Deliberate Creators

Have you ever wondered or seen why things just all of a sudden turned out miraculous for you? Have you ever noticed how sometimes the things you want they just appear or what we call good luck or something just turn out in your favor? Things just start to magically work out for you? What’s going on there? Well, you ar3 being guided and helped from another dimension, the angels realm, angels. Angels are spiritual beings, spiritual beings are non-physical beings. You can’t perceive them in this dimension because the way our eyes see reality or the light spectrum. We only see 5% of the light. So these beings exist in a higher tone of frequency. Spiritual beings, they call the Angels. These angels dwell in various levels of the spiritual energy realm. And they are layered around the earth in different dimensions, 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions. And they protect it. so an angel is basically a guide, a guide to help you along your journey. They’re kind of; I like to refer to them as the overseer. They can interfere. They can create all types of environment to help you in you higher self, achieve things you want. All right? So they’re usually nine orders of angelic beings. One being the highest order and the first sphere, these are angels who serve as the counselors, I would like to take counselors, they’re the ones that always see things, so you got number one which is Seraphim to Cherubim and the Thrones. The second sphere would be the ones who govern. They’re the number four would be the Dominions, Virtues and Powers. So let’s break them down and you can see what rolls they play. So of course the highest order of the hierarchy is the Seraphim. These beings are said to really resonate high within the universe or about what we call God, the universe, okay? They’re the ones that regulate the movements of everything that operates within the universe. Then we have the Cherubim. They’re beyond the universal energy. Thrones, they’re the guardians of light and of the stars, okay? They can pop in and out of reality. Their light can touch your life. These are the ones that have divine light. They filter down from the universe, okay? Then you have the Thrones, the first order or the first sphere in the Thrones. They are the companion angels on the planet. So when I say companion angels on the planet, more like guardian angels, right? At this time it’s important for you to be aware of these particular beings. Because our universe exists in these different dimensions and these different spiritual beings and they all exist to help us, to guide us, right? And we move on to the Dominions, the dominions are the heavenly beings who govern the activities of all the angelic groups, lower than they are divine, they also serve to integrate spiritual and material worlds. So these beings are the ones that can help you get the material things in your life. They can open ways for you, doors, opportunities and they’re connected to your reality. The Dominions are more intertwined in your reality than the angels. The other angels can pop in and out and there are different dimensions and they exist and kind of orchestrate things that you see, when you look at the universe, you see how things work in order or things come around. It’s becausr of these processes that operate with these divine beings, okay? Then we have the Virtues. Beyond the powers of our… another beings are the Virtues. They are particularly important because they learn to work with the other angels, okay? They become an infusion of spiritual energy available on this planet. So the Virtues are the ones that give us that, we know, when you feel real high, real good, re3al positive, that love, that affection. That’s the virtues. They’re sending that energy down so that you can experience that. So these beings, they in fact exist and they have a purpose to orchestrate, to guide, to create, okay? We have also Archangels. Okay? Archangels are over lightning angels. They tend to get into the larger areas or arenas of human endeavor. They’re from a different family of angels. They have different kinds of duties, etc. and then we have the regular angels, the ones you are familiar with. They’re the ones closest to humanity as well. These are the ones concerned with your human affairs. Within this category of course different kinds. But the point here that I really want you to take away from this is just to have the awareness to realize that we exist in an infinite dimension of these different frequencies and these beings, they inhabit these higher levels of awareness and when you walk around in your daily life, you see things happening and many individuals have experienced angels helping them, saving them. We all see it and they do exist. And this is just another example, point for you to really think about, that what you see right now is not reality it’s frequency. You’re on this plane of energy and vibration and you have to become aware of this. And many of you are also known as light workers. Many of you have angelic DNA. Do you know what angelic DNA is? Angelic DNA is a part of you that has this consciousness that you were brought here to do great things. Some of us are brought here to be teachers, influencers. The great ideas, artists. These individuals, they can see things. Thy have high perceptions. They’re known as light workers. You may have that ability. You were kept asleep of this ability because of a driven point in your physical existence, known as your ego. When you got here you got amnesia. You were cut off and you didn’t realize who you were. Angels are here to remind you of that. They’re there to guide you on your part of experience. So you have to understand that all of this is an important component of how you understand the universe and how you can use this to help you and to help you to definitely make a big change in your life and to help you to create a marvelous reality. So what I really want you to do is think about that, about what I said. The dimensions of different energy, frequencies. You know these beings are very powerful beings, capable of anything you would like to achieve and it’s easy to interact. You just have to call on them. To call on them, just being aware that they’re there, and you use that heart. Your heart will connect to the angels. Your heart is the power that can access all these dimensions. Did you know that? Your heart. An electromagnetic wave is very, very powerful, ten, twenty, thirty one hundreds times more powerful than the mind, the subconscious. And these beings, they interact there. That’s how you get in contact with them. Remember, now these beings are eternal. What is eternal? Forever, infinite. You are eternal, infinite. You aware of that? Spiritually? So you’re here in a physical form because you have to experience something, to teach, to learn, but your true source, your true nature is a spiritual form. It’s known as your higher self that’s also part of an angel an angelic class. Your higher self exists outside of this dimension but it guides you along the way. So I Want you to just become aware of this information. Yet I want you now to just become aware of that. Wow, there’s really more to this universe. There’s really more to this world because now with the age of information and science, we’re tapping into new horizons and now we can see that when we observe things in our life, we’re just seeing tiny surface matter. Now imagine if you had the ability to tune and you see these dimensions. You can interact with these angels. You can actually see them. When you see them though, they’re an energy form. Sometimes angels can appear as physical form depending on the purpose to serve. But their true nature is light, very powerful energy, alright? If you look at them in a physical form, the powerful energy would blind you instantly, because your physical body or physical mind is incapable of processing. All that information will burn the cells in your eyes etc.,etc. so it just shows you how powerful these beings are and we exist. So you can use angels to help you. It’s very simple. All you have to do is become aware that they exist, acknowledge it in your heart. You communicate to them through the heart. Speak what you want through the heart. Ask for help. You don’t have to ask any special way. You can just speak what you feel. And they’re there to listen and they’re there to guide you, and they can awaken your true purpose, your gifts and abilities as light workers because we all came here. We all have gifts and abilities. You just have forgotten it. They’ll help you to tap into it today. So this is just to give you some new awareness and show you where you exist, how much information, how much power you have and the help that’s available to help you become a deliberate creator.

On the Difference between Observing and Thinking About Oneself J.

Krishnamurti ~ Official Channel

How do we tell the difference between observing ourselves in the sense you mean and merely thinking about ourselves? How do we tell the difference between observing ourselves in the sense you mean and merely thinking about ourselves? Right? Have you got the answer? Thinking about ourselves and observing ourselves. They are two different things according to this question. Thinking about oneself which we all do- I am making progress, I am better than yesterday, I have my problems which is thinking, I wish I had better food, better clothing, better housing, or I wish I had more sex – you follow? – money -thinking about oneself all the time which most of us do, even the austere monk, he does think about himself – right? Only in the name of God – right? And the questioner says, what is the difference between that – thinking about yourself -and observing yourself – right? Right, that is the question. Now we know what it means to think about ourselves – right? It is going round and round in circles. Either expanding the self, the ego, or contracting the ego – right? I am the world, I am God, I must be more kindly, I must love, I must be more intelligent, I must meditate to achieve whatever they want to achieve. So, we are all caught in that. And observing oneself is something entirely different – right. Then let’s find out what it means to observe. Do you understand the question? We are together in this? Come on, sirs! First of all, do we observe anything without the word? Do we observe the mountain and not call it a mountain? Do we observe the evening light on the cloud with its most extraordinary color, beauty, and something immense, can we look at those clouds and the mountain without using a single word? Can we do that? Do you understand my question? Don’t look so paralyzed. That is, can we look at anything objectively- the trees, nature, the waters, the sky and the evening star, and the silence of a morning, this extraordinary world we live in, the natural world -can we look at anything without a single word? And to find that out we have to find, go into the question of why the brain is caught in a network of words? Do you understand my question? Are we together in this? We are asking, can we look at anything including my wife, my husband, my daughter, the politicians, the various gurus and the priests, and all the circus that goes on in the name of religion, can we look at all that without reaction, first? Then find out if we can look at all of that without the network of words interfering with our observation. Can we do that? Have you ever tried that? When one looks at one’s wife or husband, can you look at her or him without all the images, all the things that you have accumulated about her or him, just to look? Can you? You are exceptionally silent when I talk about the husband and the wife and the girl and the boy. So, one has to find out why the brain is so caught up in words. When you say he is a communist or a totalitarian you have wiped it out, you have put him in a category, in a cage, and that is the end of it. Or he is British. Or he is French, or he is an Indian, or he is this or that. See what is happening to our brain. Linguistically the brain has been caught with words, not the significance and the depth of the word, but just the word. This requires careful watching is to observe. There was a balloon going up this morning, you must have all seen it, and you watched it going up and up and up very, very slowly. The gondola hanging and you saw the whole thing. Then you might say, ‘By Jove, I wish I were up there, or you say to yourself, ‘How dangerous’. And so on. We never look at anything without words, without reactions – look. Now you are all sitting there and you are unfortunately seeing the speaker. And you have already put him into a category. You already have an image of him. You already say he is this, he is that or he is some kind of idiot, or whatever you like to say about him. So, you never… He has forgotten to whisper! So, you never look at him as though for the first time. Do you understand? Have you ever done this kind of thing? Not just for a minute or an hour or a day, but the freshness of a mind, brain – you understand? -which is not caught in words, reactions, look at everything as though for the first time you are looking at the world. That observation is to watch oneself, never allowing a single thought to escape without watching it, being aware of it, and giving your whole attention to that one thought. And then another thought – keep at it. So that your brain is tremendously attentive. Do you understand? So that watching is not an egocentric movement. Whereas thinking about yourself is egotistic, self-centered activity. It is clear, isn’t it? Now, just a minute. How do we move from this to that? Right? You are asking naturally; you must ask that question. Or am I asking the question and you are accepting it? Do you understand? Suppose one is self-centered, I am self-centered, egocentric, all my outlook is personal- I am not loved, I must love -you know, all that kind of turmoil, silliness that goes on. I am that, one is that. Then how am I… how is it to move to the other? Right? You are asking that question, aren’t you? Is that the right question? Moving from here to there. That is a wrong question. Because if you move from here to that, that is the same as disavows aver comprise? Move! Do you understand this? If I say I am selfish, now I must not be selfish, I must observe. The ‘must’ is still in the same category or the same movement as thinking about oneself. Right? Are we together in all this? Some of us are I hope at least. So, the question then is answered, not the answer is outside the question, but the answer is in the question. Right? That is observing the question itself, and what it reveals. It reveals a tremendous lot. Because, you see, observing, if I can put it differently, observing, perceiving has no time. The other is caught in time, thinking about myself, I will fulfill one day, I have no roots now, but I am going to establish roots sometime, I have no identity – you follow? All those are time-binding qualities. Time-binding quality is essentially the self. I don’t know if you want to go into all that. I am finding all this as I talk- right? Whereas watching, if you watch that bird, there is no time in that at all, just watching – right? So, the word and thought create time. I won’t go into all that. Got it?

Are You in the Tribe of the Awakened? Shunyamurti

Sat Yoga Institute

In older cultures, the ego was considered the larval stage of consciousness. It was based on the name given in infancy, and there were rites of passage in those traditional tribal cultures, sometimes of great difficulty, ordeals in which the infantile consciousness known as the ego would be killed, so that the adult self could be born. And in the tribal cultures, there were rites of passage for the women into the women’s mysteries, that could include childbirth and the other aspects of life of the divine feminine and male mysteries, that involve warriorship and Kingship and opening into that level of androgynous being in which the male would surrender to the grace and the love of the female and for the women the same equivalent mysteries so that each being became transgendered each being was capable of those shamanic wisdoms that come from the sacrifice of the identification with the body and the limitations of the choice that, one must make between maleness and femaleness and in the overcoming of that difference, true love that is not based on desire but based on unity, based on the realization that we are consciousness, not matter enabled a unification of an energy field of the entire tribe and the entire ecosystem of nature, which is its habitat and with the entire noaa sphere of planetary wisdom, that is accessible to those beings who have transcended the limited consciousness. And then there were other rites of passage into the final levels of ultimate reality in which one would have to pass through the fear of death completely, to know that infinite timeless presence and be able to function as a medium of that power, to guide the tribe through the various tribulations that it might have to face. And now we are at a moment in the history of this planet when our planetary tribe is facing unprecedented tribulations and it does not even know it is a tribe because it is divided up into warring nations and within each nation, there are other wars and within each family, there are wars and within each ego, there are wars. And peace can only come through the sacrifice of the ego that is built for war, that has weaponized its own intelligence, that has hidden away its capacity for love because love is weakness in the midst of war, at least it is perceived as that and so we have lost access to the heart. We have lost access to that unity. And nature itself reflects our own venomous consciousness, and until we have turned this venom into medicine, until we have turned our capacity for anger and the desire for domination and territoriality, until we have incinerated all of that into the fire of sacrificial love we shall not receive the wisdom or the power to be able to survive these tribulations and survive them not merely bodily, but as beings of pure spirit with the capacity to redream the world, out of the fullness of the power of the creative imagination, with which God has created this Universe and in this microcosm of a Planet, in which it is our responsibility to carry on that creation, but a creation that can only be carried on if we are willing to make the sacrifice of the ego that is the cause of all the suffering and each one must do that. Each one must do that for its ego must make the sacrifice to be reborn, in that deathless eternal consciousness that can alone bring restoration to beauty of love and life itself, to this sacred planet and the responsibility is on each of us to make that sacrifice now, not at some future time. Now is the moment of the urgency, the urgency of the Divinization of our consciousness, and it is this alone that brings the settling of our own Karma, of our own suffering, and that therefore frees others from suffering. Because there is a morphogenetic effect such that when anyone becomes liberated from Karma it creates a quantum wave function, that is transmissible, replicable. So that each being finds it easier and easier to make the same shift of their locus of consciousness from the ego to the real self and to abide in unshakable unity that is free of desire and free of fear. In the silence of pure presence even now at this very moment, even if the sacrifice has not been fully made, the truth is that all are always already liberated within. You can feel that power, that grace in your heart. You know it, you may know it as a yearning, a calling a fleeting glimpse, a vision, a hope, a prayer, but you know it, because it is the core of each and every one of us. In our eternal being that preceded the birth of the body and will exist beyond its death. It is this rite of passage that everyone on the Planet is now going through and will continue to go through as the suffering augments, until the metamorphosis has been completed, through the voluntary surrender to that supreme presence. It is not that God is out there somewhere as the religions preach, but that the consciousness of the Cosmos as a whole and of each being as a microcosm of that is itself a manifestation of the one supreme intelligence. You are that. But the I who can say that, and know that, and feel that, and resonate with that Supreme Presence is not the I that thinks but the I that is the pure presence of the witness of thought, that never moves from its Eternal Stillness, and never identifies with any separate unit of being, but with being itself in its fullness and it is this self that has no fear, and no desire, and no needs, that is unshakable, immovable and that has the courage to act in the ways that are necessary, to bring back the spiritual nobility of our species, to earn the right to continue the creation for another cycle of time and for those who are ready to earn the right of Spiritual, Royalty to graduate from this school, that is the earth plane and move into that level of consciousness, that no longer requires a bodily manifestation, in order to learn what is necessary, for this next level of functioning in the divine cosmic order. And so, within the consciousness of each being, there is now a contest of wills between the ego and the self because the ego will rebel and refuse to surrender, to be still, to open its heart to Love, to accept everything as it comes without defensiveness and to remain in that perfect faith in the goodness and the perfection of that power who ordains all that appears, all that we must pass through, and that can withstand the disappearance of all that is unreal because one has attained the absolute.

why the world is dying 7 reasons death of principle of law/ necessary to insure freedom. Anarchy will only work if we internalize the law. Law should be imbedded in culture but it has been lost. The more it was formalized the morte the ego cleaver enough to /it got lost by the families to make sure laws were needed.

