My wish to be achieved by this book is the realization of a world manifested through this natural state of blissful intelligence achievable only through the introduction of the truth and justice meant to prevail in this kingdom of ours, not the egoic, karmic projection of those incapable of the purity of this state.

We all arrive here in this state unless this state of bliss is encroached upon by the hellish desires of those around us, bringing us down to a frequency level of fear and anticipation of even more objects of fear and anticipation. My wish from early in life is to help everyone out of this imposed fiction, void of truth and thus the justice of being left alone with oneself in peace and in wonder at the awe of our creation and our Divine part in it.

Today there is a worldwide crisis bringing chaos to the total population. Some people are looking to their political leaders for resolutions and hope for the fulfillment of their desired peaceful and abundant lives, while others are looking at, or observing, their political leader’s with hindsight, alarming them that their leader’s actions will likely result in business as usual. This appraisal of the situation can only happen when they are operating from within their conscious mind. Those in fear are operating from within their subconscious mind where all of their past thoughts appropriate to such a situation are stored. In order for you to understand how you fit into either of these two categories let’s listen to Jeremy Bennett who has been taught the modern day scientific version of the subjective mindset.

The Amazing Power of Your Mind – A MUST SEE!

Jeremy Bennett

Let’s look at how powerful your mind is. Let’s compare your mind to the most sophisticated man-
made device ever created, the computer. The average computer can hold about 250 thousand pictures, 20 thousand songs and hundreds of full-length videos, nowadays on something as small as my finger, crazy. But, let’s compare it to your mind. Your mind can perform an estimated ten quadrillion operations per second without you even knowing it, wild. Ask yourself right now. What’s making your blood flow through your veins with the perfect amount of pressure to keep you alive? What’s making your heart beat right now? Are you consciously commanding your heart to beat right now? No. what’s maintaining your body core temperature to the perfect degree to keep you alive? What’s doing the six trillion things to your sixty trillion cells every second? It’s something called your subconscious mind. This is the powerhouse to who you are. Your cat has it. Even your puppy has it. But of all the things that your subconscious mind can do, it can’t do one thing. And this thing can help you attract good things into your life or it can absolutely demolish your health. What is that one thing it can’t do? It can’t distinguish between a real event and something you merely think about. Sounds absolutely ridiculous, right?

What happens when you have a nightmare? You wake up, your heart is pounding, you’re sweating and you are anxious beyond words. The nightmare existed in your mind. You weren’t in any real danger at all. But your mind didn’t know that. You physiologically reacted, as if the nightmare was actually taking place in reality. There was a study conducted where a doctor hooked up an elite athlete, a professional skier to a device that measured the athlete’s muscle fibers. He told the skier to merely think about skiing down a hill without moving a muscle. The act of thinking about skiing down the hill actually made the same muscle fibers that would have actually fired off if he were to be actually skiing, fire off, from thoughts. This has been demonstrated time after time with the placebo effect. Group A suffering from a particular illness gets prescribed a pharmaceutical FDA approved drug, specifically designed to treat that illness. Group B suffering from the same illness gets a sugar pill, thinking its real medication. Both groups get cured. In fact, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study involving two groups suffering from the same degenerative knee disorder. Group A had a surgery designed to scope out the knee and relieve the symptoms of the disorder. Group B, with the permission of the family, had a fake surgery, a fake surgery, a placebo surgery, thinking that they had a real surgery. Only three small incisions were made in the kneecap, but no real surgery was performed. Both groups reported that the surgery was a success. In fact, researchers are suggesting that a minimum of one third of all medical treatment including surgery is due to the belief that the treatment is going to work, the placebo effect. Most people don’t realize that there is also something called the nocebo effect. It’s practically the opposite of the placebo effect. The mind, instead of curing illness, contributes to illness. That’s what a hypochondriac is, their belief that they’re going to develop a disease. Whatever belief you hold in your subconscious mind will become your reality, bottom line. That’s how hypnosis works. The hypnotist implants the idea in the back of the subjects mind and the subject experiences whatever they hold there. [this is the state of hypnotic servitude we live under today]. If they hold the belief that there’s a spider on their arm, their eyes actually see a spider on their arm. An amazing demonstration occurs when the hypnotist walks towards his subject with his finger extended. He tells the subject that his finger is hot and burning. The hypnotist slowly touches the subject on their arm and a blister actually forms in the exact place the finger touched. Now, this is crucial to understand in all healing. Free will as we understand it is practically an illusion [when we are in this state of hypnosis]

. In fact, two to four percent of the time, you decide what you want to do. You actually make the decision. 96% to 98% of the time, you don’t, you’re on autopilot. Your subconscious mind controls your decisions, 96% to 98% of the time. Don’t believe me? Do you like ice cream? If you do, snap your fingers and stop liking it.

Do you enjoy watching sports? Snap your fingers and stop enjoying it. You can’t. 96% t0 98% of the time everything we crave, desire and act upon comes from what we hold predominately in the back of our subconscious minds. Whatever we hold predominately in the back of our subconscious minds, we are attracted to in life. What happens when you buy a new car? It’s the only car you see on the road for the next two and a half weeks. You saw all those cars before you bought your car, but why didn’t they stand out to you? Because you didn’t own that car yourself. You weren’t thinking about it yourself. What you hold in your mind, you’re attracted to in life. That’s how subliminal ads work so effectively. They work so effectively that they are banned in over 10 countries as a way to advertise. So, if what you hold in the back of your subconscious mind shapes your reality, what shapes your subconscious mind? Practically everything that you are exposed to. Everything that you see, hear, smell, taste and feel is shaping your subconscious mind. Let’s look at some specifics, television. Here’s a scary stat. by the time a child finishes Elementary School, that child has witnessed an estimated 8,000 simulated murders on TV. All of those extremely graphic scenes are sinking back into their minds. And don’t be tricked by Hollywood or cartoons. And the most important developmental years, when a child should be taught compassion and understanding, extremely intelligent minds behind the creation of perceived harmless children’s cartoons are sinking violence into the back of their minds. Don’t be fooled. What are you listening to on the radio? Every single word or thought you hold in your mind has a particular vibrational frequency. Negative words or intentions have slower vibrational frequencies and positive words have higher vibrational frequencies.

This is a song by Lady Gaga called “Bad Romance.” Some of the lyrics are, “I want your drama. I want your ugly. I want your disease. I want a bad, bad romance.” Our thoughts create us. We have to be extremely careful with what we are feeding our minds. Music can be beautiful and beneficial, but it can also have a negative impact on your health. Choose wisely. When I was growing up, the most violence we had on video games was Mario and Luigi jumping over turtles’ heads. This is what our youth are playing today. These gruesome, extremely graphic images are seeping into the backs of their subconscious minds, weakening their immune systems and having astronomical, negative effects on their health. Nobody is saying that these games are going to cause them to pick up a gun and go shoot somebody, but these games are affecting their[thoughts, thus their actions, not just their] health. There is zero doubt about that. What happens when you gossip? In order for you to gossip, you have to hold a negative memory, a negative thought inside of your mind. You not only think about that negative memory, you share it with the other person that you’re talking to. The second you hold negative thoughts in your mind, the biochemistry of your brain changes and you release cortisol, the stress hormone, into your blood, which then weakens your immune system, inhibits the actions of your white blood cells, increases the chances of infection and even promotes weight gain all from gossiping, all from your thinking. You can’t gossip without hurting yourself, remember that. But of everything you can expose yourself to, there is nothing more important than the thoughts you hold in your mind. We have on average 60,000 thoughts a day. And the reality is, not only are most of these thoughts the same thoughts we had yesterday, but they are negative thoughts, either dwelling on something bad in the past or fearing something that could happen in the future. The second we have these negative thoughts, the second we release cortisol, the stress hormone into out blood, our thoughts create us. Most people believe that situations cause them anxiety, stress or cause them to be depressed. The reality is this. There is absolutely no situation in the entire universe that can cause someone to experience anxiety, none. It’s your psychological reaction to the situation that can cause you to experience anxiety. Not the situation itself. This is crucial to understand. Why is it that when one person skydives, their brain releases endorphins, the good feeling chemical into their blood, while releasing cortisol into another’s? It’s the same situation. How can the company of one person cause excitement in one person, while making another person stressed? It’s because it’s never the situation that causes anyone to experience anxiety, but the reaction to it. You create your anxiety, not a situation. When you truly, fundamentally understand this truth, that’s when you realize that you control your anxiety. Not a situation. It’s one of the most liberating feelings you can ever experience. If you create it, you can take it away. Your thoughts control your life. You are the creator of your everything, choose your thoughts wisely. God bless.

Let us now consider what we have learned about our minds and where this teaching originated. That would be long ago, when our teachers became modern scientific and up to date programmers of our (sub – conscious) minds. Throughout his talk, he considers how we could and should use our subconscious mind to improve our lives. He teaches that what we are continually thinking about affects our experiences. He does not spend much time and effort to consider the conscious mind, the mind we should be using to make conscious decisions regarding the present, not past or future reality. Our knowledge base is contingent upon scientific studies as he explained. Those who study the weakness of the subconscious mind to guide us through our daily activities do well financially by sharing their findings with, especially the marketing field. In fact, our daily conscious mind is bombarded with inconsequential material. Our only alternative is to ignore this material as Jeremy says by thinking better thoughts. So what is really happening is the advertised item and our conscious efforts to think positively are in a constant struggle, because we cannot block only one input while allowing the other. As he said we live primarily on autopilot thinking we are consciously overcoming the negative thoughts which are deliberately focused on us by many others with their own profits in mind. One other thing he missed is that our emotions help in the placebo effect. We will soon learn about the emotions in the heart that brings us what we experience. This fact has been purposefully hidden from us because the mind, not the heart is the easiest to control. Their only control over our emotions is to assure we are dwelling on the fearful thoughts of past or present which define our existence, called the ego. These ego thoughts have been placed in our subconscious minds even before birth. The only way to overcome these identity creating thoughts is to understand our ability to MANIFEST our desires, such as being healed by a placebo. Shortly we will see how those wishing to control our lives for their pleasure and profit have hidden our powers from us. We have been incorrectly taught the phrase of “mind over matter.” [our conscious mind has power over matter, but our subconscious (unconscious) mind does not. We will soon understand that we have the power to affect matter itself through those emotions projected from the heart, not the mind].

Jeremy also indicates that music by way of the frequency of the energy can improve or cause detriment to our emotions, therefore our health. We shall soon understand how we have been brought low in our happiness through international standardized tuning frequencies for all music.

So, we have learned something about our mind. The subconscious mind can attract good things into your life or it can absolutely demolish your health, either mentally, emotionally, physically or psychologically. So, when a situation occurs, we respond by a conscious observation requiring further analysis or we react with an immediate thought. We may allow this thought to substitute for our conscious analysis so we may remain in our present pursuit representing a category we immediately place the situation into if we wish not to be disturbed presently. Or, it may represent a category to deny the situation any further attention from this time on. This thought is, then, our reaction, denying the situation of our response.

Either this situation has something to immediately contribute to our intellectual enlightenment or not. These two categories represent either staying in the present moment or reverting to past memories or future fears, the realm of our ego that we will presently learn about.


Jeremy Bennett

In this video, I want to show you three revelations that can truly liberate your life. Regulation number one; how to calm your life even if you feel as though chaos has been getting the best of you for years, resolution number two, how you can stay calm in the midst of a challenging situation and revelation number three how to attract positive people and positive situations into your life by simply transforming the way you think. Sound too good to be true, stick around and I’ll show you how. My name is Jeremy Bennett and I’m the creator of something called “the calm life method” in this video, I want to give you a brief introduction to how to calm your life and stay at peace in the middle of a challenging situation and even start to attract positivity into your life. Ready for Revelation number one, here we go, Revelation number one how to calm your life even if you feel as though chaos has been getting the best of you for years. I want you to think about this, let’s say you’re sitting in your living room, watching your favorite TV show, you’re comfortable, you’re cozy, and you’re simply content. Then all of a sudden a thought enters your mind really negative thought. Let’s say it’s thought about someone you love getting hurt, and just from that thought that one, not your entire night is ruined, you start to feel your energy draining from you, you feel tense, you if you feel your shoulders contracting you feel as though there’s a lump in the pit of your stomach, however, that person who you’re thinking about the one you love can be directly in front of you completely safe. You know that they are okay.In fact, you know that the thought that you’re thinking is not true, yet you feel it in your body like that thought is true. Has this ever happened to you how you feel this physiological discomfort from wanting your thinking about when you know that what you’re thinking about is not true? Here’s the answer. Are you ready for aha! moment number one, here it is, when you think a thought even if what you’re thinking about is not true and you know it’s not true, there are certain parts of your brain that can have a difficult time telling the difference between that thought and reality. Therefore, if certain parts of your brain can have a difficult time realizing that the thought is only a thought and not actually taking place, in reality, you can very well have a physiological feeling as though that thought is actually taking place that makes sense. And did you know that the average person can have thousands and thousands of thoughts every single day and sadly many of these thoughts many times are not only the same kind of thoughts they had the day before many of these thoughts are thoughts about bad things that happened in the past or thoughts about bad things that could potentially happen in the future? In other words, negative thoughts and remember if certain parts of your brain can have a difficult time telling the difference between something you think in reality, imagine what kind of detrimental effects this can have on the way you feel, is one negative thought can ruin your night. Imagine what thousands of repetitive e thoughts day after day after day can do to how you feel. Imagine the peace you could feel if you no longer allowed your thoughts to get the best to you, wouldn’t that feel liberating. Imagine what it would feel like if you could go for a walk, drive to work or simply do chores without being bombarded by thoughts about things that you didn’t want to take place, that happened in your past, or things that you don’t want to take place in your future. Wouldn’t you feel lighter? Imagine what it would feel like to escape the constant turmoil of automatic negative thoughts and simply experience the peace and blessing of the present moment, wouldn’t life be so much more beautiful if this were the case. So what is the solution? It sounds simple, but it takes time and it takes effort. The solution is to first understand the power of thoughts. This video you’re watching is a start second start to become aware of your thought patterns and catch those negative thoughts as much as you possibly can because when you catch your negative thoughts over and over and over again and start to break the cycle you see when you get your negative thought, you automatically become present as you can’t be aware of your thoughts and think at the same time. Then over time, you can start to introduce a combination of living in the present moment and regularly thinking positive thoughts, as your new predominant way of living and when this becomes your predominant way of life, the feeling is simply transformational. So you’re probably thinking getting better at controlling my thoughts seems like it certainly could have a profound difference, what about all the expected and unexpected difficult moments that life throws at me. How can I possibly deal effectively with those moments? Well, that brings me to Revelation number two. Revelation number two is how you can stay calm in the midst of a challenging situation. So now I want you to think about this you’re sitting in your living room with your best friend watching the live results of the election. However, your political beliefs are not on the same page as your friend, in fact, you are whey mentally opposed to your friend’s choice for political leaders. It’s time the election results are in. The person who you voted for lost and the person who your friend voted for won, during the victory speech your stomach is in knots you feel so incredibly strained, and you’re fuming with anger. However, you look over your friends and they are overtaken with joy. I’m sure you can probably relate to the situation right and the reason why I bring this up is that you need to understand that in this example, both of you are exposed to the same exact situation you are both in the same room looking at the same TV watching the same election results. However, you have two completely different reactions to the outcome. Why you ask, are you ready for aha! moment number two aha! Moment number two is this even though there are always exceptions to the rule, the situations for the most part do not cause how you feel is actually more so how you internalize the situation that dictates how you feel. That makes sense, if it were to be the situations that caused an objective feeling inside of a person, then everyone would react to the same situation in the same exact way but we know that doesn’t happen. Let me give you a couple of more examples. How can one person love roller coasters and one person hates them, they are being exposed to the same exact situation but they are having to completely different reactions. How can one person love watching scary movies and another person hate it they are being exposed to the same exact situation but they are having two completely different reactions. When you truly fundamentally realize that it’s not necessarily the situation that dictates how you feel that it’s more so how you internalize it you can start to see the world with a completely new vision. Want to know why is because you can then start to realize you don’t necessarily have to change every single situation that you are exposed to. You just have to discover how to change how you internalize it, you see, those who experience the most peace don’t necessarily have less problems they just internalize it differently. They react differently and this can make all the difference in the world. Imagine being able to be around pessimistic people and not be bothered by their negativity, wouldn’t you feel more empowered. Imagine knowing deep down that even the life can and will certainly throw difficult, expected, and unexpected moments at you and you know that those moments don’t have to keep you up at night, at least not as much as it did before, wouldn’t you feel so more enthusiastic about life if this were the case. Imagine being able to shield yourself from the negative news that may seem like is constantly circulating throughout the world, wouldn’t it feel like having a protective shield around you, help you feel confident in the midst of a challenging situation, you see, it’s not that peaceful people are constantly only surrounded by positive people in positive situations is just that they know how to internalize it differently. They know that the situation for the most part doesn’t dictate how they feel they know that their reaction is not dependent on the situation itself, but more so on how they interpret and internalize the situation. So what’s the solution, the solution is first to understand that for the most part, the situation doesn’t dictate how you feel it’s more so how you react to it. Then, of course, we need to change how we internalize it and then change our reaction and of course, it’s doable with practice. So now you’re probably thinking okay so I know that in Revelation 1 we discussed that thoughts play a role in how I feel in Revelation number two. We discussed that is not so much the situation that dictates how I feel it’s more so how I internalize it but don’t want to only be able to handle your thoughts and handle the negative situations more efficiently. You want to be able to attract positive people in positive situations into your life. So how do you do that, that leads me to Revelation number three. Are you ready for Revelation number three how to attract positive people and positive situations into your life by simply transforming the way you think. I want you to think about this, what happens when you buy a new car? When you buy a new car, you start to see that car everywhere, does this ever happen to you? You’re probably thinking to yourself, hey, that actually did happen to me. Want to know why that happens. This is aha! Moment number three, you start to see the car you bought everywhere after you buy it for this simple reason, it’s fresh in your mind because you now own one. You’re constantly thinking about that new car. When something is fresh in your mind or when you’re constantly thinking about a particular thing, your brain forces you to start to notice things of similarity around you. It’s not that, all of a sudden these cars started to appear all over the freeway or parking lots once you bought your car. It’s more so that you actually started to notice them because now those cars are relevant to you. They are relevant to you because you own one yourself. That make sense? So, would you like to know why this is absolutely crucial to understand when trying to attract positive people and positive situations into your life? Let’s revisit Revelation number one remember what we talked about how the average person thinks thousands of thoughts every single day. And sadly, for many people, a lot of these thoughts are either dwelling on negative things that took place in the past or fear what could potentially take place in the future. So, considering that we just established that what you think about most is what you pay attention to most if you’re constantly thinking about negative things in the past or future. What are you going to pay attention to in life, that’s right, the same type of things that you think about most? In this case, it’s negative things. The truth is that there are tons of positive people in positive situations and positive opportunities that surround you. Are there also tons of negative people in negative situations and negative opportunities that surround you? Of course, there are, however, what you hold in your mind, day after day after day after day is going to dictate what you pay attention to most. So if you’re constantly thinking about negative things you’re most likely going to notice the negativity that surrounds you. And here’s the thing, If you only notice the negativity that surrounds you, that’s going to be the only type of situation that you can act upon. Hence the vicious cycle of attracting negativity into your life over and over and over again. However, if you tend to think more positive thoughts than negative thoughts, guess what, you will tend to notice the positivity that surrounds you and you be able to act upon those positive opportunities. Most people when they understand this concept is like a light switch goes off in their head, did that just happen to you. Remember you can only act upon opportunities that you are aware of constantly thinking negative thoughts can influence you to see more negative opportunities than positive opportunities. This point is so incredibly important to understand, so I’ll say it again. What we concentrate on most, what we think about most is what we tend to notice most, imagine the feeling of knowing that you could have a radar built within you to pick up on the positivity that surrounds you and filter out the negativity, wouldn’t that make you feel like you’re in the driver seat again. Imagine starting a new venture in your life. Moving to a new place, starting a new job, or creating a new business and you know deep down within you that you have the power of now noticing the positive opportunities that could get you one step closer to achieving your goals, wouldn’t that make you feel like you have a head start on things. Imagine having the ability to turn things around and start to attract the right kind of people and the right kind of situations into your life, wouldn’t that make you feel like you have the ability to control packing travel in your life. So what’s the solution we need to start to train our minds to concentrate more and more on what we want to attract into our lives with the things we want in life just start to magically appear when we concentrate more on what we want, as opposed to what we don’t. Of course not, but the key here is that we will start to notice more of the opportunities that when acted upon will help us get one step closer to achieving what we want to achieve. And that’s what makes the difference. There’s no magic formula here. It takes time; It takes effort, but once you start to incorporate what you learned in this video life can become so different. Considering everything you’ve just learned in this video does it feel as though you can start to control or at least become better at controlling how you feel. Does it feel as though you can start to react more calmly to challenging situations? Does it feel as though you can start to attract positivity into your life? Remember it’s not about becoming perfect at any of this. It’s about experiencing progress. Knowledge is power. Realizing how truly powerful you are in determining how you experience the world is one of the most liberating and transformational feelings, you can ever experience. We just touched upon the very basics in this video. Would you like to dive deeper and be guided on how you can jump into the drivers of how you feel and what you attract? If so, I encourage you to click the link in the description and sign up for some free teaching from me, and in the meantime, never ever underestimate how powerful you truly are.

In this video Jeremy has reiterated that the things we think about most are the things we experience. He asks us to imagine not having these negative thoughts bombarding us all the time and alludes to the effort it will take to erase these thoughts. Well, the truth of the matter is that those same people, the marketers, the warmongers, and the culture disrupters have more incentive to continue them, than we have to cancel them out from our life. Removing the thoughts already claimed by our fearful ego is truly more difficult than living in the present moment consciously observing things rather than internalizing them. He said we should catch, thus understand that these thoughts are not real, and then reject them to return to the conscious state of mind. But that conscious state of mind was not there at the beginning of that untrue thought or you would have not been affected by it and would not have had to erase it. Thus, we learn the importance of being in the conscious state of mind at all times which are always present moments. Only the unconscious (subconscious) mind has the leisure to dwell on past or future events increasing the effects of natural chemical controls over our emotions. Jeremy talks about how freeing our life would be if we could shield ourselves from all the negative news. He suggests it is doable with practice. I suggest we start to realize the purpose of the negative news as not informing us but programming our subconscious ego with life threatening actions on our part. The life of the ego is, its fearful thoughts that keep our identity under its control. We are well under way to understanding that the ego as just a compilation of thoughts, well placed and programmed to keep us under external control and fearfully unable to manifest our desires,

He misses the contribution our hearts are to make in our lives. Let us consider the eastern culture’s answer which used to be the answer in the west until religious indoctrination interceded. We shall learn how Jeremy failed to understand the law of attraction or manifestation. This law is not taught in our western religious culture. We are taught that if we desire a certain product that we outwardly pray to our outside provider and we will be presented with the proper situations to consider.

We shall now look at an alternative which is taught in the eastern cultures, that is to manifest our situations ourselves inwardly; they do this by aligning their heart felt emotional desire with the thoughts that energetically align with it. Therefore they are taught that their thoughts and emotions bring the situations we wish to consider. This is called manifesting our desires. This does require the work of providing the exact emotion corresponding to the natural frequency of the desired object as if it is already accomplished. Since this is not taught in our culture we are left with the thought only, which is the mind, at the time, unconscious of the motivation for this thought. We are now learning that the mind can be a cruel master and thus an unknowing slave if not directed by the heart:

Over the years we are bombarded by health news, situations regarding viruses and vaccines. We are conditioned to react. And our reactions are reinforced by others, knowing that if we depart from the “normal” reactions our egos are defeated. This ego is the director of those immediate, fearful thoughts in our subconscious minds. It is also the guarder of our identity. We cannot gather with a crowd of responders to the question at hand in the present, because most have become reactors to future threats and past memories. When this happens the responders are rewarded with ridicule or contempt as if they were the abnormal ones sponsoring division and chaos. Those advertising the fearful propaganda are delighted to see the reactor crowds growing in size, for they do not have to cover their intentions so well.

However on the other side of the equation, those consciously observing and not caving in to the fear of ego or the consenting to the One World Order are able to discern the fiction being promoted and the truth being suppressed. Their response has to be bringing the truth to enlighten the fiction. It is good to have them together so that others can draw the comparison and take the hint. It is spiritual warfare and we just have to bring things to the light and let the spirit convict the fearful.

We, In the western culture, are taught to “fear not,” but that has not yet overridden our fear. So those in the east have been taught about this mental shortcoming and in addition to Jeremy’s conclusion that we just tend to recognize the adverse conditions more because we worry about them more. One of the main shortcomings to us in the western religious world is the fact that we are not taught that we are actually manifesting those fearful situations. Our scientists are now calling this The Law Of attraction. We actually attract the negative energy of these situations. Those in the Eastern spiritual understandings can manifest the answers to these spiritual battles. Let’s hear from two spiritual gurus on this mental problem:

Our next speaker Krishnamurti will explain how difficult, but how important it is to not internalize thoughts at all:

On the Difference between Observing and Thinking About Oneself

J. Krishnamurti ~ Official Channel

How do we tell the difference between observing ourselves in the sense you mean and merely thinking about ourselves? How do we tell the difference between observing ourselves in the sense you mean and merely thinking about ourselves? Right? Have you got the answer? Thinking about ourselves and observing ourselves. They are two different things according to this question. Thinking about oneself which we all do- I am making progress, I am better than yesterday, I have my problems which is thinking, I wish I had better food, better clothing, better housing, or I wish I had more sex – you follow? – money -thinking about oneself all the time which most of us do, even the austere monk, he does think about himself – right? Only in the name of God – right? And the questioner says, what is the difference between that – thinking about yourself -and observing yourself – right? Right, that is the question. Now we know what it means to think about ourselves – right? It is going round and round in circles. Either expanding the self, the ego, or contracting the ego – right? I am the world, I am God, I must be more kindly, I must love; I must be more intelligent, I must meditate to achieve whatever they want to achieve. So, we are all caught in that. And observing oneself is something entirely different – right. Then let’s find out what it means to observe. Do you understand the question? We are together in this? Come on, sirs! First of all, do we observe anything without the word? Do we observe the mountain and not call it a mountain? Do we observe the evening light on the cloud with its most extraordinary color, beauty, and something immense, can we look at those clouds and the mountain without using a single word? Can we do that? Do you understand my question? Don’t look so paralyzed. That is, can we look at anything objectively- the trees, nature, the waters, the sky and the evening star, and the silence of a morning, this extraordinary world we live in, the natural world -can we look at anything without a single word? And to find that out we have to find, go into the question of why the brain is caught in a network of words? Do you understand my question? Are we together in this? We are asking, can we look at anything including my wife, my husband, my daughter, the politicians, the various gurus and the priests, and all the circus that goes on in the name of religion, can we look at all that without reaction, first? Then find out if we can look at all of that without the network of words interfering with our observation. Can we do that? Have you ever tried that? When one looks at one’s wife or husband, can you look at her or him without all the images, all the things that you have accumulated about her or him, just to look? Can you? You are exceptionally silent when I talk about the husband and the wife and the girl and the boy. So, one has to find out why the brain is so caught up in words. When you say he is a communist or a totalitarian you have wiped it out, you have put him in a category, in a cage, and that is the end of it. Or he is British. Or he is French, or he is an Indian, or he is this or that. See what is happening to our brain. Linguistically the brain has been caught with words, not the significance and the depth of the word, but just the word. This requires careful watching. Watching is to observe. There was a balloon going up this morning, you must have all seen it, and you watched it going up and up and up very, very slowly. The gondola hanging and you saw the whole thing. Then you might say, ‘By Jove, I wish I were up there, or you say to yourself, ‘How dangerous’. And so on. We never look at anything without words, without reactions – look. Now you are all sitting there and you are unfortunately seeing the speaker. And you have already put him into a category. You already have an image of him. You already say he is this, he is that or he is some kind of idiot, or whatever you like to say about him. So, you never… He has forgotten to whisper! So, you never look at him as though for the first time. Do you understand? Have you ever done this kind of thing? Not just for a minute or an hour or a day, but the freshness of a mind, brain – you understand? -which is not caught in words, reactions, look at everything as though for the first time you are looking at the world. That observation is to watch oneself, never allowing a single thought to escape without watching it, being aware of it, and giving your whole attention to that one thought. And then another thought – keep at it, so that your brain is tremendously attentive. Do you understand? So that watching is not an egocentric movement. Whereas thinking about yourself is egotistic, self-centered activity. It is clear, isn’t it? Now, just a minute. How do we move from this to that? Right? You are asking naturally; you must ask that question. Or am I asking the question and you are accepting it? Do you understand? Suppose one is self-centered, I am self-centered, egocentric, all my outlook is personal- I am not loved, I must love -you know all that kind of turmoil, silliness that goes on. I am that, one is that. Then how am I… how is it to move to the other? Right? You are asking that question, aren’t you? Is that the right question?

Moving from here to there. That is a wrong question, obviously, Because if you move from here to that, that is the same as this.

Move! Do you understand this? If I say I am selfish, now I must not be selfish, I must observe. The ‘must’ is still in the same category or the same movement as thinking about oneself. Right? Are we together in all this? Some of us are I hope at least. So, the question then is answered, not the answer is outside the question, but the answer is in the question. Right? That is observing the question itself, and what it reveals. It reveals a tremendous lot. Because, you see, observing, if I can put it differently, observing, perceiving has no time. The other is caught in time, thinking about myself, I will fulfill one day, I have no roots now, but I am going to establish roots sometime, I have no identity – you follow? All those are time-binding qualities. Time-binding quality is essentially the self. I don’t know if you want to go into all that. I am finding all this as I talk- right? Whereas watching, if you watch that bird, there is no time in that at all, just watching – right? So, the word and thought create time. I won’t go into all that. Got it?

This is incredibly difficult to do if you are in a hurry. Let’s look back to when I talked about those who look to others to solve their problem compared to those who observe and contemplate what is happening without getting themselves caught up in the picture, thus reacting.

Are we observing only the situation thereby responding, or are we thinking, thereby interposing our egos to enter the decision process by considering fears of past or future?

Are You in the Tribe of the Awakened? Shunyamurti

Sat Yoga Institute

In older cultures, the ego was considered the larval stage of consciousness. It was based on the name given in infancy, and there were rites of passage in those traditional tribal cultures, sometimes of great difficulty, ordeals in which the infantile consciousness known as the ego would be killed, so that the adult self could be born. And in the tribal cultures, there were rites of passage for the women into the women’s mysteries, that could include childbirth and the other aspects of life of the divine feminine and male mysteries, that involve warriorship and Kingship and opening into that level of androgynous being in which the male would surrender to the grace and the love of the female and for the women the same equivalent mysteries so that each being became transgendered each being was capable of those shamanic wisdoms that come from the sacrifice of the identification with the body and the limitations of the choice that, one must make between maleness and femaleness and in the overcoming of that difference, true love that is not based on desire but based on unity, based on the realization that we are consciousness, not matter enabled a unification of an energy field of the entire tribe and the entire ecosystem of nature, which is its habitat and with the entire noaa sphere of planetary wisdom, that is accessible to those beings who have transcended the limited consciousness. And then there were other rites of passage into the final levels of ultimate reality in which one would have to pass through the fear of death completely, to know that infinite timeless presence and be able to function as a medium of that power, to guide the tribe through the various tribulations that it might have to face. And now we are at a moment in the history of this planet when our planetary tribe is facing unprecedented tribulations and it does not even know it is a tribe because it is divided up into warring nations and within each nation, there are other wars and within each family, there are wars and within each ego, there are wars. And peace can only come through the sacrifice of the ego that is built for war, that has weaponized its own intelligence, that has hidden away its capacity for love because love is weakness in the midst of war, at least it is perceived as that and so we have lost access to the heart. We have lost access to that unity. And nature itself reflects our own venomous consciousness, and until we have turned this venom into medicine, until we have turned our capacity for anger and the desire for domination and territoriality, until we have incinerated all of that into the fire of sacrificial love we shall not receive the wisdom or the power to be able to survive these tribulations and survive them not merely bodily, but as beings of pure spirit with the capacity to redream the world, out of the fullness of the power of the creative imagination, with which God has created this Universe and in this microcosm of a Planet, in which it is our responsibility to carry on that creation, but a creation that can only be carried on if we are willing to make the sacrifice of the ego that is the cause of all the suffering and each one must do that. Each one must do that for its ego must make the sacrifice to be reborn, in that deathless eternal consciousness that can alone bring restoration to beauty of love and life itself, to this sacred planet and the responsibility is on each of us to make that sacrifice now, not at some future time. Now is the moment of the urgency, the urgency of the Divinization of our consciousness, and it is this alone that brings the settling of our own Karma, of our own suffering, and that therefore frees others from suffering. Because there is a morphogenetic effect such that when anyone becomes liberated from Karma it creates a quantum wave function, that is transmissible, replicable. So that each being finds it easier and easier to make the same shift of their locus of consciousness from the ego to the real self and to abide in unshakable unity that is free of desire and free of fear. In the silence of pure presence even now at this very moment, even if the sacrifice has not been fully made, the truth is that all are always already liberated within. You can feel that power, that grace in your heart. You know it, you may know it as a yearning, a calling a fleeting glimpse, a vision, a hope, a prayer, but you know it, because it is the core of each and every one of us. In our eternal being that preceded the birth of the body and will exist beyond its death. It is this rite of passage that everyone on the Planet is now going through and will continue to go through as the suffering augments, until the metamorphosis has been completed, through the voluntary surrender to that supreme presence. It is not that God is out there somewhere as the religions preach, but that the consciousness of the Cosmos as a whole and of each being as a microcosm of that is itself a manifestation of the one supreme intelligence. You are that. But the I who can say that, and know that, and feel that, and resonate with that Supreme Presence is not the I that thinks but the I that is the pure presence of the witness of thought, that never moves from its Eternal Stillness, and never identifies with any separate unit of being, but with being itself in its fullness and it is this self that has no fear, and no desire, and no needs, that is unshakable, immovable and that has the courage to act in the ways that are necessary, to bring back the spiritual nobility of our species, to earn the right to continue the creation for another cycle of time and for those who are ready to earn the right of Spiritual, Royalty to graduate from this school, that is the earth plane and move into that level of consciousness, that no longer requires a bodily manifestation, in order to learn what is necessary, for this next level of functioning in the divine cosmic order. And so, within the consciousness of each being, there is now a contest of wills between the ego and the self because the ego will rebel and refuse to surrender, to be still, to open its heart to Love, to accept everything as it comes without defensiveness and to remain in that perfect faith in the goodness and the perfection of that power who ordains all that appears, all that we must pass through, and that can withstand the disappearance of all that is unreal because one has attained the absolute.

Now, thanks to Shunyamurti’s, guidance we are on to the answer to our response or our reaction choice in our life’s situations. These like all situations are either a test by outside forces seeking their good or by inner forces seeking our own good. According to Shunyamurti, it is the ego maintaining our past and present fears as our only present choice by the mind. Therefore our life is a constant inner battle within the mind. He, in his culture, which was once long ago our culture, reminds us that our heart should not be shoved out of our lives. The mind is a terrible master if not directed by the heart. These internal battles move outward, influencing our family, then our community, country and nation, thus the battles turn out to be wars.

Now we ask ourselves why is everything in such chaos without a promise for peace on this earth. The understanding that all of the tribes in this cosmos were at one time in unity brings us to the question; who brought on this change and why and how was it accomplished. Many people over the years and centuries have fought to understand how and why this was done. Within all of their discoveries the answer lies. It is up to us to bring together all these discoveries into one cohesive force to match the external forces of control over us. I have spent many years wondering this same thing without a hint into the solution, with just frustration and anxiety. My purpose, unknowingly has been to bring all of these answers into one synchronous, cohesive and believable answer. Many truths and injustices must be uncovered at once, or most people will put the solution down because of one belief they have that has been questioned. Their ego will prevail for fear they will be found to be part of the problem and part of the solution. I will provide these videos in a sequence that can quickly resolve this question. As you just heard, our ego is our problem. It has to be killed since it only consists of past and future fearful thoughts that paralyze us, and keep us thinking that we are separate beings in competition with each other. Each of us who truly seeks the solution will have to patiently and methodically sift through the videos that bring proofs, but in a circuitous route. Everyone’s patience will be tested to the limit. That must be the rite of passage we have lost importance in, as we have been taught through mind control techniques and programming of the ego. This has not occurred accidentally and will not yield to our peaceful questioning. Those who have engineered this chaos have quite effectively involved each one of us to the point that we will defend and obey our puppet string pullers. We must individually study, all the evidence this book holds, withholding judgment until we are able and willing to show love and care for others lagging behind.

The fact that most of us, in the West and those under totalitarian rule around the world are without instruction as to how to change our situational choices to our benefit. That is, to use our inherent ability, thus our inherent right to manifest our desired lives without outside ego programming ads, or social upheaval. The answer to our problem is to learn how to manifest our desired life. Our bible had these instructions in writing for us until suppressed by outside forces with their good and their power and their control in their minds. That has been accomplished by their not teaching us how important education of the mind is without our heart’s guidance.

In the book of John we are taught the Western way. That way is to outwardly pray for our intentions to be carried out by an outward force or judging authority. This scripture was changed as shown from the same scripture placement as the one in the Gospel of Thomas:

Lost gospel of Thomas Greg Braden

[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition]

Two key, removed, bible verses show how to manifest and have prayer answered in the same language whether Christian, Hindu Buddhist. Traditions tell us of a field of energy that we have the language for. The Buddhist monasteries in Tibet are telling us FEELING IS THE PRAYER (1) and we must feel as if the prayers were already answered. Gospel of Thomas verse 106 “When you make the two, thought and emotion ONE you will say to the mountain move away and it will move away. When you can marry your thought and emotion into one single potent force, that is, when you have the power to speak to the world.” Verse 48 says almost the same thing “If the two make peace with each other in this one house” the house or temple was known as you. If the thought and emotion make peace with each other they become ONE.
How do we do this? In the early Christian bible you have today (ask and you shall receive) people ask and nothing happens, because the asking is not done with the voice. The asking is not done. Please, please bring this to my world . That’s not asking. To ask we must speak to the field (the divine matrix-in the language the field recognizes) in the language that the field recognizes. And a language that’s meaningful to the field (the field does not recognize our voice) it recognizes the power of our heart. We have a feeling in our heart that produces electro-magnetic waves. That’s the language that the field recognizes. So when you create the feeling in your heart (a feeling as if the prayer is already answered). Ask and ye shall receive—while we still have this passage in our text in the bible that you have today, the king James version JOHN 16:23-24 & 26. “AND IN THAT DAY YOU WILL ASK ME NOTHING. Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the father IN MY NAME. He will give you. Until now you have asked nothing IN MY NAME. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full”. (John 16:23 – 24. NKJV)
“in that day you will ask IN MY NAME, and I do not say to you that I shall pray to the father for you” (john 16:26.)
This is the condensed version. You have the edited version. The edited version looks like this::: “Whatsoever he asked the father in my name he will give it to you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name. Ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full.
This is the edited version. This is amazing to me because they took out the two sentences
That show us HOW TO ASK
IN the fourth century when the edits happened, they took those two original sentences out. Going back to the original Aramaic: for a new translation.
All things that you ask straightly, directly, from inside my name, you will be given. So far you have not done this… (because if we ask with our voice we have not done this,). Now, here’s the piece that was edited. Here is what was lost. Look at these two very powerful sentences.

If you want the perfect relationship in your life, if you want the healing in the body of your loved ones. Feel the feeling of what it is like AS IF IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. Be enveloped by what you desire. Because that is when your thought and your emotion BECOME ONE.
You think the thought of the feeling in your loved ones and you FEEL THE LOVE OF THAT THOUGHT. They become one and that is the language that this field recognizes.
This is precisely what the Buddhists are telling us. Ask without the judgment of the right or the wrong or the good or the bad. Ask without the ego. ASK FROM THE HEART.
An example is: if it says to be surrounded that means to feel as if. Now if that sounds too religious, because it is from the bible, we spoke earlier about the philosopher Neville. His book, “the power of awareness. Look at what he said. It’s the same thing. He says: “YOU MUST MAKE YOUR FUTURE DREAM A PRESENT FACT NOW BY ASSUMING THE FEELING OF YOUR WISH FULFILLED TO COME FROM THE PLACE THAT IT’S ALREADY HAPPENED
Physical reality must respond to the language that it understands.
So in the Buddhist traditions they are telling us THE QUALITY OF THE FEELING and in the Judeo-Christian traditions they are ((NOT ???) this to me misses the point of our being deceived in our traditions by the editing)) giving us the instructions to be surrounded, to be enveloped, how to create that feeling. And when you put those all together it’s something that happens in our HEARTS not in our minds.
Feeling as if the prayer is already answered with no judgment with no ego. And feeling forms the result. As if it’s already happened.

The way I see this, it’s sabotage. It took too much effort to blame some grammatical error for a basic deception. If your gladness be full, indicates an energy that can affect energy through resonance. That’s how the mortar holding the rocks together in the walls of Jericho was adversely energized.

From a 1978 movie with Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn called Foul Play a typical Hollywood movie like the Matrix showing their attack on the divine matrix described in the video removed (but previously transcribed) from the internet, video, title and all.
About the archbishop being killed by a twin brother to take his place to set up an execution of the pope.
They, in explaining what they are doing, have Goldie asking: “Why kill the Pope?” He means nothing to you.” She is told; “He is a symbol, a symbol of vast wealth and corporate power of the World Churches”. She is told by the Archbishop’s twin brother that the Archbishop “…is always the good one, hiding behind the skirts of the sham called organized religion, whose sole aim is to rob true spirituality of its life and perpetuate an implacable authority.”

This next video, by another source, bringing scientific understanding of the energy fields surrounding all life shows our interdependence upon all forms of life on this plane. In order to keep this train of thought flowing coherently, many videos on the scientific evidence will follow. For us now, it is imperative we understand the reasoning for the deception. We actually have the power to manifest, in this way, a peaceful earth to abide in. This would be adverse to their goal to control us in our limited ego-centric minds. But just in case we happen to stumble upon this manifestation principle, they provided another block. That was to chemically defeat out spiritual organ, the pineal gland, through a worldwide ploy to calcify it with Sodium Fluoride under the guise that it will strengthen out teeth. This gland is our connection with the field and required frequencies to manifest with. This, also, will be covered in depth later.

The Lost Gospel of Thomas with scientific understanding of how we should manifest our wishes

There is a language that lives in every human of no words. Of human emotion. That feeling is something that does not happen in your mind. It happens in your heart. That feeling is a language (a frequency which IS what every thing is totally composed of – there are no things that are just solid including the earth itself as we are taught by our science, controlled by the churches and schools), a power that lives inside of your body today modern (deceptive) science is beginning to admit that feeling that happens inside of our bodies has a direct effect on the stuff (no stuff. Just frequency) our world is made of. On the atoms (just frequency) and molecules (just frequency) of our physical (not physical. Just energetic or frequency) world. So what we choose to experience in our lives we must first feel as an emotion in our hearts and be totally immersed in that emotion as if it has already happened. So the question how much power do we really have? to change our world and our lives? And bodies. Who are we? Are we simply passive observers watching the world go by? Or powerful creators? As our most cherished spiritual and religious traditions have always said we are actual powerful creators who have forgotten (stolen by the controllers) how to use our power. How many have heard of the lost gospel of Thomas? A very, very powerful text. The lost gospel of Thomas is powerful [and ridiculed by the religious of today because it is believed to be the actual words of Jesus [you mean as distinguished from John’s words] as he was teaching those around him how to use the power of human emotion in his life, to unleash the force of the divine matrix in our lives. First we have to understand how it works. And the science tells us how it works. [Bravo for science- just love that word] secondly we must speak the language that the divine matrix recognizes. And science cannot tell us that. That comes from our past, from our cult-ure and history [not recent] from those who have learned and used this language for thousands of years. What did Jesus and the [great masters] say about this language? It is the same with Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and pre- Christian traditions. They are all telling us that there is a field of energy and that we have the language (frequency) to use that field. This is an actual page out of the gospel of Thomas so we know that this ancient gospel actually existed. If you know Greek, you can see some of the Greek letters right here. In the gospel of Thomas, there are two very important keys. This was written around 300 years after the time of Jesus. We’ve been in the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet and they are telling us that feeling is the prayer. And we must feel as if our prayers have already been answered. Verse 106 of Thomas, when you make the two, thought and emotion one. You will emit frequency to the mountain to move away and the mountain will crumble like the walls of Jericho. When you marry the thought and emotion you have the power to communicate through frequency to the world.

Now verse 48 says “if the two make peace with each other in this one house” you are the house, the temple. How do you do this? 7:7 ask and ye shall receive. “All things that you ask straightly, directly, from inside, you will be given. So far you have not done this. If we ask with our voice we have not done this. Here is the piece that was edited [in the bible] here is what was stolen. Look at these two very powerful sentences. “Ask without hidden motive, and be surrounded by your answer, be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full” to feel as if. That is the language this field recognizes without judgment. This is precisely what the Buddhist are telling us. Ask without the judgment. Ask without the EGO. Ask from the heart. In the 20th century author beat us to the punch. Nevil says “you must make your future dream a present fact now by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled to come from the place that it’s already happened. Physical reality must respond to the language that it understands. So in the Buddhist traditions they are telling us the quality of the feeling and in the Judeo-Christian traditions they are not giving us the instruction. They white wash all the way through and you did not say the scripture in John as tampered with. AND THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN PROJECT THAT EMOTION IS WITH AN UNCALCIFIED PINEAL GLAND. THANKS TO THE controllers, to be identified very soon.

Besides the mistaken removal in translation and not putting the Gospel of Thomas in the Bible, could there be another reason for this loss of ours, the loss of manifestations in the correct manner? This is the result and adding to it the fact that we have a worldwide Sodium Fluoride contamination, we have been robbed of our heritage. This was likewise done in the Crusades when those Gnostics who knew the truth were exterminated to remove “some inconvenient truths.”

This suppression of truth and substitution of truth teachings is obviously an act of outside forces with power and control over the mental end to their actions. These actions have continued in their subversive efforts, thus demonstrated in our internal conflicts and leading to external wars as mentioned above. These forces have gone further to subdue our natural and rightful use of our spiritual weapons in the spiritual warfare imposed upon us. That weapon is located in our brain near our minds eye, the third eye and is the pineal gland which controls our emotions, which extended to the heart’s power becomes our manifesting agent as was used in falling the walls of Jericho. Without our counter to their actions by our manifesting them out of our lives, they maintain total control of our programmable egos.

Next are two examples of conscious and therefore observing men who have decided to share their contempt of those controlling our lives thorough fear of viruses, Producing ego thoughts or fears. Thus, they have created fear and chaos in our environment:

The book “the Invisible Rainbow” exemplified by this excerpt from it and the interview about a book “Contagion Myth” are now worldwide examples of their power and control. The ends to their actions are worldwide, but the answer as to whom and why the ends have been achieved are not. Yet:

This book, published by Arthur Firstenberg, is: THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW; A HISTORY OF ELECTRICITY AND LIFE.

In 2017, Mark Broomhall presented his report to the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on the exodus of so many species of wildlife from the Nightcap National Park World Heritage area surrounding Mount Nardi in Australia. Broomhall has lived on Mount Nardi for more than 40 years. After antennas for 3G cell phones were installed on the Mount Nardi communications tower in 2009, he saw an immediate decline in insect populations. In 2009, when “enhanced 3G” was added to the tower, along with channels for 150 television stations, 27 bird species left the mountain. In early 2013, when 4G was installed on Mount Nardi, a further 49 bird species left. All bat species became scarce, four common species of cicada almost disappeared, frog populations were drastically reduced and the massive and diverse populations of moths, butterflies, and ants became uncommon to rare.

At about the same time that Broomhall presented his report, people all over the world woke up to the fact that their cars’ windshields were not being splattered with tiny life, and that insects of all kinds were disappearing from the earth. In 2017 scientists reported a 97 to 98 percent decline in total flying insects in 63 nature protection areas in Germany. In 2018, scientists from Australia, Vietnam, and China reviewed 73 reports of insect declines from across the world, and concluded that 40 percent of all insect species on earth are threatened with extinction.

We are living in a world where information does not increase knowledge, nor open eyes. The cultural barriers are too great. Society has been in denial for too long. And yet it is impossible to continue on the present path any longer. Decisions are being made to intensify the worldwide microwave rain, before 2020, from a steady drizzle to a downpour.

Instead of cell towers every few miles, there are going to be cell towers every few houses. This is already being implemented throughout China and South Korea and is spreading like wildfire to every city in the world. Although the new antennas are small-little boxes on top of telephone poles –they expose the population to tens of hundreds of times more radiation than the tall structures they are replacing.

Dense rows of similar antennas are being sown like so much rice along the side of highways and beneath the pavement and the electric fields that sprout from their seeds to cover the adjacent countryside’s will guide cars and trucks that are outfitted with their own antennas and driven by robots instead of human beings.

These are the structures that are replacing men and women with machines within cities and along highways. It is called “5G” because it is the 5th generation of wireless technology. 5G will enable the creation of the “internet of Things”: not only cars, trucks and home appliances, but virtually everything we buy is being outfitted with antennas and microchips in order to be connected to the wireless cloud that will take over the business of the world from human beings. Cars will drive themselves, milk cartons will instruct refrigerators to order milk, and your baby’s diapers will tell your phone when it needs to be changed. By some estimates, as many as one trillion antennas will soon be talking to one another, outnumbering people on the earth by a hundred to one.

Not just people, but all of nature is being replaced by electrical pulsations, and not just in cities and suburbs. Radio waves are replacing eagles and hawks in National Parks and wildlife areas, fish and whales in the earth’s oceans, and penguins and auks in Antarctica and Greenland, where ice is melting into electric fog.

Four billion people, you see, still have little or no access to the Internet. And the remedy for that deficiency is now at hand, via balloons and drones. Humankind is now willing and able to finally fulfill the original promise of the telegraph, put into words for the first time a century and a half ago. Space and time are being poised to be thoroughly annihilated of life itself. Unsuspected, that is, by those who cannot yet see what is happening. Those of us with EHS who remember the beginning of satellite phone service foresee catastrophe.

In 1998, the launch of the 66-satellite constellation called Iridium brought cell phone service for the first time to the vast un-served regions of the earth, previously owned by pigeons and whales. As we saw in the last chapter, however, it also unleashed a new kind of rain that emptied the skies of birds for a couple of weeks. The loss of thousands of racing pigeons during the two weeks following September 23, 1998, made headline news. The fact that wild birds were also not flying received only brief mention. The human toll was not mentioned at all.

On about October 1, 1998, I contacted 57 electrically sensitive people in six countries. I also surveyed two nurses and one physician who served this population. My survey found that 86 percent of the electrically sensitive people interviewed, and a majority of patients and support group members, had become ill on Wednesday, September 23, exactly with typical symptoms of electrical illness such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, nosebleeds, heart palpations, asthma attacks, ringing in the ears, and so forth. One person said it felt like a knife went through the back of his head early Wednesday morning. Another had stabbing pains in his chest, a number of people, including me, were so sick we weren’t’t sure we were going to live. Follow ups revealed that some of these people were actually ill for up to three weeks. I suddenly lost sense of smell on September 23. 1998, and it still has not returned to normal.

Mortality statistics obtained from the CDC reveal the following numbers for 1998:

Week Deaths
Sept. 6 11,351
Sept. 13 11,601
Sept. 20 11.223
Sept. 27 11,939
Oct. 4 11,921
Oct. 11 11,497
Oct. 18 11,387

As recommended by the CDC, the above numbers are based on an average three week delay between the time of death and the filing of a death certificate, and have been adjusted to account for missing data for some cities. A four to five percent rise in the National death rate occurred during those two weeks in which electrically sensitive people were the sickest and birds were not flying in the sky.

The commencement of service by the second satellite cell phone company, Globestar, was again accompanied by widespread sudden illness. Globestar announced the beginning of full commercial service in the United States and Canada from its 48 satellites on Monday February 28, 2000. Widespread reports of nausea, headaches, leg pain, respiratory problems, depression, and lack of energy began on Friday, February 26, the previous business day, and came from people both with and without EHS.

Iridium, which had gone bankrupt in the summer of 1999, was resurrected on December 5, 2000, when it signed a contract to provide satellite phones to the United States Armed Forces. On March 30, 2001, commercial service was resumed, and on June 5, Iridium added mobile satellite data services, including the ability to connect to the Internet. Nausea, flu-like symptoms, and feelings of oppression accompanied both events. Hoarseness was a prominent complaint of many who contacted me in early June. But reports that grabbed headlines had nothing to do with human beings.

The March 30 event was unusual in several respects. First, it was the night of a rare red aurora that was visible in the Northern hemisphere it was a time of intense solar activity, so I was tempted to attribute this to pure coincidence, except that I was reminded of the reddish sky that some reported the night of September 23, 1998, when Iridium was turned on the first time. No one understands all the interactions of these satellite operations with the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere.

But the second item that attracted notice was a catastrophic loss of Kentucky race horse foals in late April and early May. Since mares, according to the Merck Veterinary after, for example, a viral infection, this would put the triggering event at the end of March. Except that no such virus was ever found. In the United Stated, unusual foaling problems were reported simultaneously not only from Kentucky and nearby States like Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, but also from Maryland, Texas and northern Michigan. Lenn Harrison, director of the University of Kentucky’s Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center, said he had received similar reports from as far away as Peru.

Between 2001 and now, our skies have not essentially changed. The number of satellites in low orbit has gradually increased, but Iridium and Globestar are still the only providers of satellite phones, and amount of data raining on us all from space is still dominated by those two fleets. That, however, is poised to change in a grand way. In 2017, we had a total of some 1,100 functioning artificial satellites of all types circling the earth. By the end of 2019, the number had already doubled. In 2020, several companies are competing to launch new fleets of 500 to 42,000 satellites each, for the sole purpose of bringing high-speed wireless Internet to the furthest reaches of the earth, and recruiting billions of untapped consumers into the rank of social media. These plans call for the satellites to fly in orbits as low as 210 miles in altitude, and to aim highly focused beams at the earth with an effective radiated power per beam of up to 20 million watts. The names of some of these companies are familiar to everyone: Google, Face book, and Amazon. Others, as yet, are less well known. SpaceX is the space transport company created by billionaire Elon Musk, the man who wants to put a colony on Mars-and to provide high speed Internet to both planets. OneWeb, based in the United Kingdom has attracted major investments by Qualcomm and Virgin Galactic, and has signed up Honeywell Intercontinental as its first large customer, Google, in addition to investing one billion dollars in Musk’s satellite project, has a contract to supply Internet from high flying balloons to remote parts of the Amazon rainforest in Peru.

As this book goes to press, SpaceX has submitted applications for 42,000 satellites to the U,S, Federal Communications Commission and the International Telecommunication Union and is already in the process of launching them, 60 at a time. SpaceX has announced that as soon as 420 satellites are in place, which could be as early as February 2020, it will turn them on and begin providing service to some areas of the earth. OneWeb has submitted applications for 5,269 satellites. Plans to begin launching 30 at a time in January 2020 and has projected the beginning of service to the Arctic and Antarctic in late 2021 and to provide worldwide service from 650 satellites in 2021.Telstar, based in Canada, expects to begin launching a fleet of up to 512 satellites in 2021 and to provide worldwide service in 2022. Amazon projects that its 3,236 satellites will serve the entire world except the Arctic and Antarctic. Face book, thus far, has an experimental satellite license from the FCC under which it is not required to disclose its plans to the public. A new company called Lynk also has an experimental license it plans to deploy “several thousand” satellites by 2023 and boasts that “we’re going to turn all mobile pones into satellite phones.”

These plans must not happen. The roots of our life-support system are firmly attached in the pillars of the earth’s magnetic field, far above our heads, where the pulsations of the universe, nourished and watered by the sun, are absorbed , animating all living things below. The engineers, who believe that all these satellites will be too far away to affect life, miss the mark. Even the first small fleet of 28 military satellites, launched into orbit in 1968, ushered in a worldwide pandemic of influenza. The direct radiation is only part of the problem. Satellites have profound effect, as we learned in chapter 9, because they are already in the earth’s magnetosphere. Unlike radiation from earthly towers, which is greatly attenuated by the time it reaches outer space, radiation from satellites works its full force on the magnetosphere, and is demodulated and amplified there by mechanisms that are poorly understood.

Not only will all these satellites most will be located in the magnetosphere, but most will be located in the ionosphere, which is the lower part of the magnetosphere. The ionosphere, as we learned in chapter 9, is charged to an average of 300,000 volts and provides the power fir the worldwide electrical circuit. The worldwide electrical circuit provides the energy for all living things: it is why we are alive, and it is the source of all health and healing. All doctors of oriental medicine know this, except they call that energy “qi” or “chi”. It flows from the dome to the earth, and it circulates through our meridians and gives us life. It is electricity. You cannot contaminate the worldwide electrical circuit with millions of pulsed, modulated electronic signals without destroying all of life.

The reason the engineering perspective fails is fundamental: it perpetuates the error that our ancestors made in 1800, the terrible decision to treat electricity as a foreign element, a strange beast that operates Outside the laws of nature. We acknowledge the existence of electricity only to the extent that it does work for us; otherwise we pretend it is not there. We ignore the warning, issued in 1748 by Jean Morin, that harnessing with electricity is tampering with life. We pretend, contrary to all scientific evidence, that there is a safe level of exposure, and that if the authorities only set the safety standards low enough, we can have our radar stations and computer screens and cell phones and nor suffer the consequences. We forget the admonitions of Ross Adey, the grandfather of bioelectromagnetics, and of atmospheric physicist Neil Cherry, that we are electrically tuned to the world around us and that the safe level of exposure to radar waves is zero.

The satellite projects have made the growing efforts to educate the world much more urgent. In 2009, an international coalition formed, whose mission is, to bring the matters addressed in this book to worldwide awareness. At this writing, the international EMF Alliance (IEMFA) collaborates with one hundred and twenty-one organizations from twenty-four countries. The Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from space (GARDS) formed in 2915 its mission is to prevent the planned rain of wireless Internet from satellites, drones, and balloons. And in 2019, an International Appeal to stop 5G on earth and in space has gathered the signatures of thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals from two hundred and two countries and territories. Scientists, doctors, engineers, nurses, psychologists, architects, builders, veterinarians, beekeepers and other individuals from almost every nation have signed this appeal, and preparations are underway to deliver it to all of the world governments. [You never saw this on your favorite news media]

In 2014, Japanese physician Tetsuharu Shinjyo published a before-and-after study that is a harbinger of the direction in which the world needs to go. He evaluated the health of the residents of an apartment building in Okinawa, upon whose roof cell phone antennas had been operating for a number of years. One hundred and twenty-two individuals, representing 39 of the 47 apartments, were interviewed and examined. Prior to the removal of the antennas, 21 people suffered from chronic fatigue,; 14 from dizziness, vertigo, or Me’niere’s disease, 14 from headaches; 17 from eye pain, dry eyes, or repeated eye infections; 14 from insomnia; 10 from chronic nosebleeds. Five months after the antennas were removed; no one in thee building had chronic fatigue. No one had nosebleeds any more. No one had eye problems. Only two people still had insomnia. One still had dizziness. One still had headaches. Cases of gastritis and glaucoma resolved. Like the residents of that building before the study, the majority of the people in the world today do not know that their acute and chronic illnesses are in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution. They do not talk to each other about their health problems’ and are unaware that they are shared by many of their neighbors.

As awareness spreads, it will become acceptable to turn to your neighbor and ask them to turn off their cell phone, or unplug their WiFi. And that will be the beginning of recognition that we have a problem, one that is more than two centuries old. It is a problem that pits the apparent ease of living, the limitless power at our fingertips brought to us by electrical technology, against the unavoidable, irreversible effects of that same technology on the natural world of which we are part. The unfolding human rights emergency, already affecting perhaps one hundred million people worldwide, and the environmental emergency threatening so many plant and animal species with extinction, must be faced with open eyes.

