I was born to my mother Maebyrd Smith and my father Albert Sydney Smith on February 20th 1945 in Orange Texas. It wasn’t much of an ordeal for me, but it was for the doctor and my mother. It was a caesarian birth, the same as my brother’s on February 17th 1947. But he was born in Fort Worth, Texas, my father’s home town. I have a lot of memories about Fort Worth. I remember how we laid on blankets on the front lawn at night gazing at the stars. The cities were not so well lit back then, so there were many stars to see. Here in Port Arthur you might see the evening star if you were inclined to look for it. Another thing I remember is the fireplace my dad turned into a fish aquarium. Being a Pisces zodiac sign, two fishes swimming in opposite directions, I was probably more drawn to watching fish than anyone else. But this aquarium served as my first traumatic experience. The strong glass eventually broke and they were scrambling around trying to pick the fish up without cutting themselves with the glass. He never replaced it. He and my mother bought me a kite which we flew behind the garden in the back yard. My dad was a welder and he had welded nails pointing upwards on I didn’t know what could happen. Well I soon the top rail so the cats and raccoons wouldn’t climb over. Once the kite was up and I had hold of the string they went inside the house. At first I was afraid to fly it alone because found out what might happen. I got bored. I wanted to go to the house, but I didn’t know how to pull the kite in. so I soon figured I could wrap the string around a hail on the fence. That worked, relieving me of maybe the second traumatic event in my life. Another thing they did was buy me a tricycle. So that I would not get bored and quit, my dad tied my feet to the pedals. I don’t believe my mother went along with that, but he was full of different ideas. When I was about three years old they let me go to visit the lady who lived alone next door. That was a great feeling of freedom and of being trusted. The neighbor whose last name was Smith too, loved to have conversations with me, another thing I remember was when my dad shot another neighbors big yellow cat who got into his garden. I don’t remember how I felt about that or how my mother took it. Maybe I am just suppressing that memory. Soon, I had another domestic job in the house that was feeding my brother his bottle, while lying on a pillow on the living room floor. I do remember that I felt good and responsible doing that job. My next adventure was learning how to ride my new bicycle. He didn’t tie my feet to this, however. I guess that was because of falling so often. But with training wheels, it wasn’t much different than the tricycle. Soon, however he removed the training wheels and placed me on a slight downward slope across the street at a vacant lot. I made it down without falling so I turned it back and rode back up. That was a glorious ride. All were celebrating.

Soon we became proud owners of a new 1949 Packard, which we drove to Anchorage, Alaska in. it was exciting especially pulling our new home, a trailer house. That was a long trip. When we got to Canada and the mountains they found out that car would not quite make the pull over the mountains. Eventually the transmission failed on the Alaskan highway which was only dirt. It was called the Al-Can Highway. If you traveled on it the rules were you did not pass-by anyone stranded without offering help. Well, my dad had to go with the wrecker to work on the transmission, leaving the three of us alone. But frequently a log truck would come by and offer us food or what we needed. When dad returned, he promised my mother that he would get help from the log trucks to get over the mountains on the mud roads. We soon came to a road sign saying; this way is slower and that way is faster but not as safe. I believe we took the safe road. We lived in a trailer park in Anchorage next to a cliff, which Walter and I could not approach. We lived close enough to the school for this first grader to go it on his own. I would get there early with some of the others who liked to stick their tongues on the frozen handrails at the school steps. We would remain stuck until our saliva would melt the ice. This was our rite of passage as it is called in the ancient literature which I would some day in the future I would learn about. When we went out to recess, which was not called off because of the cold, it would take me most of the recess time to get my parka on even with the help of the teacher. My dad would take me with his friend Walter Ott when they went fishing. They would stand on the side of a fast flowing icy cold stream in which the Salmon would be fighting the current to lay their eggs. They would throw big rocks at them which would stun them enough to go in knee deep water to retrieve them. Walter must have drawn the short straw. While they fished, or you might call it rocking, I would stare fixedly on the lake the stream entered. The view of the mountains with the green trees and snow around the lake was awesome, even more than the long gone fish aquarium we had. I don’t have any outstanding memories besides these and of course the one where my mother, brother and I were about to exit the front door to walk to the grocery store, when our eyes met an army tank at the door. The cannon was pointed at us with the door open. And the gunner was staring back at us without a word. My mother slammed the door shut and we ran to the back door facing the cliff. There was a man there yelling back to the driver “we cannot go this way,” obviously because of the cliff. After they left there were air force jets flying low over us. My mother asked some neighbors what was going on. We were told it was a training exercise. Supposedly a Russian submarine had been seen off the coast and the country was preparing for any conflict that might come. All women and children were required to leave. So we did. My dad strayed long enough to sell the trailer and car and fly back.

My mother, my brother and I flew back to Harvey Texas, near Bryan waiting for my father. He met us with pictures of UFO’s he took from the plane. Even there in Harvey he would find them and show them to us, usually just before fighter jets were criss crossing the sky, also looking. My father was a Rosicrucian or a sect of the Masons. I had two uncles who were Masons also. They never talked about their religion, especially in a Southern Baptist household. At my grand parents farm there was a garden, cows, pigs, and horses. The pigs were our garbage dispose-all. My grandfather and uncles would ride the horses to go out to count the cows. Sometime they would drive a truck and I could go to help. I could never count them because they would not stay in one place long enough. There were two properties. One was on the Navasota River. My Uncle Tommy would go into the river and stick his hand all the way up to his shoulder into a hole in the bank to grab a catfish and drag it out. That was stranger than the rocking of salmon in Alaska for sure. We would eat those catfish with our other aunt’s ands uncles. Our breakfasts consisted of biscuits my Grandmother baked with butter freshly churned from the cow’s milk we would get each morning with the eggs from the chickens. Some times these chickens joined us at the table without their wings, heads and feet, if they quit laying eggs.

We would put ribbon cane syrup on those biscuits for a taste I only vaguely recall. Walter and I would sometimes go to the Bright Light Baptist Church with my aunt Carolyn, who was a justice of the peace. That was the only church visiting we had until I was in Junior High school, in West Orange Texas. In West Orange, my mother sent Walter and me to McDonald Memorial Baptist Church, where after some time the preacher visited our house, one Saturday, to explain how we were to act when the Sunday alter call was made. So we got baptized. I would have never presumed to do that on my own and likewise for my brother because our cousin in our very tender and innocent years had introduced us to sexual practices for recreational pleasure. This of course had to be a secret because he said it was illegal. From then on I was not as good as anyone else and adopted a grand comical nature to carry on friendships and discussions. I could never discuss what the other boys did because of my guilt. This was to follow me up until now. I went to school in Bryan for a short time before dad joined Combustion Engineering Company as a welder, pip fitter and boiler maker. We would travel from power plant to power plant in different states until my seventh grade year in West Orange, Texas

  • I was always fascinated with nature appearing differently in each state we went to. We used to hunt rocks in Arizona, and seek relief from the over 100 degree weather at the top of Mt. Lemon where there were trees that had shade you could sit under. The Cactus plants’ shadows would not completely shade anyone. Our family never set roots in one place for but only a few months at a time. We soon left Texas moving to Morro Bay California, Tucson Arizona, Salt Lake City Utah, Mobile Alabama, Waverly Tennessee, Racine, Wisconsin and New York. In all those travels I did a lot of comparison studies.I actually saw trees you could shelter from the sun under. The tall cactus plants below did not provide much shade and you would have to be continually rotating with the narrow shade. Every location had different types of trees, and landscapes and even things people would do in their free time. Besides the school subjects which were dull and uninteresting, I had books on astronomy, planes, trains and planets. I was always asking why we had to spend 12 years going to school to learn a language we had mastered before starting school. This was until the last few years of course when I learned the real reason for schools. Keeping the youth away from family mores and real life situations was of the highest order. Another enjoyment I found was amusement parks where you could be around other people having a good time. I actually found them to be quite the same, not like we are led to believe. Even people of different races are the same. It has been just in the time I have spent researching for this book that I found the reason for that to be in what we are taught.