Sat Yoga Institute

The Right Way to Chant AUM Sadhguru

Here is an example of working for the Jesuits by making the act of just silent meditation to communicate with spirit something to take great care in doing it right, just the opposite of the need as mentioned by Krishnamurti about bringing the body into observations in the conscious state. And that is why Shunyamurti gives the next video trying to overcome these requirements. Remember, our ability to manifest along with our knowledge of the truth is the key to their demise. And bad Karma.

how to penetrate exification of Spiritual Theory ~ Shunyamurti’s Satsang

Feel the energy of life Shunyamurti

Can you feel the energy of life flowing through your organism? Do you allow the energy of life to fully flow through every cell of the organism? Are you conscious of what the energy of a life feels like? Are you in direct contact with the power of life that keeps your body alive, healthy and functioning at optimal capacity? Or do you block the flow? Do you limit it? Do you repress it? Do you have fear of too much life? Do you allow yourself to be bathed in the life energy? Do you know the source of life energy? To know the life energy fully, requires that you have attained a position in consciousness that contains the life energy that your power of presence allows the full flow of infinite eternal life through itself. But that which witnesses life is that which the ego fears as death. And so to be fully alive is to unify the power of life with the power of death, to realize they are one. And can you feel the power of eternal life in that dimension that is deeper within than the physical organism? Can you feel the power of life as it emerges from your pure source of being? And do you enter that source that is our Supreme Being and allow your awareness to be saturated with the energy of infinite immortal life? This energy of life in its pure form of divine light carried by presence is itself blissful and the power of life is the same power that we call love. We call it love when it enters into the organism and is transmuted outwards and it touches those forms, presences that make up the world of experience and whatever that energy of life touches directly is felt as a relation of love. But when there is fear of life, fear of too much energy whether emitted from within or received from without, then there is contraction and defense against the stimulation of life and love and the fear that it will become desire and that that would lead to an acting out of impulses of the ego that since childhood have been starved of love and life that was not received from the other, and because that starved sense of a self that was made to feel unworthy of love and life. Those defenses against life create the sense of shame. The ego loves the sense of shame. Because only the feeling of shame is strong enough to cover over and repress the power of infinite life. When there is no fear of life, when life has been allowed to overwhelm and dissolve the ego structures, then shame and all its derivatives of guilt, frustration, anger, envy, the whole cascade of dominoes of egoic negative emotive states and affects falls away. And what remains is simply the blissful being that is eternal life itself, which is all that we are. It is what we are whether embodied or disembodied. And that realization of the divine blissful luminous power that is life and love needs nothing, wants nothing, fears nothing but shines with absolute independence, absolute power, absolute authority and sovereignty because that power is primary and the world is simply a secondary field in which the projection of that energy takes form as a world that reflects back to the source, its true nature. It is when we have lost out understanding that the self is the source of life and love and that it has no lack nor could there be anything it could gain that is not already, that the power of true equanimity and peace and love emanates without distortion or contamination by any subtle egoic manipulations or desire for a power that it does not know that it already has. It is in that realization of the bliss of being that life itself morphs into the field of beauty and goodness and joy that emerge as the perfect reflection of its own properties of intelligence, of creative power and the absolute openness to share in the realization of the oneness of that Supreme Power that you are, manifesting equally through every being. This one power of infinite life, infinite presence without barriers, without boundary, without alienation and with the full appreciation of the perfection, the divinity and the eternal goodness of each being regardless of how that may have been covered over by egoic fears and structures of defense enable that Supreme Power to reach everywhere without obstruction. Light sees only light when there is no darkness being projected none will be perceived and the power of light is inherently victorious over the illusion of darkness once the unification of the transcendent presence in which life is carried into the field of being by that Supreme Power that is the death of death, the death of fear, the death of temporality of change because perception emerges from the changeless immortal being of pure life. Then that principle of life creates a divine order that established peace and harmony at every level of world, of mind, of being. And be cause the Supreme Power that rules the divine order is silent timeless presence. There is no need for thought. There is no need for language; there is no need to interrupt the space in which all is included as a single whole. And in the space of silence the recognition of perfection is established as the nature of our being here and now and always. The duty of sat yogi is simply to sustain the flow of life and love without contamination by an ego fragment that remains in fear of too much energy, too much power, too much light, too much greatness, too much beauty and to allow all of that to be free and to abide as the source that is the infinite self that we all share as a single whole and of which we are all manifest forms. May we learn to care properly for this infinite power we have been given and learn to use it for the healing of the world through the wisdom and the receptivity to the potency of that power by living in a state of surrender to that one source which we never leave, never forget, never disconnect from and always realize we are that


[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition]

death of ego

A reminder of the objectives of the Tarot card readers work in providing the informative link between us and our spirit guides and angels. I recommend viewing them to have a discernment of their veracity. Remember their accuracy is impeded by the fact they read the energy of all watching at the time. If more accuracy is desired many of them provide private one on one reading.

Things you are processing and going through are starting to show up in your reality
See the work you have to do to shed what you have to shed. Making a choice to be more in control of emotions. OR a choice is coming up that will require to be not so logical. You can handle what comes your way juggle the things that matter to you. Pick your battles focus on right stuff. What is worth getting upset about and what is not. Soul mate connection and return to innocence
Oracle cards: guidance: all tied up all 10’s things wrapping up. A situation in your life where things seem to be severely stuck. A major drama may be growing on or around you or going on around you stopping you from moving forward or it may be that some technicalities are blocking your way perhaps you’re waiting for a contract to be signed or an
agreement to be made. Whatever it is that’s holding things up the restrictions may be feeling quite oppressive at this time. If this isn’t technically the case for you, what’s tying you up is your own personal stuff. Look at your life and see how you can be your own jailer. Are you tying yourself up in some emotional angst or in a negative habit that you refuse to deal with? If so, its time to cut the vines and make some serious changes now. You needen’t live in your self-imposed jail any longer.
Affirmation::: I release stuck energy, old habits, and restrictions, my life is opening up. I am free to choose my reality. Do what it takes to over come 10 of swords
Wisdom of the oracle: guidance change in the wind and truth be told. The essential meanings are a sense that unseen change has been initiated, preparation for storm, awareness that your plans are not on firm ground feeling a shift and uncertainty about which direction the wind will blow. It’s human nature to yearn for certainty and to resist change to want the world to remain consistent like a zebra’s stripes yet no
Will anything remain static; the one thing guaranteed is change. Now as a time of transformation as outer conditions are temporarily moving out of sync with your desires and expectations stay the course and remember that even storms serve to clear the air, scatter seeds and nourish the soil for better things ahead. Life is about to get interesting. Anticipate with curiosity as you wonder what is coming in on the shifting winds. The unknown is where the magic lies.

Truth be told: so the essential meanings are honesty accepting things at face value coming out of denial, the willingness to be transparent and clarity of communication. This oracles message says there is the truth which is the essence of a thing and then there is a truth, the subjective according to the philosophy of the adherent or the believer. So the literal truth v the personal truth. This is not a time for debate about which truth is true. This is a time where you are being called to proclaim your truth out loud and be willing to be transparent and honest and open in your communication with others and with yourself. Nothing less than surrender to what is, peeling off the layers of denial that kept you tied up to an illusion will set you free. Be authentic and gloriously flawed my babies. Hell yes.
And spirit will answer with miracles let your freak flag fly.

Guru uncontrollable impulses for lower chakra anxiety of mind. Destructive emotional tendencies.

Gautama Buddha’s Secret Journey & The 7 Obstacles to Becoming a Magus

~ A Shunyamurti Seminar

One is identification, a tendency on the mind to want to know who you are. On the level of having a self image. The first of which comes from parents. The original states the ego uses in order to understand how to relate to others I this world. That it thinks it has been born into as a human person. So the tendency to identify with those who are most successful and most popular will become one’s way of trying to grow out of the original ID’s which trap one into a very small world, frame of reference that was entirely devoted to getting the approval of the parents, but if you need to get the approval of other people in your social group you are also going to have a very limited sense of self-ID. Anytime you are trying to fit in anywhere you’re going to be giving up who you are. For who you think others want you to be in order to be able to get along. So the tendency to ID in order to feel like you’re accepted and safe in a situation will alienate you ever further form your true nature. You can also get the rebellious ID. I’m going to be the opposite of those people. But you still end up Idling as the opposite and still be stuck in a limited frame of reference in which you can only act in the self-image. A thought beyond that would de-personalize you. Which people are afraid of to much information and they can crack the ID and if they don’t know who they are beyond the ID, they can go into a psychotic breakdown.

Two is the tendency to be too conscious / you realize that whatever self-image or self-concept you have is not you and you will constantly be out of sync with yourself. You won’t know what you want or who you are and there will either be a constant attempt to create an ID or there will be a sense of being swamped. By all the fantasies that our subconscious and all the collective projections on that you won’t be able to be immune from because you’re in a state of lack of a real ID, a true understanding of self.

Then the 3rd problem is censoring of information that would lead to more consciousness so we actually install an agency within the EGO that tunes out information that we don’t want to hear. Some of you may be tuning what I am saying because it’s not something your ego wants to know. The ego has to have layers of self-deception in order to get away with not growing and not changing and holding on to certain belief systems and certain other people who give you feedback that gives you an enjoyable self-image. That’s why people love being grandmothers and philanthropists because I will get a positive gaze. So the ego’s need for approval is a life or death matter. If the person you depended on for validification dies or changes their attitude, that’s critical. A death of a loved one or divorce sends people to therapy. Only child leaving. Who really didn’t love you any way? The tragedy occurs.

You have to get a fix on good self image because you can’t produce that goodness internally.

The 4th is heterostasis which is sometimes called homeostasis. But actually after Jill de Luz and what we’ve been talking about as the repetition of difference we need to understand that what the ego does to deceive itself is to repeat the same pattern as it did before to get the same kind of gazes and the same kind of results but in a slightly different way so it doesn’t realize that it’s just repeating itself. Differences but underlying theme of life keep on repeating and what ends up falling into a very similar hole all the time but maybe in a better neighborhood. Will have same ending of remorse, regret, or disappointment. Because it’s impermanent. You are dependent on something that won’t always be there for your stability. If you don’t build your life on stability not on sand that erodes no happy future and no insurance. The only real insurance comes from Buddha hood have to build your life like that. Not easy.

Number 5 is the greater more global problem of incoherence. You can’t think clearly, you literally lose your ability to think clearly. You don’t have enough information, you censor information that would contradict your preconceptions and belief systems and you have so much investment in the emotional need for approval and passion of the enactment of some reliability that will give a cheap thrill that you cannot think coherently about the true nature of the situation that you’re in and that incoherence leads to glitches. It leads to not being present; it will lead to forgetfulness and ALZ eventually. Creates inability to function. All of this is based on no. 6 which is dualistic perception. Which is at the root of the whole problem that you have divided the world into subjects and objects. So long as you do that you cannot get out of the trap. All of these obstacles because they are interdependent. Codependent arrizings. You will not be able to escape from the continuing of the repetitious cycle in which no matter what you do to ameliorate your situation you will find yourself still as an entity that is dependent on the other that cannot trust or love the other or even know the other as they really are because of your own incoherence and tendency to unconsciously project. Ultimately all of that NO. 7 is based on the simple principle of reification. Ray = rest, rest publica, the public thing it’s a thing. It’s to turn reality into things. To turn yourself into a thing, an entity again. So it comes back to that one basic flaw in consciousness. If you can undo that one flaw of reification you’re free. All the rest of them will dissolve. You don’t have to work your way through all seven. All you have to do is get rid of the tendency to reify, but try it. It’s not so easy. But it can be done. It is literally a paradigm and once you’ve broken through into a paradigm shift out of reification into the recognition that whatever you’re seeing as objects are your projections of a fantasy and your recognition that that fantasy is not good for you and is not reality and that you have the ability to transcend it and that’s where the MAGIC is, then you’ll be able to achieve freedom and Buddha hood.

Q and A


home within self illusion a teacher will come surrender and accept gifts
to harness energies / fear not Shiva [To All Who Listen to Shunyamurti’s Teachings: Thank you all for your serious consideration of these ideas, which are intended to help you live a more coherent, peaceful, creative, compassionate, and productive life, and to be of service to the welfare of our world. We understand that our approach to existential concerns is not for everyone. We honor your right to disagree with these ideas and to stop listening if you do not like them. We gladly post comments with disagreements, if they are stated in a positive and mature manner, that allows civilized discourse about your own contrary ideas, and which may spark further useful and profound thought about the important issues that the teachings raise. If there are sincere questions about the teachings, or misunderstandings that can be clarified, Shunyamurti is always ready and willing to respond with helpful elaborations and even to cite texts and other authors whose writings may be of assistance to serious seekers. But comments that are simply angry and insulting, immature and unreasonable, will be removed because they undermine the educational and inspirational purpose of this project. Those who have questions that are more personal should write us in a private email and one of the teachers in our wisdom school will respond in the same way, or if the question is a very subtle or difficult one and requires a response from Shunyamurti, we will forward it to him on your behalf, and when he can, he will respond personally. By the way, we want to clarify that these teachings are new, they are not simply a repetition of old traditional teachings, but integrate current thought in the sciences, psychology, cultural studies, and philosophy. Shunyamurti speaks from his own realizations and deep clinical experience as a healer.