The deaths and illnesses of the wildlife and of mankind around the world are known efforts by these outside forces that we regard as evil. Obviously we have not effectively observed them without our internalizing. Their existence and efforts have been only exposed to the few with knowledge from this book which has been ignored for over two years by these forces and those of us engaged in their ends for monetary and wealth considerations. To bring further knowledge in this health domain is:

Contagion Myth and Unconventional Ways to Treat Viruses
Thomas Cowan, MD Medical practitioner and author:
Interviewed by Patrick for the purposes of:

So my guest today is Doctor Thomas Cowan who has written many different books in the past before, but he’s got a new one coming out as well. In the past you wrote a book called “Human Heart and a Cosmic Heart” he also wrote “Vaccine Autoimmunity” also Cancer and the New Biology of Water” and a new book that’s coming out called “Contagion Myth” he got his undergrad at Duke University in 1977, then he went to the Pease Corps for two years, then became a doctor going to Michigan State University. So with that being said, doctor Tom Cowan. Thank you for being a guest on Valuetainment. Thank you Patrick. It’s great to talk to you and meet you. Yes, feeling is mutual. So, why, decide to write a book titled contagion myth? That’s a good question, because I have been thinking about this subject probably for 35 years. And I was hoping not to write about it because it is so controversial and I was hoping I was done writing controversial books. But it just became clear to me that what I was seeing was so unmatched up with what I was hearing in the scientific community that I felt compelled to really look at this subject and really educate myself and what I found felt like it needed to be written about. So what do you write about in there that others would consider controversial? Yeah, that’s a good question and I think the real answer to that question would have to go through the history of what I found. And I hope we can talk about that because I think through understanding the history of contagion we understand how we really got to the present day. So, if you’re okay with that I’d like to describe the history of how we got into this, what I call mess [There is no more rude or obvious way you could have shut the doctor down for wanting to express his opinion. It is perfectly obvious you were ready for him to say anything about expressing his opinion. He was “hoping” to be able to express his opinion. This was his “Hope” because he knew you would suppress it. This is blatant censorship which is repeated constantly in the interview as it is all across the country. ]
So, Can I call you Tom during the interview? [Was this obvious or not? ] Are you comfortable, so Tom you know I have four outcomes of this interview based on the research I did on the topics I saw you talking about in interviews. One is heart. And the reason I want to talk to you about heart, you’ve spoken about that a lot and for someone who’s in business and it’s a very, very high pressure type of a situation. You always hear about stress and pressure linked to heart. So, I’d be curious to know what your thoughts are on that since you’ve written about it and spoken about it. That doesn’t have to be the first one. I’d like to talk to you about the germ theory and what we’ve been told over our lives, how we get germs whether it’s respiratory or coughing and be careful and you have a different point of view on that. So, I want to hear that as well. And then vaccine and obviously contagion myth and some of them have to do with each other, so I think it’s probably helpful for the viewer to get an idea about the 35 years of research that you were talking about that got you to where you are today to want to write that book “Contagion Myth.” [So if you’d like to take the lead on that, that‘d be great. It is awful kind of you to let the doctor take the lead after you absolutely shut him down when he wanted to tell you how we got into this mess.] So, as far as my background. I go to Duke and I had the feeling that I should be as doctor, but sort of didn’t like the whole idea. I didn’t like a lot of things that I saw. And so, when I graduated there, my idea was to try to do anything I could besides being a doctor. So I joined the Peace Corps and taught gardening, and I often say I may be the only person on earth who can say this. I’m living in a mud hut in Swaziland and I was given the books about Weston Price and Rudolph Steiner and what they thought about nutrition and basically medicine. And it’s as if a light went off to me saying the kind of doctor I didn’t want to be was not the only kind of doctor there was, and that there were people who were linking food to health and there were people linking other ways of doing medicine and other ways of seeing the human being which I had no idea about. So, then I go to medical school and I wanted to be a family doctor. I joined a family practice residency and then I was already interested in natural healing and food and I knew something about vaccines. But then I had an experience that I would say in a way changed my life, which is about two months into my first year residency. I was in a clinic and there was a child at their second DPT shot were severely injured, to the point where I don’t think they survived. That of course was shocking to all of us, because it was very clear the baby was perfectly fine when he went in and then had this severe brain injury which was to the DPT shot which was actually happening a fair amount at the time. And I said to myself, I did not go into medicine to hurt babies. But really what I saw that really disturbed me besides the fact that we had just hurt a baby was that the doctors essentially lied to the parents and said there was no way this could be a vaccine reaction, even though it was very clear that the package insert which I showed them said that this could be a vaccine reaction. The other thing they did which was equally disturbing to me, is they didn’t report this to anybody. And so essentially, from a normal statistical point of view, the people to who are collecting statistics, this never happened. And then I saw this over and over again. And I started to realize that the reporting system we have and the way we communicate to patients was just really flawed. This of course did not endear me to my teachers and it became very clear after my year in residency, when I got my license that I just couldn’t be a part of this, because I refused to vaccinate the children in our clinic. And then I ended up spending the last 37 years with a practice, a lot of it in the first 20, was based on seeing children, basically all of whom were unvaccinated, many of whom got all the typical childhood illnesses. And I essentially was tasked or tasked myself with, how do I treat these children? Because none of my patients would vaccinate. I wouldn’t vaccinate. I probably gave seven tetanus shots in my entire career and essentially regret every one of those because I didn’t know what I really needed to know about tetanus. And so, I had to learn how to treat these children. There’s very few doctors who have that experience. I mean that is my background. Now I can tell you that after 35 years as far as I know, I never had one bad outcome from a so-called vaccinatable disease. I never lost a child to measles, chicken pox or whooping cough. I saw hundreds maybe thousands of these and everybody was fine. And the other thing I saw is very few of my patients actually had chronic disease. So, I actually, was not very good at treating asthma and eczema and ADD because none of my patients had them. Now I did get patients from other practices. They heard Tom is good treating chronic disease and they were all vaccinated children and they came to me for help with their asthma or eczema or ADD or whatever it was. But they weren’t my patients originally. And so, what I was seeing was two different groups of children, the ones who were essentially perfectly healthy. I used to joke that I would sometimes, because I had three children at the time too. I would see these children and their parents at the play ground and they would say; oh there’s my doctor and I would think to myself; wait a minute, I don’t think I’ve seen this child in three years. And we had a good time, how are you? I’m fine playing, in the dirt and that was my experience. I think some people would say that’s sort of anecdotal. That’s not double blind studies. But I had to learn how to practice medicine in that context. And so I developed a huge repertoire of what works, because I couldn’t afford to be doing things that wouldn’t work. As far as I know, I’ve had no bad outcomes. Now I’m retired, so apparently I got through the whole thing and that’s my story. So, now let me ask you, while you’re going through this, who was your inspiration? Because, for me, when I see doctors who eventually get to your position where they look at the data and the data says over the past 50 years rates of autoimmunity and chronic disease have exploded currently, one in two and a half American children has an allergy. One in eleven has asthma. One in 13 have severe food allergies and one in 36 are autistic or have autism. Right? Based on the interviews, I’m not in your world. I’m not a doctor. I’m not practicing. But I’ve interviewed many in your world and I’ve interviewed a lot of people that eventually become questioning vaccines. Does it seem like there are two types of doctors? Those that become rebellious and they end up questioning everything [based on interviews of real doctors ? You have had in his world. What a put down and asking him why he is a rebellious doctor who questions everything. How do you keep viewers with your aggravating demeanor and ridicule for his views and calling perfectly good answers to hard for you to understand, you have all the time to get to the truth if you would want to. And how can he defend his position from a doctor is not there to defend himself? You are creating bias for the viewers, who themselves should be calling you out. ]
And say I don’t know if this is the right thing way of doing things and those who just kind of follow the guidelines, follow the rules, follow everything they tell them to do and it becomes a transactional type of a doctor. [So, what kind of name calling is that?] But those who push the envelope a little bit, they tend to have an inspiration, something inspired them to do that. What was your source of inspiration? That’s also a great question, and my particular answer to that was …I was pretty young too, late twenties and so what I did was try to seek out I tried to seek out people who…there is an interesting quote from Carrie Mullis who we may talk about later, but there must be some wise men out there who could guide me. And so I looked. I looked in homeopathy. I looked in herbal medicine, I looked in Chinese medicine. I looked in anthropomorphical medicine and a lot of those; I would say I’m fluent in. I know how to do homeopathy, I know how to do herbalism, I know how to do nutrition, I know how to do anthropomorphical medicine. But frankly, my experience was none of them really worked. And it was very, to some it may be disillusioning, but to me it’s like I almost have no dog in the fight. I’m not allied to conventional thinking, anthropomorphical thinking, homeopathy, whatever. I have a child in front of me who’s got chicken pox. I need them to be fine and go on their way and be normal and I got to figure out how to do it. And however I do that, that’s not going to hurt them. That’s what I did. And so essentially, I had to come up with my own system of doing medicine. And that’s what I did and that’s why I wrote books. Your own system. When you did come out with your new systems, did it ever get you in trouble? Did you ever have any issues with the board? Did they ever come out and say, hey, Dr. Cowan, you can’t be doing that. Did you have any kind of experiences like that with the board? Yeah, a little bit. But that’s just normal. I mean that’s just how it goes. So, in your world that’s normal? That’s not a big deal. No. That’s what happens. Interesting. Keep in mind not all of us are doctors and have the kind of experiences that you have who have studied what you’ve studied. [Obviously, so why bring it up. There has to be a cutting remark after all answers to take away any credibility from the doctor] So, for some of us in the financial industry or in the business industry you mix things up where you come up with something creative, you have regulators who come out and say you can’t sell a product like that. You can’t say this. I’m curious to know how you are regulated by the guidelines that you have. So, now let’s go back to the book: Contagion Myth,” which I asked you, I said what was the purpose of writing this book? You said you need to know my background to know why I wrote this book. You said you kind of need to know my background to know why I wrote this book. Now that we know your background, what was your inspiration to want to write that book? Basically because I looked through the history of contagion and if you would permit me I’d love to share what I found out with your listeners.[ Good for you Dr. Tom, let him have it for his first laying down of the law. You don’t think we understand your tactics, Patrick?]
Please. So, what are we talking about here? We’re talking about that the normal observation that a certain person gets sick in a certain way, let’s say a cold. Or a flu and then somebody else in their vicinity or their family or whatever, gets sick in the same way and one says something was passed between the first person and another person. This is a normal clear observation. We’ve all had it and in fact interestingly it was first described at least two thousand years ago by the ancient Greeks. They said there’s something that’s passed between people. We don’t know what it is. They thought the spirits or who knows what. They couldn’t see anything and then they thought there must be something contagious and we go then for about 1800 years without being able to find the agent. Now, I would point out that this sort of Western science, western medicine is not the only stream of thought going on in those 2000 years. There’s Chinese medicine, probably traditional Iranian medicine. There’s Native American medicine. There’s ayurvedic medicine, these are very old successful medical systems and what you find is none of them thought diseases were contagious. None of them. There is no concept in Chinese medicine that something unseen passes from one person to another. And in no other system did that exist. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s true. They could have all been wrong. But when I looked into it I thought that was sort of interesting. So, then we get to around the 1800’s and now we’re really talking about 1850. There was what I call the first eureka moment. So we’re thinking one person is sick, another person gets sick. There must be something spread. And that observation is what is called epidemiological observation. I just want to point out something here, that this contagion theory was applied to the following disease. There was a bunch of sailors who got sick and one sailor after another got sick and their teeth fell out and then they went into heart failure and died. This happened in the thousands and thousands of people. And it was usually one ship after another. And for a hundred years they said this must be contagious. And then somebody ate a lime and the whole thing went away because it turns out, it was scurvy. The reason I point that out is epidemiological observations; like this person got sick and somebody else got sick is well accepted in medicine. That is not how we prove causation. And you hear this now all the time, well a lot of people in one place got sick, so it must be a virus. Well they blew a bomb off in Hiroshima. A lot of people got sick and nobody thinks that was a virus. Or they’ll say if it spreads from one place to another that proves it’s a virus. So, I’m sure you remember Chernobyl. There was a nuclear accident. A lot of people died. It started spreading into Eastern Europe and then Western Europe. A lot of people got sick. And as far as I can tell that’s no evidence that, that was a virus. In other words, the idea that a lot of people in Iran or Turkey or Spain or the nursing home or the cruise ship, or the whatever, got sick. My aunt went to a party. These are epidemical observations, the purpose of which is to generate theories which can be tested for causation, period. And I would agree 100 % that we had enough evidence with contagion that we should investigate for an infectious cause, or an unseen agent. That’s what Louis Pasteur famously did. He said there’s all these people and in fact, what he used was the case of sheep and said there’s all these sheep getting sick, one sheep after another. Sometimes the handlers got sick. So there must be something that’s passed. They then invented the microscope. So the first eureka moment in history then is they could see this bacteria under the microscope. And they saw the bacteria in the sheep and they saw it in the next sheep who got sick. End of story. That’s what caused the sheep to get sick, called anthrax. But here’s what happened then, Pasteur isolated the anthrax bacteria from the sheep, right? Yeah. So, he took them out. Yeah. And he gave them to other sheep and none of them got sick. None of the people got sick. Now here’s the way I think people should understand this. Imagine you have a cow and you don’t feed the cow proper food which is grass. Right? You feed it cardboard and dead cow parts and you know and you soak it in glyphosate and tick poisons etc. all that stuff comes out in the milk. Then somebody drinks the milk and gets sick. That’s contagion. Right? And then you look in the milk and you see a bacteria called Listeria. And you say, okay, that might be the causative agent. And then you look in the stool of the person and they also have Listeria. End of story. And so the listeria you drank was the listeria that made you sick. Unfortunately though or maybe fortunately, there’s another explanation for that, which is the cow was sick, the poisons went into the milk. The role of bacteria in nature is to biodegrade poisons. Right? If you have a compost pile and you put dead squirrels in it, you’ll get bacteria to eat the squirrels. If you have a pond and you put poisons in it, you get algae growth that eats the poisons. If you have a forest and you cut the trees down, the algae and the fungus and the bacteria eat the dead trees. That’s called biology. That’s called bioremediation. So how do you know that the listeria isn’t there to digest the poisons in the milk? So we have two very clear explanations for what might have happened, right? It’s either the bacteria or it’s the poison and the bacteria are not causing anything. They are just helping you out by eating the poisons, as they do in nature. Now what I tell people is, this is what Pasteur and his colleagues did for 40 years because there is a very simple way to sort this out. All you have to do is isolate the listeria from the milk. Right? You can’t give them all the milk because then you don’t know if the poison’s in it. Isolate the listeria, give that to a bunch of animals, See what happens. That’s what they did for 40 years. And as far as I can tell from the medical literature, no animal or person gets sick. It must be the milk. Yeah, so when I was looking at the difference between him and doctor John Snow, and I’m sure you studied Dr. John Snow as well where he had a different angle. What was the difference between the two of them? Between Dr. John Snow and Pasteur? I don’t know who John Snow is. You mean Beauchamp. Not Beauchamp, Dr. John Snow’s also during the same time as 1850’s because I know Pasteur died in 1895. During the same time you know, Snow was linking everything to water. So, I know you’re specifically isolating water to milk right now because of pasteurization and most of us say pasteurization and we don’t even know where it comes from. Some of us know it comes from the name Pasteur, but he was also talking about how a lot of the viruses were coming from water rather than somebody’s breathing or coughing on you. That’s how I got sick. It was the water. No. I don’t know this Snow, but the two main people then, were Pasteur and Beauchamp. Beauchamp said it’s not the bacteria, it’s the terrain. Now, essentially Pasteur and his colleagues tried for 40 years, and in fact, it’s very interesting what happened then because a German colleague named Robert Koch came up with very simple guidelines so we would know whether a microorganism is causing a disease. And it’s very simple and straight forward. They’re called Koch’s Postulates. And they are the hallmark ever since of how we prove causation. And it’s very simple. You take 100 sheep or 100 people with the same disease, and you identify an organism that’s the same in all of those 100 people. Right? Here’s a way to think about this. I came up with this last night. If you had a disease called swollen thumb syndrome. And so, 100 people with swollen thumb and you ask them what happened to you? And they said, I don’t know, somebody came along and bashed my thumb with a hammer. All 100 of them. So, that turns out not proof. So, you go to next 100 people who don’t have a swollen thumb and you say, did any of you get bashed with a hammer. No, none of us. So that’s postulate number two. No people who are healthy have that organism. Right? Because if they have it then why didn’t it make them sick? That’s still not proof. Then he said you have to take the organism from the sick people, isolate it, purify it, give it to the unhealthy people and if they get sick you prove causation. In other words, you take the hammer, bash 100 healthy people, and if they all get a swollen thumb, that’s how human beings understand causation. Every human being would say, yes I’m sure that the hammer is what causes them. And here’s the trouble. There is not… Koch eventually said, these postulates don’t work, because there’s not one case in the medical literature where they’ve proven the postulates. Not one. We’ve looked for 20 years. They say they do. They say they’re still valid because they’re common sense. I have reports even from this current episode. You know, we see epidemiology. Somebody should do Koch’s postulates. And then we have a report from this current situation. Koch’s postulates were fulfilled. But the trouble is, they never isolated an organism, they never made an animal sick and they didn’t do Koch’s postulates. So, that’s how this got started.
The next…Okay, go ahead. Go ahead. [Wow, how agitated can you get Patrick? Good for you Dr. Tom. You got the truth in and he was livid.]
So, the next step. So, they failed to prove causation with any bacteria. Then they say, well we have diseases now which we can’t find a bacteria. Right? But we know that must be an infection, because it looks like it’s contagious. So, there must be something smaller than a bacteria. And the main disease was polio. So, they looked in the dead brains and the spine. They looked for a bacteria. They couldn’t find it. And so they said there must be something smaller that’s poisoning these children and these people. And they called it a virus. They didn’t see a virus. They didn’t know what they were looking for. They just said, there must be an infectious agent. And so, then they said, okay we’re going to try to isolate this because they were still interested in these Koch’s postulates and so they put it through a filter. So, they had filters that could filter out the bacteria in the cells. So, they took children or people who had died of Polio. They ground their brains up, put it through a filter and then they took many, many different animals and they fed them this filtrate and none of them got sick. None of them. And then they injected it subcutaneously into monkeys, hamsters, guinea pigs. You name it. None of them got sick. And then they said something very interesting. It turns out there’s no animal model for Polio, which is a bizarre way to think. Because what they’re saying is we cannot make an animal sick with this virus filtrate that we can’t see. And then in 1907 they did the experiment that proved that Polio was contagious. They took a child who had paralysis. They took a piece of their spine, ground it up in a blender, filtered it and they took two Rhesus monkeys and drilled holes in their brains. They injected about one half a cup of this stuff into their brains. One of the monkeys died and the other got paralyzed. They didn’t do a control. In other words they didn’t just inject a half cup of water or something. So they don’t know if the monkeys died because monkeys don’t like having a half a cup of stuff injected right in their brain. Maybe they had a herniation. And they held the monkey up and they said, see we proved Polio is a transmissible disease. Now, I don’t know about you but I can see you frowning there. That doesn’t sound like science to me. So this entire study was based on two monkeys? Two monkeys. The idea that Polio was caused by a filterable thing we couldn’t see. Right? That’s the studies. Now, so we go on from there. Then, we go to 1918. So now they say we’ve proven that there’s something filterable. Right? We got rid of the bacteria and the cells. It could be a poison in there. It could be arsenic because it turns out that lead arsenic and DDT later caused the same symptoms as Polio. And so they didn’t know that or maybe they did but they ignored it. So they could even have had arsenic in the water. But anyway since they didn’t do a control, they have no idea. They can’t find that out. So then they go to 1918 and about, I don’t know, 20 million people died from this Spanish Flu, highly contagious disease. Right? And then they see one person after anther and again, epidemiology is not how science proves causation. They only tell you, you should look here. So they did. The Boston Health Department did a study, referenced in the book. I can read you the conclusion if you want. They took about a hundred people who had active symptoms of the Spanish Flu. Right? This is killing millions of people there, snotty noses, coughing, everything. They got 100 volunteers and they divided them into three groups. One group they spent ten minutes breathing as hard as they could into their mouth, like that. Right into their open mouths, ten minutes. The other group, they spent 10 to 15 minutes coughing right in their face. And the other group, they actually took mucus out of their nose. Right? Sucked the snot out of their nose and injected the snot right into the volunteer’s nose. These are 100 people. The Boston health department does this and you know how many of these volunteers got sick? One. He got a runny nose. Which I have the quote here. I could read it to you if you want. It says, it turns out that none of these ways are able to pass the transmissible agent from one person to another. Now, you can look at that and you could say, they came to an interesting conclusion, Patrick. They said it turns out we needed to be more aggressive in exposing the volunteers. I thought to myself when I read that, like what? Do a lung transplant or something? I mean, how can you be more aggressive than that? They sucked the snot out and injected it. And literally one person who they said this is not the flu. They just got a runny nose because we injected some snot up their nose. That’s pretty intense. I just want to ask something if you can hold that thought because… So one hundred people were tested. This is the Spanish Flu era, 1919. A third were asked to breathe ten minutes open mouth into somebody else’s face, open mouth, strong in their face. And then the other one was ten to fifteen minutes coughing into their face and the last one was taking mucus out and injecting it into the other person and only one out of a hundred got sick and had a runny nose. Not even sick. Right. So now, here’s my question for you. So then based on what you are saying is, is we cannot give our germ to somebody else. That what you are saying? That, that’s not possible. We cannot. I can’t give my germ to somebody else. Is that kinda what you’re saying? [this would have been a good time to get a definition of a germ] No, that is not what I’m saying because that doesn’t prove you can’t give germs. What it proves is you can’t give sickness to somebody else. There is a big difference there Patrick. Perfect, that’s good to know, [it seems like you didn’t like the answer or his ability to pose it. and why in such a hurry to change the pace?]
But as a parent this is an epiphany moment I would love to have. So I have three kids. You know the saying, once one kid gets sick, everybody gets sick. Right? Or you know a parent gets sick when they have a baby and they have a two-year-old kid in their house and they get sick.
Oh, my gosh, I’m sick. Now my other son is sick. Now the mom is sick and then at night when the mom sleeps with the dad, then the dad is sick and that kind of goes. So, that argument kind of doesn’t validate what happens. In a lot of families because when kids are around other kids, they tend to get sick. What would you say to that? I would say the same thing. I would say with every epidemiological observation, right? You’re talking epidemiology there. One person gets sick and then another person gets sick. The same thing that happened to scurvy, the same thing that happened in Spanish Flu, the same thing that happened with Anthrax, the same thing that’s happened with Polio. Now, you have to take that observation and prove causation of a microbe. They did that over and over again and they cannot prove Koch’s Postulates. They cannot prove causation. And all I would say, now, in the book we do propose very specific reasons why those observations might happen. Right? So, I can explain and isolate a virus or bacteria and prove that it can cause that disease.
They’ve tried that for 150 years and they can’t prove it. In fact they can’t demonstrate it. So, we don’t know if there’s some kind of similar toxic exposure in your house, whether there’s some sort of resonance phenomenon, like when you put ten young women in a cabin for six months, they all start menstruating at the same time. There’s no virus there. So, you can see physiological responses happen for lots of reasons. And in order to show that it’s a microbe, you have to go through the steps. And they tried, over and over again and I can keep going if you want and see how they try and it turns out it’s not the microbe. I also understand Patrick, how bizarre this may seem to people, because they get stuck on the epidemiology. They get stuck on this observation. This observation has been around for thousand’s of years, the same with scurvy, same with lots of things. It turns out we have a scientific method to prove it exactly, how you can understand that event. I’d love to hear it. Go for it. I’m all ears. I think that comes later. Okay. Because you have to stick with the argument, which is, you have to take that observation We looked and it turns out that’s not the cause. So what is? [good for you doctor. He deserves a little ridicule] [uncontrollable laughter by Tom], I just said, basically, these phenomena are elimination of toxins. So, the trouble is, we’re skipping ahead here and I would rather go back and see how the virus theory actually came about. Here’s what I’d like to challenge you to do. My challenge to you would be try to explain it to a six year old to understand, who’s not in your world [so, you don’t want to hear how the virus theory came about?] And doesn’t fully understand all the technical terms. Speak to me as if the average person is listening to and saying, you and saying, you know what Doc? I really want to learn, but I don’t understand how this is even possible if you know based on what I’ve experienced and what I’ve been told my entire life with visiting doctors. [how does your experience and what you have been told all your life qualify you to question the doctor since yu are only trying to up your intelligence?] This is what I’ve seen. So if you can explain that and pack it into a fairly short amount of time to the best of your abilities, I’d love to hear that perspective from you. So here are some facts about what we’re calling a cold or sickness. Right? So, essentially what happens is, so you are well and then you usually get a fever or some other symptom and then after that, what happens is you get a runny nose or mucus or cough or some sort of snot happens. And then, what happens, is, you are better and in fact when we do the studies of what happens, for instance, with a child with chickenpox. Once they go through those stages, it turns out they are better for life. Meaning they have less asthma, they have less eczema, they have less cancer, they have less osteoarthritis, they have less heart disease. All these are clearly in the medical literature. Now here’s another one, and I wrote a whole book on the cancer about this. It turns out that the most reliable way to treat cancer, and this was dine with Coley’s toxins and it was done in the 1920’s. Is, if somebody has cancer and they get a fever, because they supposedly have an infection then they have a much better outcome. And some of them are even cured of the cancer. In other words this process that you’re calling getting sick is simply a detoxification reaction. So in other words you poison somebody with whatever. It could be emotional poisoning. It could be bad food; it could be we are exposed to toxins in the house. It could be that we are all exposed to glyphosate. It could be that we’re all exposed to electromagnetic fields. All of these things distort the gels in our cells. And then the body has to flush them out. It does this through making fever, making mucus. We call that infectious disease and it turns out it’s just a detoxification reaction. The thing about it is when you treat it like that you get people who have no bad outcomes and are better for life. That’s what’s happening. Now there’s something even very interesting about this, because we now know from very clear scientific studies that if you poison a [you haven’ caught on yet ?] cell or a tissue, it breaks down into little packages of genetic material which are called exosomes as a method of detoxification. In other words, it’s similar to how a tree does. If you have beetles eating a tree, the tree sends out signals to tell all the other trees that there’s been something happening that’s noxious in their area. And then the other trees make a defensive response. Now, I’m aware that this may be more than a six-year-old can do. But I’m trying my best to be as clear as I can here. [maybe you should have asked him if he was able to understand it and then since when do six-year-olds start listening to your show?] So, what’s happening then is one child starts the process. And then they send out this signal to the other children, and even maybe the parents, you should make a defensive detoxification reaction. Unfortunately we misinterpret that as sickness. We even misinterpret that the body makes these detoxification packages that are called exosomes which are mistaken for viruses and they’re not contagious, they’re not infectious. They’re how the body communicates what’s happened and detoxifies. So, can I ask you simple questions? Okay and simple answers. Let’s see if we can pull this off. So doc, how do I get sick? [You are asking again? And this time it is multiple choices?] Do I get sick through respiratory, do I get sick through water I drink, do I get sick through the food I eat, do I get sick through the or the way I think? How does one get sick? There’s basically four mechanisms of getting sick: one is injuries. Right? You fall off a cliff and break your leg, that’s a kind of sickness. Number two is starvation. That’s like scurvy, that’s like Berry, Berry, that’s like Pellagra. You don’t have the nutrients, you don’t have enough collagen, you don’t have enough vitamin C, So, that the tissues start to break down and they excrete these poisons to essentially try to detoxify. So, number 1, injury, number 2 starvation and then three, which is the biggest, is you’re poisoned. So in other words just like the milk example. You poison the milk; the bacteria come and eat the poison. It’s the same argument as if you think that if the bacteria are there, they’re the cause of the problem. That’s like saying you go to a town and you see fires and then you see firemen there. So the firemen must be causing the fires. Actually the firemen are there to clean up after the fires and to put the fires out. The bacteria are there to biodegrade dead and dying tissue. So why is it dead and dying? Because it’s been poisoned with what? Do you want me to knit pick? Each of us have 120 carcinogenic chemicals in our blood and urine and all mother’s milk does. We’re exposed to electromagnetic fields which we have 1200 studies that show that they do harm. [how about that electrical field answer he slipped in?] Glyphosate is in the air. There is air pollution and cyanide, lots of ways people are poisoned. And the final one is, we have emotional toxicity or poisoning or as I sometimes say, the way we think because, if you think the world is out to get you, then instead of world as a cooperative venture. That’s really the model that I’m trying to bring here. The world is a cooperative venture. It’s not this survival of the fittest model that was just a construct. Once you see it like that, that’s the terrain theory. The theory that I have a healthy terrain and I’m resistant to sickness. So, four ways we get sick, injuries, starvation which scurvy, Berry, berry. This is when you’re not getting enough nutrients, collagen. Three is poison; similar to the story of the milk and fourth one is emotional toxicity. The world is not out there to get you. It’s a collaborative effort and if you look at the world in a different way, you won’t get sick.
Patrick, let me interrupt for a minute, because if you permit me. So, how do the modern virologists prove a virus is contagious? Let me go through the steps. So you take somebody who is sick like your child with chickenpox and you take some of the mucus from that child and then you centrifuge it which is not purification. So you have all kinds of cells and stuff in there, and you don’t have a pure virus. And then you take that mucus and you inoculate that on a tissue, like a monkey kidney cell, or a fetal skin cell or an immortalized lung cancer cell. Right? You take that unpurified stuff and inoculate it on a tissue and see whether it grows and kills the tissue. Are you with me? Sure. Now, it doesn’t. And that was the problem of virology. So they figured out that they had to starve the tissue and poison it with antibiotics and oxidizing agents and only then would the so-called virus kill the tissue. And that’s how they prove that the viruses kill the tissue. And then they get this material from the breakdown of the tissue and they say, see the virus killed the tissue. The reason I say that is because it’s the exact same model as how we get sick, they starve and poison the tissue just like we’re starved and poisoned and then we breakdown and create these particles which are unfortunately called contagious viruses. So what was your point of going where you just went right now when I was explaining the four reasons why you stated to me why people get sick? Why did you go there? I’m curious. [Why are you so upset with his ability to get his point across. And your cone back was lame] I went there because there’s this interesting correlation between how virologists prove viral causation and in the exact correlation with my theory, my proposal, with how human beings and animals get sick, starvation and poison. That’s how they make viruses kill cells. So, when’s the last time you got sick [well he got you again and you didn’t have a smart answer ready?] I don’t remember. Like it’s been decades. Well, not decades, years. Okay. So, you don’t get sick. I get sick every once in a while. Interesting. And when you do get sick, are you the kind that’s curious to find out how you got sick, or very rarely do you find out why you got sick? It’s very difficult in any one particular sick person to find out what the starvation or poisoning or inciting event was. But that was what I spent my career trying to find out what happened to people.

Okay, so let’s transition to a different topic here. And I hope all the doctors that listened to you probably learned. The rest of us, we may be lost right now. We were trying to track with you but the level you’re explaining this stuff, I’m trying to get the viewers to understand to the simplest possible. [you insult your viewers and yourself with your conduct]
Let’s talk about something that we all deal with and maybe this will be a different angle we can take. Heart. We are told, heart is genetics. It comes from your mom and dad. And every time I go to the doctor to ask me a question, did your mom have a heart attack? No. how about your dad. My dad had 13 heart attacks. Really? Yes. How old was his first one? 44. how many has he had? 13. Has he had an open heart surgery? Yes. Does he have stints? Yes. Three of them. How many angiograms? He’s had six angiograms, six angioplasties. You gotta be careful because you may have it. Right? So what they don’t know is my dad smoked cigarettes, two packs a day for 30 years and he drank a full glass of alcohol every day for 30 years is what he did. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. So what is the cause of heart disease and why do heart attacks take place? So, we’re going to have to execute… just remember sixth grade, sixth grade. Simplified for us. All right I’m trying my best Patrick. First of all, we have to base… every answer I give I want it to be based on fact. Right? Observations and fact. So, fact number one; in 1920 in this country there was almost no heart disease. Everybody acknowledges that. In fact there’s an interesting story about a guy invented the EKG at Harvard Medical School, offered it to the Harvard Medical faculty and they said there’s no use for this. There’s no heart disease in this country. And whenever traditional indigenous people are studied, they have no evidence of heart disease. They have no evidence of dying of heart attacks. Now I don’t know about your concept of genetics, but we’re talking two or three generations ago we went from almost nobody having heart attacks and by the way, if you look at a cookbook from 1920, featured butter, lard, and eggs and cream. And you say that were the healthiest foods that people should eat it was very clear through your artery. Okay. To in 1940 heart attacks became the number one killer of Americans. There is no possible way that has anything to do with genetics. So, who wr0te the 1940 cookbooks and who made us think these things kill us with heart attacks. Then when did we start having heart attacks? We started having heart attacks with three major things happening. Number one was the major change in the American diet. Again, away from healthy fats and towards margarine, Crisco and other processed foods. The second thing was the widespread use of chemicals in agriculture and food and DDT and all the rest of it. And number three was the increasing electrification of the earth which we now know interferes with your ability to generate and use Oxygen. … So, as soon as those three things happened you see this epidemic of heart disease. Here’s another thing Patrick. If you ask a hundred doctors or lay people or a hundred people off the street, ask them why people have heart attacks. They say the same thing. You have these three major coronary arteries that carry all the blood to your heart. One of them gets blocked with plaque, or two of them or all three of them. The blood can’t get through and then you have a heart attack and die. Everybody knows that. Yep. Now let’s dissect this out a little bit. So would you agree there is something blocking your arteries? It’s probably in your blood. Sure. Do you think your blood in your coronary arteries and your heart is the same blood as you have in your spleen and liver and foot and everywhere else? I would assume so. Yes, I would too. Okay, so whatever it is that’s causing the plaque in the coronary arteries must cause plaque in your splenic artery as well. Sure, yes. Now how many people have you heard of who’ve has spleen attacks? I’ve never heard of Spleen attacks, I’ve given lectures to maybe 50 or 100 thousand people in my career. No one else has ever heard of spleen, liver, foot or liver attacks. How many know somebody personally or in the news who had a heart attack? 100%. How come? Same arteries, same blood, same plaque. how come? A guy comes to me. I’ve seen this maybe 100 times, I wrote a book about the heart (HUMAN HEART, COSMIC EART). People come to me. A fifty year old guy. Doc, I walked up a hill and I felt a little pressure in my chest. I went to the doctor and he aid oh, you might have heart disease. We gotta check your arteries; He does an angiogram and says you have a 95% blockage. Usually they shake their finger like this. And of you block any more you’re gonna die of a heart attack. I’ve heard that 100 times. Let’s think about this for a minute. We’re told that all the blood to your heart goes through those three arteries. That’s why they unblock them. You, Patrick have 5% blood flow through your artery. How did you walk up that hill? The doc says if you block from 5% to 3% that’s going to kill you. I don’t believe it. 5% is no blood flow. 3%, 5% exactly the same. There is no evidence tha that makes any difference at all. There was the biggest study ever done on people who died of heart attacks. They did it with autopsies. A guy Named Baroldi. What year was that? 2010 to 2013. so this was recent, not from the 20’s or 40’s. if you want to read the entire book as maybe a glutton for scientific punishment go to at the bottom there’s a print version. Baroldi prints the whole version, does autopsies 50 years on people who dies of heart attacks. He says 41% have a blocked artery. And of that blockage 50% come after the heart attack, not before. Do the math. That means that 80% of the heart attacks have no evidence of any blockage in the artery leading to that part of the heart. None. Now when I wrote the book I pointed that out and said what is the reason why these other 80% die? And in fact if you look at the studies of stints and bypasses, mechanisms or strategies to clear out the arteries, if it was just a blockage it should work. The conclusion in everyone of them is there’s no evidence that having a stent makes you live longer or not have as second heart attack. And then in October 2018, in the Lancet for the first time they did a blinded study of stints. They took people who had a single vessel blockage. They put stints in half of them and catheters in the other half telling them they had a stint but didn’t. They assessed them 8 weeks later; they had the exact same amount of chest pain. So, the headline of the article read. Stints Proven Useless. Now it’s therefore proven that stints don’t prevent further heart attacks, they don’t make you live longer, and they don’t help you have less chest pain. So, it’s very difficult to say, so what is the benefit. And I can’t think of any. Cover-up of maybe more than 80% up to all electrical death mostly more than 29%. And in the article they said there must be something else that is causing people to have heart attacks. Essentially then the European Heart Association redid their typology of heart disease and said 60% to 80% of people who have heart disease signs and symptoms have no evidence of any plaque buildup. So essentially the whole plaque thing at most it has to do with 20%. The fact of the matter is most of the blood flow to our heard doesn’t come from these arteries, that it is basically a watershed with millions of little capillaries just like a watershed instead of a river. And when you have a disease in how you generate energy then you have a heart attack. So what do you do now to prevent from having a heart attack? You know a basic question for you where somebody could apply right off the bat. When you order food, what foods do you absolutely avoid? Here’s another way to ask that. Tom should I read labels? That’s another way to ask that. Sure. Tom’s answer, no, if it has a label don’t eat it. In other words you go to a market or a tree you see that’s an apple. You don’t need a label. That’s a fish. Or, here is another way to say that. We know that the people in 1920 didn’t have heart attacks. Eat what they ate. They had bacon and eggs for breakfast. The bacon was on pasture raised pigs. If you keep a pig in confinement it will become toxic and then it will get infected. And cows that are on pasture where they have all the healthy nutrients are another choice. And then freshly ground wheat which you bake into sour dough bread and vegetables from your garden and if it has a label don’t eat it. And I didn’t say don’t eat processed food. Because making bacon is processed food, or eating sauerkraut, and here’s another thing, Patrick. If you go back to your traditional Iranian diet from two generations ago, number one, they didn’t have heart disease; number two they probably lived long healthy lives and number three, they ate exactly what I’ve described. I think I’m going to move into that forest right behind you and learn how to hunt and just live there. That’s why I forget about this business stuff. I don’t know what I’m putting myself through doc. All you have to do is go and get nourishing traditions and get my heart book and follow the guide lines. Fair enough. We will put the link to the book in the link below.
Here’s the next question for you. Recently a lot of my friend’s wife’s specifically are telling me they are having a lot of vertigo and getting dizzy. These are all executives and business people. They’re saying I’ve never had vertigo. I don’t know why I’m getting dizzy. Then they go to their doctor who tells them hold your head and exercise is what you need to do and do this and do that. One of them went to a doctor in Idaho who told them there are a couple thongs that’s going on. It’s called electro sensitivity. I’m sure you have heard of electro sensitivity. And BBC even did an article on this saying, I didn’t believe people had it and then it happened to me. Fatigue, pain, headaches, dizziness, burning, twitching, nausea, palpitations, just some of the symptoms experienced by people who say they suffer from electro sensitivity. These are mostly self-diagnosed. [of course it would be designated as self-diagnosed to take away the credibility. I might add to this; for the last year living in an apartment house with WI-Fi I have had tremendous back itching and vertigo and dizziness. These symptoms are helps with one of those remediation devices mentioned by the doctor along with healing U Tube frequency videos while I sleep] On the bottom it says the World Health Organization says electro sensitivity is not a medical diagnosis. And both the World Health Organization and Health England say there’s no scientific basis that these symptoms are linked to electromagnetic field exposure such as 5G. [when you introduce such lies as truth you should give the doctor a chance at rebuttal] You know you hear people say yes and you hear some people say no. what are your thoughts of any linkage between the vertigo and dizziness and 5G towers being put up in different places? Vertigo and dizziness has been a symptom of electromagnetic field poisoning for at least 120 years. Every time there’s an increase in the electrical activity on the Earth, millions of people get vertigo, dizziness, light headedness, and there’s a very clear reason for that which basically goes into the water which I think is probably going to be too technical, but it basically destructors the water. We have very clear evidence of this. [Short on rebuttal there Patrick] And that creates the experience of altered electrical activity because, after all, we are electrical beings. And anybody who says, oh there’s no evidence that we’re electrical beings, I just say have you ever heard of an EKG or an EEG? These are measuring electrical wavelengths in your brain and in your heart. And you can also demonstrate that you can have abnormal electrical activity by an EEG with exposure to cell phones. You can do a mitigation device and mitigate that and the abnormal electrical activity will go away and the vertigo and dizziness will be gone. The World Health Organization is wrong. There’s approximately 1200 peer reviewed studies in the literature documenting the health consequence of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Anyone who says otherwise is not aware of the science.
What is a mitigation device? [You are not gong to take up for the WHO?]
That you said could prevent that from happening. There’s a number of them. There’s one system called biogeometry and there’s another system that uses scalar waves which basically…you know. The problem with electromagnetic fields, if I could put it in context is humans evolved to experience and utilize the electromagnetic energy of the sun and the moon and the Earth and plants and rocks and minerals and water and every living thing. That is the energy of life. And it’s all in this pattern that’s very chaotic (moving his hands in a wave form). It’s not one wavelength over and over and over again. In fact if you do a measurement of the sun you get no pulsations. It’s just a continuous sheet of a variety of electromagnetic fields. I don’t know if this is too complicated. Let it be complicated, I’m trying to up my intelligence, so keep going. Okay, so that’s normal. And then you say I want to use a frequency to have an effect like a radio. So I don’t want all of these frequencies. I just want 98.6. And so you get a frequency, bop, bop, bop, bop and you make it intense so that somebody can pick it up with a receiver. Now the problem is that’s functional, and then we have sound called radar or millimeter waves. Or wireless devices. They all work on these consistent high intensity frequencies. The problem is they’re toxic to the tissues. All of them, because this is not something beings or any living things have ever been exposed to. And so it creates a defensive response which is to change the electrical activity. Hence you experience that as vertigo and dizziness. That’s an electrical activity. The nerves are electrical devices so to speak. So you poison the electrical mechanism of a human being and your experience of that is vertigo. So, that’s the problem. The solution is one, don’t do that. If we are meant to live with non-pulsating high intensity frequency waves then it seems a little crazy to keep doing that over and over again and expect that we’re going to get away with it. Another solution, unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, people don’t like that solution. Sure. They don’t want to do that. So there are people creating interference patterns or this actually works through the water in your tissues. So, if you strengthen the water, it will be more resistant to that. That’s the terrain. If you allow these fields to poison the electrical mechanism of the human body, the cells generate toxins and the bacteria eat the toxins and excrete what’s unfortunately called viruses. And then you think you have an infection. I don’t want to get into naming a product here because I’m not here to sell products. You don’t need to name a product, but what I’m asking is are there products for people to use who are dealing with vertigo and dizziness due to electro sensitivity and if yes is that something that’s over the counter that I can find? Yes. Is there something they call it? Not even a brand name. Is there something they call it or no. well, one method is by biogeometry. That’s one method. And another is to scalar waves. It’s basically putting an interference pattern into your surrounding atmosphere. If somebody searches those two things, can they find it out for themselves? The people that are calling me, this is really bothering them a lot. If they wanted to do research is this something easy to be found? The biogeometry and the scalar waves? Yes. But, I’m not going to get into endorsing products. I’m not saying that. All I’m asking you is if I go research it. Is it easy for me to find it, to go use some of the processes that’s out there. Is it easy to find for myself? Yes, but you may end up getting something that doesn’t work. Because there’s scalar waves and then there’s people who really know how to do it. Just like everything in the world. Is there a way to differentiate between the B.S. and the real product to use or whatever waves it is to use. So here I’m going to get a little self-serving and so people have to understand 35to 40 years researching this and using it with my thousands of patients to see what works, because I can’t afford to use things that don’t work. That’s my career. Okay, so we wrote about them in the book. All right. Which book is it in by the way? THE CONTAGION MYTH – Why Viruses (including “Corona virus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease. Out September 29th. . Okay, as long as it’s in there. There’s nothing wrong with putting a plug into your book by the way.
That’s good to go. Okay that was very helpful. Let’s go to the next topic. This was actually very helpful. Next topic, stem cells. What you’re seeing happening a lot is a lot of people are starting to talk about stem cells and what I mean, I live in Dallas. Somebody has knee problems, joints, shoulder, they’ll tell you go get stem cell shots and 305 million stem cells or whatever these procedures cost between 10 t0 40 thousand dollars depending on what kind of stem cell, is it your own, is it somebody else’s, is it bone marrows. How much research have you done on stem cells and how much credence or credibility do you give to the fact that these stem cell shots can really help somebody heal and even feel younger? So, I’m not an expert on stem cells, so I really don’t want to comment on that, but one of the reasons is because I think that the whole conception of what osteoarthritis or joint disease is incorrect. So, for me there was essentially no reason to need to use stem cells. Because once one understands why somebody has an arthritic joint then you can resolve the problem without having to resort to five million dollars worth of stem cells, which you know again I haven’t looked into it enough to know. Okay, fair enough I think that’s good. Let me ask you another one. I mean if you don’t have an opinion on these things we’ll just skip and you can just say, Pat, I don’t have any opinion on it. I have an opinion on arthritis and I have a treatment and a conception of how somebody can heal from arthritis so that they don’t need to spend money on stem cells. I’d love to hear because my dad has arthritis and it’s a very annoying thing to have. So, If you don’t mind taking a minute, I’m sure some people would like to hear it. So again with everything with me is you have to understand. Since that it’s getting a little bit annoying. No I kind of know where you’re going to go now. Observation facts. So please lead the way with observation and fact. Okay. A joint is a bone and then it has structured water encasement that we call a bursa, and there two bursas that oppose each other. If you look into the science of structured water, you find that all structured water is negatively charged. And so , what happens in a joint is you have these two negatively charged jello structures that because they are negatively charged they repel each other and create smooth movement of the joint. That’s a normal joint. If you restructure the water, in other words make more liquid, it looses its charge and its ability to repel each other and gradually gets worn away more and more until you have bone on bone and then you have to have a knee replacement. The problem is the loss of structure of the gels surrounding your knees. So then you have to say, how do we make gels in the first place? The same way we make jello. You take protein, in this case collagen and healthy unpolluted water …I got to tell you I’ve never had a doctor recommend that eating more jello is good for you, but I’m glad you were able to do that. I’m sure that a lot of us are excited about that. Yeah, it’s not jello because jello has all kinds of stuff in it. I’m talking about collagen proteins and you stop poisoning the structure of the water. It can form properly and then you are fine. And that’s how I did medicine. And for some people this is theory, but for me, I had to figure out a way to help people rebuild their knee because they were in pain and they didn’t like it and I didn’t want to give them drugs. And interestingly, the inflammation is how you remodel the joint. And if you use anti-inflammatories like advil or aleve we know that makes the joint worse. It also restructures your gel. I was about recreating the healthy conditions for your joint and then I have people say, yea my knee doesn’t hurt any more. And they didn’t have to get stem cells and they didn’t have to get a knee replacement. And they stooped poisoning the gels. Again electromagnetic fields destructure your jells and that’s another reason you don’t have a healthy knee.
Let’s go to the next topic. I read a book called ageless man. And the author of this book talks about the fact that as man ages, when their testosterone level drops, their temper, their bitterness and they can’t conduct in the same old methods they used in the bed room when they used to make movies in the bedroom, now they can barely make a short film. You know their joints hurts, their body hurts and
Because testosterone levels are low, many different ways they’re not benefiting from that. So you see a lot of people now days, not doctors but I’m hearing this lot. I’m curious to know what you say about this. I’ve had a lot of body builders on but you hear a lot of people saying testosterone replacement, meaning a form of taking some kind of steroids or some kind of growth hormone when you get past the age of 40 or 50 can actually help you live a longer life where you become ageless. Now I’m curious to know, somehow I have an idea what direction you’re going to go with your answer, but I’m curious to know what you have to say regarding some form of steroids to increase your testosterone level. What are your thoughts on that? So, again I can’t answer, I mean I could say that’s not what I do but that doesn’t help anybody. I think it would be better if I explain why I don’t like that approach. So the problem is what’s the therapy and what’s the disease. And here’s the situation. Because of a whole variety of things, maybe just including aging and poisoning and starvation and the rest your tissues are breaking down and you experience that as dysfunction. And you can’t perform in the bedroom. You don’t feel as good, you’re irritable etc. there’s two ways of understanding this. One of the things that deteriorates is your testosterone and so that’s the disease. Here’s another way of understanding. You have crappy tissue and because your body is smarter than you are, it’s going to lower the testosterone to protect you from hurting yourself. Because you’re in no shape to do anything because you don’t have good joints. Your body is deteriorating. So I’m going to lower your testosterone level to protect you. The question is which one of those two is correct? Because I think what’s happening is your body is lowering the testosterone as a protective mechanism to keep you from hurting yourself. Now, the reason I think that’s true is I take that person who’s falling apart and I say, look Pat, stop falling apart. Feed yourself good food, get out of the Wi-Fi, stop poisoning yourself and you know what happens? Your testosterone levels go up. Why? Now we’re good. Now I’m not so worried about hurting yourself and so I self-regulate. And the problem is if you start giving somebody testosterone, they become an addict. Because they then down regulate and they make less and less. And then if you ever stop, because you give them cancer or something, they are screwed big time. And so my way is honoring the wisdom of the body saying this is not a disease. This is a protective response to the fact that you’re just not taking care of yourself. You’re eating crappy food. Your joints are deteriorating. If I were you I would lower your testosterone too, To keep you from hurting yourself. So, I would lower my testosterone to keep me from hurting myself. What do you mean lower my testosterone level to keep me from hurting myself? Do you want men’s marriage to not work out. How many more divorces do you want to see? We want to keep these men married. I don’t want our audience to get 92 divorces tomorrow and blame me for it. But Pat, what I said was you will end up with higher testosterone. So, a high fig diet is what I need is what you’re saying? No, what I’m saying is if you deteriorate because you are not feeding yourself or living as you should then your body isn’t ….it’s the same reason why young women who starve themselves, lose their periods. That’s not a disease, that’s protecting them from getting pregnant. Because they don’t have the nourishment and the health to carry a healthy baby. Very interesting analogy, yes. If you’re a sick guy because you’re not eating right and living right, you lower your hormone level. Now I didn’t say to keep lowering. I said if you nourish yourself your body will naturally raise the testosterone level and then you will have a healthy marriage and a healthy life and all those things you said, you can’t blame me for the divorce because I give you a very specific way of raising it without doing anything except working with how your body actually functions. Okay, fine. Let’s go a little deeper on this topic but on a different angle. So I think it’s fair to say that I’m never going to see by you winning Mr. Olympia bodybuilding champion. Is that a fair assessment? That is correct. Yes. I just want to make sure. I want to go based on facts and observations. Is what I want to do? I want to respect you. So let me ask you this. When I was in my 20’s I could eat a pizza and nothing would happen to me. The moment I turned 30, that same pizza I ate I felt a little bit heavier. In my 30’s I was still pretty flexible and then when I hit 40, my flexibility wasn’t the same as it was in my 30’s. I could still do the splits until 29. I can’t do the splits obviously today at 41but when I go to my yoga classes it’s not the same. When I talk to people in their 50’s they say you may pay a visit to the doctor to ask him about cialis or Viagra. So is there a natural cialis or
Viagra, you seem like somebody that would know the answer to that question. There’s a lot of people who want to know the answer to a natural method of increasing my testosterone level to bring out the Ron Jeremy Esque of mine in the bedroom. It’s very simple Patrick and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Native Americans had a very good formula for this. Number one they ate healthy fats. They moved around a lot and they ate the organ meats of the Buffalo. Particularly the testes and the adrenal gland. The problem is the lowering of your sex drive, the lowering of your libido is your body saying, Pat, if you are going to poison yourself and starve yourself your whole life, I’m going to not have you make babies because you’re too dumb to do that. So the mechanism is lower your testosterone. What a way of looking it though. Let me tell you that’s very interesting way of looking at what you’re saying right there. It’s accurate and the reason I know its accurate is, okay, you come to me or you did, and I say Patrick, stop doing those. Eat the way people are supposed to eat. Take care of your water, eat some you know organ preparations. I have spent 35 years trying to find out how to make buffalo balls and I found out. So, are you going to keep it, or save it for y9ur family? Go to , you’ll see a formula called male optimization. A bunch of secrets with you. I’ll tell you. It’s not secret. I’ here to help people with information, can you give them a glimpse. They’re still going to go to your site.
Final thoughts before we wrap up.
Corona virus. We’re seeing cases coming down. We’re seeing deaths coming down. We’re seeing numbers are looking better. We’re seeing election year that’s coming up and a lot of people are right now talking about vaccines and president trump is shooting to have a vaccine available by November 1 . You’re seeing some people that are not confident about it. What are your thoughts about Covid and corona virus? And when the vaccine does come out are you someone that trusts taking a vaccine or there’s no way in the world you’re going to touch a vaccine? So, given that we are basically at the end of our time, for me to get into the whole corona virus thing now, I think would be a little bit out of context. Let me just say we wrote a whole book about this. And we go through the science of whether there’s evidence that Covid 19 is caused by corona virus. All I will say is we present the evidence in the book that there is no possible way that Covid 19 is caused by this corona virus. All of the tests are meaningless. All of the numbers are meaningless. Any vaccine for a corona virus can’t possibly be true or valid because until it’s proven that Covid 19 is caused by this virus which it hasn’t been and I know that for a fact and anybody who wants to go into the details should read our book; THECONTAGION MYTH. So, all these questions are essentially moot about cases. There is no test that shows you know, reliably whether there’s a case or not. And I don’t expect anybody to believe that. All I want them to do is look at the evidence. We lay out the evidence in the book and I think the evidence will stint for itself. I think that’s a good way to wrap up the interview. We’re going to put the link below to your latest book that’s coming out September 29, 2020 depending on when you watch it. You can go in the description and order the book yourself. Dr. Tom Cowan, thank you so much for your time

After two years of this book being available and more for the first one, where is the public outcry about the lies. The answer is, the public does not consciously observe, they react. And if there is nothing to observe then they are comfortable in their subconscious lives.
But there was another doctor who questioned the established narrative. His story is below:
Singapore’s Ministry of Health,
Immediately changed the covid 19 protocol and gave aspirin to its positive covid patients.
Forwarded from MSgt OORAH!!
Singapore has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (post mortem) of a covid 19 body. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that covid 19 does not exist as a virus, but rather as a bacteria that has been exposed to radiation and causes human death by clotting in the blood. It was found that covid 19 disease causes blood clots in the veins, making it difficult for a person to breathe; because the brain, heart and lungs cannot receive oxygen, causing people to die quickly. To find the cause of the shortage of respiratory power, doctors in Singapore did not listen to WHO protocol and performed an autopsy on covid 19. After doctors opened and carefully examined the arms, legs and other parts of the body, they noticed that the blood vessels were dilated and filled with blood clots., which impeded the blood flow and also reduced the flow of Oxygen in the body causes the de3ath of the patient. After learning about this research, Singapore’s Ministry of Health immediately changed the covid 19 protocol and gave aspirin to its positive patients. I started taking 100 mg and Imromac. As a result, patients began to recover and their health began to improve. Singapore’s Ministry of Health evacuated more than 14,000 patients in one day and sent them home. After a period of scientific discovery, doctors in Singapore explained the method of treatment by saying that the disease was a global hoax, “It’s nothing but intravascular coagulation (blood clots) and a method of treatment. Antibiotic tablets, anti-inflammatory and take anticoagulants (aspirin). This indicated the disease can be cured. According to other Singapore scientists, ventilators and an intensive care unit (ICU) were never needed. Protocols for this purpose have already been published in Singapore. China already knows this, but has never released its report. Share this information with your family, neighbors, acquaintances, friends and colleagues so that they can shake off the fear of covid 19 and realize that this is not a virus, but a bacteria that has only been exposed to radiation. Only people with very low immunity should be careful. This radiation also causes inflammation and hypoxia. Victims should take aspirin – 100 mg and Apronik or Parac etamol 650 mg.

Source: Singapore Ministry of Health Moved must read forward as received
. Moved (must read) *Forward as received*
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Excerpt from Edward Szall interview with Dr. Tenpenny ( .
I’ve actually been talking to a whistleblower right now that’s yet to be named, who’s an insider at Pfizer, who called and was crying and said that 45,000 number – “I have documentation… thst number is closer to 200,000 people that have died within a week or less of getting one of the shots.”
Dr. Tenpenny
Telegram Majestic 12 Hub #Vaccibes#Genocide#Depopulation#Agenda 2030
Edward Szall had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Tenpenny…
Link, I find that this news came out on August 21, 2021.

Dr. Tenpenny: I’ve actually been talking to a whistleblower right now that’s yet to be named, who’s an insider at Pfizer, who called and was crying and said that 45,000 number – “I have documentation…that number is closer to 200,000 people that have died within a week or less of getting one of the shots.”
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After this truth gets out, if it does at all, wouldn’t you think some Nation’s Governments would concede? Such a truth cannot be kept secret from all the rest, could it? At the time of this writing which is April 17, 2022 there has been no such major story.

There is another group of conscious authors of “After Skool” well informed and ready to share their answers to our world of chaos questions. Their first exhibit is:
There is no video because Google removed the link long ago/ wonder why?


“The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”(Gustav Le Bon). According to the psychologist Carl Jung the greatest threat to civilization lies not with the forces of nature, or with any physical disease, but with our inability to deal with the forces of our own psyche. We are our own worst enemies or as the Latin proverb puts it “Man is a wolf to man”. In Civilization in Transition Jung states that this proverb “is a sad yet eternal truism” and our wolf-like tendencies come most prominently into play at those times in history when mental illness becomes the norm, rather than the exception in a society, a situation which Jung termed a psychic epidemic. “indeed, it is becoming ever more obvious he writes “that it is not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer but man himself who is man’s greatest danger to man, for the simple reason that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes.” (Carl Jung, the Symbolic Life).
In this video we are going to explore the most dangerous of all psychic epidemics, the mass psychosis. A mass psychosis is an epidemic of madness and it occurs when a large portion of a society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions. Such a phenomenon is not a thing of fiction. Two examples of mass psychoses are the American and European witch hunts 16th and 17th centuries and the rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century. During the witch hunts thousands of individuals, mostly women, were killed not for any crimes they committed but because they became scapegoats of societies gone mad: “In some Swiss villages,” writes Frances Hill “there were scarcely any women left alive after the frenzy had finally burned itself out. (A Delusion of Satan). When a mass psychosis occurs the results are devastating. Jung studied this phenomenon and wrote that the individuals who make up the infected society “become morally and spiritually inferior” they sink unconsciously to an inferior…intellectual level”. They become “more unreasonable, irresponsible, emotional, erratic and unreliable,” and worst of all “Crimes the individual alone could never stand are freely committed by the group [smitten by madness].” What makes matters worst is that those suffering from a mass psychosis are unaware of what is occurring. For just as an individual gone mad cannot step out of his mind to observe the errors in his ways, so too there is no Archimedean point from which those living through a mass psychosis can observe their collective madness. But what causes a mass psychosis? To answer this question we must first explore what drives an individual mad, while there are many potential triggers of madness, such as an excessive use of drugs or alcohol, brain injuries and other illnesses. These physical causes will not concern us here. Our concern is with psychological, or what are called psychogenic triggers, as these are the most common culprit of the mass psychosis. The most prevalent psychogenic cause of a psychosis is a flood of negative emotions, such as fear or anxiety, which drives an individual into a state of panic. When in a state of panic an individual will naturally seek relief as it is too mentally and physically draining to subsist in this hyper-emotional state. While escaping from the state of panic can be accomplished through adaptive means such as facing up to, and defeating the fear generating threat, another way to escape is to undergo a psychotic break. A psychotic break is not a descent into a state of greater disorder as many believe, but a re-ordering of one’s experiential world which blends fact and fiction, or delusions and reality, in a way that helps end the feelings of panic. Silvano Arieti, one of the 20th century’s foremost authorities on schizophrenia, explains the psychologenic steps that lead to madness: first there is “[the] phase of panic – when the patient starts to perceive things in a different way, is frightened on account of it, appears confused, and does not know how to explain the strange things that are happening. (Interpretation of Schizophrenia). The next step is what Arieti calls a phase of psychotic insight, whereby an individual “succeeds in “putting things together” [b]y devising a pathological way of seeing reality, [which allows him] to explain his abnormal experiences. The phenomenon is called “insight” because the patient finally sees meanings and relations in his experiences…”But the insight is psychotic because it is based on delusions not on adaptive and life-promoting ways of relating to whatever threats precipitated the panic. The delusions, in other words, allow the panic-stricken individual to escape from the flood of negative emotions, but at the cost of losing touch with reality and for this reason Arieti says that a psychotic break can be viewed as “an abnormal way of dealing with an extreme state of anxiety. If a panic-triggering flood of negative emotions, in a weak and vulnerable individual, can trigger a psychotic break, than a mass psychosis can result when a population of weak and vulnerable individuals is driven into a state of panic by threats real, imagined, or fabricated. But as delusions can take many forms, and as madness can manifest in countless ways, the specific manner in which a mass psychosis unfolds will differ based on the historical and cultural context of the infected society. But in the modern era it is the mass psychosis of totalitarianism that appears to be the greatest threat: “Totalitarianism” writes Arthur Versluis “is the modern phenomenon of total centralized state power coupled with the obliteration of individual human rights: in the totalized state, there are those in power, and there are the objectified masses, the victims.” (Arthur Versluis, The New Inquisitions). In a totalitarian society the population is divided into two groups, the rulers and the ruled, and both groups undergo a pathological transformation. The rulers are elevated to an almost god-like status which is diametrically opposed to our nature as imperfect beings who are easily corrupted by power. The masses, on the other hand, are transformed into the dependent subjects of these pathological rulers and take on a psychological regressed and childlike status. Hannah Arendt, one of the 20th century’s preeminent scholars of this form of rule, called totalitarianism an attempted transformation of “human nature itself”. But this attempted transformation only turns sound minds into sick minds for as the Dutch medical doctor who studied the mental effects of living under totalitarianism wrote: “…there is in fact much that is comparable between the strange reactions of the citizens of [totalitarianism] and their culture as a whole on the one hand and the reactions of the…sick schizophrenic on the other.” (The Rape of the Mind). The social transformation that unfolds under totalitarianism is built upon, and sustained by, delusions. For only deluded men and women regress to the childlike status of obedient and submissive subjects and hand over complete control of their lives to politicians and bureaucrats. Only a deluded ruling class will believe that they possess the knowledge, wisdom, and acumen to completely control society in a top-down manner. And only when under the spell of delusions would anyone believe that a society composed of power hungry rulers, on the one hand, and a psychologically regressed population, on the other, will lead to anything other than mass suffering and social ruin.

But what triggers the psychosis of totalitarianism as was explored in the previous video of this series? The mass psychosis of massive totalitarianism begins in a society’s ruling class. The individuals that make up this class, be it politicians, be it bureaucrats or crony capitalists are very prone to delusions that augment their power. And no delusion is more attractive to the power hungry than the delusion that they can and should control and dominate a society. When a ruling elite becomes possessed by a political ideology of this sort, be it communism, fascism, or technocracy, the next step is to induce a population into accepting their rule by infecting them with the mass psychosis of totalitarianism. This psychosis has been introduced many times throughout history, and as Meerloo explains: “It is simply a question of reorganizing and manipulating collective feelings in the proper way.” The general method by which the members of a ruling elite can accomplish this end is called menticide, with the etymology of this word being ‘a killing of the mind’, and as Meerloo further Explains: Menticide is an old crime against the human mind and spirit but systematized anew. It is an organized system of psychological intervention and judicial perversion through which a [ruling class] can imprint [their] own opportunistic thoughts upon the minds of those [they] plan to use and destroy.” (The Rape of the Mind), Priming the population for the crime of menticide begins with the sowing of fear. When an individual is flooded with negative emotions, such as fear or anxiety, he or she is very susceptible to a descent into the delusions of madness; threats real, imagined or fabricated can be used to sow fear. But a particularly effective technique to accomplish this end is to use waves of terror. Under this technique the sowing of fear is staggered with periods of calm, but each of these periods of calm is followed by the manufacturing of an even more intense spell of fear, and on and on the process goes, or as Meerloo writes: “Each wave or terrorizing…creates its effects more easily – after a breathing spell – than the one that preceded it because people are still disturbed by their previous experience. Morality becomes lower and lower, and the psychological effects of each new propaganda campaign become stronger; it reaches a public already softened up.” (Meerloo). While fear primes a population for menticide, the use of propaganda to spread misinformation and to promote confusion with respect to the source of the threats, and the nature of the crisis, helps to break down the minds of the masses. Government officials, and their lackeys in the media, can use contradictory reports, non-sensical information and even blatant lies, as the more they confuse the less capable will a population be to cope with the crisis, and diminish their fear, in a rational and adaptive manner. Confusion, in other words, heightens the susceptibility of a descent into the delusions of totalitarianism, or as Meerloo explains: “Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot. It confuses those who think straight. The Big Lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more emotional appeal than logic and reason. While the people are still searching for a reasonable counter-argument to the first lie, the totalitarians can assault [them] with another. (The Rape of the Mind). Never before in history have such effective means existed to manipulate a society into the psychosis of totalitarianism. Smart phones and social media, television and the internet, all in conjunction with algorithms that quickly censor the flow of unwanted information, allow those in power to easily assault the minds of the masses. What is more the addictive nature of these technologies means that many people voluntarily subject themselves to the ruling elite’s propaganda with a remarkable frequency: “Modern technology” explains Meerloo “teaches man to take for granted the world he is looking at; he takes no time to retreat and reflect. Technology lures him on, dropping him into its wheels and movements.. [Man No rest, no meditation, no reflection, no conversation – the senses are continually overloaded with stimuli] doesn’t learn to question his world anymore; the screen offers him answers-ready-made. (The Rape of the Mind). But there is a further step the would-be totalitarian rulers can take to increase the chance of a totalitarian psychosis, and this is to isolate the victims and to disrupt normal social interactions. When alone and lacking normal interactions with friends, family and coworkers, an individual becomes far more susceptible to delusions for several reasons: Firstly, they lose contact with the corrective force of the positive example. For not everyone is tricked by the machinations of the ruling elite and the individuals who see through the propaganda, can help free others from the menticidal assault. If, however, isolation is enforced the power of these positive examples greatly diminishes. But another reason that isolation increases the efficacy of menticide is because like many other species, human beings, are more easily conditioned into new patterns of thought and behavior when isolated, or as Meerloo explains with regards to the physiologist Ivan Pavlov’s work on behavioral conditioning: “Pavlov made another significant discovery: the conditioned reflex could be developed most easily in a quiet laboratory with a minimum of disturbing stimuli. Every trainer of animals knows this from his own experience; isolation and the patient repetition of stimuli are required to tame wild animals…The totalitarians have followed this rule. They know that they can condition their political victims quickly if they are kept in isolation. (The Rape of the Mind). Alone, confused and battered by waves of terror, a population under an attack of menticide descends into a hopeless and vulnerable state. The never-ending stream of propaganda turns minds once capable of rational thought into playhouses of irrational forces and with chaos swirling around them, and within them, the masses crave a return to a more ordered world. The would-be totalitarians can now take the decisive step or they can offer a way out and a return to order in a world that seems to be moving rapidly in the opposite direction. But all this comes at a price: The masses must give up their freedom and cede control of all aspects of life to the ruling elite. They must relinquish their capacity to be self-reliant individuals who are responsible for their own lives, and become submissive and obedient subjects. The masses, in other words, must descend into the delusions of the totalitarian psychosis. “…the totalitarian systems of the 20th century represent a kind of collective psychosis,” writes the medical doctor Joost Meerloo. “Whether gradually or suddenly, reason and common human decency are no longer possible in such a system:

There is only a pervasive atmosphere of terror, and a projection of “the enemy,” imagined to be in our midst.” Thus society turns on itself, urged on by the ruling authorities,” but the order of a totalitarian world is a pathological order. By enforcing a strict conformity, and requiring a blind obedience from the citizenry, totalitarianism rids the world of the spontaneity that produces many of life’s joys and the creativity that drives society forward. The total control of this form of rule, no matter under what name it is branded, be it rule by scientists and doctors, politicians and bureaucrats, or a dictator, breeds stagnation, destruction and death on a mass scale. And so perhaps the most important question facing the world is how can totalitarianism be prevented? And if a society has been induced into the early stages of this mass psychosis, can the effects be reversed? While one can never be sure of the prognosis of a collective madness, there are steps that can be taken to help effectuate a cure. This task, however, necessitates many different approaches, from many different people. For just as the matricidal attack is multi-pronged, so too must be the counter-attack. According to Carl Jung, for those of us who wish to help return sanity to an insane world, the first step is to bring order to our own minds, and to live in a way that provides inspiration for others to follow: “It is not for nothing that our age cries out for the redeemer personality, for the one who can emancipate himself from the grip of the collective [psychosis] and save at least his own soul, who lights a beacon of hope for others, proclaiming that here is at least one man who has succeeded in extricating himself from the fatal identity with the group psyche.” (V10). But assuming one is living in a manner free of the grip of the psychosis there are further steps that can be taken: firstly, information that counters the propaganda should be spread as far, and as wide, as possible. For the truth is more powerful than the fiction and falsities peddled by the would-be totalitarian rulers and so their success is in part contingent on their ability to censor the free flow of information. Another tactic is to use humor and ridicule to delegitimize the ruling elite or as Meerloo explains: “We must learn to treat the demagogue and aspirant dictators in our midst with the weapon of ridicule. The demagogue himself is almost incapable of humor of any sort, and if we treat him with humor, he will begin to collapse.” A tactic recommended by Vaclav Havel, a political dissident under Soviet communist rule who later became president of Czechoslovakia, is the construction of what is called “parallel structures”. A parallel structure is any form of organization, business, institution, technology, or creative pursuit that exists physically within a totalitarian society, yet morally outside of it. In communist Czechoslovakia, Hovel noted that these parallel structures were more effective at combating totalitarianism than political action. Furthermore, when enough parallel structures are created, a “second culture” or “parallel society” spontaneously forms and functions as an enclave of freedom and sanity within a totalitarian world. Or as Havel explains in his book “The Power of the Powerless”: “…What else are parallel structures than an area where a different life can be lived, a life that is in harmony with its own aims and which in turn structures itself in harmony with those aims… What else are those initial attempts at social self-organization than the efforts of a certain part of society…to rid itself of the self-sustaining aspects of totalitarianism and, thus, to extricate itself radically from its involvement in the…totalitarian system?” but above all else what is required to prevent a full descent into the madness of totalitarianism, is action by as many people as possible. For just as the ruling elite do not sit around passively, but instead take deliberate steps to increase their power, so too an active and concerted effort must be made to move the world back in the direction of freedom. This can be an immense challenge in a world falling prey to the delusions of totalitarianism, but as Thomas Paine noted: “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.” (Thomas Paine, American Crisis)

Now, with the heartlessly controlled minds of these evil forces understood, we are to look at the truths they have suppressed so that they may be brought to the light, as their lies and fictions have been laid out for all to witness. These lies are now controlling the worldwide population. Let us look at one of many more videos that show how we, through our reactions, to these crises turn out adoring our controllers:

Love Your Servitude – Aldus Huxley & George Orwell
Today, we are faced I think with the approach of what may be called the ultimate revolution, the final revolution, where a man can act directly on the mind-body of his fellows. Well, needless to say, some kind of direct action on human mind bodies has been going on since the beginning of time. But this is generally been of violent nature of the techniques of terrorism have been known from time immemorial and people have employed them with more or less ingenuity. Sometimes with the utmost crudity, sometimes with a good deal of skill acquired by a process of trial and error finding out what the best ways of using torch imprisonment constraints of various kinds. But as I think it was a mechanic said many years ago, you can do everything with bayonets except sit on them, that if you are going to control any population for any length of time you must have some measure of consent it’s exceedingly difficult to see how pure terrorism can function indefinitely, it can function for a fairly long time but, I think it sooner or later you have to bring in an element of persuasion an element of getting people to consent to what is happening to them. Well, it seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this is that we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques that will enable the controlling oligarchy that has always existed, and presumably always will exist. Uh, to get people actually to love their servitude, this seems to be the ultimate in the malevolent revolution should we say and there seems to be a general movement in the direction of this kind of ultimate revolution. This method of control by which people can be made to enjoy a state of affairs which by any decent standard they ought not to enjoy this, I mean the enjoyment of the servitude and first let me talk about the improvements even in the techniques of terrorism. I think that there have been improvements, Pavlov after all made some extremely profound observations, both on animals and on human beings and he found among other things, that conditioning techniques apply to animals or humans in stages of either psychological or physical stress, Jenkins how to say very deeply into the mind-body of the creature and where extremely difficult to get rid of the racing to be embedded more deeply than other forms of conditioning. In this context, I would like to mention the extremely interesting chapters in Dr. William Sergeant’s battle for the mind, where he points out how intuitively some of the great religious teachers and leaders of the past, hits on the Pavlovian method, he speaks specifically of Wesley’s method of producing convulsions, which were essentially based upon a technique of heightening the psychological stress to the limits by talking about health and so making people extremely vulnerable to suggestion and then suddenly releasing the stress by offering the hopes of heaven, and this is a very interesting chapter showing how completely all purely intuitive and empirical grounds, a skilled natural psychologist as Wesley was could discover these Pavlovian methods. Well, as I say we now know the reason why these techniques work to enter, there is no doubt at all that we can if we want to carry them much further than was possible in the past and of course, in the history of the recent history of brainwashing both as applied to prisoners of war and to the lower personality within the Communist Party in China. We see that the Pavlovian methods have been applied systematically and with evidently was extraordinary efficacy, I mean I think there can be no doubt that by the application of these methods a very large army of totally devoted people has been created at the conditioning has been driven in so to say, by kind of psychological iontophoresis into the very depths of the people’s being and has got so deep that it’s very difficult for it ever to be rooted out and these methods I think are a real refinement on the older methods of terror because they combine methods of terror with methods or of acceptance method that the person who he subjected to formal terroristic stress about for the purpose of inducing a kind of involuntary quotes, acceptance of this state and the psychological state into which he is been driven and the state of affairs within which he finds himself. So that as I say there has been I think a definite improvement shall we say, in the even in the techniques of terrorism, well then we come to the consideration of other techniques of non- terroristic techniques for inducing consent for inducing people to love their servitude. First of all, there are the methods connected with uh straight suggestion and hypnosis, I think we know much more about this subject was known in the past people, of course, have always known about suggestion and although they didn’t know the word hypnosis they certainly practiced it, we now I think, know pretty clearly that this order statistical structure of a population in regard to its suggestibility. It is very interesting when you look at the findings in different fields, I mean in the field of hypnosis in the field of administering placebos for example, in the field of general suggestion in states of drowsiness or light sleep, you will find the same sorts of orders of magnitude continually cropping up. You will find for example that the experienced hypnotists will tell one that the number of people, the percentage of people who can be hypnotized with the utmost facility just like that is about 20% that’s about corresponding number at the other end of the scale are very very difficult or almost impossible to hypnotize and that in between there lies a large mass of people who with more or less difficulty be hypnotized, that they can gradually be, if you work hard enough at it be we got into the hypnotic state and in the same way, when the same sort of figures crop up again, for example: in relation to the administration of placebos a big experiment was carried out three or four years ago, in the General Hospital in Boston on post-operative cases where several hundred men and women suffering comparable kinds of pain after serious operations, were given injections whenever they ask for them, whenever the pain got bad and the injections of 50% of the time were of morph and 50% of the time of distilled water and about 20% of those who went through the experiment but 20% of them got just as much relief from the distilled water from the morphia. About 20% got no relief from the distilled water and in between those who got some relief or got relief occasionally. So here again we see the same sort of off distribution and I suspect also that it would not be at all difficult to recognize in very early childhood who were those were extremely suggestible, who were those who were extremely un-suggestible, and who were those who occupied the intermediate space. Quite clearly, If everybody were extremely un-suggestible, an organized society would be quite impossible. And if everybody were extremely suggestible then a dictatorship would be absolutely inevitable. I mean it’s very fortunate that we have people who are moderately suggestible in the majority and who therefore preserve us from dictatorship to permit us to organize society, to do be formed. But once given the fact that there are at least 20% highly suggestible people. It becomes quite clear that this is a matter of enormous political importance, uh, for example, any demagogue who is able to get to hold of a large number of these 20% suggestible people and to organize them is really in a position to overthrow any government in any country. I think this after we’ve had the most incredible example in recent years. What can be done by efficient methods of suggestion and persuasion in the form of Hitler or anybody who’s reading for example Bullock’s life of Hitler comes forth from this with the sort of horrified administration for this infernal genius who really understood human weaknesses. I think I was better than anybody, and who exploited them with all the resources then available, I mean he knew everything, for example, he knew intuitively this pavlovian truth that conditioning installed in a state of stress or fatigue, goes much deeper than conditioning installed at other times. This is why all his big speeches were organized at night he suspects because of this quite frankly of course in my country says this was done solely because people are tired at night and therefore much less capable of resisting persuasion and they would be during the day and we see in all his techniques he was using he had discovered intuitively and by trial and error a great many of the weaknesses which we now know about, on a sort of scientific way I think much more clearly than he does than he did, but the fact remains that this differential suggestibility, this susceptibility to hypnosis. So I don’t think it has something which has to be considered very carefully in relation to any kind of thought about democratic government, I mean If there are 20% of the people who can really be suggested into believing almost anything is evidently, then we have to take extremely careful steps to prevent the rise of demagogues, who will drive them all into extreme positions and then organize them into very very dangerous armies, private armies, which may overthrow the government. This as I say is in this field of pure persuasion. I think we do know much more than we did in the past, and obviously, we now have mechanisms for multiplying the demagogue’s voice and image in a quite hallucinatory way, I mean the television and the radio, Hitler was making enormous use of the radio, he could speak to millions of people simultaneously. This alone of course it creates an enormous gulf between the modern and ancient demagogue, the ancient demagogue could only appeal to as many people as his voice could reach by yelling at his utmost, but the modern demagogue can touch literally millions at a time and of course with the multiplication of his image he can produce this kind of hallucinatory effect, which is of enormous hypnotic and suggestive importance. In these techniques where the object of the application is the human being, You’re obviously up against the most dangerous situation and what will be the temptation for those in power, I mean, after all, we pray regularly not to be led into temptation and this is a very profound and important prayer, I mean experience sadly shows that if we are tempted long enough strongly enough we almost invariably succumb and that the whole process of setting up a decent society is essentially setting up the society in which temptations to abuse power and shall be reduced to a minimum, but these new techniques that I think do constitute a series of very powerful temptations which to those in authority may be finally turn out to be irresistible, I hope not I think what you say is something which we have to think about I mean this might be applied with justification, as you say in the highest patriotic model terms even in democratic societies I trust not but one never knows. In our world, there will be no emotions except fear, rage, and triumph in self-placement. The sex instinct will be eradicated, which will abolish the orgasm. There will be no loyalty except loyalty to the party but always that will be the intoxication of power, always that every moment that will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future imagines a boot stamping on a human face forever. The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one don’t let it happen, it depends on you.

