. There are nearly infinite ways to show our gratitude to others. To ourselves and to a higher power. Or ecven the universe itself. However it cqn be tough to get started without practical suggestions and ideas. I’m about to share with you the two most well known and proven ways toi practice and enhance your gratitude. One of them is journaling. Writing down a few things you are grateful for is probable the easiest and most popular gratitude exercises. Available. You can a start by writhing all t4hemajor things in your life for which you are grateful. After that you can simply think back on the past day. A few days or week. And remember 3 ti 5 things you are especially grateful for from u our daily life. In this way you are completely focusing on all the good things. That happen to you in a given set of time,. Beside the benefit og zeroing in on the wonderful things you can be grateful for. This practice had been proven to improve sleep quality, decrease symptoms of sickness. And increase happiness and joy. It is important that you sincerely pay attention to the things you arte grateful for and experience the joy and blessing feeling g that arises inside you. Also, it will behoove you to expr3ess your gratitude more for people as opposed to objects. Imagine your life with the things you are grateful for your family your love partner. Your friends. That should definitely boost your feeling of gratitude. And dramatically increase your vibrational state,
the next practice is carrying a gratitude rock. The secret to this exercise is always to carry a rock with you . the instructions are very simple. Just find a rock that you like. Whether you like it because it’s pretty . because it’s smooth, or it has an interesting textire or because you picked ot up from a special place. If you have another small object that you’d rather use, frrl to substitute that for the rock carry this rock aroubd ijn your pocket. Leave it on your desk where you will se it throught the day. Or even wear it on a chain around your neck or on your wrist. Ther is one rule to this exercise. Whenever you see or touch the rock, you have to pause for a second. And think about at least one thing you are grateful for. Whether it’s something as small as the sun shining down on you in this moment or as large as the loving family or friends that you have. Just think of one thing that brings you joy and fulfillment when you take the stone out of your pocket or off of your body at the end of the day. Take a moment to remember the things that you are grateful for throughout the day. When you put it on or in your pocket again in the morning repeat this process to remember what you were grateful for yesterday, not only will this help you remember the things you are grateful for it can also trigger a mini mindfulness moment in your day. It will bring you out of your head and into the present moment. Giving you something to focus your attention on. It can also act as a switch to more positive thinking and help you attract abundance in your life. When you flip this switch multiple times a day you will likely find that your average day has become much more positive. If you want to find happiness, find gratitude. Sreve Maraboli. \the next way to rise your vibration is to practice creative visualization creative visualization is a powerful manifestation technique. Witch is directly associated with the law of attraction. With which many of you are already familiar. You can use visualization to attract and create every desire and dream you have. Creative visualization is a type of mindfulness exercise that can be used to promote success in every area of life. Visualization is the process of putting together visual mental imagery of what you are wanting to manifest. Consequently you will start to gain emotions associated with the desired image. In simpler terms creative visualization is a type of mindfulness exercise. That can be uses to create success in every area of life. Visualization is the process of putting together visual mental imagery of what you are wanting to manifest. Consequently you will start to gain emotions associated with a desired image. In simpler terms, creative visualization is where you visualize what you want. And experience the emotions and feelings that you would have if it were true. This can then help you to put your goals and desires out into the4 universe and start to feel motivated to achieve them. Creative visualization can be extremely powerful as you are using the minds eye to create detailed images of what you want to manifest. This can help you to feel more positive and motivated to achieve these goals and will drastically raise your vibration. After visualizing you should feel inspired and ready to take action toward your goals. If you are constantly repeating certain thoughts to yourself, your subconscious ness mind accepts these thoughts. And these causes a change in your long term mindset, this change in mindset can then have a knock on effect toward your behaviors feelings and habits. And this is the reason why creative visualization can be so effective. The mind is a very powerful thing. And the visual images that are created through creative visualization can determine some of the strong feelings and emotions that you experience when you think of them. For this reason it is important to be clear about what you want to visualize, and why. You can use creative visualization to help you achieve and manifest the outcomes that you desire. These thoughts can be repeated in your mind which helps to change your mindset and ultimately your behavior. In a way that id geared toward your goals. Once your mind feels still and receptive, start crafting an image of the thing that you want. Take as long as you like to build up all of the details . for example If your visualizing meeting your soul mater try to make the environment as realistic as possible and do your best to experience not just the sights but also the sounds, scents and tactile sensations associated with your vision. You are likely to see your visions manifest in your life. If you allow your visualization experiences to influence the rest of your day try to hold onto the feelings of love happiness joy and peace that you experience when you picture your goal. And repeatedly reaffirm your belief that you will soon attract the things you yearn for. Ideally you should make creative visualizations really part of your life. Visualization is the human being’s vehicle to the future – good, bad, or indifferent. It’s strictly in our control. Earl Nightingale. The next method of increasing your vibration is a bit obvious. High vibrational food. If you want your mind and body to operate on a high vibrational frequency you need to banish all the foods from your diet which you know are not right for you. You are what you eat. If there are foods you eat that make you feel sluggish, blotted or acetic, then you are getting signs from your body they are not right for you. Listen to the signs. Our bodies are so clever and will tell us when something is not working for us. Food is very personal. So what works for one person may not work for another. Find what works for you and flow with it. The food we eat has a huge impact on our well being. So honor that and really tune in to what you are consuming. If you eat sugary processed junk food with no nutrients then you are doing a disservice to yourself as it is not going to feed your body or energy. It will only weigh it down. So think about alkalizing your body by eating organic vegetables and fruits. Vegan is a very high vibrational way to live. If we talk in terms of energy, then consuming animal meats and dairy products potentially means that you are consuming the low vibrations that come with it. Think about an animal that has been living in poor conditions, abused, and tortured throughout it’s life to then be killed in the most inhumane way. If you chose to consume that product then you need to be aware that you are consuming the low frequencies too. People switching to vegan diets always experience a significant difference in their energy levels. Their immune system is getting stronger than ever. They become more sensitive and in tune with themselves and the rest of the universe. Of course you need to need to insure that you get all the correct nutrients and protein content if you decide to follow a vegan or raw diet. [protein; legumes, nuts, whole grains, oil seeds, potatoes / long-chain 3 fatty acids; micro algae oil / vitamin D: common mushrooms, lots of sunlight / vitamin B2; oil seeds, nuts, legumes, broccoli, kale / calcium; broccoli, kale, arugula, hazel nuts, legumes / iron; oil seeds, spinach, nuts, whole grains, legumes / iodine; iodinated salt / zinc; whole grains, nuts, legumes, oil seeds / selenium; cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, legumes] to assure that you make the change in a healthy way which works for your body. Some of the greatest people in all of human history were vegetarians. [Einstein, Darwin, Plato, Tesla, Newton, Franklin, Jobs, Lincoln, Confucius, Zoroaster, deVinci, Van Gogh, Kafka, Zola, Hugo, Shaw, Huxley, Wagner, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Lamartine, Montaigne, Pascal, Rousseau, Tolstoy, Schweitzer, Voltaire, Monod, Krishnamurti, Ghandi] among then was Pythagoras. Who said, “alas, what wickedness to swallow flesh into our own flesh, to fatten our greedy bodies by cramming in other bodies, to have one living creature fed by the death of another. Nicola Tesla was also a vegan. And he said the following; “It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables, and I think, therefore, that vegetarianism is a commendable departure from the established barbarous habit. That we can subsist on plant food and perform our work even to advantage is not a theory, but a well-demonstrated face.” And biblically said was; all of creation is groaning, within for us to come into the kingdom. Then the lion will not eat the lamb. And also maybe we won’t either. The list of prominent vegetarians does not end there. Among them also; one of India’s greatest mathematicians Srinivasa Ramanujan, the man who knew infinity was a lifelong vegan. “People eat meat and think they will be strong as an ox. Forgetting that the ox eats grass.”Pino Caruso.”
The next way to increase your vibration is aligning yourself with nature. There is nothing more powerful and pure than spending time in nature. Nature is a natural mood elevator and a great way to increase your vibration. Receiving that natural energy hit from the Earth is sometimes all we need to bring us back to our center. Those who live in busy cities need to make sure there is a healthy balance between concrete and green. It may seem impossible when you lead a busy life, but you can make that change. Sometimes, all it takes is a short walk outside or in the park to shift any unsettled feelings. When you take the time to walk in nature, work in the garden, meditate under a tree, relax at the beach, or gaze up at the stars you’re rewarded with clarity of mind, a grounded state of being and increased vibration. Time in nature will help you remember th4e beauty of the natural world and to experience your oneness with all that is. Place your hand on a tree. Place your bare feet on the ground or simply doing mindful breathing surrounded by nature. Also, get some sunshine. The sun carries codes of consciousness and awakening, which works wonders to raise your vibration and stimulate your pineal gland, which has been proven to recognize light. Go for a walk outside or even just sit in the window if it’s too cold and let the light of the sun reach you. Another powerful aspect of nature is water. Water is so deeply soothing and healing. Even standing by the sea or listening to it creates the4 most tranquil feeling within. Never forget the connection you have with Mother Earth. You are at one, but if you spend all your time indoors within four walls, it is eventually take its toll on your energy and vibrational state of being. Taking time to be on the Earth more, really connects back to source in the most natural and healing way. “Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nurture one’s soul.” Anthony Douglas.
Another way to increase your vibrations also gifted to us by nature is by crystals. Crystals are literally part of Mother Earth. Therefore they hold powerful energies, each one vibrating at its own unique frequency. We can wear crystals or keep them around us to help keep our vibration high and clear. They are used in many healing practices. Because of the healing power and protection that they bring. Crystal energy is the power that crystals naturally give off and that you are able to use to heal yourself. Some crystals have incredibly high frequencies. Their strong energy fields can be used to raise your personal vibration. Sitrine is great for protecting your solar plexus’s chakra energy from taking negativity from around you. Amethyst is great for meditating for it opens up your crown chakra and helps to deepen your spirituality. Lapis Lazuli is great for communication and awareness. Usually, you’ll be drawn to whatever you need at that time. As your energy will know which vibration is right for you. Earth energy reminds us to connect with the Divine that created everything with the intention of love, compassion and abundance. Keeping high vibration crystals in each room will help foster a deeper spiritual life. Simply looking at a beautiful piece of the Earth every day as opposed to a manufactured decorative item will begin to transform your mindset and keep your vibration higher. “In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being,” Nikola Tesla.
Another way to raise your vibration is through the use of music. Music has the power to raise your vibration to the highest frequencies. Whether you want to increase your energy level, lift yourself out of sadness, or have an amazing breakthrough music can open your heart and soul helping you to achieve a profound state of joy. Instead of trying to think positively, and feel good, you can let music do all the world for you. Whether life is challenging or you want to boost your manifesting results, you can listen to music to raise your vibration. Not only will you start to be at a higher vibration energetically, you’ll begin to remain at a high vibration consistently. Words are powerful, they have the ability to make you feel amazing or to cause you to sink to the lowest of lows. Look for songs with words that are empowering, uplifting and loving. Music with upbeat tones tends to be a higher vibration than slower tones. A singer’s pitch during a song can raise the emotions of the song. Higher pitches tend to have happier emotions and thus a higher vibration. You should be mindful about the music you listen to. We saw earlier the difference in the structure of water exposed to heavy metal music and water exposed to Mozart’s symphonies. The same thing happens to your body’s molecular structure. Another thing that you can do is listen to music toned to 432 HZ. 432 HZ tuned music creates a resonance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Listening to 432 HZ music relaxes emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. It allows us to tune into the wisdom of the universe, Divine intelligence and our soul. It creates unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and makes us more compassionate and loving. The greatest musicians such as Mozart and Verdi based their music on the natural vibration of 432. It’s true that it is only 8 vibrations per second different from the standard tuning which is 440. But this small difference seems to be remarkable to our human consciousness. There’s a growing musical and metaphysical movement for recovering optimal integrity in the music industry and spirituality through the 432 HZ tuning. Many people experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to such music. 432 HZ seems to work at the heart chakra. And therefore could have a good influence of the spiritual development of the listener. The 432 HZ tuning releases your energy and takes you into a beautiful state where relaxation is natural. According to many natural preachers and musicians, the ancient Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed are largely tuned to 432 HZ. Ancient Greeks also tuned their instruments predominately to 432 HZ. This musical pitch is connected to the numbers used in the construction of a variety of ancient works and sacred places such as the great pyramid of Ghazi. The pure and clean energy of 432 HZ removes mental blocks and opens a way to a more fulfilling life. The ancients knew that this tone was closely related to the universe around us and used it in everything. Don’t throw away their knowledge. Use it yourself and let it increase your vibration. “For me, the most trustworthy vehicle for spirituality had always proven to be music.” Eric Clapton. The next obvious way to raise your vibration is through movement and exercise. In addition to anti-aging, mood and metabolic benefits even small amounts of exercise can raise your vibration. Exercise is a natural high. Your body releases endorphins during exercise which trigger a positive feeling within. It can almost feel euphoric. Release stress, tension and anxiety by simply bringing exercise and movement into your life on a regular basis. You will get better sleep and increased energy levels. The list of benefits is endless. You will be surprised how quickly you’ll notice the improvement in your overall well being and self-worth. Whether it’s running, walking, swimming, spinning or practicing Tai Chi or Yoga. physical exercise can help get you out of physical or emotional rest and boost healthy endorphins. It doesn’t matter how much you swear. The key is moving through and away from astral energies that could be weighing you down in your current environment. If possible, exercise outside or somewhere in nature. Just noticing the trees, feeling your feet rooted in the grassy Earth and breathing in fresh air will help you transcend the concerns of mundane human existence and reconnect with your higher self. “Exercise is really for the brain, not the body. It affects mood, vitality, alertness, and feeling of well-being,” John Ratey. My final advice for increasing your vibration is perhaps the most powerful, meditation. Meditation is a game changer. It is a powerful tool which can shift even the lowest vibration. Meditation has been shown to increase your vibrational frequency while calming the mind so you’re in a heightened state of consciousness. What most people don’t know is that the effects of meditation are not only in the mind. They are also in the body. Scientists have observed that practicing meditation can drastically increase tissue in the brain. With meditation the physiology undergoes a change. And every cell in the body is filled with more prana which is the life energy. Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state that promotes healing. The mind becomes fresh, delicate and beautiful. It cleanses and nourishes you from within and calms you whenever you feel overwhelmed, unstable or emotionally let down. Start your day with a meditation to keep you balanced and centered. End your day meditating to release anything you have picked up or taken on that day. To experience the benefits of meditation, regular practice is necessary. It only takes a few minutes every day. Once imbibed into the daily routine, meditation becomes the best part of your day. It is like a seed. The more you cultivate a seed with love the more it blossoms. You can practice meditation whenever you like. It is always there for you to tap into. Even taking a few minutes a day to just sit. Take some deep breaths in and out and just be is enough. Taking the time to meditate regularly insures that we take care of ourselves by recharging our own energy. Meditation connects us to Divine source. Through it we can move away from the mind, clear energy blockages, come back to the wisdom of our heart and soul and drastically increase our vibrations. If you want a suggestion on how to best practice meditation for the most powerful results, you can visit the HoloVibes U-Tube channel, which has launched a series of powerful guided mediations called Pineal Meditation Series which will not only increase your vibration, but will also awaken your sixth sense and activate your pineal gland. The link for their video is; . Through silence, through meditation, and through non-judgment, you will access the first law, the Law of Pure Potentiality.” Deepak Chopra. These were some of the most powerful ways to increase your vibration and positive state of being.