Being un-churched during my traveling days by non-church going parents, I became somewhat different, even in my self realization, to those around me. I did not seek to be too close to others for fear they may find me different. One day, while in the company of friends of my parents who traveled on the same occupation, their daughter told my brother and me about heaven and hell. My comment was; if I was ever in hell. I would try to help them get out. Maybe the reason I had empathy for others at this early age was the fact that they too, might be different than others and would need a friend. As I reflect on this statement, I believe it was a thought put there by my spirit or guardian angel to tell me that is my purpose for being here on earth at this time, and the need to see things differently from others would help me on this journey to bring truth and justice to a world of chaos. I believe I was given the ability to witness but not accept this chaos as normal. This ability has given me a step up on others trying to kick out their fearful ego thoughts.

So, during my school days in West Orange, I always sought outside activities. I was always too bored with just the studies presented. My brother, Walter, got interested in music. But I followed the athletic rout. I tried baseball for a year then concentrated on basketball, track and football. I didn’t excel in any one but I needed the extra activity. I was a good team member though. But what I was loyal to was the effort to win games with other schools. I usually ended up on the left over group called “B” string who would be used as the dummies for the “A” string to practice their plays against. But, that was okay. We were still a part of the effort and sometimes it got us out of the classroom especially on a game day. And I was a part of something that was legitimate and true. But my secret activities while trying to duplicate what I experienced with my cousin was the only driving force in my life. As far as the sports went, I realized how my individual effort would only have an effect was in track. There were no “A” and “B” teams. I was not really fast, so I became a long distance runner. So, we went to track meets that usually got us out of class for at least one half of a day. At the meets, there were preliminary races to get down to the really best athletes. Then the finals were in the evening. Well, for some reason the half mile and full mile races did not require preliminaries because there weren’t enough participants in these events. So at each meet, I was a spectator eating chocolate, honey, and dextrose tablets for energy. By the time of the race, I was really full of energy. But for the problems I had with feeling competent, I never actually thought I could win. There were a few who won and I came in almost close enough to be recognized. That was different when the meet was in West Orange and my family, and Janet, my girlfriend were there. Also my older cousin Jimmy was there with his track team. He told them to be sure they beat me. He even told me this. So, I had a true reason to think about winning. I did not spend the day as usual. Instead, I went home where my mother prepared a very large steak. I suppose she thought it would give me energy. Well, I now know that it made me acidic affecting the blood oxygen supply. At the meet that evening, there were enough competitors to put me off the track next to the fence at the start. My thought was to beat them all to the first curve. I ran as fast as I could and achieved that goal. After that success, for the first time, I was not hemmed in by other runners. I was in front, a new exhilarating feeling. As I came around for the second time those along the fence were saying I was going to win. And on the third time the same thing was happening. I knew some behind me might start to pass me and sure enough they started. So I picked up my pace and then my leg muscles cramped up. Six runners passed me and I didn’t place for a letter. However my cousin’s runners didn’t pass me. That was at least a small victory. I really believed I would be able to do better at the next meet. But the coach had another idea. He saw that I had a good time for the one half mile with energy to spare. So, at the next meet I placed, but I don’t remember which place. One evening after track practice I jumped across a ditch and landed on my left leg sending a pain from my left front tooth to my hairline. It was a nerve. The next day our meet was in Louisiana. I found that if I had water in my mouth there was no pain. So I warmed up with water in my mouth. I did not tell the coach about this. So, for the race, I had to spit the water out. I ran the whole mile with that pain on each left foot placement. So, what I learned from my sports days was that I had no problem with humility or with enduring pain for loyalty to the team effort.

So, to this day I rely on those qualities to endure ridicule uncovering the truths others are willing to share through their U Tube videos. The continued learning of the evil perpetrated on us all, is a tremendous test of these qualities. But my goal is not to just relay their discoveries; it is a divine plan to wake people from their slumber to shake the hell they are creating out of them. Learning that there is no literal hell to break them out of, has caused me to try to make contact with them uncovering the remedy given them when they were born, which had been stolen. In the place of their remedy, they had been given a false remedy requiring them to go through a world-wide religious system with its requirements represented by all of the worldly laws and policies and additional penalties for avoidance of the same. So, it turns out that hell is just a self-imposed consent to accept and apply a remedy without any possible effect. If this isn’t enough to achieve, those who stole their remedy has taught them how to avoid the truth if and when it comes. This has been accomplished by programming their egos to maintain their identity as fully complying with the religious system’s policies. This could be considered as my effort to bust through the gates of hell.

I am now going to continue my story of true conversion in the spirit realm as opposed to the transformation sold us by the religious systems of the world. This system which most of the Eastern religions agree with gives one the simple obligation to bring others into to which ever system one has attached himself to. In effect everyone here has been bringing all others into the same soul trap. Just the realization of the enormity of this objective can be considered beyond anyone’s qualities to endure. There is also the constant communication with the spirits and the very effort to replace the present salvation system with one of truth and justice. So, that this should prevail, I shall continue my story of transformation backed up with these transcribed U Tube communications. Primarily this story is aimed at letting you know my original spiritual condition compared to my condition now. This will include their great empathic efforts to bring others into their soul trap. Now with great regret, I wish to compare the two what are called salvation systems, their procedures and their results. The bible comes closer to the truth about our own enlightenment and elevation of frequency than their system. The books of Sirach 14:2 and 37:14, 1 Sm 25:31, 1 Kgs 8:38, Wis 17:11, Dn 13:56, Acts 20:26,23:1, 24:16, Rom 1:31, 2:15, 9:1, 13:5, 14:5, 14:20, 14:22, 14:23, 1 Cor 4:4, 8:7, 6:10, 10:25, 10:27, 10:28, 10:29, 2 Cor 1:12, 4:2, Phil 1:10, 1 Tim 1:5, 1:19, 3:0, 2 Tim 1:3, Heb 9:9, 10:2, 10:22, 13:18,1 Pt 3:16 and 3:21 all speak of our conscience saving or convicting us, which it does by the heart putting out a low frequency energy when going against it. The longer we stay there in worry or judgment the lower we go until we adversely affect our selves and all around us without saying a word. And we will never achieve the 144,000 Hz frequency that even the dogs can see. Their system insinuates their priests between us and their replacement of our consciences. How simple it all could be! I used to teach this to the mixed Catholics and Protestants at Leblanc Prison. It made them think and feel better about themselves, until the Bishop sent my friend David Aceves to persuade me to say Rosary prayers the whole hour instead. So, I left it and my flat earth teaching to him.

Now back to the story.