When a slave becomes a happy slave, he has effectively relinquished all that makes him human.
-Frederick Douglass

Yugoslavia earlier same brainwash
This is my message for the greatest country in the world in the light of the recent events in United States. I felt morally obliged to shed light on a very similar chain of events that took place in my country during the 90s. The cost of those events was the same constantly reemerging ultimately will initially stick nontheistic religion/cult caused hundreds of millions of deaths in the 20th century and counsel suffering now. Proponents of this religion once ran the experiment once again and in that experiment you people of America will be lab mice. Not so long ago I was a wet mouse of dictators in my country. That country was Yugoslavia. Rather than giving lessons about history of my country and I want to give you the timeline of the events which led to an extremely wealthy war and dissolution of Yugoslavia Federation. I will leave it for you to make conclusions about similarities, but recent events in United States in the 1989 the fall of the Berlin wall marked the victory of the free world over tyrannical monstrosity of communism across the Europe. However, universal communists didn’t feel like letting go of their precious hours. The climate in Europe was extremely anti-Communist at the time they only needed a new strategy and ideology that will seduce the masses and keep the power in the hands so they come up with a very clever idea to rebrand the communism. Yugoslavia changed its name into socialism type of socialism with a very special type of national socialism sounds familiar. The playbook they used to progress with their agenda was already tested in Nazi Germany to establish national socialism, you must first install hatred and people in order to create genocidal levels of hatred, you must divide people of one country in well-defined groups of words, you must create 500 groupthink. This can be achieved in different ways and divide people by ethnicity byways by religion. You can let your imagination go wild since Yugoslavs were whites, and practically indistinguishable among themselves. The only cards they could play was the religion card formula was very mixed religion wise and we had Orthodox Christian Serbs, Catholic process for males and Muslim Bosnians. A perfect starting position in the next phase you must start making some social policies so terrible that will inevitably lead to the countless individuals advantages when the consequences of federal government policies become obvious. You must start claiming that the cause of those inequalities is nothing but discrimination and hatred of one group towards another. Naturally, you must start screaming that those inequalities must be corrected favoring the oppressed discrimination group over depressive group international quotas for hiring now just replace national with race or women groups are formed in well-defined flavors to say that all the mainstream media Yugoslavia world government control and were fueling the narrative about mutual discrimination and hatred relentlessly growing fear and feeling of insecurity destroys relationships, marriages, friendships as fear of discrimination, and hostility among groups were growing. People started retreating and isolating within their own groups because they didn’t feel safe anymore with individuals from the other group of southern states and very well organized mass protests started all over the country protest against depression, including one group by another at first) for peaceful but soon enough writing and burning started now that you have the attention of the public unit sparks was the spark spark is a convenient event of murdering Karen a member of one group by faithful member of another and you usually need more than one of those points. People were still not completely divided. There were still reasonable people with those who understood we are all one nation under God and that we will not kill each other under any circumstances they went out processing together singing for peace and holding their hands box the hunger for the absolute power of socialists was stronger than our love for each other and she thinks it affects professors continuance in the next phase tipping points, with no return was reached. People started erecting barricades at the entrance of their cities, their neighborhoods, even on highways and roads. Barricades were guarded with armed civilians each and every attempt of the law enforcement to remove barricades and to de-escalate the situation was in vain. Since they will be ambushed and killed the school and be restored anymore because healthwise photos and videos that people obligated for mass media became too explicit and horrifying. Even those hard-core idealists who believe in one nation under God’s peace and love snapped on a depression points army was deployed to restore order, but they couldn’t do much because they were clueless about who was the perpetrator and hold everything simply because they’re there were perpetrators and victims on both sides. In the final stages. Even the Army was attacked during the negotiated retreats and 50 or 100 soldiers were killed and just like that Yugoslavia found itself in the Civil War, city against city village against village family against family and so on until the called territories became claims of the members of the enemy group genocides, ethnic cleansing, relocation of hundreds of thousands of people were everything else lasted four years 100,000 people died some 500,000 were displaced. Those people lost everything. Yugoslavia was drowned in the globs of thousands of innocent people and destroyed forever. You might wonder how we let that happen. How could you let things get so much out of control. That was because we didn’t realize who were the real enemies the enemies of the universe of people as a whole. Instead we were brainwashed to combine the story that we the people are the enemies of each other while actualities were addressing with their sick demented agenda which had as the ultimate goal the taco and unlimited power. This whimsical present times the year 2020 and through you American people unless you were living under the rock you might have noticed that something that is strange and vicious is happening in your country, but you’re not exactly sure what it is and where it came from because the last time you checked your one nation under God’ independent individuals with equal rights under the law, and core values of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness 07 there is protesting rioting, arson, mother, destruction of public and private property and lots of lots of people screaming how unbelievably racist and unjust. America is and before you even manage to prepare your morning coffee and turned the TV on one flight of the writers are at each other’s throats and boxers nice and caring people on TV telling you how you should accept the violence and hatred against Americans because you deserve it. If you have paid attention to what happened Yugoslavia. I hope you have realized by now that your true enemies are not your fellow Americans, the ones who are they want you to take each other to kill each other while they are taking away your constitutional rights your freedoms in your country that heritage your way of life and the future of your children children. Although it is more than obvious that there are very well organized groups use this tool. Exemplify shapes and to create a division between Americans. Their only metastasis which have spread throughout South America. Of course there violence. Terrorist organizations and they must be removed as well. But the main cancer that is killing America the OneWorld peacemaking is coming from somewhere else. The real and extremely dangerous enemies of American people are the elected officials in your government in your stakes in your courts, representatives, governors, mayors, judges wants corporeal groups, the ones who hate America and American people so much that will or even sacrifice the wife and prosperity of their own children just to seek burned to the ground, and American blood spilled. Those are really sick demented ideological process, people, and they are in high positions in the government there governing your states, your faith is in making decisions in your courts. You know very well who they are. You know very well what they already exist. Once beautiful and prosperous American states and cities their resentful power in bloodthirsty they want you and your children suffering in misery and begging them for mercy. No matter how much you try to please them unless you American people stop them. You’re really thinking this is not possible to think again. How many of them tyrants are out there and how many of you decent American people what makes them think they can do whatever they want, which you that they can claim for four over and over again and that they’re invincible. What makes them think they’re God’s morally and intellectually superior compared to you freedom loving Americans yes you guessed it, the fact that they managed to get away with it every single time they face no pushback and not a single consequence for their crimes against the right of people. The time has come for them to pay for the treason. How you select first thing that you must do stop caring whether you been called a racist white supremacist selfish person who wants to spread the sea 1984 or whatever nice name they have for you. This irrational fear of stigma, a phobia of being called a racist, has way more destructive implications than you can even imagine. Stop caring whether you offend anyone number of people offended by you practicing your First Amendment rights is directly proportional to how successful you are and that’s which means the more offended, the merrier, stop attempting to have affect on logic-based special conversation. Explain yourself if you force your wasting your precious time and energy. They have a playbook and changing their minds is not part of it. Second, exercise your Second Amendment rights. This means study carefully and illegal gun laws in your state. Next, arm yourself. If you have never used the gun before. Make sure to take basic training. This is very important because you must know how to use a gun properly protect yourself, your family and your property so that you can avoid hurting yourself or innocent people is a consequence of improper values irresponsible gun owner third and most important, exercise your First Amendment rights. Of course it is very important to vote in November, but I’m afraid it will be enough. I have seen such a diversity of ways socialist justice field elections in Yugoslavia and am absolutely sure your tyrants will give their best to do the same. You must act now must go out on the streets peacefully assemble protest against tyranny and infringement of your God-given rights. Millions and millions of you decent American people must have your voices heard, you must send a very wild and a very clear message to the elected officials in the federal government ending your states that enough is enough and that he wants them to take action now against tyranny reminded him why he voted for them and why directors remind them of their sacred duty to protect the vision of founding fathers of the United States of America. Tell them you want your constitutional rights defended and protected. Tell them you want your history preserved. Tell them you want to be able to freely exercise your rights to free speech to be able to freely and openly show cooperative constant to be able to probably put the writing flag in front of your house and to openly show your pride of your heritage, your culture and your nation. Tell them you stand probably with American law enforcement and that you got there back in the same way you want them to have yours. Tell them you wants to be treated as grown-up individuals who can make their own decisions tell them that there is no place for socialism in America. Tell them you want the tracers of American people out of their offices and out of government. Tell them you want them charged and prosecuted for treason and crimes against humanity, and that they’re not removed from the government and from their offices that you freedom loving Americans will unleash all your anger on tyrants and you will remove them yourself. It is your constitutional obligation to protect the legacy of founding fathers to fight against any form of tyrannical government which infringes upon your constitutional rights. Never forget why you celebrate Independence Day. Don’t be afraid whether you will get attacked for exercising your First Amendment rights. You certainly will be. If that happens, you find yourself. Remember, self-defense is not violence. No matter what they tell you, and what they accuse you of Pres. Trump is on your side and on the side of liberty because if he weren’t, they wouldn’t try these cards to sabotage him in every way possible to make a nightmare out of his life and his presidency, and to remove him from the office healing their way of them getting what they want, but he cannot fight this battle alone. He’s having a very hard time right now defending the freedoms. That’s why you must show him you stand tall and proud with him united in the fight against tyranny against hate and violence in the guess they ultimately will socialism. You must show your open and unlimited support to his vision will drain the swamp and protecting the law and order freedoms American people. You must understand that besides being a gatekeeper free America. Pres. Trump is also a gatekeeper of the free world. This means that if we the people of the world was America, we will lose the world as well. You must not make the same mistakes are fewer false claims because the only casualties of our mistakes for ourselves. This is different because now the future of the whole free world is in your hands. Having that said, I hope you will go out on Fourth of July and tens of millions and celebrate Independence Day which are presidents. As you shoot is for Americans. God bless Pres. Trump and God bless America know what I got from Phyllis. You want to come down the first black and the greatest person ever went down at their history, but you’re not will go down as the worst president in the history of the United States of America comparison is both heartbreaking that we had to have the first black president duty and observed to be the first black president will remove the key which was the first black president, Marilee Corbin, the first black president somebody that is really about unity and change. Shame on you. Shame on you for being the first black president is not making a real change. Shame on you, and I know people will call me names for this, get emails, give messages, people are going to attack me for this battle care. Shame on you Barack. Shame on you yeah and this message is from Terrence K. Williams in the American people because of the thousand millions of other people out there that can agree with me when I say you are a disgrace to this country. Shame on you.

Where is the line between good and evil

After Skool

The good we see in the world is defined by the evil we perceive, without evil there is no good, without the dark, there is no light, without a clearly defined antihero there is no hero. And this explains why we are so quick to demonize those who think differently or oppose us. Tribalism is in the very fabric of our being. Our current culture desperately searches for the antihero because we need to label bad in order to have a sense of good if we can find a villain that allows us to feel morally superior. If there isn’t a villain will create one and now society is more divided than it ever has been. Whatever side you associate with the other side must be demonized. The more we perceive them as evil, the more polarized we become. But the question is how can you be sure if you’re on the side of good? Even the most wicked characters in history thought they were on the side of good. As Alan Watts says, diabolical things are done in the name of righteousness, and be assured that everybody of whatever nationality or political frame of mind or religion always goes to war with a sense of complete rightness. The other side is the devil, certainly, everyone cannot be on the good side, or else evil would not exist. The truth of the matter is good and evil only exist in the eye of the beholder. There is no line between good and evil. There is no clearly marked boundary you can point to. Jordan Peterson says, you can’t divide the world neatly into perpetrators and victims and then assume that you’re only in the victim class and then assume that gives you access to certain forms of redress, It gets dangerous very rapidly If you do that sort of thing. Today Adolf Hitler is widely considered the evilest man to have ever lived, but in the early 1930s, Hitler was heralded as a hero, not just in Germany around much of Europe. He had turned the German economy around and was building an efficient abundant innovative society. In 1936 Hitler and the Germans hosted the Olympics, which displayed German prosperity to the entire world to see that same year he received the 98% approval rating from his people and a 99% approval rating from the Austrians, a country that Hitler took over with no force or violence. In 1938 he was timing man of the year the Nazi regime was supported and praised by intellectuals, economists, Nobel Prize winners, and the media. How did this prosperity lead to concentration camps and gas chambers, It didn’t happen overnight, It took a step-by-step process of the Nazi’s thinking they were doing good thinking they were on the side of nobility and virtue, thinking that every action they took was for the absolute betterment of humanity. Hitler’s motto was the common good before the individual good and eventually his ideology to attain the common good, would lead to a Holocaust. This same process can be mapped onto every genocide in history, from Pol Pot in Cambodia to Mao China to Stalin in the Soviet Union. These men all thought they were fixing civilization. They all had a vision of creating a utopia, but in order to get to that utopia, mass suffering and mass murder became necessary. A world where you and only people who think like you are good is also a world where you are surrounded by enemies spent on your destruction who must be fought writes Jordan Peterson, It is much more psychologically appropriate to assume that you are the enemy that it is your weakness and insufficiencies that are damaging the world than to assume saint-like goodness on the part of you and your party and to pursue an enemy you are inclined to see everywhere. It’s easy to look at the external world and point a finger, but it’s highly difficult to look within ourselves and see our own flaws. Jesus said do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the same measure you used it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, let me take the speck out of your eye? When all the time there is a plank in your own eye. You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye, the speck you see in your enemy’s eye is nothing more than the reflection of the plank in your own. Before you go fixing the world examine your own contradictions we often become what we oppose. Beware of making it your mission to eradicate evil as you are likely to turn into the very thing you were fighting against writes Eckhart Tolle, whatever you fight you strengthen, whatever you resist persists. This is the meaning behind the ancient proverb that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or as Alan Watts puts it, the do-gooders of the world are troublemakers. Those who think they know what’s best for others are often the ones who inflict the most harm. Having the ability to observe your own flaws will dull the desire to bend the world to your will, having awareness of your own capacity for evil will dampen the need to point out the evil in the world. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, author of the Gulag Archipelago lived through Stalin’s brutal communist rule which took the lives of about 30 to 50 million people, during his time in a Soviet work camp, he became acutely interested in the nature of evil. In his reflections on evil in the Gulag Archipelago, he emphasized that all people are capable of evil and that often evil is committed because those involved ignorantly believe themselves to be holy and unmistakably on the side of good. Solzhenitsyn wrote gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through states nor between classes nor between political parties, either, but right through every human heart and through all human hearts. This line shifts inside us, It oscillates with the years, and even within hearts overwhelmed by evil one small bridgehead of good is retained and even in the best of all hearts there remains an un-uprooted small corner of evil. It is impossible to expel evil from the world in its entirety, but it is possible to constrict within each person. There is no line in the external world between good and evil because we all have the capacity for good and evil within ourselves in order to rid the world of evil, we must detach ourselves from ego and recognize our own inner demons in order to understand how good you can be, you must have an understanding of your shadow side. No tree, It is said can grow to heaven unless its roots reached down to help. Knowing your own darkness is the best method of dealing with the darkness of other people says Carl Jung, everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. The realization from this is that good and evil are nothing more than mental constructs, recognition of the reality of evil necessarily relativizes the good and the evil likewise, converting both into halves of a paradoxical whole. When we demonize something in the external world, we reveal a void in our own psyche. When we try to dehumanize another or villainize something we only reveal our own ignorance when we promote shame, blame, and punishment, we reveal just how little we know about our own inner demons and our nature. The ones who are able to look within themselves and separate their true essence from their ego will stand as a beacon of hope for others, the ones who can emancipate themselves from ideology, tribalism, and the fixation with external enemies and look within their own hearts with humility and honesty will emerge with a heightened awareness. This is the beginning of freedom.

“The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you”

population collapse is coming
Currently, we’re not because of just generally low birth rates almost worldwide, civilization is not headed to have a population that is an order of magnitude greater than where we’re kind of we’re currently headed towards a population decline and this is almost everywhere in the world you know it basically seems as though as soon as you have like urbanization and education beyond a certain level and income beyond a certain level, birth rates plummet and so as countries get wealthier their birth rates plummet, it’s somewhat counterintuitive because people will say like well it’s too expensive to have a baby, nope! The wealthier they are the fewer kids you have, um, the more educated you are the fewer kids you have, so um, it’s the inverse, this, by the way, is I think the biggest single threat to civilization right now. Why do you think societally people just make those decisions when they become more affluent, is it that they just become more selfish or there are more things for them to do and they have more money to spend on themselves and they say, you know what I don’t want to have a large family, I want to, you know to go to Coachella? Yeah, well there is this like weird like mind viruses thing where some people are they think like having fewer kids is like better for the environment yeah that’s crazy total nonsense, the environment is going to be fine, they’re going to be fine even if we doubled the size of the humans, this is and I know a lot about environmental stuff, so um you know, we can’t have civilization just dwindle into anything and you know Japan’s leading indicator here like Japan’s population declined by 600 000 people last year that lowest birth rate in history, it’s you know it’s pretty bad. So this one element is, a lot of people just think that having kids is somehow bad for the environment, I want to be clear it’s not, it’s essential for maintaining civilization that we at least maintain our numbers we don’t necessarily need to grow dramatically but at least let’s not, uh you know, gradually dwindle away until civilization ends with us all in adult diapers and in a whimper, like we don’t want civilization to end in adult diapers with a whimper, that would kind of suck, no there’s literally I’ve heard many times, like how can I bring a child into this terrible world, I’m like have you read history because let me tell you it was way worse back then. Oh, so the data overall is showing us for the world as a whole back in 1960 an average couple had five children that’s a whole world, now they have a little less than half that 2.4 children that doesn’t sound too bad it’s still over replacement but when you dive into specific countries like the US, like Asian countries you see the situation is a lot worse and surprisingly mark everybody is declining all countries are declining in fact the countries you think well they’re not declining like East African countries they’re actually declining at a sharper rate because they’re starting at a higher point, right so, you have this overall decline in fertility and normally the shape of the population in terms of age is a pyramid so very few on top a lot on the bottom a lot in the middle and the middle supports the top and the bottom right, but what’s happening now and you can see that in the pyramid in Asian countries is that the bottom is shrinking pretty dramatically there’s a bulge in the middle and the top is growing hugely because people have longer life spans, so longer life spans is a great thing i approve of that of course but in terms of support they’re not going to have the money for social security, that’s already a threat in this country, they’re not going to have the money for Medicare, they’re not going to have the resources to support this older population in terms of, you know, medical treatment and you’re not going to have the labor force necessary to drive the economy, it’s that middle sector that drives the economy and it’s going to have huge economic implications and many economists are looking at that now it doesn’t look good. Oh well, I’ve thought for at least 10 years that the biggest problem in 50 years will be that there are just not enough people. I remember hearing you say a few years ago that you thought we’d peak at about nine billion. Yeah, we probably won’t hit nine, yeah and I think about stats. Think about how crazy it is to think that we might be living on earth right now at a time with the most number of humans that are ever going to exist at one time ever. Yeah that’s highly probable and you know the population collapse in developed countries is precipitous right, it’s like we fall off a cliff. I mean all the countries in the West are way below replacement Korea is way below replacement South Korea and Japan are way below replacement yeah. I think the number one on the planet might be Chad, Chad the country, in terms of growth? Uh, eight children on average, Yeah, I think Nigeria will have more people in it than China by the end of the century, yeah well, and this idea that the planet has too many people on it this is, there’s no sentiment more implicitly genocidal than that statement, so what do you mean too many people, exactly! and what do you mean the planet and what do you propose to do about that exactly, mass abortion is that your answer or should we do something a little more dramatic maybe we’ll just shame people out of having children and I’ve seen people do that literally i saw a professor when i was at a ted, i think it was it doesn’t matter it was a number of professors talking to a couple hundred students and one of the professors who was an environmentalist activist type and he got up on stage and shook his finger to the whole young crowd saying that, him and his wife had only decided to have one child and he told all the young people there if they had a shred of ethical decency that they would severely limit their reproductive potential and i stood up and said that i thought that was one of the most appalling things I’d ever heard anyone in academia say to young people which is really saying something because they say plenty of appalling things and it was a very uncomfortable moment and he huffed off the stage but you know in a frenzy talking about how you couldn’t talk about such things without being pilloried on ethical grounds and yeah that’s for sure you come out as a what emissary of the academic establishment you tell young people that humanity is so corrupt that they should seriously consider not propagating because that violates the deepest of ethical norms and you think that’s a good thing and that that’s your right and it was just beyond comprehension, it’s beyond comprehension but it’s associated with like a deeply rooted existential self-hatred and i mean hatred at the level of humanity is like a virus on the planet that we’re a cancerous growth. I’ll accept Stein calls this human racism, right well, we’re a cancer on the planet you know, unchecked growth just like a cancer it’s like that’s us a cancer it’s okay we know where your heart is located because what’s the implications for a doctrine like that what do you do with the cancer, cut it out, yeah that’s for sure poison it or whatever there’s nothing you don’t do to a cancer, so you’re going to use a metaphor like that, there’s too many people on the planet, you can use a metaphor like that, you know and then you’re going to also decide that you’re virtuous while you’re using it because you’re on the side of the planet whatever the hell that means so yeah it’s unbelievable and a huge part of it’s rooted in this existential shame and horror at the condition of being human and the fact that life is raped with suffering and a lot of it’s unjustified and you know it’s a Mephistophelean position, so Mephistopheles was laid out portrayed in Girth’s Faust that’s the story of a man who sold his soul to the devil for knowledge it’s a story of intellectual pride and Gurtha stands in relationship to German literature in the same manner that Shakespeare stands in relationship to English literature and Girth is Mephistopheles says straight out twice in the play once in the first there’s two books and once in the first book and once in a second Girth that hasn’t restated twice existence is such a foul thing because of all its suffering essentially that it would be better if it was merely enough annihilated and that’s the Mephistophelian stance this whole show should just come to a halt look at how corrupt people are evil reigns everywhere it’s nothing but will to power we’re destroying the planet um with our unchecked ambition all of it rooted in greed and Machiavellianism and jockeying for position and we’re so contemptible that we should just roll up and die and we should shame women into not having children and we should shame men so they never manifest any planet destroying ambition and it’s unbelievably appalling it goes all the way down to the bottom the bottom of things that’s what’s tearing our culture apart this dispute about the nature of existence at the most fundamental level. My kids make me very hopeful for the future you know I mean like, a lot of people say I wouldn’t want good people I know I don’t want to bring kids into this world, like my age no kids, don’t do that sh*t if you think you’re a good person please have a kid, but all your good ideas in that kid so that the world will be better. Hi, thanks for watching this episode of after school. I’m Shanna Swan, I’m a reproductive epidemiologist and I study how chemicals in the environment affect our reproductive health for more than 20 years I’ve been studying how these chemicals can affect sperm count whether they’re causing it to decline and why you can read about this and other scary declines in my book, countdown, thanks for watching and I really enjoyed making this video thank you. I hope you found this animated lecture selection engaging and useful and would like to thank the after-school team for their work and their generosity, I would also like to extend to all of those watching and listening to a sincere invitation to further explore what my team and I are offering on this YouTube channel, my podcast and in my books, your engagement is most welcome and your attention and interest most genuinely appreciated.

The Next Phase of Human Existence – Terence McKenna
After Skool 1

Millions of people, billions of people need the calming assurance that comes from experientially verifying the existence beyond the grave and I think that at the end of history. This is what will happen, that very shortly the instability built into the system is going to transform material existence beyond all imagining the culture of the global civilization is dying there are too many problems there accumulating you have to be blind to not realize that this is really, in fact, the end of the world and that it is, you know, the ozone the hole toxic pollution the toxification of the ocean. We can’t pretend that these things are easily reversed by simply recycling or something like that. Now instead of this clutching to keep it all like it is and say oh no, no please no future. We have to say okay, deep breath it’s like that first wave of psilocybin when you feel it sweep over you or ayahuasca and you realize you know, my God, my God, here it comes I’ve done it this time well we’ve done it this time folks. We have been planning human mass suicide for 15,000 years. Not a moment, was not dedicated to this goal and now it’s upon us, and it’s a cause for great rejoicing. We will go off into hyperspace the planet will heave an enormous sigh of relief and if it can come back from an asteroid impact that leaves nothing larger than a chicken standing around then i dare say in 50 60,000 years. You know the glaciers will run the jungles will restabilize the ocean will cleanse itself and as the i ching says no blame the metaphor that we have to keep in front of ourselves. You know you will know the cliché ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny right do we all understand what this means, it means it’s something that embryology is in the 19th century created and I think it’s fairly profound. It’s that a fetus a human fetus recapitulates the entire history of evolution on this planet it begins as a tiny one-celled organism it becomes a fish it becomes a reptile becomes a mammal, it becomes a human being but the part of the recapitulation of phylogeny that we’ve ignored is extinction for a million years we have been uh afloat in the gym doing amniotic ocean of the planetary environment, imagine the fetal crisis of birth you exist as a fetus inside your mother food is delivered through the umbilical cord oxygen delivered the same way endless space, weightlessness the dream paradise all needs are met and then something begins to go wrong. The walls close in the end you begin to be propelled into the birth canal strangulation death the fetus must know at that moment is incredible.
Everything is going to be destroyed, the world is ending yet how could the fetus at that moment, imagine Hieronymus Bosch’s nuclear physics or global politics or star flight or any of these things we are now in the birth canal of a new ontological order of human existence and the walls are closing. There’s no going back to the amniotic ocean the unpolluted endless frontier of a game-rich planet forget it we’ve been in the birth canal for ten-fifteen thousand years and now we’re approaching transcription the most violent part of the birthing process and all you can do is scream unless you have some superordinate knowledge of what is going on the shamans, Shamans in the rain forest shamans among us, and as a goal for each of us must act as the midwives to a new order of existence. There’s no going back we’ve burnt this scene to the ground and the womb is stretched the womb is traumatized, but it can recover, and but the child and the mother must be parted, again the metaphor of pregnancy if pregnancy is somehow um doesn’t if the birth is not smooth if the child is not parted from the mother toxemia sets in and then both and then you have a real crisis. The life of the mother, the life of the child everything is in danger.
This is the real problem, I don’t think we’ve reached that place yet. I think that we will go fairly smoothly into hyperspace, but I think the emergence in the last 20 years of masses of human beings taking psychedelics masses of human beings talking about getting in touch with the spirit talking about a new shamanism an archaic revival listenings were very, very close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s a radiance the meaning and the depth of which cannot be told because we are after all being born into a higher dimension. But if we believe in the dynamics of nature, if we believe in the rightness of being then there should be no anxiety. There should be no alarm this is what psychotherapy and shamanism and all these things exist for are to spread the truth about the situation so that we don’t clutch and we don’t hold on and spread panic and hysteria and that’s what I’ve learned from psychedelic, don’t you think that the collapse of everything familiar is going to open our hearts I mean the most open-hearted of us open first but before this is over every one of us will probably bury the dead and walkthrough I mean hell and it will open the heart it can’t fail to open the heart i mean when a friend dies in your arm. Maybe the first time it doesn’t work but the second or the third before i mean we are going to get it sooner or later, and it’s bigger than all of us I mean it’s just so big and it’s always been there in miniature. In the phenomenon of our own, deaths but we didn’t we don’t look at that but you know if you will contemplate your own deaths your heart will open the truth that I’ve learned from psychedelics, to put it into a bumper sticker. That’s the way you think of it this is the hardest truth there is. This is a distillation of 50,000 years of nomadic hunting and orgies around the campfire and rockets to the moon and the whole thing can be summed up in a single phrase nothing lasts, nothing lasts everything is changing into something else. Heraclites said this, he said, content area and close we plow into this world we inhabit and we move on. Nothing lasts, not your career not your fortune, and finally, not even your own some self everything is replaced and we can open ourselves to this by the heart, by the Miami nurse all ways then find the two and this is not about being born in the generation of the end of the world. This is something that would work better moment in his, after all, Heraclitus lived 2500. This is the truth of true maturity. Nothing every time I I take a trip will find medial arm make love, art gallery, I will transform and padding which is that the heart dimension is the poignancy of knowing that this shall Everything is in transition and the material body can resist scripts to use the material body understands that passes them will be replaced by something which it can a mansion and that that triggers an anxiousness but I think this is what psychedelics teach that the nothing lasts. And if we can incorporate that in we will live every moment to expose HIV-positive people to walk around with the knowledge that nothing lasts and in the world. They are privileged because after all, any one of us could be bitten by a snake today entire have a tree fall on us and should be run over by a bus. Most things are in that heart dimension. Well, you know you you you to will from this episode is sponsored by audible Terrence McKenna was a profound advocate for psychedelics and freedom of consciousness. Much of the psychedelic Renaissance we experience today. Can be linked to the ideas he pioneered in the 1990s, Terrence passed away in the year 2000 at his lectures and his writings become more and more relevant as time progresses. You can access the profound insights of Terrence McKenna to his audio books on audible, we highly recommend food of the gods, which is a deep exploration of humanity’s symbiotic relationship with mind-altering plants use are school or text after school to 500 500 to start listening with a free 30-day Audible trial and get full access to thousands and thousands all you can listen to audio books original entertainment and pod casts included in the audible plus plan audible makes it easy to absorb the information while you’re cooking, cleaning, exercising, on the go so visit school or text after school to 500, 500
We have just witnessed how the abilities of people in power can control our minds with fear, especially if they can produce that fear without anyone knowing it. They can then come in as saviors. And we will be drawn to them and respect their truth and honest attempts to save us from further fear and wars even if it calls for a final war. Well this all depends on them keeping the truth from us even if they have to change the way we think. We have a sensitive weakness, that is the subconscious mind. If it were the only way we could solve our problems these leaders would use it to their advantage. They would teach us how we could use it to improve our lives. So they studied the brain and the mind. Finding out that the subconscious mind was meant to be separate from our daily lives, they distracted us by teaching how to use it. Never mind the fact that it cannot tell the difference between truth and fiction. In fact that adds to their ability to control. They can just use fiction in all facets of our lies and everything will mesh. We will be intelligent, thoughtful and wise people. This is good as long as the conscious portion, the discerning and loving portion, is hidden. So science has been continually devoted to the mind. Look back at Jeremy’s teaching. He hardly mentioned the conscious state of mind.
So our history has been loaded with fearful stories and our present is copying them as planned. With fear of things we cannot control we look to the intelligent thinkers who tell us the fantastic things they have planned to make this world peaceful. Well has it happened yet. Have we learned how these exact same people are seeking total control? Do we not foresee the further destruction of our economy and environment and health? Are we ready to consent to everything down to giving up our consciences?

Planetary Collapse is a growth Opportunity – Shunyamurti teacher
Well, their plans have been discovered and they depend on everything being fictional, and all truth disposed of. It has happened many times throughout the history that has been disposed of each time they overcome our understanding and discernment. They first provided a theory that the earth was a globe. Yes the one we live on today and the fiction that has been questioned and proved to be fiction. This is the key to their demise and they know it. And they know that another truth they covered up was also a key to their continued power and control. That was the spiritual gift and power to create as would god do if we pleased and he accepted it. They tampered with the bible keeping this truth from us as long as possible. But the history of archeologists has showed us how we have powers attributed to a third eye portrayed in the Egyptian sculpture. This third eye when functional produces in the real world anything we want. So they taught a false way to do that with scripture and backed it up by poisoning that eye with sodium fluoride. Yes, you guessed it. The very thing they put in our drinking water. this will be addressed and proved shortly.
Even we know the earth is being destroyed and we suspect these in power. We have no power to stop them. The next key to keeping us without this power is to prevent the healing of that third eye. It is simple, it is natural and the ancient peoples before were exterminated to keep this secret and it is being used today with great success.
So they have been on a campaign to ridicule and make illegal to use it by defining it with another name. These next few videos show how they have to use our programmable ego in our subconscious minds to go along with their scenario of the dangers of natural drugs. Sounds perfectly ridiculous, right? Well ridicule and law are on their side. So, take a look at this video produced by our friends “After Skool:”

Awakening from the ego illusion is urgent:Shunyamurti teaching:

A satsang is a gathering of spiritual revolutionaries and the revolution that is required in order to be adequate to the challenges of this historic moment within the LILA the divine play of consciousness, the dance between Shiva and Shakti is a level of consciousness that lies on the other side of EGO DEATH and so the spiritual revolutionary is one who has gone through that right of passage or at least aspires to and is diligently removing all the obstacles to that realization that comes after the event of the transcendence of the ego. Because the ego is a finitization of consciousness, a limitation of intelligence, and of the power of love that creates a psychology ruled by paranoia, by lust. Greed. Attachment, fear and the anxiety that comes from realizing that one is in a false consciousness. That lacks being. And a second fear that comes from the lack of courage to enter into the true being of the infinite self. The revolutionary is one who has the courage to leap into the unknown and the unknowable self, to die to the known, to the body identification and to the mind that is limited to the signifiers of the ego’s own petty habitat of subservience to a super ego or set of super ego images in the mind. A set of fantasies that are substitutes for transcendence of limitation that create more poisonous contamination of the soul and a set of defenses that compensate for one’s lack of power to live in truth by projecting out one’s own lack, one’s own failures, one;s own inadequacies onto the other and living in a lack of love and a lack of recognition of the narture of this reality that we are co-creating. And thus the ego rather than being a conscious co-creator of a reality that could be infinitely beautiful becomes a victim of ts own falseness projected out as a world of oppression, a world of deception, a world of conflict and violence, a world of meaninglessness, godlessness and the ugliness that results from the accumulation of the bad karma that one creates through one’s bad faith and disconnection from one’s true essence that shows up in the form of every kind of suffering. And in order to buffer this suffering, the ego adds layers of denial and layers of ignorance of the effect that it has upon others and of its own faithlessness to that one power that could bring salvation from its own suffering. And from the suffering that is part of the functioning of every ego. And the deeper level of the pain that we all carry in our hearts if we are still in the ego mode of consciousness is that we all know better. We all know even below those layers of denial the power of truth and of love. The fact that the world is a dream and we are its dreamer. And we understand that the intelligent presence that we have been indoctrinated into, rejecting and denying whether in the name of god, Buddha, Dao, or Alla or any of the other names for the nameless, formless infinite self. We all know that without re-connection to that source of power we are every day losing more and more of our coherence, our will power, and our capacity even to open our hearts to receive love, let alone to transmit it. And each of us is a witness to the devolving state of a collapsing world in which the egos on a collective level are acting with evermore stupidity, irreverence, denial of the urgency of the situation, the enormity of the damage the horrors that are the effect of the malfeasance of humanity in relation to nature and to one another. And all of the burden of those wrong actions creates evermore of a crushing sense of helplessness and hopelessness in a world that is dying and that we do not know even whether we should attempt to save it or take it out of its miserey as soon as possible or dare to recognize our power to redream it. And so in Asatsang we come together to gather our understanding and the power that can make a spiritual revolution a reality that can bring the world back to its original god given pristine state of ecological and psychological prefection, beauty and interlocking nodes of intelligence that are mutually supporting and life enhancing. But we know to accomplish this aim, the ego level of consciousness must be superseded by a level of consciousness that is resonant with the true source of life, the power of ordaining the trajectory of our destiny and with the creative imagination to bring about what the ego mind with its obsession with laws of nature based upon the theories that human science has come up with fails to accept can be overcome through a mind that has delivered those laws, but is not subject to them. And it is only when we are in resonance with that mind that has the legitimate authority and the capacity to override the habits of consciousness whether they have been installed within the natural world or the mind of humans or the tendencies of fate to take certain turns. this power of creative consciousness when it emerges from the source without contamination or loss of coherence, or love, or light has the capacity to decollapse the quantum wave functions that make up the quantum unified field at a cosmic level of manifestation and bring about change that could not come from ordinary efforts from within the field that has not yet been morphogenetically altered by that high intelligence. But once that intelligence has been awakened and illumined and empowered and liberated from the limitations of ego identification then there is no longer any barrier of impossibility. And it is the willingness to stake one’s life on that option through a very rational and empirical experimentation with one’s consciousness that can confirm all of this, leads to the opening of a window of possibility that cannot be perceived by the mind that rejects its own infinite nature

War on Drugs or A war on the Mind?

An After Skool video
Welcome to a very special episode of after skool. In after skool, our goal is to bring you life-changing ideas that you won’t hear in the classroom. In school they don’t teach you about psychedelic plants, the nature of consciousness, how to have healthy relationships and so many other important ideas, instead, the school puts students in a rigid system that emphasizes things like spelling, something that never made much sense to us, which is exactly why we spelled school with a K. There are so many profound ideas. The traditional school refuses to teach. We wanted to create a place for curious minds, who have a thirst for knowledge and insight into life’s deepest mysteries. Aristotle once said it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it, this means that we actively seek out ideas that push the limits of our understanding, ideas that counteract the mainstream lies we’ve been force-fed our whole lives and so we are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Gaia, the world’s largest conscious media network, where truth-seekers, yogis, dreamers and believers united by a vision to empower the evolution of consciousness, Gaia is like your personal rabbit hole, that takes you on a journey through a spiritual awakening, the video we are about to show is the first episode in their original series called psychedelic a’. We chose this video because it brilliantly explains why the government has done everything in its power to suppress psychedelics even when study after study shows their massive potential for healing and awakening. Graham Hancock, Rick Strassman, and the McKenna brothers need the cast in this extraordinary episode. I know you all will enjoy it. The mind it’s our linked to consciousness, our thoughts and as a byproduct, the expression of our soul, that free and unfettered aspect of being human that no one else has jurisdiction over but as easily as the mind expresses the depths within, it remains easily lured into a false reality where thoughts become the object of attention in the source becomes forgotten, it is here are some scientists and philosophers believe we have lost the true reality, and in turn, become products of our environment and culture. And it wasn’t until scientific study partnered with ancient rituals that they discovered that there might be a way to reconnect the soul and the mind more quickly and intimately for these just escapist tools or could they actually be a cure for the common human issue on this planet, the sleeping mind. I don’t know which half is trying to get in the other half but somehow I seem to be going like that. Suddenly you notice that there’re these separations that we’re not on a separate island shouting across somebody else and trying to hear a piercing sting, well, I mean that there are the colors and the beauties, the design, the beautiful way things appear. When it comes to drugs please for yourselves for your families for your future and your country just say no. But what are these substances that have such a negative social view and had they come into the limelight? One specific drug that captured the hearts and minds of scientists and young adults started a particular investigation of the inner workings of the mind, as World War II was ending Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman was investigating migraine medicine and pulled an old vial of his shelf of LSD 25 is accidental dosage opened his eyes to a new experience that he wanted to share with the world as he believed that this substance elicited a form of psychical loosening or opening. Czech psychiatrist Stanislav Groff believed that the psychic opening allowed experiences to resurface that go all the way back to birth and even pre-birth trauma, so he was willingly among the first to experiment with LSD to investigate what it does to the mind. Then I met Robert Hoffman quite a few times he loved nature, he was taking small dosages of LSD in his garden, until his garden until his death and he said I see the hand of God there and if anybody thinks that the atoms can do it all by themselves they just don’t know what they’re talking about. I was trained in Czechoslovakia memory of the Marxist regime circle the purest method is the doctrine you can imagine, and it was clear to me during graduation that you’re on the consciousness is the product of the neurophysiological processes in the brain, and when the body goes, the brain goes and there goes the consciousness then it was as simple as that. Now I see it very differently. I realize we have absolutely no proof that consciousness is generated in the brain very, very few people realize including scientists from Los Altos are tremendous contributions that the psychedelic skin can bring. But the psychedelic experience wasn’t something new when LSD hit the scene, since the late 1800s, experiments were already being conducted on the psychedelic plants containing mescaline and psilocybin mescaline comes from the peyote and watching the cactus and is used in many Native American rituals the who eat soul mothers really school Mexico would introduce peyote through breast milk and by chewing off bits and feeding them to their children. Even the Spanish chronicler Fred Bernadino – the Hagen reports that among the church in Mecca and Toltec peyote was being used at least 2000 years before the European explorers arrived, archaeological artifacts were found in a cave near the lower Pecos River region in Texas dating back to 3700 BC. In South America and prehistory the shaven were used the watch Yuma cactus watching the cactus in their own religious ceremonies. Watch Yuma has many different psychoactive compounds in peyote, so the experience is said to be slightly different, but the sacramental use of each was both used to connect with the divine. These cacti species are native to the Americas. Psilocybin is from a class of mushrooms and used by indigenous from nearly every continent in Central and North America. We see mushroom imagery and many indigenous artifacts such as the mushroom stones found in Highland Guatemala, which were used to grind mushrooms before their use. Some images referred to the Amanita Muscaria mushroom which is in the classical psychedelic as it works on different neurotransmitter pathways but still is a psychoactive, the Olmec, Toltec, and Aztec imagery shows that the Americas once had a rich history of mushroom appreciation before the European settlers and missionaries resisted their use, imagery in Siberia among the Chukotka appears in rock carvings, in Hindu imagery, such as Lakshmi holding what appears to mushroom. Some have debated these images as misidentified everyday objects, but believers of the deep psychedelic and shamanic groups of almost every ancient culture and religion say that you’ll even find references in the Bible. The King James version of Exodus 1614, gives a description of manna that seems very similar to mushrooms in shape and location and even the time of day that they appear, even a modern look at the witch hunts and trials shows a deep appreciation for psychedelic and psychoactive plants that account for their tales of flying on broomsticks and shape shifting into animals. There are too many to deny that psychedelic mushroom and cactus use were integral to many cultures worldwide. Whatever the conquistadors of the New World were so afraid of seems to still be present as we fast-forward to the end of the 1960s. The revival of psychedelic appreciation among young adults began affecting the national narrative and anti-drug propaganda was beginning to lose its effectiveness how would the world deal with this new problem, people attempting to dissolve the reality constructs of culture. What would this mean for the rest of society? Psychedelics are the antidote to propaganda, and in some ways, they help you develop a mindset that sees through all that. That’s the real reason they are considered dangerous, you know, as Tara said, Psychedelics make you have funny ideas but funny ideas are dangerous ideas. You know, so that’s the reason psychedelics are prohibited because they encourage you to think for yourself. You know, so that nation-states act as though it’s kind of normal to have wars, you know go drop bombs on people, send in the troops, it’s kind of normal thing to do, it’s not a normal thing to do at all, it’s a completely abnormal apparent psychopathic thing to do. We shouldn’t be going out there and killing other people for some sort of weird national goal. It’s a terrible, terrible mistake that we making and now the toys of war have become so big and so huge that they actually pose a threat to the whole future of humanity. The power of psychedelic plans for perceiving higher patterns and seeing through rhetoric led to a desperate reaction by superpowers shutting down the collective memory of traditional indigenous practices and cutting off the public from legal use. Quickly, Independent chemists were making slightly altered compounds, which were technically not illegal to combat this backdoor approach, the analog act was passed, and the DEA was granted emergency scheduling power in which they could declare any substance illegal and may take up to a year to decide what schedule the class it as psychedelic plans and synthesized versions were put into schedule one. This category proclaims the substance is highly addictive and has no medicinal value. Was there any evidence for this claim was a fear move. The classic psychedelics have been used for millennia really think of mushrooms in peyote. No evidence of toxicity. If you took heroic doses, I suppose you’d see increased blood pressure but in the normal doses in the studies, you really don’t see that happening. There is no craving to take them as a matter of fact they’re anti-addictive. You know, in the sense that you often have to kind of screw your courage up to take them. The addictive qualities of psychedelics are nonexistent. In fact, many psychedelic plans are used to quit highly addictive drugs like opiates Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson reportedly used LSD to quit drinking in the 1950s at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. Classic psychedelics like psilocybin LSD, and mescaline they’re not addictive because they don’t activate, actually the reward pathways in the brain involved dopamine. Psychedelic plans mimic the neurotransmitter serotonin and tolerance builds quickly at these receptor sites, even those plants that don’t build tolerance still eliminate themselves quickly and leave behind virtually no toxicity. There also been shown to treat addiction rather than add to them. There are so many benefits coming to light from these substances, that groups such as maps Hefter, Beckley, and many others are organizing a science-based campaign to reverse the prohibition because the evidence is clear, they are not addictive and they have remarkable medicinal and therapeutic value. So the question remains, why are highly addictive and toxic substances in scheduled 2 with widespread medicinal use. While these age-old plans with a safe and ceremonial history, going back many thousands of years, and no evidence to prove physiological harm are in schedule one lockdown is a war on drugs or a war on the mind. Why haven’t the institutions that make these suggestions turned back to the original use of psychedelics and returned to mother Earth for answers? The position that modern societies have taken on psychedelics with demonizing the substances we made the illegal we subjected people to harsh prison sentences if they are found in possession of psychedelics. This is a terrible era that is being made in modern Western society we are losing contact with our fundamental roots by doing that. Indigenous people of been their stewards they preserve the plants, they preserve the practices in a certain way but now all of a sudden psychedelics are going global in our new gift phenomenon where ayahuasca is like taking over the world, you know and now and a few years ago, you know mushrooms did something very similar. With all psychedelic plants, the traditional shamanic use of them nearly always includes the community and ritual setting. Shaman is essentially a living tradition in alchemy, that is not seeking stone but has found the stone. The ritual simply means an arrangement of the certain setting for certain intentions this will also be told, for example, of a native American church peyote ceremony, they have the same kind of thing, there’s a group of people, they know each other some of them are friends, some of them are neighbors, maybe invited they share the intentions and then they have their traditional songs and invocations, they invoke the spirits see and that’s completely different, in the scientific study and there’s no psychological discussion, it’s not a cycle, it’s not a modern Western system. The shamanic cultures were very clear about this, they viewed the psychedelics is instruments that opened up the brain-mind to telepathy clairvoyance to recognition of present tense, and that ultimately may be necessary to view the perceptions that occur under psychedelics as our brain basically tuning in to a different channel and receiving information that we really don’t know how to define at this point. For roughly 20 years across the world, the prohibition held firm. No public use, no medicinal use that not even research to back up the claims that place these plans and restrict this category. The sleeping mind of the people seemingly fell deeper into consensus trends. It was as if the innate pattern recognition and problem-solving faculties of human consciousness were missing a critical ally, one that had been with us since the dawn of modern intelligence. It seemed that the propaganda campaign had worked, then in 1990, Rick Strassman, a medical researcher specializing in psychiatry, applied for a federal grant to give dimethyltryptamine to volunteers to simply see with the effects might be. Also, there was a group in Germany that got started around the same time or sooner than I did study masculine, but my DMT study was the first in the US and the first that used a DMT in quite a while. It was pretty frustrating, I never really expected to succeed and you know, I don’t think many people did. Public opinion of any mind-altering substance tends to evoke the belief that the experience is simply what happens when the brain fails to function properly as if the default state most of us spend time in is the proper state to operate from. However, even if this were true when someone’s brain becomes dysfunctional and then hours later returns to normal. How would that individual explain the experience? Well, I think the most sort of striking part of the research on what I really wasn’t expecting was the sense of reality that people returned with they felt the experiences were more real than real, the importance of the feeling of more real than real, as we make our decisions based on what we believe is real. Yeah the outside world was assuming is real our world is real and we make decisions based on reality inner and outer. So, if there is a state that feels more real than real. Then do we make decisions based on the information there? What really is the bedrock of reality is the consensus world we typically operate from the more real one. Is this where will find the universal truths we seek to make life decisions, is that the psychedelic realm that some believe is more real than real. Perhaps it’s neither, and they both merely reference points implying and pointing to the underlying universal truths, encouraging us to engage with their own truth-seeking impulse. Our innate memory and inner sense of our interval place within the fabric of reality that we are all aspects of the singular phenomena appearing as independent things, even Taoists and Buddhists believe that the outer visible manifestations of life are the illusion of temporary garments cloaking universal and unchanging principles that inform, instruct, guide and breathe life into all that we experience around us, so why do we experience the illusion at all, what mechanisms cause us to collectively share such a misleading perception of life and living. Perhaps we should take a deeper look at the physiological effects of the chemical compounds in these plans that the government feared so much. Classical psychedelics activated a type of brain serotonin receptor called the 5-HT 2a receptor. What that means in real terms as the cells become more sensitive, so what you’re doing is really sort of ramping up the ability of these cortical cells to process information quickly and more effectively. There’s an area in the brainstem called the Locus Coeruleus, the LC. It sends projections up to the cortex that release norepinephrine and the Locus Coeruleus is been referred to as a novelty detector. So normally if you look at firing in the Locus Coeruleus it fires in bursts, so it won’t do anything and you see bursts of firing. So what happens psychedelics increase those bursts so we can imagine if those bursts correspond to the locus coeruleus detecting some novelty. Maybe it looks more novelty and I’ve used the analogy when people take a psychedelic and a look at it and say flower. It’s as if they are seeing it for the first time, so increases the sense of novelty. What would be the biological purpose of these plants causing humans to see the world as if it’s new again, It is a well-known phenomenon to be looking for something like your keys while they’re in your hand or right in front of you, but you don’t see them, your eyes have even spotted them, but you don’t acknowledge that you have seen them yet. Our perception works in pattern recognition, and this allows the world to become predictable, so we can find a rhythm to operate within, these plants and their effect on the detection of new information from old patterns may be the direct cause of neurogenesis and neural plasticity. It has been shown that these serotonergic plants initiate the growth of new brain cells as well as new neural connections and patterns emerge. Let’s think of this lesson is causation and more of a correlation between neurogenesis and neural plasticity could be occurring when authentic, childlike learning is happening. The neural growth seems to happen most in the hippocampus, which regulates emotions and is involved in memory, a article says new studies are showing that neurogenesis in the hippocampus activated by psychedelics might be part of the acquisition of new behaviors and new pattern recognition. With proper set setting and skill. These changes in the brain may likely be why psychedelics have been so effective in treating posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression where other treatments have failed. Imagine for a moment that you were just born again or that all your memory has been put on hold in your seeing the world free and clear of cultural conditioning. Imagine all the explanations for what this world is and why it is the way it appears to have been erased. Imagine you take a look at the people in your neighborhood, the animals in homes and in nature, and the health of the oceans, forests, and communities. What questions would you begin formulating and what role do you play in all of this. These are the questions one starts asking when introduced to the world of psychedelics a’ the mind begins asking broader, deeper, and more timeless questions and perhaps this is what makes them so difficult to properly name they allow new patterns to be recognized and new behaviors to be adopted, where most of what the Western world calls medicine tends to disengage or mask the symptoms while leaving the root cause untouched. And even have another term which is intelligence usually for the weaker, the amphetamine-related, and so on, something that awakens the God within us. I myself prefer to call them sacred psychedelics or sacred medicines because that’s what they are and that’s how the native cultures saw them and I think it’s accurate. It seems that these ancestral tribes understood the many healing qualities of these plans. The most profound effects seem to be the self-reflection people go through under their influence, and the ability for these plants to confront you with your regrets and worries. Psychedelics help deconstruct old behavior patterns and build newer and healthier ones as seen from the creation of new neural pathways and the birth of new nerve cells, a quality long thought to be impossible, shortly after childbirth. Very, very often what the psychedelic experience will show you is the mistakes and errors that you’ve made in your life where you have chosen the dark side rather than the side of light, where you have chosen, evil may be very small may be very large for your chosen evil rather than good. Psychedelics can give you insights into how to be a better person. It will make you a better person and if you’re a bad person, you may still be a bad person. Some of the most skeptical and evidence-dependent researchers speak very lucidly about a very tangible spectrum of benefits they’ve personally experienced from using these substances responsibly. While the fundamental effects of psychedelics is to integrate material that is normally not assessable to consciousness and the fundamental way in which psychedelics make this information available is by destabilizing it was called the default mode network, this part of the brain that integrates our sense of self autobiographical memories and our reflection upon our lives. So basically what’s happening under psychedelics is the liberation of the parts of the brain that 80 or 90% of the brain they say we don’t use. We use it, but what is not able to access psychedelics gives us access to the unconscious. The language facility in the brain is destabilized as well. So the combination of our self-identity and our language being put off balance by simply ingesting a plant gives rise to the inevitability of the experience. Just as we see with any mystical or spiritual experience. Words are not enough to communicate the magnitude of the experience. But the possibility has to be considered that what psychedelics are doing is reaching the receiver wavelength of the brain and actually allowing us to gain access to the Riddick ‘el alternative realities’ parallel dimensions. We have the same situation in the television, we would laugh if somebody would study that said then go down to the molecular level of the transistors in the wires and would believe that this gives you an explanation why you get the Mickey Mouse cartoon, you know 7 o’clock in the evening. If Stan and many researchers are correct in positing that consciousness is not generated by the brain but tuned into what then are the psychedelic plants trying to show us? Across the range of the psychedelics, you can definitely say that there is a broad range of imagery that is, that is common, not everybody will have all those images all the time, and not everybody will agree on every single aspect that starts off with what I refer to as an optic phenomenon because they’re considered as originating in the ocular system, where you start seeing zigzag lines and crosshatches and geometry or geometrical patterns, sometimes statistically complex and elaborated mandalas appear in the geometry, then that tends to be the sense of a path passing through a vortex of some kind into a seamlessly convincing parallel universe. Are there the same phenomena that humans have been experiencing since the time our ancestors were painting their visions in caves, some 40,000 years ago, were those topic images and grams and portals depicting a dimension that we are still tapping into today. What is this vision and could it be some kind of collective consciousness of the human soul experience. It’s important to keep in mind I’m not saying that this is the perception of alien trans-dimensional things might just be a psychological construct that might be the result of brain activity in certain areas in relation to each other, in which case they would still be as interesting as if they were anything else. If five or six artists know what to wear to walk around, I don’t know, New York or Boulder Colorado, and make some paintings you could clearly see that the paintings each of them the paintings might be slightly different but you can see that they were of the same place. The ethnobotanist, author, and psychedelics, I cannot Terrence McKenna relates the plant intelligence to that of mother Earth, the ancient Greeks called Gaia. The whole thing is an enzyme-driven process. We are like an organ of Gaia, we are the organ that binds and releases energy for Rita I mean a liver cell doesn’t need to understand why it binds and releases enzymes of the liver, we bind and release energy for reasons perhaps never to be clear to us, that which place us firmly within the context of the Gaian mind. Suddenly we come with an epigenetic capability will write books tell stories, dance, sing, carve, and paint these are not genetic processes these are epigenetic processes and they bind information and express the Gaian line. The Gaian mind too many, this idea doesn’t fit within the context we’ve been given by Western culture. How could the rocks be considered alive, how could the bones in her body be considered the same? What does alive really mean? The Gaian is a real mind its messages are real messages and our task through discipline, psychedelics, attention to detail whatever we have going is to try and extract this message, and eliminate ourselves from the message so that we can see the face of the other. The other, In this case, would be the identity of that which is sending the message because we scarcely understand who and what we are, why we’re even alive, and what was meant to do with our time here, asking what the Gaian mind truly is might be premature, could it be possible just like a human organism that plants communicate not only among themselves and to humans but among all other species. Is this the collective consciousness of the planet and is it possible the war on the mind is not limited to human minds, but to the mind of the entire planet plants, animals, humans, and more? Their message or their interaction with us might be very different than their interaction with a fungus or a bacterium, but they are in conversations with those things as well, you know and so the message varies. In other words, these are multi sorts multipurpose molecules. Terrence and Dennis McKenna are possibly the most notable pair of scientists and theorists on why these plans are here and what the greater purpose might be. Both have firm beliefs backed by a lifetime of the investigation that these plans are here to serve the planet by those willing to listen to their place in it. And I like to call them ambassadors from Gaia, you know they happened to make these messenger molecules that are useful for communicating with the complex brains of these problematic apes that evolution has spawned that would be us, you know, and we’re the most dangerous thing to show up on the planet in who knows because when you want to start Callie at least, the last hundred million years, you know because we have the potential to completely upset the apple cart, you know, by the technologies that we can manipulate. I mean when you look what we have done to the Pacific Ocean, what we’re doing to the atmosphere, what we have done to water, you know, things like the Mexican Gulf of the reactor, you know turned from Chernobyl to the Japanese when We cannot do this for a very long time to make it as a species. The other thing we know about the world today is we’re living in the midst of a major ecological crisis some people talk about the first major extension on the planet being promoted by human activity, we don’t have a compassionate relationship with our environment as a global society. If the ecological threat that we face is truly upon us, could the psychedelic plan be intervening on behalf of Gaia? So the Earth I think, senses that it’s in danger and is trying to get a message to us that we have to wake up. Our psychedelic plants are here to introduce us to the shadow of our psyche and the ills that come from the sleeping mind. What if, the greatest threat we face is not out there in the world of symptoms but here, in the dark corners of individual psychology and its rippling effect into the masses, since the dawn of time psychedelic plants has been there, they’ve seen the horrors of the past and have always produced the medicine most needed by these dangerous minds. A class of compounds that when all is said and done offer us an honest look at ourselves and from this new perspective humility, compassion, and community bonding naturally emerge, perhaps they confront us and give us the only medicine that may help us out of these dark times. Love and how far back can we trace the human psychedelic relationship. There is really an enormous wealth of evidence, to suggest I would go beyond saying to suggest to prove that our ancestors deep into pre-history, were using the kind of substances that we call psychedelics today and these would be the natural psychedelics that are available from plants, these plants have played a fundamental role in the human story. But how are these plants shaped our human story? What evidence can be found that suggests at one time psychedelics were an accepted practice in the understanding of the universe? Mysteriously in 1976 Soviet archaeologists uncovered a 4,000-year-old temple complex in present-day Turkmenistan, this complex has many rooms with stone vats coated with the residue of cannabis as well as poppy used to make opium and ephedra used to make amphetamines, this must mean it was a facility to mass-produce a hallucinogenic cocktail, historians have suggested that this region was home to goat farmers that commingled with a nomadic horseback tribe and for the most part stayed quiet of conflict. Could this discovery hold the key to the ancient mystery of the fabled beverage of the gods, has the evidence and long-lost ingredients of what the oldest Indian text the Rigveda called soma and the Persians called Heyoma finally come to the light, is this evidence of ancient psychedelic society and if so, where did they disappear to. Why has a memory of this culture of an array and could be this an ancient representation of humans going beyond the veil to see the collective consciousness? Up next we will explore the shamanic route of humankind’s relationship with psychedelic plants and altered states of consciousness. So I hope you enjoyed this video, this is the first episode of season 1 of psychedelic
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

What Happens When You Smoke Weed/Sadhguru

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Just look at my eyes and see, that they are always stoned. Not… I never touched a substance but is it true that this human mechanism is the most sophisticated chemical factory on the planet? So, if you know how to manage this well, you can produce what you want in this. Anyway, there was an Israeli scientist. You might have heard about him because you’ve done so much research on this aspect. He wanted… he was research cannabis and its impact on the neurological system. So, he started this research in the United States. Every year he was getting some fifteen kilograms of cannabis. For almost twelve – thirteen years he got this. And he produced no results and in the 1980s when US drug…agencies, you know, the agencies which were working against the drug smuggling and stuff, they decided to not hit the suppliers but hit the market. So, the street was burning with police action. At that time the police and the agencies said, “This guy is getting thirteen kilograms per year. We have not seen any paper from him. It must stop. “So, they stopped. Then he moved to Israel, and he showed what he has done. And they supplied marijuana for him as much as he wants. In about four-and-a-half years, he came up with this…he said: “There are millions of cannabis receptors in our brain. “But why? So, he threw this information to all kinds of scientific disciplines to find out why in the human brain there are millions of cannabis receptors. Well, naturally the anthropologists said, “Maybe at some time the whole humanity was smoking”. But that’s not possible because in many parts of the world it doesn’t exist. But even there, they have. After many things, many funny things happened around the world in this context, then the neurologists came up with this and said, “The brain is expecting that you will produce cannabis within the system. “It’s not expecting you to smoke. It’s expecting you to produce that so that it becomes a mood equalizer for you all the time. But most human beings have become inefficient chemical factories or they are just lousy CEOs managing a great factory. So, they start smoking outside. It’s not a moral issue. It’s not a moral issue for me. But the thing is, there are substantial studies that are being put down by those “Pew” activists who want to promote it. (Pew Research in the US) There are substantial studies to show that your decision-making, certain dimensions of your brain particularly about decisions making are sufficiently suppressed if you smoke marijuana for thirty days. This will last for four to five years; your decision-making is affected. With that kind of mind, with that kind of a brain, if you enter the court and I am putting my life in your hands, I don’t want a cannabis-smoking lawyer for me. I don’t want a cannabis-smoking surgeon to work upon me. If he is just smoking on the street corner and not doing anything to anybody, it’s his problem. But, I don’t want my surgeon to be on marijuana and do surgery on me. Yes, or no? Do you want? Nor do I want another driver because I drive at a certain speed, I don’t want other drivers who are smoked out driving with me. I don’t want. Nor do I want my driver ever if at all if I sit in the back seat, to have smoked and then drive. If you want that, you choose but we don’t want that. Most people don’t want that because they know what it’ll lead to. So, what we are looking at recreation, we have made it this way. What this means is essential, today seventy percent of the American population is on prescription medication. The rest of the world is trying to catch up. The rest of the world is trying to catch up. People are starting medicines very early on in their life. The remaining thirty percent of course are going on things that you are talking about. Why just stop with cannabis, why don’t we do some cocaine because it fires us up? Do you know? It’s all right with me. I told you it’s not a moral issue for me. It’s a question of whether it will enhance your life or suppress your life. Whether it will allow you to live your life full on or will it make you a smaller life than the way you are or what you are capable of. Nothing less than what you can do must happen in this life, isn’t it, for whatever reason either because of your attitudes, or your stress, or your drug, or for whatever reason. You should not become a human being less than what you could be. You must maximize this life because all you have in this life is how intense and profound is your experience of life, that’s all there is, and half the time if you are dazed out, you will miss that possibility. But if you come to me, I can teach you away, simply you can sit here and be stoned out. Every day in the morning I can show you millions of people who close their eyes, tears of ecstasy dripping. Because there is a way, there is a way to activate this system, because there is no more complex chemistry on the planet than this one (Referring to oneself). Yes, or no? Do you agree with me? When there is… When everything is where it’s best to learn to use this. If we invest sometime early on in your life, very effortlessly you can get here. Instead of that if you take external inputs, we know all the negative impacts of that. When a human being is in a certain state of experience the human system itself produces the necessary chemicals for which it is waiting. So…these millions of cannabis receptors are waiting for you to produce it. Those who could not produce it tried to put it from outside and damaged the system. Look at me I am always blissed out. Look into my eyes and see I am stoned. Never been on any substance but always stoned. Because the very system does this. So, In India, there has been an enormous – in the yogic systems. There has been enormous focus on the pineal gland you know? Do you know the pineal gland? For a long time, modern medicine almost ignored the said there are so many things in this body that we are not bothered about. Because it is not concerned about day-to-day health situations. Today the maximum that they have come to is they are beginning to say these secretions of the pineal gland are if they are active there will be no mood swings in you. That’s not the point. There is a whole system of yoga to activate the pineal gland if you activate this and if it generates a sufficient amount of secretion, you will be ecstatic every moment of your life. Simply every cell in your body will be bursting all the time. Now when you are like this, if you eat, if you don’t eat, if you sleep, if you don’t sleep, nothing matters. Because you are blissed out. In this state everything is effortless just doesn’t matter if you can function at your best, because…you can effectively use your body and mind at their best. There is enough medical proof for this. Only…when you are in utmost pleasantness otherwise you cannot use your body; you cannot use your mind to its fullest. Both this body and this mind you will explore the full potential of what it is only… when you are in a sustained level of pleasantness within you. Otherwise, you are a damn issue by yourself. All the time you are an issue by yourself, it doesn’t work. So, whatever the effort that a human being is making whether he goes to the temple goes to the bar wants to go to heaven this is the whole effort, isn’t it? Isn’t this the whole effort? Does he want something larger than what is happening now to happen to him isn’t it so? Is not the reason why he is drinking, why he is praying, why he is drugging, and why he thinks he wants to go to heaven? He wants something more to happen, isn’t it? Look at this simply something more will happen only…if your perception is enhanced. Not otherwise. Is that so? So, the whole system of yoga is only focused on enhancing perception. If your perception is enhanced something more you don’t have to look for it. It is happening in such proportion you have to learn to handle it. Big things will happen.

In this case the guru from India seems to differ from Shunyamurti and other truth seekers in that the use of the natural hallucinogens can initially start and help your spiritual elevation. Saggure however seems to cater to the government’s desire to keep it illegal and us in lower frequencies. Could it be that the Jesuits who are the 13 families controlling us have favored India in many ways since India never threw them out of their country. In the west they were able to overcome the spirituality of the people because the inquisition did most of the work. However they could not break through the eastern religions, so they tainted then by taking the simplicity out and adding great rituals and timely activities to prevent ascension. That is why Shunyamurti has put out the video:

NOW AFTER SEEING THE WAY THE CONTROLLERS ARE FIGHTING THE TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS, WEE CAN GO FURTHER BACK IN TIME TO PROVE THEM WRONG IN THE STORIES OF FICTION THEY PROGRAM OUR EGOS WITH. THE ANCIENTS KNEW ALL ABOUT THE EARTH, THE COSMOS, THE ANIMALS AND PLANTS AND MOSR IMPORTANTLY THEY KNEW ABOUT THE HUMAN PERSON AND WHO THAT PERSON WAS. AND THAT DIFFERS FROM WHAT WE ARE TAUGHT TO DAY TO KEEP TRUTH OUT OF THE PICTURE, TO KEEP THEM CONTROLLING OUR VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE. THE TRUTH THESE ANCIENTS AS FAR BACK AS THE VERY INTELLIGENT AND KNOWLEDGIBLE Egyptians contained the knowledge of the workings of the whole cosmos and how the humans and all living beings had or were spiritual souls. We are spirit and we are incarnated into flesh on this flat earth plane. We have been stripped of our knowledge of our intelligence, and gifts and powers that would rid us of these interlopers once and for all. They will stop at nothing to keep us from gaining back our identities the block with our subconscious minds which are not meant to discern with intelligent knowledge in day to day activities. That is how we lost our identity and became adoring slaves in servitude fearing even worse.

Now let us see the real truth about how long and effective the use of these natural substances have helped us in our spiritual lives and how even our Bible advocates their use. And let’s put this truth into the hands, conscious minds and emotional radiating hearts of everyone in the world. let them try and cover that up.