A verse in the Gospel of Thomas, not included in the Bible, is: “When we make the two, thought and emotion one, you will say to the mountain move away and it will move away.” So, meaning, when you can marry the vibrational energy of the thought in your mind and the vibrational energy of the emotion(controlled by the pineal gland in the brain) in your heart into one potent force, that is when you have the power to manifest the material world around you. This Gospel that was not included in the Bible varies subtly in word but greatly in meaning from the Gospel of John 16; 23-24 which says,” And in that day you will ask me nothing. Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the father in my name, he will give it to you . Until now you have asked nothing in my name. ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full. And verse 26 adds: “in that day you will ask in my name, and I do not say to you that I shall pray to the father for you”

Two sentences not included from the fourth century source, the original Aramaic say: ”ask without hidden motive, and be surrounded by your answer, be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full.” Look at what it is saying. It is not saying to speak a word. It’s saying be surrounded, to feel as if”. If you are surrounded you are feeling as if your answer has already happened. Be enveloped by what you desire. That is when your thought in your mind and the emotion in your heart become one. If you desire the perfect relationship in your life, if you desire the healing in the body of your loved ones, feel the feeling of what it is like as if it has already happened. Be enveloped by what you desire. We understand, now in our time what was understood in the Ancient Egyptian time, That is the understanding that it is the vibrational frequencies of our mind and heart that manifests all vibrationally energetic material surrounding us.

Superhero You
numbers we miss use part 2 ///no reason 365 days earth around sun month lunar cycle / our calendar literally shuts our brain down. September is seven, but 9th month. Oct means 8 but 10th month. Nov is 9 but Nov is 11th month, Dec is 10 but Dec. is 12th month / the names do not even mean what they say. Now 911 is 711.
Finances first ½ year has 181 days sec ½ has 184. There is 3 extra days in sec ½ yr. that has to impact financials but not reflected. There is just this sort of gap. So if you get paid on the 15th and it falls on week end delays payment. Who is making all that interest, The floating penny. Some one else than US is in charge of. My goal /5/5/99 realized in a school setting 1328 its 364 . why are we using that calendar 13 months and 28 days. We are missing a day. So 13 X28is 364 and then it hit him . we need to count zero. Now first day of the year is zero. And then there are 13 months with 28 days in each month. Our bodies are a 1328 machine. 13 major joints working off a bio-rhythm which is a 28 day cycle. Our calendar disguises these patterns. We cannot see the lunar cycle phases. We cannot sense our own patterns we cannot see our financial patterns. The calendar disguises all those things . and so I don’t know why but that summer of 99 I decided to create the human calendar. It’s a 13 month calendar. Each month has 28 days. 28 is a perfect number it is 4 weeks. If we had a 28 day calendar every month, the numbers would be the same day of the week every month. The first would always be a Monday. I invented this calendar all of summer of 99 read all calendars from different countries. Where did the week come from. It is 4 quarters of the lunar cycle. Where did we pick the day. The earth spinning 24 hours (but it is also the sun revolving 24 hours—too bad he isn’t also uncovering the other part of the big fraud). These are natural but we came up with the second. Who picked that? we could fix the leap year by changing the second. We changed it 70 years ago. the US changed it from a basic atom to a cesium atom. So I invented the human calendar and I was so excited to save us from Y2K. I thought that was it. We’re going down with computer crashes. On 9/9/99 the first day of Y2K, I used to be a computer programmer so I thought all th 9’s would scare the computers. Into thinking it was the end of the world. So he asked the paper to write about his calendar to save us. ….everything times 9 ends in 99. Every number minus its sum is 9. Think of sum of number of your age and take that total and subtract it from your age. And you get a number that adds up to 9. Write 01234 and under right the left finish 56789 you see the pattern with 0+9 , 1+8, 2+7 3+6, 4+5 . so you can make every number go back to 9. so take 20 -2 is 18. 1+8=9. , 374 – 14 =360 =9 . this works to infinity. No one ever noticed this. It took 2 years to figure this out. One plus one = 2 . how can we prove that. We have had our kids memorize 7+7=14, 9+9=18. But now you all know the secret to numbers so I share with you the purpose of this pattern. Look at 11 it has a pattern hidden in it to teach your brain 1+1. There’s a 1 and a 1 in this number. We memorize 1+1 =2. lets plug in. 11-2 =9. 1+1 is not 3. plug that in 11-3 is 8. Not right answer. So 2+2. look at the number 22 . there ‘s an exercise in there. So you add 2+2 =4. 22-4= 18. it adds to 9. Everything is fine. This is the missing chapter in ever math book.
Website is speaker for home-schooler’s around the world are on line. Now have a world spelling day. but he is not the one to go to there. Go to Gordon Maxwell on words and spell language to put spells on us. This also came from Rome changing truths we all knew. spelling. How English is one world order Opra working with only girls. What is reason? 12/21/12 introduced his calendar. Next day on Mayan calendar is His calendar has a 0 day, a 0 month in a 0 year, so coincidence or not I believe my calendar starting then a revolution in time. The end of time as we know it but the end of the Gregorian calendar we don’t understand. Just to show you the evil; evil backwards its live and devil backwards id lived. So Romans are evil. And I will prove it. In Roman numerals I=1 V=5 X=10 L=50 C=100 D=500. These are the every day numbers of their Roman world add those up = 666. the Romans were evil, they didn’t count 0 they had no year 0, they went from 1 BC to 1 AD. If you showed up with 0 goats at the market that even talk to you is not a number. They did not count 0 . it is all 1-10. and now think about what you do on your hands. 1,5,10. those are the first 3 roman numerals . they have implanted this theory of 1 thru 10 in our brain and in our hands. We have to interrupt that pattern. And change it and so I believe what I shared with you today is the beginning of that. The calendar will come out 12/21/12 . no pressure. At first I was very serious about this calendar. I took it very personally it did not come out on 9/9/99. now I have no fear because I’m not changing the calendar. I’m starting a new calendar. I don’t have to fix the old one. I have to fix rhese crazy romans calendar , you can. When you turn on your computer you can choose to have the Gregorian calendar run your computer. You could choose to have the Chinese calendar, the Hebrew calendar. There’s 42 calendars around the world you can choose from. I am introducing the human calendar. And its going to be an adjustrment period of 7 years. I have a goal of 7 years of implementing this first into businesses, to show bottom line savings, how to interpret sales numbers, and balance financial quarters. And its funny the bible talks about the apocalypse. This 7 year period. The word apoc. Means changing of the mind. I believe we will go through a revolution about time. Follow on twitter movie touch is about numbers. Next is math matrix. .
His calendar will start on winter solstice dec.21 a big deal . Every day before that kept decreasing. But then it turned around so on 25th party time called SATURNALIA in the roman empire. . Then when jesus and the deciples got inmvoved and all that stuff the decided to appease the Christians and named it Christmas or Jesus’ birthday. SATURNALIA was a celebration of the planet (star) Saturn. The pagan god. Now we graduate with the Saturn symbol on our heads graduating from the pagan school system teaching the planet (sphere) earth revolving around the sun.
Scott Flansburg

This is another phase of our knowledge that had been taken from us. We would do well for ourselves and our children to let go of some ego requirements and teach them these very captivating truths all of our other knowledge is based on. Of course it is difficult to sacrifice some things for those that are best. And of course only a few will take this up. However, it is here and available as is the answers to our seeking happiness and bliss in the midst of the chaos.

