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electricity is the only force that humanity knows in this current stage of our development. Which is very limited. So, they deal with electricity because they can only relate to the vibration wave. They are not relating to the radiation wave which is back of and superior to the vibratory wave. The radiation wave is pure. The vibration wave in theology is described as impure. It is the god of the impure world. So you’re probably differentiating electricity from magnetism which is what I do. And if you are that is the correct way to do it. Magnetism is superior to electricity; it is the mother of electricity. It is 10 billion times more powerful than electricity. Thank you Faraday and Maxwell and Steinmetz and all the greats. It is a radiation wave. It is pure white light. It has no vibration to it. It does not decay. It is forever expanding. It is radial, hence radiation. Electricity is a hybrid. But it is responsible for producing all of the material world. Magnetism does not penetrate into the material world. It is providing the energy for it. It’s providing the radial pressure. And then the vibration which is a transverse wave. That is what creates the illusion of time and space. Because you’ve got wave amplitude and wavelength. Wavelength is time, wave amplitude is space. And only electricity can do this. So the materialists; their primary mode of seeing the universe is through electrical eyes. Vibration, yeah,

?now Santos would you say that when we go deep into meditation and some of us can become self-realized ads the term sometimes is enlightenment. Is this why light can be seen by people that reach these states?

Yeah. White light is pure light. It is the other half of the yin and yang which is black and white. Black light is dielectricity. White light is magnetism. So, even though white light is a pure light, it is divine. It is creative. It is god light. Nonetheless the black light is the true light of our resting source. Because white light is motion and if you go to the white light as they like to talk about in the afterlife experience. Well this will only bring you, project you back. It’s a projecting light. It projects you back into motion, into the world of motion. Everything in this world is in flux. It’s always moving. You see everything, all the atoms, the animation. Animam means soul. And white light is the soul. It animates. So an animal comes from soul which we are. We are animals because we are animated by white light. Black light, black white light will bring us back into rest and black light holds the key to its modality. If you look at the word black you remove the B and then you have the word lack. Because there is no lack in black light. It has everything. And that’s the light you go back to when you remove the L now you have the word back. Because you go back to the black light. If you remember that you’ll find that the true teachers of transcendental science always taught “do not go to the white light. It’s good and beautiful light, but it’s the light of projection. It’s the light of unrest. This was highlighted in the ancient Tibetan. we need the white light. It has all colors in it. So when white light is refracted through a prism, you can see its true nature when it is differentiated is that it holds all the colors. Whereas black has no color. There are no colors in black and white is all colors. So they are the yen and yang. The co-eternal principles of creation, where the black energy, they call it black energy, dark matter, dark energy, all of this dark stuff that scientists now are talking about.

Everything black, black, black. And the reason is because they’re pointing us in the right direction that source is black. Force is white. It is good to have the force, the white light but better to have the source. The Sorcerer’s are the ones who don’t need force because they have a scepter, well another kind of magic which is superior to the magic of the world of motion which is really an illusion and the reason being is because it is temporal. The vibratory wave is temporal. It decays it can never keep going unless sustained by resonance and that’s why they have all these resonance buildings around the earth. Temples, cathedrals, altars and all kinds of magnetic attracting structures along lay lines. Because they were creating resonance on the earth to keep the earth in Paradise state. This was Ta Taria in the ancient days. Ta Tary was destroyed because what they wanted, the Jesuits when they started dismantling the magnetic grid and to set up the electrical grid was to destroy the earth. To destroy her resonance because man was able to keep the transverse wave and materialism perpetually in a state of perpetuity. You see we were learning how to keep the transverse, temporal wave propagating through time and space with RESONANCE. Only resonance can keep that wave from decaying, whereas the magnetic radial wave doesn’t need resonance. It is the original resonance. The Jesuits were able to infiltrate all nations and all buildings and cities and to remove certain key stones from the edifices to change the frequency and then to disable this resonance situation that was going on in the earth and everyone was healthy. Everyone was conscious, everyone was awakened and everyone was using their magic that their power. Everybody had their power. We were all musicians; we were all able to creative. We could do everything. Everything was within our reach you see so they call this a creation. Creation is made up of three words. Kronos, rea, and tor. Cre-a-tor. That is Chronos (his consort), rea (time and space), and their sun, Jupi-TOR. The maker of Taurus fields. Of atoms of form. So, they’ve got time, space, and form. That’s the HOLY TRINITY. Cre-a tor. Kronos, Ria, and Jupa-tor and so with resonance, the resonance chambers which are what cathedrals were. They were able to elevate the health and the consciousness of being and to restore it every time you would go on a pilgrimage down the lay line up the hill to the temple, the minister there would administer the rites and the healing rituals and you would be restored. And so your body would not decay because it does decay without these resonance chambers. So our trick is to get back to them and re-establish that magnetic grid. If we can do that in time none of us will need to perish and continue dying. All this dying and stuff. What will happen rather than them controlling death and our life span? Remember before the flood it was supposedly a thousand years and then God changed the life span of man down to 120 years you know. If you live 80 years these days you’ve done well. So, if we can get a hold of those edifices that are still up and restore them to the original use all of us will have the power to live forever and not that we will. We won’t have to because what we used to do in ancient times was we would be able to decide when we would die and we would just leave this body and they would take care of us they would embalm it and then put it in a nice tomb for us to remember us and if ever we should want to come back that body that was embalmed was kind of like a vehicle or a GPS point that we could, you know, we could say there we are. Okay we’re gonna go back to those old atoms and just, we wouldn’t actually resurrect that body you wouldn’t need to. But you just need you know; it was just there as like a file for you to come back to this medium if you wish to. Otherwise you can just leave this medium forever depending on your good works and your good soul. If you have a good soul you can go back to VRINDAVAN which means you can go back to the (in the West we call that Elysian fields) the Elysian Fields or the Imperium, the mperium is where the gods dwell. That the blessed ones dwell with God so you can go there. You can live forever there. You don’t have to come back into materialism. You don’t have to live on the sphere of Jupiter or Saturn or the moon. You don’t have to live on these inferior planes where there is always pleasure and pain. Suffering and death. Always. See on the moon yu can live for a hundred thousand years. In Jupiter you can live for a million years but it’s still a million years of suffering and eventually you will die.

?so we could be reincarnated to something on another plane is that correct?

I wouldn’t use the word re-incarnated, but resurrected. Because we wouldn’t have flesh. Carne is carnal, is flesh. So you wouldn’t reincarnate but you would be able to live there. Yes, as a being. You know you will live in your unconditioned state and you only get to live in places where you are worthy. You see, if you don’t have the currency, if you don’t buy the gold as it says in revelation, buy gold from me so you can live for ever, you can live with me in the heavens. That’s I reference to good works, the works of yur soul and currently . what you do in your Donna, not so much you can what you’re Dharma is how you are living right now. Are you a liar? Are you deceiving people? Are you promiscuous in your sexual behavior because this is absolutely condemned? Are you a drunkard? Are you a glutton? You know all of these things are condemned and people who practice those, they will always reincarnate in planes where these gross practices are being practiced. Some people choose to do that you know they want to be sexual forever. They want you know, pornography is their only way of expressing sexuality.

I’ve heard one Guru say we want to drop sex. So that it’s not on our mind when we die. And if we die and sex is on our mind, then that’s not so good?

Now exactly. So this is the thing. It’s the kind of sex as well that you are practicing. You can be practicing white Tantra which will get you anywhere in the Universe. He’ll make you holy so you won’t need to worry about who am I going to reincarnate to or what have you. It’s gross polyamorous promiscuous pornographic black Tantric ejaculatory sex. Which will keep you on the plane of the animals where you will forever perish and suffer damnation because it is damnation where we are here. We’ve been damned by certain limitations and conditions. That’s limiting. That’s a damnation and so how we got here was through those very lusts because as the religions tell us Satan made this world because Saturn was lustful and Saturn wanted lustful sex. Hence this world was born through his loins. That’s the only reason why it was created. Because of lustful sex. You see so now we have to because we were born in that. We have to transmute that now. We have to grow out of that. And that is what our aim is to purify. That’s why the bible says “do not be misled. Fornicators and people who practice loose conduct will not inherit God’s kingdom. Purity is the way to inherit God’s kingdom. Detox physical, mental and sexual.

? the Taurus fields comes up in your seminars a lot. I was wondering when they say when in an enlightened master when you are in the presence of an enlightened self-realized master you can feel the presence is what they usually call a Buddha field. Is the Buddha fields the Taurus field?

Yep, absolutely. There’s only one field brother. There’s only one field. And the field is inside of every atom. It’s called the point of inertia. An atom is a Taurus field. That’s what an atom is. It’s the toroidal field that (what Ken Wheeler calls the reciprocating processional hyperboloid Taurus field. ).

Reciprocating, processional, hyperboloid, Taurus field. I would add another ingredient to that, the plane of inertia. The plane of inertia runs through the middle of the Taurus field. It’s where the lines of force are either coming into it or going out of it. It’s the point of transcendence. It’s the transcendental point where everything is coming out of the the black hole or going back in to the black hole. That’s it. And that field, that plane of inertia, that is the field and that field is stronger in the magician. That field will protect you everywhere you go. You’ll have angelic protection if that field is strong. The way to destroy that field is to lose you’re your CHRISM by ejaculating it and disrespecting the chrism which will give you charisma. So you see a lot of these people, they’re all depleted. They’re walking around like; oh I haven’t got any strength to even lift my finger and pick my nose. They are weak and they are not only physically weak, are spiritually and ethically and morally weak. They are cowards. They don’t stand for anything. They stand for nothing. And fall for everything types. These are people who bring weakness into the world because and they deplete themselves because they squander their oils, in blasphemous ejaculatory sex. Which I don’t know how anyone in their right mind can think that practicing that kind of sex has any value. Men for instance have to fall asleep the moment they’ve had five minutes of ejaculatory sex. They’re leaking their energy. Like me, I can go all day long. Someone has to say stop.

That’s enough because just build energy. My partner will have to say stop. That’s 14 hours please stop. There is no sleeping. There’s not even a contemplation of thought and it’s not about sex like most people think you know thrusting about like a monkey. Its sacred pure youthful, transindental sex where every moment of it is like an orgasm filling the body. Feeling of the field that’s just you’re in God’s presence on that you’re having sex at the throne of God. Not the throne of Satan where all kinds of blasphemous ejaculatory,,you see wherever there is ejaculatory sex there are multiple demons. It’s demonic. Pornography, its demonic. People think, oh yeah we’ll just have an ejaculation because that’s it. Cute. You know we like that kind of sex. All you are doing is inviting demons into your life because they love to see humans squandering the CHRIST. Because we’ve been given a certain amount of Christic chrism just as we’ve been given allocated a certain amount of breaths. When we expire our last breath we die and the same is with the oils that come from our cerebrospinal nervous system called the chrism. So, we’ve only been allocated a certain amount and that chrism is called the Christ, the oil of the Christ. And demons love to watch couples have sex and squander that. They are always there present. And that’s why they like having that kind of sex because the demons come into them and possess them and they feel more passion and mofre lust and they want more lustful experiences so they go and have orgies and threesomes and all kinds of sex. Some people have sex with animals. They can’t any longer have pleasure with human beings any more. Some people have sex with little children. They have to rape little babies. And kill them and drink their ADRENOCHROME because you know having sex with a woman now is not enough. And that’s because what happens is the moment you have ejaculatory sex , the moment you do demons are in your life. And they’re going to want more and more and more intense experiences. And you’re trapped now forever. In a cycle of lust. Which you will never have addiction will you’ll never be able to escape without them that’s of Christ. They love it when we are stuck in addictions. Too much food, bad food. Wake up the next day in pain. So that night they go and get more pleasure. An d then the next day they have pain and anger and hatred. And toxicity. Neurosis and psychosis. Stimulation. And the moment you kiss someone you are downloaded with all of their hormones and DNA. And now you are thinking like them. You are acting like them. You have all their germs , all their ancestral diseases, all their past toxic partners hormones and parasites. You have all their parasites. This is why people change when they get with someone. You know get they find a new partner they change in mind. The mind is absolutely changed. According to their partners because now they have their partners in them for ever. Every single person that you have kissed and exchanged DNA you have given them your soul and you are eating their soul for ever. This is why the bible says “be faithful to your one partner. Because you will become one flesh when you marry. The moment you kiss someone see kissing someone is a contract. It’s a contract when you receive their fluids, their saliva. You have signed a contract eternally. With them that you will be one with them. And you’ll never be able to get out of it. It’s just impossible. You cannot do it. That’s why it’s heavy. This is why prostitutes do not kiss their clients. They put condoms on. They do not take any DNA from their clients. You know it’s by law the prostitutes have to have condoms but by practice they never ever kiss their clients because they know what happens. They know it dilutes their souls.

What is the role of astrology in the bible, the Vedas, the zohar and so on? Why is it the mother of all science?

Well all scriptures come from astrology. Their all alluding to it or they’re all vying it but because scripture is a subtle teaching its descriptive. Scripture is not going to say “oh we’re all about astrology. It’s not going to tell you what it’s about. It’s going to be presented in such a divine way that people will marvel when they read scripture and now always be thinking what is this. Oh, how come it elevates my consciousness. How come this information is pleasing to me. How come I want to seek this information but I don’t understand it fully? That’s because it is always alluding to something and it’d alluding to nature and God. And the creation. And that the CREATION IS 12 FOLD. Hence, we have the dodecahedron, the master polyhedral of the universe. We have carbon 12 throughout all of the universe. All the universe is made of carbon 12. and so we have 12 systems in the body. We have 12 cranial nerves, we have 12 nerve endings in the solar plexus. 12 is throughout … 12 numbers on a clock, 12 musical notes, chromatic notes, the 12 chromatic colors and the rainbow colors a seven but we always have this play between 12 and 7. and in the Quran, in the Bhagavad-gita, in the bible. There’s always these two favorite numbers of God. 12 chromatic notes, seven diatonic notes and why is this. Because this is the number of the universe. The universe is made of numbers. It’s made of numbers and letters which we would call gematria or geometry which is the same word. Think about it. G OM ETRA . geometry and gematria, numbers and letters are behind everything in creation. And so, a toroidal field will have 12 thirty degree segments along its cyclical wave pattern. So, energy will come(on white board a lesson from the other day) [Ken Wheeler has a u tube channel called theoria hypotheosis – he shows with a magnetic viewing film –shows lines convergent and centripetal and lines of force that are divergent and centrifugal and always meet in the center. – he explains fed shift and blue shift. – two spirals , vortices. We have radiation and gravitation (not gravity) thank you Walter Russell) radiation = red shift. (Right turning red shift, energy –very important to understand.

The 3 R’s stand for Red, Right, and Radiation. This is electricity and in this radiation .

Santos shows the Toroid as atom. The neutron is the dielectric field. We have 3 field modalities. (dielectricity, magnetism and electricity(the hybrid of electricity-black light and white light – the dielectric is black light and magnetic is white light. Electricity the red and blue.

Radiation right turning red shift and gravitation is left turning blue shift. Converging going back to the field. The line bisecting the Toroid. This is the field(GOD). God is the field. You will learn this from the YING and Yang. (Taoism) they are telling you dielectric field rest and motion. Magnetism (mag in Sanskrit) means (to move). And it is feminine. It’s white light. In the center you will have green. If you look at this as a human being they have a torso. A torso is another way of saying Taurus. So at the bottom of your torso you have a red chakra and at your throat you have a blue chakra just like the rainbow. Your torso made of atoms (anatomy – knows all about red shift, blue shift). Everywhere you go all forms are red shift blue shift. Hence you got red pill, blue pill. Red blood, Blue blood. Roses are red, violets are blue. Republicans are red. Democrats are blue. Red police siren, blue police siren. Red hot water blue cold water. Why? Because of the colors of the material world. And polarity. And in the middle is your heart (green). Chakra with 12 petals and that is the field. So when you RESPECT THE CHRISM (the Christ in you), and you do not squander any of those fluids. Now you are strengthening your field. Now you are the magician. Now you are protected by the angels. (the angles of your chart, that’s what the angels are. THEY ARE INTELLIGENT CONSCIOUS ANGLES THAT come into your chart and protect you. See when you know astrology, the mother of all science, and when you know your own chart you know which angels (angles) are protecting you. For instance the angels that protect me are the Sun, and Mars. I have the sun in aries. (the cerebrum) and mars in leo. (the heart). That’s called reciprocation. And they are training to each other. By a 3 degree orb. That reciprocation protects me. My head and my heart. Because I have a train from my heart in Mars in my heart to Aries in my head. And since the sun is the ruler of Leo the heart, and mars is the ruler of Aries the head, they are in each others signs. They are reciprocating. Even though the sun exalts in Aries and loves being in aries and mars loves being in Leo the fire sign, their DOMICILES are opposite. Mars ruled (head), Aries and sun rules the heart. Leo. That reciprocation protects me. So its important to know the good angels, Angels in your chart so that you know when you are out there in the dangerous world you will know how much power you have and how much an gelic protection you will have when you go out and speak truth.

Doctor Reese interrupts to say (I just wanted to bring something up that one of my favorite people to study is Meister Eckert. Going back to the late 1200’s early 1300’s . of course the church tried to put him to death because he was breaking down Christianity in a different type of way. One of the things he talks about Santos is that God is the universal force and he always refers to God as a male and then he refers to the soul (his soul) as a formless force inside of a human. He always refers to it as a female (hers). And then he would talk about the male and the female (as long as you become empty and let God in) he talks about the God male merging with the female soul in creating the Son of God within you and he would say that we, every human being, has the potential to give birth to their own Jesus Christ. The church did not like this.

Yes (Santos) the father, the spirit in you and and that (the rest and motion in the ying yang) That ( pointing to the rest in ying yang picture) the mother(the goddess) (pointing to there dot (motion) is the soul in you. You are a spirit soul. Some people differentiate between the two. [music] or separate the two. You don’t need to. You can’t be just a spirit and you can’t be just a soul. You are a spirit soul. And that’s because that’s the spirit and that’s the soul. Here (the Taurus field) is the body. The (flat plane cutting through the Torus ) (remember I said creator , lets have a look at that. Tor is the Torus field. The torso. That’s the physical part of you. That’s the sun. it’s in your heart. The heart is the son of God. That’s why Jesus is always pointing to his sacred heart. He’s always pointing to the heart. That’s where the sun is. The son of God. But upu are spirit and soul and they both come from the field. That’s the field. That’s the home. That is where God is. That’s where you are in the transcendental plane. And so your body projects like a projector on a screen. Projects from at spirit soul complex entity that you are. So when your body decays because of lack of resonance in the world and the hybrid wave vibratory wave energy of electricity. So when that body dissolves you will always go back to spirit soul.. now that spirit soul you know how they say you can lose your soul or someone / you say that person is soulless. Well that’s because their field has been depleted through bad practices, gluttony, drunkenness, drugs, bad sex etc. now some people in their youth think they can get away with it you see but no, no, it’ll catch up. It always catches up. There’s not one instance where you can break the rules in the universe and think that you will not suffer the consequences. In one way or another you will do yourself devastating harm. Endless eternal devastating harm even kissing the wrong person will bring so much harm into your field that to disentangle yourself from the harm will take all of eternity.

?can we reverse it? Is this where self realization comes in. is this where enlightenment comes in as potentially the ultimate purpose of every human being?

Well I hope I can reverse all the bad things I’ve y9u know. Skov . I’m on that path of redemption, of salvation of what other words can we use? Purification, sublimation, restoration of my soul because I know I don’t have all my power. I’m powerful yes, but I know there is more to come. I know that my field is not perfect. And there are holes in my Taurus field where entities manage to distract me, harm me and cause me physical and mental and emotional suffering and I know that I’ve got a long way to go. But what I do know is that I will not deviate from this path and I will not compromise because I know that it is my salvation. It is the way to purity. It’s the only way. So, I cannot look to the right or to the left or back. See what anyone else is doing. I have to stay on my path and not necessarily my path. It is that path. It’s only mine in reference to where I am on that path. But it is the path. Never let false teachers tell you about your truth and it’s your path and it’s your way of seeing it and its your truth. This is all hocus-pocus nonsense to deceive people again and again and again and again. There’s only one way.

Per Dr Reese/ Jesus called it the way, Buddha called it the way, Lao Zhu called it the way. It’s always been the way.

It is the way and it is up to the wise ones to find it and the ones who talk about their way and their truth, they are not on the truth. They’re not on the path. They’re totally deluded and going the wrong way.

how much does meditation play a part in your life.

It’s the most important thing. I wish I were more disciplined and did it more. I had my own special meditations. I learn’t one recently where, I can’t show you the madras unfortunately. I can show you one. It’s half of the Coronado. This is one of the meditations I do. There is another one which I was taught that I can only teach in private. And what it does, it forms a pyramid and you put your madras on your forehead and it activates your third eye and you make a pyramid with your hand and you put your knees, you put your elbows on your knees and your knees so you will have, your knees will make the shape of a pyramid together with your hands so here’s the head. There’s the torso there. You’ve got your knees going like this and they’d be the top of your knees and with your hands you’re extending that pyramid so you’re making a pyramid like this which ends at your third eye and that’s where your hands are here . these are your arms. Your elbows are touching your knees and your behind is on the ground. You are sitting down and I would recommend that kin d of meditation. But whatever you do, be sitting on the ground because you need your perineum touching the ground. All of your power, all of it comes from the perineum. And that’s the muscles you squeezed when you become a continent practicer of white Tantra not to let any of the Christic fluids come out of your body. So that needs to be seated on the ground. See when you do this (intertwine your fingers-with thumbs end to end and so your little fingers. That’s the Kabalistic tree. Here (at ends of little fingers) is Mel Couth. Here (ends of thumbs) is Kefir . this is ether. kether is ether, The fifth element and earth (ends of little fingers) is the first element. Then you have water (ends of ring fingers) then you have air (middle fingers, and then you have fire. (Index fingers. So you see what your hands are doing that mudra there would be a good one for you to do. That’s why people pray like this. They join all their fingers (the ten Sephirot) and then they’d pray like this. That’s beautiful. But if you put that on your head when you are doing this meditation (the one sittijng on the ground) with this meditation I was showing (little fingers, index fingers and thumbs together ) you, you’re going from earth(little fingers) to your mystical nature( index fingeres) back to the heavens(your thumbs) . You see the thumbs, that’s why we do the thumbs up sign. Because the thumb is the ether and this is the sign of goodness, this is the sign of perfection. You see when you do this madras (little fingers to thumbs) with three fingers up, you are grounding yourself down to Mel Couth _the earth. When you substitute the ring fingers with the little fingers ) you are emotionally stabilizing yourself. And mentally with middle fingers. . With index fingers touching thumbs is intuitively stabilizing yourself. (the OK sign) this is energy. This is the energy frequency of fire. Fire (index) , air (middle), water (ring) , earth(little). And so that’s why all these madras achieve certain things. Here’s one way you can do this where you’re bringing everything together ((all digits together). : mind, emotions, sense, intuition, everything comes together. So, there’s very important to learn these mudras and hold those circuits, make those circuits electrical circuits in your body, and all you have to do is be still for at least 10 minutes, but really really be still and penetrate the stillness. There you will tap in to your source which right you’re more force
Dr Reese/ that’s why that’s when you were going over to colors that why I got a little excited when you said blue. Because I’ve seen blue in meditation; seen purple.

Yeah, me too.

The average person has no idea what they can see if they just go deep, deep inside themselves and shut the mind off. It’s hard to go back to regular television.

I don’t go to the movies. People say have you seen this movie? I couldn’t be bothered. The last movie I went was with my son was avatar and even that was boring and I thought I’m not going to come back to movies. I’m going to sit at home and meditate. And create movies that are billions of times more ecstatic than anything they (Hollywood) can ever produce.

Time is running out so some questions. how game changing do you think it was when Constantine got together with that council and around 300 AD and started playing around with the scriptures . how much did that change our existence. Even all the way to today in 2020?

Well what it did all he did was he set up Christendom, a corporate structure for Christianity. Because in the west everyone was Christians. The druids were Christians, the hermetists were Christians, the neoplatonists were Christians. A lot of people will laugh at me saying that and they’ll just ridiculous. The druids were Christians , aha the Nordics were Christian. They were all Christian. Christianity is the science of light and they were all practicing the science of light. T5he only thing Constantine did was he corporatized it and gave it a political structure. It politicized it. And it was done before. The Babylonians did it. The Egyptians did it. When you depart from the true way and you start politically and commercially manipulating religions and you put them under a corporate structure, then that’s where start to degenerate. So, Constantine began what is called Christendom and hence, the Christians became Christian Dum. Because the political Christianity of Constantine giving it a structure hence they would have to now fight in Crusades and inquisitions. Well see, how can you have a crusade if you don’t have Christendom and people who believe they have to defend Christendom. Not Christianity, Christian Dom. Because Dom is Dominion. The Dominion of Christ. How can Christ have a Dominion and how can it be in Europe when it’s all over the universe. Christianity is universal. It is the universal science which I teach which is Christianity which is SYNCRETISM. So it’s everywhere. Another way of calling Christianity is Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism. But its all Christianity. So when you are now born in Europe you belong Christendom. You have to defend; oh, the Muslims are coming and they are going to destroy Christendom and our Heritage. Well all they are alluding to is the political heritage, not the religious and cultural that Christianity gave the Europeans. It’s a political thing that they are protecting and a power structure and that can never mix. It can never mix. That’s why Christ said My Kingdom is not of this world. DON’T ASK ME TO BE YOUR KING. My kingdom is not of this world.
This world is this world. Stupid people do stupid things, buying and selling. Eating and drinking until the flood comes and sweeps them all away. Because they’re so stupid. We are from a different place. We know our original home is in the transcendence and we never lose that hope and we are warriors for that and we are TRUTHERS for that.. trying to teach our brothers and sisters on this plane to wake up from this delusion. You don’t belong to Christendom. You don’t belong to a church. You belong to the TRANSCENDENCE. No church can put a label on you.

—Dr. Reese: we’re just a part of the whole. I feel like you know correct me if I’m wrong, the VATICAN sort of hijacked the teachings and kinda like you said created their own little government.