After my high school days, I decided to get a college education. I was advised by the electricians working for my uncle’s Alton and Tommy Hensarling to become an engineer. I was going to follow in my uncles’ footsteps by going to A&M, but it was cheaper to stay in West Orange at home and commute to Lamar Tech in Beaumont. I took up engineering at the suggestion of those electricians.. They said I should be an engineer to avoid the physical work they endured. So, I did. During my senior year I married my High School sweet heart, Janet Hurt. She had just started at Lamar at that point and was starting to look at other students there and even date them. I reacted to that in every manner I could. This also was a test. You should never connive to impose your will on another. Never the less I won her over with the help of her family and we married in Orange in her family’s Episcopal church. This was a church that at least appealed to me. The music was very spirit lifting instead of monotonous. And it wasn’t Catholic so I would not have to go to confession. That was the real truth. I could belong to a respectable religious organization without having to be truthful about myself. Sex with my wife did not bring the power of the fantasy of being free to do what I imagined. As I look back in retrospect, fantasy sex was something that could go practically all day. The thoughts had no time limit. With marital sex, there was that great orgasm and then there was no more energy to expend or reason to want to go on. You could say my imaginary sex put too much pressure on the real sex that followed true love and two way sharing. The pornography in the book stores gave variety where the marital sex just gave an outlet for love. So I had found the reason pornography was so popular, it was the ability to keep an arousal as long as you could stand the emotions. One day there was a list passed around to see if anyone would volunteer for any church activity. I checked Boy Scout leader. I went to the meeting composed of all the boys and just me as a leader. They thought I was one of them. I had never had a chance to be in a troop while traveling constantly, so now was my chance. This went very well for years until I transferred to Ohio. We actually won our first Jamboree in Southeast Texas by our working as a team. It was before we ever started learning skills toward merit badges. So I had everyone pick a category and study for it. So on the day we were to be tested, I had them line up. As I made rounds to see how it was going, I noticed they kept letting others step in front of them. I asked if they were afraid of the competition. They said, no. we are watching what everyone was doing it and learning more. I thought how brilliant that was. This was a test for us all. It was a test for me in that I could have said boys we are not ready for this so, we should wait until next year. No, I passed my test of being loving and generous, caring for each of them and in the end they passed their test when accepting their shortcomings and entering the activity anyway. And with the attitude of gratitude, exhibiting great insight, in the end we won the entire competition. The next year they wanted to do the same thing. I thought that would have nullified our previous test. It only worked because of the test they had to pass at that time. Essentially, I have found that everything we face is a test. Meanwhile, I start work at the B.F.Goodrich Chemical plant in Port Neches, Texas, become a scout leader, Janet becomes pregnant and now I am to be a father. What a test this is to be. But sadly she had a miscarriage and the stress of it all, and likely more, brought her to ask for a divorce. So, there came another test. Do I continue to pursue her as I had in the past and drag her through a miserable life? But I was not thinking this rationally. This was a pass, believe it or not. However, this led me into a life of “never again will I give my heart to another.” I started dating with a vengeance and as not to be a bad model to the boys, I moved from Orange to Nederland which was closer to work. All was well, but I never healed by accepting it as a test because I did not know how to take it. All the thoughts my spiritual guides and angels tried to lead me with, were successfully blocked by my thought “never again will I give my heart to another.” So in the spiritual world my justice had to be postponed. I had met and dated a lot of women and actually loved them to the point that I had to walk away. One day, one of them said, “When and if you do get married, I would like to meet her.” Eventually I was transferred to the chemical plant in Ohio. I probably would not have moved there to meet my future “twin flame” wife, Rosemary Long except for the fact the initial job offering was a plant in Los Angeles, California. I went on an interview and decided right there I would move. But they kept holding off until they shut down their plant. I then took the job in Ohio. God was working full speed for me to meet my twin flame. Actually everything up to then was planned even to this day. But when I moved to Akron I made the conscious decision not to join any church if it entered my mind.

  • So my final test has been to accept all situations, stress or not. I have found that situations do not cause stress, how we react causes stress. So in accepting, I was to meet the love of my life and we would live a happy life, unmarried of course, so I thought. But before meeting her there was another test to pass. While living through this rejection from the divorce, I had taken took up the habit of fanaticizing sexually as stress relief. This began before I transferred to Ohio. This offered me stress relief and self made pleasure at the same time. I began going to adult book stores and watching movies when I could. I had been affected by my cousin and had never accepted my fictional life as a problem or a test because it was just a thing that I was doing and I liked it. Well not in the spiritual world does that fly. I had been acting sexually at many times when I could have been noticed. This gave bigger thrills. Well after a few months in my apartment I was asked to leave because someone in a parking lot a block away saw me in my second floor apartment naked, which was a feat in itself. Also it could have been that I was spotted at night walking with just a shirt on always ready to cover myself and re-enter the apartment. However, this I look back on as a divine setup. I did not get into any trouble, for it was meant to be a wake-up call. So, I had to move. This happened after a six month strike at my plant where I worked 12 hours every day. The money was good but the sex life wasn’t. So I began packing to move and the phone rang. It was Dave Terry, a Vice President of Goodrich Corp. in Cleveland asking if I would race with him on his boat starting in Mentor, Ohio. I always raced when he asked me. Living in Akron made it too hard to find people to devote their time for me to enter my boat in regattas. He had already sailed his boat there the previous weekend. So this race started differently. Usually I would take off my watch, ring and billfold and leave then in my boat and take my lifejacket with me. I would always say, don’t have any feat if any thing should happen I was prepared.

So this night I drove to mentor to his boat. I put my watch and billfold in my car and went to his boat without my life jacket. The next morning he went to the race committee meeting to get the race plans. He came back and announced that the winds were up strongly. We couldn’t tell, for we were up a river from the lake and shielded from the wind. And he only had his larger light wind sails with him. The winds would be able to over power the boat and it would take tremendous effort. His son Dave and I agreed to do it anyway. When we got into the lake we found that we could not tack or come about into the wind. I suggested we reach across the wind to pick up enough speed and then free the sails and come about quickly. That worked, but it was not a way to win a race, especially being the last boat of about 30 boats on a destination to a marker in the middle of lake Erie and then to Sandusky and a third leg back to Mentor. The waves were 12 foot with a 3 foot wave on top crossing them. We had never seen such rough waters. After about 30 minutes of learning how to get this boat to serve us we were met by 12 boats returning to call it a day, Dave’s son and I agreed we were with him when he said it was not so good to continue, but he could get extra racing points at the end of the season for completing every race. We got to the mark in the middle of the lake. We hardly could see any of the other boats. We finally reached the buoy at Sandusky and took a course heading back to mentor. We were tired and hungry. His son Dave had gone to sleep in the cabin. Dave was commenting on how well the boat was taking the waves very well at this new angle. And he did not even have to hold the tiller. The boat was about on a 30 degree list. I was almost directly above him when he said that. For some reason I looked over my shoulder up wind and saw a larger wave looking like a breaker with a big curl like the ones surfers like. I said to Dave; don’t try that with this one. Immediately after that, the wave hit us. Immediately I fell straight down into the 50 degree water never touching the life lines on the starboard side. I was well under the water where it was calm, but I felt a rope on my leg. I immediately pushed my rain pants and tennis shoes off to keep from being pulled down by the rope, and reached the surface thinking it would be impossible for those two alone to rescue me. But at the surface I saw that he and his son had been washed out of the boat. We were a few yards down wind from the peak of the mast showing in each trough. The boat was hard aground. So it would be tough for us to rely on this. The life jackets were secured. We had never seemed to have time to free ourselves long enough to unpack them while wrestling the winds. And then on the last leg we could rest but it didn’t seem necessary to wear them then. We were now afloat treading water, with a boat cushion, a sail bag and the companionway steps that had floated out. We were able to rely on some floatation. Dave would blow up the bag periodically and his son had the cushion. I was holding the steps which were mahogany and were only able to float without me. When I would hold them they would start to sink. It was cold and we were continually coughing up water, they were wearing tennis shoes. I suggested they shed them so they could swim better, and take off their jeans so I could make life jackets for them. This I learned from the scouts. But they both said it was too cold. Dave had, had heart surgery and was prone to chills anyway. His son asked if those were rocks that we could see. I said no, those are trees. We were two and one half miles offshore. We had decided to swim to shore. Two times I started swimming pushing the steps ahead of me and twice I returned trying to get them to follow. They told me that we, each had to take care of our selves and whoever got to shore first could get help. So the third time I left. Going down wind with the waves I could look back and see them for a while. Then I could only hear them. I would rise up on every 12 foot wave but the 3 foot waves on top of them would cover my head, I was constantly coughing up water until I perfected their timing while pushing the steps ahead of me so as to feel some form of support. My legs were cramping, and I had to hold my breath and stretch them to recover. At one point I believe I saw my guardian angel in the form of a sea gull. It was the only one we had seen; it was not good weather for them. It was just hovering above and ahead of me. I could not believe I actually said to the seagull, don’t just stand there go get help, and it left. I was trying not to swim straight downwind, so that I could reach the swimming beach at the Cedar Point amusement park. The lights on the Ferris wheel were my goal. As I reached the swim rope, I was trying to decide how to cross it; go under it or try to get over it.That was how tired I was; I went over it and pushed the steps under it. When I reached shore I tried to take the steps with me, but they were too heavy, I was met on the beach by two men with a stretcher. They carried me to an ambulance. I heard the siren and then fell sleep. I woke up in a bed, where a nurse with a phone wanted me to talk to the coast guard. So I told the coast guard we had just passed the buoy at the jetties and the course on which we were headed. They had moved recently from Sandusky to Toledo some distance away and it was getting dark. The doctor told me that within 30 more minutes my throat would have closed off. I must have lost 30 pounds. I was like a skeleton. My friend Tom Hook came to take me home. The next two weekends, I went on the helicopter to find their bodies. We found Dave first. The only way was by his open heart surgery scar. The next weekend we found his son. They were well apart from each other. It has been just over 40 years. This is the first time I have sat down to type the story and I see I have not totally healed and may never. It was a horrifying ordeal or test. At the funerals and wakes, I always felt guilty for surviving, considering my sinful minimizations. There was one thing that convinced me to go on that race. I had just read a horoscope saying I would be victorious. I though that would mean we might win. But that was not to be. I have learned since, not to count only on my own interpretation of horoscope readings, and that things happen for a purpose. Dave had made a decision that was not to be for his best good. It was only for some insignificant Points in a racing season. And over that understanding he made a head over heart conscious decision to pursue them. That is why he said we could go back and he would not want to put us in danger. In that case I had made a heart over head decision where Dave was obliged as a son. So I have learned that lesson to always think and not rely on programmed ego thoughts; like it will turn out, we will be victorious, etc.