Planetary Collapse is a growth Opportunity –Shunyamurti teacher

Planetary Collapse is a growth Opportunity – Shunyamurti teacher

We are in a time of as you all know very accelerated change of a radical kind and unprecedented collapse of civilization, destruction that’s happening already at the ecological level in the form of massive die-offs and literally the death of the ocean and the soils so many species every day are becoming extinct. We all know that and I won’t belabor that part of the reality that we’re in because I’m sure all of you are here in part because you know that all too well and you know that we are at the brink of the collapse of the global financial system and the collapse of many nations, and political systems, and very likely on the brink of a global thermonuclear war, so I don’t think any of that comes surprising news to anyone, question is, what is it that we can do about the situation, what is the most rational way to respond and so if we look at the situation and what is its actual root cause rather than the symptoms. The symptoms can be spoken about forever without accomplishing any real change, which is the result of most of the political revolutions that have happened in the past they haven’t really improved life they’ve ended up with even worse situations than the ones they were intended to improve and what we see at this moment is that there is no glue that is holding civilization together at any level, not only there is there no glue, but there seemed to be forces that are tearing apart societies, ripping them, exploding them, apart from within and not only societies at large, but at every level down to the microcosm of the individual ego, but how often do couples stay together or nuclear families and if they are together in a formal sense are they really together in some unity that is meaningful and joyful, and creative or is there a Cold War at every level between individuals and within each individual. And anyone who has practiced psychotherapy in psychoanalysis and other forms of healing as I have for many years has seen that the nature of the internal conflicts of every individual and growing more severe, there’s more fragmentation, there is more rigidity, there’s more addiction, there’s more anxiety, there’s more depression, more suicidality, and the world is certainly in the Western world, there’s an opioid crisis, there is drug use to try to avoid the unbearable pain and suffering that every soulless carrying. We’re living in a world where almost every soul is wounded and the types of healing that we have developed do not work very well and the drugs that people are often given when talk therapy fails simply create either a Band-Aid or a worse kind of addiction or other sorts of side effects but do not create growth and transformation that is required and because of all of this increasing and accelerating exponentially the amount of paranoia and distrust that everyone has the cynicism is also growing. So not only is the structure of the ego becoming more malignant and fragmented and dissociated internally in conflict but the ways that we present ourselves in what we project onto the world are very negative projections that can bring about self-fulfilling prophecies and cause us to refuse help even when help is available to be able to bring about some kind of positive change and the ability to discern what is actually helpful and what isn’t is also being lost. So if we note that the situation is getting worse and it’s not permanent and things are happening emergent properties of the situation are erupting unprecedented and often cataclysmic changes are happening. Then we understand that some kind of action has to be taken quickly, but it has to be an action that is effective and the only kind of effective action would be an internal shift of our consciousness because of the level of consciousness at which we are functioning now as egos are inadequate to the challenges of the situation we face. Once we understand that our egos are not some product of nature or of evolution but their product of the devolution of culture, their cultural artifacts and we did not always have the kind of legal structures that we operate from them take for granted today, nor will we have such in the future, and this particular kind of postmodern ego structure, I would say is the root cause of the problem. We must free ourselves from the identification with that ego because what it does is sensor out the full potentialities of our intelligence and it restricts our capacity to love and to accept love because of the fear of vulnerability and fear of being hurt again. And so, although the ego desires power it cannot get the power at once unless it increases its intelligence and can therefore process information turn the information into knowledge that is accurate the knowledge into wisdom and the wisdom then can be transformed into power, but we cannot go through that chain of transformation because the ego itself is blocked and its own preconceptions its own pathogenic beliefs cause it to misperceive information and put it into inaccurate frames of reference that do not correspond to reality as it is, but two of their own projections of reality and thus their efforts become futile and self-sabotaging and self-destructive and so we see many seemingly intelligent people crashing and burning all around us, we see many alternative communities many beautiful eco-villages dying, they’re not dying for lack of information about how to raise food or to build appropriate architecture and all of that, no! They’re falling apart because of interpersonal conflicts, power struggles, divorces, breakups of partnerships, the inability of people to remain consistent and focused or falling into addiction and falling into lower types of acting out anger outbursts that can’t be controlled or promiscuity or greed or some other inaccurate and irrational forms of behavior that the impulses to which cannot be controlled by the ego itself. The ego is not master over his own mind its own thoughts its own emotions its own drives and so until we become masters of that the ego will remain under the delusion that it has free will, but it has no freedom at all, it has the freedom to try to get what it wants, but it cannot change what it wants to want. And this is the key because everyone reaches a point in their life where they wish that they wanted something else but they can’t change the course of the trajectory of the ego. People who are addicted and want to stop taking drugs or stop smoking or drinking too much or whatever and they can’t stop the drive is too powerful and it overcomes the power of the intelligence in the will. So the real question is how do we raise our intelligence level and integrate that with willpower to be able to overcome regressive tendencies that bring us into very primitive states of consciousness in which we do things that we later regret, but without reaching a higher level of consciousness that is sustainable than none of the things that the ego creates or enters into or joins will be sustainable either. So we do need to create sustainable communities as the culture out there collapses and there’s no time to waste in doing it, but the types of skills that we need in order to succeed in these are not simply the external skills of food raising, etc. that are part of the normal permaculture curriculum, and even though permaculture does give lip service and I’ve had these arguments and discussions with Scott over a number of years when he has been here and we’ve had the joy of his company at this community, but the permaculture theory we will talk about the social levels, But how do we actually develop the living social skills to mediate disputes to remain calm under pressure to remain capable of having compassion and overcoming any drives of frustration or despair or anger. How do we remain able to function in a way that we can connect and bring about harmony when this harmony threatens to divide a community and create schisms that cannot be healed? How can we help people to heal from their symptoms? People come wounded and suffering, and with tendencies within them that they can’t control that will create all forms of behavior that will produce problems for the community, there are people who just can’t be friendly, they can’t act in cheerful ways or their tendencies of fight or flight will create other kinds of messes in the community that will interfere with its harmonious functioning. How do we overcome all that? Well, we need to find a psycho technology that will enable us to function at a higher level than the ego and overcome the ego regressive tendencies, in traditional psychology this was referred to as the soul level of consciousness, okay, I don’t use soul in any dogmatic religious sense, but it’s a much more integrated and unified level, above the soul I would use the term Atman which is the one that comes from the Vedic culture and yoga psychology and as many of you may know yoga is the most ancient science of consciousness in the modern West we have sciences developed about everything regarding the objective physical world, but the study of consciousness is still in a very infantile state and psychology has only very recently moved out of a behavioral frame of reference, but it shifted 1° into a level of cognitive psychology that the mainstream uses, but the cognitive level only deals with the superficial conscious level. Psychoanalysis shows we have a subconscious that’s very active and that can override the conscious mind and create hysteria and obsession and all that, that your cognitive capacities to reason will not be able to overcome. We also know, thanks to transpersonal psychology and some of the pioneers like Carl Young and others that we do have a super-conscious and of course, all of the spiritual traditions the mystics and the sages of all traditions have pointed to the necessity of reaching that level, But in the West, we don’t have any psycho technology aimed that we don’t have an educational system that recognizes it and we don’t have methodologies in place to teach people that adulthood requires the transcendence of the ego to live at those higher levels. That’s what the rite of passage was about in the so-called primitive cultures that were much further ahead of the West in these important ways because that’s what enabled the glue of the tribe to hold together in times of adversity. Our tribes are not able to hold together, and it’s all too easy to split apart because we don’t have that glue and so going back to what is that glue, for us it is Prema. Prema is the ancient Sanskrit word for love but it’s not romantic love and it’s not possessive love and it’s not infatuation or possessiveness or any of the things that go under the four-letter word love for the ego, it’s divine love, The love that only the soul or the spirit is capable of love for the sacredness of life of the earth of being, but until we have encountered our own real being our own essence, we will not be able to reach that place within our hearts, from which real love can emanate and so instead we only offer conditional love and when those conditions are violated, the heart closes down in the love turns the hate and so you can’t hold the community together based on conditional love. It has to be based on a love that transcends individual likes and dislikes and desires and favoritism, and situational factors to be able to be even capable of living off with as an advocate and an emissary and model of such love require the transcendence of ego consciousness to a higher state in which we can recognize the unity of the multiplicity in which we dwell if we do not recognize that all of us in our individual consciousness share the same root of one unified consciousness in the same way that physics has demonstrated that we are all part of the unified field and that unified field has consciousness and its most fundamental level, the world is conscious, it develops out of the movements of them with quantum wave functions that are the movement of consciousness. Consciousness is there, at the very root, but the ego actually filters out our awareness of that level of unitive intelligence and consciousness and creates little bubbles of foam on the waves and forgets entirely about the ocean that we are part of. So until we can break through that narcissistic bubble of individual consciousness and recognize the waves were riding on in the ocean we all dwell in, we won’t be able to unify our hearts and create a community that can survive through the kind of adversities that the world is going to be presenting us with.

The Simulation is Now Being Adjusted

Shunyamurti Teaching

When one is initiated into the school of satya yogais the vow of Santosha CONTENTMENT. It may seem to be a very easy vow to keep.but it’s probably the most difficult.

To completely and unconditionally accept the hand that you have been dealt. To completely accept whatever your karma has been and will be. And accept your relationship to god. In whatever way god decides that that should unfold. To accept life and death unconditionally without fear. Without wanting more. Without running away. And if one keeps that vow of santosha that becomes the basis of receiving grace (in Sanskrit 3 words are grace= shaktipat, anugraha, and Prasad) each form of grace has 2 levels. Shaktipat can be the receiving of Shakti, and also the grace of being the transceiver / one who can transmit the Shakti. The power of god for divine grace. Awakening, for attaining purity. Can be momentary or continuous as a current into which one has been plugged in and is moving in accord with that energy of divine grace that then determines the future, behavior, thoughts , words actions, feelings, attitudes that all become filled with the power , the information, the wisdom.\, the energy of god rather than of an ego.

The anugraha which is a more subtle form of grace where god performs a kind of chiropractic adjustment of the relationship of all the chakras so that the Kundalini energy can rise and flow and open at the crown chakra. And so that a kink in one’s karmic panorama can be removed. It’s what I would refer to as a simulation, an adjustment. the anugraha will adjust the situation and the karma such that something that had been bothering you disappears. It no longer created irritation. An insight into this true significance is given so there can be a release of tension of conflict, of duality then the world is different and this can be of a minor sort of adjustment or major. In which a window of opportunity opens for a life change of a kind that was unimaginable. And if one has the courage to go through that then life becomes miraculous.

There is 2 levels in which one can offer that kind of adjustment through an understanding of a certain inaccuracy that by being straightened out permits the flow of the shaktipat for another

The grace of Prasad also has 2 levels. is the ultimate form of grace. Because this can bring about the termination of the simulation. Prasad at the phenomenal level is spoken of as food, fresh fruits that you would give to a human guru but really we are talking about giving yourself to god. Becoming god’s Prasad, being eaten by god. Completely consumed and devoured so that you are within the divine light and bliss if god. The simulations affects are finished. And the Prasad can come in the second way in a more minor way as a gift of god. Prasad from god in the form of a download of wisdom, of acity , of some power of yoga that can enable a certain kind of achievement that will bring a possibility for redemption for souls who otherwise would not be able to make a leap from the ego to the real. But it is in that final Prasad in which you become the Prasad of god because your CONTENTMENT has made you so beautiful, so fresh, so free of the taint of suffering that your vibrational frequency is so in resonance with god that you suddenly will feel the settling in to your body and your mind and your heart of an overwhelming power of the presence of god that completely takes over. And becomes yourself.

This is very much regarded in the Indian mythology very often as a decapitation such as happened to Ganesha, son of Shiva who Shiva decapitated and gave a new head of an elephant. But that can happen as a result of a negative karma that has been completely overcome Sutapa of remorse and the tapas of penance of completely surrendering one’s heart and mind and life to god. And then one will receive that transformation in which the mind of god becomes an absolute unison and no different from what had seemed to be a separate consciousness.

Awakening from the Ego Illusion is Urgent

Shunyamurti Teaching

A Satsang is a gathering of spiritual revolutionaries and the revolution that is required in order to be adequate to the challenges of this historic moment within the LILA the divine play of consciousness, the dance between Shiva and Shakti is a level of consciousness that lies on the other side of EGO DEATH and so the spiritual revolutionary is one who has gone through that right of passage or at least aspires to and is diligently removing all the obstacles to that realization that comes after the event of the transcendence of the ego. Because the ego is a finitization of consciousness, a limitation of intelligence, and of the power of love that creates a psychology ruled by paranoia, by lust. Greed. Attachment, fear and the anxiety that comes from realizing that one is in a false consciousness. That lacks being. And a second fear that comes from the lack of courage to enter into the true being of the infinite self. The revolutionary is one who has the courage to leap into the unknown and the unknowable self, to die to the known, to the body identification and to the mind that is limited to the signifiers of the ego’s own petty habitat of subservience to a super ego or set of super ego images in the mind. A set of fantasies that are substitutes for transcendence of limitation that create more poisonous contamination of the soul and a set of defenses that compensate for one’s lack of power to live in truth by projecting out one’s own lack, one’s own failures, one;s own inadequacies onto the other and living in a lack of love and a lack of recognition of the narture of this reality that we are co-creating. And thus the ego rather than being a conscious co-creator of a reality that could be infinitely beautiful becomes a victim of ts own falseness projected out as a world of oppression, a world of deception, a world of conflict and violence, a world of meaninglessness, godlessness and the ugliness that results from the accumulation of the bad karma that one creates through one’s bad faith and disconnection from one’s true essence that shows up in the form of every kind of suffering. And in order to buffer this suffering, the ego adds layers of denial and layers of ignorance of the effect that it has upon others and of its own faithlessness to that one power that could bring salvation from its own suffering. And from the suffering that is part of the functioning of every ego. And the deeper level of the pain that we all carry in our hearts if we are still in the ego mode of consciousness is that we all know better. We all know even below those layers of denial the power of truth and of love. The fact that the world is a dream and we are its dreamer. And we understand that the intelligent presence that we have been indoctrinated into, rejecting and denying whether in the name of god, Buddha, Dao, or Allah or any of the other names for the nameless, formless infinite self. We all know that without re-connection to that source of power we are every day losing more and more of our coherence, our will power, and our capacity even to open our hearts to receive love, let alone to transmit it. And each of us is a witness to the devolving state of a collapsing world in which the egos on a collective level are acting with evermore stupidity, irreverence, denial of the urgency of the situation, the enormity of the damage the horrors that are the effect of the malfeasance of humanity in relation to nature and to one another. And all of the burden of those wrong actions creates evermore of a crushing sense of helplessness and hopelessness in a world that is dying and that we do not know even whether we should attempt to save it or take it out of its miserey as soon as possible or dare to recognize our power to redream it. And so in A Satsang we come together to gather our understanding and the power that can make a spiritual revolution a reality that can bring the world back to its original god given pristine state of ecological and psychological perfection, beauty and interlocking nodes of intelligence that are mutually supporting and life enhancing. But we know to accomplish this aim, the ego level of consciousness must be superseded by a level of consciousness that is resonant with the true source of life, the power of ordaining the trajectory of our destiny and with the creative imagination to bring about what the ego mind with its obsession with laws of nature based upon the theories that human science has come up with fails to accept can be overcome through a mind that has delivered those laws, but is not subject to them. And it is only when we are in resonance with that mind that has the legitimate authority and the capacity to override the habits of consciousness whether they have been installed within the natural world or the mind of humans or the tendencies of fate to take certain turns.this power of creative consciousness when it emerges from the source without contamination or loss of coherence, or love, or light has the capacity to decollapse the quantum wave functions that make up the quantum unified field at a cosmic level of manifestation and bring about change that could not come from ordinary efforts from within the field that has not yet been morphogenetically altered by that high intelligence. But once that intelligence has been awakened and illumined and empowered and liberated from the limitations of ego identification then there is no longer any barrier of impossibility. And it is the willingness to stake one’s life on that option through a very rational and empirical experimentation with one’s consciousness that can confirm all of this, leads to the opening of a window of possibility that cannot be perceived by the mind that rejects its own infinite nature