Yes, it’s a commercial enterprise. They’re there asking for donations and they’re getting them from all their stupid little dupes that go to their church you know. The widow’s mite you know. You’ll have widows and they prey on the widow’s more than the rich people, they just put a coin in you know. They just put a few coins in. just tokens. Oh yea here we go. A couple of notes, put them in the basket but then they look down and they wait to see what’s that little widow in the corner going to put in. she better put everything she’s got. And if not we’re gonna go and pay her a visit and you browbeat her as to why she wasn’t in church donating because all the Cardinals of Rome. You know they haven’t got enough Ferraris and Lamborghinis and mansions and little boys to rape. You know they’ve got thousands of little boys that they bring into their homes, rape them, murder them , drink their adrenochrome and they’ve got enough money to pay for all of this people trafficking. That’s all the Vatican’s doing. there. that child murdering eating adrenochrome blasphemous; I heard someone call them Kakistocracy . they rule over us. They are not the Illuminati, they’re not the nice people. They are Kakistocracy because they are the KA KA. I coined in 2012 the expression pimp-ocracy. They are a bunch of pimps
. And they pimp off the little widows and the orphans and they’d make sure that they put the orphans in there so they can rape them and steel their energy.

How much power does the Vatican have in the entire world?

Well look at what it’s doing to the whole world. It’s turned people into stupid idiots. Just foolish, foolish idiots who follow any kind of teaching. Global warming, you know they are all saving their water now because the global warming, climate change and all of this utter bullshit and people are following all of this. They are burning up Australia and people can’t see that’s how stupid they are because of the Jesuits and the Vatican’s dumbing them down. They can’t see that they are trying to burn the countryside’s put people in the streets so they can zap them with 5G technology and control everything they do. They’re not seeing how they are walking straight into a perfect control grid to their ultimate utter destruction and you know getting vaccinated with all kinds of toxic poisons just destroying their children which are poisoning them and all of these poisonous and disgusting practices that dentists and doctors, so-called- are practicing on unsuspecting stupid people have been dumbed down because they get educated and dumbed down in the schools. Yet the guy that they’re worshiping, Jesus Christ told us that the kingdom of heaven is inside of us. It’s right there
. it’s been there the whole time for all these years.

Oh yes but of course they’ll turn that around and say I oh no, but you have to come to this Jehovah ’s Witness church if you want to be saved. Not the Baptist one over there. They serve the devil. And of course the Baptist across the road, they’re laughing at the Jehovah’s Witnesses across the road telling their dupes. They are so deluded that their own brand of Jesus. In fact, the bible says that Christianity divided is not Christianity
The scriptures and saints are all beautiful illuminists.. It’s the interpreters of them are not. The priests, the pastors, and then why do they call themselves pastors when they don’t speak about the ASTORS?

Dr. Reese: I prefer Zen myself. Just sit there. Be quiet. Go within yourself. Stay in the present moment and eventually if you do it long enough something is going to happen.

Well you see, that’s what Buddhism is all about. It’s Hermeticism. In the west we call it Hermes. Hermes is Buddha, in Judaism it’s Moses, because he had the two tablets. Just like Enoch had his two tablets. Enoch, Moses. It’s all the same word. Buddha, Tov, it’s all the same word and it’s Christianity.

Now. Buddha is the body and the tree that they sit under to meditate. That’s the nervous system. The tree which has its bulb, it’s roots in the cerebellum, Horace and the Vegas nerve and all of that, that is the tree. The spinal column with the lumbar on the spinal column meaning tree. That is the tree you sit under to meditate with your Buddha body and if you don’t you will forever be noisy and you’ll forever be recycled in these cycles of necessity, forever being re-incarnated and and pulled back into the gross worlds to suffer pain, misery, and death forever and ever and ever.

To be illuminator is power. My power comes from my intelligence. And my enlightedness, my Christianity and by practicing all everything correctly. There is a correct way and there is a wrong way. And I am on the correct path. Hence, I am restoring my power and getting more and more powerful every day.

How would you describe Synchronism to someone who doesn’t know what it is.

Syncretism is to be able to intelligently integrate and unify all fields of human knowing. Human knowledge. To be able to understand alchemy, astrology, theology, all by integrating them and knowing that they are all from the same field. They all come from the field. And there is only one field and there is only one knowing, of human knowledge. To be able to understand alchemt, astrology, theology, all by integrating them and knowing that they are all from the same field. They all come from the field. And there is only one knowing. To fragment the knowing. Fir instance, I’m a linguist, I speak 8 languages to varying degrees. English will be no. 1. Calabrian, no. 2 , Italian, 3 Spanish , Portuguese French Japanese, Greek. Because I speak Portuguese, does that demish my English. Do I betray my English? I still know it. I can never unknown it. By learning another I don’t harm myself. I enrich myself.

Hence, by learning the most sacred language there is which is in all the scriptures including the bible. Astrology. you are only enriching your field. Because you don’t have to believe any of it. You don’t have to believe in astrology. You don’t have to believe in English, you only have to know it. I don’t believe in Italian. I speak it. I know it. When I believe in astrology, I speak it. I know it. This is where they get afraid. Oh, I’m a Pentecostal. You can’t believe in astrology. You’ll go to hell. Well no one is asking youu to believe in it. You just have to know it. You’re not gonna go to hell if you learn Portuguese and mathematics. And science and games and put them all in your head. So that you know them you just know them. You don’t believe them. It’s just so sadd. It’s so sad the state of the mental state of mankind and the mental and physical. You can see it reflected. You see people. They’re all out of shape. We go to the street. You see people . they’re all out of shape. My body. I can tell you when I stand my body is exactly the same body I had and have since I was a teenager. I have never had a belly. I’ve never had a slope. I’ve never had any deformation in my body. I have had integrity of shape in my body because my mind and emotions have been healthy. And my spirituality and my purpose and my correct way of living.

I am vegan and I practice fasting as well. I’ll be fasting on the 6th of this month January, it’s called EKADASHI. I follow the Hindu system of EKADASHI. 11 days after the new moon. Eleven days after the full moon. Or four days before the new moon or 4 days before the full moon. Either one. It’s the same day. That is the day when you do not need to eat but I also do fasting on my personal new moon when the moon is in my sun sign. Aries. Whenever the moon is in Aries, that’s when I’ll be fasting and the universal new moon. The next new moon will be I guess in Aquarius. Next month in Feb. that’s the universal new moon. I will also be fasting because when the moon is in the new moon stage, it’s like the menstruation. The woman is bleeding. So that’s the moon bleeding. At the new moon. Those three days when you don’t see the moon you can’t see iot and that’s a time when we need to pause and give our bodies a break. Fasting is the best way to heal. I did a 62 day liquid fast once and I healed a lot of things. That was in Aries and Taurus April and may of last year. And they were tough months. I had some other emotional things going on but I tell you if I didn’t do that I would never have found the health that I found in June. After I did an animal de-worming protocol. Ben Benzadol. A dog de-wormer. And Ivamecdan a horse de-wormer.

If you don’t de-worm your parasites friends you will go out of shape you will go out of mind, because the parasites are getting into peoples brains. And burning holes. Brain Surgeons are finding holes some people when they de-worm pull worms out from their eyelids.

FAST AND DE-WORM for health. The secret key to health. I also watch my diet and don’t eat grains. Avoid grains if you have itching problems. Especially wheat.

Dr Reese: what do you still wonder about beyond what has been revealed in syncretism?

In knowing what I know, I know how little I know. Always eager for the gods to download me with the Akashic records and the knowledge that I long for. I’ve always longed for all knowledge to know everything. Nothing except the knowledge that will set me free and give me my unlimited power again. I want it restored. I want to be who I was in the unlimited planes. As for much I don’t know and how much will come to me in the future. Stay tuned to my channel Mr Astrotheology
Messenger on face book.
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This last part I got overloaded and short cutted his message. So watch the video.

Ancient Mythology, Ascension, Reincarnation,: Sacramento 3ed Nov. 2019 Santos Bonacci

Interviewed by??? With Kevin as camera man

Santos ancient system they are the seven days of the week. Which is an octave= Sunday-the sun, Monday-the moon, Tuesday- mars, tia, Wednesday-waden, mercury, Thursday-Thorsday, Jupiter, zeus, Jesus day, Friday, freya or Venus, Saturday- formally if you knew which planet was ruling your birth chart you would offer libations and offerings and sacrifices to that god. Mine is Jupiter so I don’t go to the altar of Venus on Friday and ask blessings. I go Thursday. I am a Thursday worshiper. That’s how they used to do it. Not that you would ignore the sun on Sunday. You would take care of all the gods for blessings in all your life. There is one specific frequency you must have devotion to. You have to know who is the ruler of your chart. The sun is Michael the arch angel according to the Catholics. And Jews. To the Hindu’s it is endraans sol that’s why we call it sola.

Read the neo Platonists speaking about the gods. Min 40:30 especially Solutions. There are higher realms and beings as you get closer to source. Jews talked about 10 concentric spheres around and above the earth. Gold, silver, copper, iron states or ages. Gold age have 100% conscientiousness , silver age 75%, bronze age 50%,and iron age 25%. Things go from the pure source and go out to the grossest expression and fulfillment and then return back to ….perfected and better. / improved. It’s like this. This computer is full of files. The files don’t make a full hard drive any heavier than an empty hard drive. And yet it is full of information. When you reboot your computer it is like a big bang. They are trying to tell you the big bang created the universe out of nothing. No. it created the universe out of everything. When I open that file that makes that picture there it has everything required to produce that picture. There fore how the universe was made it was made from source that had everything it needed. To make the universe. So the big bang happened from nothing. So if we use that illustration to evolve our bodies, you have a spirit, soul, and body. The computer has a file, ram, and a screen. Then you understand how everything works. You reboot your computer every day so you can improve your files. You want to make improvements on them. And then you turn your computer off. You trust that when you come back tomorrow you resurrect that file, (reincarnate), you trust that no viruses will have corrupted it. The file is in good condition and you are going to be able to access it. Because you want to improve it. So when you are born, rebooted, reincarnated into the world that’s a perfect opportunity and the only opportunity you will get to improve. Because you can’t do it when you go back to source. It does not work. Now is the time to do the work. So you are David who I see here now, tomorrow you are going to be marginally better. So as you go you are better and better. And you are going to bring something back. More soul, more currency, more talents, more Dinar, more gifts, more wisdom. Life. Because that’s what the parables are telling us. You have been given stuff. Some people have a weak body force and sit there drinking tea. Some people show strength, emanate strong vibes. Why? Because astrologically they have certain frequencies and are healthy. Astrologically or genetically even. Where this poor guy over here has been sick all his life hospitalized walking around not able to even breathe. Same with morals. Some people have no moral force. No ethics at all. Will steal from their mother. Waiting for their mother to die actually poisoning their mother every day. They want their 50,000 dollars. They didn’t come into this world with a lot of soul force. And there are so many people who are doing so good works in private. Not these big charities. This goes back into their own pockets. That’s not good works. Jesus said when you give don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Most cannot resist want to be seen giving. Some people have so much soul force going around helping people. We have been given different magnetic forces. Some people have a lot of sexual force. They are addicted. Have to have a lot of sex. Some are not so interested, have it once a month or whenever it comes. Because that’s how much force they’ve got. In that particular area in their life. Do addictions to sex and working out, do those come from having done them in past lives? Or from not having done those things? You know push back/ yea. A bit of both actually. You can see it in their chart. You can see where some people come back to do certain karmic things. Especially when the planets are retrograde. If you have Saturn in the sixth house, retrograde which means returning, (in my way of looking at it) I’ve returned to get this right. It doesn’t mean you didn’t do any of that work in your past life. It suggests you didn’t do it well enough. We absolutely do bring all this stuff here today now that’s all from your current file in the condition in counter space right now. So if I show you my file (computer) and say look at this book. I’ve been writing it for six months and it will be finished in 12 months. It is not finished. That is how it is right now. This is how you are now. And that is how the file is as well. Because what is on the screen cannot change what is in the file. Unless you alter it. So I know what you’re like in heaven because I know what you are like here. Same person. The eyes are the window to the soul and the face is the countenance of the soul. You can look at peoples faces and know if you can trust them sometimes. Some times you can be tricked. But usually. So as I said tomorrow you will increase in your goodness. And in your value. Because you would nor want to return to India with American dollars, right? You want to go there with Rupees. You have to use their currency in their realm. It would be awful if you only had dollars and no one wanted to exchange your currency. Same when you die and go into another realm. Spiritual counter special realm. So when you turn your computer off you hope there are no Trojans. Viruses that will spoil it. You want to go to sleep and work on it tomorrow. You want to resurrect it, reboot it. As you remember how you left it and then improve it each day. It feels good when you improve your files, doesn’t it? If you are depending on a stipend from publishing books you feel good when you finish a chapter. Don’t you feel good doing the work for the lord? The lard, oil chrism. The charisma. Because that’s what it is all about. (thank you rev. Thomas in 1820. he explained the etymology of lord. It is lard. The lard is the oil. The symbol of Christianity. The oil of the chrism gives you charisma. That improves your file. How good do you feel when you know you are doing things the right way? I loose my health when I loose my temper or something. Or say something nasty to someone. I don’t get away with it Scott free. I just called that guy an idiot. I don’t get any happiness out of that at all. An evil kind of satisfaction. Question= if somebody has trouble speaking out something important but are nervous before they say it. How do we tell the difference in being nervous because we shouldn’t say it or being nervous because we need to push ourselves forward. To grow. Because it seems that there things where we have to do something in order to get something good in return. It happens to me all the time. I have learned some amazing lesions because of that agony and pain health, emotions, mental, I’ve gone through quite as bit and I have shared it on my U tube channel. It brought me to here, peaceful;, healthy. But I’m not real healthy right now because I didn’t sleep well last night because of the presentation and the night before because I was nervous about the presentation. And the incident that happened 3 weeks ago and I lost a lot of weight. I know I am healthy. And what I am is peaceful because I’ve dealt with parasites and the entities associated with parasites. I eliminated those did a lot of work in myself going through the agony, transmuted everything. Now what I’ve got is something of substance. Something that makes me happy that I have come to this point. Why does our body give us concern before doing this good work? It seems counter intuitive. It makes sense we have to go through these things but why do we have these blocks. Many reasons, David. Some could be you forgot the lessons from the past life. I obviously forgot in this life from my past life not to join a church. But yet I did I joined the Jehovah’s Witness, a corporate Rockefeller, Rothschild. Funded, Morgan, JP, funded “Christian church” a whole bunch of mind control dupes. That think they are serving god. I went through that for 30 years. You should have seen me knocking on the doors. I was doing it in French, Spanish, Portuguese, using all my language to serve in congregations in French, Portuguese Spanish. I served in all these different languages because I had the gift of languages. So on I go to find all the Portuguese addresses in the phone book and be gone to visit the Angolans and the Mozambicans and Brazilians thinking it was so zealous etc. the pain as well that came from going through that fictional path brought me to this. Now I’m free of churches. I say that churches are like a tunnel. You go into a tunnel to get the hell out of it. Not stay there. Oh YEA, I’m going to stay in this tunnel! Here comes a truck, you know you don’t do that. That is what churches are for. To get in and to get out. So obviously I’ve got to learn that lesson but I learned it in this life and I’ll take it to the next life. Whereas many of the people I used to preach to the Jews, Moslems, Christians, all and people who we would say are godless which are not. The god loving in their own way didn’t join churches. They’re calling themselves Christians and Jews but they didn’t join the church they didn’t go to church. I thought that was not right. You have to be selfish and show god that you go into his church encouraging your brothers and sisters and you’ve got to be zealous and you’ve got to be in the church. Nothing says you have to join my church to be saved. Not talking about the buildings. So those peoples they learnt in their past life because I couldn’t seduce them enough. I couldn’t convert them. No matter how much converting you try and do. They have learned not to join churches. I didn’t listen. Exactly. I’m saying yeah I’m offering my own life in that if you’ve got someone to play in a sample horrible family debts or something like that. Rest assured that there will be a gift and a valuable thing to enjoy and work out what the lesson is and you know you will thank the heavens that people sent you some in the past few months ago you started cried to them say before why are you doing this are you allowing me to be tortured with this bitch. He was demented torture for ten years while I was doing the syncretism since 2009. thus itch getting worse and worse. Now, thank the heavens that it was a gift. Because the way I treated all my relationships and destroyed many relationships I learned how not to. And I’ll never do that again. Because I allowed the entities and demons, real parasites to manipulate my mind. I was an enabler and facilitator of them. So now I know their tricks and now I know never to give them any of my energy. So I think that I was tortured with each particular ones. I thank the heavens that my relationships were destroyed and that my partner’s served me some good lessons by separating themselves from me or whatever vice – versa. I thank the heavens I have had these struggles. In various ways. Like most people know I’ve been in jail twice. If you look at it from a sovereign point of view that was totally and absolutely unjust as no one was hurt or harmed. Like I was paying a fictional debt. You go to jail for this and be persecuted by the system. As Jesus said you will be persecuted for doing my work. You will be thrown in jail but if you think they’re doing, you know, the work for me.

Question about the Astral realms and how you can go into those through DMT experiences. Not doing things like Iawaska, and magic mushrooms. Things that inhibit those chemicals in our body. But through meditation and how those two things are related. But I wanted to get into this idea that in the Vedic texts it speaks on how during this time there’s going to be / there’s always an incarnation of Vishnu who arises to to help us from these problems that we are facing right now. all these tribulations translations that we are going through in this time before we start to awaken before we enter the golden age. How does that work. Is Kalki going to show up on earth literally or is HE a spiritual entity, assuming that he possibly is. I guess all these saviors that were incarnated; they were not incarnated into one man. They incarnated into men. Humankind. When Jesus came the first time he didn’t come as a man. He came as a level of consciousness. I stick success in the evolution of humanity. When it comes a second time, it’s a different consciousness is bringing. ?what about the fallen angels and Nephilim and things like that? That seems to be in a lot of spiritual texts
. the idea that higher beings can go into the material realms. Do you think that is somehow connected? Yes it is. When you see someone turn up and his name is Jesus or Buddha or what have you. He’s not the only one. He is Jesus, but not the only one. Every one. So when Buddha sits under a tree and gets enlightened that’s not literal. The tree is your nervous system. And the spinal column which holds the most sacred and holy part of your nervous system. The spinal cord which is 18 inches in a man and 17 I a woman. 18 is half of 36. (The yard) so it is the yard stick. If you are looking for the yard stick it’s the 18 inches long spinal cord going up straight through your cranial from your heart to Aries. So that’s the tree you light up. It’s a Christmas tree in you. It’s got seven chakras. It’s your supple body. its got Kundalini energy. It’s activated. You lift up the son of man and Moses lifted up the two copper serpents in the wilderness. If you want to be born again. It’s all of these themes in the bible. All of these notes of motifs are telling you how you can do this transcendent process. ? How do these manifest if there are such entities. If they are actually alive and conscious in the spiritual realms or if they are literally just mythological? OK Let me get to that by quickly finishing with the Buddha tree. So Buddha is body. I’m Buddha because I have a body. You’re my buddy because you have a body. There’s a buddy.

There’s Buddha. There’s a body. All the same word. So it’s talking about you. You are Buddha who sits under your tree because the tree is in you. That’s why your spinal column is called a lumbar. Its 5 above the coccyx, above the sacral four fused bones, five fused bones. Then you’ve five what? The lumbar. Lumbar is a tree. It’s Meredunda. It’s called the spinal column me redunda. What’s mount Meru? Person center of flat stationary earth. The magnetic’s center. Well that’s Mount Meru. Meredunda. Its called Mary. It’s funny. Exactly, so it’s ………ok she’s got seven levels down is red is hell up blue sky blue chakra is the sky, heaven. And here is green. Brilliant green chakra . so we are on the green plane. We look up to blue chakra, blue sky. Look down as we go. So you see your body is that tree. So when you bought your body, Buddha, is meditating under the tree. So you sit there meditating in your tree under your tree. So we have to learn how to read scriptures. Really . and yes those entities they do come into this realm. They do and the gods. I’m not denying this. I’m not denying any phenomena in the scriptures. All they are explaining how to understand the scriptures. Yes, there will be some dude who heals people in whose name will be Jesus and he might even come again. It’s not what the bible is talking about. If it happens it will be a great coincidence because rest assured the people waiting for Jesus coming in a cloud. Oh, it’s a cloudy day. Let’s look for Jesus. Shall we. 2000 years ago they said he was coming. There is a cloud. Coming in the clouds. You really think people that is going to be a dude and he’s saying I’m back guys. Wow. It’s been 2000 years. You’ve been waiting haven’t you? It’s ridiculous. It’s like a fairy tale or like a nursery rhyme. It is so childish. Wouldn’t the beginning of the universe have to be like a fairy tale? Yes. If you had to write out how it came into existence, you would have to occupy the high heaven in volume as it says in the gospel. Everything /if every word of the lord were recorded and all these dudes this book would be voluminous to high heaven. In other words telling you it is not literal. It’s a story. That is why they call it a gospel. You cannot reify a gospel. You cannot do it. You cannot reify a shadow. You cannot make your shadow alive. The shadow is not a thing.(an autonomous entity) It depends on you. A gospel is not an autonomous historical reality. It’s a bit about truth. Not to be reified, but to move them, to make real in your life. Because it is political. so I reckon we can leave it on that. Mythology, ascension, reincarnation, Santos / the gods we are recognizing in this solar

Bridging the Gap Spiritually

This is Santos Bonacci, he is Mr. astrotheology on you tube. His website is

He’s been doing syncretism for over 30 years leading the truth movement. I’ve followed your work for about 4 years now. You can’t debunk it. Like you said. I’ve been doing my research but there are those who haven’t and so I want to be able to help those who aren’t quite there there yet. I do want to touch on some things that have really been hitting hard on, like on my end that’s basically bridging the gap between those that know and understand syncretism and the language of astrology, everything that you teach basically with the people who are awakening and think they know stuff but are not there yet. And there’s that big gap between the denial. The information is out there, I saw your truth video that you did the other day about the four major lies and everything. So the problem is the people not having something to hold on to, to get them going. I’m trying to figure out what do you think is the best way to bridge that gap. There is so much going on right now people don’t know what to believe and it’s pushing me to want to help, so I wanted you to touch base there.

So those people there will still be under the influence of their education. That’s the only reason why, well not the only reason. There’s also evolution as well. So the ones who are not very evolved of soul probably won’t get it. Probably won’t awaken. But that’s something that is more..

Santos: You can’t really judge that. You can’t judge that people are not evolved in their soul, but you can use judgment because if it is not soul evolution it will definitely be education, the reason why people are not getting it. They might be advanced souls but really severely educated. And then they’re not going to get it. or they might have not much education and be advanced souls and they will get it. So the education thing is where you can try to help them because you can use well researched facts and great logcal arguments and rational. Then you can get through to them because they are based on education. So if you know how to find the holes in their education because there will be. For instance, let’s use a good example. Covid 19 is to most people scary because they believe that a virus is contagious and can be transmitted. Because they’ve heard the educated scientists say that. Then again there are many great scientists that have proven that they are not transmittable and they are not contagious. So this is a very, very dualistic paradoxical situation that we have, where you can, if you do research, you can find information proving and validating this that they are not transmittable. But then you’ve got this school, and they’re telling people to be scared of covid 19. So, I’ve been able to help a lot of people to get it, that they are not transmittable. Viruses are not transmittable. And so, because I know that they’ve been influenced too much by that other side which has an agenda. [there’s a list of agendas being carried out during this plandemic; censorship agenda, the cashless agenda. Martial law quarantines, mandatory vaccinations, ID2020, agenda 2030…] see the other side has been weaponized against humanity and they have an agenda and they belong to the school called germ theory school with all these scientists who were funded by the Vatican and the Jesuits to promote the idea that viruses and germs are transmittable and can cause death and harm to individuals. So, here is where you can use knowledge and facts and arguments to help people, you’ve got 3 camps here. You’ve got the totally believing accepting everything the government says, people. And they will facilitate all the government programs. They will enable them by supporting them because big brother can’t go wrong. Then you’ve got the awakened people like you and I that know that this is all an agenda driven mechanism and that the people behind it, we’ve researched. We know that they are very malicious, evil intending people. And then you’ve got the people in the middle and the third camp who are semi-awakened. but they don’t get all the bits. They haven’t worked out who’s behind it, what their motives are, how they’ve been manipulating history forever. [ even if you’re not conspiracy minded, something in your soul has to be telling you something isn’t right with any f this[ They don’t study as deep as they should, they’re trying to , because they see a lot of what’s going on is ridiculous. They don’t want to wear masks. They don’t want to comply with all of these social distancing rules etc. because they haven’t got enough knowledge. They’re still quite dangerous to themselves because they are luke warm. They haven’t got the courage and the strength to stand up for what they know is the truth. Because they don’t know the truth. They’re semi-awakened. So those are the people that we can. Those are what would be called the called. So these people over here will be the captive, these people in the middle will be the called and these people over here will be the chosen. It’s hard to make a judgment. Remember, because there’s the evolution of the individual and then there’s the education of the individual. And those are the two big influences. So you can’t really, unless you really see a strong criminal behavior in an individual and the intellect is really poor, then you can pretty much make a judgment. That’s like an animalistic human who hasn’t evolved. But in general you don’t want to be going there because it’s not going to be karmically good to be passing judgments on some people’s evolution. But when it comes to education, everyone has been educated and so that’s where the harm has come in because education is weaponized as well [THE 7 DEADLY INSTITUTIONS: GOVERNMNET, RELIGION, EDUCATION, SCIENCE, BANKING, MEDICAL, MEDIA] see people just trust the institutions. Oh my professor, my teacher. These people are also repeating lies, these teachers who are respected. So we go in trusting our doctors; give me a vaccine, we trust our education systems. Teach me what I need to know. We trust our politicians; surely they’re looking after us because that’s what they do. That’s their job. Police are there to look after you etc. and so this is all an illusion. This is how all educated people, in other words indoctrinated people live their lives. And they are the captives. They’re captive by the system, by Satan. The called ones, these are the ones who have enough evolution, soul evolution, and spirituality and breaking away from their education that they are considered to be called. They have an opportunity to be chosen, awakened. And some do and some don’t take that opportunity. The reason being is it’ll go back to soul evolution I guess. How powerful their education was. Because I’ve seen people do turnarounds. I’ve seen people who are anti-vaxxers turn around and give them to their kids, I’ve seem people who’ve been plant based diets then turnaround and go back to murdering animals and being carnivore. After years and years. And so that calling process is to sift out the true ones and the fakers. And so to be chosen, you have to reach a point where you know you will never go back to the captive ways. And so that’s where you make your stand. You will never go back to the carnivore diet. Never,
because thou shalt not kill means you do not kill anything. I’m in that position. I know I will never, not even to save me or another human being will I participate in such a disgusting behavior. I know that I will never accept the vaccine, because I don’t need it, I have an immune system given to me by God. [ do what’s right Not what’s easy, Not what’s popular, not to impress the masses] and that will serve me until the day I die. So I’m steady. I know that I will never turn around and do any of those practices of when I was called and captive. hAnd so that’s the level of the chosen ones. They are the ones who arrive at the point where there’s no allurements there’s no entrapments of te world, there’s no seductions. There is nothing. All I have left is to go conquering this world. And that’s the path of the hero, the philosopher. The one who is returning like Ulyses back to Penelope, the higher mind. So that he can be reinstated in his full power and glory. That’s all it is. All those motifs, all of those mythologies, they’re all talking about the hero that we become when we are chosen to return back to our natural unlimited and unconditioned state.