2 – The Great Pyramid of Enoch 49:Malachi 4 – God’s Prophet William Branham
Isaiah 19:19-20, in that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt…
Egypt – the world
Altar – place for sacrifice, meeting place God and man
Pillar – memorial stone
Sign – a monument, metaphor to God
book of dead renamed the bible put in w/o print
witness – a story to tell
so we see the aspect that will be defined here. What it’s going to be, it’s going to be a witness for Egypt, the world, and ir will be a meeting place between God and man, a pillar and a monument unto th Lord and it will tell a story. Let’s see if this applies to the Great Pyramid and we know based on that day that at the end time it would speak. So let’s see what and a pillar at the border thereof. Now this they’re saying. We srart by looking at this expression there shall be an altar in the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt and

link and title removed

Catholic church buried 528 hz knowledge w/ Gregorian chants min. 5:45 Numbers 7:12-83 a repeating series of numbers that form an original musical scale (solfeggio). Encoded in verse numbers of the Bible. The frequency 741 (F sharp) is the frequency of evil, which is in the universe, now resonating in the 440Hz tuning of western world music. In 1939 the Rockefeller Foundation, instituted through the British Standards Institute, the standard tuning to a 440 Hz frequency. Derived from military acoustic warfare research it was determined the most dissonant and stressful, most psycho-socially, most nervonic and dis-easing frequency. The British Institute was persuaded by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goeble, 3 months before Hitler invaded Poland. Science now becoming the new god. From throat down we are suppressed. From there up our left brain is stimulated and therefore controlled. The interval between 528 (love) and 721 (fear and dissonance) is called the devils tone or interval. These two tones played together cause such tremendous stress that you don’t want to listen to it. All our music operates in dissonance to the frequency of love, 528 Hz. everything but 741 Hz harmonizes with it. Evil is part of the design. We, the people have to choose. Every Religion in the Western World has censored this knowledge (my thoughts?(JESUITS)). Why are they hiding this? If you can suppress spirituality, human creativity, consciousness awakening and really LOVE and put people into fear and make them dependent, that is really what ties 911 together with the war mentality. You separate Jew from Gentile, Christian from Muslim, black from white, gay from straight, right wing from left wing, democrat from republican. You polarize rather than unionizing. All religion like the news plays on peoples fears. 528 Hz is key to the house of David. Greenish color in center of rainbow. Key to healing damaged DNA min. 43:3
Heart felt loving intention for healing min 27:45. the kingdom of heaven is here. Nothing is broken. It is perfect. Parallel dimensions with angels, Holy Spirit flows. Miraculous healings. Key is faith. Apply the healing technology, the lips. Our God given
Instruments. We are co-creators. Min 31. Mark 3 spirit water. Doctor Emoto and his microscope. Water is conscious. It responds to prayer. We are 80% water. So now we know why they pollute. our water. 888 508 4787 // health care products. Dr. Horowitz tunes for instruments and instruments (min. 44:36) healing harps, flutes this is musical love revolution. Tuning forks.

Walls of Jericho. (Min 35). circle 6 days playing horns. No speaking on 7th day much sound. The red cloth of Rehab was a heat sink which saved her from the destruction.
AEIOU said together is Yahweh. Is. 22:22 and Rev. 3:6-8 says a sixth angel from Philadelphia has arrived. Said to Horowitz, here is the key to the house of David that opens the doors to love. The spiritual portals of spiritual blessings / emancipation of the people from this slavery. The disconnect from our source.
(Min. 10:10) healing of sound (min. 12) biosonics for plant growth

Crop Circles Contain Blueprints for Free Energy Devices 2020 Universe Inside You
Proof we are being visited for our good Alien Message

Is there a God? What is the meaning of life? Where do we go when we die? These are the types of questions that have enamored and perplexed humans across generations and locales, but perhaps no query holds a place of prominence on this list quite like the age-old question, are we alone in the universe? For many people, it seems impossible that Earth would be the only place in the universe with intelligent life. Just think about it, there may be more earthlike planets out there than grains of sand on our entire planet, but if there is another intelligent life out there if aliens do exist, how could they contact us and if they did, how could we be expected to understand each other across what vastly different languages or modes of communication would presumably be. There is of course at least one universal language in the universe, the language of mathematics. Perhaps aliens could use math to communicate with human beings on earth, perhaps they already have. On the morning of January 19, 1966, an Australian banana farmer named George Padley was driving his tractor as he did every morning through the horseshoe Lagoon region of Tully Australia. Suddenly a loud hissing noise pierced the air nearly knocking Padley from his seat, frightened, he watched as a strange great object, some 25 feet long rose from the lagoon and sped off into the sky, examining the area from which the object had appeared, Padley found a circle of flattened reeds he described as a nest, Oddly, the reeds were not simply bent over, but physically uprooted from the lagoon somehow floating on the surface of the water in a swirling mat. The next day Padley brought the police to the site to show them what he found, and in no time the local press had taken note of the story. Sightseers and curious onlookers flocked to the area discovering as they did several similar nests scattered throughout the lagoon. The mystery would go unexplained, though, even though the Royal Australian Air Force noted that during inquiries several local residents stated that the reported nests are fairly common during the onset of the wet season. Incredibly, this story was not even the most bizarre of its kind in Australia that year. Months later, over 200 staff and students in a high school in Melbourne witnessed a large disc about twice the size of a car not entirely dissimilar to that described by Padley flying through the sky outside their school in the middle of the day before, flying off and disappearing into the horizon, the disc landed on the ground in the distance. When students ran to the spot, they found a large circle of flattened and twisted grass. What Padley may have described as a nest more bizarre, though, was what happened in the days and weeks that followed the incident. According to witnesses, the area where the disc had landed was immediately cordoned off by the military. Many students were visited by men in black suits who warned them against speaking about the incident. In fact, the school’s headmaster was apparently so scared and disturbed that he told students they would be severely punished and staff that they would be fired if they talked about the incident at all. Even the local media’s footage covering the story has mysteriously disappeared from their archives if there was a cover-up, it worked. The story faded from memory, and the world went on pleasantly unaware of Australia’s mysterious nests. That is until the late 1970s when a series of the strange circular patterns started to appear in farmers’ fields across the countryside in England eerily similar to those in Australia a decade before, these mysterious crop circles as they came to be known, appeared overnight, often times, spending many hundreds of feet in diameter, shocking and inexplicable as they were, this was not the first time they had been seen on earth, as far back as the 1600s art depicting circles being cut in fields of oat representing a legend known as devils mowing the ominous title suggesting an unexplained otherworldly origin. By the late 1800s, crop circles were being discussed in detail in the highly respected nature journal. The appearance of these crop circles became prevalent in England in the 1970s and only grew more frequent through the 80s and 90s. To this day, crop circles appear with regularity all over the world, but what are they, these great masterpieces of mystery and intrigue, where do they come from and what could they mean? Could they really be mysterious flying objects from extraterrestrial visitors? At first, scientists tried to explain the formation of crop circles as the result of unusual wind patterns, several scientists even suggested they were the result of the particularly vigorous sexual activity of hedgehogs. Then in 1991, an answer presented itself, it was all a hoax two men Doug Bauer and his co-conspirator Dave Chorley colloquially known as Doug and Dave came forward and revealed that in what started as a drunken prank they had been the ones creating crop circles. They explained that they did so by using a stalk stomper, Quite simply, a rope tied at both ends to a board used by holding the rope, putting a foot on the board, and physically stomping the crops down in a circular pattern. Immediately it was declared that the mystery had been solved, the magicians having revealed her magic trick, unfortunately for those inherently dismissive of the so-called conspiracy theory like crop circles, it was not quite so simple, shortly after Doug and Dave introduced the stalk stomper to the world one scientist venture to actually study the stalks which had purportedly been stopped, his name was William Levengood, a well-respected biophysicist and the author of over 50 peer-reviewed papers and six patent. Curiously, implants taken from the crop circle areas, Levengood found a series of significant anomalies. Strangely, elongated plant notes seed cavities totally devoid of seeds and expulsion cavities blew open at the notes. Obviously, these types of things do not happen to plants when someone steps on the board and in Levengood’s own words, the affected plants have components that would suggest the involvement of rapid air movement, ionization electric fields, and transient high temperatures combined with an oxidizing atmosphere. Levengood’s discoveries led some to speculate that crop circles could have been made by individuals using some sort of microwave emitter which would superheat the stem of the plant and cause it to fall over, but then another layer was added to the intrigue thanks to a study on the soil were crop circles had appeared. Astoundingly, the study found that the clay minerals contained within the soil had somehow crystallized a phenomenon previously only seen in the sedimentary rock which had been exposed to massive geologic pressure over the course of hundreds or thousands of years. It made no scientific sense that this crystallization would be found under a crop circle, even if the requisite geologic pressure had somehow existed and even if it had somehow acted to form a crop circle, the pressure would’ve obliterated the crops, while if pressure was replaced by the kind of heat required to encourage crystallization that is 600 to 800°C for a period of many hours, the crops would surely have been incinerated. Perhaps it had been something else, something related to electric fields and transient high temperatures, as Levengood surmised, it is important to note that these characteristics studied by Levengood are not found it every crop circle site that is to say some crop circles are literally tramped down by a person with a rope and a board but that’s just the point, some not all, even the most skeptical of scientists would likely admit that there are a number of crop circle sites exhibiting characteristics which defy modern scientific understanding. In other words, while crop circles were proven to be a hoax, in the early 90s, since then, the scientific community has said not so fast and it goes far beyond the structure of the crops or the composition of the soil. In 1974, famed American scientist Carl Sagan oversaw the broadcast of the so-called Arecibo message into space, with the goal to contact extraterrestrial life with the most powerful radio waves ever produced by humans, the broadcast included information about the Earth’s location, appearance, and DNA of human beings as well as core principles of our mathematics and science. It was ambitious if the outlandish project, after all, what chance was there really of receiving a response, what chance indeed. 27 years later, a crop circle appeared in chill bulletin England next to the UK’s largest telescope and observatory which appeared to be a depiction of the face on Mars photograph. This was interesting enough on its own but days later something even more mind-blowing appeared there in the same field appeared a crop circle described as a dead ringer for Sagan’s 1974 message. It was formatted in the same way and seems to respond to the information originally broadcast into space detailing a different solar system, the appearance of the sender, and information on nonhuman DNA. Some described it quite simply as the ultimate response we could’ve hoped for. But wait, if Sagan’s message had received a response. Who or what could have done such a thing could really have been some sort of alien race. Some have suggested the answer to this question was revealed through the appearance of another Crop Circle in Italy in 2011, there are in a small town of Porrino, a crop circle emerged which depicted a seven-pointed star contained in the design as a code that seemed to identify its creator as somebody named Enke. This is not a random or inconsequential name, Enke is the name of an ancient Samarian God, a precursor to Aquarius. More importantly, Enke was according to some, the leader of an ancient group of aliens called the Annunaki, who visited Earth long ago, thinkers like Zachariah Sitchin and Eric von Donegal have asserted that these Annunaki colonized Earth some 500,000 years ago, genetically engineering human beings as a slave race. Perhaps it is the Annunaki who are now contacting humans announcing through crop circles the impending return of Enke. Ascension has stated the zodiac cycle returns to exactly the same spot every 25,920 years. So we are now leaving the age of Pisces, Enke was the prototype God of Aquarius, whether this means that it is all going to happen again that Enke is coming back, I don’t know, there are a lot of signaling and signs that all point in that direction, if human beings were enslaved by the Anunnaki before then, why not again? However, there is another side to the story, another angle to the Anunnaki legend. Many believe that this alien race has in the past provided humans with advanced technology and knowledge that in fact explains seemingly impossible structures like the pyramids or Stonehenge. With this in mind, look again at the 7 Pointed Star Crop Circle, which appeared in Italy, as researcher Michael Lee Hill pointed out in the world of geometry and frequency a seven-pointed star is crucially related to 432 Hz. Consider a somatic image of a frequency exactly 4 octaves below 432 Hz that appears as a seven-pointed star identical to that found in Italy significantly 432 Hz is known as the magic number, the natural frequency of the universe. Because of this, it has been suggested that the appearance of a 7 Pointed Star Crop Circle is a coded message, but what sort of coded message, a prominent Native American elder named Bear Cloud cryptically suggested, when scientists learned that the seven-pointed star has a forward progression and recreates itself infinitely as a whole unit there will be huge leaps in the progress of man. Meanwhile, Hill’s research into the Italian crop circle produced a more concise message: somebody is trying to tell us something. If I had to guess, it is to show that 432 Hz equals energy. Italy was not the first nor the last time it appeared that somebody was trying to tell us something through crop circles. In fact, some would say that over the years, crop circles have revealed many secrets. In the mid-afternoon on July 7, 1996, a commercial pilot was flying his normal route over the Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire, England, this was not an unusual occurrence, many companies offer aerial tours of Stonehenge to Tourists, and the pilot reached his destination and turned around, passing the same spot about 45 minutes later, what he saw stunned him. There in the field directly across the highway from Stonehenge was a huge centipede-like geometric pattern of dozens of individual circles which had not been there when he had flown over less than an hour prior. How is this possible? He wondered if Stonehenge security was on duty 24 seven and tourists were everywhere, anyone walking into the field with an arm full of equipment in broad daylight would surely have been spotted and stopped, even more incredibly, a closer examination by experts revealed that the centipede-like the pattern was not just any random design, in fact, it represented a mathematical pattern called the Julia set, this went far beyond the actions and abilities of hoaxers looking for a laugh. Whomever or whatever had created these crop circles possessed a deep understanding of complex mathematics, but the Julia set would only be the start only the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the years that followed, crop circles appeared in rapid succession, which provided examples of advanced mathematics or complex physics. In 2010, a 300-foot design appeared in a field in England which, once decoded, revealed a mathematical formula called Euler’s identity known as the most beautiful and profound mathematical equation in the world, two years before that a coded image had appeared in the same area, which represented the first 10 digits of pi but it goes back further. In 2000, NASA scientist Alan Holt visited Wiltshire, England, the location of many crop circle appearances to examine the phenomenon tongue planted firmly in cheek, Holt put out the thought of a crop picture somewhat as a test, but really a request that he would like to see a crop pictogram appear which could provide some insight into the direction he should pursue in his advanced transport and field physics research activities. Incredibly, two days later in the field near him, crop circles appeared which revealed a detailed diagram of a magnetic field near a bar magnet. Ask and ye shall receive, it appeared in fact, between 1997 and 2009 no less than 5 Crop Circles appearances showed complex diagrams of twisted vortexes representing the side and top views of a magnetic field, while others displayed mechanical routers or the field lines of an electric charge then crop circles appeared which revealed detailed blueprints for magnetic motors. What could this possibly mean his continued appearance of complex mathematics and electromagnetic diagrams and crop circles around the world, for centuries human scientists have suggested reaching out to intelligent life in the universe through mathematics as far back as the 1800s famed German mathematician Carl Goss suggested that trees should be planted in the Siberian forest in a way which displays the Pythagorean theorem while at the same time Austrian astronomer Joseph von Latrobe suggested kerosene filled trenches in the Sahara desert displaying geometric shapes. If humans have come to this conclusion then it would probably be safe to assume other forms of intelligent life have done so as well. Perhaps they have already tried just such a method could it be that crop circles are in fact a form of this extraterrestrial messaging similar to a forest displaying the Pythagorean theorem, as early as 1991 in a book written by Alec Bartholomew entitled crop circles harbingers of the world change the idea that crop circles could be messages from nonhuman intelligence was being discussed. Bartholomew asked if crop circles were messages, and what were they trying to convey, in the book British historian and noted psychic Isabel Kingston professed that crop circles might contain a blueprint for a new form of energy that would one day be unraveled by scientists. It may have seemed far-fetched at the time but after decades of increasingly complex mathematical patterns and electromagnetic diagrams appearing in crop circles, there are many who now believe Bartholomew and Kingston may have been onto something. Some assert that crop circles are extraterrestrial messages to humanity blueprints for new futuristic technology designed to help humans move to the next level of their existence. hidden within the diagrams of magnetic fields and motors are the secrets to a new form of unlimited energy. A particularly poignant example of this may have come in 2011 when a crop circle revealed the designs for a magnetic flywheel invented by self-taught American engineer Ed Leedskalnin way back before World War II, Leedskalnin and his flywheel would’ve been a totally unremarkable reference, but for the fact that he was the creator of the coral castle, a monument in Florida made of over 1000 tons of coral, little is known about how Leedskalnin constructed this monument, apparently, he did it by himself and in the dead of night. When asked for an explanation, he said I understand the laws of weight and leverage and know the secrets of people who built the pyramids at Giza and Egypt long ago, with this cryptic answer, the speculation became that Leedskalnin had used some sort of magnetic levitating device to move the stone, speculation expanded further when after Leedskalnin’s death, strange remnants of what appeared to be an electromagnetic device were found in a chamber beneath coral castle wires wrapped around bottles, piles of magnets and chains. Could it be that Leedskalnin had discovered the secrets of electromagnetic energy known previously by those who constructed the pyramids as he suggested and used it to create a coral castle and if so is it possible a diagram for his magnetic wheel appeared as a crop circle to draw attention to this fact? Similar questions can be asked of the many other examples over the past few decades of crop circles revealing magnetic motors and diagrams. In fact, they are being asked since at least 2008 Italian inventor, Umberto Baudo has been using crop circles as inspiration and blueprint for inventions he believes will provide unlimited free energy, Baudo asserts that crop circles are the maximum expression of a message because through an image you can communicate much more than with words without any doubt, especially if the message is addressed to someone that does not speak our language and what is the message which is being communicated in these crop circles. Quite simply, according to Baudo, since 2008 I realized that it is absolutely possible to generate free energy to all of the planets. Baudo’s work has led him to experiment with magnetic motors and systems of centrifugal force entering uncharted territory and working against conventional wisdom and the powerful status quo, not to mention the laws of thermodynamics. In 2012, at a small meeting in Modena, Italy, Baudo said, crop circles, the media, and science treat this phenomenon subtly, but it is of great importance to humanity. Only those who study it seriously can understand that it is not a joke. After a long and exhausting study, I can demonstrate that many of these crop patterns are not man-made. Since the beginning of my research, I noticed they were technical drawings that show us new ways to produce free energy. I have been trying to reproduce those patterns for a long time using permanent magnets with no result. Then I realized a new way to develop those mechanisms and I will show you how they work with the help of the simulator. What he would show were complex systems based on diagrams obtained from crop circles, which used centrifugal force, Baudo tested the systems using computer simulations, which allowed him to rotate shapes at high speed, and examine what happened to energy generation, both with and without the variables of gravity, magnets, springs, and chains, he asserts he has created a model which continues to build momentum even after the engine is turned off unlimited energy, in his own words, the main key to understand it is fundamentally one, the centrifugal force just like that, as we move into the third decade of the 21st century, it is far from just Umberto Baudo who is working on something like this, across the world scientists and inventors are working with the complex diagrams seen in crop circles in pursuit of free energy futuristic transportation and more. Of course, many questions remain. Why with such seemingly incredible potential are the messages contained in crop circles mostly ignored the circles themselves portrayed in mainstream popular culture as elaborate hoaxes. One answer to this question can perhaps be found by examining who stands to lose the most with the discovery of a source of unlimited free energy oil and gas companies. The industrial juggernauts which control the global economy, but economics aside, it must be asked if science agrees that some crop circles can be explained by any earthly phenomenon, then where did they come from. If they are some sort of extraterrestrial messages, then what are they trying to say, and just what might these messages allow us to achieve