The Reality of Truth (FULL MOVIE
The Reality of Truth (FULL MOVIE)

There’s a story in the Bible about God providing manna from heaven, and food to sustain the Israelites, while they were wandering in the wilderness but it never said specifically what it was. What was this manna from heaven? When I asked that question, I had no idea how much my life was about change. The first miracle that Jesus was reported to have done was turning water into wine at a wedding. The story goes that they ran out of wine and Jesus put a portion of the manna into the water that they boiled as tea. He told the waiters to pass it out as wine. So, I called Deepak and I said “Deepak I got to talk to you”, I just found some stuff in the bible that does not make any sense. I think I found some psychedelics in there, I think there’s meditation, what you think and he’s quiet on the phone and I was like, Deepak are you there, and he said yeah, where did you find this exactly, like send me what you’re talking to me about, what do you want to do Deepak? What should we do about this? Do you want to write something up? And Deepak was like this is too important and he was like “why don’t we have a conversation about this? Could part of the religious experience have to do with plants, or sacraments? In Deepak’s tradition, the mystery plant “soma” was used to bring people to communion with God. Could have been that the hymns of the Rigveda were actually sung to this plant that has no seeds, that had no flowers, that really mushroomed. There’s a scene in the movie “Noah”, starring Russell Crowe, where he has a dream that he is underwater with animals floating past, he wakes up knowing that God wants him to do something, but he doesn’t know what, he goes and sits with the wise man in the cave, played by Anthony Hopkins, who gives him some psychedelic tea, he drinks it and has a detailed vision of exactly what God wants him to do. First of all, that’s a possibility, secondly, why does the brain have receptors for these things? Well, because we are part of the same nature, you know, we’re not separate from nature. Science is based on a subject-object split on a separation that is artificial, me and the universe, well, in fact, I’m also a part of the universe, so the same electrical storms that create thunder and lightning in the sky, create synaptic firings in my brain which creates thought, we’re part of wholeness and what the religious experience is to experience that wholeness, what is enlightenment but being one with the source, so, whilst they give people what I wouldn’t call the altered state of consciousness, I wouldn’t call them hallucinations, they help people to break out of the everyday hallucinations of separations and to the reality of truth and whether they did it through wine or manna or soma, who cares. It doesn’t even make any sense, how could these ancient plants that connect you to god somehow be taken out. Could these plants be the ancient wisdom that we need for our modern problems? What we call today is everyday reality, which we take for normal, okay? There’s war, there’s terrorism, there’s global warming, there’s social injustice, 50% of the world lives on less than $2 a day, the environment is totally screwed up and we say this is normal, it’s psychotic, right? And it’s psychotic because we’ve created it. What do you think it would take to break through that boundary at this point? I mean, here we are in this 21st century, let’s have a party, we’ll bring everybody down to Peru and enlighten them and put some in the pot and let’s drink it. I’m in. Did Deepak Chopra just tell me to go down to Peru and drink ayahuasca tea, one of the most powerful psychedelics known to man? Still dazed by what Deepak has recommended, I bumped into our friend Jerry who generously loaned us his beach house for the interview. I was curious what he thought about what Deepak said. I didn’t realize at the time, but Jerry’s world was spinning out of control, despite having sold his company for almost $100 million, Jerry was abusing drugs, drinking a lot of alcohol, his family was in shambles, and he was basically trying to kill himself slowly, more than I realize Deepak’s words were really sinking in. At this point, you might be wondering who this zappy guy is, let me tell you a little bit about myself, I did everything society told me to do, go to school, get a job, make a bunch of money, fall in love, start a family, I was living the American dream. I bought for $80,000, and a few months later I sold it for $7 million. Here I am starting my own Super Bowl ad, life was becoming very surreal. Even though I had it all, my conversation with Deepak made it clear that there were other experiences that I needed to have. The value that I place on the experience is more important to me so I always felt like I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house of a certain type. It occurred to me that like most people I was searching for happiness outside of myself and I was having the realization that I might never be truly happy unless I went inside my own mind to look for some answers. Albert Einstein famously said you can’t fix a problem with the same consciousness or thinking that got you into the situation, what this meant to me was that I wanted to solve the problem in my life or if we as a society want to solve some big problems we have, like violence, eco-destruction, addiction, depression, we needed to change our collective consciousness. Could society use some of these ancient techniques for its modern problems, I was inspired by people who came for me that seemingly had it all but chose to take the risk of going inside their own minds. These people were what I would call, psychonauts, sailors of the mind, and I saw that these people were going inside their minds and exploring inside their minds as part of what they want up doing and I thought, wow, I have to do that. I figured before I got too extreme and sat with the Shaman, I should go out and talk to some of Deepak’s friends about our so-called reality. If you only identify with the realm of three dimensions, if you only identify with the realm of the body, if you only identify with the mortal circumstances and the mortal experience, then to that extent, you are at the effect of the circumstances, faith is standing on the conviction standing on the knowledge and the conviction, there’s something way bigger going on here. What we see is a small portion of the total reality. See, we have three states: waking, dreaming, and sleeping but beyond that, there’s a state where it’s neither of these three but there’s restful alertness that downs deep within. There is nowhere where we can escape from being energy, so we are always energy, what we see as it looks like physical material is actually the reflection of light photons of light that hit our energy and bounce back, so we’re reflecting light, but we’re reflecting it as a force field a tornado of energy. If we can stand within the unreal world, the ultimate unreal that appears real, that seems limited by the laws of time and space, and yet have faith in the realm beyond, that literally invokes that realm into being. It seems like what everyone was saying is, that reality is just a concept, I needed to have the direct experience of going inside, could ancient wisdom have included plants and meditation? I was excited to learn that a lot of celebrities, people as Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Scorsese, have been doing this meditation for a long time, and recently people like Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz, and Katy Perry have taken up the meditation and seem to be making them even more creative. I wanted to see if some of this ancient wisdom could help me to tap into my creativity. In the 1960s, a funny little man named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi came out of the Himalayas, the United States and he wound up teaching his transcendental meditation technique to the Beatles and the rest is history. Today there are more than 7 million people worldwide doing transcendental meditation. What I like about the TM technique is that there’s no dogma attached to it. It’s really just a simple technique of silently repeating a mantra to yourself, which causes you to transcend into your quieted mind, to subtler and subtler states of consciousness until a point that you reach a place called universal consciousness, an endless field of energy that connects all of us where all knowledge is contained, and where everything is manifested from. When Maharishi passed away in 2007, he put John Hagelin in charge, as a quantum physicist and meditator, he had successfully used quantum theory to support Maharishi’s model of creative intelligence being at the center of all creation. Waking consciousness is all about being aware of something, this, that, this concept, that person, transcending is leaving all of that behind to isolate and experience the self itself, it’s blissful, it’s not the end of the story, 10, 20 minutes of that is enough, the idea is to come back into activity and increasingly integrate and stabilize the experience of inner reality, inner silence along with outer reality and that’s when life really gets to be interesting and fun. The mind has two aspects to it, it’s the brain which is very concrete, you can measure it, you can touch it but it’s interacting with this field of consciousness and what they come together is our individual self, our individual personality and that’s what most people think they are, I’m 5 foot 11, I have this education, I’m this part in society, I have this amount of money, but that’s not fundamentally who you are and to know that you need to have the experience of that and that’s where meditation experience comes in. It was found that the square root of 1% in some cities here and there and there and it does create positivity in the atmosphere, in the tendencies of the people. What excited me about this was that, if we wanted to change global consciousness, we only needed the critical mass of people tapped in. When I found in the Bible verses that said, ‘Be still and know that I’m God, the kingdom of heaven is within” that’s what the meditators are saying it’s so obvious it’s right there the Bible is saying, meditate. These days religious affiliation is shrinking, so I needed to go speak to some of the religious leaders and top scholars of our time about whether meditation was once part of religion. When it comes to religious leaders, there’s no one more high-profile than Joel Ostein, I wanted to ask Joel what he thought the manna from heaven was. “I always thought it was like bread, you know, like a mushroom or something, that’s what I heard, I’d like it if it was mushroomed”. Wow! I did not expect that. Bible descriptions from Moses and Jesus sound more like mushrooms and bread. In fact, every other miracle that Jesus reported and did was after they drank the mushroom tea. St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy, here are all the disciples, here’s Jesus and a giant mushroom behind him, oh yeah! Very cool, you’ve got Jesus over here with these giant mushrooms behind him, ain’t it? Let me see Jesus with the giant mushrooms behind him. I wanted to talk to some people who’d been there, done that. I probably had as many psychedelics as anyone alive, when you fall away for a minute, something happens, that’s actually the beginning and now you have to re-learn the world just like you were a baby. What I found makes ayahuasca very special, number one is, that it’s the only mind-altering substance that needs more than one substance and the other fact that’s interesting is that both of these substances, the MAO which is Harmaline or tetrahydroharmolol or the DMT, both of these substances are produced in every mammalian nervous system, so they are substances that our body produces. Filmmaker Foster Gamble’s documentary thrives shattered many of the myths that we have been presented by regular society that keep us slaves to our so-called reality. So it seems to be a natural inclination to alter our consciousness somewhat and I think one of the reasons for that is when we alter our consciousness, we can see our daily consciousness in a new way, and it shifts tends to raise and expand our daily consciousness and to me, that’s the point and if we can use substances whether it’s broccoli or ayahuasca or C sharp major to give us a glimpse of what’s possible for human beings and specifically what’s next for me, what am I ready for? When my consciousness separated from my body it changed the paradigm entirely, I realized, aha, there’s something more than this meat vehicle that we have, and that one realization set me off riding all night furiously until the dawn and it just re-evaluated my whole philosophy and from that point on, I’ve been on a journey of experiential spirituality, finding the answers by myself and the plants have been the greatest teachers of that quest. Many times there’s a huge benefit with one experience because it really gets to the core of what’s been happening, so, it’s almost like, 10 years of therapy in seven hours. Kundalini yoga icon Gurmukh teaches many celebrities how to journey inside using the Kundalini technique she had her own experience with mind altering energies. I do not regret anything I’ve ever said, “I did drugs,” I say so what? It got you here, forget it, I’ve met other people that I wish they had because I feel they can’t go through the barrier, they can’t go into the sixth dimension. However, you want to look at it’s going to be unknown and you have a choice, fear or faith, you know, faith that you’re going to come out alright, that the lessons are going to be valuable and that the medicine will guide you, or fear, fear that something else is going to happen, it’s going to be the unknown either way so, might as well choose faith. There are times in life where through different means and God works in mysterious ways, we’re shown the mountaintop, it’s like, through grace, it’s like that hands of God lifts us up and show us the mountain. I owe a definite debt of gratitude to my experience with various substances. I can’t endorse it unless you’re in a certain space, in a certain environment, with certain true healers because it can run havoc, just like LSD did. They’re powerful, transformational tools and have to be respected and if you approach them with enough humility and respect, I tend to believe you’ll be fine with them. People are afraid that when they go down there and do these medicines, they going to lose the things they love the most about themselves and that’s just this common fear, you get someone who loves their career and they’re like, “what if I go down and it tells me I want to be a yoga instructor”, I’m like, “it’s not going do that” and if it does, you’re going to be even happier about the fact that it did. There’s an opportunity to use psychotropic drugs which will open up that mind and show you, my God, who you really are. I’m fascinated by it, I’m interested in it, I believe it will have real utility somewhere, just it’s too soon for me as a somebody that’s trained a certain way, do no harm, help, you know, really be clear about what you’re doing, we’re not clear yet. Whatever it takes, whether you do the drug or whether you do the meditation exercises or whatever way, I don’t really care. There is no doubt in my mind that the first indication, the first formal use for hallucinogens will be at the end of life because it’s clear what I’m reading and seeing in the research is that it improves our ability to be connected with something, and feel okay about the dying process and God knows we need help with that in this country. The traditional psychological model or the traditional medical model usually takes years and years and years of therapy and years of intervention and working with a team of experts to get even just a little progress in someone’s life, what I’ve seen and the analogy I give is, it’s 10 to 20 years of psychotherapy often in one to two plant medicine sessions. There is a relationship to plant medicine when it is entered through the door of the traditions that bring people more to the sacred recognition of their life, their path, I think the word drug is really, has a lot of negative connotations, I can’t think of, maybe, if some drug actually cures someone, it’s medicine. See I haven’t heard of people going off the rails, I’ve seen people going off the rails. Before I took the final leap, I needed to hear it from a psychedelic bad-ass, that person is Ram Dass, his real name was Richard Alpert born to an affluent New England family, he attended Harvard and after graduation began as a researcher at the University, it was the 1960’s and LSD had just been discovered, the government was studying its effect on individuals and enemy combatants, while a researcher at Harvard, Alpert, and Prof. Timothy Leary started to run experiments on students with psilocybin mushrooms and LSD both of which were legal at the time, the results were nothing short of miraculous, users were reporting that they were having life-changing experiences, including a study that showed that 60% of alcoholics that were given one dose of psilocybin mushrooms in the right set the setting were never alcoholics again. How could everybody not know about this? Discouraged by the West, he headed to India, his guru named him Ram Das and when he came back to the United States and published his book “Be here now”, he was bowled around by massive groups of young people. If anybody has the right intent to want to go to their own spiritual insides, the psychedelics are wonderful for them. Would you recommend that somebody, Yes! So seekers should go find a shaman, and go down. Sure! That was it, I was going to gather up a group of friends who wanted to take the risk to go as deep into our minds as humanly possible. Things just seem to be falling into place, you know, it feels like it’s meant to be, so, for me, I’m just letting it go, I just assume every miracle that is going to happen is about to happen and I should just kind of enjoy it let it happen. I have chosen to work with the “Massa” which is a medicine bundle, meditations, rituals, counseling, and working with ancestral medicines such as, Huachuma or San Pedro, which are ancestral medicines that have been used for over 5000 years in the Andes of Peru by pre-Incan cultures were masters of accessing the dimensions of consciousness that are so deep that we often don’t access. You know, I feel like it doesn’t matter where in the world to go, it’s like you will always find your kind and when it comes to spirituality, I respect anything that or anyone who kind of walks, respecting the planet, loving nature and opening their heart to the universe and love itself, as long as that’s the main priority behind your religion or your ceremonial spiritual belief then, you know, I’m down with you. I got a few intents, some are very personal which I’m going to try and bring back to my family and loved ones, and try and take some of that knowledge or the glimpse of the other dimensions that are out there which I been trying to do in artificial ways, I mean, sometimes with my artwork and my creativity but in other ways with less natural things, and sometimes that’s an anesthetic for pain or just your day to day life that gets you down but yeah, this is something that’s been calling me for a while to come out and do this but it hasn’t been the right moment in my life. So it all seemed to just fall into place naturally. I’m here to have sort of like a rebirth to tap into a place that I guess I’ve never gone to, so, I don’t know where that is, I don’t know what that is but hopefully, it’s a good thing and I’ll be able to get through it. When you drink the medicine, 50% of the medicine’s responsibility is to do all the healing, all the cleansing, all the awakening, all the clearing, and all the harmonizing that he needs to do, but the other 50% of taking it further, of taking it deeper is always yours, part of my work in this is to make the most gentle transition possible from being very sleepy to being fully awake. Really looking forward to tapping into some of those guys’ stuff upstairs. The San Pedro trip was gnarly, it was really insane because Fredy Puma, the shaman that introduced us to the catalyst, to a spiritual journey which was the San Pedro, the drink, he so in tune that guy and I recall being at the top of the mountain, at this plateau where we all, you know, we’re just so tired from this massive high altitude trek and we’re finally getting some air and you’re looking off at these amazing clouds that are flying right at you and you’re at the precipice of this mountaintop and you see hundreds of feet below you and I got this enormous sorrow that I was just overwhelmed with and the sorrow that consumed me was something that I’ve been carrying for many years, kind of like a little rebellious anger, like, why am I here? Like, dad, I didn’t knock on your balls to come out into this universe, the kind of anger that I’ve been holding since I was a teenager, you know what I mean? Why stay in the curse? Why suffer? Why struggle? When you can liberate all of that and be of higher service while being gentle on yourself. I know you need your ups and downs so that you can be human and enjoy life and transition because it’s part of the beauty of existence to be sad and enjoy happiness, you need to know both sides. But this is overwhelming sadness wasn’t mine, it didn’t belong to me, ever since I was a little kid it didn’t belong to me, it was not mine, I’m a passenger like Iggy Pop says, I’m right here to ride this in a respectful way respect everything that I come across and walk my path with love and say goodbye after my journey is done and he came out and he just, I felt this warm energy behind me and there he was while I was on the rock overlooking the clouds that are flying towards me, I was crying, you know? And he touched my shoulder and he said “ it’s not yours, let it go”. My trip ended today, I’ve had 20 years of heavy pain lifted off my shoulders, and I’d be a happy camper without doing the ayahuasca. I’m feeling really, really light on my feet, happy, appreciative and receptive, very feminine, you know, I’m such a tomboy, it’s kind of about time I step into my femininity. My full intent coming down here, my macro intent was to try to share with everybody in the world for that matter, the fact that there are different ways to see reality and that we sort of in this moment of chaos need to take a step back everybody and you just try to see things a little differently. The only way that you’re supposed to fulfill your role is by being yourself. That is the heightened you, you attract more love and you attract more energy, one of my intents and one of my things I asked for was to face my fears and I realized that I don’t need to face my fears, my fees and I can go away, first, I have to accept myself with my fears. Each person has a pattern, and that pattern is 50% woven by the person and 50% by the divine. Ayahuasca is capable of changing that whole pattern, from being one person one day the next day you’re completely another person. I’m open to light and love and just good vibes and anything that isn’t on that vibration or frequency, I’m just like, I don’t even see you, you don’t exist, so that’s how I’m walking into this ayahuasca tri, I’m just in a very receptive place, I know what I’m about, I know what I stand for, and I know what I resonate with and I just hope I walk that path and whoever’s walking along that path, I hope to meet you and could join hands and take this trip together. It happened to me in my ayahuasca experience when I was just sitting there and I realized that I just died loving just good lives in anything that is on that vibration frequency and just like I don’t even seem to exist so that some walking into this I will ask. I’m just in a very receptive place. I just, you know, I know what I’m about to stand for in any way resonates with you. I just I just hope walked that path is walking along that path join hands and my ayahuasca experience sitting there and realize that I just died as I was looking at death and experiencing death I saw how dynamic it was and how much was going on and I realized that I never needed to fear death again it was totally liberating, and as I spent time in this ayahuasca experience, I realized that I was sitting in a place where I could ask any question, I could go into the future, I could go into the past, whatever I wanted to know, I’m going to ask a big question, so, I decided to ask, “why do bad things happen?” and immediately upon asking that I was ripped out into the edge of space back to where when you’re a kid you go yeah, but what’s past space?, more space and what’s past that?, more space, I was out there on the edge looking at everything in the universe basically contained, like God would look at it and as I’m looking at it, the spirit said to me, “you see that? It’s totally balanced”, “it’s perfect” and I looked at it and I was like, “wow” that’s true it’s totally balanced, it’s perfect, if something was to happen over here it’ll just be made up over here and as soon as I had that realization, I was sucked right back in, I was sitting in the room again and I was coming out, I just started to laugh, I was laughing and I realized that I had just gotten the entire human cosmic joke, here we are with God, the man with the white beard the Buddha and Jesus and all these men and I was with God and it was a women, that has stuck with me every-day since my ayahuasca experience. Well, for me, ingesting the medicine was the destruction of everything I’ve ever known, everything I’ve ever believed in, everything I ever thought was true, I tried to reason it for a while, for two days after, tried to reason the idea that its hallucinogenic drug, Michelle, it takes things from your subconscious and protects them, you know, there’s absolutely no way that there’s any truth in what you envisioned, that it’s just a trip, you read tons of books on alchemy, you know, you have tons of information about symbolism and religion, deeply embedded into your brain since you’re a little kid, but I know in my heart of hearts, it’s not true and that everything that I have ever known, could quite probably be bullshit, and it makes me happy. I felt a peace and calm that I’ve never experienced in my life an overwhelming feeling that I could relax instead of constantly my way through life with my, I have armor on, it just stripped everything away and put me in contact and something that was a benevolent higher power, that’s the only way I can really describe it. I had such a hard time in the middle of it, I know, it’s like a surgeon and I felt my wounds, my wounds just opened up and I was feeling pain and then like I grew up and I was able to love myself a little bit more. Once I got through that hard part or the part needed to get out, it was just, definitely the best life-changing experience that I’ve ever been through. When people access these medicines they need to access them with full love, with full willpower. Otherwise, they need to find other ways, people will transcend anyways, now is the time and these medicines are major assistance, major helpers, major masters, assisting this process of transition for humanity from one level of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness. I’ve lost a lot of anger, a lot of hatred, and a lot of, you know what, if you’re an ass hole be an ass hole it’s your fate, you know what I mean like, I’m easy now, like I’m not angry anymore at all the mean people in the world, you know, because I accept that there are part of it and it’s all good, it’s not my walk, but do your thing, and I respect your path but don’t come near me with your evil energy cause I’ll knock you the f*ck out. It all comes down to intent for me, if your intent is right it’s going to work, it’s going to be better than you thought and you can have a lot less chaos. It seemed to me that nature recognizes that people are highly stressed and that people need healing medicines for the problems of addiction and depression. I kept looking for ways to transcend on a daily basis and I was introduced to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya. The technique is being done by millions of people including prisoners and inner-city youth who’ve been trained by Sri to use the technique to overcome their physical environment and give themselves internal strength. Sri Sri’s logic goes that when we are born, we draw in our first breath and when we die we let out our final breath but most people think nothing of it in between, when in fact breathing may be our most valuable capability. Breath is an important tool, you know? For every emotion, there is a particular rhythm in the breath and if we attend to the breath by manipulating our own breath, we can slip into the altered state of consciousness at will. I learned the Kriya breathing which blew my mind the fact that I was able to put myself in a psychedelic state with just my breath. Lightning bolts were shooting out of my hands and feet, time stood still. I continue to get together with my friends to talk about our experience and how we were integrating our psychonaut training into our lives. There’s a whole group of scientists, very few but enough, who think maybe the brain doesn’t produce consciousness, maybe the brain filters consciousness. You’re saying we’re transmitters? You’re transmitters. And when your transmitters are that infinite potential that you spoke of, that feeling of possibilities and so when you start to break down the boundaries then all that is left is infinite. So the boundaries are like your prejudices, things that you know, that you accumulated throughout life that you’ve either repel or are attracted to? Yeah, every boundary is a conceptual boundary in consciousness. This is an earth rover, this gives me an opportunity to come to this planet, step into this suit, have these life experiences, be creative and marvel at this, that planet that we come to, and it’s so funny because (a) I started this whole thing not spiritual, (b) I saw the nature of the cell membrane and the cell receptors, I said “oh my God” instantaneously I had to recognize if you buy the science then it’s not, is there or is there not, there’s a spirit. So it really helped me to bring my scientific mind and my spiritual experience together and really they are not different at all, we are just discovering through all these pathways how all of that is one. After I started my real journey with the plants was when things sort of changed. When that older boyfriend of mine, I was like 24 at the time and told me I was an idiot and he said you’re very passionate but you’ve nothing to back up how you feel about the world, you don’t read, you know, you read one book and you can get 20 years worth of research in one book, and he kind of like open my mind to do research and to fill my mind, now when I see the world I do a psychedelic, I think metaphorically, I think on so many different layers, you know? And of course, I enjoy the moment too, I can chase sensations like any of them, I love to feel good and have fun and interact with people but the information is so beautiful, and if we could just tap into the reservoirs of fountains of the people before us, you never know where it could take you. When I lost Paul, I was like, I went through about a year of just being like an animal, like, what could I do physically to just get my mind off existentialism, get my mind off of how transient life is and how we just come here and disappear at any moment, how could I get my mind off that? So, I just went f*ck, summer, crazy, nuts, berserk, like I did anything I could do to hide from myself and I’ll tell you that my ayahuasca trip made me sad that he left me here, it wasn’t a sadness that he’s gone, it was more like a jealousy that he’s there first, It’s f*cked up but yeah. I think it was affirmed to me in the ayahuasca experience and some other trips that I have in my life, where what was happening is when I took the medicine or I meditated and it went inside that basically I was taking filters off is what was happening, so all this bullshit. Reticular activation system, it’s like doors of perception when he popped it he felt like that filtration mechanism that we create by the age of seven was just lifted off, you know, how like you receive so much information in your visual cortex but your brain only accepts a certain amount so that you’re not overwhelmed, that’s your reticular activation system deciding according to your wants, likes and fights or flight, deciding what information you’re going to take in. Each time I got together with my fellow psychonauts we felt stronger and stronger about the need to get the information out, so we can help others to access some of these ancient techniques that had been so profound in our lives. We should just, this true reality society should set up a place in Costa Rica, like a haven for people, who think the same way, put them all around the world and the consciousness of it is like, I’m in! Everything’s rolling along things are falling into place and like, everything in life, you want validation, you want to know that it’s having some kind of an effect beyond just, hey, I’m having a good time, I’m learning a lot, I’m having all these cool experiences, but is something really happening? And I was looking for some kind of sign that you know, it was making a difference because I couldn’t see what the difference was, and other than my own friends and people around me so, I was kind of thinking, God give me a sign here that this is making a difference, that there’s something to it and then the phone call came from Jerry, who I hadn’t seen since we shot with Deepak in his apartment years earlier. Unbeknownst to me, Jerry had taken Deepak’s advice as well and went down to Costa Rica to do a plant medicine called Iboga that comes from an African root, it’s the strongest psychedelic known to man and Jerry was taking it to see if he could break his addiction, the full moon came to Jerry and asked if you want to see why he was so messed up. Now because of my life I had, like addiction issues, tons of women issues, ego issues out the gazoo, smoking, drinking, you name it I was a fan, so I said “what’s wrong with me”? and so what happened then is that my body went to a house that I hadn’t seen in 48 years, it was my grandfather’s house, in Scranton Pennsylvania and at the front of the house like, three-year-old me is going like this to me, he’s like waving me in and I’m looking at the floor there was, as a kid I knocked over cranberry juice or grape juice and hit the wall and that stain was on the wall, this is how perfect detail and the next thing you know, the kid opened the door and went like this to me, like go look at it, and my grandfather was sexually molesting me and I was three. The moon told Jerry to go see his dead grandfather and have him explain why he did it and give them an apology, Jerry went to see his grandfather who denied it ever happened and sent him away, she told him to get his father to help him to get an apology from his grandfather. And he said that he was sorry and I told him I forgave him and even though he wouldn’t do anything for me and then the guy, the shaman goes “hey go to the moon”, so I went to the moon back to the moon and I said, Mrs. moon, what can you do for me and she said, open your chest and I went like this and my heart was in there and the moon took my heart out and washed it, the shaman said, what is she doing? I said, she is washing it like this, like she has hands, crazy but the truth, she’s washing it and I said what should I do with it? To the shaman, he said, have her put it in your left hand, I said, Mrs. Moon would you put it in my left hand and she put it in my left hand, I said, what do you want me to do with it and he goes put it in your chest and I went to put in my chest and it got here and it was black again, so it only stayed pink for like I don’t know, five seconds and I said, I said, I’m not putting this thing in me because it’s shit, it’s terrible, and he said, ask her for a new one, so I said, Mrs. Moon could I please have a new heart? And she said yeah, and she gave me this new heart and then I put it on, I said, what do you want me to do with it? She said to put it in your left hand and put it in your chest, then the next day I was a different guy. He hasn’t touched drugs since and is able to have a drink socially without needing to get drunk, he is reunited with his family and for the first time, he is in a real relationship. The first time I was invited to do plant medicine, I thought the person was crazy, I was like, are you going to take a drug to get spiritual? I don’t think so, and I wanted nothing to do with it and it freaked me out, you know, my mom was a meth addict and I was a mediator, and finally, this woman who was like just a love in my life invites me to go and I couldn’t say no, so I went and that night she told me, set some intentions of what you want to see, and I said okay, I want to see why I keep attracting the same psycho guy over and over and over with a different face sucking the light out of me, and the second thing I wanted to see was, what was I here to do? And so, that night was just one of the most amazing nights of my life. I was shown exactly who I am, what I’m here to do, and exactly why I kept attracting that same psycho guy over and over and over again. It’s just amazing because Jerry and I wake up every day just like wow is this our life we just feel so blessed to be in love with our best friend, and to be doing what we love. Immediately when I came back and my kids saw me they knew I was a different guy and they knew something changed. Soon as he walked through the door I could visibly see a difference, let alone when I was actually talking with him I was shocked, I was like, well, I’ve got to give this thing a whirl, if I could turn him 180 then what could it do with me. The first time I saw Gerard after he did plant medicine, he didn’t even have to speak or say one word to me, I could tell as I walked up to him about 15 feet away, I knew he was a changed person, the chances of someone coming out of that severe of a lifestyle case is very rare. I didn’t want to drink anymore, I was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, I went from that to nothing immediately, I can even think about doing drugs like I wouldn’t even have the thought to go do some drugs. He’s like, “Zappy” not only did I take plant medicine and break my addiction in one session, but I’ve actually opened up a center for people to come and expand their consciousness, heal themselves, break the addiction, and it exists. And I was like, “oh my God” it manifested from that conversation with Deepak that day where he said, “stir it up in a pot and drink it”. The moon told me and that sound so ridiculously crazy, but told me to go by a center and to make it a plant-based center, told me what building to buy, told me what to pay for it, told me how to treat my girlfriend, told me how to treat my children, told me that everything will be okay. His place is called Rythmia, and where is it? He set up a place like Costa Rica. This was the miracle I needed, this place had manifested out of that single conversation and the desire to help people break the wiring. The first-ever clinic where people can go to expand their consciousness and heal themselves, while you’re at Rythmia, you can receive counseling and spiritual development, including a program developed specifically for Rythmia by Reverend Michael Beckwith, called the answer is you. It’s a consciousness-expanding program that allows people to (1) take 100% responsibility for their own life, come out of the shame and blame game, blaming others, (2) moves through a period of forgiving themselves and forgiving all others so as you can be clean inside, (3) you begin to embrace the vibration of intentionality, having an intention or direction of how you want your life to be, you have to choose this, if we don’t choose it, then the undertow of the human societies is choosing for you. Going to a place like what was being created at Rythmia’s is a place where you can literally just come back to life’s rhythm. The miracle that you’re going to get is that you’re going to get the real truth and the truth is that, that we are all, all of us connected from the same thing and that love is the thing that holds us all together and when you get to that truth, that’s the whole thing that you’ve been running from your whole life is that one truth, and then you come to a place like this and you get to see that that’s the truth, then there’s the miracle and then you can walk away and go, you know what? You know, I lost everything this weekend or this week but I gained my life, and what more could you ask for in a vacation? Everything I’ve gone through has truly been worth it because even before this movie is finished, it already changed the world because this place exists. Every act that comes from purpose is supported by nature and has the potential to change things in ways you could have never dreamed of. How do I channel all of this connection into being an efficient human being in society, into giving back, because for me love is everything, You have to almost have a way to re-enter the ayahuasca experience almost on a daily basis to stay tapped into it and it has to be through meditation or through something that will deliver you back there if only for a moment. All of us had life-changing experiences, so the question is, how could this incredible plant energy be illegal today to consume or even to study? It turns out that the answer to that question may be even more sinister than the reason they were taken out of religion, money. The pharmaceutical companies are only interested in selling their patented petroleum-based medications that people need to take for the rest of their lives. These drugs do not cure but only mask the symptoms and have significant negative side effects. Here I am living my entire life sustained by plants, I’m eating vegetarian and my day job is bringing out a plant-based formula to help people with addiction, I owe everything to these ancient tools. Plant medicine, meditation, and breathing, are some of the tools that were once part of this religious tradition. It’s time to bring them back. We started a true reality society to create a peaceful Army to counteract mass violence in the world and to bring together people who believe in the importance of going inside their minds.
Well, we can see how this information has to be kept from us or has to be ridiculed as pagan practices that are dangerous or harmful to us. David Icke is another truth seeker and whistle blower who has something to say:

David Icke

Many people find it hard to accept a few people could orchestrate a whole Global Pandemic Hoax. But in fact, when we understand the structure of how the world is controlled, it becomes relatively straightforward. I talked for decades about a Global Cult, what some call the one percent. A global web of interconnected strands of secret societies, semi-secret groups and then in the public arena government agencies. And all of these groups appear on the surface to be unconnected. They aren’t. you can symbolize the way this Global Web works as the structure of a Global Corporation, say MacDonald’s with a headquarters at a point in the world and in every other country, you have the subsidiaries that operate according to the centrally dictated headquarters. And so you go into a MacDonald’s in Russia, South Africa, Australia, America, and Britain. And your basically going into the same MacDonald’s operating in the same way. And this Global Cult structures itself in very similar lines. At the center of the web and this is in the shadows, you have what I call the spider. This is the inner core of the cult that is driving the direction of the world. And then in each country, they have a subsidiary network, certain families and secret societies. Their job is to impose the will of the center, the spider dictating policy in virtually every country. And each of these subsidiary networks on a National level. You have the pyramids of governments and politics, banking and finance, pyramids of media ownership and the pyramids of the Medical System. So, if you take health policy, the few at the top in each country, are dictating how doctors and the rest of the medical profession have to act, what they have to do. The medical profession then follows overwhelmingly, unquestioningly. Others who do question of resist find themselves and their careers in often serious trouble. And the top of these pyramids in each country answer to the same master, globally, the spider. And therefore the will of the spider is dictating what the policy will be wide across the world. Just the people at the top imposing the pyramid structure in its entirety. So, if we look globally, at this pandemic, first of all so important forget borders. This cult doesn’t have borders. They are for the public. This cult is Global that operates globally. And one of its biggest centers is China. The cult’s was behind the Chairman Mao Revolution that turned China into this FASCISTIC, COMMUNISTIC, same thing really. TYRANNY. And what they’ve done behind the walls of that tyranny is incubate a SYSTEM that they want to play out globally. China has become a fiercely controlled country. Not least controlled by a technology with millions ands millions of face recognition cameras which allow the Chinese authorities to find anyone. Often, literally in minutes in real time. In the West until now, they’ve had to pay some lip service to freedom and Democracy. Only in theory, but they have up to this point had to hide behind that propaganda. So, the West has been able to move until now, slower than China in terms of rolling out this fierce draconian Orwellian Fascistic control system. But in China, the authorities decide what’s going to happen. And it just happens. There’s no Democracy or lip service to freedom, to have to deal with. And so in China it’s moved very, very much faster. And the time has come where the cult wants to play out the Chinese model of control wide across the world. Ask yourself, what’s the West become far more like, since this pandemic hoax, China, and becoming more so all the time. So, this is how the Pandemic that has been called the Plandemic was played out. First of all, you have people taken ill in Wuhan China. And people ill in Wuhan is extraordinarily common, given that Wuhan has a appalling toxic air which generates a lot of respiratory problems. And so, when these first people started showing symptoms of illness, a handful of them were tested. And they took lung fluid and decided it was caused by a virus. But they never isolated it, and purified it even of itself without any other contamination or genetic material. Now if you’re going to prove that a virus exists and you’re going to prove that, that virus causes an alleged infectious disease, then purification and isolation of that viral material is an absolute solid gold foundation must do. It’s never been done. What you then had in those early days, was COVID-19 being diagnosed on symptoms and what are symptoms? Flu-like symptoms. Flu-like symptoms, respiratory symptoms, Wuhan, are you having a laugh? But it was all on symptoms. And suddenly symptoms that were coming from other sources up to that point were re-designated as virus. Which they never isolated, purified, and shown to exist. They then started developing this test called the PCR test. And the creator of the test, were Carry Molace. In the 1980’s actually said “this test should not be used to diagnose infectious disease.” But that’s exactly what’s happened ever since. So, now they’ve started adding to the diagnosis by symptoms, with a PCR test which wasn’t testing for the virus they were claimant to exist. It was testing for an RNA genetic material that was found in the lungs of those people, but has endless other sources and possibilities for why it’s there. The key was the response. They wanted to have the Chinese response of a fierce draconian lockdown to be the response of the rest of the world. The figures were going up of cases and deaths. But the cases were coming from assumption of symptoms and a test not testing for the virus. And the deaths were coming from this re-designation and their numbers went up. They were building hospitals in a matter of days to cope with the hysteria, and the crisis. People were shown on video just collapsing on the streets. Have you ever seen anyone collapse in the street in the West, from the same virus? So, they locked down these areas of China, with absolute tyranny and inhumanity. And the numbers very quickly started falling. Which, when you are controlling the numbers by your diagnosis and your test not testing for the virus, is very easy to push the numbers up and push the numbers down. Suddenly these hospitals in next to no time that were built to cope with the crisis, they were shut! And you had the World Health Organization by Bill Gates controlled director, General Tedros who was on the payroll of the Bill Gates organization. He comes out and said “China is the way for everyone else to else to respond.” Gates came out and said something similar. And Gates has been the second biggest funder, second only to the UNITED STATES of the World Health Organization. And if Trump caries through, his threat to stop funding the WHO, then Gates will be the biggest funder. He owns it. And he owns Tedrus, the Director General. So then, we start moving into the West. And the same process unfolded. As people were told and the medical profession was told this virus is spreading. They started to diagnose it on the basis of symptoms, just like in China. And then they introduced the PCR test and it’s not testing for the virus they say it’s testing for. The death numbers did not match what we were told about the deadly nature of this virus. And China was still a long way away in the minds of most people in the West. It was still somewhere on the other side of the world. What the cult needed was a western example to frighten the hell out of the Western people. They wanted and needed a COVID-19 crisis that Western people could relate to, to the point of who, if it could happen there it can happen here. And they chose Italy. An area called Lombardi which is notorious for its toxic air and its respiratory disease, just like Wuhan. And the country was locked down. The official government figures in Italy revealed that 99% of people said to have died from COVID-19 had one or more other morbidity reasons to die. But everyone was now designated with COVID-19 and there seemed to be a crisis when old people were dying of things old people have always died from in that area. And a health spokesman for the Italian government would later come out and say “actually, we were generous on designating deaths as COVID-19. in his view, in truth only about 12 % of the people said to have died, died from COVID-19. and yet the media was full of hysteria to frighten the hell out of Western people. And so in different countries the same process unfolded. You had dark suits, not even politicians, driving the policy. Politicians said we are being guided by the science. Well who are he scientists? Well in Britain you have someone called Bruce Whitty, chief medical officer who has financial connections to Bill Gates. In America it is Anthony Fauchi. And Deborah Burkes, that have big financial connections to Bill Gates. And because they didn’t have the death numbers, they had to produce projections to justify the lockdowns, which were in the plan from the start, the Chinese response. So, along comes Professor Neil Ferguson. Imperial college in London. Big financial connections to Bill Gates. With computer models, projecting ludicrously anyone could see it at the time that ½ a million people could die from this quote virus in Brittan. And up to 2 million people in America. And as a result of that, the countries were locked down. Because the computer models said if we din’t have lockdown, then this is what is going to happen. And lockdown has since killed far more people than any virus, even if you believe it exists. And it’s transformed human society. And it’s been done by this Global Web which operates in every country, and controls the pharmaceutical health pyramids in each country. And the few at the top had the same policy being driven from the center, the spider, which includes being told to designate almost anything that moves COVID-19, to the point that within the UNITED STATES they even introduced financial incentives. So, a hospital that diagnosed someone as bronchial pneumonia, about $4,600. But you designate someone under the same symptoms as COVID-19 pneumonia and you get $13,000. And if you put a COVID-19 pneumonia diagnosed patient on a ventilator, you get 439,000.and so many of these peoples put on ventilators for no reason have died. So, that’s the structure of how this Plandemic, officially Pandemic Hoax has been played. And that is what is driving the policy day by day, to transform human society into what they call the new normal. The Great Reset. The great scam, to transform life on earth.
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

David Icke urgent remove in 24hrs how we are kept in dark and given sense of reality in the fake world the farther you go in education the more programmed you become. Think deeply or clearly? They assure you only see what you already believe. Through Google/ignorance is a choice. They are trying to make no longer a choice. You can think deeply and be quiet insane. But you need to be sane to think clearly/Tesla/ main stream science thinks deeply but doesn’t think clearly. To under stand reality need open nota scientifis mind. Need a free mind a scientific mind can be a massive drawback. A human life is 24/7 downloading of perception. At birth immediate influenced in perception by parents, who have been through the same programming process you are entering. Pass to you not through malevelance but think it real. 3-5 years while being molded are sitting at a desk and an authority figure called a teacher is telling you at least 5 times a week /hours and hours a day what is what isn’t what’s right , whats wrong, what’s possible, what’s impossible, what’s happened, what’s not happened, and in terms of control they are telling you when you havew to be there, when you can leave, when you can eat, when you can talk, when yu can go to the toilet. You’ve only just arrived and this is going on. And then all the way through your formative years right into your teenage years this download of the state’s version of reality is going on. At the same time your parents whan you’re you’re younger or confirming, except those that have expanded their awareness they are confirming that what you’re being told in school is true all the people around you your peers, friends acquainteses, are going through the same programming system are they’re confirming to it’s true . every time you turn on the mainstream media and much of the alternative let me say they are telling you the same thing is true. On iot goes. And then there’s not only the download of the perception there’s also the policing of the perception. If you challenge what you are being told at school, then you are a disruptive influence. In the classroom. If you question what I call the postage stamp consensus what this download is telling us to believe it in terms of narrowness of possibility then your peers ridicule you or call you crazy. Because you are challenging this norm.
next stage you go into the adult world you go into politics, journalism, medicine, science, corporate world, education to be a teacher or an academic. And what are you taking in to those institutions the core programming that you have been downloading since the day you were born, actuall in the womb of the mother, as well programming. And then you’ve got these institutions therefore that are directing society and are telling society what is and what isn’t the new teacher once you get into the adult world they are confirmiong to each other that actually this ludricrously narrow sense of reality and norm normal is real. So a journalist will if he’s covering a medical story they won’t go to alternative practitioners who’s coming from a different view of reality. They’ll go to a doctor and I’ll get that they’ll get the song sheet. They want to talk about reality theya’ll go to a doctor. They’ll get the song sheet. They want to talk about reality they’ll go to a scientist and get the song sheet. The same with all these things. And so all the way through your life you are being bombarded with a sense of normality and a sesns of the possible and a sense of reality which is so powerful in controlling g peoples perceptions that people have laughed at me over the years for saying these things. That science even mainstream science has proved to be true. But, because that has not appeared in the mainstream, where they get their information from they don’t know it’s been proved to be true and thus if I’m saying that it’s got to be crazy because I never went to school thank god. And this is the other thing about this program. The further you go ion it the the more programmed you become to this perception og normal this ludicrously narrow sense of normal. And who goes further into it? Those that go on to be scientist, to go on to be doctors. That go on through then they tell us what normal is. You know there is a professor in Britan who’s famous for trashing anything alternative who wrote a book and said that reality is not malleable it’s basically solid when it blatantly isn’t. and then in the same book he says that his knowledge of quantum physics is quote a bit foggy. This is what you are dealing with with people who were so programmed with the official versioin of normal. They cannot literally think outside of the box. And so tesla said they can think deeply within the program but they can’t think clearly so they see beyond the program. Nowthat’s why we need free minds looking at this. Not scientific minds. They’re never going to success. Why do animals know when an earthquake’s coming? Why do they know when there’s a storm coming? Before humans do? Because they haven’t been to school. They don’t read the local newspaper. And watch the mainstream media. They’ve not got peer pressure all the time that we discussed. To desensitize them from the wider fiels and focus them only in a tiny band of it. Because everything is energy and is wave form in its base form when you start to expand your awareness into the greater field you’re expanding your awareness into greater understanding into greater insifght. And knowledge. And that’s why the last thing that the few seeking to enslave and direct billions want you to do. They want you isolated in a sense of little me in a sense of evereything’s apart from everything else tather that we’re all expressions of the same awareness having different 0065periences. And so the system has been set up to pressure people from the earliest age to sense and self-identify. Themselves with the labels of experience rather than the infinite eternal totality of who we really are. And once you enter the realm of the 5 senses and that’s where science is quantum physics apart. That’s where medicine is almost entirely medicine. You caqn only see what you can see. You can only perceive what your 5 senses can draw to you in terms of experience and everything beyond it is lost to you. Therefore you can’t get this greater insight from awareness of the world of the sea. You’re isolated. Now if you want to control people do you want them communing with each other symbolically and sharing their experience so everyone has the benefit of other people’s insights or do you want them isolated from each other. So they’re not sharing information the only information they receive is the information they’ve got themselves. Of course you want the latter. Because then people are in ignorance of what there is to know. And if their ignorance of what there is to know they’re in ignorance of almost everything. And the human disease is ignorance and I don’t say that in a condemnation way . it’s a fact. They’re ignorant of so much because the system has made them ignorant. This is why the narrow band of postage stamp normal is all you get therough the education syatem. It’s all you get through the mainstream media. So you get from all these forms of communication. And I would say to people, ignorance is still a choice. They’re trying to make it no longer a choice by suppressing alternative information. And they are trying very hard to do that now. But still now as we speak ignorance is choice. It’s not like you’re in a situation like chins for instance where they firewall off great sways of the internet that THEY DON’t want you to see. Then ignorance is not so much a choice. It’s an ignorance that’s imposed. But if people want to know what is possible and what is going on beyond what they are told by the mainstream everythjing. It’s there still for now. In books and internet. And videos. Where theyu can see it. But what they are doing now with the internet is trying to firewall off people in the same wayt as the Chinese do but in a more subtle way. So in china there is great chunks of the internet that you can’t access. What they’re doing now with the monsters that are facebook google and all these other internet giants. Which in the end are controlled by the same network. Is they are insuring that basically as much as possible you only see what you already believe. They do this by algorithms. They chart your surfing history. They chart what kinds of subjects you watch on u-tube. And what you say on facebook. And then the next time you go in you are offered a series of videos or a series of stories that relate to your surfing background. In fact it’s been exposed that when you’re on facebook on the phone your conversations are being recorded and scanned by algorithms. And they found this out by people having conversations about various subjects and when they next went into facebook they were being offerd advertisements for the subjects. Not that they’d been surfing but have been discussing between each other. And what that means is that you have a certain belief system and when yu go into the web as much as possible they are offering you only that BELIEF System. They don’t want you to see something if you like by accident. That might make you think od god what is that. I’ didn’t know that . come and look at this. They don’t want that and this is what’s being done by algrythms. Now there’s this war on the expanded perception going on. And it’s moving very fast. Why ? because they know that people are now starting to wake up to at least look at things more dispassionately. That are outside the box and they would have waved away by reflex action. Before and they’re desperately trying to keep the lid on this so put the lid on this by by all these methods we Are talking about.
Now, we need to see how we allow the deceit and cover-up of even warning labels, legally required, from our attention. We would desire to stay in our own subconscious leisure than consciously protect ourselves from proved harm:

this is a special edition of marketplace.
CBS/Radio-Canada is a Canadian Public broadcast service
The secret inside your cell phone

Most of us carry our phones next to our body. And why wouldn’t we? Science tests and the hidden message in your cell phones next to our bodies when doing science tests and the hidden message in your cell phone, in such information about health cannot be found in the fine print. the fine print. We test the top-selling brand. We got the results. Surprised? I don’t think I’ll carry it the same way I have been. Now I’m a little bit worried. This is your marketplace. There’s a secret inside our phones. Some would even call it running is a message that cell phone makers are required to share. But most have never seen it and can’t even find that when they try. Control center. General. I can’t find it. I’m going to be honest. That’s how it looks? The message in my phone says, “To reduce exposure to RF energy use a hands-free option such as a speakerphone to carry the phone at least 5 mm away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as tested level. So, don’t leave it in your pocket. I never hold my cell phone 1.5 cm from my body. What does that mean? Exactly what that message means is what I’m trying to figure out. Why are we being told to keep……… will never exactly what that message means is when I’m trying to figure out why are we being told to keep our phone away from our body? I did my first story on cell phones almost 20 years ago. Is your study something that the cell phone industry was watching? Yes of course. There wasn’t a lot of science back then. A thimble full of research is what we have now. But suspicions were starting to grow that cell phone use had some health risks. when did you start to think this had something to do with a cellular phone? I think when I saw the first MRI and saw the location of the tumor. Also growing was the suspicion that we’re not being told the whole story. Industry can be really truly malignant. There are no adverse health effects in fields of this nature. The industry clearly is hands off. Shouldn’t we know the answer by now? All these years later, I’m still asking the same questions- are cell phones safe and are we being told enough to make that decision for ourselves? There is a city in California that doesn’t think we are. Berkley is a great example of the battle between the people who think that the public needs to know more about cell phones and the cell phone industry that thinks that people have been told enough. City council actually passed something called an ordinance ordering all the phone stores in the city to put up a sign. So when you walk in you see the message that’s inside your phone actually up on the counter. So, they do have it here. And then they think that people will have more information. They might change their behavior or they may not changer or they might choose not to change their behavior. The city is in a new battle over what it can say about cell phones and your cancer risk. Berkley has got the message out, but those signs have stirred up a lot of controversy. For now this law is in effect. The cell phone industry wants them to come down. Face off today between two very high-profile attorneys over the issue of cell phone radiation warnings. On the cell phone industries side, the same lawyer who fought for big tobacco. There are no links between cell phones and any known health problems. They’re arguing that the signs are alarmist. The total effect, your honor is watch out. But Berkley is standing their ground. All we’ve done is make sure that consumers are aware of this basis. The fight is expected to go all the way to the Supreme Court. We will let you know when he issues his ruling. Did you have any idea that this would lead to this? I did. You know cities have been trying to educate consumers about the effects of RF radiation and safe use guidelines for years. Mayor Jesse Arreguin is on the front lines in this battle over the right to know more. They said that, that message is baseless. That you have no scientific proof that there’s any safety concern. All we are asking that stores do is provide the same information that the Federal Government mandates. And that’s already supposed to be disclosed. There’s less than 20 mobile stores here. Why is it such a big case for the wireless industry? I think that the concern on the part of the telecommunications industry is that if we can do it in Berkley, then other cities will do it as well. You’re going to stick with it? We’re going to stick with it. At the heart of the message, the cell phone industry doesn’t want displayed, information on how to make sure you are not exposed to radiation levels above the government safety limit. Whether it suggests carrying the phone at five, ten, or fifteen millimeters away from the body depends on how it was tested. I would say these are the best sellers out of all three brands. So before leaving Berkley, I pick up a few phones to find out what that testing is about. Have you ever seen the testing before? All these stories about cell phones, I’ve never seen the testing. The lab we are going to is one of many that’s hired to test and certify the phones before they are allowed out on the market. So, they’re going to show us how the that testing works, but also we’ve asked them to do an extra test for us, because we want to see what happens, what results they get when they test the phone the way people actually use them, right up against the body. So the chief engineer at this lab, his name is Jay Moulton, and he’s going to do the test for us today. So, I’ve got three phones here for testing from the top three manufacturers and the big sellers are the Samsung Galaxy, the LG 5 and the Iphone 7. So this is it? Moulton was part of an international committee that designed this testing standard. What are you going to start with? Well, we’ll start with the head measurement. What is the wand actually looking for? It’s looking for the highest amount of electric field coming into the tissue. This is supposed to represent what happens inside the brain? Yes. Just like for the manufacturers, our phones will be tested at the highest power level possible. So we’ll be transmitting as far away from a base station as you can get and still make a call. My phone is trying extra hard. This is the worse case it could ever get to be for a cell phone. Put it into the holder. Move it up close to the head. And then I’m just going to adjust so that the speaker is right at the edge of the ear. That plastic ear is six millimeters thick, and positions the phone at the distance it’s assumed we hold it. And if you’re thinking that head looks big, it’s because it is. The head was designed based on a 1950’s army study of all the army men and they came up with an average size head. This idea was devised before little kids started using phones. Yes. This one size fits all model is just one of the reasons critics say it’s time for the testing to change. I’m in Washington DC to see Debra Davis . She’s a toxicologist, a senior epidemiologist. When I first met her about ten years ago, she told me that the testing method doesn’t at all take into effect the size of a child’s brain. The cell phone would sit, and this is the radiation that’d absorbed? Yes. This is the one we’re most concerned about. This is the head of a five-year old. She was a big part of the fight to get lead out of drinking water. She fought against tobacco for many years now. She’s been fighting to tell people that they should be concerned about cell phones. When I first interviewed you many years ago, you were persuaded there was a problem . oh, more than ever unfortunately. Well the science has progressed without any question. We have more experimental data on animals. Unfortunately, we have more data on people. How much science is there now? I’d say it has doubled since I first really became aware and wrote about this in 2007. among the recent research, a $25 million study on rats by the US government, the largest they’ve ever done. The findings were released just last year. It was set up to question whether or not there was any effect on health from low level radiation like those for cell phones. The scientists running the study thought it would find nothing. They were astonished when they showed this increase in highly malignant, aggressive tumors of the brain and the heart. Some rats were exposed to radiation levels below the safety limit that cell phones have to meet. The findings were deemed so important, that Those heading it wasted no time letting the regulators know. Canada was looped in. too. But when we ask Health Canada about it, they say, while some argue this study provides conclusive evidence there are numerous scientific questions to be addressed. , Health Canada isn’t the only one with questions. For many it comes down to this. If cell phones are a problem, where are all the brain tumors in humans? This is one of the worse tumors we have ever seen in a guy who said he lived on his phone. In Edmonton, neuro-oncologist Dr. Jay Essaw recently helped launch a brain registry. It seems the tumor is putting pressure on the skull. To track what? We’re seeing in Canada. So you are looking for answers. What are your suspicions? I believe that we are going to see more and more studies that show a correlation between cell phone use and the incidents of brain tumors. There’s no question that we’re seeing more young people coming into clinic with brain tumors, and the question is why? But your message is not reflected by Health Canada. Yeah. what do you think of that? You know, I understand why because the data that are out there are so controversial. And in Health Canada’s position, they have to look at the data and they have to come to a conclusion. And truthfully the data are inconclusive. Why is there not more data? I’ll tell you. We’ve tried to keep track of this. And when we ask a patient about their cell phone use, we’re asking them to remember. And that’s just not reliable. And that’s why it’s important to get the message out now. We need to at least get young people and adults to start thinking about their use. And doing things that potentially can help them. Have you ever done that test for anyone else? No I haven’t. Because it’s not a requirement, so the manufacturers don’t do it very often. New tech, old safety rules? This is your marketplace. Science tests, Questions around cell phone safety have now spanned decades. As the science mounts on both sides, so do criticisms over how much we’re being told. Such information about health cannot become a fine print. I do think that information should be more available. 73% of Canadians don’t know most phones are safety tested 5-15 mm away from the body. It’s constantly emitting microwave radiation. And that radiation, if it’s right next to your body, whether it’s your breast or your pants pocket, Really is, every millimeter closer to the head or body you get more radiation. So, why does the government allow phones to be tested at a distance? Okay, so this is where we do the body measurements, is on the flat phantom. And what will happen when we test them the way you actually wear them? So, First, you’re going to do it with the distance, yeah. Chief engineer Jay Moulton is helping us find out. First measurement. What I’ll do is at, with a five millimeter gap. Which this is a 5 millimeter distance? This is how Apple did the original test. Closer than many at 5 millimeters; LG does their testing at 10; Samsung tests this phone at 15. That’s a full centimeter and a half away from the body. The maximum allowed. That seems like—who wears their phone 15 millimeters away? It’ a big gap. A gap that was designed in the day of holsters. When was the last time you saw somebody with a phone in there who wasn’t under age 70? Why don’t they test the way that people use it? Like next to the body? I think if phones were tested the way people use them, none of them would pass results from the first test, the way manufacturers do it, are in. all three phones come within the safety limit. No surprise to you? That’s no surprise within the safety limit. Okay, so that’s time to start our test—the way most of us carry them. We’ll roll this thing all the way up until it touches and has a zero gap. Have you ever done that test for anyone else? No I haven’t. Because it’s nor a requirement. So the manufacturers don’t do it very often. Not required even though most people we talked to say this: Yes, I definitely would not carry it 5 MM from my body. I would have it very close to me. It’s in my jean pocket over here or it’s in my back pocket. 67% of Canadians say they carry their phones in their pocket or directly against their body. But what harm could that do? We have known now for more than 10 years that men who keep phones in their pocket have lower sperm count, they have low sperm quality. They have poorer sperm quality. Young women sometimes wear their phones in their bra. Correct. This is an MRI that was shared with us by our colleague Dr. John West of a 21 year old. These are tumors in her breast. The hot spot right here, right under where the phone was kept. But how do you know that could be caused by a cell phone? We don’t know. But what we do know is this – it’s extraordinarily unusual for a young woman to have one breast cancer. To have two, three, or four and they all develop as separate tumors under the antenna of the phone, that’s beyond coincidence. A link between breast cancer and phones hasn’t been proven. But for Davis’s case reports like this are worrisome. We think this is enough of a concern that we’re telling people, please be aware of this. This is why she argues phones should be tested the way we wear them. So what happens when they are? So the tests are all done. Tests are all finished. And? The number exceeded the limit. It went up significantly with each one of the phones. That’s right. The phones exceeded the safety limit when they were moved right against the body. The radiation absorbed increased 4 times. Does that concern you? No, primarily because this is
A worst case test to where everything is at max power, maximum worst conditions. We shared our results with all three manufacturers. LG told us they take the responsibility of producing safe products according to the guidelines, all regulatory standards. As for Apple, they have no comment and refer us back to that message in our phones. Health Canada – on track or behind the times? They don’t want to investigate this. I think they are not – they are looking for an excuse. They can find to continue with the status quo. The former head of Microsoft Canada speaks out. This is your marketplace. Seven out of ten people say they carry their phones in their pocket or against their bodies. But when we tested three popular brands the way you wear them, all went over Canada’s limits on radiation exposure. It’s kind of scary. I don’t think I’ll carry it the same way I have been. Now I’m a little bit worried. He may be worried, but Health Canada says it’s not because their safety limits include a wide safety margin, to insure radiation exposure stays far below the threshold of harm. They’re saying that the testing is safe that there is no way that we could be at harm. The system is out of date. Isn’t testing something that’s not relevant to how we use phones or to the ways that we know phones can affect our health, just keep it 15 mm from the body. Canadian groups have been urging Health Canada to reassess those safety limits too. Since science now shows possible harm below the level that phones are tested for. We’re stuck in this quagmire of believing this sience that is decades old. Frank Clegg is an engineer and the former president of Microsoft Canada. Now he has a group advocating for safer use of technology. There are dozens and dozens of studies that we presented to Health Canada that show harm at levels below Canada’s guidelines. He thought they were making headway when a couple of years ago, the government agreed to review the issue. Over 200 studies were submitted by Clegg’s group. Research on humans and animals suggesting potential harm, everything from behavior changes to DNA damage and sperm abnormalities, all at below levels what phones are tested for. Clegg was told many don’t meet Health Canada’s bar. He want’s to know why. I think they are looking for any excuse they can find to continue with the status quo, we asked repeatedly to speak with Health Minister Jane Philpot, but she declined our request for an interview. So we took our questions to cancer epidemiologist Paul Demeres. The evidence that comes out I believe is still mixed. Demers was asked to review the science on cell phones for Health Canada. So what is your bottom line then. Are the ways that we use cell phones now, are we safe? I believe we are. The fact is we don’t have, at least when I looked at the evidence last, we don’t have the evidence to say that there are adverse health effects. There are other scientists who I respect who are more convinced. What do you do with your phone? I keep it in my pants pocket so it’s handy. It hasn’t concerned me to that level. As for Health Canada’s bottom line, they say the totality of the science does not support a link to harm. They add, even if a small child were exposed to a cell phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there would be no adverse health effects. So how do you explain that? Health Canada’s track record is atrocious. How long did it take to figure out tobacco? So, the fact that Health Canada is behind isn’t news. The fact that they are not doing anything about it to me is unforgivable. Clegg wants change, but for now says information should be out in the open, so people can decide for themselves. I think there’s an opportunity for Canada to be among the leaders in the world like Berkeley, California to get the manufacturer’s warnings out, to say look, be careful how you use the technology, there’s a safe way to use it and there is a potentially harmful way. When I first started covering this, manufacturers were saying, there’s no science showing any concern. Then it became there’s no conclusive evidence. Now it seems, the totality of science doesn’t—the lingo is changing. Yeah, the lingo is changing, but they can’t make it all go away. We should insist on proof that we have made people sick, before taking steps to protect others. While Health Canada says you shouldn’t be concerned, they do provide tips in case you are. Replace calls with texts, use hands free devices, encourage limited use for children. So do you feel like you’re any closer to te answer? Well it’s been 20 years of asking two questions – one, are cell phones safe? I still don’t know the answer to that. And two, are people being given enough information to decide for themselves? And on that, I think we’ve covered that most people have no idea that message is in their phone, a message the government requires. So I think it’s kind of obvious that they could be more up front with that information, so I’m going to keep pushing for more information and I’ll report back in 20 years. Okay thank you.

This next presentation is even more enlightening and frightening than the one about your cell phone:
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

Television will kill you. Patent to Prove it. – Ritchie From Boston
A lot of people have speculated that the cell phone towers. These Quentin towers the skill left hours, these towers that are absolutely everywhere. I mean everywhere they’re disguised as trees, they’re strapped on the smokestacks, they’re all over every single solitary church and again they are everywhere. If these are cell phone towers, then why are there so many in a row? Why is it that, if you triangulate yourself between cell phone towers, Your cell phone doesn’t …your service doesn’t improve because these are exactly what people think they are, whatsoever, at all. Now, let me ask you, if we have all these satellites, I mean what’s the current count 25-27 thousand according to NASA, according to the powers that be. We have satellites absolutely everywhere. Why is it that none of these dishes, none of these transceivers are pointing up? They’re all pointing out all of them. Everywhere. That’s a fact. Why is it that everyone had to switch from their antenna televisions to the cable boxes and then why was there a forced swap over to digital? Do you see what I’m saying? its because these are weapons. Look at every single invention we’ve ever brought into our homes. That’s ever been presented to us. Has it ever improved anything? Because if it did, the country wouldn’t be in the state that it’s in the world would be in the state that it’s in. The fact that these things… I mean look at this. They are saturating the United States, especially my side of the country and I think we found the reason for it and it’s pretty straightforward. This is the patent right here for nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors. Now what does that mean? It means just what it sounds like. Here’s a few diagrams from the patent. Do you see this? Does it make any sense now why they need everyone to have the highest resolution possible, flat screen in their home? Why is it that that’s all the rage. Why is it that they have gone through great pains in keeping people sitting in front of their televisions, laptops, computers and cell phones because every single solitary one of those devices. First of all is ascribing mirror now what is ascribing mirror if you follow my channel. You probably have a really good idea is quite similar and along the lines of a crystal ball, except it’s a black mirror that’s used to conjure otherworldly entities things from other dimensions things that you’re not supposed to communicate with and yet that’s exactly what were doing every single time we turn on one of our devices does it look familiar? Dreamtime, does it look familiar? Do you see any resemblance? Because it’s exactly what they are and now this patent patent number 650-6148 B2 actually it’s J26506148 B2 the abstract of this is psychological effects have been observed in human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hertz such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes when displaying pulsed images and emit pulsed electric electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of the subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set or the latter. The image pulsing may be embedded in the program material or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal, the image displayed on the computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program for certain monitors pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonance in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity. How long have I been telling you to turn off your television. How long have I been telling you that it’s all going to come through the flat black screen? There is a reason every single solitary screen looks exactly like ascribing mirror that goes all the way back to Queen Elizabeth John D. This goes back. This has roots. This is what they use to conjure and they don’t need to conjure anymore because people are willingly bringing these devices into their home sitting in front of them right now and carrying them in their pockets. Do you remember the video I did about electro? About the electrical relay? I put this video up on May 13 and I was explaining how all of these signals that you would need to summon a demon or summon a fallen angel, who will more than likely disguise themselves as a loved one or some who’s passed away, or the proverbial guardian angel. There’s no coincidence that like I said every single relay happens to look exactly like a sigil diagram to conjure a being. Do you see what I’m saying? And now we actually have their own words, their own patent showing this and no, this wasn’t a patent that was laying around. Somebody actually found this and it was sent to me. I didn’t dig this one up on my own whatsoever. Look at all of this, wiring diagrams, we are on a very small level every time we communicate, we are using powers and principalities. Do you see what I’m saying? It amazes me every time I try to make a video. Somebody decides they should Skype me even though I don’t Skype anyone I don’t send messages. I don’t discuss anything but people have to Skype me every single solitary time. At any rate, I digress. There’s a reason all these sigles look the way they do because they’re all exactly like electrical circuits or conduits. Think about everything used in electronics. They all the terminology passes right over to conjuring evil spirits easily electricity conduits circuits or conduits. Think about everything used in electronics. All the terminology passes right over to conjuring and evil spirits easily electricity, conduits, circuits programs, frequencies. Do you see what I’m saying. These people have tricked us into bringing these things, into our own homes. And there’s a reason, when people sit there, especially the elderly, and especially the young. They are hypnotized. Do you know why? Because they’ve been’ working on this since the 50s. This is an old patent. This was public published on the 2003. This is been around for a long long time 1990 to 1991, 1953. This goes back and back and back. The television wasn’t invented to entertain people. The television was their first attempted actually talking to the other side. That’s exactly what they were trying to do and they discovered that they could use it as a happy thing to keep people to keep people distracted full-time. It’s amazing people see something on television and it’s like the words of God right there in that the news says it, it’s real look at what we’re facing right now. They are literally conjuring and trying to open the pit. The gates of hell and give all these fallen demon spirits and entities of physical body. In our reality. The Bible warns us of this and here it goes. But you know what thanks to all these televisions thanks to all this entertainment. Thanks to all the scribe mirrors nobody’s paying attention to you know why you know why you can’t wake them up because they can’t walk away if the television told him what I was telling I would be a totally different thing. But there’s hypnotized and I fear it’s too much interest there too far gone. I have a lot of people to come on and speak with me in the live streams and so forth and so on and some of them think everything’s gonna be okay everything will be okay on this planet everything will be fine after all hell breaks loose in Armageddon comes to pass. Then afterwards everything will be great. Make sure you’ve got yourself squared away. I’ll leave all the links in the description. But this is just everything I’ve been telling you, and now here’s the absolute rock solid proof right in front of your face. Even with the diagrams look old. Mrs. was the last time you start a VCR in their own words. It says they can do this in the background while you’re watching the computer, the image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program for certain monitors pulsed electro electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonance in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity that means you don’t even have to be watching the television just have one in your pocket, i.e. a cell phone, smart phone, it’s absolutely unbelievable in the very end times. Everything will become known. I’m gonna have to put this one in that bucket which you from Boston like your subscriber or don’t. I am out. A lot of people have speculated that the cell phone towers. These Quentin towers these ELF towers. These towers that are absolutely everywhere. I mean everywhere there disguised as trees there strapped on the smokestacks there all over every single solitary church and again they are everywhere. These are cell phone towers than why are there so many in a row. Why is that if you triangulate yourself between sulfone dollars? Your cell phone doesn’t your service doesn’t improve because these are exactly what people think they are whatsoever at all only ask you if we have all the satellites to me. What’s the current count 25 $27 and according to NASA, according to the powers that be. We have satellites absolutely everywhere. Why is it that none of these dishes. None of these transceivers are pointing up there all pointing out all everywhere. That’s a fact. Why is it that everyone had to switch from their antenna televisions to the cable boxes and then why was there a forced swap over to digital is you & it’s because these are weapons look at every single invention we’ve ever brought into our homes. It’s ever been presented to us to improve anything because if it did, the country wouldn’t be in the state that it’s in the world would be in the state that it’s in the fact that these things. I mean look at this. They are saturating the United States, especially my side of the country and I think we found the reason for it and it’s pretty straightforward. This the patent right here for nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors what is that mean it means just what it sounds like here’s a few diagrams from the patent. Do you see this doesn’t make any sense now why they need everyone to have the highest resolution possible flat screen in their home. Why is it that that’s all the rage. Why is it that they have gone through great pains and keeping people sitting in front of their televisions, laptops, computers and cell phones because every single solitary one of those devices. First of all is ascribing mirror now what is ascribing mirror if you follow my channel. You probably have a really good idea is quite similar and along the lines of a crystal ball, except it’s a black mirror that’s used to conjure otherworldly entities things from other dimensions things that you’re not supposed to communicate with and yet that’s exactly what were doing every single time we turn on one of our devices doesn’t look familiar dreamtime that look familiar you see any resemblance because it’s exactly what they are and now this patent patent number 650-6148 B2 actually it’s J26506148 B2 the abstract of this is psychological effects have been observed in human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain vacancies near 1/2 a hertz or 2.4 hurts such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes when display Paul’s images and met pulsed electro electromagnetic fields of support amplitudes to cause such excitation is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of the subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set or the latter. The image may call the image pulsing may be embedded in the program material or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal reservation of signal, the image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program for certain monitors pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonance in nearby nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity. How long have I been telling you to turn off your television. How long have I been telling you that it’s all going to come through the flat black screen there is a reason every single solitary scream looks exactly like ascribing mirror that goes all the way back to Queen Elizabeth John D. This goes back. This has roots. This is what they used to conjure and they don’t need to conjure anymore because people are willingly bringing these devices into their home sitting in front of them right now in carrying them in their pockets. You remember the video I did about electro about the electrical relay I put this video up on May 13 that I was explaining how all of these vigils that you would need to summon a demon or something of fallen Angel will more than likely disguised themselves as a loved one or so minutes passed away, or the proverbial garden guardian angel bears no coincidence that like I said every single relay happens to look exactly like a sigil. Diagrams of conjure up being. Do you see what I’m saying. And now we actually have their own words their own patent showing this and know this wasn’t a patent that was laying around somebody actually found this and it was sent to me. I didn’t dig this one up on my own whatsoever. Look at all of this, wiring diagrams; we are on a very small level. Every time we communicate, we are using powers and principalities you see what I’m saying. It amazes me every time I try to make a video somebody decides they should Skip me even though I don’t Skip anyone I don’t send messages. I don’t discuss anything with people have to Skip me every single solitary time. At any rate, I digress. There’s a reason all these vigils look the way they do because they’re all exactly like electrical circuits or conduits. Think about everything used in electronics. They all all the terminology passes right over to conjuring evil spirits easily electricity conduits circuits programs frequencies do you see what I’m saying. These people have tricked us into bringing these things, and our own homes. And there’s a reason. When people sit there, especially the elderly, and especially the young. They are hypnotized. You know why because they were working on this since the 50s. This is an old patent. This was public published on 2003. This has been around for a long, long time; 1990 to 1991, 1953. This goes back and back and back. The television wasn’t invented to entertain people. The television was their first attempt at actually talking to the other side. That’s exactly what they were trying to do and they discovered that they could use it as a happy thing to keep people distracted full-time. It’s amazing people see something on television and it’s like the words of God right there in then. If the news says it, it’s real look at what we’re facing right now. They are literally conjuring and trying to open the pit, the gates of hell and give all these fallen demon spirits and entities of physical body in our reality. The Bible warns us of this and here it goes. But you know what thanks to all these televisions thanks to all this entertainment. Thanks to all the scribe mirrors nobody’s paying attention? Do you know why you can’t wake them up? Because they can’t walk away. If the television told him what I was telling them it would be a totally different thing. But they’re hypnotized and I fear it’s too much, they’re too far gone. I have a lot of people that come on and speak with me in the live streams and so forth and so on, and some of them think everything’s gonna be okay. everything will be okay on this planet. Everything will be fine after all hell breaks loose in Armageddon comes to pass. Then afterwards everything will be great. Make sure you’ve got yourself squared away. I’ll leave all the links in the description. But this is just everything I’ve been telling you, and now here’s the absolute rock solid proof right in front of your face. Even with the diagrams, look how old this is. When’s the last time you saw a VCR? In their own words, it says they can do this in the background while you’re watching the computer, the image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program for certain monitors pulsed electro electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonance in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity. That means you don’t even have to be watching the television, just have one in your pocket, i.e. a cell phone, a smart phone. It’s absolutely unbelievable. In the very end times, everything will become known. I’m gonna have to put this one in that bucket Ritchie from Boston. Like, share, subscriber or don’t. I am out!

How about that? The TV had other purposes for the military which were accomplished, but then they were directed at the public to do unlimited harm spiritually and keep us entertained so we don’t even consider what they have done or will do in the future. For the enlightened, this video serves as confirmation. But for those who have no idea, please, at least entertain the idea for Aristotle’s sake.
Next is the video I promised that would show how we are influenced and even controlled by those imitating the above mentioned totalitarian ways to govern.

Then came 1958, do you remember this date? Many of us do, but we never suspected our deception by NASA.