The interviewer states in a way we are all on the path. It took a while to change diet, to go from eating animals to going plant based. It took a while to learn about meditation, to learn about the sacred secretion and that for example is one that I’m still battling with and my husband and I because we’re learning about it. We’re trying it. We’re doing all the stuff, but there’s something there that’s still stuck, that’s keeping us from, I guess getting past that point. Santos: We’re all still on the journey trying to get better. [ Raising the Kundalini Magic Serpent within us to achieve Eternal Life…as Longitudinal or Scalar Pulses of Magnetism do NOT Dissipate, they Exist F
forever,,,so Start Meditating! Root chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third Eye chakra, Crown Chakra, Scalar Pulses of Magnetism] the only virtuous and proper thing to do is to be loving because we all have been through that captive condition. Though they’er are three conditions and we were captive. I was captive most of my life being a Jehovah’s witness, thinking like you said in the introduction that some people think they know but they don’t know. Well I thought I was saved. I thought I was all done and good, but I understood the scriptures totally in the wrong way. Now I understand the scriptures, so I was wrong. And I was being judgmental on people who weren’t Jehovah’s witnesses. And I was judging them and thinking that they are not going to be saved. And so we do pass judgment through tinkling that somehow we’ve arrives. Even though we are chosen even though we are steady on the path and chosen and done many good deeds and works for the work, we still don’t have the attitude of being superior or being overly right. We still have to be humble. And that’s the hard thing to show love because ignorance is just so confounding. It’s so scary. And you Want to just not love them. People who are willfully ignorant and that’s not really healthy, so I struggle with that. I struggle with being loving.

Back to interviewer: I think you are more that you know you are an Aries so you have that martial just more in the head, for instance I’m a Leo and I’m more in the heart. It depends on our energies. When I see you, I see you more martial like.

Santos: True, so I am motivated by love. But showing it at all times is the trick. Being loving and patient and wise all the time is where the masters separate themselves from the wannabes. And I consider myself a wannabe in that area. So, sometimes I am very, very harsh, to certain ones who think they know, don’t know and give out wrong information. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like it. Each one of us needs to be more of an example. A shining light. It says in the scripture let your candle not be under the table. Let it be on top where everyone can see it. let your light shine. Let people see what you have that is good, because we all have different talents. My talent would be researching and having correct knowledge. I don’t think my talent or my gift is wisdom or healing or… other people do. So they go out and shine their light with their healing gifts. And just by being in the prsence of these people you do get healing. It’s their gift. And other people, it’s their charity, it’s their service to humanity. So I’m leaning on my gifts to acquire knowledge correctly and to make products where I can get that out. Presentations, interviews and that’s all I claim to be. I don’t fall into the status of master or guru because those people there do their mastery with everything else in place. For instance, the master will always be patient and never get angry at people in any way shape or form. The master and the guru have to be perfect in their knowledge. But they also have to live perfectly in harmony. The more you live with your word and walk your word, the more power you have. You are a master or a guru. And so there must be no hypocrisy. Hypocrisy can be angry and impatient and unloving to people. And that is hypocrisy. So therefore that disqualifies one from mastering this. And so, and so it’s not a matter of choice. You have to become a master. You do have to excel.

You have to be very cautious. You can’t harm people, especially the captives. You can do harm to those. If you over preach what you know. You have to be artful, crafty. I do use those ways. At times I have great success in waking up people, and other times I get into arguments. And the only reason why is because of my style. It’s whether I fall into the pattern of arguing and want to win the argument or having invested passion in the argument. Therefore I’m going to escalate it. Or, I just patiently continue with the individual until they get it. and I’ve done both.

The interviewer: do you thnk astrology would be a good place to start? Or like learning the path of the sun. As a way to see how it all connects.

Santos: Yes to open minded people, but there are a lot of people out there who just know that astrology is pseudo-science or from the devil. [ the Mazzeroth, Job 38:32] so they’re going to resist what you have to say, because they’ve already got this wall up against astrology. Some people yes, others no. you might have to take more of a conventional approach with them.

The interviewer: it’s tricky depending on who the person is. Sometimes I will go with the Bible when it’s somebody who understands the Bible and somebody who understands astrology; I’ll talk to them about that. It depends on where they are and what you can…what yuuu can bridge together. Because I love bridging together astrology and the Bible because it’s such a paradox to most people. But once you see how it all connects, it’s lovely together. So it’s interesting to people. I was talking to someone earlier that they’ve never been taught that way and they never really knew much about astrology but it’s interesting. So that’s …that was a way to get in, to start seeing how it’s all connected in that sense.

Santos: Yeah, for open minded people that would be a great way because it really awakens them to the delusions in this reality that even sacred writings have been subverted and weaponized against humanity. The Bible for instance is a very good example. It’s an official book in the court system. It’s the only used scriptural document in 99 percent of all Christian churches. So it has so much power in the Ecclesial life, the spiritual life of people. It has judiciary power in that it sits in every court room. It has political power. It is a book that has a lot of power and yet mostly it has been weaponized. Because the way they teach the literalisms of the scripture as te most important part of doctrine. That is diluting the message and dumbing people down spiritually, deliberately. And so you have a lot of people fighting and arguing about how to intrtpret the Bible. You have all kinds of problems resulting from this. So, that’s just one great example just how reality for many people is an illusion. People going to church thinking that Christ Jesus is going to save them. He’s not going to save them because the process of salvation is a personal process. One needs to accept Christ consciousness and walk on the path of salvation. Tjhere are certain deeds that one must do. And certain lifestyle changes whereas most people going to church are not doing this. For instance, most people who go to church and Jesus is going to save them; they are flesh eaters. They are ejaculators, a lot of them are drunkards. A lot of them are drug addicts. The list goes on. And none of these thins will get you into the internal kingdom of god at all. They will block you from that point of entry into that beautiful paradise that lies within. And that’s the kingdom og god that er need to enter, because ejaculating keeps you out of that paradise, because you are murdering yourself. You are killing yourself by depleting yourself of the forces and materials that the body needs to regenerate the nervous system. Hence their nervous system is getting weaker and weaker by the day through their ejaculations. Their body’s constantly in the state of cancerous acidification because of flesh eating. So if your body’s all acetic, how can you enter into the kingdom of god? You can’t. you can’t access it. these are deliberate ways in which the system has been set up to prevent people from salvation. A waiting for someone else to save them. This teaching about Jesus being literal and. he’s come and he’s coming again. This is all hocus pocus, non-sense. There’s no historical Jesus in the Bible. Although it appears that it is. But there is no historical literal Jesus in the timeline.

The interviewer: people get stopped because they can’t look further into the deeper meaning of what it means of Christ within and everything that has to do with above and below. They get stopped with the historical part and they cant seem to look further beyond the depth of it.

Santos: exactly. So now the savior is external, not, it has nothing to do with them. But the scriptures are clearly saying that the savior, the Christ that saves all of us in us. It’s part of our nature.

[Colossians 1:26-27; …that is, the mystery which has been hidden from the past ages and generations. But has now been manifested to his saints, to whom God willed to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.]

Because we are not like animals.we have a different consciousness. That two way consciousness that we have, that is Christ. That’s the Christ. And so, the scriptures are alluding to the Christ man that is in every one of us, as being the savior by portraying him in a mundane timeline setting. This is where people are being tricked. This is not what’s going on. You don’t need an historical Jesus to be able to teach the teachings of Jesus. You don’t need it. it’s like you don’t need the literal santa clause for Christmas to happen. But you put Santa Clause out in the reindeers and you’ll do all the scenes and Santa Clause is an important part of Christmas. But Santa Claus is not real. It’s a reality in our minds at Christmas time. It becomes a real part of our history. But it’s not historical. Santa Claus is in history but Santa Claus is nor historical. so you’ll go back in history. You’ll see Jesus. You’ll see crosses. In the Americas there were crosses, the Christian crosses here all over the land because the conquistadors came. In China, in Japan the cross and Christianity, it’s been around forever. So, yes Jesus is in history, but Jesus is not historical. it’s a story and how we know this is because every single other scriptural text out there including the enumera ellis, the papal vulu, the zendevesta, bhagavad doesn’t matter which one. Go to Egypt. Go to the Mayan culture. It doesn’t matter. Tne aborigines in Australia. They’re all teaching the same, exact same story of Jesus. Only Jesus has a different name. in Egypt it’s Horus, in India it’s ishwara Krishna. Interesting. Ishwara Krishna. Well that sounds like yeshua Christ, Jesus Christ. so here in the west we have Yeshua Christ and in the east you have Ishwara Krishna. The list goes on and on. We have Cristobal in the west. In the east we have bala Krishna. So what does baal and bala . well that’s the word for divine. You see in the scripture it says what does Christ and baal have in common. Well they have a lot in common. They are both divine. Christobal is simply two of the same word connected to each other. So, I can go on and on. Every single hero, every single god, every single savior is exactly the same to the letter. They’re all born of a virgin, all on the 25th of December, all of them had 12 disciples, all of them were healers, all of them were teachers, all of them were saviors. Krishna did it, Horus did it. Virakosha did it. They all did the same thing. That’s how you know it’s not a historical teaching like Santa Claus. It’s in history, but it’s not historical
The interviewer: it’s in history, but it’s not historical so this is what you have you have to notice it was how others had the same story and then it was the path of te sun around the zodiac, the Mazzaroth and that’s how you just know that if it’s following the same exact path and you’re following the same…the sun and the son of god and Christ are basically the sun. same thing and so after seeing that it solidified it for me. You know when I first started researching all this. But it’s right there.

Santos: Yeah so since our ancient people all over the world drew inspiration from the heavens and the heavens spoke t them. Well you can logically conclude that they were watching the stars, the sun, the moon and the five wanders or planets and their motions and how those consistently when they are repeating patterns they consistently saw the effects of these causes and they realized that everything is being generated from the heavens. From god. And that is the source, the cause and we are the effect. They are causal bodies. Causal energies. And only the master knows how to interpret how those energies are going to transpire. And so this is why astrology is so important, because it segments the heavens into 12 sections. And you have the master key figure player called the sun going through the ecliptic which is inside the belt of the zodiac which is 18 degrees wide and in that belt of the zodiac there are 12 specific centers. They are called the 12 suns. The 12 posts as in the 12 apostils of Jesus. The 12 discs as in the 12 disciples of Jesus. These were the twelve stations of the gods. Because along that ecliptic of the sun, there are 12 separate frequencies. 12 separate conditions. 12 separate archetypal dynamic and passive energies emanating. Ands so as every ecliptic or toroidal field expresses itself it must go through those 12 separate spaces. And this is how every wave form in the universe, whether it is emotional waves, thought waves, water waves, light waves, sound waves,. it doesn’t matter. Every wave does this sinusoidal symbol. It starts here in the middle, goes up to the tropic of Cancer back through the equator, goes down through the tropic of Capricorn and up back to the middle. And that’s one sine wave. And in thar sine wave there are 12 separate conditions. Ands some of those have to do with the solid states or the four states of nature: plasma, gas, liquid and solid which in astrology we call fire, air, water and earth, the most solid. And so when you understand that when the sun goes through the ecliptic, whrn the sun is in Aries it is emanating the frequency of plasma. Plasma is for creating. Hence the blossom of the spring time. Of Aries. It is creating a new season. It has the power to generate Aries. Then Taurus comes, then the sun transitions into a frequency, a solid frequency. Plasma-Aries, solid-Torus, gas-Gemini, liquid-cancer. But here’s the trick. There are three different modalities ; Cardinal, fixed and mutable. So there’s cardinal fire –Aries fixed fire- leo and mutable fire- Sagittarius
So they all have their different way, the three of them. Each element has three different ways of expressing itself. So there are three modalities; cardinal, fixed, mutable ; four elements fire air water earth and so when yu combine and multiply three by four you get 12. and so now you have 12 conditions that are always present in the universe. And they are like the 12 musical notes on the piano. It’s the chromatic musical scale. It has 12 steps. The keyboard of the piano will have seven white, and five black keys. Again this separation of seven and five through the 12 system. you’ll see that in many areas. The complete gamut of musical notes or separate notes in a scale is 12. you have 12 cranial nerves. You have 12 systems in the body. The universe is made of carbon 12 isotop. 99.99999 % of rthe universe is carbon 12. Now we mentioned the 4 elements. Which correspond to the platonic solids? But there’s a fifth one. Called the quintessence ether and ether is the dodecahedron. Dodeca means 12 so, the master ether which governs the 4 elements below rire, air, water and earth or plasma, gas, liquid and solid states. That ether, that is a dodecahedron. That’s 12 . so 12 is ruling the universe whether we like t or not. Because the ether from which everuthing comes is a dodecahedron. Which
The interviewer: which would be counter-space basically right?

Santos: yes. So, fire is tetrahedron, gas is octahedron, water is icosahedrons, and earth is hexahedron. And you have 4 sided 8 sided 20sided and6 sided. They are the constructors of the universe. But they are controlled and governed by the dodecahedron; the 12. and this is how astrology works. Because in the ether there are 12 conditions; passive conditions. Which when the planets and everything go through the ecliptic and transit various signs they are energizing the world through those conditions. And the master knows how to read that electromagnetic schematic because it’s all electromagnetic. There is nothing outside of the electromagnetic world. nothing exists outside of the electromagnetic world. thee will never be another process.there will never way that the universe manifests. It’s electromagnetic. Hence it is dielectric. First magnetic second, electrical third. White light and black light is dielectricity and magnetism. Dielectricity is black light, no color. Magnetism is white light every color. And then when these two fields’ co-eternal principles work and move against each other a hybrid energy electricity is produced. But electricity is always independent on dielectricity and magnetism/ and electricity is color. It’s red shift, blue shift. It’s the Taurus field. At the top of every torus field is blue shift. At tne bottom of every tarus field is red shift. That’s why your torso, torus field, has blue chakra on top blue shift above and your lowest chakra of your torso is red. So this toroidal energy field always knows how to express itself in the electrical world. red shift, blue shift.

It’s a copy basically. It’s just going from non-material to materializing from black and white to red and blue. Yes the material world is electrical, hence color. It’s made chromatically and musically. Whereas the magnetic world there is every color in white but it doesn’t work on vobratory color. There is nmo vibration in the magnetic world. Magnetism is a radiation it does not have any transverse elements to it. it’s all longitudinal. Magnetism is radial. And goes in every direction forever. Growing, not diminishing. Magnetism always grows. That is god. Because that is a conscious energy. It’s not unconscious. When you have a magnet, which I have many. what you see with magnets is power. To attract wnd repel. That repelling is magnetism. That attraction is dielectricity. So it’s incorrect, again you see this is hoe education works, it’s incorrect to say that magnetism is attractive. An attracting force. That’s totally wrong. Electricity is. It’s your dielectricity which attracts people. Magnetism is repelling. It’s white light . it’s motion. Repelling dielectricity is rest. Hence when you are in resting you are attractive . you are attracting energy. You’re bringing it to you when yu are in action mode, yu more or less push it away. You push energy onto people. Ands so but nonetheless it doesn’t really harm the whole process when people say magnetism is attracting it’s just that they don’t understand that it’s a dualistic thing. It can’t be just one thing. Most people don’t know dieldctricity they’ve got no clue to what it is. They will always default to speaking of magnetism. And it’s correct to say it’s attractive. That’s te dielectric part of the two. Now, why I’m speaking about this is what you just saw that is god. In action the Holy Spirit. God the father, the Holy Spirit and the son. These are all the same thing. It’s trinity. It’s like fire. It cannot be without light nor warmth. A fire is always warm and it’s always producing light. But are those three things the same thing? No they’re not. Fire is different to light. Light is different to warmth. But when it comes in fire it’s inseparable. That will always be the trinity of fire. So here we have a trinity. We have rest and motion, and red shift and blue shift. The father and the son or the father the mother and the Holy Spirit or the father the mother and the son as in the case of Osiris Isis and Horus. You see the baby god, the hours, that’s electricity; it’s dependent on the mother. Magnetism. The radial wave. The transverse wave cannot exist without the mother. So the material world could not exist without magnetism, the cause. Electricity is the effect. Magnetism is spiritual. Electricity is material; people are fixed in the transverse wave world. Emotions and thinking. So they’re trapped. In their mind. And so they really just have a mundane mind. They do not have the higher mind of Christ. And these people are captive.

And that’s why meditation gets you to that point where you’re transcending this material world basically and going to that other side and realizing there’s more to it. well that’s why meditation is so important and why it’s discouraged through a very, very noisy world. they want people to be watching the TV listenin to the bad scary newa. Being sick taking medication, going to worl slaving like a dog
And busy, busy and then. So now the most important focus is the material world. Oh, I need to survive, oh I need to eat, oh I need to have sex, you know all of these physical things are pressing on them. When you meditate, and you realize, wow I’m unlimited. I can go anywhere I want. I can go back into past lives. I can remember things here. I am drawing dielectric power into my soul. I am strengthening my toroidal fields, and you begin to realize that you are not that body. And that is not going to please the system. because the system wants many, many slaves. And many people don’t meditate and realize they are free. And that they are unlimited as god. In the magnetic fields. You can’t be god when you are here on tie earth. You are here you are god and your individual self. You are two things. But because people deny god they deny their higher self they deny they are unlimited and unconditioned. Well then they are forced to live a very mundane materialistic life. And to their detriment They do their job. Police are there to look after you etc. so this illusion. this is all how educated people in other words indoctrinated people live their lives. And they are the captives. They are captive by the system, by Satan. The called ones theses are he ones who have enough evolution, soul evolution and spirituality and breaking away fron their education that they are considered to be
Santos, the lamb and the lion
says Plato how hard and dangerous to obtain this important and unique knowledge, true knowledge that has always been suprerssed. And how dangerous to publish. I’ve found that as well. Censorship all around the world. A new kind of book burning, opinion checking, and Fault monitoring. But the true knowledge is there. It is called SYNCHROTISM. In history how they kill people in the name of the gods. Like Jehova said, “Death for telling the truth.” “Truth telling is very dangerous because for an empire to exist truth must not persist.” So they have to persecute the truth of sovereignty and the truth of philosophy, which means to love wisdom. I would describe myself as a philosopher. When you assume and take on the philosopher lie, you become a Christ and this is what Jesus teaches. Two things; how to free yourself from Rome. How to be a king and a priest. First Christ and Jesus must be separated. They are not the same thing. It’s the difference between the father and the son; The spirit and the …. They are one in the scripture. “I and the father are one”. But they are individually separate when you understand their function. So, Christ is in reference to the spirit. Christ is the halo up here. Jesus of the sacred heart is pointing to the soul. So, the crown chakra and the aura; the halo comes from the crown chakra is the Christ. It’s the spirit in you as it says in Colossians 1:27, the Christ in you. Where is Jesus pointing? Always to the heart. Is not Christ pointing to the heart? People are confused. It’s Jesus because the heart is the core, the car-diac. And in the apple core, the apple is the Taurus field around our body. It’s the torso, torus field. And so it’s centered in here, the soul. The soul is seven fold. It’s the seven chakras. So the spirit is one. It always is one. It’s the Christ, the Father. I and the father are one. The soul are all connected. They all are summed up in the crown chakra. The seventh, cronos, crown chakra. So this is the Lamb of God standing upon Mount Zion, because Aries astronomically and astrologically speaking, the ram, is the cere-bram. Taurus, the bull, is the cerebellum, the bull-um. And descending, starting from Aries, the first sign, number 1, Then Taurus the Bull, the neck, the cerebellum, the small brum. Then comes the twins, Gemini, the twin lungs, the breath, Adam. And going down the body Cancer, the chest, Leo the heart. And you come to the heart, Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Jew-da, is in the heart. He’s pointing to the heart, He’s the Lion, Leo. In Revelation when it teaches you how to descend and become a priest, and a king, mostly how to become a priest, you must ascend Jacob’s ladder, the seven chakras. And it says in Revelation, only the Lion and the Lamb, which was slain (the crown chakra and the heart chakra, This is why Jesus points to his heart and he points above. Because, through the heart, you go up to heaven, to the crown chakra. This is the head, heaven heaved up. All the thinking goes on here. Down at the feet and down at the bowels are all of the excretre, elimitory and worldly things. This is called Gehena and Sodom and Gemora. The bottom chakra is called bottom. So now we start to understand our scriptures. So inside of you there is Hell below. Hence your heel, Hell, the soul of your foot, And that’s how you heal your soul, by walking on your heels, And your soul’s by the way, is grounded. And Aries is the Lamb of God in Heaven. So all of the good stuff; the Holy Cow, Taurus and the Lamb of God, Aries are in the head. And now the bold animals, And they teach you how to walk and they illuminate your path. Hence, in Proverbs, it says the Lord lightens up my road. It’s the Lord, Aries, the Lamb of God, and fire. And Chrishna, the Bull of God. He’s always the cow herd and Jesus is the shepherd. Sheparding his flocks and so, what it says in revelation. is only the Lamb and the Lion are worthy to open the seven seals. Because you can’t open the seven seals in the solar plexus. That is Gehena, Sodom and Gomora. It’s down, dealing with power, success, survival, and sex; of the physical kind, of the lustful kind, mostly because sex happens in all of the chakras. So of those bottom chakras colored appropriately, yellow, orange, red, are red shift. The torso, torus field, is red shift down below. And the menstruation is a sign of the red chakra, the bottom of the torso. And the blue chakra, blue shift, is always at the top, Heaven and is blue. See? The heart chakra is green, the plane of the earth that we live on. When we look up we see a blue sky. This is the heaven that leads us to the dome of God; the head, the high heavens. Because this blue chakra [neck] is below the heavens; the heavens of the torso. And this is another dome [chest]. It’s called the ab-dome-men. So the abdomen which has your 24 thorasic bones just above the lumbar. Lum bar. Lumbar means tree;tree of life in your body, 33 pillars leading up to the head, heaven, to the pineal gland. So the abdomen is capped off [neck] at blue. When you look up you see a dome, the blue sky. And that’s the abdomen of God. But beyond that you go through the portal to heaven where indigo and violet chakra is. And that’s the Lamb of God resting in purple, Aires. Who stands upon Mount Zion, singing a new song, with the 144 thousand? Oh, well if that’s not a clue. And what clue would that be? Well when you analyze the seven chakras, electrically, on the electromagnetic spectrum, you will find that the bottom chakra has four petals. It’s red and it has four petals swirling its torso. The orange chakra just above, has six. That’s sex, the sexual chakra. Six means sex. In Latin that’s how you say six; sex. The solar plexus has ten. [holding palms up] because that’s man in control with his ten fingers. It’s power. The heart chakra has twelve. That’s why Je-sus with his twelve disc-iples and twelve apost-les is pointing to his heart, because it has twelve green petals. This chakra [Adams apple] has sixteen petals. Sixteen is the number of the chant; hyre-chrishna. Sixteen words. Sixteen is also sweet sixteen. I can go on. The list, sixteen, is power. It is here [throat] the blue chakra. And here [above nose] 96 petals, the third eye, the Jupiterian chakra. And when you add all those numbers together it comes to 144. Then the seventh chakra [top of head] has a thousand petals. Very complicated. That violet hazy very high frequency color which is the last of the visible colors. Beyond that is white. And so when you multiply a thousand [top of head] petaled lotus by 144, you have 144 thousand standing upon Mount Zion. Mount Zion is a mountain. It’s a tree, the tree, the lum-bar [nose up to brow] tree of your spinal column. And so that’s why Jesus gets crucified at 33. That’s where the 33rd spinal bone [top of nose] comes on the Atlas holding the head up, the heavens, the dome of the heavens. So, what the scriptures teach us, people fail to penetrate the depth of the scriptures and therefore they miss-understand them especially when they take them literally, historical literally. It appears to have a historical nature to it because it borrows from history. But it’s not historical. All scripture is literary, It’s mythology, because it’s only mythology that you can carry the most truth. If you wanted to tell truth just literally it would take more than the Bible. As Jesus says, in the Gospel it says about Jesus, if every word he preached were written, the pages would fill the high heaven. So in order to condense all of the wisdom that we need, we once wrote scriptures and bequieved them to further dark ages coming down the tunnel of time. So that, as we go through the iron ages and the Coliugas and we lose our consciousness down to 25%.; 50% in the bronz, 75% in the silver, 100% in the golden age. See the book oF Daniel and the vision of the image of Nebecadesnar; the gold and the silver chest and the bronz torso and legs and then the iron feet. These are the ages. All scripture acknowledges these ages. And so, when we remember what the scriptures really mean, and we penetrate and understand the true significance, then we see what the scriptures were protecting and guarding through the dark ages. And many were persecuted for understanding the scriptures and preaching them. Including Plato. Including Pagans, Christians. So everyone has been persecuted for spreading wisdom. It’s not a Christian thing. The Jews, Islam, it’s everyone who gets persecuted.