Soul Awakening & Spiritual Transcendence with Sean Stone

Buzzsaw: Santos Bonacci

Return to the Natural State of Luminous Blissful Intelligence

Shunyamurti Teaching

The sat yogi’s one task is to abide in silence, the silence of the presence of the supreme and through the silence to erase all traces of the ‘Sankara’s’ of the ego. Today it is common to speak of being in altered states, but it is the ego that is the altered state and the sat yogi is one who returns to the original state. The egoless presence of the oneself, it is through this simple refusal to enter into that low vibrational frequency in which thoughts are produced, thoughts that are based upon an identification with body and therefore are produced as efforts to satisfy desire and to free from fear and yet which through their production produced states in which there are fearful objects and objects of desire both internally within the mind itself as subtle objects of fantasy and which are provoked to appear externally and often the same object will be an object of desire and fear, and thus the ego as an altered state cannot comprehend reality as it is, but can only project its own fantasies and believe in those, which include fantasies about its own, self-image, self-concept, none of which have any relationship to the real and therefore the ego’s habitat is referred to as ‘Maya’ illusion and this illusion produces karma, which produces suffering, which produces a world at war, a world with every kind of degradation perversion and forms of suffering that her attendant upon lower chakra consciousness, that is considered the norm and yet it is this normality that is the cause of the destruction of our world, to bring about a world in which happiness is possible again in which love is possible, in which truth can be victorious over the lie and justice over injustice and oppression and purity over impurity. The vibrational frequency of the NOAA sphere, the collective consciousness of the planet must again be raised to that level in which all of those forms that are able to receive the consciousness of Gaia are able to attune to a vibrational frequency that brings peace that brings the realization of unity and of an undivided consciousness in which the full potentiality of our capacity to know and to feel are always resonating with the supreme reality, that is the creative power that has brought this cosmos into being. To abide in that state in which we not only are receptive to the higher state of consciousness, but in which that state and its energies emanate from us as individual nodes of that consciousness requires the elimination of the interference pattern produced by the ego, because the ego can only emit signals of distress, trauma, aggression, and all of the other perversions of love of being that produce an ongoing re-traumatization and therefore a reinforcement of ego defenses that then produce a continuing devolution of the capacity for trust and for social organization that is based upon love and goodness and innocence and the ability to live unguarded undefended without paranoia, but because paranoia is the basic signal of the ego, happiness and peace are precluded in ego consciousness and so the sat yogi’s duty, sat yogi’s function within the planetary psychic economy is to emanate vibrational fields of goodness of love, of trustworthiness and not only to emanate such thought patterns but to live in that presence and that consciousness in which the highest values that emanate from the self become realized in action, and through which a new world is dreamed into being. A world that can function as a kingdom of heaven and all traces of the hell realm of Kali-yuga can be eliminated, there is no other way to accomplish that but to accomplish it, Each one must be responsible for the elimination of all of the manifestations of the ego in the conscious and subconscious levels of each individual mind, until the individual mind itself is transcended into that consciousness that is universal cosmic and transcendent of the cosmos, in order to do that each yogi must be responsible for our psychic hygiene. We must not project any negativity upon anyone or upon ourselves. We must not allow memories of past traumas to be projected into the present and the future and we must eliminate that level of identification that produces body consciousness which brings about those lower chakra tendencies of aggression of lust of insecurity of power struggles territoriality and lack of compassion, that are responsible for all of the negative karma that ensues in the world. So whatever change we wish to have been in the world must start within the yogi is one who rejects the idea of blaming another for one’s suffering or even blaming oneself because the real self does not suffer and cannot suffer and cannot produce suffering and so the site yogi does not waste time trying to change the ego but to recognize that the ego is a delusion and to abide in that silence, in which the supreme presence automatically descends into embodiment and produces peace in the physical soma in the psyche and in the soul. And once that Holy Spirit has become embodied, the telepathic connection with the source of the supreme intelligence, wisdom, love, and power become automatically connected and determined and are able to be employed in life, so that the will of that supreme intelligence becomes fulfilled both at the individual level and the planetary level and the cosmic level. As we all know the ego tenaciously resists the silence stillness the peace, the lights, the beauty, the strength of the inner cell that prefers the pseudo-versions of those qualities that can be produced through fantasies of the mind rather than through surrender to the real, but these fantasies produce only faulty versions of goodness that at their core are narcissistic and egocentric and unsustainable. And so the yogi learns not to deceive oneself and not to give in to the ego’s attempts to persuade through mental processes. Once consciousness accepts ideas that are not in one’s highest and best interests or those of the collective consciousness. And the yogi knows that once one enters into the process of Guiana, Once one has become agnostic and a knower of the truth. One is held to a higher standard and the karmic backlash for inaccurate thought, feeling, action leads to instant karmic corrective action at the external level and in the level of one’s conscience and so the yogi who is truly cognizant of the presence of God and the fact that we are under surveillance of God. Once we have entered into the path of higher consciousness, the ego can no longer deceive its own inner intelligence and discovers that there is now a force that leads the consciousness to fulfill its duties to itself to the self to recognize that all time that there is no other, there are only the infinite varieties of manifestations of the one and to betray another is to betray the one and to betray oneself is to betray the other and to betray God is to enter a hell realm of suffering. And because the consequence of that is so extreme and the consequence of abiding in surrender to God is so extremely beautiful, so extremely filled with luminous, wise, love for containment within the energy field of God’s presence. The sat yogi will choose to abide always in every situation and that meditative centeredness in which the presence of God within is not disturbed, and one stays always in that connection that enables the current of energy that produces well-being and the highest karma and the highest capacity for relating divine love to become one’s natural habitat, and one’s new normal, and as this vibrational frequency of the presence of the power of the God-self is fully embodied, all of the avatars of potentialities become activated and it is this awakening, to the fact that the world that the body is in is a world that is an aspheric production of consciousness itself. A collective inter-subjective dream brings about the capacity through the network of connectivity of consciousness that are all abiding in that state of divine beauty to re-dream the world together and it is this re-dreaming of the world, that is the ultimate spiritual revolution and it is this act of cosmic re-dreaming on the basis of the simple channeling of the divine, a supreme presence that fulfills our task and enables the consciousness to return to its transcendent source, having graduated from this school, Having gained the wisdom and the purity and the power and the understanding of the nature of reality that enables the transcendence of all worlds and all dualities of life and death, and being and non-being and the attainment of that highest realization of the self, that has nothing more to learn and has attained its own apotheosis. And so, although there are substances that are now called entheogens, It is only through that meditative centering upon the God-self within that produces the apotheosis that brings about a new creation, a new cosmos, and the fulfillment of all intentionality. May we succeed in completing our task of returning to the one supreme God-self from which we have derived all of our experience and which is guiding us through the path of suffering and the transformation of suffering into wisdom to become healers of the world and guides for those lost souls who have not yet found the vibrational frequency that brings peace and that dissolves all traces of such suffering so that the re-dreaming of this dream happens quickly and all of those souls who are suffering can be taken out of their misery. Let us do our work. Now, without waiting for the sake of all


Have you ever witnessed the calming life-giving force of nature? Taking a walk down in a nearby park on a sunny day. Finding a tree and resting your back up against it in mindful awareness, observing its entirety with no thought or judgment. Hence, opening up to the world of stillness and the life-giving force of nature.

I was listening to an interview on Oprah Winfrey’s show Super Soul Sunday where she interviewed Martha Beck. These words captivated my attention.

“My body was returning to the rhythms of nature
and so I started sleeping differently. I
started eating differently
and I found out that less stimulation
is really good for my nervous system.”
* Martha Beck[1]

Once when traveling in Nottingham, I spoke to my English friend about how living by the sea in Iceland enriched and nourished my spirit. The red-haired and good-natured artist, native to Nottingham and Robin Hood’s Nottingham Forest, said to my astonishment: “The forest is to me what sea is to you.”

“The forest is to me what sea is to you.”

This was an aha moment, an eye-opener, as all the forest and woodland cover only nearly 2% of Iceland’s land area[2]. And subsequently, I gave the surrounding trees more attention. And through my meditation teacher, I learned another way to appreciate and experience the wondrous worlds of nature.

Forest bathing activities may significantly improve people’s physical nd psychological health.
In Japan, it is considered to be of great health benefits, both physically and psychologically, to be calm and quiet amongst the trees. Research on this practice, known as Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing, has revealed that forest bathing activities may significantly improve people’s physical and psychological health.
According to research, forest bathing might have the following merits: “remarkably improving cardiovascular function, homodynamic indexes, neuroendocrine indexes, metabolic indexes, immunity and inflammatory indexes, antioxidant indexes, and electrophysiological indexes; significantly enhancing people’s emotional state, attitude, and feelings towards things, physical and psychological recovery, and adaptive behaviors; and obvious alleviation of anxiety and depression.”
Can we be mindful of the gifts which trees hold for us and the earth? Take a walk amongst them and see for ourselves if we might experience more of their grace than meets the eye. Try it.
To all the trees that have touched me with your healing presence, thank you, thank you, thank you. Let us celebrate moments in nature this summer. If you cannot go outdoors, bring some plants indoors and create a mini garden or on your balcony to restore and lift your spirit during Covid. Allow the living world of plants, trees, and flowers to replenish your soul, and gain inner balance and bring the light of joy to your heart.
Sit by, or stand with your back to an old tree (in bloom or during winter, evergreen grees). Rest your awareness on the tree even though the winds of thoughts and emotion may erode the top branches of your consciousness. Notice how stable the trunk of the tree is. Its pace of calmness and strength within. Pause in open awareness. Can you sense a wave of peace? Or lightness? Please close your eyes, rest in the moment without defining it, or trying to hold on to the sensation. Just be with the tree in loving awareness.
Afterward, remember to give thanks to the tree. Thanks for the sacred time of connectedness, opened awareness of the life-giving force of nature, and incurred peace.
Wishing you peace, health, and happiness
[1] Martha Beck on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey,, 02:45
[3] Wen, Y., Yan, Q., Pan, Y. et al. Medical empirical research on forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku): a systematic review. Environ Health Prev Med 24, 70 (2019).

Awakening from the ego illusion is urgent: Shunyamurti teaching:
Asatsang is a gathering of spiritual revolutionaries and the revolution that is required in order to be adequate to the challenges of this historic moment within the LILA the divine play of consciousness, the dance between Shiva and Shakti is a level of consciousness that lies on the other side of EGO DEATH and so the spiritual revolutionary is one who has gone through that right of passage or at least aspires to and is diligently removing all the obstacles to that realization that comes after the event of the transcendence of the ego. Because the ego is a finitization of consciousness, a limitation of intelligence, and of the power of love that creates a psychology ruled by paranoia, by lust. Greed. Attachment, fear and the anxiety that comes from realizing that one is in a false consciousness. That lacks being. And a second fear that comes from the lack of courage to enter into the true being of the infinite self. The revolutionary is one who has the courage to leap into the unknown and the unknowable self, to die to the known, to the body identification and to the mind that is limited to the signifiers of the ego’s own petty habitat of subservience to a super ego or set of super ego images in the mind. A set of fantasies that are substitutes for transcendence of limitation that create more poisonous contamination of the soul and a set of defenses that compensate for one’s lack of power to live in truth by projecting out one’s own lack, one’s own failures, one’s own inadequacies onto the other and living in a lack of love and a lack of recognition of the nature of this reality that we are co-creating. And thus the ego rather than being a conscious co-creator of a reality that could be infinitely beautiful becomes a victim of ts own falseness projected out as a world of oppression, a world of deception, a world of conflict and violence, a world of meaninglessness, godlessness and the ugliness that results from the accumulation of the bad karma that one creates through one’s bad faith and disconnection from one’s true essence that shows up in the form of every kind of suffering. And in order to buffer this suffering, the ego adds layers of denial and layers of ignorance of the effect that it has upon others and of its own faithlessness to that one power that could bring salvation from its own suffering. And from the suffering that is part of the functioning of every ego. And the deeper level of the pain that we all carry in our hearts if we are still in the ego mode of consciousness is that we all know better. We all know even below those layers of denial the power of truth and of love. The fact that the world is a dream and we are its dreamer. And we understand that the intelligent presence that we have been indoctrinated into, rejecting and denying whether in the name of god, Buddha, Dao, or Allah or any of the other names for the nameless, formless infinite self. We all know that without re-connection to that source of power we are every day losing more and more of our coherence, our will power, and our capacity even to open our hearts to receive love, let alone to transmit it. And each of us is a witness to the devolving state of a collapsing world in which the egos on a collective level are acting with evermore stupidity, irreverence, denial of the urgency of the situation, the enormity of the damage the horrors that are the effect of the malfeasance of humanity in relation to nature and to one another. And all of the burden of those wrong actions creates evermore of a crushing sense of helplessness and hopelessness in a world that is dying and that we do not know even whether we should attempt to save it or take it out of its misery as soon as possible or dare to recognize our power to redream it. And so in a Satsang we come together to gather our understanding and the power that can make a spiritual revolution a reality that can bring the world back to its original god given pristine state of ecological and psychological perfection, beauty and interlocking nodes of intelligence that are mutually supporting and life enhancing. But we know to accomplish this aim, the ego level of consciousness must be superseded by a level of consciousness that is resoant with the true source of life, the power of ordaining the trajectory of our destiny and with the creative imagination to bring about what the ego mind with its obsession with laws of nature based upon the theories that human science has come up with fails to accept can be overcome through a mind that has delivered those laws, but is not subject to them. And it is only when we are in resonance with that mind that has the legitimate authority and the capacity to override the habits of consciousness whether they have been installed within the natural world or the mind of humans or the tendencies of fate to take certain turns. .This power of creative consciousness when it emerges from the source without contamination or loss of coherence, or love, or light has the capacity to decollapse the quantum wave functions that make up the quantum unified field at a cosmic level of manifestation and bring about change that could not come from ordinary efforts from within the field that has not yet been morphogenetically altered by that high intelligence. But once that intelligence has been awakened and illumined and empowered and liberated from the limitations of ego identification then there is no longer any barrier of impossibility. And it is the willingness to stake one’s life on that option through a very rational and empirical experimentation with one’s consciousness that can confirm all of this, leads to the opening of a window of possibility that cannot be perceived by the mind that rejects its own infinite nature