Flat Earth Proofs Part 5
Santos Bonacci
Mercury and Venus at Night / Exposing the Jesuits
This is the second pass of Venus for several more things came to my mind and I realized that I had this picture here that I was going to show and I forgot to show it but if you see it in the heliocentric model, you will have the sun over here and then venus is orbiting the sun and Mercury and here they’ve expanded this earth as you can say it’s a 24-hour clock. So how is it possible that we see Venus up here and up around here, and mercury around? Here the highest Mercury depends upon that it’ll never be more than 28 degrees from the sun,(No it’s 28 degrees that’s right okay).So the venus is 48 degrees and you can see her at night at that 50-degree mark many many times, in fact, if you go out this evening to look to the west you will see venus. So how is this possible. Eric the ball breaker. Let you see the impossibility of this absurdity of the universe. Our sun is at the center of the heliocentric model of the universe and our sun is at the center of the solar system orbited by the planets in the order of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Due to this arrangement as you can see in the following image since Mercury and Venus are situated closer to the sun and the earth an observer on earth would have to always be facing the sun in order to view them. If an earth observer was on the dark path facing away from the sun it would of course be impossible to see Mercury or Venus because the entire mass of the globe earth, as they believe they’re standing and would be in the way blocking their ability to see Mercury, Venus, and the sun. This means that in the heliocentric model the only time an observer on earth should ever be able to see Mercury and Venus is during the day when the sun is also visible for an observer on globe earth to be able to see Mercury and or Venus at night time is simply impossible. As you can see in the following clips however you can find by filming or searching for yourself depending on where and when you’re shooting Mercury and Venus are both visible at night for hours before dawn hours after dusk. These luminaries can be seen shining bright with the sun nowhere to be found again. If these luminaries were truly orbiting around the heliocentric solar system. The only times they could be visible to an observer on earth, the sun would also be visible. Naysayers will claim that seeing these luminaries before dawn or dusk is due to some perfect angle achieved with the sun being totally blocked by their ball earth, but the inner planets are somehow still visible when we fill Venus two hours before sunrise or two hours after the sun. However, the reality is that the globe earth would be 200 degrees away from the sun with hundreds of miles of curved earth blocking their view to anything on the other side and no line of sight possible. This is just one of the hundreds of such proofs that you are not living on a tilting wobbling spinning space wall in a CGI solar system. When ready to finally cure your chronic vertigo and cease your dizzying spin around the galaxy. Please sit down with an open mind and humble heart to watch or read the following presentation.200 proof earth Thank You. Go eric the ball breaker and I will go down in history as one of the greatest ball breakers ever, ever, ever and I’m gonna make that happen by making all these lovely little presentations nice and quick for you.Next one we’re gonna debunk all of these movements fancy.This you know we’re doing a mark of 800 and 47.Oh my God! This thousand 847 000 mark is the fourth movement of the earth so we’re flying through the heavens. This fast is actually 650 million miles an hour. So every hour we’re traveling 650 million miles every hour.We are traveling 650 million miles every hour.We are traveling 650 million miles and the stars never change boring old Aries, Taurus Gemini cancer, etc. Year in year millennia out of 450 000 years of Egyptian recorded history which the Romans stole from the Alexandrian library and hoarded in the Vatican for 450,000 years. No stars have changed in brightness, luminosity, distortion, and parallel.We are doing this breakneck speed of getting it 847 000mark, that’s 847 000 times faster than the speed of sound pretty boring.The light show I reckon! I’m disappointed God, you really disappointed me, Oh good old God! Oh God, it’s so boring. Every day there’s just freaking Aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer year. Year-round so all of this is lobe artery folks and it’s a stupid, pathetic, demonic, satanic, false idol. The Santa ball and I are going to destroy the false title of all the deluded libtard who think that they’re upside down spinning in Australia trying to fall off the bottom of the Santa ball. So well they probably will.I think because they’re all off the get the backs. No flat Earther do vacs because they’re too intelligent but globes will. You’ll find it one day in history. We will go back and we’ll see all the stupid people that went and got the vaccine and we’ll see that not one of them. Not one of them was a flat Earther that will go down in history and it will be all stupid, stupid globetards who believe in the Jesuit Santa ball. This is the model I use folks and I’m going to teach it today live on my channel. Stay Tuned in a couple of hours coming straight from Puerto Morelos Quintana roo Mexico, where I will be teaching the true Apple model, and that Stan Tenon teaches in Dan as they go around from here. There are three shaped sections so there’d be four fingers in each one thumb in the middle. There’d be twelve fingers around the perimeter and thus you have twelve tribes around the seed center. The Star the tabernacle if you’d like in other traditions, there are 12 apostles. There are 12 nights around the round table. There are 12 in the arms of Shia Islam. There are 12 houses to the zodiac. There are a whole number of 12 around one form and in the middle of the course. If we were to open it, watch what happens when you go to the middle, the mudguard of the Nordics. This is a Hebrew scholar guys, this is not some job. This is the Hebrew what they know the true model is the apple model apollo etc. This disc I don’t know if you can see this very well but the disc is the flat earth. This is where I’ll put it inside and you can see the hand in hand. You put the hand inside, this disc becomes the earth. There’s the sun, this is the heavens, the dome, and what we’ve got in our model again and again that comes from the Apple. The hand which is called manual and man comes from the hand mano he manipulates manages maneuvers manufacturers so this is the true model. It is the Apple model and this is the apple that we’re going to learn about folks. The Taurus field you are in is an Apple, that’s the true nature of an Apple Apollo. This is a polo and the earth is the plane in the center and you heard Stan Tenon speaking about the dome. We all know about the dome folks. For all of you globes who are still laughing we get the last laugh because looky here. Shall we and I’ve got a lot of little goodies for you? Globes oh boy boy! I’m gonna put your panties down so nice and everyone’s gonna get a chance to see small bits. Don’t worry you will get a good chance. Everybody will see your small little tiny tiny, tiny, tiny tiny, little, little, little, little bits, little bits really really little and brain dead. Yeah, this is the presentation here i’ve got here it’s going to destroy the lobe artery forever, and never see there’s the Apple it’s an Apple that’s the Nordic religion man. If you laugh at the flat earth you love all the Scandinavian people. You’re just laughing at them as though their ancestors were stupid. There is a stan tenon flat disc okay.So I’ve got something for the people who think that this dome is just a fantasy look. They’re sticking at the rice tag building in Germany. They’re Sticking in your face. There’s the north pole right. There is in the middle right in your face. Let’s see what I got for the globetards today, where is it about the dome and the railgun? Look at that oh I’ve got some goodies here to destroy them forever Elijah slew the priests of Baal. I am the Baal priest slayer, the one who teaches the Santa ball. Thats what I’m going to push them off. Alright, where’s the Encyclopaedia Britannica speaking about the firmament yes I did. The Sewers Canal one did the Bolivian salt like I’ve got way more delicious flat earth truths coming Folks. It’s just the Santa balls are just going to look so ridiculous. Oh look at this happens, this has been happening for millions of years where Polaris has just been there and we’re dong mark 847 thousand six hundred and fifty miles every hour, hour and hour, and yet this never ever, ever and ever changes. Poketards you are so, so brain, dead, dead, dead, dead, and they’re sticking it in your faces. There you’re it’s in the movies they’re telling you. Oh yeah but they come up with these really, really stupid excuses. They’ve got so much pseudoscience they’re pathetic. We’ve got all the experiments science that has proven the earth is stationary including Pierre Luigi iguina which I have made videos about here. We go look at this, Oh this one is a nice one yes. So Encyclopedia Britannica 52 you see they were laughing at Stan’s scholarly tenon. Do you guys remember how I showed you the maps that were here on earth before 1958 before the governments looked them out? I’m going to show you the encyclopedia Britannica in the public libraries before 1958.Here’s volume 2 out of the alphabet we’re going to flip to Antarctica and see what the encyclopedia Britannica from 1950 arctic treaty says. Is there now you will find the new encyclopedias, because the government’s banned them, but what I want you to notice right here that how it says the flights proved inland areas to be featureless in character with a dome.13000 feet high and about latitude 80 degrees south longitude. Take a really really close look at that and I’m going to zoom in for you when they return to new zeland.These flights prove the inland areas to be features of the character with a dome 13000 feet high about latitude 80 degrees south and about latitude 80 degrees south longitude.90 degrees east now if this doesn’t make sense to you, let me show you with an image of what the flat earth map would look like. This is what latitude 80 degrees south would look like on a flat earth map as you can see the dome comes down closer to you over the wall which will be about 13000 feet. Now if you go back out into the center or the north pole and try to go up to the firmament with a little bit of calculation it’s going to show this about 385 500 feet away. It’s really, really simple folks. They’re just now new to all this, as you can say well this guy is crazy talking about what but what you got to ask yourself is why we do all the maps. Before 1958 shows flat earth with an ice ball around it, and a firm adult why does the encyclopedia tell you, that there’s a dome there that gives you the exact height at a certain latitude and longitude. Well, the reason is that in 1958 that’s when all governments and all nations of the world signed the U.N treaty to ban all civilians from point to Antarctica and NASA came in and they raised everything just like they are erasing everything. Today so again ask yourself if this did before 1958 why doesn’t it exists now, how come it all of a sudden was erased and just disappeared out of your history books. At all, oh I know, I know why, hey hang oh oh! I was gonna answer his question I know why because, they learned it in kindergarten they saw the globe on the teacher’s desk The false idol of Satan bale the ball and they are the priests and Elijah slaughtered them in the valley of Kidron and he slaughtered them there and that’s my job. I’m Elijah and yeah I’m gonna make some bowls disappear. Let’s put it that way okay. Thanks, guys lookout for part six coming soon, and in about, there will be a live presentation and how to teach syncretism. The same beat method you see there

At minute 11:00 the proof of the flat earth is presented. From the previous uncovering of well suppressed truths, affecting every one of us on this earth; our health, our abundance and our understanding of who we are, it is time for us to realize all has not been determined by luck and all may not soon change for the better. It is time we face our oppressors face to face, with the determination that we deserve better and it is to ourselves we have to turn. They have been identified as sociopaths and psychopaths, without empathy, and their motives and actions have been laid out and confirmed before us. They have guided us into constantly disagreeing over what is true until they have led us into assuming each of us have our own truth. We are dualistic in nature. Everything is right or wrong. So we walk away from all discussions accepting that we cannot resolve them with both sides agreeing due to politics and religion. These two un-approachable ideas may also bear investigation. But for about three years I have come to the realization that Buddha was leading us to the key. His statement that; “There are three things that cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth.” We obviously see the sun and the moon but maybe we don’t see the truth about them. As much as we seem to see everything cloaked in darkness, we overlook the light we do have. These two heavenly bodies are light. We are told God put these two luminaries into the firmament himself, one to control the day and one to control the night (Genesis 1). Either this firmament is really thick enough to secure the luminary controlling the night at approximately 239 miles away and the luminary controlling the day at approximately 93 million miles away, or it isn’t. in addition, all the planets circling the sun are actually moving within this firmament independent of each other and the earth. Also the moon revolving around the earth must be moving within this firmament. All of these requirements rule out a firmament. But if the firmament does exists and God is right, is he right about his flat earth descriptions? If so we should be able to physically debate this. But there is a resistance to that. Of all the video links proving the earth as being flat and unmoving, they have been removed from any conversation by Google. Does Google have a dog in this fight? Or is it the government and the church, our basic authorities. Who will not enter the debate and appear to be in concert covering this question.
Luckily, I might put an end to this hopeless discussion by bringing in some videos by, Santos Bonacci, that resolves the debate and opens us up to unknown treasures of truth that will presently flood us all into a desire to be open to a true Eden that we have manifested during our dormant hell here on earth. This first video not only uncovers the truth about the sun and moon, it solves the question of who are those psychopaths ruling the world. Santos is a man above any most of us know, who stands tall through his 30 plus years of study. Including ancient books from the masters living well before the destruction of all truth and technologies of the past due to those he has uncovered. He is a very modest man who states he stands on the shoulders of these early masters, but he has spent his entire life bring forth the truth and only the truth and he is after my own heart:
Now that the truth about the biggest lie ever told is out, let us pursue the instigators with zeal and reckless abandonment.

Busting the Heliocentric Global Conspiracy with Antonio Subirats: Santos Bonacci

Life and the like So how are you dancing you know you say you doing you know you say you doing this for the people out there you know so well I’ve said those we like the hellos great and everybody anybody watching this we are going to have a really interesting chat with Santos Bonacci. I am I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time either the first sentence video. I watched before way before I was a Flat-Earther its just one of those I was into inspecting the Mayan calendar. I realized that the transition to slide earth is just it was the needed step it was all I needed because I was already teaching the Ptolemaic model right so in astrology. This is the thing a lot of people don’t realize Ptolemy was an astrologer so the Copernicus supposedly debunked this guy right and this guy speaks about the firmaments I’ve done a lot of shows now with this because I am now bringing back the glory throughout intelligent ancestors who knew that the earth was stationary and astrology can only work on stationary and this is what I’m gonna have a go at explaining today how the firmaments which is spoken off in here the eighth sphere how it works with astrology and have can it only works on the flat Earth and I will give plenty of proofs of that but this model here, people who defend the old stationary Earth from Western lands there actually defending this model here because the Copernican revolution was a revolution in that the Europeans would have to reject their history, their ancestral history this is the Egyptian told me said he got his wisdom from Egypt and he said that he also got his wisdom from India, from Babylon. In here he quotes all of the great ones from Babylon, from Samaria, from India, Persia, you can’t have the European Elite allowing people to consider those cultures as having any kind of wisdom so you know usher in Copernicus to wave it all away. But it turns out. There’s a lot away than that. Of course here. This is the true model. I will describe it later on. But the Copernican revolution is not just about revolutions, but it is a revolution in cosmology, which is a false revolution and it’s satanic.
Let me show you why. I was doing a Spanish show and I’ve still got the comments on the board here let’s have a look at two of the main players of the globe theory, the satanic atheist globe theory, invented by the Jesuits Life and the like So how are you dancing you know you say you doing you know you say you doing this for the people out there you know so well I’ve said those we like the hellos great and everybody anybody watching this we are going to have a really interesting chat with Santos Bonacci I am I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time either the first sentence video. I watched before way before I was a
Flat-Earther its just one of those I was into a long gold with from the who was explaining Mayan calendar and i saw Santos’s worksite wow and now it turns out that the world is flat and these things they don’t there’s not the mismatch the discrepancy between what’s going on in the world and the theory of what’s even possible, which is the globe’s an ass is. There is nothing to it just coincidence of anything you know projection and biased thinking and what’s that. When you expect the after when you expect things prejudice precondition let’s say no its in sound nobody this it none of that so sometimes you’ve got a walk us through some of what’s going on with the things up out there and the things down here and how things work. So I am looking forward to an equally great brother I’ve been watching you work for a long time now and this has been something I have always wanted to do because you’re really are thinking laterally using your own minds and applying it so. When I first started realizing we were living on stationary horizontal earth. I contemplated my work and, funded by the Jesuits. These guys were Jesuits and the secret to understanding this is the repetition of the name Nicholas Coper-nic-us. So its Nick copy Nick. Now Nick is Satan, the red devil. Yep. like Nick, Saint Nic. Yep. Galileo Galilei this is also Satan or its demonic its demons. For instance, Jesus was called the Galilean, all right? But why? Because it was derisively, it was actually supposed to be of the Judean, of the lion of the tribe of Judah, a Jew, but the Jews, they would say oh Galilean can see because gal Gil-gal it’s a demon. For instance it comes from Kali and who’s Kali? The demon goddess wife of Shiva so Kali becomes galley, gal and you also get gargoyles. Gargoyle. R and L are interchangeable, okay? This is rule number one in languages, in all languages. Chinese, Japanese does matter. Its R and L, are the two liquids. And so you’ve got gal-goyle okay? Chaldeans, California, The furnace of Cali which is fire. You’ve got Caliphate. The Islam’s have a Caliphate. So what they’re actually telling you is, they’re hinting to you twice. I put the name in Nick St. Nick’s copy St. Nick, Demon copy Demon. They are Demon theories. They have to tell you. They publish it. They advertise it. Always, when you look at the words then you realize not only this, but we have to say this, for the religious minded out there who are not Protestant because protestants already think Vatican, evil, bad and the rites. I have to say they’re right. The Jesuits were not some noble warrior priests to defend the gentle noble Christ from the evil of the world and how they might be smirch his name. That is not what they were. They were literally people who were cruel and evil and used the avatar of Jesus as the reason for their cruelty. Let’s not pretend that that’s not what was going on, and the Vatican under the Easter song to Lucifer. They knew what they were doing. It’s not a mistake. They’re not like, oh well, we’ll just, we will replace our what you think is our name for God, we’ll replace that for Lucifer we’ll just do it and well you can think something else. No, they know what they’re doing and they’re using it as a noun. Not as a verb. It’s not, Oh light bringer it’s Oh person called the light bringer. Think that it is light bringer. So yeah, the Joshua’s, the guys who brought the globe, There were not good people they were absolutely not good people. Yeah, well I’ve exposed them in a presentation that did called exposing the elite families behind the globe and globalism. So these are families who carved up the Americas. The body Borgia family from Spain and they started the Spanish Inquisition. They got together with the Columna family who are the Columbus family and they funded the ships, they funded this expedition, it wasn’t explorers going out to the America’s, it was corporations with one intention, to steal and plunder through corporate laws, maritime law, and so the Borgia family, they were the ones that signed the contract. See, in 1494 they’d made the Portugal part on the East and the Spanish part on the West. That was Alessandro, a Borgia and so since Borgia and he was related of course to the Forneisse family, the Forneisse’s. They are the ones, Alessandra Forneisse, Pope Paul the third is the guy who Copernicus dedicated his book to and he was instrumental in everything, everything goes back to this Pope okay, in 1539 through 1545 were the major changes of history. These are the things that happen 1939, the final Papal Bull convocation which takes your soul from you of the Cist U kve trust system that was Forneisse as if he did that with his newly formed Jesuits, so he formed the Jesuits with the Borgia family who were carving up the Americas and they knew they had to make the earth a globe so that they could… now that they’re stealing all this land they would have to now, enclose, make an enclosed system of commerce and so this was a plan. They funded Copernicus the Medici’s were in it as well. And they are Orsini’s. the Orsini’s are in everything. Tom Cruise is an Orsini. The Windsor’s, Rothschild’s are all Orsini’s. Now Forneisse, who is Juan Carlos the king of Spain. He’s a Forneisse and Fidel Castro is his cousin. They run the Americas. It’s a plantation of the Columbus, Colonia family. the Orsini and the Forneisse. Now Polly Alessandro Forneisse, he founded Jesuit and los conversos who infiltrated the Christian Vatican so that was a movement of getting the undercover Jews in to infiltrate science because they were clever and see and so…. And we and we’re not talking Jews who pretended to become Catholic but carried on being doing the Jewish things we’re talking about Jews who thought that this was superior to being Jewish that they converted you know. So and what he did was he founded Luther the Lutheran Protestant movement they the Jesuits were absolutely behind this satanic Protestant movement. Purely Satanic. Calvin was a murderer. Luther was a Jesuits. He ex-communicated King Henry the Eighth. So that unleashed the Protestant movement in England, Germany became Lutheran, Switzerland became Calvinian and then they funded Cromwell and there was bloody murder all over Europe and then they initiated this prison of a globe then they started the counter Reformation and in 1545 they convened the Council of Trent. Now, do you know anything about the Council of Trent brother? Yeah tell me about it. Well, since Constantine we’ve only had 21 councils. The council of Trent was purely Jesuit. It was three years after Copernicus. They had to address the Flat Earth, they had to address now these Protestants who were fake Protestants because the real Protestants that they murdered were the Catha’s the Albegences, the Waldense’s the Lawlad’s the Capuchin Ian’s the Sicilians and all of these, the Catharas in France, they were the real Protestants. Yes, they were the guys who were living kindly as it were you know the ones who weren’t talking what people might at first imagine is the whole concept behind the life of Jesus, those guys you know. First thing right those guys off we don’t want them walking around as an example because is in comparison they will look like shit. And that’s what they did, they wiped them off. Yeah they were true Christians because they embrace all Scripture they embraced alchemy they embraced spiritual science astrology the hermetic teachings of Egypt because they’re all Christian. It’s all one syncretic interrelated field. The only difference with this corporate Christianity is, it’s based on Papal Bulls and donations like the donation of Constantine. That was the one that started the first Corporate Christian Church, and ever since then they have been murdering and butchering the so-called pagans which were the real Christians right up until the Waldenses’ and so the Jesuits, they hit the master coup. They were very satanic evil, evil Chabotains’ and what they did is, they created a false Protestant movement which they would control both sides of and they’re doing that all the time. The Democrats the liberals the labour the liberals they’re behind this two-party system because why because they are puppet masters it is the Jesuits they control the Kazarian and Jewish mafia they control the Italian Mafia. They try to control the Spanish mafia which runs all the drugs in South America. Basically South America is a Jesuit plantation always has been and if it’s their wish it always will be. And so what we had was the most revolutionary period in history which was repeated again in the years 1939 and 1945 that again was a similar repetition exactly for here hundred years later to the day you see so they got the papal bull in 1939 oh they did a lot of things that I can recount many more things these are just the essential things for you to understand the foreigners they rule there that fantasy is the language of the Persians and the media the medians and the Persians so the Medici’s come from media they control the medicine and the media so, no-brainer yeah unless remember people the Medici’s are the major family in the thoughts of Machiavelli in the Princess that we’re talking poison backstopping dirty tricks thus the family we’re talking about that’s the Medici’s that’s what were talking how to con hoodwink trick lie cheat your way into power and that’s what the prince in Machiavelli’s book is about and it’s a breakdown of it is it’s cool If you want to be a horrible you know well there you go do this you know be this is how to be the ultimate narcissist psychopaths this is what you have to do and these guys are these quality have these qualities, that is how they are so lying to the whole world dude there’s nothing that would give them a bigger thrill than that to have people believing this stuff. So what you find is if you do what I did on that show exposing their family’s elite families behind the globe if you’re going to that show that I did I recommend it because it would be a good foundation for today’s show. You’ll notice I went through the pope list in Wikipedia. The list of all the Pope’s in history what you find is something very curious for the first 900 years the pope’s had no surnames so, all of a sudden surnames started to appear because what they are what they created was the concept of a corporate dead fiction name and it started with Constantine and then Justinian in the 6th century also created dog Latin for the degraded populace to deceive people in law and in courts and so we had Justinian law these days which is maritime law and then of course these families these Julian accordion and Flavian bloodlines they popped up with surnames sort of in night in the ninth century, 10th, 11th century, when they started corporatizing the world and what they did you find they created these names like Guay attorney a gay attorney Pope called Pope. Boniface the 8th he was the one who started this papal bull system he created ornament on I’ve exposed this for the last 10 years I’ve been exposing this papal bull and how it’s the express trust which originates thus estwick IV system which was implemented in 1666 in London and so what happened was the gay tiny family married into all these other families and you’ll see the Pope’s that the name of the surname that started turning up and you’ll see the predominant names are Orsini Vanessa de Medici Pallavicini Aldobrandini Guyotani we’ve got I think there’s a few pan filly Borja of course there were three or four bulges my mother was born in a town called Borgia in southern Italy when the Spaniards were had this soldiers in row it is broken up Santos can you say that again he was saying your mother was born in a town called Borgia yes they have towns called after them and it is a group of influential families, all of which will play war with each other from time to time, but all of them you know working for the same reason like we know that politicians who’ve been at war behind closed doors been and having meetings with each other we know this we know wish list right now there’s a you know rattling of sabers with North Korea there is no disagreement about Antarctica with North Korea you know it is always the same thing is is families playing with each other. It seems to me like one of the in modern times one of the guys who didn’t really play along was this dude Gadhafi that’s what I think you know he didn’t play along. He wasn’t interested in that he had a different idea but sorry about goodbye to you Santos. You know I think I’ve completed my thoughts anyway, I was just talking about these families and what they did was through Venice and Marshall maritime sorry not national maritime law maritime law is the first system of all laws and then Admiralty and then martial Law bankruptcy law and all that financial stuff, but all of those laws they make you a debtor and a heretic all the way down the line a belligerent hostile so immediately what they did was they cut us from the God head by making putting their names in the book of death the birth certificate system how they did that was they created the funds in Italy in Venice. The effandi and the Council of the Venice. I heard something man I’ve had four snakes they’re not poisonous, but they’re in my ceiling and they’ve if they fall out of the frickin ceiling I’ve got it the three snakes all snakes that climb are not poisonous so I’m not worried about them but they make so much noise and sometimes I cant sleep because their mating season and she says you don’t want lay of their you know through the hole a couple of hundred snakes being born. Now look they won’t trouble you poisonous ones as afraid there’s never a problem there’s on the fear porn about Australians poisonous animals is just ridiculous sir I used to I grew up with the snakes tiger snakes brown snakes all of them black snakes and never had a problem my sister got bitten when she was young, but I haven’t right but you’ve got a bunch of snakes on you crawling around in your ceiling space. They’re pythons and they’re not poisonous and very beautiful snakes they love human company but I don’t want their company they eat the mice which is good but I’m sending a single to them that they’re come to stay outside but not in my house and I’m spraying stuff that is a deterrent for them anyway so what they get I’ve held a small a baby Python fascinating things these the Rattlers lose around the hand and the really mellow is like the epitome of mellow that I look they that I don’t shiver they’re nothing they’re kind of chilling all the time laughing what they are. This is so mil I fell sorry for because what I do is I fling them I fling them why up in the sky because there’s a lot of grass so they fall safely it doesn’t hurt them and that’s a fling them flying through the sky and I feel awful because they’re not poisonous whereas with poisonous one I do that too to give them a single it doesn’t kill him bigger anyway what I was saying was they created the funds the Kalon the family they were warring in Rome for hundreds of years with the Orsini’s and I became the ghibellines and the Gulf’s of course the Orsini became the gulf became the winces the Windsor’s their guilt and so the girls the Orsini family have usurped all the thrones of Europe by putting their family in the Rothschild’s Orsini means Roth see me which means red bear little red bear so, Rothschild’s means children of the red or the yield. All the red shield the Rosicrucian religion all controlled by the Orsini the Farnezie control Spain and South America and all of that corporation Juan Carlos the first of Spain he’s a foreign as if he’s the king of Jerusalem he is the Roman monarch of the world and he is the military navigator of the Knights of Malta. The man has more power than any other man and then you’ve got the grey Pope is pipe Orsini he runs I believe there are 12 popes we only know of the white the Blacks there are three blacks now Nicholas Adolfo or they’ll for Nicolas whatever call them bark and a new one and they have they’re not retiring but they were increasing their output of evil explain. Explain what they’re doing explain to people who might not be familiar with the concepts of the pope. It’s the superior general of general like your Surgeon General in hospitals like you attorney general in the justice systems anything with general in it its military and it remains the army of the Catholic Church. The superior general of the Jesuits he runs the murderous assassin army of pedophiles called the Jesuits Satanists shab Italians atheists demon worshipers inventors of demon theories like the globe and so they the general and so they also created other officers like police officers that’s an officer of the corporation ministers the Ministry of finance why do you have, ministers doing governmental work because it’s ecclesiastical and back of it all is the Roman Curia the Board of Directors of the Vatican which is owned by the body as a family the Borgia family the Pallavincini family the Pallavnicini they invented control and run Islam that’s why they’re called Allah vicini which means we are the family that are close to Allah and if you go into Google and you put two words in parlor bikini and Islam and you’ll say who’s controlling you say all the heads of this family from Italy from or from Persia they’re all from Persia Pallas Athena Paulo is from Persia and In the Aldo Brandini that’s elder Baron they are Zoroastrian Mithraic Persian dynasty and their intent was one first to destroy greece and democracy, and then to launch themselves from the various corporations over to conquer the Americas and from there that will create the globe that was the plan from 3,000 years ago by the foreigners family who are set up the Etruscan Empire 12 flagship cities to run Italy set up a corporation there at the backdoor of Greece because the Hellenic syncretic Neoplatonic beautiful Greek culture had to be destroyed because they were protecting the Democratic-Republican way of freedom for the West and so and the Greeks the Greeks were also extolling virtues we have to remember this we have this mentality of the which is now what we call the West the words virtues there aren’t disgusted. The Greeks, the foundation of their philosophy was with virtues so admirable great kind qualities that was their foundations virtue goodness the most benevolent the most cohesive and coherent and the best basically and then you have these other people that it’s all about selfishness, It’s all about status,it is all about gold,it is all about achieving and taking more and more whereas the others. They were not about the taking more and more you know, so this is why the Greek system has had to be quashed and we see it right now because right now the Greek system which is the system of teaching people, philosophy, which is basically studying, teaching people how to learn that came from Greeks the system that we understand this philosophy it came from Greece we have the Eastern philosophies with different that they are still about knowledge but that the structure behind it is different. It was the Greek the had the scholars that had that system about teaching qualities, teaching virtues, training and practicing on problem-solving that was all Greek and then you had the war mentality of the Romans and the Persians you the land of Xerxes and that’s what happened. They crushed the more mellow guys you said it I see you’ve cleaned the bulbs and looking forward to this so later. So, what let’s get on to astrology and the flat earth and how much more wealth is not that it’s more coherent it’s coherent on the flat earth is not on the globe its not coherent on the globe and on the spot here it’s and not only is it coherent but it gives us huge clues to study the world. It’s absolutely can’t work on a globe astrology always been-you’re eccentric that’s a fact and you don’t have to be a flat Earther to concur with that all astrologers will tell you that it is geocentric so it is all it’s always been at odds with the globe theory it’s always been a contention because it’s a cognitive dissonance sort of thing that you are astrologer and you know that it is geocentric and so this is the other thing how can have can you concur with anything Anakin. It’s ridiculous here clearly, the seven wandering stars including the luminaries, sun and moon are said to be entirely luminous there’s and light is not solid now see this is how tricky the liars are they’ll tell you on the one hand that Saturn and Jupiter are gas gaints which means they are luminous entirely now the sun its hydrogen and helium. It’s luminous entirely so we’ve got three out of four that we can definitely concur and agree with on with the other side but three let’s just cut it 50-50 and we will give them the four and will take the three if this guy said that all the planets, the wandering stars are in the firmaments and they are entirely luminous then it’s a good chance of the moon is entirely luminous as the Hindu say and Mercury and Venus and Mars as well. They are lights in the sky. They are so no luminescence and so that would be what God is. Hence we say audio well that’s got God hiding in it their deal and owl is gold order and so you’ve got vidya to say God or God in since in light in sight and we have got our deal and so we see that is concurring, that God is sonoluminescence and so how his cosmos works in ingenious we are living inside of a Taurus field and how do I know that well because everything is Taurus fields there’s a Taurus field if you look at the sun this is the sun and the Jesuits have this 6 twitter 16 a 32 raid God on their symbol here Isis, Horus and Seth. see when you stare at sun I do solar gazing you see this cross of Thomas by the way Thomas is the name of the sun according to the book of Enoch right it has to know Thomas a ton all these are tongue and the Hermetica. The Hermetica which is the Egyptian version, where is it now it calls it says all these are tongue so Thomas, a tongue is this tea that you see when you do solar gazing first thing you see is a tea is a Thomas. It’s the sun’s name it always has been and it becomes and Damas and that become Dominos Dominica Domingo the day of the sun, and Dom Tom is in Latin still called Thomas and then we get from that we get all off the Dom names de Musique Tamils of the Babylonians cancer these astrological sign. According to the Jews is called Thomas at the Tropic of Cancer interesting that Thomas is up at the Tropic of Cancer and directly opposite the 21 December. The solstice is nicknamed St. Thomas’s day because it’s the sun ecliptic so then what happens is when you focus some more the height comes in and i’ll speak with the union Jack colors because that’s what it is what also quickly inject colors because that’s what it is what you think see is you see this and then you start to say the middle of that come in six thing it doubles for 816 and what happens is it finishes like that it ends like this, you can actually say 64. But it’s very diffused. Where as this is like 32 rays from the sun God Thomas but these are things what you’re talking about now. These are things that are just kind of mystical. These are things that you can see it I have some guys so you don’t get much chance of it here in the UK but when I’ve been to Spain me and when I’ve been to Spain me and when it’s sunny here it’s a peaceful thing to do you can see rays it is not a question of just some imaginary thing you can literally see the and you can see on videos you can see these constants. This is not you might assume that is just some kind of quality of the lens or of capturing a bright lights you can capture all kinds of bright lights that won’t have these rays that come off that stable worth the race of their constant when you move the camera around the race remain, cut the rays are there the rays are actually that the fix this is what Santos is saying yeah and they are 32, which correspond to the 30° of masonry of the York rise and so when you go around a fullest-circle 33 is the number of the Scottish Rite and that is even a simple symbolic of the sun, doing a complete rounds and hence I give that the G which is said G’s the seventh letter of the alphabet when you go around the second time it’s the 33rd letter of the alphabet. So you see the magnetic suns of the rays of the sun. It’s all about G 33 and that God is symbolized by the complete cycle of 32 rays coming to completion the next one in the series is the 33rd you see and so this is all the degrees what you’re looking at here is really the star of David unchecked Sex or generation and Jen is Gaia which is again which is you’re neck which is Giner, which is the vagina you see and that is where we come through that Vesica Pisces that portal through the power of the number seven God seven is the Elohim. Elohim means to twist and to turn so let’s do that first before we go into the flat earth astrology so here like me which has the lamb made of the Hebrews the letter N 12 letter. okay Santos would you draw redraw what you just drew but a little maybe a couple of inches lower down right where you’ve drawn it you. You have a glare on the board so if you do it an inch or two lower down we’ll see clearly. I can see that it’s okay you don’t have to move the board or the camera tools either a couple of an inch or two below or an inch or two higher and you’ll miss the clap you’ve got that slum it the letter L in Hebrew and it’s the 12 letter and L is always the 12th letter. This is the secret of L the Lord light love life L is for electricity. The Lord and this electrical so this letter is very important. This becomes the glyph in astrology for Saturn you see that’s how you know that Saturn is L a lot of people argue with me oh Saturn is not L its L is something else yes L is all the seven illigan which are the seven luminous bodies in the firmament which generate energy and radiation inside the firmament, which is how astrology works. Now L Elohim, which is an aleph and an L that is one that is 12 sub makes thirteen but Elohim is in means to twist and turn, hence Satan the leader of the Elohim is always turning and his son Jupiter Zeus that in sun he is four and that’s in his name there that’s the Taurus field turning and turning the Taurus field is backwards for rotating Jupiter is for or is the Taurus field. Now Jupiter Zeus which we call just Zeus Jesus as we just learned in satin I can’t so Zeus his father is satin and his mother his Meritonarm is real. What I’m about to show you is hell Saturn the turning one ll electrical rotating fields and Jupiter for the Taurus field Jupiter’s is always with the ball So, this is actually the Greek name is Zeus and the Christians who go to church and adore a historical Jesus which is a Roman invention not saying not to be Christians and not to believe in Jesus Christianity is a beautiful pure science akin to astrology what I’m saying is, the Romans compromised with the great Zeus and Jupiter and made it Jesus now Joe is father. So what happens is we know Jesus had mother Mary and father Joseph well that’s Satan and Maria Rhea. Rhea becomes mother the mother of all and Saturn said becomes set becomes safe becomes Joseph’s father safe just like Jesus but Joe Jupiter father Peter is putter the father so we got Jupiter father Zeus with his father Joseph and mother Maria Mary. So this is how you need to look at words then you do this you realize we only have one language it’s atomic hence etymology or etymology, and it is the knowledge and understanding of mono syllables and radicals and their true meaning what the root radical really mean also remember this people when Santos was explaining about the was basically a commercial law the maritime law there is no maritime law without language is language that does the trapping the binding the tricking and that’s what they did they knew these things so they sat there for hey we can use language to trap and bind people let’s do that let’s invent things to track combined people we don’t want them free, we don’t want them looking at stars the lights in the sky. I’m pondering about the possibilities of where we are no let’s have them busy there’s nothing busy and troubled and which is what they did and then along comes people describing things like Ptolemaic that again makes people start to go how in a second you know this astrology this ancients and the stars are there and the qualities that the astrologers describe a real qualities. Let’s start pondering these things the dust there’s not benefit to the Vatican if people pondering these things, so there’s a no globe it’s all gibberish is coincidental its confirmation bias If you see any similarities between what you’re star saints supposed to be and your qualities of all the people of the same astrological called sign it’s just confirmation bias that’s how your brain works anyway, back to work. So, they’re not seeing the patterns they are not seeing the spiritual causes and hence God at work, and hence they are rejecting God because they reject his science which is his science which is astrological It doesn’t belong to the devil it can’t and hence it cannot be a pseudoscience because it works and it is based on energy as a will show you this is exactly how astrology works quite simple habits rooted in nature and its cycles. This cycle is the most common we are aware of no doubt it’s the yearly cycle what you can say there is the equator in the middle of the earth and you can see the Tropic here at the Tropic of cancer where the sun reaches its highest take and then here is the Tropic of Capricorn and you see in the winter say part of this cycle for six months. The tropic of Capricorn brings coldness to the northern hemisphere because of the distance it’s on a flat earth. It’s because of the Sun being below the equator and in hence I mean if the sun was 93 million miles away just that a tilt of a few thousands miles is not going to cause any difference in. So, the sun it shows the sun must be local it’s certainly local and hence when it goes out to the Tropic of cancer out wide the northern hemisphere which is closer into the center is now colder it’s simple how it works so this is the key to understanding astrology is actually based on this so when you look at our young a chart. There is a chart what you’re going to learn that’s you know that means nothing to most people they absolutely no idea what that is it looks awfully symbolic and it’s got lines in the middle here it’s got planets around the outsides got all the twelve zodiac signs around here. Well, this is based and entirely on this so what I’m going to do is I’m going to draw this up on the board and then show you have a chart and how to read a chart and how astrology creates the dynamics and energy which affect all things. Now for those people who might be thinking well science hasn’t proven astrology well that’s wrong. It’s easy to prove. Astrology you can do some simple tests. For instance, you can try growing some plants when the moon is waxing plants above the ground and then try some when the moon is waning and what you find is that plants above the ground when I planted when the moon is waxing grow much better than the plants that were growing above ground when the moon is waning then destroy with. For anybody who might not be familiar when it’s waxing the moon is growing is that the growing phase so you plant the plants when the moon is growing is going to continue to grow until full moon and the plant grows better than he gets to the moon diminishes and the plant does not fare? Waxing is when if this is the cycle of the moon full moon is here and new moon is here so waxing is when the moon is rich is full and after that it starts getting smaller and smaller as it becomes invisible during the new moon that’s the negative that’s when you don’t plant above the ground you should plant when the moon is waxing, when the Moon is before then days she’s becoming full and with seeds under ground it’s opposite now I’ve done this my father used to plant with this system he would always say never plants seeds when the moon is waxing and my father had the best gardens Calambian absolutely grew anything and he always did it by the moon. So, another test mow your lawns every time you mow your lawns no half when the moon is waxing no the other half when the moon is waning and what you find is that if you mow the lawns when the moon is waxing the grass just keeps growing and growing and growing and encourages it to grow more and more but if you mow your lawn when the moon is waning the moon you’ll really have to you will really have to cut it twice a year big and the same with your hair you’ll never cut your hair if you’re a women and you want your hair to grow long you never cut your hair when the moon is waning you always cut it when the moon is climbing up for dream daters this is how people get long and luscious hair because they know this secret so there’s three simple tests that prove that astrology works just on the one or the moon imagine more Jupiter does, imagine the sun does you can notice what the sun does in summer roaster and when scientists say, it’s not been proven they mean we don’t understand how this works. That’s what they mean when they say, these not being proven say edge here you have not got a clue what you’re seeing so well they operate the Jesuit educational system which is daemonic and they must teach pseudoscience because their purpose is to deceive without deception that cannot exist through deception and they deceive people into thinking that they’re not even there and we see our governments and think that is the limits of power over the limits of governments behind government is a shadow government behind that shadow government is another shadow government and it is all tighty checked and balanced and it’s demonic and what runs the system is demon egregores which were created by these families. They consulted with demons with Nephilim and so they are evil because they sexually consorted with them this is very perverse, what they did you say you should never consult with demons and have progeny to demonic entities that is what they did they kept consorting the demons consorting with demons until they built up families and then intermarry and they are satanic child sacrificing murderous war mongering fenders so, another great secret by masonry this is masonry not Freemasonry which is Jesuit control. So, what we do here is before we go on it’s interesting because it must be known that here is the glyph for Aries you see the astronauts there it is the astrological glyph for Aries and there is Taurus the bull and here is Gemini and so what they showing you is behind the ecliptic the path of the sun are always the faithful 12 apostles the the 12 disciples of Jesus the sun and juju Zeus Jupiter because that’s the path of Jupiter Saturn Mars, mercury, moon, Venus the seven twisters Turner’s he loved him and via the generators. The dynamos of electromagnetic energy which causes all things astrological which I’ll prove conclusively even in 10 minutes. Conclusively, it’s there’s no argument it is incontrovertible. Astrology works or like this and work it does and this is just in case anybody didn’t know if you look at the royal families and you look at the popes they have astrologist. They might be saying that the saint their underling employee scientists might say oh there’s nothing to this they’re not in the know they don’t have astrologers. The guys that have astrologers a way more elevated in status you know talking in their language and that’s and they have astrologers of course they have astrologers they want to know what’s going on. I tell I make their billions there’s only that there’s only one way to create that much wealth in the billions and that’s true astrology you have to know when the bull market is and when they bear market is you have to know through the moon certain quarters of the moon are not profitable. The first quarter that’s the best quarter that’s where you make a lot of money and then put your bids on the stock market that’s how they’re doing it. It’s the moon money, mone .It’s all that interwoven disguised absolutely things so the trick is to know you science that’s the equinox master 21st we’re right ascension of Meridian ran begins according to astronomers right there on the 21st of March, three days before my birthday me being Aryan it that is the equinox that’s the start of the sine wave that’s because this will be the start of cosine up here sine cosine see madam Anita one was a sinner one was a co sinner and both of their names mean the wave because it’s the wave of creation through understanding this wave of the Taurus field you understand all things all modalities of learning all fields of knowledge they’re all syncretized on there so we see you got your equinoxes solstices longest day of the year. Libra is always there balancing the two isn’t it interesting that Libra should always be there the seventh sign at the middle balancing the sun wave and Libra means to calibrate a queer look bright and which is why the symbol is the scales there is not coincidence that the symbols I used that the creators of astrology were not half ways who were just thinking our symbol should I use I’ll use a crab that the symbols that we use in there was a very specific reason why they used that specific symbol so with Libra their balances you have the balance you have the scale you have that to it to help describe where the symbol itself helps describe the function. That’s why it is the symbol. The symbols a roll place along the ecliptic which denote certain things that are peculiar at certain points along the ecliptic which symbolized there so for instance. The 69 of cancer well what you see cancer and there it is the month of Tamils like I said before the Jewish month of Tammuz cancer at tropic of cancer so there’s the equinox master 21st it’s done beautiful in spring these are the spring months summer starts here at the summer solstice and then you go down to the equinox at Libra 23rd that’s the judgment day. According to the Jews 23rd of September equinox of September and so they have a 69 there well that’s because the sun assists the six of the sun where the sun’s at the bottom of the ecliptic it has two and Capricorn It has to climb up to cancer and that’s the sun climbing up and then when the sun is at the Tropic of Cancer it is go to go down and so what did God basically is the description of energy it’s yin and yang its Krishna and Radharanni Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s its Jenna’s and Jan Brees. So, that’s the key I want to stress this is because what I’m gonna do now will confirm that this is the firmament the starry heavens and what they’re teaching you is you must know how to construct the heavens you must be a good Mason if you’re not good Mason you will not know how to build the heavens. Once upon a time when you went to school you would have to create one of these charts you have to make it you have to learn how to make it and map out by degree, minute and second the arc of every planet and calculate the according to your efforts if amorous you’d have an FM metro ephemeris with all the positions of the planets for whole year and as an astrologer you were taught this at school in Egypt. You were taught how to cast a chart how to actually make it and so that you’ve to you could read you your family’s charts you knew the time they were born you had the ephemeris and it was a big, big job that Jesus destroyed all that and they created a whole revolution of in Romans of banning astrologers and persecuting them and they’ve been doing that for thousands of years and what they do is they say it was Christians they were persecuting no they was astrologers and not only that, but they used astrology. So when it’s most propitious to engage with an action to guide what they did so whilst they destroyed astrology for the for the plant for the common folk. While stated they engaged in destroying astrology for that common folk whilst they engaged in destroying that they were using astrology themselves to be successful in their venture to destroy you know it’s the level of cunning and is gonna sound weird but dastardly know the level of malevolence and cunning is just it’s unfathomable. It’s I’m going to do a show soon showing all of the destruction of pagan temples to Zeus and Jupiter and all of the Mediterranean was full of marble Temples to all the Gods when it was under Greece and the Hellenic period and there was Neo-Platonism and Rome Forests then came Constantine then Theodosius then Justinian in from the third century to the fifth century they killed the high patient burned down the library at Alexandria destroyed Antioch they destroyed Corinth, Athens shut Justinian’s in 5;29 shut down the photonic Academies by edit and since then we’ve been with this corporate Christianity rubbish of tax-collecting it’s the biggest Ponzi scheme. The biggest lies of history are those the Roman Jesus lie because the Anno Domini it’s not Jesus it’s Julius Caesar J. C.’s Julius Caesar that why we they rum it in your face they call it the Julian calendar they don’t call it the Jesus Christ calendar they sticker right under your nose because the Romans the Julia Claudia dynasty created a God dynasty they were Gods the Caesars were Gods hence the son of God Augustus that’s implemented the Julian calendar and so I know Domini anal domination is how they dominate the world through their literal Jesus and then Constantine when he created the official Catholic Church canonized 66 books that’s the number 12 astrology and through thousands of ancient Gospels thousands of years already on the cutting room floor and that is who churchgoers all they read the king James Version which was canonized by Catholics by Constantine the murderer they’ll read that book and now paint a little Jesus the Jehovah’s Witnesses ever Jesus and the Mormons have their Jesus they’ve got they’re all prosecuting each other in corporate christened and they’re and killing others it’s a murderous corporate bloody empirical satanic empire and what they’ve done is they’ve created a globe to go with it hence Kingdom and rubbing it in our face again because dawn comes from the dung that’s the farther Dominus is the father the son is the son the issue in is SOE and the Holy Spirit is the magnetic field that create the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. And they say no, this is why they’ve traced these guys all that so try to help people to get onto the Atheist boat you know sake oh just these disguise all of these my prompt people to have realizations about the natures of life and existence disguise those things call them something else say light-years see that those two stars in the sky, those two stars that look identical for all intents and purpose one of them is 500 billion times further away than the other one did you know that no how could anybody possibly know that but astrologers actually teach this they genuinely do they literally teach that the other stars that look identical when one of them billions of light-years more distant than the other I means talk about weaving a spell and yet they don’t think as your ears are limited and sound from a distance. The wave disintegrates because all transverse waves disintegrate so surely your sight. You cannot see 240,000 miles to see the moon you don’t the eyesight doesn’t have that range the range of the u.s odds met nine thousands miles for there so I’ve had conversation something with a friend of mine it’s a dear friend who is try to explain to me that when you’re looking out into the blackness of the sky at night you’re looking between stars you’re looking at the infinity and you know you try to explain to somebody that what they said it’s not somewhat absurd, it’s just simply totally impossible. So you know there’s no mockery there it’s just absolutely not the case to see to infinity is like how does that work is infinity traveling towards you from which point to reach your eyes at a point at which just by you seeing it wouldn’t immediately make it stop being infinite it’s just there’s such a great range of silliness in this idea of infinity in space because there’s no stop it and this is what the schools of thought this is what astronomers teach and this expanding universe which is not six times that the infinites is larger now than it used to be used to be infinity large well now it’s six times more infinitely large saying oh come on and people buy it. It’s abused you just have to think that a wife, all wives disintegrate and so the longitudinal wave does not but the transverse wave does that’s it’s a fact it because it’s and so light can’t travel that far and take that long if the way a little wave in their sails particles of light particles flying through freelyand by the time that particle photon gets to you I do you think it would still have the ability to light you know after it’s gone through all that cold void of space for billions and trillions of years finally lands on you this particle of light lands on your eye. I mean ridiculous is the sun is local and it’s like a spotlight it creates field perturbation and the field is the ether so this is how it all works brother let’s just follow that Matt and put an’ equator here and a Tropic of cancer up here and the Tropic of Capricorn below and then we put the ecliptic of the sun and what we do is that’s the queen. thats the linear representation but l like to make it a circle so a static circle so we can have these substance represented like this and the equinox is master 21st June, September 23th and December 21st those are the tropical points. Now this also doubles as the Taurus field so, what we do is what we can do is we can start another way of here it’s like a double helix because it is what we’ll do is we’ll start another one here and do the same thing but what we’ll now treat this is what it really is it’s a torus field so we’re going to create one model here and then we’re going to link it up to this Taurus field because in the end this can become a depiction of the cosmos as you’ll see so what they did was there were 30 years zero degrees right ascension always starts then as it’s the ecliptic. So, what they did was then so every sign is 30 degrees that’s Aries and then Taurus and Gemini that’s spring then you do the same and what we’ve done now is we’ve done circle and what we saw on the map before and you’ve got all the sign’s will be Leo Virgo and this is astronomy for those who get offended at Astrology. This is astronomy it’s not even astrology yet opening GaN me because these constellations and they’re there in the dung and it’s my understanding that the outside shell of the Taurus field is what we call the dome and then under that is the firmament. I believe that there are two separate things and in between them is the crystalline waters so I’ll get to that but what we do now is Libra Scorpio sad Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces now you have to convert this to a day that’s easy. It’s a no-brainer we’re 6a.m gonna be well its going to be here of course 6Am that’s mid day mid night opposite and 6 O’clock sunset it’s a 24-hour clock so you’ve got 6Am 7, 8, 9,10,11,12Pm.Why is it peeing or because this line here is called the Meridian and everything that side east that’s anti-Meridian A.M. So, from 12 A.M you know 1 O’clock 2 A.m3 and 4a.m,5a.m,6a.m three it is I am the ante as in anterior the anti mono in Spanish the word ante is a prefix to mean before nurse yes that’s what it means and that’s beautiful in English is like it’s more difficult to find an equivalent in English in Spanish it’s everywhere antipathy and diamond ore and dairy or there’s a whole range of ante which means before nurse there are in English too I mean I can’t pigment but there’s many but usually they use pre post and pre-war before and then post-war but here you’ve got anti meridian and post meridian. Post is after this is the midday point that’s the meridian it’s very important to understand this in the daily cycle of this wave so now you’ve got the day over the year and this is how energy is working. So, what happens now is according to Tommy there are ten concentric rings in which we live and those rings he says now if we imagine this to be the flat earth which it is as you’ll see and then this is North Pole and then we make out here say oh lets make it bit narrower out here Antarctica South Pole right you know what I’m doing don’t you so there’s the North Pole and this is we the tree the Yedrasill tree or Mount Meru whatever you want to call it in the center right so now what we’ve got here is we’ve got just this segment here we’re looking at here is the flat stationary earth and in the middle. Here we have something magnetic we know this because all legends the centre of the earth is a magnetic tree it’s colored blackness Lazuli or like sapphire and same colors as the sky and so it’s almost imperceptible and almost like a point that way to it. Yes, it’s a magnetic vortex here it’s the scent the hyperboloid this called a hyperboloid the hourglass in the middle of the Taurus and this will be the rotating field because whatever goes that way this way is also going the other way in energy it’s always the hubble traffic it’s we have the sun that is making its way westward around over the earth and at the same time as you have the sun traveling westward in the outer skirts so it towards the Capricorn and Antarctica you have the wings traveling eastward at the same time whilst the sun is going one way the wind is going the other so absolutely have the real world. It reflects everything that your describing now. And so, what told me says is the first plane is the earth the sphere of fire he calls it sphere not sphere but does use yet not it does you but they don’t use sphere as in you know a God it’s a sphere or as a sphere of influence a realm but it says let me just read it real quickly to get the correct oder of this which I already know because I’ve been using it for years this he goes. So, at first therefore around the sphere of fighter God creator of the world placed the sphere of the moon then that of Venus then that of the Sun so we’ll do that Polemic geocentric or that shall we so what he said with the Moon then Mercury then Venus then Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and those of that alonein these are actually all these excluding the earth this is where Jesus heliocentric go wrong as the sun is turning and it’s drawing the planets magnetically in their vortices and they’re rotating magnetic bodies that they are and they are all interconnected with the sun. So, as the Sun is the master of all the planets so Tycho Brahe for instance, he knew that the earth was he wasn’t convinced by Kepler and Copernicus. He knew that the earth was stationary and his model had this. It was Ptolemaic and they didn’t listen to him because that was not convenient but he proved that the sun is doing the orbiting and the planets are interconnected with that and they have their cycles and sub cycle. What it says over and above this is what he calls the firmament and he says all the stars are reading the firmament and so, he calls that the eighth sphere which is above the seven, Now in the book of Genesis on the second day of creation it says God created the firmament that’s all he did it’s the most unique days of creation the first day created the heavens and the earth and then the firmament turns up. You might want by the way Santos the Vatican has updated this now God created a Dome they literally say God created a Dome they’ve changed it.So, now it’s not a case of in the beginning God created heaven and the earth. Now it says in the beginning when God created heavens and the earth they’re tweaking it they’re changing it and now its Dome in the Genesis so and this is in the Vatican archives and I made a short video about it they actually say and God made a Dome and he called that dome sky, the Vatican hitting is best that we are going to end up with the mainstream understanding that this place is flat and then the Vatican was a, see we had it in our archives all along this miss shifty, So, how are we going to get from this to astrology well couple more steps the firmament is the Zodiac and there it is depicted here it’s actually so really probably would have been better if I did this Flat Earth model separately but I don’t have the space so I might be a little bit confusing but in the end it will not be in law clear up what we put is the firmament here as the eighth sphere and in the ninth sphere he calls the crystalline see just as the Bible in the book of Revelation talks about the crystalline sea well that is a watery sphere of course sphere is because they the Taurus fields somewhat concentric so that you know these are considered to be it’s like a Taurus feels like a shell it’s a golden egg or it’s a star look at the void sars that’s trap Taurus. Its God in the Bible he’s called sewer in Deuteronomy 32;4 why is that God’s name well that’s again its tall it’s Taurus energy the Taurus is always there it’s always sort of the start of the Vortex the start of the Taurus field is always Aries and Taurus. It has layers to so you’ve got like the bunching of the center so the hyperboloid you’ve got them coming together being at Mount Meru or emanating from a pinched point there of Laius to them so when they say sphere we can read it as layers which I applied both ways you know that layers of an onion peel it’s layered so where they describe the where he describes the uppermost as a crystalline layer its like, well as you’ve got crystalline which is more by crystalline he saying there’s a quality of likes of like a solidness there to it and then more subtle not solidness so what could it be well electricity a magnet some sunlight there could be those you know which are not solid and bear in mind that crystalline has the word Christ in it and the firmament has Uranus is the eighth sphere in astrology and then nitching well Neptune is the ninth sphere and quite conveniently it is in the crystalline seas Neptune is Poseidon the God of water and in the tenth sphere he calls the Prima mobula the first motion and he says that turns 24-hours revolves twenty-four hours every day so we’ve got a firmament that is also doing this 24 hour thing but it is saying that the premium mobula is also moving the outer shell of this Taurus field so with there are two motions there in some way and there’s a sixth-century Flat Earth Christian called cosmos in dacosta’s cosmos in D cap looseness he his book he’s here somewhere anyway he said that the firmament is well below the vault he calls the Dome of the vault so he describes it clearly there and so what you would have here in the firmament would probably be what is something like the Advanta and belt or the ionosphere which surprisingly they tell you clearly but signals electromagnetic signals radio waves etc bonce off it they think that they can’t get out that’s what that’s makes us a closed system they do say this they do tell us there’s no getting out this is a closed system you have Michio Kuku saying our universe is layered and we can’t go from one to the other so that there already is describing layers and this is Michio kuku literally explaining where we live our universe you might consider it as layers of paper where we have our dimension here and it’s capped by the beginning of another and we don’t know how many or how many down and you have till my saying we can’t get out because this is a closed system yes they do these liars they love truth as long as they can do it mockingly you know they take the same their lives very seriously through they dedicate a lot of energy into convincing people but the truth they love saying it in a mocking way. So, what we do now so if we get all those orders of energy concentric orders of energy what we’re fine now is that these motions these are all different oders and bodies which in astrology we have the ten and in so it’s Mercury, Moon, Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus that’s the ten of them and on top of that we have the North node and the South node in astrology. So the reason why I laid out this Ptolemaic model is so that now I can explain how astrology works it’s quite simple as these turn around above our head of course back behind them is the done which must be electromagnetic because everything is then we see that they are creating their rotating fields as they attoeney and this can be confirmed by science Marconi and his colleague Pierluigi Aegina put a video out about this on my you tube channel before Marconi’s colleague Pierluigi dinner died in 2004 he published the whole heap of videos and in there he did some laboratory experiments proving the earth is stationary and he said me and Marconi worked on this for 10 years. We had an antenna out of the grounds and connected to the solar rotating fields and that antenna was then putting to the earth and they made coils out of the antennas and they filled the coil with aluminum powder he likes to work with aluminum powder and he said there is only two energies in the universe there’s the solar energy and as a radiates and expands out what the earth receives that energy it flicks reverses and turns the other way and goes upward and he says where the two fields come together that’s how earth manifests and all of creation he he says with these two coils you can prove it and he said and he put a strobe light in his laboratory and he had wires connected to the solar field and why is connected to the earth field and the strobe light created the illusion of movement shadows going around all around the room and he said see he says this proves that the earth is stationary because the illusion of the movement is the magnetic field of the sun so they’re all doing this as they turn. So what happens in astrology is let’s say the sun is it’s 6 O’clock in the morning and sun is rising in the east roughly this is the rising sign in astrology so when you run when you do this you have a little word here called AC the ascendant always there at that site that is where the 6’Oclock marker the MC that’s the Meridian that’s the 12 o’clock and then here is the DC the descendant where the sun sets so this is a 24-hour clock and it’s rotating in the same direction as we’ve done here. Everything here rises here and it goes this way that’s midday so people born at midnight they will have their sun in what’s called the tenth house you see that’s eleventh house that’s the 12th house so when the sun rises and it goes above the horizon its now in this area here the 12 house. So, this the morning and this is the afternoon evening midnights and this is the early morning hours from 12;00 midnight to 6’00a.m and this is the first house the rising sign this is called the ascendant sign astrology you see because they’re all going the signs are all going this way but here’s the trick daily they’re going this way but yearly the direction is in the other way so you have the same as we described earlier with the sun moving one way and the winds moving the opposite way you have a similar thing going on here in different magnitudes so a smaller cycle in that way and a wider cycle in the year in the opposite direction. Yes’ so and you know in three or four minutes I will round out this whole presentation and show exactly L strategy works so if the sun is here and say the moon is further along the ecliptic say about 90 digrees and she’s here in the tenth house 12,11,10 because remember we this is the rising sun number one now we’re gone 2,3,4,and 5 and all of these are field of influence along the Taurus field along the ecliptic daily and yearly and so all mean different things if a planet is here it is denoting something about your personality your body if it’s here it’s about your wealth how wealthy you are and how you attract wealth and resource how resource you are here it’s communication brothers and sisters here you’ve got security the home here you’ve got pleasure children illnesses and work here you have partners the house of philosophers its called as well he have death he have religion, spiritual science long journeys here you have achievement in the public arena here you have a to achievement in the social area fellowship association here you have the house of enlightenment on the positive side so as planets are going around there all place different weeds in satin might be here no Jupiter might be here now if they are at an angle of 90 degrees that is called a square and that is what we have here with the sun and moon we have a square now lets listen to what ancient astrologer Bonnet T has to say about square he is a contemporary of Dante both persecuted for truth-telling and Dante comically tongue-in-cheek put Linate in hell in his Divine comedy. He placed 10 people in hell and he jokingly tongue-in-cheek placed Guido Bonacci eight hundred years ago contemporary of Dante in the divine comedy. It was a joke there was a lot of sardonic humor in the Dante’s Inferno. He would place known historical or contemporary characters in really kind of in areas in hell where it will describe their qualities like acerbic lee with vitriol but he would also do it jokingly for all the people. Tongue-in-cheek even the who was a Beatrice was the women the spirit woman or his bride or his girl and that he loved or something well that’s the holy spirit its eluded all the characters and archetypes are always alluding to someone else it’s not pointing Shakespeare employed this device as well he was using certain historical figures to make plays but to do what Dante was doing he was trying to undermine the Satanic English government and he was trying to in his place to get spiritual truths out and also have to decipher the matrix its very cleaver. Don’t bow nutty rather says’ that this here generates tetragonal radiation Tetra because if you’ve got four planets thusly disposed along the ecliptic that’s tetra for ninety degree angles and what you get what’s called a grand cross and this is very harmful energy he calls it to tryagonal radiation then he goes on to say that the opposition 180 degrees not double the 90 is also to dragon or radiation and then he talks about to benefit aspects which are called so the planet is over here let’s say Mercury’s over here it’s only about sixty degrees away you can see it clearly sixty degrees of Arc that’s called hexagonal radiation and that is good energy because it’s a soft angle and usually harmonizes the elements you have fire here and air of Gemini so a sex style hexagonal radiation is healthy its not as healthy as the next one I’m going to describe which is the trying and that’s trigonal radiation so let’s leave it at that and let’s say that you’ve got to drag ‘’’I is harmful ninety degrees then you got hexagonal this sex data it’s much shorter than this long one so these are good rays and good aspects aun will aspects very well actually Nokia can never be more than thirty degrees of the sun so there can’t be Mercury I’ll just turn it into Venus so the sun and Venus can aspect hexagonally but mercury can never do that with sun never because it’s never sixty degrees away from the sun it’s only 28 degrees at the most. So, curious has such a palpable quality to it cause he’s always there did one way or the other is doing something continuously. Yes and never expecting with the sun except by conjunction so it’s that’s why it’s the messenger of God Mercury Hermes Toth Buddha neighbor Enoch these are all the same name Wotan for Wednesday for Mercury Buddha it’s all his amazing energy but so and the other one is a what they call a trine so that’s 120 degrees the trine is a phonetic so 120 degrees will look like this and if you’ve got three planets nicely disposed you will have what’s called a grand trine and this is called triagonal radiation. So what’s going on you can understand that its clear when the planets are squaring with each other it’s like you are facing up your enemy face and opposition is a face on a square, is very dangerous as well you see when you talk to someone on a soft angle of say 120 degrees you’re sort so that you’re sort of more shifted away from them its not so confronting. So the planets by necessity are accidentally creating adverse and good energies as they continue along the ecliptic and astrologers tell you this but the order in which you find them one day you will not find ever again forever they reckon some astrologers they will say so when you look when you do today’s chart you look at the stars today on a astrological chart you will never see that it’s like a snowflake they’re endless and so that’s these combinations so if you’ve got a lot say in your chart you’ve got a lot of square tetragonal radiation well it’s going to hurt where’s it gonna hurt well, it will one of these areas because the planets are moving so accidentally the time you were born will you know you might have the sun in the fifth house that will mean someone who loves to seek pleasure enjoyments in life but which sign it is isn’t him because then it will affect that part of the body because what you have to do now you have to understand that the man is the ecliptic the temple of your body that is the ecliptic everything starts at Aries Taurus Gemini just as I’ve done here Aries, Taurus, Gemini it’s the same thing and then you see Libra at the middle of the Sinai right a symbol of the sun setting at sunset on this side where Libra is where sun sets with DC’s in astrology so now you see when you’re reading a chart for instance this person you can see the way the sun is clearly they were born after the midnight point so under this line which is the horizon this is the midnight point this is midday point. So, this person was born what time 1;25 A. M. Let’s grab another one when was this individual born can you guess know?3 P.M I thumbs in the sun correctly where rigas where’s the sun well yeah Oregon’s 3 P.M you’re right it’s here. The sun look at that it’s around this for midday so that’s the Mid-heaven one its bad thing so you’re right have another guess so you can say someone or look you’ve got the sun in the second house so you were born around about?6 around Italy 2 A.M yes remember this is I just saw that he’s dressed in there 220 damn it I should I look there work it out. Now the sun’s around here well this 12 midday midnight 1 to 220 you’ve got the sun in the second house they might be very wealthy the sun is gold we’ll bring gold to the house of wealth you see that’s how you see people who will do well with money. Or not necessarily depends on whether that sun was bad the aspects which I saw it was so there’s many different considerations and variables. You can’t just say all the suns is in the second house they’re going to be a solo dynamic resourceful worker and they’re going to be wealthy through the son’s gold and element but the sun might be squaring with satin over here and that’s gonna heart hurt the sun. When was this person born then roughly? About ten eleven yes bet 10 P.M its midnight there’s sunset. Know you can see those red lines in the middle see there’s the square right so you’ve got Pluto over here squaring with the moon this is gonna hurt Sagittarius is the eyes moon squaring these people might have problems with eyesight so you see now you’re not just looking at the houses you’re actually looking at the signs which corresponds with different parts of your body for instance Aries is the brain. People who have badly affected planets in Aries can tend to suffer migraines I’ve seen it in many charts of them thousands and thousands of charts which I do and I do medical astrology and there’s the medical astrology you can see this individual probably have problems with digestion here because of Virgo receiving that red tetragonal radiation but here look at this hormones will be okay Scorpio. Scorpio is the generative system and the moans and that blue line is at 120 degree trying called triagonal radiation. Hence, it will be bringing good energies to that sign and to the house and that’s it it’s so simple as they ask each other by these aspects they change the energy under the dome because as a radio sends waves from the earth up to the dome it bounces back well if planets are in that sun bother them move you coming around. So, what saying was so if you’ve got a radio down here on the earth and you’re sending a signal up to the Ionosphere and it bounces back well then what are these planets that are under the ionosphere which that’s where they truly are in the dome when they interact with the dome you see what it is God and his children the dome is dominoes and the sun is the sun of God now people think that’s blasphemous but they it’s not it’s actually giving glory to the creator. It’s the opposite it’s the opposite of the atheism because you are showing that God is light that if whoever made the sun must be God because we can’t make it and so that’s it’s a representative of God it’s the son of God because the ancient taught that back of the sun is the soul in a spirit we’re saying the body it’s a Trinity like our bodies we have you can’t say my spirit because it’s not located here it’s transcendental it’s in counter space but I do have a spirit I’m spirit soul and body. Well the same with everything cows, horses the sun and so the spirit of the sun is God. We can’t ever see that but we give grace to God through the sun that he’s given us to worship God you see. And this is hiding it and that’s how he’s through some of the religions that are there to hide you. Do you think innocently that they were there to try and help you see these things but they certainly don’t they were trying to help you see these things they would have never relented to the motion of the earth being a spinning ball that have said absolutely no chance it’s not a spinning ball what are you doing. So, and the other thing is you could never do astrology because you’d have to factor in a moving ball with all the movements of the planets your position would always be moving but that’s not how it is the earth never moves and all you’re calculating is the movement of other planets you’re not actually factoring any movement of the earth which proves that astrology is geocentric and the earth does not move. Don’t you know factor in any movement at all when your spear of the earth in the astrological chart now it’s interesting what you said that they hid these things in plain sight have a look at our beautiful brother Leonardo da Vinci who was a beautiful Christian and understood astrology was Christian Science Aries put the sun in the middle of the ecliptic we’ve got clusters of there spring summer autumn and winter and you can see if work out all the signs of the Zodiac for instance. There will be Aries and Pisces will be here.
So, that’s the star of the ecliptic it always starts there as the Masons showed in their key have a look at the third disciple with his hands sticking up that’s Gemini the twins. So Taurus is that Aries is that top of the head Taurus is the neck and the cerebellum the lower brain and the mouth area and then Gemini’s the twin lungs in the twin arms and there is the proof look at Libra THE SCALES WHY IS AN OPPOSED SO SHOWING ITSELF TO BE GREEN THE COLOR OF Venus Libra and to the right of Jesus the seventh sign which is September and the bread and the wine is always a celebrated in Virgo the harvest so here’s the Jesus in between Virgo and you can see that cancer with the knife in his hand the crab is pointing to the throat of Virgo saying hey she does not have a nut an Adam’s apple and see he’s got a knife in his hand right see look at the symbology Leo’s got his elbow on that the savage beast is the only one that has his arrogant elbow on the table that’s the he’s the ruler of the zodiac Aries the head of the zodiac That’s why he’s at the head of the table all the other disciples are behind the table Aries is at the head and see you can see the symbology the big Jupiter Sagittarius horse disciple the black Capricorn Saturnian’s looking the other way from the Lord Aquarius both reled by Saturn you know all the symbolism Saturn is the resistor of Jesus the sun here the sun is offering the bread and the wine what at the last supper. Why is it the last supper well because Libra here is Virgo the harvest season here is Libra the wine season there’s Jesus at the middle of the ecliptic at Libra saying eat the bread and the wine which has symbols of the work the sun does through spring and summer and then this is why you have a harvest moon in Virgo and you’ve just had the full moon called the Hunter’s moon in libra every year because here you harvest and then here you can’t harvest in the snow you’ve got to go out hunting don’t you see the bread and the wine. Well wine is divine you see s diviner is an astrologer and wht is divine comes from the wine that’s why Jesus is the God of wine there V not Davina a satyr meant a ravine its from wine God is wine because Allah is alcohol Jesus Dionysus Bacchus Jesus turned water into wine Bacchus is god of wine it’s all divine and this is the divining science and how you divine because if you can see a planet is coming for instance here you can see a planet is entering that this house. This is the house of partners well you can divine you can say well look next year when the moon is transiting this sign I’m going to meet a partner I’m gonna partner up in business with someone or a fiancé and you can see it because you cast the date forward and you see where the planets are aligned you in house and you will know where certain events are going to take place for instance if you know something is coming into the tenth house is going to be movement and something will happen in your career you will be promoted or you might be demoted depending if that planet is a bad planet like Saturn or Mars and if it’s badly as affecting so this is how the true science of speaking of the divine and divining is. It’s based on these angles which are angels bad ones and good angles.
The effort and time needed to spend correcting these peoples names was considred wasted. Sorry for the inconvenience, but they do not deserve any kindness onour part. That is except for outing their plans and actions against us.