Now comes Gregory Skwarek—difficult to under stand his pronunciation and thus his message asking Santos’ approval
It appears that the continental was connected and every culture had very similar knowledge. We see today that they are separated. They may have been connected. But it seems like we are talking in this intervies in all Europe that the year started on the 21st of March and the new beginnings and cycles connected to us astronomically. All was based on the nature. They changed for winter like the bear sleeping. This is the time when the nature is sleeping actually. This is again the nature to start first generally as the New Year. The Sept. Oct. which is 7, 8, 9 and Dec.10. Lacking clear logic you see the proof that the calendar was changed because the last months, August was changed to six and then Sepr, Oct, Nov. Dec. it’s not the calculation. This is the number of the month in all cultures. All Europe was connected. Haloween different in Slav culture, it is first of Nov. the day people go into the graves of ancestors. This means if the cultures were connected and the knowledge should be there, for many years organization tried to destroy this knowledge. In Chinese script, Europe, also people who teach history, should be punished and hide in the grave. Some script found in grave. Because of that situation we could have this knowledge from the past. So we can connect puzzle. Based on teaching in school, it is impossible. They try to teach on one plane. They don’t connect the meaning of the words; don’t teach nature, of how sun is connected to Leo. And vibration of colors also connected. Frequency of zodiac also connected to the colors.

Back to Santos:

The knowledge that was lost is the knowledge of the twelveness of energy. And this was carried through the zodiac, astrological teaching. Every ecliptic, every wave wheather it was a thought wave, a motion wave, water wave, sound wave, light wave it all begins and has an end and then repeats. It’s cyclical. And it’s represented as a frequency. So where it starts is always in the center and then what happens is at the same time as it goes up and then back to the center and down again the opposite is happening. But we depict it as a sine wave. We go up to the Tropic of Cancer, down back to the Equator, down to the Tropic of Capricorn and back to the middle. And the secret is kinowing about the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn down at the bottom. The sun shows you this. Every year Cancer, and yet it is coming today 19th of June. After tomorrow the sun wil be at the Solstice. Gone up to the Tropic of Cancer. The begin ushers in the summer the crab. And the Summer has to wane like a crab all the way down to the goat, Tropic of Capricorn, and then the goat climbs all the way back up like the Scarabis. Which is another way of saying sc-rag-, the crag of Cancer. Actually Egyptian sign. The dumb one comes all the way up to the Tropic of cancer and so then is depicted as a Scarab, crab, and then it has to wane. So in two days time the sun will then begin to wane. The summer will come and then it hits the equinox September, 23rd (remember that day). That’s the Equinox judgement day, YUM Kippur, Rash Hosana, the festival of Tabernacles, the tents, Libra. The tree. The judgement of God [hands out like cross] the judgement day and then the fall. The sun falls all the way down to Christmas.Christ was crucified. Christ-Mas. So when you study the ecliptic and you see all these festivities on the ecliptic and you see how the Sun goes up to Summer and down to Winter, Capricorn, and you see this and sat; ha. Well energy may be two things. Positive and negative. [Up and down]. White, black, etc. etc. we could name thousands ad infinitum of DUALITIES. Yes we could be simplistic and WE COULD say all energy is a vibration and it is DUALITY=THE DEVIL. Everyone’s afraid of duality. So scarry. In fact Pythagoras sat on the ground at the number two. When his disciples mentioned two [he spat] that’s perhaps why we go to the toilet to do number two’s. Because the duality god, the demi-urge was seen as an abortion. As a blasfamy, this physical creation of red shift, blue shift. You know it was the pits of Hell, because in higher realms it was more bliss. And in the physical realm there is only suffering because it’s duality. So this two-ness is how God, the one, the monad (an anagram for Adam) the atom the unit becomes the diad God, the God of creation, red shift, blue shift. This is the creator. So what this world produces can only be seen from that perspective, the physical eyes. That’s why we have two eyes. Because to understand the three-D world of the Diad God. And so the God head expresses like this. From one to two to a trinity to a tetrad. Which is called the tetragramatan, the tetrahedron.
Now from Gregory= everything repeats, so today we are a dark age, no sun connected with knowledge, the sun is always connected with knowledge. Was connected with light and light connected with knowledge. So today we live in the age like everybody thinks like a high civilization but actually it is opposite. So which way are we going? I know that we are moving to the Aquarious 11th house. Which is connected with knowledge on this communication as we see today. But in your opinion I think the balance should be important in every age actually. What do you expect in the close future? Which way people will go? I see many people waking up. We will see how many people are interested in ancient knowledge. So this is a symptom of moving to Aquarious because it is connected to knowledge and a waking up.
Back to Santos
Yes, this is the baptism of spirit and fire that John the Baptist spoke of. John the Baptist said the one coming shall baptize in spirit (the air element) spiritual, mental. And then beyond that is the fire baptismt. So Aquarius is baptizing with the waters of truth in the Air sign. Fixed air. And this is man, the mental man which would be baptized. Pices baptized you see in water. It was the first baptism. From water you progress to air. From a liquid airian you become breath airian. And from eating solids you become liquidairian.
The food shall be fire. This is why Jesus says I have food which is not from this realm. My food is to do the will of my Father. And so it’s a fire element. So where are people going. They are waking up and they are going to learn how nature works as twelveness, not twoness. That’s why the twoness was spat at by Pythagoras. Not because it was evil, but because people are stuck there. When you begin to see that a wave always starts at Aries [head] goes up Taurus, Gemini, hits the Tropic of Cancer, then begins Cancer, Leo, Virgo and that’s the top 180 degree half of the Summer part of the year and then on the 23rd of September the Autominal equinox begins the Winter signs, Libra, Scorpio, Sagatarious, the Fall. And there is Sagatarious with his arrow, bang; it hits the sun on the heel on the 21st of December, the last day of Sagatarious. The arrow is there telling you the Solstice, the wave amplitude, the Tropic of Cancer. The sacrifice of the goat. The sacrificial goat, Christmas. Light up the little trees. in winter and put lights on them because the lights will come back as lent comes along and brings the Lamb of God, the
Passover into the lamb, the equinox. Passover being Easter. Every year in Aries because the sun goes from Capricorn climbs up to Aries and then spring begins. Capricorn ushers in winter. [Picture of 3 stars (three kingsof Orion’s belt) on to Sirus (star of ther east) to birth of “God’s Sun” at Winter Stoltice”] Winter, no food. We want spring blossom. Cancer. In two days time the summer, the crops, Leo, burns the fruit on the vine. The Wine. And you see Virgo is the Harvest season and then Libra is where the grapes that grew under Leo and harvested in Virgo. Are pressed on the wine press of the scales of Libra. And then you see Jesus with his 12 disciples on the table and he is spreading out bread and wine. Because Virgo gives the bread and Libra brings the wine. So there’s Jesus (the sun) in the middle of the ecliptic (the sine wave) he has 6 disciples on his right, Aries Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo. And there is Virgo right next to him the virgin. That’s why Cancer is pointing to Virgo’s throat and saying “no Adams Apple Jesus”. This is a virgin to your right and then you see to his left you see a green disciple. Leonardo Da Vinci painted a green disciple with his arms spread out just like the scales of Libra, green Venus, and Green Venus. There it is two girls. One to his left and one to his right and there he is with his arms extended. Just to show you the scales, you know.

Now to Gregory again:

Holden passing information from the NSA, CIA about the subject of the falls. He had the moon in Libra. Do you think it in connection with justice and his mentality to say to the people that something wrong is happening?
Now Santos:
He has a moon in Libra. Well some moon ascendant, all of these will cause the individual to be inclined towards justice. If your moon is in Libra you will react in justice. If your Sun is in Libra you will act in justice. If your ascendant is in Libra [Julian Assange – Wikileaks = moon in Libra] you will make it your life’s ambition to be just. A lot of lawyers are Librans. When I was a street performer I would speak to lawyers who often would have a break in the city where I played and would stop and listen to my music and then buy a CD or whatever. And I’d talk to them. As soon as I found out they were lawyers I would ask their astrology and 60% to 70% of the time it was Librans. So this is why you see blindfolded Venus with the scales of Libra because she is the ruler of Libra. And those scales represent the justice and the judgment of the sign of Libra. On the 23rd of September. Because there the sun is judged. At the Equinox standing between 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. And it’s in the middle of the Ecliptic at 180 degrees. That’s its position. And so that’s why she stands blindfolded and with those scales, that’s Venus, above the courtroom. Because there they are the symbols of justice. Because when you are blind, you don’t see the bride. You listen to make the correct judgment and you weigh the truth in the scales. Also in the Egyptian motife where the dead go in tormented, the underworld, and you see the scales and your heart is weighed against the feather (which is the same word) (anagrams of each other) and so if your heart is heavier than the feather, well there is only one savior that can help you from Hell the Son of God, Horus. The son of Osirus, or Jesus. Remember Jesus is always the Son, Christ is the Father . the hour on our clock. Those scales of justice, they are there the seven signs of the ecliptic of the Zodiac because it’s the middle of every sine wave. Hence, appropriately it’s signaling that position of Libra. All the signs of the Zodiac are perfectly positioned along the ecliptic. The first is a Ram, hense you get a ramp when you start to make a sine wave. Because the Ram, and astronomers will teach you, when you are looking up the coordinates of the sky at the constalations, they are teaching you always start at zero degrees, right ascsnsion of Meridian. Aries. Right at the start of Aries (an astronomer, not an astrologer) will tell you the ecliptic begins at zero degrees, RAM (right ascension of Meridian). Right ascension, RA the Sun God, You see why these words come to us? RA means right ascension because the sun …..Always ascends. All the other planets, six other planets, the moon, Jupiter, Venuus, Saturn, Mercury, Mars. They all right ascend as well on the ecliptic but they decline, or limate, I should say. They can declinate positive above the plane of the sun or they can be negative declination. The sun cannot decline because he is the boss of the ecliptic. That’s the trajectory that the sun makes yearly going from Capricorn low in the sky up to Cancer high in the sky. Its opposite here wheri I live. Capricorn is very very high. Cancer right now is very very low. The sun is making a very small arc in the sky in Queensland where I live. So it’s opposite because see we are on the outer side of the Earth. So when you understand then the next sign is the Bull… the middle of the spring. And it has a frequency. There are 12 frequencies along that ecliptic. And the 12 signs teach you 12 frequencies of every wave. In church they tell you astrology is the sign of the devil.

12 salts
Aries = potacium phosphate
Taurus = sodium sulphate
Gemini = potacium chloride
Cancer = calcium fluoride
Leo = magnesium phosphate
Virgo = potassioum sulphate
Libre = sodium phosphate
Scorpio = calcium sulphate
Sagatarious = silica
Capricorn = calcium phosphate
Aquarious = sodium chloride
Pices = iron phosphate.

3 salts to Aries= Airies salt and 2 following signs
Pices = iron phosphatr

Min 1: 03: 30 difference between tropical and sidereal
Trop and sideral days and years
True cosmology of stationary earth and geocentric astrology
No heliocentric astro.
Capernican astrologers are incorrect / miss led//false teachers and false prophets
They make large mistake and are condemned in bible. = false prophets
Astrology is geocentric. And the earth is stationary
Only true prophets teach the geocentric stationary earth system.
Astrologers that have followed the Capernican revolution are misleading the masses and themselves. They bring disgrace to science because they teach such things as the moon is a physical rock where planes go and land on and play golf and ring the president and say great reception up here. Great 5G towers doode. We’ll catch you when we fly back. There are more chances of a helicopter landing on the moon than that tin foil Disney world production they call the lunar module to get to the moon. You got more chances of getting up there with a kite or a helicopter. And when you get there you will fall through it. Because it is not physical. In fact all the planets including the sun and the moon are luminaries. They are not even things. They are holes. HOLE. A portal. You can shoot an arrow through that portal the sun is a hole in counter space. And it is channeling counter space energy into space. It’s making space. It is magnetism. Magnitude. And so that’s why it’s the sun of god. Because the sun of god is the word of god and the word was made flesh. Doesn’t mean one man Jesus was made flesh. It means the word SOUND (OOOMMM) which is what the sun produces when you listen to it.
The sound of the sun was considered by most ancient religions as the most sacred sound of the universe. It is a sound that cannot be heard by the human ear because the human ear only hears between 20 and 20,000 Hz. The sound of the sun is much lower frequency and also much higher frequency than we can hear. Could the sound of the sun be part of the universal language system? NASA has recorded the actual sound of the sun in deep space.and compressed the inaudible waves so that human ears can hear it. If we listen to the sound we can hear and feel a deep vibration. The sound of the sun recorded by NASA is precisely as the ancient Hendus had described it in the Vedas thousands of years ago. It is a montra that can be entoned in human speech as OM. In the 6th century BC Pythagoras also heard the sound of the sun and described it as a deep resonant humm. With higher frequencies blended into it. How did the ancient Hendu’s know this montra if it could not be heard by the human ear? Could they have actually peered into the universal consciousness and perceived it?
Now Santos= with the appropriate machinery. Equipment. That sun is a hole, hence we get the son of god who is holy and has a halo and he’s hallowed. So all these holy words have to do with holes. A hole is a worm hole. And they tell you in Quantum physics that there are worm holes. That’s the grear Pire Louigi the Italian genius said the stars in the sky, they are holes and as the Greeks said <Archimedes, the stars they are like nails pined to the dome of the heavens. But they are holy holes. And so scientists who attribute density to them and astrologers who go after these false scientists, these pseudo scientists, these Capernicans, Neutonians and Galaleons. These were Jesuits. They manipulate history, knowledge, to have influence on the Nation’s politics,

Burn the books, so Capernacus dedicated his book “revolution” which there is no revolutions. Sorry Galaleo. When he published that, hre dedicated it to pope the 3rd who came from the Fannazi House of Farnazi. This clan together with the Borgia clan created the Jesuits. And the Medici’s and the families listed above.

Francis Borgia was commissioned by Alessandro Farnese to create the JESUIT ORDER, the military order of the VATICAN. Ignatius of Loyola was Borgia’s Puppet. Borgia was the great grandson of King Ferdinand II of Aragon
South America was their experiment. They had plantations. Social experiments. The Jesuits through the black nobility family to protect their assets, the new world assets, they were just corporations. So through the power we give them. These corporations own the plantation. They rule the world. And the Vatican is just their board of directors they are banksters who look after this tranmsacting in commerce. Maritime. That’s why the point of this show is HOW TO BECOME A KING AND A PRIEST.
When Jesus, the archi-type of the priest, in the Gospels teaches us lessons. They are generally how to become a sovereign. That’s one Jesus. The other Jesus is a priest. The sovereign one is one who walks on water. When you walk on water, you are walking over Maritime Law. It is admiralty law. The law of waters, not of the land. And so Jesus coming out of the ship (the citizenship) he decides to walk on water. You see the citizenship is the birthright / the birth certificate. All the Apostles were sleeping in the hull of the ship. Because whoever has a birth certificate name and believes they are that name they are lost at sea. NON COMPAS MENTAS and a few other designations that make them asleep. Hence, let the dead bury ther dead. When Peter sees the Lord walking on water he says lord let me also walk on the water and Jesus says come. And Peter walks on the water and alright for a while. Then starts to sink. Jesus said this is because of little faith. Because many people want to be sovereign. And they want to escape the laws of Satan. Of Chronos, Saturn. The god of time, chronos. And those who work for Satan (the god of this world) because only Saturn wears the CROWN. Read obvert, pleny, tacitus, and so since Saturn has the Crown he is the crown and the agents who work for him, the CROWN, the BAR, they do the work of the Devil. And so when Jesus was brought into Pontius Pilot he was asked a question. He replied with another question. And so what he was teaching was THAT HE WAS NOT OF THIS JURISDICTION. That’s why he said my kingdom is not part of this world. Sorry dude, you can’t judge me. Because he was grounded. And he k new his sovereignty. And so that is why he said I’m not of this jurisdiction. You can call me king of the Jews, and label me and get false witnesses to come in and call me that I am your Roman Citizen but I’m not. I’m free. And so there are many of these including when Jesus says when the apostle says lord, because they tried to stumble him. Shall we pay tax to Caesar and knowing that whatever he says he is going to get him self in hot trouble. Because there are people around who are Romans and the agents for the Romans and if he says no, stop paying taxes, he’s dead. They will inform on him. Or if he says, yes many of the Jews would become bitter. The followers of Simon and all those liberators of the Jews, the Maccabbeans. Spirit. So they were tryng to trick him. He replies go to the ocean peter.
And pull out a fish. And there will be a coin in that fish. That’s very interesting, a miracle inside a miracle inside a miracle. SHOWING THAT NO MIRACLE ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE. It’s a teaching. And what that teaching is, is how to be sovereign. You see, give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s that’s a piece of metal you idiot. It has no value in the heavens where moth and rust do not consume. The lord says to treasure store all your treasures, not here on earth where thieves come in the night and take it away. Give unto god what is gods. So he was teaching there is god’s law and there is Caesar’s law. If you want to play in the commercial world, you will reap the consequences. As long as the Vatican exists corporate power will persist. If we want to bring back god’s law which means anarchy basically, hence why in the Bible, (last book of Judges) “and the people of Israel had no judges, and no king and they did according to their hearts. WHEN THE ISRAELITES DEMANDED A KING “all the nations around us have a King, we want a King”. Give us a King. Give us Saul, give us David. Give us Soloman. And god says well, I’ll give you a King but you should have stuck to me. I would have been better. But you want a king I’ll give you Saul. But remember your sons will be sold as slaves and the King will want 10% of their labor. And 10% of your man force. And you will have to be subject to his laws. And when a tyrant comes along, you will have grief. And he warned them. We want a king thr nations have kings. The people demand the security to have positive law instead of natural. Universal law. And they want to sleep in the ship. There is a storm out. Jesus calmed the storm. Why did he cakm the storm? Because the law of god irons out all the frivolous harmful prejudice laws made by feble mortal man. And so this is why the law of god was a shadow of the Christ. When the Christ shadow is not reafiable, so a shadow of a tree as the sun goes over the heavens the shadow is moving. And so the shadow has no control of its own. It’s not a thing. It can’t get up and have its own life. When the sun comes up the shadow appears. When the sun goes down, its gone. It dies. It can’t just in the night wander off and say I want to be my own thing. I’m sick of following the sun every day. That‘s what the scriptures are teaching. The Law of Moses is a shadow until the law of Christ comes. Christ is the law of consciousness the high consciousness. The Law of Moses is the law of the soul. The passions of the soul, the heart. And the king and whatever his frivolous laws may be. Prejudicious to the health of humanity whereas god’s law the Christ. You don’t want the Law of Moses, the shadow. You want the real thing, the tree. It’s got substance. There is no substance in the shadow. And has no principles. No attributes. This is why when Christ returns consciousness will return. It won’t be a physical man. Man is represented by Jesus. The man has a soul. But its not just one man. Its all men the Christ who came was the consciousness that came with the age of Pisces. It’s a special consciousness. Now, is arriving a new consciousness. The consciousness of Aquarius. [Pisces the fisher of men walks about all day on the narrow and cramped road that leads to everlasting life. The philosopher, the lover of wisdom. The eyes of the ocean, compassion. Reflective nature with watery ambiguous fish to fish. So emotions will be one day with confidence and another none. Emotional nature is unbalanced depending on moon. Day to day mood and emotion go according to the fish. On the other hand positive things.

Unless we understand this 12ness of nature we’ll always be positive negative, positive negative. Girl, boy, girl, boy. It’ll always be a rut and limited. And the mental evolution of man will always be retarded. ………… can youy know your self if you don’t know your astrological chart.? Your energetic constitution. How you are configured.
I believe we are missing a great % of reality by not knowing astrology.

soul awakening & spiritual transcendence santos

Eugene Linton & King Raji Present the Elders of Zion with Santos Bonacci, Josh X and Charlie Freak