After this test I asked Rosemary, who I had met by my accepting a voluntary coaching position for a women’s Goodrich corporate softball team, for a date. She too was supporting me morally from my ordeal. But one day when I was at her apartment the phone rang. I suspected it was another man. So when she hung up, I volunteered a compassionate thought. I suggested she follow through with her date and take time to know what she wanted. I suggested that if she chose me, to call and we could resume our relationship with no sour grapes. This was a lesson I had learned the very, very hard way. It would have to be her conscious decision as to what would be best for her. I was enjoying being with many different women, one at a time of course.

I still had loyalty unblocked by my ego which had really been growing. I was a good catch at less than 30 years of age I owned a 26 foot sailboat, a corvette, a Cadillac, the first of two 3 unit apartment buildings and had an engineering job at a well known company and was a very friendly slow speaking Texan. So some friends in the Ohio Bell Ski Club introduced me to another woman who liked to ski. This was going well until Rose called me. I had already accepted a double date with them which was sort of suggesting they had an open marriage. I thought, why not. I had always had fantasies about this type of sexuality. I would have done that with my cousin but this was different. It would have been my already having crossed the line with him that I would do even that. But I would give it a try. I really wanted to relive the past experiences but I had shame and did not want to share it. Well when faced with the expected actions, I backed out. So, I just passed another set up test. This test was for me to realize I had strength enough not to cave in to emotions in every situation. Another thing that stopped me was her call which too was a divine timing thing. I had to have a choice. I made the right one. Listen to me carefully. I am trying to explain how come I have achieved the position to take a life purpose I had already contracted for, but had to be strengthened and transformed into the person I would have to be to perform it. And it had to be a contractual thing. It is difficult for me to comprehend how I have made it this far and am still teaching a spiritual truth I am just in the middle of qualifying for. Well the answer could be that all is predestined, we are along for the ride and we end up where we were planted to go anyway, regardless of the extra revisions that have to be made in that other heavenly dimension we are headed for which is the 5D dimension.

So, after that rabbit hole, where was I in my story? So, Rose and I started skiing in the club together as a couple. On one weekend trip, to Lake Placid, in New York, before our marriage, our usual bus driver, Nute, was driving us from our hotel to the ski slopes. On the way I told everyone that I had a dream that out bus was hijacked and Nute was sitting right here while the hijackers took us back home. Well it happened that we knew it was his birthday and each year we got him a bottle and he would drink it and have time to recuperate while we were on the slopes. But the weather was bad and we decided on the last day being just one half a day. So he was wakened from his hangover to drive to pick us up. The ones, not our usual club members, who had stayed at the hotel, were on the bus wondering why he never shifted to second gear. They realized he was still drunk and called the company who sent replacements. So I became a visionary. It was a wake up call that I didn’t recognize, we are directed but we still have to have discernment.

So, after that rabbit hole, where was I in my story? So, Rose and I started skiing in the club together as a couple. On one weekend trip, to Lake Placid, in New York, before our marriage, our usual bus driver, Nute, was driving us from our hotel to the ski slopes. On the way I told everyone that I had a dream that out bus was hijacked and Nute was sitting right here while the hijackers took us back home. Well it happened that we knew it was his birthday and each year we got him a bottle and he would drink it and have time to recuperate while we were on the slopes. But the weather was bad and we decided on the last day being just one half a day. So he was wakened from his hangover to drive to pick us up. The ones, not our usual club members, who had stayed at the hotel, were on the bus wondering why he never shifted to second gear. They realized he was still drunk and called the company who sent replacements. So I became a visionary. It was a wake up call that I didn’t recognize, we are directed but we still have to have discernment.

The next weekend, Rose and I were married, followed by our honeymoon in Jackson Hole Wyoming; Jackson Hole was a very demanding mountain. It was mostly considered expert skiing. We were the first to score a goal of 100,000 vertical feet skied, of our group. So we finished off our week with a glider flight over the mountain. The pilot did some bank turns to signal out friends below which glider we were in. after those turns we were almost sick and ready to return to the airport
Just after we were married, I bought my second 3 apartment building and there was one vacancy for us. We enjoyed remodeling it mainly by putting nice carpets in and refinishing the good trim work. Then a year later my work in Goodrich World Headquarters building had me inspecting a job in New Jersey. Rose went with me to make it a small vacation at the beach. Just before heading back I was called by my supervisor to let me know that the headquarters was shutting down and that I would have six months to finish my work in the field and I would have access to all the time I needed to job search. He didn’t want me to hear that first by someone else. People who did not have jobs in progress, like I did, were given notice to leave without even waiting for their car pool. So we were happy about that. Another thing we were happy about was the fact that we had almost bought a house between Akron and Cleveland when I transferred there. In stead we traded our 26 foot sailboat for a 36 foot pilot house motor sailor. As time moved on I had found and had been offered five positions with corporations in the North. We had been trying to manifest ( an unknown word for us) a move to Texas for better weather. While I was about to land in New Jersey to interview at Ceba Geigy Pharmaceuticals, Rose called the airlines and asked to relay a message. She was actually home from work for the first time ever. She received a phone call from the head hunter I was using, to know if we would be interested in moving to Lake City Florida. Well she told him yes. And he asked her to have me call. Before I landed the stewardess announced for me to receive a message from home. So I called her and got the number to call. I was told, that on an interview, to expect them to make an offer before I left the office. He said they were having trouble keeping people in that location. And my resume was credible. So it worked out that we were moved with our new boat to Florida where we would not have to pull it out of the water again for the winter. We enjoyed tubing down the Ichtucknee River on the week ends we didn’t drive to Jacksonville to sail. We also enjoyed attending Blue Grass music festivals.

That lasted until Steve Bissot who I worked with in Cleveland called me from the Port Neches Plant where he just became the plant manager to offer me the position I had left years ago without losing any vacation or retirement time. Now, this was a dream come true. It was what they call a golden parachute. As I look back, all that we had manifested was coming true by the constant conscious thoughts of relocating if the time were ever right. I have found since then that the energy projected from our hearts is constantly read by anyone with ears to hear and eye to see, including our angels and spiritual guides; even our ancestors. In addition too, the Tarot card readers and spiritual chandlers are quite active in this spiritual warfare. This is true, especially for us, with our spiritual organ calcified. This will be further discussed in the chapters. This move was disappointing to Occidental Chemical who I had started to work for only six months prior. So we moved and took vacation time later to sail the new boat to Texas. My brother, Walter and her brother Richard came along. We were at the NASA rocket launch area when we decided to make a detour to the Bahamas, when we started losing water in the engine causing an alarm to sound. We called the coast guard to toe us in to a marina. They laughed at us saying there is wind. Why do you need us? I asked them if they would rather pull us off the rocks in the marina. So Richard left the three of us to continue the trip. After the cooling water repair, we took the intercostals rout instead of the Atlantic rout because Rose was one month pregnant and sick throughout the leg in the Gulf of Mexico. It turned out to be just a motoring trip in the canal because the wind was out of the West. Soon thereafter, we moved into my mother’s house with her until we built our house in Port Arthur at the Pleasure Island Marina. This, my mother’s house, is the house we were in when we had our two children; Christopher and Jessica. They were brutal cesarean procedures after which Rose elected to have her child bearing days ended.