a new world is coming soon. Shunyamurti teacher

we are gathered here on a very holy day, a sacred day. a day made sacred originally by the Mayan people who are able to foresee much of the future of the end of this world age and the beginning of the next. But it’s not only the Mayans, but all the peoples of the world. In the ancient world in particular, whose calendars have prophesied that we would come to this period. In India it’s the end of Kali Yuga and the beginning of the next Satyuga. And in that sense it’s the most auspicious time in the calendar of the ages, recognized as such in Christianity as the time of the Apocalypse. And apocalypse as you know means un-concealment, the time of the revelation of the truth of God and the presence of God, mythologized as the return, the second coming of Christ, mythologized by the Islamic people as the coming of the twelfth Imam by the Shiites and the coming of the time of Allah, and by every other people understood as the end of the age. The Buddhist know it as the time of the coming of Maitreya, the final Buddha of the age. So we are celebrating a universal moment. And the actual day of the calendar is not relevant except as a symbolic pointer to a period of time, a purgatorial period in which transformation is urgent, imperative in order to help usher in this new age successfully. It is our graduation. It is our souls that are on trial. It is our purification that is at stake, our destiny, the destiny of our planet, but the destiny more importantly of our own souls in relation to God. So, we should take this day without most seriousness, not so much as some countdown to some final destruction, but as a moment in which we can ascend, in which the energy field is open for the realization of our true nature, in which there is an alignment of all the levels of reality to bring about the most auspicious result of the transformation of our exhausted world into a renewed world, from a world of war and conflict and poverty and aggression and disease and pathology, suicide and all of the other negativities we all know so well, to an age of peace and prosperity and harmony and love, of true God consciousness, an age in which the divine potential of our being is realized, all that had been forgotten and repressed in our hearts now wants to come to the surface again, to free us from the bondage of the ego. And this is a day in which we can devote ourselves to making that a reality, not just a dream, not a hope, not wishful thinking, but to make it real, though our own inner process that will not tolerate any internal resistance to our achievement of our own liberation. And we can approach this day and we should approach it on three different levels. It has significance at the ego level. It has difference significance at the soul level and a third level of significance for the Atman, for the spirit, for God consciousness. At the ego level people tend to make four different errors in relationship to this time period. One of those two is completely cynical and say there’s no end coming, it’s business as usual, this is the way it is. There have always been wars. There have always been troubles. But we muddle through. Don’t worry about it. It’s not going to affect us in the long run. It’s hype. And just keep on with your tunnel vision and stay in denial. But those who are taking that approach are finding that their denial is cracking, by virtue of the radical nature of the changes that are happening, that can no longer be denied from climate change to genocidal warfare that’s spreading across the globe to diseases that we have no drugs to treat, to a lack of water and food supply, of draught and weather conditions that are unprecedented, etc, etc. etc. and this leads to the second error of those who see only the end, who see only the death of a world, the collapse of the global financial situation, oncoming wars and unredeemable sinful humanity without hope, and who are living in despair and devastation because of that error in judgment and we must not fall into that trap of Nihilism. This is not the end of the world. This is the opportunity for bringing a new world into existence. But it’s an opportunity that depends on us. And so, the third error that is made is by those who believe there doesn’t have to be an end to the world. the new world can come without disaster, without apocalypse, without end. Let’s just pretend it’s already begun and celebrate it and ignore the disasters that are occurring all around us, not to mention our own egoic suffering that we can avoid for only so long. And so, no, there is an end. The new world is not yet here except in the heart of those for whom that has become real. And we can become those if we truly transform. But if not, we will have to face the karma of our trying to airbrush reality and pretend that we don’t have to do the purification of our souls and that we can get away with chanting and hand-holding and praying and rituals and gatherings in which we all talk our bravado of isn’t it all wonderful. But, no, we have to be more truthful than that and face both sides of this moment, the darkness as well as the light. And then the fourth error is made by those who see all the three others but they think the end will be coming through some miraculous intervention from outside of ourselves, whether it’s an army of angels who will save us from ourselves, or it’s an army of extraterrestrial saviors or it’s some other permutation of a religious belief, but no, it will not happen from outside, doesn’t mean there aren’t angels, but we have to become those angels, doesn’t mean there aren’t extraterrestrials, but it doesn’t mean they’ll save us either. We have to merit any help we get from within or from without. It is we that have lost touch with our goodness, our love, our God consciousness and we who must reclaim it through our own surrender to God within, through our own renunciation of the lower chakras of the ego and of playing the game of dishonesty with ourselves and pretense that things are better than they are and the manyana game of waiting for something to happen without my having to do it. But waiting for God, it is hopeless. And the time for waiting, the margin for error is now at an end and that is what this day signifies. It’s not that this is the last day in time, but it is the last significant moment for us to make the commitment to our own transformation and to creating a new kind of community, a new kind of relationship with one another, not based on greed, based on arrogance, not based on the hunger of the ego, not based on the fool-heartedness of the ego’s mind that sees only its own self-interest and not that of the whole. It’s that, that must be renounced. It’s the surrender to the realization that the welfare of one is the welfare of all. And that who we are is not limited to the body, it’s not limited to this lifetime. It’s not limited to any egoic nature. It’s not limited to one ethnic group, one religious belief. It’s not limited in any way, and any limitation of our love and our identification is a denial of love to those who are left out of our concern. And that is the great sin, so unless we reach a state of ultimate non-duality in which our love is universal, in which our realization is that we are all one with all beings of the cosmos and that we are one with the source and creative power and intelligence and love that brought this cosmos into being. Without that surrender, the renaissance, the new world cannot be born. And we must each take full responsibility for that birth. And so, the death of the old world is the death of the ego, nothing less and nothing more. But the death of the ego must come as a voluntary renunciation of partial love and partial truth for the complete truth and the complete love of the Supreme Being that ultimately we are. And to see that beauty of being ness in everyone without yielding to any deviation of turning beauty that is divine into desire for something physical, for possession of some form or for anxiety and fear and the attempt to protect some form, but into the surrender to the formless, the eternal, the supreme power that needs no protection. And unless we come under that protection by realizing our oneness with that, we cannot pass through this time of trials and tribulations in which any other power will collapse. Every other power is disintegrating, whether it’s the power of money or even the ground under our feet. All of that is changing. The earth is changing. Life is changing. In order for us to realize that we are dependent on only one power, that one that we have forgotten and that we have forgotten that we are. [To All Who Listen to Shunyamurti Teachings: Thank you all for your serious consideration of these ideas, which are intended to help you live a more coherent, peaceful, creative, compassionate, and productive life, and to be of service to the welfare of our world. We understand that our approach to existential concerns is not for everyone. We honor your right to disagree with these ideas and to stop listening if you do not like them. We gladly post comments with disagreements, if they are stated in a positive and mature manner, that allows civilized discourse about your own contrary ideas, and which may spark further useful and profound thought about the important issues that the teachings raise. If there are sincere questions about the teachings, or misunderstandings that can be clarified, Shunyamurti is always ready and willing to respond with helpful elaborations and even to cite texts and other authors whose writings may be of assistance to serious seekers. But comments that are simply angry and insulting, immature and unreasonable, will be removed because they undermine the educational and inspirational purpose of this project. Those who have questions that are more personal should write us in a private email and one of the teachers in our wisdom school will respond in the same way, or if the question is a very subtle or difficult one and requires a response from Shunyamurti, we will forward it to him on your behalf, and when he can, he will respond personally. By the way, we want to clarify that these teachings are new, they are not simply a repetition of old traditional teachings, but integrate current thought in the sciences, psychology, cultural studies, and philosophy. Shunyamurti speaks from his own realizations and deep clinical experience as a healer

Crop Circles Contain Blueprints for Free Energy Devices 2020 Universe Inside You
Proof we are being visited for our good.This next guru Sadhguru has a different way of explaining manifesting. Considering all the work the church went to by altering the pineal gland and the scriptures, he would have touché on that. However his interview took long circuitous routs changing subjects and bringing lighthearted comments to confuse the issue. If there is any church or Jesuit friendly witnesses for us from the Eastern practices, he would fit the bull. India was the only country that accepted the Jesuits intrigue and efforts to change religious practices to that of today’s, now examined doctrine and practices. Additionally he could have been selected for jovial and rebellious attitudes. The reason I put his interviews in the book was for you to practice discernment real time. Our spirituality is what was initially attacked 2 thousand years ago and it along with all the other fictional doctrines including the globe earth lie has to be countered subtly and with overwhelming levity if necessary. But, here is the interview aided by a moderator who kindly agrees with everything.

Everything You’ve Been Taught About Manifesting Abundance is Wrong!
Lewis Howe’s moderator