Everyone Welcome to the show as soon as you get a chance I’m just going to do a couple of things here but as soon as you get a chance just give me some five fives I’ll check the microphone setting, Everyone Welcome to the show the other thing there that’s better. Hello a lot of five fives thank you, thank you, thank you, yeah so boy we can have a great show today now this is and I’m only slowly being brought up to speed on this but this is Eugene’s baby but also excuse me, King Raji and I I’ve never met King Raji, before so so I’m slowly being brought up so this is not my creation this is entirely Eugene and King Raji and everyone’s lining up in the waiting room just waiting on Josh here so I’m going to start bringing everyone in colleen has made time to be with us as well. So yeah it’s this is really exciting truth it’s what this is all about and we should only ever be loyal to one thing and the one thing that we’re loyal to is the truth, the truth, and only the truth it’s the only thing that sets you free and it’ll never get you into trouble and everyone else out there who speculates is getting themselves into huge trouble. So, the truth is what it’s all about and based on what I can see in here that’s everyone who’s here on the show today this is what they do they speak and they live the truth. So it’s uh very exciting to have everyone here because this is what it’s all about hey there’s Santos Bonacci there’s Eugenio. Oh, there’s SJC Mr. Justin carpenter! hey guys and there’s king rogers of Raji.Oh there you go fantastic. Welcome everyone to the show loves you all because you stand in the light of God’s truth and that’s all that truly exists so this is where we’ve gone very very far wrong because everyone has drifted away from it.So thank you, everyone, for keeping many on the path that is straight and narrow and for all the things that you’ve done and what you embody which is the truth you know everyone here is doing their bit but I always like it when we have Santos with us excuse me I always like to start with Santos because remember everyone you go back 13 years and it was in a dark, dark, dark, black storm out there and there was Santos and he was this light of a beautiful truth and that’s what brought Pauline and into all of this was Santos connecting the dots showing us that this is all God and this is all God’s creation that is encoded everywhere it’s encoded with you it’s as above so blows within without as universal with the soul it’s all one and that all you ever needed to do was get into alignment with his frequency and everything they do is to keep you out of alignment with his frequency and it is that simple the truth is always simple. ss welcome to the show everyone I’m going to pass it over to Genie and Raji and it’s their show, yeah I mean wasn’t Santos one of the first ones on the stationary flat earth. Oh yeah! Well, Santos was teaching stationary flat earth firmament center of all things even when he wasn’t necessarily saying you know that it was or doing podcasts specifically just everything that Santos taught was always referencing it and everything you talk because it’s the truth all righty well I did send an email to josh, So hopefully he’ll join us be joining us soon. Oh great yeah! I just wanted to thank you guys for having me at the last minute it’s so good to see y’all. Rajiv brother it’s always good to it what’s good to meet you and good to see you in person. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I’ve got little bits and pieces here I did have to update my phone so our WhatsApp group. I lost um all that good stuff that you had shared but I’m sure there’ll be plenty more of it. Thank you so much, Justine, and thank you so much Charlie and Eugene for yeah holding this space I’m sure we’re going to have a beautiful sharing today so thank you, and do we want to clear up some misunderstandings just you know based on our community and such from the get-go oh you yeah if you want to bring up the one little thing and it’s not within our community it’s just floating out there but is that just brutal so but if you want to address that you certainly can get it yeah. So i mean people have been saying that you know that we’re lying about what’s happening here and i can attest you know as a first-hand bystander or you know first-hand person who’s not you know directly in the family but came to be a part of the family that this is all real there’s nothing that we’re lying about here when we say the Government the matrix com came in you know sawed off someone’s door or our sister’s door and came in and took her baby that’s not a joke it’s not something to joke about, so it’s not something to lie about either because we’re just laying out the facts and similarly just with our dogs recently since the past like couple days there’s been like almost like a Coronavirus outbreak within the Dogs and we all know Corona is fakes obviously has to be some kind of a man-made something we don’t know so all of these things we’re just telling you that it’s not it’s we’re not you know we’re not making this up to get any kind of attention we’re actually saying we don’t need the attention you can give us the tension if you want to follow the truth or not you know it’s up to you it’s your choice or no choice right. So yeah is there anything else you would want to add to that Justin or Charlie yes I’ll specifically just address this and what the average person wants to think or believe in is entirely up to them and I have nothing to comment about a year there’s an infinite number of voices out there and most are full of whether they mean to be or not doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter the fact of the matter is that there is a fraction of a single percent that are teaching telling the truth which is what colleen and me and this group embodies which is the truth and we can speak it because we live it in every single moment so there’s i think a bit of a breakaway group from some business that Justin needed to take care of and they’ve been sort of spreading some things i really don’t care at all but when you make a comment that the situation that colleen Sinead myself and of course Dante are going through by having somebody with a giant saw come cut down their door and then the police put me in a chokehold steal the baby and then we’ve been through we’re on our fourth lawyer now since because each the other ones have sold us out and nobody in Mexico cares until we were put in touch with that wonderful Senator from Mexico city who put us in touch of our current lawyer and the wheels of justice are slowly beginning to turn but in Mexico they don’t want the wheels of justice to turn so everybody is fighting this and now we’re literally looking at another few weeks before even beginning to be able to get Dante back it’s just incredible so when you make a comment that says that this isn’t real you’re a piece of and i don’t have a lot more to say other than that but colleen and i for as long as we’ve been here so 12 years we’ve been front lines with saving animals and Eugene is a huge help, So he knows all about what that’s like right now we have this another man-made virus that’s just trying to kill our animals it’s not it’s not like they have a temperature whatever it is yet again and is trying to kill them and Colleen and me are all day and all night doing all the protocols that we need to keep them alive and then having to do everything else on top of that including deal with an entire system in Mexico that is pure Corruption so we will bring them down as part of all of this as well and again this book of revelation so everyone is being forced to declare themselves, you declare, you find yourself on that the wrong side of Colleen and you watch what’s going to happen that’s not a threat it’s just the truth, it is the truth we have aligned ourselves with God in every single thing that we do and we’re doing our best and for all everyone here. Now Aaron yes we are doing MMS yeah! We are the MMS protocol with DMSO and it’s the only thing that’s keeping them alive right now the only thing and super quick I just want to say Santos lost his internet just magically because obviously we’re causing ripples and you know that we’re literally shattering the makeup tricks so please come back and Josh we would love to welcome you if you and Santos have anything to say. Hey guys sorry my internet went out and I just had to wait for it to come back at first I thought it might have been the whole thing that went down but it was only me.Anyway, things happen how are you all? You guys great to see you guys thank you. Hi Josh, hi Santos, Hi Raj, Justin, and Eugene we love you so much thank you for being here likewise great thanks for having me. Yeah, it’s good to see you brother it’s always good to see your face I appreciate seeing you lovely. Yeah it’s it seems like Josh is still in the call but he’s just you know he’s not present just yet, So yeah did you want to say something calling, no I was just asking if josh was he was listening and just to sort of wrap up the comment if anyone wants to hear my thoughts on the whole situation I just posted a recording on my telegram on addressing the situation with Dante and the lies that are being spread. So I didn’t want to clarify that the lies are now that you guys are running a cult and you were force-feeding Dante fruit all the time and so the father came in and broke in and broke the baby out so that’s the angle that’s being taken no. You know and anyone can take a second to go look at any picture of Dante and see that’s the healthiest happiest baby you could possibly imagine, So it’s ridiculous the links that people are going to but that’s what I said very plainly if you want to believe that nonsense go away get behind me Satan I have nothing to do with you and I have I’m not going to babysit you if you’re going to believe that nonsense like I don’t want any part of it.So and anyone encouraging that kind of stuff I don’t want any part of you either if you’re even hinting at that if you don’t have it when you’re dealing with something like this.If you don’t have just a wall of evidence to present when you’re making some claims like that when you’re out of your mind because you’re throwing shade on a very righteous situation you are out of your mind. So go just go away we don’t need your support we don’t need your help in that sort of situation because if you’re going to be like that you’re choosing powerfully and you will have your just reward.Now so I’m not speaking to anyone that is showing support but anyone who’s dipping into that level of depravity has fun with your choice have fun with it yeah me and Raji love to say come back when you’re ready to come back when you can listen come back when you can gather your attention, please. Yeah dante is a very very special creation and he is so smart and he’s so healthy.It’s ridiculous he’s never been sick in his life and the thing is with children you don’t force-feed them the fruit they naturally gravitate to what it is which is fruit, so it’s not for speeding we just don’t go out of our way to murder sentient creations of God and then and then try to force me that you know so if you’re still on this globe ball everything is a ball if you’re on this spinning ball and killing cows and you know drinking cow’s milk.All your life when a cow stops consuming it after about four months you know that’s entirely up to you you want to live that’s the show by the way the show uh i’m doing friday night which is uh 107.1 fm our friday night live shows and that is simply so,so,so simple and it’s but it’s so powerfully true when you embody and live the truth you will live God is the God of living not of the dead, So if you embody and live the truth speak it but walk it the truth you shall live there and there’s no death in truth because, truth is level means truth and that is life and you know this because God has got a living not of the dead when you embrace lies you’re dying this is the duality and and there is no ending it just means around and around you,go and then as Raji and Eugene say come back when you’re ready but until that time there’s no free pass around and you go and the mercy of God is that every time you go back around the wheel you fall lower,and lower, and lower, until you hit bottom and then when your feet touch bottom maybe then you’ll start looking for some air which is the ether which is God and it’s entirely up to you so that’s what you’re up against the truth will give you life and lies will give you death and that’s why they’re on 365 and that’s why they’re on 24 7 365 and that is entirely why everything is alive not. Some things, not most things you know charlie I’m with you on most things but of course, they’re not lying about you know gravity and the the the spinning, wobbling, twisting, turning global earth they’re not lying about that yeah they’re lying about everything and that’s because lies mean death and the truth which is light, which is level means life and it’s that simple and super quick I feel like and belief just displays that word completely and we know from Pisces the two feats is belief and doubt so when you are in the lie you are split whereas when you are in knowing or when you are on the Equinox when you are equal it seems that there is no difference between you and him and yeah I just want to say u, Justin, I think you were gonna say something but right after that Raji if you have any questions to open up the show please, please ask them and if not I’ll ask some questions so go ahead. Justin yeah! Justin, you can go and then I can go after you sure yeah and just quickly, just gonna reiterate you know I know we talk about this choice a lot but it is so paramount and so important that we remember the truth is very simple you’re presented with two choices right now you’re presented with two choices you have to go one way to unify you have to go all the way to the right to come back to the center and unify there’s no unification without that stuff so I do want to know you just add that little caveat in there because yes unification is certainly the goal but we have to powerfully make that righteous choice first we have to go all the way to the right subdue.Our ego so does the left-hand side put it in its place it’s only 10 it should stay 10 and then we can unify as the whole you know to bring that the 90 and the 10 together so I didn’t want to clarify that because I think that’s you know a point of confusion with a lot of?oh, just love? and light forgive like don’t worry about what they’re doing like don’t worry about it’s like no,no,no we need to worry about what they’re doing not worry but we need to take righteous action imbue that righteous anger that that’s caused by this this level of injustice and do the appropriate action from that transmute that into the appropriate measure that needs to be taken to combat that violence that’s being perpetrated on all of us and until we stop until we end all violence then we will continue to suffer lies or violence Justin and that’s why you have to confront the lie and live with the truth,the truth is just be in flow and and you know really quickly but this takes us right to maritime admiralty law and why all the words are the way they are and nobody knows this better and teaches it better than both Santos and Josh but the life is the river of God which is through the Mother and and you flow eternally in harmony in the flow which is in the center which is one two three it’s easy as abc doe ray me i’m talking about baby you and me right down the middle but everything they do is to pull you into the eddies which are on the banks of the river where you deposit your sweat equity and your intellectual property into the hands and you’re seamen and is to take away your deposit to a bank and a bank is an eddy which doesn’t flow it is the opposite of the flow and so they’ve got you on the side and you’ll believe whatever it is that they want you to believe and it’s that simple as justin was just saying stay in that center path confront the lie every time just you don’t have to hate don’t hate but confront the lie.When there’s a lie presented confront it what people then choose to do is entirely up to them but you must confront it because Khan is with and it literally means with God, and front and center is here and now so when you confront the lie you are present in the moment and all that exists at the moment in presence is truth, yeah and super quick Raj you’re going right after me all right and it seems like the reason why we are so much a revolutionary movement is that we are a movement of peace and like charlie said it’s not about hate it’s coming from the love in our hearts that’s why we want to come and join together you know in truth, you know as one because the hate that’s the division that is a conflict that is conflicted mind, so we just want to make that clear that we are the way of water and fire but water because we’re not trying to harm anybody we’re trying to bring everyone back to the truth and cleanse this world.Rajiv please open this up what’s up everyone, Charlie what’s up Eugene, Justin Son, brother Santos I forgot Charlie’s wife’s name sorry what’s your name, “Me Colleen”what’s up colleen, yes and Josh brother,” Josh x”So guys we just want to say elders of Zion this is the revelation guys we are revealing everything we are wrapping all this information that has been accumulated there is so much information we are wrapping it and we’re going to the point it’s all about Zion we are now going to reveal everything that Zion is what the dimensions are why are we here right now in this time and are we going anywhere. Yes and this is about Eden we are going to Eden so I wanted to make a show about that with Eugene and we wanted to invite these beautiful, beautiful beings into the show and that’s it I feel that’s what we are going to talk about, so I give a question to you guys how what’s the next step for the viewers that are watching on how they can take this step closer to Eden how can we as a collective come closer to Eden that’s my question to you and maybe I can narrow it down just a little bit it seems like this is the answer don’t you guys think it is yeah well I think just to sort of practically looking at that question it is particular to each individual on what aspect might need to be improved on the most so it’s a holistic approach on all these different avenues you know the garden of Eden lifestyle is the breath we take in the food we consume. So any of those areas where we fall the weakest where we’re suffering the most we’re experiencing the most pain that’s God’s imitation to us to say hey! this might be a particular area? where you can work on this might be something where if you lean into it and embrace it you can improve to a scale that you haven’t ever been to before but people confuse that suffering as if God is somehow punishing me or making me do something or whatever else no it’s just this encouragement to push us along and help us get back onto the path to return to the garden we left but we could always return God never cast us out and said we can’t return until we’ve completed this process it’s not going to be freely given there’s no med bed that’s going to take away all the work that we have to do and I want to clarify that I do think there are healing technologies out there but I do want to caution people who use those technologies as an excuse to not do any work.This all has to be taken on this all has to we have to just like Eugene held up that atonement that recognition that we are one and we have deviated we have strayed we have fallen and so to correct that hey Josh! hey brother! It’s good to see you your mic is open just by the way I just want you to be aware my mic is muted can you hear me no you’re good I can just hear you as well sorry to interrupt you carry on brother, and it’s lovely to be with you all have a good carry on absolutely yeah. So just to finish that thought you know when we are away from that at one minute when we’re away from the one mind then we are suffering and so everything that we can do to return to that one it’s going to reduce that suffering so that’s the whole journey right like that’s all that we’re here to do we decided to dip into this insanity dip into the duality dip into the experience of it all for the sake of the experience to learn from it and then to return and compare notes and to maybe do it again or maybe decide we don’t want to do it again. I don’t know but that’s where we are now so we have to recognize the truth within that and take those very tangible very actionable steps to say I’m ready to return home I’m done. Playing this game I’m done playing this suffering this pain cycle I’m done with it, So any step that we can I know that you know it’s different maybe for every person but we talk about the breathing we talk about the meditation we talk about the food we talk about, you know just your general demeanor towards other josh beautifully breaks down the virtues like that’s the secret to how we live and operate and return to that one mind because when we can recognize that each other-self is just an aspect of me and any, any, any sort of disconnect that we have is just an unresolved aspect of myself then we can continue working towards that but it’s a holistic approach and so that’s why every single avenue has to be considered and then one has to be honest and practical with themselves and say okay this is the area where I excel so maybe I don’t need to spend as much focus on this. Let’s focus on the areas where I’m weaker, let’s focus on those areas where I can improve so I can achieve that balance and then just continue growing as a whole, so yeah that’s just kind of my general take on that question thank you Rajiv that’s a beautiful wonderful Justin and Josh just a big freaking welcome for you man. It’s so glad you are here and it’s funny because you walked in right on at one minute so right when we start talking about becoming one suddenly you come in and so yeah just Raji opened it up saying that it’s the journey of Eden and course that’s the journey of the one mind, so yeah charlie, Santos, Josh please, please, comment the fastest route to the self is the absolute surrender of all concepts, all we need to do is dissolve any question that arises with inside ourselves and that’s it we need to absolutely surrender this relay the commentary of the processing of our intelligence and there is nothing else the action of doing is the action of eluding the truth. So every time that we reach for something we’re never going to find the ultimate because it’s the recognition that you are the absolute subject reality of the self and that everything within is without and there is no other truth. You are the dreamer having one wonderful cosmic dream and that recognition of the dream makes the dreamer become free from the dream that it’s created to trap itself within itself and that’s the most beautiful truth as we continue to search we continue to grasp we continue to try different concepts for something which is seeing all of this take place the all-seeing eye which is the great conspiracy of all conspiracies is that which you truly are and i’ve always been you have never not been this, So it’s the cosmic joke you don’t need to do anything because you’re already it you need to surrender the healing takes place when there’s a great knowing that the healer is a concept that arises within the eye which sees the play and you’ve surrendered to this life and there’s no need for a pain body there’s no need for these diseases and then we continue as we build the intelligence up with inside ourself so much that we absolutely miss this tower and these are the twin pillars of freemasonry and freemasonry is to free us to free the mother son to free the word free is mata that rightfully establishes to the which is ether, which is blue shift which is the divine, the feminine. If we want to talk about the concept realm we are in search of something we are all masculine whether we are male or female you are a female or a womb man Alpha wave in search for the Zion and this Z is a frequency that only enters this being when one surrenders the mind itself because the mind is the intelligence which exists in the reciprocation of the information that is stored inside the vessel or the concept of the vessel itself because, this vessel doesn’t even exist you are the dreamer dreaming and every time you go to sleep at night you wake up as yourself, and you fully surrender to them.Can you do this in a wakeful state the champ? See the vibration of the alpha balance with the light this is the champ and in Spanish don’t they call mushrooms champignon. Yeah champion this is the journey of man we build ourselves we build our temple or we build our home our house into a temple and once we’ve turned this vessel into a temple we must clean it, must rid ourselves of all of these concepts that we have built to fundamentally have that inner realization, or recognition, or revelation that we are the creator of all of these concepts and they have arisen from us for this wonderful cosmic game to experience what it’s like as an expansive technology you see from the very beginning of self. We can say the void the nothing the womb, this is the truth and from this play, the lucid began to dream and you see a great thing to bring into this reality or this conversation we could say is Lucifer look at this great concept of Lucifer the Devil who is he and why does he haunt me? and demons. You know this is to remove the monster.One demon removes the one all demons or thought forms don’t exist but inside the intelligence or the intellect Lucifer.If you see the word is l use Cipher this l is the 12 which represents the blue shift and the Redshift depending on if you’re an Alpha or a major or Alpha or Z you know and Lucifer is the light bearer or the bearer of light and is the angel of music all physical reality is related to a frequency and energy in vibration we could call this the cosmic play of music Lucifer is the bearer of light but he is the last angel before you find yourself as the guardian. This is a recognition that all light itself is false all light is an expression from within sight and we have created all of these concepts from the magnetic field photons everything for our own avatar belief to go into this realm experience figure out to continue, to get lost continue to search to find out you are already there that’s the focus f matter ovoid the matter and the void c in your sine wave, That’s just focus here you are that it is the focal point wouldn’t you say josh absolutely and there is no search so we can call off the search and every time the intelligence arises within us and says let’s look for something I divert my attention or I would divert my attention to here where the perceived reality is right now reversed is the one to one is to win and this is the space where the presence is and presence is presence, and presence is before senses and innocence is in no sense. So we’re in no sense and how do we become pure and what is this immaculate concept to be immaculate is to be clean and a concept we all know this is an idea so all ideas must be immaculate so have no idea take no ideas with you at the moment and be in joy because this is the life you see the idea of stillness there is nothing so in the stillness you have decided to create now within the creation of the stillness. You have formed a construct that allows yourself to go in and to play and to trap oneself but beyond this space when one has the recognition and the revelations that they are that you create this is heaven you dream again but you dream that which you choose to dream and just super quick I just want to interject here because I want to say in the Matrix they go into the construct and then you see Neo and Morpheus battling and Neo realizes. Oh, he is the original so when he realizes that suddenly he is beyond the construct isn’t that what you’re talking about here Josh absolutely you see on struct you know the sine wave s t sine wave with the physical u c t physical so the construct itself is to see on the sine wave but the physical that you see physical and this is the artificial reality that’s presented with us here but it’s only through revelation.You will never find the self through searching it’s only found in contemplation via meditation but not found in meditation practice because practicing is having to try meditation is an act of surrender. So in your act of surrender you will find the truth in your contemplation that you are the subject reality of the self and everything that you experience comes from within and this has always been the case but the reality works fundamentally to the intelligence and this is why one takes the journey and builds up via the virtues and starts to act kind and sees the reality respond and starts to give charity and sees that they get more abundance and starts to be diligent and realizes that, everything’s starting to clean itself up and then you bring this temperance and balance to all situations and your nervous system corrects itself when all alignment starts to happen and then this wonderful truth continues to reveal itself and if you play with inside the realm you can learn absolutely everything i mean learn is learn you earn this l it’s not something which is found unless one has a guru because the guru is not the being it’s not the person it’s the being when one connects to the being they are not the guru the guru is is the consciousness sine wave. This is the guru and look at the word g you are you have not been this you were born into sin the sine wave that is in the sine wave of consciousness that has ended is ending the awareness of the sine wave within itself lost look at the word backward t is physical so how do you find the truth how do you find the soul look at the words I sol isolation solitary solution the place is within it’s never been without and you have never been without a material play. I’m so welcome to the material play it’s a very wonderful space you know all of the energy the flow of words the space that we have to share.So I will give some time for others to speak thank you for my peace and I love you all um I’m grateful for this thank you, Santos, thank you josh that was brilliant beyond description Santos.Yeah wonderful thank you so much brother that was there was a lot of contemplation and a lot of beautiful, beautiful truths come together like that so wonderfully once you realize and you witness yourself as as the witnesser instead of doing and participating in the ego game and all of this and you stand aside and you see you see what’s going on everything changes so this is called the Neoplatinus would call that the higher mind the divine mind which comes from which is the capacity of all humans especially more the more evolved ones i don’t i don’t know whether the the ones who are just recently incarnating through you know are going to get that capacity or activate it but it is in the capacity to of all of us to enter into the divine mind you know this is when the scripture says that when i’m knocking on you your door open because i will come and have an evening meal with you, so in other words when the higher mind calls that contemplation that you were talking about in contemplation and surrender not meditating because that’s doing meditative practice like a doctor who practices yeah he’s just practicing and killing people and this is what i find with people who meditate as well you know they think you know it’s like a it’s a word that will make them make them guru status just by the fact that they know how to say the word you know like oh yes! i meditate 30 minutes a day and yeah i make sure i go yeah and they’re so keen to let you know how they take time out and do it you know and you know it’s like i mean i know that when i wake up in the morning i surrender so i’m in meditation all day in prayer all day i’m i’m always praying you know i’m always um talking with with god who is me,and who is dreaming with me what a great dreamer he is what a great creator he and i are and i am you and you will have to agree you cannot sit there and say no we we dudded you know we didn’t do a good job we all have to agree that we did a pretty good job and only gets better it it’s getting better and the reason being is i’ll tell you why because both you and i are getting better at witnessing and creating we’re actually doing better every day i know i am i’m getting health healthier every day you know i mean i lost my health about two months ago with all the people dying around me and i got myself trapped you know i got myself really in a bad way i’ve never ever lost my health in my life ever and i was down 10 kilos i put 10 k get this guys for all the people who say oh you can’t do it with plants you need your protein and animal fats i put 10 kilos on in 5 weeks just on fruit and some vegetables that’s it 10 kilos in five weeks 10 kilos in five weeks so for people who um you know i mean we don’t have to argue with them and we don’t have to defend ourselves. Our position is the true one because we have that one who is with us all the time and always was with us and we know directly that it is the right way. So I stuck to my guns and I just trusted that the magnetic electric universe and the consciousness energy of God would restore my health and that I would do it and so I chose health and I got it so yeah we’re getting better we really are and some of these conversations I mean all of our conversations are on a different level now.So yeah let’s um just keep expanding I think expanding is the is a good word or ascending you know I mean ascending is good you go up and you expand in consciousness because essentially we get to a point where we can know all things we don’t choose to and we don’t at any given point um know everything because that would be too boring but we will get and we are there where we can know all things but the beauty of the time-space continuum is that we can just choose not to know it what the future will be or what whatever it’s all now anyway but the thing is we know. Now that we have access to all things so we can say I know as Aquarius says it so we start with you know I am Aries I have a body I think Gemini, Cancer I feel Leo I will then you get to over to the 11th sign. I know and you know if you haven’t fulfilled that labor of your 12 Labors of Hercules or the 12 Archetypal missions that we have then you won’t get to the last one where you know the belief of Pisces on the positive side will do everything that you want and and and need as Jesus said you will do things greater than I can do that I’m doing all right I’ll hand over someone else can I just mention one thing just quickly you know sometimes, when we give our attention or we fall trap with our attention back on the intelligence that these scenarios such as ill-health arise with inside of us and therefore the very transcendence of the fear of death that lies deep within inside our nature usually the very last thing that, we have is this innate fear of death all fears are directed to the ultimate fear which is death. so if one is observing life in a virtuous way by understanding that everything is being related and instantaneously through their own interpretation of reality and sees it with slight fortune for tuning then you can easily know to fix yourself through this surrender of this fear because life has brought you to a state where ill health has presented itself to you and will continue to present itself to you until you have liberated yourself from this fear. So these things manifest inside ourselves for our help and this is all life has ever been it has been for us by us not to us and everything inside this reality especially Babylon you know Babylon the world itself all these concepts all these struggles that we see with inside the world it doesn’t exist unless your attention is there gave us the beauty and it lies at the moment directing your experience but Babylon is to be able on and the righteous is able we all know to become enabled we have to live in able and how do we be enabled and what is this ball that they’re talking about the Bible which one do we need the two l’s even in the middle to become level you must balance yourself with these two l’s level even the word revelation is our eve and then you can see the lion everything is balanced everything. This whole reality this whole experience is balance and union with these two energy fields removing intelligence to allow yourself to flow once again you’ve not been this but all concepts have captured this. so the ultimate space is continued surrender but it was the ill health that I wanted to point to here obviously we have certain technologies such as fruit that are the real food for you and a certain system that does well on just water-only fasting and then a wonderful refeed which needs to be taken lightly if it’s very extended just because when the body goes into a ketosis state this is the elimination state where the body just removes absolutely everything but if you dump too much in a gorge of glucose when the system’s not using glucose as a fuel you just need to be very careful. So just introduce fruits aren’t too high in glucose and then refeed yourself wonderfully and then build up this beneficial bacteria inside your stomach which rRefeeds your body through the intestinal tract and as it does it will re-mineralize and restore and regenerate and recuperate and you will find that everything is eight and it’s in eight this is why when you eat you have eight and this is an eight and it’s in everything this is the climate this is the climate change that we’re going through right now this is the whole perceived reality that we see this is this Kundalini initiative the energy that is the rising serpent and is not found through the breathing at the practices of meditation it is found in the elevation and evolution of your own self it seems aries to Libra,Cancer to Capricorn all in the eight right go ahead Justin well just wanted to just add a little add a little to the expansion idea Santos mission expansion john’s just mentioned expansion because a lot of people have this misconception that