Years later while visiting in Ohio, Rose, Christopher and I were walking across a street in Columbus when he said to me; dad, look at the smokestack on that building. It happened to be a church which brought me to tears. This was another wake up call I could not bypass. We had made our freewill decisions, but were not offering him the same choice. So after Jessica was born we had them baptized and we joined the Catholic Church because Rose had been Catholic. In the church in Orange I was told by the priest I didn’t need to worry about confession. I now know he was enlightened. Another reason was that he never preached heaven and hell. He had a judge do this while he vacationed at the casino in Louisiana. That was a load taken away, because I was still addicted to my pastime. We joined a Charismatic prayer group in which I went to their prison ministry on a weekly basis. I was very comfortable there. I wasn’t much on praying in tongues but did well counseling them. It seems I had empathy for them and sincerely wanted to help them. I started reading the Bible and found some very telling scriptures. Strangely, though they were scriptures that meant a lot to me, the church mass never addressed them. In addition to that, some years later, I discovered in some U Tube videos that the earth was truly flat as described in Genesis. The churches were on the side of science. I had a hard time with that until I learned it was the Catholic Church’s order of Jesuits who created the theory we are taught in the Jesuit influenced education system. I was then thinking about spreading the real truth about our salvation and our dependency on our spiritual guides. The trigger for me to start writing this book was the Covid lockdown. I started to realize that all we knew had been taught through deception to us by that very Jesuit order through their school systems controlling all facets of our lives. .

Meanwhile I had joined a multi-denominatial prison ministry called Kairos. We gave week end retreats bringing them into any church they would want to enter. While doing this I also took part in the first Catholic Acts Retreats and St. Kolbe Retreats at the Stiles Prison and at the Federal Prison in Beaumont, Texas. I continued my prison work for 18 years until the recent Covid lockdowns and the initiation of authoring this book. During this time we were building what was to be a timber frame house, with the timbers from the Northwest milled in New Hampshire. It was an exciting venture, but the motorized crane and the number of workers ran us pretty well dry. The men running the crane got us into Amway to help pay the bills. All this did was make us work harder trying to persuade others to do the same while “faking it till you make it.” The island commission offered to discount our lot price but later was blackmailed by a resident who would renege on the offer before he would take his new job as commissioner. The reason he did that was because of an encounter I had with an undercover drug agent on the island. While I was working on the house I had to go the park restroom so I would not have to rent a portable john. This detective was looking for drug users. When I drove up he was at his truck drinking a drink probably to entice someone to approach him for drugs. I passed him by and entered the restroom. He followed me in and made some small talk about my obvious need to go. I finished and I left. He then returned to his truck. I got to wondering what he was doing and noticed he drove to another rest room. So I went to see. I had quit encountering men in rest rooms to mutually watch or touch or what ever the other would want. He was unzipped as I walked in. so I did so too. We talked and neither of us did anything, so he finally said I should leave. So I did. Later that evening I saw him in the housing division pointing to my house. Obviously he was an agent of some kind who told what happened. From then on I had nothing but trouble for over 25 years. Many who had been giving me and my family trouble strangely died at early ages or bizarre accidents. this video is about the karma from gossiping:

I have since learned that gossip and ill will were really bad actions. There were many people moving there who finally got the details through gossip which escalated to more than had ever happened0

Let Go Of What Happened And Fulfill The Divine Purpose That God Has For You

let go of 36;26 what happened and fulfill the divine purpose that God has for you live audio enter the destroy devils stronghold you are the justice bring the change