It’s not about whether I have fear or not. I made myself like this. Only what I want happens within me. What I want may not always happen around me. bu within me, only what I want happens.
The school of greatness, really coming from the Midwest in Ohio, I grew up hearing the word Karma saying that if you do something bad, then bad things are coming for you. and you talk about in the book that it not necessarily that case, can you define Karma for the uneducated person like myself on what Karma treatment ,
I thought that was my title. You are stealing that from me. Uneducated Guru is what people say and now you’re saying you’re uneducated. Anyway, about if you do bad things bad things will come to you; this has been the way of the world. you don’t need the word Karma for that because people have been trying to control people either with fear or guilt. This has been the basis of a whole lot of things happening in the world; if you do this you will go to hell, if you do that you will go to heaven. Otherwise here itself it will happen to you whatever. Or there is somebody up there with a stick waiting and they will whack you. all these kind of things. Essentially you’re trying to manage humanity, control humanity with fear or guilt. Fear and guilt, I see particularly in the western world is like enormous. It is in the psyche of people in such a big way. Well, Karma is not about fear. Karma is about liberation. It is about freedom. Because, you are a composite as you sit here. you’re a composite of various memories. Within you. It goes way back, but let’s start with amoeba in recent times. From Amoeba to now, the whole evolutionary process in some ways recorded in this body. Otherwise, this body would be confused. Every other day whether this is human or not. This 100% clear that this is human. This is evolutionary memory, always there. There is genetic memory. There is Karmic memory. There is articulating you know conscious, unconscious and conscious memories. Right now when we say memory, people think only of their conscious memory which is less than one percent of their actual memory. So the things they actually remember in their mind, their conscious memory. That is less than one percent of the actual memory. You see for example, what is manifesting in everybody’s life. The simple thing is this; let’s say 500 years ago how your great, great, great grandfather was. You don’t remember for sure. But his nose is sitting on your face right now probably. Right, my ears are his ears. Yeah. Many things. Even the color of the skin and the texture of the skin. Everything. So the minutest details of what happened to your forefathers a million years ago. Still living with you right now. Now all these memories are composite or an amalgamation of all these complex memories is what you call as myself. What you callo as myself consciously maybe just a small part of that. But that small part is happening because of this massive memory that is there. In India, we have in the Yogic culture this word called vasana. Vasana literally means smell. So we say your personality is just your smell. See right now you walk there, there is jasmine. You recognize the jasmine by its fragrance. You recognize filfth by its stink. So we recognize your personality by your vasana. What kind of smell is coming out of you right now? Depends on what kind of stuff have you gathered. So now Karma means to understand that. There is all kinds of things, because when it comes to memory, you have no choice not to keep and what not to keep. You cannot erase memory no matter how hard you try. What you try to forget will be foremost in your mind. Whatever you think you should not remember. So always people tell me my memory is bad. I say just try to forget it. you see you will rember it always. It’s simple, because this is the nature of the mind. There is no subtraction and division in your mind. There is only addition and multiplication. Whatever you try to do, it will be one more. If you try hard it will multiply. This is the nature of your mind. So what there in your memory is not your choice. Whatever you see, it’s all recorded, Whatever you hear. Everything recorded. Whatever you smell, taste, touch; every perception that you have is recorded within you. you have no choice what to record. Here there is a flower which is beautiful. Let me just record that. There, there is filth. I don’t want to record that. There’s no such thing. Everything gets recorded. So if all this is there, wow do I live clean? How do I live happy? How do I eliminate the waste, the trash? You don’t have to eliminate the waste. Waste is very valuable. If you know, right now in this garden they buy waste at a very exorbitant price. Because their waste goes into the public system. They have to buy waste from somewhere. They have to buy filfth to fertilize. So whether you turn your filfh into a fertilizer or you smear it on your face and walk around; that’s your choice. That’s why Karma. So what kind of Karma happened in my life until this moment is not always my choice. So many things have happened. But what kind of Karma I perform right now in this moment is 100 percent my choice. Will I use this filth as manure and blossom into a wonderful fragrance or will I smear it around me and walk around filth? This is the choice everybody has. When unpleasant things happen to us, which happens to everybody in some way if you’re living in the world. unless you dropped from somewhere else. If you’re living in this world so many unpleasant things happen. Now with these unpleasant things do you become wise of do you beome wounded. This is a choice. To exercise is choice. There must be a little space. When I say a little space where is your memory stored? Your brain has very little memor. Everycell in the body because if I take one cell fro you es can , you know, create you completely in a lab. That means what? Your father and mother gave you only one cell each. They were not very generous. See. A whole man came out of it. so in that one cell, all this msmory head to toe, everything is there. No mistake, texture of the hair, texture of the skin, the nails, the works. Every detail to the minutest detail. Was it packed in that cell or not? So every cell in yuour body carries more memory than your entire brain carries. So if you do not use that, if you just use one part of your body, then everything seems to be stressful. Everything seems to be a struggle. Today everybody complaining about everything. Everything is stressful. You are a toddler you have stress, of diapers. You are a teenager, you have hormonal stress, you’re middle age, you have crisis, your old age is geriactric stress. Entire life is stress. Till then you die. That is enormous stress. So this is not because there is something wrong with somebody’s life. It’s simply because it’s like you have a car. It’s supposed to go on 4 wheels. Try to drive on two. Within 10 miles your tires will blow out. Too much stress on one point, other things are not being used. This is all that’s happening to human beings. Are we stressing our minds too much? Are we stressing our minds? No there is an entire mind across this body. What is it that you call a mind? A certain combination of memory and intelligence is mind. So our whole body’s mind. Yes. In yoga, we see physical body, mental body, energetic body, etheric body, bliss body. Everything is body. Because it is right across. It is not in any one place. Only intellectual activity is here. modern societies, particularly western societies have become such slaves of their intellect, because of that, they think everything is here. intellect works only with the data that you have gathered. You cannot function beyond your data. That means you will remain so small. Because even if you read the libraries on this planet, what you know in terms os data is miniscule compared to what this cosmos is you think you are very intelli because you are analyzing and processing. Any way all these people who think they’re intellectually very smart are going to feel really dumb, stupid in the next 5 years because your phone will be far smarter than you. already people are calling it a smart phone. See, why would you call something smart? Because it is smarter than you. otherwise you wouldn’t. all right so right now too much depends on intellect because our education systems are crafted like this. Not exploring other dimensions of intelligence at all. See if I ask you this simple question, would you like your intellect sharp or blunt? Sharp. So essentially intellect is like a knife. If you want to dissect something, it’s very good. So now the only instrument you have is a knife in your hand. You want to stitch your clothes. If you stitch your clothes with a knife. What will happen? You’ll be in tatters. This is what is happening to peoples lives. They’re trying to fix everything with their intellect. The harder they try, the more tatters they will become. With all this education, tell me uneducated people are more unhappy or educated people are more unhappy? It depends on what type of education. Generally illiterate people in the rest of the world, tribes and this and that even in India, many, many people. Whenever I go to Guatemala almost every year and I visit small viliges. And the kids seem so happy. It seems so …they didn’t go to school like me. they don’t have much but they have family, they have community…what do you mean, they don’t have much? I mean they don’t have much in terms of material world. environmentally disastrous that’s what you say . right, exactly. They have a lot in their hearts, richness connection, community, love and they seem very happy. Uneducated people or illiterate people are happier that educated people. With education, your life should have become better. Unfortunately they are becoming unjhappy simply because they only have sharpened their knife. And a sharp knife in your hand and you’re unconscious, you’re cutting yourself all the time. You don’t need any outside help. So people and say; my boss is horrible, my mother-in –law is not even human. My wife, she’s such a pain. My husband, like this. I say you come here to yoga center, I’ll make sure your boss and mother-in-law, wife, husband, nobody enters this place. Just you. I’ll give you a nice place to live. Good food to eat. Nothing to do. Just be happy, that’s all. Just joyful. I’ll make random checks on you. if I find you unhappy or miserable, then I won’t feed you, because I don’t believe in feeding misery. If yuou remain joyful I will feed you for the rest of your life and take care of you like you’re my prized guest, but if you show misery we won’t feed you. well you leave them in one room for 24 hours, you will see in how many ways they’ll twist themselves out is unbelievable. Because you are alone and miserable, obviously you are ion bad company. I’m with you. I am miserable, I think it’s because of this guy I’m miserable. I’m sitting here alone and miserable. Now who is causing misery? How do we get out of that ? essentially one must understand human experience is caused from within, not from outside. What arrangements we do outside in the form of home, family, automobile, this, that, these are arrangements to facilitate our activity. They’re not going to make you happy of unhappy. But right now the car sellers are telling you only this is joy. This car, I’m sorry I’ not against any brand. Somebody else says ths car is love. Power is okay. But where is love extruding from? In the last 10 or 15 years if you k at any car, everybody I look at every advertisement, whether they’re selling an automobile, a machine or a crane, or an earth mover. Because I’m interested in anything that works. Not that I’m going to buy them. So when I look at car ads, nobody’s telling you what’s the engine, what’s the transmission, what’s the power, what’s the torque, nothng. They’re talking about the leathjer, they’re talking about the wood panneliing, the stereo. What are you buying a sitting room? Or do you want a car? If I want a car, I look at the engine how it is made. What does it d0? Why is that? Because they’re buying the car for neighbors. Not because they love to drive a good machine. It’s always about being better than somebody else. It is everywhere in the world. America setting the path breaking the standard. We’re the best at trying to be the best. This is unfortunate cultivation that is happening from kindergarten. If you’re going to school, what are your parents going to say? You must be number one. If you are number one, what about the other 30, 40 kids there. They must be below you. a looser. So your joy is y in other people failing. When your joy is about other peoples misery, that’s not joy, that’ sickness. Right now trhe whole world is invested in this. Not just in America. America kind of displaces it like that. Not that it’s not there everywhere in the else in the world. everywhere it’s there. But here it’s being shamelessly displayed. They are a little shy everywhere left of the world, but still they got it. what would the world look like if we chose to lift everyone up and celebrate other succeeding or being happy, or whatever it looks like for them to succeed. What would the world look like? I see in America, everybody keeps talking about family, family, family. But, you’ve forgotten just us maybe a century ago. Yeah. Maybe a century ago or even 70 years ago of 50 years ago.
If you said family it meant crime. Why? Because the families were running the crime. The [cosa nostra – the closed caption willnot print the family name] they always refer to crime as family. Because family is a crime. Really? Let me come to that. I know this will get me into trouble. There is only one crime and there is only one evil in the world. that is limited identity. How much crime you commit simply depends onhow empowered you are.
If you are highly empowered and you’re identity is very limited you will do terrible things. So the most important thing is to enhance or to expand our identity. In India, before we start education for the child he must take a cosmic identity mantra over all elements so that you will understand your identity is limitless. Education is seen as an empowerment. You should not empower a person. With a limited identity he will cause havoc. Worst example, I’m not supposed to mention Hitler. He was a factory of manifested misery. Properly organized, many are now with the/same mindset. Only, they are not empowered like he was to find the seer who professed him, from links about competence, is the only thing lacking. Tyranny is there in peoples mind. There are as many tyrants as Hitler. You may find them in a school teacher, parents, all around you in your neighborhood. Only fortunately they are not as potent as that man. That man was super competent. That is the problem. So, right now human competence becomes a terrible problem simply because you have a limited identity. So, you invest your identity in a family, community, race, religion, nationality. Tell me in the name of nations, in the name of race, in the name of religions, and the name of communities how many terrible things have we done in this world? Now, the most terrible believe that’s happening today, just look back in the last 100 years. Just take the 20th century. What have we done in the name of race to each other? In the name of religion, what have we done to each other? In the name of nationality what all have we done to each other? Just look back and see. We have literally killed half the world’s population in the 20th century, because of identity, of philosophy , of an ideology. People have killed. So, limited identity and empowerment is a disaster. But we are continually cultivating this all the time. So I said F is crime because family is the first identity that you take, tennis, chess etc ,after that comes community and after that comes, maybe race or religion or nationality. Right now nationality is reasonably the largest identity. Within this nation it looks nice that you are committed as an American to the well-being of America. But just see who is fighting who in this world. A good Indian is fighting a good Pakistani. A good Hindu is fighting a good Muslim, a good American fighting just about anybody, because you never fought a war here. You go out and fight all over the world, all right? Well you will find reasons as to why you fought that war and the heroic nature of it. I know people who lost their lives believing that they are doing the best thing in their life. But I want you to know that man that you think is horrible, that terrorist, that miscreant, that militant or whatever you want to call him, that guy, also a suicide bomber. See anybody, for every human being or even an ant. Its life is precious. You try to catch him. See, he’ll do everything possible to save his life. So somebody to throw away their life likes this. Obviously what they believe in means much more than their life. Crazy. Right? Yeah, it’s not crazy, see if they do it your way it’s heroic. If they do it their way it’s crazy. I’m not trying to support terrorism or something. I’m just telling you its LIMITED IDENTITY. Genocides have been committed because of limited identity. Nations have been raised down because of limited identity. Evil things we have done to each other because, on an individual level simply because of limited identity. So, this is what yoga means. Yoga means union. That means you consciously obliterated the boundaries of your individual nature and your experience of life expanded. Once you sit here and you experience everything around you as a part of yourself, after that you do not need any morality, you do not need any commandments. Thou shall not cut that tree, thou shall not kill this man, thou shall not rob this; this is meaningless to you, when you have experienced something as a part of yourself. So, the entire system of yoga; when I say yoga I mean YOGA all right? Not the yoga that’s happening in Los Angeles, around studios. I’m saying we’ve reduced it to something just about identity. Still, twisting and turning your body, it’s good for you. You’ll become flexible and maybe healthy. That’s good for you. But I want you to understand, would you not wish that Hitler was a sick man instead of a healthy man? I would not wish that. Yeah, I wish he was a healthy man. he was healthy. That’s the problem I’m saying. you wish he was a sick man? Yeah, wouldn’t you be happy if you got cancer at 25 and you wouldn’t kill all these people? Who wouldn’t set up this factory? Yeah, I wish they would have died, so, I’m saying health becomes a curse, competence becomes a curse, intelligence becomes a curse. Why?, because you have limited identity. It’s in that context, I said family is crime. Family is a wonderful place where people are supporting each other. Like you said, is it not important if you create a world where everybody is supporting each other to do their best. Well, that’s happening in the family. That’s the most beautiful aspect of the family. But why is it only limited to those four or five people?, or whatever. What should families start to reconsider about their unity, their connection, how could they expand it to something greater than just the family of four or five in this home living this way? I don’t know if you’ve heard, even political leaders in India for example, whenever our prime minister goes to the United Nations. He will say the world is my family. It’s a chant that always he says, the world is our family. Because this has to be inculcated from childhood, that your identity is not about a few people who are born around you or people, a couple of people who bore you. Your identity is the air that you breathe, is your identity. This is your life. So, if you identify with the air that you breathe, what is it that’s not you and what is it that’s you? If everything is you, your intelligence is a boon, your competence, your capabilities is a boon. But if your identity is small, all the wonderful things that human beings have become a curse. See, right now, our intelligence, so much science technology we developed we did, but the cutting edge of science and technology always goes into military equipment first, at least, many of these things will never come to you on the street. It’s always there, all right? Only when every other has, then maybe it will come to you. Till then it’s just kept there. So, our intelligence is going into destructive force. Why?, limited identity. But right now can I open up the borders of this nation? And say I love everybody? We are not there. The world is not there. We cannot do that, all right? We still need nationality. We still need all these things. But we can hold it lightly. We don’t have to hold it like absolute. It is not absolute. It is something that we have done. Our idea of family is our making. Our idea of community is our making. Our idea of race, religion, everything is our making. Our idea of nationality is our making. So don’t treat it like something that’s an absolute. What would happen if we opened up every border? that would be possible only if there was no economic disparity. If there was no economic disparity and there were no national boundaries, like about two centuries ago. People could walk wherever they want. There were no visas and passports anywhere, because economically and reasonably everybody was in the race of people. Well, India is a classic example. If you travel from north to south every 50 kilometers people will look different, they dress different, they talk different and they eat different. Every few kilometers you will see people are different. And we have no problem. That’s how it would have been. Only because you protected yourself for too long. Now, race seems to be one big issue, right? But the money disparity, it is economic disparity, which is difficult to handle. Right now if you take away the boundaries of this country, maybe half the world would be right here in the United States. And that will not be a solution. Because you will become poor. The United States will become poverty ridden if that happens. But if you totally wall yourself up, then also you will become poor in a different way. So this has to be first thing. If a little flexible, you will do things judicially as it’s necessary for the situation, an appropriate action. Our actions are never, ever absolute. Our actions are just about being appropriate to the situations in which we exist. Yeah, if there’s some parents watching or listening and they’re like wow, this is very eye opening. I’ve never thought of it this way. They’ve always raised their kids a certain way. This word, this is the word that I hear very often in United States. We don’t hear this in India. I was raised this way. People say I was raised Catholic, I was raised Jewish, I was raised Baptist, I was raised this way. See, you don’t raise human beings. You only raise cattle. A human being is a possibility that needs to be nurtured, not raised in a particular way. So you are raising people in a certain way because you are already committed to something that you think is absolute. Nothing is absolute. Life is a possibility. Will you allow your children to explore that possibility? Or do you want to make them like concrete blocks that they come out in a particular shape, raised in a certain way? No, this is not the way to handle humanity. So, say these parents are hearing this and they want to nurture their children in a different way. Yes, the first thing they must do is, they can do their prayers as they know it. But let them know it’s not absolute. They can sing their national anthem with pride. Wonderful. Let them know it is not absolute. Let them also teach them a two lines of global anthem, if not cosmic anthem. One global anthem which includes every life’s well-being. Every child should sing this in every school. A global anthem? Yes we need to make a global anthem. I’m singing Indian anthem with great forward. You’re singing American anthem. What does it mean? Next moment we get an opportunity, we’re going to pull out each other’s eyeballs. Yes, not because you’re bad or I’m bad,
but because I’m Indian and you’re American. All right? We need a global anthem, for sure. Today, technology has in many ways made national boundaries meaningless. People are sitting in India and working in America for a private corporation, right now. A whole lot of people. Yeah they’re getting paid, yeah, you pick up a phone, the Indian guys practice the American accent and he’s speaking from Bangalore. So when national boundaries borders have become so porous, it’s time to work towards that. Say tomorrow morning if you open up all the borders, there’ll be disaster. We must know these things we made at certain times for certain conveniences, it is not absolute. The lines that we have drawn on this land are not absolute. We just made it for certain convenience. It’s time to relax it. See, one great example that’s happened in the world is Europe. They fought as bitterly as they fought WWI, WWII. Did anybody think Germany and France will share open borders? In 1944, would you believe that? See, today they have open borders, yes but for another reason, districts. I don’t see this as a geopolitical whatever. In a way it’s an evolution of human consciousness itself. They might have done it for economic reasons, political reasons. But still there is human consciousness involved, human resources, in this because that’s not easy after fighting such bitter wars when that generation is still alive. You opened your borders to each other, trusted each other. It’s not a small thing to do. We need to make that happen in the world, everywhere. But for this we need a reasonable level of economic parity. Otherwise you cannot do it. (one of the things I feel very grateful for in my childhood is my father; we didn’t have a lot of money growing up to travel to other places outside of Ohio, but I had seven exchange students from around the world live with us for six months at a time from Brazil and Japan and Germany and France and Philippines. Nobody came from India. No one from India so, yeah they were taking you back. But I felt very fortunate as a five year old until I was about 12 having this culture and learning the language, learning the food, learning about their beliefs. When you live just in a limited atmosphere, you don’t know how horribly prejudiced you become. You never realize that. You think you’re doing fine. You become horribly prejudiced. I’m sure Hitler is thinking he’s fine. He thinks he’s fine. That’s why he’s doing what he is doing. I’m saying an extreme example. Even he thinks he’s doing fine. Only the wrong thing he did was, he lost the war. If he had won the war the whole world would have said what he’s done is fine. Please know that, it’s a horrific thing. Do you think someone who’s doing that feels a sense of guilt? No. Like when they’re taking another life and they’re seeing someone in pain, see every nation is taking somebody else’s life, isn’t it? Every nation is. Isn’t it? I mean an individual, one person, see, nation means it’s individuals who act on the ground, right? It’s an American pilot who drops the bomb. It’s an American sniper who pulls the trigger, all right? But he believes he’s doing it for the country. So he won’t feel any guilt. Even the terrorist who is right now, which we think is absolutely unreasonable and insane. That guy thinks he’s doing the right thing. He’s doing God’s work. Not a simple thing. He feels great, pride in what he’s doing. So, this is why I’m saying it’s a limited identity. It is not that somebody is bad, somebody is good. The moment you have limited identity you are a crime. It’s just that whether your crime is recognized in the law as a crime or not is a subjective thing. But you are a crime. Right now I sit here. my identity is with myself. I’m interested in the well-being of this. I don’t give a damn what happens to this. So this is a crime. I may not shoot you with a gun, but I’m committing a crime because I don’t care what happens to you, the moment in some way you forsake your humanity . I don’t care means I have forsaken my humanity. It is a crime. Will I cause enormous damage or small damage, simply depends on how competent I am. So, competency is a curse. (the more competent you are the more you can hurt, harm. ) Your intelligence and competencies of being a solution becomes a problem. Isn’t that what’s happening in the world today. So where does Karma fit in? around people that are acting to harm or to not support someone else’s well-being or the things around them? Your identity is only from your memory, isn’t it? How are you an American? You remember that you were born in America? Yes, suppose I erase your memory, are you American? So how does your family identify come? How does your racial identity come? Everything is by memory, isn’t it? Now Karma means this accumulated massive amount of memory. Now will you understand that is, this is the stage for our life. This Karmic background, is like a platform. If you create enough surface tension in this you can stand on it and do your fresh act today. But if your feet sink into it like quicksand, then you are just a victim of your memory. Right now the person that you think is a racist is a victim of his memory. The person that you think is a terrorist is a victim of his memory. The person who is a suicide bomber is a victim of his memory because he remembers what has been taught to him. If he loses his memory he’s a fine guy, right? Yes, so right now you don’t have to lose your memory. Where is your memory? Your memory is in your body and what you call as your mind which is all one, right? This is hardware, this is software? So this software you wrote it unconsciously through various incidents, experiences, and your own perception according to your intelligence. You wrote your own kind of software. Unconsciously it’s written by you, but unconsciously. There have been cases where people have slept walked and committed a murder. Even the judiciary thinks that is not worth punishing. They don’t punish them, even though they committed murder sleepwalking. As far as the act is concerned, somebody died. They lost their life. Not a small thing. But this man was sleeping. So that man doesn’t get punishment because he was sleepwalking. He could have even killed himself in sleepwalking. It’s possible. But instead he killed somebody else. So essentially, you are unconscious so you are not punishable because you are less than a child. I’m saying. But the important thing is to become conscious. Where is your memory? It is in the body. It’s in the mind. If you create a little distance between you and your body, between you and your mind, this is the end of your Karma. The end of your Karma? Yes, the karmic influence I mean to say. Karma is still there. Karma is the richness of your life. Okay, if you have no karma you will be a bimbo. All right? There is Karma. The more rich and vibrant the karma is the better. Only thing is, is it your platform to dance upon? Or is it a quicksand that sucks you in? Most human beings right now are only suffering, their memory. Isn’t it? This moment they are not suffering. What happened yesterday they are suffering? What happened 10 days ago they are suffering? Why what happened 25 years ago they’re still suffering. When they hold on to the thought, the memory. See it is not their choice to think about the thought, they don’t have to. They’re identified with the situations in which they were. Now it makes them suffer. Today we know that a whole lot of diseases that people are suffering are psychosomatic. It does not mean they’re always thinking about it. But it’s working. The memory is working. Depending on how strongly you are identified. Let’s say you’re strongly identified with your family structure. Now something happened in your family which is not pleasant. Something very unpleasant happened, let’s say. Now you don’t have to everyday think about it. Slowly your face will become like a lot of people. Just think, because the memory is working from inside you. It doesn’t even ask you permission. Should I come or should I go. It just works in every cell in your body. Slowly you lose your vibrancy. What was a vibrant exuberant person who slowly becomes like…this has happened to more than 75% of the population. When they were 5 or 6 years of age, how joyful and exuberant lives they were . By the time they’re 30 they are like this. What is their problem? Is somebody poking them? No, because their Karma is overtaking them. So the entire process of this book is a step by step way of standing above your karma on the richness of your memory because you can convert this memory into manurity and you can blossom upon that, because what happened yesterday, you cannot change. What is happening today you can only experience. What is tomorrow, you have to create. You’ve experienced some bad things in the past, right? Some harmful things, some challenges, pain, you’ve felt these things. Right?, In the past. People try to do lots of bad things and they’re still doing lots of them every day. A whole bunch of people abuse me. People that I have never met, they have enormous hatred for me. Because you know, like today, what I’ve said a whole lot of people will hate me for this, because their identities are shaken. They have created a false sense of identity upon which they are standing, shaking. They know if this is gone they have nothing to live for. They need to understand there is a life beyond identities. Identities are created for purpose of action in a given situation. It is none of our identities. Identities are absolute. First of all we need to understand before you and I came here, countless numbers of people walked this plane. Where are they? Topsoil, part of the manure in this garden. You and I, What will we be in 100 years time? Same thing unless your friends, fear you may raise from the dead and bury you real deep. But no roots can get to you. So we are just a small pop up in time. Like, we are thinking too much of ourselves, because we attach too much self-significance to ourselves, because of that our identities have risen to absurd limitations. Can identities be good at all?, because without identity you cannot function in the world. Right now this is me, that’s you. If this identity is not there, if you ask me a question, I look like this. What’s the point of that? No activity is possible without identity. The important thing is it is like wearing your clothes. Right now these are my clothes. See I wear loose clothes so that always you are aware this is my clothing. This is not me. Suppose I wear skin tight nylon clothes. After some time I don’t know which is my clothing, which is my skin. So that’s all the thing is. Do you have a space between you and what you have created or are you stuck with it. That’s the important thing. If you are stuck with it you will do crazy things thinking you are doing good things. If you’re held on to the identity, If you are attached to it. It will wrap you up. Once you create it and leave it, it will just wrap you up unless you are conscious, so if you can see this is the entire inner engineering process we are offering is just this. If you do this practice which we call a shambhavi, if your body is here, your mind is out there, what is you is elsewhere. Once there is a little space between you and your body, between you and your mind, this is it. One thing is there is no suffering within you anymore. Because suffering happens only two ways, physical suffering and mental suffering. Do you know any other kind of suffering? Once there is a little distance this is the end of suffering. And above all, this is the end of identity, and how do you distance the suffering? You don’t distance the suffering. You distance yourself from your own body and your mind. This is what the practice is about. How to distance means this. See right now there are life energies. See when you were a five year old child, how much were you identified with your body? I think I was exploring my body, trying to but not at five you were not exploring anybody. My body, I was running and jumping and it was like, you were using it but you were not identifying. Because everyday it’s changing. You can’t even identify right? Your identity with the body got strengthened when you became an adolescent. That is when hormones started poisoning your mind, when your hormones hijacked your intelligence. Suddenly you lost your sense of who you are. Otherwise ……………………………… end =
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This following text comes from a video that I cannot find the link for. It is about a new religion which is attempting a counter-culture attack. I will enclose in brackets the parts you should consider as such. We are to understand that they do not worship the devil just on their word. Even when they say there no spectators, because it is secret. This book is full of the damage caused by secrecy. We are told to believe Wicca is not mysterious or secretive because he hasn’t turned into a frog in 20 years of practice. Even when he says spectators cannot attend, he also tells us that well respected professional people who like to retire disgracefully should be emulated. Also this book is full of [nothing but these traitors]. This man had to develop his photographs himself because of the nature and actions of the participants. Gerald’s initiation that he describes is similar to the initiations by other secret societies like the Jesuits and Masons, (this was probably the freemasons who are dark side occult with the cabal) if there is further coercion he doesn’t tell it. All such societies use torture and require oaths but we are to take his honorable word. He was in contact with the legal system and Masons all of which are trying to change the world, not under public scrutiny. Gerald distanced himself from the cunning witches of the past who only healed people. I agree with him that people are cured spiritually through divine practices. But there are some evil forces that also could be used. Gerald would rather work to change the world. How many people have we been under the power of, who wants to do just that same thing? So, we are told of a ceremony in which people who did not survive but patriotically gave their live for was the reason Hitler did not attack England. He even admits that Churchill was one of all the leaders involved in the plots of these wars. There was never a plan to attack England. Rather the plan was to draw America into it. Churchill also repealed the law against witchcraft. This helped spread its influence. Gerald had to distance himself from the Infamous Aleister Crowley who was known as the Beast. Why should we believe he was interested in the positive side of secret occult magic? Their “Book of Shadows” replaces the Bible and has credibility because it is always secretly changing using various “sources”. Gerald was accused by “muckraking tabloids”
for practicing black magic and devil worship. Do you recognize the use of ridicule to discredit the people’s media of the time? By appealing to movements like the feminists and other biased counter-culturists we are to allow them to be walk loud and proud to influence others involved in the sexual revolution? This is indeed an under-cover attempt to change this world the way that George Soros is doing.
Britain is a hugely diverse religious society, but of all the faiths practiced here only one is truly British, [Modern pagan witchcraft otherwise known as Wicca. Wicca is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Its followers call themselves witches, worship the goddess of nature and believe in the power to cast spells. Witches are among us. There’s no doubt about it. A long held-held presumption about us that we worship the devil. Oh no we don’t] but the most extraordinary thing about Wika is the story of how it was born. Because while it looks like an ancient folk religion Wika was actually developed in the 1940s by a middle-aged nudist, from the New Forest called Gerald Gardner. He once, since he was highly devious, he wasn’t a typical founder of a religion-King of the witches. His hair goes this way, his beard goes that way. He was witchcraft. I’m Professor Ronald Honey. As a historian of British paganism, I’ve been studying Wicca for over 20 years. In this film, I’m going in search of the truth about this secretive magical faith. I want to find out how this extraordinary Englishman reinvented witchcraft, became Britain’s first celebrity witch built this joke. One feels in connections and very old and connected to the land and they sing we find beautiful sunsets. Those pots and snakes and don’t understand they give us a sense of mystery and all make harmony by costing ascetical not done with the bond cost is to make a space that is completely within nature and would we can leave aside those things that we have to deal with every day. But this is a place of rest supported by this harmony in which we consecrate one another not doing the balancing act which is remembering the divinity that dwells so when we consecrate each other with the Sultan, whichever remembering any duration ending in front kidney tumor define commercial one feels in connections and verify old and very beautiful and very connected to the old attention of all the DTs know the things we have to carry just feel it. Just draining away felt like that was a lovely rich list and more going on here than just a bunch of people having a good time, something quite deep doesn’t bring me any closer to understanding Wicca rituals like this reverence for nature feel like continuation variations tradition. Nothing before the truth doesn’t have his origins in the mists of time 1930s set associates 52-year-old ex-colonial general retired with his wife self coasting like FIVE whole of English community, church growth, weeklong story unpaid box GL Spinney’s 75 years ago something a little strange and Gerald wasn’t long in finding one thing like naturist despite his respectable hearings. Gerald, who liked nothing better than taking his clothes off, gladly moved to this area. 1938 this is the house of people. While this is where Gerald and his naturist friends would’ve enjoyed the sunshine it’s almost perfect private nudist paradise is all sunny yet this will generals found the perfect retirement spot and he wasn’t as accountants teaches a host of tea and scones types seem to be keen on retiring disgrace we got extraordinary evidence of this from a Robbie Josie piece which appeared in the Christchurch, And in the process, created a new world religion. Is it not a fact that the secret meetings are really very largely sexual orgies? They are not, not in the least.