evil is the Antithesis of God evil is a construct as part of this duality it’s not it it’s there to give us this texture while we play this game but the actual antithesis of God is stagnation God is wanting to continually expand to continually learn and grow and for us all to be expanding, So all these mechanisms are in place like the stars that are all these celestial bodies that are constantly shifting they’re always giving us new energies to work with and just like free will it provides this this intangible way to randomize every every single outcome. So that there’s always an expansion there’s never that stagnation and then all of these challenges that we’re presented with like josh mentions these things that we can either view happening to us we can play the victim role and we can learn and expand that way there is something to be gained from that but if should we choose to embrace those challenges and see them as something to to to rise up from you know a challenge to grow from then we’re really embracing what God’s intention is for us and it’s to to take that challenge on and to expand from it you know god said god saying hey like you’re good at that level like you’ve done the work you’re at a good spot but let me introduce you something different let me give you a new challenge and the more that we embrace those challenges the less suffering that we have to endure in order to grow from those challenges when we when we eagerly embrace the challenges and say i’m ready for this then it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable the discomfort is only a result of our negligence or our stubbornness from wanting to embrace the challenges that god is providing us so again the Antithesis of God is not evil it’s stagnation. So anytime that we’re stagnant god is always going to be prompting us to grow because that’s what we all wanted to do anyway we just kind of forgot we wanted to do that but we’ve got to remember that we want to grow we want to learn and expand. So everything is designed for us and it is all for that expansion because that’s what God truly wants is to expand and at the same time it’s also contraction isn’t it people we all know this it’s all one so really it’s you disperse you expand and then you come back to the center point isn’t that how the tourist field works. I think so yeah keep talking peeps sometimes sta is always related to the same way physical alpha so anything star doesn’t mean it stays here to carry on sorry please so getting back to the original question from Raji I mean where are we supposed to be how do we get there everything starts with one simple fundamental. So this is this will become your walk but if it doesn’t become your inner talk then there is no getting there and everything starts by casting thy net to the right it’s so simple it’s been taught for sensitivity because it is the way home and that’s everything that Santos has been saying and Santos that was brilliant and Josh that was absolutely brilliant everywhere just brilliant Eugene Rajiv thank you, everything that everyone has been saying is that you’re lost break the word down look at what it’s saying that’s all it’s not a permanent condition it doesn’t make you an idiot it makes can make you an idiot at the moment but it’s not a permanent state it’s a momentary lapse break the word lapse down and just simply look, look, look you’re doing laps around a pool stop be here now a mind that wants to wander around a corner is an unwise mind be here now, So everything is that you’re simply lost but you’re already home oh! So the passage right back home can take lifetimes a life form or every decision is made in a singular single solitary moment all this no instead he wins the race because Rushi means Mindy that’s right and if you take a job then you’re in persecution jobs or persecution there’s no business at all in this world and there’s no necessity for economies and Obama this is all of it is it’s all designed to keep you busy because your busyness that they’ve created for you is busy.So that your mind is never at rest and if you stall I terry then you see that all is now and that when you’re home so every decision that you’ve ever made in your life no matter how long how many years it took you to get to be able to make that decision you still made it at the moment you still made it in the split of a second that’s what split-second originally means it means you turn apart from the lie you tear apart the myth that there is no such thing as the second there’s only here and now then you’re home.So it’s entirely your choice so to answer Raji’s question very simply in the beginning the first thing you need to do is to take and then this is all Josh and this is all Justin this is all Santos red shift blue shift left path right path feminine masculine negative-positive magnetism electricity without within below above sun moon oh no! it’s both and it and it’s all and those things and particularly in our duality that we exist here it is sun and moon it’s entirely sun in the moon which do the same thing because they’re in love with each other and they just want to go home. So everything around you is love everything around you is in love but you don’t see it because you only see the veneer which is as professor Tolkien would call the gray rain-curtain of this world which is the world and nobody teaches it better than Josh there is the earth and it’s here and it’s now it always has it will there’s no limitation there’s no running out of anything there’s no sun that’s going to blow up 93 million miles away it did everything it is here and now and you want for nothing but you don’t see her you only see it and it that you see is yeah physical conscious or construct of physicality and the limitations are limitations all your imitations come from the intelligence stop imitating the original. So charlie in Eden the sun and the moon are one no yes yeah okay. So this is Eden here four rivers and here we have our realm with our moon and our sun revolving around one cycle is 24 hours a half cycle is 12. and here we have another one where Mars and Venus are going here is Mars here is Venus and then we have the other realm here and here is Saturn and here is Jupiter like the Sun and the Moon are revolving around are the Sun and the Moon revolving around their run but look at this the human body have also these points because here we have Saturn that’s the crown why does Saturn have a ring because you have a ring Hermano and the pineal is Mars here the throat that’s our moon which is the most magnetic point in this model. I have here the center Eden and this the heart kingdom of heaven kingdom of hearts Solar Plexus, our Sun Apollo, Solar Plexus, Venus, of course, is the womb and Jupiter is the roots 7.7 points yeah I think that’s fantastic now I think that’s fantastic and I would love to have Santos comment on this just because the whole because there’s also a system where we think about and how long the orbit takes. So I think the raj system matches perfectly when it comes to the body but at the same time there we have a different order when it comes to like 30 years of Saturn on top and then 12 years of Jupiter you know the eye of Jupiter.So what do you think is that different from Santos because I’ve never seen one you know system that’s always correct if that makes sense, I’m not sure if I’m not sure I follow your question. I want to be 100 sure understand what you’re saying, so can you phrase that sure.So Rajiv placed the planets in such a way where it aligns in such a way to the body but when we describe, you know for instance I don’t know if it’s called the Ptolemaic model or whatever it is, we always go by the moon, you know at the bottom menstruation monstration and then and then Mercury Venus and then the Sun and then Mars Jupiter Saturn but it seems like Raji’s method is perfect for the body if that makes sense like for anatomically.It seems like there’s a lot of sense in that manner.So I was just always curious about these different models of placing planets in different Chakras if that makes sense yes. Okay, so whatever you place one way you’ve also got the opposite it has to be that way and then there are other orders because, you know that the channels by which you ascend sometimes are different to the channels that others take, So you might go from one Chakra straight up to you know to jump a couple of Chakras and go to that Chakra in your ascension process to activate it. So but when it comes to the planet’s orders the Ptolemaic system says that under the firmament there are seven u seven spheres that’s why we call them atmosphere strat Mesosphere Ionosphere they’re not ball spheres but they are spheres of influence they are spheres of different conditions,So i would say that that order that i gave with that would be the Jewish that would be the Hindu the Ptolemaic order and it’s quite possible that that order actually corresponds with what conventional scientists call the spheres there’s I’ve come up in my way of accounting this there are seven spheres the first one is atmosphere then there’s the stratosphere then there’s the Ozone layer then there’s the mesosphere meso means the middle and the Sun is always in the middle then Ionosphere,then thermosphere then exosphere,So when i it’s funny because when i think of all those spheres in that order and then i put the planets next to them i get the the exact they’re all syncretised, So atmosphere is the moon because she’s very know she changes moods, So quickly right stratosphere that’s mental now Mercury Ozone well that’s dead giveaway Ozone layer eve Venus is Ozone mesosphere well that’s the Sun in the middle ionosphere now that’s an interesting one because Mars rules Iron Mars is Iron.So and then Jupiter is hot we all know that so that’s the thermosphere and then the Exo Saturn is way out there right. He’s the boss he’s got the crown his Exo is out almost of the system well he is he’s the way out isn’t he they say the Neoplatonic that we come into incarnation through his rings and then go down through the Moon and then land on the Earth and then we have to go back the same way up Jacob’s ladder but, if you’re gonna sort of you know syncretize conventional science and try and salvage their rubbish way off of you know explaining the Cosmos I think that’s probably feasible it’s you know it’s plausible. There is a correspondence there so but that that that is rooted in Neoplatonism the eastern the Mayan as well i think the Aztec Biblical and Ptolemaic,So Santos i have a question there so is there a difference depending on the perspective that you have for example,let’s say that this is the world if i look from like above there then that is what i did with the consensual circles with the stages and the dimensions but if i do it from this perspective here not not that i’m looking from here but i’m looking for here from here then it is what i showed you with the earth being here and then you have the stars here and also i think Raj is right in a sense because why would the Solar Plexus not be the Sun you know what i mean because it’s the soul it’s the solar yes like here would be the ninth dimension right and the Mount Zion will be the eighth and then around Mount Zion would be the seven and then garden of Eden that’s the sixth dimension Eden is the 5d and then our rem right now it’s going from it’s both it’s both 3d and 4d depending on Atlantis and then 3d is the Matrix or Babylon and then 2d is the meta world but just real quick Rajin that’s why we have like blockchain because that’s the 4d technology that’s off that’s not even on our world you know what i mean that’s some other race that’s perfected exchange and doesn’t need a government system to mitigate it that that technology is coming in.Now you see what I’m saying guys not that I support or don’t support Bitcoin or whatever you know yeah the blockchain for me it’s a rebooting of Atlantis the four-dimensional society again from a 3d into 4d why? I’m gonna show you guys just what it is it’s very simple the old system goes like this you have a central bank and they are connected with a bank the root of all evil that central bank damn it if I’m a user here, and I want to send currency to Eugene another user I’m doing the communication if it’s if I’m not there and can give him cash then I’m doing this through the internet, however, the cash doesn’t go through the internet the cash goes through the bank and then here you have swift and Eban. So it goes like this every time we want to make a sale right if I want to make a sale with you a contract then I need to contact my bank the bank goes through Swift and Eban to their bank and then to you and then you have the central bank everybody’s taking a percentage here that’s the problem with the old system. The new system is more like this here you have a permeable cell yes man. Here you have a blockchain a database and here you have the user and here you have the user and here you have the sale and between it is the internet because the old system looks it’s very simple this is blockchain it goes like this it’s much more efficient you don’t need banks. We are going to become the banks and this is the 4d system financial system 4d and doesn’t that make sense because we are the creditors so why are they trying to be the creditors for us excuse me! please leave money changers you know what I’m saying yes, so it’s just a more efficient system like you’re using the phone rather than the home telephone line you know in the past now you’re using mobile phones so that but the thing with blockchain is just an upgrade it’s going to go the transactions is going to go through the internet, not through the telephone lines, So there is no need for banks anymore and remember banks do they create currency they create sustainability you are the phone, and you are the network you are the internet. It’s just a process of awakening back to whom you truly are which is all things with one and this is why the Tartarian culture when you look around at all of these had two things stick out everything was built-in in Arches and Domes and Spires because you have to conspire and this is why conspiracy theorists are not theorists they’re who conspires to be at one with God which is true so conspiracy is the truth you conspire with god and that’s why they all have spires it because everything is you are an infinite wireless internet system. You are the ethernet when you’re internet you’re just the receiver but when you’re ethernet then you’re the provider and you all have to realize that you have to become the ethernet and then you’re providing your signal off of light photonic light of God in all moments and that, so you are the system and they’ve just created these wires because it looks they look real and then and then they can clamp down on your you know your megabytes and you’re limited to this and then you have to pay and then it just becomes electricity versus magnetism. It becomes a transverse wave versus a scalar wave and then you take Nikola Tesla out of the equation so at the heart of everything today that everyone’s been discussing of course once again is Nikola Tesla because Nikola Tesla said in the very basic to all things of Tesla is this everything is energy and until you just stop and be that Gnosis then you’re not going anywhere because you’re fighting what is all things get past that except that your physicality is an Illusion it’s fantastic it’s an incredible process. I have no idea how it all works and I don’t need to i’m here to enjoy its experience it learns from it I don’t have to know how any of this works I just know that it’s the Illusion the reality is the fuel that fires that spark the body to do what it does which is the thought take no thought for your life, the single most important teaching within the New Testament of the Bible and this is what Krishna teaches what Buddha?Jesus?what Muhammad? teaches. As well take no thought for your life go into those Ammonia Caves or if you’re Muhammad. You go into an Ammonia Cave and if you know your Buddha. You’re going to a temple but it’s this temple and that’s why Jesus went into the Mount of olives? because that is that crossing fiction crosses the fiction crossing back over when you exit the physical body and you go into the heavenly mind you have to cast thy net to the right everything has to get rerouted re free is rightfully established.As josh teaches so when you rise which is everything you have to re-enter and this rightfully establishes your place, in reality, this is all Tesla so to the right you go, and then the only way back into the brain stem is the Hypogloss the Hypoglossal has literally just go take a look in you know Grey’s Anatomy or all the Medical Encyclopedias and picture books and it all shows it right above the opening of the Hypoglossal on the right-hand side of your brain stem is what an all of above and a pyramid below.Now you can’t argue that exists there is all of the above. So when the Bible the New Testament talks about Jesus needing to get away from the Apostles because they’re driving him insane again. He went up and into the Mount of Olives, every single passage in the Bible always says Jesus went into the mount of the Olive Hypoglossal mind fourth ventricle third ventricle Optic Thalamus light of the world activating the pineal gland that’s rather just one second.The mount yes, you could say if I broke it down from the language that I see it’s a balanced void that you end physical and Olive again is a void of I with consciousness v is the mastered number the feminine with the ether, So it’s a balanced void that you end your physical void with l consciousness with the feminine ether so the Mount of Olives is the place that you would go to surrender the physical body and to realize that you are one with truth the truth is that even energy has arisen with inside yourself as a concept you’re the dreamer can you accept that you dream can you be the dreamer and let go of everything hold nothing to bring their baggage and think Josh. think about this! When when the minions of the elders of the Church of Jerusalem which are the Zionist fake Jews when came for Jesus Christ where did they find Jesus Christ in the garden upon the Mount of Olives that’s where this crucifixion came from and it has to it come from that place of the oneness of etherealness back into the physical to transcend to transmute back to where he once came from which is in the mount of olives all he did is is just complete the circuit and close the mechanism and then he became a magnetic wheel.So everything once again quickly again is Tesla and what Tesla created what? Tesla taught that everything is energy, so then how did he follow that up what’s the second thing that Tesla taught and said is that therefore everything is the frequency, and if everything is a frequency it means that you are a radio, and what you put in Oroboros is what you get out Oroborus so if you listen to 610 am talk radio where everyone has an opinion and opinions are like you’re an and you listen to and that’s why television is all about people who talk and talk and know about anything they’re not it they’re and they get everything wrong and you buy it up because that’s what’s on you turn the channels there are 52 different channels because there are 52 52 weeks and a strand in a year but they should be strong.They should be strong but they’re giving you 52 weeks 52 channels of just complete lies and so you just turn the channel and you just listen to these talking heads and what are they all just the ego and his stupidity and his ignorance it’s Mormonism and then Jesus taught you to take no thought for your life and he taught this sacred teaching upon the Mount Olives and therein lies the answer to all things. So with if everything is energy and therefore frequencies then the goal to the frequency is to rise out of the Olive it is and where is your Mount which is the Pyramid of the Olive is the Hypoglossal opening in your brain stem and that’s cross the fiction.This is the cross that’s the throat Chakra get out of talking all the time and start listening to what is within you silence do good Benjamin Franklin wrote those letters to the New England courier his brother’s paper disguised as a middle-aged woman by the name of silence.Do good they’re encoding everything to you in plain sight and who was Benjamin Franklin a freemason because freemasons are good because they’re Godly because they free the mason read the mother’s son but freemasons are all evil. It’s all evil well yeah it is now it is now because,you capitulated to the devil that’s on you you turn freemasonry into the that it is now and stand up for them when they needed you to stand up where did the freemasons come out of the knights templar what did the nice templar come out of the gnostics where did the Gnostics come out these scenes where did the essenes come from the wandering vagabonds that were once upon the magnetic isle of numenor token called it numenor we call it Atlantis,and if you want Atlantis to rise then your frequency had better start rising because, that’s all about frequencies if everything entered then it’s all frequencies and so,everything is rise you were born to rise go ahead what did they say in the Matrix for those of you who like to eat three times in the in the fourth ,Matrix three times in the new one Matrix Resurrections at the beginning three times they show you a Neon and Santos can tell you all about and Josh,can tell you all about why would be a Neon science? they were Neon signs and it said a variation of for those who love to eat Anderson why do they call neo-Mr Anderson? because you become an eater I’m gonna go off my tribe in a moment here if somebody doesn’t jump in I wanted to mention that the word fix in the crucifix anything fixed is them is the matter consciousness balance is x.It’s always about bringing balance to all these situations that are arising with inside our self this masculine and this feminine energy which you speak of but that was the only thing I wanted to bring in one of the most important things that I found as recognition is the dimensions that we speak of externally within inside the conspiracy world they’re dimensions of your seeing with inside yourself and the simplest way to say there is to realize that you have a dimension that exists as an intelligence and a mind you have a dimension that exists in a moment you have a dimension that exists as a seer and these are the simplified versions of things which exist inside yourself. Now you can choose to exist in any of these at any moment and what people would say is the Guardian Angel is with you at any given time is the fact that your higher self is the one who sees and you have access to this point. If you choose to give your attention as the seer via contemplation and fall into this Space as the ultimate truth now at the moment which is a balanced void in the mind which shows that the mind is the truth as such this is the thought or the thought because everything has arisen from the thought you can never see the thought you can never be the thought you are the thought and all of these experiences that you have are from a thought that has expanded itself from thought and the original thought was an idea that arisen an experience manifest from a thinking nus the distinctiveness is not the thinking-ness of the mind. Please may I please, because Christian Murray I just love him so much, and he always says though is I thought is the theme and at the same time though is the past because what I know in the past and so here I’ll enter something radical that maybe the answer is not to know in a sense where you’re able to see because do you need memory to be attentive do you need memory to be aware no right you don’t need to be aware of your past to see what it is now we’re going to say something Joshua I mean access to the memory is is not something that we should try to achieve you know because when we have a conversation for example when you’re trying to think of the word that you were trying to just flow with and you tried to focus your attention here you forgot everything but as soon as you surrender this and continue the flow it comes back into within your essence? So everything is an aspect of yourself, of course, the intelligence the moment the presence the uh the universal mind the truth the self the seer the witness and it’s only through these recognitions that we truly evolve I mean we can get lost in the play of concepts but if we are searching for the truth it is about our expansion and how we find the truth is truth with the application without application of the truth there’s no experience and it’s the only experience that belief turns into wisdom and knowledge and through wisdom and knowing there is a growth and an expansion and that expansion then is through this experience that’s why the x is in the word experience because it’s all about balance Josh wouldn’t you say the truth comes when all concepts disappear.Justin I see you want to talk about something truth is absolute and exists in nothingness so all concepts have to disappear for this recognition this is why the silence is where the truth lies, so any noise even the word noise you see noise which is no sine wave of con no consciousness sine wave the ether noise it’s not the truth Amen Justin were you going to say something yeS. Well, I was just going to talk about you know memory and experiences in linear time and all the all of these concepts that we can fall into if we’re not careful but when we look at them we can see the initial intent behind them they’re useful tools to provide us with more texture to this experience and so when we view them as such just like when we view our ego as such it’s never going to take over I’m never going to allow that to dom dominate this experience it is a figment it’s a representational tool to utilize but it’s also a trap as well it’s a challenge to overcome.So it’s this beautiful thing that we can find the aspects within it to learn and grow from or we can fall prey to and sink further but that’s the idea is to rise above that and I like to think of you know this whole experience as we’re like the kind of like a hot air balloon and we’re just the accumulation of the frequencies that we’re inputting into our hot air balloon so we’re either rising or falling depending on what we’re doing and that rising is that surrender that Josh talks about it’s completely letting go to all these weights that are holding us down that are dragging us down that are keeping us rooted and keeping us so we’re letting those go.So that we can continue to rise but if we choose to have it consume those foods that lower our food if we choose to have those thoughts if we choose to get wrapped up in time or memory or the past or this Illusion of the future all these sorts of things then we do start yeah we suffer exactly and hey amen and could I introduce you super real quick I would like to come in after you jugging go on ahead yes. I’m gonna get this off my chest and I’m gonna shut up for the rest of the show. Okay so basically suffering is all of this friction its trend it’s a transverse wave it’s thought it’s left and right it’s the division its duality its choice it’s a condition it’s an option it’s division because when there’s no choice when there’s no condition we know the north pole is the center and all of these things are a theme which is mechanical knowledge and awareness is not mechanical people so, it was super quick Josh let me just finish what is awareness is me die at the t of ion which is the same word as a dimension because it’s talking about medial which is the measure and measure is thought. So when one gets lost in thought one cannot move forward so what is the answer I think it’s humility I think it’s down to earth.You know where earth you know where you measure the middle way the Mesocosm as Census was saying earlier I think the measure in the middle it’s where I die because when you die you can see what is please explode guys. Okay and then Josh is okay I just want like two minutes to explain this you know when you talked about 3d and timeline you know in the past I was thinking always like what came first the handle the egg you know because something must have come first right the hand or the egg you know and I was like hey man! I don’t want this question because I can’t solve it but lately, I was realizing hey man this is how it is according to me but in four dimensions if you have a four dimension thinking you can solve that problem you can’t solve all problems in the 3d but in the 4d way of thinking you can solve it meaning it was designed someone some power designed the egg designed the hand and then said play boom everything came in existence at the same time bang that’s the big bag man there was no hand there was no never there is neither and you have dreamt both concepts up with inside yourself and that’s the answer and there’s never been a hen or an egg and you cannot have a hen or an egg without a hen or an egg.So everything has to be dreamt it Josh and of course what it says is that there is a creator and that this is elegant design beyond description and that this is not randomness this is you know all you have to do is look at a single strand of DNA or the human eyeball and you know that there is a purpose and a confluence to all all all things and I was going to also just say you know for Santos sitting here listening to this it’s incredible because, and I’m wise enough to know that there’s an enormous amount of beauty and fruit that is flowing through here and this all comes through the teachings of central it must be in some form or fashion de Santos quite pleasing for him to be part of this because, all of our Rivers that are now open and flowing are all coming from that singular truth that Santos was was teaching so long ago. This all originates back to Santos who dared to do these things and then be targeted by a very foul system running afoul. So this is pure Santos as well and again everything Josh said that you know there is no hand and there is no egg it is the experience the dreaming the dreamer dreaming of this experience which is the duality and when you want to come home you are home you just have to realize the real-life and that you’re already home and then you awaken at the moment it’s always like that but until that time there is a journey and this journey never changes there’s one truth. There’s one story that’s why there’s one verse and a verse is a song there’s one song which is the one story and you as Santos said are the universe and your musical composition follows that of the Creator and if you want to fight this that’s totally up to you but you’re out of alignment. This is alignment one two three o’clock, four o’clock, rock five o’clock, six o’clock, seven o’clock, eight o’clock, nine o’clock, ten o’clock. rock.We’re going to rock around the clock tonight and this is rocking around the clock and this is rolling the rock my friend’s rock and roll, in the beginning, the ball destroyed it they were all singing about god Jesus christ the mother mary everything was rolling this the rock in front of the tomb to release Jesus up and to the right at the right-hand side of god in heaven every single song virtually every single song was about that blend that’s all that one needs to do the awareness will continually speak to you you answer all your questions until your questions have been answered and then when your questions are answered you will see that there are no questions to be answered then you see the true genius of the New Testament of the Bible in Jesus Christ who walked upon the water walking upon the water is and healing the blind Jesus truth how do you heal those who are blind by speaking the truth Jesus only ever spoke the truth and. So that’s how you heal the blind but if you want to give him magical powers on that’s great and I know he had them absolutely but that’s how you heal the blind and how you walk upon the water is to be in this flow and they’ve taught you to go counter-clockwise counter they are the counter to what is and so they are the banks they are the Eddies to the flow and they that’s right they are Kronos Saturn instead of Jesus Saturn there is a right crown and there is a wrong crown and so, this is that one story so at one o’clock and that’s why is the Sphinx why is the Sphinx just slightly in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza because it’s telling you the journey you must be able to first go on before you enter into the king’s chamber the queen’s chamber and the middle chamber to illuminate the third ventricle of your mind and light the world become, the light of the world. So one o’clock is Leo that’s God two o’clock is what came second is the mother Virgo she’s a virgin because she’s pure and she’s sure it’s not a sexual thing in the way that you would think it is a sexual thing but it’s a thought thing she never strayed from the mother who’s never strayed from absolute 100 trusts in God and taking no thought for her life only that which is given freely to her eternally by God so that’s why she’s virgin and that’s why charlie I hate to interrupt but will you either do you want to make me host and I can zoom in on your screen for everyone’s viewing just so we can see the board a little bit better y’all are sharing amazing things and I’m happy to manage that just so we can all see it easier thank you, Justin, he’s always good with the tech stuff he got us Justin’s good oh Justin’s good! with all stuff so and then that takes you upon the level and what is level Santos taught me this level and josh rounded this into my hand l e l and the l’s are your temples and then in between the temples is eve. So then really what you’re looking at is 121 because that’s one-two and one and what’s there are only two ways in which you can create 121. You can take God 121 times and get 121 or you can go 11 times 11. the two 211s which are the two temples and that everything is upon the level which is between your two temples and that’s why the level is level because that’s 121. and what’s 121. a is 1 and u is 21. 