Devoyant welcome to our live stream for those of you who are unfamiliar with my live streams and just know that the screen is blocked out for a purpose it’s done intentionally because I want you to listen to the message and not be distracted by anything else.I do have a powerful message that I would like to share with you.All I know is my lifestreams are always spontaneous but trust me when I say that all of my live streams are kept up I don’t take any of them down so you can always visit my channel and just click live and it’ll show you all of the live streams that I have so I know right now it’s night time where I live so you know everyone is at a different place in the world but this live stream will be here for everyone to view it so if you happen to come in the middle of this live stream just go back to the very beginning so that you’ll get the full and complete message. This message that I want to relate to you is about letting go of what happened to everyone. Sorry, you guys hi everyone welcome, and thank you guys for tuning in I hope you all are doing well hope you’re I hope.You’re feeling blessed as well happy new years to everyone but I’m going to focus on the message so you guys are welcome to chat the message that I want to relate to you all is about letting go of what happened and fulfilling the divine purpose that God has for you you know one thing that I that I’ve noticed myself is that, many times when you are destined for something great when you are destined to do great when you are destined to be great when you are destined to, you know bring change into this world when you’re destined to everyone has a purpose everyone has a destiny but when you’re when your purpose is great I’ve noticed that your life your journey of life is not going to be easy when you are destined for something. Great when you have a great big purpose to fulfill your life journey is not going to be perfect as a matter of fact because your purpose is so great the second you enter into this world you are an automatic target by the devil because the devil knows that if you do fulfill your divine purpose he will take a loss so from the second you are born the devil seeks to attack you the devil, seeks to cause you hardships heartbreak disappointment and he will do everything in his power to make you suffer to make you delay you to block you from fulfilling your divine purpose.Many people are destined to do great things when you listen to their life story it’s often very sad but there are great testimonies in their life story there are many stories that they’ll tell you about where god turned around what could have been a tragedy and made it into a testimony so my message to you all is to please please, please, please, try your hardest to let go of what happened whatever they did to you what they said to you the injustice that happened the betrayal the manipulation the deceits you know it if you know it god knows it god saw every single bit of it plus more even some of the other things that they did to you that you are not aware of god saw it, but this is how the enemy works the enemy will know that you are that you were created that you were sent into this world to fulfill a great big purpose. So the enemy will cause all sorts of pain all sorts of disappointment, heartbreak the enemy will put all sorts of blockages and obstacles in your way and the enemy will try everything to hurt you because the enemy wants you to hold on to that hurt so that you will not keep on moving so that, you will not fulfill the divine purpose that God created you to fulfill I’ve been saying this so many times in my readings recently that the devil is extremely strategic. The devil seeks to get the victory through deceit he’s very sneaky he’s very calculated he plots he orchestrates you know the devil will not present himself to you and say hey look over here I’m the devil he hides behind many things he hides behind people, he hides behind drama he hides behind heartbreak because he is the orchestrator of that drama.He was the one who put all of those things together and he wants you to hold on to what they did to you he wants you to hold on to what happened so that you will not fulfill your divine purpose, because if you fulfill your divine purpose he’s going to take his loss his establishments will be dismantled his territories will be destroyed.I beg of you whatever it is that you have been holding on to I have tears in my eyes as I’m relaying this message to you guys and I’m not a crier I cannot remember the last time I ever cried, but it is such a heartfelt message that the Lord put on my heart today. I beg of you to let go of what happened let go of what they did to you let go of the unfairness, let go of the deception the lies the deceit the manipulation, let go of the bitterness and resentment let go of the hatred, let go of the animosity let go of the revenge, because the enemy wants you to hold on to those things that’s why it happened in thefirst place. They want the enemy to want your memory to be clouded, a constant reminder of what they did to you or what happened the enemy wants you to hold on to that so that you will not focus on what god wants for you so that you will not focus on the bigger picture. The enemy wants you to hate your neighbors i say it all the time in my readings.We’re living in the book of revelation you guys in case you didn’t know wickedness is everywhere and it’s not a battle between flesh and body it is a battle between principalities, and rulers of the dark world and unfortunately some of our fallen brothers and sisters have submitted themselves to be hosts of these evil spirits and do their dirty work. So when someone hurts you when your neighbors hurt you know that it is the work of the devil and it’s not me trying to take away the blame from the person because trust me they will be held accountable for submitting themselves to the devil to do his dirty work trust and believe me but don’t allow hatred and bitterness and self-pity to hold you back from fulfilling your divine mission that is exactly what the enemy wants many of you were put in situations where people did all sorts of things to you. Unwarranted you did nothing to experience the mistreatment that they gave you don’t you know that that’s the point was to corrupt you, to break you to destroy you they want you broken so that you will not be able to move forward and do what God wants you to do. You have a mission to accomplish many of you you sit in pity and you allow the past to hold you back many of you refuse to move forward until justice gets served but you don’t realize that you are the justice.It stops with you that’s why it happened to you because you are the one who’s going to bring the change like I said in the beginning anyone, who is destined to do great things when you hear their story when you hear what they’ve been through because immediately as they entered this world the devil targeted them. If I tell you guys my life story you would be completely mind blown my mother almost died as she was still carrying me in her stomach she was almost killed several times. As I was still in her stomach that’s how threatened the devil was by my destiny and if my mother hadn’t kept on pushing if I had not kept on pushing I would not be here to help guide you guys. You have your whole life ahead of you. I don’t care how old you are, you have a mission to accomplish, you have a divine purpose to fulfill. You have people who need you you have lives that need to be touched by you people who you need to encounter changes that will be made because of you some people’s lives are depending on you that’s how great your destiny is but if you allow what people have done to you in the past to hold you back you will not get to fulfill that divine purpose. Understand that the chaos the confusion, the drama the corruption, the injustice, the manipulation, the black magic all of that is the work of the devil.The devil wants you to focus on all of those things so that you will grow weary fearful doubtful insecure and not confident and not confidently move towards your divine purpose. Many of you you strive to be good people you strive to be righteous you strive to be divine but one of the qualities of the divine is that he is a forgiving God can you truly be divine can you truly be a godly person if you lack forgiveness many of you your unwillingness to let go of what happened is because you are an unforgiving person and many of us we were put into some extreme conditions extreme injustice to teach us how to forgive.Let go of the distractions you guys that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to do and it’s easier said than done.I will never preach something that I myself have not experienced is easier said than done we know we’ve all been through it we know it’s hard to forgive it’s hard to let go but one thing I do know is that I’ve experienced myself is time heals. If you are truly trying to heal, if you’re truly trying to move forward time will come in and help you and help assist you in your healing process but, if you have no goal no intention of healing and letting go then you’re not going to forgive. If you truly set the intent to forgive and move forward, the divine will come in and assist you time heals sometimes it takes a year two years, three years, but at least try is what I’m trying to say at least try and a part of forgiving is also forgiving yourself because many of you you have a hard time letting go of what happened because you’re angry that you let it happen or that another person allows it to happen.But you have to forgive yourself first because you didn’t know better but now that you do, you know better, you have to forgive yourself first, that will help you release any resentment and animosity, that you have towards other people.Many of you have different stories whether it was something that happened in your childhood, whether it was your brother or sister that did something to you, your cousin, your aunt, your uncle, your mother, your father, your lover, your best friend your neighbor, your coworker, your boss, everyone’s story is different. Yes, the injustice occurred yes you unfairness god saw if you saw it, of course, God saw it but many times the things that we go through in our lives the enemy may have done it to hurt us but one thing that I do know is god steps in and he turns it around where it actually prepares us where the the the misfortune or the injustice the unfairness that we experience it actually prepares us to trains us.For our mission, it prepares us to fulfill our divine purpose many of you experience things that gave you great knowledge and you can help someone with that knowledge many of you came from broken homes, broken relationships, broken families, and you had to heal yourself and it and it gave you the gift of healing. So now you can go and go out into the world and heal other people. Many of you were in situations where you were deceived, you were in darkness or you encountered darkness and you became enlightened and now you can go out into the world, touch other people’s lives and enlighten them. Many of you encountered spiritual warfare so that you can get closer to the divine and build a spiritual connection to god many of you have spiritual gifts that were increased because of the spiritual warfare that you encountered god was telling you what was going on because one thing I know about spiritual warfare you don’t see it so many times when you know about it God either tells you to know about it spiritually and intuitively so your spiritual gifts were heightened because of that spiritual warfare that you went through you got closer to God. You unlocked some spiritual gifts many of you are prophets whether you’re clairvoyant clear audience intuitives, empaths are all spiritual gifts. Many of you took it going through that life journey. It took you encountering certain obstacles and challenges and adversity in your life in order for certain blessings to be unlocked and granted to you. Be careful what you hold on to especially when it’s from the enemy. The enemy wants you to hold on to what they did to you, that’s how they get power over you, that is exactly how they block you from moving forward. I Want you to focus on the bigger picture here, i want you to focus on your higher purpose I did a reading about an hour ago and it was a very powerful reading and what I saw was two soul mates, two people who were meant to come together not necessarily, romantically, soul mates don’t always have to be romantically, but souls recognize each other so many times.When you and another person have a soulmate connection there may be romantic feelings, that occur because the souls know each other but i did a reading not too long ago but about an hour ago, and what i saw in this reading were two people who were meant to come together as partners whether platonically casually.Whatever but they had a divine purpose they had a divine mission to fulfill together, and the enemy had caused all sorts of trouble all sorts of heartbreak chaos, confusion to turn the love that they had for each other into hatred so that the two of them would never come together because the enemy knew that if these two soul mates come together something significant and magnificent will happen. And the enemy will take a loss. That’s exactly what the devil does in people’s lives. He creates chaos that will break you, confuse you, and hurt you so that you’ll just turn your back and go on the other way, give up and not fulfill the purpose that God has for you. So you have to focus on your higher purpose. Whenever you’re in a state of confusion Disasters, Tragedies, Misfortune, Conflict, Drama is happening you know that the devil is present and the devil is messy.The devil loves chaos, confusion, and drama. So whenever in life when you find yourself in situations where there are constant hardships, constant obstacles, blockages, drama, confusion, rumors, gossip, betrayals, and wickedness, just know that the devil is present. And what you do in that situation you say to yourself, let me focus, let me rise above the drama and the conflict, let me not be distracted by it. Let me rise above it and let me focus on my higher purpose. That higher purpose is what God wants you to do. Let me focus on the bigger picture here, because the drama is meant to cloud your vision, the drama is meant to haunt and torment you so that you will not see things clearly enough to fulfill your purpose. There’s a scripture that I want to send to you guys or there’s a scripture here that i want to say to you guys it is genesis. 50 verse 20. There are several translations. I’m going to read two translations to you. This one is Genesis 50 verse 20, not a translation, it says you intended to harm me but God intended it all for good he brought me to this position. So I could save the lives of many people. What the enemy intended to harm you to break you, to destroy you. God says I want it. I want you to use that for character development. I want you to use that for your strength.I want you to use that as your stepping stool for what the enemy intended to harm you. God says I want you to use that as experience, lessons I want you to utilize what the enemy intended to hurt you, to harm you.God says to utilize that experience to learn great lessons to give you character development to give you strength give you backbone tough skin, give confidence, give you hope, give you faith.Many of you encountered certain things that were harmful and you didn’t even realize that that was training you, for your divine mission.If you’re a healer you’ve most likely been in broken situations if you are a prophet you’ve most likely been in great deception if you are a deliverer someone who has the gift of deliverance you’ve most likely have had to fight spiritual warfare fight, evil spirits, and end attachments. If you are a miracle worker you’ve most likely experienced certain tragedies, that were turned into testimonies and miracles. What the enemies set out for you, God said you know what, I’m gonna re-orchestrate the enemy’s plots against you and i’m gonna use it for your character development for your growth to enhance your gift.This is such a beautiful scripture. This was actually a scripture that one one of my subscribers commented under my video: you intended to harm me, but god intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. There’s another translation that says,you intended to harm me but God intended it for good to me. Accomplish what is now being done the saving of many lives and you intended to harm me but God intended it for good, to accomplish what is now being done the saving of many lives. Many of you don’t even realize that what you went through was meant to prepare you for you to touch other lives.I told you guys that one of my most recent readings and this is something that my father says all the time because someone like me who is prophetically gifted I’ve seen a lot of wickedness I’ve seen a lot of darkness and it used to hurt me greatly. I would grieve at some of the things that God would reveal to me, and my father would always tell me God reveals to redeem. Many of us are too quick to respond with anger, sorrow, and disappointment. When God reveals certain things to us we should actually rejoice and be jubilating, because when he reveals things he’s revealing what the enemy sounds out for us. When he reveals things he’s telling you, wait look over here there’s something that you’re not seeing, I’m trying to give you enlightenment so that you’ll make better decisions I’m trying to show you that person is not your friend that that job is not meant for you there’s something better out there that love is not the person who I selected to be your husband or your wife. Hey I’m trying to show you something this is what this is the plan of the enemy then you get angry and you allow anger to consume you you get disappointed and you allow sorrow to consume you and then you start dwelling, mourning grieving.When you should actually be celebrating because many of you and God revealed many many plans of the enemies and so you were able to make wiser decisions and protect yourself. If he hadn’t revealed it to you, Lord knows what else they would have tried to do to you. Don’t get me wrong we’re human beings we’re humans we get upset it’s okay to be angry but don’t choose anger.It’s okay to be disappointed.But don’t let the emotion consume you to the point where that emotion is blocking you.I don’t preach things that I have not faced that I have not gone through so when you see me preaching to you guys like this, it’s because I’ve seen it for myself. Let go of what’s happened and what they did to you if you saw it, of course, god, saw it plus more, and if you truly believe in God then do you really believe that the enemy got away with it.Do you really believe that they got away with it, if you truly know God, you know that we serve a God who is loving but we also serve a God of justice law, order redemption, and vindication, and he will deal with them he will handle them?All you have to do is rise above it and take what they did to you as lessons and wisdom skills that will sharpen you to go out into the world and fulfill your mission. This is a powerful message for you guys.It’s so powerful that I can sense there’s something going on and I have not been reading the chats, but I just know that there are a few agents of the devil who decided to pop in tonight and they are burning with anger and rage, that I’m sharing such a powerful and encouraging message with you all. The anger, the enemy is pressed, the enemy is angry, that’s how you know you’re doing something good when you have enemies.When you have haters that’s how you know that the blessing is big. When your path of life is filled with so many obstacles and challenges the devil won’t leave you alone. Yeah because your blessings are big, your mission is big, your purpose, your destiny is big. You gotta let go. I beg you guys to let go. It’s easier said than done, but at least try to say a strong Prayer tonight and say to God this resentment, this unforgiveness that has helped me to release it. Help me to release the spirit of unforgiveness, the spirit of bitterness and hatred. The spirit of self-pity. Help me to release it lord and he will come in to help you do the rest but you have got to, at least try to let it go and I guarantee you with time, you will heal Time absolutely heals. You have a great big mission to accomplish: don’t let anything or anyone hold you back. There are people depending on you.I love you guys so much I truly hope that this message reaches you I hope it reaches everyone that it was intended to reach. I hope it touched your heart I hope it gave you a whole another perspective, a higher perspective.Thank you guys so much have a good night, good morning good, evening good, and afternoon and I know everyone lives everywhere, So the time is different for everyone but it’s nighttime where I’m at so I’m going to get a good rest start my day tomorrow definitely. Stay tuned like I said one of my new year’s resolutions for my channel is to be more consistent with each and every single 12 zodiac sign so that’s exactly what I’ve been working on. I’m going to be consistent with the channeled message readings but I’m also going to be consistent with the 12 zodiac sign readings.So you guys stay tuned for that if you came in late you came in as I was in the middle of this message please, please, please go back.This was a very powerful message go back and listen to what I was saying okay. Thank you guys so much god bless you all take care