Hidden Science Encoded in the Bible: Santos Bonacci with Greg Carlwood 2013

Copernicus supposedly debunked Tetrabiblos who speaks about the firmament, shown in many shows by Santos, who is now bringing back the glory of our intelligent ancestors. Who knew the earth was stationary and astrology can only work on a stationary earth which he will be explaining. how the firmament which in this book is the eighth sphere (not as a globular type of physicality but as in a sphere of influence- which was the original definition. Later it was a physical definition for confusion of their spherical new idea of the earth). How it works with astrology and astronomy and how it can only work on the flat earth. People who defend the old stationary earth from the western lands are actually defending this model. Because the Copernican revolution was a revolution in that the Europeans would have to reject their ancestral history (coming from Egypt as Ptolemy taught) he also got his wisdom from India, and Babylon. He quotes in this book all the great ones from Babylon and Samaria and India. Persia. (Greg Carlwood-speaks)You could not have the European elites allowing European elites allowing these people to consider those cultures as having any kind of wisdom. So they issue in Copernicus to wave it all away. There was a lot of wisdom there. Of course and here is the true model. The Capernaum revolution is not just about revolutions but a revolution in cosmology (the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.) which is a false revolution. And it’s satanic. Because two of the main players of the satanic atheist globe theory. Invented by the Jesuits, funded by the Jesuits. Cap, Newton, Gal and Lematre) and the secret to understanding this is in their names. The repetition of Nic in Copernicus’ name. Nic olas Caper nic us. Nic as in the red devil. St. Nick. now Galileo Galilei is demonic. It is demons. For instance Jesus was called the Galilean, all right? Because he was derisive. He was actually supposed to be Judean, of the tribe of Judah, a Jew. But the Jews would say this Galilean because Gal as in Gilgal, it’s a demon. For instance it comes from Kali the demon goddess wife of Shiva. So Kali becomes galley. Gal and you also get gargoyles, Gargoyle. [all vowels and r and l are interchangeable in all languages is rule number one] R and L are the two liquids. So now you have Gal goyle, Chal deans, Cali- fornia, the furnace of Cali which is fire. You have Cali phate. The Islams have a Cali phate. They are actually telling you they’re hinting to you. Twice they put the name in Nick, St Nick’s copy St. Nick, demon copy demon. They are demon theories. They have to tell you. They publish it, they advertise it, always. When you look at the words, then you realize…not only this, but we have to say this for the religious minded out there who are not protestant. Because protestants already think Vatican, evil, bad. And the rites, I have to say they’re right. The Jesuits were not some noble warrior priests to defend the gentle noble Christ from the evil of the world and how they might besmirch his name. That is not what they were. They were literally people who were cruel and evil and used the avatar of Jesus as the reason for their cruelty. Let’s not pretend that that’s not what was going on. And the Vatican, when they thunder the Easter song to Lucifer, they know what they’re doing. It’s not a mistake. They’re not saying we’ll replace what you think is our name for god. We’ll replace that for Lucifer. We’ll just do it and well you can think something else. No, they know what they’re doing and they’re using it as a noun, not as a verb. It’s not Oh light bringer, it’s Oh, person called the light bringer. Think that is light bringer. So, the Jesuits, the guys who brought us the globe, they were not good people. They were absolutely not good people. Yea, well, I’ve exposed them in a presentation that I did called “exposing the Elite families” who’s behind the globe and globalism. So these are the families who carved up the Americas, the Borgea family from Spain and they started the Spanish Inquisition. They got together with the Columna family who are the Columbus family and they funded the ships in the expedition. It wasn’t explorers going out to the Americas. It was corporations with the one intention to steal and plunder through corporate maritime law. So the Borgia families were the ones that signed the contract of “””in 1494 where they made the Portugal side of South America on the East and the Spanish part on the West. That was Alessandro at Borgia. So, since Borgia, he was related to the Farnezi family . they are the ones, Alessandro Farnezi, Pope Paul the third is the guy who Copernicus dedicated his book to and he was instrumental in everything, everything. Everything goes back to this Pope. In 1539 through 1545 were the major changes of history. These are the things that happened. In 1539 the final Papal bull, convocation which takes your soul from you of the Cestu Que Vi trust system. That was Farnazi. He did that with his newly formed Jesuits. So, he formed the Jesuits with the Borgia family who were carving up the Americas. And they knew they had to make the earth a globe so that now they’re stealing all this land they would have to enclose and make an enclosed system of commerce. [from the Ur country already in power over commerce]. They planned to fund Copernicus, the Medici’s were in it as well. And the Orsini’s, the Orsini family is in everything. Tom Cruz is an Orsini. The Windsor’s and Rothschild’s are all Orsini. Now Farnesi, who is Juan Carlos the king of Spain. He’s a Farnesi. Fidel Castro is his cousin. They run the American plantation of the Columbus, Colonia family, the Orsini and the Farnezi. Now, Polly Alesandro Farnezi, he funded the Jesuits and loss Conversos who infiltrated the Christian Vatican. So, that was a movement of getting the undercover Jews to infiltrate science because they were clever. And so we’re not talking Jews who pretended to become Catholics but carried on being Jewish and doing the Jewish things. We’re talking about Jews who thought that this was superior to being Jewish. They converted. So, what he did was he funded Luther, the Lutheran Protestant movement. The Jesuits were absolutely behind this satanic protestant movement. Purely satanic. Calvin was a murderer. Luther was a Jesuit. He excommunicated King Henry the Eighth. So that unleashed the protestant movement in England. Germany became Lutheran. Switzerland became Calvinean. And then they funded Cromwell and there was bloody murder all over Europe and then they initiated this prison of a Globe. Then they started the counter reformation and in 1545, they convened the council of Trent. Since Constantine we’ve only had 21 councils. The council of Trent was purely Jesuit. It was three years after Copernicus. They had to address the flat earth. They now had to address these Protestants who were fake Protestants because the real Protestants that they murdered were the Catha’s, the Albagensians, the Waldenses, the lowlads, the capuchinians, the Sicilians and all of these Cathars in France. They were the real Protestants, so, they were the guys who were living kindly as it were. The ones who weren’t taking what people might at first imagine is the whole concept behind the life of Jesus. Those guys, you know. First thing, write those guys off. We don’t want them walking around as an example because in comparison we’ll look like shit. And that’s what they did. They wiped them off. Yeah. They were true Christians because they embraced all scripture. They embraced alchemy; they embraced spiritual science, astrology, the hermetic teachings of Egypt because they’re all Christian. It’s all one synergetic interrelated field. The difference with this corporate Christianity is it’s based on Papal Bulls and donations, like the donation of Constantine. That was the one that started the first corporate Christian Church. [Ur = ch Ur ch]And ever since then, they have been murdering and butchering the so-called pagans which were the real Christians right up until the Waldensians. And so the Jesuits hit the master coup. They’re very very satanic evil, evil, Shabotains. And they created a false protestant movement which they would control both sides of. And they’re doing that all the time. The Democrats, the liberals, the Labor ,the liberals. They’re behind this two party system because they are the puppet masters. It’s the Jesuits. They control the kazarian Jewish Mafia. They control the Italian mafia. . they control the Spanish mafia which runs all the drugs in South America. Basically South America is a Jesuit plantation. It always has been and if is their wish it always will be. And so, what we had was the most revolutionary period in history which was repeated again in the years 1939 – 1945. That again was a similar repetition exactly 400 years later to the day. You see. So they got the Papal Bull in 1939, I can recount many more things. These are just the essential things for you to understand. The Farnazies is rule…Farsi is the language of the Persians. And the Medians and the Persians, so the Medici’s come from Media. They control the medicine and the media. it’s a no brainer. Remember the Medici’s are the major family in the thoughts of Machiavelli in the Prince. That we’re talking poison, backstabbing, dirty tricks. That’s the family we are talking about. That’s the Medici’s. We are talking how to con, hoodwink, trick, lie and cheat your way into power. And that’s what the Prince is about. That is what Machiavelli’s book is about. And it’s a breakdown of it. It’s cool if you want to be a horrible MF. This is how to be the ultimate narcissist Psychopaths. This is what you have to do. And these guys do have these qualities. That is how they are. So, lying to the whole world is nothing that would give them a bigger thrill to have people believing this stuff.
So, what you’ll find is if you do what I did on that show, exposing the elite families behind the globe. If you go into that show I recommend it because it will be a good foundation for today’s show. I went through the Pope list in wikipedia, the list of all the Popes in history. You will find something very curious. For the first 900 years, the Popes had no surnames. So, all of a sudden surnames started to appear. Because what they are is a concept of a corporate dead fiction name. it started with Constantine and then Justinian in the 6th century also created dog Latin for the degraded populace to deceive people in law and in courts. And so we had Justinian law these days which is Maritime law. And then of course these families, these Julio, Claudian, and Flavian bloodlines. They popped up with surnames in the 9th, tenth, and 11th century when they started corporatizing the world, and what they did, you will find they created these names like gay attorney. A Gaitanis Pope called Pope Boniface the 8th. He was the one who started this Papal Bull system. He created Unum Sanctum. I’ve exposed this for the last 10 years. This papal Bull is the express trust which originates the Cestu Que Vi system which was implemented in in 1666 in London. And so, the Gaitanis family married into all these other families. And you’ll see the Popes that the surnames that started turning up. You’ll see the predominate names are Orsini, Farnazzi, de Medici, Pallavicini, aldobrandini, Gaitanis, bamfilly, Borgia, (three or four Borgias) . they even named a town after them like Borgia where Santos’ mother was born. [If you look at all the churches in the world you could wonder where Ur came from.] a group of influential families who play war with each other [silent weapons] from time to time but always working for the same reasons, like we know that same reason. We know that politicians who’ve been behind closed doors have been having meetings with each other. We know that politicians (2017) right now there’s a rattling of sabers with North Korea. There’s no disagreement about Antarctica with North Korea. It’s always the same thing. It’s families playing with each other. It seems to me that in modern times one of the guys who didn’t really play along was Gadaffi. That’s what I think. He didn’t play along. He wasn’t interested in that. He has a different idea.
These families through Venice and Maritime Law are the first system of all laws. And then admiralty, and then martial and bankruptcy law, and all that financial stuff. But all of those laws make you a debtor and a heretic all the way down the line; a belligerent, a hostile so immediately they cut us from the god head, by putting our names in the book of death, the birth certificate system. They created the funds in Italy in Venice. The Columna family were warning in Rome for hundreds of years with the Orsini’s and they became the Ghibellines and the Guilts, and the guilt’s of course //Orsini became the Guelts, became the Windsor’s they are guelt’s. So the guelt’s //the Orsini family have usurped all the thrones of Europe by putting their family in there. The Rothschild’s. Orsini means Rothseni which means little red bear. So, Rothschild means children of the red. Or the red shields. All the red shields , the Rosicrucian religion, all controlled by the Orsini. The Farnazi controlled Spain and South America and all that corporation. Juan Carlos, the first of Spain, he’s a Faneazi. He’s the king of Jerusalem. He’s the Roman Monarch of the world and he’s the military navigator of the knights of Malta. The man has more power than any other man. The grey pope is Pepe Orsini. He runs—I believe there are 12 popes. We only know of the white, the blacks. There are 3 blacks now. Nicholas Adolfo or Adolfo Nicholas, whatever, Call them back and the new one. They are not retiring. They are increasing their output of evil.
Explain to people who might not be familiar with the concepts of the black pope.
Well, it’s the Superior General of …general like your surgeon general in hospitals, attorney general in the justice systems. Anything with general in it, it’s military. And it means the army of the Catholic Church. The superior general of the Jesuits runs the murderous assassin army of pedophiles called the Jesuits. Satanists, Sabatanians. Atheists, demon worshipers. Inventors of demon theories like the globe. They also created other officers like police officers, that’s an officer of the corporation. Ministers; the ministry of defense, the ministry of finance. Why do you have ministers doing governmental work? Because it’s ecclesiastical and back of it all is the Roman Curia, the board of directors of the Vatican which is owned by the Borgesi family, the Borgia family, the Pallavicini family. The Pallavicini family invented, control and run Islam. That’s why they are called Allah Vicini which means we are the family that are close to Allah. And If you go into Google and you pui two words in; palovicini, and Islam, you will see who’s controlling . you’ll see all the heads of this family from Italy or from Persia. They’re all from Persia [Ur?] Pallas Athena, Paulo is from Persia. And Aldo Brandini that’s elder baron. They are Zoroastrian Mithraic, Persian dynasty. And their intent was one; first to destroy Greece and democracy and then to launch themselves from their various corporations over to conquer the Americas and from there they would create the globe. That was their plan from 3000 years ago. By the farnezi family who set up the Atruskan Empire and 12 flagship cities to run Italy, set up a corporation there at the back door of Greece because their Hellenic Syncretic neo-plutonic, beautiful Greek Culture had to be destroyed, because they were protecting the democratic republican way of freedom for the West
The Greeks were always extolling virtues. We have to remember this. We have this mentality which is what we call now the West. The word virtue …the Greeks, the foundation of that philosophy were virtues, admirable, great kind qualities. That was their foundations, virtue, goodness, the most benevolent, cohesive and coherent and the best basically. And then you have these other people that is all about selfishness, status, all about gold. It’s all about achieving and taking more and more. Where ,as the others, they were not about the taking more and more. So this is why the Greek system had to be quashed. We don’t see it right now because right now the Greek system which is the system of teaching people philosophy which is basically studying, teaching people how to learn. That came from Greece. The system that we understand this philosophy, it came from Greece. We have the Eastern Philosophies but they’re different. They are still about knowledge but they’re structure behind it is different. It was the Greek that had the scholars. That had that system about teaching qualities, virtues, training and practicing on problem solving. That was all Greek. And then you have the war mentality of the Romans and the Persians. The land of cerkses?? And that’s what happened. They quashed the more mellow guys.
Lets get on with astrology. And the flat earth and how it is coherent on the flat earth. It’s not on the globe. It’s not coherent on the globe. Not only is the flat earth coherent it gives us huge clues
to study the world.
Yeah, it absolutely can’t work on a globe. Astrology has always been geocentric. That’s a fact and you don’t have to be a Flat Earther to concur with that. All astrologers will tell you that it is geocentric. So, it’s always been at odds with the globe theory. It’s always been a contention because it is a cognitive dissonant sort of thing that you are an astrologer and you know that it is geocentric. How can you concur with anything Copernican? It’s ridiculous. Here clearly the 7 wondering stars including the luminaries, sun and moon, are said to be entirely luminous. And light is not solid. This is how tricky the liars are. They say on the one hand that Saturn and Jupiter are gas giants which means they are luminous entirely. The sun is hydrogen and helium. That’s entirely humorous. So, we’ve got 3 out of 4 we can definitely concur and agree with. The other side that 3 …let us just cut it and give them 4. if this guy (Tetrabiblios) said that all of the planets, the wandering stars, are in the firmament, and they are entirely luminous, then it’s a good chance that the moon is entirely luminous as the Hindu’s say, and Mercury and Venus and Mars as well. They are lights in the sky. They are sonoluminesence. And so that would be what god is. Hence, we say audio. Well that’s got god hiding there in it there DEO and au is gold. (au) and so you have video to see god or god is in light in sight and you’ve got audio. And so we say that is concurring that god is solo luminescence. And so, how his cosmos works is ingenious. We are living inside of a torus field. How do I know that, decause everything is torus fields. As you look at the sun, and the Jesuits have a 32 rayed god. On their symbol here; Isis, Horus and Seth (IHS). When you stare at the sun, you see this cross of Thomas. By the way Tomas is the name of the sun according to the book of Enoch. All is atum. And the hermetic which is the Egyptian version it says all is atum. Tomas atum, this T that you see when you do solar gazing. First thing you see is the T you see Tomas. That has always been the sun’s name. And that becomes Domus and that becomes dominos, Dominica, Domingo, the day of the sun. And Dom, Tom. Is in Latin is still called Tomas. From that we get all of the Dom names. From that we get all of the Dom names Dominique, Tamils of the Babylonians, cancer, these astrological signs according to the Jews is called Tomas at the tropic of cancer. Interesting that Tomas is up at the tropic of cancer and directly opposite the 21st. of December, the solstice is nicknamed St. Thomas’s day. Okay, because it’s the sun on the ecliptic. Alright then when you focus some more the eight comes in. and I’ll speak with their union jack colors because that’s what it is. What you then see is you see this, an X in blue and then in the middle of those rays it becomes 16. It doubles 4, 8. 16, 32…and then it finishes like that, it ends like this. You can actually see 64 but it’s very diffused. Whereas this is like 32 rays from the sun god Tomas
But these are things what you’re talking about now. These aren’t things that are just kind of mystical. These are things that you can see . I have some guys so you don’t get much chance of it here in the UK but when I’ve been to Spain and when it’s sunny here it’s a peaceful thing to do. You can see the rays. It’s not a question of just some imaginary thing. You can literally see the rays and you can see on videos. You can see these constant. This is not that you might assume that it’s just some kind of quality of the lens or of capturing a bright light. You can capture all kinds of bright lights that won’t have these rays that come off that, a stable wave. The rays of their constant when you move the cameras around the rays remain. The rays are there. The rays are actually there at the fix. This is what Santos is saying.
Yeah, and they are 32 which correspond to the 30 degrees of masonry of the York rite and so when you go around the fullest circle 33 is the number of the Scottish rite and that is even a simple symbolic of the sun doing a complete round and hence they give that the G which is said g’s the 7th letter of the alphabet, go around the second time it’s the 33rd letter of the alphabet. So you see the magnetic rays of the sun. it’s all about G 33. And that God is symbolized by the complete cycle of 32 rays coming to completion. The next one in the series is the 33rd. you see. And so this is all the degrees. What you’re looking at here is really the Star of David. Sex or generation. And jen is Gaia which is again which is your neck which is Ginner which is the vagina, you see? And that is where we come through that vesica Pisces, that portal through the power which is the number 7, god. 7 is the Elohim. Elohim means to twist and to turn. So let’s do that first before we go into the flat earth astrology. So, Elohim which has the lamb made of the Hebrews. the letter N the 12th letter. So you’ve got slum it the letter L in Hebrew. And it’s the 12th letter and L is always the 12th letter. This is the secret of L the lord, light, love, life. L is for electricity, the lord. Ok. And this is electrical, so this letter is very important. This becomes the glyph in astrology (a cross at top of the L. for Saturn. That’s how you know that Saturn is L. a lot of people argue with me. Oh Saturn’s not L it’s something else. Yes L is all the seven Lohim which are the 7 Luminas bodies in the firmament which generate energy and radiation. Inside the firmament which is how astrology works. Now. Elohim which is an Aleph ( \ ) and an L. That is a one and a 12 so that makes 13. But Elohim iein means to twist and turn. Hence Saturn the leader of the Elohim (Saturn) is always turning. And his sun Jupiter Zeus, (jzus) Jupiter (that’s the torus field).
Saturn’s son Jupiter, he is thor and that’s his name there. That’s (tor) is the torus field. turning. Torus field is backwards for rotating (rot). Jupiter is Thor / tor is the torus field, Now Jupiter Zeus which we call jez us (Jesus) as we just learned is Saturn. So Zeus’ father is Saturn and his mother is rhe. What I’m about to show you is how Saturn, the turning one, LL, electrical rotating field and Jupiter, Thor, (the torus field-Jupiter is always with the bull). So the Greek name is Zeus. And the Christians that go to church and adore a historical Jesus which is a roman invention not saying not to be Christian and not to believe in Jesus. Christianity is a beautiful pure science, akin to astrology. What I’m saying is the Romans compromised with the Greek Zeus and Jupiter and made it Je Zeus. Now Je is father. So what happens is we know Jesus had a mother Mary and a father Joseph. Well that’s Saturn and Maria. Rhea. Ok? Rhea becomes mother Rhea the mother of all. And sat becomes set becomes Seth becomes jo set father Seth just like Je Zsu the Je Jupiter father Peter. Peter is Pater, the father. So we have Jupiter father. Father Je zZues= father Zus with his father St Joseph
This is how you need to look at words. When you do this you realize we only have one language. It’s atomic. Hence entomology or etymology and it is the knowledge and understanding of mono syllables and radicals and their true meaning. What the root radical really mean.
Also remember this. When Santos was explaining about basically a commercial law, the maritime law, there is no maritime law without language. It is language that does the trapping, the binding, the tricking and that’s what they did. They knew these things. So they sat there and said Hey! We can use language to trap and bind people. Let’s do that. Let’s invent things to trap and bind people. We don’t want them free. We don’t want them looking at the stars, the lights in the sky and pondering about the possibilities of where we are. No. let’s have them busy. Let’s have them busy and troubled, which is what they did. And then along comes people describing things like Ptolemaists that again makes people start to go how in a second. Yeah. You know this astrology, this ancient and the stars are there and the qualities that the astrologers describe are real qualities. Let’s start pondering these things. There is no benefit to the Vatican if people ponder these things. So no, no, no, we’re on a globe. It’s all gibberish, is coincidental and confirmation biased. If you see any similarities between what you’re star saints supposed to be and you qualities of other people of the same astrology called sign. It’s just confirmation bias. That’s how your brain works. Anyway back to work.
That’s right. So they are not seeing the patterns. They’re not seeing the spiritual causes and hence god at work. And hence they are rejecting god because they reject his science which is his science which is astrological. It doesn’t belong to the devil. It can’t and hence it cannot be a pseudoscience because it works. And it is based on energy as I will show you. This is exactly how astrology works. It’s quite simple how it’s rooted in nature and its cycles. This cycle is the most common that we are aware of. No doubt. It’s the yearly cycle.
How astrology creates the dynamics which affects all things. It is easy to prove astrology. You can try growing some plants when the moon is waxing (increasing toward a full moon- ½ month) and when it is waning (decreasing toward a new moon ½ a month). Plant some plants in each condition. The plants above the ground when they are planted when the moon is waxing grow much better than the plants that were growing above ground when the moon is waning. With seeds under the ground it is opposite.

Starting at minute #12 Jesuits, Vatican, black nobility, stationary flat EARTH
The 13 families that run each religion Starting at minute #12 Jesuits, Vatican, black nobility, stationary flat EARTH///
All right and we’re live, how’s it going Santos, very well thank you brother, yeah not bad, so yeah it’s very nice to talk to you and yet to pick your brain a bit you know you can start a bit with a bit of background information just so if people don’t know about you and your work. Yep well, I live in Australia I have been doing syncretism now online since 2011 on my YouTube channel Mr. Astrotheology, so you can go there and see all the videos I’ve uploaded of presentations dealing with Astro-theology which is the true theology in all scriptures and I suppose exposing things truths that are not so known in the world, in the conventional world and so I’ve been showing how to understand scriptures for instance. Separating the facts from the truth, yeah, endeavoring to as best I can according to my research, so all I claim to be a researcher who shares his information and what I am uncovering is as you research deeper and deeper you begin to uncover things that are not so known in the conventional world, so it appears to be a storyline you know, that the world in general gets fit and then when you one go deeper you see that things are not as they appear, so that’s what all I do and I hope to be able to continue to do it well and to help people, really it helped me and immensely. And you do some lessons online for people that are central to your website? Yes I do, yes consultations there will be astrological and other kinds of consultations I guess you know some people just like to learn syncretism firsthand, so that’s what I offer I haven’t done many presentations in the last six months I’ve just been concentrating on my health, so yeah take a little time off, oh you better now, yeah still getting there lots to do, alright, what are using conventional medicine? No, not at all, never have, never will, yeah I use the herbs of nature, so what I’m doing now at the moment is flashing my bowels and intestines and the whole GI tract so that it will function at its optimum and absorb the nutrients. All Westerners in fact the whole world is subsisting on a nonhuman diet, it’s an animal diet that has been given to humans by the elites and in order to subdue them and turn them into beasts, their minds are ravenous now they believe that it’s okay to eat animals which aren’t and so all the GI tract has been distorted polluted and blocked and this is everyone, there’s not a human being whether they think they’re run clean due to vegetarian diet or vegan diet absolutely they are not, everyone is polluted, everyone is blocked and everyone has a mucoid plaque, parasites, fungus in all of their body and all of their intestinal tract, whether they were vegan from birth or vegetarian doesn’t matter because the particular grains are totally toxic to the human GI tract. Just all in general or is it because they were that the process that greens suffer over the drying process that makes it more makes it harder to digest. Yeah the whole GMO grains, GMOs have been around for thousands of years the elites have modified all the heirloom grains in order to make people schizophrenic and to block their energy systems, so vegans vegetarians alike they’re all consuming these grains, I don’t touch grains at all, the true human diet consists of seven foods types of food and they are first and fore-mostly fruits and berries, then herbs and green leafies, then vegetables, then seeds and nuts, but seeds and nuts should be activated or fresh, so all dried seeds and nuts should be soaked in water overnight and activated before consumed but those are the only foods of the human diet grains don’t even enter they’re not even a distant eighth they are absolutely to be avoided unless you know what you’re doing with heirloom original ancient grains and then again lots of preparation and lots of other devices and tricks need to be implemented such as you know, if you’re going to make breads you want to you know do things like sourdough and a lot of other different things that need to be considered I would recommend seeds for things like pastures and bread if you really need such foods and those seeds would be buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth. Yeah, buckwheat is good, and the flour is a bit too tough because if you try to make bread with it it’s going to be like rock unless you mix it with something else. Yes that’s true so there are some seeds that are grown as what they call pseudo-grains because they grow them like grains, it doesn’t mean that they are grains they are seeds and it’s okay to make bread from seeds and nuts that’s fine but again they this is a processed thing so you don’t need to be consuming a lot of processed foods the best foods for humans are the foods that you forage, yeah berries straight from the tree fruits, they’re already complete as food you don’t need, you know, with animals you need traps, Spears, knives, guns, devices, fences, abattoirs then you need all kinds of cooking techniques you need pots and pans and knives and forks and condiments and oils and salsas and herbs and – in order to distinguish the blood and the murder and the Karma that is going through the animal which is obvious. You know we can’t digest it – as the sort of existing nature then because it’s not meant for us. That’s right, I mean when you use your logical brain you can see that fruit for instance you go straight under a pear tree you pick a ripe pear you put it straight into your mouth and it’s digested within 20 minutes, it has all the flavor you need it has all the minerals nutrition vitamins sustenance it’s already complete now if you look at horses and cows and gorillas and elephants they don’t get confused, humans are confused, a horse will never resort to eating a rodent or a rabbit or a frog or a caterpillar a bug an insect, when it runs out of grass or hay in its stall, it dies, you know it will die before it eats another animal because it knows that it’s it is not accountable. It’s interesting this topic and I had no idea that you are into a raw diet and being a fruitarian but so that’s good stuff. I have been for ten years, if you want to know what I do and who I am, all you have to do is, if you’re a truther all you have to do is know all the truths that exist and that’s who I am, that’s who Santos Bonacci is, I follow truth and only truth because there are alternative teachers out there they call themselves alternative media which is despicable and a thing to call yourself ridiculous, you know media is poison, and alternative media is an alternative poison, I’m a truther and these alternative media types I won’t name them, you know, I’ve exposed them many times like that stupidity as there is no truth, I mean this is obviously from the from the Illuminati in the black nobility and the Jesuits and the liars who are out there to pull these alternative media types to say such utter stupidity as there is no truth, you know I’ve heard people I won’t name them of course but they are very very prominent in the media world out there and they continuously teach such rubbish and filth, the universe is built on truth, there is only truth there. That’s a topic you know that they have to mix the truth with lies because they can dialogue that I decided to swallow, did you by the way this new story, I think it was today that they’re talking about the Pope going to the dollar working group, yeah like it’s just surprising that they are involved that’s a type of meetings. Well it’s not because the Pope the white pope the black Pope the gray Pope they all control every single breath and action that takes place on the plane of the earth, the stationary flat plane that is, they control everything so it’s only a recent move whereas they’ve hidden the fact that the Pope controls these meetings the Bilderberg’s, the Trilaterals, the Royal the British Tavis tock and all of their secret MKULTRA and if I’m not mistaken the Bilderberg Group was formed by a Jesuit, well the Jesuits are the military arm of the Vatican and they are the men in black, they are at the very top of the pecking order, definitely more powerful than the Knights of Malta the Teutonic Knights and the Knights of Columbus, so the Jesuits are definitely at the very top and who controls them are the True Blood the papal bloodlines, these are the Italian black nobility the Venetian black nobility such as the Farzana, Orsini, Medici, Gaetani, Tam feely, Pallavicini, Adorning, and the least goes on. Are you of the same opinion that the Rothschilds are just servants of the Vatican? There are some people who believe that they own the Vatican or they control them. Not the Rothschild branch you have to understand the original Rothschild family is the Orsini, Orsini means little day and it’s an anagram of Rossini, which means little red, I’ve never heard that the Rothschilds were directly linked to the Orsini family, oh yeah absolutely, Roth means red, the Roman red shield the Roman soldiers used to wear red they used to have red shields, so the Orsini became the Rosenberg’s, the Rothschilds, the Rossini, the Gulfs, the Windsor. These changes of names only happen because they married their families, didn’t they? Yeah what to disguise all the corporate structure the Orsini families otherwise known as the maximum the maximum family in other words they originated from Egypt they’re Pharaonic they have a very strong German branch and that’s the Rosenberg’s I believe the Hapsburgs are also of this family my mind is not working too well right now I don’t know it’s quite the, quite early there yeah I didn’t have a very good sleep at all for the last couple of days, so it’ll come to me though they are the Gulfs and of course queen Elizabeth is from the Gulfs that’s a big part of that family of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Gotha’s and the Gulfs they were warring against the Gobelins and the Gobelins come from the Colon family, so for that for hundreds of years the Colons and the Orsini were fighting in Rome to be Popes and to have power and then eventually one of the Popes caused them to intermarry and to stop blood shedding on the streets of Rome and so these became the Gibbelins and the Gulfs, so the Colon family and the Orsini, the Orsini went to Venice, the Colon family went to Geneva, Orsini’s power structure went Eastwood, India, China with the opium wars and the Colon’s family went Westwood, so the Colon’s are the Columbus, Christopher Columbus from Geneva, set sail and they own pretty much all of North America so they become the Collins family the Collins family is the most powerful family in America by none and they are the Columbus family as well, they run the Knights of Columbus, the District of Columbia, British Columbia, Columbia Pictures and all of the Collins holdings, big plantation holders in North America together with the foreigners a family who control the Pentagon, the Pentagon is in the shape of the foreigners a palace in Rome which is a Pentagon. Yeah, exactly I’ve seen that picture, going around on Twitter it’s amazing how whole or similarly lifts to the Pentagon. Yeah yep these families are the concrete the door families and so the two families the Collins or the Columbus family North America are the most powerful but they hold power with the foreigners who are also Castro’s so Fidel Castro pretty much runs the Pentagon and all of the military Jesuit structure of North America okay he also has a lot of power in South America as well Fidel Castro is a Jesuit, of course, the Furnace family founded the Jesuits with the Barger family, now the Barger family are more powerful in South America together with let me see Barger so you’ve got Furnace you’ve got Pallavicini, they got Pallavicini they are also powerful in the Bank of England they own that, they control a lot of North America as well through the English British Empire and they also run Islam but together with the Barger family they carved up the Americas. This is a very promotion that there should be more videos about these families because there’s not a Latino enough out there and there’s a lot of stuff pointing to the Jews and to the Rockefellers the Rothschilds George Soros you know all these other names are just like just are politicians or puppets. But the Jewish connection is through, the Jewish connection is Jesuit, they’re interrelated or interchangeable or let’s say inextricably connected Jewish and Jesuit really because they’re black this Saturnian the Jesus Saturnian at least the Elohistic branch the Geo-is tic branch is more Jupiter Ian and the Vatican is aligned with Jupiter but it’s now been taken over by this by the Jesuits who are Saturnian, so Jupiter and Saturn it’s very important to understand this component of control in the world, the Vatican was up until Pope Benedict they were Petrine or Jupiter Ian. You were saying how the Jesuits and the Jews are connected. How is the connection there? Well, they’re Converses or Morenos, originally Ignatius de Loyola had connections with the underground Spanish Inquisition and the Jewish system. I heard other people say that he was a Jew but there’s no rule at least from my side. I’ve never found any evidence that I’m into that. No of course not, because there’s no such thing as a racial Jew, see the elites don’t subscribe to the religions that they’ve created for the general messes. Yeah for the population but like there’s a lot of truthers to talk about the Jews and in a general way so to this, that’s just a bums yeah they’ve been they’ve been fed that information to steer them away from the true power structure okay so I can I can tell you the names of all the families that control all the religions of the world, Islam is controlled by the Pallavicini, it’s in the name, Pala, Allah, vicinity means vicinity which means this is the family who is close to Allah okay they’re Persian of origin and they control everything about Islam there’s not a thing that doesn’t go past the Pope who is Sergio Pallavicini and his son they pretty much run Islam and the Adorning family as well, so you know they pretend to be Muslims better but they don’t care about Christianity, Islam, Judaism at all so yeah we need we need better insights than what is put out by these alternative media half truth is I call them false prophets, so Christianity is run more by say the Orsini’s they run the again the Rosicrucian’s remember rose means red, anything that has read in it in history it all goes back to this Roman Pontifical family called the Orsini okay they are the Maxima family and they run Christianity and all its corporate structure the Constantine, family the Justinian’s belong to this whereas the Jesuits are more Furnace, Barger and the Spanish connection, the Furnace family they’ve always been in Spain and Rome. So, if you would recommend one book for someone that is just learning about this topic what book would that be. I don’t know, I haven’t sourced this for many particular books this comes from many varied sources, and by being not superficial when you do your studies, okay so you need to read repeated patterns you need to read many books but there’s no one in particular that I can point to because I don’t believe that anyone comes up with that has all this information correctly and accurately in one place. Oh yeah, I don’t mean I mean all the information but like okay a beginners course on the Roman Empire that’s still left today. Yeah look that’s pretty hard to get in any one place but you can Google this information and you have to just keep at it and it takes years. It’s taken me you know thirty years, it’s just so much information that’s a thing. I don’t like to point to any primary sources because I believe that they’re all compromised in certain areas you know they have a lot of truth they bring it out and it’s good but then they’re they pollute you know their information with, what is inaccurate you know so I just draw from many sources and I know what I’m saying is 100% accurate because it’s verifiable in many ways not just one, so what I do is I study and I learn I don’t believe I don’t form opinions I don’t make belief system on what I learn, I just learn so knowledge is just it’s not partial it’s not prejudice it’s just knowledge you know I mean I know how to speak Spanish and I’m not prejudiced to Spanish and you know it’s just something that I know how to do, you know like, Heights and ride bikes and ride motorbikes, you know, you just know how to do that and it’s true so, what I know is verifiable and so of course being Italian it helps as well because I know how the Italian system works by paying attention to all the stories my uncle’s used to relate to me and my grandfather about how Italy works and who the families are the control things and so they’ve always known this, I come from Calabria which is always produced the world’s best philosophers and teachers of truth and who have always been the last ones to fight Rome and they’ve always been the most suppressed in Italy and so I used to listen to my uncle’s recount how ancient you know events occurred in the real narrative you know not what I learnt at school, so that’s all the team. Where did that originate in Colombia? Right down the bottom near Sicily the last province and they were the last ones to fight the Roman Empire the last ones standing, so you know Calabria is where Plato used to live, Pythagoras, Plotinus, you know, all the great philosophers ever were you know living and teaching in Calabria, well because of the philosophical nature of the Calabrian and the fact that they tried to be Freeborn and you know, live sovereigns and not to be dominated by some non-local you know. Yeah that’s it that’s interesting stuff I should learn more about Italian history, so I don’t know if you’ve seen some of the videos that I put out sometimes with Johnny, mostly focused on debunking the misinformation about the dual world order, yeah I wanted to ask you is there a topic in that area that you think is the strongest to debunk the misinformation surrounding this topic? Well it’s easy to do you know, if you’re a thorough researcher anyone who’s satisfied to get their ears tickled well let them be fooled that’s all I say, when you go deep then you realize that the elite families they control and use Judaism Christianity Islam and even the Hindu system because the Jesuits have never been kicked out of India, you know it’s the only nation but that they’ve never been kicked out off, they’ve been officially kicked out of every other place they’ve been, so they have a strong Jewish connection and they use the Jews because the Jewish system, the Jewish people are very intelligent and they are really good at implementing the orders of you know, the military Jesuits and the control structure of Imperial Rome but the true Jews know that Rome is the fourth captivity, Egypt was first, then Babylon, then Persia and now it’s Rome and when you look at all the 13 Italian Imperial black nobility families who control all corporate structure in the world you will find that they come from these ancient empires they’re Egyptian they are Persian and they are Babylonian and Greek, there’s a lot of Greek blood in that in that power structure and there’s also some British blood Constantine the break Spears you know the Percy’s these are all Catholic families all the power structure in Great Britain it’s not the Rothschilds it’s the Percy’s you know like the Rothschilds put themselves when you know the vessels and the Percy’s and the Pallavicini give them orders you know they soil their nappies because these families have always owned the gold and the power and the money since time immemorial for at least 3,000 years and these families are demonic, you know, they’ve their DNA is different to ours and they come from the seven subterranean planets, now this is another truth that you won’t get anywhere else because the problem of half true thing that’s going on, under our flat disc earth stationary plane there are seven more planes and they all have the word Italy in them, the first plane is called Atala and in Italian Italia come from Atlantis which is Atalante so Italia is a word that derives from the sunken Atlantis and the sunken Atlantis is really referring to the sunken seven disks that are in Bhagavad-Gita they are called the seven subterranean heavenly planets because there are seven in superior heavenly planets, which are the seven planets that we know and can see with our eyes, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in that order, now they are the seven heavenly planets above us but below us in the Hebrew system which is she all and in the Greek system which is Adis we call it Hades, there are seven more subterranean material disc planes and these are the names of them the first one is Atala. This information is only information that links to any evidence of this I’m not saying that I don’t believe what you’re saying and just any evidence for this would be really strong to support this. Well yeah, Bhagavad-Gita tells you that the controls of this world come from under the earth, many many people who have escaped mind control it will tell you that the controller’s of this world the so-called aliens and extraterrestrials with their flying machines and their advanced technology are coming from the, what they call the Hollow Earth, or the under the earth and they come from either the North pole or the South Pole, what we call North Pole and South Pole and they are way more advanced than us because they destroyed our technology a few hundred years ago in order to start it again, feed us the technology and then use it to control us and the seven subterranean realms are Atala, Vitala, Talatala, Sutala, Mahatala I forget one of them and the last one is called Putala and Putala is the Spanish word for prostitute Puta, Echo De Puta, and in Bhagavad-Gita Putala which is just another way of saying Italia, Italy because you see Italy is the Atlantis that the Atlanteans use and rule the world through the Roman Empire and so these bloodlines they were seeded by these extraterrestrials which are not from outer space they’re from our solar system, they come from the same cosmic egg, it’s a cosmic egg universe that we live in and there are many of them there’s many millions of them, as for these people who have discovered the truth of the Flat Earth the stationary Flat Earth and who are Christians who believe that this is the only one, God is limited he can only make one you know place to live well they diluted because the Scriptures hint at many cosmoses and many dimensions and many worlds and this is just one of them, yes it is created then we have a creator and it’s divine and we’re not hurtling through space and there’s a you know, Big Bang and evolution and all of that nonsense but it not the only one, you know Bhagavad-Gita, even tells you that there are millions and millions of these cosmic egg universes and we are just in one of them and they are all structured in the same way and in the Bible it refers to the cosmoses is a like a big tree the Yggdrasil tree of the Nordics it’s the central pillar of the Taurus field of our cosmos and it’s at the North Pole it’s now Meru Mount Zion it’s like a they call it a mountain or a tree or an axis or whatever, yeah, it’s there and this is the central theme of all the scriptures you see this is where the Garden of Eden was the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the tree of life etc. and so everything the Paradise is the earth it’s the paradise plane and when humans controlled it and the true monarchies and the true human bloodlines there was peace and balance on the earth there was a golden age a silver age and everything was perfect but when the Subterranean came up they destroyed that and then infiltrated the beautiful Christian and Muslim and Jewish and Hindu traditions which are all the same teachings then they’re no different to each other Krishna was Christ, you know they’re all the same one philosophy but in different, using different words. Yeah because of language and the different beliefs to divide the population further. Exactly and what they did was they co-opted and infiltrated these churches and taught an inverted Luciferian brand of this, they’ve been doing it forever, I mean they dwell in the subterranean region of the cosmos because they’ve been cast down there and some say they fell, they fell from heaven well yeah well it’s the same thing but it’s their choice to stay there because there’s a lot of luxury down there you know but there’s also a lot of suffering and so, but they love the luxury, the lust, the gluttony and all of the goings-on, they are the ones who taught humans to eat animals you know to have a nonhuman diet they are the ones who taught humans agriculture and all of this bad pseudoscience you know they are the ones who funded Copernicus with his new revolution called the revolution of the spinning earth before that it was unheard of all of our ancients they had the Ptolemaic system you know stationary geocentric flat earth. So, talking about the Flat Earth in the community, what do you think of it going mainstream having so many channels and no programs talking about it? Well, it’s a bit convoluted now but it doesn’t matter because it’s still the truth you know this is why some of these half-truthers who have got no idea called the Flat Earth movement a PSYOP well because in a sense well it is because it has to be revealed, this is what they don’t understand, all the truth ultimately, in the end, has to be revealed and it doesn’t mean it’s not true, a PSYOP is not necessarily false. Yeah, exactly it can be psychological warfare when people are not too ready for it, like when they are still attached to the belief system well but they live in. Yeah of course, so of course certain dark entities are going to use that you know they put it out there and then they think are also all-powerful that they can eventually rein it in and control it anyway and they have to a certain extent but it still does not you know make it true I mean all the scientific tests that have ever been done prove that the earth is stationary yeah there’s never been one that has proved the opposite, so they’re done you know any intelligent person who does their homework will know that the earth is stationary so it can’t be flying around orbiting the Sun that mark 89 which is 66 thousand six hundred mile an hour it can’t be, there’s you can’t get a sod of dirt that weighs gazillions of tons, which has a liquid magma vortex hot center which is what they teach flying through space at Mark 88 it just can’t happen, so the fact is your sensors and science prove that the earth is stationary and so and even the names of these clowns these Jesuit clowns that from Copernicus all the way to Einstein all their names tell you that the Jesuits set them up and making a mockery of you, Copernicus, Nicholas Copernicus well that’s Nick St. Nick is the devil, so he’s a Jesuit, he is a demon, he was funded by the Furnace family, he dedicated his book to Pope Paul the Furnace who started the Jesuits with the Barger family and started the funding of the conquest the door takeover of the Americas and they are the ones who are the globalists and who teach this demonic filth of the moving earth because they know that you can confound people now and make them stupid and look around they are stupid and they are confounded. Those out to poison us everywhere, everywhere possible. Galileo Galilei, well any intelligent people person like you and I, who do proper study know that Galileo Galilei means to rotate and to turn because Galilei see when Jesus is on the circuit of Galilei it’s the Sun on the circuit of the ecliptic turning and revolving, so Galilei, you can even check this in the Strong’s Concordance the circuit of Galilei means it says there clearly that it’s the circuit of the zodiac which the Greeks call the zodiac and so it means to turn, so what were the last words of Galileo when he recanted he said, Spur Si Move, in Italian which means and yet it moves because his name means move twice, and gal means demons like Gargoyle, Galilean gal is everyone on the inside knows that gal means demon, so Nicklaus Copernicus means, Saint Nicholas which is Satan and then Galileo Galilei means the demon which he was, if he was even a real person because this is all fabricated history, then you’ve got Isaac Newton, well Isaac means sacrifice, Newton means a new theory which is sacrificing the truth, see Isaac by sacrifice, remember when Abraham sacrificed Isaac his son or was going to, this is all a joke it’s not real history, okay, he instead of when the angel stopped him he then sacrificed the Lamb that was caught in the thicket but you see the slaughter the word slaughter has laughter in it just removed the S and Isaac means I sacrifice, okay, a new theory which sacrifices the truth this is the games that play, Einstein means one Rock one stone well what’s that stone was the third rock removed from the Sun, which is a bullshit Jesuit teaching which doesn’t exist, yeah okay so you’ve got to look at all these goons and their names, their names are mocking you in your face and yet people are too stupid because they’re busy being alternative media teachers and teaching filth like, there is no truth Santos, there is no truth, I mean that’s a matter of opinion right, what do you do with these idiots there is only truth and all other principles are subject and dependent on truth, God is truth, the universe is truth there is only truth, love can’t even exist apart from truth, justice cannot exist apart from truth, it’s the central pillar and the first principle of all principles truth can exist without love and justice and power and any other principle but no other principle exists apart from truth, so there is only truth. I know you have to go so I don’t want to take much of your time. I just wanted to ask, what are the solutions that you think are worth taking or what type of actions could people take? Knowledge, knowledge that is truthful not opinion based and exposing that, that is how you get these people because they work in the darkness they do not work in the light, you see, people say that we have an Oligarchy or an Aristocracy we don’t, we have Stinky and Sink is a hidden global elite of only a couple of thousand men and women, definitely women as well and you’ll find that they come from these families that their names tell you all, if you look at their names, the Russell family it’s that means red, Rockefeller red, Rothschild red, these are all Orsini’s, the Medici’s well they control the media and the big farmer, the medical world because they are the doctors, they are the ones sorting the banking system, oh yeah, Barger, Borghese same families these are all the families that wrote all the papal bulls that enslave us because they are controlling us from under the earth and they have a lot of power under there but they will be vanquished soon they know that their time is up the writing is on the wall and help is coming from on high, in other words the higher heavenly planets like the Sun and the moon are being upgraded and you know we on the inside who know the truth, know that the Sun is an Archangel Michael, the Moon is an Archangel Mercury. Do you think that’s why they’re trying to put a blanket on the sky? Yes because they are trying to block their new frequencies, the Sun now is more green, and the effect of the Sun’s new improved white color because it has shifted the Sun’s central light now has shifted to white, I mean it used to be very very yellow now it’s white which actually makes a green effect everything is going green, green is an anagram for energy both words mean the same thing green, green is the true color of all colors, it has all the other colors in it into the heart chakra it’s the center, it’s the earth, the earth is an anagram for heart and so what the Sun is doing now is it’s making more peaceful energy on the earth which will sort of clear out all the war mongering and all the control system that is going on, so the controls and all of this is only just a measure like a band-aid measure to sort of providing soon. Okay, this was more limited than I wanted but we should do this sometime later. Yeah, for sure brother my pleasure, alright okay I’ll let you go, thank you very much for taking the time to talk.
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Alfred Lambremont Webre
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know.
Yes, welcome back, we’re really honored today to have a colleague and dear friend Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, welcome Laura. Hey, Alfred great to be here. We are really honored to have you here today and you have just come back from the 22nd world symposium on UFOs extraterrestrials that was held in Europe in San Marino, could you tell us a bit about that event and its significance. Well, what from what I heard it’s the equivalent of the citizens hearing disclosure for Italy and I was invited by Roberto Pinotti, a few months back and basically this was an opportunity to share with who ever attended also with the Italian press and down it made it to mainstream news and you know the significance is that this is being heard and taken seriously and we all have an opportunity to just look at this information from what is, that’s really how I presented it, I really wanted to warm the audience up especially for those who haven’t heard before, this is the kind of topic that can easily be brushed off and there’s is a bit of an art to how this gets presented, which is part of my struggle like okay how do I word this, it’s just a lot, but am they been working so hard at getting this sort of information out and I was just really honored to be invited and I think you know it’s had some what about ripple effect heard from a lot of people who sought a mainstream news is that, oh yeah, I saw you on TV addressing this stuff and you know and as we know with the Internet. Things just can discredit their own timing but I think this was just a really good opportunity to get it out there to those that might have the ability to really do something from the inside out. Right, now all of us know of course that you’re the great-granddaughter of Pres. Dwight Eisenhower and that you remain very close to him and to his spirit and that you declare that, one of your missions is to continue the Eisenhower legacy and it struck me in a very powerful statement written lecture and public statement that you delivered at the summit, which we’re going to a provide link to an article in the video description, so people could really read this get the full impact, you say quote there has been a massive cover-up in regards to ET contact with our governments, and there has been much secrecy in regards to those who have been either abducted or contacted and this is the key you say this is because invasion has already taken place and they don’t want us to know this, that’s the clearest that I’ve ever heard anyone say this about an invasion, could you walk us through all of those thoughts. Yes, I mean the galactic history, I mean there’s so much to it and we’re dealing with a lot of galactic wars, angelic wars that took place even before this planet was formed this planet that we know it is Gaia, and so I studied a lot about that and in the formation of this new creation, it was pretty much hijacked immediately and were dealing with, you know reptilian’s that ended up going underground not unnecessarily malevolent than those coming from the Draco star system and just how the Annunaki and the Luciferian rebellion is a part of the enslavement of humanity, and we hear all the stories about the Annunaki with Enki and Enlo and all these different projections and theories about you know what their intentions are and Enlo has been somewhat demonized as being the one who created a flooded Yankees up are good because he wanted to protect humankind. But what is really protecting humankind when there’s an enslavement agenda so were dealing with being that actually want a large population in order to control it and then other factions that want to somewhat create population control and then the reptilians that went underground that were part of the original creation, that just see this huge mass and probably want it to be rectified or brought to some kind of justice, and so were dealing with many different species in the invasion part of it would be the manipulation of mind control be dark technologies that want to control nature, want to control humans, anything from the aerosol spraying and you know heart technologies to what we see in the media and what we see coming from religion and government, you know this mass manipulation where most people don’t even recognize what’s going on because it seems to be a part of just the human experience and it’s that level of manipulation and control that I would save the invasion that is been in the works for thousands and thousands of years and so when we deal with something like the illuminati or some of the shadow government institutions, there’s many factions, and they’re kind of doing this infighting but they’re all vying for control of the human race is not really about our sovereignty is not about allowing us to what the truth is that we can all discuss it and know it were voting for know what we’re putting our attention on instead it’s like we’re hanging on the outside as the byproduct of all these games and were just being sort of like caught in the middle like some sort of tug-of-war, and the invasion I mean we can look at it like some sort of alien invasion are we can see it as a the role of the negative ego plays in how we’ve attached ourselves to it, and how were enabling this so when we see what’s happening in our world, you know we have to look at the signs we have to recognize what’s obvious you particularly looking up and seeing that were being sprayed and do something about it and not just sit there and assume that our best interests are being looked out for, and even though there’s no factions within these groups that are trying to help us. There’s too much criminal activity going on for us to stand on the sidelines anymore and that was my intention is said to take the whole human race. It is time to put all this out there regardless of what the outcome is or who can handle it or not handle it, it doesn’t matter anymore. We have to all be a part of this discussion to unite with the ones that are on our site get the call out to the ones you want them an opportunity to either unify with us or you know we need to have them shut down what they’re doing or you know just like you, with your deep understanding of law brings justice to this issue were dealing with these many issues we’re dealing with. Now you start out by going to a series of secret treaties that started around 1933, both the United States and Nazi Germany, could you talk about all of these developments. Yes, when we hear about treating me very often only hear about treaties with Eisenhower and the impact on the treaties originated with Roosevelt and also Hitler and they both encountered was the Palladian and both were turned down by both the Nazis and our American government in favor of the grays in their technology for the Nazis. It seems they got the mind control technology for the US government. It seems it was more about your metals and alloys in free energy and things that we just improve our life, but it wasn’t until project paperclip after the second world war got into you know the American government that the mind control technology came and that’s where Montauk and other projects started to become infiltrated and the technology you know is used on in somewhat of a negative way. I think originally some of these technologies were to help us with the potential threats is a form of defense and a lot of these defense industries have been infiltrated and now it’s just about you know who’s using these technologies for you know control and on. I also feel the design is in the Nazis are within the shadow government and there someone on the same team, kind of like a chess game between themselves that were on the outside of it was funny because right before the talk I just Have my inner voice say checkmate. This is your checkmate visitor to the corner them and the game of any part of the game time for the game to be over with and so you know when we look at the treaties originating then and the amount of infiltration that happened. By the time I stepped into the office. It’s not very clear you know if it was even him that signed treaties people like James Caswell now you know it is somewhat somebody I might not necessarily want to quote but he has said that these were cloned, humans. All that aside, we look at other whistleblower testimony, but the main theme seems to be is that this was not about signing a treaty, it was more about surrender and that the Nordics were necessarily turned down that they just weren’t able to reach an agreement with each other because there are so many different viewpoints and because the shadow government had already been established in MD 12 at Artie been established, it was more than infighting that was seeing, which didn’t enable a very concise decision to be made and in that indecisiveness. The grays and in the coming of their technology and we didn’t have any way to defend ourselves and but it was all planned out this way. This is the thing with what we’re dealing with this isn’t you know, some sort of spontaneous thing in all works. We made a deal and sold ourselves to the grays and this was all strategically planned to connect to the Rockefellers and the Bilderbergs you know so that these exchanges would happen and it would be maybe blamed on somebody like Ike or somebody else but on is all part of the strategy all along so that what you’re saying is that the various technologies that started coming soon both on the Nazis. These are the Draco technologies on the Nazis on the US on all that manifested his mind control in Memphis with his other advanced technologies that the rollout of these are time-space society here. This is really this is the invasion. This is the invasion that receives email through the heart and what you call the tablets of the supercomputer system is that what you call that fast help you to use visual right and then it links back to the mythologies and stuff about the divine feminine Galactic history connected with the Orion to the Syrians and the other knocking that all goes it a great depth that I try and I really put out there in my presentations. It’s sometimes just a huge amount of stuff to try and articulate in a few sentences, but from what I’ve understood we were dealing with, you know that the Roswell crash and other crashes that took place and you know all the different technologies that were exchanged for abductions and you know using human genetics in order to help a dying race but they said you know they’re dying race and they need our assistance and that they would only adopt if you we have to look at my labs and affected the military you know got involved and started to clone or create hybrids or create these automation appear to be real abductions, and I think that’s what ended up getting out of control of either some abduction scenarios is because the military involvement dealing with these grays were not just dealing with extraterrestrials were dealing with future human cells at a time-traveled back that are trying to keep a lifecycle alive. Rather than be on the ascension path where they wouldn’t need our human genetics they would have a connection to spirit BB regenerative quality of being able to keep their race alive which is what we as humans have to access. So we have a choice right now whether we are going to gray by the kind of giving ourselves over to these control agendas. Whether it’s through ignorance and not realizing it, or just kind of giving up and not taking a stand or we have the ability to be these advanced beings that we truly are that do not need to time travel back to current genetic material and took to me this is what the shadow government does and all those that they have gathered into their agenda in order to stay somewhat immortal and that’s their way of cheating. I guess facing the karmic backlash of their negative and evil ways. Don’t know your Street route out talking about the YouTube version covers the word talk about you right whistleblower states that the military-industrial extra virtual complex is currently using a tablet of diversity supercomputer system that includes the HAARP aerosol chemtrail and artificial intelligence my control to some truth to the perimeter persona genocide space with the plug-in fleet this year to liberate their and will be successful. Could you explain more about the tablets of destiny the interplay with applying to you and what dynamic is going on now, ultimately plug-ins will be successful? From what I understand the tablets of destiny connect to TMI which is ancient primordial goddess energy and it’s really what this planet was before became earth, it ended up imploding and a portion of it became the earth and the rest of it became a part of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and all those asteroids have different qualities like Vesta, you know, when you know all these different names that we can see you in astrology, but the tablets of destiny ended up getting into the wrong hands, became sort of this technological system and what we know as the artificial matrix that sort of runs the show that people are connected to. And when we think about the nanoparticles coming in from the aerosol spraying with the attempt to create sort of an antenna to mind control so that were easily surveillance and easily watched and monitored while we’re also being bombarded with these heavy metals that keep us in a low density in a sort of imprison or not, and which doesn’t enable us to ascend. There is basically a tablet of destiny that was once more the soul alchemical process which is now become a technological control system that is taken and used this information as a weapon against us. And that’s where our energy which is free energy is being siphoned away from us and being used against us as a weapon as well. So when we look at weather modification in mind control, basically our vital energy and the earth. The Prana is being siphoned away because we’re getting our power away by believing in the false flag and believing in the media, distortions, and that it’s being used to fuel these technologies and the tablets of destiny when they were in the hands of the goddess with the original planet. It was more about a cosmic lot. It was more about the development of your different races and the seating of different races that were in tune with these energies as they were an emanation of it now were dealing with ego you’re dealing with soul dealing with free will and were dealing with, you know that the tree of knowledge of the tree of good and evil in order to get ourselves back to what we used to be and were given these choices in order to bypass where the tablets of the destiny of God so that we can reclaim the original tablets that get kind of complicated because it’s like wow how can one really explain it, but it’s like anything that the archons do they imitate and they imitate the creation and this is what artificial timelines do. They can take and simulate realities that are manufactured that are organic that appear to be reality. This is kind of what we’re dealing with, compared to the organic ascension and on and it’s just you know it just it’s gotten to the wrong hands and a lot of it. You know you can read about admits as far as how the tablets ended up in so-and-so’s hands and you know what you know, sort of happened and it’s part of the deception of the list of yarn rebellion. What ended up happening 26,000 years ago and Lucifer the Lucifer rebellion was on the establishment of benevolent reversal grid, which is a Stonehenge it’s underground there and basically, these supercomputers end up affecting delay lines and the vortexes and keep the planet sort of hijacked in sort of a locked position of not being held open its own natural Stargate, but we are connected to Stargate and when our consciousness expands were able to override these technological manipulations but they’re all over the place we were dealing with only about 4000 underground bases and we did about the dark rituals and the places that they choose to do these things there and very powerful places in the different alignments that take place are usually when they do them because those are the times we take a huge leap in consciousness that they want to keep us from doing so. It’s just kind of like an energy game it’s a frequency battle and it’s all about our consciousness, but at the end of the day. There’s nothing that is more powerful than spirit. It’s just these technologies in his mind control in this aerosol spraying and the contrails are all to just keep us locked into a dumbed-down version of ourselves that that can’t access what was truly made of, but once we get a hold of it and once we connect with it nothing condemning down it’s just in this opportunity that we have during the shift time during a stellar activation cycle which is between 2012 and 2017, where most people will awaken. This is where there doing extra spraying and doing more to keep us from becoming empowered, but so many of us have been apart for so long. Even before the shift time we’re able to kind of hold the space and hold the ground to invite others to join us and so once you arrive, you know, there’s no turning back, but they’re trying to stifle people from actually arriving and that’s what people like you and me are trying to share the information before it’s too late now run the hell up your talk you talk about all our establishment of art you know the first establishment through the office of strategic services over so the establishment of operation paperclip which was consumed on the surface was to deny German scientific expertise and knowledge of the Soviet Union and to the UK but it seemed again a whistleblower stated that the CIA was really creative to handle the massive number of mind control, cloning and all other covert projects that were brought over from paperclip and so this is it. And so these CIA was really created as the mechanism to bring our first North America and the world with the American Empire young to this purported draconian mind control Empire global money control Empire that the students what you were reviewing your substitutes, yes and that’s why we also do if you know so much disinformation and you know when you’re doing the Jacksonians were also dealing with the Nordics. But when you look at the ancient history and the Napa lemon you know both of these are falling races and so people think all pleadings are good and all rattling their bad, that not the case is as diverse as the human population with all the different races amongst us. Draco’s pretty much seemed to be the most negative but there are many species. Reptilian’s many species of beings out there and it just depends if you know it serves the sulfur service to others. At the end of the day, but what it seems to be, you know. As far as the CIA needs three-letter organizations are a mix of both and you know some that have all joined together and some that are still trying to get things back on track. So I think there’s some fact is the CIA that aren’t all about those cover-ups, but for the most part, the whole establishment was created in order to handle the secrecy and you know to keep his agenda in this invasion quiet, because the invasions happened a long time ago into the false ET invasion that they talk about in the future and the bleeping technologies that might probably have been you know they’re not going to happen, but there’s no real invasion that can happen when we’ve Artie been invaded and so if they present scenarios that make it look like we’re getting invaded for the first time, that’s where they start introducing the next level of their New World order agenda and when we deal with the economy and the potential collapse of the economy likely to control collapse. That’s when we start to get checked so nothing that was going to get from the government I feel is going to be true and that’s why disclosure needs to come from us, and wherever truth is, is something that should be brought out and discussed in wherever their secrecy is where the big red flags are and there’s no excuse for the secrecy and I can understand in which I wrote about in the paper when you’re dealing with them. These different threats that many people are dealt with in some of the penalties for those that assigned oats you know what happens to them for expressing truth, most of the whistleblowers that I quoted on even alive anymore. You know it’s understandable for those that have kept things secret for those types of reasons were in a whole new generation now and it’s up to us to expose all of this and is complicated is the information is the right that the paper that’s written out as a little bit easier to probably process the progression of all of this, but on you know it’s the infighting that’s the challenging part because we tend to just assume that all those in the CIA or the Illuminati or the shadow government are negative. We also have to understand that there are some that you are trying to help us and so a lot of my attention for my presentation was to call out to those people and say can you guess what we already and it’s time that you allowed us to have a voice because we were born with solutions and even during Ike’s administration. There is some need for secrecy because they couldn’t figure out the intentions of the Grazer who was good or who wasn’t good and that was another reason why they didn’t disclose staff, but you know this is a time now that we have to get an autumn table and the gray areas and confusing parts to it. But we all have a different part of the conversation to share so that we can start to connect the rise of the dot and start getting into the various alternatives and alternatives. 123 the role your great-grandfather started an organization that began developing those could you begin to talk about those obligations because of the Jason society was set up and it was considered to be the scientific branch of NJ 12 and basically, it was to handle all a lot of the different information coming in as far as where the human destiny or what trajectory we are on is the human race and what seems to have been communicated from the Vedas, which are the grades that the treaties were potentially signed with. I think there are more than one species that were involved you know had to do with these alternatives and a lot of it was presented to governments or those that were at the meetings that there is a catastrophic future that we are in for any alternatives were to protect us, but you look at where we are today and we know that there super storms that are being created and whether it is not coming from mother nature. What happens to our weather is not necessarily a natural thing. And what kind of disasters and catastrophes are talking about are they simulated are they, you know, designed and crafted to create this artificial Armageddon scenario, or is it something you know legitimate and we need to get off planning to go underground bases and begin to protect the human genome. So I think that was a huge part of the confusion those I think are on our side. These things secretly try to figure this thing out, and their lives were threatened, but we know that we do not have the technology to the means to know to go off-planet without some sort of intervention or some sort of dialogue with an off-planet race. From what I understand the three future human cells and that these grades were coming from different times from the future different timelines and some say that you know they wanted to help us and they needed our genetic material and that they wanted to help us to establish underground bases in off-planet colonies to protect us, which is alternative three, which you me and Andrew to Chicago get heavy into with the exposing all that we can about what’s happening on Mars with you guys are just you now have top-notch information about the course Andrew with his participation in project Pegasus and so when we look at the defense programs you know it’s easy to say we both agreed upon the fact that yes, it’s a good idea to protect the human genome. In the event of a catastrophe, but from what I’m gathering, and from what I’ve experienced in seeing just like many others were not dealing with anything natural here and we have been dealing with these control technologies for so long that it’s not good to just go along with these agendas and alternatives, especially when we see what NJ 12 is made out of what the shadow governments are made up and all the criminal activity that goes on all our tax dollars that are being spent all the abuses that are taking place in all the atrocities that are taking place. These alternatives make sense. So it only really makes sense to me that I turned to an alternative which is the power of the human spirit. The exposure of truth and the transparency of all this information is that we can make informed decisions. As a human race and from there I think we stand the best chance of protecting ourselves because, in the end, we know that we can survive death. We know that we live on but we certainly cannot deal with these control agendas anymore and the potential future of becoming either great extraterrestrials is being separate or away from our planetary body where extensions of that were deeply connected to and so it’s interesting because the political aspect of it a mythological aspect of it sold component of what we’re truly made of and what our divine blueprint is and what our DNA is capable of is beyond all these things and to have anybody trying run the show and keep us as advanced beings from being a part of it makes little sense because you know we have highly advanced DNA and this is part of the invasion and part of the whole nature of all of this is that they don’t want us to wake up to what we’re truly made up because it puts them in a position of not being of the parasites anymore, and so on. This is what you me and Andy have an RMD you and I are getting my grandma right you know any. This is what we are attempting to really put out there is no Andrew ours wanting to run for president. You are putting out all this incredible research information box and I me speaking out as much as I can and just all of us. What are we doing were empowering the human spirit and were empowering truth and you know from there? I think our creative energy works with the elements work with mother Earthworks with the cosmos works with spirit and that from areas where miracles transmutation and alchemy come from and that’s where we call all our energy back to the dark technologies we really begin to work with. You know the organic ascension timeline and everything else crumbles from their right, so taking the key of the positive timeline and looking good, Catastrophic timeline going to say our quote you to is more let’s rename that the catastrophic timeline. Do you think that that was sorry a group of drunk girls attempting to impose a catastrophic timeline on this ranch? Yes, I do think that that that’s what they were attempting to do yet and that’s why I feel that the alternatives were all set up as a ploy to kind of deceive us into thinking that this is what we needed when all along. They think they were planning to create the catastrophes for us to go off-planet to then you do the population control to create the new world order and to you know get basically humanity enslaved while they can’t hide off to these other places. While this all happens, from what I understand you folks like Dan Berson said that date they want to be on a catastrophic timeline because that’s their best bet for them to have control of rest and even if it compromises them it’s worth it in the end because as we know they have all the technologies to be able to terraform or regenerate certain things, but not to the level that spirit can what we are made up of these are just simulations. These are, you know, things that are very compatible with you know our argument structure and that’s what hybridization needed to take place because what they’re trying to do is create a physical embodiment of something that can handle these levels of attacks, radiation, and all these different types of things. And of course, it goes back to M and some of these you have deeper things that happen in our ancient history on as to why the desire to not redeem yourself and be on the ascension path was never taken in the desire to be in control. You know has superseded that and that’s where the automation come in the cloning because the thing is with the radiation we humans would appeal to the stand that our reproductive organs wouldn’t work anymore. We would end up becoming like these grades, but when you’re dealing with the reptilian overlords that are overseeing this they are actually modifying humans. They did this to the Nordics and other planets to turn them into grays and we see a history of humanoids becoming grays, the reptilian overlords you know don’t want don’t really have to worry about that. And so the ones that their convincing are the ones that might be assisting them but have no idea that this is the future that they’re creating for themselves, but some do know and that’s you know what we’re dealing with is that these future humans all the time-traveling back trying to warn us and help us. But at the same time, the ones that are under their total control are trying to help us all. They’re trying to assist them in achieving this agenda because they don’t care to better themselves because this is like the race for Saul to have a body because there are so many souls that don’t have bodies that they want to create an artificial creation to house anything that they possibly can that make sense yeah those so if we re-envision and try to trace down where the catastrophic timeline came from because this is very good and operates from somewhere or do. Sorry about yeah well let’s go to the biblical prophecy you know which way out from the Anton number, earthquake, and the time earthquake, the goal global call cultural events where workers there. You know the plan about surveillance for all the cultural surveys are destroyed and I first started looking at this all through the prophecies of all of Victor Casey who remote view of global coach look for happening somewhere around this time and that’s what the biblical prophecies are looking out for is a global coast with them are Culligan, he actually went down a unit of economizer and saw the Supreme Court in Washington DC in June 2013 under brackish water might be best when you have a global cultural event, some great movie or something. The whole world gets flooded, but that’s like an adjacent timeline like that is not the timeline that we’re on a positive timeline is like all of this is like some great force was truly going to like the prophets of some psychics would like to bring him to lose this so I’ve logged catastrophic timeline and the projected onto roots. Yeah, you know like in the Old Testament or even in the New Testament and educational event projecting all this catastrophe in the Boers are trying to but it’s not real it’s not what’s happening and the best part of your vision, could you come home and I think it connects you to the fallen watchers in you know how the composite of Yahweh is more the fallen watchers and the way that it ended up becoming the imposter God that we you know would hear about all these kind of biblical prophecies, but it’s really coming from a timeline where you know technologies are used to create these events and if they were natural in our natural beauty handling it a totally different way because we’re multidimensional beings we don’t see it through the eyes of you know fear, we would see through the eyes of your understanding that you know death and rebirth and creation and destruction is all part of you know who we are and what we are. So if it was natural that would be a positive timeline because what is natural always regenerates itself always repairs itself and even when you have the first creation, you know, ended up being a wasteland and in total darkness. Everything came back to life again. And that’s the Genesis story not to come from a true creator force within the fallen watchers got involved altered all the information on no change. Don’t stories, especially the Christ story. No, demonized and projected on the that the divine feminine and M are not getting the truth in history been rewritten, they did it before and it’s part of the mind control and it’s a part of using time travel and want to mess at access technologies to change past events so that the information that we get we get educated about it is a completely different idea of what the history is that is it true which creates a false future are not dealing with anything is actually real. And so it’s awesome. You know to really you know it home. These sort of things because you know it’s not unnatural for you to know catastrophes to happen on a natural level, but when it comes from the creator. It doesn’t necessarily wipe out huge populations unless it is such a virus in such a disease that is no different than what we do in our human body. When we try and maintain health and wellness imbalance. It’s part of, you know, cosmic law, the organism of creation as a whole not you know entities that want to be our God that are making these choices for us while we’re being kept in the dark. It’s much more of a natural equilibrium balancing act that we do every day, as human beings. So there’s and if anybody wants to really understand what is natural and what isn’t. Just understand the laws of the human body and consciousness in the soul and the ego and how we run ourselves on a daily basis and look at the larger picture and start to compare the two and you know we’d be we manifest all sorts of things to bring us back to the wisdom and truth of what we need to know and understand that we get that power away from anything outside about the dictates to us clearheaded, what disease we have what the prognosis is where heading is humanity with the biblical prophecies are. And this is where we give our power away and this is where this window. Has been so projected upon as having all the different disasters and Armageddon scenarios taking place is really the window. Of our awakening and our expansion into higher Earth energies are multidimensional nature never gets to join in that process doesn’t matter with people that perspective, but it’s these false simulations in these false stories that put us in fear that actually enable these things to happen because we believe it’s real right so how does one access their the real story about what’s happening, which is the positive timeline that seems to be the real story. So how do we access the real story so we can tell that story, I think just the more we feel into everything, and the more we fall back ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable it is, the better off we are on. I mean there’s just so much information coming out that we’re constantly bombarded with and if you develop intuition and discernment you know is just easy to just kind of like take it all in and say okay to make a decision sort of from our superficial mind rather than a deep inner knowing and you know inner gnosis and you have a divine blueprint. We have advanced DNA. You know that a lot of it is dormant. So how do we activate it, you know, we need to just let sound frequency color and also to things you raise your vibration. We need to let you know understand natural lawn cosmic lawn stop listening to you know humans and all the propaganda and reacted like notice of things that bother us to not be so controlled by it. When we look at this time we see the chemtrail’s gift and understand the shift time ran is about the spirit being more powerful than matter. You know it’s important to create justice is important to speak out. It’s important to say hey this is wrong. We don’t need to be crushed by it. We don’t need to allow our energies to constrict because the thing is if it were just enough for chemtrail to enslave humanity we just press know it. It takes mind control as well and that you work together and that’s why there are nanoparticles is not just as having heavy metals enough being sick and giving our money away and keeping the economy alive, which is a part of why they do it is also the mind control, is believing in all the distortions and that’s the trap. Once we allow ourselves to stay stuck in the lower density mentality, then we are easily affected by nanoparticles and chemtrail when we say hey that’s not the true nature, the masculine and feminine that news is false. These leaders are not here to help us, we begin to fall back on ourselves and each other that were already in the mode of transmuting all the negative assaults in all these toxins and all the radiation and all these young nanoparticles from taking us over any consciousness is it’s going to start their start with our own energy and are our ability to create belief systems and perceptions that utilize the power that was made up rather than us thinking that it’s not there, which is a part of what you’re trying to do and dumbing us down, they can only dumb us down to our belief systems you know and all these particles are part of it. But if we override the mental and mind control aspects of it. The particles don’t have anything to really grab onto any that you really do work together. That’s why you think about it Joseph Ripley’s believe it or not, are people that you need light bulbs you know, and get away with it. They understand mind over matter, there’s a lot of people that do that’s available for all of us. We have to know that everything the metaphor that receiving your writing is a crazy lucid dream and it doesn’t look pretty somewhat of a nightmare. Right now, it’s a shift that’s on the inside. This whole shift membrane is an internal shift that creates an outer result. Once we get a grip on what we need to wake up to within ourselves really changes everything outside of us. If we keep reacting and responding getting angry and feeling constricted and assuming that you know there they got something on us, and that’s exactly what is going to end up happening and were much greater than that this is all they want to keep us from knowing is what we’re truly made up and no part of you. What we’re seeing is also to create this panic you know and am because of obviously something wrong. I mean they got a figure that we notice that our skies are being sprayed and it’s in plain sight and so on. I just think that the best way we can just really anchor ourselves on the positive timeline is to develop ourselves from the inside out to understand the pitfalls of the negative ego and understand that unity consciousness means clearing that coming together, giving each other respect and support, and I’m not, you know, worrying about the façade and the outer stuff that we are taught is so important, and to just be more unified on a healing level to be able to share in this healing process together because it’s a transformation that you know if you take all of us right now. I know that I’m in for the past 40 years or more. All we’ve been focused on exposing the dark right so that right now. It’s been part of exposing what’s behind the catastrophic timeline so we got a lot of power to their parent. So how do we shift from exposing the dark to light, giving some time to the good, and how do we find the good. How do we publish it, I think you’re the master of that timeline ever since I’ve known you, you’ve been putting some out there. Before that, and yet you hit the true home and you share like stuff that most people you know maybe want to run from, but am I think it’s that balance and you do that so beautifully is okay yeah yes it has been about exposing a lot of the dark stuff and you know also recognizing the light within that people might call fear mongering or not to get any attention and I’m not in agreement to that I think you have to step right into the worst-case scenario into the thing that is the most uncomfortable thing to look at and B) the center to be completely and totally present. And remember who you truly are. Because once that happens, that light starts to engulf the darkness and start to transmute the negative charge that’s theirs helping the dark to return to its real nature, which is the fertility of creativity is like the soil of the earth. It’s dark and it’s rich in it and it and it takes to see the higher consciousness, and it brought to new realities. But when the dark is unknown and we fear it. Also to demons and also to control agendas hide in there and they pulled the strings so it’s been so great to expose all the stuff because were actually purifying it was knocking it out were clearing it out. Yes, it’s not always fun when we do that and now at the point of being in the center of it. Now we get to rise and we get to feel empowered and we get to understand that we are both made of light and dark, and a part of integrating those two forces is not fearing the dark or being in denial because all those that think that this information is too much there. Denial is the greatest form of fear. You know, don’t fear it, if we fear our own demons. If we fear you know the stuff within us that we need to clear or not, but the grout was just can allow ourselves to get away with negative behavior patterns and addictions and all sorts of things that we have to face our own inner demons get to do that on a collective level. We put it all out there. The cat out of the bag and search the Internet and find every horrifying thing happening under the sun. Also, to disinformation all sorts of truth you know it’s the self and the self-awareness in the development of intuition is can help people to locate what truly resonates and for us to rise out of a lot of the dark information that we found is to recognize that it truly has no power over us. For example, tomorrow is a big alignment with the grand cross Mars is going to be linking with the grand Cross. Most astrologers say this is probably much good stuff to say about it because it’s all extremely challenging aspects, the type of effect that can create what seems to be even Armageddon scenarios breakups and divorce catastrophe. I’ve never felt better and that’s tomorrow night that’s April 11, 2014, career right and it’s good to be kind of on and off until 2015 and the thing is just the weather forecast when we know what is coming at us and we prepare. Nothing can get in our way so I use it, you know astrology is a tool that is not the end-all-be-all and eventually we won’t need it. It kind of like to help us graduate from the wheel of necessity that was sort of still in right now the thing is, we can start to have good days on days for the astrological alignments are nightmare immediately become and I posted this master of disaster women were true, Masters of the disasters we don’t even notice them as being disasters anymore because were rising and were allowing it to push us into all that we are instead of Terrace down. The thing is that concentration of energy that like to you know causes fearing constriction in pain and suffering is actually an opportunity to be pushed to the edge to have an incredible breakthrough into rising again and so this is what we’re dealing with right now. It’s perfect that you asked that question is we’re sitting right at a very important time astrologically where you know we have faced a lot of darkness now what are we to do with that. What are we going to choose to choose the fact that none of it ever had any power over us and this is the great revelation of all time and once we gain that perspective, our creative energy serves on our behalf to create the key creating opportunities to prove to ourselves that nothing can stop us and them, and I like to play with this every day no matter what negative experience? I go through what kind of weird energy hits. I love it. It is a grand challenge to say you know what, it’s not strong enough and it’s not and has no power over me and I minute you know rise above it. In this moment and when we can focus on that and say to ourselves that this is where the real work is instead of looking at it as a distraction, or just having a weird day or not they we can just tackle it head-on were really on the soul path for not allowing all this news and all this other media stuff be what we think is real because that’s the distraction that there is one area that still for me is a mystery and baby brothers and I think that you have plumbed the more than most of us and that is the area of the archons your comic area because of most of us really don’t fully comprehend the so now in this transformation that’s occurring. What are the archons and how is it that the very large dimensional invasion. What is moving them out of the way or transforming them will treat her like the byproduct of a lot of archetypal disharmonies is a lot of fun, the things that happened just really like from a long time ago. There are a lot of different spiritual theories out there but a lot of text to been altered even the Gnostic text has been altered so it’s a very difficult topic to get a grip on because sometimes the information is in exactly what seems so in my deep inner journeying and just my own life experience on. I just really come to the conclusion that the archons are the byproduct of disharmony, disunity, duality, negative ego, and because creation came from thought and the imagination you know and has created form. Same with these negative energies and end this duality and needs some rebellions and the desire to be in competition with the supreme being that you know Lucifer represents and to take away the names, let’s call it are negative ego, it can ruin our lives connected to it. Just like you can ruin the planet if we don’t call it out and re-enable it by going along with the deception of the false light to the archons can only feed on the part of ourselves that haven’t fully woken up or become integrated fees on the back of her very fragmented work traumatized. We have a lot of wounds and we also you know want to appease a lot of that pain through you know all slight temptations. You know faint well agreed on, you know, having maybe a lot of attention from a lot of different lovers, you know, whatever it is things that only our own soul journey can teach us about based on what needs upon her face, get back up again, which is what we have been given the opportunity to do have many, many lifetimes and incarnations to wear a bunch of different happened to say hey this is what works for me and it’s not about some rulebook from God or it’s based on cause and effect and in astrology, we see that in the north and south node but I focus on when I do readings so the archons can only really grab onto what we have agreed like into her, but we haven’t fully become conscious up because our unconscious energy is what’s being used against us, and that’s our Connick the archiving system feed on us when we are unconscious when we become conscious. We recognize that unconscious energy is actually spiritual energy and when we wake up to that spiritual energy we become highly creative and able to create miracles we think miracles are just some lucky thing and only some people can do that everybody can answer the archons to speed on the fact that we think, much less of ourselves and what we truly are and the agendas that come from these iconic systems to perpetuate these belief systems that keep us down and they feed on us like parasites their mind parasites. They get in there and exacerbate everything in the fact is they have technology to make it even worse smart meters all sorts of things to create scenarios so there’s a lot of conflicts because they disrupt the frequency and the frequencies that are all disruptive crates for the static so that the natural energy flow of connection can’t really happen. That’s why people find they watch TV, they might fight with their partner immediately after her when I get home from a nice trip in the country in their back where there smart meter and everything gets tense and everybody just feels like they’re just getting like I have it into a huge disagreement and you must have to just stop yourself and remember and almost laugh and say you know what these are just energies that were dealing with redoing the cell towers were dealing with all sorts of things going on with our phone surveillance and all sorts of like you know really obnoxious things but were much greater than all that we just have to not be weak into it because all our Connick and you know anything is it feeds on where we haven’t fully resolved these wounds as well. So for us to get over, you know the archons is to tackle the inner work and to completely devote ourselves to it because once we fill ourselves up with who we truly are, we stand that power. It doesn’t have anything to feed off of it. It can’t find a host and when that happens, it ends up dying away and falling away from the beings that represent you know we arty know about you know you can become grades automation and keep them alive. You just keep coming in themselves and keep letting themselves and that’s the difference between somebody or sword being that had stayed immersed in our Connick deception, or is the median enabler of it compared to a person that we might end up making contact with as a future human self, who is a divine radiant light being that we could call an ascended Master but the Corsair there’s manipulated ascended Master that our Connick that people channel and they get you the wrong information and that’s another trap is the new age deceptions. So we have to see that everywhere we turn it is either a trap or potential deception or a problematic area and that’s why the only real place to turn himself and so is disturbing is everything. Might be we have to also see deliberating basically the only boat we can really give is to ourselves and in doing that were functioning together more from our authentic, genuine nature and in the leaders that come into play is embodying that as well because we know who to empower into the office and who not to be can’t get out of know the word work just yet were still dealing with you having to undo a lot of the damage so it’s going to take you playing a little bit of the game but on our own terms and in integrity. Anything is you know in this process of really making up to ourselves. We know what to discard and what to keep and so it’s just like archons, just like parasites anything that wants to feed off of the life force of another that cut itself off from sources basically knock-on and so when we plug into our higher self when we plug into the heart nature of universal love. What can possibly invade that just like we were balanced we don’t get sick, parasites, germs, viruses, we don’t have a hard time with and even if we do get sick. We end up getting stronger, so even if we are dealing with our panic attacks. Even if we have dealt with psychic attacks and done we have gotten immersed in the negatives. It’s the process of healing and moving beyond it that makes it so incredibly strong because then what we get to do we get to help others out so doesn’t matter where we are in the game as long as we wake up and eventually start to unwind the entanglements and on the healing result is phenomenal and that’s what this shift is the higher of energies will you speak about this transitional time very important to transitional time from 2014 227 two. What you see on the other side of 27 but I think it’s getting a little bit different. You know, depending on who, of each person their own orientation, what frequency they hold, but their vibration is you were dealing with obviously sold pods in groups and you know lines is to where you one person in the group can wake up and everybody else feel that you can like the hundredth monkey demo dealing you know with those that will never ever want to look at this information that had immersed themselves more and more into the trans-humanism agenda can’t snap our fingers to make that go away right away so I feel that we’re dealing with the bifurcation working a deal that’s where this phantom mark that isn’t really functioning in connection with the source but is being run more on these technologies that are sourcing and using and siphoning free energy from us and the planet. But that’s in the lower dimensional aspect of the multidimensional creation that will end up ceasing to exist in expiring because it’s not able to maintain anything even if it does remain in existence. It’s like a spider web only those that are vulnerable will end up being a part of the experience either break free of it and see it for what it is or be immersed in it until the inner spark that’s within all of us end up coming out, but beyond 2017. For those that are really conscious and awaken devoted to the path, I see that the nature of life and death is completely different. We are able to come and go from the physical as we please and can choose to be spirit guides and assist those that are still having a tough time getting out of whatever trap of this mind control system that is already in play. The trans-humanism and all that kind of stuff were multidimensional beings and I think the possibilities are endless. I mean, I see that you know where artists of energy and our thought-forms. Our beliefs are our vibration is everything just like when we dream at night. You know we were in this grand dreamer dealing with the guy’s dream and were also dealing with the nightmare invasion. That basically dreams warfare like we talked about before, which is taking our creative imagination and turning it into something he doesn’t need to be so that’s can end up playing out until enough is enough for whatever individuals immersed in it. But what’s available and what do I see. For most of us is that the ripples of awakening are going to connect to so many people that have an open heart and open mind that it will help them to remove themselves and if the numbers are not I think they will be the trans-human agenda and that Japan’s Mike might not even actually happen. But there is a chance that well and if that’s the case I see bifurcation happening because it’s so hard to predict. You know I think eventually, the inevitable outcome is that that will be called out completely and totally by the free will choices of any human. That’s a part of it to where they don’t have anything to feed on anymore to add that they can even exist until that happens, it’s going to be there but it’s not going to entrap souls anymore that are awake and conscious and that we now can remove ourselves and the contract that we had to be here for 26,000 years plus tip to live out the fact that on the geophysics have been such the natural targets could open until this window. Because now it is opening this is our chance to move on. It hadn’t been the case and this is why we keep incarnating, and a lot of you know, highly conscious beings. You have been entrapped here means that the fact that a lot of social contracts are real or how conscious you are, we have been trapped in this incarnation cycle this window, represents our ability to graduate to move beyond the wheel. The wheel is necessary for the good of our souls and be manipulations that can stunt our ability to wake up to who we truly are and that that opportunity is here now if we miss an opportunity. The 3D experience another 26,000-year cycle, now several years ago your regular conscious decision not to go to Mars an alternative three to study here on earth with your fellow earthlings to establish and move forward on all truth for a roof over grateful that you do make that decision. What words. Finally, would you like to review sure with our viewers at this kind of historic time, gosh, I just am grateful that I just stay true to myself and it is difficult at some of these decisions are based on a lot of the different things that are presented in order to manipulate one? I also recommended that part of the game, part of what you know, Eisenhower was dealing with, you know, a part of the patriotic programming in a part of this is the right thing to do and really the right thing to do is just do what you feel is the best thing and if your intentions are in alignment with wanting the greatest good for yourself and for everybody else and for the planet. I don’t think you can go wrong and I just you really encourage people to do the same because there are no mistakes in your hearts in the right place. If we can all just be more heart-centered, I feel that you know we just have the tremendous opportunity to unify and raise the vibration of this planet and to really just have these dark forces in these other agendas either wake up or get lost and I just love you know the process we’re in I just feel such good energy ahead of us and with the kind of alignments we’re having and you know that sort of thing that is playing out, I feel like we’re two steps ahead of them and the weight is in our favor and I’m just grateful for everybody for their open minds and hearts, and forgiving themselves the credit of embracing the truth of what they’re made of. In the beauty and the divinity that we all hold that was beginning to really share together and just so much gratitude to you Alfred because you help me really get my stuff out there and you have been an incredible friend and ally. So it’s really good to meet you. Thank you for taking time today to be with us and we hope that in the future as we move through this window you’ll be able to come back from time to time and share your wisdom with us. Thank you so much.
After Santos’, depiction of the 13 family satanic ET’s who have controlled us for hundreds of years, Laura Eisenhower also explains their purposes here and the chaos they bring to us. She differentiates between these ET’s and the benevolent ones from the star clusters within our firmament here to help us from the destruction they have planned. This primarily was founded on our mind control due to the ego programming system they have been controlling us with, the very same thing Jeremy, Shunyamurti and Krishnamurti have opened our minds and hearts to. This all so far, culminates in the truths uncovered from the beginning regarding our subconscious mind and ego. So far, all that controls us will require our understanding and decision to do the work of killing the ego in favor of Divine will.