The Secret Behind Numbers 369 Tesla Code Is Finally Revealed

The mind-blowing secret behind the number 369 is finally revealed. Nikola Tesla did countless mysterious experiments, but he was a whole other ministry on his own. Almost all genius minds have a certain obsession, Nikola Tesla had a pretty big one, Tesla had some interesting habits that he would do. For example, he would walk around the block repeatedly three times before entering a building he would clean his plates with 18 napkins. He lived in hotel rooms only with a number divisible by three, he would make calculations about things in his immediate environment to make sure the result is divisible by three, and he would do everything in sets of three. Some say he had OCD and others say he was very superstitious. However, the truth is a lot deeper if you knew the magnificence of 369 you have the keys to the universe. Nikola Tesla, his obsession was not simply with numbers, but especially the number 369, Tesla claimed that these numbers were extremely important and nobody listened, but why these numbers? What did Nikola tesla try to make the world understand. First, we must understand that we did not create math we discovered it. It’s the universal language and law no matter where you and the universe, 1+2 will always equal 3, everything is the universrusal basis of law. Their patterns naturally occur in the universe, patterns that we discovered in life, galaxies, star formations, and evolution, in almost all natural systems. Some of these patterns are the golden ratio and sacred geometry, one really important system that nature seems to obey is the power of the 2 binary systems in which the patterns start from 1 and continue doubling the numbers. Cells and embryos develop following the sacred pattern, 1248 16 32, etc. some call these patterns the blueprint of God math by this analogy would be God’s thumbprint leaving all religion aside. In vortex math the science of torus anatomy there is a pattern that repeats itself 12487and 5 and so on. As you can see 369 are not in this pattern. Scientist Michael Rodden believes these numbers represent a vector from the third and fourth dimensions. She calls it flux field. This field is supposed to be higher dimensional energy that influences the energy circuit of the other six points. Randy Powell, a student of Michael Rodden says that this is the secret key to free energy, something we all know Tesla mastered. Let me explain let’s start from 1, doubled it is 2, 2 doubled is 4, 4 doubled is 8, 8 doubled is 16, which means 1+6 that equals to 7, 16 doubled is 32 resulting in 3+2 equals 5, you can do 7 doubled if you want, to which you would get 14, resulting in 5 32 doubled is 64 resulting in a total of 1. so if we continue we will keep following the same pattern 124875,124875, etc. over and over. As he could see there is no mention of 369 it’s like they are beyond this pattern free from it. However, there is something strange. Once you start doubling them 3 doubled is 6, 6 doubled is 12 which would result in 3, add 1and 2 and you get 3, in this pattern there is no mention of 9, it’s like 9 is beyond completely free from both patterns. But if you start doubling 9 it will always result in 9. This is called the symbol of enlightenment. If we go to the great pyramid of Giza, not only are there three larger pyramids at Giza all side-by-side mirroring the positions of the stars in Orion’s belt but we also see a group of three smaller pyramids immediately away from the three larger pyramids. We find lots of evidence that nature uses threefold and sixfold symmetry. These shapes are nature and the ancients emulated these shapes in the building of the sacred architecture. Is it possible that Tesla uncovered this profound secret and uses knowledge to push the boundaries of science and technology? The magnificence of the number 9, Let’s say there are two opposites call them white and black if you want to, they are like the north and south poles of a magnet. One side is 1, 2, and 4. The other side is 8, 7, and 5 just like electricity everything in the universe is a stream between these two polar sides, like a swinging pendulum. And if you can imagine the movement it’s something like the symbol for infinity. However, these two sides are governed by 3 and 6, 3 governs 1, 2, and 4, while 6 governs 8, 7, and 5 and if you look at the pattern closely gets even more mind-boggling 1 and 2 equals 3, 2, and 4 equals 6, 4 and 8 equals 3, 8 and 7 equals 6, 7 and 5 equals 3, 5 and 1 equals 6 and 1and 2 equals 3. The same pattern on a higher scale is actually 363636 but even these two sides 3 and 6 are governed by nine, which shows something spectacular. Looking closely at the pattern of 3 and 6, you realize that 3 and 6 equal 9, 6 and 3 equals 9, all the numbers together equal 9 both ways excluding and including 3 and 6, so 9 means the unity of both sides. 9 is the universe itself, the vibration the energy, and the frequency 369. If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration, Nikola Tesla. There is a deeper philosophical truth in this just imagine what we could accomplish if we could apply the sacred knowledge in everyday science. The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in other previous centuries of its existence, Nikola Tesla.