One day a couple, a few houses down, had a visit from a detective friend. I had been told their friend was a detective by a newer neighbor. So I kept a watch on that. Later, I was in my front yard when I noticed a car that had come through the gate driving slowly and stopping to look at my house. Then she drove slowly by looking up at the deck where the large windows were. As soon as she passed, she sped up headed to a turn around. So I had the thought to confront her. I had some things to throw away across the street. So I timed it so that when she came back I would be at her car. We looked at each other eye to eye and she continued on but with her foot on the brake and her eyes on the mirror. And then she stopped when I took her license number. Then she left. The nest day two younger girls did the same thing exactly as they came back I was there and they reacted the same way when I looked at their license plate. The next day my wife’s car needed maintenance in Orange. So I left my car at the house and drove her to work. I continued from there to Orange. My daughter, living in Orange, picked me up to drive me to my house. On the way I used my credit card for her rental car. Then she dropped me off and went to work. I saw the detective’s car down the street, so I went out on the deck to be looking at him as he drove away, we stared at each other. He had made a positive identification that I was at home that morning. So the things probably got under way for their entrapment. But either my big mouth or their checking the credit card record stopped the plot. Months later the lady who had told me about the detective was about to move away when she told me that another woman who instigates things on the island to the point of bring kicked off her position on the committee, made a statement she was going to get me into a court room. So I began a defensive law course on line for about six months, when I was in my house treating some tumors in the groin area and engaging in my imaginations in the sunlight as I had been doing daily when the sun was bright. One morning I was there at the window in a position secluded from sight when the next door neighbor walked out on her deck, not looking my way but holding her phone camera above her head. Looking at the camera, she got a picture that was not in her line of sight. She looked at it closely and proceeded to her car. I told a friend about it. The next day he sent me a U Tube comedy of Justin Wilson telling a story about a woman calling the police on a man exposing himself. The policeman told her all he could see was a man shaving from his waist up. She said just stand on this ladder or something and he dismissed it. Well it has been months and I am still waiting for the papers to be served. I watch tarot readers who sometime mention a possible legal matter which should be ruled in my favor. But you might say I have been harassed for about 25 years by gossiping neighbors with an agenda. Some tarot readers mention that there are from 3 to 5 people seeking to do me harm.

Some readers even mentioned there was some black magic involved, but my spirit guides had diverted the energy back to them. I have been told I am being protected and that all through my life I have been a sleeper cell, meant to come out to write my book at this time. Needless to say there have been other picky complaints which amounted to nothing. Early during our construction a neighbor took some cactus plants from near the property line and tried to get the city to move us out saying we had no occupancy permit and therefore had the installation of the gas line terminated. We produced the permit and asked why they didn’t have an original. We were dismissed by the agent without an explanation. We have had nothing but trouble there.