121 is a you which is Gold. So if you want to know it’s when two or more are joined yes 11 11 when two or more are gathered when you are in alignment to God’s frequency between the temple Solomon’s Temple first Kings is entirely speaking to here to you the Bible bill Donohue Santos Bonacci what do they say if you want to know what the bible is saying it should say enter your name here because you are every single character in the Bible and that’s why they’re written allegorically, so that your life can connect to their life Silver and Gold Silver and Gold 17 q we’re in the qh how do you spell Aquarius? A q we’re an Aquarius Gods change q is is the act of change all things change through this hand that reaches into the oro Boris to create this change which is the q and that’s why we’re in it has to be q this movement of q because it’s Aquarius and Aquarius is the man burying a picture of water and the picture of water is true q Anon man q but it’s all elemental it’s all perfectly elemental. So at three o’clock is the child and you are born free as the wind blows you’re born free whereupon the level you think the earth is a glowing ball spinning, tilting, twisting, whirling around out of control. No of course it is rude energetically free upon the level two rise aries just an Anagram for a rise man hey man arise Aries so that’s three and nine and Tesla said everything if you understand the secrets of three six and nine then you understand the secrets of the universe. So then where is the sixth oh Capricorn! Capricious or Godly are you Joseph and Egypt. Are you Joseph in Egypt providing corn even to all those who sold him into bondage freely are you is this heaven or is this Iowa is heaven. If you choose the corn, not the Goat, not the Capricious Goat Capri is Goat Capriciousness is Lawlessness and God is the law of the land and is to eat the corn that will flower in Egypt.Even in Egypt which is your left brain which is the dime which is redshift which is below which is out there, that’s why Jesus had Jacob’s sons sell their brother into bondage and that’s why Joseph did not hate on his brothers when he recognized them he loved them for at that moment what did Joseph recognize? I was the only one strong enough to bear this message I was the only one strong enough to carry out what God wanted at this moment I have no anger for my brothers they put me exactly where God needed me to be you see that’s not a victim that’s your power beyond description because you’re all in alignment to God and as soon as you’re born free upon the level Scorpions come out of the ground and the viper at the side of the road comes up from behind and they bite you and they want to drag you down into their world but if your aim is true if your bow is keen there is one story one way one purpose. You will find the corn in Egypt and not the Capriciousness of Egypt the Capriciousness is Babylon the corn is the virgin mother Mary and that’s why it leads you to a cue which is the truth because she is the bearer of water and therefore the truth which is Aquarius which leads you to two fish which represents wisdom why because it’s the closest thing to Aries. So if you understand the truth of 3 6 and 9 Tesla said you’ll understand the secrets of the universe three you were born free to choose six which is the sixth Chakra which is the highest journey within yourself to the third eye that single eye that is within you upon the level so that you can rise and keep rising resurrection means you do it again and again and that is to be born free and then you become the blue bull. How are us we are the Dao we are Taoism we are the tao we are oneness and that’s why? you then have Gemini because that’s you becoming unified in Cancer which is at the top of the hour and then that’s ruling time at the top of the hour and 3 6 and 9 always lead to 12 completion God’s completion Cancer which they’ve. There’s no such thing as Cancer you have Acidosis and they’ve turned the highest high into the worst disease that exists upon this that’s why I see the answer you know the word Cancer if you just use Phonetics and see that c means c and sight and also the trinity is the third letter of the alphabet. Do you mind holding up all of your things there just one second if I may just say a couple of things um and we also had the cube as well but just leave your eyes?Your writings up you see for me as I deciphered the English language just on that journey of the inward-looking rather than the intelligence interpreting it for me is this level the two l’s or the within this word-level themselves are attached to the l and the e l if you see the language you’ll see a and e this is a red a and a blue e and the word level is the solution to becoming level. So you must even these two else if you look at the word leave how do you leave you el eve? if you want to exit you must x it balances if you want to learn you must earn, so what is this l who is this l this is the e l that we are in search of this is the frequency and energy and vibration of the truth.Now yeah you can see that this l or the elders of all these things that arise you know for me within the language q always meant balance because the Phoenician q is a zero with a one which is the masculine and feminine joined within itself as well. So q is a representation to me as balance as I see the alphabet and I’ve correlated it with all these words I have seen also you write the cube and you write a couple of other words that I did brother but the cube also has a solution in it you know the cube the box.So it’s telling you to be the void that’s balanced the cube is to see that you are this and also the solution is the cube so when you look at these words related to the two l’s being the l and e l the redshift and blue shift of this Taurus mechanics of this physicality you will see that language itself instructs you if you can see it correctly. It will instruct you whenever you see it with simplicity I’ve broken this down many times or and I do have videos and not too many because I keep them simple and I always apply truth to my experience here and continue to expand and continue to enjoy life and grow this wonderful community and website that we have it’s an incredible thing but this v here the v is the number 22 which is the master number. Now if you see the 11 right the 11 is about l even and it’s about balancing these two l’s after the number 11 we get to the number 12. here 12 is to tw twine and l is to twine these l’s and this is the circle so these two trim pillars that represent 11 or eleven actually become joined and this is the v now this is why the v is the feminine and the mastered number because you have built your temples and you have then collapsed them and they have become open and now this is the master templar.This is the one who has had the recognition who has combined the energies inside himself by allowing the nature of their seeing to become free from this artificial reality and construct the artificial man the mechanical man. The man that needs to learn to die to liberate himself dies being DNA for which his form and I being 9 which is consciousness. So form unconsciousness unifying itself this is the sacred sex this is the masculine-feminine energies it’s not between two beings between yourself and we can get lost in these concepts that have arisen inside the conspiracy world for a very grand purpose to trap us on our journey for seeking the truth to make us continue to search to find suffering to then come to ourself as we search to realize the truth is here so we respect and love and come to acceptance and all the virtues with inside this world this is the liberation these are the tools I mean the word tool is to l the word seek is to seek everything is there for us to see and we need to just relax the word relax tells you to have the x in it I would like to share something about the else if that’s okay with you guys. So yes Rajiv and later show the Gandalf clip please yes so you have something called Gabrielle Mika l Raphael Israel and then you have Ishmael because what happened with Ishmael was that he was the one who built the cube man and it’s all about the hue cube and this cube is Pandora’s box because we know and brother Santos is here no Greek Mythology that Atlan who was the King of Atlantis he had the mother boxes there were three mother boxes that he had in charge with and one mother box is in Mecca that is the artificial Sophia. It’s the a.i and at the end of times because we talk about the revelation here at the end of times there’s going to come one a Prophet in Islam’s teaching and he’s going to talk he’s going to have a speech on Mecca because that cube is the artificial central point he’s going to say guys this is not it this cube was built for people to pray towards this cube to come here to do the pilgrimage to this point because on top of that cube Ishmael was standing and was like guys we made it we have revealed the information we know the direction to Eden and it’s the north pole.So let’s go there now let’s create the voyage to Eden we don’t need the cube anymore because we have this internet we can say to everybody guys let’s get here you are you see you are the cube your consciousness is the cube with inside yourself anyone with l on the end of their name has reached the blue shift they’ve had the recognition of the self this is why it’s so important to surrender these concepts? You see because those very things that are being brought up here within Religion are so simply answered you see the construct of the cube exists as this Rubik’s cube would inside the mind the Rubik’s cube is the incandescent colors of scattered light. So this is the journey of self and this is all religion has ever been about in one second do I count say one thing got to go ahead Josh this is how I see it, yeah I see it why we are a little bit different in our views within your perspective? You need to leave a lot of concepts but I don’t because this is how I see it, yeah I see myself and I know it’s a concept I see myself as what we call 4d that is a King or a Queen but I see you I see brother Santos and I see Charlie with the sorry.I forgot your Colleen Colleen Pauline yes Colleen has what we call 5d and that is a Genie or a fairy, hey but I’m Genie yes you t Eugene, of course, he’s 5d and you know the 4d’s role here is to be a space between the 3 and 5 because the 3d is the people these being dimensions yeah yeah being in dimension or density what I’m saying is this brother Josh that your information is what I would call five-dimensional information people are saying this is how we get to the recognition and this is why I think. This is so important on this actual interview here because the fight that the different dimensions inside yourself are different recognitions and revelations to revelation is to reveal and the word reveal is also even again it’s all about these balances so to recognize what I’m saying to you will change you from 4d to 5d and the search for information will elude you for that so what I can give you in this very moment that we’re interacting is the truth that can bring you in your contemplation after this conversation to the next level to balance with inside yourself so there’s no searching because it’s a recognition here. So yes every question everything you know I wish to give you the answers as you were unfolding them but again it’s very hard on our type of call like this for you but yeah everything that you are speaking of even all religions are just very simple by their nature so you know the cube is the box it’s the cross is you know you unfold this you allow yourself to let go of it as I said the house it’s a state of being it’s the l is a being it’s somebody that has surrendered intellect and information. Yes, Josh one question do you get what I’m saying with your information? can get what you’re saying but if we will talk with what we call a 3d person they will not be able to understand because it’s all about frequency the frequency is too loud, yeah the difference there has to be an element of devotion to this truth to be able to go on a path to be able to simulate certainly. You know we could call it concepts would inside the subject you are the subject and it’s the realization of this that will give you your freedom are we in search for freedom of information and that’s the core of this conversation because there’s information here which is you know this is the pinnacle of information intelligence here within this Taurus mechanics but this Taurus mechanics and information is a projection from the self so as you sit with yourself in silence and meditate die being pure balance central balance everything is middle it’s about this balance you can then see that every question that arises with inside your awareness and the questions that are arising are seen by something very different even the awareness or the one that is aware of the questions arise is still seen by something is witnessed if you can be that witness you are the ultimate truth yourself. You have found that god sits in your house and you are that you are the is-ness time concepts everything exists within the side of you and that recognition the egg the chicken no egg no chicken you dreamt it you are the dreamer now I can learn I’m free from Samsara I can play with my dreams my consciousness my reality I can create worlds here the reason why you have these Gurus that leave and go to the Caves is that the dream world is much more real than this world because at least you can create with inside yourself and the body is, please. Yes go ahead I was just going to say that the body itself was a concept it is it arose inside yourself so your truth is that you are that Creator you are the source of all you have not been this source it was the intelligence that led you to believe that you were and actioning your reality from intelligence is a relapse of time existing in a separation or world which is duality and that’s the purpose of the experience that we’re having here to transcend to end Samsara.All we have to do is have this recognition, yeah the thing here is why I think if we all like speaking different languages because for me I just want to share with you my system brother Josh the past is the meta world my present right now in the present here 3d but the future is Atlantis that’s my dream state because here is the inorganic world and here is the space in between and here is the true organic war your dream state because soon what you’re saying is in meditation you’re gonna go consciously into your dreams and you’re going to realize that you’re going to remember all your dreams and your dreams are going to be so real.So you’re going to be like hold on a minute this is the Illusion the 3d the other dream state is the real state yeah like this that’s the organic matrix or what you can call the organic meta world that they are creating right now, that’s available here can you bring that ball back up one more time just for me please can you bring your board just Roger he wants you to show you’re the board thank you. This one so the meta past you could say the matter is an opportunity to elude people from the reality again it’s as consciousness has expanded itself the actual artificial world Babylon has expanded for more opportunity to full trap too but also more opportunity to become woke now past is a concept it has gone and it is not now.Okay so now will always be and everything experienced is only truly experienced here one to experience now nurse has to transcend the very intelligence and exist here without any of this noise to be with life itself now the 5d I’m sorry I missed the was on the 5d yeah yeah the 5d is the all the dimension at the same time that’s Eden 4d sorry you had four d first.Let me give you guys before the Atlantis but the 5d is when you go in all these dimensions at the same time because that’s the first complete the five right which would be the self yeah this would be the recognition that you create reality itself before the 4d is a future which is also a concept because it doesn’t exist now. So you will never get to the future because the future is only a moment in now, yes but they are all one yes I agree they’re all one like the past is your DNA you’re present in the experience and the future is when you download the information they’re all one you’re right but you can put to organize it you can put it in two categories it’s all about perception but I would say your program brother Josh what you have and what you are saying is Eden his 5d language is Eden because you are preparing yourself for Eden in Eden everybody is like that but people are not ready for Eden. So they need a transition available to become available is to available is here now. Every night you surrender to Eden itself and dream and then you rise forgetting your dream but yet memories exist of this now if you can learn to give attention to the moment and recognize through the contemplation within yourself how could I be the dreamer give the chicken and the egg scenario to yourself time and time again say well that can never be answered these things here then the logical explanation to the intelligence will allow you and assist you into this seeing so when you see that the the the Cosmic question that can never be answered. So simply answered by the recognition that you are dreaming even this reality itself now you become free so all of these concepts we see them as something on the journey that has built us and purposefully led us in you know directions of learning and experiencing what it’s like in separation and pain and suffering to continue to search to feel like we need something because when you feel like you need something your body vibrates as if you are without it and if you feel that’s desire yes. If you feel as if you’re without it, of course, you experience suffering because you are it you have never been separate from this so the very searching creates these vibrations emotions, and blocked energy centers and we are in search of the solution to free ourselves. So yes all of these concepts are beautiful and they are a journey but as my part here i just wish to share that there’s a pointing that’s so simple that it just takes us to this space and it’s to realize yes these things are here but really the work is inside you know all of the cosmos all of the Astrology everything we can spend our whole lifetime searching law i mean i know people who spent 60 years on law trying to create countries trying to do all these things and still suffering but yet the ultimate is to to be happy and enjoy and love and to plant the beautiful gift of the seeds and to en to experience what is here you know but learning and recognizing contemplating experiencing wisdom growth then this self the witness the Aussie and i is the ultimate truth there is no other truth so if one is in search of the ultimate truth then we can just let go of all of this here yeah and Josh that’s why the the ninth letter of the alphabet is the single eye and a small case uh i is a pillar which supports the single eye which would then be your spine that supports the third ventricle of your brain which is the Optic Thalamus which is known as the light of the world which to become the light of the world. You just have to activate the portal to God which is the pineal and that’s where Jacob met God face to face in a place called pineal and this is that intertwining 12 that comes out of the all line 11. k is the 11th letter of the alphabet for a reason and that’s why 911 is the most important number and the most important date that’s why the cabal do things on 911 because they’re attempting to take light and turn it to dark and all we ever have to do is wake up awaken at the moment Abel versus cain that’s why all of this is cain versus Abel and that’s why all of this is left brain versus right brain but there needs to be a world hey in this construct there needs and we accept the world and then we’re free from the world exactly.So so remember the Dichotomy of the New Testament of the Bible is that the only one who was transdimensional was Jesus Vhrist because he was with the world and he was showing the world the way because, he’s the light because, he’s the truth therefore he’s the way but every single time that he was done with the illusion of the great rain curtain of the world as Josh teaches then he went back to the earth and that’s why he went in to the Mount of Olives and this is trans-dimensionalism this is where this is where Jesus transcended the apostles by going within and recharging his batteries not being a victim in the world where they turn you into a duracell battery for all of your intellectual property and your sweat equity everything yeah turn eight is an alternate reality although i turned eight reality this is a scene and who created AC who created the ac generator that was able to to get away from the original creation of electricity which was direct current Nikola Tesla nikola would received approximately 432 000 which is a lot of money in those days for his invention of the Generator he then turned that into the for the world’s first Tesla tower and then at which at that point it was all a war declared on Nikola tesla because, that was the end game of their game because, the game is rigged the table is tilted and and Tesla just leveled the table now really really quickly here how did he do this? and this just goes to the heart of everything that Josh just was saying and taught so everything that Josh is teaching telling is this if you can zoom in on me for a sec here. Justin, I’ll just show this so once again everyone when you realize that everything is becoming level means truth so it’s all about the truth so you see this transcends the physical.So we do have the physical here right josh because there’s the cross so you are the three the six the nine and the twelve you are the and that’s the fourfold nature of man that is the cross macro micro come into twine because level is about freeing but level is about taurus so taurus is a concept which is not freeing but it’s but understanding the Taurus takes you to the space of energy and seeing energy this is where it comes to the truth in physicality so this is physicality and the ring around this which is astrology is Metaphysicality and so this is the two worlds becoming one this is the father with the mother and this is the unification this is unity consciousness this is the basis of what Santos teaches is how you bring everything together masking fans and everything we’re talking about is again electricity versus magnetism and so look at the whole point of this that’s why i started the very first thing i created is that dot because that’s all there is that dot at the center of all things is magnetism and at the center of every single magnetic field is a century petal you can’t make this up century petto because, you’re the Lotus flower you don’t realize that yet but you are you’re the Lotus flower and you’re perfection in the moment and and so there’s a sentry petal force that draws you suddenly in and what is that at the very white a single dot of white light which is Photon which is GoD is photonic light creation is life and his people were Adam’s points of light and that’s that’s this light that that is this life in all moments now look when you are upon the level and you put the mother first upon the level then look at where you put the v on the level he’s right in the center and therefore when you align with her because, as Josh teaches to get him you have to first get her and together is three words to get her and also to g ether to g as well thank you exactly. So when you align to the mother and you put the mother first she’s at the center of the level which is the middle earth which is the north pole which is the journey to the center of the earth and that’s eve and then look she’s the pointer of the way and Jesus if someone says to yourself what would you do take away your thought and you’re there so you see this is all Biblical and it’s all Jesus Christ and this is the journey of Jesus the 12th and that’s why there has to be a lord and lady Christ that’s why mary Magdalene is not a santos teaches Mary Magdalene is the miracle inside of you the Amygdala which allows you to control the insanity of your emotions through the amygdala and the only way is Eamonn’s horn which is so that’s Jesus’s journey to completion 12 and he’s the way but she’s the pointer of the way to what the dot and this is I put up earlier you can look at this as sun solitary dot or you can look at this as the moon and it is a magnetic circle and that is God and. So the entire mechanism Josh Justin all they talked about this today it’s all a mechanism it’s all this dualistic mechanism is a journey and it all is done in the Bible it’s all played out inside of your head and it all leaked just really quickly and that is the beginning and this is the end and remember this is magnetism, not electricity is your left brain is a transverse temporal temporary wave you will wash to the shore and die in the sand and the foam until the breath of God breathes upon you again and then you begin to oscillate back into life again.So then wash up on the shore again in 60 years and then suffer in suffering and then you wash back in the sand and the foam until the breath of God breathes upon you again and this goes on and on and on and on. In a way damn sorry this is getting way too sexy guys and guys so simple and so pure and it’s so beautiful and it is the story? So and just to complete this for everyone listening remember this is the beginning and the end and that’s why Jesus Christ says that you can only get to the father through me and I am the beginning in the end because Jesus is the beginning that leads you to the end and Jesus taught you to exalt the mother upon all things because she points his way to the very center of all things and that is the beginning the middle and the end which is God here and now at the moment and you have to be able to receive this wisdom not a Canaanite and that’s where we’re at that’s exactly where we’re at this is cain versus Abel the eight the Canaanites are the Venetians who were the Phoenicians who were Cain who was kicked out of Eden for his pure evil and that’s the story and it’s encoded everywhere and in you and the Bible.So back over everyone else thank you so much brother, Charlie, for that, and yes Kane eight Abel Cannibal. I would like to if we can just give the energy a little bit to Santos, Eugene, and Justin because I feel it would be nice also for you guys.Three guys come in and share a little bit so we have a more nice balance yeah sure I’m happy to hop in. So just going back to the concept that you’re presenting brother Raji and then Josh’s your discussion around it. So I think it’s just like our discussion around time and what that is it is a concept that we can use as a tool to further grow into this understanding and recognize and grow towards that atonement towards that one mind. So these concepts can be helpful to break things down and to discuss and to share ideas and to you know sort of make sense of it all but just like any of these concepts there’s they’re also a trap they only take you so far so we stay locked in this if we add solidity to these concepts of division then it just increases that that suffering so that we have to let go of that and to further learn past that so even with the Zodiac it’s still a concept we’re breaking down how the system works in this journey of man but you can still get stuck even in that concept so people who study Astrology it’s a beautiful beautiful study to learn and to learn your starting point what were the energies affecting you at the moment of your birth or your boarding but it can also be a trap because, if you learn too much of that and you say oh I’m! I’m a piece! So I have to everything has to be I’m a Pisces if I don’t react a certain way this is why I feel this way and you can get trapped into that one out of 12 pieces of that concept and lose out on the holistic approach that we’re all moving towards that one minute so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with raj you presenting those concepts in a way as long as that disclaimer is listed that this is just a tool to utilize to get to that one mind it just needs to be something to stay stuck on.So just wanted to clarify that because I think all of our gifts that we can share our concepts that we can put forward and discuss they’re helpful because we all reach different people right we’re all presenting and we’re talking about the same thing but our voice and the way that we break it down is helpful for a different individual to learn from so we all bring forward our gifts.So josh needs to be that Trailblazer that’s at the very very tippy top giving us that shining example of where we’re going but we also need someone like you Raji to help break it down in a way that might be easier to understand for someone who’s not quite ready for that whole concept.So we all bring out may I say without Raji being in this presence with those very questions that wouldn’t be hundreds or thousands of other people not having the aha moment with the chicken or the egg and then that recognition that everything is perfect and surrendering to the moment and enjoying the experience of what is and if we do feel emotion during that time then that’s on us and then we must become free from that and realize that we have fallen to our intelligence and our mind and then we create concepts which create emotions and now we’re blocked in our energy.So it’s just through these conversations and you know I feel like you know when one goes and seeks the ultimate space with inside themselves they will go to a like a sat sign for example where somebody can help them tear open themselves their questions to their ego and direct them and continually direct them to the source with insight themselves and I feel like we are ready for this there’s there are many beings now that you know where I would say Raji is that is our pinnacle of intelligence which is in a grand thing which is something that will elude you from this ultimate reality with inside yourself but you’ve deconstructed the experience of the world the earth and the mechanics of the energy. So all it’s about now is having an internal recognition and then the whole energy shifts the blue shift comes in the divine feminine comes in the country Kundalini energy is free and then you understand the dimensions the world of dimensions exist inside of you you have an alternate dimensional choice at any given moment then so it’s up to you where you exist you can play a character you can be in the moment or you can contemplate seeing contemplate is c on a template rather than have a thinking ness which is automatic which is intelligence which is just the repetition you know you hear a song and it just plays in your head but can you direct your attention away from this song or does it continually play does. The ego still knocks and causes suffering if not then you’re free josh could I say something here just because, you know and I think Justin’s disclaimer goes out to words because ultimately the word is a thought and the thing is so good to thought it’s only one way the thought is not God the thought doesn’t get to God but God expresses through through words. So there has to be something behind the word we have to be saying something that’s beyond what we are putting out there that’s what I’m also saying and because analysis exactly and because the analysis is Paralysis and when you analysis means to break up why would you break something up that’s forever that’s still that’s eternal.So it’s that kind of a thing uh that’s why the Virgos need to stop analyzing sometimes and uh yeah so the word is not the thing also I want charlie to go but also if Santos has anything to say just because Santos seems like he hasn’t said anything Santos can come in yes that would be lovely yes beautiful thanks, guys.My thought for the day for the week for the past I don’t know five weeks since I’ve been healing Predominantly has been how um how to purify the soul so you can sharpen the soul by being with other people but you can only purify the soul by being solitary as josh said at the start solitary solitude the soul. So part of all of this journey is the purification of the soul because the soul gets solid when it drops down from a transcendental being unlimited unconditioned unqualified and then all of a sudden it finds itself in the garden of Eden and Adam and Eve and they’ve eaten off of the apple the sign wave and now they’re sinners and they need clothes which are their body and so now they’ve got this guilt and shame and what have you and what happens is they listen to their heart because the heart is a subset of the soul in Neoplatonic thinking. So the heart is more to do with the emotional body whereas the soul is more to do with the spirit soul so what I’m seeing here is everyone is purifying their soul the soul is being purified pure comes from the root pure which is Pyruvate which is fire and again it’s that plasma the fire that leads us back to the ether the plasma world is the material world the ether world is the transcendental world. So but the highest form of matter in this material world is plasma it’s fire so as we go to the plasma which is an Anagram for pulse which is the heartbeat we go into the heart we go then we find the soul was just there waiting in the heart we lose the emotions we lose the ego. We now witness that we are being you know and that’s it that’s the purification of the sock and you know how to do that is a struggle because a lot of people they want to hang out with other people you know and oh let’s go and see someone or lets they want to do things! You know rather than letting occasions of being with other people let them happen rather than making them happen. Sometimes making things happen is it’s not the wise way you know in making a good sometimes in doing one good thing you do three bad things and you hurt yourself and someone else and all these other tragedies because you just want to do a good thing so being is the secret that I’ve found guys I’ve really for the first time in my life I’m just so comfortable with just being at home by myself with no thoughts, no desires, no ambitions, but just knowing all things and being everything just being everything you know embracing it all it’s just beautiful thank you Elder. Thank you beautiful thank you so much for that yes you surely want to go no I think Charlie wants to go yes something no. Okay then I’ll go because Josh was talking about the queue right and I just think q is so interesting and of course, you have to not search of course you not have to have no effort because is their effort in stillness you know is their effort in the flow of water I don’t think. So I think it just flows in the path of release resistance again because, it’s aware so it is the Alpha and the Omega the view the seeing is the action that is being aware that’s it that’s the end and that is the reveal so it’s funny how Josh said we’re in this in tour view yes cause, we’re all viewing the tour I mean meta is just another Enneagram for Adam. Hello okay anyway so, of course, we’re talking about alternate realities because it’s the Owl turning eight, of course, like I’m not making this up okay it’s just how it is and the cube, of course, is the cross spread out as josh pointed out but really it’s the h because q is 17 reduces to eight and eight is really ah which is a cube, so I think we also need to mention the mother when we bring in the father when we say everything is a cube at the same time everything you know we’re on this material plane aren’t we guys so which is the middle other which is the only thing that brings balance Amen and that’s that’s exactly. So balance because balance is putting everything in its rightful place and that is the definition of art so when you accept the world that is art because it’s just like thought it’s just like a robot it’s a rightful place when it has its corner of 10 percent that’s when we are in Heaven that’s when we are in Eden so art is not saying let’s get a thought and rid of thought altogether no let’s empty it. So that i can see what is but not be lost in what i’ve made a conclusion of so there i just wanted to add that to like continue to exist here and allow life to unfold itself and witness the unfolding of life itself to recognize that i am life itself i have always been life itself and can never not be life is simplicity effortlessness make no effort just be there there is there are always two choices within the duality and those choices can infinite directions which is God’s gift of free will when when you get to this inner wisdom that Santos is talking about no longer the the necessity to go anywhere or to hang out with this person or to lean on that person or go eat this or go do that or whatever but just to be at home and comfortable within your own skin at home is this is this recognition that at a certain point we go you know thank you for the gift of free will God but i don’t need it there is a right way and a wrong way to everything and i’m sick and tired of being on the wrong path and doing the wrong things going the wrong way. You’re going the wrong way and I want to be under God’s way which means that there’s no choice and so the ultimate wisdom of he who returns to New Jerusalem on a Camel through the eastern gate is that of the eye of a needle which is why it’s easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than a rich man into Heaven is that what ultimately you’re doing upon your knees and in penitence to God is saying thank you but I no longer need this gift of free will it is your will father which is perfect alignment and that is magnetism mother mary in Sanskrit what is mag mean and Sanskrit means motion and what josh has been teaching everyone today is that that does not work that’s not effort it is magnetism is electricity is effort magnetism is effortless magnetism is eternal. It’s a scalar wave scalar waves are known as Tesla waves because Tesla spent his life studying magnetism and he didn’t study because he got bored with electricity because electricity, as Paul Simon said besides saying he wore diamonds on the soul of her feet electricity, is a one-trick pony and that’s all that pony can do is one trick and that’s what electricity is and it’s a transverse weight which is temporary and you’re gonna live and you’re going to suffer and you’re going to die or as Justin is been teaching us and showing us and doing the work to become same as Eugene and that is you cast dianete to the right you hand back the gift of free will to God and you say no no I know who I am and therefore. I know what I want to do in every moment and then there’s no fear because in every moment if I see because that’s the essence of me if I see somebody being harmed I will put myself in harm’s way because that is me i never need to fear being me but they’ve made you fearful of you because that’s what any of us would do and that’s why we all we that’s why we’ve lost this route for the underdog. We always root for the underdog because, we want them to rise to turn you away from yourself and then as Santos taught so brilliantly through 2020 to those who are listening is that quote asks is just this final kick in the head to say you’re not you we will never allow you to be you you are what we say you are and that’s what these effing masks and this covet is is this ultimate death of you and just so you know for the punchline had there not been some kind of intervention the masks never would have come off they never there trust me there was never ever ever going to be any ending of the Mass Delta variant it it’s just would have continued forever until there is no you there’s only the matter and what did they say in the Matrix the the psychologist they were going to be those they want my world they they want those masks they want to feel safe right you you go paint the sky pretty colors but they want my world and then they exist in the Corpse yeah and then what did what did Neo and Trinity say we’ll see and guys real quick they said they like the comfort of certainty. So if if certainty is a belief how do we become uncertain surrender you become certain i would like to share with you guys more concepts josh more concepts they’re still beautiful as anything else brother is still beautiful so this is how i see it my perspective my dimension that we are all playing different games there is one thing that we call nine dimension game that’s bringing you to the stars that me and brother Santos had to talk last time and we were like but what’s beyond the stars the diamond in the sky that’s the 12th dimension game and i want to share how that works because i believe there is only one story and that everybody who is a movie producer and get a download about a story they want to make a movie on is all the same story and this i i guess this is the platform so again you have the stars in the ninth dimension that’s this the nine dimension game because, it’s three six nine Charlotte said that right three six nine, so then you have the space in between you have one and two, four and five, and then seven and eight, YeS but the twelve dimension game is as we did the other one this that’s 12 exactly as Charlie had with his cross but it was different yes exactly where she has he had that and then you have the space in between but look guys this is also the stars and then you have the void here the 10 dimension and then you have this the Resurrection. We talk about Jesus a lot this is the Resurrection guys coming back that’s the 11th dimension and then you have the 12th dimension here, in the beginning, was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God 12th dimension because here comes the word that’s only sound here whoa here also sound comes to a focal point creating the void the Black Hole through the Black Hole you create the Stars because we know how Stars are being created is sound wave passing through a bubble of water. Okay so if you look at this Diamond that I make you know some people have played maybe Sims you know there is a video game and there was a here was the diamond always above their head and this is our antenna that is connected with other antennas you know and then we are all connected to the