You might not realize it, but in modern Britain you are never far from a witch. They don’t wear pointy hats and they don’t ride on broomsticks. But they do cast spells and they definitely believe in magic and unless we’re talking about
Harry Potter a lot of people find that problematic. [To the public Wicca is often seen as mysterious, secretive. Maybe even dangerous, but is this fair? I’ve been studying Wicca for two decades and I have yet to be turned into a frog]. But if I’m really going to understand Wicca, I need to get beyond the text books and get under the skin of this religion. But first, need to find them. And as Wicca’s are notoriously secretive even that’s a challenge. I’ve been invited to attend a ritual of a Wicca group which is quite an honor. Unlike other faiths when Wicca’s go to worship, they don’t go to a church or a temple. They go somewhere altogether different. Modern witches are often urban creatures, but as a reverence for nature lies at the heart of their faith, they conduct their rituals in parks and woods right in the heart of the city. But despite this, you would never know they were there. As an outsider attending this ritualism is a rare privilege. To talk me through it is one of Britain’s highest ranking Wicca priestesses Christina Oakley Harrington. This is a gorgeous looking place. Why have you chosen it what are we going to do here? Well we’re in Queens Wood which has been used by pagans for ceremonies for decade and decades and what were here to is to have a Wicca based ceremony to remember what’s sacred about us and about our connection and our connection with the land and the place that we live. And it’s its customary in Wicca that there aren’t observers. There are only participants. So, I’d like to invite you to join us if you’d be willing to. I’d be honored. I’m a bit nervous. When doing a Wicca ritual one feels in connection with something very, very old and connected to the earth, and those things that we find deeply moving and beautiful. The moon, the sunsets, those parts of nature that we don’t understand that give us a sense of mystery and awe. May this place be blessed and sanctified. We make a Wicca ceremony by casting a circle. And that’s done with a wand. What it’s like to cast a circle is to make a space that is completely within nature in order that we can leave aside those things that we have to deal with every day. But this is a place of rest. There’s a part of the ceremony in which we consecrate one another and in that moment we’re doing the balancing act which is remembering the Divinity that dwells within. So, when we consecrate each other with salt and water we’re remembering, ah, you know. You’re a human being in front of me but you too are Divine. When doing a Wicca ritual, one feels in connection with something very, very old. And very beautiful and very connected to the earth and all the tension of all the duties and all the things that we have to carry. I just feel it just draining away. Now I thought that was a lovely ritual. There’s clearly more going on here than just a bunch of people having a good time in a wood. There’s something quite deep. But does it bring me any closer to understanding what Wicca actually is? Rituals like this with their reverence for nature feel like the continuation of a very ancient tradition. But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth, because Wicca doesn’t have its origins in the mists of time, but in 1930’s Dorset. In 1938 a 52 year old ex colonial gent called Gerald Gardner retired with his wife to the south coast of England. This is Highcliff, an archetypal conservative English community with its village church, Rotary club and Tory MP. But hidden just beneath the surface 75 years ago was something a lot stranger and Gerald wasn’t long in finding it. For one thing High Cliff was a hot spot for naturists and despite his eminently respectable appearance, Gerald liked nothing more than taking his clothes off. Well Gardner mover to this area in 1938. And this is the house that he bought. Wow. And this is where Gerald and his naturist friends would have enjoyed the sunshine. [It’s almost the perfect private nudist paradise. It is Large, it’s sunny, it’s open and yet it’s well hidden. Gerald had found the perfect retirement spot and he wasn’t alone. Bankers, accountants, teachers and a host of tea and scones types seem to be keen on retiring disgracefully]. We’ve got extraordinary evidence of this from a rather joking piece which appeared in the Christchurch Times in 1939. The instant success with the neighbors at the Elphinston Road nudist colony has been marked. One old gentleman who has rented a second floor back says his outlook on life generally has entirely changed in the last few weeks. He has now, no use for his car or fishing tackle and wishes to exchange them for anything useful such as telescopes, binoculars or camera. [And also Gardner had a darkroom built and I think he was going to develop and print his own photographs. But it may be that they were of a nature that it wasn’t the sort of thing you want to take along to your local chemists, because even more rumors would have spread then]. He would stand out and he arrived because he would look so different. He had this shock of white hair and also what I remember was that he had tattoos on his arm and I know of boys and they would cross the road that he was a bit odd looking. So, even with his clothes on, Gerald seemed different. It was rumored that his racy photo sessions went along with affairs and a taste for flagellation. But Gerald wasn’t satisfied. He was seeking something stranger. And in 1939, he found it. Gerald was about to become a witch. [This old house in Hampshire has a remarkable claim to fame for it was here on a night in 1939 that a middle-aged man called Gerald’s Gardner was apparently initiated into witchcraft.” I was blindfolded, clasped from behind and told, I give you the password.” Gerald claims that he was stripped naked, brought him to a room full of witches. All similarly nude and then given the secrets of an ancient magical religion. I was then pushed through a doorway and into the circle and then the word Wicca was mentioned. Wicca, witch, they were witches. Witches still exist]. From that night until his death, nearly thirty years later, Gerald Gardner devoted his life to witchcraft. He appeared in the papers and on TV. He read books and crucially, he initiated others into Wicca so it would not die with him. The question is what kind of man in 1930’s England decides to become a witch? For clues about Gerald’s Journey to becoming Brittan’s most famous witch, we need to delve into his earlier life. Gerald Gardner came from a family that had made a fortune in the timber trade. He grew up in Lancashire, but at the age of six he was packed off abroad with his nanny because of ill health. And he never went to school. Gerald Gardner was essentially an unwanted child, I think really because he was asthmatic and broncadic and he was sent out to the Far East for his health. But the family never really reclaimed him. Gerald was more or less sort of left on his own to learn. That he did. Gerald became very well traveled, very quickly. And as a colonial that was natural for him to seek his fortune among the tea and rubber plantations of the Far East. But while most Colonials were content to sit back and drink GM, tea. Gerald went out and studied the tribal cultures of the places where he was living. In particular he became fascinated by tribal ritual magic. One of the rituals that he attended was putting a young girl into trance. “Disease was driven out of their body’s spells. Magic to these tribal people was a matter of fact, affair. It was real.” Gerald says it was really quite, the atmospheres quite unlike anything that he had seen before. Gardner’s fascination with tribal magic went along with a deep interest in western occultism. He was inspired by pioneers like Sherlock Holmes’s author, Arthur Conan Doyle, who was heavily involved in spiritualism and had become one of the most prominent public figures in magic and the supernatural. Gerald picked up on Conan Doyle’s magical world and it wasn’t long before he was following in his footsteps, experimenting with séances and spiritualism. The tribal rituals he then witnessed in Malaya only cemented this belief that magic was a powerful, a very real thing.
[So, by the time he retired Highcliff, Gerald had been studying magic for decades and he soon made contact with local law occultists. In particular a large group of Freemasons who were based nearby. He found a people who were if not exactly like-minded, then similarly minded. There are some people very interested in the esoteric things]. But others that were interested in nature and nature spirits. They were people who can use a local folklore. They knew the lay of the land. Those people as he got to know were interested in something else as well. This something else turned out to be a kind of native English version of the ritual magic Gerald had experience in the Far East. It was real English witchcraft and Gerald wanted in. He began taking part in magical rituals after the New Forest. But what did witches actually do? And at this point in British History what did it mean to call yourself a witch? As Gerald tells it, after his initiation, he and his coven began to work rituals in the New Forest and they certainly started a tradition which continues to use this very day. I’ve come to meet Wiccan Priestess Pam Dora who’s going to demonstrate a ritual that Gerald and his coven would recognize. It’s based on a traditional kind of healing spell, but the way it’s done in a group casting a circle using certain words all comes from Gerald. So you’ve got some Hazelnuts here in a cauldron. What we are going to do is imbue them with some of our wishes and strengths and things that we think we can use in the dark of the year coming. Does this actually involve casting a spell? Exactly what we are doing. “Earth and water, air and fire charge these things with our desire.” Actual objects, in this case Hazelnuts are charged with energy designed to cure winter ailments and as I have got a cold, I’m hoping that it might help me. Pandora, I think I know what’s going on there. It felt as if we were charging these material objects with our own spiritual energy with the support of other spiritual
Entities, which you’d invite into our circle. Is that kind of right, or is there more to it than that? The other thing to add into it too is writing our own energies because what we do is we’ve taken that energy that surround us and we’ve pulled it into ourselves and because we’ve got ourselves moving we’ve used that energy within us to charge these. Imagine if you can how this sort of thing would have seemed to most people
in 1939 to most residents of Highcliff had they but known the truth, Gerald would have seemed little short of insane. But was this all madness or was Gerald simply following tradition? [In Briton, there is a long history of useful witchcraft dating back to the middle Ages. Known as the cunning folk, these witches would cast spells to heal the sick or bring good luck. Research has shown that Gerald essentially used these spells in his own New Forest rituals. But it was his ambition that set Gerald apart from the cunning folk of old. For him these English folklore spells held much greater power. Gerald had ambitions to use magic on a much grander scale that would change just not your health but the entire world]. he was about to test his newfound magical powers against something truly dangerous. As just across the sea, Hitler began to threaten invasion. When he wasn’t casting spells, [Gerald was also a prominent member of the local home guard. And so, it made sense to Gerald to prepare to repel the Nazis not just with rusty bayonets, but with magic and on one night in 1914, that’s exactly what he and his coven are said to have done]. “We were taken at night to a place in the forest where the great circle was erected.” I’ve come to the depths of New Forest in search of the exact location of this famous magical encounter, and here to talk me through it, is Gerald’s biographer, Phillip Hazelton. We’re here because Gerald Gardner said “We were taken at night to a place in the forest. And there we created cone of power that we had ever attempted.” What’s a cone of power? Well it’s not a physical cone. It is something magical, something, a thought form if you like. [For Gerald, the threat of German invasion was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate true power of Wicca magic]. And the great cone of power was raised and slowly directed in the general direction of Hitler. They built up power dancing quickly round and then when that power had reached its climax there was this cone of power which could be seen by those who were sensitive to these things. [The command was given. “You cannot cross the sea. You cannot cross the sea.” They rushed towards the fire at the same time raising this cone of power and sending it over to the German High Command and indeed to Hitler himself]. I have to confess although the night isn’t particularly cold, I’m shivering here. I got wet feet. It’s pretty uncomfortable. Would it have been similarly physically exhausting for them? Well, yes, because they weren’t in the first flush of youth, most of them. [It was something which exerted them. It exerted them greatly and Gardner says several of them died shortly after that ritual. “You cannot cross the sea, you cannot come. You cannot come.” This was that, if you like, the life force of the individuals coming out. This was important and they were prepared to sacrifice themselves if necessary in order to achieve this objective]. Now, from the perspective of the present day, this story might seem utterly preposterous, which is effectively sacrificing their lives in order to create a spell to ward off the Nazis. But Hitler didn’t come and even the British government seemed to feel threatened by the power of magic. Shortly after Gerald’s cone of power ritual, a spiritualist called Helen Duncan was actually prosecuted for her occult activities. Duncan had raffled, twitchy naval officers and attracted the attention of the authorities in 1944, when she held séances in Portsmouth and beam answering questions about people’s relatives who’ve been killed in action. She had been too good at her prophecies and had alarmed the security forces and in fact she was imprisoned for a while. But Gerald’s passion for the occult was unwavering and crucially he wasn’t alone. [He was drawing closer to the most notorious magician in the entire world Aleister Crowley known as the great beast. Crowley was an infamous magician whose alleged black magic had earned him the title, wickedest man in the world. never far form controversy], Crowley could have a deep dark take on your cult. I simply went over to Satan side. I found myself as passionately eager to serve my new master as I had been to serve the old. Gerald knew Crowley’s work and actually appropriated many of his magical writings and his early Wicca rituals. [But Gerald and Alister were very different men. Where Crowley’s brand of magic could be dark, Gardner was interested in the positive side of the occult]. And these colorful characters gathered here at the Atlantis bookshop which had a temple in the basement and sold rare texts with instructions on how to summon the dead, talk to angels and wield supernatural power. It became a safe haven for like-minded people to come meet and discuss things without prejudice and it gave them the protective coloring that at the time they needed. What sort of things happened at this shop and why do they matter to history? They matter because there were so few places that people who’ve been interested in this sort of thing could meet their fellows where you could talk as equals whether you were a witch or you were a high ceremony magician or an astrologer or numerologist. You have always been treated as equals here. What do you think of Gerald Gardner? My farther used to come home, say he was in a game. Today he was king of the witches. His hair goes this way, his beard goes that way and he had style. He had presence. And he had a great cracking wit as well. Crowley was nearing the end of his life and he wanted Gardner as heir to his secret occult society. But Gerald was not content with a secretive underground subculture. He wanted to take Wicca to the masses. So, that was exactly what he was about to do, with a bang.” Is not a fact that these meetings are really, very largely sexual orgies.” “They’re not. Not in the least.”