Curing With Sound | Dr. Neal Kassell | TEDxCharlottesville

Well, Thomas Jefferson said without health there can be no happiness. But what if we could improve the health and happiness of millions of people around the world, who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease were benign and malignant tumors of the brain and breast liver, and prostate or Arthritis or depression, it sounds like science fiction Star Wars but it’s not, that potential truly exists today. It’s something called focused ultrasound which is an early-stage revolutionary non-invasive therapeutic technology that truly holds the promise to transform the treatment of a whole variety of serious medical disorders, an example, is a young woman with a gigantic uterine fibroid benign tumor of the wall of her uterus that was compromising not only her work life but her marital life. She was offered the standard of care which is a hysterectomy a big operation 5 to 7 days in the hospital 4 to 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) to recover, no more uterus, no more children. Instead, she chose focused ultrasound which was a several-hour outpatient procedure home the same day she was back to work in two days and this is her nine months later after the tumor which had been killed by the focused ultrasound had been absorbed by her body. This is an isotope scan from an 80-year-old almond farmer who had metastatic melanoma to his initial tuberosity to his hip bone, he was unable to ride his horse around his farm sit on his tractor to ride in the car due to excruciating pain, he was treated with radiation therapy it failed, he was treated with a focused ultrasound he was pain-free the next day and he has been able to be back in the saddle for several years now. And this is a six-year-old girl who had excruciating abdominal pain from this enormous benign tumor filling her pelvis, which was compressing her bladder and her ureters in her kidneys causing kidney failure, she was taken to surgery but the surgeons had to back out because the tumor was too bloody, as the last hope she was sent to the focused ultrasound people in a three-hour procedure more than half of the tumor was obliterated, enough to decompress her bladder and ureters, and kidney her renal failure resolved, she’s been pain-free, as she grows up she can be treated again and again. So the way focused ultrasound works is analogous to using a magnifying glass to focus beams of light and burn a hole in the leaf, but with focused ultrasound, instead of focusing beams of light multiple intersecting beams of ultrasound energy are focused on the point deep in the body and at the point where all those beams converge at that focal point there are a variety of interesting important biological effects on the tissue, now unlike radiation therapy or instance, which only works through one mechanism focused ultrasound today has 18 mechanisms that we know about, including a bleeding tissue, killing tissue, delivering drugs in extremely high concentrations precisely to the point in the body where they’re needed and minimizing all the systemic side effects and markedly enhancing or augmenting the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy drugs. The fact that there are so many different effects creates the possibility to treat a whole variety of serious medical disorders. Today there are 58 medical disorders that are in various stages of development, as you can see from this most are very early stage, in fact, only three today have been approved by the FDA and are available for treating patients in the US. Clearly, there is an enormous amount of work left to be done, with advances in technology we can imagine an alternative future for patients with metastatic cancer instead of it being a death sentence it becomes a chronic manageable disorder for patients with malignant brain tumor Glioblastoma, extending their life expectancy from 1 to 5, or perhaps even 10 or more years. Now you don’t believe me it sounds too good to be true, it sounds like snake oil, It’s good for whatever else you, but focused ultrasound is not a panacea, it doesn’t treat every disorder, Spinal deformity, Leukemia or traumatic injuries and it is not good for every patient with every disorder. The problem is that the evolution of a new therapeutic medical device from laboratory research to widespread patient treatment is a glacial process, often taking decades and every day that goes by where technology like focused ultrasound is not available translates into unnecessary death and disability, and suffering for countless people and the problem is that there are a whole series of obstacles, lack of awareness amongst all the stakeholders in the ecosystem the FDA commercial insurance reimbursement turf wars amongst the physicians. What if there was a way to shave years off the time it takes for focused ultrasound to become the state-of-the-art standard of care, think of how many hundreds of thousands of lives could be improved. So, nine years ago we started the focused ultrasound foundation, as an organization to accelerate the development of focused ultrasound, it engages in a variety of activities including providing resources, funding for research, fostering collaboration, stimulating innovation, and overcoming barriers, one of the most problematic barriers is lack of awareness of what has been called medicine’s best-kept secret amongst all the stakeholders. What if we had a way to tell the focused ultrasound story and inform all the stakeholders in this ecosystem in one fell swoop what if, well we have the good fortune to have one of the Board of Directors of the focused ultrasound foundation, the world’s most prominent storyteller, the rogue lawyer! Thank you, you may be wondering what a reformed small-town lawyer/suspense writer has to offer to a conversation about the latest developments incompetent medical devices and that’s a real good question, not much I’ve been on the board for six years I still do not understand the technology and I’m not supposed to, that’s not my job, I’m supposed to raise awareness and relieve the science to Dr. Cassell and the researchers. Neal has been my personal brain surgeon for the past 10 years and fortunately, I have not needed him in that capacity, but I keep on a retainer, he works cheap a few bottles of fine Italian wine each year and he is hooked, he from time to time wants to go in and poke around but we have not had that much wine he will reveal we have never got ever done that enough. A few years ago, Neal started talking nonstop about focused ultrasound surgery/therapy, we did not know what it was and we were pretty suspicious, most of us suspected it was another investing scheme, I learned the hard way a long time ago to avoid doctors when they are rounding up investors for the latest opportunities but Neal was not looking for money, Neal was chasing a dream, he was and is very persuasive and persistent. One of the great advantages of living here in this community is there is a real spirit of volunteerism, if something is broken, we think we can fix it, believe it or not, y’all 20 years ago there was a plan to tear down the paramount and the community said no we found some good leaders raised a bunch of money and here it is, we enjoy it for 20 years. If there is a need here sooner or later someone’s going to start a nonprofit and address it, we have so many nonprofits, we even have a nonprofit that does nothing but advise and consult with other nonprofits right. My point is, if you’re so inclined you can do a lot of good work with a lot of good people, I have found nothing so far no calls issue campaign project with the potential of touching as many lives as focused ultrasound not just touching but improving and saving, the technology revolutionary the challenges is getting there, join the board six years ago and they’ll quickly tell me because I knew nothing about medicine, my job was to raise money raise awareness and I don’t really like to ask folks for money because I’ve learned that normally doesn’t take very long for them to return the favor, but I do know that I have an audience and I do know that I can tell story, so I’ve written a book, this is my latest book it’s called the tumor, kind of a knockoff for tongue-in-cheek of my other books, it’s not a legal thriller, It’s the story of focused ultrasound, the story needed to be told it’s free, there’s one in your bag okay but it tells this remarkable story, I’m lucky enough to be able to work in a world of fiction and I still enjoy it immensely. This is not fiction; this is the future and it is rapidly approaching. Thank you, John, this is a home video of a young woman who is disabled by the abnormal movements of Parkinson’s disease, she cannot even walk without assistance. What could focus ultrasound do for this woman. That video was me just 10 weeks (about 2 and a half months) ago, look at me now. My life before my focused ultrasound procedure was completely different. I went on vacation with my husband we went out sightseeing, we are trying to walk back to the hotel I could walk any longer because my foot was cramping, it was cramping so bad that I could not put any pressure on it at all, we looked at each other and we are like we can either laugh or we can cry, we decided to laugh. He had to give me a piggyback ride back to the hotel I had fun, but I’m not too sure he did. I babysit my grandson and I was having trouble picking them up and holding in the dressing him, whoever designed the amenities with those tiny tiny little snaps on them they’d never thought about anybody with Parkinson’s, that is for sure. Bike riding is always been my passion no matter how bad of a day I was having I can get on my bike, and go for a ride it would bring a big smile to my face and a sense of independence but I couldn’t ride my bike anymore because I lost my balance, I couldn’t ride, the only bike I could ride was a stationary bike, which is not near as much fun. Recently at a wedding, my dad came up and asked me to dance with him and I couldn’t I couldn’t get up out of the chair, my back and foot were cramping so bad that I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t have that dance with my dad, it’s every little girl’s dream to have that dance with their dad and I couldn’t do it. These are all the catalysts to help me make my decision to have my focused ultrasound treatment the morning of the procedure had to be off meds, which meant I couldn’t walk, I had to be taken to the hospital in a wheelchair, and the procedure lasted approximately four hours, had to have my head shaved, which is why I’m supporting this new hairdo, I will say short here is very easy to take care of and I get ready in about half the time now that’s a good thing, I had had a frame attached to my head when they attach the frame it feels like a vice is clamping down on your head and tighten it and tighten it you can feel a lot of pressure on your head, the frame attaches you to the MRI tables so that you can’t move, I had 14 treatments source on occasions or I like to call the zaps with each zap you feel intense heat, but no real pain it felt like the heat was escaping out of my head for about two days, after each treatment you’re pulled from the tube for neurological testing. I never forget my last treatment. Dr. Fishman came up to me and said if I stay where you are now would you consider the procedure success. I said yes absolutely. He said that it was done were done whereas I couldn’t wait to hear, I couldn’t wait to get up off that table. The nurses were bringing up a bed for me to take me to my room in the clinical trial director looked at me and said no get up you can walk, I thought to myself she’s right I can walk I know I can walk, with each treatment I could feel how I was getting stronger and stronger, and how my pain and symptoms were getting less and less, I knew I could get up off the table and walked to my room so I did, I got up off the table and I walked to my room it was purely a miracle, I arrived at the hospital in a wheelchair unable to walk and immediately following the procedure, I can walk to my room, it’s amazing and the 10 weeks (about 2 and a half months) since my procedure I have run a 5K for Parkinson’s yep, very happy to say that I’ve been on many bike rides, I walk downtown with my husband, I’ve taken my grandson to the park and actually been to play with them on the playground and yes I’ve had that dance with my dad, thank you. well thank you, Kimberly, you should know that the extraordinary courage that Kimberly showed she was the first patient in the US to have this treatment paved the way for others, sooner or later everyone in this room is going to be diagnosed with a serious medical disorder or members of your family or your friends, and you are going to wish that focused ultrasound were available, help make it happen. Go out and tell the story.