Crop Circles Contain Blueprints for Free Energy Devices: Alien Message
Is there a God? What is the meaning of life? Where do we go when we die? These are the types of questions that have enamored and perplexed humans across generations and locales, but perhaps no query holds a place of prominence on this list quite like the age-old question, are we alone in the universe? For many people, it seems impossible that Earth would be the only place in the universe with intelligent life. Just think about it, there may be more earthlike planets out there than grains of sand on our entire planet, but if there is another intelligent life out there if aliens do exist, how could they contact us and if they did, how could we be expected to understand each other across what vastly different languages or modes of communication would presumably be. There is of course at least one universal language in the universe, the language of mathematics. Perhaps aliens could use math to communicate with human beings on earth, perhaps they already have. On the morning of January 19, 1966, an Australian banana farmer named George Padley was driving his tractor as he did every morning through the horseshoe Lagoon region of Tully Australia. Suddenly a loud hissing noise pierced the air nearly knocking Padley from his seat, frightened, he watched as a strange great object, some 25 feet long rose from the lagoon and sped off into the sky, examining the area from which the object had appeared, Padley found a circle of flattened reeds he described as a nest, Oddly, the reeds were not simply bent over, but physically uprooted from the lagoon somehow floating on the surface of the water in a swirling mat. The next day Padley brought the police to the site to show them what he found, and in no time the local press had taken note of the story. Sightseers and curious onlookers flocked to the area discovering as they did several similar nests scattered throughout the lagoon. The mystery would go unexplained, though, even though the Royal Australian Air Force noted that during inquiries several local residents stated that the reported nests are fairly common during the onset of the wet season. Incredibly, this story was not even the most bizarre of its kind in Australia that year. Months later, over 200 staff and students in a high school in Melbourne witnessed a large disc about twice the size of a car not entirely dissimilar to that described by Padley flying through the sky outside their school in the middle of the day before, flying off and disappearing into the horizon, the disc landed on the ground in the distance. When students ran to the spot, they found a large circle of flattened and twisted grass. What Padley may have described as a nest more bizarre, though, was what happened in the days and weeks that followed the incident. According to witnesses, the area where the disc had landed was immediately cordoned off by the military. Many students were visited by men in black suits who warned them against speaking about the incident. In fact, the school’s headmaster was apparently so scared and disturbed that he told students they would be severely punished and staff that they would be fired if they talked about the incident at all. Even the local media’s footage covering the story has mysteriously disappeared from their archives if there was a cover-up, it worked. The story faded from memory, and the world went on pleasantly unaware of Australia’s mysterious nests. That is until the late 1970s when a series of the strange circular patterns started to appear in farmers’ fields across the countryside in England eerily similar to those in Australia a decade before, these mysterious crop circles as they came to be known, appeared overnight, often times, spending many hundreds of feet in diameter, shocking and inexplicable as they were, this was not the first time they had been seen on earth, as far back as the 1600s art depicting circles being cut in fields of oat representing a legend known as devils mowing the ominous title suggesting an unexplained otherworldly origin. By the late 1800s, crop circles were being discussed in detail in the highly respected nature journal. The appearance of these crop circles became prevalent in England in the 1970s and only grew more frequent through the 80s and 90s. To this day, crop circles appear with regularity all over the world, but what are they, these great masterpieces of mystery and intrigue, where do they come from and what could they mean? Could they really be mysterious flying objects from extraterrestrial visitors? At first, scientists tried to explain the formation of crop circles as the result of unusual wind patterns, several scientists even suggested they were the result of the particularly vigorous sexual activity of hedgehogs. Then in 1991, an answer presented itself, it was all a hoax two men Doug Bauer and his co-conspirator Dave Chorley colloquially known as Doug and Dave came forward and revealed that in what started as a drunken prank they had been the ones creating crop circles. They explained that they did so by using a stalk stomper, Quite simply, a rope tied at both ends to a board used by holding the rope, putting a foot on the board, and physically stomping the crops down in a circular pattern. Immediately it was declared that the mystery had been solved, the magicians having revealed her magic trick, unfortunately for those inherently dismissive of the so-called conspiracy theory like crop circles, it was not quite so simple, shortly after Doug and Dave introduced the stalk stomper to the world one scientist venture to actually study the stalks which had purportedly been stopped, his name was William Levengood, a well-respected biophysicist and the author of over 50 peer-reviewed papers and six patent. Curiously, implants taken from the crop circle areas, Levengood found a series of significant anomalies. Strangely, elongated plant notes seed cavities totally devoid of seeds and expulsion cavities blew open at the notes. Obviously, these types of things do not happen to plants when someone steps on the board and in Levengood’s own words, the affected plants have components that would suggest the involvement of rapid air movement, ionization electric fields, and transient high temperatures combined with an oxidizing atmosphere. Levengood’s discoveries led some to speculate that crop circles could have been made by individuals using some sort of microwave emitter which would superheat the stem of the plant and cause it to fall over, but then another layer was added to the intrigue thanks to a study on the soil were crop circles had appeared. Astoundingly, the study found that the clay minerals contained within the soil had somehow crystallized a phenomenon previously only seen in the sedimentary rock which had been exposed to massive geologic pressure over the course of hundreds or thousands of years. It made no scientific sense that this crystallization would be found under a crop circle, even if the requisite geologic pressure had somehow existed and even if it had somehow acted to form a crop circle, the pressure would’ve obliterated the crops, while if pressure was replaced by the kind of heat required to encourage crystallization that is 600 to 800°C for a period of many hours, the crops would surely have been incinerated. Perhaps it had been something else, something related to electric fields and transient high temperatures, as Levengood surmised, it is important to note that these characteristics studied by Levengood are not found it every crop circle site that is to say some crop circles are literally tramped down by a person with a rope and a board but that’s just the point, some not all, even the most skeptical of scientists would likely admit that there are a number of crop circle sites exhibiting characteristics which defy modern scientific understanding. In other words, while crop circles were proven to be a hoax, in the early 90s, since then, the scientific community has said not so fast and it goes far beyond the structure of the crops or the composition of the soil. In 1974, famed American scientist Carl Sagan oversaw the broadcast of the so-called Arecibo message into space, with the goal to contact extraterrestrial life with the most powerful radio waves ever produced by humans, the broadcast included information about the Earth’s location, appearance, and DNA of human beings as well as core principles of our mathematics and science. It was ambitious if the outlandish project, after all, what chance was there really of receiving a response, what chance indeed. 27 years later, a crop circle appeared in chill bulletin England next to the UK’s largest telescope and observatory which appeared to be a depiction of the face on Mars photograph. This was interesting enough on its own but days later something even more mind-blowing appeared there in the same field appeared a crop circle described as a dead ringer for Sagan’s 1974 message. It was formatted in the same way and seems to respond to the information originally broadcast into space detailing a different solar system, the appearance of the sender, and information on nonhuman DNA. Some described it quite simply as the ultimate response we could’ve hoped for. But wait, if Sagan’s message had received a response. Who or what could have done such a thing could really have been some sort of alien race. Some have suggested the answer to this question was revealed through the appearance of another Crop Circle in Italy in 2011, there are in a small town of Porrino, a crop circle emerged which depicted a seven-pointed star contained in the design as a code that seemed to identify its creator as somebody named Enke. This is not a random or inconsequential name, Enke is the name of an ancient Samarian God, a precursor to Aquarius. More importantly, Enke was according to some, the leader of an ancient group of aliens called the Annunaki, who visited Earth long ago, thinkers like Zachariah Sitchin and Eric von Donegan have asserted that these Annunaki colonized Earth some 500,000 years ago, genetically engineering human beings as a slave race. Perhaps it is the Annunaki who are now contacting humans announcing through crop circles the impending return of Enke. Ascension has stated the zodiac cycle returns to exactly the same spot every 25,920 years. So we are now leaving the age of Pisces, Enke was the prototype God of Aquarius, whether this means that it is all going to happen again that Enke is coming back, I don’t know, there are a lot of signaling and signs that all point in that direction, if human beings were enslaved by the Anunnaki before then, why not again? However, there is another side to the story, another angle to the Anunnaki legend. Many believe that this alien race has in the past provided humans with advanced technology and knowledge that in fact explains seemingly impossible structures like the pyramids or Stonehenge. With this in mind, look again at the 7 Pointed Star Crop Circle, which appeared in Italy, as researcher Michael Lee Hill pointed out in the world of geometry and frequency a seven-pointed star is crucially related to 432 Hz. Consider a somatic image of a frequency exactly 4 octaves below 432 Hz that appears as a seven-pointed star identical to that found in Italy significantly 432 Hz is known as the magic number, the natural frequency of the universe. Because of this, it has been suggested that the appearance of a 7 Pointed Star Crop Circle is a coded message, but what sort of coded message, a prominent Native American elder named Bear Cloud cryptically suggested, when scientists learned that the seven-pointed star has a forward progression and recreates itself infinitely as a whole unit there will be huge leaps in the progress of man. Meanwhile, Hill’s research into the Italian crop circle produced a more concise message: somebody is trying to tell us something. If I had to guess, it is to show that 432 Hz equals energy. Italy was not the first nor the last time it appeared that somebody was trying to tell us something through crop circles. In fact, some would say that over the years, crop circles have revealed many secrets. In the mid-afternoon on July 7, 1996, a commercial pilot was flying his normal route over the Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire, England, this was not an unusual occurrence, many companies offer aerial tours of Stonehenge to Tourists, and the pilot reached his destination and turned around, passing the same spot about 45 minutes later, what he saw stunned him. There in the field directly across the highway from Stonehenge was a huge centipede-like geometric pattern of dozens of individual circles which had not been there when he had flown over less than an hour prior. How is this possible? He wondered if Stonehenge security was on duty 24 seven and tourists were everywhere, anyone walking into the field with an arm full of equipment in broad daylight would surely have been spotted and stopped, even more incredibly, a closer examination by experts revealed that the centipede-like the pattern was not just any random design, in fact, it represented a mathematical pattern called the Julia set, this went far beyond the actions and abilities of hoaxers looking for a laugh. Whomever or whatever had created these crop circles possessed a deep understanding of complex mathematics, but the Julia set would only be the start only the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the years that followed, crop circles appeared in rapid succession, which provided examples of advanced mathematics or complex physics. In 2010, a 300-foot design appeared in a field in England which, once decoded, revealed a mathematical formula called Euler’s identity known as the most beautiful and profound mathematical equation in the world, two years before that a coded image had appeared in the same area, which represented the first 10 digits of pi but it goes back further. In 2000, NASA scientist Alan Holt visited Wiltshire, England, the location of many crop circle appearances to examine the phenomenon tongue planted firmly in cheek, Holt put out the thought of a crop picture somewhat as a test, but really a request that he would like to see a crop pictogram appear which could provide some insight into the direction he should pursue in his advanced transport and field physics research activities. Incredibly, two days later in the field near him, crop circles appeared which revealed a detailed diagram of a magnetic field near a bar magnet. Ask and ye shall receive, it appeared in fact, between 1997 and 2009 no less than 5 Crop Circles appearances showed complex diagrams of twisted vortexes representing the side and top views of a magnetic field, while others displayed mechanical routers or the field lines of an electric charge then crop circles appeared which revealed detailed blueprints for magnetic motors. What could this possibly mean his continued appearance of complex mathematics and electromagnetic diagrams and crop circles around the world, for centuries human scientists have suggested reaching out to intelligent life in the universe through mathematics as far back as the 1800s famed German mathematician Carl Goss suggested that trees should be planted in the Siberian forest in a way which displays the Pythagorean theorem while at the same time Austrian astronomer Joseph von Latrobe suggested kerosene filled trenches in the Sahara desert displaying geometric shapes. If humans have come to this conclusion then it would probably be safe to assume other forms of intelligent life have done so as well. Perhaps they have already tried just such a method could it be that crop circles are in fact a form of this extraterrestrial messaging similar to a forest displaying the Pythagorean theorem, as early as 1991 in a book written by Alec Bartholomew entitled crop circles harbingers of the world change the idea that crop circles could be messages from nonhuman intelligence was being discussed. Bartholomew asked if crop circles were messages, and what were they trying to convey, in the book British historian and noted psychic Isabel Kingston professed that crop circles might contain a blueprint for a new form of energy that would one day be unraveled by scientists. It may have seemed far-fetched at the time but after decades of increasingly complex mathematical patterns and electromagnetic diagrams appearing in crop circles, there are many who now believe Bartholomew and Kingston may have been onto something. Some assert that crop circles are extraterrestrial messages to humanity blueprints for new futuristic technology designed to help humans move to the next level of their existence. hidden within the diagrams of magnetic fields and motors are the secrets to a new form of unlimited energy. A particularly poignant example of this may have come in 2011 when a crop circle revealed the designs for a magnetic flywheel invented by self-taught American engineer Ed Leedskalnin way back before World War II, Leedskalnin and his flywheel would’ve been a totally unremarkable reference, but for the fact that he was the creator of the coral castle, a monument in Florida made of over 1000 tons of coral, little is known about how Leedskalnin constructed this monument, apparently, he did it by himself and in the dead of night. When asked for an explanation, he said I understand the laws of weight and leverage and know the secrets of people who built the pyramids at Giza and Egypt long ago, with this cryptic answer, the speculation became that Leedskalnin had used some sort of magnetic levitating device to move the stone, speculation expanded further when after Leedskalnin’s death, strange remnants of what appeared to be an electromagnetic device were found in a chamber beneath coral castle wires wrapped around bottles, piles of magnets and chains. Could it be that Leedskalnin had discovered the secrets of electromagnetic energy known previously by those who constructed the pyramids as he suggested and used it to create a coral castle and if so is it possible a diagram for his magnetic wheel appeared as a crop circle to draw attention to this fact? Similar questions can be asked of the many other examples over the past few decades of crop circles revealing magnetic motors and diagrams. In fact, they are being asked since at least 2008 Italian inventor, Umberto Baudo has been using crop circles as inspiration and blueprint for inventions he believes will provide unlimited free energy, Baudo asserts that crop circles are the maximum expression of a message because through an image you can communicate much more than with words without any doubt, especially if the message is addressed to someone that does not speak our language and what is the message which is being communicated in these crop circles. Quite simply, according to Baudo, since 2008 I realized that it is absolutely possible to generate free energy to all of the planets. Baudo’s work has led him to experiment with magnetic motors and systems of centrifugal force entering uncharted territory and working against conventional wisdom and the powerful status quo, not to mention the laws of thermodynamics. In 2012, at a small meeting in Modena, Italy, Baudo said, crop circles, the media, and science treat this phenomenon subtly, but it is of great importance to humanity. Only those who study it seriously can understand that it is not a joke. After a long and exhausting study, I can demonstrate that many of these crop patterns are not man-made. Since the beginning of my research, I noticed they were technical drawings that show us new ways to produce free energy. I have been trying to reproduce those patterns for a long time using permanent magnets with no result. Then I realized a new way to develop those mechanisms and I will show you how they work with the help of the simulator. What he would show were complex systems based on diagrams obtained from crop circles, which used centrifugal force, Baudo tested the systems using computer simulations, which allowed him to rotate shapes at high speed, and examine what happened to energy generation, both with and without the variables of gravity, magnets, springs, and chains, he asserts he has created a model which continues to build momentum even after the engine is turned off unlimited energy, in his own words, the main key to understand it is fundamentally one, the centrifugal force just like that, as we move into the third decade of the 21st century, it is far from just Umberto Baudo who is working on something like this, across the world scientists and inventors are working with the complex diagrams seen in crop circles in pursuit of free energy futuristic transportation and more. Of course, many questions remain. Why with such seemingly incredible potential are the messages contained in crop circles mostly ignored the circles themselves portrayed in mainstream popular culture as elaborate hoaxes. One answer to this question can perhaps be found by examining who stands to lose the most with the discovery of a source of unlimited free energy oil and gas companies. The industrial juggernauts which control the global economy, but economics aside, it must be asked if science agrees that some crop circles can be explained by any earthly phenomenon, then where did they come from. If they are some sort of extraterrestrial messages, then what are they trying to say, and just what might these messages allow us to achieve

Now\, to hear from others already awake and searching for further enlightenment to share with the world:

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This next video is from channeling of Pleiadains from the Pleiades Star Cluster, here to help us in this spiritual warfare we have been unaware of thanks to their deception and control.

Pleiadains: Alien Race Influencing Humanity & Preventing Nuclear Disaster
Since human beings first crane their necks skyward the celestial bodies above have captured their hearts and minds there is perhaps no point in the sky for which this is more true than the Pleiades star cluster located in the Taurus constellation and visible from the north pole to the south pole the Pleiades have held a place of prominence in nearly all cultures on earth from the ancient Egyptians Romans and Greeks to the indigenous tribes of north and south America to Asia and Scandinavia and beyond all the way to our own modern astronomers and scientists it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Pleiades have influenced the path of human history for thousands of years yet even this might be an understatement perhaps this infamous star cluster has influenced us more than we know fundamentally shaping who we are and what we do where we have been and where we are going even our very DNA perhaps this continues to this day how would you feel if someone was constantly watching you and keeping logs of every single thing you did well. What if I told you, that’s exactly what happens every time you go online your internet provider is allowed to store logs of every website you visit and can legally sell this data to anyone that’s why I use express VPN reroutes your internet connection through their secure encrypted servers so your internet provider can’t see or log what you do online I don’t want anyone spying on me and tracking what I do which is why I use it on all of my devices as it allows up to five devices simultaneously. It’s the only VPN I trust because they use trusted server technology which makes it impossible for their VPN servers to store logs of any of their users their privacy policy has even been audited by PWC so if you care about your privacy protect it by visiting forward-slash universe inside you and arm yourself with an extra three months of express VPN for free on November 26, 1977. During an otherwise uneventful local news broadcast from the south of England something took place which alarmed and disturbed those watching at home without warning the ambling broadcast was interrupted by a message purported to be quite literally out of this world here’s how it happened in real time says, these foreign in the aftermath of this broadcast experts scrambled to find an explanation how had the broadcast been hacked and by who could it have been some sort of elaborate prank or could it really have been a message from a mysterious galactic command sent to warn of the disaster which threatens your world and if so what exactly did this galactic command mean by we will do all we can to help you the evening of march 16 1967 was not unlike many others in Montana at that time of year at the remote maelstrom air force base in central Montana home to a large cache of the united states military’s nuclear missiles a clear night meant on-duty airmen could bask in the full splendour of what is known as big sky country one such airman was doing just that gazing lazily to the sky as the hours on duty passed when suddenly he noticed a most curious sight there in the sky above him was a small light zigzagging back and forth unnaturally then moments later another light only larger and closer as protocol dictated the airmen called down to the control station buried some 60 feet underground where the phone was answered by lieutenant Robert Salas the airman explained the lights he was seeing but lieutenant Salas was unmoved believing the lights to be nothing he brushed the airmen off instructing him to call back if the lights got any closer as he hung up moments later the phone rang again only this time when Salas answered the airman was panicked and shouting there’s one hovering outside the front gate the airmen gasped one what Salas demanded a UFO i can’t really describe it it’s glowing red the airmen shrieked. Now fully concerned Salas rushed to wake his commander Lieutenant Fred Meinwald as he briefed the commander on the situation at hand an alarm suddenly began to blare filling the rooms of the underground station simultaneously light started popping up on the control station indicating that the nuclear missiles housed there were switching into a no-go condition one after another the missiles became unlaunchable immediately a security team was dispatched to find out what was going on they reached the surface just in time to see a glowing red oval-shaped object speed off into the night sky and disappear from sight the missiles would remain in a no-go condition for an entire day despite showing no signs of physical damage or foul play when examined this left the air force dumbfounded unable to provide an explanation for what had happened but Robert Salas had an explanation one that remained in his mind for many years afterwards i think it was simply a show Salas said during an interview with cnn in 2010 they wanted to shine a light on our nuclear weapons and just send us a message what message my interpretation is the message is get rid of them because it’s going to mean our destruction. What is perhaps most interesting about this story is that it is not all that unique only a few years prior in 1964 another air force lieutenant named Robert Jacobs reported seeing a strange UFO firing beam of light at a nuclear missile undergoing testing near big sur California we were testing it to see if we could launch a nuclear warhead into orbit Jacobs explained during his 2021 testimony at the national press club in Washington dc as the missile being tested shot into the stratosphere a disc-shaped craft appeared in pursuit travelling at over 8000 miles per hour suddenly the craft fired four beams of light at the missile at which point in the words of Jacob’s the warhead tumbled out of space. These types of stories are not a conspiracy in the 1970’s none other than the Washington Post citing documents from the U.S department of defence reported that a string of the nation’s super-sensitive nuclear missile launch sites and bomber bases were visited by unidentified low-flying and elusive objects but it goes back even further in the 1940s when the U.S was first developing the atomic bomb UFOs were reported over Hanford’s site in Washington state the place where the plutonium was being produced for the Manhattan project. According to the department of energy documents, a glowing fireball was seen in the sky on more than one occasion, when it was pursued by the air force jets it simply speed away too fast to be pursued twelve hundred miles away in Los Alamos New Mexico where the first atomic bombs were being tested additional department of energy documents record multiple sightings of a green ball of fire in the sky even Roswell New Mexico site of perhaps the most infamous UFO incident in history has its connection with nuclear weapons at the time of the incident. Roswell was home to the U.S air force’s 509th bombardment group the squadron that dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II again and again. There appears to be a connection between UFOs and America’s nuclear capabilities. This connection has become the life’s work of investigative journalist George Knapp who for over 30 years has used the freedom of information act to examine documents from the U.S departments of defence and energy recording incidents that appear decade after decade to this very day at the facilities where we were first designing and building nuclear weapons at the places where we were processing the fuel at the facilities where we were testing the weapons at the bases where we deployed those weapons on the ships the nuclear submarines. All those places the people working there have seen these things the relationship between UFOs and America’s nuclear capabilities is something recognized at the highest levels of the U.S government consider Harry Reid the recently retired former senate majority leader from Nevada who for 30 years was one of the most powerful people in the united states during a 2019 interview reed stated the occurrences of people seeing unidentified flying objects is not a dozen people here a dozen people there thousands of people have seen these and on occasion, many hundreds of people saw the same thing at the same time we have occurrences that are not disputed at some of our missile bases where the whole base was shut down. Apparently if they had been asked to fire a missile they couldn’t no one knows how they did that we have ships that the communications went dead with these things in the water so this is not something that just a few crackpots are trying to make a big deal out of this is something that we as a country should be involved in 2007 while serving as the leader of the U.S senate reed pushed for tens of millions of dollars of funding for what became known as the advanced aerospace threat identification program which worked within the department of defence investigating unexplained aerial phenomenon or UAP the director of this program from its inception until 2017 was a man named Luis Elizondo in 2021 Elizondo spoke on what his investigation had discovered at an event attended by virtually the entirety of mainstream American media and many global sources as well there seems to be a very distinct congruency between UAP associated UAP activity and our nuclear technology whether it be propulsion or weapon systems or whatnot and that’s concerning to the point where we’ve actually had some of our nuclear capabilities disabled by these things when pressed by a reporter to clarify that he was saying America’s nuclear capabilities had been disabled by something which could not be explained. Elizondo responded there is absolute evidence that comports to the notion that maps have an active interest in our nuclear technology and have in the past interfered with some of our nuclear capabilities that have fact crucially Elizondo added another nugget to his address furthermore those same observations have been seen overseas in other countries they too have had the same incidents so, that tells us this is a global issue if it is established at the highest levels of American power that UFOs have taken an active interest in the country’s nuclear capabilities could the same be true in other countries is it a global issue. During the cold war the U.S air force and British royal air force jointly operated multiple bases in the UK which housed nuclear weapons pointed directly at the soviet union in late December of 1980 mystifying incidents took place at two of these bases on the same night the latter of which has become known as Britain’s Roswell first an air traffic controller at the RAF Bentwater’s base in Suffolk named Ivan barker reported something unbelievable in the sky we looked upon the radar scope and saw something, not like anything I’d seen before barker explained it had to be moving march 5, 6, 7 or 8 faster than anything other than possibly a missile as barker looked up from the radar to view it directly from his observation tower the craft moved closer it was in barker’s words like a helicopter hovering except with the helicopter you get moved up and down this was stationary. It was between about fifteen hundred and two thousand feet high the thing was at least a city block in diameter it was shaped like a giant basketball with portholes around the center and lights emanating outward i was shocked barker professed there was nothing aerodynamic about it basketballs don’t fly at the same time only a few miles away at the RAF Woodbridge base a security team led by colonel Charles Holt reported seeing a small triangular shaped craft in nearby Rendelsham forest, the craft was as holt later described approximately three meters on a side dark metallic in appearance with strange markings it would appear to be winking and was shedding molten metal and silently moving through the trees and at one point it actually approached us then it very quickly and silently vanished at high speed what could this craft have been holt was asked, i have no idea what we saw that night but i do know it was under intelligent control my theory is that it was from another dimension or extraterrestrial much as with the maelstrom incident in Montana as the UFOs were spotted at Bentwaters and Woodbridge the nuclear weapons at each base suddenly inexplicably became inoperable those nukes they had pointed at the soviet union well they were a no-go most simply these incidents show that the connection between UFos and nuclear capabilities is a global issue as Luis Elizondo suggested but, in fact it goes much deeper than that back in 1954 UFO culture did not exist. On the global scale it does today if someone were to report an alleged alien encounter they would not have the stories of others to draw upon when creating their own this is what makes a local broadcast scene that year in Staffordshire England so compelling Staffordshire had a whole crop of flying saucers spots in the skylights in the sky strange things but the strangest of all was seen. One day over this cottage MR Mrs Rustenberg were living there quietly out in the country and well what you just tell me what you saw well this was one ordinary day i was waiting for my husband to come home from work and my two sons went to cipher to school and i was getting changed and i heard this terrific noise it was just like a giant cauldron of water being poured onto a fire ash sort of noise you know and my first reaction was oh the children i thought maybe a plane was crashing or something like that and i slipped my jumper on and went outside to find my two sons lying flat on the ground in the garden in front of the house shouting mummy as a flying saucer well naturally i just said come on don’t be stupid come in the house but felt sort of a strange sensation wended my way up the side of the house to where we had a pump where we used to get all our water from and automatically looked up to see this all i can describe this huge Mexican hat it was stationary this thing and it was bright silver in color and it had a dome it was tilted to sort of could see the occupants in it you saw people in it I saw people in it there were two people in there these people were beautiful people that’s the only way i can just describe them they had long golden hair like a page boy bob just like the old kings you used to see photographs of the old kings and the colour of the hair was golden now i was really i were they just they had a sort of a pole neck jumper affair like a skeet top suit in pale blue now these people weren’t sat behind one behind the other they were sat together but this whatever it was tilted so that i could see them and they could see me were you looking at them through windows through portholes no not portholes it was just sort of the like a cockpit i suppose that had this perspective or glass or whatever it was they could see me anyway and i could see them and they were they had beautiful faces i shall never forget their faces as long as i live their foreheads seem to be a bit larger than you know the bottom of their faces as as normal people. You would expect to see but maybe this is what was just the whatever they had around their heads which was like a transparent fishbowl and they just looped and i was absolutely paralytic with fear i couldn’t move although my mind was ticking over and they looked so sympathetic that I was just mesmerized for what seemed to be oh ages but it could have only been seconds and I turned to sort of look down at the boys was unaware that they were with me because I was so absorbed and the next thing I looked up and it was gone how it had been the height I couldn’t tell you but the house that you’ve seen it was just on top of the roof it was hovering on top of the roof how big was it compared with the size of the house it swallowed the the whole circumference of of the roof I couldn’t see the roof was completely blotted out the chimneys I couldn’t see all I could see was this massive object that I described as a like a Mexican’s house a Mexican hat without the bubbles and then it flew away sideways or up no I didn’t see I just looked up and there’s a gun but i assume it went straight up because for a short while after in the sky I looked around and i said to my two boys where can you see anything in the subaritism and they pointed up and I watched it. It was just like a little cotton meal in the sky and it circled us three times it went round three times and then it just shut off and that was it when I started to analyze myself afterwards I feared that I might have had a and hallucination but then I knew I hadn’t had because my sons were so sure about what they’d seen and what I’d seen. And I went through my mind that it was a secret weapon from Russia and then I thought well it can’t be that because they had something like that they wouldn’t need to fear anybody or anything were you scared by it did you run indoors I was petrified I couldn’t move a muscle I was paralyzed with fear but now i wouldn’t be because now when I look back you know I think what an amazing thing to have happened and for me to have seen it and when your husband came home where were you well the office I was locked in the house with my children under a big kitchen table that we were using under the table yes it’s funny now when I look back you know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but this is the truth this happened and that’s it we were ridiculed. It was very embarrassing at the time and people possibly thought oh she’s a nutter but you know who cares this is something that’s happened to me and I’m a practically minded person and that’s it while the story is an exceptional note that while Mrs. Rustenberg tells it she is not dramatic not performing for the benefit of the camera but rather measured and resolute her body language that of someone who has nothing to hide and nothing to gain from lying but what makes Mrs. Rustenberg’s story so particularly relevant here is not her apparent sincerity but rather where her story took place only a few years before her alleged encounter. Mrs Rustenberg’s hometown of staffordshire england was the location of the largest military accident ever recorded november 27 1944 forever known to residents of staffordshire as the day the world blew up on that day over 4 000 tons of bombs shells and rifle ammunition stored in an underground RAF facility were accidentally ignited the result was the largest non-nuclear explosion in human history under a mushroom cloud thousands of feet high the surrounding countryside was obliterated farms wiped out and a reservoir destroyed fields were littered with the carcasses of mutilated livestock and fish while many people died left behind at the site of the explosion was a smouldering crater some 100 feet deep and 400 yards across known today as the Hanbury crater making things worse though the explosion had been immense it had not impacted the entire underground stash of weapons not all the bombs had exploded it was too dangerous to attempt to recover the undetonated explosives the ground too unstable and the threat of another explosion too high forcing the government to leave the volatile cash underground does this give Mrs Roostenberg’s story of her alien encounter more credibility think about it the connection between UFOs and dangerous weapons has already been established. At the highest levels of American power perhaps the UFO Mrs. Rustenberg saw was just there to check on the ticking time bomb beneath her feet perhaps the UFO was looking out for us. This idea can be expanded beyond the borders of the English-speaking west and beyond simply dangerous weapons April 26 1986 will forever be remembered as a dark day in human history. On that day the number four reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the north of Ukraine melted down spewing radioactive contamination across the soviet union and Europe in the worst nuclear disaster in human history. Hundreds of thousands were evacuated and millions more affected by the Chernobyl disaster and yet according to some, it could have been much worse on the night of the disaster as the reactor was melting down employees at the plant reported seeing something incredible hovering in the sky over reactor four in the words of one such employee senior Dosametrician Mikhail Vertisky. We saw a ball of fire and it was slowly flying in the sky I think the ball was six or eight meters in diameter then we saw two rays of crimson light stretching towards the fourth unit the object was some 300 meters from the reactor the event lasted for about three minutes the lights of the object went out and it flew away in the north-western direction think back to the rays of a UFO causing a nuclear missile to tumble out of space outside big Sur California in 1964. What were the results of these rays of crimson light shining on reactor 4 at Chernobyl in 2002 the Russian news outlet provided an answer in an investigation on the incident the UFO brought the radiation level down they reported the level was decreased almost four times this probably prevented a nuclear blast maybe it is not weapons specifically which are connected with UFOs but rather humanity’s tendency to come close to destroying itself? On March 11 2011 the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit off the east coast of Japan. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan and the nearby city of Fukushima, the results were dire the quake caused not one but three meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant spewing radioactive contamination into the atmosphere and flooding radioactive isotopes into the pacific ocean it was the worst nuclear disaster. Since Chornobyl yet much like Chernobyl at the time the plant was melting down unusual activity was spotted in the skies above it strange white orbs moving unnaturally in the sky what were these orbs up to and is it possible as is alleged in the case of Chernobyl that they were somehow mitigating the disaster could the Fukushima nuclear meltdown have been worse if not for these UFOs some say an answer was provided in 2016 when the 6.9 magnitude Fukushima earthquake struck just southeast of the city through the Fukushima nuclear plant’s operations had been shut down after 2011. It still contained nuclear reactors which would take decades to decommission reactors which once more would threaten meltdown in the face of disaster as the quake hit those still working inside the plant watched with terror as part of the cooling system required to prevent such a meltdown inexplicably shut down at just that moment a UFO appeared in the skies above the plant incredibly despite the shutdown of part of the cooling system almost no temperature increase was recorded in the reactors there was no meltdown and no nuclear disaster could the UFO seen in the skies as the quake hit have somehow prevented disaster in light of the alleged instances at Fukushima and Chernobyl and the well-documented connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons perhaps an intercepted broadcast from a purported galactic command warning about a disaster which threatens your world is not as far-fetched as it may have seemed perhaps Robert Salas was not wrong when he surmised aliens were trying to send us a message about our destruction then again maybe it goes beyond simply an intercepted broadcast beyond abstract warnings maybe it is more of a partnership. Hayim shed is something of a legend in his own time for thirty years he served as the head of Israel’s space program three times earning the Israel defense prize the highest civilian defense honor in the state of Israel while personally overseeing the launch of 20 Israeli satellites he is appropriately known as the father of Israel’s space program. This is why it was so stunning when in 2020 after retiring from his post Eshed gave an interview to yeti at Aharonat the largest newspaper in Israel in which he spoke of things previously unheard of from someone in his position aliens have not only already visited earth as shed dramatically claimed but have contacted and forged relationships with world governments. These aliens, according to Escher represent an intergalactic space federation that has been watching over humanity tracking all nuclear activity and preventing nuclear wars not all the governments of the world know he explained there is a group of partners Americans Russian Japanese British Chinese who are coordinating not to reveal this and they asked not to publish it perhaps Haim Etched is lying perhaps he would throw away an award-winning career on a ruse or maybe he is merely the first in such a position of power, to tell the truth, could an intergalactic space federation be watching over humanity without most of us even knowing it’s happening or maybe we know more than we realize. It was July of 1992 when Peter Curry awoke to a distressing situation he was paralyzed unable to move but fully conscious more alarmingly he realized a strange woman was sitting on top of him straddling his body she had unusual features blonde hair and milky white skin with large blue eyes and protruding cheekbones on the corner of the bed sat another woman an Asian looking female. According to curry slowly and without speaking the woman on curry’s chest turned to the other woman touched her stomach then pointed to the sky as she did the two strange women disappeared afterward curry searched the room for evidence of their having been there and found it unlike in so many other instances this time there seemed to be physical evidence left behind a single hair feeling he had proof of an alien encounter curry brought the hair to an independent biochemistry lab for analysis and the results were unbelievable the hair was optically clear like nylon fishing line. According to biomolecular chemist Horus Drew there’s nobody on earth who has hair that is optically clear moreover whereas human hair has one DNA type this hair had two a blue-eyed light-skinned Celtic lineage at the root and a rare Chinese lineage in the shaft how were these things possible to the lab scientists it seemed as though the hair might be alien. Note that the alleged aliens Peter Curry encountered did not have the appearance of the aliens we know in popular culture those small gray beings with bulbous heads and large black eyes no curry’s aliens appeared more human blonde hair blue eyes the milky white skin she looked almost Scandinavian recall Mrs. Rustenberg from Staffordshire and how she described the aliens she saw these people were beautiful that’s the only way I can describe them they had long golden hair like a page boy bob did she and Peter curry come into contact with the same type of aliens and if so who are they some 500 light-years from earth nestled within the Taurus constellation lies the Pleiades star cluster made up of hundreds of stars seven are visible to the naked eye on a clear night leading the cluster to become referred to in modern times as the seven sisters for as long as human beings have been recording their thoughts the Pleiades Star cluster has held a place of special and strangely similar importance in ancient Egypt. The seven visible stars of the Pleiades cluster represented seven goddesses providing nourishment to worshippers Scandinavian traditions spoke of the Pleiades as the daughters of the Norse goddess of love and fertility with people painting seven spots on their houses for protection in ancient Rome the school of thought known as hermeticism spoke of the seven stars of the Pleiades as possessing the secrets of a higher level of consciousness while in China the Zhaoling mausoleum which contains the tomb complex of the founder of the Ming dynasty is laid out in the arrangement of the seven stars of the Pleiades and is said to contain great cosmic secrets Cherokee traditions in North America even spoke of their people having actually originated in the Pleiades cluster coming to earth as star seeds with a mission to bring light and knowledge. What is most curious about these traditions and others like them is the repeated use of seven stars of Pleiades as their foundation in actuality there are not seven stars visible to the naked eye but six. So how do modern scientists wonder did the ancients keep speaking of seven did ancient civilizations have some sort of special information regarding the Pleiades and why did they keep ascribing similar characteristics to the cluster knowledge and consciousness nourishment and protection some in more modern times have an answer. According to UFO-logists, the Pleiades star cluster is not just another point in the sky but the home to a race of alien beings known as the Pleiadains finally these Pleiadains are said to be a benevolent race closely related to but more emotionally and spiritually developed than humans interested in helping humanity on its evolutionary journey if this is true then perhaps it is why the ancients continually spoke of the Pleiades as a place of knowledge and protection notably the Pleiadains are said to have a much different appearance than the grey big-headed aliens of popular culture. Rather the Pleiadains are often referred to as Nordic aliens due to their purported Scandinavian appearance blonde hair milky white skin blue eyes could these be the aliens seen by Peter curry and Mrs. Rustenberg could they be the ones disabling our nukes and mitigating our disasters could these Pleiadians be part of an intergalactic command looking out for us and if so how might they be trying to help us now in may of 1988 Barbara Marciniak set out. On a journey that would change her life forever for three weeks she travelled with a new age group through the ancient temple sites of Egypt and Greece from the great pyramid to the temple at Delphi and beyond on the final day of the trip having exchanged hugs and emotional goodbyes with her compatriots on the tour Marciniak suddenly felt an insatiable urge to meditate she rushed back to her hotel room where she sat with eyes closed and back erect her mind returning to the king’s chamber of the great pyramid suddenly involuntarily Marciniak began to speak out loud in a whispered voice except shockingly the voice was not he town whose voice is this Marceniak wondered inside her mind to her surprise she immediately received a response out of her lips we are the Pleiadains the voice said a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system Marciniak was concerned who in their right mind was going to believe I was in contact with and speaking for ET’s. She wondered after half an hour the voice stopped yet it did not leave her it returned then again and again day after day until suspecting herself to be some sort of messenger Marceniac began to record herself whenever she was compelled to speak in this Pleiadains voice. Today Marciniak is the author of seven books written from these recordings which have been translated into 20 languages and sold nearly a million copies worldwide. She travels the world spreading the messages she purports to have received from the Pleiadains the question is then what messages have they told her to start Marciniak says she was told of an ancient alien species who ceded their DNA throughout the universe founding numerous offshoot species throughout the galaxy including in the Pleiades star cluster and on planet earth in the words of the Pleiadains spoken through Marciniak. Our ancestors were some of the original planners of earth orchestrators who seeded world’s and civilizations with creativity and love our ancestors are also your ancestors and we like to call you our ancient family as indeed you are our ancestors who gave their DNA to the original planters and this DNA became part of the DNA of the human species. Remember the traditions of the Cherokee who spoke of themselves as star seeds of an alien race from the Pleiades cluster perhaps they were onto something the idea that alien DNA is a part of human DNA is not myth or conjecture but part of an ongoing discussion at the highest levels of modern science. Look to Dr. Francis crick the English scientist who won the 1962 Nobel prize for his work deciphering the helical structure of DNA laying the groundwork for understanding DNA structure and functions in his work crick noted that the small pieces of DNA that coded for proteins seem to float in a sea of elements with no apparent purpose genetic gibberish crick suggested that these other elements this genetic gibberish was little better than junk what was this junk crick had an answer a theory known as Directed Panspermia. Simply Directed Panspermia means that life was deliberately spread across the galaxy including to earth by an advanced ancient alien civilization leaving bits of our alien beginning in human DNA. Yes, the man who won the Nobel prize for his work deciphering DNA was saying that within our DNA was the DNA of aliens crick’s work was continued in the seminal human genome project which brought together scientists, mathematicians, and computer programmers from all over the world between 1990 and 2003 to map the entire DNA sequence of the human genome. Crucially the project found that 97 of human DNA cricks junk had no apparent function this did not make sense if the junk DNA had no function that is no purpose then it could not be explained by evolution it would not fit in with the process of the survival of the fittest so why was it there and how did it get there one human genome project researcher had an answer we have to come to grips with the unbelievable notion that every life on earth carries genetic code for his extraterrestrial cousin. We hypothesize that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets earth is just one of them return to the idea that an alien race called the Pleiadains is watching over humanity would this not make more sense if they were quite literally our extraterrestrial cousin’s related offspring of an ancient alien race that seeded the universe with its DNA. If they are our cousins no wonder they want to help us. According to Barbara Marciniak, this help goes beyond just nuclear weapons and disasters rather the Pleiadains are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation like an older more evolutionarily advanced sibling they have come to help humans in their transition to the next stage of evolution in the words of the Pleiadains spoken through Marciniak a transition is about to occur a dimensional shift that will lessen the density of the third dimension so that you will move into higher dimensions in which the body does not have such a solid-state but how can this transition take place. The Pleiadains instruct when people pay more attention to nature and care for the earth rather than obsessing on war and financial portfolios you will know the transition to greater awareness has truly taken hold the land must be loved into vitality and nature must be recognized and cherished as an intelligently designed interactive system of information that connects you to layers upon layers of multi-dimensional realities, as you shift your perceptions you will be able to rebuild your civilization based on value and respect for all life. Barbara Marciniak and others who channelled the Pleiadains affirmed that the Pleiadains race has advanced thousands of years beyond us in technology and spiritual understanding they inhabit many planets some of which are Pata Era Samgassi and Ketzel and many others although they are spread in many planets in the Pleiades cluster they maintain a balance by having a low number of people on each planet to preserve both their and their planet’s health they live in harmony with each planet and consider themselves one with nature and all other life forms around them they don’t have any religion although they are very spiritual they don’t have any currency system as well and they distribute goods freely with everyone contributing to their society in different ways. According to chandlers the Pleiadains possess records of earth’s entire history and all civilizations that developed here. It’s been said that they helped and influenced many of these civilizations including Atlantis, Lemuria, and other unknown ancient civilizations we have an entire video in which we discuss the many clues supporting the theory that the lost continent of Lemuria better known by the ancient Tamil culture as Kumari kandam existed the link is in the comment section is this possible that our extraterrestrial Pleiadain cousins are not only watching out for our safety but attempting to help us move into the next stage of evolution one based on value and respect for all life is this. Why they have been so interested in turning off our nuclear weapons and mitigating our disasters and could they have contacted Barbara Marciniak with the words to make this evolution a reality the answers to these questions remain to be seen but if the Pleiadains are to be believed a change is coming one which in their words will not only affect earth it will affect your future our present and the entire universe. 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Let’s now hear again from Shunyamurti to tie his message about the early tribes knowing this, thousands of years ago and how all our information seems to congeal. He also says the thrust of our transformation in kicking out our egos will be totally on us. Our relatives, the ETs (Extraterrestrials in that they are not incarnated in flesh) cannot or will not tramp over our free will. He also says as we transform to a higher frequency it will be easier for the rest to follow with less effort. So, we need not rest on our own good favor, but continue to help others to raise the frequency of the earth. There will be a video in a later group of videos showing how the reactions of all peoples in the world increased the vibrations of the earth’s surface hundreds of times without us even knowing our emotions could do that. If we work with the same goal in mind we will succeed soon. Other videos including some of the Tarot readers helping me stay informed about my progress with the book and how I will be soon rewarded for my efforts are being placed here with more in another section. . I am still not to the point of doing my own channeling or have not concentrated on it enough to be, nor have I taken the time to study spiritual healing until now.

A new world is coming soon. Shunyamurti teacher

we are gathered here on a very holy day, a sacred day. a day made sacred originally by the Mayan people who are able to foresee much of the future of the end of this world age and the beginning of the next. But it’s not only the Mayans, but all the peoples of the world. In the ancient world in particular, whose calendars have prophesied that we would come to this period. In India it’s the end of Kali Yuga and the beginning of the next Satyuga. And in that sense it’s the most auspicious time in the calendar of the ages, recognized as such in Christianity as the time of the Apocalypse. And apocalypse as you know means unconcealment, the time of the revelation of the truth of God and the presence of God, mythologized as the return, the second coming of Christ, mythologized by the Islamic people as the coming of the twelfth Imam by the Shiites and the coming of the time of Allah, and by every other people understood as the end of the age. The Buddhist know it as the time of the coming of Maitreya, the final Buddha of the age. So we are celebrating a universal moment. And the actual day of the calendar is not relevant except as a symbolic pointer to a period of time, a purgatorial period in which transformation is urgent, imperative in order to help usher in this new age successfully. It is our graduation. It is our souls that are on trial. It is our purification that is at stake, our destiny, the destiny of our planet, but the destiny more importantly of our own souls in relation to God. So, we should take this day without most seriousness, not so much as some countdown to some final destruction, but as a moment in which we can ascend, in which the energy field is open for the realization of our true nature, in which there is an alignment of all the levels of reality to bring about the most auspicious result of the transformation of our exhausted world into a renewed world, from a world of war and conflict and poverty and aggression and disease and pathology, suicide and all of the other negativities we all know so well, to an age of peace and prosperity and harmony and love, of true God consciousness, an age in which the divine potential of our being is realized, all that had been forgotten and repressed in our hearts now wants to come to the surface again, to free us from the bondage of the ego. And this is a day in which we can devote ourselves to making that a reality, not just a dream, not a hope, not wishful thinking, but to make it real, though our own inner process that will not tolerate any internal resistance to our achievement of our own liberation. And we can approach this day and we should approach it on three different levels. It has significance at the ego level. It has difference significance at the soul level and a third level of significance for the Atman, for the spirit, for God consciousness. At the ego level people tend to make four different errors in relationship to this time period. One of those two is completely cynical and say there’s no end coming, it’s business as usual, this is the way it is. There have always been wars. There have always been troubles. But we muddle through. Don’t worry about it. It’s not going to affect us in the long run. It’s hype. And just keep on with your tunnel vision and stay in denial. But those who are taking that approach are finding that their denial is cracking, by virtue of the radical nature of the changes that are happening, that can no longer be denied from climate change to genocidal warfare that’s spreading across the globe to diseases that we have no drugs to treat, to a lack of water and food supply, of draught and weather conditions that are unprecedented, etc, etc. etc. and this leads to the second error of those who see only the end, who see only the death of a world, the collapse of the global financial situation, oncoming wars and unredeemable sinful humanity without hope, and who are living in despair and devastation because of that error in judgment and we must not fall into that trap of Nihilism. This is not the end of the world. This is the opportunity for bringing a new world into existence. But it’s an opportunity that depends on us. And so, the third error that is made is by those who believe there doesn’t have to be an end to the world. the new world can come without disaster, without apocalypse, without end. Let’s just pretend it’s already begun and celebrate it and ignore the disasters that are occurring all around us, not to mention our own egoic suffering that we can avoid for only so long. And so, no, there is an end. The new world is not yet here except in the heart of those for whom that has become real. And we can become those if we truly transform. But if not, we will have to face the karma of our trying to airbrush reality and pretend that we don’t have to do the purification of our souls and that we can get away with chanting and hand-holding and praying and rituals and gatherings in which we all talk our bravado of isn’t it all wonderful. But, no, we have to be more truthful than that and face both sides of this moment, the darkness as well as the light. And then the fourth error is made by those who see all the three others but they think the end will be coming through some miraculous intervention from outside of ourselves, whether it’s an army of angels who will save us from ourselves, or it’s an army of extraterrestrial saviors or it’s some other permutation of a religious belief, but no, it will not happen from outside, doesn’t mean there aren’t angels, but we have to become those angels, doesn’t mean there aren’t extraterrestrials, but it doesn’t mean they’ll save us either. We have to merit any help we get from within or from without. It is we that have lost touch with our goodness, our love, our God consciousness and we who must reclaim it through our own surrender to God within, through our own renunciation of the lower chakras of the ego and of playing the game of dishonesty with ourselves and pretense that things are better than they are and the manyana game of waiting for something to happen without my having to do it. But waiting for God, it is hopeless. And the time for waiting, the margin for error is now at an end and that is what this day signifies. It’s not that this is the last day in time, but it is the last significant moment for us to make the commitment to our own transformation and to creating a new kind of community, a new kind of relationship with one another, not based on greed, based on arrogance, not based on the hunger of the ego, not based on the fool-heartedness of the ego’s mind that sees only its own self-interest and not that of the whole. It’s that, that must be renounced. It’s the surrender to the realization that the welfare of one is the welfare of all. And that who we are is not limited to the body, it’s not limited to this lifetime. It’s not limited to any egoic nature. It’s not limited to one ethnic group, one religious belief. It’s not limited in any way, and any limitation of our love and our identification is a denial of love to those who are left out of our concern. And that is the great sin, so unless we reach a state of ultimate non-duality in which our love is universal, in which our realization is that we are all one with all beings of the cosmos and that we are one with the source and creative power and intelligence and love that brought this cosmos into being. Without that surrender, the renaissance, the new world cannot be born. And we must each take full responsibility for that birth. And so, the death of the old world is the death of the ego, nothing less and nothing more. But the death of the ego must come as a voluntary renunciation of partial love and partial truth for the complete truth and the complete love of the Supreme Being that ultimately we are. And to see that beauty of being ness in everyone without yielding to any deviation of turning beauty that is divine into desire for something physical, for possession of some form or for anxiety and fear and the attempt to protect some form, but into the surrender to the formless, the eternal, the supreme power that needs no protection. And unless we come under that protection by realizing our oneness with that, we cannot pass through this time of trials and tribulations in which any other power will collapse. Every other power is disintegrating, whether it’s the power of money or even the ground under our feet. All of that is changing. The earth is changing. Life is changing. In order for us to realize that we are dependent on only one power, that one that we have forgotten and that we have forgotten that we are.
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

The plan for your upliftment. Hang in there. It’s been a wild ride. Find your gratitude. Keep working with your higher self. Bring your light through these certainly are trying times but it will not break us. We need to keep shinning bright love, healing light , and hugs to you. At our higher level we see all before us. And it is a quagmire of actions that are mostly negative. But we must give credit to those who are attempting to bring stability and purpose into your lives. There is a cleansing taking place that is proving successful but the size of the task is formidable, so it is impossible to accurately predict when it will be near completion. However progress is being made and success is assured. It is no mean task to round up the dark ones who have broken the law and assure a stop to their activities. The purge will go on until it is safe to introduce beneficial changes that will lift the people up. The plan for your upliftment has already been prepared and simply waiting for the right circumstances to proceed. Time has not been wasted and much has been prepared in advance. So that nothing will be lost because of the delays. Regardless of outer appearances much is in place that can be introduced at short notice. The dark ones whether they realize it or not are beginning to feel uneasy as the vibration continues to lift up and they will be eventually left behind to experience consequences of their actions. They know that they are losing the battle with the light. And some are already planning their escape by leaving the earth. However they will find their path blocked and eventually they will have to answer for their misdeeds. So be assured that none shall escape justice. Knowing this, should give you the satisfaction that justice will prevail. You might well ask why action could not have been taken before? But as we have often remarked there has to be an ideal time when success can be assured. That time has arrived, which is why we are absolutely certain of our total success in due course. The tasks ahead are still monumental, but we know that success is within our grasp. We have prevented major happenings that could have led to the destruction of earth and although you may feel that was most unlikely, we can assure you that the dark ones would have carried out such an abomination rather than accept defeat. The danger is over, but there is still much to do to contain their desire to cause havoc upon the earth. In the long run you will look back at this period in your history and be thankful that you were able survive a most difficult time when all life was threatened. Since 2012 you were always destined to overcome those threatening to take over the world and you are now allowed to receive help from the forces of light. That will continue but it is you who will have to make all of the first moves, otherwise we could be seen to be interfering with your free will. So have no fear about the future as your destiny is assured to lead you to a peaceful and trouble free life. Do not lose heart as times are still tough on you but certain things have to be dealt with before you can really relax. But it will come. Many changes will take place and may not necessarily seem beneficial for you, but be assured most are going to quickly move you into a new era that will bring you many advances. We have touched upon them previously and it is apparent that they will propel you into the new age. The stage will then be set for even better things and in short time your lifestyle will be far removed from that which you have now. The drudgery and time consuming ways that you accept now will be replaced in such a way that it will free up a lot of time that you can use for your own benefit. Life will become quite different from what you’re used to know and travel will become quite normal. New means of transport that give you more time for yourself. It is all in the making and the sooner mankind progressed from the present mess you are in the sooner new waves of living can be introduced. Be patient as all will come to you in good time. What you call the bad times will eventually come to an end and be replaced by exciting and very acceptable changes. You have been deliberately held back by the dark ones while they have enjoyed the benefits they kept for themselves. All through history life has been a struggle, yet it has been a means of giving you the experience you needed to evolve. You have now done the hard bit and from here on matters will gradually get better as you catch up on lost time. You can hardly imagine what awaits you. But you will hear of new inventions and ways of living that far surpass what you are presently used to. Your future is assured and you’re being prepared for a way of life quite from what you are now used to. People can speculate as how things will change but can hardly imagine some of the new innovations and ideas that are being worked upon. Obviously you are being prompted to follow a certain path that will provide you with the opportunities you seek and you will be helped all of the ways. Some of you complain wondering what you’ve done to deserve your present life experiences. But do not forget that you agreed to your life plan before you were birthed upon earth. All major points of your life have been pre-arranged and agreed upon by you. So inwardly you know that you have experiences that you needed to further your evolution. After all that is the purpose of your life, to travel a path that takes you back to the higher realm from whence you came. Do you realize that most souls close to you have probably spent previous lives with you and sometimes whole families come together in a series of lives? But not necessarily
in exactly in the same relationship. It tells you why some families are so close together and tightly bonded. Obviously some relationships are simply to create the lesson you need and in reality may not be very pleasant but will achieve the reason they have taken place. So consider why you have certain experiences to handle and hopefully you can progress from them. Obviously some are where you’re part of the story but not directly involved. It gets quite complicated at times but in the end it inevitably works out as intended. Even allowing for free will. I leave you with love and blessings and may the light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my higher self, my god self and every soul has the same connection to god in love and light.
As long as there is light within the soul there is hope. All things are possible. Your soul is the essence of eho you truly are. It is timeless, ageless, and eternal. Surrender. Just let go. Trust the universe…it will catch you. Remember. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astounding light of your own being


