My wish to be achieved by this book is the realization of a world manifested through our collective natural state of blissful consciousness achievable only through the truth and justice meant to prevail in this kingdom of ours, not the ego programmed state of subconsciousness exhibited by the bitter envy and selfish ambition in James 3:16; the subconsciousness now ruling our world’s societies from chaos to all out war and control through fear.

The objective is to uncover the fictional existence we are led by and learn under, to find the truthful and just existence hidden by deceit. This book has done just that, from tracking down the perpetrators of this deceit, learning their plan and striving to subdue it as a natural darkness, spiritually speaking, to an enlightenment that was enjoyed by many loving and civilized men more than 2000 years ago.

We have been subdued only in that small amount of time, but for us living in that time it has seemed for ever. We have found that their ways to change society to their advantage hinged on two important things. One was to incapacitate our natural spiritual capacities, knowledge and powers thus bringing on the second; that of genocide, called Crusades or religious wars, replacing our self knowledge, and caring nature and controlling the subconscious mind through mind control techniques.

Thus we have been brought to an unconscious and unmotivated state of being in total chaos and subsequent fear causing seclusion rather than our natural unity and need to care for each other. We have uncovered their plan and their contribution to all of our so called chaotic evil lives following them and serving them. We have found and used the keys to their success and are unlocking the door to our salvation, that being the revival of our consciences, which convict us and keep us spiritually defeated.

With our new life spurred on by our new collective understanding of our plight, our identity and powers we shall rule our kingdom once again. We have manifested a new and so far unseen improved nature they cannot physically or spiritually attain.

However the work of coming into this unity by killing their programmed subconscious ego’s being a simple thing, yet proves to be unbelievably difficult with out unified support from each other.

This book covers all facets of our lives and must be taken seriously enough to sacrifice what we have come to believe, as some can, luxurious carefree life to give way to an abundant life flooded by the miracles and blessings promised by those with the desire, love, truth and power to provide the same. And that you will finally realize is US.

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