Nikola Tesla’s Vibrational Healing Device: Sound & Vibrational Medicine

One lazy afternoon in the 1890s legendary inventor Nikola Tesla was lounging around his laboratory with his good friend Samuel Clemens, also known as the famed writer Mark Twain that you had a long-standing relationship, and Twain, who is notoriously fascinated with science and technology as a regular visitor at Tesla’s laboratory. By this point in his life. Twain was as Tesla described in the worst shape suffering from a variety of distressing and dangerous ailments. Thus, on this particular afternoon, Tesla suggested that Twain try out a new invention he’d been working on a mechanical oscillator which sent vibrations through the body at various frequencies. Twain agreed and stepped onto Tesla’s machine at the end of the process. Twain suddenly leaped up and rushed to the toilet with terrible diarrhea. Despite this, Twain would continue to use the machine daily for almost 2 months at the end of which he had in the words of Tesla regained his old vigor and ability of enjoying life to the fullest extent. This was in fact exactly what Tesla had expected the same results. Tesla and his assistants had achieved during their experimentation with the invention as Tesla described in his records. I stepped on the platform and the vibrations imparted to it by the machine were transmitted to my body. The sensation experienced was as strange as agreeable, and I asked my assistance to try. They did so and were mystified and pleased like myself but a few minutes later. Some of us who had stayed longer on the platform felt an unspeakable and pressing necessity, which had to be properly satisfied and then the stupendous truth dawned upon me when I began to practice with my assistance mechanical therapy used to finish our meals quickly and rushed back to the laboratory we suffered from dyspepsia and various stomach troubles, build business, constipation, flatulence and other disturbances. All-natural results of such a regular habit, but only after a week of application, during which I improve the technique and my assistance learned how to take the treatment to their best advantage. All these forms of sickness disappeared is by enchantment and for nearly 4 years, while the machine was in use. We were all in excellent health. Tesla described this discovery and invention as his greatest contribution to human well-being. A bold statement for an inventor on the level of Nikola Tesla throughout the rest of his life he would use his oscillation machine to treat people with a wide variety of health problems from constipation to cardiovascular disease injuries and infections, sleep disorders, and hormonal imbalances. But what exactly was it that he had discovered as Tesla himself said if you want to find the secrets of the universe. Think in terms of energy frequency and vibration.over 25000 years ago legendary Greek thinker Pythagoras the professed father of mathematics and geomatary as well as the first person to use the term philosophy was walking past a blacksmith’s shop,when he heard the sound of hammers pounding on iron emanating from within he stopped noticing the hammer were producing curious harmonies intrigued,he ran inside to investigate.After some examination Pythagoras found that those hammers hammers which were harmonious with each other had a simple mathematical relationship, namely that there masses were ratios or fractions of each other. This cent his mind racing as he began to experiment investigating and testing with liquids in glass various types and various lengths of string instruments he had created the results of these experiments led Pythagoras to a stunning conclusion that music was not only an expression of sacred geometry, but that it was in fact medicine. He began to use the instruments he had created to perform what he called soul adjustments teaching that these adjustments would not only bring the soul into harmony but purify the mind and heal the body as third century Syrian philosopher. I am Lucas noted Pythagoras, devised musical medicines calculated to repress and cure diseases of both bodies and souls. In other words, Pythagoras was using vibrational medicine to treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries just as Tesla word thousands of years later, led by Pythagoras. The ancient Greeks became proficient with vibrational medicine they would treat their soldiers by plucking strings of a bowl like instrument over injuries, creating vibrations, which were shown to allow pasta join more freely and wounds to heal much faster. Further, they used healing chambers for dream sleep were reverberant spaces inside temples would allow practitioners to any fact, they then sound and vibration while they slept. Of course the Greeks were not the only nor even the first ancient culture to use vibrational medicine. It is interesting to note that Pythagoras was the first Greek educated in the Egyptian secrets of science, medicine, math, and astronomy. This during a 20+ year stint he spent in the country, notably a fundamental part of the secret Egyptian knowledge which Pythagoras must surely have been exposed to was a belief that sound and vibration had healing abilities. Consider the Egyptians used a certain resident vowel sounds in their ancient rituals. These valves were considered so sacred that they were banned from everyday language and did not appear in the written language of hieroglyphics. Further, Egyptians used an instrument called a system during ceremonies a rattle with metal discs attached to it, which had been shown to create exceptionally high levels of ultrasound. There are some, such as Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Abdel Hakim of Jan, who believe that the pyramids themselves were used for sound healing. Dr.Abdel suggests that the large granite sarcophagi which have been found inside various pyramids were not sarcophagi at all but rather conducive platforms for people to lie on and absorb sound vibrations resonating through the chambers as he explains every chamber within the pyramid has a specific harmonic replicating the harmonics of the cavities of the human body. Sound healing techniques were then used to restore the patient’s body to the correct harmonics when considering whether the pyramids of Egypt were used in sound healing. It should be mentioned that a similar much older Temple was found on the island of Malta in the early 1900s, a Neolithic underground complex, which displayed exceptional sound behavior. Archaeologist Fernando Coimbra described how, when, within the complex. He felt the sound crossing his body at high speed, leaving a sensation of relaxation when it was repeated. The sensation returned and he also had the illusion that the sound was reflected from his body to the ancient red ocher paintings on the walls. Could this be the same effect of Dell is describing in Egyptian pyramids. Crucially, Coimbra and his team noted that all of the underground rooms resonated at the same frequency exactly 111 Hz. This is significant not only because 111 Hz has been called the holy frequency, but because when Pythagoras created a musical scale during the experiments which followed his experience with the blacksmiths hammers. It started with a note, which resonated at yes hundred and 11 Hz yet vibrational medicine goes back further and stretches across the cultures of humanity. It is not just the arena of the Middle East and the Mediterranean 40,000 years ago in Australia, the world’s oldest wind instrument that you donkey now known as the didgeridoo was used to heal broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses Native American powwows with drumming, chanting and singing have been used to treat mental and physical illness for many thousands of years. The Buddhist monks of Tibet have long incorporated the vibrations of singing bowls and gongs into their ceremonies and meditations. The list could go on but the point seems clear. Ancient cultures appear to have possessed knowledge about the healing powers of sound and vibration and knowledge rediscovered by Tesla at the end of the 20th century, but are the secrets of sound. Just fantasy the relevant ramblings of generations past, or something more. Perhaps it is not a myth, but science in the early 1900s, a curious article appeared in the world today magazine detailing the alleged adventures of one Nikola Tesla on a day out in New York City. It read. He put his little vibrator in his coat pocket and went out to hunt half erected steel building down in the Wall Street district. He found one 10 stories of steel framework without a brick or stone laid around it. He clamped the vibrator to one of the beams and first with the adjustment until he got it in Tesla’s own words. Finally, the structure began to creak and we and the steelworkers came to the ground. Panic stricken, believing that there had been an earthquake rumor spread that the building was about to fall and the police. Reserves were called out before anything serious happened. I took off the vibrator, put it in my pocket and went away but if I had kept on 10 minutes more, I could’ve laid that building flat in the street and with the same vibrator I could drop Brooklyn Bridge into the East River in less than an hour,but Tesla understood what served as the backdrop not only to the story, but to the creation of his oscillator and experiments with vibrational medicine was quite simply that everything is made up of atoms in a constant state of motion, depending on the speed of this motion. Things will appear as a solid, liquid, or gas that is to say, even something as presumably solid as a building is really more space between atoms than anything else. What Tesla did to the building was what he and ancient cultures believed could be done to the human body. That is, he used vibration to reorganize its very structure. In the words of a claim doctor and chiropractor June Leslie Wieder vibrational medicine works and deep cellular level where molecular properties are being changed by vibrations. String theory explains that everything in the universe is constantly vibrating, each with its own unique frequency. Just as electrons vibrate while revolving around the nucleus of an atom, so to do planets vibrate as they circle sons as Einstein put it, everything in life is a vibration. Accordingly, human beings have an optimal frequency that is a state each of the cells in the human body are vibrating as they were designed to during the early 1990s. Quantum physicist Bruce Tonio conducted experiments, which showed that a healthy human body resonates at between 62 and 70 MHz. Further, he found that when that frequency drops below 58 Hz. The immune system becomes compromised and disease starts. In other words a person’s health is directly impacted by the frequency their body is vibrating at optimal frequency can be lowered by chemical, physical, mental, or emotional stimuli. For example,Tainio found that viruses have their own very low frequencies at around the same time, an osteopath named Dr. Peter Guy manners was also studying the relationship between sound vibration and healing. He concluded a healthy organ will have its molecules working together in a harmonious relationship with each other and will be of the same pattern. If different sound patterns enter into the organ. The harmonious relationship could be upset. They may establish their disharmonious pattern in the Oregon bone tissue etc. and this is what we call disease. Vibrational medicine is an attempt to use vibrations to put the bodies frequency back into an optimal place to reconstruct the harmonious relationship of molecules working together. This is what Pythagoras described his bringing order to chaos and discord through his soul adjustments. The concepts which led Tesla to surmise if you can eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies we would have greater resistance toward disease. Here, the question must be asked if vibrational medicine is in fact based on the fundamental biology and quantum physics principles upon which the universe is constructed, then what might be possible. What powers might vibrational medicine whole in 1981, a biologist named Helene Grimal came together with a composer named Fabien Maman to undertake a groundbreaking study on the effects of sound waves on living cells. Most specifically cancer cells for 18 months. They worked using gongs, xylophones, stringed instruments and the human singing voice recording what happened to the cells when they did, stunningly, they found that using a nine note Ionian scale because the cancer cells to lose structural integrity and explode in minutes. Think of a wine glass shattering an opera singer hits a high note as maman described cancer cells cannot maintain their structure when specific soundwave frequencies attacked the cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes when the vibratory rate increases, the cells cannot adapt or stabilize themselves and die by disintegrating and exploding. Wondering about the implications of such a shocking discovery. The pair began to work with two women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Both women were instructed to sing the scale for 3.5 hours per day for one month at the end of this. One woman’s tumor had become undetectable, while the others had simply dried up since then. Further studies have been conducted on the effects of vibration on cancer cells, including one early in 2020, which suggested that ultrasound can destroy cancer cells while leaving other cells intact. These types of results have scientists thinking being is Anthony Holland a musical scientist recently said during a TEDx talk. I now believe that the future cancer treatment rooms for children will be a very different place. It will be a pleasant place where children gather and make new friends. They probably won’t even know they’re sick will draw pictures coloring their books play with her toys. All the while unaware that above them beautiful blue pinking plasma lights are emanating healing pulsing electric fields shattering their cancer painlessly and not tactically one cell at a time. Cure cancer has become something of a cultural euphemism in modern times. This product can do everything but cure cancer, and advertiser might say. While a proud parent might proclaim my child is going to grow up and cure cancer. Is it possible that moving beyond euphemism vibrational medicine might actually be able to do this incredibly, its effects on cancer cells are only the start of the powers of vibrational medicine which science is now recording studies have shown that the practice of sound bathing that is exposure to vibrational medicine directly reduces anxiety and depression. According to one study, 62 women and men with an average age of 50 reported significantly less tension, anger, fatigue and depressed mood after seven sessions. A study in the Journal of athletic training described how vibration therapy can help muscle soreness after exercise, while other studies have shown vibrational medicine to help with arthritis, menstrual pain, postoperative pain and chronic pain. Vibrational therapy has been used by the Russian space program since the 1960s and is used by NASA today to increase the bone density of astronauts, something which is now being applied to patients with osteoporosis and spinal cord injuries elsewhere. A study published in the Journal of diabetes science and technology showed vibration therapy to improve blood flow and help with the neurovascular complications of diabetes, but it goes even further, a recent study reported in neuro- rehabilitation Journal suggested that vibration therapy can decrease muscle tremors and rigidity in people with Parkinson’s disease. While a 2014 study published in the Egyptian Journal of medical, human genetics, found that vibration therapy can help children with cerebral palsy. Increase muscle strength and decreased spasticity. Additionally, research has shown that vibration therapy can help Alzheimer’s patients with thinking and memory take a step back, what is being described here is some sort of miracle drug a treatment for everything from pain and injury to mental health to serious illnesses, even those like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Thus far deemed incurable by mainstream medicine, vibrational medicine, its secrets based on the foundational principles of biology and quantum physics known to the ancients and rediscovered by Tesla must surely have the power to change the way medicine is practiced and the way human health is approached.