Have you ever wondered or seen why things just all of a sudden turned out miraculous for yoy? Have you ever noticed how sometimes the things you want they just appear or what we call good luck or something just turn out in your favor? Things just start to magically work out for you ? What’s going on there? Well, you ar3 being guided and helped from another dimension, the angels realm, angels. Angels are spiritual beings, spiritual beings are non-physical beings. Yu can’t perceive them in this dimension because the way our eyes see reality or the light spectrum. We only see 5% of the light. So these beings exist in a higher tone of frequency. Spiritual beings, they call the Angels. These angels dwell in various levels of the spiritual energy realm. And they are layered around the earth in different dimensions, 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions. And they protect it. so an angel is basically a guide, a guide to help you along your journey. They’re kind of; I like to refer to them as the overseer. They can interfere. They can create all types of environment to help you in you higher self, achieve things you want. All right? So they’re usually nine orders of angelic beings. One being the highest order and the first sphere, these are angels who serve as the counselors, I would like to take counselors, they’re the ones that always see things, so you got number one which is Seraphim to Cherubim and the Thrones. The second sphere would be the ones who govern. They’re the number four would be the Dominions, Virtues and Powers. So let’s break them down and you can see what rolls they play. So of course the highest order of the hierarchy is the Seraphim. These beings are said to really resonate high within the universe or about what we call God, the universe, okay? They’re the ones that regulate the movements of everything that operates within the universe. Then we have the Cherubim. They’re beyond the universal energy. Thrones, they’re the guardians of light and of the stars, okay? They can pop in and out of reality. Their light can touch your life. These are the ones that have divine light. They filter down from the universe, okay? Then yo have the Thrones, the first order or the first sphere in the Thrones. They are the companion angels on the planet. So when I say companion angels on the planet, more like guardian angels, right? At this time it’s important for you to be aware of these particular beings. Because our universe exists in these different dimensions and these different spiritual beings and they all exist to help us, to guide us, right? And wew move on to the Dominions, the dominions are the heavenly beings who govern the activities of all the angelic groups, lower than they are divine, they also serve to integrate spiritual and material worlds. So these beings are the ones that can help you get the material things in your life. They can open ways for you, doors, opportunities and they’re connected to your reality. The Dominions are more intertwined in your reality than the angels. The other angels can pop in and out and there are different dimensions and they exist and kind of orchestrate things that you see, when you look at the universe, you see how things work in order or things come around. It’s because of these processes that operate with these divine beings, okay? Then we have the Virtues. Beyond the powers of our… another beings are the Virtues. They are particularly important because they learn to work with the other angels, okay? They become an infusion of spiritual energy available on this planet. So the Virtues are the ones that give us that, we know, when you feel real high, real good, re3al positive, that love, that affection. That’s the virtues. They’re sending that energy down so that you can experience that. So these beings, they in fact exist and they have a purpose to orchestrate, to guide, to create, okay? We have also Archangels. Okay? Archangels are over lightning angels. They tend to get into the larger areas or arenas of human endeavor. They’re from a different family of angels. They have different kinds of duties, etc. and thenwe have the regular angels, the ones you are familiar with. They’re the ones closest to humanity as well. These are the ones concerned with your human affairs. Within this category of course different kinds. But the point here that I really want you to take away from this is just to have the awareness to realize that we exist in an infinite dimension of these different frequencies and these beings, they inhabit these higher levels of awareness and when you walk around in your daily life, you see things happening and many individuals have experienced angels helping them, saving them. We all see it and they do exist. And this is just another example, point for you to really think about, that what you see right now is not reality it’s frequency. You’re on this plane of energy and vibration and you have to become aware of this. And many of you are also known as light workers. Many of you have angelic DNA. Do you know what angelic DNA is? Angelic DNA is a part of you that has this consciousness that you were brought here to do great things. Some of us are brought here to be teachers, influencers. The great ideas, artists. These individuals, they can see things. Thy have high perceptions. They’re known as light workers. You may have that ability. You were kept asleep of this ability because of a driven point in your physical existence, known as your ego. When you got here you got amnesia. You were cut off and you didn’t realize who you were. Angels are here to remind you of that. They’re there to guide you on your part of experience. So you have to understand that all of this is an important component of how you understand the universe and how you can use this to help you and to help you to definitely make a big change in your life and to help you to create a marvelous reality. So what I really want you to do is think about that, about what I said. The dimensions of different energy, frequencies. You know these beings are very powerful beings, capable of anything you would like to achieve and it’s easy to interact. You just have to call on them. To call on them, just being aware that they’re there, and you use that heart. Your heart will connect to the angels. Your heart is the power that can access all these dimensions. Did you know that? Your heart. An electromagnetic wave is very, very powerful, ten, twenty, thirty one hundred times more powerful than the mind, the subconscious. And these beings, they interact there. That’s how you get in contact with them. Remember, now these beings are eternal. What is eternal? Forever, infinite. You are eternal, infinite. You aware of that? Spiritually? So you’re here in a physical form because you have to experience something, to teach, to learn, but your true source, your true nature is a spiritual form. It’s known as your higher self that’s also part of an angel an angelic class. Your higher self exists outside of this dimension but it guides you along the way. So I want you to just become aware of this information. Yet I want you now to just become aware of that. Wow, there’s really more to this universe. There’s really more to this world because now with the age of information and science, we’re tapping into new horizons and now we can see that when we observe things in our life, we’re just seeng tiny surface matter. Now imagine if upu had the ability to tune and you see these dimensions. You can interact with these angels. You can actually see them. When you see them though, they’re an energy form. Sometimes angels can appear as physical form depending on the purpose to serve. But their true nature is light, very powerful energy, alright? If you look at them in a physical form, the powerful energy would blind you instantly, because your physical body or physical mind is incapable of processing. All that information will burn the cells in your eyes etc. so it just shows you how powerful these beings are and we exist. So you can use angels to help you. It’s very simple. All you have to do is become aware that they exist, acknowledge it in your heart. You communicate to them through the heart. Speak what you want through the heart. Ask for help. You don’t have to ask any special way. You can just speak what you feel. And they’re there to listen and they’re there to guide you, and they can awaken your true purpose, your gifts and abilities as light workers because we all came here. We all have gifts and abilities. You just have forgotten it. They’ll help you to tap into it today. So this is just to give you some new awareness and show you where you exist, how much information, how much power you have and the help that’s available to help you become a deliberate creator.
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

the world is about to be changed forever.
Pleiadains 2021

Good morning lights, Ashtar, affirm to the higher self your choice. Dear brother of the planet earth, I am Ashtar Sherian. I come here today to bring you good news. There is nothing to worry about anymore. The weapons HAVE ALL BEEN DESTROYED. SO NOW we will begin a new phase. The phase of the liberation of the surface. Actually this phase has already been started a long time ago. We have not been standing still. Waiting for their internal process to finish. Before coming to the surface. Many actions have already been taken on the surface of your planet. However the great thinking minds and major representatives of those who dominate them are still around the planet. And the process of simply removing them from power is not an easy and simple process. Because it is like a cartoon where we take them out and they put them back in. so many of the people that you see today are no longer the real people. They are clones of the people who once played that role. So ending this whole farce is the big goal now. To end the lies. To end the control. So that we can actually start the process of ascension. But not the actual ascension of you migrating to the 5th dimension there is still much to be done. There will still be many changes on your planet for the event to actually happen. The light comes stronger and stronger and with it the changes. With it the actions, so as we have asked here in unison together with the same voice is that you be prepared. Today you shout all the time that the world is in chaos. You don’t know what chaos is. You have no idea what will happen. But at no time do we say that here for panic or despair. We don’t want you to be taken by surprise. You have come a long way. And even the newest arrivals already have the necessary understanding for what is to come. I can tell you that each one of you will go through tests and profound tests in order for you to effectively recognize yourselves as aspirants to the 5th dimension. So no judgment, no anger, no inciting others against this or that because you will only be adding to the chaos. To the imbalance. Just walk away from it all. It is as if you have entered a time capsule comfortable with everything you need and no matter how much you hear the noises, the comments, the screams, the despair the doubts of the attacks from the outside you will feel nothing. Because we hope that you have already learned not to suffer the suffering of others. And understand that you are all reaping the fruits of your own decisions, of your own life’s journey, of your soul’s choices of the resistance to see that there is something beyond the horizon. Many want to continue believing that the world is only what they know and do not want to broaden their vision because for them it is comfortable and safe to believe only in that. And when there are forces to see beyond, and simply discover that they could have taken a step beyond long ago and didn’t. The revolt will be great. Because they will realize that they have wasted parts of their lives believing in lies, believing in interests not in truth. To be a light worker, to be a star seed, no matter what label you want to put yourself on, I prefer to call all you aspirants to the fifth dimension because you are all training day by intense. We respect this, but day by harsh lessons, hard exercises, but you are walking. Passing obstacle by obstacle. Many of you can’t take it. You ask to stop because the exercises are too intense. We respect this but we only warn them not to rest for too long because it is like the soldier who by practicing continuous exercises, his muscles, and his cells become strong. And powerful. But if he stops and then continues his cells also stop and that whole mechanism of action, of courage, of struggles fall asleep and the new walk will be a little bit more difficult, until it picks up the rhythm again.
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

A Tarot card reading for the Pisces zodiac sign; for me. I will include more in the last chapter to show how I was supported and guided by the angels and spirit guides during the writing of the book.
Death of ego. Things you are processing and going through are starting to show up in your reality.
See the work you have to do to shed what you have to shed. Making a choice to be more in control of emotions. Or a choice is coming up that will require to be not so logical. You can handle what comes your way juggle the things that matter to you. Pick your battles focus on right stuff. What is worth getting upset about and what is not. Soul mate connection and return to innocence

Kryon Explains Why it’s So Special to See
11 11 and other repeating numbers

Numerology ties in to the visitors who gave us the start to figuring it all out. That is until the other extra terrestrial’s took it away via the church.
Refer to in science section
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

Kryon Jan 2022 Hiding in Plain Sight 4/4 healing wed. Episode 68 Control your dreams
Greetings dear ones. I am Kryon of magnetic service. So much is happening dear ones your question about dreams and reframing things and the body reorganizing things is indeed true and I will add this to that in this new energy dear ones. Spirit knows you know what you are about, spirit cooperates in so many ways to help you. Dreams are one of those ways if you have not noticed dreams seem multi-dimensional what I mean by that is they’re never linear you are in places that you used to be meeting people that should not have been there or who have even passed so, the dreams mean something else, sometimes they distract you while you work on other things and sometimes, they’re a direct relationship to what you’re learning as a lightworker. How many of you have dreams in color or perhaps that you’re flying these are dreams dear ones that show you. Indeed, you’re on the right track. Perhaps you have wished you would have dreams like that, let me tell you before you go to sleep give intent for the dreams that you wish to have and see what happens for those of you who have dreams that you don’t like, you can control that as well dear spirits you might say before you go to sleep let the dreams this time tonight enhance my magnificence let me awaken refreshed and smile at the lovely things that I’ve had presented during the night. You are so in control of the things that you might not think. You’re in control of none of you are a slave to bad dreams, you can control them completely totally like all of the other things that we’ve been telling you, you’re in charge of this is channel number four of four the title of things hidden in plain sight and we’ve given you three other things that are hidden in plain sight and some of you know those things but perhaps we’re not aware of the profundity of how you can do it or how you can use them. I’ve saved until last perhaps the most practical one it’s not esoteric some of you will say it is because you’re not understanding perhaps how it might be used but truly it is not esoteric it has to do with you doing something that no organization that is spiritual on this planet has ever told you. You could do and it’s this one you as you sit there as you live from day to day can control your reality this always gets us in trouble when we speak of this because some look askance and say look chance is chance if I step off the curb and a truck is coming that’s chance now how do you steer around the things like that how do you create a reality which will not have you step in front of a truck by chance this is where it gets good. Let me present something to you if you do not have any consciousness towards your path in other words if you simply let chance happen and it will just like you said, imagine that there is a path before you that is filled with potholes and you’ll step in several them and that’s called chance. Now think for a moment that you give consciousness toward your path and when you do dear ones, you’re presented with a path that either has no potholes or you get to steer around them through timing and synchronicity. You won’t be at that junction where the truck comes along because you have asked not to be that is how it works you connect with the field where the field has the potential for absolutely all consciousness and things that may or may not happen and you start to steer yourself through that consciousness into fields with no potholes because you are now in control of your path. Dear ones I am telling you that you have the ability not to have a chance random kind of future, it is also a consciousness of what you expect and that’s how it works. It’s not you then consciously steering yourself into places you want to go it’s you with your intent and your affirmations for your life. What are your perceptions of what you can do? Do you think your own body in your mind can project yourself into safe places for you to give intent for greater things than you have or to be in the right place at the time that you need to be? What do you think of this when you would say dear spirit tomorrow. Let me meet the people I should meet appropriately and steer me into the correct places. I’ll be aware with my intuition of those places bring me this or something better and that’s the prayer and it’s simple but if you do it every day and you do it off enough, you’re going to see, you get to control chance and you won’t be in front of the truck you will meet the people you need to meet to go to the next level that you have then projected for yourself. I wouldn’t tell you this if it were not then being able to be measured by others seen by others and so many old souls and lightworkers are participating in this your intent and your verbalization for what you want is the key we have said before so many times that you are in charge of this which is your reality through your verbalization and what you expect next it also goes to explain the opposite. How many times have we told you this you are not a victim of this planet there are those and I hope some of them are watching who feel they are and so I will say if you feel you’re a victim of this planet because bad things continue to happen over and over. Let me ask you what you expect next the answer is often more of the same, if you analyze your thoughts your verbalizations dear. One who feel you’re a victim you will find yourself telling others how bad things are you’ll find yourself verbalizing your fears I hope this doesn’t happen you’ll say and yet by the verbalization of then stating it you put it out there for it to happen, you are controlling your own life and you’re steering yourself into trouble it’s almost like indeed I’ve said it before it’s almost like you’re in a restaurant ordering on a menu and you’ve ordered things that will create that which makes you think you’re a victim. The worst things you can imagine come out of your lips and you’re not even aware of it. If you change your intent and start to expect good things even things you’ve never seen before you start to change that reality this is the way of it. This is a tool of the human being through consciousness which has always been there some will even call it a law, the law of attraction that as you put things out, they are attracted to you as you then put out on that menu the things that you are expecting to have to happen the good things. The synchronistic things the things that others say are impossible and then they start happening to you. You know it works my partner has seen it in his life others teach it. It is so real to so many including my partner that he designs his life through the expectations of things that have not arrived and when they do, he smiles. I know it works and he’s not alone there are so many who start to understand the process of conscious intent to be in the right place to meet the right people and they plan around this to such a degree that you might think they can even tell the future that’s how powerful it is. I would like to involve all of you in this kind of rejection and right now with me you might take a moment to use this gift together and follow this lead. Dear spirit I understand this gift, the dear spirit I am not a victim of chance, dear spirit my magnificence can help create a reality for myself that is healthy and steered into the correct place, not by chance. Dear spirit I intend the best for myself, dear spirit let me be in the right place at the right time, dear spirit I wish to take my magnificence and push it to the future and see the solution to all the things that are inappropriate in my life. Dear spirit this is my legacy I am aware of the new energy and I claim it for myself knowing that light will shine upon me, it’s the light of my soul, it’s the light that I came with, it is the light that will change everything from now on and if you want to put an amen at the end of that go-ahead that is traditional. Indeed, it is an affirmation a prayer and it will change your reality these things are dear. Ones proved over and over some even measurable things that are hidden in plain sight you can change your life with these things all by yourself I’I marrying in love with humanity and so it is. Greetings dear ones I am Kryon. Indeed come a little closer once again it’s an invitation for you to become just a little more multi-dimensional than you have been the circle of 12 is designed for you to feel comfortable and safe and go through indeed an exercise perhaps a meditation perhaps or a reality, it’s up to you to decide how real this is when i tell you that it’s full real what i mean by that is that you have the ability to do exactly what we describe in this the circle of twelve each time it is presented it’s done for you to have an x position and exposing of something that is different slightly but would show your magnificence and would give you an entirely perhaps different idea of what is going on with you but more than that to tell you that you have something that perhaps no one has told you about this soul of yours is attainable while you’re here we’ve told you before that the soul of your body resides within you not without you again there are those who would say that it’s on the other side of the veil and that you go there when you transition, when you die. Dear ones that are not the system at all you’re here to see how long it’s going to take to attain mastery and ascension status for the planet every single planet that has gone through this has this kind of a start new energy that starts to allow it and then it follows with humanity going through the gyrations of light and dark until light winds that have been the way of it and there has never been a planet that started in this fashion with the new energy that failed and the reason why is this because light trumps dark completely light is active dark is not active dark defined is the absence of light. Light wipes out the dark justify its being there at all the fight that we tell you about between light and dark in between the consciousness of humanity dark consciousness versus light consciousness seems to be too simple but it is not you see it all the time and what you are seeing right now to be clear in this where the date is presenting it. In in this January of 2022 what you’re seeing here is the beginning, when the light is turned on in dark places all dark consciousness reacts, they don’t sit there because they see that light can win and so what they do is the rise and fight immediately they show themselves immediately. Have you seen any of this, have you seen anything inappropriate? Perhaps for your society or your country that you’ve never seen before that’s what we talk about it doesn’t last dear ones. Dark is not very intelligent they don’t know what they look like to others dark consciousness and organizations that have dark consciousness that has always won in lower energy will not win this time they’re going to look foolish and they don’t know they’re fools. A fool does not know they’re a fool and we have said this before and there are many fools at this moment all around you who have had dark energy manipulated you for years who now are trying it yet again in a bigger way and they’re going to fail because of you because you are holding the light. Light will find its highest-level truth and it just takes time dear ones but, eventually, there will be those who come forward to show and tell let’s say there’ll be situations that happen accidents that occur which will expose that which is going on give it time don’t react too much hold the love you have for one another during this time. So, you don’t split apart and fractionalize. You can walk into the most sacred thing; you have a safe place where you can be an escape if you wish to say that but you escape into your majesty and that’s okay. The more you do it the better it feels the more you do it you get used to going to the unknown place a multi-dimensional place that you may not understand but that is safe and all it does is hug you. Imagine if you could escape to an angel any time you wanted to and the angel folds its wings and holds you. Can you imagine what that would feel like to be surrounded by divinity all the time to know that you are in a safe place and know that this life is minuscule compared to a larger plan to know that you have been to stars and galaxies and lived on other places and this whole idea of this earth is simply another scenario that you have been through before at some level some of you will remember and feel all right about it? Imagine the peace you would feel if you could be surrounded in that way and I’m telling you your angelic-ness is the same and you can do it with your wings for yourself and that is the circle of twelve we go there to exemplify your majesty, we go there to show you how sacred you are how safe you are, we go there on purpose. This is new dear ones crying never took you to these places in 32 years, this is a new energy of allowance and the allowance is this you are allowed to investigate sacred areas that many told you never could do because you were not worthy of it and you have always been worthy of it. This bridge that we have that we’re going to cross in a minute is a token you might say a metaphor and you must cross it with intent and that is you have intent pure intent to go to a place that is you that you don’t know about maybe it’s even a little foreign to you but you’re safe I want you to see the bridge in your way right now and we’re going to do something a little different. The bridge is beckoning and it says come cross me and go into unknown areas of your majestic self and so we do. I want you to stand and look at the bridge with me right now take my hand let’s go across crossing the bridge as we always do takes you through a veil of mist a metaphor for the veil that you’ve heard about all your life through the veil you go to a place that you cannot imagine that is divine and multi-dimensional and enormous and all the adjectives you can think of beauty and it’s you it always has been you this is home. Dear ones you visit earth for a while when you transition from this place this is where you go it will seem very common to you then except there’s a bit more light when you transition you understand everything you go back to where you came from and it’s different than what you see here has been linearized a little for you so that you’ll be comfortable with it it still has great majesty there’s a door you go through and we’ll go through it again and it usually goes into a theater but this particular door is different it’s not going into the theater the whole door perhaps looks a little overgrown. Yes, there are flowers and things on it know this is a different door it seemed to be in the same place but it beckons you in and it still has your name on it right above it, a name you cannot pronounce, a name that isn’t lettering that makes no sense that keeps changing, a multi-dimensional name that we sing InLight of who you are. It’s your soul’s name, you will never hear it while you’re alive. Dear ones this is something you will hear when you’re home go through the door with me and when you do, you’ll come upon the grandest pasture of lawn that you’ve ever had you’ve ever seen it’s immense with hills in the background you’re in Gaia dear ones. This is a beautiful pasture of lawn that is so beautiful it’s like a grass you’ve never seen before, the greenness of it is amazing and there’s a log to sit on, it’s comfortable, not rounded necessarily but flat, so you will be comfortable when you sit upon it which I ask you to do right now there is nothing in front of you but the vast lawn that you see it, it’s on a hillside you notice that it’s rolling hills all around you in the and the trees in the distance and it’s a beautiful day and the wind is just enough that it’s like Gaia blowing upon you and you feel so peaceful here. Now some will relate to this immediately they are the Gaia lovers and what is to come they’re going to like we have introduced you to Gaia before not quite like this. Today you’re going to meet the essence of the earth represented in all of the animals who walk this planet that you think you know about but in this soul, you’re going to meet that which is the animal’s consciousness, one by one group by group. It would seem impossible what’s going to happen, i want you to know how Gaia feels about you about the consciousness perhaps if the animals could talk to you and what they might say lightworker old soul, one who will change the future of this planet you are going to meet animals group by group and they’re going to come up this hill with their families and their little ones and they’re not going to be the savages that some of you think or the ones who are frightened of you or perhaps the animal consciousness each one will have a sentence that represents Gaia and each one is going to talk to you and it may be a through z it may be like Noah it’s up to you but they’re all going to come to you and they’re going to look at you and some are going to bend the knee and say we represent Gaia and we thank you for what you’re going to do for us in the future you are what we’ve been waiting for and there will be deer and antelope and moose and the little ones and beavers and raccoons and one by one they’ll show you their families and you can appreciate it and they will speak to you so you will be able to hear them one by one and it’s going to be. A thank you every single one of them is going to thank you, the elephants and the and the tigers and the lions and the giraffes and the emu’s and all the animals you can think of in your life and some that you don’t know about one by one it’s going to take a while are you ready for that and soon you’re going to have tears because all the little ones you realize this is Gaia talking to you through the life of Gaia where trees perhaps talk in a different way the animals are part of you they’re mammals like you and each one of them will open the consciousness you never knew that they might have and talk to you one on one they’ll say thank you and what they’re thanking you for is the future of what you represent. Someone who will not then rape the planet anymore with the consciousness that will allow them to exist in ways that is appropriate for you to exist as well and they know it’s coming. This is Gaia saying thank you for what you are going to do and what is coming and you didn’t expect that one-by-one family by family they will come up the hill and wait in line it’s not something you would expect dear ones but for those of you who love the animals and love Gaia and understand what this is about. This is the connection that we ask you to have with all of the other mammals on this planet. How do you feel about that, what animals would you choose they’re all going to say thank you and you can see them as you’ve never seen them before this is the circle of 12 which matches you with that which you should see which honors you for that which you are the majesty that is there in the magnificence which is the human being and the future that you will create. Stay you have to stay some animals want to meet you and if you want to you can come and continue this anytime you want to make this real in your heart and see the sense of it for what is to come and so it is you.


When I came to you 25 years ago I said there’s potential shift coming based upon the probabilities of where you were and what you were doing. I say the same thing today. And suddenly there’s too much light. Something is starting to shift and change, what would you do? And the answer you would go on a raging campaign of fear in order to keep things the way they were. Does this sound like something you might see? You see, the planet is changing. Not just old souls, not just lightworkers. I want you to get used to the fact that this planet and consciousness and life itself is going through a real physical transition. The transition that you may think it’s going
through is that what you believe as an esoteric believer. Its very, very easy for one who has spent many years in esoteric belief, to see, feel sense energy shift. And so many of you are aware. However you are used to this. You’re also sensitive to what I will call some kinds of multi-dimensional things. Some of you will see the energy. You will be aware of the aura. But I’m talking about the earth. I’m not talking about just the old souls. This planet is going to a physical multi-dimensional shift. We prepared you for it. Kryon is the magnetic master for the first thing that I did with a grid group. From the moment I got here, 2002, was to move the grid of the planet. Now your magnetic grid is measurable with your compass. And you can go back in those years and find out just how much the magnetic grid altered North. You can see for yourself. This was not esoteric. Magnetic grid had to shift; it had to adjust for you. It is difficult for me to even begin, to talk to you about what another dimensional shift might bring you. We have told you that you’ve never had one before, ever. You have lived in an energy literally that had one kind of paradigm that never moved. It has become then your staple, the way things are, human nature. Everything is based around the reality you’re in. As you begin to shift, consciousness will react. We told you that. We also gave you information about the actual area of space that your solar system is moving into. Astronomers are looking at coming out of the bubble. Go find this, you can. For all of existence of your life on the
Planet has been in some kind of a cosmic bubble, a protection of a kind of radiation that’s coming. The radiation is not that which will affect you adversely. It’s going to interface with the magnetic grid’s new alignment, and affect the DNA, creating advancement in time, a fast track to your evolution. We told you that. You can go check whether it’s coming or not. The whole entire planet is going to be subjected to a potential paradigm shift. Now here is where it gets good. Potential, what do I mean? When I came to you 25 years ago, I said there was a potential shift coming based upon the probabilities of where you were and what you were doing. I say the same thing today. The snow ball is rolling; it’s hard to stop it from collecting more snow and getting bigger. That is the consciousness of the planet. A slow process that weeds out the dark of the light that takes into account the reactions of all consciousness to the new energy. Imagine if you are invested in dark and evil. Imagine that for a moment. And imagine that this investment was fine, as long as nothing changed. You could control what you’re used to controlling. All of the darkness would still be yours. And suddenly, there’s a little too much light, something is starting to shift and change. What would you do? And the answer: you would go on a raging campaign of fear in order to keep things the way they were. Does this sound like something you might see? You see, the planet is changing, not just old souls, not just light workers. If you want to know specifics, ask the indigenous. For their prophecies we’re all about now. Now, this is news we’ve been giving you for some time, but I’ve compiled it into a few minutes. Dare I say: it’s beautiful? The fact that it is happening at all, is beautiful. You passed the marker, more than past mark. You did it with flying colors. It wasn’t even close. You didn’t need a confrontation. You didn’t need a war. You didn’t need to reduce the population by millions of people, in order to wake up. You did it by yourself. And when the precession of equinoxes arrived, the consciousness of the planet was actually higher than I predicted. And if you want to see that, you could go back and you can look at my first communication with you, which you call Kryon book one, where I gave you some of the potentials, which included a mass death experience on the planet which may wake you up, and you didn’t need it. You didn’t need to. There is a feeling on the other side of the veil. It is pride. It is not egotistical pride. It’s the kind of pride you would have for a son or daughter who excelled in everything they touched. It’s a pride that you are part of it because they carry your seeds. And that’s where we are today. Sometimes I would give what appeared to be admonitions and I would feel powerful about something that I know is happening and taking place on the planet. Never is there frustration of my side of the veil. Excitement. Is it possible for God to be excited? And the answer is yes. Is it possible for that excitement to be based in the only thing that God really has outside of free choice of yours, and that is love and benevolence, it actually shaped your evolution. And here you are. The road ahead is filled with free choice, is yours, it always was. But there is a confluence of benevolent consciousness, which is higher and larger than what we expected at this point in time. I just explained to you what’s going on, on the planet and why your news looks like it does. I want to give you a parable. Every single parable we have given has been about Wo. And if he wasn’t mentioned in the parable, it was still about Wo. Wo is not a man or a woman, but we call him a he, just because of the language differences, it helps. Wo is a Whoa, man. A genderless. It is you. Wo represents the human being. Parables are given because they are puzzles, and mean other things. But human beings love stories. They relate to stories. And this one is about you and energy. In this particular story, Wo is an old soul and a lightworker and he lives in the year 2015. The story of Wo is similar perhaps to what you might experience, maybe a little different because you’re all different. But let me paint the picture. I want to tell you who he or she is, and what Wo is going through. As an old soul, Wo has a lineage. Now listen carefully! The lineage of the old soul is one who has fought the good fight. Because this planet up to this point has had a duality which was a palatable. You could be an old soul and you could be a compassionate person but it didn’t go very far. Whatever light you had was often put out by the incredible amount of negativity and darkness on the planet. War after war, and you had to participate. Regardless of your wisdom, you’re in the battlefield. Regardless of your wisdom, the biology of life affected you. Your wisdom had nothing to do with the fact that if you were a woman, you lost children. Sometimes along the way from A to B just traveling to get away from somebody chasing. Sometimes it was in birth, sometimes it was a disease or worse. Wo carried that around, dear one. Do you relate to it? Fought the good fight. Negativity, frustration, drama, war, hate was always there, and it was there seemingly in every sector. Difficult. Especially the old, old soul from the beginning of the seeding of humanity, went through the phases where humans just never changed. Can you imagine what this has done to W’s countenance? Where he comes into this planet and he remembers at some level, it’s time to fight again. At some level, the Akash of every single human being sets the stage of expectation. You come in, ready to battle. Now that particular Akash creates in Wo a feeling where he doesn’t feel where he can do anything, and make a difference. But what he knows he can do is survive spiritually, and he does. To be the best human he can, and he tries. The Akash, sometimes holds him back because he remembers at some level, what it was like to be the shaman, to carry the information that people wanted to heal, to be the intuitive who can read somebody as they stood there. And he remembers what happened. And he remembers an ugly death because they were afraid of him. Those who have magic are witches, the Old Energy is powerful. The world went to war a number of times and Wo was part of it. Both genders were involved, both genders suffered. It was humanity. Wo was walking around in life today with a lack of self worth. Now you know why. There is no judgment dear human being for how you feel about yourself. But there is amazement at what you can’t see. Wo is like you. Life for Wo is just hanging on. All around him. He has to watch and be careful where he goes, what he says, war he does, all his life. But it’s okay. Wo knows how to develop self balance and compassion. He walks life as a happy individual because he has a god inside, it’s all he needs. But he’ still careful, when Wo goes to work, he did not select the people around him. You realize that. But you had to work with, he had to work with. There are those he likes more than others, there are those that are frustrating to him. Quite often, those who would be above him in a pay grade are the most frustrating. He tries to go around them meaning, don’t listen, don’t be where they are. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. He holds it together, but he hears the negativity that they have. He sees others around in distress because of it. Wo tries to cheer them up, or battle the energy the best he can. He’ used to it, you see. He’s a lightworker. Wo lives alone. Now this is a trait of Wo. He found himself alone because it was easier. Because if he didn’t, there was always drama and frustration. And to make things worse, the cat didn’t like him. Having an animal that you’re compassionate about, that doesn’t really like you. You would come home and the cat would pout because he had gone. When it was time for the cat to eat. He knew it because the cat would come up a and bite him. But Wo loved animals. And it was all the cat had. Wo knew the cat’s life was dependent on him. Despite this, he was still cheerful. This was Wo’s life. It was not a bad life. Actually, he liked it, because he was a home, with the battles. These were easy battles. There was no war to fight now. He didn’t have to join. There was no mass death, were no plagues anymore. That’s odd isn’t it? At a time when there was a fraction of the number of people on the planet while there was no air travel to, to carry contagion. There were no plagues. None at all. He had gone through three. Now, he didn’t know that, but his Akash carried it. He’d watch the loved ones die in front of him, such sorrow. It wasn’t this time and he knew it and he was happy for this. Wo could be a balanced human being, be compassionate. Wo was also a healer. As a lightworker, he discovered he could use his talents. He could read the disease in people and they would come to him. He had a side business as a healer. And it was a good one. But as he approached each one, Wo had to chase away the negativity both of the healey and the room. He was used to it. He fought many battles. It was okay. This is Wo’ life. Wo had powerful meditations. As a lightworker, as an old soul, he could do this. And he knew he could. This was his solace. This is what he loved the most. He had the connection to God, as much as he could. And with the biology allowed him in the energy he connected through the pineal to the higher self. And he loved it. Some of his meditations were actually close to visions, because they were real, and he could sense and see, he could smell and feel. He spent the amount of time in meditation that was perfect to Wo. He had heard stories, that you should meditate a certain amount of time a day. And he realized this was not true for him, that each old soul had their own Akash, had their own uniqueness, and had their own lessons and their own ways. And had their own wisdom. He meditated only the amount of time he needed to balance. But it’s what happened in his meditation that I want to tell you about. For almost every single one of them for over three years, had featured a door, a door. He saw the door; metaphorically he knew what it meant. It was an opportunity to move into something beyond the door, very clear. But he could sense what was on the other side. There was something more for him. More than that, if he had the ability to open it and go through it, he knew he would never have to come back to where he was. Wo learned to talk to the door. And he knew that the door had a personality an angelic ability, because it was multi-dimensional. It could give him information if he wanted. He thought perhaps that the door represented a final life time, perhaps even an appropriate death. When it was time he would walk through it and never have to comeback to the planet. He weighed all of these things in his mind. He didn’t know what the door was about until he was able to start talking to it. In the vision, he was limited what he could ask and the answers that could happen. Because he knew that he was in a space that was sacred. It didn’t work the same way in 3D. The questions he asked were literally that which did not come out of his mouth but his innate. Also was involved that which his consciousness was also involved. He would say to the door. Who are you? And the feeling he got, not the voice because he never heard a voice. He got his messages through his intuition right into his brain, as though there were a voice. And the voice was always too beautiful for words. The voice was genderless. The voice was what ever he wanted to hear. It was the most beautiful sound he could imagine. And he said who are you? And the voice said: Wo, I am your future. He didn’t understand that. How could the door be the future? Maybe the other side of the door. He saw the door, he admired it, he loved the fact that there was benevolence on the other side. Occasionally he saw it glow. Underneath the door, he could see the light. Whatever was out there, in his future, he liked it. Wo continued to have the visions of the door. Sometimes he would simply sit and be with it, knowing that someday he could go through it. He continued to think it was his demise, his death, his last time on the planet and he looked forward to that time. Then he started asking the door more questions and it was confusing. Are you my death? And the door smiles at him actually chuckled and said: No, Wo, it’s your life. Wo, didn’t understand. In this vision, he felt powerful enough to grab the doorknob and say: It’s time! If it’s my life, it’s time and it was locked. He couldn’t budge it, nothing was happening. Nothing. He talked to the door. I cannot open you and the door said: I know. He said to the door: when can I go through? And the door said: anytime you’re ready, and Wo said: I’m ready now and the door said: come on in. he grasped the doorknob and it wouldn’t budge, pulled and pulled and pulled. This was a frustration. The visions were real. Wo, knew who he was. As a lightworker, extraordinaire. He had fought the battles; he knew he was wise in the ways of the world. And the door wouldn’t budge. He talked to the door: what am I doing wrong? And the door started talking to him: Wo, come closer. I didn’t say open the door. I said come through the door. And Wo started to realize what the door was telling him. He had to drop his 3D reality and walk through matter. And he did. Wo literally walked through the door. And in that instant, he got it. Nothing he had ever learned in the Old Energy was gonna work. You can pull on the door. It’ll never open. Let me tell you what Wo discovered on the other side because it shocked him. He wasn’t in another world. He was in his world in another dimension, a dimension that was not anything he could count or describe. But one where suddenly his self-worth was skyrocketing. To a degree where the Akash that he had had dropped away. It was simply gone because the Old Energy has nothing to do with who he is today. Wo was becoming slightly multi-dimensional. He went to work. And he looked at his boss, the source of frustration, the one he wanted to run from so he didn’t get any bad instructions. And all he saw was a human that he was compassionate about. He wondered about that person’s life. He felt sorry that they were frustrated and in drama and egotistical. And what he did next, would shock and surprise you. He wanted to be closer to the boss. Because he found that nothing the boss did bothered him at all. He could sit and listen to the things that used to frustrate him and put his stomach in knots. And he wasn’t affected. I want to tell you what happened eventually so you’ll understand the dynamic. You see, his boss did not get the reaction he used to. No one was fearful, in that body of Wo anymore. In fact, eventually, the boss asked Wo, what the change was, because he liked it. Wo’s dimensionality had affected somebody else who was not even interested in changing dimensions. This is a process you’re not used to. Everywhere Wo, started the walk, things became easier, the Old Energy of battle and fighting he realized was a caveman survival instinct and he was beyond it. He didn’t meet darkness where he went because it ran from it. Wo carried a light that was so impressively bright, metaphorically to that which is darkness, hatred, frustration and drama that it literally left the building when he arrived. He walked the streets differently. He expected good things and the door in his vision was gone. When he seemingly tried metaphorically to turn around to see where the door had gone, there was none. He couldn’t go back. He couldn’t go back. Wo went home and there was cat. Cat took one look at Wo, started purring. That’s all it took. Dear ones, the animals know first, then even the plants and the rocks. The whole planet knows when you become a little different. And from that moment on, there were no more bites, just purrs and rubbing. I’m going to close and ask you: what’s for dinner? Are you going to leave here differently or the same? Does this parable make sense to you? If you don’t understand the how’s and the why’s, the time, the actions, if you’re at a loss, for the practical meanings, I will say this: you’re not alone! I just gave you the overall perspective, in order to go through the door; every single one of you will have a different kind of way. This is honoring to your Akash due your individuality. If you didn’t get it, if you want to go through the door, your cellular, actually cellar body will start to shift and change. You want to heal yourself? Is it time? Go through the door. Because we want you to stay and we don’t want you to stay in distress. This energy is not cooperating with your consciousness. Have you got it yet? And that’s why some of the things are happening to you that are happening to you. You’re not supposed to stick around in this energy the way you are. It’s time to vibrate higher. Go through the door! What’s for dinner? I am in love with humanity, for what you’re about to do. That’s you I know you.
[This video was removed from the internet. That is how threatening the truth is to those in control of our minds as a collective of separate individuals in competition.]

this is the next feature but without the transcription because the time is not at hand . I am ready. Are you? What’ for dinner?
Greetings dear ones. I am Kryon, of magnetic service. A bubble of peace. How appropriate this was brought up. This is indeed another installment in the series of four., which we call things which are hiding in plain sight. If you take a look at the human being, the way you are right today. It’s the way you were before that. It’s the way the ancients were. That hasn’t changed much. What has changed is consciousness, your ability, perhaps to understand and develop the belief systems that involve very complex ideas that are beyond that which is 3D. You have no problems with a beautiful loving God that can hear a billion prayers all at once. That’s not linear. You don’t even ask, how can God do it? What if that reality which you consider is God, actually spills into that which is the human being’s soul. And then spills into that which is the design of the multidimensional

There are other videos that have been appearing since 2012 at an increasing rate. Google has selectively been removing the ones of greatest threat to them and the most heartening for us. As Shunyamurti said it is up to us as far as the work with creator and each of us meditating, eating right, drinking plenty of good water, remaining away from most negative influences and consciously living in each present moment, rejecting any thought of fear of the future or regret for the past. Over the past two years I have learned to be humble and even give my will up to God’s and the universal spirit, you all. This is easier for me than for you because I have now understood that this book I am writing was ordained lifetimes before mine. I have learned lots from Tarot card readers. They channel our angels, guides and our past generations. They read energies, not minds, and they channel any spirit from spirit guide up to Arch-angels. I don’t remember how I started watching and trying to learn the cards. One time in particular a young lady was about to do a simple love reading for the collective Piscesian’s. That is all the Pisces people watching) if a private reading is needed you can get one. But this time brought surprise to her. Her channeled messages got very specific toward a Pisces person who has to get the message; it soon appeared to be me. I had experienced this before and after. I am supposed to remain quiet about the book but they do well at guessing occupations. Here is that reading:

You can tell by the unexpectedness of this channeled message from the spirit world that it was ordained that I be watching this video at some time. I transcribed it as soon as I could before it would be removed.

How to instantly raise your vibratory frequency
The Universe Inside You THE LAW OF VIBRATION-Dr. Emoto
The law of vibration states that everything in the universe moves and vibrates. Nothing rests. Every thing you see around you is vibrating, at one frequency or another. And so are you/ however, you’re frequency is different from other things in the universe. Hence it seems like you are separated from what you see around you. People, animals, plants, trees and so on. But in reality, you are not separated. You are in fact living in an ocean of energy. We all are. We are all connected at lowest level, an energetic level called the unified field. Everything has its own vibrational frequency. The table, the car, the picture frame. The rock. Even our thoughts and feelings. It is all governed by the law of vibration. If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration – Nikola Tesla. Though many eastern religions have known this to be true for thousands of years. Scientist have only recently began to prove that our thoughts can actually alter the physical properties of objects around us. This may sound like weird science fiction to you but it’s in fact validated by numerous studies and experiments. One such experiment was made by dr. Maseru Emoto. A well known Japanese doctor of alternative medicine. Dr. Emoto experimented with water. In order to prove that our thoughts and feelings have an effect the physical reality. He said that water was a blueprint for our reality. And that emotional energies and vibrations could change the molecular structure of water. Dr. Emoto’s water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music. And then freezing and examining th3e esthetic properties of the resulting crystals. With microscopic photography. The results were astonishing. He discovered that water exposed positive thoughts and visualization, for example gratitude, love happiness and appreciation, formed beautiful, vibrant perfectly aligned geometrical patterns, while water exposed d to negative thoughts and emotions forms incomplete asymmetrical patterns with patterns with dull colure. He also discovered a significant difference in the structure of water before and after meditation. He also compared the structure of water exposed to the symphony of Mozart. And the structure of water exposed to heavy metal music; you can clearly see the difference . You may be wondering. What does that have to do with increasing your vibration? Well it’s a known fact the average human body is made up of 70% water. We start life being 99% water as fetuses. And when we are3 born as babies, we’re about 90% water. For most of our lives we exist mostly as water. Water serves as the transporter of energy. Throughout the body. Your brain alone consists of 85% water. If the vibrations of music, thoughts and emotions have the power to change the structure of water then our thought vibrations have the power to change the structure of our bodies and increase our energy levels and vibrational frequency. What we think is literally flowing through our bodies. As you can see your thoughts and intentions can have profound effects on the world around you. And the world inside you. Raising your vibration is as simple as becoming mindful of your intentions and choosing to live through compassion and love. The more you intend to live a life of kindness and compassion the more harmonious life will become. Every single thing in the universe has its own frequency and we are constantly swimming in a sea of ever changing vibrations. Flowing in and around us, it is no wonder we can feel so up and down sometimes. But it does not have to stay this way. I’m sure you’re no stranger to anxiety depression and thought patterns. Of low self esteem. Despite having these negative experiences I can teach you how to raise your vibration enough to move out of these low vibrational holds. That we all often fall into. I want you to know that you can own your energy. You can change rhe way you feel. You might not be able to change the situation. You’re into but you can always raise your vibration and even keep iyt there. When you find a good place of balance in your energy, then you will notice your life becomes so much more peaceful. Graceful and authentic. The universe does not hear what you are saying. It feels the vibration you are offering. – Abraham Hicks. Our thoughts and intentions are powerful. Tools. Stay aware of what your thoughts are putting out. Because without a doubt the universe will reflect that right back to you. In your life. Making a conscious effort to maintain a high vibration will help you to stay tuned into your true purpose. And enable you to listen clearly to your owner guidance. Leading you along the right path. Attracting the right things. And experiences for you along the way. With further ado, here are some of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration. And live a more positive and fulfilling life. The first and one of the most important things we need to practice daily is gratitude. Practicing gratitude can instantly boost your vibration. There are nearly infinite ways to show our gratitude to others. To ourselves and to a higher power. Or even the universe itself. However it cqn be tough to get started without practical suggestions and ideas. I’m about to share with you the two most well known and proven ways to practice and enhance your gratitude. One of them is journaling. Writing down a few things you are grateful for is probable the easiest and most popular gratitude exercises. Available. You can start by writhing all the major things in your life for which you are grateful. After that you can simply think back on the past day. A few days or week. And remember 3 to 5 things you are especially grateful for from u our daily life. In this way you are completely focusing on all the good things. That happen to you in a given set of time,. Beside the benefit of zeroing in on the wonderful things you can be grateful for. This practice had been proven to improve sleep quality, decrease symptoms of sickness. And increase happiness and joy. It is important that you sincerely pay attention to the things you arte grateful for and experience the joy and blessing feeling that arises inside you. Also, it will behoove you to express your gratitude more for people as opposed to objects. Imagine your life with the things you are grateful for your family your love partner. Your friends. That should definitely boost your feeling of gratitude. And dramatically increase your vibrational state.
The next practice is carrying a gratitude rock. The secret to this exercise is always to carry a rock with you. The instructions are very simple. Just find a rock that you like. Whether you like it because it’s pretty . because it’s smooth, or it has an interesting texture or because you picked it up from a special place. If you have another small object that you’d rather use, feel to substitute that for the rock carry this rock around in your pocket. Leave it on your desk where you will se it thought the day. Or even wear it on a chain around your neck or on your wrist. There is one rule to this exercise. Whenever you see or touch the rock, you have to pause for a second. And think about at least one thing you are grateful for. Whether it’s something as small as the sun shining down on you in this moment or as large as the loving family or friends that you have. Just think of one thing that brings you joy and fulfillment when you take the stone out of your pocket or off of your body at the end of the day. Take a moment to remember the things that you are grateful for throughout the day. When you put it on or in your pocket again in the morning repeat this process to remember what you were grateful for yesterday, not only will this help you remember the things you are grateful for it can also trigger a mini mindfulness moment in your day. It will bring you out of your head and into the present moment. Giving you something to focus your attention on. It can also act as a switch to more positive thinking and help you attract abundance in your life. When you flip this switch multiple times a day you will likely find that your average day has become much more positive. If you want to find happiness, find gratitude. Steve Maraboli. \the next way to rise your vibration is to practice creative visualization creative visualization is a powerful manifestation technique. Witch is directly associated with the law of attraction. With which many of you are already familiar. You can use visualization to attract and create every desire and dream you have. Creative visualization is a type of mindfulness exercise that can be used to promote success in every area of life. Visualization is the process of putting together visual mental imagery of what you are wanting to manifest. Consequently you will start to gain emotions associated with the desired image. In simpler terms creative visualization is a type of mindfulness exercise. That can be uses to create success in every area of life. Visualization is the process of putting together visual mental imagery of what you are wanting to manifest. Consequently you will start to gain emotions associated with a desired image. In simpler terms, creative visualization is where you visualize what you want. And experience the emotions and feelings that you would have if it were true. This can then help you to put your goals and desires out into the4 universe and start to feel motivated to achieve them. Creative visualization can be extremely powerful as you are using the minds eye to create detailed images of what you want to manifest. This can help you to feel more positive and motivated to achieve these goals and will drastically raise your vibration. After visualizing you should feel inspired and ready to take action toward your goals. If you are constantly repeating certain thoughts to yourself, your subconscious ness mind accepts these thoughts. And these causes a change in your long term mindset, this change in mindset can then have a knock on effect toward your behaviors feelings and habits. And this is the reason why creative visualization can be so effective. The mind is a very powerful thing. And the visual images that are created through creative visualization can determine some of the strong feelings and emotions that you experience when you think of them. For this reason it is important to be clear about what you want to visualize, and why. You can use creative visualization to help you achieve and manifest the outcomes that you desire. These thoughts can be repeated in your mind which helps to change your mindset and ultimately your behavior. In a way that id geared toward your goals. Once your mind feels still and receptive, start crafting an image of the thing that you want. Take as long as you like to build up all of the details . for example If your visualizing meeting your soul mater try to make the environment as realistic as possible and do your best to experience not just the sights but also the sounds, scents and tactile sensations associated with your vision. You are likely to see your visions manifest in your life. If you allow your visualization experiences to influence the rest of your day try to hold onto the feelings of love happiness joy and peace that you experience when you picture your goal. And repeatedly reaffirm your belief that you will soon attract the things you yearn for. Ideally you should make creative visualizations really part of your life. Visualization is the human being’s vehicle to the future – good, bad, or indifferent. It’s strictly in our control. Earl Nightingale. The next method of increasing your vibration is a bit obvious. High vibrational food. If you want your mind and body to operate on a high vibrational frequency you need to banish all the foods from your diet which you know are not right for you. You are what you eat. If there are foods you eat that make you feel sluggish, blotted or acetic, then you are getting signs from your body they are not right for you. Listen to the signs. Our bodies are so clever and will tell us when something is not working for us. Food is very personal. So what works for one person may not work for another. Find what works for you and flow with it. The food we eat has a huge impact on our well being. So honor that and really tune in to what you are consuming. If you eat sugary processed junk food with no nutrients then you are doing a disservice to yourself as it is not going to feed your body or energy. It will only weigh it down. So think about alkalizing your body by eating organic vegetables and fruits. Vegan is a very high vibrational way to live. If we talk in terms of energy, then consuming animal meats and dairy products potentially means that you are consuming the low vibrations that come with it. Think about an animal that has been living in poor conditions, abused, and tortured throughout it’s life to then be killed in the most inhumane way. If you chose to consume that product then you need to be aware that you are consuming the low frequencies too. People switching to vegan diets always experience a significant difference in their energy levels. Their immune system is getting stronger than ever. They become more sensitive and in tune with themselves and the rest of the universe. Of course you need to need to insure that you get all the correct nutrients and protein content if you decide to follow a vegan or raw diet. [protein; legumes, nuts, whole grains, oil seeds, potatoes / long-chain 3 fatty acids; micro algae oil / vitamin D: common mushrooms, lots of sunlight / vitamin B2; oil seeds, nuts, legumes, broccoli, kale / calcium; broccoli, kale, arugula, hazel nuts, legumes / iron; oil seeds, spinach, nuts, whole grains, legumes / iodine; iodinated salt / zinc; whole grains, nuts, legumes, oil seeds / selenium; cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, legumes] to assure that you make the change in a healthy way which works for your body. Some of the greatest people in all of human history were vegetarians. [Einstein, Darwin, Plato, Tesla, Newton, Franklin, Jobs, Lincoln, Confucius, Zoroaster, deVinci, Van Gogh, Kafka, Zola, Hugo, Shaw, Huxley, Wagner, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Lamartine, Montaigne, Pascal, Rousseau, Tolstoy, Schweitzer, Voltaire, Monad, Krishnamurti, Gandhi] among then was Pythagoras. Who said, “alas, what wickedness to swallow flesh into our own flesh, to fatten our greedy bodies by cramming in other bodies, to have one living creature fed by the death of another. Nicola Tesla was also a vegan. And he said the following; “It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables, and I think, therefore, that vegetarianism is a commendable departure from the established barbarous habit. That we can subsist on plant food and perform our work even to advantage is not a theory, but a well-demonstrated fact.” And biblically said was; all of creation is groaning, waithin for us to come into the kingdom. Then the lion will not eat the lamb. And also maybe we won’t either. The list of prominent vegetarians does not end there. Among them also; one of India’s greatest mathematicians Srinivasa Ramanujan, the man who knew infinity was a lifelong vegan. “People eat meat and think they will be strong as an ox. Forgetting that the ox eats grass.”Pino Caruso.”
The next way to increase your vibration is aligning yourself with nature. There is nothing more powerful and pure than spending time in nature. Nature is a natural mood elevator and a great way to increase your vibration. Receiving that natural energy hit from the Earth is sometimes all we need to bring us back to our center. Those who live in busy cities need to make sure there is a healthy balance between concrete and green. It may seem impossible when you lead a busy life, but you can make that change. Sometimes, all it takes is a short walk outside or in the park to shift any unsettled feelings. When you take the time to walk in nature, work in the garden, meditate under a tree, relax at the beach, or gaze up at the stars you’re rewarded with clarity of mind, a grounded state of being and increased vibration. Time in nature will help you remember th4e beauty of the natural world and to experience your oneness with all that is. Place your hand on a tree. Place your bare feet on the ground or simply doing mindful breathing surrounded by nature. Also, get some sunshine. The sun carries codes of consciousness and awakening, which works wonders to raise your vibration and stimulate your pineal gland, which has been proven to recognize light. Go for a walk outside or even just sit in the window if it’s too cold and let the light of the sun reach you. Another powerful aspect of nature is water. Water is so deeply soothing and healing. Even standing by the sea or listening to it creates the4 most tranquil feeling within. Never forget the connection you have with Mother Earth. You are at one, but if you spend all your time indoors within four walls, it is eventually take its toll on your energy and vibrational state of being. Taking time to be on the Earth more, really connects back to source in the most natural and healing way. “Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nurture one’s soul.” Anthony Douglas.
Another way to increase your vibrations also gifted to us by nature is by crystals. Crystals are literally part of Mother Earth. Therefore they hold powerful energies, each one vibrating at its own unique frequency. We can wear crystals or keep them around us to help keep our vibration high and clear. They are used in many healing practices. Because of the healing power and protection that they bring. Crystal energy is the power that crystals naturally give off and that you are able to use to heal yourself. Some crystals have incredibly high frequencies. Their strong energy fields can be used to raise your personal vibration. Citrine is great for protecting your solar plexus’s chakra energy from taking negativity from around you. Amethyst is great for meditating for it opens up your crown chakra and helps to deepen your spirituality. Lapis Lazuli is great for communication and awareness. Usually, you’ll be drawn to whatever you need at that time. As your energy will know which vibration is right for you. Earth energy reminds us to connect with the Divine that created everything with the intention of love, compassion and abundance. Keeping high vibration crystals in each room will help foster a deeper spiritual life. Simply looking at a beautiful piece of the Earth every day as opposed to a manufactured decorative item will begin to transform your mindset and keep your vibration higher. “In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being,” Nikola Tesla.
Another way to raise your vibration is through the use of music. Music has the power to raise your vibration to the highest frequencies. Whether you want to increase your energy level, lift yourself out of sadness, or have an amazing breakthrough music can open your heart and soul helping you to achieve a profound state of joy. Instead of trying to think positively, and feel good, you can let music do all the world for you. Whether life is challenging or you want to boost your manifesting results, you can listen to music to raise your vibration. Not only will you start to be at a higher vibration energetically, you’ll begin to remain at a high vibration consistently. Words are powerful, they have the ability to make you feel amazing or to cause you to sink to the lowest of lows. Look for songs with words that are empowering, uplifting and loving. Music with upbeat tones tends to be a higher vibration than slower tones. A singer’s pitch during a song can raise the emotions of the song. Higher pitches tend to have happier emotions and thus a higher vibration. You should be mindful about the music you listen to. We saw earlier the difference in the structure of water exposed to heavy metal music and water exposed to Mozart’s symphonies. The same thing happens to your body’s molecular structure. Another thing that you can do is listen to music toned to 432 HZ. 432 HZ tuned music creates a resonance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Listening to 432 HZ music relaxes emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. It allows us to tune into the wisdom of the universe, Divine intelligence and our soul. It creates unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and makes us more compassionate and loving. The greatest musicians such as Mozart and Verdi based their music on the natural vibration of 432. It’s true that it is only 8 vibrations per second different from the standard tuning which is 440. But this small difference seems to be remarkable to our human consciousness. There’s a growing musical and metaphysical movement for recovering optimal integrity in the music industry and spirituality through the 432 HZ tuning. Many people experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to such music. 432 HZ seems to work at the heart chakra. And therefore could have a good influence of the spiritual development of the listener. The 432 HZ tuning releases your energy and takes you into a beautiful state where relaxation is natural. According to many natural preachers and musicians, the ancient Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed are largely tuned to 432 HZ. Ancient Greeks also tuned their instruments predominately to 432 HZ. This musical pitch is connected to the numbers used in the construction of a variety of ancient works and sacred places such as the great pyramid of Ghazi. The pure and clean energy of 432 HZ removes mental blocks and opens a way to a more fulfilling life. The ancients knew that this tone was closely related to the universe around us and used it in everything. Don’t throw away their knowledge. Use it yourself and let it increase your vibration. “For me, the most trustworthy vehicle for spirituality had always proven to be music.” Eric Clapton. The next obvious way to raise your vibration is through movement and exercise. In addition to anti-aging, mood and metabolic benefits even small amounts of exercise can raise your vibration. Exercise is a natural high. Your body releases endorphins during exercise which trigger a positive feeling within. It can almost feel euphoric. Release stress, tension and anxiety by simply bringing exercise and movement into your life on a regular basis. You will get better sleep and increased energy levels. The list of benefits is endless. You will be surprised how quickly you’ll notice the improvement in your overall well being and self-worth. Whether it’s running, walking, swimming, spinning or practicing Tai Chi or Yoga. Physical exercise can help get you out of physical or emotional rest and boost healthy endorphins. It doesn’t matter how much you swear. The key is moving through and away from astral energies that could be weighing you down in your current environment. If possible, exercise outside or somewhere in nature. Just noticing the trees, feeling your feet rooted in the grassy Earth and breathing in fresh air will help you transcend the concerns of mundane human existence and reconnect with your higher self. “Exercise is really for the brain, not the body. It affects mood, vitality, alertness, and feeling of well-being,” John Ratey. My final advice for increasing your vibration is perhaps the most powerful, meditation. Meditation is a game changer. It is a powerful tool which can shift even the lowest vibration. Meditation has been shown to increase your vibrational frequency while calming the mind so you’re in a heightened state of consciousness. What most people don’t know is that the effects of meditation are not only in the mind. They are also in the body. Scientists have observed that practicing meditation can drastically increase tissue in the brain. With meditation the physiology undergoes a change. And every cell in the body is filled with more prana which is the life energy. Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state that promotes healing. The mind becomes fresh, delicate and beautiful. It cleanses and nourishes you from within and calms you whenever you feel overwhelmed, unstable or emotionally let down. Start your day with a meditation to keep you balanced and centered. End your day meditating to release anything you have picked up or taken on that day. To experience the benefits of meditation, regular practice is necessary. It only takes a few minutes every day. Once imbibed into the daily routine, meditation becomes the best part of your day. It is like a seed. The more you cultivate a seed with love the more it blossoms. You can practice meditation whenever you like. It is always there for you to tap into. Even taking a few minutes a day to just sit. Take some deep breaths in and out and just be is enough. Taking the time to meditate regularly insures that we take care of ourselves by recharging our own energy. Meditation connects us to Divine source. Through it we can move away from the mind, clear energy blockages, come back to the wisdom of our heart and soul and drastically increase our vibrations. If you want a suggestion on how to best practice meditation for the most powerful results, you can visit the HoloVibes U-Tube channel, which has launched a series of powerful guided mediations called Pineal Meditation Series which will not only increase your vibration, but will also awaken your sixth sense and activate your pineal gland. The link for their video is; . Through silence, through meditation, and through non-judgment, you will access the first law, the Law of Pure Potentiality.” Deepak Chopra. These were some of the most powerful ways to increase your vibration and positive state of being.

A verse in the Gospel of Thomas, not included in the Bible, is: “When we make the two, thought and emotion one, you will say to the mountain move away and it will move away.” So, meaning, when you can marry the vibrational energy of the thought in your mind and the vibrational energy of the emotion(controlled by the pineal gland in the brain) in your heart into one potent force, that is when you have the power to manifest the material world around you. This Gospel that was not included in the Bible varies subtly in word but greatly in meaning from the Gospel of John 16; 23-24 which says,” And in that day you will ask me nothing. Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the father in my name, he will give it to you . Until now you have asked nothing in my name. ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full. And verse 26 adds: “in that day you will ask in my name, and I do not say to you that I shall pray to the father for you”

Two sentences not included from the fourth century source, the original Aramaic say: ”ask without hidden motive, and be surrounded by your answer, be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full.” Look at what it is saying. It is not saying to speak a word. It’s saying be surrounded, to feel as if”. If you are surrounded you are feeling as if your answer has already happened. Be enveloped by what you desire. That is when your thought in your mind and the emotion in your heart become one. If you desire the perfect relationship in your life, if you desire the healing in the body of your loved ones, feel the feeling of what it is like as if it has already happened. Be enveloped by what you desire. We understand, now in our time what was understood in the Ancient Egyptian time, that is the understanding that it is the vibrational frequencies of our mind and heart that manifests all vibrationally energetic material surrounding us.

Watch and listen closely to her as I was when she was finishing her part I. Listen to how important it will be if this book does what the spirit world wants it to. This was, to me a lifting of my spirit from working so long and hard for this same purpose she was describing. So, I thought I would like to contact her, but it can’t be done. Tey don’t want so many voices talking to them. But I noticed there is a comment section. I decided to comment to her:

Charles Smith
8 days agoI AM WITH YOU IN understanding THE MAGIC BEGINS LEADING PROFOUND CHANGES IN THE WORLD ~ PART 1 inf. my initial work is now finished. the results will occur noe oan on into time. but you are not failing me. this role is universal. just wait and see let me know when part 2 is available. i will include it in the book, the book you speak of now. next month it will be :”that truth and justice shall prevail” JANE yur part is now to be included. ccarles albert
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I just realized I can write my feelings into this book and when she reads it she will know how it has helped me. Here is my letter to her:
To Jane, the reader: I am presently time stamping for you and all watching how you Tarot readers along with our spirit guides and angels influence our lives. You said your words will not be sufficient to project the outcome of this book. Well, the spirit wishes to differ with you publicly. I was influenced to take a break to eat some of my vegan food. When I do that I watch Tarot to make my time more useful. How much more useful could my inclination to view your video at this time be? I just finished watching the above on raising your frequency in one way by the high frequency food you eat. Both videos seem to be the theme spirit wants this last piece of work portray. So, then do I. I take the lead when it is obvious like this and as you do without question. Hurray for you. When you get the book, you can plug it and your personal signature from me, Charles Albert from the family of Smith.

I will some day be able to thank her personally for the lift she has given me. She has not failed me, she has lifted me higher than she can know.

So, I ask you to play your part in this world shake up. Like universe has said to me on numerous occasions when I was slacking off, before the input became more spiritual and important than the flat earth controversy. Even as important as that was, as the key to all this. Most of it never made the book. I do not know how many books I have written and set aside as more important stuff comes to me or that I am led to. It is spirit that is responsible for the material and my crossing the paths to find it.
So, the rest, even though I will still be plowing through, is up to you. Just as the responsibility to transform yourself is up to only you. The concepts are easy to understand, but giving up the life that your programmed ego is leading you to is irksome. It is still better to experience the real wheel of fortune than the entertaining on TV. I am now like her, finding it difficult to explain the life you will finally lead, the one you always dreamed about.

There will be a video if it has not been erased accidentally in a later group of videos showing how the reactions of all peoples in the world increased the vibrations of the earth’s surface hundreds of times without us even knowing our emotions could do that. This happened when the buildings in New York City were destroyed on September 11, 2001. Everybody in the world witnessed and their emotions of their hearts resonated at the same frequency bring a higher frequency, therefore peace that they were unconsciously manifesting. Scientifically this followed the law of frequency or of attraction. This same law brought the walls of Jericho down. If we work with the same goal in mind we will succeed soon. Other videos including some of the Tarot readers helping me stay informed about my progress with the book and how I will be soon rewarded for my efforts are being placed here with more in another section. I am still not to the point of doing my own channeling or have not concentrated on it enough to be, nor have I taken the time to study spiritual healing until now. My direction comes from my following the directions every one of my situations guides me to. Everywhere I turn, something or someone in my situation poses a thought to follow. The Universe wants this book and it is I who they will guide to receive it just as it was fated to be. It never started out the way it is finishing. It is relatively as new to me as it is to you. I have been with it long enough to have confidence but still anxious because my ego wants it to be outstanding.
This section Chapter 1 is almost finished. I am placing all videos involving spirituality and help from the spiritual entities that actually inhabit the total expanse of our universe including the flat earth planes below us and the layers of the dome housing the firmament with its luminaries, planets and zodiac signs above. None of these habitations as you will soon see are as close to solid (low Frequency) as our earth is. We are all living beings (souls) with or without bodies, with or without what we refer to as good intentions and goals. From these channelings, lessons we have learned through our past and present lives, and the instructional help we are offered, we, or many of us will successfully ascend and transform to shift to 5D as the world will. My purpose by contract was the book to bring us all together in truth to receive help and guidance from the universal creative force to leave a difficult existence in a Karmic existence for learning lessons to a more blissful existence, our path from here until is promised to be one of obvious joyful but necessary stressful transformations, or more toward strong warnings. It appears to me now that I was right quoting the scriptures on living by your conscience. From here on I will do my best to carry on what I believe is my continued purpose. You may read some of it from the Tarot readings I provide. Bear in mind they are for the collective Pisces sign and therefore not specifically for me. But for two years they have seemed to me and the readers to be. These have been a cross section of readers which are growing in numbers. The number of light workers are obviously increasing as we are looking to benefit the earth’s next 26,000 year frequency shift. I will be studying the shawmen, Santos’s many subjects from astrology to the history of this transition and the other groups willing to share their findings. Through this book and hopefully a blog type process we will all be able to be in communication with all new revelations coming for this timeline we are in. this concept is new to me but I believe we establish the timeline in the collective. Some who are probably all together in wearing their masks believe in the virus and the end time events associated with the teachings. Those of us open to seeing deception will avoid the results of their time line. Hopefully ours is the shift to 5D and a new earth. So it seems either you will not make their rapture that they will think they missed when we shift into thin ether to the new plane right here in the same place. It is our many, many years of manifesting peace on earth with the right frequency of unconditional love and forgiveness that should carry us to our destined (DESTINATION 5D). The Tarot readings I am including show what has kept me optimistic through these two years, I have survived many tests, and broken some generational curses doing what the past generations would not do in their own free will. This strong action was definitely not based on just me and my reward. It was for the messages I received saying that this book is needed by every person in the world and I am the only one contracted to do it with the needed spark or passion I have. This passion makes my heart hurt for any one who can look anyone else in the face, and tell them they are worthless scum on the earth and I am not “going there,” I am not even going to consider the earth is flat. I have come very close to kicking out my ego and surrendering my will for the universal will. My results speak for themselves. I suggest you view a few Tarot readings from different readers to discern if these will help your spirit guides communicate with and guide you to your destined destination. It is Saturday, June 25, 2022. My publisher wants my results Monday June 27 for their 5 days of work to make it look like a book. My biggest hurdle was having the videos transcribed to reduce the threat of Google wiping it out by moving their links. Most of my flat earth materials I have typed have been removed. Most of that which I thought would compose most of the book are not in it now even though it was the key to erasing all deception from the earth. It was the truth and subsequent justice precluding all the work we have ahead of us on our ascension that makes it a reality now. I was told at one point before beginning the book that it would be my transformation that would be the book. I hope it is, for your sake. I have broken down crying over some of the tests I had to endure with the suffering of family and others who had to forgo the same inner work but refused, refused to face the chance they needed it. Many will not make the shift per one of the Pleiadains speakers because of I guess ego and the two concepts in James 3:16; “where there is BITTER envy and SELFISH ambition, there is disorder and all foul practice.” This book bears that out as true. My own wife of 42 years and more has proved this selfishness resulting from unresolved fear in her life gone unaddressed and this bitterness causing fatal separation of emotion from a situation perceived in un-acceptance of her very own slavery to her body instead of acceptance and love for her soul who she is, not the perishable body. We love our bodies, the perishable part, not our soul, the everlasting part. I am told that we have been together for many generations and each life together contained a rift in the relationship. I was told that my final heart breaking departure broke the Karmic curse our contract was founded upon. We are supposedly twin souls, meaning we share one indivisible soul for ever. Not everyone has this. Our purpose here was to find each other in this wide world and return together. I was told that most of the time these make ups do not work permanently because of soms more inner work at least one of them has to finish to be ready to be able to choose not coming back to this hard testing place, to be free to be just spirit. I was also told that her job as narcissist in this life was to be my final test and that my job to prepare her failed because of my empathy for her and others, my not pushing others to accept the hardship of changing their uncaring for others, their selfishness even to bitterness, I always gave her, her say which was her undoing. Everything I have done since realizing this has broken my heart again. I have this to face with my daughter and son and grand children. I did convince my one grandson Jaden that he was on auto-pilot on one occasion. He learned that lesson I hope for his duration. I cannot push on them hard enough to get them to do the same to their children and spouse. I know I am not strong enough but I will do it for each of them. I have done that for myself and now love myself, my soul to the end. We are the soul and we are forsaking the preparation of it for the perishable body and its, ever fearing ego, with its cherished fearful thoughts always ready to say “I will not go there for you, for any body else or even for my soul.” We can only work on ourselves accepting our tests and pains as things good and worthwhile. So, the admonition I offer each of you is to DO YOUR JOB. Be to each one you love the rock they have to climb and the reward at the end of the climb. Do not ease up. You are their only hope. It also bears out the fact than man is cunning and is capable of coming close to producing a fictional TIMELINE that many, many will follow and manifest into oblivion.

Now that is off my heart. I bring my mind into the picture. Even though your job is to break through their cognitive dissonance, the “I will not go there” mantra programmed into our egos by the spirit we have taken on consciously consenting to it. you cannot break it alone. You have to bring your loved ones and all you meet to a higher frequency. How do you do it/ study this video:

The Law of Vibration
Study and teach this concept because it is our assistance to reaching higher frequencies. This music along with psychedelic plants also taught against by our legal field with laws against them. Combine this with the forced change in what we continually hear, the music of the day, you can see how the controllers want us to guide ourselves away from spirituality to worldly pursuits like competition in the media and not sports activity leading us to very important exercise. Our exercise is now limited to lifting the beer I front of the TV or at the stadium. Do you see how they continued the visualization and not the actual healthy exercise by placing us in the house watching on the TV during their planned epidemic? You know that by now. Continue learning their plan so we can ditch it. . We have learned how the TV is meant to kill you. So, you haven’t got to that video yet? Don’t stop where we point out the enemy and give up. Do your job. Mine was the book. Yours is also the book. Watch, read and study it until you lose your cognitive dissonance and its spirit. Ditch the spirits of everything except the univerersal spirit that envelops us all, people, animals, plants rocks included. Watch the video again, raise their vibrations every chance you get. Study this video until you follow its very steps for your loved ones and for your self. All through the writing of this book I have been reminding myself of this spiritual help I need to take advantage of when I finish. I have one day left at this time to do just that for everyone in cross paths with. We need to meet people where they are. They are at the entertainment event even if it is in their car blasting into their eardrums. Everything that brings you to a higher frequency state destroys the effects of the lower states furthered by your cherished institutions; the church which universally set the most disastrous frequency of 440 hertz as standard destroyed music as our healer and spiritual lifter. The church replaced all Cathedral organs that were initially built for 432 Hz by the Egyptians; the entertainment and media field bringing in groups like the beetles to change the frequency and purpose of music itself; the schools which bring us down in what we study drinking the governments sodium fluoride laced tap water, and the medical influenced sciences that cover up the curing effects of frequencies,. It is with this information we need to cure our illnesses. We need to boycott the 5G and earlier communications devices. Get a homed phone and an answering machine. Be alone to think sometimes. Let them wait to talk to you when you get home. That was the old proved way. We are still in the testing stage of the constant info age. Stop it in its tracks. Don’t consent to talking to a robot programmed to keep you away from real communications with real people. Wake up to what they are doing. They are the enemy. We know their plan. Short circuit that plan. Don’t buy everything they produce from their corporate stores. Work with the little independent businesses. They are taking us away from our spiritual nature with technology that will cripple us and even change our language.
Now we know everything to some extent, at least enough to appreciate the credibility of the incredible happenings in our lives in plain sight. So on we go to chapter two: THE CHAOS OF TYRANY. The first video lends credibility to everything I we have uncovered with an erie sinister voice I could not even try to imitate.
My personal immediate goals are to continue my enlightenment within the realm of spirituality available to me through proper attitude staying in the present, understanding that all my thoughts are superfluous and that we can be guided by our angels and spirit guides daily. My future work in this line may be in teaching, counseling or healing and I need study to accomplish that. That is more precise study than I have exhibited here with other’s input. No one should skip any part of the book because all material is interrelated. The last chapter would give you an understanding about our relation to and interacting with is absolutely necessary in fighting these liars in their spiritual warfare. Our main objective is to be at a high enough frequency to be able to live on the new earth we have been manifesting just by imagining a peaceful world in our hearts. The most important knowledge on interacting daily with others is found in the Tarot readings. Not only do they read our energy, but they explain more in detail how we should be getting ready for our transformation. Or we won’t transition to 5D dimension. But like Shunyamurti says. It is on us, this phase shift. We cannot rely on ETs only. With the book, I hope we will be able to act like it is a blog where we can interact across the world or in our own community. We can never let anything as important as our lives and the truth required to live in.
There are some final recommendations and observations as a sort of wrap up since all these facets are so intertwined.

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