one antenna here above the big one that I wrote the big one that’s the connection with this crystal that’s why they say diamond in the sky. iI want to share Gandalf with you in the ass in the lord of the rings when he is fighting the Balrog in the top of a mountain that is Mount Zion he is fighting the Dragon which is the eighth dimension at the eighth dimension and then he ascends and become the white. So I’m going to show you that and he says through fire and water so Aka through electricity through duality as he’s putting up his white magnetic sword of Aether yes. So let’s look at this guys i just want to share this also so we talked about the 12th dimension right what do they start the scientists when they say there are multi-universes and different universes and all that so for me if we had this model that we have how can we explain the different worlds well if this is the this is the 12th dimension right no it’s the opposite sorry this it’s the templar cross yeah exactly look then it’s here and then it’s here and then it’s here and then you know because why only here as charlie said it’s all the directions so then it’s here here if our world is like this then it must be other parallel like here here here if you’ve done Dmt or Psilocybin you know over time yeah exactly and here is the Stars but here is the Stars here you know in this reality so that is why when you play the 12th dimension game what’s gonna happen when you come to the center as charlie said it’s all about the Eve you know the center here because then you can choose i don’t want to play this world game anymore in this. I want to go here where there is another reality another game complete another game another maybe, another 12 dimension game and guys this is where I think falling in love comes from because you fall into a dimension into materiality you fall in love with the mother because you start with the father the soul we lost you for just a second Eugene if you can say the last like five seconds of what you just said yes. So I think this is where the term or the phrase falling in love comes from because if you’re at that center point that that point of origin which is to rise or it’s the beginning and the end then, of course, you’re falling to the mother because the mother is the matter is the material if that makes sense so then it’s fine to gross, yeah but you remember you fall in love to rise in love and the ultimate purpose to love is to rise because, everything is about rising if you haven’t figured that one out yet you’re trouble to let go have in because, if you don’t fool it’s the surrender so you have to surrender to be love because you are love and you have always been love it’s only ideas that block you from your true source which is love yeah attention and because love gets you through hell doesn’t it but we already thought eugene we come from the Stars man we are stars as the Lion King say Mufasa says to his son, My father told me that the great kings is in the Stars when people say oh the jesus story it’s all about Astrology and the three King they didn’t happen what if they happen at the same time what if the stars happen and then it also is connected with the earth you know the stars are like the players like i’m playing a video game the stars are playing us you know yeah we are the puppet on the string and what connects us is the ether man you see the star word itself for them and the words will always give you this what we seek is the sine wave of the physical the Alpha that is reciprocating so they are the sine wave and they are giving the light and you know when they say that everyone is this star the perceived reality of Avatars you could say and everyone is a starter themselves would be due to the nature of the sine wave from each vibration when you’re speaking about crystal i just want to give synchronizations for you for your journey is you know the word crystal is like and this is a positionality or a space with inside yourself that’s the highest you know and diamond you were speaking of Diamonds now dire is through as in diagnosis is through Gnosis but mon is one and d is form. So it’s like through one’s form just for your awareness here, okay and then Dragon you seed which is form r which is a reciprocation or you could seed a which is the form of the Sun which is also the incandescent colors of light all scattered here for this fragmentation fragment being uh fra which is the matter of the Sun in the mind and g which is the site the seven sign is on. So Dragon is basically the physicality it’s physicality right it is the the material that’s presented to us here yes we must fight physicality to find the truth exactly Josh and the answer that’s why the answer will never be slaying the Dragon that’s what you do in the beginning and and you’re a warrior and and you learned but, then you just realize you’re playing the same game now it’s a better game because, you’re winning but you’re only winning for a day and and you need to win for all time so, then this takes us back again i highly recommend to those that haven’t watched it make sure you watch Robert redford’s the legend of bag or vents because that is God and that is pure truth that’s being shared in there and so, when he is aligning Junah june 74 Jesus 74 when he’s aligning Juna to the field he said you can’t think of that flag over there as a Dragon that you have to constantly slay he said it is part of the field and you have to become one with it and then that’s what justin was saying earlier then you realize it’s the ten percent and it has a role it has a value it’s one of ten but you’re the nine put it in its proper place it is one part of the hole and nothing more if you give it an inch you give the Dragon an inch it will take a mile and that mile is you and so this is this awareness that you must be in control and by the way again this goes right back to what Santos is the heart and soul of what Santos teaches which is his um syncretism and syncretism is all about Diamond because, it’s all about so let’s break this down very simply and again this is what we will find is as the truth comes available to us you will see what exists at the center of this earth and the center of this earth is a is a diamond it has to be it absolutely has to be and then what is the reason so because, it’s dye which is the basis of Santos teachings is di which is the perfect balance of God is all one he is in perfect harmony balance alignment with all things and every single moment that is God that is the basis to Santos’s teaching of syncretism and then a is God and mond is mountain and the Mount of God in perfect balance is Meru or Zion it it is Meru at the center of the earth and that’s home that’s where you go and it’s magnetism and this is where all energy on this earth comes from is through Mount Meru and it pulsates out in a radial fashion that santos teaches this perfect and a radial fashion is a circle which is 360 degrees which is three six and nine and then no child is left behind because, it’s a circle because everyone’s included there is no racism, there is no division, there’s no dividing, conqueror in this spatial. That’s electricity that’s a temporal wave that’s a circuit that can be overloaded and you blow a fuse which is what people do every single day when you come into alignment with a magnetism which is the mother mary in alignment with God at the center that’s the diamond because she is the v below which is the vagina and he is phallic above which is the pineal that’s the Pineal Pituitary that is the Hyperbola and the Taurus the dielectricity and magnetism aren’t it Charlie? Hey, charlie you nailed it the Mount Zion the stars are the ninth dimension of visible light going into the crystal mountain in the center and that is creating the seventh dimension the Archangel the rainbow the dark bow that’s right and that’s all Santos.This is all center this is the center of Santos’s teachings is exactly this and there’s nowhere else to go with this and you can do this you go literally you look at it a little bit but there’s nowhere else to go it’s the answer it’s the way it’s the home that’s what’s syncretism that Santos that it came to him he doesn’t claim ownership it came to him because he was in alignment to that frequency and then that’s the way and there’s really nothing else you just have to align and so stop busying yourself with a job every day and justice Santos is learning to do now is just to clone syncretism where syncretism breathe syncretism be syncretism I’m comfortable at home Santos says because he’s comfortable in his own skin and that’s always been the point but don’t try to go to Mountain Zion because you are that it’s not a journey on your feet or with your physicality it’s an expression the Zion is the Z-ion. It’s a wave that you find in the surrender of the ego the journey is ego e go where do you go e which is blue which is free which is feminine which is the truth so it’s all about surrender of the ego which will take you to mount me are you because, you have always been it so this whole concept is within and without which is why the world itself also expresses personas with inside your character and also personas or persons with inside the law of the legal system of babylon there’s such a beautiful complex reality here for us to be able to be interacting with to be able to see and as we intertwine our awareness with it again the awareness can be so expansive it can know everything from all ages but never forget that you are the dreamer during this whole process even intellectually continually remind the mind if you have to that i am the dreamer i must be the dreamer because the chicken and the egg where is the first human and who was it and how was it born how could it have ever come into existence please tell me can anyone intellectually tell me how this could have ever come into being yes magic yes we can, yes we can. I would love to hear it yeah man sound so the sound came here it created this crystal which which which where did the sound come from the sound in the 12 dimensions I tell you the time it’s often on switch like this where did that switch come from now time now no yes no okay who sees the switch and what the the the twelfth dimension so what I’m expressing to you is the I which sees is the ultimate truth of all of these concepts is the eye the all-seeing eye of the ultimate truth of all reality itself. Well Josh, of course, the witch of the sine wave switches on and off yeah well, and josh I love how you present that we are the unobservable you know it is that continual Paradox we can’t ever observe that which is observing so it’s you know and so we can play with that concept all we want to but again don’t fall prey to it it is a trap to fall into it’s one to just surrender to in knowing that that is all that there is so observing is love, yes and this is why you fall into love yes just like the concept of the individualized self is a beautiful tool it’s a beautiful aspect to add color and vibrancy to this creation and to give this expansiveness so we can learn from our every unique perspective given the unique set of circumstances that got us exactly to this moment right here but it is still a concept this individualized self is a concept.So it’s a tool to use but it’s not one to fall prey and trap to it’s cool to elevate there must be a concept that is synchronizing your brain so, for example, all these stories in the past are all same stories that mean that my brain is going to start to synchronize itself click, click, click, click and when that happens then I can connect with these higher dimensions but the brain is the body so if the brain is the body then the body that dies you shall never exist this is what the western broad teaches now what do you mean if you’re saying it’s all coming from the brain then when the body goes you won’t exist anymore yes, of course, you exist the brain is the receiver, yes the brain is the receiver this is the body that can experience this reality right three-dimension or four I think there’s a grand seer which sees even the one searching for the brain or all physicality with inside. So yes I agree because that is how we can explain that with if this is a screen like a television I look at this then I look at the 2d when I look out from it I look 3d because there is depth but what is 4d that is when I zoom out from myself and look at myself from above and if I have the wrong program of what that above is then I’m confused lost at sea because that’s what I want to do with the globe model because then when I zoom out I don’t have the correct model but when I that’s why the world serves a great purpose here because you correct the nature of Babylon or the world which gives you the correct seeing because the frequency of the world and babylon gives you the the the very nature of the incorrect viewing you’re very much suffering consistently suffering you look at the negative outputs of life even negative is called negative but it’s not as it’s the opposite,So the whole concept world of the babylon is is the reverse truth of the world for the very grand purpose of to turn a label on or to enable you and that’s where you correct yourself through the world and its teachings of suffering and that’s where the teachings of Jesus Christ speak of such suffering within the world and life is suffering until one is the creative life itself yeah god certainly loves a good story and what makes a good story is that Protagonist and Antagonist and then all of the vibrant characters in between so of course of course that’s how it is because, what better way to experience than to have that intense intense experience with all of it and don’t forget we are in the experience. Now so we we need to see that this experience is life and be one with it and enjoy the experience because we are and have been in search of experience the whole time so let’s be with the experience in the very moment and just spread joy and love and see and recognize that i see even right now a computer screen and the very shape and geometry and the nature of this computer screen it has texture it has a certain smell it has a certain heat and i’m here with this seeing this in this very moment but if it’s seen from the mind this will elude me and the nature of that scene from the mind is interpreting it to me via a commentary is saying this is what this is this is what this is from the concepts that are holding inside my intelligence and it is that intelligence that needs to be surrendered to find the truth Charlie did you draw my face Charlie did you draw my face over here but i was just gonna say super quick you’re talking about Eden i think the teacher presents him or herself when the student is ready i mean that’s how listening happens it’s a two-way activity it’s communication and so i think also Eden will present itself once we are ready so i think both of you guys are saying the exact same thing it’s just a matter of an inward and an outward thing because, it’s exactly the same right really it’s the same thing so when we are ready that Eden the idenology will come to us and. I want Santos to speak because he hasn’t spoken for a bit and also Charlie to explain the board yes I just want to come in with a comment et phone home they’re gonna come with their sources. Hey, I’m gonna go guys Ciao this is it bye-bye. Allegorically of course just to clarify yes Santos you want to come in yes. Okay, so Etymology Edenology I like that I’ve just gone through the numerology of all the different derivations of Atum, Adam, Eden, Aten and primarily it all comes to one Atum in the English. Cipher is one plus two plus three plus four which is ten which is one Adam is one plus four plus one plus four which is ten which is one but them is also the 13th letter so if you don’t reduce the 13th letter to a 4 you just add 13 to 6 and you get 19 which is 10 which is 1. So adam whether you reduce them to four or leave it as a 13 the atom in English means one atom we know means one because Thomas is a twin so thereby by the for by inference it’s one at n well ten is one Eden equals one five plus four plus five equals nineteen equals 10 equals one same with Eden same with Dan or DNA is four plus one plus five that’s ten equals one same with man the word man m is four a is one n is five that’s ten equals one.So we find that as the Egyptian says man is the measure of the universe so when we understand as you said before, Joshua you said it’s all mankind you know you’ve got a woman and a female so the woman cannot escape Manhoodness she just can’t so the one is the two is the one. So yeah there you go and Andrew and Ross and Dan are of course how you say Adam in Spanish Adam and Dan says is a man in Japanese.So it’s funny how they say a man is a Dan in Japan you know you wonder why it’s so connected to Hebrew well because there’s only one language it’s it. Let’s call it what Eugene called Edenology Nada everything and the word was sound you know the word well the logos is sound. So as the Egyptians said the man is the measure of the universe well man is God you know and fractally up down it doesn’t matter in the same dream it’s the same one having the dream you know the bigger the God the bigger the dream the smaller the consciousness the smaller the dream even if it’s an insect it’s still a man because it’s a Taurus and an atom and it’s a Tom and an atom and it’s still a man it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Rock or a Cricket or a Scorpion or an eagle it’s all a different.A man sees we have all the Archetypes in us because every wave must go through 12 conditions to complete the cycle so all those different Archetypes are embedded in every wave and we’re full of waves or in other words, we are waving in this in this so Noluminescent world but we’re not really in the transcendental world there is that’s a stillness yep and then you know he said 12 well 12 is a one and a two it’s a father and a mother which gives you a three which is the c which is the clarity of Christ.So it’s all there isn’t in the one-story josh did you want to enter because Josh has to leave us soon so Josh did you want to tie that together and then just say final thoughts. Yes, I just want to say it’s an incredible thing just seeing everyone with such beautiful advanced Gnosis it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to you know dedicate some time to see things such as this. So yeah big changes what is your role your is in many ways it’s like Santos today Santos is sitting back going wow um people are actually listening and people are doing something with what I’ve been saying all is for all is not for naught and it’s the same thing for you Josh tirelessly working with the language breaking things down to one story one verse one song one way and now here you have this magnificent seven and so much of the show is just taking what Santos has taught what you have taught and is applying it to all things in all moments which is to be able now and so that is a trip that’s the highest compliment to both you and Santos and I just wanted to say one thing each one of us here today in the chat has called the magnificent seven together and in reality this last week I have been calling you all because I have been lost I’m gonna cry. He was calling you so I want to thank you all for being your forum and helping me to remember you know the magnificent seven turns out to be 199 in Gematria 199 is 9 plus 9 plus 1 is 19 is surrender and that’s all I had to do and thank you for reminding me and I know that there are so many people out there in this time who are feeling this thing it’s like, it’s so ironic the story that we’re living is you know my Grandson Dante’s inferno and I’m going through the seven layers of hell or nine layers however many you want to think and it’s all about surrender and that’s how I get to Heaven and this is my story you were all a part of my story and thank you. You’re so beautiful and I couldn’t imagine doing any of this without you so obviously I’ve created you thank you for being so beautiful and uh being a part of this panel is just you know amazing and I know that everybody in the chat I’ve been watching them and they’re just like blown away absolutely blown away so what a beautiful gift you know that we’ve been able to share and in a time when we’ve all felt lost and the Gnosis that’s being shared is just epic and exactly at the right time that we needed it. So Eugene and Raji thank you for your beautiful culmination and ideas of putting this together and thank you all for coming because wow! I mean Raji rah and Eugene Linton l needed to come together at some point ron l is one we know this from Israel and just super quick I want everyone to give some closing thoughts because I think we should end the show here seems like josh needs to go soon seems like Santa’s needs to go soon Charlie needs to feed the dogs and so, and also I would love for you us to do this maybe once a month or something and it doesn’t have to be tied down you know no attachments right let it flow float comes back to flow.So let it let’s just float on these waters right and yes hopefully. We’ll see you on Aries march 21st as the Sun rises again and it’s a new beginning. Hey, guys thank you so much for everything Colleen beautiful beautiful words brother Charlie amazing it’s the Eugene you know you know brother you know I can’t say anymore and Justin thank you so much for holding the space creating the channel everything and brother Santos. We are here because of you man I went to Portugal to meet Awa you know pineal foundation it was because of you man you started it’s because of you. So thank you brother Santos and Josh first time I talked with you I’m sure we’re gonna have more talk but I watched your videos you were talking about Zion and champion the same thing I’m talking about and I didn’t even see your movies before so it’s the same thing. So I just want to say for my heart you know I feel family finally this whole family 2022 it’s over guys game over for them our game is starting and all about love thank you guys keep that energy high there dear brother and you stay exuberant thank you for your kind words thank you, everyone, for having me and during this time of suffering the suffering is only the mental projection that we have of ourselves and the way that we perceive the world to be so if we can sweeten the way that we see the world we can sweeten ourselves this is fortune remember is fortune and this is the evolution of ourself it’s all about being peaceful but the road to peace is a very tough journey so when times get a tough look to the moment the presence this is the gifted mind does not exist here it cannot exist here and your freedom is here forget the highest the seeing the seer just be here and experience reality unfold and what is presented to you in this moment is for you allow life to flow and respond don’t try to control and react if i can give a gift is to put your attention to the virtues and see that when you apply the virtues you find liberation and then you’ll continue to expand yourself through this clean the vessel and the rest shall be revealed love light peace and joy to everyone crossed the plane. I love you all thank you so much I just want to say it’s 22 22 in my time right now Spanish time perfect time to end the love you so much brother Josh. Please you’re finishing marks Santos, Justin, and Charlie, and colleen must love everyone be who you are I am and beyond thank you Amen, yes I mean words are difficult to find to express the gratitude of being here in this moment waking up seeing the post about this show last night and being. So excited to watch it and then get a call from Eugene this morning asking me to participate in it wow the highest honor I could imagine being surrounded by you beautiful souls on this journey from Colleen yeah yeah and just to be here you know to have gone from finding Charlie and being introduced to this topic and then him leading me to Santos and exploring all of that and then coming to Josh and going on this health journey and then Santos I don’t know if you remember the astrology reading we did together but that was before I did my first show with Charlie.So that was long before I even went on to the stage and there was very poignant I go back and watch that because there were very poignant things that you mentioned about you’re about to step into something big your voice is about to come out and here it is. So I’m just in awe of this whole process the last couple of years have just been so inspiring and so beautiful and the fact that we can come together and have these discussions and then branch out to like grow our light together and to branch out to shine that light as brightly as we possibly can what a gift what an absolute joy and gift that we get to do this and get to come together and then go out and share the good news spread the word that’s preaching that is that is spreading the gospel that is going out and spreading the truth. So thank you all for all that you have done in that service in that mission in that quest to find ourselves once again I’m so truly honored to be here and you know I’m sure you’ve seen all of us laughing as josh breaks down the words as Santos breaks down the words this charlie breaks out the words and colleen shares her wisdom I can’t contain it I cannot contain it because it’s so it rings so true to every facet of who I am and what I’m about because and that’s that familiarity that we all have within us when we hear the truth we know that is the truth and when we accept that when we surrender to that truth then it just it resonates in every, every, every facet of our being so Ah man! I’m just I’m overwhelmed and exactly where I need to be so thank you all so much, thank you all so much you are incredible being yourself dear brother it is you who has brought yourself here thank you absolutely know again you’re an integral part of of this crew and you you stand as as an equal to all of us because you’ve done the work and that that’s the thing that if if i can stress one thing to everyone is this you you’ve talked about certain things for a long time now it’s time to actually physically do and then as Santos said at the beginning show you will transcend the doing into the observation that which is an observation tower because, you are the light of the world and then you will observe that you’ve already been doing this and you’re just in awareness which is consciousness which is what you are that it was already here all the time and you just went on this circuitous journey to remember that you are all one with the one and that’s why surrender because, surrender’s 19 and 1 and 9 is 10 which is one and it all adds back up to oneSo you’ve got to do the work until you become so proficient at doing this work of going within that you realize there’s no work to be done there’s simply the joy in the observation that all is a tomb all is in a perfect movement a perfect dance between masculine and feminine above and below within and without redshift and blue shift left and right it’s all unified in this universe in this uni moment of the one and that’s all we ever needed to do and again for all those listening that’s what Justin has done he doesn’t just talk the talk he walks the walk and what Justin just experienced recently by asking a certain certain person to to leave and all the storm that that followed what does that tell you there’s no shitstorm from Justin he did what he had to do because there’s one way the the the fallen one who created the storm did what they have to do because they can do nothing else they’re fallen and they haven’t realized the reason to fall is to rise and rise again. Why do we fall Bruce Wayne? So that you can rise and rise again who the hell do you think the Wayne family is Wayne family or the Kennedys who’s Bruce Wayne that’s john f Kennedy jr Fibonacci what is the ninth variation of the Fibonacci sequence Fibonacci 101 is two one and two is three two and three is five three and five is eight uh five and eight is thirteen think of that variation crucifixion five and thirteen and then 1388 is 21 and 13 and 21 is 34 and 34 and 21 is 55 the ninth variation of the Fibonacci spiral the divine ninth is 55 j is 10 f is 6. k is 11. j is 10 r is 18. JFK junior is 55. So please whatever anyone wants to think about q or whatever that’s that’s on you to do or not do the research on this but simply no as Rajiv said maybe just maybe while everything was happening in the sky above maybe just maybe it happened on this earth below and maybe just maybe those that have been working behind the scenes to be able to take down ultimate evil are those of this perfect seed which is this one story this one truth which is syncretism which is entirely what Santo teaches it is the one story of Jesus Christ and just remember this Krishna is Christ Buddha is is Christ Zara or the Roster is Christ it’s the one story they stand in alignment with the one story and and they came first and all of us including Santos stands on the shoulders of giants because, they were giant of the mind not small of the body they were strong not wheat their 52 strongs are completion our 52 weeks are a wheel that we go around and around again until we learn to become strong strong in the truth which is that you are all things in all moments. You are one all is a tomb which is the central teaching point of what Santos has done so again to josh and Desantos again so much of what’s happened today is because of your tireless selfless efforts to seek the light and the truth and the way and reason why we all smile because we’re sick and tired of the lies that’s all we’ve ever heard our lives and then there were Santos Banachi and Colleen and I smiled and we said oh my goodness! We found someone who is teaching this truth that we’ve discovered and then there’s josh and we’re going Oh my God! there’s somebody else there’s two of them that are teaching this this this truth and to think that there were two of them out there was was just a gift from the heavens because there was nobody there was nobody no cares nobody wins until you realize that we’ve always been here and the truth is all around us and all you have to do is get the mucus out of your head the reason why people can’t hear Josh x is because they’re ear to ear full of mucus that’s why, because they think killing and eating putrefy death gives life just stop and wrap your mind around that one suspend your disbelief let go of the ego and just stop in that moment and don’t let go of that moment until such time that you’ve you’ve ascended to it which is ownership of it and that is the realization you are murdering you are forced breeding raping,murdering torturing injecting with death and then consuming dead rotting flesh and remember there’s no carnivore in the world that eats dead rotting flesh they lack blood they’re lappers of blood that’s that’s the life they’re eating the Carnivore is taking the purity of the kill which is the life and if they eat anything as an organ because the organs are filled with blood and it’s the jackdaws and it’s the hyenas and it’s the runt of the litter that sneaks up in the end and gnaws at this rotting flesh is that what you are can you say one thing to this very beautiful speech at the end sorry it brought in another thing to share but i’ve just finished the seven day water fast and if one ever embarks on the journey of abstaining for such a period of time from i would suggest if one still has a belief that meat or the consumption of any type of produce that you would find in the western world in packages on the shelves rather than our tree you spread a table of food and then you put some strawberries on there and you cut open a papaya a coconut and a mango put some grains on there maybe some nuts maybe some seeds chop you know some cubes of pork up but leave the hair on and the skin and the fat and some chicken and some beef and then you present yourself to this table and you go around each item and smell and you smell each item and you see that the fruits are sweet and they resonate and the mouth salivates and the water and you get to the grains and there’s there’s no salivation there’s no desire for this food the nuts no there’s nothing here and then you smell the meat and you feel sick and you want to vomit and you see that the only way that one can consume foods that aren’t actually designed for themself is by hiding them from all of the senses every sense seasoning cooking smell taste touch all of these things has been disconnected from these beings the animals are a business. The world is a business if I can suggest one thing is the seed is the cd is formed to see form and we find ourselves in these temperate zones so we need no heating and we need no air conditioning we can plant our food and watch the magic of creation unfold itself and drop fruit and food for you effortlessly forevermore without the need for commerce without the need for any interaction with the world and see that truth is always found in simplicity is the key to happiness every single part of the process even your diets say one’s on a plant-based diet and they’re chopping and washing and doing all these things because,every food still has some chemical on it unless you’ve grown it yourself you need the plates you need the cutberry you need to wash up you need to sink but if one has the fruit you can eat the fruit and what less goes to the soil the seeds go in the ground and the animals can feed too the soil becomes regenerated there’s microbiome in the soil which refeeds the food to a higher mineral which exists unseen for most beings. Here the body is made of light DNA is light photons and amino acid code the body to light food is lacking light so let’s do this we’re here experiencing the life we have evolved ourselves to a greater space of seeing let’s all find ourselves give our attention to the truth and apply it action and find ourselves in a space where we don’t exist in a place that has a growing season for two months a very cold winter no life shops full of sickness and disease corporations a choice and we have a choice in each moment.We have a choice to choose attention on the mind or attention on the moment see here and continue to make the right choice and in that right choice the action will evolve you if you’re looking for evolution it’s the right choice of the righteous and then observes and then your observations you will know and it’s only found in your moment the magic moment it has ever not been with you. Thank you all for the time thank you, for thank you I love you so much man, and I think you’ll all agree and I don’t think to agree is the right word don’t agree or disagree. I think you guys all see that when you lose the belief you come up on that that that which is firm immovable and a solid rock a solid foundation and is stationary so i think Charlie wanted to finish his last words and i think after that Colleen should end because usually we’re at we’re ladies first but here i think ladies should go last and finish this and i think uh it makes sense because the mother is the earth and the earth is the theater so, and the theater guys well really really quickly just remember that this show had to happen today with the magnificent 7199 and and that this is a tuesday do you think that that this is an accident that this is a tuesday tuesday is two’s day and this day is all about the twos and so everything is happening exactly the way that it’s supposed to there are no such things as coincidences only the cabal which are the liars they’re they’re they’re they’ll tell you that you know everything is just a random occurrence but no there’s no such thing as as occurrences everything is happening perfectly because, there is a father there is a creator there is one in the beginning the grand architect of all and all you ever have to do is get into alignment to him and i’m going to leave you with a controversial thing for some but it’s the truth the answer has always been about aligning yourself to what is real what is truth what is upon the level and what is level in terms of ending this currency of the maritime average waterways returning to Gold and Silver is is ag which is one and 7 which is 17 17 is q and Gold is which is 121 because a is 1 and u is 21 121 and if you add 17 and 121 together which is Silver and Gold it equals 138 and what else is 138 in Gematria well somebody by the name of Donald Trump is 1 38. The unit Jesus won 38 God has birth code 138, Lord is coming,138 Baron trump,138 Mystic lord 138, Hidden pattern,138 the master of coin,138 Jesus is here,138 are you ready,138 divine feminine,138 it’s happening,138 Oro Boris,138 Queen of heaven,138 Spirit of God,138 the wise Lord,138 master Mason,1 38 Cancel culture,1 30 eight glories, to God one thirty-eight there you go decode the message I’m 38. All right I’m sure that’s just a coincidence but you know have you have it your way and 138. If you break it down 138 4 and 8 are 12 which is complete and that’s where we’re headed to is the completion of this insane dualistic world which is the lie the illusion Santos calls it perfectly a delusion that is to take away the light and then this is the return to the light which is the illumination and that’s what freemasonry is all about.So don’t let people tell you freemasonry is a bad thing what you’re experiencing now through freemasons is not freemasonry they call it freemasonry to muddy the waters but what they say doesn’t matter to a hill of beans they’re just liars that’s all they do is lie God is the truth and the way gollywog final thoughts well all roads lead to home so every one of us has a path and it’s beautiful that they are all expressed differently and thank you all for sharing your beautiful paths with me today, and and and I can’t wait to embrace all of you physically as we thank you just as we journey forward to bring so much love back into this beautiful world this Edenology thank you for that one Eugene that was brilliant edenology.I love it so yeah back to the garden back to the mother thanks thank you, Colleen, you’re perfect.Thank you so many guys much love to all of you thank you take care. : We love you all we love YOU”


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