Pineal Gland Activation Secrets | Third Eye Conspiracy pineal gland activation

Hey there, my friends, it’s just the breccia here and I’m about to share with you the connecting link between the physical and the spiritual worlds which just so happened to be the greatest cover-up in human history, hands down the pineal gland is regarded as one of the most parts of the nervous system but it’s shrouded in mystery, but as more and more people investigated there. Realizing it’s essentially a spiritual antenna commonly referred to by many mystical and spiritual traditions as the third eye has been seen as a way to reach higher levels of consciousness while still being present in a physical body. This concept of the pineal gland being the seat of the soul or the spiritual gateway to all realms and all dimensions is important to realizing its full functionality. The pineal gland is about the size of a pea. It’s in the center of the brain in a tiny cave behind and above the pituitary gland which lies a little behind the root of the nose is located directly behind the eyes attached to the third ventricle. This gland is activated by light and it controls the various biorhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body’s first hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process why the symbol of the eye. The eye of the observer of reality or should I say the illusion of reality in the physical body your eyes look outward use objects upside down next sends the message of what it observed to the brain which interprets the image and makes it appear right side up to us the human body has another physical eye who is functions have long been recognized by humanity and it’s called the third eye which in reality it’s the pineal gland is the spiritual third eye , our inner vision and it’s considered the seed of the soul pineal gland it shaped just like a pinecone the 17th century French philosopher René Descartes coined this word and called the pineal gland has the seed of the soul, as he believed it provided people with a medium form which the soul can be expressed through our physicality. The true function of this mysterious gland has long been contemplated by philosophers and spiritual teachers alike. The ancient Greeks, including the famous philosopher Plato. He believed that the pineal gland was our connection to the realms of thought and commonly refers to the pineal gland as the I was when the pineal gland awakens one feels the frequency or vibration at the base of the brain. This pressure will often be experienced when connecting to a higher frequencies. The third eye can see beyond the physical. When activated the pineal gland becomes the line of communication with the higher planes, the crown chakra reaches down until his vortex touches the pineal gland prana is referred to in India work or Qi as it’s referred to in China means vital energy which is received through this energy center in the head with a practice vibration level of the astral body is raised, allowing it to separate from the physical to access the spiritual gateway you can start the practice of detoxifying your pineal gland and activating your pineal gland through methods such as diet and also ancient practices such as meditation, yoga, Chi gong, tai chi and any other spiritual practices which raise one level of vibration and awareness symbol of the last thing I have always been a part hurts nation of mythology. In ancient Egypt was symbolized by the eye of Horus. Notice how strikingly similar. The image of the eye of Horus is the pineal gland pretty interesting. This symbol was passed down through the ancient mystery teachings and can be found throughout various different ancient civilizations’ spiritual traditions and cultures across the world, including Indian cultures such as Buddhism and Hinduism and yoga. Notice all the Buddhas are always depicted with the top of their heads. The same shape as pine cones which symbolizes the pineal gland and the awakening of the third eye Buddha’s also have the obvious third eye on their forehead himself Asia even to this day. Men and women often wear bindi at the pineal gland spot on their forehead, which represents third eye chakra. Here’s to Jesus quotes about third eye and the first one comes from Matthew 416 people which sat in darkness saw a great light and now for my favorite Jesus quotes about time. Matthew 6:20-the light of the body is the eye if therefore thine eye be single by whole body shall be full of light. Now Jesus who clearly speaks to us in metaphors and parables is clearly teaching us how to awaken the third ancient Sumerians such as the Anunnaki one of the most advanced ancient civilizations ever exist thousands of years before Christ. This sacred pinecone which represents the pineal gland of the third eye is symbolized throughout their artwork and historical remains, Jamaicans and rust. The Floridians recognize the third eye. They believe the pineal gland unlocks key elements of the mind which can be unlocked through meditation as well as a natural herb which helps the pineal gland produces DMT, which is dimethyltryptamine the forefathers of the United States of America as well as Freemasons who control our money supply added the all- seeing eye to the back of the dollar bill because they’re well aware pineal gland take a look at this image on the back of a dollar bill noticed the pyramid with the all-seeing eye, Rome, Italy, the Vatican noticed the Pope carries on the tradition that was also In Egypt, the symbology throughout the Vatican is blatantly obvious that the pineal gland worship going on the pinecone staff is a symbol of the solar god Osiris, the Vatican and the Masons know very well what Jesus meant the pineal gland which resembles the shape of a pinecone is the actual location in the brain of the third eye. It was revered as such. All throughout the ancient world. Now let’s take a look at this famous painting called the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Do you want to know the real Da Vinci code, check this out if you invert this image you see a lot of hidden symbology. The most obvious is that Jesus has a third eye he is depicted in this part with the third eye, and this is hidden knowledge that Leonardo da Vinci was passing down to us why is this big secret covered up still even to this day is there a conspiracy and if so how are they killing your pineal gland well the biggest offender is fluoride its in toothpaste and tap water its another heavy duty poison avoided at all costs because it calcifies the pineal tissue and basically shuts the gland down. Avoid drinking fluoridated tap water as well as bottled water, you buy from the store only drink pure spring water that you know come from a natural spring or water purified through reverse osmosis in the late 1990s, the scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke carried out the first study on the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland s e determined that the pineal gland located in the middle of the brain was a target for fluoride regarding alternative all-natural toothpaste without fluoride you can easily find this online. The pineal gland simply absorb more fluoride than any other physical matter in the human body even bones the pineal gland is like a magnet the sodium fluoride this calcifies the gland makes it no longer effective in balancing the entire hormonal process through the body and the sad truth there’s more people drinking fluoridated water today in the United States than the rest of the world combined. Fluorides have been used to modify the behavior and moods of human beings for a long time. It’s a little known fact that fluoride compounds were added to the drinking water a prisoners to keep them docile and inhibit questioning of authority both in Nazi prison camps, as well as in World War two American soldiers who enter Germany at the end of World War two made liberating of POWs camps a priority Camp after camp they found stockpiles of fluoride stored near the water supply. When they asked what the fluoride was used for. They were told that the Germans used the substance as an additive to the prisoner’s water to make them docile This is the first known incidence of intentionally chlorinated drinking water. Fluorides are medically categorized as protoplasmic poisons, which is why they are used to kill rodents other ways they are attacking your pineal gland besides fluoride in your water and in your toothpaste well Mercury. This is really bad for the pineal gland. In fact, it’s poison. Do not let this get into your body. Mercury tooth fillings are pineal toxins have them removed medical vaccinations are also notorious for containing high doses of mercury so avoid them as well at all costs. Mercury can be removed from the body by the daily use of chlorella wheatgrass and spur you Lena. Also, cilantro herb, taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue, organic foods, some pesticides are pineal toxins, organic healthy food with a high ratio of raw is supported in pineal detox alcohol plus smoking cigarettes aka cancer sticks. Naturally, these need to go along with the emotional attachments to using them if something is toxic do not put it in your body. If you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce any food ingredient or additive then most likely its toxic toxics are notorious and soda candies and include artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, refined sugar, deodorants, cleaning chemicals, dental mouthwash is an air freshener rock cocoa is the pineal gland stimulant detoxifier in high doses because of its high antioxidant content. This is the chocolate that like has no taste it’s called raw cocoa. You can find in stores one supplement that I’ve been personally taken for about three years now, which greatly helps to calcified the pineal gland is fermented skate liver oil which anybody can also find by searching online. Being disciplined with your diet mixed with consistent meditation for about a year or so will certainly bring about pineal cleansing and awakening cleaning up the pineal gland and activating your third eye is essential for those wishing to develop their psychic ability and multidimensional perception by awakening your pineal gland. It brings the ability to consciously astral travel and explore other dimensions and foresee the future when fully operational. This allows the individual to be in a constant visionary state Most of the time tapping into these extra special senses. Many believe the abilities that the pineal gland offers come from its ability to naturally produce its own DMT dimethyltryptamine when fully operational. This allows the individual to be in a constant visionary state. Most of the time tapping into these extra-special senses DMT is present in the South American shamanic group called ayahuasca. The shamans have used this proof for many generations as a way to tap into the spirit world is a plant medicine that grows in the Amazon jungle, which brings profound multi-dimensional and heart-healing effects with enough practice and development your pineal gland will produce the special substance naturally for those that take this herbal medicine they go into a period of profound experience where issues and troubles come into awareness, allowing them to be healed with the insights that come from the DMT consciousness. DMT is a totally natural substance that the human body will manufacture and distribute when it’s in a healed state, such as sleeping is a belief between many that human beings were intended to be visionary beings able to tap into the information and other dimensions, allowing it to guide them through this cosmic journey we call life it allows us to transcend the ego and realize that we are all one consciousness giving us the opportunity to rapidly heal our sufferings, conflicts and cleanse our karma. Why don’t the school system or our own government news and media teach us about the pineal gland and awakening your third eye. Because the forces of evil which control our government and control our food and water supply and control our news and media control school system are blatantly only doing everything in their power to suppress the truth from you. I believe there’s no greater gift you can give to help others awaken, which is why i’m on a mission to share the truth regardless of the consequences because it’s the right thing to do I’m on a mission to speak life into humanity I’m on a mission to help you decalcify your pineal gland I’m on a mission to help you awaken your third eye tapping into extrasensory superpowers you never knew existed hence why I’m sharing this with you right now because I realize in the end we are all one consciousness, and I believe my people deserve to know the truth Buddha said it best three things cannot be long hidden the sun, the moon and the truth. My question is what are you going to do about it. Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is freedom help spread this conscious awareness with the world by sharing the video that we can help unlock the truth behind the pineal gland and awaken your third eye like brothers and sisters of this planet deserve to know.