It gets down to a test of how I would treat this. The only thing I did was to tell someone that I have the evidence to prove their plot, but never carried it out. I am sure they are trying to put me away. But according to the tarot readers they have picked on the wrong person. Meanwhile I am passing tests coming and going only to find out later. It seems I have had this goal that coincides with my contract to bring this book into the world and to continue on in a spiritual healing capacity. I have truly grown in humility and empathy for others to show love over fear. Now for the finally’ my concern in taking the legal course led me to understanding that homes are being seized by the sheriffs who are now part of the Army without court involvement. There is no way to stop it. So I put the two houses in Rose’s name and even my retirement funds, so that we could prove she knew nothing about whatever they would come after the house for. During the separation time, I was writing the book, but she was sabotaging the work by belittling it and by keeping me involved with petty things. She did not want her life changed by any success I would encounter. I moved to a motel for a few weeks to work in peace, but the 5G WI-Fi at the motel drove me out. So I came back, but we discussed the tarot readings about sabotage slowing my work down. This had us at each others throats. I began realizing her lack of empathy toward me that she has always exhibited toward others. Even the spirits said I should walk away from anything or anyone that is not meant for my own good. So, now she decided to make the divorce permanent for undisclosed to now and went to transfer my retirement accounts to her account and found that I had to sign some papers for that. It was in her divorce papers but permission was needed, I decided not to sign because it was not our original objective for me to loose everything. But she now decided to take them rather than just protect them from unlawful seizure. Ron Paul had just written a bill to stop that process. Well she had papers served on me and at the same time her plans that I haven’t positively proved have fallen through the cracks and she wants to return. Meanwhile the spiritual rewards promised for my continued increase in my frequency requiring me to stay in a high vibration state are being somewhat reduced. This purpose of mine is at too high a stakes to be jeopardized by my desire to not cause her harm. I have even fought God over this, which turned out to be passing a test for my loyalty to my commitment with her. I am now being promised that this week my search for the curing of the tumors will bring me relief from my continued loss of weight and strength. But with the hurry on the book I have no time to spend there. There are other promises that I will have a new fully committed love enter my life, but only after I walk away. It seams you cannot be living in both a high vibration state while in a low one. I am now at the free will decision to do so. At the same time I am transforming and experiencing great peace, especially when I get indications from the angels that they are with me as they are for every one. They leave coins or feathers for you to show their presence and their satisfaction with transformation efforts. I have been typing many of these tarot readings which truly indicate spirit’s divine plan in action. In listening to the tarot card readings I have learned that they channel with the angels and spirit guides for what ever zodiac sign they are representing. They do not read minds, neither do the angels or spirit guides. As I have learned through compiling information for the book, we are not physical beings. We like everything else, even rocks, are selectively packets of frequency. Many parts of our body’s organs produce selected frequencies. Our hearts receive the proper frequency to project into the ether as communications. Our frequencies indicate our moods and reasons for our actions. I have learned the proper biblical way to manifest what we desire, which is by use of the heart to project out emotions. This is how the walls of Jericho came down, through the law of vibration. On asking the spirit guides and angels to have the right card jump out of the shuffle at the right time for the right intention, the reader then interprets the card’s meaning combined with their channeling ability with spirit. The cards are also just energy which is configured at particular frequencies that correspond to certain actions of the target of the reading. These readers can tell you the intention of one toward you by the frequency of that person’s energy. Unless you ask for a personal reading, the ones on the U Tube are for the collective of those in that particular zodiac sign. After a couple of years, being interested in my spiritual progress, my trust in and reliance on these readings has increased. Another thing among many is the question of why does the church prohibit the reliance of zodiac signs. I have found many scriptures indicating their importance spiritually. In Job 38:32 for instance God asks Job; “do you know the Mazzerof? Which if translated means zodiac. Yet this is the only word not translated by the church. I have seen the accuracy in these readings enough to rely on their veracity and to live as if every thought I think is projected into the air, thus raising the vibes of a room of people or lowering them. This in essence is the key to raising your vibrations thus your saving grace. This is the truest and most just way for us to conduct ourselves for our own good and the good of others. If you find one person or a group of people lowering your mood, it is best you leave or are pulled down by them. This is the only way I have passed tests even when I did not know I was being tested. The raised vibrations I witness are only recognizable to me by the way I react to others or the way I react to situations. Those reactions can only result from output frequency. My not continuing my addiction to sexual fantasies is the result of conscious decisions, not subconscious ego thoughts which maintain my life in my ego’s interpretation of my identity. No one but my heart’s frequency is the tell tale of my state. When the frequency projector is 144,000n Hz, I am in the kingdom and all of creation is waiting for that.

Knowing that fact, it is quite obvious that the Christian denominations who believe this 144,000 is meant to be the number of fortunate people spending their eternity in heavenly bliss instead of in hell and brimstone. This is an obvious error in discernment of scripture which actually teaches this frequency phenomenon if the spirit leads one in that understanding with eyes to see and ears to hear. The unfortunate parishioner has consented to another’s discernment whether correct or not and whether fabricated for sinister purposes or not and by a theological school or not. The word doctrine normally connotes a negative meaning as in “indoctrination,” but when used by the church carries two purposes. One is that it is taught to be a good thing while adhering to the principle of having to give a remedy when misleading people who consent. Even a dog can read my frequency or aura and be assured I will not harm it. Each of seven nerve endings call chakras add up to this frequency. These different areas of the body indicate our perfect radiation of its consolidated frequencies. We cannot cheat. My way is determined by my conscious decision exhibited by my energy’s frequency, made in every choice or test I am confronted with. This is when the spirit world will come to your rescue if you deserve it. It sure beats man’s rules that put him between you and your maker or the maker you are taught to please, a condition you cannot determine except by your energetic responses. So, I say this; watch for these gifts in others who want to teach truth and justice the spiritual way. These statements are only a guide line for you to confirm in your learning. They are not and can not be considered Cliff’s Notes. There are no cliff’s notes for this purpose. The videos include spiritual gurus or shamanic teachings and extra- terrestrial heavenly visitors to help transform the world into a new dimension. These angelic beings are from constellations such as the Pleiades preparing our frequencies to enter the new 5D earth that we have been manifesting with our heart felt desires for truth and justice to prevail. But these manifestations require the good intent and the love for others rather than suspicion or gossip and the passion to promote them in spite of your situation at any one given time.

Now for a sort of wrap up for you and for me, who needs it constantly, is that each of us must be aware of what and who we are, the end result of all manifestations being channeled into the ether.

We are more able to exude a high happy frequency if we both desire that frequency and if our consciences are in agreement. Remember, the conscience is that judge of our self’s actions and our intentions which frees the heart of all restrictive frequencies such as fear or suspicion of others, thus allowing the proper manifestation frequency by the heart. So the admonition to love yourself first is utmost in line for obedience. If someone you love by chance crosses your present desires, you may lash out against them in your spirit by calling them a name like stupid or something else negative to a high happy vibration. If this vibration is strong enough it will override that persons emotions and even bring them to a lower frequency. This can limit that person’s desire or ability to lift your spirits up to the level of theirs. But, if you decide to unconditionally forgive them in a conscious state of mind, not one of fear, that person will not receive your low vibrations which could resonate with some vibrations they are recalling from another person’s message form the past. Your loved person may be acting on some unknown thought, maybe from something someone else said or did to them the day before. Your not being aware of this may then project an opinion always at the ready from your ego subconscious mind looking for a reason for your feeling down yourself. So, remaining in a conscious state of mind, being able to unconditionally love and forgive another’s slip ups will assure that you will not be a further reason for any discord, understood or not. This precaution of keeping your ego’s identity of you to it self’s thoughts and out of the picture or your life, will make you invisible to another. All they will perceive when looking at you is the high energy of love and care you project to them. And, if they do likewise, you two will be in a compatible state of true consciousness with each other. It should be their intention and action, not yours, to discern their original mood disruption by a past thought, in that it is the past thoughts about other’s actions or their own regrets for theirs that the ego has ready to claim as its reward for keeping your identity spotless. If these conditions of not being in discord with oneself or the other are met, the two of you will experience a vibration multitudes of intensity higher than either alone. And when around others, the mood of the room will escalate to the sheer joy of being together. Even the joy of the original issue of coming together, say for some entertainment venue, will dim in comparison. Thus we are reminded that it is we ourselves and not outside influences that carry our happiness and purpose. It is our purpose that is next to remember. Without a purpose and a passionate one at that, we will fall prey to anyone’s vibrations which will bring us to their purpose’s energy level, which may be like a vampire to yours, sucking the very motivation to act out of you. so at this point we should love ourselves first in order to love and care for the other and that we must have strong boundaries to protect our purpose and motives. Keeping our frequency high will eventually enlighten others because their dark side is no match for our happiness. They will not bring you down. To the contrary they will not stick around because of your glaring light. They have to slowly become adjusted to it. So it is your duty to keep your boundaries up while loving and caring for the other. So, it is true as Jeremy says that what you keep in the mind space is what you will act on later. Knowing that this is true will alert you to put down your negative vibes when you put this book aside. For what is included in this book is the sum total of what has brought us down to this low frequency of chaos we experience at the hands of our handlers, whose hearts are not the initiators of their thoughts. As we progress in truth our science will follow and start studying the heart rather than just the fragile ego controlled mind.

Another thing to remember is that all of our angels and spirit guides are experiencing what we experience. But they do not have the self that we do that blocks our ability to observe and causes us to react. They are able to see the cause or the initiation of the low energies. They try to keep our attention on just that, guiding us toward it while reminding us to use our knowledge and wisdom consciously and not reacting in fear multiplying the chaos. They cheer us on when we are in this mode.

This video will emphasize the angels and spirit guides desire to see us in the right vibes, lifting the world to the 5D we are seeking for our peace and joy:


MJI The High Priestess
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