Dr. Gerald Russell Gardner is a qualified scientist. He is also a witch. This is Gerald Gardner appearing on the BBC”s panorama program in 1958. “My witches are initiated quite young and of course some are middle aged, and some of them are old.” Just a few years previously Gardner had been performing spells in the New Forest with a small coven of witches. So how on earth did Gerald make the transition from local eccentric to celebrity on the BBC”s flagship, Current Affairs Program? Gerald had to come back to London in the mid 1940’s full of enthusiasm about Wicca, but he had to be careful. It might be okay to discuss this stuff n the safety of the Atlantis bookshop, but the Witchcraft Act was still in force. In those days to proclaim yourself a public witch was illegal and to be involved in the occult made you a social pariah. In the 1940’s the core beliefs of Wicca were so radical it was a very risky religion indeed.

Briton was still a very orthodox society and anything other than Christianity was treated with suspicion. But Gerald was desperate to spread the Wicca word. And so in 1949, he found a compromise. He adopted a pseudonym and he published a novel and this is it; “High Magic’ s Aid.” Although it had to be disguised as a work of fiction, it is actually the first published account of Wiccan magic. This passage, one of many describes how to conduct a classic Wicca ritual. “Upon the altar lay the remaining pentagon. Also cause black cloth and other things which he would want for the operation. Taking this pentagon, he bound it with a cord and shrouded it with a cloth.” It could be seen just as a story, but for those in the know, you know, it was quite revealing. It included quite a lot of witchcraft rituals that are fairly familiar today. In some ways it’s a terrible novel. There’s too many yees and privies and forces and vowels, but in essence it’s witchcraft writ large there. High Magic says, it wasn’t exactly a best-seller, but it did sow the first seeds of Wicca out in the wider world. [Then in 1951, after a campaign by a group of spiritualist MP.s supported by Winston Churchill who himself had become interested in the occult, the Witchcraft Act was finally repealed]. Gerald was now free to out himself as a witch and to tell the world all about Wicca which was by now developing into a fully fledged religious system. Since his New Forest initiation, Gerald had become something of a magpie, building his new religion from many sources. He borrowed heavily from both English folklore witchcraft and modern shamanic magic for his spells and rituals. [Whilst the iconic symbols that would become synonymous with Wicca, most notably the pentagram, were ancient symbols that have been adopted by Freemasons].
This blend of influences found expression in Gerald’s collection of magical objects. But to see some of these, you have to go to a rather unlikely location. I’ve come here in pursuit of one of the most significant collections of Wicca artifacts in the world. And among them is one of the most important Wicca manuscripts of all. The owner is John Bellum Payne, a property developer now living in Spain. He is also one of Wicca’s senior priests and in the great tradition of the faith has had many of Gerald’s most prized magical possessions handed down to him. Wow, you talked me through some of Gerald’s objects and explained what they were for. Okay, this was Gerald Gardner’s wand or at least one of them. And he would have used that to cast a circle. [The other items here that we have from Gerald is one of his efame. What are athames? It’s a ritual knife; we only use an efamey for magical purposes. Oh, my. Obviously it’s phallic so it would be used for some sort of recreational purpose], I think. Other items of Gerald’s are these two crowns. The priestess would wear this one representing the triple aspects of the moon and this would be what he would have worn, which was representative of the horned god. It’s there representing goddess and god. Absolutely right, Ron I actually think this is your size. Would you like to try it out? If you would like me to do so, yes by all means. It’s remarkably comfortable. Gerald was a practical sort of chap. But the real prize is much too valuable to be kept in John’s basement, worth more than a million dollars; it’s locked away in a much more secure location. Now I’m being granted a remarkable privilege. I’m about to see a Wicca Holy Grail. Here in a secure vault in this bank is one of the most significant and valuable religious documents of the 20th century. [This is the foundation text. The closest thing to a Bible of modern pagan witchcraft. It’s called “The Book of Shadows.” It’s Gerald’s own magical workbook, his experimental notes for what Wicca would become. Here, Gerald wrote down the original rituals and spells that Wiccans have been using ever since. It’s a manual. Unlike Wicca itself, that remained a work-in –progress rather than a fixed set of doctrines]. So, Ronald, this is it. This is Gerald Gardner’s first and original “Book of shadows.” First of all it’s probably the most famous book that there is in the craft. [And as far as that is concerned, my take on this book is I think is as important as owning the original Bible. Because it’s full of just everything that Gardner learned at that stage from a whole load of different sources]. “First, draw a circle with Athena and sprinkle with exercised water. Light candles” and this is the important part, is this is a book of experiences. This is a book about things that have gone right and some things that have gone wrong. This is wonderful. It’s certainly the oldest Wicca book surviving in Europe. It’s a strange mixture which I think is a classic of Gerald. It’s a mixture of a book of actual ritual to be used in the temple, read from. It’s also a kind of notebook with odds and ends taken form all sorts of sources. “I call upon the goddess to enlighten the hearts of all whom I call into this circle.” Looking at this gives me two further insights into old Gerald. The first is just his love of beautiful things, artistry. his love of script. Yeah, like his love of wands, like his love of crowns and also his willingness to adapt, to go on from one thing to another, this is the somebody, who’s creating a work in progress. And in which other people can pick up and with which they can do things and move on. Yeah, that’s the exciting thing about the craft. It never stays still. In the book of shadows, Gerald had written, not just a guide book to the spells and rituals of Wicca, he’d produce a manifesto for a new religion. Wicca had truly been born and now he was desperate to take it to the masses. Gerald was now a man in a hurry, desperate to insure that Wicca didn’t die with him. He’d devote the next 10 years to spreading word of it throughout the lands, whatever the consequences. In 1954 Gerald published his essential guide to Wicca, “Witchcraft Today.” He also opens Britain’s first museum of witchcraft on the Isle of Man and he started to be featured in newspapers, looking for a sensational story. Today the people, the existence of optical stories and the stats go wild. [It was after a series of muckraking tabloid features accusing Gerald of practicing black magic, devil worship. But he really got his big break]. Gerald was invited to defend himself on Panorama. This would become a definitive TV moment watched by millions that gave the British public their first sight of a real live witch. [“Is it true that the dancing takes place as a rule naked?” “Yes.” “Now why is that?” “It’s good tradition. It’s the order of the goddess who, you should all be naked. Am I right? And of course to work magic you must believe it.”] Gerald couldn’t have hoped for a bigger audience. And even in the face of some provocative questioning, he kept his dignity. Just. [“I want to put this to you very frankly. I’ve been reading your book and I am tempted to ask you, is it not a fact that these meetings are really very largely sexual orgies?”] [“They are not. Not in the least.”] Gerald might have faced derision for the BBC, but twelve million people had just heard about Wicca for the first time. “And what then happens when the circle is drawn,” “well then of course the general you have start with the dance. Then there’s a worship of the Gods. Then of course it depends on what they want to do. If they want to work magic they work magic.” I think Gerald felt he was on nothing less than a sacred mission and now he had found his audience. What he was about, was getting this thing planted in as many places he could possibly bloody well plant it. Because he reckoned it was great stuff and he wanted it to survive. He’s the one who put it out there and said no, people should know about this. This is amazing. “Thank you very much. Broomsticks are all waiting.” And through all this, Gerald got his wish. He had become Briton’s first modern celebrity witch. It’s like turning the crank handle of an old car, you know. Nothing happens and then suddenly it sparks into life you know. That’s what happened. As Gardner’s fame grew, so to did his following. People were writing to him in their hundreds wanting to become witches. One of his converts who joined him on Panorama was Louis Born. “Tell me how old are you?” “I am 29.” “And are you a hereditary witch?” “Well I do have witch ancestry, but it/s only within the last few years that I am practicing witchcraft.” “How did you find out about Wicca? [I had all these spiritual gifts and I didn’t know what to do with them and eventually I read a book by Gerald Gardner. I think it was called: Witchcraft Today.”] And I wrote to him and I asked him if he could explain these strange things which had happened to me throughout my life and he said” “ well it’s very clear to me my dear that you are a witch.” What makes people take after witchcraft? “Well it seems to me that we live in a highly mechanized age in which many people have lost their sense of belonging. Witchcraft brings them back to living in harmony with the rhythm and the seasons of the earth. Why did Gerald value publicity so much? “I think he was driven by something outside himself. I think this was his purpose in life. Well I’m sure, I am convinced that we all come to earth with a purpose that there is something that we have to do and I think that this is what Gerald’s purpose was.” It wasn’t just women who were drawn to Wicca. Several young men joined Gerald’s original columns. One of them was Zachary Cox. His eyes were bright blue and credibly glittery eyes. He didn’t go mad in a destructive sense, but he looked kind of nicely magic. You know what I mean. These were the eyes of someone who had only one foot in the world of the common place. I don’t know how guy gets into that straight. I’m sure. But he’s got into it somehow.
[He was witchcraft if you like, but the really weird thing is it works].
And at the dawn of the new decade there was something else in the air that would work in Wicca’s favor; [Social Revolution. As the 60’s began to swing, Wicca’s emphasis on gender equality, nature worship and sacred sexuality made a perfect fit for the historical moment. It was almost as if Gerald had predicted how the world was about to change]. He was a conduit for something. It was the right time for that to happen. By the time Gerald died in 1964, Wicca was on its way to becoming a global thing [and in America where the counter culture was really rocking society to its core], Gerald’s radical new religion exploded into a phenomenon. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s Wicca continued it’s march into the mainstream helped in no small part [by hugely successful cult movies, like “The Wicca Man” which provided a tantalizing if inaccurate glimpse of the pagan faith to cinema goers throughout the world]. But as Wicca expanded across the globe, without its eccentric leader, would this very British religion flourish or perish?
In Briton today, Gerald Gardner’s radical religion, his [feminist eco-friendly magical faith has taken its place at the heart of our culture. Where once witches were persecuted and driven underground, today they could be out and proud. 21st century Wicca is plainly a far cry from its roots in the New Forest]. The forthcoming census results are expected to show it well up among the top 10 religions in the United Kingdom and as the faith has grown Wiccans have formed campaign groups. [These organizations lobby the government about the ongoing recognition of Wicca and its follower’s rights. One of the most prominent and active of these groups is to be found in the modern police service]. I want to find out how Gerald’s legacy is influencing policy and changing attitudes within some of our most respected professions. Andrew Party, a spokesman for the police pagan Association. Border officer, Adam Commence represents pagans in the home office. The format we use, the way things are laid out was look at Wicca, it’ probably the only religion that England has ever given to the world. police officers may go in and they may see an altar set up and they may not know whether the possession of a ritual knife falls underneath defenses in law or not and its simple things like that, that just make the police a bit more reassured of how they’re dealing with people, but also allow us to know and that pagan community to know that they can be dealt with fairly just as any other person would. And if Gerald’s legacy is becoming influential in the UK, in America his radical English faith has infiltrated the very heart of the establishment, the U S military. Roberta Stewart and reverend Selina Fox are on a mission. Stewart’s husband, sergeant Patrick Stewart was killed in combat last September in Afghanistan. The Nevada native was a Bronze star and purple heart recipient. He was also a member of the Wiccan religion whose symbol is the pentagram. Stewart was refused a Wicca Memorial because the authorities viewed his faith as a cult and not as a true religion. I said, where is my husband’s plaque and they indicated that the emblem of our chosen faith was not allowed to be on there. Since this test case in 2007, the Wicca Pentagram has been a religious symbol officially recognized by the US military and can be carved on the gravestones of service men and women who were killed in the line of duty. Back in the UK, Wicca’s evolution shows no sign of slowing down. [Indeed it’s almost certainly the fastest growing religion in the country and what’s interesting to me is that it’s the younger generation that is leading the march]. This is Corydon. South London, not perhaps the most magical place on the planet. This weekend’s Corydon is housing the biggest gathering of witches in the world. I’ve come to Witch Fest. Where Gerald wanted to find witchcraft, he had to do so by getting into a secret coven. Today’s would be witches can do so with a click of a mouse, but do these young people know who Gerald Gardner was? To me Gerald is a trailblazer and a revolutionary. He was so brave and courageous in embracing a religion that was so outside of the norm. He inspires me because he was so alive in his own lifetime and vibrant. I appreciate how he helps make it more public and, you know, we’re all interested in it probably because, like with his influence within me which was part well. Gardner’s legacy clearly lives on amongst this new generation of witches. But have modern Wicca beliefs stayed true to the original vision of its eccentric creator? What does paganism mean to you? [To me paganism is a spiritual path. And it involves reverence for nature. Wicca means to me finding my spirituality embodied in a religion that is incorporating a feminine Divine]. What would you call it as a religion to you? Is it a spirituality? Is it a craft? All three. Yeah, it’s a craft because we practice witchcraft and its spirituality because it’s independent how we are as individuals and how we explore it within ourselves. Whether its nature or spirituality that inspires Gardner’s young followers, Wicca is about the power of magic. Magic changed Gerald’s life. It gave him a vision of a new type of religion and it drove him to push back the boundaries of the possible. “Magic does work. The fact the sun rises every morning and we are here to see it is magic. The fact that the moon glows and big and bright and lights the way in the darkness is magic. And we have that. And we celebrate that and we hold it very, very dear to our hearts.” It’s very difficult to define, but it’s so powerful. [“A witch on their own can’t do that much, but when they get together, they’re so powerful].

In the course of making this film I’ve encountered many people who practice a religion called pagan witchcraft which to them is clearly as beautiful, transindental, and effective as other faiths are to their believers and it was brought into the world by a classic English eccentric who managed to publicize a religion of lasting power. It’s feminists, it’s nature centered, it seems to give people a great deal of choice, but the single most powerful idea I take away from Wicca is this: [Whereas other faiths say this is what you should feel about the Divine, this one says this is how you can feel Divine].

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