How to read a chart

Hey, guys welcome back to Lavenda ire. So, I’m continuing this series of fun tools for self-discovery on my channels, so if you miss the first video, I talked about the tarot cards and how to use them as a beginner because I’m a beginner. So today I’m super excited to talk about astrology, astrology is something that I’ve been into most of my life, like literally since I was a kid and it’s not that I’m an expert on it or anything, but I got more into astrology and how to read a birth chart last year when I read the book, the inner sky by Stephen Forrest. So, I learned a lot about how to read the birth chart a lot about astrology, and the meanings and I realize that I know more about astrology than the average person. So, this video is for the average person, if you’re an expert you need to watch this but I just want to explain astrology in more depth than simply your sun sign, so get ready for a fun video. First things first, let us clarify, astronomy is the scientific study of celestial bodies, so it’s based on facts and research, and astrology is the interpretation of celestial bodies, meaning it’s the way we interpret what’s in the sky, it’s the poetry is the art, it’s very subjective so that’s why I think astrology is very fun because it’s very subjective, but it’s really cool that everything has a meaning and is not exactly scientific, but it’s more of an art. So, what is a birth chart, your astrological birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time and location that you were born, so depending on where you were born and the exact time it’s the picture of what’s in the sky, it’s kind of a map of all the planets, the sun, and the moon? So, it’s very important to be specific on like the exact time that you were born because every hour to let your birth chart change because the earth is moving and so the snapshot of the sky is moving. That’s why you want to make sure you have the right time that you were born when you’re getting it your accurate birth chart reading, so side note, if you are Chinese, I know there’s like a superstition in Chinese culture because of the Feng Shui and all the stuff to never give your birth date, time, details to anybody out there. This is why I don’t want to like post my exact birth chart or anything but it’s because we believe that once someone knows your exact birthday per time, then they will know a lot about your fate and people can use it against you, and so this is something that I personally because my mom influenced me, I would personally want to keep it a little more secretive, so just letting you guys know. So how do you get your birth chart reading, so there are plenty of websites where you can input this information into so, Café astrology is one, is another, and there are also a lot of mobile apps that you can you get your birth chart, my favorite astrology app is co-star, so that one is very modern and chic and it outlines that your birth chart and all the details in a very like clean way, so check those out I’ll link those down below and I’ll talk about the primal Triad which is your son, your moon and your ascendant, sometimes people also referred to the sentence as your rising sign, so these are the three more important signs, generally speaking, in your birth chart so you might see people who are really into astrology the list all three signs because all three are like important more than just listing your sun sign, your sun sign, it just depends on the day you were born in what season you were in and so, I was born in October so I am a Libra by the way, I have this journal where I’ve taken a lot of notes from the astrology book that I read, so I might refer to this every now and then, so generally speaking, your son sign represents your ego, your personality, yourself image. It is the core of who you are, your moon sign represents your emotional self, and your moon is your sensitivity, your emotions, your feelings, your mood, and your heart, sometimes people relate more to their moon sign than their sun sign because your moon is your emotional self and so you feel more with that sign and whatever sign you are in your moon that is a clue to what will make you happy and what will make you feel fulfilled, so I am a Sagittarius Moon and Sagittarius are all about like adventure exploring try new things and I can really relate to that a lot of the time as well. Your ascendant or rising sign is essentially your mask to the world. It is how other people perceive you think of it as like first impressions, other people might see you in a certain way when they first meet you, and then when they get to know you, then they realize, “oh you’re really like a different kind of person”, so your ascendant is how you appear to others and just so you guys know my rising sign is Gemini. By the way, to not make this video too long, I’m not going to go into the details of the meeting of each sign, each planet, and all of that because there are tons of resources online about that and I’m actually going to create a simple like notes that you can read on my blog posts just like quick keywords and notes regarding each sign a planet or house. So, after you got your birth chart you can take notes of your sun, your moon, and your rising sign, and then you can look at the notes I put on my blog post and see what each sign corresponds to, so a way you can make sense of your primal Triad signs is to put it into a sentence like this. “I am a blank with the soul of a blank wearing the mask of a blank.” So, depending on your sign you’ll find the meaning and the archetype of your sign and this, and plug in the words. So, for example, for me, I am an artist with the soul of a philosopher wearing the mask of a teacher, that’s because an artist is what a Libra is, the philosopher is the archetype of this Sagittarius moon, and then the teacher is one of the architects for a Gemini. I hope that made sense and I hope that helped. Alright, so that was the basics are you ready to dive deeper. Let us go. So let’s talk about the components of the birth chart, as I mentioned, there are 12 signs, so these are what you’ve heard before the Aries, Scorpio, Libra, Leo, all of those I don’t know them in order and then there are 10 planets and by planets, we also include the sun and the moon as planets, even though they’re not exactly planets but just you know, celestial bodies are what I’m saying and then there are 12 houses on the birth chart, so think of the 12 houses as like a clock on the birth chart there’s like you know literally 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 all the way to 12 and each house represents a specific area of life. So, the different astrological signs correspond to different personalities, and different characteristics, the planets correspond to different mental functions, and mental functions, whether it’s your ego, your communication, your thinking, your aggression, things like that, and then the houses represent the area of life, whether it’s the house of personality, house of marriage, house of career, house of friends, house of troubles, it just goes on and on. Alright so let’s make sense of it all, so when you’re looking at a birth chart, you can see a circle graph with a bunch of like planets scattered throughout the graph and then you going to see along the border of the circle the different signs, there are 12 signs and if you look in the middle, you’ll see different notations for the numbers. So Roman numerals will tell you to like whether it’s the first house, second house, third house, fourth house all the houses, okay. So, when you look up the birth chart start with the planets, so look at the planets one by one, a planet tells you the what, remember, the planet means the mental function whether it’s like your communication or your aggression or something else. The sign that it lands in tells you the how and the why, so the sign remembers, is the personality, the characteristic and that will help you decipher the how and the why of that mental function and lastly house that that planet is in, tells you what area of life this is, mostly happening in like where are most of this activity going in and that’s the basics of it, it’s not exactly easy or very intuitive, at first you’re going to have to practice understanding the birth chart and how like the different planets and signs work together and there’s definitely more detailed to read a birth chart, that I’m not going to in this video because it’s like to advanced and I barely understand it, but I hope that gives you like just basic info on how to start deciphering what these planets and these signs and these houses really mean. Now talk about the general shape of your birth chart because I feel like this is a pretty easy but very interesting way to look at it. So when you’re looking at your birth chart, there you see a circle and then you see like you know the horizontal line and a vertical line, so if you have more planets like aggregated in a certain area it means something, so if you have more planets on the upper hemisphere of your chart, then that is called objectivity, and that means a lot of your life’s battles, challenges are just activity a lot of your life like moments and events are public and it’s like you’re learning and growth will be I guess on a public stage, a public scale it will be more outward. If you have more planets on the lower side, the southern hemisphere of your chart that is called subjectivity, and that means that most of your life’s battles and challenges will be within, so the upper hemisphere is public and the lower hemisphere is private so personally, in my birth chart, I have a lot of planets in the lower southern hemisphere, meaning that a lot of my life’s battles and challenges are private, that things that I have to go through internally just from within, and it might not make sense at first because you’re like wait! You’re a YouTuber, your life and career are so public, Yes, it’s so public, but all of you like big things that I have to go through and go through seem to be like me dealing with myself, my own insecurity, my confidence issues, things like that, that your fears and it’s basically saying as most of your life’s battles will be in here, so I just thought that was interesting because you know some people their battles and challenges are really like public and outward and some are private. Another thing you can look at is whether your planets are falling to the left or right side of that graph, whether it’s like west or east, so left would be West right would be east, so the left side means freedom and the right side is fate, so this is something I don’t understand completely, but I believe it means something like if most of your planets are on the freedom side, that means that your life is a blank slate, and you have a bit more free will to take your life anywhere you want to take it, if more of your planets fall to the right side, which is the side of fate, the east side and that means a lot of your life situations are predetermined, if you believe in fate, but you still have the choice to be flexible and take it wherever you want it but it just means that a little bit more is predetermined and if you have your planets on the left side of the circle, then that means your life is a blank slate, and you’re free to create it. So, my planets are more on this side of fate and I want to talk like a real astrologer to understand this concept a little bit more but I just thought that was really interesting, something that I wanted to share with you guys. Next, let’s talk about lunar notes because this is also really fun. So, if you look at your birth chart, you’ll find this like notation there are two, one is a lunar south node and one is a lunar North node, so wherever that note is the sign that it is in, so the self-node means that that is your past that is who you used to be is where you been, it’s your karma you’re coming past it’s your instinctive automatic behavior it’s who you are naturally, it’s your comfort zone, it’s your safe routes. So it’s telling you where you’ve been and then your lunar node tells you where you should go if you want to have the most growth, so your south node and your North node are 180° apart, they’re literally across from each other on the birth chart, meaning that that is like the most you can grow your just trying to like stretch yourself to be the complete opposite of what you used to be, so your south tells you where you’ve been, your North tells you where you should go where you kind of have to grow towards, so look for signs that are in your south node & your North node and it will give you a clue on you know how you can become more like the North node sign, how you can grow in that direction and leave the south node personality behind because it’s kind like been there done that you want to grow, if you want something new, if you want to challenge then you look to that North node. while were here, let me check my birth chart as I forgot what myself and North node were, side note; you might not always find both the South and the North node on your birth chart, sometimes, like on mine, I see only the North node so, just look for the North node and just know that your south node is directly across from the North node is 180°, oh my god, this is so interesting I just looked up like what myself North node meant you can Google that because I’m not an expert but anyway my South node is in Leo and my North node is in Aquarius, meaning Leo is my past who I’ve been in there done that in Aquarius is where I need to head to, so Leo is the sign of like the performer , like the child and the king that the one that wants all the attention all the love and so I believe that my past I lacked love from parents and I have that like desire that need for attention, which is partly why started YouTube channel and performing and that is who I used to be, that is who I was as a child and those were my holes, those were my wounds, needing attention and Aquarius is a sign of individuality of independence of being weird and not caring about what other people think of you, so you see how it’s so different like Leo is the sign of like wanting to be liked and wanted to be loved and that Aquarius is a sign of like who cares about all that, I’m just going to be myself. So that is really like my life path, I guess I can already see how that’s relevant to my life because I must learn to be more like the Aquarius just be myself and not care about what people think of me not need love or attention from anyone else, just give myself self-love and that’s it. Alright so I’m going to leave it at that but I hope you guys like that because I think this is super interesting. I can’t believe I haven’t made a video on astrology before I used to think it was a little too weird and will to leave field, but it is pretty mainstream now is pretty accepted. So anyway, if you have any questions, leave them down below and I’m to continue on this series but if you have any other topics, you want me to cover. Let me know down below. Love you guys so much bye.
I have not finished the book yet at this point, but learning spiritual communication and these aids are my next objectives.
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]</span
June 17 – Isinglass, “Space” & the Firmament, another link taken from the internet. I left it here to peak your interest in all the others spared by the transcriptions.

Anybody with Parkinson’s, that’s for sure. Bike riding is always been my passion no matter how bad of a day I was having I can get on my bike, and go for a ride it would bring a big smile to my face and a sense of independence but I couldn’t ride my bike anymore because I lost my balance, I couldn’t ride, the only bike I could ride was a stationary bike, which is not near as much fun. Recently at a wedding, my dad came up and asked me to dance with him and I couldn’t I couldn’t get up out of the chair, my back and foot were cramping so bad that I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t have that dance with my dad, it’s every little girl’s dream to have that dance with their dad and I couldn’t do it. These are all the catalysts to help me make my decision to have my focused ultrasound treatment the morning of the procedure had to be off meds, which meant I couldn’t walk, I had to be taken to the hospital in a wheelchair, and the procedure lasted approximately four hours, had to have my head shaved, which is why I’m supporting this new hairdo, I will say short here is very easy to take care of and I get ready in about half the time now that’s a good thing, I had had a frame attached to my head when they attach the frame it feels like a vice is clamping down on your head and tighten it and tighten it you can feel a lot of pressure on your head, the frame attaches you to the MRI tables so that you can’t move, I had 14 treatments source on occasions or I like to call the zaps with each zap you feel intense heat, but no real pain it felt like the heat was escaping out of my head for about two days, after each treatment you’re pulled from the tube for neurological testing. I never forget my last treatment. Dr. Fishman came up to me and said if I stay where you are now would you consider the procedure success. I said yes absolutely. He said that it was done were done whereas I couldn’t wait to hear, I couldn’t wait to get up off that table. The nurses were bringing up a bed for me to take me to my room in the clinical trial director looked at me and said no get up you can walk, I thought to myself she’s right I can walk I know I can walk, with each treatment I could feel how I was getting stronger and stronger, and how my pain and symptoms were getting less and less, I knew I could get up off the table and walked to my room so I did, I got up off the table and I walked to my room it was purely a miracle, I arrived at the hospital in a wheelchair unable to walk and immediately following the procedure, I can walk to my room, it’s amazing and the 10 weeks since my procedure I have run a 5K for Parkinson’s yep, very happy to say that I’ve been on many bike rides, I walk downtown with my husband, I’ve taken my grandson to the park and actually been to play with them on the playground and yes I’ve had that dance with my dad, thank you. well thank you, Kimberly, you should know that the extraordinary courage that Kimberly showed she was the first patient in the US to have this treatment paved the way for others, sooner or later everyone in this room is going to be diagnosed with a serious medical disorder or members of your family or your friends, and you’re going to wish that focused ultrasound were available, help make it happen. Go out and tell the story.

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